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  1. i just ate a whole tub of mashed potatos

  2. anyone know of any other good mlp roleplaying sites? not many of my rps have been very active here and i need something to fill my time

  3. i probably sound selfish saying this but i find it really annoying when i see somepony reply to almost 5 different topics before one your in

  4. Dang there are a lot of people on here at 2 am

    1. NightlyMoon


      Lol! I'm more of the kind of later kinda girl like 7 or 9.... He he!

  5. i wanna learn to play drums but cant afford it buluuuuuuh

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. narwhaliagames


      it just doesn't feel as authentic plus i have a huge grage so i can make as much noise as i want

    3. Harv0kz


      But... but I like loud. That was the reason I wanted drums, loud! :P

      In the end I picked up a guitar, but I'd still love to roll with drums if there was a cheap way to acquire.

    4. starswirlthebearded


      Lol, you realize that you, who claims to, wish to learn drums, is telling a drummer who used to gig what does and does not feel authentic. I've been playing drums for almost 20 years. And I can tell you the only thing that sound-off pads hamper is rebound, which if you are just learning, is a benefit because it improves stick control.

  6. Coming back from up north no more terrible wifi yay!

  7. i really want to play leage of legends but i'm temporarily banned bluuuuurg

    1. Halide


      Play DotA 2 instead.

    2. SymphonicFire


      lol i know that feel

  8. i really want to start an rp but am fearing its gonna die out becuase people wont follow its rules

  9. the one thing i dont like about summer vacation is the boredom

  10. the one thing i dont like about summer vacation is the boredom

  11. sorry for not being on lately i've just not had much free time in a while

  12. addicted to soul calibur..........halp.......plz.......

  13. "i'm gonna go out and skate today, its so nice out!" *spends entire day on youtube*

  14. i totally messed up my arm muscles skating and it hurts whenever i move them bluuuuuurgh

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    2. narwhaliagames


      been doin that for the last few days the doctors said they would heal

    3. stormchaser1991
    4. leapman


      Hope you get better that really sucks.

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