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  1. It's been like 7 years, but remember me?

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    2. MessageinaBottle


      I think it was Dashing Blade? The username used to be anonymousbrony.

    3. QuickLime


      Sorry my guy It's been like 3000 years

    4. MessageinaBottle
  2. Hopefully everyone had an overall good 2015, and hopefully 2016 will be better.

  3. Coming this 28th, it's going to be my two-year anniversary on canterlot.

  4. Question, due to what my new profile picture is based off of, is it appropriate enough to be used here? Just asking, due to I was called out about it before for it being offensive.

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    2. MessageinaBottle


      Well, I certainly do agree with Zealot, but I was more intending on the "Nazi" part of Grammar Nazi. Like I said, I have had a few people become offended just from the word, and I was just asking if it was appropriate to use. But anyways, I'll probably change it, due to the good points Zealot brought up.

    3. Zealot


      I can understand that, certainly. I can also understand people being irritated by grammar nazi in general however. Please understand I've got nothing against you, I'm just trying to help. I'd hate for good people to be alienated because of a bad first impression.

    4. MessageinaBottle
  5. When you're trying to stay away from spoilers, but wanna know BoS' purpose in 4.

  6. Fallout 4 coming probably tomorrow, or Wednesday. Coming all the way from Kentucky! XD

    1. tacobob


      GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHARRGARUBLEBUGGLE. Mine is not coming till saturday.....

    2. MessageinaBottle


      I dunno when mine is coming, hopefully Thursday or so.

    3. tacobob


      Which stinks is that my copy is here..where I live...But it's at UPS..And they're not doing anything with it..It's just sitting there...Not supposed to get it until Saturday..But it's here...at UPSland D:

  7. Well, I am completely disappointed in Halo 5.

  8. Sometimes you gotta just take a moment in life, and just... Look back. Look at what's happening now, look around in our society, look at what path you are going down. Sometimes, you just gotta change.

  9. Thinking of making a new OC, or could I edit an OC who already has been accepted into CC and WoE?

    1. DreamySunday


      New OCs are always welcome! And you can indeed edit an already Accepted Character. Just PM a staffer and they should help you right out <3

  10. When you look back at your old status updates, and cringe.

  11. Am I the only one who thought they could've done better with the CMC getting their cutiemarks?

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    2. MessageinaBottle


      Yes, it has been building up, but just the episode just felt rushed to me. I dunno. And I would like to see more conflict between her and her mother, I don't know, just would seem interesting, maybe get to know each other more?

    3. tacobob


      The Babs Seed episode did hint at Tiara's mother being a rather unpleasant person..

    4. MessageinaBottle
  12. Woah, wait. Me? Alive?

    1. RainbowDaringDash


      *GASP* THE DASHINGBLADE HAS RISEN!!! Welcome back :D

  13. sorry, again. Haven't been on lately, and I haven't been... Acting like myself lately. I've also decided to make another OC, and make him my main OC.

  14. I think Senata was the funniest character in the Rainbow Rocks. Plus Pinkie, you can never forget Pinkie.

  15. apparently, in the middle of the night I sat up in my bed, and asked my cousin, "Why did the children have to die?" I guess I had very wicked dream...

    1. Shadowbolt0


      The look your best friend gives you when you wake up in the morning saying "I didn't drive the bus into that many people, did I?" gae me reason for concern

    2. Hawkeye12


      I once woke up from a dream I can't even remember shouting "49!!" and friend looked at me like I was completely insane.I don't blame him

  16. Alright, some stuff ended, so now I will be more active! Plus, I remade my OC, again.

  17. alright, after getting caught up with stuff, I finally have some time for here! :D

  18. War... War never changes...

    1. pizzamovies


      exept what your fighting for

    2. SunsetSombra


      War....war has changed!

  19. god, it makes me feel terrible everyday when I wanna go on canterlot.com, but I'm too busy with school, personal problems, jobs, Football, ETC. I will never forget you guys, and I will try my best to get back on with you guys. And if I won't come back for a while, I'd like to thank all of you for your support, kindness, and friendship. Especially for QuickLime for interesting me here.

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    2. GhostGirl


      Dude, real life issues always take precedent over Canterlot. We understand.

    3. RainbowDaringDash


      Yeah, best of luck with all your RL stuff pal :D we are all here for you

    4. Solfire


      Life happens, and we all understand, cause it happens to us as well. :)

  20. that is why I haven't been on for at least a couple months (forgot that pressing ENTER sends the message lol)

  21. been obsessed with a game called Zombie Raiders (Android Only)

  22. I would say something, but I'm too lazy

  23. could a DayZ RP be established?

    1. QuickLime


      Ask yourself this next time you wonder this "Is this rp going to include extreme violence, gore, sexual themes?"

      If "Yes" then No

    2. tacobob


      Well, there goes my 'Caligula' themed RP!

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