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  1. Question, due to what my new profile picture is based off of, is it appropriate enough to be used here? Just asking, due to I was called out about it before for it being offensive.

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    2. CoffeeLand


      Once again I'd like to say that though OP said he was a grammar nazi he never said he'll act out on it.

    3. Zealot


      No, in fact he said he wasn't going to act like a grammar nazi. He asked if people were going to be offended by using a grammar nazi avatar, which is the subject we are addressing. (i was writing my reply when you posted yours) Whether or not he will isn't the issue I'm talking about in my previous post. It's the implication that people will have from seeing an avatar like that, and what people will think. Does the OP want that? I don't think people will be offended, but I...

    4. Zealot


      but I think people will be annoyed by it.

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