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  1. *shakes tentacle* *wipes off slime* Like I said, I've been busy. Doesn't help that my sister doesn't want to get her driver's license. I have to run all the errands.
  2. I thought I was dead, too. ...On the inside. I've been so busy I wasn't able to watch the latest episode 'till the Monday after.
  3. Hello, all. How long has it been since I dropped in? Ten days? I'm a busy pony. I didn't abandon you all. I do... stuff. All day. Errands and such. It pains me not to post. It really does. Did any of you miss me? How are all of you doing? Anything important happen? ...As if I didn't read everything already.
  4. I found a paint brush today. I used it to dust a table. It took me ten minutes. I felt like a giant that was just trying to get by in the bad economy, sweeping a stranger's oddly shaped living room. Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell a twenty-dollar bill. Maybe the young'uns will eat tonight. They're twelve feet tall, they needs all the foods theys can gets. ... I feel obligated to post every now and then, otherwise I start to feel like a creeper for lurking.
  5. Bad people, Conor. I feel bad. I would return the donuts, but I don't think they want them back anymore, seeing as I've eaten them. Let us never speak of this low point in our lives again. Maybe we can redeem ourselves someday.
  6. *Waves gun in the air* Gimme all yer donuts! Make sure they have extra sprinkles! And chocolate ones for MicroChip! ... ... *gives Conor and MicroChip stolen donuts* Does this make me a bad person?
  7. Time to get down to business. Wait... What kind of donuts do we want?
  8. Let's shoot up a donut store. I'm hungry. ...And abusive with my power.
  9. *Shoots self in foot* Dammit. I'm a commander, not a common soldier. I don't know how to use this thing. *sprays erratic confetti fire in the air* WOO HOO!
  10. All confetti is deadly! As long as you package it with enough TNT to rip Tenkan's tank in half.
  11. I always forget you can see me lurking. And I don't ever say anything. It's probably because I'm a boring person. I never have anything to add to the conversation.
  12. You're made of sterner stuff than me. Everything he makes kinda creeps me out. Especially his first avatar.
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