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  1. Seven dragged himself from the ships wreckage and gave a groaning sigh, “I’m not as good with illusions so you get what you get.” He mumbled as he started to cast his spell, Oakly nodded his thanks, “Perhaps the simpler the better, don’t want to attract too much attention to us.” An hour later, they arrived at the large fishing port, all looking like simple fishermen in baggy pants and shirts. However, what they found was not the case. Ashgarian Fishermen were dressed in fine looking drabs with buttons and black shiny boots, carrying nicer looking fishing poles. All eyes were on the raggy bunch, practically preaching they were not from here. An old lady approached them with a smile, “Hello dear's, you looked lost, perhaps you need an Inn to stay at? Come, come now, I will take you all in for some fresh clothes and beds to rest in. You’re arrival was probably a little bumpy.” She told them kindly as she took Triton’s hand and started leading them down the street. Oakly exchanged a curious glance with Killjoy, wondering how the Lady knew of their entrance on the Island. Kasey snickered at Seven for their change of illusion clothing, to which he responded by slapping the back of his head.
  2. Shadow took no offense by the Colonel’s cold shoulder, understanding the reasons. Shade stood a little ways away, his eyes trained on the distance. Shadow walked over to him, “Who’s coming this way?” He asked with seriously. “A larger force compared to the other two battlefields. However...” Shade replied with hesitation, Shadow could guess it without words. “Probably no use in asking, but would you like a helping hand?” Trax asked cooly as he stepped in walking beside Killjoy, he adopted out his uniform coat for a white jacket, his hands wrapped and carried no weapon. Oakly considered responding, but his conflicted mind turned him away from the idea. Arial watched Echo, to her this was normal scenery for Equestria, but for the Batkin this was new and exciting. “If you like this area, you’d love the Rainbow Falls, the colors there are truly magnificent. I could show you sometime, after this War.” Arial said smoothly as she started their descent towards the southern battlements. Echo turned to her with a genuine smile, “That’d be nice, thank you, Arial.” A moment later they made a gentle landing near the battlements, a few Commanding Officers coming to greet them. “Lieutenant Triton, our forces are ready, and we have a strategy to push the attack to set a new defensive line. Would you like to see it?”
  3. The second hit was caught, the shock wave splitting from equal forces meeting. Rose spit out some blood with a grin, “Good, then I won’t have to worry about my Playgrounds getting ruined.” A sudden burst in dark power erupted from within Rose, pushing Radz back, the golden plane darkening. “You are a strong fighter my dear, but I hope you weren’t going into this, thinking you would receive a sure fire win. I’ve put too much time into this Game,... FOR IT TO BE DEVASTATED BY SOME UPSTART WANNABE!” He voice became more echoed and monstrous as he form changed. A shadowy cloud around her gave her almost no physical body, any light near her was dimmed to a solemn grey, her eyes being the only clear form left as she grew almost twice her normal size. With a loud roar, Rose fired a volley of black magic blasts, showering the area and rushing towards Radz. In the large crater, Oakly stood up as the shadows enveloped him, his wounds healing in mere seconds. “Even when I can feel it accepting my touch, I still find it odd to hold, like it doesn’t belong to me.” Turning to his father, Oakly’s eyes flickered from blue to a glowing blackness, “I heard you once held this sword, using the power to annihilate an army with one swing.” Oakly held Shadowfang up over his head, instantly the power shifted into a single point. Trax powered up his energy, the white-blue aura surrounding his body, putting his hooves together. “Ninja Art: Four Pillar Crimson Formation.” Clones appeared around Trax, conjuring a square red barrier around him. Oakly closed his eyes, “It’s no use Father, because this move...” Opening his eyes again, with a black glow, “Cuts through dimensions. Black Blade: Dimension Slash.” Oakly brought the katana down in a downward slash, sending out a slice of blackness across the earth and through anything in it’s path. Trax stood still as he was separated by the black cut, his barrier disappeared instantly, his clones vanished without a fight. The black cut dissipated along with the shadows as Oakly dropped Shadowfang to the ground, and started towards his father. Trax still stood upright, his eyes pure white, and his body beginning to crack and wither away. Oakly stood before his father with tears welling up, “Rest now, wether you believe yourself worthy not, you deserve to Rest.” He said with relief. As the body turned to dust and blew away in the breeze, Trax’s spirit remained in its place, appearing the same as he was during their training. He smiled proudly, “Well done my Son, if anything could atone for my Sins, it would be my Children. You all have always been the better part of Me. Thank you.” He spoke gently, raising a hoof to his chest and bowing, Oakly followed suit in bowing back, when he rose back up his father was gone. Oakly let himself sit, even though his wounds were healed, his body still felt the pain and exhaustion. Shadow picked up His katana and sheathed it away, taking a spot to sit next to the lonely colt, “Probably a bad time... but you mind if I steal that move from ya?” He asked seriously. Oakly glanced up at him, then smirked, “Actually yeah, I do.” He replied smartly, the two sharing in a hardy laughter. Across the wide battlefield, Kane and Silent fought viscously against each other. Each swing of their blades causing slices in the ground. Silent spun back, unleashing a furry of shadow slashes, Kane held his great sword out and blocked them all as he rushed in. Taking a sturdy stance, Kane made a wide swing, splitting the air and sending a slice through the hillside. Silent crossed his swords, but the wind slice knocked his dual blades from his grasp. Instantly Kane was there, planting a heavy hoof into Silent’s stomach, causing him to lose his consciousness for a split second. Silent was sent crashing into another hillside, breaching from the rubble to throw up blood, then wiping it away with anger flaring in his eyes. Kane approached unamused, feeling no glory in this fight, “Stop this Silent, or I will put an in End to this, this madness!” Silent grit his teeth, ‘How is he doing this? He should be weakened form his last fight, yet He still carries on with renewed strength. How are you doing this!’ He thought to himself in a fit of rage. Silent lit up his horn with a black magic spell, enveloping himself in the dark magic. Kane sensed the incoming threat, dropping low and then bursting off with great speed, turning his great sword as it seemed to glow from the sunlight peering down from above. Instantly Kane was before Silent, slamming his sword into his brothers magic aura, slashing through to impact on Silents open chest. A flash of white light separated the black magic, the ground caved and shattered, followed by a massive explosion. Hazel watched from afar, the explosion mirrored in her eyes. Hearing hoof steps behind her, she spun around fearfully, but seemed to relax as she faced Autumn. The two looked at each other for a heartbeat, but seemed like an eternity. Autumn glanced past her at the dying explosion, “Do not fear Deary, I am a friend, and I think we are also considered Family.”
  4. Rose encased herself in her shadows, being swallowed up by the sun. Suddenly the miniature sun vanished in the blink of an eye, Rose’s shadowy ball opened up as she shot down a hail storm of black beams. The unbearable heat forced Rose to keep a skin of magic around her, however it would mean he attacks would be slightly less effective. Floating back, she began to put distance between her and Radz, keeping up a constant stream of black beams. Silent and Kane broke apart as they ran behind rocky outcrops, to hide from the initial blast of heat. Silent cast his black magic out with multiple shadow vines, Kane leaped back before his cover was destroyed, recovering to send a powerful air-slash that shredded the vines. Silent leaped over the slash, bring around his fathers dual blades, clashing with Kane once more. “Enough of this Silent, there is no meaning to what you’re doing! Think about your Daughter!” Kane growled, Silent scoffed as he shoved his younger brother back, “She is not part of this any more, and besides... I can’t stop now.” Turning to put more distance between him and his Father, Oakly felt something grab his neck taking up and then back down, slamming him into the ground. Blinking his eyes open, he saw the cold blue stare as Trax held him down. Oakly spit up blood into his Father’s eyes, but it sizzled away before Trax sent him skating across l the ground. Oakly stood up shakily, barely blocking Trax’s first punch, the second connecting on Oakly’s right shoulder. Suddenly he felt his chest open up as Trax slashed him with a kunai, he fell back in a cry of pain, incidentally this saved him as Trax followed through with a slashing upper cut that grazed just over Oakly’s left eye. Now bleeding from a cut over his left eye and a deep chest gash, Oakly lay defeated, every ounce of his strength gone. “Oakly!” Shadow’s yell brought new strength to him, Trax moved his head to dodge the thrown Shadowfang, planting into the ground beside Oakly. Without hesitation, Oakly rolled over to take hold of it. Instantly the ground cracked under the rising rising pressure, Trax backing away with caution as a swirling vortex of darkness enveloped Oakly. On the edge of the large crater, Shadow leaned on a rock, smirking down at the scene. “I bloody knew it, give your old man a beating my boy.”
  5. There was a swishing sound from behind Radz, before a black shadowy slice sent Radz down to the earth in a long scar. Rose stood on her floating shadows, her shoulder slightly burned from the last attack. “Forget being troublesome, more like... Extremely Annoying!” She hissed harshly. Kane stood close to Soul as they held their parry, stay this close, Soul was unharmed from the recent red light. A sinking feeling told Kane he needed to end this quickly. Suddenly the parry was lifted as Soul disarmed the shining great sword from Kane’s grasp. The moment seemed to last for hours as Soul went for a slicing finisher, aimed at Kane’s chest. ‘You, are Destined for Greatness...’ The deep bellowing words echoed in his mind, giving Kane new strength. With a single heartbeat passing, Kane slipped past Souls blade with smooth twisting motion, the shining great sword seeming to flow right back to his grasp. Piercing right through Souls open body, Kane stood still as his sword seemed to halt whatever evil controlled his Father’s body. Soul smiled, “I am sorry for the anguish I’ve put you through, and the lies I told you. I am proud of you, My Son, you have always been more of a King than I.... and Silent...” Kane went wide eyed in surprise, but he didn’t move or even look up. “I have always loved you, I am sorry...” Souls voice faded away as his body began to disintegrate into paper ashes. Kane stood up as the dual swords hit the ground on either side of him. Facing each other, Silent and Kane locked eyes, before they rushed in. Silent pulled the dual blades to him, taking them with a vengeance as he and Kane clashed. Deep in the crater that was caused by the meeting his and his Fathers jutsu’s, Oakly pushed the rubble off of him, standing up wearily. His hair on the back his neck began to rise, he turned around anxiously, looking deeper into the crater to see a pair of glowing blue eyes in the dust cloud. A sense of dread washed over Oakly, he didn’t expect his father fall in that blast, but he was running low on energy to keep this fight going. In an effort to put some distance between them, Oakly blinked his eyes to activate his rinnegan, “Almighty Push!” Oakly thrust his hoof forward, instantly forcing the dust to part like a tunnel. Trax’s body was shown in the clear moment, his body seeming to form back together by some paper folds, just before he was sent flying backwards. Oakly dropped back to his knees coughing, holding a hoof over his left eye as it bled, his body shaking with exhaustion.
  6. Flint and Jag shook their heads, putting on straight faces. Echo dipped her head to Killjoy, “Yes, Colonel, I understand.” She replied respectfully. Arial still stood in the middle, her head seeming to expel steam from overthinking. A few hours later, they were sent off to their individual battle fields. Flint took charge of the Northern Team, with Kasey, Seven, and Jag. Triton was put in charge the Southern Team with Oakly, Arial, and Echo. As always, the middle Vanguard was led by Killjoy, with Shadow, Shade, and informally, General Trax. Shadow moved his left arm around to loosen it up, his right arm stump covered by a black cloak, “Well Colonel, do I have to guess at who you’re hoping to meet on the Battlefield today?” He asked Killjoy jokingly, inquiring about a certain scary Batkin Woman. Oakly stood firmly as they rode Arial’s levitating wind down to the Southern Battlefield, his expression hard to read. Echo glanced around at the scenery, “It’s beautiful out here, is this really what you look every day in Equestria?” She asked genuinely, her eyes sparkling as she examined the terrain with amazement.
  7. Seven crawled out from the wreckage, “I’m gonna kill her, I’ll do it!” He said exasperated, Kasey popped up and stepped on a board, setting off a chain reaction below which caused a board to fly up in Sevens face. The Batkin fell back with a red mark on his face, Kasey barely noticed the accident as he looked at Triton, “Old Magic? I thought old people were supposed to be friendly, that was a rough welcome.” He said cracking his back. Oakly hopped down to them, “We can remedy the Colonels hair problem and learn more about this island.” He began as he pointed off in the distance, the mere smoke trail coming up from a possible populated town, “We should start there first, and blend into the population, as best we can. Who knows if the island gets many visitors... live ones anyway.”
  8. Rose stared at her in surprise, her ears folded back, “... Right, well you see the thing is...” She began awkwardly before teleporting away, leaving several black orbs around Radz, each glowed into a single massive explosion. Rose floated a ways away, standing on a conjured dark cloud, “She’s going to be troublesome.” Pushing off each other, Soul and Kane parted momentarily, only to dash in again with a fury of sparks as their weapons clashed. Autumn set Ash next to Steel, making sure their wounds would not bleed any more, then she lit up her horn with a powerful spell. Suddenly Soul felt his body unable to move, it was only for a few seconds, but he was unable to dodge Kane’s power house swing with his large great sword. Soul got his dual blades into position to block, taking most of the hit, but the force sent him crashing back across the lava field and into a hill outside of the fiery terrain. “Autumn, get everyone out of here and make sure they are treated, this has to be my fight alone.” Kane told her solemnly as he started in the direction of his father. Autumn teleported in front of him, giving him a concerned glare, “Then you better you win. You beat your old stallion and come back to me, Do you hear me?” She spoke harshly but her voice trembled with edging fear. Kane put a hoof behind her head to pull her in, kissing her forehead gently, “I hear you,” He let her go and started again towards Souls direction, “Loud and Clear, my Queen.” He shot off into the air, the back blast blowing Autumns hair into the wind, along with her tears. A nearby mountain was slashed in half as the two giant aura samurai figures clashed. Oakly struggled to keep his pace going, his energy levels were getting low, unsure of how long he could keep his susanno up. Suddenly, Trax got the upper hoof, parrying his scythe to bounce both their weapons upwards. Oakly felt his balance slip, Trax lit up his susanno’s hoof with a Lightning blade, aiming straight for his opponents weak point. Oakly took a deep breath in, suddenly forming a blue swirling sphere in his own hoof, holding it up to meet Trax’s attack. The Blue Eyed Reaper raised an eyebrow in slight surprise, not expecting the quick thinking. The attack met in a massive explosion that engulfed them both, susanno and all. Shadow stood up shakily from the edge of the large crater that his last attack did, he was placing most of his weight on his sheathed sword Shadowfang, half his bodies wounds showing down to the bone still. In the distance he saw the massive explosion of lightning and blue energy, “Oakly...” He rasped as he started forth clumsily.
  9. ((This is a Tribute to @MetalBronyATL, I am fulfilling his Characters to the best of my ability, to finish what We started together nearly five years ago.)) Silent watched soundlessly from his place atop a hillside, his eyes flashing back and forth from each event taking place. His daughters words stabbing like arrows in his empty body, feeling without a soul. “Hazel, my dear Daughter, you do not understand everything here. I have started something I cannot turn my back on,... I have to finish this.” He took a step forward, “Despite what my Love would say against it.” Soul matched Kane’s onslaught blow for blow, opening up for a hard kick to Kane’s side, sending the King crashing away. Autumn flew over to catch her husband, leaving Shade, Ash, and Maple to fire magical blasts at the Legendary Warrior. Soul burst from the destruction, heading straight for the three mage’s, but met Blood and Ragnorak in a fury of steel. Soul’s mind worked through his Enemy’s battle strategy, solving out possible routes to end the battle quickly. Suddenly his swords went into the ground beside him, catching Bloods and Ragnorak’s weapons with ease, “Experience Sorrow, at it’s worst.” Souls words felt like poison entering the bloodstream, Blood and Ragnorak attempted to pull back, but were met with swift punches to their guts. Blood was taken down with his own sword pinning him to the ground, Ragnorak had both of his axes impaled through his front legs and pinned to a rock. Soul did this all with precision, turning his attention towards the three Unicorns. Shade conjured a massive scythe and took off towards him, Ash and Maple flanked both sides firing magical blasts as cover. Soul deflected them with ease after picking up his dual swords, then parried with Shade in a clashing shockwave. Souls strength outweighed Shades easily, making Shade feel like he was fighting a Stallion ten times his own size. Suddenly Soul reared back his head, and came powering forward, bashing into Shades skull. Feeling all sense of his conscience fade into the blackness, Shade buckled under the pressure, falling down unconscious. Maple teleported in with a huge magic blast at the ready, firing point blank at Soul. The Legendary Warrior took it full on with only his bare hoof to block it, he was engulfed entirely in the blast, but came out with only his hoof being burned. Maple froze in horror as she was punched in the gut, her insides practically turning to mush. Soul let her fall beside her comrade as he faced Ash, who started to back up in fear, “NO!” She screamed as she lit up horn with flame so big it wanted to engulf the entire area, suddenly it flickered out as Soul was before her in a heartbeat. She couldn’t move as, her own body disobeyed her every will to move or cast a spell, only falling to her knees. Soul readied his dual blades, then brought them down into flesh, but there was a clang of steel first. Steel stood over Ash, his metal body taking the swords into his back, “Glad I made it in time-“ He spit up blood, some splashing Ash’s face as he was tossed aside. Ash went wide eyed in horror, then in anger. Soul crossed his blades to block a massive fireball, sending him back across the lava field. He recovered in time to block another massive fiery blast from Ash as she charged in her half-dragon form, except it was different somehow. Her flames were darker, yet brighter, and immensely hotter. “Dragon Slayer Sacred Art: Fire Dragons Hell Flame Plume!” She yelled out before earth opened up beneath Soul to expel a burning eruption of Hell Fire, visible for kilometers. Ash stood panting heavily, having expensed so much magic in one go, hoping it was enough. “Ash! Get away from there!” Autumn’s voice came from behind her, but in her looking back, a shadow appeared in the flame. Soul pushed back the fire and stepped from its burning flares, his coat was burnt in some places, his swords seeming untouched by the heat. Ash whirled back, but was too late as she felt her shoulders be opened up by gleaming blades. Soul kicked her back and went rushed back in for the kill, then intercepted by Kane’s own sword, Autumn caught Ash and shielded her from the shockwaves of a Father and Sons brutal clashing. Kane had seen the destruction of his Fathers prowess, “So this is it what you’re true power looks like, you truly earned your title Father. No, you are what my Father attempted to atone for, Harvester of Sorrows!” Kane spat as they locked eyes in a hard parry, Soul and Kane looking like mirrored images. Oakly sat up from the rubble, feeling the bruising from Rose’s black orb. Feeling the impending danger, Oakly moved just before a massive white aura katana shattered the earth where once was. Activating his own susanno, Oakly caught the next swing, facing off against his Father once again. Shadow must have been dealt with. Oakly sighed, “Father, I am sad we didn’t get the chance to meet in person, but I am glad I get to fight you. I’m learning a lot about you, from the way you fight.” Oakly’s Susanno threw off the katana and summoned its own to slash Trax’s Susanno across the chest, forcing him back, “Even like this, You still fight like when you lived.” Trax’s susanno whirled back, forming into its finished state, trading out the katanas for a large aura scythe. Oakly finished his Susanno and clashed with dual katanas, creating shockwaves that shattered the surrounding hills. Oakly starred at his Father inside the head of the white aura susanno, ‘The Blue Eyed Reaper’, he thought to himself with concern. This was his Fathers title, earned from his cold blue stare and the death that followed. Rose dusted off her black dress, “Ugh, I truly hate this dusty world, was much more beautiful back in the old days.” She felt a strong presence close in on her, “Oh, it seems I get to crush another pony’s dreams.” She giggled slyly.
  10. Echo didn’t say a word as she thrust her face close to Tritons, eyeing him up and down and smoothly moving around him, Arial blushed red with anger. Echo returned to her spot, then looked at Shadow and Shade, “I want him.” At this Arial made a move, stepping in between Triton and Echo, “Excuse you, but He is not something you can claim, besides he already has a partner.” She huffed defensively. Echo raised an eyebrow, but showed no sign of retreating, “I didn’t know it was a package deal.” Arial went blank, her beating red cheeks now flushing her whole face, “Wh-wha- What?” Echo gave her wink, then smirked sly at Triton, “We’ll talk more later, shall we?” She spoke silvery as she stepped back beside Shade, who looked on with nervous annoyance, Shadow merely smiled gleefully. Kasey and Seven had their jaws dropped in shock, Jag and Flint attempted to contain themselves from bursting out in laughter, while Oakly rolled his eyes as he stood beside his fathers desk. Trax sat back in ease, enjoying himself in these moments, “Glad everyone is getting along.”
  11. Shadow and Shade waited at the HQ Camps entrance, looking back as Trax and Triton came up to them. “Shade informs me the Legion is on the move, your forces will meet them soon.” Shadow reported, gesturing with his right hand towards the battlefield. Trax rolled his shoulders, “Then we should greet them as well, wouldn’t want our guests going unwelcomed.” Black Star bit his lip in anger, but held back his lashing out, giving them a nod in agreement. Chandler eyed him with concern, as much as Black Star was a pain, his ability to apply bio magic chemistry was beyond even himself. He had to admit, these new soldiers are going to be a significant asset to the Legion. Black Star gave a bow to Maelstrom, then took his weary leave of the room, the two improved Soldiers followed him out. 3 Months later... The Legion had lost ground with the combined forces of Shadow’s Regime and the Equestrian Army, the added forces of the Legions Golems and Skeleton Soldiers only just now starting to slow the advance. In the North, Ragnorak suffered a grievous injury when Fear and Chandler led a full assault on the Northern Camp, Ragnorak bought time for the Defensive to get set up. Shadow ordered him back, with a new face joining the ranks. ”I am Echo Sound, a pleasure to meet everyone.” Echo said as she bowed at the waist, she wore tight leather armor but very little, all over a silky black dress. They were all in the HQ’s Leaders Tent, having said their farewell to Ragnorak for his efforts and recovery, now welcoming the other former Silent Fang member who followed Shadow’s lead. Echo is a strong magic user who specializes in Sound Magic, who in her Trait state, can even hear her Enemies thoughts and next move. “Well met Echo, it is sad to see Ragnorak go but we are glad to see you were eager to join us.” Trax said with a smile. Seven leaned into Triton and Killjoy, “No joke, I heard she’s been making a ruckus back at the sanctuary about coming to help us, they’re probably glad Ragnorak got hurt so they can pamper him instead.” He whispered jokingly. Echo smirked with a twitch in her cheek, obviously hearing the jab, but she kept composed.
  12. Oakly let out a deep breath, watching the island rush towards them, “BRACE YOURSELVES!” He yelled out before the ship hit the islands sea ledge, with only the ships top deck, it slid across the ground for over a hundred yards before coming to a grinding halt. Oakly stood firm, still holding the wheel, which was no longer attached to the ship itself. Dropping the wheel, Oakly glanced around, they had stopped in a savanna with a jungle-like treeline in the distance. “Sound off!” Oakly said before coughing. “Here...” Kasey and Seven’s muffled voices came from inside the barely structural captains cabins.
  13. ((Yeah, Trax and Soul still have to be defeated. Its gonna go in order to which they died. Killjoy-Soul-Trax... such legends.))
  14. (( whatya say Kill, help me close out a remarkable Legacy? I can take Metal’s characters, I think I can see where he was going with it.))
  15. “I understand, Your Grace.” Trax dipped his head in respect, “When the time comes, those who have been wronged, will receive Justice.” He then stepped aside to push in his chair, “Let’s go Triton, we don’t want to be late to the battlefield. I doubt Shadow and Shade will leave much for us.” He said jokingly as he grabbed his coat and sword on the way out, stopping to look back at Killjoy, “Hope you found what you were looking for, even with our new allies, we may still need our Ace up the sleeve.” He said slyly before ducking outside. Black Star’s bloodshot eyes shined with pride, finally he had been praised for his work, maybe he could sleep tonight for the first time in months. “Yes My Lord, Thank you My Lord. I can have half our forces supplied within a few months, I estimate being at full strength in half a year-“ ”Make the process a year.” Chandler cut in stroking his beard, “Too quick and our Enemy may ruin our plans. We can’t forget that Shade is a gifted Necromancer and Black Magic Artist, his interference could prove troubling. We’ll slowly integrate the Golems and Skeletons you’ve been creating, and pull out Soldiers to go through the process. Train them to their new strengths.” He proposed logically. Black Star felt anger rise in him, but his overuse of Black Magic left him weary and drained, he feared he couldn’t even beat Chandler in a one on one fight. Still, he saw the reason in Chandler’s argument, as much as he hated to admit. Ally scoffed from behind Maelstrom, “The bearded worm has a point, interestingly enough.”
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