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  1. Nightly was terrified. "don't you dare start dieing on me Harmony... I love you both too much for you to just die!" She hugged him and held him up in her arms. "Please! stay with me! Harmony... please... keep fighting! we'll make it!"
  2. Nightly looked at him. "Harmony... how many hooves do you see?" She asked and checked his pulse while waving the other hoof around a bit. Angel, Charade and Mischief ran to Harmony to check on him.
  3. Nightly looked startled. "Oh my... that is definitely not good... Harmony? are you okay?" Charade nodded. "Yes father..." He then left him alone.
  4. Nightly nodded. "You know these two better than even I know them because you were their friend when they were in this time line... I know Bad Harmony will listen to you... he is most fond of you... and honestly I'm happy for him..." Charade took a deep breath and sighed fearfully but bravely said. "Father... you should probably listen to your brother and my mom... I know you can be happy now... but... what about when the world falls apart? will it have been worth the fleeting happiness? or... do you wanna give it a try? to actually... possibly be happy forever? if they can't find a solution then... we can always run off again... hide... you can get married to miss Ice and I can make sure nopony finds you and be out of your hair..."
  5. Angel cheered. "Wonderful!" "We really need your help Miss. Ice." Nightly smiled. Charade sighed. "Father... can we talk for a bit?"
  6. Nightly grinned. "Thank you for that wonderful idea~" She grabbed Harmony's hoof. "Let's go speak to her!" Angel smiled gently. "It's okay to cry Miss Ice... Everypony cries sometimes and having emotions are the way you can tell if you're body is reacting properly... besides... emotions are beautiful and hiding them is simply an act of pride rather than showing who you truly are." "Pff... leave it to my younger brother to give a speech about feelings..." Mischief grumbled. "Leave it to Mischief to be angry about feelings because he prefers to bottle them up inside and let it fester and boil like a disgusting disease." Angel cooed. "Do not worry Miss Ice... it's okay to be sad." Charade knocked on the door to the room that he suspected Bad was in. "Hello? are you in here daddy?"
  7. Nightly chuckled sadly. "That is very true... I know that too well... Harmony... we should make a plan... and we may need that Ice mare's help... she knows you two well right? she might know something to do... sometimes it is good friends who one trusts more rather than one's lover..." She smiled. "And I like her... she's a very sweet mare." Angel noticed Mischief leaving. "And where do you think you are going?" "Off to talk to the jackass... what else?" "LANGUAGE! And no you are not! he will smush you if you bother him... surely you are smarter than that!" "I know... I don't care..." Charade sighed. "I'll go... I know you won't be very kind and Angel will be way too nice..." Angel nodded as Charade went to go talk to his father. "So miss Ice... how well do you know bad daddy?" Angel asked softly. Charade walked to find Bad Harmony.
  8. Nightly sighed. "Harmony... I'm not sure what to do... I... It's not as easy as I suspected... the sudden change in character is... troubling... Bad Harmony can be ignorant... but he is not a simpleton.... he is... brilliant in a way of understanding... but... it's like he's reverted to a foal... or like... he's on some kind of high... I want to help but... it's very... difficult... and if we force him to do something... it might make it worse... no... we need to figure it out... how can we persuade the childish stallion to listen?" Nightly was stressed, thinking hard about the issue. Charade smiled. "I'm sure everything will be alright... good daddy and mama usually find a solution..." "Yeah... but Bad Dad's being a little shit... OW!" Mischief got smacked by Angel. "He may be acting disagreeable but we'll be fine! don't doubt mom and dad!" "I'll do whatever the hell I want... besides... Bad Dad can be a stubborn jackass! I think this might end up with a failure and possibly the end of everything." Mischief growled and then smirked at Ice. "Dad sure picked a hottie... I expected no less from him... Ow! stop it!" Angel punched Mischief's shoulder and then smiled at Ice. "Excuse his language miss... I am so sorry you were sucked into this..."
  9. Nightly sighed irritably. "Harmony... just leave it... we need to wait... if he will be difficult... then fine... we must wait... wait for the world to become unstable... maybe then he'll see the problem and help fix it... until then... let him have this..." Charade smiled nervously. "This is certainly a bad thing..."
  10. Nightly growled. "Do you not understand how many more would be dead if it wasn't for us? Equestria would no longer exist if not for the time lords... daleks would have destroyed your race... or even Cyberponies if not Daleks! and you have the audacity to tell me if I care? I am willing to die for this planet... and honestly... I know you wouldn't bat an eye to someone's death... you act like you know so much... you act like you understand this world... think again you idiot... you aren't brilliant... not when it comes to my race... and not when it comes to me... you chase after every mare you can whenever the opportunity presents itself... you aren't loyal to anything.... you don't forgive or forget... and you certainly don't care! you may have saved ponies... that is true... but most of the time... if not all... it's usually for your own benifit... you are a narcissistic, cheating, backstabbing shell of a pony whose sole purpose in life is to destroy and kill... that or pleasure yourself and boo hoo over every single moment you don't get your way... Bad Harmony... I am doing this for the sake of the world we stand on right now... and your happiness... I don't want to take this joy from you... I want to find a way for you to keep it while also letting this world stay intact... you are right... I have seen ponies die because of me... and... I wish I had made a better decision... but had I gone back and tried to do it again... everything would die... you cannot change history and you cannot fix your mistakes or else a creature of time will come and destroy everything to make up for what you fixed... to them... you have ruined an important piece of history... Bad harmony... for once be reasonable... after all those years of being a complete... monster... I loved you then... I love you now despite you acting high and mighty... despite your insensitive babble... let me make this right for both of you... then you can stay with this mare... then you can live in happiness... and you can finally be free..." Mischief looked at Angel of whom looked worried as Charade lifted them up. "Off to a less tense place!"
  11. Nightly's ears were back. "Bad Harmony... CALM YOUR DUMB ASS DOWN AND LISTEN SO WE CAN ACTUALLY MAKE SURE THE DAMN WORLD ISN'T ****ING FALLING APART AND POSSIBLY ALLOW BOTH OF YOU TO ****ING LIVE YOUR DAMN LIVES IN PEACE!! HOLY ****ING ****!!" Mischief snickered. "**** mom..." Angel and Charade were dead quiet... having heard such foul language. ((Oh right... I forgot that swearing gets censored here... oops...))
  12. Nightly was caught off guard by this. "Bad Harmony! please! let's keep this civilized!" Mischief chuckled as his younger brother elbowed him and glared. "Oh come on! it was hilarious!" "It was not! that was terrible!..." "Dad's got a hottie already..." "Are you even listening!?" Charade stared at the moment before him... not sure how to help at all. "Oh dear..." He blushed. "If anything... I'm the lucky one... you are so wonderful~ and I can't help but love that mishievious nature of yours... and on top of that... our child is so beautiful!" He purred joyfully.
  13. Nightly followed her husband and their kids followed close behind. "Oh there you are!" Nightly smiled when she saw Bad harmony and then smiled at Ice. "Hello!" Charade came down with and Cheered. "Hi mommy!" He giggled. "Chaos and order United as one!" He cheered.
  14. Nightly smiled and stepped out from behind Harmony. "You seem happy to see this place! I bet you that he's trying to seduce a mare already." She teased happily. Angel smiled at his father being happy while Mischief rolled his eyes... annoyed for... some reason unknown. Vincent smirked. "Yeah... I can see that! Well... we'll be as good as a Purple freak and a prototype can do!" He giggled. Charade turned. "I hope Harmony isn't as grumpy... Should I go and open the door Miss. Ice?"
  15. Nightly grinned. "Awesome! let's get your brother back!" Vincent blushed. "Awwe... thank you... but he might not like me as much as you... he would likely have more fun with someone who he can relate to... He smiled. "Awwe! you two are so cute!"
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