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  1. Yeah, so my mother-in-law broke her ankle two Friday's ago and had surgery last Thursday. My wife and I have been taking care of her ever since. She need's 24 hour care so I have not had any time to get anything made, I apologize for the ridiculously late update. I did however find a little time a couple days ago to start on a box, but my saw had others plans. Now I have to get a new scroll saw.
  2. I will be working on a Rarity and Princess Luna box today as they are the ones that got the most votes ( I had this up on other forums and personally talked to people). So I will start on that this afternoon after I help take care of my mother-in-law.
  3. I had just finished my Princess Celestia figural trinket/jewelry box a couple days ago and now I'm trying to think of which character I want to do next. I was thinking of doing Princess Luna. For the figural boxes I plan to only do the Mane 6, the 2 princesses and Spike. So I will leave it up to all of you to vote. Out of the character's I listed, who would you guys like to see next? I will check all of the responses by Friday, February 26 and start that character on the weekend. Those that haven't seen the Princess Celestia box, here it is:
  4. Sweet deal. I will start that with the next project then.
  5. Please bare with me as I have never done a blog before and wanted to try it out. So after reading this and you have a couple of tips for me, please share. The subject is video's. Or, at least making one. I was thinking of filming the process I use in order to make my projects, whether it be a plaque, model or trinket/jewelry box. Or amybe all of them (although the process is VERY similar on all of them). I think it would be neat for some ponies to see what all is entailed in such craftsmanship. Plus I think it would be kind of fun. And, you never know, you might get to see the occasional kitty or puppy make a special appearance in the film. I ask you fellow Bronies/Ponies, what do you think of this idea?
  6. Ready for a new day. Can't wait for work to be done so that I can finish my trinket/jewelry box. ; )

  7. Tuesday I will sand my jewelry box I made then cut out the pieces for my smaller model. What's everyone else's plans for Tuesday?

  8. Ticked off now. Went and got the last of the supplies I needed to finish our Rainbow Dash model and now it's useless. One of my cats knocked it off of where I set it up to work and broke the tail, both back legs and a wing. This piece may not get finished now. We are going to try making smaller ones and see where that goes.

    1. OfficialBronyTime


      Good luck, hope you can get it fixed.

  9. Working on painting my Rainbow Dash base. It's coming along pretty well. I was gone the majority of the day so I wasn't able to get as much done as I had wanted. I should be able to get picutes up tomorrow night of the whole thing. I'll out part of the day, that's why I say night. Ayways, hope everyone is having a good night so far.

  10. Thank you, she was interesting to do since the box was so small.
  11. RyuNeko

    Wood Work

    Pieces in here are all the wood pieces I have completed or are WIP.
  12. RyuNeko

    Wood Work

    This will have all the wood work that I have completed and my WIP's.
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