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  1. Throwing a ball had never been Red's strong point. He was much more into hoofball as a colt, so if he had had to kick a ball into a target, he might have done better. By his final ball, amid the call of “Kick his flank, my lord!” from his guard, the determination on his face was evident. So when the final throw sailed straight and true to its target, resulting in Blueblood making another satisfying splash into the tank, he could not help but give a rather unprincely pump of his hoof along with the smile on his face the sight brought. "I'm not as soft as you are wet, it seems," he replied. Then Naj, taking up the challenge herself after the traitorous Blueblood had apparently tried to woo her to switching allegiances, made clear she was having none of it, deftly kicking only her second ball into the target and sending him to the water again. Red stamped his hooves in applause appreciatively at Naj's display. "And, this is why she is my knight in shining armour," he announced, reaching around to snug her across the shoulders, before adding with embellishment, "I have knighted you, right? If not, we'll get you a knighthood by evening's end for your work in banishing Nightmare Moon once again."
  2. "Very well, lead on my prince!” Naj said, and so Red did, waiting his turn in the line up for his chance to soak the traitor. "Yes, he certainly would have volunteered," he confirmed to Naj. At least, he couldn't think of an instance where Blueblood might be on the dunk tank's platform without going willingly. Blueblood himself seemed to take notice of his attire, though. “Well, if it isn’t Prince Peacock and his pet guardling! I’m surprised you’ve got the guts to come into the castle of true royalty!” Well, Red supposed he deserved a remark like that, given that he and the Prince had never met on terribly good terms, especially when it came to the issue of Naj. So it was an extra surprise when the Prince... winked at her? Red actually smirked at that. He didn't think for one second that anything would have come of the Prince's flirtations with Naj, but it did make things interesting. Stepping up as it came to his turn, he picked up his three balls, and smiled at Blueblood. Secure as he may have been in his relationship with Naj, he wasn't about to let this go without a challenge. "What's wrong? Too much mascara in your eye, traitor?" he called out with a grin. "Let me wash that out for you!" he said, just before throwing the balls enthusiastically towards the target.
  3. Red Cedar strode through the castle as though he owned it, and to look at him on this particular night, it might not have been a stretch of the imagination. A white jacket stood out against his copper coat, gold piping up and down the sleeves and sides. Across his chest, a green sash, thereupon the brilliant medals of some imagined order of knighthood or another, while on the other side of his breast, a row of medals sparkled. In all, the effect was such that it could seriously be considered that the title of Prince or Princess could as easily be borne by an Earth Pony as a unicorn. He was just hoping that the confidence he projected would carry him through the night as well. More than once, Red had heard about the last major celebration of Nightmare Night in Ponyville, which had turned into an actual living nightmare for many thanks to infiltration by changelings. Now he was returning there with a changeling by his side, hoping the memories of nights past wouldn't override the recognition of Naj's citizenship. The night was supposed to be fun, however, and so they were there with that in mind, first and foremost, and so far, the sight of the town decorated for this night hadn't disappointed. But this... this was unexpected, and too good to pass up, too. None other than Prince Blueblood, strolling across the barely secured platform above a tank of water, playing his role in the evening's festivities and looking like he'd already made a splash, so to speak. "Oh, this could be fun!", he said, partially to himself, and partially to Naj.
  4. Like his dad and sister, my son now has a Pony t-shirt that is frighteningly reflective of his personality.

  5. Sunday morning of a May long weekend. What does that mean? Bourbon. A full half cup of bourbon.

  6. Love the peekaboo Applejack banner!

  7. Now I've seen it all. The Cutie Map was nominated for a Hugo Award! http://io9.gizmodo.com/here-are-the-2016-hugo-award-finalists-1773157497

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      OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! :kissy:

      I hope it wins!

  8. Real life is interfering far too much with my pony obsession here.

  9. Red closed his eyes just before his lips found Applejack's, trying to hide any trace of excitement like the racing of his heartbeat or the tremble in his chest. The slight, pleasant chill of her mouth soon gave way to a gentle warmth shared by them both, to linger on the lips and in the memory after parting with an ever so slight tug of reluctance. Red remained with his eyes closed until he could gather his wits, and a deep breath, and slowly open them to look back into hers. "Liked it?" he repeated. "That was worth every second I spent in line, and more." As much as he would have loved to have lingered over the moment a little longer, he knew there were others waiting their turn, and he couldn't deny them forever. Turning back to the sight of his awkwardly-shaped saddlebags, he said, "I think I have it..." and then, with a sharp hoist of his hoof, heaved it onto his back, immediately stumbling to his left in order to counteract the unbalanced load. After a moment of shifting, shuffling and bouncing the saddlebags on his back, he finally cinched them up again, content in knowing he'd be eating them to a more manageable size soon enough. "Thank you again," he said to Applejack. "The apples were a bargain, but the kiss was priceless." And with a last longing glance, he turned and made his way down the path towards the Whitetail Woods, barely staggering at all.
  10. I will neither confirm nor deny that the lunch sandwiches my family receives tomorrow will be made with bread that is a distinct shade of orange.

  11. Been here two years now! Loved every moment!

  12. Yay! We're back, we're back, we're back!

  13. I apparently got an upgrade from just being an air freshener. :)

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      Congrats on the promotion :P

  14. Red finally got in the last of the apples and then sighed, looking at his saddlebag. To say it was not pretty was an understatement. The whole thing was now bulging at the seams and likely at least a little unbalanced. Any Colt Scout leader would have been appalled at the way he had packed for this camping trip now, but there was not much that could be done about it. He simply resolved to eat as many apples in the first couple of days as he could stomach in order to even things out. But however his back might complain about the whole thing by the time he pitched his tent that night, there was yet something that was likely to keep his mind off it for the foreseeable future. Looking back up to Applejack, a little darker red in his copper cheeks now, though he was able to look her in those beautiful green eyes, he smiled and said, "Uhm, if it's not too forward, on the lips would be wonderful."
  15. My mop fell over. We will rebuild.
  16. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony!

  17. At least you had the sense to know that holly is not mistletoe! Lovely work again, and so cute with these three!
  18. Red's eyes opened wider, and then he frowned slightly, as Applejack brought forward a bushel of mixed apples. While he'd accounted for the weight of a bushel on his back while he would be hiking through the woods on his camping trip, it seemed he had seriously underestimated the volume of them. "Oh," he said, then started unhitching his remaining saddlebags. "Uhm, okay, well, let's fill up this empty bag as far as it goes, and then, I'll see if I can shuffle anything else around here. Hang on." With that, he began rummaging through his saddlebags, quickly trying to compress what few pieces of camping gear he had brought with him in the first place into an even smaller space, pausing to place five bits on the stand's counter. "There. That'll make room for one more apple," he said. As he shifted and repacked and redistributed the weight of his gear in his saddlebags, trying to stuff in ever more apples, he looked up. "That's too bad that it's only going to be the one time. I was already planning next year's vacation around this. Lucky I came when I did!" he said, smiling up to her, then went back to packing in apples.
  19. AJ and Rara! That's adorable! Nice work, as always.
  20. Red had been watching the pegasus in front of him receive her kiss with something of a perplexed look on his face. That had to be the most hammed-up sale of apples he had ever seen in his life, and he wasn't sure if that was to sell the whole fact that a kiss was bundled with every sale or to get the visibly terrified mare who'd been standing rigid as a board the whole time to accept it. Nevertheless, that left him at the front of the line, and he took a bit of a breath to calm himself as well as he stepped up to the booth with the lovely orange mare behind, careful of his saddlebags of camping gear. He set down the flier the younger yellow filly had stuck in his tail, and nodded. "Yes, I am, and that's exactly why I'm here," he said, which was honest enough as he had been coming for apples for his trip anyway. The kiss was a definitely bonus. Unhitching one large empty saddlebag from his side, he set it on the counter of the booth. "I'd like one bushel, please." he added, before asking, "So, this is going to be an annual sale?"
  21. Happy American Thanksgiving, from the country that did it a month and a half ago.

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      Shame that your Turkey Day does not have a MST3K Marathon. :P

  22. Some lucky little girl got the new Equestria Girls DVD for her birthday.

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      Congratulations Cedar!

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      Uhm, well, actually it was my daughter, but, thanks?

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      RedCedar is best little girl.

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