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    Pony Art, Roleplaying and Fanfic writing. Having fun with other bronies and watching MLP (Duh!)

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About Me

Welcome to my fun little corner of Canterlot.com stay a while if you'd like.


I am LunarRelic and my OC Lunar Relic is the inspiration of the account name...thought that is kind of obvious. I as a person enjoy handing out and playing games. I do a lot of writing in my free time with fanfic work or proofreading work. My character Lunar Relic is a unicorn from Canterlot now living in Ponyville. Lunar is a  historian and highly skilled mage. He is the best when it comes to identifying old artifacts and ruins. He can figure out age and the purpose for which it was made for. His magic skills are immense and powerful. He was able to reformat a spell to give another pony wings of a magical like fabric to actually grant a pony the wings of a Pegasus however only for a short period of time which lasts a little long if he does it on himself or a pony he is used to using it on.

My Canterlot OCs: Lunar Relic (Unicorn) [WoE, CC], Burning Rage (Pegasus) [CC]

Favorite of the mane 6: Rainbow Dash :20:

Well I don't have much to say about me except I have a love for ponies like just about everypony here. I love to read others fanfics on characters and write my own. Next to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I am also a fan of: Sonic The Hedgehog (the older titles nothing past Adventure 2), Bleach, Metroid, Castlevania and I am getting into Naruto.

I am always open to RP so feel free to invite me, I love to just talk with others and have fun with it!  I would love to help you figure things out or assist you in various things around the forums! If you need any that is.

and finally some random quotes

"Live life to the fullest is great and all but sometimes you just need to slow down. Life is not a race but an adventure worth slowing down for." --Lunar Relic (me)

"There is no party like a Pinkie Pie party!"

"There are three levels of random, cartoon random, internet random, and then there's Pinkie Pie random."

"Love and tolerate"



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