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  1. Lunar was feeling more confident in his position. He was a great researcher and knew a lot about the old threats and his experience from old speeches helped him. Finally he stood up to speak but before he bows his head to the Princess "Princess, and my fellow ponies of Equestria as I have stated I am former guard pony Lunar RelicI am here on behalf of the citizens and as an old member of the guard I am here with ideas on informing our fellow citizens. As we all know threats have blindsided us in the past and we have relied on The Elements of Harmony one too many times. One thing I propose is keeping citizens informed of threats as they appear. Or some form of early warning system and plan. Finally I wish to suggest a volunteer civilian defense corps to work along with the Guard this way we can have ponies with some skill as an extra line of defense." Lunar then pulls out a stack of scrolls. "I have here some reports that include all expenses that would be included. As well as some research on some things that could cause a problem in the future however I am unsure of the exact probabilities at this time but Princess." Lunar looks to Celestia to address her "I can always continue my studies on this matter after the summit. I am willing to play my part as you see fit Princess." Lunar bows his head as he did before he began to speak "I thank you for your attention." he finishes before taking a seat.

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  2. Well another random question I have. I am a curious sort. Now I was curious as to where your profile image/picture/icon whatever you want to call it comes from? I will start. Mine is actually a drawing of Lunar Relic done on my computer via mouse. So is it the best in the world? No but for using a mouse? I'd say it's pretty good. So how about all of you? Where did your profile picture come from?

  3. So a question I have been asked by my friends before is how I came up with my OC. It got me wondering how otherscame up with theirs.


    So as for me I made my primary OC Lunar Relic to represent part of me. He represents my curiosity, intellect, calmness, and mysterious traits. His name just came to me.


    My other OC Burning Rage represents my more fast paced and reckless side and ignorant. The name just came to me. He and Lunar are like total oposites. 


    So how did the idea for your OC come to you?

  4. II use this color for Lunar Relic

    and this color for Burning Rage.

    The text color limitation has to do with how the forum's posting text editor is set up. Some limit these colors for different reasons. An old forum I helped program a text editor for posting and ran into this issue. Problem is with some web layouts you can only have X amount of color options for memory purposes so they keep it simple. Whether or not that is how this forum works I don't know. But they have their reasons in the end.

  5. Lunar had lost himself for a second taking notes on who was who at the gathering. All while in the side of his mind he was thinking about his position among these highly esteemed ponies, unicorns and pegasi. He then remembered he was there to encourage the use of intelligence and knowledge of Equestria both past and contemporary could help against future threats. When a silence came he looked up from his notes and realized that it was finally is turn. This was make or break time for him. He wasn't into over the top introductions like Dawnguard, but he knew if he wanted any chance at being taken seriously, which he was as he is anyway, and perhaps getting a job in the guard again he needed to make it clear who he was and that he is just as important as Spitfire or even Celestia just in his own way. Even if not as popular or in fact known at all to other ponies and denizens of Equestria.

    Lunar then clears his throat to be sure he didn't have anything to mess with his voice. "Greetings, my name is Lunar Relic a former corporal rank guard member. However now I am a researcher specializing in the study fields of magic and the history of Equestria. My name may or may not be familiar to any of you as I have published books and other works in the fields I study. I am here to stress the importance of having information on our great land of Equestria not only our modern day but of it's past as well. For many things we can learn from the past can help us with future endeavors. As well as possibly seeing if a few of my own spells I have developed or others might be incorporated into the guard to help increase the over all versatility of the guard. " He nods to signal he was done speaking and finishes the last note he had stopped in order to introduce himself. He then looks up hoping that he didn't ruin anything by noting he knew and/or had some spells that might help the guard in the future.

  6. I'm thinking...if this rp "THIS ONE: Changing of The Guards" is succesful and stays alive, maybe I can implement some other cast characters?  Maybe to arrive late during a recess?  Shining Armour sounds like a good addition...~

    Yes, sorry we were off topic there. But yeah I think that's a good idea. Shining Armor would be a great addition. Perhaps Twilight as well? Cadence perhaps? just some ideas :)

  7. But didn't you say in your app that he was retires? I go by that.

    No what it said was this, I highlighted the parts in red:


    Description: A maroon unicorn with a smoky grey mane highlighted red with his horn sticking through short and normally somewhat messy. Emerald green eyes. His cutie mark is a moon with a book titled in rune like text. his tail is short and neatly groomed sharing a color like his mane.


    What branch of the Royal Equestrian Army does your OC belong to? He belonged to the Army but left as a researcher for Canterlot. However he is still marked as an inactive member as he will return if ever needed.


    What position does your OC uphold? Currently inactive he was a simple guard normally tasked with guarding key locations or helping with the paperwork. He will still go up to Canterlot from time to time by the request of his commander to help out. Though they never really met.


    What opinions does your OC have on previous attacks on Equestria? With the recent events Lunar has been under the impression that the REA could use more on the terms of military intelligence. Even writing multiple possible ways and sending it to the REA.

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