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    I have many interests, most of them involve gaming, gamign, and more gaming :P Though, outside of that, i LOVE archery, its the sport im doing at school right now :P Im also just starting to get into bike riding, and im starting to get back into Martial Arts, which i did a while back buuut..... kinda got bored of my dad not teaching me anything new, but, thats how training goes, you do the same old things again, and again, annnnnd again....

    Now, to be more specific with the whole 'gaming' interest. Recently, iv been playing a WHOLE heap of Tomb Raider(2013), a fair amount of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which im not on good terms with right now... (RAGE INDUCING....sometimes), and a whole heap of SSX. I also play Black ops 1 + 2, though not as much as other stuff.
    What else do i play.... OH YEAH, sometimes i play Yu Gi Oh Millennium Duels, though i lost my (OVER POWERED) Dragon deck, so i stopped more recently.

    That about does it for the games i play online regularly.

    Now.... il rave on about bows, for fun of course :P

    Right now, iv only really shot a Recurve and a Compound, though both are amazing. I dont know the draw weight of the bow, but im planning on getting a 29 LSB bow, and when i get (more money) more strength, im going to try a 70 LSB, aka pounds. Maybe one day il get a stronger one :P

    As for bike riding.... i cant say anything about that, i only started today lol :p
    (Today as in, when i wrote thos on my account lol)

    OH, HOW DID I FORGET? MLP, thats a interest. Its kinda faded with recent events, and the non continuance of the show, but soon, when S5 comes to us, il probably end up being addicted again :P

    Last interest il list, hanging out with friends. Thats not even really a interest, thats my favorite thing to do, be with friends :) In particular, one specific friend :P

    If u read all this..... IM suprised lol :P You obviously have a high tolerance for ranting on :P

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