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  1. Many drawings ideas, but just can't make it. What's my life.

    1. Eventide


      A box of chocolates. One of them shaped like an ink-based writing implement. :I I'll be watching when you make some arts.

    2. SweetPen


      Atm i'm drawing Nightmare Moon, so yh.

  2. SweetPen

    Sweet Pen's stuff

    Just my pony stuff.
  3. Wow, it's been a time since i've joined here for the last time. Well, time to upload my recent drawings.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lyipheoryia


      Welcome (again)!

    3. SweetPen


      Thx everypony :3

    4. ToothpasteThy


      Welp, I don't typically do this in status updates, but it's not like I'm going to ignore it if I see it-- Welcome back to Canterlot! Please do enjoy your return to our fun little community to the absolute fullest! ^_^

  4. blargh, i hate when ppl says that some stuff yours doesn't have many details, but isn't my fault if i don't have tablet :v

  5. I don't post nothing since 2014 if I'm not wrong x3 So now i shall post all my recent artworks, and I may say I got better on drawings~
  6. So, what's new ppl?

    1. Lyipheoryia


      We have a new banner. That is not a Flashlight.

    2. SweetPen


      I realized that.

      I just don't ship these two :v

  7. Damn, i forgot the last time i joined here. But. I'm back.

  8. http://i.imgur.com/vBBhQdt.jpg Did a **** wallpaper using the drawing of my brother.
  9. Heh, i've watched some movies, and now i don't wanna sleep.

  10. That moment, that you do a drawing, and you don't have any idea what is.

  11. I love eat some ice.

  12. And i'm back after a loooooooooooong nap.

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