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    Art, reading, dancing, singing, horses, wildlife, the sky, the forest, doctor who, supernatural, devious maids, music, poems, friends, icecream, and SO SO much more!

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  2. Lesbihonest... i got the hots for rainbow-power applejack ^^

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    2. ForeverFrozen


      your a boy? AHHHHH

    3. QuickLime


      "Lesbi-honest" I am pretty sure Skyheart is a chick :)

    4. LittleSkyHeart


      I am a girl ^^ lol

  3. Everypony was having their own issues... i didnt want to throw mine in too...
  4. *hugs* it will be okay... we can get through it.
  5. I have decided... I LOVE PINKIE PIE!!!!!

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    2. RainbowDaringDash


      Who doesnt love pinkie?

    3. tacobob


      Yes, Pinkie gets all the kisses.

    4. LittleSkyHeart


      I bet Pinkie kisses taste like candy ^^

  6. So... hm. I have never really talked about this. I guess this is just such an accepting community, I thought perhaps I would. I have very low self esteem. Painfully low. And depression so bad, that sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed. Sometimes... I don't even want to wake up. Now, there are a million reasons for this. Being bullied, may relationship with my parents, my relatuonship with my on-and-off boyfriend, religious issues, my disorders. The reason I feel so... angry with myself about this is because I always tell people not to let things like that hurt them or hold them back. I am a hypocrite. A few years ago I had a friend with scars on her arm. She showed me the release that comes from cutting. I would use a safety pin and make scratches on my arms. But I never whent further, and eventually quit. Then... three months ago, I was losing it. A downward spiral, no way out. So... I picked up a pretty green knife and sliced open my arms. I was disgusted afterwards, and I only felt worse, but at the time... It felt so good. This was finnaly something I had control over. Finnaly a way for release, something that was all mine. Soon my arms were covered in scars and scabs. People started to notice. I started to lie. Finnaly it was the darkest moment I have ever had. The final precipice. I was losing it. So I called White Bird. A guy talked to me. He told me this wasnt the only option. He told me how I can stop, and many other things. He helped me realize I needed help. So... soon I will be seeing my new therapist. She combines healing with art. And she has a dog too. I am not doing this for pity or attention. I guess I am just saying... there is hope. I want people to know your not alone. There is another path. Hang in there! (btw, this is NOT my art. I don't know who the artist is, but if you do, I will put theur name on it)
  7. hullo ponies!!! ^^ keep it real, and love a flower! ^^

  8. hey crazy ponies! ^^ *hugs* remember, no matter what size, shape, gender,nationality, ANYTHING, you are BEAUTIFUL and worth more then all the world in gold ^^ stay wonderful!

    1. SeriousSam


      And you, STAY AWESOME lil sister!

    2. LittleSkyHeart
    3. Scarlet


      ....goodbye dear sister...

  9. Oh, my rp will be starting soon! So excited! ^^

  10. Yay! My best friend/amazing artist just made me the coolist pic! ^^

    1. SeriousSam
    2. LittleSkyHeart


      Her deviant name is Artcat101 and she made me my tiger furry ^^

  11. Thank you Sam! ^^ I just want to tey my hardest, ya know?
  12. Wow.. just wow... The bullies have stooped to a new low...

  13. You're so amazing my little sister! *hugs you tightly and noms on your ear*

    1. LittleSkyHeart


      *chews on your tail* You are so amazing too!

  14. Hi! I know from personal experience that sometimes you just need somepony to talk to, or vent. Well, I am NOT a licensed councilor, but I believe that my place in the world is to help ponies (and other species ^^). So, If you need a wing to cry on, an ear lended, or just sompony to talk to, I am here! Office hours: 9:00 am (PT) to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Please PM me if you want to talk, or even request my Skype!
  15. Good morning beautiful ponies! You are all so wonderful and unique and sweet! ^^

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    2. SeriousSam


      I missed you too sister! *snuggles into your mane and noms on your ear*

    3. Elssir


      Hehe. We have a warm sunny day.

      I wish you so nice day too.

      :Elssirs hug:

    4. LittleSkyHeart
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