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    Hello, helIo!
    I'm known as Elssir. To be a brony is something new for me and I'm glad I can be one of you.

    I'm interested in the science, fantasy, history, myths and nature.
    In my free time I'm a writter and I draw a lot too.
    I also do the historical fencing. Well, I'm a swordman.

    I like MLP cause it's without violence, cruelity and blood. The life is full of these stuff and I like to bee free of that sometimes.

    I'm everytime trying to be kind and friendly and to helps to others.
    It's why I like Fluttershy so much.

    And btw: my character Elssir is originaly an anthro fox hunter. :D
    Elssir van Hellfox.
    His pony version is Elssir van Hellpony :D

    Well, if you read this thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

    Happines for you all, friends

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  1. oh, my channel is growing rapidly and I talked with Wes Johnson. Best day ever!

  2. Elssir

    Elssir sketches

    Well, he is kind of royal family. It's a long story. After a huge catastrophe when he lose all his family he started to be a hunter of evil creatures. To be honest I was inspired by Van Helsing when I createdhim.
  3. Elssir

    Elssir the pony hunter

    Elssir is a lone pony who hunt's the monsters and beasts to protect other ponies. He's brave but shy a little. He lives in a cottage near to the forest. The closest friendship he has with the Fluttershy but other ponies are scare of him. It's maybe because of his scar but also because of his crossbow. He's loyal mainly to princess Luna. He's kind, ironical, shy, brave but sometimes he has a fight with Fluttershy because of his work.
  4. Aww, shes really cute. Great work friend. IIt's lovely. ^^
  5. I just saw My Little Dashie movie. Even if I read the story it hurted my heart badly.

  6. I'm in a bad mood. For three hours I was recording videos. And I have nothing. Everything was lost. It's frustrating...

  7. How would you like a RP of a viking pinies attack? Just thinking about how to use my other characters.

  8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance! I can't wait for it!

  9. somepony from Texas? :)

  10. My personal applebucket season just started. Hurray!

  11. Oh... Sedlec Bone Church... the creepiest "art" I ever seen. I won't want to spent the night here :D

    1. tacobob


      Everyone loves to visit the local Ossuary! Make no bones about it!

    2. Elssir


      Yeah. But still I had a strange feeling when all that skulls were watching me

  12. "You're my hostages. Don't try to run or call for help if you want to survive!" ;P
  13. Woah. I just arrived home from Dresden. It's really beautiful town.

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