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  1. at least you have lotsa people to chat with ;)

  2. And so my self imposed exile from the world of pastel coloured ponies ended with Equestria Girls. Still haven't finished Season 2 though :D

    1. Rosewind


      Welcome back! The S2 finale is quite interesting.

  3. And so my self imposed exile from the world of pastel coloured ponies ended with Equestria Girls. Still haven't finished Season 2 though :D

  4. I don't really see that as a flaw, having seen so many RPs fail or degen to chaos because nobody had an idea of what to do and just ends up standing around, or worse playing Calvinball I dont think its too unreasonable to state in the OOC chat, things like "Alright folks this is what's coming up next" at least people have a sense of direction and know what to expect Just to share; I was this close to setting something that would resemble a collaborative writing project more than a RP. It was supposed to be: This <insert event> was happening, then whoever whose turn it was got to fill in the details before the story advanced. Was meant to keep the RP in line and yet give people wiggle room. Pity real life interfered hard
  5. made it through another day in a job that I'm slowly growing to hate
  6. well if you are keen on somepony who has the skills but not the experience and who is also another former city pony just let me know
  7. "[colour=#FF8C00]I have no idea what you are talking about. Nopony's lying you know. Everything I said was true and I can swear by Celestia. If you had asked nicely I would have shown you instead of you being so sli-[/colour]" she stopped herself abruptly upon noticing the griffon walking away to join Colton. Perhaps that was not the best way to handle the situation but by Celestia that felt good! Perhaps Gerrard didn't hear the last bit...she hoped, Taking a second to take a deep breath and compose herself. She deftly fastened the pipes together with her magic, all the while trying to keep up with the others. Getting lost here would probably not be good. Her bad knee throbbed, as if in agreement, while she tried to keep up a fast hobble
  8. Telki had the sense that Gerrard didn't really like her a lot, and her patience was correspondingly wearing thin. Something about that griffon's unrelenting nosiness just bothered her. She was used to being questioned, but not so unrelentingly and certainly not by someone who didn't seem to know when to stop. By now, she had already shifted to a mental guard position, surely the griffon was barely trustworthy as it is and for all she knew, something bad could and probably would happen. "[colour=#FF8C00]Finally[/colour]" she heaved a mental sigh of relief, perhaps that ends the interrogation and perhaps the work would be a relief. She carefully shifted her stance to something to accommodate her still injured knee then deliberately placing her body between the pipes and the others, telekinetically lifted the ends of 2 pipes to eye level to see how they were to be joined together. The fasteners, holes and the shaking of a screw container seemed to answer her questions. Upon hearing Gerrard call her name, she cautiously, almost gingerly turned around only to hear a distinctly fake excuse followed by the sight of screws flying at her. Now Telki would have tried to catch each screw one by one, as is the way her magic works, but by then she was tired, annoyed by the relentless questions and really really not in the mood for anymore games. As if in slow motion, she turned 90 degrees so her side was facing Gerrard. Then without warning her eyes flared and the two pipes she had been weakly levitating swung in opposing arcs around each side, coming together in front of her with a huge CLANG and forming a makeshift shield, half a second before the screws would have hit her, causing them to pitter patter off the pipes and onto the floor. Eyes still glowing, she slowly separated the pipes, leaving them floating upright, one at each side. "[colour=#FF8C00]Now, what was that all about[/colour]" she said fiercely, staring straight at Gerrard, knowing full well that her show of force would either solve all her problems, or escalate them
  9. Telki bid farewell to Heart Healer and stepped out into the bright lights and bustling streets of Canterlot, her hope and optimism in life refilled and she was brimming with optimism once again. Cheerfully skipping down the streets, she stopped to ponder, momentarily, where to go and what to do next before giving it up in favour of just going wherever her feet led her. Normally she would just wander around taking in the sights, but from today she had a purpose, a goal to bring out the very best in her already formidable magical powers. The future never looked so promising
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