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  1. The streets were bustling with activity, but not so much that a normal pony would be hindered. For the young stallion hauling the large cart, however, things were proving to be rather difficult. After several pardons and ignoring all the glares from the stuck up ponies, Page Turner made his way up to one of the museums. With more then one, Page had to double check which one matched the address he was given. But Canterlot was designed well enough, that he had little trouble finding the place, only lots with pushing through the masses to get there. With a sigh, he parked his cart next to one of the buildings and removed the harness. A quick trip into his caravan, and he was off, placing some ancient books into his saddlebag. Page rushed through the doors of the museum and caught himself before running headlong into a display. His eyes were darting around the lobby, trying to absorb as much as they could. The day was young, and the pony he was looking for worked here, so it wouldn't hurt to take a look around before he dropped of his cargo. While books were his special talent, he loved old artifacts just as much. They all had stories of their own. He spent a while looking at some things from the Hearth-Warming founding of Equestria, then moved on to some of the more recent history. So caught up by everything, Page failed to keep track of the time. Once he noticed a working clock, though, he was in for quite a shock. It didn't help that he had no clue where in the building he was, and the wight of the books hanging from his backs were a reminder that he had quite possibly screwed up what he was meant to do. He quickly located someone that looked like they worked in the museum, and waved to them. "Excuse me, sir. Could you help me out? I'm a little lost."
  2. "Oh this is going to be so funtastical," Sweet Surprise said as she checked the the large room. Unfortunately she couldn't get a bigger place like at the castle, but this was good enough. She had always wanted to have a big party to showcase her and Mr. Cocoa's candy making ability. That's when she thought about: a chocolate themed party! Everything would be chocolate based. There would even be sculptures made of chocolate that could be auctioned off to ponies in the end. She and Mr. Cocoa helped set up the place with several round tables placed the middle of the room and several long tables that ran along the walls to have the chocolate treats placed as well as the chocolate sculptures. The best one was the model of the Canterlot Castle which was placed on the center table. All the tables were decorated with white tablecloths and candles floating in a vase of water in the center. The chocolates were laid out on silver plates in different designs. Now all Sweet Surprise had to do was open it up to every pony. She opened the door and stood in the threshold where several ponies stood. "Welcome to the Canterlot Chocolate Frolic everypony! Feel free to enjoy the wonderfull chocolaty treats and later I'll be auctioning off the chocolate sculptures. Soooo, have fun!"
  3. Maximillian Rockefilly Jr. kept offices in all the major cities in Equestria, each one appropriate to the city it was in. In Canterlot, he kept a building - old, well-kept, representing the age of the capital city, and filled with small bits of art, none of it younger than a hundred years. The top floor was kept mainly for Max's use - a small apartment, a conferance room, and a large and elegant office with a balcony and a view of the castle. Now, some artwork is meant to be put away and looked at - and some artwork is meant to be used. In this case, it was a particular favorite of Max's - a three-hundred year old paperweight. It has appreciable heft to it, an old, stone statue of a cloud, and a pegasus mare laying across it. The detail was amazing, and when Max was stuck on a problem that kept circling around in his head, he often ended up just lazing back and staring blankly at the statue, wondering about the businessmen who had possessed it before him, about the original artist and what he or she had intended. Baron von Hoofington grinned eagerly, his wings slowly beating, looking down on Max's building far below. The perfect crime, surely. He waited, watching, at the slow pacing of the unicorn security guard on the top of the building. The guard seemed more a formality than anything else, and there was so little activity in Canterlot, he really wasn't paying too much attention to the roof - often just staring over the edge of the wall to the street below. Ha. Big ponies, small minds. More clever was the unicorn guard also standing atop the roof two buildings over, staring down at the rooftop. A lesser pony might have missed that one, but Baron von Hoofington knew of Max's cleverness. But even that pony wasn't perfect - he, too, was bored, and often ended up getting up and taking a walk around his own rooftop, just to loosen up legs stiff from sitting too long. The Baron counted the time over and over in his head... and then, as both unicorns approached the point where they were turning away for five seconds, he pulled in his wings and dove. The Baron plummetted like a rock, a fierce grin on his face, the wind pulling the grin into a grimace. His eyes watered, and the building flew up towards him. At the very last second he flared his wings, pulled back out of the dive, barely missing the edge of the roof as he pulled up into the smallest lift, then pulled his wings in again and dropped noiselessly to the roof. He slipped up to the rooftop access, peered around the corner - the guard was, again, staring down into the street below. Baron von Hoofington grinned and slipped around the corner, a pair of lockpicks already in his mouth. It was no more than a second and a half, and the Baron was slipping inside, tucking his lockpicks away under his wing and pulling out his hat to perch lightly atop his head. Today, he was wearing an old Germaney military hat from the time before it had united with Equestria. He had taken it from a very large military pony in a bar who had tried to push the Baron around. He soon learned that size wasn't everything. But it was a *very* nice hat. He used it with his brown suit with the red tie, which he adjusted to make sure he was looking good. This was too easy. the top floor was completely dedicated to Max's use, and there was rarely a pony up here other than Max. The Baron listened carefully. Yes, Max was in his office. He waited with simple patience, listening to paper rustling, and a squeaky chair, and soft sighs for an hour and a half, before Max finally got up to stretch his legs or run an errand or something. The Baron heard the door open and shut, hoofsteps moving down the hallway. On noiseless hooves, the Baron went up the hallway, even before Max was around the corner, and was into the office in two shakes of a pony's tail. Ahhh, there it was. The coveted paperweight. The Baron scooped it up and was gone three seconds later. Like taking candy from a foal, but without all the annoying crying!
  4. Books. For Quillhorn, it was always about books. Not any books, but many books; not every book, but what felt like a fairly staggering majority of those available to him. It was fairly calm outside, a light distribution of cloud cover and another fresh dusting of snow added to the 'feel' of the season. The day had started rather quietly – it was still mid-winter, and for all the life and energy Canterlot had generated during the holiday season, the chilly season was now keeping the city quieter and a bit more lethargic, with far fewer ponies spending their time outdoors than the rest of the year. He, for one, was a bit happier for the quiet serenity the weather afforded him, and so he took the opportunity to get into his studies a bit more. For now, Quillhorn sat alone in a somewhat secluded corner of the library, amidst the records and history, settled at a fairly large table with several wooden stands keeping books upright for him. Front and center of him was a rather old, slightly sandy tome – a diary, one that was much older than he was, and it was this that had most of his attention. Next to him, a notepad and quill, upon which he wrote from time to time, and around him, two atlas', a few rather heavy-looking Canterlot census copies from many decades prior, and the records from several docks around Germaney. He was, for the moment, investigating something. Such would likely be rather readily apparent. What he was investigating, however, had yet to be disclosed. For all of his reading from one book or the next, for all that the quill beside him would touch upon paper for but a few moments, for all that he was surrounded by information, he made no verbal mention of what he was doing. There was no muttering, no announcements of discovery, nor any dictations of what he read. His eyes were firmly affixed on one book or the next, brow slightly furrowed from time to time, his expression oscillating between scrutiny, sharp focus, curiosity and consternation as time progressed. He did, of course, have reasons for this particular collection of books, and though for the moment he was engrossed in his current study, he was nevertheless in a library, and thus if anypony else were to show up, he and his work would be be quite open to scrutiny.
  5. Zecora was so happy, and really ready for what was to come today. As Zecora could see Canterlot in the distance, today was going to prove interesting indeed. Zecora was not 100% sure on this point, but it could be the first time any zebra had been in Canterlot. But for Zecora the chance to see how things in Canterlot worked was a golden opportunity. Heads turned, ponies gazed and a few ponies dropped what was in their mouths, as all were stunned to see what was coming down the street. Zecora walked into Canterlot with a little bit of doubt, Zecora knew that she would turn a few heads, but not all of them. “What is this I see, every single pony is looking at me, seems I can’t go about my shopping in peace”. Zecora was in town to do some shopping for ingredients she needed, most of which were rare herbs and plants she could not acquire in the Ever Free Forest. So Zecora was going to spend a day or two in Canterlot, she also wanted to see the capital of the ponies, as this could prove to be a valuable cultural exchange. But with every pony starring at her like this, could she do anything normal in Canterlot. Well Zecora is about to find out as she starts heading for the shops, to start gathering all the items on her list.
  6. The Jam&Cream: Carolling On Morning light crept across the sweet powdery hill, its golden rays curving in odd crisp shapes in a reflective dance across impossible steel walls. From beyond the curve of the bole, a single note drawn from the breast of a cello rose to fill every space, shaking loose boulders from the gradual slopes of the mountain. As the Obo joined its stringed cousin, five pail orbs peaked over the rim, suspended in the gentle yellow aura. With a crash of orchestral might the ovoids split, spilling their liquid contents into the grasp of the sultry glow. A spin of brass and the orange centres separated themselves from their jelly like cocoon, falling like enormous stars to the surface of the sugar coated world. Beyond the chrome walls a swell of milk passed the retreating egg white, spinning and tumbling in the harmonic thrall, whisked mid air into a frothy cream. Descending upon the crash of symbols the unblemished hills of Sugar Mountain were swept away, pulled into a palpitating ribbon of ingredients within the confines of the rapidly filling bole. Sloshing and folding upon itself, the heavy mixture leapt from its prison on a wind of flutes, aglow with the familiar energy that had guided it thus far. Reaching its destination, the twisting mass cascaded into the boiling pot of sweet strawberries upon the hob, sweeping them up on the building crescendo. Within the embrace of the masterful artist, the ribbon danced in thin trails around a silent equine figure, her mane a bluster with the sudden blast of frigid winds encircling her creation. Winter descended the small room, welcoming the spun web of ingredients. And in the swell of the final cord, five carefully arranged tubs received a filling of sweet delight, their lids clamping down to seal away the frozen contents from the world, awaiting the call of happy ponies. Silence descended once more on the kitchen of the Jam & Cream. With a smile that brightened the world around her, Maple Scoops relinquished her charge of the latest batch of ice cream and turned her attention briefly to the grammar phone on the far counter. If there was one thing that ruined a perfect concerto, it was the scratch of the needle reaching the end of its track. The old thing had been an ‘opening-day’ gift from her work colleagues. ‘Old work colleagues,’ she mentally corrected, having not worked in any kitchen other than her own for going on three months. Four weeks had passed since the grand opening of the J&C, premier ice cream bar for the student district of Canterlot, and business had been trotting along at a manageable pace. True there had been the occasional disaster and financial setbacks abound, but they had made it through in the end. Work on converting the old firebarn had progressed steadily and, while they had to open the bar separately for income, with any luck the restaurant side of the business would be open before Hearth Warming. At least it’d better be, considering they were taking bookings already. Placing the five containers into the long icebox, the cream coated unicorn trotted out into the serving area and gave the seating a last once over. Rhythmic hammering of a single diligent worker issued from within the cavernous barn next door, along with the rich voice of a stallion singing a Hearth Warming carol. For a moment, the mare stood and listened, humming in harmony as her magic reached out for the two signs by the elegant front windows. Time to open the doors. “Sweetie,” She called up the spiral stairs that lead to the offices and apartment above the bar, “I’m going to open up.” Trusting that her voice had carried, Maple’s glowing aura grasped the bolts across the front door and pulled one of the twined portals aside. Brilliant warm daylight flooded into the Jam and Cream along with the frigid winter breeze. Two the signs clacked open and were set down upon the cobbles. One read Jam and Cream, Open, Hot pancakes and Hay fries. The other was a black chalk board with a more up to date advertisement; The big barn Bash! HearthWarming grand opening. Live music and open juicebar. Book your table now! Across the street, sat near the cliff railings, a young Pegasus had watching her work and now trotted up to great the cafe owner. This was odd. Usually customers didn’t start arriving until closer mid day, when hungry students were released from morning lectures in search of hot hay and cinnamon pancakes. But the filly that stood on their doorstep now didn’t look like the classical Canterlot college apprentice. “Hello dear! You’re here early, we’re only just opening for the day. Eager to get some pancakes for breakfast?” Straitening a stray lock of light pink mane, the white filly cleared her throat and smiled shyly at the steam on her breath “Umm, do you sell hot chocolate?” Maple chuckled and trotted back into the cafe and ducked behind the counter, hearing the door close behind her as the filly followed her inside. Horn aglow, the unicorn fished out a tall mug from the shelf and set the water heater running, watching as the filly took up station on one of the large been bags by the window. Customers should be trickling in soon, so it was worth getting the kettle and hobs running properly.
  7. Exactly what the title says, no really. List your highest forum post count, as well as the website it's on. List the other websites you go to, and their post count. Where does Canterlot stand for you? For me? A site that I have recently become completely inactive on is number 1, despite the fact that I haven't posted on it in well over a year: yaoidreams.com - 4,051 posts as of checking yesterday. Hasn't changed since 2010 Jurassic Park Legacy forums - 961 hasn't been touched since probably last September Canterlot - ~450 and rising. MLP Arena - ~40. :'< rarely go here, but more recent than the first two! Soon, Canterlot will overcome! Not that post count really matters. *shrug*
  8. OC Invovled: Insight Snow had began to fall in Canterlot. The Hearth Warming Season was here. Decorations filled the streets and everypony could be seen with a smile on their face. The light snow brought a pleasant accent to the city. Evening was fast approaching and the lights lit up. The city took on a new personality and seemed to transform into another being. Insight had just returned home from his travels across Equestria. He hadn't found what he was looking for yet and whenever he had a solid lead on something, it always managed to be a dead end. He had began to think if he would ever finish his quest to find answers about his condition. Keeping that troublesome thought out of the way, he focused on the here and now. He was home and it was all that mattered. The moon had just risen, and the clouds seemed to give way as it cut through the sky. The mild snowfall that was experienced throughout the day had ceased. The blanket of snow on the street and buildings seemed to reflect the light of the moon. It's as if Princess Luna herself planed for this to happen. The sight was something to behold as Ponies gawked at that short moment and began to resume what they were doing. Insight had decided to take a walk that early evening before dinner. Passing by the bustling night shops and cheers of Ponies in the streets, he had noticed that aside from his classmates at school, he had no other friends. He had recalled those whom he had met during his travels and nopony seemed to stand out. He made his way through Canterlot's Central Park. There were Ponies all around. Some coming home from work with a few friends, laughing as they goofed off on the grass. A couple was celebrating their anniversary, honoring each other with a toast of Apple Champagne. And a few foals and fillies were playing with paper planes. He sighed as he sat on an empty bench and looked at the moon, thanking Luna for guiding him during the nights when he traveled. His mind began to wonder.
  9. Her deliveries over, Moondrop the albinos unicorn was trotting tranquilly through the streets of Canterlot. She was wearing a wide hat and a long mantle, as she always did when she was going outside, for fear for her health, and, following a recent trend in her attitude, her clothing was not drab-looking and monochrome but instead a vibrant collection of colors. Pastels greens, pinks, oranges, yellow and blues swirled and melted into each other, as if the waves of colors moved by themselves in an everlasting whirlpool. It was quite showy. She had brought her sunglasses as well, pink-tinted circles with a silver frame, but was wearing her normal glasses, as it was not morning yet. It was the very end of the night. The stars were disappearing and the moon was about to sink into the horizon, giving her place to the sun. Moondrop liked to live during the night. She couldn't really go outside during the best part of the day because of her condition, but the night was much more gentle to her skin, and as a result often woke up early, before sunrise, or went out late, after sunset, when she needed to get out. Today was one of those days : she had delivered a package full of toys, wooden ponies she crafted and painted by herself, to one of the shop she had a contract with, and she had did so early to benefit from the gentle light of the late night. Now she was heading to one of Canterlot's central parks, to eat her breakfast with the sunrise before heading home. She liked early mornings for their calm. It was one of the rare moments where the whole city was asleep, void of any ponies ; and watching the sunrise from the park was watching the city waking up with the sun as well. The streets would slowly fill themselves with ponies going to work, the shops would open their front doors, movement and activity would start over again, but everything and everypony would remain quiet for a moment, as if they were not fully awoken yet. It was a spectacle Moondrop enjoyed a lot. It also meant she avoided the evening crowds during sunset, and she enjoyed that as well, as crowds still made her a little bit shy and nervous. Today, however, she would not be alone to watch the sunset. The park she walked in hosted another pony, a light blue pony with a brown mane, and an enormous, impressive music instrument, with a large tube that swirled around her like a snake around its prey. The unicorn stared at the tuba for a moment, wondering what kind of sound such a thing would make. She was getting curious about the other pony as well. Why was she up so early ? That instrument didn't looked like something one would play at dusk. Maybe she was on her way to a concert in some remote place of the city ? It seemed unlikely since the earth pony mare wasn't in a hurry. Maybe she just liked seeing sunsets, Moondrop wondered. She slowly walked toward the stranger pony. “Hey, hello.” It was a simple greeting, said in a gentle, soft voice. Moondrop wasn't a very loud pony. She gave a small smile to the musician, looking at her with her big, white eyes in their big, round glasses.
  10. Gladwin Gladwin's wings blew gusts of air to the ground as he softly landed in Canterlot. "So, this is Canterlot, huh?" He said, his head turned in every direction taking in the sights of the magnificent city. Gladwin had heard stories, and tales of Canterlot, and of its beauty, but he had never actually taken the time to see what the city was all about. He was in awe at the sheer size of the buildings, and the architecture involved in them. The whole place just seemed alive and colorful. "This place is amazing!" He said with a wide grin, and extended wings. His display caught the attention of many though. Griffin's did not frequent Canterlot very often, so it seemed. Many ponies were staring at him, and his wings. They whispered quietly to each other, mostly negative things. Gladwin's smile shrunk a bit, and turned into more of a nervous smile. He felt a flash of heat come over him as blood raced to his face. His wings fell slowly, and then went back to rest at his sides. What are they staring at? he wondered to himself. He began to slowly walk backwards, withdrawing from the ring of ponies he was in. "Oh, excuse me." He said, butting through one wall of the onlookers. "This town sure isn't as welcoming as I hoped..." Gladwin's eyes scanned the area he was in, and photocopied it all to his brain. He would later use these memories to make maps of the city. "Maybe if I had someone to show me around..." He said quietly to himself. "But those ponies from when I first arrived... Seemed a bit less then friendly." Gladwin rolled his eyes in frustration. He let out a sigh, and then resumed his positive attitude, "Ah, what do they know? They were probably just stunned by how awesome we griffin's look." He said with a laugh. "Now, to find somepony who looks friendly enough to show a lost griffin around Canterlot... But... Where do I start?"
  11. A little slice of heaven... A tea shop sometimes nestled in the town of Canterlot. The shop itself is made of clouds, and is supplemented with glossy wood planking in the interior, so that non-pegasi can walk inside the tea shop. The furnishings inside are mostly made of clouds, columns and tables. On top of the tables are bottles of rainbow, situated near a candle that sheds a myriad of colors in multiple directions. In the back of the shop is a long counter-top, and behind the counter is a multitude of fine china. Saucers, teacups, larger glasses and plates. To the right side of the counter-top is a glass case, and inside are a multitude of fine-smelling pastries. In the center of the room, hanging from the soft, cloudy ceiling, is a large candelabra. The candelabra is obviously enchanted, from small cups at the top of the candelabra are candles, which are oozing rainbow colored wax onto a large ornate glass cup below them. Behind that glass cup a large candle is situated, which broadcasts a large myriad of colors on the cloudy white walls. A myriad of wonderful smells assault the senses of ponies entering A little slice of heaven. The first that can most easily be distinguished is the multitude of fruit and flower fragrances that waft through the air inside the shop. The scent isn't overpowering, but it comes to the nose in layers. After the nose gets used to the fruit and flower smells, The smell of the baked goods begins to fill the room. Almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate, cinnamon, and sugary icing. A purple maned pony with lighter highlights stands behind the counter of the tea shop, one typically dressed in a myriad of clothing, depending on her mood. Sometimes she chooses to dress in the attire of a maid, and other times she graces her purple mane with a hat of some kind. The rainbow dances along her white coat as she serves tea to the ponies who frequent her shop. The fruit scent comes from the tea, you see. The tea is blended with perfection to serve as a perfect compliment to the baked goods served. Currently there's a special promotion she's holding. The shop recently arrived in Canterlot, after a long stint in Cloudsdale, and Starburst has given vouchers to Very Important Ponies. The vouchers entitle the holder to a free cup of tea with the purchase of one of her special baked goods. If you're in Canterlot, you've probably come across one of the coupons within the last few days. And the promotion only lasts for a week, so you better take advantage of the offer while it lasts.
  12. It was another dull day of classes for Scale Model. Formulas and variables drifted through his head as he idly roamed the streets, trying to unwind a little. He didn't have any pressing assignments, other than little tidbits of homework that shouldn't take too long. For now, he wandered the streets of Canterlot, searching for something to take his mind off of his classes. Sure, Celestia's sun had gone down already, but his mind was far too active to rest. He wasn't sure if he could find his way back later, but that would be later. For now, the idle wandering along the streets of the Equestrian capitol calmed his mind slightly.
  13. Night had just fell on Canterlot. Ponies were rushing in the streets, running here or there to go home, to buy the dinner before the stores closed, or whatever else they wanted to do. The city could be quite crowded during the early hours of the evening. It was like a confusing stream of pastel colors, and for the lonely white mare lost in the middle, a constant source of anguish. She kept bumping on random strangers, excusing herself, meekly try to move a few steps out of the way only to fall back in her starting place as she got in another pony's way. Moondrop was lost. She was also scared, although she did her best not to show it. Ponies could handle crowds, couldn't they ? She had no real reason to be confused like this, she just wasn't used to it ! She had ventured far away from home, visiting a distant (but fantastic !) toyshop, and now she was getting in the way of everypony, her long red cloak was being stepped on, making her trip, her saddlebags (full of wooden toys, plushies, and books) bumped on strangers, who gave her hard stares. And she couldn't see a single way out of this mass of ponies. And then she tripped on something, and with a muffled “oof!” fell on the ground. Her chin painfully met the street's hard cobblestone paving, one of her bags burst open, the toys rolling away, and she felt her glasses jump off her nose. Oh, no ! Panicking now, and as blind as a mole, she started to scan the ground with her hooves, searching for her glasses, hoping she could find them before ... until she heard a saddening “crunch”somewhere on her left. Moving her hoof in that general direction, she finally retrieved her glasses, broken beyond repair. She held them against her chest and silently cried. She was so lost now. She couldn't see a thing, she knew her precious toys were being trampled by careless ponies, she was far from home, and she didn't knew what to do anymore. Oh, she shouldn't have gone so far away from her house all alone ! The white unicorn bit her lip. She was grown up mare now ! She couldn't let herself go like a little filly anymore. Snifing and trying to contain her tears, she put her hat back in place and searched for her lost items once more, desperately sweeping the ground with her hooves.
  14. ( Continued from Part 1: The Bar ) Brazil Nut in The Adventures of the Treasured Trinket Part 2: The Map of Royals The Great Library of Canterlot, one of the single oldest structures in the city - in the Kingdom! Its ancient edifice was a gorgeous example of Early Postdiscordian Architecture, a historical artifact that was on nearly every tourist route, the building almost as valuable as the massive repository it held within. Some of its deeper corridors of ancient scrolls was known only to the mysterious scribes and librarian unicorns which were responsible for making certain the aging parchment was replenished, restored, and replicated, to keep the knowledge from being lost to any but the memory of the princesses. The library was used to scholars from all over the kingdom coming to peruse their extensive knowledge, but very rarely did they see a crowd such as walked in through the front doors that day. They were big, massive ponies. Not the same ones as the Baron von Hoofington had hired out in the desert - these were city ponies. More civilized, he knew. They knew when to keep their mouths shut. And the small pegasus had always liked to surround himself with big ponies. He could hold his own against the bullies, but it was so much nicer to have a few bullies of his own to keep them away. And many of these ponies were unicorns, too! That horrid little hat-hating mare wouldn't have gotten away with being so mean if he'd had these thugs with him out in the Borderlands. His blond mane streaming behind him, he clopped through the hallways of the library confidently. He was wearing a blue fedora, today, and a blue suitcoat, that went well with the dark green of his coat. He had found the trinket, but it was only half of what he needed. To find the other, he needed the map. The map of all the hidden places of the Royal Family. And he knew where to find it - he strode into the old corridors, the old hallways, where few ponies ever went save the librarians. And they cared only about knowledge, which was all he sought. So he disappeared into the depths of the Great Library, past the secret entrances and the hidden passages, through shelves of fake scrolls to conceal the one true one, and beyond the traps and trickery, feeling like he was coming home.
  15. The middle of the day. A quiet part of the day for little Moondrop, who, sheltered in her home, was enjoying a cup of tea after a light lunch. There was nothing to do : her parents were at work, she couldn't go outside because of her albinism, so she had all the time she wanted to enjoy her afternoon. Perhaps she'll work on making new toys later. Or read a book. Or put on some music. Or even do nothing at all and take a nap. Or she could check into the kitchen to see if she had any crumpets left, or biscuits, or something else to nibble on. Let's see ... Her kitchen was similar to the rest of her house, not very big, but intelligently organized, and full of tools, from top to bottom. As well as in a big mess right now. Oh, well. Moondrop had all afternoon to clean it up. For now, she would just come back to her seat with a few leftover biscuits. But, just before she could sit in her comfy chair once again, the bell rang, ding-a-ling-ling. Who could that be ? The little pony wasn't expecting anyone at this hour. Nopony was supposed to come back home just yet ! She set her cup of tea and her biscuits on a table aside, and trotted to the front door, opening it curiously ... ... to find a dragon ! A big, scaly, scary, massive dragon, with blazing orange and deep blue and purple colors all over ! Moondrop shivered with fear. She had read about them in books, but this was a real, live, big dragon ! He was accompanied by a smaller pony, a few years younger than the white unicorn perhaps, a red pegasus with a blue mane. "H-hello." she finally managed to stutter. "P-please don't eat me !"
  16. Location: A Remedy to Cure (A medicinal/ointment shop.) A certain mare was running about her shop in a panic. Twenty minutes of searching hadn't yielded the herb she had been looking for all this time. "Quicklime is going to be here any minute! I have to find it!" Her hooves stopped in front of a tall shelved wall that spanned the entirety of one section of her shop. It was like a library... of herbs and spices. The yellow-pelted pony rolled over a ladder and climbed up to the sixth shelf up and examined the basket labeled "Wizard's Folly" She pulled it out of its cubby with her hoof and was relieved to see the herb there. Then she asked herself why she didn't look there sooner... Her mindlessness aside, Remedy grabbed a mouthful of the herb and returned to her section at the back of the store, just behind a thin green vail of a curtain that hung in the doorway. She set the Folly aside on a long table that had a bunch of alchemist items aligned in a row: mortar & pestles, calcinators, alembie, retorts, beakers, flasks, and crucibles. You know, the works. A pony could never be too prepared for an experiment. Now all she had to do was wait for her talented apprentice to arrive. Remedy made her way to the front of the shop, pulling aside the vail with her ear as she passed through. Perhaps she would make sure everything was neatly organize, that all of the containers and bottles were placed where they were supposed to. Things got a bit hectic during the day, and it was in the evening when things slowed down that she had the chance to clean up before going home for the night. Her thoughts wandered back to Quicklime as she rearranged a certain shelf. She looked at the corked bottles in front of her and smiled. 'Plum Shandy' was the first concoction the two herbalist ponies created together. It was a bit of a fluke in the lab, but their creation did what it was supposed to do: act as an pain-number for aching backs. "How often is it that two ponies born in two different places that share the same talent meet up and live their dream together?"
  17. The night rolled in calm, softening the jagged edges of the mountains separating the Badlands from Greater Equestria, sweeping swiftly across the rolling fields of the Saddleveil Plains, draping its velvety blackness across the mountains of Roughrider Ridge, chilling the rocky expanse of the Painted Pinto Desert, and finally finishing its arc far across the sea somewhere west of Aquellia. Pallid phosphorescence from a million twinkling points of light bathed the Foothills in unearthly luminescence, from the cozy cottages of Solstice Heights up mountain roads and winding thoroughfares to the magnificent alabaster spires of the Equestrian capital. Atop a single gold-trimmed tower, guarded by concentric walls topped by steely-eyed sentries, something stirred. A lone equine stood at the apex deck of the tower, her mane flowing with otherworldly grace, wings folded neatly at her sides, and eyes fixed upon the glittering firmament above. The alicorn nodded ever so slightly in acknowledgement, smiling broadly as the stars danced above her. “You have done well, sister.” Celestia spoke softly, more for herself than anypony else. Surely Luna was out frolicking in the night by now, far out of earshot. Gently stepping down the stairs back to her private chambers, Princess Celestia stifled a yawn. It had been a trying day, filled with meetings, public appearances, and the busy trappings of royal life. As she entered, her horn glowed soft lavender, gently shutting her chamber doors behind her with flowing tendrils of aether. Faintly glowing wisps of lavender continued to float around her, weaving in and out of her mane, gently brushing her coat, and finally lifting her crown and mantle away, setting them upon the chamber’s dresser. Another flick of her horn and twist of the aether and the fireplace on the far wall burst to life, providing both dim illumination and subtly warming the cushion lying before it. Celestia stretched her great wings, moving them to their full extension before folding them back to her sides and gingerly laying down upon the cushion. As the fire warmed her flanks, the Sun Princess went about her familiar routine, brushing her mane and tail, preening her feathers, and finally floating over a bottle of her own private stock of Solstice Winery dandelion wine. Celestia hummed softly to herself as she uncorked the bottle and gently poured out a glass, careful not to spill it. Her evening routine complete, Celestia raised the glass to her lips and gingerly sipped, allowing the edgy, mildly bitter taste to roll over her tongue before swallowing. “Slightly sharper than before and the pollen is definitely there, but as always an excellent finish...” Celestia closed her eyes for a moment, reviewing the day’s events, but quickly decided them not worth dwelling upon. The alicorn tapped a hoof on her chin. A tiny thought at the edge of memory continued to nag at her. Whatever could it be? A smile crossed her face as she recalled exactly what she had been meaning to do all day. The aether tendrils reached out again, this time bringing back to Celestia a quill, ink, and stationery. Delicately lifting the quill on wisps of aether, the Sun Princess began to write. -------------------------------------- OOC: this thread is open to all players of the “Mane 6,” though I may occasionally pull in other characters to shake things up. The post format is as follows: a short exposition or anecdote from your character describing their day or their general mood as they write the letter followed by the letter itself. As this thread is freeform, you can be as meta as you want (even pony-fying events from your life to use) so long as the post itself is in character. That said, this is not an “ask Princess Celestia” tumblr. It’s more of a “dear Princess Celestia, my day went…” thread. Try to remember to be candid! It’s a letter, not homework! I will respond as I see fit and will occasionally introduce additional prompts to continue the thread. Ready? Set… WRITE.
  18. It had been a few days since Seeker and Radiant Steel had parted ways that night in the outer districts of Canterlot. Finding shelter close to the university had been harder then expected. He had been close to give up, but he quickly found out that the locals didn't take lightly to putting up a camp in a park. One of the local guards did take pity on him and was nice enough to point him into the direction of an affordable inn close by. He had also been so kind as to take a message for Radiant Steel with his location and a time and date for their meeting, which he said he would deliver personally. Things went a lot better after that, though. Seeker had still some bits left from working on his way through the heartland, and had found that the local market had an amazing selection of vegetables, both local and foreign. Luck had it that he even found a vendor selling the spices and herbs of his homeland, and after some pleasant talk, the vendor made him a good price for it. Desert folk had to stick together after all. However, it had taken him some time to find a local animal specialist. There were pet specialists in Canterlot, of course, but the first one he had met seemed far too keen to send Blacky into a "spa", whatever that was. After asking a bit around at the market, he did find an animal healer that took care of most of the local farm animals, which sounded perfect to him. Seeker had left Blacky with her overnight, and when he picked him back up, he was as good as new. He now had some herbal medicine and instructions for the next few days. Seeker was very happy about that, it meant he could now concentrate on preparing the food. The inn keeper had been very supportive of Seekers wish, and allowed him to use the inn's kitchen to prepare the food. It was the biggest kitchen Seeker had ever been in, and he was used to cook over an open fire, but he was a quick learner. Telekinesis was Seekers specialty, there was no doubt about it. However, he rarely used it in full effect. Working on clockworks for so long, he had mastered the art of moving insane amounts of objects at the same time, but he had reached a point where he could operate this kitchen all by himself. The weight wasn't the hard part, but it took years to master the coordination and concentration required. Pans and kettles floated around him and landed on their proper places, behind him knifes were dicing mushrooms and roots into little pieces. The inn keeper, who had just wanted to see if everything was alright with his kitchen stood at the door, marveling at the ballet of food and metal. He was halfway done with his preparations. He had even thought of buying a desert, which he only ever had on his birthdays back in his youth. He didn't know what to pick, so he had a local pastry maker recommend something. Now, a package with two glossy, snow white pieces of cake rested on a counter near him. Blacky lay in the far end of the kitchen, napping. They had played a for quite a while before coming here, and Seeker was behind on his schedule. 'Miss Radiant Steel could be here at any moment.' he thought, while covering one of the pots. 'I need to hurry.'
  19. The show had been, for lack of a better word, a disaster. More accurately, disaster had slammed right into awful, hit its head, and been sick on the shoes of calamity. What hadn't gone wrong? The backup dancers had backed up right into each other, the lighting effects turned into lighting defects, the duet was more like a du-not, and she wasn't even going to think about the wardrobe malfunction. Whose bright idea was it to put doves in the dress, again? It might have been hers, she really couldn't remember. A lot of punch went around at that particular meeting. Sapphire Shores was simply in a bad mood. She knew her die-hard fans would love her no matter what she did, but all the catcalling and booing brought with it far too many flashbacks of her dingy bar gigs back in the day. Besides, they'd all paid good bits for their tickets, and they got... that performance. Shameful. She didn't even want to think about the scathing reviews that were doubtless going to be in the paper that morning. And so she sat in a tavern, the name of which she hadn't even bothered to catch on the way in, brow furrowed in thought. The tan pony was wearing a simple suit and ruffled tie – far removed from her normal, fantastic feats of fashion – and a pair of sunglasses despite the dimly-lit establishment. She didn't particularly care if anypony recognized her or not; she simply didn't feel like getting her dazzle on tonight. She hummed to herself as she stirred her otherwise-ignored drink with its straw. As the fresh memories of her recent embarrassment burned in her mind and on her cheeks, she reacted the only way she knew how. “[colour=#0000cd]Oh honey, you gonna know,[/colour] [colour=#0000cd]You gonna know disaster,[/colour] [colour=#0000cd]Sooner or later it's gonna show,[/colour] [colour=#0000cd]Gonna show its face – it's you it's after.[/colour] [colour=#0000cd]Hold out your hooves and take it,[/colour] [colour=#0000cd]Or just smile and fake it, [/colour] [colour=#0000cd]Either way, oh, either way, peanut,[/colour] [colour=#0000cd]It's gonna hit you 'fore you know what's what[/colour][colour=#0000FF].[/colour]” It was relatively quiet. For her, anyway. Less quiet was the glass she knocked over and shattered as she finished her final crescendo. Emphatic hoof motions were not the brightest idea in close quarters with glass around, she realized. A perfectly awful end to a perfectly disappointing night. Sapphire walked over to the bar, looking for a bartender to ask for a broom, and bumped into somepony. Maybe the sunglasses had been a bad idea, too. “[colour=#0000cd]Oops. I'm so sorry, sugar. It's been one of those nights.[/colour]”
  20. The Foothills (G.E. East) The rolling hills of the Heartland quickly give way to massive foothills, great mountains, and wide valleys in the East. Much of the area is covered by a large forest known as Whitetail Wood, a decidedly less dangerous analog to Everfree in the west. The heart of the Foothills region is the Solstice Heights, hills and mountains and nestled among them are the great white towers of the capital of all of Equestria, Canterlot. To the south along the Seasaddle Bay lies some of the densest Cities of the Foothills Canterlot - Built into the side of a mountain, Canterlot is a fantastical city of alabaster spires, winding streets, and arcane mystery. Although rather small in population compared to other cities, it is the most important city in all of Greater Equestria, not least for being as the seat of government and capital of Greater Equestria. Manehattan - Manehattan is an urbanized business powerhouse and the center of the Equestrian service industry and the central trade hub for much of Equestria. The hustle and bustle of the city provides plenty of opportunities for practically anything a pony desires to find. Hoofington - Hoofington is a seaside city with an unbreakable connection to the water. Famed for the quality of the fine pearls and seaweed harvested by its residents, as well as its famous lighthouse, Hoofington remains a quiet and unassuming town. Garden Gait - A small, nearly forgotten farming community within the Solstice Heights, Garden Gait is regarded as one of the most serene locales in Equestria, as well as one of the most distinctly beautiful. Fet Loch - Located in the highlands of the Solstice Heights, this village is mostly known for the curious accent of its inhabitants. Generally at the mercy of harsh weather, the residents of Fet Loch leave a distinct and often challenging life. Hollow Shades - A small village nestled deep within the confines of the valleys of the Solstice Heights that draws both the curious and the adventurous determined to witness the paranormal for themselves, with the most determined eager in their determination to be the ones who finally solve the mysteries behind what is often sold as Equestria's supposedly most haunted spot. Hoofenheim - A unique town in the isolated far eastern regions of Equestria across the Eponnine Mountains, Hoofenheim is mostly known for the festive and often old fashioned attitudes of its residents, as well as its distinct and hearty cuisine. The town's economy is based largely on mining and artisan metalworks. Roam - Hailed as Equestria's most romantic city, Roam sits on the far side of the Eponnine Mountains. With its distinctive and beautiful architecture, it is a hotspot for tourists and artists seeking inspiration. Calnais - Playground for the rich and famous, Calnais sits in the southeast corner of Equestria beyond the Eponnine Mountains. A rich and expressive culture thrives here among the picturesque scenery. The town has in recent years become the hub of the nascent motion picture industry. Tall Tale Town - Tied intimately to the nearby Foal Mountain of the Eponnine to which the small town sits at the base of, Tall Tale hosts tourists and fortune seekers of all manner. Some come to enjoy the outdoor scenery and mountain climbing, others drawn by the stories of great hidden treasures in the massive mountain that looms over the village. Major Natural Features Solstice Heights - The foothills, mountains, and river valleys spread out in every direction from the magnificent mountain that houses Canterlot - Solstice Heights provides housing for the less wealthy or less magically inclined residents of the greater Canterlot area. A veritable suburban paradise holding such settlements as Garden Gait and Fet Loch, many workers and teachers house their families here and commute to Canterlot for work every day, others support the various specialty farms that dot the various river valleys. Whitetail Wood - Sitting on the opposite side of the Roundbottom Hills from Canterlot, the Whitetail Wood is a more thoroughly explored mirror to Everfree, with younger trees and generally less dangerous wildlife. Here, ponies help control the weather and change the seasons for the forest. Other geographical features The eastern border of the Foothills region is marked by the Eponnine Mountains, one of the greatest ranges in Greater Equestria. The mountains themselves are among the tallest and, some ponies claim, still hold an active volcano or two.
  21. AN: This was originally written for the Equestria Daily: Midnight Shadow's Happy Luna Fanfiction Competition. FiMFiction Link Description A thousand years is a long time to be away from Equestria. Times have changed, and with that, technology. Can Luna manage to fit into a world that she no longer recognizes? Princess Celestia hopes that a day out in Canterlot is just what Luna needs. Cantering Around Canterlot Princess Celestia awoke one morning, just as she always did, ready to tackle the affairs of the day. Something nagged at the back of her mind, something that she was forgetting today. She ran through a list of current affairs, things she needed to tend to—but none of them were satisfying the feeling. As she stepped out of her room, however, she noticed a peculiar box sitting outside her door. There was a blue ribbon around the box, and a tag attached. Celestia levitated the tag closer to her face in order to read what was written on it. Happy Birthday Celestia Love, Luna Birthday? It suddenly clicked in Celestia's mind. Today was her birthday. Of course, she'd stopped celebrating her own birthday long ago. There was far too much to do to take a day off. Anyway, she got invited to and hosted enough parties and events during the year to make up for that. Celestia had nearly forgotten that she actually had a birthday... It had been so long. So many years had passed... Perhaps it was really because Luna hadn't been here to celebrate with her. A birthday just wouldn't have been the same without—Well, that was in the past now. What was done was done, and anyway... today should be happy. If Luna wanted to celebrate her birthday, than that's what Celestia would do. She could use a day off, in any case. Celestia realized that she had been lost in thought and was still holding the mysterious package aloft. She pulled off the bow, and it fell lightly to the floor. Lifting the lid, Celestia saw a blue lump of something. Pulling it out, she could see that it was a scarf. A rather long one at that too. It was a dark blue, exactly the color of her sister. There were white crescent moons adorning each end, melded carefully in with the rest of the scarf. It wasn't sewn, but... Celestia couldn't remember the correct term for this type of material craft. She examined the tassels at the each end... The entire thing was well made and quite beautiful. But where had Luna gotten it, exactly? Celestia found herself at the doors of the dining hall. She'd been so wrapped up in examining the gift that she hadn't realized she'd subconsciously made her way to her routine destination. Well, breakfast first, and then there was the matter of—No. No working today. Everything could wait. Everything would wait. Celestia took the scarf and wrapped it around her neck. The castle wasn't particularly chilly, but it wasn't exactly warm, either. Besides, it was the perfect time of year for scarves, even if it wasn't normal attire for Celestia to wear. Celestia had tailors asking—no, begging to make her all manner of custom outfits and accessories—but to each she declined. She had no need to wear frilly outfits or expensive jewels. Everypony knew that she was the ruler of Equestria, and there was no need to flaunt that. She pushed open the doors, and was surprised to see Luna already at the breakfast table. Luna's head swiveled around as she heard the ancient door squeak on it's hinges, announcing the new arrival. She looked a bit surprised to see her sister, though exactly why she wasn't sure. Celestia made her way to the table, noticing Luna picking at a bowl of oatmeal. She took a seat directly across from her sister. It would be easier to talk that way. The table was lavishly adorned with fruits and breads and even pastries...but Luna had chosen such a simple thing for herself. “G-Good morning, Celestia.” Luna stammered quietly, staring at a silver spoon she was swiveling around the bowl. Celestia wasn't sure what he sister's silence meant. She'd given her this wonderful birthday present, and was now strangely silent... Well, perhaps she'd come around. Celestia began to gather different fares from around the table. But the silence persisted, and Celestia couldn't stand not knowing why. “Luna, oatmeal? Are you crazy?” Celestia blurted. Luna stopped her merry-go-round motion and looked up at Celestia. Then she simply shrugged, laying the spoon down inside the bowl, but returning her eyes back to it. Celestia was about to suggest that Luna try one of the tastier pieces on the table when her sister spoke first. “You don't have to wear that you know.” Luna mumbled. Celestia paused, her mouth open in anticipation of a raspberry pastry she was levitating before her mouth. She set it down on her plate, her complete focus on Luna now. “Why wouldn't I want to wear it?” Celestia asked, confused. “It's perfectly lovely, Luna. Wherever did you get it?” “I—I made it.” Luna's head drifted up slowly to meet her sister's gaze. “I was making it just for myself, for practice. You know that I used to like crocheting, and it's been awhile since I've been able to do it... But I just got so excited that I made it far too long before I even realized it, and then I remembered that it was your birthday. And since I couldn't wear it anymore I just thought it might be nice to give it to you, but it really isn't your color and there are probably loads of mistakes on it and—and—and you don't even wear scarves!” Luna's voice had been steadily raising as she'd gone on her rant, and she breathed just a bit faster than normal from her sudden explosion of words. “Luna, you are being ridiculous!” Celestia said. “The scarf is beautiful. I will treasure it always! And it's absolutely the best time to wear it, seeing as it's Fall. And you know what else Luna? WE are going to have cake!” Celestia clapped her forehooves together, and an attendant quickly came to her side. Celestia whispered something in his ear, and he trotted off quickly. Celestia scooted the bowl of oatmeal away from Luna and pushed her own plate away. “But—“ Luna protested, reaching for the breakfast that had been snatched from her, even if she hadn't been eating it. “And—“ Celestia apparently hadn't finished. “—we are going to celebrate YOUR birthday!” She pointed a hoof at her sister at this statement, smirking. Luna herself looked at Celestia in surprise. “But it's not—“ “Doesn't matter.” Celestia interrupted. “I've had far too many. And you've celebrated far too few.” Luna opened her mouth, and then closed it, sighing. “Alright.” Celestia beamed, but she could see that Luna still wasn't into the whole thing. She tapped a hoof on her chin, thinking. Then her face lit up as she thought of the perfect thing. “I know! We'll go down into Canterlot! You haven't had a chance to see it yet. You'll love it Luna! I can never find enough excuses to get out of this castle to see it myself either. So it will be fun for the both of us!” Celestia was grinning. She could also see the tiniest bit of a smile creeping up on Luna's face. “I, uh...I might like that.” One corner of Luna's mouth lifted, much as she tried to hide it. Celestia beamed down at her sister, not even trying to hide her own excitement. And then there was cake. It was nothing really extravagant, and the cooks had whipped it up surprisingly fast. It was just a round cake, although it was a bit larger than average. On top were the words Happy Birthday Princess Luna. There was a single small blue candle, as requested by Celestia. The frosting was a dark blue, much like the color of Luna herself. The wording was white, a perfect contrast against the dark background. Luna gasped when she saw it. “But it's still not—“ “I meant it when I said we were going to celebrate YOUR birthday. I'm just sorry that the cake couldn't be more extravagant.” Celestia said, solemn. “No—no it's perfect!” Luna's face lit up. Celestia smiled down at her sister, glad that she'd finally struck the 'happy Luna' chord. She quickly cut out two generous slices of cake, although Luna's seemed significantly bigger. As Luna grabbed a fork, she glanced across the table, where Celestia was already chowing down on her slice, free of silverware. Celestia looked up and noticed the confused look from her sister. “What?” Luna glanced at the fork she held in the air for a moment. But then she tossed it behind herself, shoving her muzzle onto her plate. This really was a lot of cake... Then again, it had been a long time since she had any cake. She gulped it down with gusto, and when she was finished, she cleaned her plate of any frosting or crumbs. She really was acting like such a foal... But she didn't care, and neither did Celestia. It made her happy just to see Luna happy. Luna licked around her lips, her tongue making happy smacking sounds. Celestia, giggled, covering her mouth with a hoof. “What?” Luna asked, her smile replaced by curiosity. “Oh, nothing Luna.” Celestia made her way around the table to her sister. “Just that you missed a spot. Right HERE.” Her tongue made a slurping sound as it ran up Luna's cheek. The blue pony let out a squeal of surprise as she shivered. Celestia just grinned down at her. “T-That tickled!” Luna exclaimed. But then she burst into laughter, amused by her sister's foal-like antics. She wasn't sure if it was just an act to make her feel better, or if Celestia was really having fun herself. Luna rubbed a hoof against her face, attempting to clean off the slobbery mess. Then she groaned. “Oooooh, I think I ate too much cake.” she leaned back and rubbed her belly. “Well then...” a sly smirk spread across Celestia's face, “...if you can't walk...” she suddenly slipped her neck under Luna, using her head to push her onto her back, “...I'll just have to carry you!” She began to walk towards the door, but Luna started to flail in protest. “I can walk myself!” she flapped her wings, and Celestia felt Luna's weight leave her backside. She promptly landed on the ground next to Celestia, and after dusting herself off, pranced forward with her head held high. But Celestia could see the sly smirk on Luna's face through her high-and-mighty act. “Hey, Lulu! Oh little Lulu!” Celestia called, following after her. Luna stiffened at the nickname, pausing before the double doors that led to the hall. “D—Don't call me that!” she stammered, turning to Celestia with a blush. “Why not, Lu?” Celestia shortened the name this time. “B—Because Tia—“ Luna quickly covered her mouth with her hooves at her slip-up on her sister's name. “I—I mean Celestia. We're not kids anymore, so it's not funny.” But her argument was weak rather than angry. Celestia bent down and nuzzled her sister. “Okay. I promise I won't call you that...” she suddenly threw open the double doors, racing through the front hall to the entrance of the castle, and calling back over her shoulder, “...in public! Come on Lu!” Luna stamped a hoof before chasing after Celestia. She caught up, just as Celestia opened the door to reveal the city of Canterlot spread out before them. Luna blinked in the sudden flash of sunlight beaming into the hall, shading her face with a wing. Wow, Canterlot was huge, Luna thought. Canterlot hadn't even existed a thousand years ago. There were so many cities and towns that Luna didn't recognize. Equestria had once been her home, but nowadays she felt like a stranger in a foreign land. “You know what, I've changed my mind.” Luna turned to walk back inside. But Celestia was too quick, and she grabbed onto Luna's tail with her teeth, pulling her out the door. “No you don't.” Celestia managed around a mouthful of hair. “Gah!” Luna exclaimed, attempting to pull away. But Celestia was bigger and stronger, so it was no use. She stopped in her struggle, allowing herself to be dragged down the first flight of steps, and giving a blustery sigh in defeat. Celestia let go, satisfied, but Luna stayed put on the ground. “Come on Luna!” Celestia stuffed her nose under her sister's belly, urging her to get up. Try as she might to stay in a pouting mood, Luna began to giggle. “H—Hey, that tickles too!” she hopped away from Celestia. But her sister was satisfied; at least she was standing. “Well, I wouldn't have had to do that if you had just walked like you claimed you were so capable of.” Celestia said sarcastically. Luna stood, a scowl on her face now. But she looked into the wise, kind eyes of her sister, and couldn't help but smile. It started out small and reluctant, but quickly spread across her face into a wide grin. She rushed forward, pressing her head against Celestia's chest. “Thank you.” Celestia bent down to wrap her neck around Luna in an embrace. They stood like that for a moment, sharing in the joy of finally being together again. Then Celestia straightened, turning toward the marvelous city of Canterlot. “Come on, let's go.” She and Luna made their way into the heart of the city, where the marketplace was. There, ponies were selling their wares, mostly an assortment of hoofmade items that you couldn't buy in any of the shops. There was jewelery and pottery and toys and pretty much anything else you could imagine. Luna stared wide-eyed at the spectacle for a moment, mouth gaping, and then composed herself. No matter how excited she was, she had to remind herself that she was a princess, and as such everypony would looking to her as an example. She had to show them that she was every bit as sophisticated as her sister, even though she was a little out of practice. “Oh, Luna, come over here.” Celestia said, gesturing with a wing to one of the vendor stalls. Luna curiously made her way over, wondering what sort of new and interesting object she'd find. She saw an assortment of squares, held upright somehow, with ornate decorations around the edges. She took one in her front hooves, picking it up and examining it closely. “What is it?” The stallion behind the stall covered his mouth with a hoof, trying not to laugh at the ridiculous question. Celestia eyeballed him, and he immediately cleared his throat to rid himself of the smile on his face. “Can I help you two find a particular picture frame today?” he name dropped the name of the item to help Luna out. “What's it do?” Luna asked, still squinting at the object in her hooves. The vendor developed a sudden coughing fit, and had to turn away for a few moments while he recovered himself. Then he turned to Luna with a smile. “You put pictures in it.” “Oh.” Luna said, setting the picture frame back down with a blank look on her face. She scanned the rest of the ones sitting around, but none of them gave any further clue as to the purpose of the item. “Luna, come over here.” Celestia had already moved on to another seller, seeing as Luna didn't seem particularly interested in the current one. As Luna came over, Celestia dropped something around her neck. Luna was caught off guard for a moment, letting out an “oof” as she adjusted to the added weight. She looked down at the strange object, and then back at Celestia with a questioning look. “It's a camera Luna.” she smiled down at her. “Just take your hooves like this...” she picked up the camera, pointing the lens toward her sister, “...and then...” Luna let out a sudden squeal at the bright flash that radiated from the camera. She backed up in surprise, knocking into one of the vendor stalls that was selling pottery. The salespony behind the counter glared down at her as his precious clay wares were jostled about. Luna blushed furiously, turning her face away. This was a terrible idea! Luna thought. What appeared to be a square paper ejected itself from the camera just then, and Luna blinked down at it. What now? And then, she found herself staring down at a duplicate of what her own face must have looked like after the flash of light. “How did—“ Luna started to ask, as Celestia pulled the photo from the camera and held it in front of her face, chuckling. Then she presented it back to her sister. “Remember the painted portraits we have hanging in the castle? It's like that, but different.” Celestia tapped her chin with a hoof, thinking for a moment. “The camera takes an immediate picture, and then you have it!” Luna scowled at the picture before her. “Well—just—put it back before somepony sees!” Luna attempted to shove the photograph back into the slot whence it had come. “I'm afraid you can't do that Luna. Pictures are forever.” Celestia grinned. “Well, what do I do with it? What if somepony sees it Celestia? It's embarrassing.” Luna stressed the last word. “Hmm...” Normally, Celestia would have continued the teasing. However, she wanted Luna to have fun today, and as long as that picture was present, Luna wouldn't be happy. So, Celestia grabbed a set of saddlebags, plunking down some bits she procured from... … … … Well, who knows, probably her sentient hair. Moving on, Celestia plopped the saddlebags on Luna's back, although this time she was at least expecting it. She shoves the picture inside one of them, not caring if it got crumpled or torn. It just had to be hidden, now. She didn't notice that the top flap on each side of the saddlebags said I *heart* Canterlot. Then Luna saw something that caught her eye. It was quite peculiar, and unlike anything that she'd seen before. She walked over to the stall, staring at the multicolored fabric. There were several hanging above her on a line between two polls, and many more adorning the counter top. “Oh, what an honor it is to have a princess browsing my humble stock! All of these socks are hoofmade by myself.” she paused. “You know, this pair would really go with your eyes.” The Unicorn salespony behind the vendor stall said. “O—Oh.” Luna said, taken aback. “What are they for?” she asked, taking one in her hooves and examining it. The salespony had turned away for a moment, leaving Luna to solve the mystery on her own. Luna found that there was a sort of pocket on the inside. Contemplating about its use, Luna placed it over one of her ears. Hm, there were two... Although the first one didn't quite fit her ear snugly... it wouldn't make sense to go over the nose though, Luna mused. Wouldn't be able to breath properly or talk. Plus, there was still the matter of the two... The female salespony was busily digging through some boxes of extra stock just behind her and hadn't fully noticed Luna's peculiar antics. “...I know I have the other pair somewhere...” “...and with Winter on the way, this is the perfect time to buy—“ she paused, the second pair of turquoise socks held aloft as she confusedly and rather surprisingly looked at the sock eared princess before her. She placed the socks on the counter, and then motioned for Luna to come closer. Luna tentatively moved forward, leaning over the counter just a bit. The other pony leaned over the counter, coming as close as she dared. She placed a hoof to one side of her mouth, and whispered, “They go on your hooves.”, making a downward motion as she did so. Luna glanced down at the blue ornate shoes she normally wore, and then moved her head back up to quickly scan the multitude of socks. Then she remembered the ones on her ears, and how ridiculous she must have looked. She tore them off, tossing them away like they were hot coals, straight into the face of the Unicorn salespony. She blushed again, hoping that nopony had seen... Oh gosh, this day was turning out just awful. The Unicorn sputtered in surprise, gingerly removing the socks from her face and placing them back down with the other two she had pulled out. “Oh, Luna, come look at—“ Celestia turned from the wares she had been eying, spotting Luna at a different stall. She had thought that her sister was right beside her, but it seemed that Luna had found something that peeked her interest. Celestia excused herself from the Pegasus at hoof, and made her way over to a red face Luna and a flustered salespony. “Oh Luna, what did you find?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “I—uh—socks, I think.” Luna answered hurriedly. “Socks? Ah yes, I can never find them in my size. You know Luna, you should make me a pair. Do you know—“ Celestia said, turning to the sock selling pony, “—that Luna made this scarf all by—“ “I hate socks.” Luna had turned away from the vendor and was sitting on the ground in a rather defeated manner. “—herself.” Celestia finished, turning to Luna. At the same time, the sock salespony shrunk back behind the safety of her vending stall. She cleared her throat and turned away to dig inside one of her boxes of overstock. Celestia caught the upset look on the poor mare's face, though she had tried to hide it. She turned to her sister, who simply sighed, still not looking up. “Luna...” she prodded, and Luna slowly lifted her head up. Celestia gave a quick flick of her head, gesturing toward the saddened pony. Luna glanced over, and became instantly aware of her fumble. She stood up, whirling around toward the stand. “You know what? You're RIGHT!” she moved back up to the counter, and the surprised salespony whipped her head up at Luna's sudden outburst. “These 'socks' are an ingenious invention. They'll especially come in handy when walking around the castle, since the stone floors tend to be cold even in the Summer. Celestia, I want them all!” she demanded, gesturing across the displayed socks with a hoof, a determined look on her face. Both Celestia and the salesmare were taken aback for a moment. But Celestia was quickest to recover herself, and promptly plunked down a sack full of bits. Luna had already begun stuffing her saddlebags with various colors of socks. However, she picked out four, seemingly at random, and placed them on her hooves. She looked ridiculous, but she didn't care. She found that she was happy making somepony else happy. There were sure to be quite a few ponies who would get a giggle from her antics... and though she was a princess... acting silly gave her a bit of realism. Now she realized why Celestia didn't always act properly, like with the cake, and how she was wearing the scarf. She acted proper at the proper time, and improper whenever it fit the situation. It took the Unicorn a moment to register exactly what had just happened. Her mouth was gaping at the unexpected turn of events. But, it dawned on her that she was still in the presence of royalty, and so she coughed, using the moment to compose herself. “O—Oh my, are you s—sure?” she asked, barely daring to believe it. “Yes, yes, quite.” Luna replied. She had finished emptying the counter of the remainder of the socks, and realized that her bags were getting a little full. She had realized there were so many of these “socks.” “I'll send somepony for the rest of them later, if you don't mind.” Celestia relived Luna of the dilemma of where in the world to fit more socks. “O—Oh, well I... thank you, your majesties.” The Unicorn bowed graciously before them. “It was really our pleasure.” said Celestia, ushering Luna away with a wing. There was a lot more to see in Canterlot than just plain socks. “Now Luna, come over here.” she indicated to the stall she had been looking at earlier. “Here, try this.” she placed down the bits and thanked the salespony. Then Celestia telekinetically handed Luna something. Luna investigated the item, swiveling it around so she could see all sides. “What is it?” she asked, still skeptical of all the strange new things she was finding. “You eat it.” Celestia said as they walked along the seemingly never ending line of vendors and stalls. She herself was licking the outside, but then she took a bite. Luna watched and began to follow suit. “Well, it does taste good...” she took a tentative bite, and herself unable to move her jaw properly. She struggled against the sticky substance until it gave way and allowed her to speak again. “W—What happened? What is it?” “It's a caramel apple Luna. Aren't they delicious?” Celestia smiled. She was still enjoying her own. “Well—Well, I guess.” she gnawed on hers for a bit, still wary of the new treat. As she was finishing, though, something else caught her eye. She moved toward it, already knowing that Celestia would follow. She stared at the multicolored round objects, which seemed to need to be tethered down by strings. Luna poked one, and it moved away. But then, it began coming back, bumping against her still raised hoof, and then settling in it's original place. “Can I interest you in—oh!” A look of surprise replaced the smile on the salespony's face as Celestia made her way over, and the pony realized just who he was speaking to. He cleared his throat before speaking again, regaining his composure. “Can I interest you in one of these fine balloons?” “What's it for?” Luna asked the stallion curiously. “Well, they're balloons.” he began with confidence. “There are a lot of different colors, and they—well, they float, for one thing... And they, uh... Y'know, they're a big hit with the foals... Foals just get a kick out of them...” He cleared his throat again. “...Maybe it's just not something you'd be particularly interested in...” he hung his head. “Oh no I... I think that they do seem a bit fascinating. You know they didn't have these a thousand years ago...” Celestia already had the bits down on the counter as Luna plucked a pink balloon from the bunch. The Pegasus salespony was flustered for a moment, before tucking away the bits. Celestia was already tying the balloon to the strap of her saddlebags. “Th—Thank you. Come again!” The balloon salespony perked up. Celestia nodded a thank you as she and Luna trotted away. The rest of the day was full of exploring for Luna. Celestia could see that she was finally enjoying herself. After the whole sock fiasco, everything seemed to go better. Luna tried on hats, ate cotton candy, bought a pair of sunglasses, lost several bits gambling, went to a movie, took more photos with the camera, and even attempted to put on a puppet show for some foals. It was an exciting day for all, with both the princesses out and about in Canterlot. But, it was nearly time for Celestia to lower the sun and make way for the moon, thus ending another day. The two sisters walked back to the castle, Luna's saddlebags full of all the interesting items she'd found throughout the day. No matter how useless the object, Celestia had paid for it, because it helped out her subjects, and it made Luna happy. Celestia saw Luna's eyes drooping and her hooves dragging. It had been a long day for both of them. Her horn glowed as she picked up Luna, placing her on her own back. “I can walk... my... self...” Luna trailed off, asleep. Celestia smiled. Today, Luna had finally been able to enjoy herself since her return. And though not even Celestia knew what the next day would hold, she hoped that it would be as pleasant as this one. Luna was home now, back where she belonged. Celestia felt her sister's warm body against her own. It was... comforting, to have her so close after so long. And there was nothing in Equestria that could separate them again. Celestia was sure of that. No matter what it took... They were going to be together. Forever.
  22. ShadowMist didn't particularly like having to go to Canterlot. It was so busy, and there were so many other ponies there. ShadowMist was shy, and social interactions weren't her forte. But, she'd been to the castle library enough to know where most books were located, so she didn't usually have to spend a lot of time there. Go in, get out, that was always the plan. But Twilight Sparkle had a long list today. She must have been working on something big. Of course, when wasn't she? All Twilight ever seemed to do was study, study, study. Half of ShadowMist's time was spent bringing books back to and from Canterlot, while Twilight sat in the Ponyville Library and studied. Although, ShadowMist enjoyed her job. It gave her a chance to get out more. She liked nature, and the trips to Canterlot let her spend time outdoors. It was just talking with other ponies that bothered her. While she may have smiled and hummed to herself when she was alone, as soon as she saw somepony else, she did her best to avoid them. No eye contact, no smile, no friendliness. It wasn't that she was particularly unfriendly. She was just shy. So it was that ShadowMist made her way around the library, picking out the correct titles and checking her list. Except for the one book she couldn't find. She scanned the titles before her, checking the list for spelling... It should have been right there. ShadowMist nervously looked about herself for somepony who worked there. They'd probably be able to help locate the missing tome, but it meant that she'd have to talk to somepony. She scuffed a hoof, checking over the shelf and list again, trying to be absolutely sure she couldn't find it herself.
  23. In one of the lower tiers of Canterlot, under the ever-present shadow of the higher buildings sits a run-down little house, in stark contrast to the glamor of most of the city. A sign hanging over the door says simply "Locksmith." Inside there is a small, bare front room with a few counters stocked with locks. The walls, floor, and furnishings are all unadorned wood, and only the desk in the back seems to have sanded down to a point where one wouldn't risk splinters from touching it. It's at this desk that Malediction sat, casually leafing through a book of unusual magic spells. She'd been hoping that this book might, just this once, have something she could master, but it was just as futile as it usual. As she hit the last page, she scowled and lifted the book with her magic, throwing it violently into the corner of the room in disgust. Then again, she shouldn't be surprised. She'd never seen her own signature spell documented anywhere, so there was no reason to think other magic she might have a talent for would be either. She bet that tyrant princess probably had some kind of secret police who hunted down any librams of black magic. Mal sighed and slouched at her desk. Maybe she'd actually get some customers to take her mind off the disappointment. Canterlot was an orderly city with a ton of guards, and a lot of ponies didn't even feel the need to lock their houses, which meant there wasn't much business here, but that also meant she didn't have any competition, so she got enough business to get by, and she didn't particularly care about earning more than that.
  24. Man, Canterlot had always been a sight. Magi Blaze rested herself on one of the many benches throughout the city, legs folded beneath her dark body and horn glowing a bright, hot white. A little paper bag, fluttering in the gentle midday breeze, came to a halt before the unicorn's still form as she idly practiced the dangerous element she worked with for a living. Her hometown was one of the most sophisticated cities in all of Equestria, and for that reason combined with the fact that Magi had been raised there her entire life meant she as bored with it. She fiddled with the paper for a moment, using her telekinesis to lift it, crinkle it, smooth it out, before finally releasing a jet of fire from the tip of her horn to ignite the object of interest in a burst of bright light. Magi didn't know anypony here thanks to her captivation with fire and nothing else, and that was never a good thing when one's situation was what she had on hoof. Her horn glowed brighter as she lifted the fireball to eye level, changing it's shape into a long tendril resembling a serpent that slithered and danced through the air like a living creature. Her yellow eyes followed the fiery image back and forth, looking very bored and somewhat disappointed. Apathetic if anything. The mare had been a bit late with her rent, and as a result the land owner took Magi's apartment away. She had three days to move her stuff out. Anypony else would have been working at it to move themselves out, but Magi? She didn't care. She didn't see a reason for that, she had nowhere to go now. Why lug her furniture around with her? That would be completely useless to life on the streets. Focusing her magic a bit more, Magi Blaze made the little fire serpent shift in color from orange to red, to purple, to blue, green, yellow, and orange once more. She didn't wonder what she would do without a home, she didn't wonder what she would do with her things, she didn't think about the future. She just did not care, or was too ignorant to see what the situation meant for her. With a deep sigh, she allowed the fire serpent to fizzle out, a pile of ash falling down as the flames died into nothing. She sat back up, gave her back a long stretch, flicking her short tail and shaking out her thick, flame colored mane with a sigh. What now? Nopony was here to help her, and Magi was so clueless she didn't know what to do. So she sat there, not even thinking, not pondering her fate, she just sat and stared at the smoldering embers that remained of the paper bag. And she wondered to herself, what happens to fire when it extinguishes?
  25. Malediction didn't struggle too much as she and that delivery pony she'd been arrested with were led into the holding cells. They'd already been booked, and Mal had been thoroughly relived when there was no mention made of her psychological profile. She'd gotten off the hook, or perhaps the ******* that had arrested her had simply been bluffing. Either way, they were only being charged with misdemeanors, so a short stay in the jail was about it would amount to. It was the first time she'd been in here, she reflected. Though she'd gotten into trouble more than a few times back in Trottingham, and she'd spent a few nights in the jail there, she'd managed to stay out of trouble since moving to Canterlot. Until now. Still, her records had no major crimes on them, and there was precious little to go on to keep her here long. As she passed over the invisible line where the wards that prevented unicorn magic began, she stumbled momentarily. Most unicorns perceived these things slightly differently, and to Malediction it felt like in intense pressure in her chest. She gasped for breath for a few seconds, feeling as though she couldn't inhale, even though her breathing was not actually impaired. She focused on breathing manually, getting accustomed to the feeling as the guards shoved her and her witless companion into a cell. The cell itself was a sterile, well-kept area, a far cry from the rather dingy cells she'd been in before. She wondered briefly if there was some kind of enchantment built into the place to keep it this clean, or if the guards were forced to clean it. As the guards left, they were left alone, save for a single guard sitting at a desk up the hall. The cells around them were dark, and Mal didn't spot anypony in them, but that didn't guarantee solitude, especially at this time of night. She glared at Zephyr, speaking to him for the first time since their arrest. "Why'd they put you in the same cell as me? Doesn't seem to be a shortage of space. You know it's your fault we're in here, right? You and that scumbag unicorn totally messed up my game. I was just trying to get that stupid, self-righteous Pegasus angry enough to get herself into trouble."
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