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  1. [colour=#660066]Roleplay[/colour][colour=#660066]Type[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] Crossover - Fallout Equestria [colour=#660066]Name[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] Lucky iron [colour=#660066]Sex[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] Male [colour=#660066]Age[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] his age is mid twenties equivalent with ponies [colour=#660066]Species[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] Earth pony [colour=#660066]Eye[/colour][colour=#000000] colour[/colour]: Greenish gray [colour=#660066]Coat[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] greyish blue with patches of brownish grey? [colour=#660066]Mane[/colour][colour=#666600]/[/colour][colour=#660066]Tail[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] short mane and tail, colour of his hair is greyish brown? with dark red stripes, [colour=#660066]Physique[/colour][colour=#666600]: [/colour]medium size and sturdy with thick legs and neck [colour=#660066]Residence[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] Was born in Manehattan , last know residence was Stable (XX*) after that he has been living in the wilds making his way towards civilization *to be filled when i can figure out a good number that ain't in use [colour=#660066]Occupation[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] Ex-military combat engineer trying to find a way to civilization that doesn't want to kill him on sight and to earn his living with his military and mechanical skills that isn't in conflict with his moral compass and trying to avoid dying out of starvation, bullets, wounds, diseases, radiation poisoning, dehydration, as a sacrifice to the dark gods, eaten alive, dying alone, melting, burning alive and other innumerable ways the wasteland can kill you. [colour=#660066]Cutie[colour=#000000] [/colour]Mark:[/colour] Cutie mark is a wrench crossed over a blueprint paper with a slightly burned edge to it Lucky iron got his cutie mark one night working on a Red racer scooter at his uncles salvage yard. The scooter was restored perfectly but then he got the bright idea of "tuning" it the subsequent explosion lit up the night sky for several seconds the loss of the scooter was soon forgotten by the little colt as his rescuers pointed out that he had earned his mark that night. [colour=#660066]History[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour] History can be adjusted to fit the required grimdark levels of the story. [colour=#660066]Character[colour=#000000] [/colour]Summary:[/colour] TLDR? He was born in manehattan then horrible horrible stuff happened in his childhood his memory of those things got blocked by magic, he acquired the taste for meat. He grew up went to the army got to be a engineer in the war came back was guarding a stable. And was in it when the balefire bombs went off, the stable was equipped with stasis pods which allowed them to sleep +200 years to the future he woke up and fled the stable and then stopped and thought that it might not have been a good idea to leave the stable. Motivation: Trying to make even a small part of the wasteland resemble the Better days and finding Bacon! Trying to find out what happened to his family, friends and comrades in arms. Likes: Bacon! Fresh food locally grown, Repairing items and seeing them being used by happy customers, toilet paper, successfully disarming a trap, open areas , Finding new ways to survive in the wasteland, remembering the better days, finding out what happened to his family and friends Dislikes: Preserved food, the dark gods, the current state of Equestria, being at shot at with out provocation, Unsuccessfully disarming traps, being trapped in small spaces, Finding new ways to die in the wasteland, remembering the better days, finding out what happened to his family and friends Stats and inventory for the game mechanics: Weapons Misc *Royal Equestrian Army Engineer and was this post in the right place or did i miss something?
  2. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tinder Foot (Tin-Tin) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: [colour=#FF3333]Dark Salmon[/colour] Coat: [colour=#FFFF66]Light Yellow[/colour] Mane/Tail: [colour=#FF3333] Dark Salmon[/colour] and [colour=#FF9900]Pumpkin Orange.[/colour] Her mane is cropped into a very stylish bob, Streaked with a pumpkin orange colour in the midst of the dark red. The ends of her mane are turned outward, and the top of it is lifted for added volume. Her tail has the same colours, and a similar style. Lifted out from her rear flanks, her tail spirals into one big shimmering curl corresponding to the style of her mane. Physique: Very fit and lean. She is an athletic pony, and its something that shows. She has long legs and a small boddess. Her hooves are the same Dark Salmon/Reddish colour as her eyes and hair are. On her face, she also has freckles under her eyes and on her cheeks. Residence: Las Pegasus Occupation: Carnival Pony - Pyrotechnics Acrobat Cutie Mark: A silvery baton ring surrounded in flames. The ones like a majorette would use as a prop. History: Foalhood Tin-Tin was born in Las Pegasus at one of the local hospitals. She was born healthy, and cute as can be with a tuft of hair on her mane and tail. She looked like a firework as a foal. Her parents loved her unique looks and admired them dearly. Because of her beauty they bought her all sorts of unique clothing, and show outfits. Her parents were carnival ponies. Her Father was a ring-leader in a circus act in Las Pegasus, and her Mother was an animal charmer with her voice. They performed their shows nightly. The circus family they had were thrilled upon Tin-tin arrival. Her parents already knew Tin-tin would be a part of their act, but doing what? A few years or so down the road, Tin-tin was home-schooled by her parents during the day as during the afternoons they performed. Growing up in such an outgoing environment gave tin-tin this outgoing personality. She wasn't shy, wasn't afraid. She was bold, and impulsive. Even for a foal. As a foal, her mum put Tin-tin into pageants. In those pageants, her mum dressed Tin-tin up in flamboyant glittery bridles and curled her firey mane and tail. The way her mane and tail looked in those pageants is how she chose to wear them for the rest of her days, because she loved it so much. The talent portion of the pageants was always something different, from dancing to using ribbons, gymnastics, to all sorts. Her mother wanted Tin-tin to have a well rounded performing background. It wasn't long before Tin-tin grew out of pageants. The constant demand of glitz in pageants wasn't something she enjoyed. Tin-tin was a filly by this time, and her parents allowed her to begin having small acts within the nightly circus performances. Tin-Tin did things from balance acts over large pools of water, to swinging with one of the circus ponies in the air, and doing some magic tricks with a zebra. Tinder Foot's parents were very proud of her. Because of never attending a public school, Tin-tin never had many friends her age. She wouldn't have found her special talent in a public school and every day, ordinary life. Her life wasn't ordinary, but extraordinary. Cutie Mark Story "mum! mum!" Tinder Foot shouted to her mother. It was early afternoon and with it being the weekend, she didn't have cool. In her room she had been practicing with her batons all day, and now she was prepared for this evenings show. Well, prepared with her routine. The other one, the one she was supposed to, she just sort of forgot. "mum!" Tinder shouted again. Her mother, having been speaking with her father, stopped to look at the filly who so impatiently pestered her. As soon as her mother looked at Tinder Foot she started bouncing up and down excitedly. "mum I got a new routine I want to perform! Can I? Can I?!" She exclaimed. Her mum perked a brow. But Tin-tin knew what her mother was thinking. What crazy idea did she come up with this time? The circus was full of acrobats, but she wanted to try something that her circus never performed before. "Are you sure it will be a hit? What about the trapeze routine swinging through rings of fire?" Tin-tin's father jumped in, asking his daughter. "I'm going to me taking that ring of fire and moving it!" Tin-tin responded, the bouncing pony revolving in circles. She had too much energy to spare her. "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt. . . even though we are sold out tonight." Her father said, almost hesitantly. The filly suddenly squealed and jumped at her father, wrapping her hooves around his neck. "Oh thank you daddy! Thank you!" "Dear..." Her mother said nervously. Her father just looked at her mum and flashed her a charming smile. She rolled her eyes. "When can I go?!" Tin-tin asked. "Do you want to be the opening act?" Her parents asked, almost simultaneously. "No, just put me in the middle!" Tinder Foot answered. So, it was set. Her father went to contact the other carnival members and adjusted the schedule for daddy's little filly. Tin-tin ran off to practice for the performance. Her parents hadn't the slightest idea what she was up to, but they knew whatever it was couldn't hurt. Later that night, the time had come for the show to begin. Her father being the ring leader, opened the show by taming a lion with a whip and a wooden stool. Then came dancing bears on patterned bouncing balls. The lights turned off then for her mother to sing and charm the crowd as well as some diamond dogs (who were treated with jewels due to their participation). Then it had a pony swallowing swords. A trapeze act. Canon act... It rolled around to Tinder Foot's turn before she new it. Her nerves shook her up, but she just kept a smile. Around her body was this sparkling red outfit with sequins and silver linings around each leg sleeve and her middle. Each leg was adorned with a silver armlet with a ruby imbedded in the center. Her tail and mane was curled and fixed as they were in the pageants, and with a baton ring, she stood prepared. The crowd was clapping for the twin's escape act, and slowly the lights in the arena dimmed. Lightly treading across the concrete floor, Tin-tin made her way to the center. Carrying the baton ring in her mouth, she waited.Slowly Tin-tin stood up on her hind legs and awaited her crowd to judge her performance. Showtime. The spotlight clicked and shone down upon the pony and she took a moment to look at the crowd, embracing the onlooking eyes in the circular arena. Swallowing, and taking a deep breath, she lifted the baton ring before her and began to spin it slowly. One of the prop managers in the circus team had came stealthily and placed a torch next to the pedestal she stood upon. Through her peripheral vision she seen the torch and began to dance on the pedestal, almost like ballet. Bending her knees into some elegant stance, she casually let the spinning baton catch on fire as her arm extending the spinning, silver prop out just above the torch. The crowd gasped as they seen the baton get in flamed. Spinning the ring faster, Tinder Foot threw the ring up in the air, and did a cartwheel off the pedestal where another lone torch awaited her. She grabbed another baton ring and glazed the edges across the nearby torch, spinning it with her right hoof as she skipped back toward the pedestal. A foot or two from it fell the baton she threw, and with her left hoof she caught it, gasping with the crowd. It wasn't long after before the crowd began to cheer for her wildly. Her arms were extended and spinning the batons, performing a few tricks such as maneuvering one of the flaming rings under one of her hind hooves, and juggling the rings. In the center was a circular hole for her hoof to fit through, and eventually the filly picked up one more baton for the finale of her act. She threw not one, but two of the baton rings she had and gallopped to a teetering board. The pony ran up the teetering board and leaped through a hoop with the spotlight following her. In the middle of the hoop was a third baton, already flaming. This ring was much smaller than the other two. Spinning the ring, she landed with a flip. And in that flip, she attached the third, smaller, baton ring to her left back hoof and danced quickly. In the nick of time, she caught both of the other baton rings which were inches from hitting the concrete. Tin-tin smiled and continued to dance, moving back to the pedestal. Leaning onto her right back hoof, she balanced on that sole hoof alone. The crowd continued to cheer and she moved the left baton ring to her mouth. Blowing on it, she stopped the first ring from having fire on its outer edges and moved the piece of metal around her neck. Because the fire was a stunt, it didn't burn her. Spinning, she moved the second baton between her moved just a bit longer as she balanced, before blowing its flames out and throwing the ring around her neck. Swinging down and around, the earth pony retrieved the third baton ring around her back hoof and blew it out, holding the ring that was no longer spinning in her right hand. She came to a stand and let the crowd cheer there on the pedestal, before taking her bow and leaving. Behind the stage her parents were cheering for her, and it was the bearded lady-pony that pointed out something on her flank. Was she on fire? The bearded pony thought that her flank was on fire. However, when her mother lifted her costume from her flank and checked it, a flaming baton ring cutie mark had appeared. In the middle of her act, though she had to focus, she knew that she wanted to perform and be a carnival pony. And this was her specialty. A tear of happiness slid from one of the fillies eyes and she began to jump up and down, cheering as she had received her cutie mark. Finally! The Life of the Young Mare Night in and night out, Tinder Foot resided with her parents, her ocelot kitten named Ninya, and her carnival family. She is now an active act in the show, and a favorite to some of their onlookers. This is her occupation and her special talent. To do something the pony loved was more than Tin-tin could have ever asked for. Tinder-Foot hopes to become a part of a traveling act, so that she can get out to see the world of Equestria despite the love for her home here. She also hopes to eventually live a bit of the life outside the carnival and see what it is like there. Tin-tin finds her life very extraordinary, but very routine. Anything to mix it up would let this mares dark salmon eyes be refreshed. Character Summary: Tinder Foot isn't very shy. She is outgoing, almost borderline flamboyant. That was a product of her raising and history with performance. She had to learn to improv on stage, and is able to work her way through near-troubling situations because of that. Tin-tin is booksmart and does have a well bit of common sense. A disadvantage to her lifestyle is that she isn't fully exposed to the slice-of-life real world. She's never been out of Las Pegasus, and never has seen the world. That's something Tin-tin aspires to do is to travel, and to perform with a group or maybe solo. She wonders, and feels that she can easily adapt. It is just the last of personal experience that holds her back from a thing such as that. Tinder Foot's biggest fear is rejection and humiliation. She is one to believe in unlimited possibilities and ways to do things, and that anything is possible. For Tin-Tin to be told that she can't, or to mess up on a performance makes her really sad. But Tin-Tin does bounce back. She loves to handle fire and props. She just loves to perform, and thrive off the energy that people feed her. It is her passion, her hobby, and her occupation. When you first meet Tin-Tin, or when she is first to meet you persay, she will draw you in with her personality. She is curious, and wants to know everything that everypony and every thing has to offer. Some ponies even say she is nosey, but that doesn't stop her as long as you are willing to tell. Tin-Tin likes to expand her boundaries in her performance, so no performance is the same. If she thinks of something, and she can bring it to life, she will. Tin-tin also likes to spend time with her ocelot kitten Ninya who also accompanies her at times in performances. Outside of the circus, Tinder Foot enjoys dancing, music, the stars, animals, experiencing new things, being social, making friends. A few things that Tin-tin can't stand are rude people, arrogance, snobs, rodents, and certain flowers. What Tinder Foot hopes to accomplish in life would be to become a famous, perhaps even legendary performer that people speak of all over Equestria. She wants to be a traveling performer and perform outside of Las Pegasus, and show the world what she can do. Its a form of self-confidence and mere self-empowerment for her. Performing is where Tin-Tin is at her strongest.
  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Servante Sex: Female Age: Late teen filly Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Teal Blue ([colour=#367588]#367588[/colour]) Coat: Vanilla ([colour=#f3e5ab]#F3E5AB[/colour]) Mane/Tail: Sunglow. ([colour=#ffcc33]#FFCC33[/colour]) It flattens out on the top, and as it goes down the neck, curves toward the muzzle. Her tail also curves inward. Physique: Somewhat pudgy, with slightly short legs. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Student and Illusionist/Magician Cutie Mark: A upside down black top hat with a magician's wand emerged from the hat. Cutie Mark Story: Her interest for magic began when she found a magic set during a visit to her uncle's house. Servante was interested with all the magic tricks hidden inside the magic set. You could "create" object out of nowhere, or do the reverse; making things disappear into nothingness. You could even predict what another pony is thinking. She got her cutie mark when she did magic tricks for her school's final trimester show. She did all kinds of tricks; card levitation, restoring destroyed objects such as paper, and moving objects in seemingly impossible conditions. (such as "teleporting" an object through a wall or shelf) After completing all the magic tricks she needs to perform, Servante got her cutie mark. It was actually not obtained from one major magic trick, however; the acquisition of her cutie mark contributed by successfully performing her tricks. In a way, it was also an ideal talent; the magic tricks looked impossible or supernatural- unless you know the secret behind it. History: Despite Servante living in Canterlot for quite some time, she was born and lived part of her foalhood in the suburbs of Fillydelphia (east of the city.) Servante had two parents, along with a younger brother. Her name was a term for magicians as a hidden box or pouch behind a table, which is widely used for magic tricks. Her life changed its course when there was a recommendation to a school in Canterlot. It offered higher quality education and facilities, which was more than enough for Servante's parents to have positive thoughts about it. Her parents signed the letter and sent Servante to Canterlot (along with a dormitory room for herself) , and a few days later, Servante was on a train to Canterlot, alone. She looked out from her window only once before departure, silently waving goodbye to her parents and brother, and then shutting the world outside with the curtains. As she arrived at Canterlot, Servante was greeted with bright building and calmness. The whole place seemed fit for a rich pony, and was paradise. She put down her luggage at her apartment as fast as she can and rushed out the door, eager to explore the whole city. Now, she is a resident of Canterlot, and she is living a better quality life than she was before, at least in her opinion. She was welcomed by the residents, and was able to adapt to the more luxurious life in Canterlot, despite not being rich herself. Shehe often feels a bit lonely about her parents (and younger brother) back home, however, and once in a while writes letters back home. Character Summary: Servante has a good talent for doing magic tricks, or creating illusions. She is able to create her own simple gadgets or machines to do her gimmicks. She is also good at acting- an essential trait for doing "magic" and keeping them secret. Along with illlusionary magic, Servante also likes chocolate, jigsaw puzzles, and her pet tarantula, Crawlie, in which she uses for her tricks. (Surprisingly, no pony has squished him yet, though Servante does get a lot of screams.) She dislikes cucumber, because she thinks it has a terrible taste. She also hates criticism. In her leisure time she performs magic, listen to public music performances or orchestras, or go to the theaters to watch a movie. Servante is a misfit in society, usually categorized as "geeky". She is self-aware that she is different from others. She often has problems with "reading" other ponies, and has her own rituals, such as eating on the same diner on the same table, or licking the frosting off a cake or cupcake before biting into it. (Despite these traits, ponies seem to accept her for what she is.) Even though she can't put herself in some pony else's hooves and usually jumps into conclusions, she dislikes stereotyping others ignorantly. Sometimes Servante can't take jokes or sarcasm very well, and is blind to body language. In fact, the negative traits in her personality is the reason why ponies misunderstand or dislike her. Servante isn't all bad, however. She is usually cautious, and though it looks pessimistic, prepares for the worst. She usually stays calm with a severe problem, and isn't overrun by emotions, but instead attempt to solve the problem. She also tries to see the smaller details in something rather than the big picture, and tries to do to most contribution or the most challenging work. If you were to describe her with an object, it is her room herself that describes her best. On the outside, she looks the same as other, typical ponies, though in the interior the furniture and household items are decorated on one side, while the opposite side is virtually bare. This strange appearance is equal to Servante's personality. Usually whenever she does her magic tricks, it is shown as a performance rather than an imitation to unicorn magic. She sometimes disproves this by doing tricks that are not feasible by unicorn magic (for example, performing tricks involving herself.) She also has phasmophobia, or fear of ghosts. Picture of Servante:
  4. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Golden Zenith, "Zen" Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Sky Blue Coat: Snow Mane/Tail: Both bright gold in colour, kept in very simple styles. Her mane is of medium length with moderate bangs and kept close to her close to her neck in soft waves, while her tail is somewhat longer but is merely brushed straight every day. Physique: Toned and fit, as she trains consistently to keep her body in peak condition. She stands about the average height for a mare. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Guardsmare Cutie Mark: A simple golden circle, signifying her strength of perseverance. As an older filly Zen's attitude toward her mark bordered on disappointment after seeing the more detailed and intricate marks her companions received, though in adulthood her appreciation for its simplicity and strong meaning grows every day. History: Golden Zenith was born during high noon to the heated touch of summer. A rather precocious foal, she would follow her parents everywhere as a duckling does its mother. Each of them would show Zen different things about the wonderful world of Equestria, from wheat fields to rare flowers to those special sunsets that only come once in a very long while. As she grew a little older, Zen began to always look forward to the odd visit from her old grandsire Argent Bastion, who had been a royal soldier in his prime. "Argh," as she used to call him while stumbling over his name, would often retort with the nickname "Honey Hooves" to poke fun at her still-soft walking appendages before telling her long and grandiose tales from his time in service to Princess Celestia. Her favorite story was always about the time that Argent was selected for early morning guard duty, during which he was able to spy their princess raising the sun for the day. At the end of every story the old stallion would remind Zen how lucky she was to be under their leader's watchful eye. Afterwards he would sneak Zen a treat with a wink before leaving. In between visits the filly would frolic about with her friends, playing at the park or trying to swim in the fountains. Grown-ups would attempt to scold her at times, but she would always escape to play another day before her ears were talked off! She would never get into serious trouble however, merely the pranks to which youths are prone. Time passed, and it seemed like her parents allowed the aged warhorse to visit their daughter less and less. With growth came understanding, and Argent apparently thought that Zen was developed enough now to listen to his full views on the state of Equestria, and everypony's duty to the princess that had cared for it all these years. They would often discuss politics and honor, and on one special occacion the pair went into the city to attend a public appearance by their princess. The event struck a chord within Golden Zenith, and her heart seemed to thrum with pride. Once or twice Argent Bastion was even caught showing his granddaughter rudimentary drills. The filly enjoyed the exercise, though her parents always wore stern faces when they would discover the activity. What they had feared from these visits was finally coming to pass. Eventually, they saw fit to sit Zen down and discuss the situation. Argent Bastion, in his soldier days, had been top of his class. For both Equestria and crown, he trained day in and day out to make sure he would always protect Princess Celestia as she ruled over her subjects. For years he was this way: patrolling, standing guard, reading law books, waking before the dawn and sleeping just after dusk. In the beginning he was admired for his dedication, but as time wore on he lost friends and most emotional contact, all in pursuit of his self-imposed duties. It had taken him a long time to adjust after he was dismissed from service. Zen's mother and father didn't want the same thing to happen to her. After several heated discussions on the matter, Zen assured her parents that she wouldn't become a slave to her beliefs like they assumed Argent Bastion had, but also that she did find great value in his dedication. There was nothing wrong with directing one's life toward returning some of the great favors Princess Celestia had bestowed upon ponykind. And though Equestria still enjoyed a golden age of peace and prosperity, an unfortunate fact of life is that paradise is safeguarded by its keepers. To be honest, being a guardian to the happy existence of her friends and family (as well as being somepony to look up to) appealed to Zenith. In the end Zen's parents relented, if only for the value they saw in the responsibility and structure such activities would bring, and the pony began basic exercises and training with her grandsire. They were nothing too taxing, just some quick trots, jumps, and memory lessons. The filly took to them with great dedication, but it became quickly apparent that Argent's teasing nickname of Honey Hooves was a little more than just poking fun. The earth pony was mildly afflicted with chronically soft hooves, to the point that she would occasionally stumble either from surprise or discomfort on uneven, hard surfaces. It was something she had experienced every now and again whilst playing, but the condition seemed to occur more often with regular exercise. Undeterred when Argent Bastion showed concern, and determined to keep the condition hidden from her parents lest they use it as leverage to end her training, Zen simply pushed on and accepted the obstacle as yet another hurdle to overcome. After all, it was a dull feeling most of the time and never truly a major problem. After some time, Argent admitted that he had nothing left to teach his granddaughter at her level, and that she should continue training before applying to the REA when she was old enough if she was really sure that's what she wanted. In the meantime, there was even an REA Junior Fitness test going on for all young ponies of Canterlot! Desiring to prove how she'd progressed, young Zen entered without hesitation. This was her chance. Everything went well, with Zen scoring first in several events such as pushups and long jumps. Her long periods of training were paying off. She would make tiny faces at coming in second or third, but was only frustrated in the spirit of competition and bore no ill will. It wasn't until the long-distance run that any problems became apparent. Her hooves began bothering her again about halfway through the race, and though she tried to ignore them it became harder and harder for the filly to run well. Within sight of the finish line she finally stumbled and fell hard to the dirt, a cloud of dust leaving her coughing and sooty on the ground. To make matters worse, some other colts and fillies would either snicker or outright laugh at Zen as they galloped by to the end of the race. Most of the young pony's mind wanted to just crawl off the track to her parents. She had already missed out on the top three anyway, what was the point of finishing? After all, she might injure her legs if she tried to go any further. It would be nice to let her tired body relax, have a drink of water... Just as Zen was about to start sliding through the dirt, the memory of a shining golden sun behind her beloved monarch flitted through her mind. Seeing things through to the end was the mark of a devoted soldier. Finishing what one had started, that's why that white mark on the ground mattered. With her mouth setting into a determined line, the earth pony shakily rose to her hooves and walked slowly along the path, ignoring the other racers flying by. This is how she would live, how she would make a difference in Equestria. She would stand by her beliefs and hold strong. She may not have won any awards that day, but that hardly compared to the feeling after crossing the finish line. The sense of pride, of accomplishment filled Golden Zenith as she took several gulps of cool water. It tasted all the sweeter than it would have after crawling off the track in defeat. And best of all, the resolution and determination which took root in the pony that day summoned her cutie mark into blossoming upon her flanks, a perfect circle of shining gold. After the competition Zen took to training even harder each day so as to overcome the weakness in her hooves. She would run for longer periods, push past her limits as often as she could. In light of her accomplishment and understanding relative to her direction in life, ponies including her parents rarely questioned her affliction and simply allowed her to continue on her path. And after a few more years, she was ready when she joined the REA academy. She graduated in the higher end of her class, much to her pleasure, and joined the royal guard not long after. Though a guardsmare, Zen is often sent on patrols about the city rather than standing guard at the castle grounds. As such she made a request to her superiors for allowance of a broadsword sheathed across her lower back, where the defensive tool would blend more easily with her flank armor and draw less attention than a large pike. After all, Argent Bastion had taught her that while she may carry a weapon, that by no means was an excuse to use it. Only the most extreme of circumstances would call for such an object. This also lightens the load on her hooves, as though she trains extensively so that her condition will not bother her, the earth pony tries not to stress them too much on long patrols. Each day she holds to her dreams and her duties, proudly serving Equestria and those who inhabit it. Character Summary: Golden Zenith is a spirited mare in the prime of her life, and chooses to look on the bright side of things. Decidedly spunky and cheerful, she has a gung-ho attitude about situations and will normally charge in head-first and worry about the consequences later. She's loyal almost to a fault, and will normally provide mild humor to relax terse situations. With an iconic smile gracing her lips, she'll trot about her duties with her head held high and her polished armor gleaming. Despite the fact that she seems less than serious most of the time, she takes her beliefs to heart and will fiercely defend them. She greatly enjoys sticky riceballs in seaweed wrap, as well as potato soup and cranberry juice. In her free time she often trains, but can otherwise be found out and about either sharing stories, challenging other ponies to ludicrous contests, or snoozing in odd places. In the end she accepts who she is, and makes no excuses for it. "The light of the Dawn shows us for what we really are. I will always stand tall in her warm embrace. Protect your honor and chase your dreams!"
  5. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Mane RP Name: Sorghum Sweet Sex: Female Age: Young Filly (a 'tween) Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Azure Blue Coat: Amber Waves of Grain Mane/Tail: Dark Leaf Green, kept in braids Physique: Average for a filly her age. Long legs she hasn't quite grown into yet, and a slender frame. Residence: Fillydelphia Occupation: Student, works in the family gristmill Cutie Mark: None yet, to her consternation History: Sorghum Sweet lives with her parents, Einkorn and Caraway Rye, at their mill upriver from Fillydelphia. Her uncle Emmer and aunt Wilhelmina also live in Fillydelphia, and they help out at the family mill. Her older brother, Durham Red has a mill of his own in Appleloosa. She goes to school more often than her brother did, but she still gets pulled out of classes when it gets busy and they need the extra help. She does well in class, but doesn't have a favorite subject. Sorghum Sweet has a few friends among the other blank flanks in her school. If they knew about the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they would definitely have started a FIllydelphia chapter of the club. Character Summary: Sorghum Sweet is an adventurous pony. Or at least, she would like to be. She is always chafing at the bit to go out and do things, if only her parents would let her. She is quite sure she could find her destiny and get her cutie mark if she were allowed to go out and explore. She isn't much interested in book learning. She wants to learn by doing. Reading books can be interesting, but it just makes her want to go out and actually experience the things she read about. Sorghum Sweet is not sure that the mill is her destiny. She doesn't mind helping with the family business. Sweeping up the fallen grain and spilled flour can be relaxing, allowing her thoughts to wander. And she's gotten pretty good at sewing up the finished bags of flour. But it feels more like a placeholder, not her final destination. She is allowed to go visit her older brother in Appleloosa, but even then she's stuck at his mill, because he's too busy working. Not fair. At least the town he lives in is small, and she can wander down main street without getting into trouble. Sorghum Sweet is a very friendly and easygoing filly. She's quick to make friends and willing to try new things. She does get teased occasionally for still being a blank flank, but never maliciously. She enjoys roughhousing and playing games like kickball, tag, red rover, basically really physical sports. Between working at the mill, her schooling, and playing with her friends, she doesn't really have much time for hobbies. She hasn't found any that hold her interest at any rate. ​
  6. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Mercurial Sun; though he goes by 'Sunny' Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Sort of a foresty green, not unlike that of a pine tree Coat: His coat is sort of a pale blue in colour. Its not terribly obvious though, and one might even mistake him for having a white coat at first. The blue is really just a tint, and a bit understated at that. Because his coat is rather short, and because he rather absent-mindedly brushes himself off every so often, his coat is actually rather prim. Not terribly fancy, just... prim. He could easily live among village folk better than high class Canterlot society. Mane/Tail: Both his mane and his tail are a straw blonde in colour, sort of like hay. Unlike his coat, he neglects his mane quite noticeably. Its not that he doesn't care, he just never remembers to make enough time to groom it, so it ends up giving him sort of an erratic look. Thankfully he keeps it short enough so its not too much of a problem, and when he does need to fix it up he makes certain its as prim as his coat. He just usually doesn't do... well... anything with it. Physique: To say Sunny is an athlete would be a lie. To say he's relatively weak would be more on the money. He doesn't do a lot of lifting, and he doesn't do a lot of running. What he does do is act a bit overactive, which keeps him sort of fit. Fit enough to appear more average than lanky, though he clearly isn't in prime physical condition. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Astronomer. So, he gazes up, pokes his nose into telescopes, charts stars, makes theories as to how anypony could live on the moon for a thousand years, and all that jazz. Cutie Mark: A standard eight-pointed sun wearing a top hat, because he's at the 'top' of his profession! No, but seriously he knows what his mark means. To say it refers more to his profession than his personality would be a bit inaccurate. Rather, the sun shows his bright personality and sunny disposition, whereas the hat represents a few things. It represents his sort of random personality, and it also shows how he can go from bright and sunny to rather aloof and distant at the 'drop of a hat'. It even represents his fairly decent position in high society, seeing as how he was born into it. As for his profession, its quite apparent that the sun represents the sky and by extension his occupation, but the hat represents the theatrics he brings to it. Coupled with the optimism and bright passion that is his talent, its easy to see how one could be so inspired by something, and nothing inspires Sunny more than the night sky. When you love something that much, its easy to bring it to life with a mixture of flair and pride. History: ​Mercurial Sun was born to a relatively high class Canterlot family who made a living as rather theatrical stage magicians. Only problem is, both of them were Earth Ponies: They relied mainly on slight of hand and they were never seen without their trademark hats on. No one ever thought to ask if they weren't unicorns, and if they did the pair would reply it was all about disbelief - not actual magic. This confused little Sunny, and the nonplussed foal grew up always wondering why so many people never questioned his folks. Regardless, their show was a considerable success or at least enough to afford the cozy Canterlot high society life style for the three of them. They even enrolled their child in a rather selective school. It was at this school where Sunny got his cutie mark, and he was even the first one in his class. It all happened on his first day, in fact. He stood up at the head of the class, and the teacher introduced him then invited him to speak a few words about himself. So, he talked. And talked, and talked, and talked. Strange thing was, even as a foal he was hyper-active and passionate to enthrall and entire class of foals for the better part of ten minutes. At the end of his borderline youthful rant, he took a deep breath and said "And, that's it." He then calmly took his seat, and his mark was just there when he sat. That speech was really the first time he just allowed his personality to gush out, because he was asked to, and he was honest. He spoke with passion and optimism unusual for a foal, but passion that could guide him for a life time, provided he could keep it in check when need be. So from there, Sunny just kind of lived his childhood. He learned, was a grade A student, had a decent social life, nothing funky really happened until after his school days. Well, on the day of his graduation, anyways. Somehow, he had managed to go through school with out figuring what in Equestria he would do for a living, and even though he was the first in his class to earn his cutie mark, he was the last to figure out what to do with it. He knew what it meant, the sunny disposition and everything, but he was still working out how he could apply it in life. One night, he even couldn't sleep he was so deep in thought. So, he went outside and was immediately awed. He knew what the night sky was supposed to look like, but he was usually asleep by the time the stars truly shown. Having never seen it, he never could have known how truly wondrous the skies could be, and right there he knew what he was going to do Astronomy. Why not? There were so many stars, nopony could have charted them all. Hay, a hundred probably couldn't do it, but Sunny? Well, he liked to think it was possible for him to do it all. No matter how many stars in the sky there were, he would chart them all. Well, the ones that hadn't already been studied, anyways. In fact, he could practically taste the sense of fulfillment as he named the last star in the sky. Wishful thinking of a foal who just found out how to use his talent perhaps, but it wasn't like he could give up after that. Fast forward several years, and Sunny graduated with the necessary credentials to become an astronomer. Now, he lives in Canterlot gazing upwards every night, and every week he goes out on expeditions to spots where he can better view the sky. All this achieved because an inspired foal knew that the sky was the limit. Heck, he even finally learned why his parents were so successful It wasn't that they weren't magic, its that they were so inspired by their theatrics it become a sort of magic in it of itself. Character Summary: Mercurial Sun is a rather curious pony. He lives in a perpetual flux between zero and overactive, and he somehow manages to always be ecstatic regardless of which one. One minute he might bouncing off the walls and speaking as overly-dramatic as a bad actor, and the next he could be standing still and speaking borderline monotone as he observes something. Either way, its easy to tell he never stops paying attention to things, and whether one admires that or is perturbed by that doesn't matter to Sunny. He always reasoned that if a pony didn't like him, he shouldn't make any attempts to sway the pony's opinion. As someone who respects a certain stubbornness, he himself often sets a goal and doesn't stop until he sees it through. Well, that or until something else comes up that takes priority. He never really sets minor things over big things. Regardless of how hyper he his, one thing Sunny always is would be lighthearted. He's always one to crack a bad pun, or make a rather upbeat observation. To him, if a bright side doesn't exist, he has a flashlight prepared. Really, the only thing he struggles with that he's aware of is balancing himself. He does try wholeheartedly to contain himself. A good public appearance is everything in Canterlot, and the key to that is the one thing he lacks - composure. He'll try to maintain a normal facade, but its just that. A facade. It doesn't take much to set him off to either extreme.
  7. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Heartwood, Heart to friends and family. Sex: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Chartreuse Coat: Old gold in colour, Heartwood’s coat is very coarse and matte, and is almost always sprinkled with sawdust and wood shavings. This is a look he jokingly likes to call Carpentry Chic (which is accented well by his tawny coloured cowboy hat)! Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are milk chocolate in colour and very thick. The hair is coarse and rather unruly most of the time – Heart can’t be bothered by appearances. His mane is cut just short enough to keep it from being a nuisance to him and his tail is much the same. Despite the lack of care he shows towards maintaining his mane and tail, however, both are obviously very healthy. Physique: Tall and quite muscular from years of carpentry. He’s quite a sturdy fellow! Residence: Appleloosa. Occupation: Heartwood is a carpenter whose specialty lies in making furniture that ranges from practical to whimsical. He’s an absolute whiz when it comes to woodwork, and though the majority of his work is very basic and functional to fit his commissions he has a striking talent for intricacy and elegance when it comes to furniture. By word of mouth he has received a humble few commissions outside Appleloosa from ponies with more luxurious and indulgent tastes, though not nearly enough to satisfy his thirst for whimsy. Cutie Mark: The cross-section of a tree in the shape of a heart. Here’s a visual reference from alhovik of 123RH: Heartwood is the eldest son of a large family of agricultural ponies who have a penchant for growing root vegetables. Growing up, he learned to love and tend to the earth from their parents, who actually moved to Appleloosa from Fillydelphia when they realized they dreamed of a more hardy and adventurous lifestyle. From a very early age, Heart knew he liked working with his hooves – he loved to get down and dirty and never shied away from chores or hard work, and was always eager to help his parents around their farm. He did his best to share his passion and knowledge with his siblings (of which he had two during this stage of his life), whom he loved fiercely. Just like his family, Heartwood was always convinced that his cutiemark would come early for him and revolve around farming, but he was actually the last of his age group in town with a blank flank. This baffled his parents, who recognized that their son was a capable farmer and expect his mark to come early as well, since he was always working on the farm. When Heart graduated from small chores to real, hard labour his father had taught him how to whittle. Whittling quickly became a source of comfort for the colt: something he turned to when he was frustrated or sad to vent any of his negative emotions. Needless to say, the longer he went with a blank flank the more he turned to his whittling, creating vast arrays of small figures and settings. During this time his newest baby sister was being rather difficult for his parents – always waking up in the middle of the night crying. Neither he, his parents, nor his sister Taproot knew why, but Tulipwood seemed to grow increasingly stressed during the nighttime. It seemed the only time Tulip could be at ease was when she was beneath the tulip trees in their yard that she was named for. Seeing how drawn out his parents were from their lack of sleep, Heart concocted a plan. The colt had a basic understanding of carpentry from his father, as it was an extremely handy trade to grasp in an agricultural lifestyle, so he decided to take some of the tulipwood lumber from their yard to build a new cradle for his sister – one that smelled of her favourite spot that he would whittle into the shape of swaying trees. That was his plan, at least. What he made was a reasonably sturdy cradle with crude attempts at tree-shapes in the beams; it was very evidently crafted by a young pony, but Heart was proud of what he had made. He rushed to find his parents when it was finished, and though he was initially disappointed when they told him his cradle, despite how lovely and generous a gift it was, was not quite strong enough for them to be comfortable with it supporting Tulip. The loving couple did, however, help their crestfallen son disassemble his work in order to fashion it into decoration they could attach to the sides of their daughter’s cradle. When they did, the newborn foal seemed to feel at ease immediately, surrounded by the roughly-shaped forest of tulip trees. After mere moments she fell asleep, just as the sun was setting – something miraculous for the overtired family. In that moment, Heartwood’s cutiemark appeared, and his love for building and creating with wood has been growing since. History: Heartwood had a rather simple upbringing. His parents were always very gentle ponies, a trait which they passed on to most of their children. His earliest memories were of long days spent with his mother on the farm, where she balanced helping her husband work and teaching her son to love the earth. These early memories aren’t quite so defined, however; his mother told him where they come from, but all Heart recalls is the feel of freshly turned soil, warm from the sunlight as he pressed his hooves deep into it. Other small moments are in there as well – the sharp scent of a parsnip that he stepped on and cracked, the lonely clank of his father’s hoe striking a rock, and a bright pang from his first bee sting. In many ways, the carpenter feels as though these early memories were the guiding stars of his youth: tactile, humble, and very still. His life grew very busy as he grew older hower, from a combination of more siblings entering the family and his need to balance his carpentry apprenticeship with helping on the always-growing farm. In those years, Heartwood was always clinging to those early memories of his (as well as his woodwork) for comfort and patience. He wasn’t under constant stress, though. On the contrary, Heart loved and found great comfort in every aspect of his life – the chores, his learning, and guiding his younger brothers and sisters. He took every obstacle in stride and made sure to learn from everything that happened to him and his family. It was with great difficulty that he eventually decided to move away from the farm. Though he would still be nearby in Appleloosa, being with his family defined a great deal of who he was. All of his patience, charisma, creativity, and sense of fun and play seemed to come from the many hardships and joys of being an older brother. It was a choice that had to be made, however. The stallion was driven to push forward in his woodworking career. He wanted to build his own house and shop and make his name one that was respected in and beyond Appleloosa. So that is just what he did. With some of his siblings helping him with the grunt work, Heartwood began to construct his furniture store with a home attached. The exterior of his new home was very practical and fit the Appleloosan image quite well, but the interior was where his talents truly shined. A vast array of furniture from basic and practical designs to purely decorative pieces of whimsy lined his shop, which smells strongly of linseed and tung oils and wood. Heart is freshly moved into his new home, and is currently making a living off of doing construction work and commissions for folks around Appleloosa. Through word of mouth, a few commissions have begun to trickle in from more luxurious ponies outside his hometown who are interested in his artful furniture. He’s hoping to make pieces that truly shine, and make a respectable name for himself throughout Equestria. Character Summary: Heartwood is a stallion of simple tastes. He loves his work, his parents’ farm, root vegetables, his mother’s cooking, and his family. Being the oldest child in a big family, he’s a natural leader (and mediator) and has an endless reserve of energy and patience. He loves comedy, though his attempts at humour really leave something to be desired. Although he’s not an extremely chatty fellow, he has natural charm and charisma that make him a very personable individual. That said, he’s not just one perfect slice of sugar pie. Heartwood is extremely stubborn and set in his ways. On top of that, he’s got a terrible one-track mind: once he throws himself into something he is consumed by it. Though he loves his family, he is prone to immersing himself so much in his work that he will actually go days, sometimes even weeks without communicating with them, not realizing that any time has passed at all. Despite all of this energy he throws into his woodworking and trying to make a name for himself, though, Heart is bashful to a fault. He can’t stand the idea of praising himself or being arrogant, and as such he is limiting himself in how much he can sell his business to others. Though his work can often speak for itself, when it comes to trying to get business from outside Appleloosa, his shy streak can make him a rather unconvincing salespony. Understanding Heart is very easy: he is friendly, generous, and hardworking with a strong sense of loyalty. If you show him and his family respect, you’ll make a fast friend out of him. If you try to change his mind about something, well...good luck. You'll need it!
  8. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP – OC Name: Barley Mayberry Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth pony Eye colour: Maroon Coat: Purplish-gray Mane/Tail: Barley’s light-gray mane is done in a crew cut style. His tail is also similarly light-gray coloured. When out in public, Barley wears a dark-red cavalier hat trimmed with a light-pink plume. Accompanying the hat are a dark-red tweed jacket and a pink buttoned-up waistcoat beneath it. Physique: Potbellied and somewhat out-of-shape, but has an average height for a stallion his age. Residence: Trottingham Occupation: The Sheriff of Trottingham... or so he likes to portray himself as anyway. Barley actually earns a living as a musician for a local acting troupe, Ye Olde Trotting Troupe. Cutie Mark: A light-silver fife, displaying Barley’s love to delight others with his fife-playing. As long as he could remember, Barley Mayberry had been playing the fife. First getting one as a birthday present when he was just a young colt, an easily-amused Barley took great delight in being able to play music anywhere he pleased. With all the time he spent playing his fife, it didn’t take long for him to become a decent fifer. However, this might have eventually turned out to be all but a mere foalhood phase for Barley had he not chosen to take his act to a Reinaissance* faire in Trottingham. When it turned out that the musician who then worked with Ye Olde Trotting Troupe couldn’t make it to the Reinaissance faire, young Barley volunteered to take that pony’s place. While the colt’s fife-playing abilities weren’t up to the level of a master, he adequately served well as a replacement considering he only had thirty minutes to understand what he was getting into. Earning the respect of the troupe for a job well done, Barley earned his cutie mark almost immediately thereafter. History: Hailing from a family from Trottingham brewers, Barley Mayberry’s parents expected him or one of his other siblings at first to eventually take over the family business when he came of age. Obviously, the destiny Barley found for himself precluded him from a future in brewing ales, but his mother and father were content to see their son choose a different path in life. For the most part, the lad had an unremarkable foalhood save for being considered a delightful (if hapless) guy to be around by his friends and siblings as well as serving on the school marching band. When he became a stallion, Mr. Mayberry enlisted in the Royal Equestrian Army, and naturally he took his fifing talents with him. While he was a exceptional member of the REA band, his abilities whenever deployed on guard details were quite lacking. Not quite perfect soldier-material, Barley was not offered a chance to reenlist when his tour of duty expired. Heading back to Trottingham, Barley Mayberry hooked up with the Ye Olde Trotting Troupe; because the veteran members fondly remembered him, Barley landed a gig playing musical accompaniment for their performances. For the next several years, not only did the stallion play his fife, but he’d occasionally branch out into acting as well. While never star-caliber material, Barley’s hilariously over-the-top acting won him at least a few cult-followers. Despite getting the chance to live his destiny, the stallion gradually started feeling discontented after a few years with the troupe. Did his talent with music and his intermittent acting opportunities mean much in the grand scheme of things? Were there better ways for Barley to serve his community? It was during this mid-life crisis when the stallion, acting in a play set during Trottingham’s past that he gave his most memorable performance yet; that of an overeager but lovable Sheriff who stole the show from the main stars. With the accolades he won for his role as the Sheriff, Mr. Mayberry figured that maybe he ought to become a Sheriff full time! Henceforth he declared himself the Sheriff of Trottingham, and to this day he serves as the unsanctioned long leg of the law in the town. Since Barley has yet to cause severe harm or foul in his new “role” in life, nopony has seen fit to put a halt to the stallion’s activities. Character Summary: Ponies who first meet “Sheriff” Barley Mayberry of Trottingham could be forgiven for assuming he’s not the brightest tool in the shed. Frequently boastful in his self-appointed role, his swagger all too often transforms into cowardice when presented with a problem beyond his abilities. The earth pony also seems to show no understanding of the concept of privacy, having become a habitual eavesdropper and interloper in ponies’ affairs when out patrolling the streets. Trottingham itself is practically a crime-free town, limiting Barley’s “duties” to catching stray animals, reprimanding trouble-making foals, and finding lost items; Barley’s effectiveness at these tasks can vary wildly from adequate to grossly-incompetent on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, “Sheriff” Mayberry hasn’t yet quit his day job as a member of the Ye Olde Trotting Troupe. While his fife-playing are masterful indeed, his acting style requires a more acquired taste to appreciate. To be specific, one has to enjoy Barley’s tendencies to overact and utterly chew up the scenery whenever possible. When he’s not in one of his fearful states, Barley can be just as bombastic whenever he’s in his Sheriff persona. Fans though can take heart that the earth pony’s bombast doesn’t equate to arrogance, as Mr. Mayberry makes sure to reward those who enjoy his acting and musical work with autographs and other means. It can be shocking then to learn that Barley Mayberry is very much a timid stallion when he’s “off-duty”. Easily amused, it doesn’t take much for a pony to impress Barley through either storytelling or talent exhibition. While not greedy at heart, the fact that the stallion doesn’t live on very much leaves him vulnerable to the lure of con-artists and get rich quick schemes; even if Barley initially earns riches from a hair-brained enterprise of his, Barley’s ineptitude ensures that he’ll find a way to spend all his bits or have his project come crashing down. When all is said and done though, Mr. Mayberry is a dependable and worthy friend for those with the pleasure of knowing him. If a pony simply shows friendliness to Barley and not appear to cause trouble in any way, he’ll be all too happy to return it in kind. The stallion will go to absurd lengths to ensure the well-being of his buddies; even if he has to ignore his other responsibilities and commitments in the process. For this reason, “Sheriff” Barley Mayberry is ultimately regarded as a pony worthy of being befriended. *Yes, I just ponified the Renaissance. Sue me.
  9. Roleplay Type: Cross-Over Name: White Cloud Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: Dark Brown Mane/Tail: A lighter brown that his coat Physique: He is in-shape, not flabby. He works outside all day so he is stronger than your average, everyday pony. Residence: He lives just outside Ponyville, in the country Occupation: Head Gardner for Ponyville [colour=#282828]Cutie Mark: One blooming red rose. He received this cutie mark while under the tutelage of Mr. Greenhooves, finally finding that being a Gardner was his life long passion and dream. [/colour] [colour=#282828]History: White Cloud's history is full of pain and sorrow. He ran away from home when he was just a colt because he had no friends and felt like his parents didn't care about him. The only people that seemed to care about him were his siblings whom he was the primary caretaker of. He wandered around Equestriat for a while doing odd jobs to make a little money to live off of. He did this for a long time until he stumbled upon Mr. Greenhooves in his greenhouse. White Cloud was so fascianted my all of the beautiful plants and flowers he saw in the greenhouse that he asked Mr. Greenhooves if he could stay and learn from him. Mr. Greenhooves was reluctant at first, but then he decided to take White Cloud on as his apprentice. White Cloud did such a good job that when Mr. Greenhooves went to become the Head Gardener of Canterlot Gardens, he chose White Cloud to take over as Head Gardener of Ponyville. During this time, White Cloud's father passes away and his mother sinks into a deep depression. White Cloud does not find out about this until he gets a visit from his sister Golden Mane. He rushes back home with her to take care of the family. While he is there, he is finally able to break his mother's depression long enough to reconcile with her just before she passes away in the night. With both parents gone, the resposibilities of the family fall squarely back onto his and Golden's shoulders. The passing of his mother is so hard on him that he decides he can't live in Canterlot anymore and puts all of his siblings, except for Golden Mane, up for adoption. The guilt of this is so heavy that he runs away from Canterlot back to his house in the country. After being there a while, he is finally able to pull himself together to resume his duties as the Head Gardener.[/colour] Character Summary: White Cloud is a very shy and withdrawn pony. He enjoys working with plant and flowers and seeing the joy that they bring to other ponies. As Head Gardener for Ponyville, he is usually seen around tending all of the flowerbeds and shrubbery. He lives out in the country, away from Ponyville because he prefers the quiet of the country and the company of his flowers. He has a greenhouse that he uses to grow all of the flowers and other plants that he then takes and replants around Ponyville. Because of the guilt of his past, it makes him very shy and withdrawn. His hobbies include reading and working in his gardens. He also like an evening pipe as he sits by the fire and reads his books.
  10. Roleplay Type: Crossover Name: Olden Pony (formerly known as Bright Hope) Sex: Female Age: Elderly Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Red Coat: Gray Mane/Tail: Gray Physique: Frail Residence: Everfree Forest (where else?) Occupation: Retired Cutie Mark: A rusty horseshoe History: Olden Pony was once a happy go lucky filly named 'Bright Hope' who one fateful day, lost her favorite horseshoe. The search for her lost horseshoe became such an obsession, that she lost sight of all other pursuits in life. In fact, this is reflected in her cutie mark, an image of the same rusty horseshoe she'd been searching for nearly non-stop since her foal-hood. Years and decades past, taking their toll on Bright Hope until even the few friends she once had began calling her 'Olden Pony' and created a legend around her. Character Summary: Olden Pony has a very sour, pessimistic personality. She rarely smiles and seldom takes her focus off the search for her valued rusty horseshoe. Every once in while, she does show glimpses of her former 'happy' self, but it never lasts. In her latter years, she's trying to change that, but most ponies are so scared of her, they won't give her a chance to reach out to them. This won't deter her from attempting to make new friends, forget about all the decades of time she's lost and, of course, to finally, once and for all, find her lucky rusty horseshoe.
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Serene Douse Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Honey Gold Coat: Serene's coat is light grey, almost white in colour. Mane/Tail: Her mane is croped short and slightly curly at the ends. The tail is kept at moderate length and slightly curly at the ends as well. They are both shades of turquoise and sea green. Physique: Serene stands a bit taller than other mares her age. Her build is fairly normal, however. Residence: Trottingham Occupation: Ferry Supervisor Cutie Mark: A wave of water. History: Serene was born in Baltimare with a Earth Pony sailor for a father, Captain Douse. Although widowed soon after the young foal's birth, her father did his best to raise Serene with much love and care. Eventually Captain Douse quit his career as Captain of his ship and traveled to the quiet Village of Trottingham with his daughter's best interests at heart. There, with the permission of the City Council, he started a Ferry service across the Great Nimbusgait Lakes. Serene went through her adolescent years at the top of her class, and she was invited to study at one of the most prestigious schools in Manehatton. The young filly accepted the invitation and went to stay in Manhatton, leaving her father behind to run the business on his own. Serene was not happy, however. She soon found out that she much preferred the quiet life in Trottingham near the water. Regardless, the Filly endured this life until she graduated. She wanted to make her father proud. After her graduation and eventual maturity, Serene made her way back to Trottingham. There she was greeted by her father who had seemed to age much due to the solitary life he previously held. Serene vowed to help run the Ferry business with Captain Douse. Eventually he handed over complete ownership to Serene with the decision to retire. Character Summary: Serene feels happiest near a large body of water. She didn't always feel this way, however. When she was a foal she had a strong fear of drowning if she were to get too close to a lake or river. This continued until one day her puppy had fallen into a particularly dangerous part of the Delamare River. With out thinking, Serene dove into the raging currents after her beloved pet. After quickly grabbing him by the nape of his neck, the young filly and her dog was quickly swept away by the currents. The two had miraculously survived when they washed ashore further down the river. After coming to her senses and trotted home with her puppy, Serene realized that she no longer feared water. A few days later, she found that she had a natural talent for swimming and enjoys herself the most in or around the water.. It was after that realization that her cutie mark had appeared. Serene is very strong willed, but far from loud or obnoxious. Instead, she is quite calm and quiet. She loves to stop, breathe, and take in the beauty around her every chance she gets. This does not mean that she dose not enjoy the company of others, however. She is an extremely good listener and makes long time friends easily. Serene is very tolerant of many things with few exceptions. Among these exceptions are ponies who refuse to take care of themselves properly. It is at these times when Serene almost always steps in, welcome or not. The Mare is tone-deaf, clumsy on land, shy around attractive Stallions, a terrible dancer, and a horrid cook. Serene is a bit persistent when it comes to these faults of hers and looks for every chance that she can to try and improve.Although this usually ends in failure, she has learned to laugh at her mistakes rather than feel embarrassed or shamed. Drawn and coloured in gimp2 with a basic figure as reference.
  12. [colour=#282828][colour=#222222]So, I changed the whole thing because I had a better idea. Hope this works better![/colour][/colour] [colour=#222222]Name: Sugar Song[/colour] [colour=#282828]Sex: Female[/colour] [colour=#282828]Age: Filly[/colour] [colour=#282828]Species: Earth pony[/colour] [colour=#282828]Eye colour: Light purple[/colour] [colour=#282828]Coat: Darkish, pale blue[/colour] [colour=#282828]Mane/Tail: A dull pink, straight and always in a simple 3-strand braid[/colour] [colour=#282828]Physique: Small for her age[/colour] [colour=#282828]Residence: Canterlot [colour=#282828]Occupation: Student [colour=#282828]Cutie Mark: Sugar Song's cutie mark is the drama masks. From a young age, Sugar Song had been around actors. Her parents worked at the theater in Canterlot and would regularly let her come along so naturally, she became interested in the art. Soon enough, she was in drama groups with other young colts and fillies who shared her love for acting. She made many great friendships. Only a few of the oldest foals had their cutie marks. When, with much help, the young foals put on their very first production for a live audience, Sugar Song received her cutie mark. Her parents were enthused that their filly had earned her cutie mark in theater. [/colour][/colour][/colour] [colour=#282828]History: Sugar Song was born and raised in Canterlot. Since her parents worked at the theater, aiding in the set up of regular plays, Sugar Song quickly became fascinating in the art. At the theater, she gained her cutie mark. Sugar Song had many friends and was never shy. Always enthusiastic about everything, she and her friends had tons of fun. Although Sugar Song enjoyed things going her way and felt that she was a strong leader when in fact, she needed to take a step back and let others have ideas and opinions. She was stubborn as a foal and only grew more stubborn as she grew. Sugar Song’s favourite thing was going with her family to see the play Hearth’s Warming Eve and vowed she’d get a part in it one day. [/colour] [colour=#282828]Aside from her love of theater, Sugar Song had a fascination with animals. She loved being out in the woods, practicing lines or playing games while under the watchful eye of the squirrels and birds. She discovered her love of animals through a friend of hers, who has a pet rabbit. Sugar Song regularly babysits for her friend and simply adores the rabbit’s company. For a long time, Sugar Song begged her parents to let her get a pet as well but they always said they thought it would interfere in her working towards her acting career. It saddened her that she had to choose between her two greatest loves. [/colour] [colour=#282828]Sugar Song went to school but in her free time, she was at the theater. As she grew older, her friends branched off into their own hobbies and talents and although they all hung out weekly, their friendship began to weaken. Sugar Song is very grateful to one of her closest friends who, being the kind and loving filly she is, refused to let their friendships fall and held them together. After nearly loosing each other, Sugar Song’s friends and she have never been stronger.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Character summary: [/colour][colour=#000000]Sugar Song is a determined filly with the dream of some day performing in the greatest and biggest production of every year. She is very friendly but not many can fully take her on when she is being stubborn. Although she gets frustrated easily with herself, she is patient with other ponies. Her love for acting interferes a lot with her others hobbies and friendships. She has strong friends and is confident in herself. Determined to pursue acting, she is also determined to help out animals and although her cutie mark says she is destined for acting, she hopes to find a balance one day between her two dreams. [/colour]
  13. Karma Ever since I was a filly, I wanted to fly. Now, I can! RP Type: Mane RP Name: Karma Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth pony Eyes: Cerise (#BE1D78) Coat: Cordovan (#893F45), mostly brown with just the faintest hint of burgundy. Appaloosa "blanket" of bone white around her flanks. A bit of bone white near her muzzle. Mane/Tail: Bone white. Mane and tail are both cut short. Tail is kept tied at the base most of the time. Physique: Average stature, but limber and less heavily built than the average earth pony. Though she has done labor in the past, most of her career has been spent in the map room and at the helm. Residence: Born and raised in Stalliongrad. Spends much of her time on board ship. Occupation: Helmsmare of the airship Artorius. Cutie Mark: A silver gear framed by a pair of wings the colour of her coat. Character History Born to a schoolteacher and a merchant in Stalliongrad, Karma was a curious and whimsical foal by virtue of her upbringing. From a young age, Karma was always fascinated by flight. After school she would sit for hours on the roof watching Stallian Guard fliers go by on patrols and the silhouettes of airships flying to and from the island of Vsadnika. When asked if she had any wishes for her birthday or Hearth’s Warming, her only response would be “I want to fly!” Her parents knew they could never fulfill that request, at least not with a pair of pegasus wings. But one day her mother brought her a book; a book on airships! Karma was excited beyond belief. Day and night she would read about airships and the mechanics of flight. One book turned into two, two turned into five, and pretty soon her room was filled with books on engineering and airships. But while Karma was studying, her father was quietly planning quite a trip for her. One day, her parents told her that they would be going on a little trip to the Island District. As they traveled across the Industrial Bridges by taxi, the little filly glanced around in wonder, taking in all the sights and sounds; especially those of the airships floating overhead. Finally they arrived at their destination: the airport. When her father actually brought her on board one of the ships, Karma practically exploded with glee. She scampered from bow to stern, investigating every little bit until she finally bumped into the ship’s captain. Her father had made arrangements to take her on a flight around the city on the ship! The little filly stood on the bridge in wide-eyed wonder as they departed, leaving the spires of Ostrov behind for a grand tour of the city. Suddenly, Karma had an epiphany. She didn’t just see what the ship was doing, she could FEEL it. Every chug the engine made, every gust of wind against the envelopes, every twist of the prop, everything just fit together perfectly. When the captain offered to let her “fly,” he expected Karma to require hoof-holding. He was surprised to find that Karma was a natural. A few minutes with the controls and she was flying like a seasoned pilot. It was then that she felt a tingle on her flank. Her cutie mark had appeared, a single gear framed by a pair of wings; a marker of her knack for flying and her desire to transcend the bonds of earth. After her epiphany, Karma studied mechanics at a trade school in Stalliongrad to learn the ins and outs of airshipping. Her knack for mechanical devices and flight work quickly landed her a spot with Kalinka Shipping, one of the major companies operating out of Stalliongrad. Her first assignment was flying runabouts that tended larger airships, but her exemplary service earned her the eye of Captain Sturmovik. Karma currently works as an airship pilot for Kalinka shipping, pending permanent assignment with the Sturmovik’s ship, the Artorius. Character Summary Karma is curious to a fault. She devours knowledge, tearing through books, manuals, and records as fast as she can acquire them. Ponies whose professions catch her interest she will question incessantly until she fully understands. While she has a tendency not to respect personal space, she is friendly and vivacious and never threatening if she can avoid it. Her bubbly personality, transparent mannerisms, and whimsical nature paint her as “cute” but her lack of personal boundaries can be unnerving for more reserved ponies. Karma relies on both her innate sensitivities and her formidable skills at the helm to ensure that every run with the ship goes smoothly, be they beset by bad weather, mechanical problems, or other trouble. Though Karma herself is confident in her abilities as a pilot, she is terrified of crashing or even worse, letting others crash. This fear of failure and being helpless is both literal and figurative, applying both to her physical ship and the relationships she builds or at least attempts to build. Miscellaneous Karma loves swing music and can often be found blasting it in her cabin’s record player when off-duty. She purposely seeks out jazz clubs in any port the ship calls in, always looking for an opportunity to dance the night away. Though she adores “cute” things, she despises the colour pink. She loves cats but is allergic to them.
  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Slick Pelt Sex: Male Age: Middle aged Colt Species: Earth pony Eye colour: seaweed green Coat: Silver-Grey Mane/Tail: Scruffy and short, mane slightly spiked up at the front Physique: Average build for his colt age Residence: Trotingham Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: Slick, though a very bouncy and upbeat colt has always looked up to his father. His father is a scientist within Trotingham and it has always made Slick gleam to see his dad doing all his experiments and to help him in tests and what not. Once they were studying wind patterns and the physics behind how the wind lifts objects. It was during this time Slick felt inspired and decided to set up an experiment on his own to see how much the force of wind is needed to affect certain objects and lift them. It was after the proud Slick submitted his evidence to his dad that the mark appeared on his flank. A leaf swirling in a gust of wind. History: Slick lives with his mother and father in the town of Trotingham and has lived there since he can remember. As explained Slick is fascinated with his fathers work within Trotingham. He has always been inspired by how his dad works since he was but a little foal, he always looked so important with his lab coat and all and that always appealed to Slick, not to mention he spent so much time with his dad it the love for science just seemed to rub off. To entertain himself through his early year Slick would just entertain himself for the most part, one of the few traits he gained from his mother, a bit of an arty Mare, always so creative. But Slick would use his imagination as all kids did, one day a guard for Celestia and the next a wizard! Or a dragon! But the only point that Slick looks back and finds himself confused is when he had his first day of school... he was so nervous and now he looks back on it, just to laugh and try as hard as he can not to be that little colt that can hardly speak to anypony. In all it's what drives him to be a better and more upbeat pony. Slick has kept friends close because he knows what it was like to loose all you have, in kindergarten Managing to loose his only friend when he moved country, so keeping a a large amount of friends is almost an insecurity, not wanting to loose them all again and be left alone, it took a lot for Slick to recover from it, going into a hermit mode where he would just lock himself in his room like his studies where his only company. Those where dark days he keeps in the back of his head as if they never exist. Character summary: Slick excels at school when it comes to physics and maths and though he is not really the greatest at them he enjoys the other subjects too but that's because for the most part, excluding a good experiment, Slicks priority in life is to just be happy! He likes to make friends and keep them, if Slick feels like he's done something wrong then there is a flurry of apologies to hope they keep him in the good books, though this does sometimes make things worse then they originally where. But probably the biggest quirk Slick has is his odd way of doing things or him just in general being a bit odd. He'l sit upside down on the bus-cart to school and just do things that most ponies see as being one slice short of a whole cake, but it doesn't really bother Slick. Unless he receives a direct insult it usually just brushes off but when it comes to a mate being in danger of insults it's a little different. Slick wants to help but doesn't really have that courage to stand up to somepony, and if you manage to either peal away and find something to insult him then he would just run away. Slick continues to delve into the scientific world when he can, though really only into the physics area he does touch up on the other branches, after school being known to be sneaking into his dads office before he gets home and being found holding a theory or another in his hooves, eyes wide and the office a mess. Keeping friends important in his life too. Slicks drive to be the 'next big scientist' in Equestria to make his dad proud having to take the back seat once in a while if somepony is in need of a pick up or just a helping hoof, though this does cause him to worry a bit too much if unable to help, almost to the point of paranoia.
  15. From the album: Elder's Flower Bed

    One of my OCs, Riff Run! She's a jazz singin' pony~

    © Walnut

  16. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Harmonic Dissonance Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dull gold Coat: Her coat is a pale shade of concord grape purple, with a brighter shade of purple, around her hooves. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are messy similar to the day she messed it up at the concert hall. They are a red wine shade of red. Physique: Lithe, and considerably taller than most ponies. She has long legs, which make it easier to play the piano with great speed and accuracy. Residence: Dynamic, but has an apartment in Baltimare, not too far from where she grew up with her parents. She chooses to move about playing wherever she can, doing what she loves. She returns to her family home on occasion. She often claims to “follow the music” and that the music can not lead her astray. Occupation: Jazz pianist and free lance composer Cutie Mark: A Treble Clef superimposed on figure eight, with one half a piano keyboard and the other half a music staff with notes on it. Quite contrary to reason, Harmonic didn't get her cutie mark through jazz. Her teacher wanted to perform a piece with her. Harmonic was on flute, which at the time was her most proficient instrument, her teacher would accompany her on piano. They went to the concert hall stage which was a rare occurrence, usually only preceded by a performance with the youth orchestra. However today was different. The school which held the private lessons had just received a brand new piano, one unlike any Harmonic had ever seen. It was a large classic grand piano. She instantly fell in love with the looks of it. When they started playing, she fell in love with the sound. She then noticed that the sound in the studio piano simply sounded flat and lifeless, which initially turned her off to the piano, though she had already learned the basics. The sound just turned her off, thinking all pianos sounded that way. The next day she went into the studio for the first time unattended and found next to the small studio piano a tuning hammer. She began work on the piano, trying to get it to sound as closely to the sound she heard from the perfectly tuned and brand new grand piano in the concert hall. Hitting every note tweaking every key for hours she worked tuning this old piano. Finally she was satisfied how each note sounded. Harmonic got up and started playing the basic key progressions she had learned, being more pleased with the sound than she remembered when she was younger. Then she tried the consonant chord progressions. She was discovering that the piano wasn’t the lifeless instrument she had thought but an instrument of limitless possibility and grace. She continued for nearly the whole day like that reacquainting herself with what she once considered her old enemy when she was once forced to play it, now returning as if they were long lost friends. Harmonic played through the night. She had told her parents she would be home late, but when she didn’t return they got worried. They collected her teacher and went to the studio where she said she would be. Harmonic was still up somehow, still playing the piano. However by this point she was exhausted. She no longer knew what she was playing, as she was hitting the chords that just came to mind. The result was an entrancing set of dissonant chords, much like her name. Her parents and teacher alike were enamored by the unique style of playing and the inherently different music than what most expected. The filly used chords and syncopation that should have resulted in torture to the ears, but the odd combinations somehow worked and somehow created an almost magical trance inducing sound that could only be described as organized chaos. She continued to play like this until she passed out at the keyboard. Hours later when her parents and teacher woke her, she found that she had gained her cutie mark. History: Her parents, being who they were, started Harmonic in music classes from a young age. She was started on the basics of music theory and the history of music before picking up her first instrument, of which there were many. She was good enough at most, being able to play basic songs in many of the instruments shown to her. At this point she really didn’t mind, it was a direction for a directionless youth. Harmonic was just following what her parents wanted. She had some instruction on the piano, but the sound never struck her as other instruments like the violin and the flute did. She focused mainly on those for the beginning of her musical career, learning how to read music, as well as the art of composition and notation. Like her parents had hoped, she was naturally gifted, and with that she was pushed into performing from a young age. Her education was guided very closely by her parents. She was given private lessons along with music specialty schools. She met many ponies during this time whom she at the time considered to be her friends. They would often compete for first chair in the youth orchestra. They pushed each other to new heights and even better skill level. They really wouldn’t interact much outside of school and rehearsals though. She really enjoyed music though, and being able to live her life through music. It was all perfect for her! She didn’t mind following in her parent’s footsteps in the least. She always strove for perfection, and then the day came when she discovered her talent in writing and performing music with unique chord progressions and syncopation. Harmonic started practicing the piano endlessly, thinking of interesting ways to utilize the instrument. She would purposely detune pianos to get sounds that she wanted. She was especially fond of playing the grand piano in a rather unique way. She would place pins to change the sounds of notes during play, and even pluck the strings She worked hard with her teachers to hone this style. Eventually she progressed from just writing piano parts to doing entire orchestral arrangements. Harmonic was then given a great honour, to orchestrate the final performance of her and her “friends” in the youth orchestra. She worked hard for weeks on it, trying to make everything perfect. She discussed it whenever possible with her private teacher, and everyone she showed it to agreed it would be a performance worth remembering. After endless hours of practicing everypony felt that they were ready. The day had come to perform it. The concert hall was filled to the brim, and Harmonic had never seen it filled so much. Thoughts of failure started to run through her head. She started to think about the possible negative criticism, in her head she saw ponies booing and jeering at her, the failed composer. When she finally got up on stage with the other members of the orchestra the nervousness finally got to her. She rubbed her well groomed mane furiously and slammed down on the keyboard of the grand piano she loved so much and stormed out of the concert hall. Tears in her eyes, she didn’t know what to do for the first time in her life. She loved music but she couldn’t take the thought of failing everyone. Running around the city on her own with only the thoughts of how angry everypony would be with her. That is when in her panic she heard something, something that was entirely different. It was coming from the open door of a bar that said “Live Jazz.” She had heard of jazz but had never listened to it. She walked up to the bar and asked for the strongest thing that they had. The bartender poured her out a glass of whiskey as the next set started. She slowly sipped the whiskey as the trio started to play. She was enamored by the pianist, who played with such vigor and liveliness. She didn’t realize music could ever be played like this. It was washing away her troubles from earlier that evening. After the final set she approached the pianist and started talking to her. She bawled out her troubles to her, telling her about the trouble at the concert hall. The pianist was very sympathetic, feeling that way before every set. The pianist asked if Harmonic would show her what she had. She brought her to a smaller club that had an open stage. The jazz pianist told her to play, and just to have fun with the other two members. The drummer and bassist started playing. Harmonic closed her eyes and put her hooves to the keys. She started to play how she usually did, with off beat syncopation and dissonant chords, but as it progressed she started playing with more of a mix. The jazz pianist smiled as she saw the crowd start to get into Harmonic’s unique style. It wasn’t perfect but it was certainly different and full of possibilities. After the night was over she walked up to Harmonic and started a conversation. “So how did you dig playing jazz for the first time?” “Uh... dig? What?” “I mean, did you enjoy it? And more importantly would you like to continue?” Gobsmacked Harmonic just nodded her head. She had thoroughly enjoyed playing the way she did. It was different, yet entirely the same as she played the first time she played the piano on her own and got her cutie mark. “Great! Then it’s decided, we’ll go where the music takes us and I’ll take you under my wing. I can’t wait to see how you can swing this awesome talent for the piano for jazz” With that Harmonic wrote up a letter to her parents explaining what she was doing. She followed the pianist everywhere, and she taught Harmonic everything she knew about jazz and how to play jazz piano. Harmonic couldn’t just cast off years of classical training though, instead she took it into the jazz that she quickly fell in love with. For several years she continued this journey. Along the way she learned how to just relax and go with the flow. She still had a streak of perfectionist in her, but it no longer ruled her life. She came to love letting loose and going with the flow. She really didn’t keep in contact with her parents during this time, she became hopelessly lost in the life of a traveling musician. She eventually returned home to find her parents in tears when they embraced her. They never knew how to contact her and were extremely worried after she stormed out of the concert hall. Though she really expected them to be disappointed in her. She had, after all, let them down. But in the end, they felt that perhaps they pushed her too hard and fast, and impressed upon her their hopes and dreams. In the end they just wanted their little virtuoso back. She explained to her parents that she was rediscovering music with her mentor who was an awesome pianist. Her parents looked at each other. They nodded and said “We’re glad you’re back, did you at least find what you were looking for?” Harmonic replied with a simple word “Jazz.” She continued to explain what she experienced where she had gone and what she had learnt. To her amazement her parents were smiling with the pride she had once saw when she was preparing for that final performance. They simply wanted her to be happy with the music and to live her life to the fullest. They knew jazz, and respected jazz musicians. “They are the masters of improv” her parents explained, stating that they should have seen her talent for it when she was playing on the piano when she got her cutie mark. “I just came back to find my roots, I intend to follow the music again soon though.” “Of course, we did the same in our youth as well and is in fact how we met. You need to find your own voice through music, we’ll always be here for you. So please, don’t forget to write and visit. You’ll always have a place with us.” A few weeks later, she played her first gig in Baltimare, with her parents watching. Afterwards, she told her parents that she was leaving the next day. All three in tears Harmonic set off on her own path through jazz. Character Summary: Harmonic, unlike in her youth, became very laid back. While traveling with her mentor, she learned that the only person she needed to please was herself. She still has the heart of a perfectionist though, always striving for technical perfection even in jazz. She loathes missing a note or a transition. It is something that even if the crowd doesn’t notice, she’ll be disappointed with herself at the end of the performance. She would often drink with her bandmates and apologize when they were drinking post show, and they would all laugh about how she would blow a small error out of proportion. Sometimes they would even tell her that imperfections make jazz better and more memorable. No matter what she did though, she was always a pony about technique and precision on the piano. Despite her love of perfection, she never does play the same exact song more than once. She is a true showmare. She integrated her more inventive ways like modifying the sound of the pianos with pins and nails and physically plucking the strings into her jazz. She loves improvising most of all, considering it the core of jazz. In fact, if she ever does miss a note, she covers up by improvising the next section of the song to make it seem intentional. This doesn't change her aversion to actually missing a note. Though she is hard on herself, she is a real breeze to work with, and is always willing to laugh at herself over her misgivings. She is a go with the flow kind of pony and always takes compliments graciously, though she is more humble, often replying to compliments with a mere thank you. She isn't shy and always love meeting new ponies and especially new musicians. If anyone mentions a jam session to her, it doesn't matter the time, she can and will play like a pony possessed by the spirit of jazz itself. Sometimes she still composes the music she grew up with for some extra bits. Friends that she grew up with would sometimes send her letters and ask for her assistance. Though she wasn't there for it, apparently the show that she composed for was a great hit and she was well remembered in musical circles of Baltimare. She didn’t particularly mind it either, she felt that returning to her roots allowed her to see the future more clearly and come up with new interesting ideas that she could use in her performances.
  17. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Mane RP Name: Durham Red Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Washed out Denim Blue Coat: Terra Cotta red, like sun baked clay Mane/Tail: Silvery leaf green, kept short and out of the way Physique: Tall and broad shouldered, with strong legs Residence: Appleloosa Occupation: Miller Cutie Mark: Two ears of golden wheat Durham Red worked in the family mill since he was old enough to push a broom. At first, his chores consisted of just sweeping up the spilled grain and flour, but as he grew older and stronger, he started helping unload the grain bags and filling the flour sacks. When he had a few moments to himself, he studied the mechanics of the mill, learning how the gears and shafts worked. Once, when he was a young colt, an order came in for one hundred sacks of finely ground cake flour to be delivered to a bakery in Fillydelphia. Unfortunately the night before a storm upriver had sent a felled tree right into the mill's water wheel, breaking some of the paddles so it couldn't turn properly anymore. It would take at least a week to fix, and the order was due in three days. Durham Red thought hard, studied the machinery, and came up with a solution. He created a makeshift belt drive, attached it to the axle of the water wheel on one end, and a treadmill on the other. Then he jumped on the treadmill and started running. The belt drive turned the axle, which turned the gear wheels, which turned the main drive shaft, which turned the millstones. His sire, hearing the noise coming from the mill, ran in to see what his son had done. He was so proud that he just stood there for a moment, admiring the ingenuity of the solution Durham Red had come up with. Then he joined his son on the treadmill, and together they ground the wheat until the flour order was completed. Durham Red was so exhausted that he didn't notice his cutie mark until the next day. If you were to ask him what it meant, he would tell you it stood for dedication, to one's work and one's family. History: Durham Red comes from a long line of millers. His grandparents emigrated from Germaney when they were newly married, and built a gristmill on the Manebrush River, just north of Fillydelphia. Farmers on the Saddleveil Plains would bring their grain to the mill to be ground into flour, and then transported downriver to the city to be sold. Business thrived, and eventually they passed the mill on to their sons, Einkorn, Emmer, and Spelt. Durham Red's sire, Einkorn, met and married a pretty mare named Caraway Rye, who joined him in the family business. Eventually they took over operation of the mill as Einkorn's two brothers got married and moved away. Einkorn and Caraway Rye had two foals, Durham Red, and his little sister. Sorghum Sweet. Durham Red spent his foalhood in the mill, helping to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. He did get some schooling, when it wasn't too busy and his parents could spare him. What he didn't learn in school, he learned from books. He was at the library in Fillydelphia as often as he could get there, and checked out books on everything from Equestria Ancient History to modern engineering and mechanics. When Durham Red learned about the new pony settlement of Appleloosa, he decided to try his hoof at running his own mill. A different sort than the water wheel run grist mill his grandsire had built. He wanted to build a wind powered mill, just outside of the town. That way the farmers could sell their grain and flour to the townspeople rather than sending it downriver, and needing to ship it back at greater expense. Fortunately his uncle Emmer and his wife, a pretty donkey named Wilhelmina, had moved back to Fillydelphia, and could take over his place at the mill. His cousin, Franz Mueller, decided that running a mill on the edge of pony civilization would be a great adventure. He volunteered to accompany Durham to Appleloosa and help him build and run it. Durham's sister, Sorghum Sweet, was annoyed that she wasn't allowed to go with her big brother, but she was still to young to be any real help, and probably more of a hindrance. Durham promised her she could come visit when the new windmill was all set up and ready for business. Character Summary: Durham Red's windmill is located just outside of Appleloosa, nearish to the railroad tracks. Local farmers on the Saddleveil Plains send him grain, which he grinds into flour to sell to the Appleloosans. And with so many members of the Apple family living there, they go through a lot of flour. The great pie battle with the nearby buffalo tribe used nearly one hundred sacks alone! Durham Red is dedicated to his work. He prides himself on the quality of his finished product. Even though he is the mill owner now, he still sweeps the floor every day, to keep himself grounded. And on days when the wind just won't turn the sails (and there isn't a pegasus around to bring a breeze), he and Franz take turns running the treadmill that turns the shaft. Durham Red and Franz Mueller are still young males though, and like to have a bit of fun every now and then. Franz learned how to make moonshine liquor from an old prospector pony, and Durham set up a still in back of the storage shed. They take the leftover grain and turn it into firewater whiskey, which they will sometimes share with their friends among the other young stallions in town. They also have races every so often with the young buffalo bulls, to see who is the fastest on four hooves. Durham usually loses, but it's great fun anyhow. Living with his cousin is fine, and a lot of fun, but Durham Red would love to have a fillyfriend. Goodness knows there are a lot of pretty fillies in Appleloosa, but he's never been able to ask one on a date. Franz, being a mule, is completely unhelpful in this regard. "What do you want some filly around fer?" he asks. "They're nothin' but trouble, I tell ya." His sister is the complete opposite. "Why don't you have a filly friend yet?" Sorghum Sweet will ask every time she visits. Worse than his mother, who also reminds him with not so subtle hints that she would love some grandfoals someday, preferably soon. It isn't that he is shy, it's that if anything, he's too bold. Durham Red always shows off around the pretty fillies in town, and inevitably hurts himself, or otherwise embarrasses himself in front of them. Then they laugh and walk away. Every darn time *sigh*. One day, he'll learn. Maybe. His head can be as hard as a millstone sometimes. Durham Red's two loves are his job, and his family. He loves being an independent pony, running his own windmill. He loves having his little sister visit, even if she can be annoying at times, and he loves living with his cousin and sharing the family business with him. He dislikes the weevils and mice that sometimes get into his grain and flour sacks, making a mess and ruining the product. He also dislikes the splitting headaches he gets from drinking too much homemade firewater whiskey. And he really dislikes his mother nagging him to have babies already, but not enough to stop talking to her. She is his mother, after all.
  18. Thanks to Rosewind for inspiring this one. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Harlequin Salad Sex: female Age: young mare Species: earth pony Eye colour: hazel Coat: Her coat is tan with scattered dark brown splotches of varying size. Mane/Tail: Her mane is a very vivid hot pink in colour. It's styled in a mess of unkempt mid length curls sticking out all over the place. Physique: She is fairly average in size. Maybe slightly taller and thinner than other mares her age. Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Waitress. Aspiring chef. Cutie Mark: Harlequin Salad's cutie mark is a bowl of colourful mixed fruits. It represents her ability to prepare things that are colourful and nice to look at. She found her cutie mark as a young, bright eyed foal one day while trying to do something special for her father who she was very close with and loved dearly. She decided to try cooking for him as she had always loved eating the food he made for her. She was sure that with enough love and effort she could produce something he would absolutely adore. So Harlequin gathered up a variety of fruits, vegetables, mayonnaise and an assortment of spices and tried to put together the best fruit salad she could, as it was a dish her father had always enjoyed. In the end, she had prepared something she was very proud of. The colours were so bright and vivid, and it had an enchanting smell. She thought the taste was very unique and fun too. She surprised her father with the salad and he was clearly blown away by the act of kindness. More over he was stunned by how good what his daughter had prepared looked. He ruffled the filly's mop of pink curls and told her he was proud. Harlequin was so very touched and inspired that her cutie mark appeared then and there, along with her lifelong dream of making food that would make others happy. The fact that her father was violently ill after actually eating the salad somehow didn't connect with her. History: Harlequin Salad was born into an ordinary life in a quiet Fillydelphia suburb. Her parents, father Merrymaker and mother Victory Garden, made a decent life for her and her sister as a children's book author and garden supply store clerk respectively. Her foalhood was pleasant, comfortable and relatively uneventful. Perhaps that is what lead Harlequin, always a wide eyed dreamer, to aspire for greatness. From very early on, she decided she would find that greatness by becoming a world famous celebrity chef. She was determined to reinvent cuisine In Equestria, become a top selling cookbook author, open a world famous restaurant and become showered with praise and adoration by countless ponies from every corner of Equestria. it was her one dream, and a young Harlequin determined to make it her one reality. There was just on stumbling block in the way, albeit a rather big one: Harlequin Salad is not a good chef. Her food while often colourful and eye catching, more often than not, due to bizarre flavour choices, is best described as disgusting. Becoming a celebrated chef has become an increasingly distant dream, as finding just one pony who enjoys her food has thus far proven to be an impossible task. To pursue her dreams, when she became a mare, Harlequin moved to the big city of Manehattan, intent on attending a respected culinary school. This came to an end when, after a few months something she prepared made one of her professors violently ill. Undeterred, Harlequin took a job as a waitress at a fancy restaurant in town, hoping that being around fine foods will help her better understand how to make them. All the while she continues to read cookbooks and practice her chosen craft. Character Summary: Harlequin is a cheerful, upbeat mare. She is not the sort to ever get beat down, even by her perpetual and often egregious failings. She sees every stumble as something to overcome and is almost reckless in her ability to keep going even as life slaps her in the face. She just keeps on her winning smile and always does her best. This can also be a bit of a flaw. Harlequin is best described as being quite stubborn in her pursuits, even in the face of negative talent. She has a rather bizarre sense of taste and seems to fundamentally not understand how flavours work. She just has no talent for pleasing taste buds often to the point of comedy. Most ponies who know her, recognize she has no chance of becoming a chef, though so far none has been able to convince her of this. Harlequin is a very fun loving, social mare. She enjoys hanging around with friends, and listening to music. She is perhaps not the smartest mare and can get confused or a bit spacey at times, but is usually pretty good at at least bluffing that she knows what others are talking about. She is generally easy to get along with--provided she doesn't try and feed you too often. She is generally very outgoing. She can get a bit obsessive at times, especially about her passions, but is more generally an easygoing pony. She is quick to crack a joke, sometimes at her own expense. She is quite committed to her waitress job and tries to do her very best at it, seeing it as a valuable opportunity to further her pursuits. While some might say she doesn't know when to take things seriously, she tries her best to put serious effort into everything she does.
  19. (Sorry if this is a bit long, heh) Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Riff Run, nickname Birdy Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Gold ringed with brown. Coat: Glossy, subdued camel brown. Mane/Tail: Jet black with muted cream streaks, glossy. Physique: Riff Run is slightly smaller than average height with a fairly toned athletic build. Living as a drifter, she does a lot of walking and it keeps her in great physical shape. Residence: Wherever her hooves take her! At least that’s the philosophy she lives by. In truth, she has a small place she inherited from her grandparents in Corralwood Corral that she’ll retreat to every once in a while. While she’s out and about she’ll often camp under the stars, but in cities and towns she can usually charm her way into a place to stay either through her singing or good nature (though it’s usually the former). Occupation: Drifter, jazz singer. Riff Run goes wherever she pleases, but she has to make a living somehow! She started singing at a young age so it only seemed natural that she’d earn her place in society by performing for bits wherever she decides to go. Cutie Mark: A shot glass pouring out coffee that takes the shape of an upside-down bass clef. Growing up in Corralwood Corral with her grandparents, Riff Run was a pretty wild filly. She spent most of her time in the ocean or exploring the island with friends. Soon enough, her pals started having their cutie marks appear one by one, and she grew eager to find hers. She always expected that her cutie mark would be an eye patch or something similar – when she and her friends played pretend, after all, she was always Birdy – the Great and Terrible Pirate Queen! So of course she was very confused as to why it was taking so long for her mark to appear. One day, none of her friends were available to play with Riff Run, and for once she felt compelled to explore the streets of Corralwood Corral instead of playing in the ocean. As she walked through the streets, the smell of fresh roasting coffee and rich chocolate seemed so thick in the salty island air that she felt full just breathing, and with the sun hot enough feel uncomfortable she decided to find some place to take respite from the heat. Just as she was about to duck into an ice cream parlour however, she heard it. The disjointed and frenetic sound of somepony wailing away on a piano. The filly was immediately drawn to the sound – it was so different from the stiff and mechanical playing her parents had tried to get her interested in while she was in Manehatten! The sound, though, was coming from one of the few places she was not allowed to go: a bar. Her grandparents were friends with an older stallion who ran his own bar, and she had always asked them if she could visit, but she was always brushed off and told “When you’re older, when you’re older.” Riff Run wouldn’t be deterred, however – she creeped up to the nearest window and peered in, watching a mare slamming the piano keys as though she had gone mad. It was a spellbinding show; the performer managed to make catchy and beautiful melodies out of the chaos, and she simply couldn’t sit still. She’d stand off her bench, sit back down, and have her body follow her hooves as she moved up and down the keyboard – the young sleuth of a filly had never seen anything like it! It excited her like nothing had before – too much, perhaps, because she had thrown caution to the wind and positioned herself right in front of that window. “Who’s there?” a gruff, familiar voice called out. Bingo! It was the voice of her grandparents’ stallion friend. “What’re you doing, Birdy?” He asked, so she explained herself. She just wanted to listen to the music! Luckily, the bar was closed so they could do a sound check for the pianist’s show that evening, so the old stallion agreed to let her come in and listen. The only folks around were the musician, some sound techs, and the barkeep, so he knew her grandparents wouldn’t mind her coming in so long as everything was kept foal-friendly. The pianist was terribly amused, and put on quite a show for her young admirer! When everything was deemed ready for the evening’s performance, the barkeep asked Riff Run what her favourite drink was. Hoping to sound mature to the musician, the filly proudly answered, “Coffee!” and with a chuckle from the older ponies around her the barkeep poured coffee into small glasses for everyone. It seemed silly – such a small glass didn’t hold much, but she wouldn’t complain. She drank the bitter liquid in one gulp and felt an elation the likes of which she had never known – what fun she was having! That evening, she told her grandparents the story of the jazz pianist over and over, and begged them to help her find music like that to listen to. It wasn’t long before she had amassed a fairly impressive jazz collection for a youngster, one that she would listen to on her grandparents’ record player. It took even less time for her to go from listening to the music to singing it. Her grandparents were thrilled – truthfully, Riff Run was given her nickname “Birdy” at an early age because she had a lovely and distinct singing voice. Her parents couldn’t keep her interested in singing or voice lessons, however, and they always thought she just wasn’t interested in music. It was evident as soon as the filly threw herself into jazz music, however, that the issue wasn’t a lack of interest in singing, just a lack of interest in what she dubbed “snooty tunes.” Her cutie mark finally appeared when her grandparents took her into town one day to visit the old barkeep. Just two hours before his bar opened for the day, they had Riff Run sing for him. It was her first live performance, and it was an experience that she will never be able to put into words. She put everything her little heart had to offer into the music, and gave off her best performance. Even with the applause of just three ponies, she felt elated enough to float up to the clouds and just live with the pegasi. The barkeep finished off her performance by pouring up yet another round of tiny coffees, and as she drank it down, her cutie mark appeared! She knew she wanted to live as a singer in small bars like that one – “Singing for coffee and living it up!” is what she told her family. History: Riff Run was born in Manehatten to two very savvy business ponies. Her parents are partners in charge of a large textiles company, and were very busy during their daughter’s early years. They tried their best to raise her well, but unfortunately she proved to be quite the handful - city life and “proper” living were much too confining for the young filly and she was always acting out, proving herself to be quite the handful. She was always causing a ruckus and could be a destructive force if she didn’t keep her high energy in check, and her parents simply didn’t know how to calm her down. It eventually became pretty clear to her father that Riff Run carried too much of his blood – he was a reckless youth as a colt as well, except he had wide open spaces to dump his energy into! So after talking it over with their daughter, the two sent the young filly to live with her paternal grandparents in Corralwood Corral. She immediately fell in love with the place. Warmth, ocean, black sands, a huge volcano (though inactive, it was perfect fodder for her adventurous and childish imagination!), the smell of coffee and chocolate that seemed to hang about the streets, and fresh coconuts to be found at every turn! Her grandparents were retired traders who had been involved in the coffee business and decided to retire in a small home on the black sands of Corralwood Corral’s beaches. Hardly an hour passed before Riff Run felt at home, and immediately she could feel the stress from living in the refined city of Manehatten just oozing out of her body to get eaten up by the relaxed atmosphere of island living. Growing up in Corralwood Corral was like living in a dream for the young filly. She spent her schooldays daydreaming, and the afternoons exploring the islands with her friends. She was always the ringleader – making up grandiose stories for playing pretend as they familiarized themselves with every inch of their island home. She often missed her parents, however, and counted the days to their visits. She was always eager to show them new things she had discovered, and to prove that she wasn’t just some destructive force. For their part, they missed their daughter but understood how much happier she was with her grandparents. They also recognized how calm she was now that she could throw all of her excess energy into swimming, climbing, and exploring! As Riff Run grew older, though, she found herself more eager to explore Corralwood Corral itself, and not just the island around it. When her cutie mark appeared she threw everything she had into jazz, and for years stayed on the island with her grandparents singing in town and saving up money. Her favourite performances were always the ones she did when her parents came to visit – seeing their pride filled her heart with incomprehensible joy, for she always worried they would see her as the destructive and lost little filly she had been in Manehatten. Her life on the island wouldn’t stay the same forever, however. As she grew older so did her grandparents, and they eventually made the decision to move to Manehatten to live with her parents and stay close to them. They left their small house on the black shores of the Gallopocus Islands to their granddaughter and left town, leaving Riff Run a bit at a loss. Life felt different with them gone, and she quickly grew restless. She knew she needed a change in her life, but wasn’t sure what it should be. She was a young mare at that point, and so she went to visit her old barkeep friend for advice one evening and found the answer she needed at his bar. She met that same mare who inspired her into a life of jazz that evening, and the two of them got along famously. The pianist even invited Riff Run to sing with her for a few numbers after hearing her voice. Somewhere in the sea of jazz, coffee, whiskey that clouded the atmosphere in that small bar the answer just seemed to come to the young singer. She would live her life on the road, get to finally see the world and make her living hopping from joint to joint, living off of her voice! It was the perfect plan! Not quite “singing for coffee and living it up,” but close enough! Just like that, the next day she was taking a boat to the mainland where she would begin her adventurous life! And that’s just what she has been doing, living as a drifter going from town to town and singing for money at bars, cafés and restaurants, charming her way to good accommodations at cheap rent and making quite a name for herself as Birdy the Wandering Jazz Singer! Her parents are a little disappointed that she wasn’t creating a more refined image for herself, but accepted that she was happy and successful in her own way. Her grandparents, of course, are happy and supportive as always! Character Summary: Riff Run’s almost too cool for school. She speaks in a husky voice that oozes jazz, doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, and she’s able to get along well with any and everypony she meets. If she’s not performing, you can be sure to find her sitting and relaxing with a cup of coffee and a block of dark chocolate, taking in the flavours of home with a whimsical air about her. It goes without saying that a drifting jazz pony has an adventurous spirit and an endless font of energy stored somewhere in her, but it’s definitely scary at times just how much energy Riff Run has. The running theory with her friends in Corralwood Corral is that the Mount Thunderhooves went inactive because it was decided to be the source of energy for their earth pony friend! She puts that energy to good use, however; she has a tendency to lend a helping hoof in every town and city she visits. Usually she goes out of her way to find out if a barkeep or restaurant owner she’s working for needs anything done by ways of odds and ends. She was always helping her grandparents out with chores and repairs growing up, so she’s handy with small fix-up projects (such as plastering walls, painting, fixing fences and wood panelling). If there is one thing she has no patience for, however, it’s arrogance. She was born in a world of wealthy and privileged snoots but she certainly didn’t take to it. No matter what one’s wealth or status is, she sees everything and everypony on the same level, and when she comes across ponies who look down on others (or at least act as though they’re way above others) you can put bet your bits that Riff Run is going to have something to say on the matter!
  20. (Based off the G1 pony!) Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP Name: Seashell Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth pony Eye colour: Dark sea-green Coat: Light, cool gray Mane/Tail: Straight, thin, layered mane and tail Physique: Fit and athletic from all those walks on the beach! Residence: Corallwood Corral Occupation: Tacky gift-shop owner Cutie Mark: As a very young filly, Seashell was almost always at the beach. She loved to swim, run, and collect things. One day she found a bright green sea-shell and was immediately taken aback by it's beautiful colour and perfect shape. She quickly found seashells of all different shapes and sizes and took them home quickly. She very precisely and neatly poked holes through the tops of them, and painted in a dark green her mother's name, letter by letter on each shell. When she gave it to her mother, the mare was absolutely amazed by the beautiful find and the craftsmanship, giving praise to her daughter immensely. A cutie mark appeared then, a neat clump of seashells to represent her ability to find treasures and make them into something even more incredible. History: Seashell was born in Coralwood Corral, the daughter of two marine biologists. Her parents were both pretty easy on Seashell, and pretty much let her do whatever she pleased. Seashell had a good conscience, however, and never got herself into much trouble. She wasn't into breaking the rules, and always let her severe anxiety rule any situation in which she could be punished for any reason. Every day the young filly would wake up and enjoy a trot along the beach before heading off to school. Something about the ocean just captivated her, and she never forgot those walks on the beach. She would collect shells and made lots of crafts and earrings from anything that washed up onshore. Bright, cheerful, and polite, Seashell was at the top of her academic class and went off to college to study volcanic activity. College went well, but was not too eventful. Seashell spent most of her time studying, not wanting to mess up a single thing about schooling. She made a few friends, but she never really got close to them because of her dedication to work. Seashell rarely actually got to see any volcanoes, and not once did they erupt. She hadn't forgotten those walks on the beach. She longed to go home and collect shells again, wanting nothing more but to try her hoof at surfing. So she got a degree, headed straight home, and bought a little house right next to her parents. Tourism sells big in Coralwood Corral. Seashell is very talented with both money and kitschy crafts. She quickly decided to put her skills to work by opening up a tacky little gift-shop by the beach. Her sales are immense and adored year-round. Her items are worn and carried by ponies who love to travel all across Equestria. Character Summary: Her flaws: Seashell has a serious tendency to overwork herself. She's a perfectionist, and if things aren't exactly the way she wants them expect your head to be gone in the morning. She tends to overreact and freak out at many little things, and spirals her generally calm self into a bad rut of anxiety. She's very prone to being used by others because she's so giving as well, which has made a very negative impact on her life. Several times she's had bad friends who have treated her badly, and because of this she has a lot of anxiety when it comes to trusting other ponies. Her personality: Seashell likes to live her life looking out. She is very rational, logical, and intuitive. She is highly intelligent and cheerful almost all the time. Optimism comes naturally to her, and she makes a very good friend. Despite being a people-pony, Seashell is an incredible listener. Seashell turns her problems into solutions, very intelligent and thoughtful. She is efficient and finishes all tasks with complete accuracy. She has a very strong moral character and can't stand it when ponies are mean or rude. Her love of life is vivid and immense; that's why Seashell is just so happy to be alive.
  21. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Peace Keeper Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Golden Hazel (Is that even a colour? Well, it feels right.) Coat: Deep blue Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are a chestnut colour. They usually keep themselves pretty neat without his interference, with the exception of the tips which like to poke out. Physique: Scrawny and small, leaving some to think he is younger than he is Residence: Born and raised in Fet Loch Occupation: Odd jobs, He hasn’t yet found a good way to use his special talent to make bits. Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is that of a water droplet and rippling water. It symbolizes his desire to keep ponies relaxed and happy, similar to the tranquil feelings of being near a stream or river. He obtained his cutie mark when a friend of his was about to move out of Fet Loch. She was very distraught about the situation, as she would have to start her life all over again. Peace, who at this point in his life was truly starting to see most things in a positive light, decided to help her the best way he knew how, and gave her words of encouragement. In return for his kindness, she gave him a kiss on the cheek before she went home. The joy of relieving her fears, in addition to the reward he was given, allowed his mark to appear and made him know that he wanted to help ponies. History: Peace Keeper was an only child raised solely by his mother. Though she never let it on, he had a feeling that she had a hard time providing for him. Most of the bits she got from her job as a foal sitter, were used just to feed them. Some of the other children at school would often tease him about his lack of being able to keep up with popular trends. When he informed his mother of this, she would comfort him and tell him he should enjoy what he did have. The comfort he received from her had a great impact on him. He soon learned to control his emotions to a point and how to appreciate all the blessings in his life. As he got older, Peace started to take an interest in emotions, and decided to study them the best he could. His desire to help those around him and gain a greater understanding of emotions has lead him to strike out on his own and understand himself more. Unfortunately, living on your own isn't free, so he had to get a job. His job choices are usually just temporary, allowing him to decide how to use his special ability to its greatest potential. Character Summary: Peace is a fairly upbeat pony, usually trying not to let things get him down. He loves to see ponies reactions to various situations, and will often over play his reactions for comedic effect. Being surrounded by by others is right up his alley, especially when everypony is in a good mood. Whenever he is in a bad mood or feeling down, he prefers to find peace and quiet.
  22. Roleplay Type: [colour=#282828]World Of Equestria (Mane RP)[/colour] Name: CustardPie Sex: [colour=#282828]Female[/colour] Age: Mare Species: [colour=#282828]Earth Pony[/colour] Eye colour:[colour=#282828] Aquaish/light blue[/colour] Coat: Creme Mane/Tail:[colour=#282828] Light brown and crimson.[/colour] Physique:[colour=#282828] Average, though somewhat athletic. [/colour] Residence: Fillydelphia Occupation: Adventurer/Courier Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a blue shooting star with a light blue trail behind it. It symbolizes her perseverance, ambition, and adventurous attitude. She earned it while adventuring with a band around Equestria, without the permission of her parents. To this day, she still wanders around Equestria looking for fun to be had. When she's not off adventuring she is at home utilizing her baking skills to help the family business. (Warning large image) History: CustardPie grew up in Fillydelphia living in the family bakery close to the center of town. Life in the bakery was easy and fun for CustardPie. She would always help out her father, Stargazy Pie, with baking and delivering pastries around the neighborhood. Though as much fun as baking was, CustardPie enjoyed helping her mother, Lime Chiffon, more. Lime Chiffon's job was manning the cart and selling pastries across the city. CustardPie always loved to explore the city from a young age. When she was a filly CustardPie attended school during the week, though she spent much of her time reading adventure books or drawing pictures, and explored the city during the weekend. One night, her family's bakery invited a folk band to play. Custard was so inspired by them that she stowed away on the band wagon and stayed with them on their tour. Eventually her parent's found out and tracked her down. She was caught Baltimare and grounded. Her father explained "It's your destiny to be a baker, not one of those reckless adventurers." However at that very moment Custard acquired her cutie mark. Her parents were in shock. She realized that her cutie mark was from following her dreams and adventuring like she wanted to instead of remaining at home. Her father, feeling bad, rushed to hug her and apologized for his remark. After that they returned home to Fillydelphia. Trying to be useful to the family business, Custard recommended that she be made a long distance delivery pony. Reluctantly, her parents agreed though her father feared for her safety. Custard later expanded to delivering all sorts of packages instead of just pastries. She runs and rides all across Equestria delivering packages and meeting different kings of ponies in each town she meets. When she has free time, which is a lot of the time, she enjoy returning to Fillydelphia and helping the family and just enjoying the mysteries and oppurtunities life in the city has to offer. Character Summary: CustardPie, a courier and adventurer, is a charming and kind mare from Fillydelphia who has a knack for meeting new people and exploring. She keeps her friends and family close to her despite travelling far distances from them sometimes. She also is one of the faster ponies in Equestria though she is far behind the speed of that of a well trained Pegasus. In addition to her talent for exploring and running she is also a decent baker, mostly due to the experience she received at the family bakery. Custard dreams one day of travelling to the far reaches of the world and exploring exotic places like Saddle Arabia however the trip is rather pricey and she has no one to stay with in such far away places. She is constantly motivated by the new people she meets and the simple joy of discovering a new place or seeing a famous landmark in real life instead of in the pictures of a textbook. Outside of running and adventuring Custard has a love for parties and music. When there's a party happening in town she tries her best to get in on the action. She also has a deep love for all kinds of music leading her to venture far to see her favorite bands or artists perform in live concert. She also loves the outdoors and would never turn down a chance to explore a forest or go cliff jumping. Those who have met her generally describe her as optimistic, happy, charming, and incredibly polite. Her actions and personality exude altruism as she will generally help out those in need. When she is caught up in the moment she can sometimes become a little crazy. It's not an uncommon site to see her leading a conga line or stage diving. Though despite being a ball of kindness she does hate some dislikes. For one, she dislikes those who are rude. If she sees somebody being rude and harming another for no reason she will likely step in. She also doesn't like to hang around those who are too negative or serious. She fears and hates small enclosed spaces where she can't move her legs. She can also be brash at times, acting on her emotions instead of fully thinking things through. Picture of her: And what mainly influenced the name/personality (to an extent)
  23. Roleplay Type:Mane RP Name:Apple Susie Sex:Female Age:Young Filly Species:Earth Pony Eye colour:Pale Emerald Coat:Tan Hazel with Freckles on her cheeks Mane/Tail: Hair: Long all the way to shoulder length and which a bang that hangs to the left. Her hair is two colours Cherry Red with streaks of Pineapple Yellow. Tail: A short tuft with Pineapple yellow tips. Physique:Small but still normal weight and slightly athletic Residence:Appleloosa Occupation:Student Cutie Mark:None History: Apple Susie was born to two loving and hard working earth ponies apart of the elustrious Apple Family tree in the small and hardworkin' town of Appleloosa. Apple Susie's Dad used to be a rebel while in college always thinking Equestria was being controlled by some pony behind the scenes. Her mother was more of the silent and shy type and just let her father run the family. Seeing as Apple Susie hasn't lived all of the life she plans on living she hasn't really done much but help out the family farm, go to school, and hang out with friends. Susie had just recently stopped from being home schooled due to her father's beleifs and is joining public school like everypony else. Apple Susie's Pa used to teach her about math, the sciences and other such but she never trully found interest in that stuff. Her father was afraid that his little girl would be turned into a pony that wasn't the real her, but still slightly reluctant Apple Susie's Pa allowed Apple Susie to go to school with everypony else after her mother convinced him to let her make new friends outside of the house. Susie always used to look outside of her bedroom window and dreamed to explore inside and beyond Equestria. Character Summary: Apple Susie is usually a very bubbly and energetic little pony. Aside from the crazy and goofy, she's fully capable of being a serious, protective and slightly competitive filly. She can sometimes seem a bit stand offish when upset due to the fact that when she used to be home schooled she never had any other pony to talk to other than her parents. Susie is an adventurer by heart, likes to explore as much as possible, meet new creatures (whether pony or not), All types of apple sweets, dancing, and making tons of new friends! She's kind to everypony unless they give her a reason not to be and does not like to hurt anypony she especially has a soft spot for little foals and tiny creatures. One can summarize her personalities into: Kind, caring, funny, competitive, adventurous, and CRAAAAZY! Becoming friends with Apple Susie can be pretty easy but she is sort of a novice at it. It is usually easy but she has to get to truly know you in order to truly become your friend. When it comes to friends she is very protective, but she can be a bit of a hot head and jump to conclusions when her friends feelings get hurt. For fun Susie usually hangs out with the little critters on the prairie, making new friends, reading the occasional adventure comic imported from the bigger cities, and exploring beyond Appleloosa (but not too far. Susie never really liked school, during her times foal-sitting she absolutely loathes dirty diapers and having to clean them she especially doesn’t like bullies, (I mean seriously who doesn’t?!?!). When it comes to “talents” Apple Susie doesn’t have many but the ones that she does have she considers them more like passions, some of these passions are Adventuring, Dancing (not really), Singing (sort of), being a diplomat between ponies, and getting into things that are none of her beeswax. Apple Susie dreams to one day explore around and beyond Equestria, to get her cutie mark, and to meet new cultures. Even though Apple Susie is probably the most adventurous filly you could ever meet she still has fears like everypony else, such as being afraid of the dark, being abandoned, and never receiving her cutie mark.
  24. [colour=#660066]Roleplay[/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour][colour=#660066]Type[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600] Crossovers and Free for all[/colour] [colour=#660066]Name[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]Richard Graycolt[/colour] [colour=#660066]Sex[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]Stallion[/colour] [colour=#660066]Age[/colour][colour=#666600]:[[/colour][colour=#666600]Colt[/colour] [colour=#660066]Species[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]Earth Pony[/colour] [colour=#660066]Eye[/colour][colour=#000000] colour[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]blue[/colour] [colour=#660066]Coat[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]red[/colour] [colour=#660066]Mane[/colour][colour=#666600]/[/colour][colour=#660066]Tail[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]blue[/colour] [colour=#660066]Physique[/colour][colour=#666600]:skinny yet muscular[/colour] [colour=#660066]Residence[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]Manehattan[/colour] [colour=#660066]Occupation[/colour]:[colour=#666600] College student and a vigilante crime fighter[/colour] [colour=#660066]Cutie[/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour][colour=#660066]Mark[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600]police baton[/colour] [colour=#660066]History[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600] As a child, Richard was a circus acrobat, the ringmaster was like a father to him, however one faithful night the ringmaster was shot by an unidentified assassin. Richard swore his revenge on crime and became NightWing.[/colour] [colour=#660066]Character[/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour][colour=#660066]Summary[/colour][colour=#666600]:[/colour][colour=#666600] Nightwing is a vigilante pony who as a human would look something like this [/colour] [colour=#666600]He wears a special armor that is laser proof, effective against Unicorn criminals, He wields 2 police batons and runs around beating up evil ponies. He lives with a millionaire who also ironically had loved ones killed and became a vigilante[/colour] Also he's a highschool student.
  25. Roleplay Type : World Of Equestria/Mane RP Name : Dice Aleatorem Gender : Male Age : Young Stallion Specie : Earth Pony Eye colour : Sky Blue Coat : Beige Mane&Tail : Dice's mane is coloured blue and degrades to orange on the outlines. Under his cap his mane is cropped on the center of his forehead,going down his forehead. Physique : Dice is actually quite short,about the size of a teenage Colt. Residence :Canterlot Occupation : Part time Librarian Cutie Mark : Two dice Story:Dice was always bragging about his luck,when a young colt many would be jealous or envious of whatever good luck charm Dice could have.One day,as he was on his way to school,a neighborhood bully stole his Die necklace(See image),thinking it was the reason why Dice was so lucky.Afraid the bully and his friends might make his life a misery if he told his parents about what happened,Dice went and faced off against the bully himself.As Dice's demands to get his necklace back were refused,he decided to go all or nothing in order to get it back ; he challenged the bully to a game of dice,the winner keeps the necklace and the loser becomes the winner's slave.After tie-ing 3 throws,Dice won,getting back his beloved charm.Being a good pony in nature,Dice never asked anything out of the bully, and completely "forgot" about the deal they made. History : Dice was born in Trottingham while his parents were on vacation there.His pegasus parents decided to stay in Trottingham rather than go back to live in Cloudsdale due to their son being born an earth pony. As he was growing up,Dice was not very close to his family due to most of them living in Cloudsdale, instead,he was more inclined to play with other colts and fillies.One thing that was special about dice was how lucky he was,often winning drawings or when flipping a coin.Also,since he was nice to his teachers and diligent as he was studying,others were often jealous of him,which made him have less and less friends as he grew up.When he came into age of leaving home,Dice traveled to Canterlot. Upon arriving in the new city,one of his relatives helped him get a job at one of library nearing the magic school,where several of its students came whenever one needed a little more information on a certain subject.Dice,having read a great deal of the books of the library was often asked where to find certain books or helping with some magic training.Dice became quite fond of helping young colts and fillies,a long therm goal of his is to become a teacher. Character Summary : Dice is a very excitable young stallion,he tends to get thrilled at any little thing happening to him or his friends. Dice is also a huge fan of math and logic problems,tons of colts and fillies asks to help them with their homeworks.One big problem with Dice is his short stature,one could easily mistake him younger than he really is.When ponies makes remarks about his size Dice is very likely to become rude and sarcastic,making the conversation as sour as his mood.Even tough Dice is a very honest and hardworking fellow,his favorite past time is gambling and playing card games,if one were to challenge him at game of heads-or-tail,he would have a hard time refusing. Image
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