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  1. From the album: Frosty's Ponies

    My first attempt at Luna AND my first attempt at a background. The background is meh, but Luna turned out good, so I'm pretty satisfied.
  2. The Viridian Commons, one of Canterlot's many open-air common areas, was bustling as usual for a Thursday afternoon. This one's primary feature was the eponymous café and its attached restaurant. It was a low-key affair by day, being nothing more than a coffee shop and small bakery, but by night it transformed into a happening place with a busy restaurant and a bustling bar, a prominent fixture in Canterlot’s night life. Thusly it was the perfect place to post announcements. Diomedes Ironwing was not normally one for poster duty, but the packages had been assigned to somepony else today and this job was very important. After all, who could say no to a princess’ pronouncements? Hammering the last tack home with his hoof, Dio wiped the sweat off his brow with a fetlock before closing his saddlebags and taking wing for the next spot. There was a full pack saddle of these and they all had to be up by sundown! Upon closer inspection, the poster was in fact a clever facsimile, written in script and stamped with the royal seal of Celestia. These posters had recently gone up all over Canterlot, advertising a new program from the Canterlot Royal Public Relations department, an AMA or “ask me anything” presented by the princesses themselves. Included in the advertisement was a letter from Princess Celestia herself: OOC: This thread is open to all players! The post format is as follows: a short exposition or anecdote from your character describing their day or their general mood as they write the letter followed by the letter itself. The letter should pose an in-character question that your character would be interested about knowing about the princesses or alternately how government is run. Just be aware that questions may be screened at the palace’s discretion. Ready? Ask the princesses (almost) anything!
  3. "Tonight is the night!All of you lucky ponies will have the once in a lifetime offer,Turning into wolves!You will see the moon,and howl on it too!"Delilah yelled out as she was getting her magic ready,"Who's ready to turn into a wolf?I wanna hear who does?!"She yelled out even more.
  4. From the album: ARTS

    I got bored and decided to draw Luna in an Ushanka....and then a trench coat...and then I made a Soviet Style flag...and ended up with this...sorry about the colours being a little off, I don't have a scanner so I had to take a picture with my cell phone, and this being a spur of the moment thing at 5 in the morning I had to work with the coloured pencils I had around. I'm not really happy with how the Ushanka came out...so I may attempt another version of this later, who knows. Feel free to critique the actual artwork though, just please leave out the colour, I know its off. Thanks. In Lunar Equestria Art draws you! (its funny because if your reading this it drew you to click the link...haha!)

    © TheRavingVixen2013

  5. From the album: ARTS

    I got bored in work and after re-watching Luna Eclipsed I couldn't resist drawing this face, its so cute, and also handy as a meme IRL lol.

    © TheRavingVixen 2012

  6. So. Heard a bit about these. Read the story (or at least the first part of a story about it). Even made a clan on World of Tanks called "New Lunar Republic Armored Division" (NLRAD) But I started thinking. How right is it and how would a war like that be waged? While I don't doubt Princess Luna would have some spite against her sister for the 1000 year moon vacation (who wouldn't) to what lengths? I like to think it like a sister vs. sister rivalry and sort of game. No actual war or battle but more like prank vs. prank, game, pie and or pillow fights. XD Share your opinion! I'm rather interested in people's views of this New Lunar Republic vs. Solar Empire I've heard bits about.
  7. I'm writing an adventure story with Princess Celestia as the hero. If that sounds like your kind of thing, please come check it out. Celestia in Excelsis Find out how an ordinary unicorn filly became an alicorn princess, the strange origin of her sister Luna, the fate of Starswirl the Bearded, how the Elements of Harmony were discovered, and how Celestia and Luna lost their connection to them. And much more. It's a thousand years of adventure, magic, and romance, all leading to Princess Celestia's ultimate destiny! Thanks for reading.
  8. From the album: Star's Art :D

    I drew this for a game of telephone pictionary, and thought that it was kind of cute, and that it would be fun to share with you all C:
  9. “But Celestia, my sister—“ Luna turned to Celestia as the doors closed, and Twilight Sparkle began her journey to the Crystal Empire, “—my protege can easily deal with the return of Sombra. I think we should send her instead of Twilight.” Celestia was silent, staring after her student though she was no longer in view, before turning around and shaking her head. “Luna, I know she is powerful. But she is not the Element of Magic.” “She could have been, and you know it!” Luna retorted. Celestia turned her head to look Luna in the eyes. “But she's not. The fact remains that she was not the one to come to your aid. That was the test that the Elements used, and you know the Elements can't change hooves until a wielder has passed on.” Luna looked a bit put out, but she knew it to be true. Though Trixie was every bit as powerful as Twilight, maybe even more so, being an Element holder gave her an edge that nopony else could beat. Seeing as Luna seemed to have nothing to say, Celestia continued walking away, until she heard, “Fine then. I shall away to console her with many hugs and kisses." But by the time she'd turned back, Luna had teleported away in a flash of magic. Celestia scrunched up her face, staring at the spot where her sister had stood just a moment ago, and giving a “Hmm.” Luna couldn't have said what she'd thought she'd said. She must have heard wrong. * * * "I'm sorry Trixie." Luna sighed, once she was back in their room. Trixie had had no place to go when Luna found her. In exchange for becoming her personal student, Trixie was allowed to remain in Canterlot Castle. It was Luna's own personal decision to move the Unicorn into her own chambers. They were far too large for one single pony anyway. “But Celestia doesn't even trust me to go. Just wants to send her little pet." she mumbled the last bit. "I suppose it figures Sparkle would show me up again." she spat the name of the purple Unicorn. "Hmm." Luna made her way to her bed, resting upon it. Trixie, instead of going to relax on her own bed, which was parallel to Luna's, joined the princess on hers. Luna looked at her curiously, her head cocking to the side, but she did not protest as the blue mare snuggled up next to her. Any normal subject would not dare be so informal, so bold, to anypony of royal blood. Even though Trixie was Luna's own special student, just as Twilight Sparkle was to Celestia, they had never gotten... well, quite this close. "I guess while your sister is handling things, as usual, we're stuck here. Together." Trixie gave her own sigh, but a second later realized the implication of her words. "I mean, not, you know, together—" her face flushed, and she scooted away from her mentors side. "Where do you think you're going?" Luna pulled Trixie back to her with a wing, smiling playfully. Trixie blushed again, shuffling her front hooves in front of her. Luna's gesture left Trixie speechless, for the moment. She wasn't sure what she should say, or do... or what the princess was now implying. She looked to Luna, the uncertainty evident on her face. "You should smile." Luna said, her wing still wrapped around the smaller pony. "I like your smile." "No one... usually compliments Trixie." A shiver ran through her, though it wasn't cold. "I know that you tell me how well I'm doing with my magic, how many spells I'm learning, how much stronger I'm getting. But it's not the same thing." she paused, trying to work out how to explain what she meant. "Besides, Trixie is not pretty." she blinked, and a tear rolled down her left cheek. Luna grimaced. Often times when they were training, or even just talking, Trixie would start to go off on some little tangent and then... just stop. She would get this look in her eye, then quit for the day and go off by herself. Luna always let her go. It wasn't her business to pry. But she always felt bad, because it was always something she said that made Trixie become that way. But tonight, she wasn't going to let her go. Luna herself was often sad... though years of practice had taught her to hide it from her subjects. Even around Trixie, she hadn't let her guard down. Maybe if she had, things would be different between them. Luna leaned down, kissing Trixie's cheek before the tear had a chance to fall, and with a flick of her tongue, she had wiped it away. She knew she should have asked, she should have been more polite. But she wanted to comfort her friend, more than anything in the world right now, yet it was so hard to know how. Trixie let out an "Oh!" in surprise, turning to the princess as she sniffled. She studied Luna's eyes for a long moment, the two staring at each other for several moments. Their eyes blinked, back and fourth, but nopony said a word. The only sound in the room was the breathing from the two mares, as each tried to read what the other was thinking. Luna broke the silence as she cleared her throat, then opened her mouth to speak. But she couldn't find the words to say what she was thinking, or even what she should say, or ask, or even do. The princess swallowed visibly, before inching her face just a tad closer to that of her pupil. She was testing the waters, waiting for a signal from Trixie as to whether she should pursue her growing desire, or if she was being too forward. This wasn't... normal behavior for a princess. There was all sorts of protocol, courting and romancing, all sorts of... old ways. This wasn't a thousand years ago, and maybe— The two mares moved as one, though Luna's lips pressed much harder against Trixie's. She was a strong and powerful mare, after all, much more so than any normal pony. Trixie's eyes had already closed, but Luna's remained open for a brief moment while she still held a hint of doubt in her mind. But as she felt the other mare's eager lips against her own, felt their breath begin to mingle, she suddenly didn't care anymore. She was a princess, and nopony should give a **** about how she decided to live her life. Luna's eyes slid closed as she enjoyed the moment, relying on her other senses to tell her what to feel. She could feel her heart pounding, as she pressed forward for more. In the next instant, she'd scooped Trixie up in her wing, rolling onto her back and letting the other mare rest on her chest. Luna pressed Trixie to her own body, enveloping her in her wings and forcing her to stay close. Believe it or not, Luna hadn't had the chance to have much experience with this sort of thing... but she took Trixie's continuation as a sign that she was doing well. After several minutes, the Unicorn mare pulled away, gasping for air and shuddering with excitement. They hadn't yet gotten past the kiss, but it had still been a rather eccentric one, and both ponies seemed to need a moment to recover. The two sat up, facing each other while they caught their breath. Luna waited patiently, unsure if they should continue, or if she had done something wrong, and still trying to push away the thought that maybe this was a bad idea. It was all up to Trixie. "No!" Trixie suddenly yelled, panic in her eyes. "Trixie?" Luna began to move towards her, concern evident on her face and in her voice. "No. No!" Trixie extended a hoof to keep Luna back. "This isn't right! Trixie doesn't deserve this!" Luna at first looked fearful, scared that she had done something wrong and was going to lose her closest friend. She had known from the start this was a bad idea, but she'd refused to listen. And she'd done it again. She'd upset Trixie. Luna silently cursed herself for letting her emotion rather than her brain control her actions. "I—you—you've been too kind to me. You don't even know anything about me!" Trixie seemed to instantly get defensive, even after the moment they had just shared. "I-I'm sorry! I mean, not for being nice, but... I should have asked. You shouldn't have felt obligated." Luna rubbed her face with a hoof. She was so stupid! Of course nopony was going to deny a princess, but she thought that she and Trixie were close enough that the other mare would have denied her if they did not have the same feelings. "Obligated?" Trixie looked offended. "You think Trixie just did that for you? That she can't love somepony else? That she's easy, or desperate?" "I said I was sorry." Luna watched as she was slowly losing the one friend she had in Equestria. Watched as the friendship they'd built up over months was crumbling, with one stupid headstrong mistake. She had finally found somepony she could talk to, somepony who she had thought even looked up to her. But Trixie would be going now, or in the morning... and chances were she wouldn't be back. Luna turned away, shrouding her face with a large wing. She didn't want to show weakness. She was supposed to remain strong, for her country, for her ponies! Luna would let her go... after all, it was Trixie's decision. Luna cared about her too much to tell her how to run her life. Her body shuddered as she tried to hold in sobs, tears sliding down her face. She had tried so hard, she thought she had come so far... only to mess up now. She'd have to start all over, with somepony else. Or maybe she wouldn't. Maybe it was better this way. You couldn't hurt your friends if you didn't have any. Trixie didn't move for several moments. She had been wrong to speak so harshly. It wasn't Luna's fault that she was in the dark about Trixie's past. But Trixie felt unworthy of what the princess wanted to offer. Why would—why would a princess, of all ponies, choose her? Normally Trixie took random acts of kindness as pity, which she did not tolerate. In this instance, though, the princess had been genuine... and Trixie wasn't giving her a fair chance. She moved over to the princess, pushing her wing away with a hoof to reveal a damp and red face. Luna sniffed as she turned away, her ears drooping in defeat. Trixie took the wing, and wrapped it about herself, snuggling up to the princess once again. "Trixie shouldn't have yelled." she leaned her head on Luna's shoulder. It felt comforting, to have somepony so close, somepony she could trust, somepony who wasn't going to up and leave her. She should have realized all of that so much sooner. "Thank you." Trixie said. "I didn't mean to hurt you." she took a deep breath, letting out a heavy sigh. "There have just been a lot of ponies that have hurt Trixie." Luna finally moved, squeezing Trixie with her left wing. She lifted her right wing to brush away the remaining tears, turning back to her student again. "You should tell me about them, sometime. I know it would have helped me to have somepony to talk to when I was suffering." she spoke of the time before Nightmare Moon, though she didn't have to say it. "Come on." Luna slid away from Trixie, crawling under the bed covers. Rest would allow them both to consider the events of this eve much better in the morning. Trixie cautiously made her way across the bed, ducking under the covers and laying next to Luna. Luna's horn glowed for a moment, and then the room was enveloped in darkness. Trixie sighed, and Luna sniffled one last time. "You can show me how great and powerful you really are some other night." Luna said, trying to brighten the mood. "We'll see." Trixie said, reluctantly. "Only if you want to." Luna reassured her. "I might be a princess, but that wasn't an order." "Thank you." Trixie whispered into the dark. Luna felt her warm breath splash across her face. There was silence, and Trixie wondered for a moment if the princess was already asleep. "I won't let you be alone again." she replied quietly. "How—?" The blue Unicorn could only manage one word. "Lucky guess. I know more about you than you might think. But I'd love to know more." Luna rested her head on the pillow. There was a pause, and Luna felt the pony shift next to her, as Trixie herself laid down. "Maybe-maybe tomorrow." It wasn't a definite answer, but it was a step in the right direction, for both mares. Luna moved closer, lightly kissing Trixie once on the nose. "Good night." she whispered. "Good night." Luna fell asleep with the sound of Trixie's voice in her ear. What tomorrow held was uncertain, but one thing was for sure--what she held now, was Trixie.
  10. From the album: Mane 6 and characters

    I get alot of inspiration from songs for starters. I listened to a dubstep version of "Coming Home" with lyrics from Skylar Jones, and the lyrics spoken in this version reminded me of Luna coming back from exile and free from NightMare Moon, and ready to come home where the kingdom awaits. This was a fun project, plus I wanted to work more with light and shadow. Didnt take too too long, maybe about 5 hours finishing the lineart and colouring. I still cant believe it took me nearly an hour just to get the wings sketched. Darn my random moments of "cant draw a particular part today grr!" . xD And look! A background!

    © Luna belongs to Hasbro, Art is mine

  11. Hello. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right or not, however this is a check to see how people would be interested in a more mature non-canon RP regarding protecting the Princesses of Equestria from harm. Both the very much out in the light obvious measures taken to keep them safe, and the very underhanded and secretive measures that need to be taken, as well as dealing with threats to their lives that no one ever even hears about, dealt with in the shadows... and again, also the very obvious, out there threats dealt with. Mainly it would focus around the Honor Guard, and it's different Orders, and also any additional bodyguard personnel that wish to protect the Princesses. So... thoughts please, does it sound interesting? Am I overstepping my bounds? And other information and feedback would be appreciated.
  12. From the album: Cast

    [colour=#444444] Link[/colour][colour=#444444] Happy Halloween everyone! Remember to stay safe this Halloween and scare lots of strangers! And most important of all remember that no one can tell you you can’t be what you want to be, or tell you who you are.[/colour][colour=#444444] ♥Kisses!♥[/colour]
  13. I made this in the style of FlutterRex. I guess there's no point of hiding it. It's meant to be a tribute to his awesomly wierd music style. Constructive Critique Appreciated.
  14. From the album: Commissions, Request and Art Trades

    A piece request by: DuskBreaze Okay, a little explaining is in order. You might ask why I didn't use Luna's current mane. I just like her old mane better...personal preference. A little information about it, she started from a hand drawing then inked by hand, scanned, then editing in Photoshop mostly. Oh yeah, I can't do real magic yet, so I just went with the all mighty sparkles. Sue me. Overall, I really like this piece. Its really cute, and it's Luna. If it was ugly, I'd still like it. :3

    © Drawing By: Lovin' Moonlight/Character by: Hasbro

  15. After a heated disagreement, Luna stages a political coup. Celestia, despnate, turns to an old enemy for aid. Will friendship prevail, or will chaos rule Equestria? http://aquadoxical.blogspot.com/2012/08/equestrian-revolution-reign-of-discord.html#.UCihyaFlSBo Please tell me what you think ^_^
  16. From the album: Pony Paintings

    Remember that little PMV? Yeaah you do.
  17. From the album: Pony Paintings

    Socks AND a Hoodie! OH MY
  18. About Myself: I live in the central time zone, I like to paint, draw and program. How I found Canterlot.com: Google. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: I began when I found a random PMV, then I went to scrolling through ponychan and then made a facebook page called Trolololuna to argue with Trollestia. My favourite main cast pony/s: AppleJack,Fluttershy,Miss Rarity,Rainbow Dash,Twilight Sparkle,Pinkamina Diane Pie Hey all, I'm looking to rp or chat. Sometimes I like to use OC's but I always involve Luna. Not sure what else to say here. I'm a fairly experienced rp'er from nearly the beginning. Finally fed up with Facebook so I'm moving to new sites to look for fresh fun.
  19. From the album: Draw

    This is a drawing I did for a contest, I really had fun drawing it! c: I wish I could draw didigally to make it look cleaner but colored pencils will have to do for now lol! ^^ Thanks for looking. My DA is meowplease.
  20. Luna gazed out over the roofs of Canterlot. Her night was just about to begin and her sister had retired to lower the sun some five minutes ago. The fading light as the sun drifted towards the horizon to make way for her moon cast sharp shadows against the mountain city. The ponies here would not be able to see her moon for several hours after it was raised because Canterlot peak cut the sky and blocked their view. The thought made Luna's heart sink a bit. She knew that ponies these days had grown less fearful of the night. In fact, one of the most interesting festivals she had ever had the pleasure to attend was held at night on the anniversary of her incarceration. Nightmare night had recently come and went but her melancholy was not assuaged by the festivities. If anything they merely served to underscore her disconnection with the present. Even with the fact that she could count her saviors among her friends, and many of the foals of the town as well, she was plagued with deep ennui and found she could do little to relieve her depression. To clear her mind before her nightly duties which never took more than three hours to complete, Luna had begun taking walks through the streets of Canterlot. Viewing the city in the light of her moon gave her a peace of mind that she could scarcely achieve elsewhere. Maybe, she mused she would meet some of her subjects and learn from the common pony what it was to be an Equestrian in this new era. Celestia's sun dipped beyond the horizon and Luna began her first duty of each and every night. She lifted herself high into the air, far above Canterlot Keep and even the very summit of the mountain itself and lit her horn. She felt the familiar cool touch of the lunar sphere on her mind, and a smile spread unbidden across her face. Even with it's role as her prison for a thousand years, Luna could only feel happiness when she touched the moon. It was what she looked forward to each evening. The moon crested the eastern horizon and broached the sky, beginning it's slow journey westward, chasing the sun. With her duty done for the time being, Luna allowed herself to glide gently towards the sprawling tiered city below. She had taken a stroll through the markets the night before, and the upper residential the night before that. In fact. She had visited nearly every part of the city in the last few weeks. All but one. Down near the foot of the mountain laid the old walls of Canterlot Fort that now housed the lower district where the 'lower classes' lived and worked. With a deft twist of her wings, Luna began to spiral down towards the old fort and the district that had sprung up there. Here only the main streets were paved, and then only poorly. Cracks had been hastily filled to prevent ponies from chipping hooves and breaking cart wheels in pot holes but beyond that, the streets left much to be desired. The shops were a different story. While not the grandiose architecture of Canterlot proper, the storefronts that Luna spied now were in very good repair. The shop owners obviously cared for their establishments. Many were two story buildings with what Luna assumed to be either apartments or storage on the upper levels. There were no ponies on the streets now, but the sounds of lives being lived filled the air from open windows. The few shops still open looked to be in the process of closing and in the distance, Luna spied the lower gates set in the old fort wall stood invitingly open to the night time traveler. The idea of such a thing would have been laughable one thousand years ago, but as Celestia had said many times before, times change. Luna began to stroll through the slowly darkening streets. As she walked, the street lamps began to light of their own accord, an ingenious spell now in use all across Equestria. The soft yellow light allowed everypony to see in the dark of night. Luna, being the Princess of the night, did not need such aid. She continued to walk aimlessly around the area. At first, she kept to the well traveled main roads but soon found that there was little to see in the dead of night, so she broke away from the well lit road. She passed into an alleyway that cut across into the more industrial area of the lower district. There was no sound of ponies living their lives here. These buildings served their purpose during daylight and stood empty at night. She trotted between warehouses and factories, having decided to cross the small industrial park to the aqueduct that towered over the district. As she neared it, she noticed that the buildings were in more severe states of disrepair than any she had seen in all of Canterlot. These buildings could not have been used for months now. She continued onward passing dilapidated buildings and broken wagons left here by merchants who could not afford to repair them. As she passed by one such wagon, she heard something she had not expected. Soft singing was coming from inside a covered wagon missing both it's wheels. Upon closer inspection, the tarp had been repaired amateurishly with poorly executed stitches holding tattered patches over what must have been small holes and tears. A dim light flickered from inside, just visible from beyond the slightly parted flaps at the cart's rear. Listening closely, she attempted to hear the song being sung. She recognized it instantly. It was an old traveler pony's song. Very old in fact. It was old before she was banished. It surprised her that such a thing could have lasted over a thousand years when some of the most important magical discoveries of that time were allowed to disappear into obscurity. She sat and listened, reminiscing of happier times. She was so lost in her own recollection that the fail to notice the song had reached it's end and there was a stirring from inside the wagon. It was the gasp of a male pony that broke her from her reverie. “P-Princess Luna?” the pony said, stopping dead in his tracks halfway through dismounting the wagon. Luna's head quickly spun around to face him, her eyes just as wide as his in surprise. He was an earth pony, gray coat and icy blue mane. She could not see his cutie mark under a ragged cloak he wore over his back. Luna paused to collect herself. It would not do for a princess to stutter like a foal in front of her subjects. “Our apologies if we hath startled thee, good sir,” She said, trying to smile past her embarrassment at having been caught listening to him. “We were simply enjoying this night when we heard you singing and could not help but listen. 'twas an old song you sang.” The colt suddenly remembered himself and, once he was on the ground, he gave a bow and quickly righted himself to respond to his princess. “Not at all your majesty!” he said, wonderment still evident on his face at addressing a princess, let alone the Princess of the Night. “I was just passing the time with a song my father taught me.” “Pray tell, what is thy name?” Luna asked, looking now at the cutie mark that had been revealed in his bow. It was a hoof saw in the midst of cutting a plank of wood. “My name is Wood Cutter your highness,” He said, dipping his head. “But my friends call me Cuttie.” Luna smiled at the nick name. She glanced over to the wagon and a question presented itself. “May I inquire as to why you were sitting alone in this wagon?” “oh... uhm...” Wood Cutter faltered. He had hoped this question would not come up, but he couldn't lie to his princess. Taking a breath, he spoke again. “Well, the thing is, I kind of live here...” “Live here... you can't mean?” Luna said, taken completely aback by the revelation. “It's not that bad! I've fixed it up nice,” he said, pulling back the tarp to show the inside. Despite the fact it was a wagon, all the mismatched cushions and blankets made it seem fairly comfortable. A crate stood in a corner with three books and a firefly lantern resting on it, and yesterday's Canterlot Times was neatly folded and set to a side. A few knickknacks sat on low shelves along one side. “See! And I got all the water I need from the Aqueducts. Foods a bit of a problem, but I eat well enough most days.” Despite his assurances, Luna was appalled at the idea of somepony living on the streets like this. She had heard many times before that there were homeless ponies living in Equestria, but in her ignorance, she assumed that their public works were taking care of them. The myriad shelters and all the charity balls that they hosted, surely this pony could find the help he needed. “But why do you chose to stay here? Are there not shelters?” “Yeah, and I used to go to them, but there are so many out here that need them, I decided I could do without so some other unlucky pony could have a nice bed to sleep on.” The look of sorrow on her face caused him to backpedal quickly. “No fault of your own, of course! There's just so much going on now, and all the work you've done to help already is a blessing that has likely saved hundreds of lives Your majesty.” The pony sat on his haunches and looked around himself nervously as the Alicorn gazed at him, a look of pity and hurt in her eyes. “This shall not stand,” She said, raising herself to her full height. “You will come with Us to Canterlot Castle. We will have you fed and you may stay in one of our guest rooms. Tomorrow we will go about rectifying your situation.” Luna stood and began to trot away, expecting the pony to follow her. When she did not hear his hoof steps accompanying hers, she stopped and turned to look at him. His head was hung low and and he looked away from her, and sad look in his eye. For a moment, Luna considered speaking, but sensed that he was about to himself, so she refrained. At length he did speak, but she certainly did not expect what he said. “Thank you Princess, but no... I can't come with you.” He stood and looked at her, tears evident in his eyes. “Thank you so much, for the offer though.” “But...” Luna began, unsure of what exactly to ask. “But why?” “I can't say,” He replied, turning away from her. “If you'll please excuse me. I was actually about to see about some food.” and with that he trotted away. Luna stood stock still for a moment, taking in all of what had just happened. Why, under all the heavens would he refuse her offer? Was it pride? Or something more? She simply could not wrap her mind around it, but she deigned to respect his wishes and took to the air. Her night court would begin soon and she had much to consider. --- Night court began like it always did. Dignitaries levied complaints that either did not reach the docket for day court or were outright denied audience with Celestia. Luna had taken it upon herself to grant these individuals audience, if only to pad her lacking schedule. Tonight however, Luna's heart was not in it, so to speak. Her mind drifted back to Wood cutter and the wagon he lived out of. The night wore on, and with Court adjured, Luna retreated to her chambers to handle her paperwork. It was tedious and boring, and just what she needed to dull her mind a bit and weed out the unwanted thoughts. Her mind blissfully clear of images of lonely stallions living in the gutters of the cities she ruled, Luna went about her duties. Before too long, morning arrived and she took supper with her sister. They chatted amicably, more so now than they had before. The ice was broken months ago, and now they simply waited for the chill to leave the waters. Luna then lowered the moon and Celestia raised the sun, she bid her sister a good day and retired once again to her chambers. There she magically shut her curtains and stripped away her regalia. She then flung herself unceremoniously into bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. Ponies would have you believe that Luna was the mistress of dreams. This was not the case. She was just as susceptible to the random nonsensical happenings of her subconscious theater during sleep. Tonight was no different. --- Her dreams started out well enough. A familiar dream. She and her sister flew together amongst the clouds, like they did before all of this princess business. The frolicked and played, chasing one another and sweeping about the clouds in joyous laughter. Then Luna spotted something on the ground, different from the green grass. It was a pony. She swooped down to ask them if they wanted to play. The pony was a gray Earth pony, she felt that she should know his name, but a cloak obscured his cutie mark, and she couldn't recall anything about him. She landed and smiled, and asked him if he wished to play. The pony shook his head and told her he was trying to find something. An idea struck, and Luna flew up to fetch Celestia. The two sisters came to land by the Gray pony. They asked him what he was looking for. He said it was his home. Luna asked if he was lost. He said he was not. Celestia asked him where he slept if he did not know where his home was. He cast a hoof in a wide sweeping gesture and told them of the many places he had slept while he searched for his home. In wide glades and warm forests. He slept under Luna's stars most nights. This made Luna smile. Luna asked if she could help him find his home, but he shook his head. It was his to find. If he couldn't find it himself, then he just didn't need it. Celestia asked him where he would sleep tonight. The pony looked away deep in thought for a moment. He told the sisters about a city in the mountains where he would sleep that night. And maybe for many more because there were many places to look in city of that size and one could not hope to look everywhere there was to look in a single day. Celestia nodded, satisfied with his answer and flew away. Luna however was not satisfied. She felt a desperate need to help this pony, and a guilt she could not place. She asked him if she could come speak with him later, and he smiled at her. With a nod he told her that he would love to have her company. He said that loneliness is a burden that he bore often. Then he trotted way, and disappeared over the cusp of a hill. Sadness seemed to well up within Luna. She did not want him to be lonely, so she decided to accompany him to the city in the mountain. She darted over the hill, but he was nowhere to be seen. She ranged wide and far searching for him, but could not spot him. When she finally gave in, night had fallen. She decided to seek out the mountains. That was where he said he would be, so she would find him there. To the east, the mountains loomed and she spied the outline of buildings jutting from it. She flew to it and began searching. Starting at the top, she saw shops and houses, very nice houses and ponies everywhere, all happy and smiling but she knew they were only smiling because they knew where their home was. She saw a castle, but he was not there. There were houses and shops further down the mountain, but he was not there either. Tears began to fill her eyes as she searched desperately but he didn't seem to be here at all. Fear gripped her as she thought that maybe he had never made it here. But then she spied a flickering light down by the base of the mountain. Flying quietly, she approached. The light was coming from behind several dirty buildings. She alighted and came around the buildings to see what was making the light. There he was, finally. She galloped to him and smiling happily, recounted her tale, of searching the planes, then the city to find him and keep him company. The stallion smiled warmly. “Thank you Princess,” he said. --- Luna awoke abruptly, the dream already fading from memory. She reached a hoof to her cheek and brought it away. Clinging to the fur were her tears, shimmering in the dim light that invaded her room from outside. She went to her wash basin and cleaned her face, washing away the tears. Replacing her Regalia, she trotted briskly from her chambers, two of her night guards in tow. In the dining hall, Celestia sat waiting for her sister, Signs of fatigue were beginning to show from the day's duties. “Good evening Luna,” She said, smiling at her sister. “Did you sleep well?” “Not as well as I would have liked,” Luna said, taking her place at the table. “I awoke to discover I had wept in my sleep.” “Was it a nigh... a bad dream?” Celestia said, catching herself before she said that word. “I do not think so. I felt no fear, merely sadness. And now I cannot get this stallion from my mind.” “Stallion?” Celestia queried, intrigued. “Yes. Last night, I took a walk in the city. Whilst there, I met a pony who lived in a broken cart. I offered to help him and he refused. I cannot think of why.” “He lived in a cart, you say?” Celestia thought for a moment. “Was he, perhaps, a traveler?” “Neigh, sister. We spoke at length. He lived there in that dank alley in a broken cart with a poorly mended tarp. I dare say he could carry all his worldly possessions upon his back with ease. And when I offered to extend to him aide from the castle, he promptly refused and left.” “He was homeless then?” “Aye. I believe that is the word for it.” The white alicorn levitated a fork full of her dinner to her mouth and chewed for a moment, deep in thought before she spoke again. “If he refused the aid, there must be a reason,” she said. Luna's head rose hopeful for some sound advice from a more grounded pony than she. “However,” Celestia continued. “It's none of our business. If he does not wish to accept our aid, we cannot force him to do so.” Luna's head hung again. She was back at square one. She was picking at her food as Celestia stood and walked over to her. “Now Luna,” She said, giving her sister a loving nuzzle. “You're heart's in the right place, but you can't force these things. Maybe you could visit him, befriend him? He may be more willing to accept help from a friend than the Princess.” Luna returned the nuzzle and smiled. That was a brilliant idea. She knew she could count on Celestia. And she had just the idea of how to break the ice! All she needed was a basket... --- Wicker basket. Check. Simple meal of daisy sandwiches and apples slices. Check. Bottle of Sweet Apple Acres Sparkling Cider with glasses. Check It wasn't much of a gesture as far as charitable gestures go, but Luna assumed anything too grand would be found insulting by the destitute stallion. After her duties with the moon were concluded, Luna gathered up her basket and all the accompanying effects and took to the skies. She angled down towards the old fort and let herself glide over the sleepy city. The Aqueduct came into view and from memory, Luna spotted the alley where Wood Cutter made bed. She landed, soft as a feather on the packed dirt, and approached the broken wagon. “Wood Cutter? Are you here?” she asked. There was no response so she drew nearer the wagon and peeked inside. He was not asleep inside. She withdrew and began to look around the area. In better light, Luna could see that much of the debris from the nearby buildings had been swept away to the sides, leaving a clear walkway that looked well traveled which went towards the Aqueduct. There was a circle of fallen bricks that surrounded a blackened ashy patch where Luna assumed he would heat his food and maybe clean his water. As she inspected the surrounding area, the sound of hooves reached her ears and she turned to see Wood Cutter trotting her way with two buckets of water hung from a single plank of wood stretched across his withers. He paused for a moment, having caught sight of Luna, but continued forwards. Depositing the water, he dipped a bow. “Good evening Princess,” He said, with a smile. “I didn't think I would see you again.” Luna returned his smile and the basket over to her with her magic. “We brought you some food so that you needn't scrounge tonight for sustenance. And we hoped we might speak with you again.” He took the basket and looked inside. A couple sandwiches and sliced apple. Not at all what he had expected. He gave a good humored laugh, catching Luna by surprise. “Hath we done something humorous?” Luna asked, confused as she was by his reaction. “No princess, not at all, but would you be offended if I told you I assumed this basket would be full of Gourmet foods?” “So we where right!” She said, glad that she had read the situation correctly. “We decided that a simple meal would benefit you more than some of the other foods we may have brought. We were forced to talk the royal chef down from making a whole hoof sandwich spread for us. She looked ready to burst when I told for whom it was intended,” Luna allowed herself to laugh at the antics of that mare, and she was delighted to hear that Wood Cutter was laughing along with her. This was going splendidly! “I appreciate this Princess,” said Wood Cutter, as he lifted a sandwich from the basket and taking a small bite. He lifted a second and offered it to her, but she shook her head. “We thank you, but no. We've already eaten recently.” Her horn gave it's magical chime, and the bottle of sparkling cider and two glasses rose from the basket. The glasses were not the fluted crystal affairs that sparkling beverages were typically served in, but rather the heavy wooden tumblers used by the royal guard in their mess hall. “Would you care for a drink of cider?” she asked, popping the cork and pouring a glass which he gratefully took. “Thank you, but I have to ask princess. Why are you here? Could you have not simply had a servant bring this here?” The Night Princess paused momentarily as she poured her own glass of Cider. “If we are to be completely honest, we were curious about you.” She gazed at the bottle levitating beside her and then to Wood Cutter. “We assume many in your position would leap at the offer we gave last night, but not you, and we cannot help but ask ourselves why.” Wood Cutter's expression had become more serious as she spoke. Quickly she sought to regain his trust. “We will respect your wishes, of course, but we wish to know you better, and maybe by knowing you, we may better know our subjects.” Wood Cutter stared hard at Luna, making her slightly uncomfortable, but slowly a smile began to spread across his face. “Well,” He said, taking another small bite of his sandwich. “I can't begrudge a pony their curiosity, and I could use the company. It's awfully lonely sometimes.” At those words, memories of her dream that night rushed into Luna's mind. She smiled. Maybe she could help this stallion find his home. They spoke for a few minutes more before Wood Cutter, having eaten only half his sandwich set it aside and stood. “If you'll excuse me princess,” He said, as he turned to his wagon. “I just have to get something to keep this food fresh for now.” “Why would you need to do that?” Luna asked as he trotted into the wagon and came out with a roll of paper in his maw. He set it down on the ground and rolled out a length, on which he set the sandwiches. “Well, If I eat it all now, I won't have more for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.” Luna nodded. It made sense, no matter how unfair it seemed that he should have to conserve such meager meals. Silently she wished she had brought more for him. Maybe next time. She watched as he wrapped the food in wax paper and tied it away with some twine. With the food secured, he sat again, facing Luna. “So...” he began but trailed off. “umm... I've told you a bit about myself, I guess, but all I know about you is what the schools told me, and that's a little out of date now.” With this, Luna looked up at the sky. The moon was just beginning to peak over the mountain. Night court would start soon and she would be late if she didn't take her leave. “True, but perhaps next time?” She said. “We must return to the castle to perform our duties.” “So you'll be coming back?” he asked while Luna stood and stretched her legs. In answer to his question, she nodded with a smile. “When? Not that I don't appreciate the visits, but some warning would be nice.” Wood Cutter chuckled a bit to remove any bite that may have been in his words. “The night after next?” She asked. “You won't be busy then will you?” “Princess... I live in a cart in an alley. I'm never 'busy',” he said, somewhat sardonically, earning a chuckle from the Princess. “Then we have an accord! We shall be here at moonrise the night after next.” “It's a date!” With that, Luna took to the air and flew for the castle. This truly was going splendidly. (What do you think? Should I make this a Romance, or keep it Friendly? At this point, I can't deside and it's basically up in the air.)
  21. Description: Hey, new fanfic I started. This one is based on a Changeling named Shadow. Also, I'm open for suggestions on a name other than Blueberry Blossom. Chapter 1 I had been in this form for a long time... so long, I almost forgot what I actually looked like. My name is Blueberry Blossom... or Shadow, if you want to go by my old name. I have to tell you a story... I've written it down, because I don't know how much longer I may survive. I was sent by Queen Chrysalis to spy on the ponies of Canterlot. She said it would be easy—I believed her. And it was, at first. We'd pose as somepony's lover, arrange meetings, and then feed off their love for a little while. We had to do this frequently, in order to constantly feed and avoid suspicion. So there was a lot of changing going on. Eventually, Chrysalis developed a more permanent solution. I stalked somepony for awhile, learned their mannerisms... then ambushed them sucked out their life force when the opportunity presented itself. There were a few of us assigned to this task. Chrysalis always took care of the bodies. Then, we'd each pose as the pony we'd gotten rid of, stealing their life—and their love. Some of them even had kids... which just provided more ponies to feed on. So we continued on, feeding off the ponies of Canterlot while Chrysalis hatched her plan. I was her second in command, her most trusted Changeling. Funny how I'm the one that let her down the most. We were all just supposed to follow orders. Mimic the lover for a time while feeding off the love from their family. We were all fine with it. We all trusted Chrysalis. We were loyal followers... it was just orders. But still... I felt incomplete. I was working for the good of the swarm, for the future of our race. I had somepony who loved me, I had 'friends', I had... everything I should have wanted. I should have been happy. Right? Ever since I was born, I had followed orders. That was just the way life was. Always pushing forward for the betterment of all Changelings. I didn't mind following orders, always being told and knowing what to do. That is, until I found out there was more to life. I could make decisions here. Chrysalis wasn't always around to tell me right from wrong, what to do and what not to do, and how to go about things. For once, I had control over my own life. At first, that frightened me. I had discovered individuality. I wasn't just some mindless creature that Chrysalis had made me to believe. I had a personality, my own likes and dislikes. And most of all... I had feelings. We weren't supposed to fall in love. That was never the plan. Just pretend, that was all. Deceive. I felt guilty. I felt guilty for deceiving him. I felt guilty for making him love me. I felt guilty for loving him. If I revealed my true self, it would be a betrayal to my entire family. But if I didn't, I would have to leave him in the dark, wondering where his special somepony went and what he did wrong. I guess I had never felt love before. It was just an emotion that we Changelings had to feed on. A life force provided by a lesser species. But maybe Changelings just fed on ponies... because they were jealous. After all, we shapeshifted into them, stole their lives... and then slowly destroyed them in the name of our existence. Or maybe... that was just me. But he really did love me—even if it wasn't the real me. I felt special, giddy. There was a whole wave of overwhelming emotions that I didn't understand. Even though I was personally tough, he treated me gently, with respect and care. For the first time, I felt bad for taking somepony's place. Before, we'd just do a hit and run. Arrange a date, meet with them, pretend to be their love, feed, and then go on our way. But Chrysalis' plan involved a long term relationship. That was something I was not prepared for. My life became so entwined with hers that I nearly forgot who I was. The lie that I was living consumed me, just as I was slowing consuming him. I guess that's why I tricked myself into thinking that he could love the real me. He already loved me for everything on the inside. The outside shouldn't matter, right? I revealed myself to him one night, and explained as gently as I could that his former mate was gone. But the look of terror on his face was enough to say that he would never accept me for who I was. He screamed at me to get out, throwing any object within reach at me to hurry my pace. I walked the streets alone that night, in my normal—well, my pony form. When I returned the next day, he had offed himself. I ran away. I went to Chrysalis for comfort. She was our queen, and I had always been her second in command and most trusted Changeling. I didn't go to her because I had failed. I was—I was heartbroken. It's a thing that few Changelings ever experience. I'd heard of heartbreak before. It was something that happened to weak Changelings. They became too attached to their host. Once something happened to their “mate”, they generally went insane. I never thought it would happen to me. I had let myself be blind to the truth. We disguised ourselves because nopony could love us in our natural form. I had thought my case was different... as others had in the past. It was a flaw in our design. Some of us were just destined to fall for the one who loved us—or rather, who we tricked ourselves into believing we were. But, just as I had, Chrysalis saw my actions as weak. I was damaged, flawed... she could no longer trust me. However, she was not without mercy. I was simply placed into the rank of pawn, one of the hundreds of Changelings who were ready to be her army and do her bidding. I ran away. I journeyed back to Canterlot, unsure of where to go or who to turn to. I had no home, no job, no friends. The life I had had before was all a ruse, and if I showed my face—her face—again, I would have a lot of explaining to do. It wasn't worth it to go back to my old life. There was nothing. I had nothing. I was nothing. I went back to my old ways, feeding here and there at random. I longed to have a relationship like before. To have somepony, just one pony, love me all the time—for who I was. I tried unsuccessfully to convince myself that he had never loved me for me. It had always been her. But still... I wanted what I had when I was her—but as me. I wanted to love and be loved, without doing so just to feed. Eventually, Chrysalis carried out her plan and overtook Canterlot. I was worried for myself when the initial shield went up, but I had already been in hiding for weeks. When the rest of the swarm finally attacked, I hid. I didn't know how long I could keep it up. I supposed that I would have to integrate back into the swarm, pretending to be one of the mindless. But I was afraid of her finding me. I had run away, and I knew that Chrysalis knew. She was just too busy with her current plan to pay mind to my whereabouts. If she found me... I would likely be destroyed as a traitor. I no longer worked for the good of the swarm, but for the good of myself. We were always supposed to work together, for the good of our species. But I was different. I had become an individual, one not part of the master plan. I was a liability. However, all too soon they were defeated, and banished from Equestria. Though I had still been in my shifted form, I was blown away with them. Chrysalis found me among the ranks, and I barely escaped with my life. Weakened and unable to change form, I journeyed back to nearby Equestria. I hoped against hope that I could find somepony to feed on, to get my strength back and heal myself. I tried pretending to be ordinary. I tried being fierce. The result from my sight was the same: screaming and running. Though I had ill intentions, all I could do was cause chaos. I was near death when they showed up.
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