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  1. ((The following is an interlude to the story thread here in which Remington takes off for gym class before meeting with his fillyfriend Moonlight later that evening.)) When Remington arrived at the gym, he went into the stallion's locker room to change out of his uniform and into his more athletic appropriate clothing. Not that it would make much of a difference for him. He wasn't very athletic, but like most ponies that would endure a gym class like this one, he would only be required to play fair and work as a team with others in order to get a passing grade. His peak wingpower wasn't all that low, but he would be able to avoid the embarrassment of having to deal with most of the class being stronger than he was. Today, the class would be outside. The buckball court would be temporarily changed into a diamond-shaped field that had white lines and large square bags on the corners. The game was called base ball. No one had ever heard of it before. This new student in the class, named First Base, came up with the rules of the game and introduced it to the professors and was able to get the go ahead on sharing the game with the class. "It's easy. You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball, you get on base." First Base was a pony that grew up in Ponyville and upon getting his cutie mark after hitting a ball with a stick very far, held the imagination required to make this zany, sometimes confusing game. "Do I hit the ball and then catch it?" Remington asked aimlessly as he was trying to understand. First was attempting to explain to each classmate one by one, but as soon as someone felt they understood, he would go to another classmate and affirm them. "No, you don't hit the ball until it's your turn. Right now, you're on the pitchers mound, so you throw the ball and try to catch it if I hit it." He stood by the area he kept calling home or the plate. "Throw the ball towards me over this plate, and see if you can get it passed me without me hitting it." Remington looked confused, but decided to play along. He grasped the ball in his wing and hurled it towards the plate as fast as he could. As it approached, First swung his bat and the ball went flying high over Remington who stared at it helplessly. "How am I supposed to catch that? Am I supposed to fly up there every time you hit it?" "Well." First paused a moment and thought. "You're actually not supposed to fly in this game, it's against the rules. But you can if you want to, you'll probably still not hit a dinger like that one. Throw me another one." Remington threw him another ball, as fast as he could. Again, First hit the ball with his bat and it went flying over Remington's head. The pegasus jumped up to take off for the ball, but quickly dropped as he saw it as futile. The ball moves too fast. "I don't get it, how am I supposed to throw this ball passed you." "Don't worry." First chuckled. "You'll get it. It just takes practice. You see I just want others to play with. Look at everyone." He pointed towards the field of gym ponies, some of them holding gloves on their hooves backwards, some throwing the ball with their opposite hoof or their inferior wing. And even others were just running after balls that they deemed had been chase-worthy. "No one gets it yet. I don't know how to make it official. All I know how to do is hit this ball, and catch it when it comes at me. I want to call this game baseball, but I need help to make it happen." Remington grabbed another ball and threw it passed First Base, several hoof-lengths from the plate. "Ha, I threw it passed you!" He did it again, and again, and again. First Base dropped his bat and started trotting towards the first bag. "You just walked me. In order for you to throw a strike to get me out, it has to be thrown over the plate three times. Four times outside the plate and I get to walk over here." Remington pointed to the bag. "And what's that?" "It's first base." "No, I mean, the bag." "Yeah, my name is First Base, and I'm standing on first base." Remington stared at him blankly. "Can't we just run laps like normal gym ponies?" After a short hour of learning a confusing game, all the ponies went to the locker rooms. Remington hadn't felt like he got much exercise in, but he was still sweating and in need of a shower, so he took his gym clothes off and walked into the shower. As more stallions entered the locker room, several layers of chatter could be heard. "Dude, F.B., that game is crazy. You make me laugh so hard it hurts me inside my bones, haha." "Glad you liked it." "Glad you liked it," Remington mocked while staring at the shower walls, water now pour over his mane and poll. "Hey good job, um, what was you're name?" "Remington." First Base offered a hoofbump. "Appreciate you taking a chance on something new, even if it's not your kind of thing." Remington copied the hoofbump back to him. As he showered, Remington started thinking about his day and the fact that it wasn't over yet. In less than an hour, he expects to meet up with his friend Moonlight in his room to help him study. The red pegasus knew that it might lead to something else, but he had no idea what that would be. He had no idea what he was doing. All he knew was that he wanted to make a move, and tonight would be the first time he could try it, if he was up for it. Water beading down his pelt, he started daydreaming about the kind of things he would say to her. For instance, what if she was in the shower with him right now? What would she say? What would he say back? Every time she talks, he listens. If she was getting dumped on by water like he was, her pelt would glisten even more now than when she was dry. "Oh my, Luna, I like it." "What?" "Nothing." Remington quickly excused himself out from underneath the shower heads and back to his locker, holding a towel that would eventually dry his body. When he started grabbing his school uniform to put it back on, the pink sparkly brush he found dropped out of the bag and onto the floor. He quickly picked it up and held it away so nopony else could see it. When he held it close, he noticed it had a specific fragrance to it. He held it to his nose and gave a soft inhale. It smelled like her. He didn't really know how he knew that, but it smelled like her. "Holy shit, she smells like heaven." He continued to be amazed at how enamored he was with just the idea of being around her. "Oh my Luna, I like her." "Yeah I heard you like her." First Base was standing next to Remington holding his towel at his head trying to dry his mane. Remington fumbled the hairbrush and stuffed it in his bag. "What? How could you know that?" First Base chuckled. "You're talking about that Moonlight chick? Pink-ish color, sparkly mane, unicorn? I see you with her all the time. I just figured you guys were already an item. Not yet though, huh?" Remington didn't want to be a jerk, but he was feeling awfully insecure. The amount of vulnerability he felt when thinking about her made him feel like not talking to anyone. "We're just friends." "Oh really? So you don't mind if I made a move?" Remington gave First Base a look that should transcend meaning and not require verbal explanation. "That's what I thought. Bro, it's OK! You just gotta make your move. Everything is about making your first move. It's just like baseball. You gotta put the ball in play and see what happens. Step up to the plate and swing for the fences." Remington stayed quiet for a moment, but after realizing First Base would confront him while maintaining a boundary, he was willing to hear him out. "But what do I do after that? What do you do after you hit the ball?" "After you hit the ball, you just get to the first base. It's called a single." "And after that?" "After that?" First Base began plucking his ears of excess water. "I dunno, dude. All I know how to do is get to the first base. Everything else after that is all about how the rest of the game plays." "How do I play the rest of the game from first base?" "That's just it. You're not the only one playing the game. You have to rely on others to get you to second base and third base, and back home. You gotta put the ball in her court." First finished drying himself off and threw his towel in the laundry bin. "Who knows. Maybe she'll catch you stealing." He laughed and walked away. Remington understood everything except what stealing had meant in this context. But he knew that First was right. He needed to make a move. And it had to be tonight. The longer he puts this off, the longer it'll continue to bother him. Remington quickly snapped his uniform on and put everything in his bag along with the hairbrush and saddled it on his back. He began cantering out of the gym and to Stygian Hall, where his room was.
  2. Name: Angelis Gender: Female. Age: Young mare Species: Unicorn. Eye colour: Bright blue Mane/Tail/Other: Straight, long, and well brushed blonde mane, with some slightly more orange parts in it. Her tail is long as well, and matches the mane’s colors and style. She wears red rimmed eyeglasses. Physique: Her body is the one of your typical mare, except she is a bit taller than average. Residence: Ponyville. Occupation: Teacher. Cutie Mark: A triplet of white lily flowers in the middle of a golden halo, which the stems curl around said halo, and seemingly growing from it. History: Born in Prance, Angelis (nicknamed Angie by her close ones) has been raised in fancy surroundings. However, as one would have thought she would be destined to be part of the noble side, being raised among lots of younger cousins, she discovered herself a talent at taking care of foals, and thus, became a teacher. However, because Prance was a little ‘too big for what she wanted to do’, as well as her parents didn’t want her to spend her whole life in the same place, she ultimately moved away from Prance and decided to look for a smaller, less busy place to live, before eventually coming across Ponyville. Unique traits: Nothing really unique except for the fact she is able to summon a magical rapier with her magic, as she used to practice fencing back when she lived in Prance. Aside from that, her unicorn magic is pretty standard, being able to pretty much only be able to use a magical grasp. Personality: Angelis is very well mannered, very polite, always trying her absolute best not to upset anyone she talks to. Her strong Prench accent usually is a big hint of her origins, and she is very formal in her speech, so much so that hearing « I’m » instead of « I am », along with any other different word contraction would be a miracle. She is calm, soft-spoken, very sweet and caring, hardly loses her temper, and has a soft spot for younglings of any species, teenagers included. She is not really outgoing, but once spoken to, she will definitely not think twice about replying, as she is very friendly and open minded. She is delicate, and appreciate simple things, such as a stroll in the park, reading a book, shopping, or even cleaning her house. In summary : Angelis is a sweet, motherly mare who loves children, ready to let her “mommy instincts” kick in whenever it is a good time to. Appearance : Here is a rough representation of her I made using General Zoi's Pony Creator. Unfortunately, I can not show a reference for her Cutie Mark because I, myself, can't draw, and it's impossible to find on the net what I have in mind for it.
  3. Reference Picture: https://twitter.com/Cookieholder2/status/1277059430001995776?s=20 Name: Solar Flare Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye color: Pale yellow Coat: White with yellow hooves. Mane/Tail: Orangish brown that fades into a paler version of the same color halfway through. There are also bright yellow cloud-like shapes in various parts of both. They are fairly simply designs, long and slightly wavy. Physique: Her body is a rather healthy one, skinny, and taller than most ponies. She also has some small groups of white feathers poking out of her where a Pegasus’ wings would be, though it’s typically hard to see them against her coat. Residence: A small house in the Whitetail Woods Occupation: Healer, light mage, school nurse at Ponyville’s school of friendship Cutie Mark: A yellow sun with a Red Cross in it. This represents her skill in using light magic to heal others. She earned her mark early in her time at Celestia’s school when a friend of hers hurt themselves bad enough to break a bone. Already channeling some magic to do what she could, she discovered her ability to see the past once her hooves made contact with her friend. It was not much more than a confusing jumble of images, more so because she had never seen the world in any fashion before, but she pushed through it for her friend. Getting them to close their eyes, she channeled her light into a force assisting the natural healing process as she held the bone in place. Once it had finished and the light faded, she had her mark. Unique Traits: Sight; Solar is actually blind, for the most part. She can see the spirits of living things that are nearby, and they take the shape of the body they inhabit, so navigating a forest or a crowd is largely not a problem, but being alone in a city could pose some issues. She also has the ability to see the past of ponies she comes in physical contact with, though she mostly just uses it to help figure out how best to heal them and tries not to dig too deep. Magic; Her magic allows her to manipulate light and use it to heal others. She also knows how to use it defensively, in conjunction with some shield spells, to protect herself and others should the need arise. Pet; She owns a pet bird that helps her out in day-to-day life from navigation to grooming. He is mostly yellow in color and is named Sunny. History: Solar was born blind, she has never seen the world the way others do. Initially for her, it was mostly just sounds, smells, and touch that she had to learn how to navigate with the help of her family. Gradually, with the help of some magic experts, she learned how to use her magic to help her navigate. When she was old enough, she was sent to Celestia’s magic school, where she developed her method of magic-based navigation as well as her abilities using light magic in healing and protective capacities. She managed to make friends in the school, but she was glad to get out of the city once she graduated, eventually settling in the woods once she discovered how much she liked the “sight” of trees and friendly wildlife. She didn’t really plan to make her healing into a living, more of just when it was needed, but when the school opened, she decided it would be a good idea to try and get out of her shell a bit. She did so by getting a job there to heal the students and faculty when needed, and other patients on the side when they decided to seek her out. Character Personality: Somewhat shy, she tends to let others initiate conversations, though she has much less of an issue continuing them. Other than that though, she prefers to be the only pony around, maybe one or two friends with her. She is very kind, but is not really a pushover. She might let things slide when the only harm is making her wait a bit longer, for example, but when it matters, she will not take it laying down. Character Summary: A light magic using healer, this blind mare will heal the injured and shield them from harm.
  4. Hello there everypony. I'm Cameron, i'm a brony with autism. I'm new here but I've been a brony for 3 years. It's nice to meet you. I hope to become friends with all of you and discuss Pony related things. Here's my oc, his name is Prince Loveheart. He's based on my friendly and loving personality. (Uhh, is there anyway to insert image from download instead of URL? If so, please comment down below. I'm new here and I want to show my oc but I don't have a URL for it)
  5. Name: Shocking Sonnet, usually just goes by Spike. Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Red-orange Character Color: A darker green, with some freckles on the face. Mane/Tail: His mane is fairly spiky, and falls towards his right side such that it mostly covers the eye and reaches down to his cheeks. In the back it reaches down to his back. His tail is also spiky, reaching down to near the ground. It starts going up, but quickly curves downward. Both are three different colors divided into sections, with an orange-yellow color being the center part of both. The next level on both sides is a dark blue, and then finally a light sky blue. Physique: He likes to keep in shape, but he’s not training for any athletic ventures, so it just skinny and keeping it that way. He’s taller than average for stallions. In his left ear he has two ring piercings, with both rings being gold. Residence: Las Pegasus home he shares with his husband, a writer named Shoddy Lore. Occupation: Musician Cutie Mark: A stylized skull that shares the same dark blue as his mane with eyes the same color as his own. He always saw it as a sign that he had picked the right genre of music to focus on, that rock and punk music was right for him. He got his mark during a school talent show, where he rocked the socks off his class and the rest of the audience. He had started somewhat hesitantly, but as he played he got more and more into the music and played with more enthusiasm and energy, his magic playing multiple instruments without him really thinking about it. After the song, he was met with stunned silence, and he was initially worried he had blown it, but they soon exploded into applause. His confidence surged as his mark appeared, cementing in his mind that this was the life for him. Unique Traits: Magic; Even though he doesn’t have a job that requires great magical skill, he’s no slouch when it comes to spell casting. He has a particular talent for electrical magic, but he dabbled in all sorts of fields so he knows all sorts of different spells, such as one that switches a creature’s gender. In fact, he sometimes uses it to get female vocals from himself or Shoddy. Instruments; He can play various musical instruments, such as drums, piano, and bass guitar, though he prefers his guitar and singing. He could technically be a one-pony band, but he tends to leave the drums for his husband to play. History: Growing up under a couple scholars of magic was rather difficult for him. He could do most of the stuff they forced him to learn, but he had little interest in what they did for a living. He had always been interested in music, ever since he picked up a spoon and hit a pot with it. This led to him doing musical pursuits in secret, playing at friends’ houses primarily until the day came when he got his mark and finally showed his parents what he loved to do. Thankfully, they ended up at least tolerating the choice, though they would sometimes try to steer him back towards more scholarly pursuits. They could appreciate the magical skill it took to play multiple instruments at once though, and that was likely the main reason they did tolerate it. When he got old enough to leave home, he did so, turning into a traveling street musician at first, perhaps some small venues like bars. It was during this time he first met Shoddy, an aspiring author, at a gig in Baltimare. They hit it off pretty fast, and became good friends for a while, until the wanderlust hit Spike again and he decided to move on. It would be hard to write letters to someone without a permanent address, so they promised to meet back up eventually. It took a while before they found each other again, and both had started making a name for themselves. They had also made a realization about love, and this time became more than friends. Eventually, they got married, and decided on making Las Pegasus home since it let Spike do his thing without leaving home as much. Over the years, they had a kid thanks to a bit of magic Spike remembered from school, and they couldn’t wait to raise it in a supportive, loving environment. Personality: He can be somewhat cocky and arrogant, especially with those he’s never met before, but it tends to tone down around folks he knows. He’s still very confident in himself, of course, but it becomes clear he really cares about his friends and family. He is very loyal to those he cares about, and he’d never cheat on Shoddy or hurt his friends knowingly. Summary: Initially an arrogant rockstar, he’s actually a real friendly guy once you get past all that outer stuff.
  6. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Presto is Carrot Curls' pet rabbit. He's very temperamental, and doesn't like anyone except Carrot Curls.
  7. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls isn't above using her hat for warmth when sleeping. That's part of why it's so big, anyway.
  8. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls without her hat. Her messy hair can get in the way, so she ties half of it back.
  9. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls' custom hat. Inspired by Starswirl the Bearded's hat, but with her own customization.
  10. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls can get irritable when she loses her hat.
  11. slosh

    Carrot Curls

    From the album: Carrot Curls

    The unicorn herself, she usually looks just like this when travelling - tired.
  12. Name: Starry “Terry” Carnival Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: A pale green Character Color: Mostly a dark reddish-brown, with light brown parts at the ends of his legs and along the top of his face. Mane/Tail: His mane is a mowhawk that’s mostly swept towards the back. There’s also a long braid coming off the left side that goes down past his chest. His tail is simply balled up and kept close to his body. Both are a sort of rainbow of pastel colors, though it’s really just light blue, pink, and a pale yellow repeating. Physique: He is a well-built stallion, with the kind of body you get from just regular exercise to keep in shape, though it’s a bit further as he likes to build his speed and strength through the kind of training boxers do. He is of average height. Residence: Milky Way Inn in Las Pegasus Occupation: Stage magician and co-owner of the Milky Way Inn. Cutie Mark: A wand with a trail coming off of it in a spiral. To him it’s all about his skill at performing magic tricks and making ponies happy. He earned it on his first performance. It was a smallish crowd, at a school talent show, but as soon as he got up on that stage he knew it was wanted to do. That desire was only cemented as he pulled off a card trick and the crowd applauded, wondering how an earth pony like him was doing it. As he was taking a bow at the end, happy he could put on an enjoyable show, the mark appeared and made him even happier. Unique Traits: Sleight of Hoof; In his training to do magic tricks without actual magic, he got really good at misdirection to hide quick hoof-movements to get everything in place for his tricks. Outfit; He tends to wear a simple white button-up type shirt with a pale gold vest and matching bow-tie. Pet Rabbit; He doesn’t use animals in his act all that much, but when he does it is usually his pet rabbit Sandy. She is a black rabbit. Boxing Training; Terry doesn’t like to fight, but he recognizes it is sometimes necessary, so he trained to fight using nothing but his body, and sometimes what he can find nearby, depending. History: Starry Carnival was born to a couple of earth ponies in the circus, though he doesn’t really remember them at all. They gave him up to another couple once they realized they couldn’t raise him in the circus. He had a happy childhood with his new family though, and learned more and more about stage magic from his adoptive father, inciting an interest from an early age. He learned that he liked to be the center of attention on stage and in crowds, but also liked to live the quiet life of not having that many others around. Eventually he found his happy medium when he met the cow Leche on the streets of Las Pegasus. He saved her inn financially in exchange for co-ownership, and has helped run the place ever since. A place for those that don’t want to stay in the big resorts or those that can’t. Personality: Terry is a friendly pony, he just wants to live a happy, peaceful life of running the inn, performing shows, and playing cards. He can sometimes be a bit flirty with either gender, but generally he’s just nice and welcoming. He’s not likely to turn anyone away unless they’re looking to cause trouble, and he’s more likely to seek out a peaceful solution before trying anything more physical. Summary: A friendly-enough guy, even if he does cheat at cards sometimes, and one that’ll gladly welcome you to his inn as long as things stay peaceful.
  13. Name: Morgan Greymane (Knight of the righteous sun) Sex: Male Age: Adult Species:Earth pony Eye Color: A goldish hue, likened to molten orbs of gold. Character Color: A grayish color,seemingly representing his supposed age but is in actuality more of a family trait Mane/Tail: His mane is of an average size,mostly due to Morgans attempts to keep the mane that way. His tail however has completely been removed(a battlefield injury and a rather embarrassing one that he covers up with his cloak). His mane is of the same color as the rest of his body,though of a lighter shade. Physique: A rather muscular and well built earth pony. His height rivals that of the equestrian princess’s, giving him the nickname “The Giant”. He always keeps his beard neatly trimmed,but enough for people to know it as a beard rather than some hair on his chin. He prides himself on his beard and will go to great lengths to take care of it. Residence: Does not have an established home,though frequents local taverns and inns A LOT Occupation: Wandering knight/adventurer, ale enthusiast. Cutie Mark: A sword wreathed in lightning,as if the sword was channeling it, earned from fighting at a young age and wrestling a bug bear into submission. Unique Traits: Magic: A surprising thing to see in an earth pony,his isolation has given him strength from the power of storm and sun. He can manipulate lightning,thunder and light energy within his body and hooves,giving him an advantage against creatures of the dark. He may manipulate it in ways that unicorns may find “unique” (shaping the lightning into Spear like projectiles and throwing them,enchanting his blade with holy light,tending to wounds with it,etc). This lightning aspect,however powerful,has its drawbacks. It's power can cause the user to become listless and tired,occasionally backfiring to almost lethal levels (has caused heart attacks in the most extreme cases). One must be very careful with this power, as it has been soaked into his body. Unshakable champion: A champion of trotland,his strength is still a mighty ally. This strength allows him to carry heavy burdens as well as hit hard in physical combat. It also extends to his mind,seeming to give him an almost fanatical focus within serious tasks. Mustard knight:Like most eccentric warriors,this one wields some unique weapons:a full set of heavy plate mail that seems to cover most of his body (with a great helm to go along with it) as well as a yellowish patterned fur cloak. This armor has saved Morgan's life on a few occasions,though it's weight severely hampers his speed. His only weapon is a rather large sword,capable of being wielded effectively through either pure brute strength or magical assistance. The heavy blade has been called the “shield breaker” due to its weight of shattering shields and the like. History: Borne to a Family in a region known as trotland, Greymane was always one of a fighting spirit. While all the others had gotten into sheepherding and mining, Morgan yearned for battle and adventure at an early age. His fighting spirit would get him in quite the trouble with the lands fell beasts as well as others of his people. His cutie mark would be earned through his many altercations with vicious beasts,his fighting spirit and courage only matched by his wrath when pushed. That fighting spirit however would evolve when his land and Equestria was in danger from the evils of the north, it’s dark crystals looming over the land. The wars of Equestria would give morgan a chance to prove himself not here eyes of Equestria. Through his time in the north as well in many altercations, he would earn himself a high position within Canterlot. While being a knight of canterlot,Morgan had long admired the sun and the princess who controlled it from afar. He had been a normal earth pony with a history of battle on his shoulders. Battle would find him again as many conflicts took the land once more. These past conflicts that the elements had won made him question his own place as a protector of the realm. He decided to take a walkabout,a sort of reflective journey throughout the realm. With nothing left but his armor and his sword,he would venture to a secluded grove. He would spend years in relative isolation,focusing his own heart and soul on what he wanted most:the power to be a force of change and good in service to his princess. After years of doing so,he would get his wish...as the grove he rested within would start to change him biologically and magically,a pool of shimmering light making him become a wielder of that which seemed only available to some magic users:light magic. However,the turmoil of his past experiences in battle would weigh on his soul as well,bringing about a tempestuous power to the light...and granting him the power to shake the earth with stormy intent. His time in the grove having rejuvenated not only his strength but his mind and soul,he would search for those likened to his cause...and to serve the sun once more. This power however was not of the pool...but of a broken amulet,shattered in the past and left to seep into the pool he went in,affecting his body internally. Personality: Driven by a desire to Smite evil and do good in the realm of equestria however he can, he is a virtuous pony but all the same fallible. He likes his mead and ale,tending to overdrink on the occasion. He is rather kind around strangers and has a rather long standing tradition of always going to the local tavern whenever he reaches a new town. However,he has many thoughts weighed upon his heart...past experiences in ye olden days of equestria as well as the loneliness he felt while isolated by himself have affected him, usually fearing being alone in a dark room without any light. He however will not tolerate bullies and tyrants,always doing his best to defend the weak and the defenseless. When in a romantic situation,he actually is one of the easier targets. Summary: An unshakable adventurer of light and storm,seeking to do goodwill amongst the people once more.
  14. Name: Dox (Hei Xue) Sex: Male Age: Much older than he looks. Appears to be an adult Species: Changeling (qilin) Eye Color: Red (Blue, the whites turning black with use of dark magic) Character Color: Typical changeling black, with multiple bright purple patterns across the surface. (A darker pale green, with dark red scales. The horns curl down behind the ears and are mostly the same green as the skin, aside from the dark red spiral.) Mane/Tail: The mane is a spiky mowhawk that is mostly gray, though there is a slight almost flame pattern of red and orange near the head. The tail is a simple shock of gray. (The mane is a spiky mowhawk in front, though more curved spikes. In the back the hair is longer, reaching past his back with parts that curve back up near his chin. His tail is a long one of flesh, mostly bare of hair besides the fur. All the hair comes off the bottom, a bit of a spiky mass trailing down most of the length. Both are primarily black, with the ends of the spikes being blue.) Physique: Both his true and qilin forms are taller than average, and muscled enough to enter the realm of being physically imposing. He likes to add blue claws to the ends of his hooves in his qilin form. Residence: A small castle on a mostly secluded island, and a tower in the wilds of Long Guo that functions as a small school on occasion. Occupation: Evil sorcerer, occasional teacher (disguised as a unicorn), and ex-hero Cutie Mark: His Hei Xue form has a purple pentagram as a cutie mark. Unique Traits: Magic: Over the many years, he has studied many different forms of magic, and is adept at most fields. He can utilize every form of elemental magic well enough to use different kinds simultaneously. Of course, as a changeling he is naturally good at transformation and illusion. On the darker side, he primarily utilizes blood magic. Transformations: After extensive study, he has found ways to improve his body permanently using his natural transformation abilities, and has replaced parts of himself to strengthen his body and mind. Likewise, utilizing blood magic in conjunction with his natural abilities, he found a way to lengthen his lifespan and eliminate his hunger for love by using the life energy inherent in the blood of others. Combat Training: He is no slouch with a sword, though nowadays he mostly fights from range with his magical abilities. Still, he is a formidable opponent up close, using all his tricks in combat. Information Network: He has gathered many information sources through the students that came through him. Mostly academic knowledge, like new developments in magical fields, though also some more hidden knowledge sometimes. History: Dox was born quite a long time ago in a hive that is long forgotten now in the wilds of Long Guo. He was never satisfied with his existence in the hive, even early on in his life. Being just another drone among many never sat well with him, he always felt he was meant for more, so as soon as he was confident in his ability to survive alone, he snuck out of the hive and never looked back. His aimless wandering eventually led him into a town, and he felt drawn towards the local mage. Immediately discovering his love for learning, he apprenticed under the unicorn, learning all he could about magic. Of course, it was mostly about how to use magic to help others or make tasks easier, with some methods of defending them from threats as well. At least it made the townsfolk like his disguised form and kept him well-fed, so he kept voraciously making his way through his master’s teachings and helping the town until he ran out of things to learn. Still feeling like he needed more, he began training with the guards in an effort to take a more proactive role in defeating threats, and hopefully the fame of being a hero would sate his needs. He spent years in that town, helping them out with magic and steel and spreading the name of Guang Jian, until a threat arrived that none of them could deal with. Dox had been away at the time, and returned to a devastated town. He was smart enough to realize that he likely would’ve fallen with them had he been there at the time, but it also ignited a new passion for strength in him, both magical and physical. Thankfully for him, it didn’t take long to find a place for him to hone both as he stumbled upon a hidden building in the wilds. It was the home of another mage, one that had much to teach. Unbeknownst to him, this new mage also delved into the darker aspects of magic. As he learned more and more, the lessons inexorably moved towards dark magic, but his desire to learn all he could kept him going. The longer he went, the more he began thinking his old way of life was a foolish one, and he began dedicating himself purely to the benefit of himself as opposed to using his new strength to help others. Under this mage was where he began his experiments to make himself stronger through combining his natural magic and the new dark spells he had been learning, his first target being the hunger for love, which he had been sating by invoking the name of the local hero. Technically it was his name, but he felt no connection to it anymore. After extensive work, he eventually discovered a method that might work, so he tried it. Taking a forest animal for the first try, he took its blood and infused it into himself. He instantly felt better, and somehow a little younger. Even that little bit sated him for far longer than his typical feeding methods, so now he had an excuse to retire his old persona for good. After inventing the Hei Xue persona, or an early draft of it at least, he took it to the largest city nearby to spread the news. The hero was dead, and Hei had killed him. Wielding his old sword as “proof”, he put his hero years behind him and disappeared back into the shadows to gather even more strength. First, he used the old mage for the only thing he was still good for, a food source. Dox kept him around for as long as he could as he gained strength and made adjustments to his body. Eventually, when his second master was spent, he left, wandering again to try out his upgrades. More sightings of the evil Hei Xue brought out plenty of would-be heroes for him to test on, and he found he enjoyed this infamy more than the fame he gained as a hero. After making his way beyond the physical borders of his homeland, he discovered a good island to make his home base and spent some time building his fortress. By that time, he had truly started to notice the benefits of his new feeding method, as he had stayed in his prime well past it, and showed no signs of the physical degradation that came with growing older. Even so, he had experienced much, and felt he should pass his knowledge down, and one location immediately came to mind as to where, that of his rebirth. Traveling back to the old decrepit building, he transformed it into a tower to teach in, connecting it to his fortress through a portal in a secret room. Once construction was complete, and he gathered materials for magical learning outside the dark arts, he gathered his first students. He wanted to share knowledge, yes, but he also wanted to learn from them, discover new things together, and scope out candidates for agents, true apprentices, and possibly his next meal. Ever since he simply worked on gathering strength, wether that be new knowledge, more agents, or strengthening the name of his persona. Personality: Generally driven by his desires for knowledge and worthy competition, he will use subterfuge on occasion, but he will not back down from a fight if that doesn’t work. His level of friendliness largely depends on who he is interacting with or what form he is in. For example, he is often rather friendly with other scholars, especially towards his students, since they can help him gain more knowledge and he actually enjoys a good academic conversation. In combat, he is unlikely to show mercy, but if you see him it is more than likely actually him. He prefers to face his foes face-to-face, partially because it makes it easier to feed and partially because he figures if one can manage to actually land a hit on him, they earned it. He is rather outgoing, and will not hesitate to initiate a conversation unless it would be smarter to not do so. Summary: A truly vampiric changeling mostly in it to collect knowledge and find others worthy of fighting or passing knowledge to.
  15. Name: Blank Canvas Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Magenta Character Color: White Mane/Tail: The mane is fairly long, reaching down to just past his chest. It is mostly kept together along the back, staying in a unit partially thanks to the hair tie near the bottom of it. The rest of the mane is considerably messier, looking almost like bed head he never bothered to sort out. It reaches to most of the way down the eyes on the side. The tail is like the back part of the mane, kept together with a hair tie and of medium length. Both are a rainbow of colors, coming off in waves with red being the closest to where the hair starts. With the mane, the area near his ears is red, transitioning from one color to the next outwards from there in both directions. For the tail, the base part is red and it transitions through the colors as it moves down the tail. Physique: He is a skinny stallion, not all that strong looking, the kind of figure one gets from just doing aerobic exercise to lose weight with no attempt to build muscle past that. He is also on the short side for stallions his age. Residence: Vanhoover Occupation: Artist, mostly paintings. Cutie Mark: A paintbrush with red paint dripping off the tip. To him, the brush represents his skill, and the red his passion. The day he earned his mark was much like any other at first, going through his life unable to focus on any one thing for long. He went through the day until he found himself in front of a canvas with a paintbrush in his mouth. He had been daydreaming at the time, so he wasn't entirely sure how he had made it into this art class, but he was here now. Shrugging to himself, he put the brush against the canvas and just went with the flow. The more he did, the more interested he got, and found it easier and easier to keep his focus on the art he was doing. By the end, he was left with some abstract art and a new cutie mark he hadn't noticed before then. Unique Traits: Mane/Tail- His mane and tail actually started as white, but one day they changed due to a combination of a magical accident and an incident with a rainbow. Magic- He actually can manipulate light, though he only really does it to get more vibrant colors for his art. Drawing from the white light from any source around, he can separate the wavelengths and infuse each color as needed to make them better. Personality: He is a friendly stallion, quick to make new friends. He can be somewhat clumsy or forgetful, and his focus is either on nothing in particular or 100% on what he’s doing, with almost no in-between. He tends to finish his art in one sitting if he can, otherwise he’s liable to forget about it or lose interest and start a new one. History: Growing up the only child of two high-society ponies, and their only son at that, there were plenty of expectations placed on him. Not that he payed much attention, but still. From a young age, they tried to teach him high-society etiquette and mold him into another of them, but he would always get distracted easily and not pay attention at all, following butterflies with his eyes instead or just staring off into space while his mind wandered. It would sometimes get him into trouble, and he would end up daydreaming while walking and then have no idea how he got to where he was. Thankfully, he always found his way back, mostly with the help of his parents or the caretaker they hired for when they were too busy. All in all, his life before art was a bit of a blurry mess, with not many coherent memories of actual events for him to look back on. After discovering art though, he finally figured out how to focus, and he finally managed to make friends since he could actually hold a conversation now. The day of the mane incident was a simple field trip to a local park. As part of the decorations, they had a rainbow fountain set up, and it had him mesmerized. The more he stared, the more the colors seemed to glow, along with his horn, and the closer he got until he fell in entirely. He immediately climbed back out and got himself cleaned off, but for some reason it stuck to his mane and tail but not the rest of him. Liking the look though, he shrugged it off and went on with his life. By the time he left home, he had enough of a grasp on his problems to be able to take care of himself, and ponies to fall back on if he couldn’t, so he moved off on his own to paint to his heart’s content. Summary: A bit of a scatter-brained artist, he’s still a friendly sort and a good friend.
  16. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Starry Void Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Purple Coat: Light Brown Mane/Tail: black with purple streak Physique: Average, a little on the small side for an earth pony Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Thaumaturge Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: Aura manipulation using Magitech, Random hallucinations from studying forbidden magic... questionable grasp on sanity... Personal Quotes: "There is something out there... in the darkest space between the stars where even the Gods dare not look. Its out there, and I found it... and it found me" "There is such a thing as Forbidden Knowledge. Things that ponies were not meant to know. To know them comes at a high cost" "Spiders! Spiders! They're Everywhere! Run!!!" History: Ever since he was a young colt, Starry Void was obsessed with grand magic. Even when his parents, teachers, and anyone else tried to explain to him that his magic was tied to the earth and nothing else, he refused to listen and kept searching, knowing deep in his soul that there had to be something else out there - when anypony could use special artifacts or devices to manipulate magic without a horn, he was sure that there was more to the world than what they perceived. Once night, while looking through his telescope at the sky at night, specifically the darkest parts where no stars could be seen, he saw... something... he couldn't explain what exactly it was, and first thought maybe he imagined it or that there must have been a smudge on his telescope's lens. He cleaned the telescope intently and looked again at the same spot. He saw it again, clearer this time, but still so fleeting that he could not clearly explain what he saw... or what he felt upon seeing it... it was almost like something in that darkness looked back at him, looked deep inside of him... it was a strange almost icky feeling, like a taint on his very soul... but it intrigued him, he had to know more! The next day, he went to the Canterlot library and researched everything he could, but something deep inside him... that same place eh felt the presence before and its... residue? it told he he wouldn't find anything relevant here... he wished he could look in the forbidden archives, feeling like the answer would surely be there, but he didn't have anywhere near the rank (or bits...) to get into there, so he left. But on the way home, he was inexplicably drawn to a curio shop - someplace he had never seen before, in a back alley not far from the library. It was here that he made his way to an old book that seemed to call to him... strangely it seemed mostly blank except for some strange writing in the beginning, but he knew if he studied it, he would find his answer. Thus, his fate was sealed. Character Personality: Energetic, Quirky, Paranoid, Excitable, these are all words that describe Void well. His heart is often in the right place, but his unstable and corrupted mind doesn't always clearly see what he needs to do in a given situation, sometimes with disastrous (or even hilarious) results... Character Summary: Void is a rare find, an earth pony who, through the use of Thaumaturgy, has learned to manipulate the magic aura itself using specialized tools and extract magical essence from the world around him which he can then infuse into special objects using his ritual altar to give them great power. However, going against the natural order like this has taken a tole on his sanity. Often he starts screaming about "The mists! They're after me again!" or "Spiders! Everywhere" occasionally even complaining that "Its too bright! I'm going to burn up!" though these usually pass quick enough. He has also been known to mutter strange things in an unknown language that just seems... wrong... on a deep, primal, level. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said "If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you" Image: (Sorry for the poor quality image/edit... very much not a graphics artist)
  17. Name: Gold Digger, but usually goes by Angel Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Zebra/pegasus hybrid Eye Color: Green Character Color: White fur with golden stripes Mane/Tail: Both her mane and tail are rather short, the longest parts of the mane not going that far past her head. The mane style is a rather simple one, the hair in groups of bangs. One sticks out in front over her nose, another frames her eye with the help of the largest group that covers everything from her eye to her ear. This group is the longest one, and the only to reach past her head. The one over her nose is the shortest and sticks out some, curving back towards her face at the end. The middle one reaches to just below her eye. The tail is mostly just a collection of various sections of hair, all tapering to points as they curve back towards her. Both the mane and tail are primarily a purple color, with portions that are a sky blue instead. Physique: She has a rather lithe physique, built for agility over strength, though it’s fairly balanced. She is of average height for a mare her age. She tends to wear golden armor over the top edge of her wings which end in blades. Residence: A large cloud house on the outskirts of Ponyville Occupation: Treasure Hunter Cutie Mark: A golden heart outlined with a chain. This represents her kind and loyal heart and how she’ll never break the chains that bind her to her friends. She earned her mark while exploring with her friends. They were having a great time until they ran into a dangerous creature, one that none of them would be able to defeat alone. Working together though, drawing on each other’s skills, they managed to take it down with no serious injuries on their side. Unfortunately, it seemed that was just a young version, and the adult soon found them. Seeing no way to win, she ran distraction while her friends escaped, almost taking a bad hit many times. She knew one was all it would take. Thankfully, her friends got safely away, and with their help, so did she. Only once they were all safe back home did she notice her new mark. Unique Traits: Fighting: Angel, despite that nickname, is not at all adverse to fighting. She usually does so using a mix of bare-hoof combat, her wing blades, and a spiked chain. The spikes are fairly small, like the thorns on a rose, aside from one large one on the end of the chain. When not in use, she keeps it wrapped around her right front leg, which is armored to protect herself. Languages: She can read more languages than she actually speak, but it’s very helpful to know what is written in the places she finds herself while working. Personality: She is a pretty friendly pony, at least once she opens up some. Her line of work has forced herself to a heightened wariness around strangers, but she will usually give them a chance. She’s also a mare of her word, doing everything in her power to protect her friends or fulfill her promises. History: Angel never really knew her father, he was never a part of her life as far as she could remember. Her mother though, was wonderful. Raised by a zebra in a Hesperian town, her childhood ended up being a wild one. From combat training to protect herself from danger, to her diverse friends, to the various misadventures they’d get into. She had a lot of fun there, but once it came time to leave the nest, she decided she wanted to explore. Some of her friends came with her, though others decided to remain local. The group traveled the world, losing members occasionally as they found where they wanted to live their lives, but also gaining some on occasion. She swore to keep in touch with those she left behind, and she has. Eventually, they reached Ponyville, and she found her own place to settle down, at least somewhat. Bidding farewell to the rest of the group, she set up her home, building it up as she went on adventures and returned with souvenirs. Summary: A kind and loyal friend, who will fight to her last breath if it means her friends were safe. Also, an avid treasure hunter using wits and skills in equal measure.
  18. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Brassy Hammer Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: Gray Mane/Tail: Red/Orange Physique: Very Strong (She's a smith, she can practically tear trees in half) Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Resident blacksmith of E.V.I.L.'s base Cutie Mark: Large Smith's Hammer Crossed with Tongs Unique Traits: Formerly a notorious sellsword, she now forges/repairs weapons and armor for Team E.V.I.L. History: Growing up the only foal to a blacksmith, Brassy spent her youth learning the craft. Unfortunately, her father has the misfortune of repairing a sword for a dishonest and cheap pony who first refused to pay, then killed the smith in cold blood. Seeing her father's fate, brassy took a warhammer from the forge and went after the murderer. She tracked him for several weeks and in her broken state, didn't even give him a chance to defend himself, smashing his skull in with her warhammer the first chance she got. Unfortunately he had associates who heard of this, and by the time brassy returned home, they had made sure there was no home to return to, having burned everything made of wood and shattered everything made of stone, even managing to somehow split her anvil in two. So, seeing as she dealt with her father's death by seeking vengeance, Brassy set out with the same goal in mind... her broken mind deciding she rather liked killing - she liked the rush of power knowing she got to choose whether her enemy lived or died, and she became quite infamous across the land, often being called 'bloody hammer' or 'crimson hammer' by those slightly more cultured. In time, this life caught up with her though, she made many enemies and no allies. She was on the verge of ending not only her career but her own life when she was approached by E.V.I.L. - offering her a safe place to resume her smithing duties, free of persecution and protected from the law from her past crimes. She accepted and has been crafting and repairing weapons and armor (mostly forgeries of solar/lunar armor) to this day. Character Personality: Strong, Prideful, but usually cheery. Brassy seems like a typical smith, loving the forge and working metal, always eager to please her customers... but unlike a normal smith she'll also gladly recount her days as a sellsword... While she is slow to anger, that anger burns as hot as her forge, so its best not to tempt her, she didn't earn the name "bloody hammer" for nothing... Character Summary: Former Mercenary and psychopath, time has mellowed out most of Brassy's bloodlust, and she regrets is, though only because it impacted her ability to run a smithy and live a normal life. She now smiths for E.V.I.L. and dreams of a day she might get to walk in the sun again.
  19. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Desert Rose Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Green Coat: Pink Mane/Tail: Pink/red Physique: average Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Vilian Cutie Mark: Rose bush in a sandstorm Unique Traits: Above-average gardener, professed Master of "Sandstorm" weather magic (always carries a large bag of sand with her for use with said magic). History: Rose was born and raised in a small town in the San Palamino desert where she spent her youth helping to cultivate the sparse farms and gardens of the city. She had a particular skill with the plants that seemed to outshine even the seasoned gardeners. however, it was not an easy life, between the almost ever-present droughts and raiding bandits, her life was hard. The bandits especially gave her family trouble, making rose's blood boil every time the town was forced to hand over their meager food. Like most pegasai, rose studded weather magic, showing talent in controlling wind, but little in making rain - something the village desperately needed. As she grew older, the raids only increased, her studies turning to ways of deterring the bandits. It was thanks to this that she took to wandering far into the desert and learned to create sandstorms. At first little more than dust-devils, but in time their power and magnitude grew until it became a formidable weapon. Knowing roughly when the bandits tended to strike, she honed her skill and prepared... she would finally teach them not to steal from HER village! When the day came, she met the bandits on the edge of town, despite the pleas of her family and friends (not to mention the village elders) and when they refused to back down, she poured everything she had into her magic, creating a sandstorm that would go down in infamy... but after over an hour of battle, the bandits had enough and finally retreated, leaving rose to collapse on the warm sands, excused, but victorious... When she awoke, though, the village had other thoughts on her actions... the sandstorm had been so strong that parts of the village were burred, homes filled with sand, their crops that she had worked so hard to cultivate had been destroyed; leaving her village in even worse shape than if the bandits had completed their raid... it was made clear that she was no longer welcome there... But instead of taking things in step, she lashed out, outraged that after she trained so hard and risked her life to protect them, that they would turn their backs on her. It was a stroke of luck for both the village and Rose that her actions had caught the eyes of others beyond the village... As she argued with the elders and was on the brink of using her magic to make the village utterly uninhabitable, a voice of reason spoke to her. A group of travelers from eastern equestria had been passing through and talked her down, convincing her that her petty vengeance wasn't worth it... and that her skills would be more useful - and more appreciated - elsewhere... So, she left the village, her mind still clouded with rage and joined the travelers as they headed back towards canterlot... towards a new life, but not necessarily a better one... Character Personality: While on the surface Rose seems calm, she is quick to anger and has been known to lash out at friends and foes alike, though careful words will calm her down. She carries a rage in her heart to this day for the ingreatful village she worked so hard to make prosperous and to save... though she has a special place in her heart, in the eye of the storm, for a certain pegasus, and a certain unicorn, whose' words always cut through her rage and make her stop, even if she holds the anger longer than she should... Holding such rage was not good for Rose as it often clouds her mind, giving her trouble even in day-to-day life, making her more klutzy than she would be if she was less focused on the past. Character Summary: A skilled but hot-blooded Aeromancer, Rose is an opponent not to trifle with. She is not above playing dirty and literally throwing sand in her opponents eyes (and ears and nose and....) Holding a grudge that ties her to a past best left forgotten, perhaps one day she will finally let go and finally be at peace.
  20. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Electric Shock Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Yellow Coat: Blue Mane/Tail: light blue Physique: slightly on the scrawny side. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: "Villain" (Antivillain) Cutie Mark: two lightning bolts coming together Unique Traits: Has learned to channel lightning both offensively and defensively (though doing it much will wear him out - usually only about 3 bolts without resting), skilled martial artist. History: Shock's early life seemed somewhat normal, almost idyllic. Growing up in Cloudsdale, he was an average student, a prominent member of the cloudball team, and was studying martial arts in hopes of becoming a professional championship fighter. Everything was going well for him, he had friends, family, a bright future... but then came the accident... Nopony is quite sure what happened, and the parties at fault were quick to cover it up and sweep it under the rug since it was a small matter that happened away from prying eyes... but to say it was "small" was only looking at the big picture... Shock was the only survivor losing his family and friends, and he had suffered serious head trauma. Even with surgery it was unsure if he would live. When he beat the odds and woke though, he was a completely different stallion. His interest in sports and martial arts was gone, instead becoming a brilliant study in math and science, but his psyche was in shambles... when anypony asked about an aspect of his previous life, shock would ofte just shrug, at best he would make some philosophical comment that held seemingly no connection to him emotionally. He would also focus less on ponies and more on animals... but not the way a normal pony would... he would try to teach squirrels to use a fire-pit to roast their acorns, or teach birds advanced mathematics to aid their flight... if the animals had any grasp of what he was saying, it was not much... In short, Shock was on the short list for an asylum, but then somepony stepped in. Where she came from and why she took interest in shock wasn't clear, but she did - and she had the bits to backup whatever she said. He made progress, at least to the point that the doctors felt he could be released, and when he was, Shock left cloudsdale with the mare, headed for canterlot, to a new future and hopefully in time, the pieces of his mind would settle back into place... Character Personality: Shock is highly intelligent, but is not all there. He seems to have two hooves in our world and two in another - he usually is stable enough that he simply comes off as eccentric, but at other times he is so far out in left field that ponies will keep their distance for fear. However he is almost always upbeat, unless talking about his past. Character Summary: A skilled fighter in both body and weathermagic, with the brains to back it up --- but there is something wrong with him. An accident left his mind in shambles, with many questioning if he even remembers his past in any logical way, he sees the world through a different lens than other ponies now... though how much of this is true insanity and how much is his attempt to cope with the loss of everything he ever had is up for debate...
  21. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Twinkle Star Sex: Male Age: colt Species: Unicorn Eye colour: reddish-pink (usually covered by sunglasses when in public) Coat: white Mane/Tail: black (Yes, he is an albino) Physique: average Residence: canterlot Occupation: Singer/Guitarist (Con artist) Cutie Mark: a single star with several smaller ones trailing it Unique Traits: His special talent is the Glamour, which enthralls all who hear it, clouding their mind. When he stops focusing on the ability, those around him have very hazy memories of being under the glamour and are open to suggestion of what happened during it (Though only to a limited extent) This power has made Star a literal rockstar since nopony actually hears him sing or play and afterwards the announcers praise him so they "remember" his performance being amazing. Note that this power only works in-person so it cannot be recorded or transmitted and is limited to those hearing him (so yes, earplugs nullify it) History: Little is known about Star or his past, he burst onto the music scene selling out concerts and merchandise everywhere he went (though fans are dissapointed that he refuses to release any records) He always plays up how he is there for the fans and loves what he is doing; that he is living a dream. Mysteriously his parents never accompany him, he is instead chaperoned as needed by bodyguards or other associates of his. (Though they are routinely interviewed and always have extremely positive things to say about their son). With enough digging and the right connections, one can discover that Star graduated from primary school with honors, but did not start out that way --- his early records are filled with him being the victim of bullying and failing or barely passing any of his classes. However that all changed this last two years, when suddenly the bullying stopped, his popularity rose (with him being elected to student council) and his grades suddenly all became perfect A+ or higher. This was also when he began his singing career and earned his cutiemark - which is what he and his family credit for the turnaround in his life. Character Personality: If you meet Star on the stage or an event surrounding one of his concerts, he is overflowing with kindness, humility, and love for his fans and for all of equestria... ...but if you meet him in a dark alley at midnight... he is the most cold hearted and analytical pony ever to be born. The only emotion he will show, besides stoicism is rare hatred and rage (usually and almost only when sompony mockingly calls him "Twinkie" or "Tinkle"). Something broke this pony's heart and froze it in ice long ago, leaving him a heartless monster... but a monster who can manipulate and deceive fans by the thousands... the only question left is "What is his endgame?" Character Summary: Idol by day, villain by night. Star will sing praises of you one minute and stab you int he back the next if it is to his benefit. It is a shame that the joyous mask hides a pony so hollow and empty inside, filled only with darkness.
  22. Name: Vera Menita Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Hippogriff Eye Color: Red Character Color: Orange-ish brown Mane/Tail: His mane is rather long, reaching down to his back even after pulling it into a high ponytail that curls around gently, like there is a tube it gently made its way around. He has some bangs swept partially over his left eye. The tail is of medium length, reaching his knees or thereabouts. It is mostly just a curve downwards, though it curls back upwards at the ends. They are both a solid red in color. Physique: He has a fit physique, one that would be expected of a martial artist or boxer, blending strength and agility. As such, his muscles are evident without being too much. He is a head taller than most adult hippogriffs. Residence: Appleloosa, but mostly just wanders the world. Occupation: Outlaw (explorer) Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Fighting skills: His fighting style utilizes his body, mostly involving punches and kicks of various kinds. It’s also heavy on counter-moves, blocking or avoiding attacks and using the opening to retaliate. Honesty: Contrary to what one might assume while talking to him, it’s not just that he doesn’t want to flat out lie, he can’t. After a mishap with an artifact, he is incapable of saying something he knows to be untrue. Forms: Though he may not always wear it openly, he has a shard to transition between land and sea forms. Personality: He is a friendly sort, wanting to try and solve problems with words before violence, but he is not adverse to the second option. In fact, he does enjoy the opportunity to work his skills from time to time, but he’d usually do that in sparring matches. He is also rather truthful, never knowingly telling a lie. He may not tell you everything, but everything he does tell you is true as far as he knows. History: Even while growing up underwater, he was never one to go with the flow. He preferred to make his own path, often getting into trouble exploring where he shouldn’t be. It was one such outing that had him discover the artifact that disabled his ability to lie. He wasn’t sure what had happened at first, after the strange rock had zapped him, but when he got home and tried to lie about where he had been, the truth came out instead. Confused, annoyed, and determined in equal measure, he kept at it in private, but found that no matter what subject or how hard he tried, the only thing from his mouth was truth. It took him a while to figure out that there was still some wiggle room there with partial truths, and boy did he wiggle into it. When the opportunity arose to choose where he wanted to be, he wasn’t entirely sure, aside from out exploring. He went with land at first, living on the mountain until that got too boring to him, and then managed to sneak off with a shard. It wasn’t easy, but he managed it and immediately took off to explore the world at large, moving from place to place both above the waves and beneath them. Summary: An honest outlaw, he might still try to talk you out of your money if you give him the chance.
  23. Dont know how this old app from ~2012 vanished, but it apparently did... Name: Singlestone Gender: Stallion Race: Unicorn Appearance: White and Grey Color Scheme, wears a jumpsuit with tools sticking out of it, also now wears glasses due to acute nearsightedness as he grew older Cutiemark: Special Talent: Inventing Job: Scientist/Magitech Engineer Personality: Very easy-going and usually relatively calm (unless you damage something he's working on) History: From an early age, Singlestone liked to tinker with things, despite being a magically-inclined unicorn he loved science. He studied at canterlot (first in primary school, then highschool, and finally at the university), and continued his studies beyond what almost any foal -and even many adults- would have considered normal. It was during his experimenting with low-level molecular magic that he earned his cuteimark and realized, or rather confirmed, that his future lay in inventing and researching. After spending many years as a professor and researcher, his funding finally ran out. Much to his surprise, he found himself a spot as a chief engineer and copilot with the infamous skypirate Harle Blackclaw, where he continues to pursue his passion of research and invention
  24. Name: Wave Chaser Sex: Male Species: Unicorn Age: Stallion Character Color: A slightly pale blue Eye Color: A type of salmon color Mane/Tail: They are of medium length, both very flowy. They look almost like a burning fire or waves going back and forth. Both are a mix of a pale dark green and a more blueish green in equal measure. Physique: He is very well muscled, indicative of someone who makes an effort to work their muscles, but not overly so. He likes to keep his soldier’s figure, despite his high rank. He is also taller than most stallions his age. Residence: Baltimare Occupation: Admiral of the Royal Equestrian Navy Cutie Mark: A wave composed of stars. To him it represents his skill with sailing and his determination to see things through to the end. The day he earned his mark was during a boat trip with his father. The purpose was to get practice sailing, and quality time as a bonus, but it turned out to be more than they bargained for. As they were out in the open waters, they ran into a storm and sort of lost their way. Thankfully, his father was able to navigate them, but that meant the rest of the work was on him until that was done. Even after, he had to take care of most things since his father had to keep checking their bearing to keep them on track. Eventually they made it back to port, and even though he was exhausted, Wave didn’t stop going until they safely docked, at which point he laid down on the nearest surface, which happened to be the deck, and soon fell asleep right there. His mark appeared while he slept. Unique Traits: Water Magic; He is very adept at utilizing water magic, controlling it to a much more precise degree than levitation could. He can focus it to the point of it cutting through stuff, able to make effective blades out of it. Ice Magic; He has dabbled in ice magic too to give him more defensive options than dodging. Combat Training: Mixing both magics with hoof-to-hoof combat makes him a force to be reckoned with in melee combat, and his water magic makes him a terror on the high seas. History: Wave’s life was certainly an interesting one. Growing up the son of two naval officers, or a former one in his mother’s case, he was certainly not lacking in tutoring on that front. His foalhood was a mix of typical family activities like playing games or going to the park and activities meant to build his skills. Still, he enjoyed himself as he grew up, and wanted to learn more, to his parent’s relief. As soon as he grew old enough, he was directed onto the path of becoming an officer as well, doing just that when he completed the schooling that went with it. He rose through the ranks due to hard work and his desire to see things through to the end. Certainly his skills in combat and magic helped too, and eventually he even rose to the rank of Admiral. He spent the time since working his flank off to keep things running smoothly and live up to the office, and making his parents even prouder than before. Personality: He is quite nice and honest with those he calls friends, at least honest to the point he can be, given the information his position allows him. Still, he is fairly strict when it comes to work, he had to be in his position, though he’s not without forgiveness or understanding when something can’t get done, it just needs to be earned. He mostly saves formalities for official meetings, but if someone insists on using titles elsewhere he’d oblige them. Due to wanting to see things through, he’ll oftentimes overwork himself trying to complete his work, having to make a conscious effort to tear himself away to rest at times. Summary: A hard-working unicorn, he sometimes needs a kick in the flank to get him to relax.
  25. Roleplay Type: both WOE and FFA. And multiverse. Name: Bubblegum Spade Sex: F Age: Mare (early 30's, not giving a specific number) Species: Unicorn Eye colour: black fading to a dark grey. Coat: purple blue-ish Mane/Tail: bubblegum pink fasing with diverse pinks. Physique: quite tall (a bit shorter than princess twilight in the last episode of season 9). Not that muscular, but she isn't weak either. Has long legs, but not as long as a princess's legs. Her muzzle is small, like a filly, but has some adults curves to it. Her eyes are shaped like Rarity's. Residence: Canterlot (though she isn't as snobby as most of them are displayed throughout the series). Occupation: Successful Writer in both fanfictions, on request, and fictions, thought out by herself. She's currently working on a fiction about a shadow pony finding true love. Title will be leaked next week. Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: her magic is quite strong. With it she could 'shapeshift' (like in that episode where they changed into breezies to guide them home). Has taught 'Black Magic And How To Defend Yourself' before Princess Twilight started a friendship school. Her eyes have this bright sparkle in it that tells her emotions. Dull sparkle for when she's down, bright for if she's in a positive mood. History: when she was a young mare, she had studied all sorts of magic, including black magic. One of her favourites was the dark arts. She saw that kind of magic in a movie called Harry Trotter. She absolutely adored it so she began studying it when she went to Celestias school. She smiled when it was her first day as 'Black Magic And How To Defend Yourself' teacher. She shortened the name to BMAHTDY, or BMADY. She was so excited, until she saw hateful glares towards her from everypony in there. "Hello, class. I'm Bubblegum Spade. You can either call me miss Bubblegum, or Bubbly." She smiled sweetly. Still no smiles back. "I'm your new teacher of this new class, which i like to call BMADY. It's short for BMAHTDY, which stands for Black Magic And How To Defend Yourself." Finally a hoof rose up. She looked at a minty blue filly, who seemed to be close to marehood. "Will we be able to use it against you as well, miss i-know-it-all?" The second that was asked, she thought 'oh boi. This is going to be a long first year.' She sighed and showed that if they did use it, they would end up in Sombra's dungeons. They immediately knew to not mess with their sweet but psycho teacher. Character Personality: She's very sweet but has a 'dark' side to her that only shows when she's messed with in a not fun way. Her 'dark' side includes usage of dark magic and taking form of dangerous but non-lethal beings, such as a wasp or anything else that could harm but not kill anypony. Her sweet side includes wanting to help ponies in need, write her books, give what's needed and anything else that would define a good person. Character Summary: Bubblegum Spade is a Female middle aged unicorn mare. She lives in Canterlot and is a very successful writer of no less than 73 books which 20% is fanfiction on request. She's currently working on a fiction about a shadow pony finding true love. She has taught BMADY {Black Magic And Defend Yourself} before the school of friendship became an actual thing, which ended her career a BMADY teacher in Celestia's school. She's a sweet but psycho mare. Sweet as in everything that defines a good pony, psycho as in a harmful but non-lethal being when being messed with in a negative way. {Please do tell me if something isn't adding up. Tips are always accepted, dear.} It doesn't seem as if this site accepts every url link i put in... it's very annoying. https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/11/20/6ce900ce8fa097122e050ed062bcaf43-full.png so I'll do it like this. Click the link and it directs you to the site. I'm sorry i had to do it this way.
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