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  1. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Jasper Sex: Male Age: Young adult Species: Dragon Eye colour: Silver Coat: pale blue Mane/Tail: NA - White Horns, Darker blue spines Physique: small for a dragon Residence: ponyville (living with Azure Ignine) Occupation: layabout, occasional fire starter. Cutie Mark: NA Unique Traits: due to a botched spell of azure's, the smoke that precedes Jasper's flame looks like translucent wisps of steam, leading some to believe he is an ice dragon (his breath weapon is, of course, fire) History: Jasper was the runt of the litter, which was quite large, so while he still revived the required nourishment, he never really learned a lot about dragon culture. Other dragons would often exclude him from their groups and events because of his size, ribbing him but not outright bullying the blue dragon (though he proved he could more than hold his own in lava surfing - which only contributed to his ostricization) when the molt came, it hit jasper hard, making him push away from what little semblance of belonging he had. Of course, dragon culture being what it was, they weren't exactly trying to make him feel any better. Finding that the cool deep ocean waters helped ease his condition, Jasper unfortunately got caught up in a tsunami. his survival was little less than a miracle, but it swept him far out to sea, eventually landing him on the coast of an alien land. Because he was still undergoing the molt, he hid himself away, making the ponies who had never seen a dragon before, even more curious what the strange creature they only caught glimpses of really was! This was what lured in the kirin that would change jasper's life forever - Azure Ignine. Azure indeed sought out the illusive creature, using her magic to her advantage and finally tracking him down (and upon finding him, using her magic to help soothe his condition). But unlike the other ponies or dragons, she was friendly to him - not treating him as a curiosity, but as a friend. This left a mark on Jasper, finally giving him a place to belong, and once he finished molting, the two left the coast and have been near-inseparable ever since. . . even if he'd rather not share her with Cloudy. . . Character Personality: Like most dragons, Jasper has a sharp, serrated tongue, which drives away most ponies when they disturb him. While he has managed to learn to be less abrasive than most dragons, thanks to the combined efforts of Azure and Cloudy, he has very few friends, even among dragons. While some might hear tales of a certain other dragon living among ponies, and assume Jasper is similar, they'd be sorely mistaken. Jasper is a lazy dragon, preferring to spend his time napping, listening to heavy metal, reading adventure novels (when alone - he doesn't like admitting he enjoys reading, or even can read at all) or even all three. If asked to do some menial task by Azure, his response (if he gave one) would be along the lines of "do it yourself!" But this does not mean he doesn't have a soft spot in his heart for his friends. If Azure or even cloudy was in true danger, not even the gates of Tarterus would stop him from protecting them. While Jasper prefers not to fight, if forced he will start with mostly-harmless judo-esque throws and sweeps, if this does not serve to deter his opponent he switches to a style that would best be described as an "amateur" version of Drunken Monkey. He does not use weapons outside of his claws/fire and his spiked jewelry (see below). Unless there is no other option, he will always attempt non-harmful take-downs of his opponents, preferring if they just give up out of frustration instead of injury. Character Summary: "Big, Strong, Tough, Dumb" are all words Jasper would use to describe himself, even it he isn't any of those things. While his tongue can be razor-sharp, he never forgets a debt or a friend, and woe be unto any who get in the way of either of those... after his nap, at least. Physical Description:Slightly more muscle definition than most dragons (more like Ember than spike/smolder) roughly the same height as the average pony. His eyes are outlined in the same dark blue shade as his spines and very angular like a curved downward pointing triangle (no its not natural though he will claim it is). His spikes are styled in a more 'sawtooth' shape, curving upwards ending in a mohawk. His horns are mostly straight coming from the side of his head and curved to point upwards Being a metalhead/punk rocker, he wears a spiked collar as well as spiked bracelets/anklets along with a spiked band around the end of his tail along with a dark blue septum ring and a tshirt (with sleeves torn off jaggedly) showing a band logo.
  2. Roleplay Type: world of Equestria Name: Azure "iggy" Ignine Sex: female Age: young adult Species: Kirin Eye colour: orange Coat: yellow Mane/Tail: fiery orange with electric-blue streaks Physique: average Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Researcher Cutie Mark: NA Unique Traits: -Like all kirin, Iggy bursts into flame when she gets mad, but she has learned to mostly controle this, including focusing her anger to further empower herself when in danger, but not lose herself to rage. -While none of her spells are specially strong (possibly from a lack of practice more than raw ability), Iggy slowly pushes herself to learn as many as possible... often with comically disastrous results (such as accidentally changing Jasper's smoke into steam permanently) thanks to most pony magic requiring subtle modifications to be usable by a Kirin History: Having grown up during the 'plague of silence' (as iggy liked to call it), There wasn't much for a foal to do except read and study, which she did with a passion. Having no voice made her even more introverted than normal, driving her deeper into her studies to the point when the cure was made available it took her several days to even realize it. Afterwards, her regained voice did not help her win any friends as she spent her time questioning anypony who would listen about what she had learned, eventually being sent out into wider equestria to satisfy her thirst for knowledge (which if anything made it worse) During her travels, she met her best friend Cloudy Skies and her 'little brother' Jasper, before finally deciding that the most appropriate place to settle was Ponyville, given both the fact it was near the Everfree, which brimmed with wild magic and secrets, as well as being something of a nexus of strange magical phenomenon - something she planned to discover the reason behind! Character Personality: Friendly, while a bit awkward Iggy is always ready to lend a hoof (especially if there's a chance of learning something new!) While she spends most of her time studying, researching, or performing experiments, she enjoys helping those around her as well. (Just dont try talking to her first thing in the morning or you'll be reminded kirin are part dragon... provided she even gets up...) Character Summary: Always eager to learn and help her friends, Iggy is a kirin out to solve mysteries and make everypony's day a little brighter (as long as she doesn't botch up another spell....)
  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Cloudy Skies Sex: Male Age: Young Adult Species: Hippogryph Eye colour: Yellow Coat: White Mane/Tail: Brown and red Physique: slim, slightly smaller than average Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Research Assistant / Storyteller Cutie Mark: NA Unique Traits: -As with all hippogryphs, had a shard of the Pearl that allows him to transform into a hippocampus. -claims his slender frame was "built for speed and agility" (though really he's just smaller than average) -Above average intelligence, below average common sense. History: Having been born and raised in Seaquestria, Cloudy had only the vaguest idea what his name even meant. He spent a lot of his early life learning about his race's history and any scraps of knowledge he could gather. However, as he got older this got him teased quite a bit and as with most young creatures, made him turn on his attackers. Cloudy was often being disciplined for getting into fights, however this had the net-positive effect of slowing and eventually ending the teasing (and stocking his ego considerably) After the storm king's defeat, Cloudy took his chance to see the world, making many new friends... and more than a couple enemies... though one friend really stood out in his mind, a kirin named Azure Ignine. The two became very close, being strange creatures in a strange land, but despite what many think, they are more like siblings than lovers. It was Azure's desire to study the "wild magic of the everfree" that lead Cloudy to settling down in ponyville to be with his friend. . . even if he'd rather not have to deal with Jasper. . . Unfortunately, with the ponies of equestria knowing so little about hippogryphs, Cloudy found himself explaining (and embellishing) both his race's history and heroism as well as his own. Often 'reenacting' events that were supposed 'legends' with extensive bravado... whether he had taken inspiration from another over-enthusiastic egocentric ponyville resident was something a lot of the town's populous often wonder... Character Personality: Young and full of energy (as well as being full of himself), Cloudy can come off as a bit aloof and sometimes even an airhead, but he's a good creature who cares about his friends and those around him, never mad at having to stop an exciting tale he was acting out in order to help others (much to the frustration of any listening). Character Summary: Despite being a little smaller than average, cloudy is full of heart and the desire to help his friends and any in need... though if he can brag about his or his race's 'history' in the process, he will gladly take that opportunity. (Apologies for the low-quality image edit... not many hippogryph vectors available so I had to edit a JPEG... x_x )
  4. Name: Rex Aurea Caelo Sex: Male Species: Bird people from the movie (Dunno their name.) Gray parrot. Age: Adult Eye Color: Golden yellow Character Color: Gray, mixed with white in small dots over his body Mane/Tail: His mane, as it were, is a short mohawk that flops over towards his right side, the back half being a pale yellow and the front being a dark red. Physique: He is a very well-muscled bird, indicative of someone who works out a lot and keeps himself in shape. He is of average height for his kind. Residence: Roam Occupation: Actor and painter, occasional sailor to find new subjects for his art. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Mimicry; He is able to mimic many different sounds, on top of voices, making him very good at voice-acting or sounding different when acting in general. Memory; To compliment his mimicry is his great memory that allows him to store the different sights and sounds in his brain for later use whether that is mimicking the sound or painting a picture. Agility; He is deceptively agile, despite his musculature, enough that he is an effective member of a ship's crew, which is often how he pays his way. Combat Training; He has trained in hands-free combat, as well as utilizing knives or, his favorite, a gladius in one hand with the other empty. He mostly trained to make combat scenes more realistic and to protect himself and those around him. History: Growing up was a rather pleasant experience for him, with two loving parents in a peaceful town. He found his love for art early on, often drawing pictures of the surrounding landscapes and the people around them. Unfortunately that meant he started running out of subjects as he grew up, which drove him to explore wider and wider areas in search of more subjects for his art. At the same time, his growing knowledge of sounds made him start to explore his abilities in mimicry. The crowds he sometimes drew would awaken his desire to become an actor, and he continued to expand outwards until he hit the sea. The only way he could keep going was to become a sailor, and so he did. Life on the sea was actually pretty nice, and he enjoyed it until he found Roam. Inspired by the city and its architecture, he made his home there. He explored still from time to time, but now he always returned to Roam eventually. Personality: He is generally a very nice person, donating extra proceeds from his work to those in need and keeping only enough to keep himself living comfortably with a safety savings to fall back on. He'll often play small pranks using his mimicry, though he kept it small in most cases so they were seen as jokes. He is very patient, rather slow to anger and only really fighting when it’s necessary. Summary: An artistic bird that enjoys helping those in need.
  5. Name: Blazing Thunder Sex: Male (Sometimes Female) Age: Stallion/Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Red Character Color: In his male form, he is primarily a blue in color with dark gray splotches reminiscent of storm clouds, with his wings also a dark gray. His female form is the same, but is primarily the dark gray with the splotches being the blue color. Mane/Tail: His mane and tail in his male form are somewhat long, pretty windswept and looking sort of like a mix of flames and clouds. They are primarily yellow, with the ends transitioning to a red-orange in color. The mare form has a shorter mane and tail, though overall spikier, looking more like flames, especially as the red-orange becomes the main color and the yellow moves to the tips. The mane pulls up into a spiky ponytail, and the tail being not much more than a spiky puff tied up with a tie around the base. Physique: He is rather lean in both forms, a typical physique for someone who spends most of their time doing fast aerial acrobatics and fighting. He's of average height in both forms. Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Wonderbolt Cutie Mark: A blazing sun with what look like lightning bolts coming off it instead of the flame surrounding it. It represents his speed and courage, the ability to crash through all his challenges before they knew what hit them. The day he earned his mark was one when he was practicing his flying with his parents. All was going well at first, until there was a sudden storm front that came in. His parents were quick to his rescue, but they couldn't reach him before he got lost among the clouds. He was too scared to move at first, but eventually he managed to work up the courage. Unfortunately, that didn't amount to much when he was lost in a sea of gray clouds. He wandered aimlessly at first before getting angry and punching a hole through the cloud, opening a direct path to the sun. With something better to orient himself now, he busted straight down through the clouds, emerging out the bottom accompanied by lightning and beams of sunlight. With that accomplished, he flew back to his family as fast as he could, crashing into them with a hug. Unique Traits: Gender-switching; It's mostly under control, thanks to a special necklace he wears, but it can also go off at random when he sneezes. Training; On top of his skills in flying, as expected of his job, he is very proficient in unarmed combat. He also likes to combine both to use his speed to enhance the strikes. History: His childhood was always a rather pleasant one, aside from the whole gender-switching thing. He caught a disease early in his life that seemed to activate it, or something about the combination of the disease and the magic used to cure it activated it inside him. He has spent most of his life dealing with it, and has had plenty of time to get used to it over the years. For some reason, his twin never seemed to manifest the same condition, but he didn't mind. In fact, his abilities allowed for more opportunities for fun, and it contributed towards his tendency to swing both ways in either form. After eventually getting out of school, he joined the guard, serving faithfully and protecting his city until he was noticed and given the opportunity to join the Wonderbolts thanks to his bravery and flying ability. He accepted at once, of course, and never looked back. He enjoyed his new position, getting to show off for crowds like that and still protect those that needed it, and he worked hard to keep his position. Eventually, he hoped to make it to captain of the Wonderbolts, but he knows that takes time and work. Personality: While he can be pretty egotistical and proud of himself, he will do anything to help out his friends and those that need it. His confidence also leads him to hit on a lot of ponies of both genders due to his own tendency to go back and forth. He can also be rather hot-headed, jumping into action as soon as something rears it's head, tending to act before thinking most of the time. Doesn't help that he usually has the skills to back up all his bravado. Summary: A somewhat egotistical pegasus that will do whatever it takes to offer help when it's needed
  6. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Harvest Moon Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Golden Orange Coat: Light tan Mane/Tail: Her mane is kept in a short bob, and her tail is medium lenght, both of which are a light caramel color. Physique: Lean and Limber baby! Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Over night delivery mare Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: She always wears her signature scarf and goggles, a bit overly opinionated and chatty, occasionally show boats, has a unique talent for always finding her way home no matter where she is via her connection to the stars and their patterns. History: Harvest Moon was born alongside her twin brother Autumn Moon, in a barn out in Ponyville to their loving parents, EaraCorn and Midnight Whispers under a full, glowing moon, that signified good fortune, and prosperity. Harvest was born first, and she was also the one born a pegasus, her brother having been born a unicorn(Don’t ask for the genetics, EaraCorn don’t know the statistics) and took her job as the eldest VERY seriously. Harvest was always leading the charge, deep in the woods to find pill bugs, flying up high to see if Mom and Dad were heading home, a little bossy; The usual “Big sister” things. One night Autumn decided that he wanted to go Nightmare Night-ing by himself, insisting that he didn’t need his “sister” being his shadow, and wandered off away from her..and managed to get himself lost in the nearby woods. Harvest not content to wait for her parents (whom were feverishly organizing a rescue party) decided she’d find him herself, after all they were twins right? Twins had a PSYCHIC LINK! (No, no they did not) After a bit of bumbling dumb luck, Harvest did eventually find her brother, shivering cold and alone in a hollow log, all dirty and tired from his wandering. With a bit of prompting Harvest got the other filly on her back and flew up over the canopy of leaves to try and navigate her way home. Now Harvest Moon was a star watcher, she always had been, and it took only a moment for her to spot the stars she knew would lead her home. It was a happy reunion as she reunited them with their parents, the glow in her heart from being home so bright, that she didn’t even notice her cutie mark, a red moon (to signify passion and a connection to the night) with glowing stars, to signify her connection to them and ability to read them. Time marched on and Harvest Moon left for Cloudsdale to take flying lessons, graduated well and soon got a job as an overnight delivery mare, where she gets important documents, packages, ect to where they need to go as quickly as possible. Character Personality: Harvest is blunt, brash, and honest, she’s lighthearted and easy to read, you can always tell what she’s thinking by her very obvious facial ques. She loves her job, and she loves flying, especially at night. Character Summary: Harvest Moon, your friendly, overnight delivery mare! Flying here, flying there, doing backflips in the air! Over Equestria without a care!~ Your OveRnIGHT dElivery MAAARRE~!
  7. Name: Seabreezer Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn/Zebra hybrid Eye Color: Sky blue Character Color: Her body is mainly a grey color, with dark blue stripes that form into arcane symbols at various parts with the assistance of tattoos of the same color. Mane/Tail: Her mane is a short spiky mowhawk that swaps between the same dark blue as her stripes and a green color. Her tail is the same, but is of a fair length and braided into a tight rope-like pattern to use like a whip. Physique: She is rather tall for a mare her age, with a sailor's physique. Well muscled from work aboard the ship and her fighting, but lithe enough to climb the ropes. Residence: 'The Vicious Disgrace' ship captained by Draco Silvanus Occupation: First Mate. Also, pirate Cutie Mark: Green stars that form their own star pattern by being the points of a larger star. This is for a mix of nightime navigation and magical skill. She earned her mark during a night out sailing with her father. While they were out on the waves, a storm snuck up on them. They worked together at first, but unfortunately he became injured during the work and she had to due two people's work by herself. Under his guidance, she managed it using her horn to do his work while she did hers with her hooves. Once the storm passed and the clouds parted, she used her knowledge and his to navigate and sail the boat to the nearest port. With all that had happened, neither had noticed her mark had appeared until they were safe on shore. Unique Traits: Being raised as the daughter of a zebra father and unicorn mother gave her a very unique upbringing. On top of learning the languages of both parents, she also learned skills from both of them. She learned sailing and unarmed fighting from her father, and swordplay and magic from her mother. The sword she chooses to use primarily is a kreigsmesser, fighting by using her magic to enhance her attacks and sometimes to fire blasts out. History: Her childhood was a generally happy one, if a bit stifling. Though perhaps that was inevitable considering they both were part of militaries. The father navy and the mother REA. Even though she enjoyed the lessons she retained from her parents, they were pretty strict and as a result she didn’t have the chance to make many friends growing up. Her only real friend was her younger brother, and that was true the whole time they were together. Unfortunately, that was doomed to be broken apart. After years of monotonous rules and lessons and schedules, she was sent away to join the navy of the recently re-emerged hippogriffs. Now a young mare angry at her parents and everyone in a position of power over her, her attitude ended up getting her out of the navy proper, but her skills still got her onto a ship under a good captain in the form of Draco. She eventually took a liking to him and his style, following him into battle time and again. One such battle is where she found her weapon of choice, looted from a Germaney vessel and hidden to keep it for herself instead of turning it over to Novo. She didn’t really like working for Novo in the end, but she was willing to put up with it in order to stick with the new family she had found. As such, when he made his offer to free the pirate they had just captured and become proper pirates themselves, she was all to eager to go along with the plan. After all that went down, she was finally truly free, and she loved the feeling. Personality: She is not really one for following orders, preferring to do whatever she wants. In fact, she actively disliked people telling her what to do, and she generally lets them know as much. The only real exception to this is her captain, and the rest of the crew to a lesser extent. Not to say she would follow any order, but she’d consider it. Other than that, she is pretty laid-back and fun-loving, playing around with the crew like one would with siblings. Summary: A fun-loving pirate that likes to think of herself as the big sister of the crew.
  8. Name: Magnus Durum Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Sky blue Character Color: A blueish slate gray that transitions to a pale blue partway down his legs. Mane/Tail: Both the mane and tail are a dark red in color. The mane is basically just left to hang naturally, giving a bit of a messy look as parts hang in front of his face. His tail is really just a bun held together with some fairly dark blue bands. As far as facial hair goes, he just has a 5-o’clock shadow of the same dark red hair. Physique: Magnus’ physique is one of a well-toned stallion. One trained to fight, a mix of strength and speed. He is also slightly taller than average, all in all rather handsome. Residence: The outskirts of Canterlot Occupation: Noble, traveling sword-fighter Cutie Mark: A bright yellow star with several smaller stars around it. This represents his skill in light magic. The day he earned his mark was during a trip with his family. They were out on the ocean on a boat trip when everything started going wrong. Problem after problem arose that left them dead in the water, and none of their light sources were functional. Focusing his power into his horn, he created enough bright flashes to call for help, signaling through Morse code. Eventually help arrived, and by then his flank was already adorned with the mark. Unique Traits: He has skill with the blade, mixing it with various other tools. His fighting style is not what one would call honorable, as he mixes his swordplay with gut punches, kicking up dirt, basically anything he can do to get ahead and stay there. He is also skilled with manipulating light through his magic, allowing him to become invisible, create illusionary clones, create bright flashes, and so forth. Combining this magic with his skills, and he becomes quite the formidable opponent. History: Magnus’ early childhood was marked with many fairly happy years. He was born the second child of a wealthy Kastroti family, with his older sister set to take control of the house next. He didn’t mind that, and spent his time playing with his sister when they weren’t learning. Everything changed after the boat trip though. While creating his bright flashes to attract help, he had inadvertently blinded his father. He did not know how to control it yet, but his family were not interested in his excuses. They waited until they felt he was old enough to fend for himself, and then kicked him out onto the street. He almost died there, and likely would have if he hadn’t found a gang of thieves to join. They truly taught him to survive, and many times taught him not to trust anyone too deeply as they threw him under the bus to avoid punishment. As such, he had multiple stints in jail, and there was no love lost when he figured he had learned all he could from them and turned them all in. With that chapter behind him, he took to wandering, surviving on what he could steal or win in fights. He eventually found himself near Canterlot, where he won a minor noble’s estate in a duel and etched himself out a new noble title. From then on, he basically continued as normal, though he added in more diplomatic tricks as he amassed more power and wealth. Personality: He places no stock in friendship anymore. No real stock anyways. He understands the value of having allies, and he’s willing to act friendly to get them if need be. Most of the time though, he remains rather reserved, not displaying that much emotion. Anger or annoyance are probably the ones most likely to make it through his almost arrogant facade. In the end, he has emotions like any other pony, but he is loathe to show them. Summary: A noble that turned into a brigand and then back into a mixture of the two, he is looking out for number one by any means necessary.
  9. Hello all. I was curious to know if anyone might be interested in drawing my OC Dream Wanderer. I have been wanting to use him as my main OC, And I would draw him myself, but I'm quite terrible at art . If there is not interest then i don't mind. I was just curious, and figured i would try His App here
  10. Name: Burning Aegis Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Areion Eye Color: Purple Character Color: A very dark purple, like a starless night sky. Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail are split between red and ash gray, with the red being the part closer to his body. His mane is of a medium length, really just a spiky mass of hair that partially goes over his right eye. The color switches right after it passes his eye. His tail is just as spiky, though relatively short, with the red pert underneath and gray on top. Physique: He is rather well-built, with a good musculature. He is taller than most stallions. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Lunar guard, part-time musician in a band. Cutie Mark: Three different music notes emblazoned on a flaming shield. To him, it represents his two passions, music and guarding, and his burning desire to be the best he can be at them. The day he earned his mark was during a summer camp. He was wandering the woods practicing his singing, unaware of the filly following him until he heard her scream. Darting to the sound, he found her cowering from a bear. Not knowing what to do, he broke out into song and ended up distracting the bear so the unicorn could run away. When she was safe, he took flight, the glow from the mark appearing temporarily blinding the beast and allowing him to escape relatively unharmed. Unique Traits: His ears are unusually acute, even for his kind, but thankfully not any more vulnerable to loud noises. This really helps with tuning his band and singing on key. It also helps to hear trouble coming. History: Aegis was born into a family of guards. Both parents were guards for a time, and he learned from them as soon as he could hold a weapon. Thankfully, that wasn’t all he learned from them, as his mother enjoyed singing as well. It was more of a hobby for her, but enough of a taste to get him hooked. As he grew up, he flip-flopped between becoming a guard and becoming a musician, attending camps for both throughout the years. He didn’t know he could do both until the incident that earned him his mark. From that point forward, he progressed down both paths at the same time, though he tended to keep them rather separate as he went, leading to the differing personalities. When he became a part of his band, the music side of his life really took off, taking him all around Equestria on shows. His life became a balancing act, and he went back to flip-flopping. Sometimes he was a guard with a side on singing, and sometimes he was a singer with a side of guarding. It mostly depended on how busy the band was, really. Personality: Aegis almost seems like he has more than one personality. When he’s on duty as a guard, he becomes very professional and vigilant. The model, stoic guard. When his shift is done though, he acts much friendlier, especially with mares. He becomes much more laid back and carefree. It’s hard to tell which one is the facade, if either one truly is. Summary: Vigilant guard by night, rocking singer by day.
  11. looking for someone good,at drawing pegasus mare OC that i have right now. and her name is Lighting Heart doing a cool trick for every pony to see.
  12. Name: Kireina Hinode Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Longma Eye Color: Her eyes are red in color Character Color: She is primarily a pale yellow in color, while the scales across her body and part of her wings are orange. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are rather long and wavy, leading to some curls on the ends. Both are basically an even split between the same orange as her scales and a pink color, alternating colors back and forth. They are both well-maintained, and styled after Prince Ishi's hair. (my Ishi, if there was confusion there) Physique: Her body is rather lithe, and somewhat taller than other fillies her age, contributing to a bit of an elegant air about her. Residence: Her actual home is currently in Kyoma, but she currently resides in Ponyville. Occupation: Student at the friendship school. Cutie Mark: She has yet to receive her mark. Unique Traits: While she has no real talent with using her magical breaths, only able to utilize basic techniques, she seems to make up for it with strong, elegant flight and natural beauty and grace. This lends to her interest in doing some modeling. She’s also partial to writing her own stories or poems from time to time. History: Born into a fairly well-to-do family in Kyoma, her childhood was a pleasant one. Her mother was a fashion designer, and often got her to model designs as she grew up, leading to her interest in modeling. As she kept going though, her parents began to see where she was headed in terms of personality and lack of friends, and decided to send her to the school of friendship they had heard of from clients. Personality: While not unfriendly, per-se, she is more interested in her grooming and writing than interacting with potential friends. She’s by no means shy though, and is more than happy to strut her stuff on the catwalk or read out her poetry for an audience. She can actually come off as arrogant or aloof sometimes. Summary: A young filly in love with modeling and the written word who could do with spending more time around her peers and less above them.
  13. Name: Cynhra Sex: Female Age: Young Doe Species: Peryton Eye Color: Magenta Character Color: She is primarily a reddish-orange in color, though it fades into a golden color on her legs, muzzle, and the tips of her wings. Her horns are a golden color just like her brother. Mane/Tail: As a peryton, she doesn’t have a mane to speak of, but her tail is simply the tail one would expect, with the red-orange on top and the yellow on the bottom. Physique: She does not really have all that impressive of a physique, though it is lithe in a way that shows her enjoyment of dancing. She is about as tall as usual for one of her age. Residence: The Emerald Grove with her brother. Occupation: As the princess of the land, she is technically jobless, but she uses her time as a painter and dancer for the most part. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Abilities: On top of the magic typical of her race, she has found that she has the ability to conjure small amounts of illusory flames, though it only seems to happen while she’s dancing. History: Cynhra was actually born on the same day as her brother, separated by a matter of minutes. Still though, Oisin was born first and was therefore the heir. Being so close in age allowed her to attend the same lessons as her brother, however, and those teachings helped mold her into what she became. She took to dancing at a young age, more than happy to show off her graceful movements to anyone who would watch, including any guests that may visit her home. One thing she shared with her brother growing up was a love of fantasy, and so often joined him in his re-enactments. Being how she was, both a literal princess and one as full of grace as she, she often ended up playing the part of the princess. She even kissed him on the cheek sometimes when he ‘saved’ her, mostly to mess with him. When Oisin’s fangs emerged, she thought they looked nice, like they helped complete his look, and so she would help defend him against the teasing from the others. She could see what it was doing to him, and she understood this was not fun teasing for him. As she grew older, her grace and coordination only grew, allowing her to dance even more beautifully. She even took up painting, despite how messy it could be, and sometimes poetry. She simply found herself drawn towards artistic pursuits, even as Oisin was crowned the new king. Well, she would still be there by his side, she knew how much help he needed after all. Personality: Cynhra is an odd case, really. She is very friendly, but in a sort of arrogant way. In trying to compliment someone, she may qualify the statement by comparing it as lesser to what she or another peryton would be able to do. Still though, she tries, and she does enjoy making friends. She is very passionate about the arts, wether it be dancing, acting, or otherwise. While she partially performs in order to show off, she will also do private shows to help someone improve in their own efforts. After all, every step closer to her level was another step closer to perfection, it would be greedy to hog all the perfection for herself. Summary: An arrogantly friendly peryton princess, she does her best to continue using her gifts while supporting her twin brother as he runs the kingdom.
  14. Roleplay Type: WoEName: AmbrosiaSex: FemaleAge: AdultSpecies: ChangelingEye colour: BlueCoat: Like her Changeling brothers and sisters, she has no fur - she instead has a pink and blue exoskeletonMane/Tail: Ambrosia has a 'mane' and tail of translucent spring green membranous chitin. Her wings are the same color.Physique: Ambrosia's physique is the same as other Changelings, barring her legs being slightly longer by a few inches or so. She shares traits with the more 'ladybird' like Changelings in the terms of her beetle like wing covering carapaces.Residence: The Changeling Hive.Occupation: Food Tender/Gatherer (Previously Love Harvester)Cutie Mark: N/AUnique Traits: Ambrosia's unique traits come in the form of an elongated neck and cranial chitin membrane and slightly more extravagant wings, she has a usual forewing and a teardrop shaped hindwing making it almost oddly butterfly shaped - maybe as a hint to her prowess with transformation. She also has a teardrop shaped gem in her chest like some of the Changelings of the hive. History: Ambrosia was hatched from the Nursery Hive around the same time as the brood that assaulted Canterlot during the Royal Wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, making her a relatively young adult by the time that happened - but before that, she was a run of the mill drone like the rest of her ilk. Some made to protect the hive, others made to capture those that trespassed, like the majority however she was made to 'gather food' for the Hive. And she did so unquestioningly, like the rest of the hive. She had a good niche for feeding off the love of others, be it the rogue wildlife, boastful griffons or the easiest of prey; Ponies. Ponies were so willing to give love and yet seemed always hungry to be reciprocated for it in turn, it was practically a banquet to stroll into a little farming village, find some lonely sap and let them whisper sweet nothings for hours and hours, lavishing their love upon her until she'd be so metaphorically fat with love she'd drag herself back to the Hive and her Queen with her spoils of the romantic battlefield. And that's the way it was, day in, day out, over and over feeding the Queen who fed it to the Hive...although not as much as the Queen fed, but she was the Queen! And she knew what was best. Right? Like the majority of the great swarm of her chitinous kin, she was right there in the thick of it when it came to the assault upon Canterlot, aiding in capturing and cocooning citizens that would eventually become delicious vats of love for the Hive to feed off of later, or whatever the Queen had planned for them all. What she didn't see coming was the failure or being launched back out into the wastelands with the rest of the swarm, all sent back to their Hive so they could lick their wounds. With what little time they had anyway. It seemed soon after that she and the rest of the Changelings were worked harder, gathering love, gathering information on 'important targets' to transform. Tempers flared but they kept working under the will of their Queen. Ambrosia included. It didn't matter if she grew tired, or her exoskeleton ached, or her wings felt dry and flakey from a particularly rough draining from her Majesty. The welfare of the Hive came first and the Queen always knew what was best. ...Right...? With the Queen more focused on this 'big goal' of total domination of Equestria, everything had to be prepared, finally Ambrosia and the rest of her kin were fed adequate enough love to be strong enough for a final plan that was set in motion so fast that hardly anyone had seen in coming. Notable figures were replaced, cocooned and brought back to the hive, the love they would get from feeding off of them would be immense. But something changed that Ambrosia and the rest of the drones hadn't seen coming. A different way. When Thorax returned with a rescue band - a rather pitiful one at that - it was easily quelled, till the apparent 'leader' spoke of how the traitorous Changeling had been surviving. Sharing love? Reciprocating instead of having it forced from you? Preposterous...but it made sense, no Changeling survived without feeding off of some kind of love and Thorax hadn't only survived, he thrived. It seemed almost too good to be true...but their Queen would have none of it and wished to only make the erstwhile Hive member an example to any who would consider such a treasonous act. But still...it perplexed Ambrosia, could it have been so simple? And had their own Queen known of this and not told them? Had they been forced into a life of near starvation for their Queen's sake when there had been another way all this time? Nobody had any time to discuss or think when the Queen's attempt to drain Thorax literally blew up in her face with the first transformation into their new selves. Followed by another and another and another till the majority of the Hive had turned into the much healthier and self sufficient new selves. After their Queen fled with the semi-destruction of the Hive and the captured ponies being freed, some Changelings took longer to open up to the idea of Thorax and their new way of life - some saw it as a weak and vulnerable lifestyle, where some like Ambrosia were just shaken by the fact that they had been worked to their non-existent bones when there'd been an easier way this whole time. However on one faithful day, she eventually turned around. Without needing to feed on love, food became something of a necessity - their bodies had changed and so had their needs, eventually the Changeling found herself looking for different things for her kin to eat. Mushrooms, flowers, nectar, worms and beetle larvae and even found a place in the new Hive to grow a fungus in the darker and damper places. She was no longer rushed, no longer forced, she could help at her own pace and feel pride in seeing her kin fed and happy and soon she felt comfortable enough to accept love and share it in return, opening the door to her transformation. Nowadays she does as all Changelings do nowadays, enjoy their day to day life, work on bettering the Hive and finding what makes them unique and special now that they've been given the opportunity to be so with this new path of life. Character Personality: Ambrosia used to be like every other Drone, hostile, temperamental and duplicitous - with other species (when she wasn't trying to harvest love) and with her own kind, when she and her ilk were given the chance to be something other than mindless irritable Drones, she was left in a bit of a slump at what to do or make of herself till she found her feet as a gatherer and food minder. Eventually she opened herself up and became a kinder and almost motherly creature to some of the hatchlings and younger Changelings in the Hive, showing them the best mushrooms to eat, the best way to sip nectar from flowers, etc. At times because of her motherly nature, she tends to get a bit protective of her Hive family, the slightest ailment making her pull out the honey remedies, the slightest scared hatchling causing a very irritable pink bear to form out of nowhere - it all comes from a good place, even if she doesn't know how to process these new feelings exactly. In the end she always eventually soothes herself when she realizes it was just a minor incident. Character Summary: Ambrosia is a gentle curious creature one moment and a stern protective mother figure the next, the epitome of the 'mom friend' vibe that some creatures and ponies give off. But in the end she is happy and content in the new life offered to her. Just don't look hungry around her or you might get a bowl of honey fried marsh worms pushed your way with great insistence.
  15. From the album: ArdillaVerde93's Art

    I know I'm a bad artist, but I've been working on it, and I thought it appropriate to draw my OC. This was done with pencils and coloured pencils. I used a base as reference, but this is my first time drawing MLP without a step-by-step guide.
  16. Name: Hope Goldy Gender: Female Age: young mare Species: changeling. (did come from a princess and changeling, but isn't born an alicorn) To fit in with the rest she will often change between Pegasus and Unicorn. Not both though (since that isn't allowed so I'll do it like this). Eye color: minty blue Character color: very dark blue Mane and tail: light blue with three stripes. Inner stripe is lighter blue than the main mane. Middle stripe is a darker blue than the main mane. Outer stripe is darker than the middle stripe. Physique: like i said in the species section, she changes sometimes between unicorn and pegasus, but will never, unless special occasions, resort to being an alicorn. She's as tall as Celestia and appears older than she actually is due to the length and sharpness of her horn or the length of her wings. Residence: crystal empire Occupation: her job is also her hobby. She writes books about her adventures in dream land and real life. She sells those books but always keeps one or two just in case boredom visits her. Cutie mark: a heart shaped yin and yang. How she got her cutie mark. She wasn't exactly from equestria (not gonna state where she's from though) not that she remembered anyway. Her name in her region was Alyssa and she was 16 years old. Her grades at school were great, but kept getting worse with each day. Everything they tried to teach her, she just couldn't understand anymore, the language seemed so strange.. After school, she ran away, bullies chasing her, wanting to beat her up with magic she didn't have. "Oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t...must escape them!" She panted as she stopped a second. She caught her breath and ran further. When she opened her eyes to look where she was going, she noticed she wasn't in the forest anymore, but instead in the middle of a city. One where everypony was made of crystals, or at least it seemed like it. She felt light engulf her and she changed. Her body was changing. She became a pony, one with wings and a horn. A random pink unicorn told her that if she wanted to fit in, she had to hide her wings. "Easy..I'll just ehh...use magic?" Within a second, her wings were gone. She didn't even have to use her horn. She shrugged it off. She noticed some black shadow up in the air almost dying from the light of the crystal heart. She used her horn to protect him. She didn't have anything against good ponies but she didn't have anything against the bad ones either. She walked over, still new to walking on four legs and helped him up. "I think you should go...just ask me if you need anything!" She told him and he just nodded, confused. He seemed to recognise her. He did leave. She saw light appearing on her flank and saw her cutie mark, yin and yang, but shaped like a heart. Her thoughts before she fell asleep "great. Now i have a tattoo on my butt" she didn't know about the concept of cutie marks because of her past. History: literally the one i told of when she got her cutie Mark. She doesn't remember anything from before, only that her life was the worst somepony could have. But to specify it for any curious ponies around here.. Before cadence was another queen. That queen had an affaire with a changeling male before they went all sucky. They had a kid who didn't only possess the power to change like a changeling, but also use the magic landponies, pegasi and unicorns had. (She was born a changeling, not an alicorn) One day though, she got kidnapped by a pony in hood. She never saw their face and never heard their voice so she couldn't ever take revenge for being taken away from her parents. Her memories of her past life were erased the moment she was taken to another home. From there on, her life became a living h3ll. Being beaten up and left out by everyone made her a strong yet shy pony. Personality: she's very shy like Fluttershy. She's caring around those she loves and can appreciate a good laugh. She is outgoing though and very social. But that's only if she had hot chocolate with roasted marshmallows. that's like her alcohol or drug. She can be sarcastic. With friends it's a funny sarcasm. With enemies and strangers it's a b**chy sarcasm. Does have mood changes and does walk around her home as an alicorn but will change back to unicorn or pegasus when having visitors or going home. (It's like walking around naked in your own home irl but then like this...ah you understand, right? Summary: lets see. Just tell me when i need to edit this summary lol. Lets just say she had a very rough life after being fillynapped from her actual home. Ponies beating her up with magic because she didn't act the same as them, grades dropping because the normal equestrian language became harder to understand each year she lived, always having to run away because of bullies like diamond tiara still existed. She hated her life until she came to the crystal empire, her home. Her grades got higher again, bullies left her alone and nopony beat her up ever again. Now she's on a quest to find out who she is, who her parents were and where her parents are.
  17. Name: Forged Horseshoe Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Olive Green Coat: Light Green Mane/Tail: Both are “spikes style”, not so long and with dark green color. Physique: Although thin and small, he has some muscles, because of using a forging hammer in his work and other heavy stuff. He has a small dot in the right side of the face, near the chin. He also has scars of nitric acid burnt in both front legs. Nitric acid is used to reveal the steel and iron microsctructures at microscope and to give superficial finish in steel and iron objects. Residence: He lives in the residential area of Ponyville. A simple and residence with not much glamour, except by the metallic furniture and minerals used as ornament. It has a great open area beside, with lots of metallurgical and mining equipments where he often work. Occupation: He has a Horseshoe store with general smithing services located in the commercial area of Ponyville. He also forge and repairs armors when a guard or others request the service. He do expeditions to mine ores whenever he needs to forge his products. Cutie Mark: His cute mark is a horseshoe and a forging hammer right of it. How he got it: When he was young he frequently asked his father, Cast Horseshoe, to teach him how to work in metals and horseshoes or to watch him working. Forged Horseshoe was always interested in father’s profession, and many times traveled with him in ore expeditions. There was a day that he broke his horseshoe, and his father wasn’t home. He decided, audaciously and joyful try to repair it alone. Usually this is not safe to young foals, cause needs high temperatures oven and heavy tools, but he felt secure cause of watching his father doing it a lot of times. First he used a blowtorch to join the two cracked parts melting them locally, after he took it to the coal oven over around 500ºC for some hours. He didn’t know why he must do it, but he did cause his father always did like this. After it cooled down, he put in his hoof and tested, in this moment his cutie mark appeared. When his father got home and saw the cutie mark, asked how he got it, so he told the story. His father got surprised about it, and then started to teach him deeply the art of metallurgy. Unique Traits: He is able to work with almost all kinds of metal found in Equestria, but he can’t work with enchanted metals and objects, unless using proper tools that he don’t have. He is able to mine lots of kinds of ores, and use them to obtain useable metals. He knows to work some with acids and chemical mixes, make fire and useful products. He’s able to build machines, tools and gadgets. Due to his work, can walk long distances carrying medium weight getting just little tired. History: Forged Horseshoe born in Ponyville and haven’t met his mother, she went away when he was very young. Since very young his father, Cast Horseshoe, have teach him metallurgy, and prepared him to take on his business of selling horseshoes and general metallurgy services. Someday a letter arrived for his father, requesting a service in the earth of the dragons, and this letter had an royal stamp. Due to the nature of the request his father could not refuse the request, and said that he could spent much time out, but would come back. What happened is that he didn’t come back til nowadays, and has 2 years since he didn’t come back. Forged Horseshoe don’t know much details of this story, but plan someday to go to the earth of the dragons try to discover where is his father or what happened with him. Since his father left, he assumed his business and is diving deeper into metallurgy. He become the best metallurgist of Ponyville and dream of become the Royal Smith, and work in the Castle of Canterlot, doing armors and weapons to the royal guard. Character Personality: Forged Horseshoe is very curious and has a great thirst of knowledge. Although his profession, he is likeable and kind. Is a little obsessed about his areas of interest, and use to spent much time with them. He’s the nerd kind, and use to make friends like this. He many times use complex words and technical description of things, even when it’s not necessary or annoy other ponies. He admire a lot Princess Twilight and her knowledge, and have a little crush on her. He likes adventures, although often not have the guts for it. Don’t get along well with animals in general, he prefers machines and gadgets. He’s a little messy, and so his house. Loves fine coffees and chocolates. He usually get bored easy and is a little impatient. He likes a lot science in general, but have no interest in magic. Character Summary: Smith and Metallurgist pony, that make and sells horseshoes in a store. Want to find his father and to become a Royal Smith. He’s nerd kind, but like to do friends.
  18. WHITE FEATHER SHE HAS WINGS JUST WANTED TO SHOW OFF THE CUTIE MARK Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Full Name: White Feather Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Rich Brown Chocolate Eyes Coat: White with hints of cream undertones, along with light creamy zebra stripes due to a genetic mutation. Mane/Tail: Her mane is long and delicate but often kept in a fancy updo, while her tail is usually flicking about. She is part-zebra after all. Her mane and tail are a rich pink with soft pink tones. Physique: Her body is light and delicate, but slightly lanky to give her a graceful willowy appearance. She is tall for a half-pony. Residence: Solistice Heights Occupation: Fashion Designer Cutie Mark: History: White Feather was born an only child to her two beloved parents Brute Stripe and his wife Ivory Wings inside their quaint, spacious home in Solistice Heights. Her mother was a fashion designer and her father worked as a royal guard. Due to being born so close to the woods, a young White Feather was always fluttering around on filly wings, introducing herself to the various animals that lived there. Her mother and father never worried. Though with the animals, she seemed to have a natural bond and due to spending so much time quiet and still she was able to observe so many details. One day she decided to preserve the memory of them, and brought her art book out with her paints. She watched, painting all that she saw. By the end of her masterpiece she was surrounded by her animal friends, and she'd blushed softly since they seemed very happy with her art, she scarcely noticed the cutie mark that appeared on her flank. It was a winged paintbrush, the paintbrush symbolizing her eye for detail and artistic nature, while the wings symbolized the graceful and quiet nature that let her get where other ponies could not. She had a slightly hard time making friends in school because of the fact that she was merely shy, but the ones she did make were long lasting and dear to her. After schooling, she got into fashion design instead of painting. Her strange and unique designs got her recognition from fashion designers all around. Due to so much alone time as a child White Feather is very quiet and very sensitive in nature, but this slowly changed as she grew. After a while, she grew less shy and grounded. Instead of breaking out into tears she tries to fix a problem immediately or discuss it so she can understand. Though shy in nature, White Feather never stands idly by and lets others be put down or bullied, especially for their differences since she's always felt a little bit like an oddball. She is a gentle soul with a strong will and her sunny outlook and cheery disposition will take her far one day.
  19. From the album: Random OCs

    I did this one 2 years ago.

    © Made by me! No stealing or using unless it's an oc i made for you.

  20. From the album: Random OCs

    I did this one today at 2:00 AM Amsterdam time.

    © Made by me. No stealing or using unless i made it for you.

  21. Roleplay Type:World of Equestria Name:Thrilly A. Scrapperclaws Aka 'The Amazing Miss Thrill-A' Sex:Female Age:Late Filly/Early Mare Species:Abyssinian Eye Color:Green Coat:Brown & Light Brown Mane/Tail:Light Brown Physique:Slim Residence:P.T. Barn-Um's Traveling Circus (When In Season) Occupation:Circus Entertainer/Acrobat/Flying Trapeze Cutie Mark:None Unique Traits: Humanoid cat covered in brown fur, with lighter brown fur on her stomach and sides. Has a rather long and shaggy tail. Small claws on her fingers and toes. Big green eyes and scruffy fur on the top of her head. Generally can be seen in light clothing. Wears an skin-tight white leotard with THE AMAZING FLYING SCRAPPERCLAWS printed on the front and back when performing. History: Thrilly was part of an family of acrobats that toured the known lands. This family was known as the 'Amazing Flying Scrapperclaws' and had performed with an assortment of traveling circuses during the last few generations. While Abyssinian cats were known for being quick and agile, the Scrapperclaw Clan boasted to be even quicker and agile then most. They were also known for their stunningly insane and complex aerial routines. Sometimes family members would try to outdo one another, or even rival circus families. From the crazy speeds of the 'The Deadly Leap' to the 'Pegasus Pirouette'. Very few dared to compare to the Scrapperclaws. She usually teamed up with her twin brother (and catcher) Achille. They were the youngest of the family and expected to continue their family's long legacy of death-defying feats of daring do! The pair had been performing together since early kitten-hood and had started to slowly gather up a few unique routines during the last few years. This went well, until one day as she and her family were touring Canterlot during the off-season, Thrilly decided she wanted to explore Equestria. See the sights. Taste the food. And even get to learn more about their culture. She still had a few months of free time. She could return to the circus before it started traveling again. Character Personality: Thrilly considers herself a bit of a thrill seeker, but she does not simply charge into things. As one who does dangerous stunts for a living, she has to plan EVERYTHING...Usually with a partner..And while is comfortable performing in front of an large crowd, she sometimes has issues dealing with a conversational partner and can get a little fidgety and sometimes come off as a little shy. Even worse, if the conversation gets a little too 'dull' for the cat, sometimes she will decide to start practicing a few moves. Maybe she'll stand on her head or even try a few somersaults, while making sure to mention that she is still 'listening'. She is not. This may be considered rude to most people. Sometimes she might simply get distracted by something interesting and even just wander away. Since Equestria is new to her, this might happen often for the cat. Even with these little quirks, she is still rather capable of making friends, who in turn simply get used to her quirks. While she is the 'runt' of her siblings, she can be rather protective of her older, much larger family members and is usually ready to pick a fight with those who insult her sisters or brothers. She also really, really, really hates cat jokes. She is also the same way with her friends well. Place nice, or you will get the claws! (unfortunately her claws are rather dull and she probably couldn't pop a cheap balloon with those suckers.)
  22. I... um in a nutshell, im an alicorn I'm yellow with deep blue in my mane and tail, i also have a music note as my cutie mark, and I'm a very thoughtful guy who is also clinically insane. And I'm 19 going on 5...thats about it I guess
  23. Name: Tiger Blood Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Golden. Character Color: Light reddish-brown with reddish-black markings. Mane/Tail: Both are rather short and simple, the mane a sort of short mohawk that falls to one side and the tail kept in a kind of bun. Both are a sort of dark gray, perhaps with a bit of purple in the mix. Physique: Making his job and life fighting, he has a well-muscled physique, though it’s also lean, built for defense through dodging more than blocking. He has a few scars on his face, mostly some across his nose and one across his right eye. Thankfully, this did not cause any damage to the actual eye. Aside from that, there are various markings imitating zebra stripes on his back and chin, as well as a tribal design circling the top of his right foreleg. Residence: Beakbreak City Occupation: Guard, fighter. Cutie Mark: A black paw pad design with red lines imitating scratches coming off the claws. To him this represents his ability to fight and win, no matter what happens. He earned his mark one fateful day while exploring the wilds of his home country. He ran into a wild animal out there that did not take kindly to his presence. After a tough battle, in which he earned multiple scars including the one over his eye, he emerged victorious and returned home having proved himself. He hadn’t even noticed the mark appearing until he made it home. Unique Traits: Training- Over the years, he has had extensive training in multiple areas, though mostly fighting. Well, as extensive as it gets where he’s from. Fighting Style- He fights mostly with spears or his own body, usually preferring to fight fair, at least initially. If he feels he is losing, or he doesn’t feel like playing around, he is not above fighting dirty to win. Throwing sand in the eyes, hitting below the belt, everything is fair game to him. Outfit- His typical outfit is really just a pair of simple light brown pants with hoof coverings on his back hooves. Finishing off the ensemble is a necklace of animal teeth he knocked out during fights. History: Born and raised in a small settlement in Hesperia’s borders, his life was anything but boring. The town featured a small arena of sorts, and was the origin of a couple of famous combatants. Between his parents, both hunters and protectors, and the rest of the fighters in the town, he learned many lessons on the field of combat. Even from a young age, he excelled at it, especially when fighting bare-hooved and with spears, and he ended up with an undefeated streak for a long time. The only one who seemed to get close, and consequently posed the greatest challenge, was his younger brother. He even managed to best Tiger one day, and from that point on they traded places on the leaderboard almost every time they faced off against each other. Eventually though, a wanderlust awakened inside him, leading him to leave home as soon as he could and make his way across the country, and some of the world, until he settled for Equestria and the city of Beakbreak. He relished the challenge of sparring against dragons, and being a guard payed the bills. Personality: Brash, egotistical, loud-mouthed, all words that could be used to describe him. They are not all he is though, he is also rather hard-working and loyal, a friendly guy. He’d rather break up a fight by taking on both sides by himself, let them get their anger out while giving him some excitement. Etiquette is something of a mystery to him, he’ll address a princess the same way as any other mare he meets.
  24. dragonofruin


    From the album: Mal's art!

    An OC of mine! She was previously an alicorn when I rp'd her elsewhere, but she was adjusted for Canterlot.
  25. From the album: Mal's art!

    Another OC of mine~
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