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  1. From the album: OCs

    I made this guy for the "Cringey" Pony OC Challenge that Lopoddity started. I actually really like him though since I'm a huge sucker for pastel rainbows. I might make an app for him too, if I get to where I can keep up with RPs again. :P
  2. From the album: Traditional

    Goldenglow is an easily flattered fluffy bat pone! Give her some luv pls
  3. Name: Moonshade Gleam (Moon Gleam) Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Character Color: Sleepy Grey Mane/Tail Color and Style: Night grey and star yellow Eye Color: Star yellow Physique: Average build, slightly above average height Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Stargazer and researcher Cutie Mark: Crescent moon with star sparkles and clouds unique Trait: Lunar and nocturnal based magic. History: Moon Gleam was born to any other family, a mother and a father, his mother being a pegasi and his father being a unicorn. He inherited his father’s horn but shares both his parent’s colours. Ever since he was a young foal it was hard to get him to sleep; always staring up at the silver moon with the mare in it. He loved that story and was entranced by the moon and the monster said to had lived in it. He always practised night based magic such as sleep spells or creating small glittering stars and moons in his room. He got his cutiemark at a sleepover when he helped a friend with insomnia. From then on he wanted to study the moon, nocturnal magic and help those with insomnia and nightmares, though dream magic is still out of his grasp. Personality: Moon Gleam is calm and collected, helping out others in a calm manner, even when it’s meant to be stressful. He always has a tired yet happy gaze (Mostly because he stays awake all night) Yet still manages to function normally. He values his friends and ponies in need over anything, ironic since he helps those with sleep related issues yet still stays awake all night. Not a lot gets under his fur and bothers him, other than the sun. He loves Luna’s Bat pony guards, what can he say. He loves a stallion in armour and who can stay awake all night. Character Summary: Moonshade Gleam is a Unicorn who specialises in lunar and moon based magic. Helping out ponies who have trouble sleeping and wishes to do dream Magic and enter Ponies dreams just like Princess Luna
  4. From the album: OCs

    Been working on a chibi style lately and I thought a cool way to practice would be to open an art request thread here. It's been too long since I did anything here and I want to do something. Peachy Keen belongs to me. Painted in FireAlpaca.
  5. Dear diary Today I moved in. I finally have a place all my own, and it's adorable! I'm so nervous excited to finally live in Canterlot all on my own with nopony to stop me.. Everyone helped move me today too, mom and dad, even Glimmer too. I think she's still upset that I left, but I know it's for the better. There isn't anything for me in Cloudsdale, everypony knows this, and I think Canterlot will be a great place for me to find new friends and maybe new arrangements to try. Oh! I haven't told you the best part, Diary. I moved in right above a flower shop! Isn't it great? I'll be able to live super close to the thing that has been my dream since I was a young filly, so fascinated with Earth Pony dwellings.. I really hope this is the best decision for me, Diary. I don't know what I'd do or where I'd even live if I didn't have this place.. Anyway, I really should go to bed now. I've got more unpacking to do tomorrow! See ya, ~Lila
  6. Name: Yuna. Nickname: 'Lady Yuna' Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus-zebra hybrid; 'zony' Eye colour: Dark magenta irises Character colour: A pastel fuchsia, with a white belly and white flight feathers. Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane is an indeterminate dark brown sometimes streaked with thin, pale stripes when she forgets to redye her mane and tail hair. Both are worn rather long, sometimes bound by gold rings. Physique: Yuna stands at the average height of most ponies with a slim if rather skinny frame; the latter is the result of traveling often and sometimes forgetting to eat. Residence: Various, as she travels from town to town; she lives out of her wagon. She hasn't yet found a permanent home. Occupation: Fortune teller. Yuna spends her time telling others' fortunes and trying to predict their future. She utilizes tarot cards, dream meanings, astrology, and clairvoyance with a crystal ball for 'scrying' into for her fortune telling. She may even offer horoscopes upon request. Cutie Mark: A curl of purple smoke coming out of a half-closed green eye. Special Talent: Precognition; Yuna has a way of reading into things in order to predict what may happen, as well as reading ponies given enough time. Mostly manifests as 'feelings/gut feelings'. Unique Traits: Faint stripes slightly darker than her coat visibly litter it, marking her as having zebra blood. Two white spots on each cheek and a spattering of freckles on the bridge of her snout. Other: She wears shawls of varying dark colors and styles, all noticeably worn from travel as well as two, small gold hoop earrings in her left ear. History: Yuna solely grew up on the outskirts of Baltimare with her mother- her father was largely an unknown, beyond remembering him being around when she was a foal. All that she knew was that he'd returned to the zebra homeland; it was a large unknown to her if her parents were ever married, or if something even went on between them. While she missed him sometimes, it was something Yuna tried to look past; it wasn't anything she could change despite her feelings on the matter. Yuna had always been a shy filly around other ponies, even growing up among such a diverse mix of creatures. It persisted the older she got, having not yet found her talent on either side. She eventually got into the more occult side of things when she came across the topic of strange magics, the supernatural and fortune telling, much to her mother's unhappiness. While Yuna came to understand fortune telling was merely all smoke and mirrors and didn't amount to anything, the basic idea interested her: to predict the future. She'd always been more comfortable with pony-watching, so it became a past time of hers to observe the world, and ponies, around her to try to see what might happen, where their lives might lead. It was something she found herself to be very good at, even if most of the accidents and disasters that happened were the results of clumsy or unaware ponies. She later tried a strange shop that sold such things like tarot cards just so she might try out the fortune telling side of things. Yuna didn't find it too hard once she learned to ask the right questions and told ponies what they wanted to hear, although sometimes she didn't; Yuna was genuine in her warnings. Once she was an older adolescent, Yuna finally gained her cutiemark after realizing how much of a knack she had for it, and an unusual one at that: a half-lidded green eye with purple smoke pouring out of the pupil. In the years after Yuna would continue doing what she was best at, along with learning many other things. Yuna wanted to see if it was possible to see into the future, as her want to prevent accidents before they happened had never quite left her, though such a thing never seemed attainable without some sort of magic- magic she didn't have. It was mildly disappointing, but it was her springboard into pursuing her other passion: helping ponies. Her desire was born of wanting to be the better pony, and this encouraged her to finally leave the city behind to travel as a fortune teller. Character Personality: Yuna puts on a friendly face when interacting with ponies, but has never managed to enjoy their company. She is callous and distrustful, usually keeping her distance, and fears others shutting her out; because of such, she keeps to herself. There are rare times she yearns for the company of other ponies, but she ultimately doesn't know how to approach them or make friends. Her experience as a traveling fortuneteller has somewhat alleviated this, but she is only capable of talking to ponies without anxiety in a professional setting. Casual talk and making friends is an entirely different thing to her, and she is hesitant in socializing no matter how friendly the pony; though actually doing so is never a problem. Yuna experiences social anxiety and ultimately fears abandonment, both things that she is capable of keeping from view with an air of indifference. Slow to warm up to ponies, and sometimes too honest to the point of coming across as mean- but she's always quick to apologize. What Yuna desires most in the world is only to help ponies, and she feels she is capable of doing this through playing fortuneteller. Character Summary: Yuna is a pegasus-zebra hybrid with a fondness for the occult and fortunetelling, and a passion for helping ponies. Though she is shy and asocial with no idea how to make friends, she always tries to work around her past issues if it means possibly gaining one.
  7. Name: Yoru Arashi (In’ei Tate is the spirit) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn (unicorn spirit) Eye Color: Golden yellow (blood red) Character Color: Light blue with purple hooves (purple with light blue hooves) Mane/Tail: Orange and yellow, it is tied into a large ponytail in the back. In the front it still has some spiky bangs. The tail is fairly long, almost reaching the ground. It has a short spike of orange at the top, with two long sections of yellow and orange beneath it. She also tends to wear a small pair of eyeglasses. (Being a spirit, her mane and tail have become very wispy and flowy, ending up looking more like a fire in slow motion as they are constantly moving. Both are mostly black with streaks of gray in them.) Physique: While healthy, her body is not exactly impressive. It is the body of one who only exercises enough to keep from gaining weight, but otherwise focuses more on other pursuits. She would be considered thin, as well as being a little shorter than most mares. (She is much more physically imposing than her counterpart, boasting a body bigger than most in terms of height and muscle. Surprisingly though, she has little in the way of battle scars.) Residence: A home in Canterlot Occupation: Teacher/scholar at Celestia’s school (guardian) Cutie Mark: Three sky blue lightning bolts aimed for the same spot. The lightning bolts signify both her aptitude toward electric magic and the speed at which she tends to learn new things. She got this mark while enrolled in a special class about elemental magic. As they went through the various elements, fire, water, ice, wind, she would be among the first in her class, the others being those who were predisposed to that particular type, to understand how each element functioned and how to make use of them. She could not actually use these elements though, aside from very basic things in some cases, but she understood the theory behind it all. And then the class reached the portion on lightning magic. As soon as they started, it clicked for her, and she learned all the spells as quickly as they teach them. She hadn’t even noticed her mark appearing at some point during this, too focused on learning new things. (A light purple crescent, which signifies her drive to protect others, even if it meant doing things most people would disagree with.) Unique Traits: Yoru: Photographic Memory: On top of her nearly insatiable desire to learn, Yoru never seems to forget anything she reads. Lightning Magic: While she knows the theory behind most magic by now, most of the spells she can cast are lightning magic or are based on it. In’ei: Shadow Magic: Conversly, In’ei’s magical skills lie primarily in utilizing the shadows with her magic in defensive and offensive ways. Weapon Proficiency: Her use of weaponry spans from bows to swords to spears, though her weapon of choice is a classic sword and shield combo. Both: Transference: Either form can draw on the strengths of the other, allowing Yoru to utilize shadow magic and In’ei lightning. They both can communicate with each other silently, allowing for the sharing of information. This also allows them to switch who is piloting, which also at least seems to physically change the body. History: Yoru’s history was a rather quiet one, all things considered. She grew up as the only child of her family in Neighpon, and she was a curious child indeed. She would always be trying to explore her surroundings and learn about them even at a very young age. This desire for learning only intensified as she grew, leading to her traversing the school system with an insatiable hunger. On top of that desire to learn began to grow a desire to teach others as well, directing her later efforts towards the required materials that would allow her to pursue this new career goal. Soon after she graduated though, her parents had died, leaving her suddenly without a home. Thankfully, she soon found a job with a local school and was able to get herself a place to live. Once things were stable on that front, she went to visit the graves of her parents and pay her respects. That day led her deeper than she intended though, as after wandering for a bit in grief, she stumbled upon a crumbling grave. Saddened by this, she decided to fix it as best she could with what was left. Once she was done, she felt a strange presence, and suddenly she was floating in a sea of darkness, In’ei being the only other thing in it. After conversing for what felt like forever, Yoru agreed to let In’ei stay and protect her as needed. Sometimes the simplest kindness can be the most important. A few years later, her desire to learn, both about her situation and the knowledge of other cultures, lead her to start traveling. Unfortunately, she only got to Equestria before encountering a problem, there were so many books just in Canterlot’s libraries she had yet to read! Well, that and her previous salary did not leave much funds for traveling the world. As such, she settled down in Canterlot and got a job at Celestia’s school. At least until she ran out of books again. Personality: Yoru has always been an incredibly curios mare, wanting to learn more about every new thing she comes across. This, coupled with her somewhat shy yet friendly nature, led her into her current line of work, as well as gain her many new friends. She is really not much of a heavy-lifter, preferring roles that let her use her brain and her words to solve problems. (In’ei, on the other hand, is much more outspoken. She is not shy about speaking her mind, especially when it’s against someone she doesn’t like. Surprisingly, that’s a fair number of others, as she does not make friends easily. Luckily for Yoru, she considers her host’s friends to be her own. Once someone becomes a friend of hers though, they gain a loyal protector as well as a loyal friend.)
  8. Name: Yunalesca, or just Yuna. Nickname: 'Lady Yuna' Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus-zebra hybrid; 'zony' Eye colour: Dark magenta irises Character colour: A pastel fuchsia, with a white belly and white flight feathers. Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane is an indeterminate dark brown sometimes streaked with thin, pale stripes when she forgets to redye her mane and tail hair. Both are worn rather long, sometimes bound by gold rings. Physique: Yuna stands at the average height of most ponies with a slim if rather skinny frame; the latter is the result of traveling often and sometimes forgetting to eat. Residence: Various, as she travels from town to town; she lives out of her wagon. Occupation: Fortune teller. Yuna spends her time telling others' fortunes and trying to predict their future. She utilizes tarot cards, dream meanings, astrology, and clairvoyance with a crystal ball for 'scrying' into for her fortune telling. She may even offer horoscopes upon request. Cutie Mark: A curl of purple smoke coming out of a half-closed green eye. Special Talent: Precognition; Yuna has a way of reading into things in order to predict what may happen, as well as reading ponies given enough time. Mostly manifests as 'feelings/gut feelings'. Unique Traits: Faint stripes slightly darker than her coat visibly litter it, marking her as having zebra blood. Two white spots on each cheek and a spattering of freckles on the bridge of her snout. Other: She wears shawls of varying dark colors and styles, all noticeably worn from travel as well as two, small gold hoop earrings in her left ear. History: Yuna hails from a small village along the Unicorn Range, living only with her mother. She was a shy filly, something not helped by the bullying she received from other foals for being half zebra. It persisted the older she got, having not yet managed to earn her cutiemark no matter what she tried. She eventually got into the more occult side of things when she came across the topic of strange magics, the supernatural and fortune telling, much to her mother's unhappiness. While Yuna came to understand fortune telling was merely all smoke and mirrors and didn't amount to anything, the basic idea interested her: to predict the future. She'd always been more comfortable with pony-watching, so it became a past time of hers to observe the world, and ponies, around her to try to see what might happen, where their lives might lead. It was something she found herself to be very good at, even if most of the accidents and disasters that happened were the results of clumsy or unaware ponies. She later tried a strange shop in town that sold such things like tarot cards just so she might try out the fortune telling side of things. Yuna didn't find it too hard once she learned to ask the right questions and told ponies what they wanted to hear, although sometimes she didn't; Yuna was genuine in her warnings. Once she was an older adolescent, Yuna finally gained her cutiemark after realizing how much of a knack she had for it, and an unusual one at that: a half-lidded green eye with purple smoke pouring out of the pupil. In the years after Yuna would continue doing what she was best at, along with learning many other things. Yuna wanted to see if it was possible to see into the future, as her want to prevent accidents before they happened had never quite left her, though such a thing never seemed attainable without some sort of magic- magic she didn't have. It was mildly disappointing, but it was her springboard into pursuing her other passion: helping ponies. Her desire was born of wanting to be the better pony, and this encouraged her to finally leave her tiring home town behind to travel as a fortune teller. Character Personality: Yuna puts on a friendly face when interacting with ponies, but has never managed to enjoy their company. She is callous and distrustful, usually keeping her distance, and fears others shutting her out; because of such, she keeps to herself. There are rare times she yearns for the company of other ponies, but she ultimately doesn't know how to approach them or make friends. Her experience as a traveling fortuneteller has somewhat alleviated this, but she is only capable of talking to ponies without anxiety in a professional setting. Casual talk and making friends is an entirely different thing to her, and she is hesitant in socializing no matter how friendly the pony; though actually doing so is never a problem. Yuna experiences social anxiety and ultimately fears abandonment, both things that she is capable of keeping from view with an air of indifference. Slow to warm up to ponies, and sometimes too honest to the point of coming across as mean- but she's always quick to apologize. What Yuna desires most in the world is only to help ponies, and she feels she is capable of doing this through playing fortuneteller. Character Summary: Yuna is a pegasus-zebra hybrid with a fondness for the occult and fortunetelling, and a passion for helping ponies. Though she is shy and asocial with no idea how to make friends, she always tries to work around her past issues if it means possibly gaining one. * I don't normally use Yuna's predict-y side of things. If your character comes to her for a reading, feel free to tell me what you want her to see/predict/etc for your character! I never do this without the other person's permission, unless you want me to just make up some nonsense~
  9. The sound of clouds being pushed, pulled, and kicked could be heard from the ground of Ponyville, for no one really enjoyed the muddy, gloomy outdoors that seemed to be droning on all week long. In fact, even the pegasi of Cloudsdale were beginning to grow irritated with the sad weather, it meant more work for the exhausted winged-ponies. The dirt roads were more like mudslides, plants were drowning in rain, causing their beautiful petals to fall and wilt from the vast amount of puddles. Overall, it was a horrible sight. On this gloomy evening, a certain somepony was forced to postpone her plans all for the sake of moving ridiculous grey clouds all around. This somepony is Flower Eyes, a short young mare that absolutely despised the very thought of being on cloud duty. She wasn't good at it, always placing clouds in the wrong area, kicking the wrong ones, and just simply ruining the formations. She wasn't an exception for her lack in cloud duty, she still had to comply and do her part as a Cloudsdale pony. Currently, her usually messy short purple and white mane was now flat, sticking to her face and neck from the rain constantly falling on her when she maneuvered herself around and between the fluffy floats. She was not having a good day. Flower Eyes pushes a cloud with her sore, cold hooves towards the right, "I could be home sleeping, relaxing... Anything! But no, 'You have a duty as a pegasus, Flower Eyes' they said, 'Just do your part and you'll be done in a jiffy~!'" Her usually monotone or somewhat friendly expression was not a scowl, her face scrunched up in concentration and frustration. Unfortunately, she began pushing the incorrect cloud in the incorrect direction, placing it in the incorrect spot. Just as she turned her back to the cloud, she heard a loud yell. She turns back around, the worry is evident in her expression, she looks around, no one. She builds up enough courage and looks down to see another pony covered in rain and mud, her dark magenta eyes widened as she quickly kicked the cloud out of the way so it would stop pouring on the pony. As she watches the pony, there is no doubt in her mind that this pony was angry. She gulps down the nervous lump in her throat before slowly flying down to meet this blob of mud that was once a pony. She lands in front of them, first examining their face before letting words slip by her lips, "Are you alright?! I didn't even notice you from up there, my apologies for getting rain all over you..." Flower Eyes trails off, becoming somewhat shy around the stranger, "I pushed the wrong cloud in the wrong direction, I am not often on cloud duty... But a mistake is a mistake and I understand you must be frustrated, if you like, I could be of service to you to make up for what I did?" Flower Eyes knows her offer isn't anything special, though, she didn't have anything much to give in the first place, she might as well be of help in some way that will not result in the rain pouring on a complete stranger.
  10. Name: Blade Dancer Gender: Male Age: 21 Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Crimson Character colour: Light Grey Mane/Tail/Other: his mane is Crimson with a Light Grey Streak, Short and Spikey mane and a Medium length Spikey tail same colours as his mane Physique: Pretty average a bit skinnier then normal but lean with muscle Residence: On the move (Typically stays in Canterlot and has a apartment there) Occupation: A Mercenary who typically is paid to be a bodyguard, or escort, but is also sometimes hired as extra security for other establishment. Cutie Mark: Crossed swords with small musical notes around them. Unique Traits: He typically carries two short swords and a long knife. He likes heading to clubs or concerts in his spare time as he enjoys music and dancing(sometimes he can find jobs in clubs as a bodyguard). If the situation calls for it he also has some Steel plate armor. History: Blade Dancer grew up in Manehatten where he lived with his father as his mother died giving birth to him. His father and older brother raised him his father being part of the town guard and brother 7 years older then him. Their father typically brought him to the town barracks when he was young, and through out the school he often found himself there rather than hanging out with other colts which made him not all to popular and for a while was bullied but soon stopped as they met his brother and father both of whom by this point were in the town guard. After eventually graduating out of school he joined the town guard and although enjoying himself felt like it just didn't feel like it was what he wanted. Eventually he found his way to a club after a shift and found himself sitting at the bar enjoying the atmosphere and noticed that two people were arguing although the argument seemed a ok so didn't mind it until it turned into a screaming match and nearly became a full blown hoof fight before he stepped in and separated the two and kept them apart from each other until they calmed a bit. and escorted them out personally. The club owner who happened to be there and thanked him personally and asked if he needed a job. despite having one he said yes to the mare and started that night, in the morning he went to his CO and told him of his new job and reluctantly agreed to change his shifts to better match his other job. After his enlistment period as a guard was over he kept working there although had to leave as the place wasn't getting enough business. and decided that he wanted see the world and decided to make a job from it using his skills as a guard and a bouncer to become a mercenary for hire. Character Personality: Stubborn, Loyal, Honest, Straight forward, values respect, can be a bit confident in his abilities, informal unless its needed of him, has a strong sense of good and bad, things can be good or bad, but it depends on the reason why it was done. Character Summary: Blade Dancer is a stallion in his prime who was once a guard but has become a Mercenary based on his past occupations and how he was raised, he is fairly average having good and bad traits like everypony else
  11. Here's Copernicus, Dream Weaver's apprentice.
  12. Name: Furem Sanguinem (uses Takai Maō as his go to disguise name.) Sex: Male Age: fairly old Species: Nekomata (tends to disguise as a unicorn) Eye Color: Bright green in both forms, though they glow in his true form. Character Color: His true form has a coat of a dark green color that borders on being black while his disguise has a coat of a maroonish pink color. Mane/Tail: In his true form, his tail is as one would expect from his kind, while his hair is a bit spiky in the front and consistent with his coat color. His disguise has a rather curly set of mane and tail, clearly lots of work goes into getting them to curl and rest as they do. The mane mostly goes to the right side, curling in on itself more as it reaches the end about halfway down the eye. The tail is a collection of large curls reaching all the way down to the floor. Both are mainly pink in color, with light blue streaks giving the combination a cotton candy feel. He also wears a black top hat with a pink band around it. Physique: Neither form is all that impressive physically, as his true form is only slightly larger than the average housecat and his disguise is actually noticeably smaller than most stallions. It’s rather effeminate to tell the truth. Residence: Travels with the show, though his home base is in Las Pegasus’ ground districts. Occupation: Owner and ringmaster to his circus. Cutie Mark: A design that looks like any other gray key at first glance, though upon closer inspection would turn out to be a key with a skull design on one end. Unique Traits: Necromancy: Over many years, he trained in and taught himself the magic of necromancy, though he avoided messing with souls. Illusions: Once he was happy with his skill in Necromancy, he moved on to illusion magic so he could bring them with him if need be without raising suspicion. He can even mask smells. Magic: Aside from his two specializations, he knows simple spells such as levitation and how to summon hitodama. He is currently working on teleportation magic. History: Being what he is, he has been around a long time. Early on, he was just like all the other kids, though as time passed and they grew up, he didn’t. At least not at their speed. Over the lifetimes, he saw many friends come and go, and he started looking into necromancy to fill the voids. It wasn’t until he raised his first thrall, a mouse, that he truly got into the school of magic though. By the time his tail split, signaling his advancement, he had mastered necromancy and decided to move on to illusions. Many unremarkable years later, he saw a circus coming through the area and decided to watch the show. That was when the idea truly hit, and his necromancy evolved. Almost overnight, there was a new circus in existance. It wasn’t much to talk about at first, but over time it grew more popular and after “handing it down” multiple times, it ended up traveling around the world with the main base being situated in Las Pegasus. Personality: He is generally a bit of a smooth-talker, though that was to be expected when his job was to run a circus that secretly held almost no actual life in it. To top it off, he is rather nice and friendly, willing to help out in most situations. He has a long memory, and he always repays his debts, wether that mean returning a favor or getting revenge. Summary: Outwardly, a friendly fast-talker of a ringmaster, but on the inside a lonely necromancer quite literally making friends to replace those he lost.
  13. Roleplay Type: Literate Name: Dream Weaver Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Fuschia Coat: Seafoam Green Mane/Tail: Long, with streaks of pastel yellow, pink, and blue, slightly curled at the ends Physique: Average Residence: Cradle Plaza/Canterlot Occupation: Dream Pony Cutie Mark: A stitched shooting star with a tail that matches her mane. It appeared halfway through her training when she snuck out to chase Forever Moor one night, almost falling off the balcony after slaying her first real nightmare. History: A long time ago, a plague of nightmares swept across all of Equestria. Unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies alike were hindered by constant visions and insomnia caused by this astounding phenomenon. The ponies lived in fear and unrest. Princess Celestia gathered together a group of “Dream Ponies” — specially-trained, magically-blessed ponies with the ability to enter dreams and combat nightmares — and sent them to be the force to successfully bring an end to the nightmares’ reign while Princess Luna was under the guise of 'Nightmare Moon'. Since then, fewer and fewer Dream Ponies have come about. Only two known Dream Ponies are known to currently exist. Dream Weaver was born and raised in Canterlot, brought up by her mother and father Maybelle and Atticus, respectively. She would go on to receive specialized training from the Royal Guard in order to perform her duty (as well as a magical blessing from the Princess herself) all while Canterlot searched for the second known Dream Pony. It was only after she graduated from training that she was told she'd be living on her own in Cradle Plaza, a platform that overlooks Canterlot. Although she had to leave her family in order to serve her duty, it was there that she met her apprentice and best friend, Copernicus. Once Princess Luna was reformed and returned to her duty cleaning up Equestria's nightmares in one fell swoop, it left Dream Weaver and Copernicus out of a job, forcing the two to live seperately in Canterlot. Around the time of Twilight Sparkle's coronation and the birth of Cadence's & Shining Armor's child, the princesses realized that there were more to their duties than they could fulfill alone. Luna personally assigned Dream Weaver and Copernicus back to Cradle Plaza to keep a watch out for Forever Moor, occasionally returning to Canterlot to report their findings. Now she uses her magic to fight her rival, Forever Moor, and prevent him from spreading a plague of nightmares across Equestria. Character Personality: Dream Weaver values duty and righteousness over all else. Her job comes first -- that is, when her friends aren't at risk. Since she doesn't get out much, it is sometimes difficult for her to make friends; however, she is trying hard to come out of her shell. It takes quite a while to earn her trust, and once you lose it, good luck getting it back! Character Summary: Dream Weaver is a nightmare-fighting unicorn who lives alongside her trusty apprentice in Cradle Plaza. When she's not engaging stubborn nightmares in hoof-to-hoof combat, she likes sewing, drinking flavored tea, and listening to relaxing music. She doesn't require or get much sleep at all, so it's easy for her to get sick. Using her magic too much causes her to suffer from chronic migraines, as well as short-term memory loss. She owns a pet goldfish named Leo.
  14. (Created on Generalzoi's game) Name: Platinum Flash Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Likes: Photography, sleeping, traveling, Sioux Dislikes: Slimy stuff, boats, creepy things Coat: Platinum Blonde Mane/Tail: Pastel Yellow with a single highlight of Ice Blue. Platinum's mane is slicked back rather carelessly and his tail is simply neatly curved Eye Color: Ice Blue Physique: Below average height for a stallion, slender Residence: Canterlot (former), Currently holds no permanent home Occupation: Photographer Cutie Mark: Bulky dark grey camera with a large circular flash lens History: Platinum Flash was born into a noble family, well, if you consider a wealthy family a noble... His Father was a grand business stallion of the beautiful and elegant city of Canterlot, his Mother previously being a model but retired at the birth of Platinum and stayed occupationless - There was no need for her to work anyway with all the bits they had saved in bank accounts and safes. Unfortunately, while many ponies of all ages would die for such wealth, he thought it was just an easy way to live and wished to experience the hardships others dealt with. Many believed such thoughts were an act of selfishness, some even going as far as beginning to terrorize him where ever he went just for some silly dream. Platinum never was the type of colt to enjoy sports, play in the mud, or pick at weird bugs... Not that he could enjoy such activities with friends since he was homeschooled by some fancy teacher his parents hired, another thing he despised. Anyways, he began a long list of different hobbies he would try, starting with painting, then reading, then writing, and even allowing his mother to teach him to knit and sew - Although, none of these piqued his interest. He almost gave up, believing that he'd never find anything of his interest, that is until he came across a strange machine propped on the coffee table in their luxurious living room. It was a plastic and metal box with a large light that flashed whenever he clicked that red button on the top. He could see through the screen on the back, it was almost like a TV but also glasses in a way... Almost immediately, he continued to snap what he learned were called digital pictures and found himself growing in this strange activity. Flash didn't immediately get his cutie mark, it took much practice and patience with this new found device, also known as a Camera, to finally master the skills of constant adjustment, button pressing, and understanding this feeling that courses through ponies whenever they find the perfect model or object for their camera's magical powers of capturing the moment you're currently experiencing. It was an aggravating and stressful time in his colt-hood, but as soon as that beautiful, camera cutie mark appeared on his late blank flank - This wave of victory shot through him and encouraged him to take this hobby and make it his destiny, his meaning in life. Of course, Platinum Flash was only a colt at the time and couldn't travel like he can now, he was ridden to his fancy neighborhood of Canterlot for the time being until he was finally ready to leave home and embark on his life-long journey of becoming a traveling photographer. He had no intention of telling his parents who were both proud of their successful line of ancestors and held every right to expect their son to carry on the legacy for generations to come - Until, one day he simply disappeared, leaving behind a small note telling of his dream and how much he appreciates the life he spent with his parents. While it was a sudden change for his parents and it did take time, a long time, for them to accept their Son's passion and decision, they knew that once he had something in mind there was no stopping him. Platinum still goes back to visit his family because they spent so long caring and raising him, but it's either rare or not for very long since he now holds a job that only pays when he seeks out opportunities. Character Personality: Flash is known to be stubborn and extremely persistent when it comes to snapping perfect shots, even going as far to put himself in danger due to this photographer drive inside him that constantly whispers for him to never miss a chance to picture art. Unlike most, he has no off button and can go hours, sometimes days without sleep - Which usually leads to him becoming very sluggish and even becoming a bit crazy and hyperactive. This brings us to the more bubbly side of Platinum, he is very friendly like most pony-folk and doesn't understand the emotion called "embarrassment", he never feels it, which is why you will catch him doing crazy things at times without running away with a flustered expression. Unfortunately, like most, Platinum also contains a lot of negative emotions for the sole purpose of not bringing down others, although, he only really expresses it around Sioux due to the fact she doesn't care much about others nor does she use one's secrets against them unless they start something with her. Character Personality: Overall, Platinum Flash is like your everyday lone traveler who seeks out for adventure, friendship, and amazing models for him to picture. His bubbly and hyperactive demeanor usually attracts many and leads to great sales of his fine work. Fortunately for him, no one knows of his wealthy background due to his messy way of presenting himself both physically and emotionally. His lack of exhaustion leads to unhealthiness sometimes and he does often rest up for a few days to regain his proper sleeping hours as to not further his suffering from lack of sleep. Platinum holds his more depressing and negative side deep inside which he only reveals to Sioux, who usually comforts him in her own way which usually sounds rather rude due to her "evil" personality. Platinum finds that while he may have plenty of acquaintances lying around Equestria, he usually only trusts said mare and his parents with personal issues.
  15. Roleplay Type: Literate; I pretty much roleplay in long paragraphs. Name: Radiant Rhapsody Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasi Eye color: Golden-Amber Coat: Painted Palamino Mane/Tail: Orange and white. Physique: Somewhat lean, though sturdy. Her legs are relatively long, and her back caries a slight, regal arch. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Singing and playing a few musical instruments here and there. Cutie Mark: An orange eighth note with a singe white wing attached. Basically symbolizes that music, for her, is just as good as flying. Unique Traits: --- Strengths: --- • She is a relatively quick thinker in terms of coming up with things as she goes. • She makes up for her lack of flight with maneuverability upon her hooves. • Her ability to remain calm in even the most dire of situations. --- Weaknesses: --- • She cannot swim for the life of her. • Her underlying stubbornness tends to get her into trouble. • Bearing only one wing, she cannot fly. History: Very Brief: --- Radiant Rhapsody was born to two loving pegasi parents, and grew up with a relatively happy foalhood. Her parents were bother bakers, so it was quite the surprise when their daughter's talent turned up as something music-related. Her mother and father embraced it, however, and worked hard to get her extra music lessons. Though, tragedy struck a few years or so later; she hadn't been paying attention to how far she'd flown one day, and thus ended up flying into some pretty bad weather. The mare ended up taking a nasty plummet, mangling her right wing so badly that it ended up being removed. Though she remained melancholy for a while at first, she slowly fell back into her normal routine again, carrying on with her life and pursuing her career in music. She even decided to adopt a little wood thrush (a type of songbird) whom she later named Orchid. Character Personality: • Gallant and Passionate - This side of her strays into the lesser-known part of her character. Radiant isn't exactly a hopeless romantic. In fact, she knows quite well how to compose herself when around a stallion she particularly favours over others. She is very respectful and passive, very rarely allowing her inner emotions take charge of the situation. Though, at times, it's fair to say she tends to become a bit more of a pushover than usual, but that's because the stallion mentioned will tend to grow on her and perhaps even reach that side of her that remains dormant. • Quiet, Placid, and Peaceful - Docility is a huge factor when it comes to Radiant's personality. It is an attribute many are bound to notice upon getting to know her. Radiant prefers peace and quiet to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with other ponies flooding in and out of the grounds at all times, as well as the constant pitter-patter of little foal hooves dashing about. Radiant's soft-spoken and laid back nature make her somewhat approachable to those who wish to come to her for advice or a conversation. However, to some, this may be interpreted as more of a reserved and icy oddity of hers which in turn could cause others to stay away from her, as it seems to look like that is perhaps what she wants. --- Likes: --- • Long naps. • Reading. • Birds and other flying critters. • Cleanliness. • Long summer days. • Warm weather. • Honesty and Diligence. • Singing. • Dancing. • Rain --- Dislikes: --- • Cold weather. • Being unclean. • Tight, closed-in spaces. • Thunder and lightning. • Darkness. • Spicy foods. • Feeling helpless. • Water - swimming is not a strong-suit of hers. • Seeing those she adores in any pain. • Her own jealousy of those that are able to touch the clouds. Character Summary: Radiant Rhapsody is an easy-going young mare whom has some talent in singing and music in general. Her disability does not hold her back, though she does view the birds and such with a bit of envy from time to time. Her music is just as good as flying to her, if not more so, and she holds onto it to help her move forward.
  16. (Created on Generalzoi's game) Name: Button BlitzGender: FemaleAge: Late Filly YearsSpecies: UnicornLikes: Video games, ribbons, leveling up, soda, chipsDislikes: Reading, school, work, defeat, sleepingCoat: Charcoal BrownMane/Tail: Dark black. Her mane is short but done in a similar way to Rarity's, although, the curls in the back are more accentuated. Her tail is identical to Rarity's aside from color.Eye Color: Ash PurplePhysique: AverageResidence: Canterlot (Former), Ponyville (Current)Occupation: Part-Time Comic Book SellerCutie Mark: Purple game controller (Similar to a PlayStation controller)History: Button Blitz was born in the heart of Canterlot, at the time, her Father was serving in the Royal Guard and so her Mother had to raise her alone for the first couple years of her life. Upon her Father's return, he felt guilty for not being in his daughter's first few years of life and retired as a Royal Guard and worked as a local construction worker to put his strength to use. Although, when Button Blitz was entering her early Filly years, her family decided Canterlot wasn't the best place to raise their daughter, it wasn't a very fun place for a Filly, especially since the city is very formal. Upon realizing such, they decided on someplace nearby, Ponyville. It was perfect, plenty of Fillies for Button Blitz to play with and plenty of small job opportunities for her Mother and/or Father. At first, Button Blitz was an exceptionally social filly, she had plenty of friends around the humble town and would often be seen outside enjoying the beautiful days... That is until Button Blitz was introduced to the term "Bullies" and "Electronics". Button Blitz was considered a blank flank even if she had plenty of talents, although, none were powerful or meaningful enough to gain the Filly her cutie mark and of course every school has their fair share of bullies that enjoy teasing blank flanks. Button Blitz immediately became a target, but unlike most, she brushed off the mean insults and teasing as if it were just dirt on her hooves. Around that time, she had gotten her first gaming consul, it was small and similar to a GameBoy. Almost instantly, the young Filly was wired to the GameBoy... Literally! She couldn't put it down and would often spend restless nights just pushing at the buttons and leveling up one after another. It was like a drug for her. Her parents grew worried about her health since she would fall asleep at random times, that including school, which was evidently causing her grades to simmer down. While so many negative things were coming from this new addiction... One good thing came as well. That was Button Blitz's cutie mark, it matched her perfectly, the ash purple game controller was something out of the ordinary in Ponyville. While gaining her cutie mark was an amazing thing, her parents did have to put their hooves down on Button's extreme obsession with this electronic device. While it pained the young Filly, she did abide by her parents' rules and followed the schedule for when she could and couldn't waste her time on the foul thing... As her parents like to call it. The mare once again became a social pony, would be seen wandering around with a few of her friends and although the teasing stopped about being a blank flank, it started again because of her weird looking cutie mark. In Blitz's eyes, she could tell the bullies just wanted to find any way to tease her, even if it was ridiculous like how her cutie mark (which is supposed to be unique) looks weird. Button still didn't care and continued to brush the teasing off as if it was nothing, because it was, in fact, nothing. By the time she reached her late Filly years, she took up the offer of working for a local comic book store, it was the perfect little job for her considering the fact she was obsessed with superheroes, video games, comic books, and other strange things like that. She enjoyed the job as well, which was a plus one. Although, it was only part-time since the Filly still had school to take care of and other family occasions that were important to her. Character Personality: Button Blitz is occasionally hyper and/or energetic if she hasn't gamed for longer than she should, other times, she is just completely out of it and can be seen trudging around with heavy eyes and pretty much sleep trotting. She has an unhealthy diet of chips and soda, adding to her very lazy and carefree behavior. Although she may seem like the type to have a "Nerdy" friend group as most would call it, she has a very diverse range of friends... She is just too busy at home, locking herself in her room to play videos games to ever be seen with them. Blitz is friendly, just extremely unhealthy when it comes to her wellness.Character Summary: Overall, Button Blitz gained her cutie mark in the easiest way possible, by sitting around on an electronic gaming device. She was proud of her cutie mark and thought of it as a great accomplishment especially since she felt she might never get one, even if the teasing didn't bother her. Button Blitz doesn't pay attention to reality much, which is why insults don't phase her, she is too busy in her own head thinking of strategies to level up her avatar when she gets home. Button is a very stubborn older Filly and doesn't believe in "Defeat" when it comes to her precious video games, she will sit for hours, ignoring anyone, just to simply avenge her own death. While her addiction is unhealthy, it doesn't seem to phase her either and she continues with her unhealthy diet, habits, and sleep schedule which consists of staying awake longer than she should and sleeping less than about four hours. In result, the older Filly can be seen "sleepwalking" as most would call it because of her zombie-like state during the day after a late night of leveling up and playing at least twenty levels before passing out from exhaustion.
  17. Heyya! I wanted to post some of my recent artwork of my O.C Peach Cream
  18. (Created on Generalzoi's game) Roleplay Type: Crossover Name: Magenta Ace Hero Name: Shocker Gender: Female Age: Young mare Species: Earth Pony Likes: Any Electronic source, sleeping, making a change Dislikes: School, bright lights, people with self-confidence Coat: White, her nose is tipped with a dark magenta. Mane/Tail: Dark Magenta, her mane is done very short and is straight, it's cut is similar to a pleated skirt. Her tail is similar in the cut with identical color. Eye Color: Neon yellow, her eyes are solid and don't have any sort of glossy appearance. Physique: Average Residence: Musutafu Occupation: Teacher at U.A. Cutie Mark: Neon purple lightning bolt with a magenta aura surrounding it. (Like a neon sign) Quirk: Electric Charge Magenta's quirk allows her to not only manipulate the waves of electricity, if she is close enough to any wave or electronic device, it easily charges her... Similar to that of a phone, her energy is immediately restored but doesn't last nearly as long, this means her "battery" drains quicker every time she charges herself. The only way to restore her energy for a vast amount of time is for her to rest, this is why she has often been seen napping when possible. She can also perform electric shock, which is where her hero name "Shocker" came into play, she came up with it due to the shocked faces of those who she has used her "electric shock" on. Magenta isn't a very popular hero, but she has her fair shares of victory, she doesn't enjoy the fame that comes with being a hero so automatically she doesn't reveal her identity to the public... It's a bit questionable how civilians haven't tied her to her hero persona due to the fact she allows her mane and tail to show through her costume, as well as her unique monotone eyes. The lightning-like shocks she can release appear to be magenta rather than the signature yellow, something else she is known for. While Magenta may have a reliable quirk, every quirk has its weaknesses and Magenta's ultimate weakness is the fact that her body will become numb and grow noticeable bruises due to the strong waves of electricity that often bounce around her and even towards her, while she may not feel the painful shock, her body still reacts similarly to if she had been electrocuted... Just not nearly as bad due to the fact she absorbs electric waves as a source of energy. The mare's mane becomes static-y as well from her quirk, which is no weakness in her hero persona... But as a mare who walks around town, it's embarrassing to have your mane standing tall. History: Magenta Ace was an only child born into a quirkless family, her mother and father didn't have any sort of quirk which sometimes happens even if their parents have quirks, it isn't common but certainly happens. As a filly, Magenta would always admire those heroes who would always be zooming around Manehatten near and far, high and low... But no matter how much she wanted to zoom around with them, her chance of gaining a quirk was quite low due to the fact that most children have similar or identical quirks to their parents. It was shocking news, but Magenta was perfectly fine with her life as a quirkless (so far). One day as the filly was walking home, a villain just so happened to be wandering down the path she always took to get to her small towns home, the young filly's fate was beginning to set in stone, she would be captured and held hostage... That is, until she felt this wave of determination, energy, and tingles flash through her like when a bucket of cold water is poured on you. Magenta and purple electric bolts seemed to shock the villain, although, it didn't bring much harm due to how young and inexperienced the filly was. Luckily for her, it did give her enough time to run off before the villain could regain himself from the waves of shock flowing through him. Magenta can still remember how after she released those waves, the hops and skips, and cries of joy she let out on her way home, she was ecstatic... So ecstatic she didn't realize the neon cutie mark illuminating her flank until she got home and her father pointed it out. Her parents weren't very happy that she had a quirk, knowing their daughter's passion for hero-work, the last thing they wanted was for their little filly to get herself caught up in the cruel world where villains do in fact exist. None the less, her parents also understood her passion and were in no way stopping her from fulfilling it, all they wanted was for their filly to be happy. Throughout middle school, most of the other colts and fillies also had quirks, which meant any quirkless pony that came waltzing through would be teased. This often disgusted Magenta, considering how every spoke of how much they wanted to attend the hero course at U.A. yet here they were being the opposite of a hero. Magenta Ace made a vow to be the voice of those who were quirkless and treated less than those who had quirks, it may sound silly but she knew this was something that a hero would do and so it instinctively came to her like a daily routine. While she did protect her friends, both quirkless and with quirks, she still had studying to take care of and wanted to get into U.A. even if it meant not taking the hero course, there were other classes that help students... Such as the recreational one. High school came by quicker than expected, Magenta was more than ready for the entrance exams and was also prepared for rejection, she had no intention of getting too worked up over being accepted due to the fact this is not only one of the most popular schools, but also because there will be plenty of other flashy students participating. When it came to entrance exams, things could get extremely hectic because rumors go around quicker than a virus, it's like a verbal plague. The last thing that the filly wanted to do was embarrass herself in front of everyone. And she didn't. Magenta Ace successfully made it into her school of choice with ease, her sense of leadership and true hero intention was an inspiration and placed her in the course she oh so wanted, the hero course. She carried out her years like a pure-bred hero, she was a leader, a savior, and an overall role model. Upon graduation, she vowed to dedicate her life to save those that aren't as fortunate to protect themselves like she could, to help those overcome their fears, and to create a community where a majority of the population felt they could get through daily life without the anxious feeling of being in danger. To this day, Magenta Ace, more known as Shocker due to her flashy electric quirk, continues to zoom around the grand city of Musutafu to carry out her promise. While she may not be the number one hero, nor the second or third... Maybe not even within the Top Ten, her deeds don't go by unknown and she holds a great reputation within the news. Eventually, the mare returned to her school where her career as a hero started, she remembered her own struggles and knew the upcoming generation of heroes would need advice from a professional... And as if on instinct, she was drawn back to her foalhood and applied for the job as a teacher in the hero course. Character Personality: Magenta holds a permanent smile on her face, giving her students, friends, and fellow colleagues a very friendly vibe but her eyes hold more meaning than they let off. In fact, if you looked deep into her eyes, you could most likely see the pits of Hell... Just kidding, she isn't that merciless. The mare can often be found letting off a somewhat eerie vibe when she smiles at the wrong time, but she has no ill intention. Magenta Ace knows exactly when her students need a little push of encouragement and will not hesitate on doing so, even if it means praising them for more than they should receive. Her students are her top priority, she wants them to feel like they can make it just like she did. Aside from Magenta's more positive personality, she can also be seen getting so angry she laughs while scolding those who caused her such emotion. It is rare for the mare to get worked up, but when she does, may she have mercy on you because there is no promising you will escape without a ghost-like expression from her pretty much eating away at every bit of happiness inside you. Character Summary: As a foal, Magenta's dreams were nearly impossible to achieve but later the miracle of gaining a quirk happened, reinviting the confidence where she can be the hero she wants to be. The mare strived for both success but also the feeling that she had lived to her full potential... And the only way she could do that is by getting into UA and taking its hero course, which she did. While everyone struggles with learning to control her quirk, she often felt singled out due to how dangerous her's could become for not only herself but others as well, and that is the opposite of her dream... To save those in danger. Of course, almost nothing is impossible and this wasn't one of those impossible things, with emotional and peer support, she was able to conquer these obstacles and evolve into something more. A hero. The energetic but easily fatigued mare found herself dedicating herself solely to helping citizens, while it was her dream, she felt she wasn't doing enough for her home and came up with the idea that she could help the next generation of heroes to overcome their own obstacles just like she did. She took every test and filled out every application needed just to become a teacher, and that she did.
  19. (Created on Generalzoi's game) Name: Sioux (Little Snakes) Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Earth Pony Likes: Potion making, tribal studies, isolation, Everfree Forest, Platinum Flash. Dislikes: Being weak, strangers, a lot of questions, Platinum Flash, fillies. Coat: Pastel Yellow with brownish-peach stripes (Similar to Zecora's) Mane/Tail: Sioux's mane and tail are solid white. A majority of the time, Sioux 's mane covers her unique eyes, it's cut short but long enough to cover her face if styled the correct way. Her tail looks as if it was carelessly chopped off with safety scissors, which it was. When alone, Sioux pushes her mane back with a headband. Eye Color: Crimson red, glossy (The same shape of Rarity's). Previously grey. Physique: Average height, a bit thinner than average mares. Residence: Everfree Forest. Occupation: Witchcraft, traveling merchant. Cutie Mark: Sioux's cutie mark resembles tribal markings. It is solid black and has simple designs, a skull in the middle with various small triangular shapes surrounding it. History: Sioux was born on the outskirts of the Everfree forest, raised by her mother Dakota after the disappearance of her father. Sioux was born blind, explaining why her eyes are so vibrant and glossed over. Her disability never got in the way of her doing daily chores like doing the dishes, laundry, getting around her home, or learning. Considering how far Sioux's home was from the "closest" school, her mother decided to home-school her. Obviously, it wasn't only because of traveling issues but also because she worried Sioux would possibly be bullied for being different. Sioux's mother worked with herbs, she made natural remedies as well as medicine which she sold in Ponyville. Sioux loved to go with her mother into town because she could hear the laughter and talk of others, something she only heard in Ponyville. Rarely would anyone travel so close to the Everfree Forest, so it was extremely quiet in her home. Sioux's only friend was her mother, the forest, and the animals that live within it. At a young age, Sioux's mother began to teach Sioux how to brew certain herbs and grind them into grain which she would later boil to become edible medicine or creams for rashes and injuries. One day, Sioux had grabbed the incorrect book, it was one to make a so-called, "Balding Potion". Its contents in braille instructed for Sioux to grab ingredients that were nowhere near the ones she would usually use. This "lotion" earned Sioux her cutie mark, similar to her mothers which instead had a flower rather than a skull. The meaning behind Sioux cutie mark was that the skull represented "Bad Luck", this means that a majority of the potions Sioux intends to make, come out wrong. For example, let's say Sioux is asked to make a love potion, while she may follow the instructions... Somehow the potion becomes a hate potion. Basically, Sioux makes the opposite of what she is supposed. The balding potion resulted in her mother's business getting a bad review, this made fewer people buy from her and money became tight. While money wasn't a very serious issue in Sioux's family, due to them having their own crops and garden, it would mean they couldn't buy cloth or new jars for herbs. Sioux felt extreme guilt and vowed that she will continue her mothers business and make up for the grave error she made. To Sioux, this was probably an amazing idea... For others, it meant pure bad luck! Sioux found herself making only bad potions correctly, no matter whether she got the ingredients wrong or not everything turned out bad. Love turned to hate, blossoming turned to withering, it was as if the Gods of magic were mocking her. This made Sioux angry and unfriendly, she became easily annoyed and often tricked others to get what she wanted. Her greed and dirty deeds resulted in a punishment no one saw coming. One day, Sioux had received a gift from an unknown sponsor, it was labeled "Drink me, for I will cure your bad luck", Sioux expected it was from a friend rather than foe considering it was in braille. Without hesitation, the young mare drank the potion. While she believed it worked, she couldn't see the terrible thing it had done to her. Her eyes turned a scary crimson red, resembling that of an albino snake, her teeth as sharp as broken glass, and the many dark stripes that lined her body were like a Zebra's. It was only when her mother pointed it out, did she realize the potion was nothing but a fraud, a scam to get back at her for her terrible doings. This event only taught Sioux a lesson, not to trick the wrong pony. Sioux followed her motto "Don't trick the wrong pony" for a while, trying to do good. It didn't work out. People looked at her as if she were a monster, a creature from another world, some even believed she was the offspring of a changeling and pony. The rumors went around quick and soon Sioux was shunned upon for her strange looks, something that crushed her spirit and the last bit of good inside her. Her new motto was "Don't trust anypony" as well as "Friends aren't real, everypony for themselves". Sioux grew cold on the inside but kept her sharp and friendly demeanor on the outside, she continued to trick and do wrong to others as a way to cope with the fact that she was the real monster. She had the personality and heart of a monster as well as the looks. While Sioux would have loved to only do Witchcraft as an occupation, it didn't pay well... So, she took up the job of becoming a merchant like her mother, although, she also sold a few of her own potions aside from goods such as cloth, fruits, and vegetables. Sioux knew Ponyville wasn't enough to collect the bits she needed, so, she began to travel around Equestria, selling wherever she was allowed. Sioux found that most found her appearance interesting and so she took advantage of their curiosity by making up stories and legends about herself... Which attracted many people. Sioux became known as the merchant dressed as a beast, though, she had other names that didn't quite pique her interest. The money came in quick as ponies began to seek our her merchant stand, wanting to see of the "legend" is true, that there really is a blind pony that has red foggy eyes, sharp teeth, and stripes of a zebra. Her unusual appearance was a tourist attraction, something the mare didn't mind because... She was no longer alone. While Sioux may still trick other ponies and do dirty deeds that most would find horrible, she isn't as evil as she used to be... With the help of her appearance occupation(s), she earned "fans" (More like crazy fillies who made weird stories about her eating ponies and using their remains to brew potions) and even a few friends who hold similar interests as her, it allowed Sioux to see a new side to life... It opened up light in even the darkest part of her heart. Character Summary: Sioux started off as the quiet, shy, and somewhat friendly type. While she may not have had friends, she still made it through everyday life no matter the hardships of not being able to see brought her. She learned from her mistakes, but only for a short amount of time before returning back to her usual self. Lessons don't have a permanent effect on the young mare. She may act very cheerful and kind when deep down all she wants to do is spread bad luck and allow others to feel the same misfortune as her. While she would prefer to work full-time on witchcraft, it isn't a could source of income and so she has no choice but to take on her mother's duty and travel around selling goods of many sorts... More specifically the fruits and vegetables she grows in her garden. As well as comfort the obnoxious Platinum Flash, a young stallion who often visits her after they camer across one another in Ponyville, their strange relationship is rather a Friendly-Hate type of thing.
  20. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Prismatic NightSex: FemaleAge: Young MareSpecies: PegasusEye colour: Bright BlueCoat: Steel PurpleMane/Tail: Blue-PurplePhysique: The vibrant mare is pretty average for her age. Her hooves are a bringt blue-ish tone with long fur bordering them. Although her proportions are normal for a mare of her age she's shorter than most ponies, even if her mane does add an inch or two. It's not uncommon for her technicolor mane and tail to be kept in a messy and careless manner.Residence: Los PegasusOccupation: Currently just attending school.Cutie Mark: A planet and bandages.Unique Traits: Notched Ear, Freckles. History: She grew up in a small town with her single mother for the majorit of her life. Her family was subject to low income for the majority of her life so Prism was quick to learn how to live without a lot of luxury. However, she never minded much and even now cares little for material possessions. Prism and her mother shared a very close, almost sister-like, bond since she was a foal and that's stuck with to adulthood. She now lives in Los Pegasus hoping to make a life for herself. Character Personality: Often one may look at this mare and come to comprehend that she is most certainly the laid-back type. She enjoys casual conversation and is always sure to make a joke of any situation. Her talent is quite abstract, but Prism believes it represents the comfort she is able to give hurting ponies with her understanding of philosophy and out worldly views. This talent shines most often when speaking with close friends and sometimes even strangers. She cares deeply for those around her but is quick to stand up for herself if being mistreated. Character Summary: Wild and unpredictable. Down to earth in every sense of the way even while her head is up in space.
  21. [Do to what Nilaavin is I'd like to explane my self and why I feel he can be fun, engaging and most of all not over powering or a detriment. To keep this app to it's self anf not me talking about what I feel, it is posted below the app. So plase give it a look down below if you want to know why I feel he'd be ok for use in 'World of Equestria' RP. Thank you.] Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Nilaavin Sex: Male Age: Ancient as he was trapped in stone. Real age is young adult / late teens. Species: Sphinx Eye colour: Green Coat: Brown with darker brown fur as markings Mane/Tail: His mane is loose, messy and black. The long fur at the end of his tail is much the same. Physique: As a sphinx Nilaavin is tall and powerful like all his species. But overall he has a lean and powerful body that is smaller than the larger of his species. He is nonetheless tall around ponies standing at three average ponies tall. His small size for a sphinx is do to his age, being a young stallion if he was a pony. jewelry: Two gold earrings, one to an ear. The gold bracelets around his four legs and neck are magic shackles that bound him to the amulet and the one wearing it. The shackle around his neck will display the cutie mark of the pony wearing the amulet. Residence: Trapped in the ruins of an ancient fort found deep in the heart of the the Petite Desert. Forever bound to guard the amulet of his long passed master at his resting place unless some pony takes it for their self. Wearever the amulet goes he must follow. Occupation: Guardian of whomever has the amulet, bund by tricks and old magic he must safeguard the user at all costs and do whatever they wish. The only way out is for the user of the amulet to give the ‘Last Command’, that being for Nilaavin to be free. Something not even he knows can be done as his master never told him there was a way to free him or any pony. Cutie Mark: As a sphinx he has none. Unique Traits: ‘Guardian of the amulet’ is his cruse. Tricked with magic Nilaavin is a servant to the pony that has the amulet. The pony that has it can speak to him and understand Nilaavin back regardless of the native language spoken. But outside of this standard sphinx traits hold true. He must keep his word as he can not break promises. He often asks things in riddles or responds to something ask of him with one. History: The history of many a sphinx is ancient with much of it’s past forgotten in sands. Nilaavin is no different as much of history has forgotten him. A young sphinx in ages past he wanted a land for himself, territory that belonged to him alone. After much searching he found the perfect land. Sadly the land was claimed by a king and his sorcerer brother. The king not liking Nilaavin taking home in his lands sent many troops and heros to remove him. Young and prideful Nilaavin refused to leave and the young sphinx found himself battling heroes more often than telling riddles. Something that soon came to bite the young sphinx on the flank. As the time passed Nilaavin became very skilled at combat but lacking in his word play. His riddles were often easy, weak or uttlery made up on the spot do to his lack of experience in the matters as no hero bothered to play them against him. This changed the day the king's brother, a powerful sorcerer, took matters into his hooves. Sick of being overshadowed by his brother and outcasted he saw Nilaavin as the perfect tool. Challenging Nilaavin to a game of riddles and wordplay that lasted for many days the sorcerer tricked and fooled Nilaavin in to slowly saying what the sorcerer needed. That was, making Nilaavin say he was the servant of the sorcerer. Working out too late what he did Nilaavin tried to slay the sorcerer but found his paws held back. For it was not words alone the sorcerer used against him. A powerful enchanted amulet was used in the trap. In swearing himself as a saverent he actaved the enchanted amulet, casting a spell that put golden shackles on his legs and neck, imprisoned with chains of magic to follow his words. Trapped by both magic and the customs of his species Nilaavin had to do whatever he was told. But he did learn the spell bound him to the user of the amulet, not the pony itself. Whomever used it was to be his master. With the power of Nilaavin the sorcerer betrayed his brother and soon took over the kingdom. With a sphinx at his side no pony dared to move against him. The time under his kingship was one of fear and dark magic. But no evil king lasts forever, as more and more pushed against him until a full blown rebellion happen. One young sphinx was no match against an army and Nilaavin along with with the sorcerer were pushed deep in to the fort. Knowing his doom was coming the the sorcerer made one despiret last move. Using his dark magic and the amulet he turned himself and Nilaavin to stone. But fate did not favor the sorcerer. The troops found his hiding spot and destroyed the statue, but left Nilaavin and the amulet. Sealing the room away behind a wall to be forgotten for countless ages. And there he stayed, forgotten by time and the sand outside of a few old stories about the sorcerer and the sphinx he controlled. But nothing is forgotten forever if a brave pony uncovers him and the amulet. From there a new story can be made for Nilaavin, be it at the hooves of another evil pony seaking power… Or a good hearted pony that can free Nilaavin and give him love and friendship. Only the sands of time may tell. Character Personality: Nilaavin is young, prideful and energetic. But often this shows in aggression do too harassment he faced from heroes and troops all the time leading in to his enslavement. Being enslaved made him more hateful of ponies and view them as all greedy, evil and out for their self alone. The sorcerer that used him only made this worse by seeing Nilaavin as nothing more than a tool and guard dog. Never allowing him to speak free or act without being told to do so. This made Nilaavin’s deep mistrust of ponies all the worse. By the time he was put in stone he saw all ponies as insufferable But he is more than just a hateful sphinx, Nilaavin has a number of passions he enjoys. One such passion is music, old or new he deeply enjoys hearing it and seeing how a story can be told in it. But ‘pointless’ music that is just sound upsets him as a waste of the medium and storytelling. To go along with his love of music is singing, something he use to take pleasure in doing before he was enslaved by the sorcerer. He will often be encouraging to young singers, regardless of his views of ponies. Another passion of his is fashion, from jewelry to clothing he founded the outfits of wealthy ponies interesting and beautiful with the more gold the better. He often laments on his size and how it makes it all must impossible to dress up in ways he wanted without large amounts of gold and a brave pony willing to make it. But like many of his passions this along with the others were suppressed under his service to the sorcerer where such things were not allowed. Character Summary: Nilaavin is a young Sphinx that was bound and enslaved by a evil sorcerer to work for whoever wore an enchanted amulet, this came about after years of harassment by local heroes. As such Nilaavin grew to be very jaded and untrusting of ponies. But with the passing of the first user of the amulet Nilaavin was trapped in stone, sealed away in a forgotten fort deep in sands of the Petite Desert. Well holding a rather justified hatred for ponies he must work for whomever next puts on the amulet next. Well he hates such things it is a far better fate than being trapped in stone.
  22. (Created on Generalzoi's game) (Minor edits made by me) Name: Wǎn Qiūjì (晚 秋) Late Autumn Gender: Male Age: Adult Stallion Species: Qilin Likes: Wife, his foals, weather, stargazing with wife, quiet time. Dislikes: Any sort of harm done to his family Coat: Chocolate brown Mane/Tail: Grass Green and Dark Green. Mane is a similar style to Rainbow Dash's, the tail is done in a traditional male tie. Eye Color: Vibrant orange, serpent-like design. Physique: Tall, average build, not too much muscle but within the average category. Residence: Huangjing Occupation: Weather Reporter, Harbor: Ticket Assistance Cutie Mark: Three Autumn leaves, each a different color within the orange spectrum. Unique Traits: Weather Sensor- A key point in Wǎn's success as a weather reporter, his horns can sense upcoming changes in climate via his tall, gazelle-like horns. When faced with a certain type of weather, his horns will be tinted in a certain color. For example, if there is a high chance of rain, his horns can be seen with a faint tint of blue. History: Wǎn was boring into a semi-wealthy family, having lived most of his life in Souther Huangjin. His family home was luxurious on the inside but simply looked like a large townhouse on the outside. Wǎn was forced to grow up at a young age, following in his Father's footsteps to success. While Wǎn's Father definitely wasn't strict nor harsh, he wanted what was best for his son, even if it meant taking away his childhood, something he now regrets. Wǎn's Father worked as a merchant, known for pricing things higher then they're worth, though, his charm and persuasive skills made it easy to sell and make a profit. Wǎn's mother was unemployed, relying on her husband's business to provide for the family as she took care of Wǎn, proving to be an easy task as he wasn't raised to be rambunctious nor immature. When Wǎn was a young foal, he didn't go outside much, often studying and working hard on his school work, not that he minded at all. Wǎn was very self-reserved, making him almost unapproachable when he did go out. Some often mistook him for a sort of machine, like an AI, due to his monotone expressions and quiet behavior. One day the young foal had gone out during a fairly sunny day, on his way to school, he had noticed his horns were emitting a blue sort of aura that at first went by unnoticed. As the day went on, the blue tint grew dark and bright, the sky changing with the color of his horns. By the end of the day, the clouds were pouring rain, creating large puddles and floods in various others. Wǎn then began to further his research, often observing his horns during the day, as time went on, he began to take note of what each color meant. The research took at least two months, by then, he received his cutie mark. Wǎn at first was shocked it was simply three Autumn leaves, expecting for it be a combination of all the different weather in some shape or form, though, that wasn't the case. That following Autumn, Wǎn realized his little quirk was most strong during the season, the colors much brighter, though, a simple hue against his orange horns. Wǎn nor anyone else expected such a mark on his no longer blank flank, in fact, everyone expected it to consist of books, Mathematics, or anything having to do with education considering the young colt's knowledge. Wǎn grew to accept his unique mark, later pursuing the career of reporting the weather, hoping to help others with his unique ability, though, considering the land of qilin, it was simply a quirk that defined him as a pony, most qilins had some sort of unique quirk. He took on the job as a weather reporter, although, due to his job only being useful for parts of the day, he took on the part-time job of working at the local harbor as a ticket assistant where he would make sure boarding ponies and qilins had their designated pass to get on. During his time as a weather reporter, he had met a young mare, one who had a bright mind and a bubbly aura which lightened everyone's mood, even during the darkest of times, which he witnessed with his own eyes. The young stallion soon learned the interesting mare lived just next door, Wǎn began to find himself growing attracted to the beautiful mare that seemed to turn the rainy weather he predicted into a happy day. Within no time, he pursued the mare, finding every chance he could get to speak with her or even offer her a date for the two to get coffee together during the mornings. He discovered her name was Měilì Xīng. He knew this feeling was nothing more than love, the two would often be seen with each other. Other ponies noticing the change in Wǎn's serious behavior, they watched as he blossomed into a much more bubbly and friendly stallion such as his new mare-friend. Wǎn didn't take long to propose to the mare, more than happy to have her as his wife and to even start a family with her. Those of Huangjing soon named the couple "soulmates" due to how they clicked so perfectly. Měilì's parents were more than happy when the two had twins, a filly, and a colt. Wǎn couldn't be any happier with how things turned out for him, completely forgetting his Father's words of wisdom, advice, and his goal to be a successful stallion. He learned the values of family, that was the only thing the now bubbly stallion needed. Character Personality: Wǎn started off as a very distant and serious stallion, often avoiding conversation with others if it meant distracting him from his current task and studies. He had no friends to play outside with, his entire childhood being replaced with school, books, and the goal of growing to face success. He was no different from an AI personality wise. Now, Wǎn is just as bubbly as his wife, wasting no time with greeting others and being friendly with everyone he sees. His wife's personality seemed to rub off on him, making him into the pony he is today. Character Summary: Wǎn can now be considered one of the most charming stallions of Huangjing, though, his heart belonged to only one mare and that being his beloved wife, the mare who turned him from an AI to an actual pony. Wǎn can often be seen with his family, if not, he is most likely working to provide for his family now that his wife is a stay-at-home-mother. Wǎn is a proud husband and Father, never afraid to bring up his family and how much he loves them. For his family is his entire world.
  23. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Night Prophecy Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Kelpie (Dark Shyshark Pattern) Eye colour: Red, with green sclera Coat: Black Mane/Tail: Spines, stripes and tailfin have a deep, olive green coloration Physique: Bulky Residence: Okeanos Occupation: Court Wizard Cutie Mark: A blue book with a red marker Unique Traits: Serrated Teeth: With a carnivorous diet of fish, shellfish and the odd octopus the Kelpie’s serrated teeth help grip his prey and enemies alike. Calcified Skin: Hardly the smooth, slimy skin one would expect of an aquatic: Night Prophecy’s skin is like that of a shark and rough to the touch, even capable of cutting softer skin if not careful. Generalist Predator: He will eat anything, taking opportunity in even the strangest of meals so long as it is able to sustain him. Nictitating Membrane: Otherwise known as the third eyelid. Inside his eyelids he has a third, thin membrane that covers his eye to protect them in silty, dirty water, and other troublesome environmental conditions while still being able to see. Deep Sea Diver: Born and built for the deep sea, Night can dive deeper than most, even into trenches many Seapony and Kelpie alike dare not tread -- or swim as is the case. Geomancy: He can divine fortunes, read the currents and tell the future by reading cracks in sand, soil, and stone. He can also use this power to impose temporary disruptions in terrestrial leylines to essentially sap the latent and active magical abilities of the land and sea born creatures of Equus. History: Night Prophecy was born in a nameless trench in the deeper parts of the ocean East of the Gallopocus Islands. Among the trenches were a variety of underwater volcanoes and other thermal activity that kept his gam’s waters warm and full of life. Living in the tropics was not always easy as storms from the sea often built up in the east before dying out on its way to the west. This sometimes left them following schools of fish to keep their bellies full. His gam were nomads. Unlike their Seapony cousins this gam of Kelpies much preferred the bounty of the open ocean and the security of the trench depths. Night Prophecy aged and was tutored in the beliefs of his gam. Being the dark shadows of the trenches provides food, shelter and a place to lay their eggs they were a center of their system of faith. To them the sun mean nothing and they often lie and wait beneath the sands were creatures blindly lurked for the bounty of shellfish and crustaceans as well as the freshest of kelp. This natural departure from the sun often left his gam detesting it as light often lured away their prey or scattered the more skittish sorts. In adulthood he would never find understanding in the Equestrian worship of a sun pony… Those who feared his skills would demean him with the nickname Nessie, a rather disregarding name given to a mythical creature from fairy tales. He had come to both abhor and relish in the foalish title, often using it to instill a sense of harmlessness, painting the voracious predator as more gentle than he actually was. When, Nessie, was of age his prowess with third sight, as it was called, was trained by his gam’s eldest. With her Night Prophecy excelled in the art of Geomancy in which one reads the soil, sand and stones to read the future and natural ways of the world. He can also read the leylines of the land and impose on a pony strength or weakness in a pony or seapony by temporarily altering or disabling them by shifting the land in a way to corrupt its flow. With these skills he became the first of his gam to master Geomancy by his adulthood. As he aged he continued to study and travel with the gam. On a regular visit to Okeanos, his gam often travelling down to trade, Night Prophecy had learned of the arrival of ponies into the oceanic depths, his curiosity meeting their own. As it was unicorn ponies had.great powers which fes an envy in the shark pony. He had read something of interest in the soil, warning of a great sea storm which what overtook a small settlement. This was what first secured his chance at securing a place in the kingdom and the first move to greater power. This desire drove him to approach the king. Seeking a position in the court the Kelpie played many a underfinned tricks to just the competition even going as far as altering the leylines of power to weaken his opposition. A true predator the aquatic would find ways to chase his opponents far from the kingdom's waters until he was only left. He believes his path isn't he only path that can unite all fins under the king and secure his power over the lands and sea alike with him playing puppeteer. Character Personality: Night is a power hungry perfectionist. His desire to succeed comes from a competitive nature fueled by a subjective view on the law and its makers. Merciless as he was meticulous once you made an enemy of the eloquent shark you made one for life. A purist he detests the idea of standing beneath ponykind, moving aside for their earthborn talents. He is loyal to his king and gam, studious and vengeful. Character Summary: Night Prophecy was born and raised in the deep seas of the coasts of the Gallapocus Islands. Strongly competitive and power hungry he has become focused on gaining power under the force of the king, seeking to gain power over the pretentious and powerful ponies that Lord over the land. Magically inclined he has the ability to read the earth and predict events as well as mute the magical conduits that affect earth ponies and unicorn, as well as other terrestrial and seabound magical beings, for a short amount of time. He seek to use his powers to become even more powerful.
  24. (Created on Generalzoi's game) (Minor edits made by me) Name: Měilì Xīng (美丽 星 ) Beautiful/Refined Star Gender: Female Age: Adult Mare Species: Qilin Likes: Stargazing, night, constellations, family. Dislikes: Autumn, sunrise, her multiple freckle-like scales. Coat: White with grey patches of freckles/scales. Mane/Tail: Měilì's mane is a vibrant aqua with seafoam green undertones. Her mane is done in a traditional style for married mare's with family, it is also loosely known as a "messy bun" though it has more symbolic meanings in her village, her tail is done a similar messy style. She is a married mare so there is no need for her to fancy up her mane to impress others. Eye Color: Amber/Gold, similar shape to Rarity's with a serpent-like pupil. Physique: Měilì is a very slender mare, taller than normal ponies, and not very muscular. Her slender frame adds her feminity, which attracts stallions more in her village since it would be considered the "Ideal Body Type". Residence: Huangjing Occupation: N/A, Měilì is a stay at home mother of her two foals. Měilì was previously an astronomer, always following and navigating different stars and constellations. Cutie Mark: A Comet that starts with a white tip and blends down to a cerulean and a lavender purple. Unique Traits: Star Dust- Just as the name says, Měilì can create a vibrant colored mist (Revolving around the color schemes of her character) that resembles stardust, though, there isn't any proof whether it is simply just mist or actual stardust considering her village isn't one for advanced technology. Her dust doesn't have any certain affect aside from looking elegant and graceful whenever she emits it, she often uses the dust as a way to soothe or calm her foals when in distress. Chilly Breath- She can emit a cold frost from her breath, creating a chilly wind that sparkles with what looks to be dust such as her other trait. It isn't anything special but good to help you cool down on a hot Summer day as well as looking pretty. History: Měilì was born in a middle-class family, is one of the four foals of the Ling family, she was the youngest of the four which in result she was treated as a precious gem. Měilì was also the only filly, she had three older brothers that all had their own unique, vibrant colors and traits. Her mother, Fang, worked as a beautician in a salon, often working with mares on their wedding day. She was a very friendly and warm mare, making her very well-known within their small neighborhood area. Qiang, Měilì's Father, was much more fierce and hot-headed, earning him the nickname "Warrior" since he was always so harsh and leading others. Some often wondered how Měilì's mother could fall for such an explosive stallion, though, only the Ling family has seen the soft and cheery side of Qiang. Měilì was much different from her family, often daydreaming and acting more energetic and bubbly compared to her mature and serious brothers, as well a humble mother and fierce father. She would stand out as well, her passion for things not revolving about architecture, beauty, and other common careers/job within the town. In fact, she held a great passion for stars, finding them to be the most fascinating thing she's ever seen. She would spend hours without and end simply admiring the night sky, often staying up far too late to her parent's liking, though, she couldn't help it. She soon found herself noting the shapes, colors, and patterns of stars, filling an entire notebook on whichever one catches her golden eyes. This strong passion soon turned to an obsession, earning her the beautiful comet cutie mark displayed on her flank, it was unique and different from those of her family members and neighbors, standing out more than an elephant in a room of ponies. When Měilì became a young mare, she fulfilled her passion and became an apprentice astronomer, putting her knowledge to good use and soon mastering the different hours each star would appear, their symbolizations, and even the constellations they're part of. Within that time, she met her soon-to-be husband, Wǎn Qiūjì (Late Autumn), he helped report weather changes and predict upcoming storms with his talents. Within a few months of the meeting, they married and to their delight, Měilì 's Father approved of the stallion. Měilì's life as an astronomer was fun but soon came to an end when she gave birth to twin foals, a colt and filly. Yún (cloud) being the filly and Yǔ (rain), the colt. Měilì took her foals into consideration and decided to become a full-fledged mother, staying home to care for her foals while also maintaining their home while her husband continued his career to provide for the bubbly family. The family remained in their residence, staying close to Měilì 's parents considering they weren't getting any younger and would soon need daily help with simple tasks. Character Personality: Měilì is a very bubbly mare, she is always seen greeting and chatting up a storm with somepony, always brightening the mood when it seems to falter. Měilì does have her sad moments but those come on rare occasions make her overall emotions very happy, energetic, and cheerful. Her foals always have her on her hooves, meaning there is no time to be sad or tired, which results in her hyperactive behavior at times from drinking cup after cup of coffee. The mare is a very good friend to have, always ready to talk or lend a shoulder for somepony to lean on. She knows just when to end the fun and get serious all just to put a smile on another ponies face, she believes that a simple smile can make everything much better. Character Summary: In conclusion, Měilì lived a very peaceful and simple life, learning the moralities of life easily and starting her very own family, giving up her dream just to care for her foals, proving how big of a heart she has. Měilì is a great friend, intelligent, beautiful, and a loyal mare that would give anything to her friends and family, all for the sake of making them happy. Měilì lights up her part of the neighborhood with simple greetings, getting every pony connected in some way to build a peaceful and friendly village for any creature. She accepting of everypony, any shape or form, and if she is not at home with her foals, she is often seen trotting around the neighborhood with friends, husband, or her family all together.
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