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  1. From the album: heartlocket

    him at age 19
  2. Since most of my threads are winding down, I figure I have place on my plate for one new one. I look at this one more toward the underbelly of what most of us think of in the world of MLP. The secret backroom deals of political rivals to keep things going in their own favor; while keeping the common pony as in the dark as possible. I am also a romanticizing player that loves a good old fashioned Mafia Novel. Gangster ponies with fast carts and quicker tongue outrunning the law with stolen goods; fully suited and dressed up true gangsters that front their activities in proper tax paying businesses and fly low under the radar of the detectives pursuing them. To that end, I want to make a thread that includes politicians, nobility, crime ponies, common ponies duped into running errands without a clue about their true nature; and a long assortment of other crime genre related Dick Tracy style things. Are there any players interested in this sort of thing? I would like to make it a long running series of RPs that are fast paced, and active with a post a day sort of mentality.
  3. Name: Solarline Gender: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Pegasus pony Eye colour: Baby blue Character colour: White Mane/tail/other: Mane and tail are of dark blue colour with baby blue stripes. Has a black balaclava on at almost all times for reasons unknown. Maybe he thinks it is somehow stylish, or perhaps it's something entirely else… Physique: Solarline is a rather tall creature, yet quite slim unlike his old royal guard counterparts. He does not have any permanent marks on his body nor is there anything else noteworthy Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Technically a freeloader in his own apartment until he can actually find a job, which just doesn’t seem to happen. Spends his days laying on his bed and staring at the ceiling whilst eating the cheapest possible hay fries and listening to low quality techno on his earbuds. Occasionally tries to get a job; his friends won’t pay his rent forever and he doesn’t want to let them down. Cutie mark: A pawn chess piece with a sun icon as the background. Unique traits: As boring as it may sound right away, he does not really have any ‘special’ talents like fiddling with magic regardless of not owning a horn or carrying any special items other than his apparel. He isn’t even that good of a flyer as a pegasus and for everyone’s health he prefers to walk to places. What is ‘special’ about him is that he is not very smart; a filly could easily beat him to it in a game of chess, but that’s not what the pawn icon on his cutie mark is for anyways. He has that very icon because he would be very well classified as a “pawn” of society, as proves his history as a guard and his general attitude as he has nothing to complain about anything. His whole life is built on doing what others tell him to do. History: Solarline was born to a lower class family, both of his parents working as janitors in a nearby school. He was raised with love and care by both of them despite the occasional lack of bits. Solarline was never too smart of a colt and just barely passed his schools, and yet he got accepted into the royal guard academy regardless when he came to the age. It was not because his mental capacity, he would never be promoted anywhere, but instead his unbelievably high level of obedience and the fact that he never questioned anything. He did pass it, though with varying results. His flying skills were barely sufficient to even deliver a carriage let alone do anything more complicated. This meaning that he was often stationed with or nearby earth pony units as he was more useful to them. His career got to a decent start you could say, a few screw-ups here and there but nothing that would get him kicked out. Not until that one faithful day… What happened, you ask? Well, it did include one Solarline, one royal bank, one loaded crossbow, one (possible) bank robber and a little tinge of stupidity. Nothing got (seriously) hurt except his employee relationship and thus he found himself in this day; laying down on his bed, staring at the ceiling fan and laughing at his own jokes as he throws more hay fries into his trap. After the event that unfolded he has never been seen without wearing his black balaclava for reasons unknown. Miraculously he has not been arrested even once for it… And so his savings eventually depleted. All of his sympathy-feeling guard friends promised to pay a portion of his rent until he can get a new job. The problem is that he just can’t find any…and sympathy has its limits. Character Personality: Solarline is very friendly to everyone, even to the folks he should not be. He really doesn’t know any better to be honest. This means that he can be very blunt and say things you’re not supposed to say in that specific time or/and place. It is nearly impossible to see him sad or even serious as he sees nothing as such. Truly a miracle how he could hold the stoic “guard face” back in his working days. Because of his cheery and all around 'sunny' nature he can find light in almost any situation life might throw at him, granting him the sun icon on his cutie mark. Character Summary: A tall, silly pony with wings that are more for decoration purposes than anything else. Very friendly, often leaving a nice first impression. He does not recognize good from evil too well and will most likely do anything his friends might say. End results may vary. (Also, he is as poor as a church mouse.) Here is his cutie mark. Notice the quality Paint job...haha ha. You can see a headshot of him as my profile picture. A small notice: Now that I look back at this with less bloodshot eyes, I have discovered that this is choppy as heck. I will revamp this whole thing soon enough.
  4. Roleplay Type: WoE preferred, but I'd love to get into FFA as well!Name: PloometteSex: FemaleAge: MareSpecies: PegasusEye colour: Teal, somewhat turquoise. It's somewhere in there.Coat: Perky pink. Her wings are massive, with teal, yellow, and purple feathers akin to that of a peacock's. Mane/Tail: Teal, orange, light purple, and magenta. Her mane is kept short, with her teal and orange bangs dangling to the side. Purple 'lovelocks' reach down to her cheeks, and the back of her hair is pink and razor-cut. On the other hand, her tail is one big drill-coiled ringlet. A pair of peacock quills dangle out of the base of her tail, which are likely just part of her.Physique: While not noteworthy at first, Ploomette has a strong back and somewhat muscular lower-leg strength. Her wings are massive compared to the average pegasus pony's.Residence: Canterlot is her proper residence, but Ploomette is almost always out of town. She IS a "freelance adventurer", after all.Occupation: Freelance Adventurer and traveling "mad alchemist". She's the sort that busts the baddies and slays the sinister, wherever she may be. It's in part because 'it's fun', but also her main source of income. If a mercenary was less morally ambiguous, that would likely be what she calls a "freelance adventurer". Her years of extensive magical studies across the globe have added to a magical catalogue that she uses to concoct new potionry to anyone who needs it---though she usually wolfs it down anyways. Beware, some of her potions have a few glitches; some are kinda permanent!Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: One might immediately notice her powerful, peacock-like wings of a multitude of colors. Naturally, they are the direct (and permanent) result of her special talent. Ploomette has an extensive knowledge of different magic types, innate magic, and of course, potion-making. Naturally, only the last portion is something she can physically utilize, seeing as pegasi lack an inherent ability to use the large variety of magic that unicorns and (rumored) crystal ponies can. She claims that some of her magical prowess comes from her mom's side---all unicorns. But in reality, a lot of it comes from the number of potions she's downed in her lifetime, in addition to her magically-charmed wings. History: Born in Canterlot, Ploomette was the child of a brilliant royal sorceress ("royal" being her affiliation with working for the princesses' own court of wizards) unicorn and a brave and noble royal guard pegasus, valiantly guarding the royal family since his youth. Taking after her father, Ploomette was a pegasus with an athletic streak. However, as she grew older, she desired more and more to delve into her mother's hoofsteps. She began following her father on scouting missions, and later trailing her mother on important travels regarding magical diplomacy. Despite not having even earned her cutie mark yet, the filly had her mind set on becoming a famous adventurer and traveling wizard---of some kind. Ploomette became obsessed with her studies, leaving her only interactions with other ponies to be study sessions and friendly spars (which were hard to find; not a lot of unicorns liked getting into useless fights). One day, Ploomette was taken along on a journey that involved both the royal guard and the royal sorcerers to help out with a bit of dragon trouble a griffin settlement was dealing with. Since she couldn't fight, Ploomette spent her time gathering fancy ingredients for one of her many potions. Dragon scales, dragon claws, griffin fur and feathers, pegasus feathers, unicorn horn shavings....all common items that went into a brew that changed her life forever, once she brought it back to Canterlot with her. The bright pink potion was downed in secrecy, but the results were impossible to hide! Suddenly, magical energies flowed through her veins like mad, even if she didn't have a horn to use it with. Her wings grew in size exponentially, the feathers' color and texture becoming vivid and soft. The glistening quills emerging from her wings and tail were no doubt the signs of a successful potion. It would be the perfect display for the final exams----but how was she going to reverse it?! The next day came about, and a lot of nervous looks were given to Ploomette by her teachers and the visiting royal sorcerers here to judge the young ponies' magical feats. She was hiding....something under a blanket on her back, and she refused to let anyone take a sample of her potion. Had she horrifically mutated herself? Was she covered in festering boils? Had her wings permanently molted, or fell off altogether? When sternly asked to remove her blanket, she did so with reluctance. Failure? Expulsion? Neither. The visiting sorcerers only gazed in awe at Ploomette's handy work, admiring that her wings had ultimately transformed for the better. They wouldn't burn off in the sun like so many other fake wing enhancements, nor did they inhibit her flight. Though the knowledge of Ploomette's potion remained archived (as nobody wanted to risk finding out what the potion would do to anyone older or not already winged), Ploomette was invited to take her place among the royal sorcerers as an apprentice once she finished up her grade school studies. Upon accepting the invitation, her cutie mark manifested as a symbol of her humble, yet pragmatically noble magic skills and ranks among the court of sorcerers. While still a member of the royal sorcerers, Ploomette left Canterlot as a grown mare to put her unique magic and years of sparring to good use as a "Freelance Adventurer" to solve whatever problems ailed anypony (for a price) and supply any helpful potions to other travelers and adventurers (for a steeper price). Character Personality: Despite being the type to punch first and ask questions later, Ploomette is highly inquisitive, and a happy-go-lucky, perky individual. She adores learning about new magic and cataloging it in her book, and is thrilled about the idea of still having much more to learn about all the magical feats the world around her has to offer. Make no mistake, Ploomette will gladly throw down her potions and saddlebags to beat evil-doers into submission. Character Summary: Ploomette is an "OC" interpretation of a toy-exclusive pony with glimmer wings. Despite her wings, she is just a pegasus and not any sort of "flutterpony" or unlisted species. Her magic is only powerful in the ways of a pegasus and the potency/whimsical effects of her potions. She isn't capable of casting spells like a unicorn. Despite her quest for knowledge, she's no bookworm, but a noble adventurer seeking to rid the world of evil, one super-speed-and-fire-breath potion at a time.
  5. OK so I have a wedding for two of my characters coming up. They live in Kastrot now, under the guidance of Heart Stopper. (Heart Stopper is of course invited) and wanted to know if any other ponies would be attending. There are a few slots open and I hope several of you want to come. Stormstride is now a minor noble and looking to flaunt her new position and wealth a bit. She's sent out invitations to ponies she has had dealings with. So any pony want to come and see?
  6. It had taken nearly six months to get her little palace the way she wanted it again. The Cloud family crest on all the tapestries, the lovely carpet rugs laid out, nice and tidy. The vineyard was at least in decent shape. Having been tended by some pony at least. Taking over the books had been a chore in and of itself. However, Stormstride found it now to be simplistic and rather amusing. She had selected her own servants, bought a few that were "owned" and then set them to work in the household. Though she made certain that the servants had large spacious quarters. Well tended servants oft did far better work. As her mane dresser was brushing the last knots from her mane and tail, Stormstride looked upon herself in the mirror. She had become rather shapely and graceful since she had taken the title of minor noble. She had also indulged a bit in the local culture. Making well and certain to be seen and heard when she had the chance and it was her turn to speak. She had become a regular at Heart Stopper's court. Watching and snickering with the other unicorns. Her eyes cast to the lavish dress. the wedding dress she was going to wear today. It was a beautiful thing. A pure Kastrotian design. The soft, silken fabric that covered her from neck to hoof in a long soft draping. Golden tail bangles, engraved with both the Heart family crest, and the smaller Cloud family crest. Stormstride had her ears pierced now, displaying a rather elegant set of ruby and sapphire earrings. Having come from her personal bath to her private chambers for dressing she smiled in the mirror. Watching her mane dresser work her own magic. Stormstride was fair. Most of these ponies didn't make a wage. But in exchange, they had free room and board in a secure castle. Storm had selected several ponies as her own personal guards. Trained them in her style of combat and tactic. And added to that she saw too it that every foal on her lands was given a decent education. Beyond the basics, and into more socialite matters. Art, history, politics. She wanted every pony under her crest to understand how the laws worked and were made. Though many had no say so in such a matter, it was at least better to instruct them to a level they could easily understand and know the laws. This made matters much easier to deal with when it came time for Storm to handle her own court matters. IN six months the castle had gone from an over sized storehouse, to a rather lovely little castle. Housing surrounded the outer wall, made for servants and field workers alike. Each was set up for a small family. There was a large public bathhouse for them as well. But inside, things were more lavish. Stormstride kept a few of the prettier ponies on the top floor with herself. Ponies like her mane dresser and her interior designer. Housing them in comparably luxurious quarters. Feather Touch however, shared her room with her. Except for today. Today he was in a rather large guest room, being prepared by the castle tailor. Feather had it better here than he had ever had it in Canterlot. All the supplies he would ever need to make his candles, oils, and lotions were brought right to his own personal work space at no cost to him. He was tended nightly by a full bath treatment with Stormy. The food was amazingly good. Stormstride had hired a chef that knew both Equestrian and Kastrot styles of cooking. The castle had fireplaces in every room. And he and Storm often sampled the wine together. This was a rather amazing thing. And yet in the back of his mind, he felt this creeping feeling. That something was not right. That Stormstride was in danger of becoming something....evil. His ear perked to the sound of music floating up the stairwells. Thunderbuck was warming up his instruments. He had arrived a couple months ago with CaramelCream. The sweet young pony ran her hooves off. Up and down the stairs, learning and exploring everything she could find. Storm was content to let her do so as long as she tended to her lessons. And CaramelCream was always first one to class. Feather Touch had taken to the foal. He often awoke to find her snuggled between he and Stormy, cuddling under his wings. She had once called him daddy. It had startled Feather a fair bit. Being suddenly called her daddy like that. She had not said it since then. But he secretly wished she would. Today, she was serving an important role. She was the flower foal, and in charge of leading the guests to their places in the courtyard. Thunderbuck was set up on a proper stage. His home was in the courtyard, a small cottage with supplies for him to repair and maintain his instruments. Stormy gave him an allowance to purchase instruments, though he often bought the broken ones. He had begun to look into opening himself up to instrument repair for hire. This would allow him to generate greater income. The courtyard was very delightfully decorated, adorned with the Heart family crest on each seat and on the main podium. Under it was the Cloud family crest. Both were polished and gleaming in the bright warm sunlight. Stormstride had made certain the weather would be clear today. She had hired a cake maker on Heart Stopper's suggestion. Though her own chef would be providing the refreshments and foods aside form the cake. The table was set up with plenty of chairs in case other guests arrived late or were to happen upon the wedding. Back in her room, Stormstride looked at herself in the mirror. The gold and silk dress upon her body. It was simple, but lavish at the same time. It was had several gem studded necklaces and anklets at her hooves. Stormstride had allowed her mane dresser to do her make up today, making her look more the part of both a noble lady, and a ravishing bride. Stormstride thanked her mane dresser and let her go for the day. She was going to have the rest of the day off, to relax after several hours of hard work. Storm moved to her balcony. Looking out over the courtyard. She saw her brother below. He was already dressed in a new tux and wearing his mask. She had had it polished for him and repainted the way he liked. It made him comfortable and she thought it made him look like a mysterious stallion like that. He had also put on a bit of weight. Not fat, but enough that he no longer looked as though he was hungry all the time. She saw the guests beginning to arrive and smiled, moving down to the main hall to greet them and offer wine until the ceremony started. As she came to the entry way, she looked up. The chandelier was still off to the left a touch. Her horn glowed faintly as she used her magic to move it into the proper place. She would have to have a construction pony in here soon to fix that. She did not want that rather expensive piece to crash to the ground. She saw CaramelCream looking in one of the large mirrors. Smoothing out her dress and making certain her orcid mane piece was in the proper place. Coming over she gently nuzzled the foal on the ear. "Hello my sweet foal. how are you feeling?" Caramel smiled at Storm, whom mouthed her words again. CaramelCream, being deaf, had to rad lips, and had grown very skilled at it. Once she understood what Stormy said, she smiled and spoke. "Im happy Momma. You and daddy are getting married today!" Storm smiled happily to the foal. "Indeed little one. Now you go prepare your flower basket. The guests are arriving and soon you will help them to find their seats." Caramel smiled and trotted off happily. Stormstride walked to the doors of her castle, magically opening them and smiling brightly as she greeted her first guests. "Welcome to Castle Cloud!" she said cheerfully.
  7. From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Belated happy birthday to SteelEagle! As a birthday gift to him, I asked if he had something he wanted me to draw. One of his suggestions was "pathfinder adventurin'" - thus, a speed paint of Pathfinder traveling to remote corners of the world to find the mysterious and ancient *vague hand wave* of the lost *vague hand wave* civilization. About and hour and a half for this speed paint. I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, especially considering that I haven't done a speed paint in a long while, and landscapes have never been one of my strong points. Still, it turned out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. Pathfinder's not really doing anything adventurous in and of herself, but the fact that's she out in this remote, wet marshland is totes adventurous enough, right? The correct answer is yes. Yes it is. Pathfinder (c) SteelEagle
  8. Name: Fly Fish Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Dark orchid Character Color: Light//Khaki yellow Mane/Tail/Other: She has a Catalina blue mane with some of her bangs swiped out into the front over her forehead. Her mane is spiked up in the back. Her tail is short and docked with a similar consistency and style to her mane. Residence: Rainbow Falls Occupation: Ichthyologist Physique: Fly Fish is an average sized pegasus pony. She wears a costume that resembles a tropical two-wing flying fish. This costume consists of a blue top, and a silver bottom, a yellow stripe traveling down the side of the fish. The fins of this costume are a dark blue as well, the pectoral wings covering Fly Fish's wings, much like a pillowcase does to a pillow. Fly Fish's head pokes out of the costume's "mouth", the head resembling a the head of a fish, having two, large yellow eyes positioned on the top of the hood. Likes: Sewing, baking, traveling, meeting new ponies, studying, taking classes, teaching, researching, fish, swimming, bodies of water, cucumbers, marine life, rare species Dislikes: Fish puns, the dark, illness, storms, unpunctuality, shallow ponies, getting her mane ruffled, being without her suit in public Cutie Mark: A flying fish, representing her love and knowledge for marine life, showcasing her favorite species.(Story of achievement in 'History') Unique Traits: Able to discern fish species very well, remembering minute details Perfectionist Fairly good at sewing and baking Awful at flying, with or without suit. Prefers to walk, despite being clumsy. Incredible at fishing History: High Tide was a well-recognized figure of the marine science community. He had been involved in the engineering segments of the labs that he was involved with. After years of research, he had constructed a system for boats that would lessen the use of precious fuels by combining it with magic. As a pegasus, the research that had gone into unicorn magic had gained him a lot of recognition and during a speech that he had made to speak of his discoveries, he met Sea Foam. Sea Foam was another pegasus that had a deep love for the ocean. She raised her hoof dozens of times during his speech, questioning him of his goals, desires, and how he got to where he was in the community. High Tide grew interested, and afterwards sought to speak with the mare. The two clicked, and soon enough started to see one another. One thing after another, and a few moons later, the two were married and planning the arrival of their first foal. Only months into Sea Foam's pregnancy, High Tide had been offered to set off on a business trip to the coastal city of Manehatten to deliver his ideas and blueprints to a large company. Sea Foam urged him to take the opportunity. So he did. Sea Foam gave birth to her first foal, a filly with a golden coat, a royal blue mane, and beautiful violet eyes. She looked just like her father, Sea Foam reminiscing on the stories that High Tide would tell her about his travels oversea and watching the flying fish glide out of the waves right next to his boat. That’s when she named her. Her name was Fly Fish. Fly Fish spent the majority of her fillyhood with her mother as a primary source of support. High Tide had been taking his ideas all across Equestria. Fly would only see her father on occasion. She was a star student in her school, making good grades and had been quite popular in her class because of it. Her parents couldn’t have been more proud. When Fly Fish was old enough, her father had decided to take her along on one of his oversea trips to give her a chance to see more of Equestria and to learn more of her passions for the ocean and the life within it. The moment Fly got a glimpse of the flying fish that her father had always told her and her mother about, she was captured in their beauty, leaping off of the vessel, flying alongside the gliding fish. Her flank glowed and sparkled, and in that moment, she realized that her destiny was to learn more of these creatures and more about the ocean itself. A mark appeared on her flank. A cutie mark. Not long after the trip, Fly Fish and High Tide had returned home to receive awful news from Sea Foam. She was deathly ill and it had come rather spontaneously, becoming sick within only the matter of weeks that the two were away. She promised her daughter and her husband that she would be fine, and soon started treatments. Despite this, her condition did not improve. The Nightmare Night of that year, Sea Foam had hoof-sewn a costume for Fly that resembled a flying fish. Fly was overjoyed, her father and her going out on the night, only to return to the hospital that Sea Foam was being treated at to see that she had passed away. The two were devastated. The filly Fly Fish refused to take off her costume, as it was the last thing that her mother had given her. She continued to clean and repair the costume of any tears and damage for months. Due to her mourning, she began to lose friends at school. High Tide stuck by her side for support for some time. After some time, Fly had come to a conclusion with her mourning, yet continued to wear the fish costume. She had taken time to repair and make replicas of the original as she grew out of her old suits. She made her new suits with more durable material, making them in her image. She felt more recognizable in society wearing her suit, and although she had stopped mourning her mother many moons before, she felt the costume gave her something to remember her mother by and to feel comfortable and unique in society. Fly returned to being a happy mare, returning back to pursuing her goals of working in the field to discover more about Equestria’s oceans and other bodies of water. High Tide continued to support her until she grew old enough to move into her own home, she taking employment in the Rainbow Falls Marine Science Institute where she works in ichthyology. Today, Fly Fish takes trips and expeditions from Rainbow Falls, working on making discoveries that not yet have been documented. She hopes to discover a new species of fish in the future and become more renowned in the marine science community as some of her higher-ups. She is currently low in the ranks in her lab, but she hopes to excel in the future. Character Personality: Fly Fish is a typically introverted mare, but has a fiery passion and personality. She fights for her opinions, and is a very strong-willed mare, relying purely on logic and organization in taking future steps in achieving her goals. She is a pony who typically works at her own set pace and to her own terms, not allowing the mockery of others to change her mind. She, being as introverted as she is, does have issues being in large groups, being the center of attention, or giving an introduction. However, once a friend to Fly, always a friend to Fly. She is filled with nothing but love and compassion for her friends and acts like the "mom" around those who are close to her. She has nothing but respect and recognition for her peers and shows that much more as others get to know her. Although she may seem off-put at first, it won't last too long. Fly is creative, decisive, and organized, having determination and willpower to follow through with her plans, letting almost nothing steer her away from her intended path. Her convincing and humble traits leave her to be a sweet mare, having deep desires to improve the lives of others around her, and to protect the things she is passionate about. However, with her idealistic manner, she always needs to have a cause or a motivation and with a lack of one, can panic or become anxious with confusion. Fly is a pony that works purely off of organization, and is quite a perfectionist. Fly's bursts of motivation can cause her to burn out quickly and become a bit reclusive when she seems bored or non-productive. She is a sensitive and thorough mare, wishing to typically take the safest intended path of travel. In a relationship (romantic/platonic), it is concluded that Fly is very enthusiastic in her relationships, and tends to be wise and somewhat spontaneous when she chooses to take the initiative. She enjoys genuine connections and despises ponies who are shallow or uncommitted. Character Summary: Fly Fish is an adult pegasus pony who is commonly recognized for her love of fish and demonstrating that through wearing a flying-fish costume. She is an ichthyologist, living in Rainbow Falls and studying at the Rainbow Falls Marine Science Institute. Although currently low in the ranks of employment in her lab, she is expected to excel quickly. She is a typically stubborn, passionate, but sweet mare who is rather introverted. She appreciates anypony willing to look past the fishy costume on the outside, recognizing the brilliant and loving pony within!
  9. From the album: My OCs

    A member of the wonderbolt academy! She is a huge sweetheart!
  10. From the album: My OCs

    Please, call her the Sandmare. : ) She uses a magic bag of sand to help ponies sleep.
  11. Name: Free Fall Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Black Coat: Black Mane/Tail: Smoke Gray Physique: Slender Residence: Mobile cloud hut. This small hut is light enough that Free Fall can pull it around like a cart, moving it from place to place. Occupation: Stunt flyer Cutie Mark: Clouds with a zig zag line between them. Free Fall was a free loader, always ready for a good time, and avoiding work actively. She enjoyed risking her life for a cheap thrill, which usually involved her ending up in the hospital afterward. it was during one of her early stunts while skipping school that she found herself on the higher clouds. flying a spiral around a particularly dangerous and angry looking storm cloud she caught a bolt of lightning as she got too close. it dazed her, but also sent her flying off in a new direction, where she had to dodge other smaller storm clouds. When she finally landed safely she was cheering and carrying on about how great the thrill was. Some of her friends caught up to her, and noticed her new cutie mark. exclaiming how she was such a great stunt pony. Unique Traits: Refuses to do any actual work. Actively moves her home from place to place to avoid working. Arrogant of her abilities. Reckless, and always ready to cheat death again. unconcerned with her own life, nor the lives of any pony around her. History: From what Free Fall can remember, she ran away from home. She can't remember where, but she ended up running with a group of street ponies. Their were a tight group, causing trouble and avoiding work and responsibility. But as time passed, and the group grew older, all but Free Fall gave up the "free life" to settle down and be happy. Free Fall herself, laughed them all off, and continued her work. She "borrowed" some clouds from various areas, and built herself a small hut she can tow around. A vagrant by all means, she has no income other than what other ponies share with her, or she pinches from an orchard when no pony is looking. She lacks all respect, both for others and herself. This includes authority, which she has fled from several times. More or less, she is considered a nuisance than a threat. Character Personality: Carefree, happy go lucky, energetic yet lazy. Selfish in her wants and desires. She cares little for the hard work of others, when she can pinch a bit off the top she figures they will never miss. Character Summary: Free Fall is a vagrant pony, always on the move. She has no true friends, no family, and no concern. She does not concern herself with rules or laws, merely shrugging them off as the notions of other ponies trying to control the world. Her lack of faith in all other pony kind leaves in a fairly lonely place, though she shows no signs of it making her upset or sad. She, in fact revels in being the "sole rebel against the system" though she has no clue what system she rebels against. Nor does she know how it even works. Her crimes are petty. Mostly pilfering small bits of fruit or backed goods from unattended carts and orchards. Her only serious offence is running and evading the guards that attempt to apprehend her. Careless to others thoughts of her, she lives the "free" life.
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    © Art and Character belong to RexDraco

  13. From the album: Jabber's Doodles

    This is my new OC that I'm gonna be tossing up once finals are over! His name is Peace Breeze and he is a hippie chillmaster, calls everyone brah or bruv, probably gonna own one of those shops that sells incense out the rear and all kinds of teas and weird remedial curiosities and books! He's very friend shaped, a really zen, down to earth fellow.
  14. Name: Hoshi “Nagareboshi” Shirogane Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: A minty green color that matches her mane. Coat: A slightly washed out caramel color. (color: http://tinyurl.com/jbbo56n) Mane & Tail: Her mane is a minty. Almost ethereal looking green with streaks of slightly darker shades of the color dotting it, kept in a slightly messy, wavy style. At the ends of her mane it seems to curl up slightly when it grows particularly long, thankfully she tends to cut it just above her neck. She is almost never seen without her characteristic, forest green cap, a school colt’s hat with a pin in the band: the pin being the grinning face of a fox. Usually her mane is pretty neatly swept back beneath her hat but every now and then some bangs form from the more unruly locks. When the visor of her cap is off one can see she has a solo lock of red in her mane in the form of one unruly bang that seems to droop between her eyes, when her hat is removed sometimes several locks of hair can cover one of her eyes entirely. (Hair color: http://tinyurl.com/z7qb9xx) Physique: One of the first things one might notice about Hoshi’s height. She stands slightly shorter than the average mare. Not small enough to be comparable to a filly, but perhaps a very young adult. Her build is very sleek, agile, and toned looking. The muscle she’s developed and trained regularly having a surprising amount of strength to them despite her comparatively small stature. Residence: A medium sized apartment in the watertrough district. Occupation: Golem Trainer at the Polohama Dome Cutie Mark: A shooting star with a shining whistle at the front and three glittery tails following behind. One day during a sleepover with a friend, they saw her and Kuzu doing their little routine and recommended they try for a mini golem fighting club. The club mostly consisted of enthusiasts of the massive battles held in the dome off the coast, which up until this point Hoshi had never really been at all interested in. She only had a limited understanding of the rules in that the overall goal was to either force the opponent out of the ring or leave them unable to continue. In her first bout against one of the challengers her age she lost quite thoroughly. Her opponent using a heavily armor but hard hitting model that knocked Kuzu out of the ring and walked away with barely a scratch, Kuzu however took a great deal of damage and needed some repairs done. Deeply sore and worried about her friend's well being, she was originally fine never going back. Kuzu on the other hoof seemed to keep wanting to drag her back there. It took a lot of effort on her golem's part but soon she relented and came back, but this time with a strategy. In the last battle she attempted to play it in the same manner as her opponent and simply push him off ring, This time she tried a new method. Kuzu Drew in close and then when the other golem tried to wrap it's arms around her ducked away and hopped backwards, only to shoot forward like a spring and deliver a strong kick that pushed him farthe back. Unlike the previous bout which ended when kuzu was caught in its grasp and then blown across the ring, The Fox golem bounced about in quick bursts, each quick kick she landed pushing her closer and closer to victory and soon achieving it with only some minor damage to Kuzu's hind leg. Despite the damage, Hoshi and Kuzu were elated. Amidst the excited cheers of classmates and unfamiliar faces a small flash of magic and her mark had appeared. Unique Traits: Trainer of Kuzunoha: Trainer of one the age’s most popular battle Golems, Kuzunoha. A lighter weight Golem in the shape of a red fox with some modifications made that allow her to switch between running on all fours and standing upright in a fighting stance. The material Kuzunoha is composed off are not as hard as some of the tougher armored golems in the league but her speed is unprecedented, aided by a powerful core crystal that can dramatically increase the golems attack speed in short doses that can be used to devastating effect against even the better armors golem’s of the league. When entering this mode the increased burning of magical energy gives Kuzunoha the appearance of extra tails depending on the multiplication of the striking speed, when in this state Kuzunoha’s color seems to shift from red to a golden yellow. It’s armor is noticeably harder around the “paws’ on either pair of limbs. Martial Artist: Since she was young, Hoshi had been interested in the martial arts. DEspite the family’s Dojo in Ryushima not being terribly popular, being taught her ancestor’s fighting style and blending it with her mother’s knowledge of other forms of martial arts, Hoshi created her own style and is constantly attempting to evolve it further. Even then she cannot really say she calls it a style so much as a philosophy… Regardless of the details, It has given Hoshi impressive awareness and keen reflexes. Golem Trainer Prodigy: Thanks to the nature of her talent, Hoshi is very good at connecting with and bonding with Golems. Kuzunoha and Kuzu are the ones she has the strongest bonds with, but she has a knack for being able to get on the good side of most of these magitech constructs: be they big or small. History: A small apartment in the district of Polohama known as “Tech Town” , That was where Hoshi's story started. At that time the Shirogane family Her mother was a martial artist, her father a Golem maker: he sold the smaller pet models in a shop on one of the less busy streets. When she was born, her parents noticed a star shooting across the nightsky. Taking the event as a sign, they named her Hoshi: Star. Hoshi as a child had a fervent interest in three things: Yokai, Martial arts, and Golems. This Trinity of interests are among the things that shaped her. Since she was young she would practically beg her mother to tell her stories of some of the oldest stories about the Yokai. Her favorite breed of those mysterious creatures were the kitsune. While her father had a soft spot for the mighty Okami, Hoshi thought the cunning and tricky fox was far more interesting in the stories. On one of her early birthdays, Hoshi was given a small, red, fox shaped golem. She named the little one Kuzu after the kudzu plant, a legume she had a strange fascination with: Seeing the plant as a symbol of unending growth and versatile uses. The filly and Kuzu were an inseparable pair growing up, the little golem being an inquisitive but loyal companion. Many of the hours in her fillyhood that she spent watching the martial arts tournaments held and goofily mimicking the movements of the fighters she rooted for, her companion moving in sync right beside her. Once her cutie mark came in she took to the idea she felt it presented with an impressive momentum. Her highschool years were somewhat turbulent as she pursued her recently set goal. Club participation was mostly in the martial arts and golem trainer's clubs... and also the Ouendan. In the former she learned the more scientific aspects of hand to hand combat in many different forms. In the latter she made a small circle of friends that would eventually become her crew. Many nights of her high school years were taken up by the debates between her and team as they tried to figure out what Golemic design they would enter once they were old enough to enter their first tournament and finished saving up enough to build a full scale battle golem. Many ideas were thrown around but due to the insistence of the two candidates who wanted to be the trainers of the group and in the end it was decided on by vote: What golem design they would go with and who would train it. The vote was overwhelmingly in Hoshi's favor... the design being, of course, a fox. Some of the components of Kuzu's design were incorporated into the new Golem design and soon the team decided that since in a sense Kuzu was where this new Fox golem came from: She should be called “Kuzunoha” or “Leaf of Kudzu”. The opposing candidate did not take to the result, ultimately decided to leave the group and start out on his own. Hoshi and her team's start began with a small entrance tournament. To say they breezed through it was far from the truth. Asking the team today they would say that they attribute the victory they earned there as a combination of the skill of their trainer, the hard work of team tending to Kuzunoha and an amount of luck that would make a maneki-neko do a double take. They made it though, and their efforts brought an incredible amount of prestige in the dome and a growing legion of fans. Now reaching an almost unprecedented soar in the ranks as the clever trainer and her nimble, durable, and hard hitting golem managed to beat out their opponents in spectacles that rarely fail to please the crowd whether they lose a battle or not. Hoshi herself was actually rather put off by the celebrity status she was getting. She never wanted to let it interfere with her work with Kuzunoha and was very selective of the appearances on shows or in public she made. To call her reclusive would be a stretch though, as she has had moments where it is clear she does enjoy making people cheer for her or anypony else: her gestures and mannerisms when caught by fans show she clearly enjoys making subtle but dramatic gestures when the tide in her battles usually turns. Her impressive rise to fame having earned her the nickname “Nagareboshi” among the crowds. Despite the fame that she, her team, and her golem has earned... she has stated she has no plans of retiring and aims to be the reigning champ of the highest Golem battle tournament there is, no matter how long it takes her. Even with all those potent ambitions she carries within her and the fame she has in her homeland, she hasn't given up on the idea of romantic aspirations. In fact recently she had received a letter from someone in the shogunate's staff... requesting she present herself up as a bride candidate. An offer she has actually accepted, She however hasn't told anyone besides those directly involved about and is trying not to let word get out to the media about it. As focused as she is on her career she had not paid much attention to the political scene so really at this point all she knows is that the Shogun is a Ryuma... at the very least meeting him will be interesting. Personality: In some ways, Hoshi is a product of her environment. She loves music, games, fashion, manga, anime, but especially (and most obviously) Golem training. One of the traits of hers that is usually the first to notice would be her unconventional fashion choices. Her most consistent strange choice for an accessory being an old fashioned schoolcolt's hat with a cartoonish grinning fox face pin attached to the front above the visor. The sight of her with her visor facing forward but off to the side being almost iconic to the point she can blend into a crowd by tilting it backwards at the opposite angle. The cap is actually her father's old cap having been refurbished and refitted (and slightly modified in terms of the pin) to her head: She wears it mostly because she attributes his influence as being what set her down her path in life. Around others a good way to describe hoshi is cool on the outside but burning with passion within. She tends to be polite and respectful in conversation with strangers and newcomers so long as they are in return, usually she saves any bluntness for her closest friends and teammates. IN the case someone is rude or just in her mind unpleasant she isn’t above the occasional verbal jab or snark at their expense. In the dome Hoshi is very similar, if more wary. Among past opponents they may also describe as an incredibly gracious sore loser in that most fights she and her golem loses, if she fights someone again she usually comes back with a strategy designed to make up for the past failings and highlight the flaws in her opponent’s approach. Despite this reputation she rarely has ever shown malice to any opponent, the only exception being one of her team’s early tournament matches when an opponent underestimated her and insulted the team and Kuzunoha a few times before the fight… and even then she doesn’t consider it her proudest moment despite the roaring of the crowd that day. When off the job, Hoshi tends to live her life fairly simply and tends to spend her downtime in the watertrough’s less wealthy areas, in the arcade’s of the tech district (usually on the dance machine), or just browsing stores and meeting with her teammates and friends. Due to her popularity she often wears clothing that lets her blend into crowds better than her Ouendan outfit and cap combination she’s usually seen in the Arena with. Seeing as her job with Kuzunoha can be kind of time consuming she tends to bond with her golems in less conventional ways, For Kuzunoha she focuses on martial arts lessons and drills she seems to enjoy to prepare her both for the fights and for the recreation. In regards to her fashion interests she can regularly be seen reading magazines on the latest trends and debating herself over what clothes she wants to wear versus the ones she actually can wear. While Hoshi is very good at training and connecting with golems in general, her knowledge on the magitech engineering and certain other finer details are not too well honed, if she could handle every aspect of the maintenance of Kuzunoha she wouldn’t need her team. She does have a good eye for telling where to have Kuzu aim during fights and analyze her opponent’s body language, she can sometimes overestimate certain aspects if left without consultation. Another fault that her teammate’s regularly have to remind her about is that sometimes she tends to overspend on certain things she likes… be they the outfits she buys, or the time spent in the various other stores in the tech district. Another issue that she tends to hear no shortage of complaints would be her stubborn insistence on continuing on with her plans regardless of her physical state, such as one dome battle where she showed up with a fever and a bad cold that had her pass out at the end of a very tough match. Summary: A determined but cool headed neighponese mare. Eager to prove her skill and make a mark for herself, her team, and her golem in the annals of the Polohama dome’s history. Respectful, dedicated, energetic internally, and occasionally snarky, Hoshi is a mare hoping to enjoy her life and live comfortably. While by no means -the- champion of the Golem fighting tournaments, Hoshi and her team are a rising star in the scene that have been focusing fully on realizing their dreams. With her as the official face she has already earned celebrity status in Neighpon but still tries to keep her personal life at least somewhat quiet.
  15. Name: Sandā "Raikō" Kumo Age: Mare Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Eye color: Her eyes are a sky blue in color. Coat: Her coat is a bright yellow. Mane/Tail: Both are mostly a darker gray, though they lighten into a regular gray at the tips. She lets them flow naturally, leaving some curls sticking out and the rest looking a bit shaggy almost. All in all, it almost gives the appearance of having just smoothed it down after an electric shock. Physique: Given her job, her intimidating stature comes at no surprise. She is taller than most ponies her age, with a muscular build gained from her fighting experience. Her left ear has a piece missing from it, and her body has various scars. Residence: Kyoma Occupation: Personal bodyguard to the Shogun (A.K.A. The Shïrudo) Cutie Mark: A dark gray storm cloud in the shape of a shield, with lightning arcing across it. She earned her mark while she was out exploring the country with some of her friends. They had found themselves in a forest when a beast arrived and scared them all into ending up on the edge of a cliff. She was a bit conflicted at first, unsure how to deal with this, but she eventually decided on a course of action and shot into action. She battled the beast, striking hard before flying out of its reach and then repeating the process until the beast was knocked out. After that, she landed again, and her friends pointed out her new cutie mark. Unique Traits: Sandā is an exceptional fighter, having honed her abilities over years of training and military service. Her primary weapon is a spear, though she usually carries a katana as well as a backup. When she took her position, she requested a special spear be made, and she eventually received it. In appearance, it is only an ornate spear, but it has the ability to fire off bolts of lightning by drawing in her natural weather magic and the static electricity around it. Given its means of charging, however, she uses this ability sparingly. It would only be useful once per battle anyways, assuming there were time to rest and prepare between battles. She wears a set of armor designed to intimidate her opponent with the visage of the thunder God raging. It is still functional armor as well, helping to protect her while still being light enough to not slow her down much at all. History: Growing up as the daughter of the Machi Bugyō has its ups and downs. One such upside was her family's lofty position in society, another her frequent visits to the palace. Speaking of those visits, it was during one of them that she met Ryuichi for the first time. She wouldn't really get to know him until after they had both earned their cutie marks, however. They played together, sure, but that was about it at first. The most glaring downside was that his position came with its dangers. They were a family of fighters though, and she had been learning to fight from practically the moment she was deemed old enough. Due to this constant drilling and practice over the years, it became one of the few areas where her indecisive nature never came into play. When they weren't training, her family was like every other one, loving and supportive of each other to the end. After she had earned her cutie mark, she knew what she wanted to do and she worked even harder at her training and her exercises. She also noticed that Ryuichi had his mark as well and was spending more time outside the palace. As a result, she found herself building a friendship with him and getting to know him better. Eventually, they both went into their military service, though unlike him she was sent to fight in battles, partly from her own request. She spent her service protecting her country and her friends with actions that earned her the nickname they gave her. She would strike at the enemy with such suddenness and ferocity they described it like watching her opponent be struck by lightning. This style also got her into plenty of trouble, earning her her various scars and taking the piece of her ear. In any case, she kept the nickname as she eventually returned home, happy with the pride her father held for her and her service. Her days were much quieter after that, going back to the way things had been before she left, and she got to meet up with Ryuichi once again. One day, she found her father packing for a trip to Dosanko on Machi Bugyō business. Little did she know that that would be the last time anyone would see him or the shogun alive. Sandā was devastated when she heard the news, going into grief with her mother. She wanted to find Ryuichi so they could help each other through this, but he had disappeared. By the time he reemerged and took his place as the new shogun, she had grieved to the point of almost getting past it. At least to the point of being able to go back to her life. She had gone to the palace again to collect what her father had left behind, imagine her surprise when not only had Ryuichi returned, but the remaining shogunate had named her the Shïrudo. Seeing him only worsened things on that front, but instead of blaming him and pushing him away she became his Shïrudo to protect him and so they could help each other as they went on with their lives. Personality: She is a fiercely protective individual, willing to put herself in any danger to spare her friends from the same danger. The decision to protect her friends is about the only decision that comes easily to her. She has troubles making other decisions, especially major ones though something as trivial as what to eat could become an internal debate. These internal debates can leave her agitated, like a storm cloud before it goes off. When she does make a decision though, she sticks to it and sees it out with the suddenness and single-mindedness of a lightning bolt. She is by no means shy, she simply has some trouble making decisions at times. Due to the seriousness of her job, she is always on high alert whenever someone besides her and the shogun are in the room, always searching for any trouble that may arise. She rarely speaks in these scenarios, usually only when she is addressed directly or indirectly. When she's not on the job or she's alone with the shogun, she tends to be more relaxed, easily laughing and teasing her friends. She likes to spend time with her friends, playing games or simply talking. Summary: An indecisive mare with a very important job, she gives her all to protect others without hesitation. She will make her way through this life the only way she knows how, as a wall between her friends and danger.
  16. A smug pony from Saddle Arabia. A scholar that likes to know everything to be a know it all. Scared of performing in front of others, typically displaying in a way to cover up perceived weaknesses.

    © Distant Lightning belongs to RexDraco

  17. From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    The second runner up in my Guess the Pet Owner game - or maybe tied for first runner-up? I think Firefoxx and Dubstep might have gotten the same number of guesses. In any case, here's Skyhaven with her pet snowy owl. They make a pretty attractive pair! Skyhaven (c) FireFoxx
  18. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Silent Dusk Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Golden Coat: Ebony Black Mane/Tail: Dark Indigo in color and styled in a sleek fashion and wearing a small red ribbon at the base of her tail Physique: Lean somewhat tough physique, she's a scrapper and knows her way in a skirmish Residence: Dusk lives in Ponyville but was born in Hollow Shades Occupation: Royal Guard Scout Cutie Mark: A dagger overlaying a mask, Dusk received her cutie mark on a particulary fun hide and seek game where she discovered that hiding herself and jumping others from the shadows was something she was quite good at, thus the rump flashed and there was her tattoo for life. Unique Traits: Being raised in Hollow Shades, Silent Dusk has many mannerisms of an Aerion seeing as she was raised among them and her own father was one. She's a natural talent with wing blades having exercised with them from a young age which helped her develop the skill to handle them smoothly over the years. yet one of her lesser quirks would be that she has a rather serious fear for Celestia. History: Silent Dusk was born in the secluded village of Hollow Shades to an Aerion stallion (Ebony Nightheart) and a Pegasus mother (Cyan Lily) and remained a single foal. Growing up in the village the filly had always admired the ponies that kept the village safe, and thus asked her mother permission to enroll in the local Scout Training Program and as such went there every single day after school, as she grew up she finished her education and scout training with very acceptable grades and joined the official village Scouts. During one of her scouting assignments the mare was waylaid by a group of less savory ponies and only got away without too much injury thanks to three ponies that jumped to her aid. One of these ponies was a pegasus raised in Saddle Arabia whom she has spent her time with ever since even though the two others had gone their own ways. She followed her by then special somepony to the small village of Ponyville on the stallion's quest for knowledge and as of this day the two of them have lived there in a home they purchased together. while she goes back to visit her parents atleast once every three months. Character Personality: Silent Dusk has a fierce personality but cares deeply for those she loves or trusts, she's not one to trust others easily and can at times come over as snarky or disgruntled without really meaning it. This mare hates being alone though and actively seeks out the attention of those in her inner circle whenever possible, that is when she wasn't indulging in sunbathing snoozing on a roof somewhere. Character Summary: All in all Dusk is a dependable strong pegasus with a natural agility to match, sure she draws hostile conclusions a little too quickly now and then but quickly settles down when she is shown that she is wrong. She will almost always listen to higher ranking authority figures and even if she fears Celestia she is loyal to her as much as she is to Luna.
  19. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    I was a little worried since light colors are a bit more difficult for me to work with, but I think I managed pretty well. I left more of the original sketch than usual so there's more definition in the white areas. As a result it's got a sketchier look but I think it's pretty cool that way. His tail looks way longer than it actually is because I attempted to give everything a more dynamic appearance to better illustrate the future savior of Equestria.
  20. From the album: OC Art

    Three characters of mine are participating in the Grand Galloping Gala, so of course they all needed outfits, the third of which was a conceptualization of Dawnguard's formal outfit. This would have actually been my favorite outfit if I had come up with it by myself. It is, in fact, a variation on Owain's outfit, a character from Fire Emblem: Awakening of whom Dawngaurd is based off of. I was planning on drawing him in a tux or more traditional formal outfit, but really felt that a modern outfit wouldn't fit Dawnguard's dramatic and theatrical personality. Which is when I turned to the character he's based off of, tried to fit the outfit to a pony's body, and played around with colors. The end result looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I've certainly received more compliments about Dawnguard than my other two characters, at least!
  21. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    And here is the first "painting" from the Peachy's Portraits thread! I have to admit, I was getting pretty worried during the early part of drawing this. However, I'm really happy with how it ultimately turned out so yay! The adorable Wind Walker belongs to tacobob. Edit: I cropped the background because I think it looks better this way.
  22. From the album: MLP Characters

    I was pretty bored today and wanted to draw something, and after re-watching "The Best Night Ever" from season 1, I decided to try drawing the butterfly gal. Fluttershy is my least favorite of the main six characters, but there's something about the curls in her done-up GGG mane that I really like. That, and her psychotic break in that episode still cracks me up. Fluttershy (c) Hasbro
  23. From the album: Commissions

    Dunder in all his gear! I'm really starting to dig painting accessories and armor and stuff. All the extra details are just neat! I used to be intimidated by it but now it's fun. (yay progress!) Me thinks I'll start designing stuff for my OCs to wear. Dunder belongs to Dunder
  24. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    When I draw banners, I always start with a regular sized image and then crop it accordingly. Anyway this is the regular sized image for the Winter Wrap Up banner; I enjoy showing the CMC growing up.

    © © Character @ Hasbro Art @ Brianblackberry

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