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  1. RP Type: Canterlot Chronicles (CC) Name: Flamewing Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Red Character colour: Black with orange muzzle Mane/Tail/Other: White (like derpy) Physique: A bit more skinny than average mare. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: N/A Cutie Mark: A wing with a flame color. She got this cutie mark when she was a filly. In her home town there was a little set of games for the children. It was just a bunch of races and obstacle courses. No pony expected her to come to take part in the games. She was a very shy pony back then. She hadn't plan to join the games but she gave it a shot. When she got there everyone stared at here as if she was some sort of alien. The games begun and she didn't win any of them. The last race of the games was about to start. She thought of quieting but she quickly changed her mind. The last race was the fastest pony wins. She was ready. The whistle blew and she had took off. At first she was behind, then she kept telling herself you can do this. Eventually, she picked up speed and starting passing all the other ponies. When the race finished she collapsed on the floor. Everyone was staring at her. She looked behind her to see if she crossed the finish line. She had won! After this her parents came over to her and pointed at her flank. She got her cutie mark. Unique Traits: Has a white bow in her hair. She normally wears it, not all the time. It was a bow her friend Starheart made for her. She also has 2 signature moves. One called the loop dive. She came up with this trick when flying downwards, sort of falling. Thats when she discovered her new move. Its when you make 2 loops in the air then dive downwards like in the name. It took her quite sometime to master this trick. For a long time, she would crash or go out of position. causing her to fall. When she finally mastered it she would still practice it like she didn't know how to do the trick, so she could practice and be more thorough. Her second signature move is called the Daredevil. Its a series of loops, dives and turns. When she first tries this she ran into clouds, buildings, and many more objects. The objective was to spell out her name in the sky. She could only to a O at the moment. Slowly, she got better and was able to spell FL. Then, FLAME, then FLAMEWING. Now, it has become one of her signature moves because of her name is in the sky when she does this trick. She can do many moves, not that complicated ones, but if you give her a trick to master, she won't stop until she does. History: Flamewing was born in Canterlot. Her mother and father were both wonderbolts. When she was a filly, she would watch her parents do amazing tricks in the air. She thought that she wanted to do this when she grew up. This was her dream and she lived up to it. She would always be racing her friends and she would always win but not all the time. When she was a filly, she was home-schooled most of the time. She didn't really have a lot of friends back then except for her friend Starheart which she still has to this very day. She wanted to be a wonderbolt but she was to young. She started getting interested in racing. She is not the best flyer but she still trains and works hard everyday to improve her flying skills as much as possible. When she was little, Flamewing thought you could be either smart or athletic. She wanted to be athletic. So, she focused all her time and effort to be athletic. Her grades started going down. Her parents got mad at her because they said grades are more important than being athletic is. You could get a job being a racer her parents said, but being a smart pony is very important also. This is when Flamewing realized that you could be both smart and very athletic. You don't have to choose between the two! When she started to mature she was always into the Wonderbolts. She wanted to become one so badly. She had posters all over her room of the Wonderbolts. Her biggest surprise was when she got to go see the Wonderbolts preform on her birthday (it was a coincidence.) Flamewing had a great time! Also, she was called flame when she was little because of her mane. When she was little her mane used to be red and orange. This is why they called the flame. Later on they added wing to it because of her talent for flying and her cutie mark. Her hair has changed from red and orange to white like derpy's. A little after that, when she was about a teen, she went into the everfree forest running after a ball. She hadn't noticed that she had gone in but she was all caught up with playing catch she went in. At first, she was super scared. She had never gone in the forest before. Even mares didn't go in the everfree forest! There were manticores. She went in just a little further until she heard a strange noise. It scared her so she ran back to her friend. Her friend (Icicle) asked her what happened. She said that the ball was in the everfree forest and she wasn't supposed to go inside it. Icicle said okay and they went back to get a cookie or something. Character Summary: Overall, Flamewing is just a super fun pony to be with. She loves hanging out with her friends. She is very hyper and fast. She is very kind and caring. She basicly never misses a party or anything that her friends host. She loves having fun but not as much as pinkie pie does. Her best friends are two ponies named Starheart and Icicle. She had moved from Cloudsdale to Canterlot about halfway through her life. Right now she lives in Canterlot with both her friends. Flamewing doesn't really have a house she shares with Starheart, Sometimes she goes to the hill to watch the stars at night. She finds the stars magnificent. Although Flamewing is more of a 'athletic' pony she is very intelligent and into fashion. For example, the bow in her hair was made by Starheart. She wears it all the time. Its sort of her lucky charm. On the other side, Icicle lives up in Cloudsdale studying. Icicle is the smart pony like twilight. Always knows the answer to every question. Of course she studies a lot but Starwing learned all he knowledge from school and Icicle! Flamewing has the tendency to steal sweets when people aren't looking. She just loves the taste of sweets. When she was little she would always go to a cake shop and her mom would get cake. It was her favorite. Now, she goes to sugarcube corner to get most of her cake and other sweets! Her personality is a mix of everything except bossy. She can be a little bit pushy sometimes but she doesn't like to be the leader. Unlike many athletic ponies, she was very kind and polite. She cared for every pony and animal. She is kind, caring, passionate, courageous, brave, funny and very polite. She loves nature like Fluttershy, but doesn't want to work with animals as her job/occupation. In her dreams, she dreams of being a wonderbolt. Flying high up in the air for lots of people to see. Although she is just a teeny bit stage frightened, she overall loves to preform for other people. Not for the joy of being a wonderbolt (partly that) but for the pleasure of other ponies watching her. In the end, Flamewing is a all around great friend and a great pony to have around. She always tries to fair to every pony no matter what. Some of her flaws is that she wants most things done her way. She doesn't push anyone about it but she just has a way of doing it. Sometimes she gets it her way, sometimes not. It depends on what she wanted her way. She also isn't patient at all. She hates waiting for ponies. If there is a long line to get something she wants, she just leaves. She finds it annoying when ponies take forever to do something or buy something. Thats why when she goes out to eat, she goes to the least popular place so she doesn't have to wait in line for anypony.
  2. Roleplay Type: free for all Name: pixel bit Sex:male Age: younger stallion Species:Pegasus Eye colour: green Coat: the hind legs are a dark gray that fades to white the closer it is to his head.he wears a hoodie and a tie. Mane/Tail: short, spiked, brown hair. The mane is just a longer longer version of his mane. He has a short, kept beard. He regularly wears a Beanie. He can't see well so he wears glasses. Physique: normal, a little bit taller than average ponies. Residence: canterlot university dorm Occupation: collage student Cutie Mark: A pair of headphones with a number eight between it. He got it from being a gamer and a music creator, mostly electronic. When he was a DJ at a party when he was younger, he didn't have a record to play there in time. So, he compromised and remixed an awesomely astounding track... LIVE!(and that's pretty hard to do...) History: being born in canterlot, he's always had it easy. He had fashion, money, friends... Any thing you can think of! While not one of the smartest in school, he has always been the brightest. This is what made him the most likable guy around! He's always on his hoofs ( toes... I don't know! ), ready to travel any where! He's also one of the most trustable guy around, too. He picked up a habit of playing video games at a young age, so putting down the controller won't happen any time soon. When he entered collage, things changed. His parents passed away . And if that wasn't bad enough, now he's the target of a group of bullies because of his past time. He's now a straight A and B student, which just adds fuel to the fire for the bullies. Now he's just trying to gain some more friends so he can gain dignity and self-confidence. Character Summary:pixel has always wanted the center of attention, this is what makes him both funny, and sometimes, obnoxious. He always seems to cheer someone up, even in their darkest days. Bullies are ruling his life he's a "nerd" in their eyes. Pixel has and will always love video games and music! And finally,the only thing pixel fears are bullies and dragons. Other: he has multi-personality disorder and has severe depression at points anxiety or pain. This is why he needs to take these red pills prescribed to him by doctors.
  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Mistral Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye color: Violet Coat: White Mane/Tail: Black, long and wild looking yet clean and combed often. Physique: Average build at first glance but has most of her strength in her wings and Is shorter than your average mare Residence: Born in Manehattan but travels alot Occupation: Professional con artist of con artists but makes due as a freelance weather pegasus Cutie mark: a purple rose on top of a masque One day on a day off from school Mistral and her friend were told about a pegasus who kept challenging other fillies and colts to beat him in a race. the loser having to give them their lunch bits for the entire week. The course was a long series of loops, the largest loop of the course seemed to go through a very large and thick cloud bank. As soon as he said go she was already rocketing past him but he was doing well at keeping up with her even though he was pretty far behind. As they reached the largest loop of the course with the heavy cloud bank they both were both unable to see each other. Just as she came out of the cloud bank she noticed her opponent was already rapidly approaching the finish line! Pushing herself as far as she could go she couldn't make it in time... she had lost. How could she have lost to this colt? she was the fastest flyer at school and she was beaten by somepony she never even met... but then she realized something. The colt looked like he hadn't even broken a sweat, he wasn't even panting! She knew she was being viewed as a sore loser but something about this seemed really off. One day instead heading home as soon as school let out she went to chat with the colt soon learning his name and a few other things. One day when Mistral had art class she "borrowed" a bit of paint from the classroom for a trick she had planned for the next race. The day of the race soon came and ever since Mistral took Lance on his offer to hang out sometime he had been much more lax around her and she made sure to give him a hug before he went off. Little did lance know she left a noticeable hoof-print of paint on the back of his vest. Lance and his opponent sped as fast as they could through the course and mistral waited on the sidelines waiting for the result, it seemed lance had won again. She asked her fellow pegasi there if they noticed anything different before pointing at "Lance's" vest , which was spotless. She told some of her schoolmates to make sure "Lance" stuck around and flew into the largest loop, leading back the true Lance! Lance had a twin brother. Mistral explained that Windy Lance's brother Gusty hid in the largest loop of the course's thick clouds and emerged a few seconds after his brother's entry. As she heard her classmates applause at her cunning and her exposing of the two frauds, she noticed one colt was staring at her flank. She was going to tease him about it... but then she was stuck staring as she realized she had her mark! History: Mistral was born in Manehattan to pair of humble weather pegasi named Autumn Cloud and Winter Breeze. It didn't take long before the little pegasus began to make use of her wings, often seen zooming around the apartment and bumping into things and hurting herself, strangely enough though she always seemed to be the most active on cold days and in winter. One day the peppy little pegasus rocketed past her mother's head, kicking up a strong wind in her wake that reminded her mother of a strong wind back where she was born and thus the couple settled on the name, Mistral. When the constant crashes were getting to be too overwhelming to the couple they wound up taking the foal to the doctor. After a lot of squirming and crying on Mistral's part, the doctor deduced that the foal had absolutely horrible eyesight, a case of nearsightedness to be honest and the speed at which she flew made her practically blind as already fuzzy images in her head turned to indistinct blobs. The parents were very worried about their daughter if she was unable to see less than two hooves in front of her so they resolved to by the foal who was approaching early fillyhood glasses. As a filly Mistral was a bit mischievous and had a bit of an attitude in her paired with a hint of overt cockiness. Often she would find herself and her friends fleeing from stallions, mares, and classmates who were victim to Mistral's little jokes. At school there were few parts of the day that she genuinely enjoyed, she did enjoy learning about things but usually the stuff in school just bored her to sleep. Gym class was by far her least favorite subject though, since even she had to admit she had the strength and hardiness of a twig and was noticeably shorter than the rest of her class. She had a tendency to get winded easily when galloping and almost anytime she was involved in tug of war and she wasn't allowed to fly she seemed to guarantee a loss for her team. There were two things that she found didn't make her feel like she could pass out from exhaustion, one was flying, the other was her tricks and tendency to outsmart her classmates, neither of which she could be considered a slouch at. In her years of older fillyhood bordering on marehood the pegasus found herself in a rather difficult position as her father and mother had taken new jobs at the rainbow factory in cloudsdale and that required them to move. It wasn't easy on the filly. All the friends she'd known all her life were in Manehattan and now she just had to up and leave them. After many heartfelt goodbyes and promises to write, her and her parents made their move to Cloudsdale, all the way trying to comfort the depressed filly with the thought of new friends. These promises of potential new friends and memories fell on deaf ears as she was stuck staring at the city of Manehattan as it shrunk past the horizon. Once the family arrived in Cloudsdale Mistral was left speechless by the fantastic city. It was positively incredible but still it demanded a lot of change to come from her. The first day of school was interesting as she gained a fair bit of attention due to her way of speaking, her attitude, her love for tricks, and when she felt like it she could show she was one of the best flyers in the school. It was during her time in her school in Cloudsdale that she gained her cutie mark and she took to it with a great deal of enthusiasm, she often went around learning card tricks and techniques to help her with her interpretation of what she was best at: Conning Con artists. As a mare Mistral came to the realization that while she was good at what she did, she wasn't going to get much use out of it in Cloudsdale and even then it wasn't the steadiest source of income. She still was an exceptional flyer and she didn't think she'd do too bad at the Wonderbolt Academy... but then again that seemed to require a bit more discipline than she had. She figured she could make her living as a freelance weather pegasus, it seemed like it ran in the family so she couldn't be half bad at it and while she was a decent weather pony she realized she was still bored easily by the work and had a habit of doing it at the last minute. Character Summary: Mistral is a rather cocksure and arrogant mare at first glance although another thing one would notice about her is she is quite the looker despite being shorter than your typical mare. Her eyelashes are long and she keeps herself very clean. When she's using her talent she is often seen wearing a very spiffy looking suit with a cravat, tie, and a matching bowler hat. When in her weather pegasus or casual guise she typically wears her bowler hat and glasses as well as a pair of goggles around her neck in case she needs to do any fast flying. While she may be a Con artist she has made it a point to never con a pony who doesn't deserve it or are friends of hers who remain never cross her. Her favorite part of her job would have to be the look on the con ponies faces when their plans fell apart. As a weather pegasus Mistral could be described as fast and passable, She can be counted on clearing out the skies in a flash, but she needs instructions for how her clients want the sky as without them she would likely leave the skies bare. Despite (or perhaps because of) her small size Mistral is a more than capable and very fast flyer, having decided to keep her wings in shape specifically in case she needs to bolt and she is one day outsmarted or caught cheating a target. Ever since discovering her talent she has been looking at new ways and ways to be able to con those she deems either too wealthy or if they need to be taken down a few pegs. While her talent may be trickery she is perfectly able to play far in competitions so long as others do the same. Once they step out of line though, in her mind everything is permitted. When not on the clock as a weather pony she can be found playing cards with anypony she can get to play with her and if she fails she'll resort to to solitaire. If she gets bored of playing cards she might be found looking for at clothes fancy dress and clothes magazines because despite her love of her style in the suit she does admit she likes the various gowns and outfits many fashion designers at her hometown of Manehattan would pump out... not that she'd ever admit that, if someone spoke to her while reading the magazine she might suddenly try and eat it so they don't find out. Socially Mistral could be described as a bit snarky and if in a bad mood sardonic. While she may be an excellent trickster she is constantly loyal to any friends or ponies she trusts. Being in the melting pot of ponies that is Manehattan Mistral is not picky about those she befriends, so long as they don't betray her trust and don't pick on or bully anypony she could befriend even a good hearted Diamond dog but as far seeing as she has never met one this is unlikely to happen. When on one of her Cons she is typically a bit of a showmare and a touch flirty depending on how her target acts. Her primary areas of difficulty would be her rather frail body and short fuse, She absolutely hates to be called short or be insulted by anypony who isn't her friend. Once she's mad she has a tendency speak fast and get very close and in the face of the pony who got her this way. Another issue she has is her ego that can be pandered to quite easily to the point she could easily be swindled herself if she gets enough compliments. If that does happen it usually won't take long for her to don a disguise of somesort of try and formulate a plan to get back at them. Currently this pegasus has no plan or long term goal besides scamming the scammers of Equestria Portrait:
  4. The Northern Pegasus is an offshoot of the Equestrian(Mainland) Pegasus, whose wings, over time, evolved to fly faster, due to co-evolution with the Northern Griffons. This evolution has caused the Northern Pegasus' wings to elongate and sharpen, and their forms to become more petite. With less mass, it is easier for the wings to pick up speed, even at low altitudes. Their maximum velocity can near that of the Sonic Rainboom, albeit this can only be reached in extremely high altitudes(nearing the upper atmosphere), where this kind of flight cannot be maintained for long, or else it is a risk for the pony's life. This extreme speed has created a culture built around being the fastest (Rainbow Dash's idea of heaven?), with constant tournaments, and challenges of speed and endurance. It seems that these pegasi were bred to race. Hey, everypony, and site admins(who I'm aiming this thread at). Pinstripe here, with an idea for a new species for use in Canterlot Chronicles, or WoE. The point of this thread is to see if people like the idea of a falcon-like pegasus, instead of the normal, what I assume to be "eagle-like" pegasus. If you have any ideas for improving this species, please feel free to post! I'm always up for constructive criticism.
  5. Roleplay Type: Word of Equestria Name: Sky Current Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Teal Coat: Baby Blue Mane/Tail: Blue Ivy and White stripes. His mane looks like a razor with a bang on both sides of his face. As for his tail, he has the end tied up with the rest looking spiky like his mane. it almost looks like a axe/hatchet in a way. Physique: Not the strongest mare, nor is he the weakest. He tends to exercise early morning to keep in shape and if anything, he's rather confident in his wing power. Residence: Cloudsdale. A rather simple two story house. Occupation: Sky works with the weather team making sure every day is just right, even if it calls for rain on occasions. Cutie Mark: Sky Current's cutie mark is three clouds and a swirl symbol in the middle that represents the wind current. The pegasus got his cutie mark during the same time he learned how to fly. It was both a horrifying, yet oddly exciting experience at the same time. The experience was something that this pony's going to remember for the rest of his life. From his perspective, he considers himself to be a very good flyer, not to mention fast too, but he wasn't born a natural flyer. Going back to his pony days of being in flight academy, he was probably one of the last in his class. There wasn't any sort of ranking, least not officially. It wasn't the flight instructor's fault that he wasn't getting it. His mind wanted to do it, but his body on the other hand was doing something different. His brother even tried teaching him, though his teaching methods was a little odd from time to time. They were odd, but learnable. He understood the concepts, but when time calls for action he failed to provide. During one stormy day, instead of coming home right away with his brother from Ponyville, Sky decided to go for a walk. It's been a few days now and this pony's been a little down. Flight camp was a disaster. Instead of making some friends he just made other ponies laugh at him. He already lost count of how many face plants and crashes he's had. He's surprised there wasn't any screws loose inside his head. Without paying attention to his surroundings, he soon made his way out of ponyville deep in thought on what to do. Flapping his wings desperately wasn't going to do him any good, and thinking about it, that's what he's been doing majority of the time. Least he can somewhat be in the air...even if it was only a few seconds. That's a start right? Before he knew it, the pegasus found himself lost within a cave. All he saw was trees and greenery earlier and when he came across this cave his curiosity bested him and he made went in. That and the fact the wind seems to have change, becoming rather strong for this little pony to be out by himself. At first he went in to wait for the wind to die down, but he couldn't resist seeing what lies deeper into the cave. Least he found something to keep his mind away from his flying failures. He wasn't sure how long he had been walking, nor how many turns he made, but one there was one clear fact. He was lost. At this point he should start panicking right? He did just that and started galloping around. Sky tried to backtrack his movements and rather than getting closer to the exit, if he even knew, he was probably getting himself more lost. All the twists and turns soon got the little pegasus disoriented. He shouldn't had even wander out of Ponyville. Where was his brother? He should had been keeping a close eye on him! Is this the end for him? What should he do now? What if some scary monster appears and decides to gobble him up?! Sky started running back and forth and then it hit him. Literally. He smacked himself into the rocky walls of the cave making him tumble back. His head was spinning and his vision was blurry. Something else did happen though. He started hearing voices through his head and he felt something he didn't really felt before. Something was flowing around him. It was faint, but he could feel it. As for the voices? It seems like every time he felt this flowing feeling he could hear something going on within his mind. Was it the wind? Is it speaking to him or maybe he was going crazy, but nevertheless he got the feeling it wanted him to follow and that he did. Eventually he could feel the wind flow even better. It was getting stronger that was for sure and when his head stopped ringing, he found himself back at the entrance of where he first began. However the wind was still going strong. He was sure if he stepped out it would take him away, but once again something told him he should go out regardless. Yeah, he went out and just like he predicted he was about to get lifted up. Sky tried his best to keep at least two hooves onto the ground, but it was futile. Soon he felt emptiness under his hooves and when he opened his eyes he was in the air. He panicked, again, and started flapping his wings desperately only to find himself spinning in circles. Smack. Great, another close contact to the face, and this time to a tree. Least he's got something to hold on to with his pray these winds would calm down, but did it? Nope. "Loosen up. Relax and let the wind guide you." Huh? Was someone there? He heard a voice in his head once again. At this point maybe a screw or two got lose, because he was hearing things. One thing was for certain, his head and majority of his face was hurting. Also this may not make any sense, but when the pegasus opened his eyes, it was as if he could see roads in the air. It was everywhere, each with it's different paths. So he was going crazy and seeing things now, great the perfect combination. Whatever, he'll go for it and let whatever happens happen. He let go of the tree and let the wind carry him. This was either a storm or it's just a very very windy day. His body started to move on it's own instinctively. Inside of just flapping his wings continuously like a mad pony, his wings just spread open and occasionally swift around. At this point Sky would feel the wind's touch around his body, mane, wings, and even the feathers on his wings. His head was still hurting from the two previous hard contacts it made, but he tried his best to focus. The current carried him up and down, fast and slow, sometimes cause him to spin around and scaring him, but he held and continue to let the wind guide him. Whether he was going nuts or not, whatever he felt and thought he saw, he was able to land safely. At this point he was wondering why his surroundings was so blurry. He found himself close to the entrance of Ponyville and he saw a couple of figures running up to him. One probably being his brother. Sky was passing out, most likely from the two face and head collisions, and before he did, the last thing he felt was a weird sensation on his flank. Once awoken he found himself back in Cloudsdale, back to his home. His parents were mad at him for wondering off on his own, yet they were rather happy, especially his brother. The pegasus couldn't imagine why on Equestria would they be happy. He got his cutie mark. His brother told him to look at his flank. Sky remember about that weird feeling he got before he passed out and as he turned his head to check, yep there on his flank was his very own mark! A couple days passed and Sky was back in the air, he was getting a lot better at flying. Though he had a rough experience, he also learned a great deal from it and from there he continued flying through the skies, being one of the ponies able to use and feel the wind fully. Let's get a fews things straight ok? One, he isn't crazy! Two, his head is still fully functional, and three, he can't manipulate the wind, so don't get the wrong idea. Those hits to the head might had caused him to act a little bit nuts, but he can't really see roads in the air, nor does he hear any voices. If anything the voices were his own, just in a different tone. Don't ask why, he doesn't have a clue either. A more valid description would be that he could predict the wind current and use the current to his advantage, majority just riding it to gain a little boost of speed every now and then, even avoiding problems is possible. Flying during a very windy day or during a storm almost seems like a easy feat to him. History: Born in Cloudsdale, this little pony could never find himself sitting still for too long. He was active, maybe a little too active. From what his mother and father told him, he never caused any troubles for them as a baby, that he never cried at night, that he was simply just very energetic. Sky Current is the youngest in the family, the oldest being his brother and he's probably still out there adventuring. Father was the strong silent type, but when he spoke, other ponies listened. He always did have strong voice. As for his mom, she always carries this serene aura around her that's guarantee to soothe those around her. She was always the calm and gentle member of the family. It's amazing how opposites can attract. Older Brother was, well very out going. Adventuring was his calling, so he spent most of his time away from the family, but it never felt like he left. He always send postcards of where he was and a lot of souvenirs from places he's been to. Like all other fillies, Sky went to school and life became a little more interesting. Least to say he had an average school life. He made friends, learn new things, and was most likely one of the first ones who learned how to fly. Unfortunately that extreme experience was one he would not ever forget, but oddly enough he was glad it happened. Just thinking about it gives him the shivers, but that story is for another time. He doesn't talk about how he came across his cutie mark, unless asked of course. Now he isn't the perfect pony mind you, he was quite the troublemaker in his younger colt years. No, not that kind of trouble, nothing bad or evil of any sorts, just minor incidents from time to time. If anypony were to blame, it would definitely be his brother's personality rubbing off on him. Growing up to be a colt wasn't anything special. He did like the fact he had a little bit more freedom to venture out and stay up when ever he felt like it. None of that, "I want to stay awake, but my body can't keep up." What's even better is how he has his own place to stay, majority of the thanks goes to his brother for helping him out. Oh how he love his brother! Because of him, convincing his parents became a lot easier. He wanted to be his own pony. It wasn't like he wanted to get away from his family, he just wanted to be free, and besides his own home wasn't even that far from his parent's house. Not to mention, now that most of the kids were out of the house, they could have more time to themselves, meaning they're rarely in Cloudsdale. Course they do come home during important holidays and family birthdays, you know special occasions. Most of everypony who got the chance to know him, knew he was a free-spirited pony, like the wind, and almost nothing can tie this colt down! There was a catch however, he had to provide most of everything by himself. Food, clothes, and new furniture every now and then. You know, the necessities. Character Summary: Since he is going to start living on his own he needed bits, and lot of it. Sky found it rather funny, how he was still getting some bits from his parents every now and then even though they said he would have to provide for himself, but hey he wasn't complaining! He thought long and hard on what to do for those bits and eventually ended up being on the weather team. His job was like any other pegasus ponies, making sure the weather was just right. Kicking clouds, moving them to the right position, making it rain, snow, etc. All those were some of the things he had to do on the job description. He treats his job highly and tries not to create any mistake and he's never the first one to leave early. If anything he rather wait for everyone else to leave before he takes off, though not before checking to make sure everything is looking fine and dandy. Sometimes because of his hardworking side, other ponies didn't quite like it. Was he showing off? Never! He will never see him above anypony. On his free time, a pony would think he's off relaxing, eating his favorite foods and drinks, but they're wrong. Even outside his main occupation he's almost always trying to find something productive to do, usually hoping to earn some extra bits. He loves to help around. Things like pulling wagons, moving stuff, delivery, helping somepony bake, and just about anything he sees is right or it's something he at least has some experience on. It's almost like a hobby to him and while that's great and all, sometime his friends are concerned. If there really isn't anything going on, like on a really really REALLY quite day with absolutely nothing to do, no one to help, he would spend most of the day in the air. He also found out flying puts his mind at ease and just soaring through the skies allows him to think more properly. Unfortunately ever since he started working, he's found no real time to have some actual fun and he doesn't even know this himself. He may have days where he's off from his main occupation, but he's never off off. However, he's trying to learn to slow himself down as he realize sometimes he can be too helpful. Like every other pony, this pegasus has his own personalities that sets him apart from the rest and makes him unique. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cheerful - "Haha, it's no big deal. I know things will get better!" This pony doesn't know the meaning of frown! Well he does know the meaning of frowning, but why frown when you can smile? Did you know it takes more muscles to frown? Sky's one of those ponies likes to start off their day with a smile, breakfast, and some juice. He leaves with a smile and ends the day with a smile. Rarely is he seen frowning or saddened. Don't think he doesn't know of those feelings. Sure there are times that calls for such emotions and expressions, but until that time comes, Sky shall remain cheerful and always be willing to try something to lighten up the mood. Being a pony with with this personality making friends doesn't seem that hard. With that said he doesn't really hang with any particular group of ponies. Though at time he finds himself with those enjoys to move around. Be it a simple walk or exploring evergreen forest, he's down with almost anything. This pony loves to be in groups, especially parties. He prefers to be somewhere fun and exciting, where he can see his pony friends smile and laugh. Overall he's a pony who enjoys company from anypony and somepony who is fun t be around with, one to share good and bad times with, be trusted, and treats all ponies with equal respect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Confident - "I'm sure that this will work. 100% sure!" If something isn't going right don't worry! He's sure he can fix it or find another solution! One of the things he always tries to have is to have confidence and believe in himself. Wonderbolt Academy Instructors not impress with his skills? No problem! He'll just have to try even harder! Yeah, he sees himself to be able to become one of the Wonderbolts in the future. During his off days he would spend countless hours in the skies, practicing new tricks, always looking forward to find a way to improve himself in the air. He would repeat the same routine over and over again until he's got it right, even if it's taking him a few days to fix some problems here and there. There's always something going on his mind that keeps him motivated and drives him onwards to his goal(s). Rather then sulking in a corner somewhere he prefers to spend time finding what went wrong, always believing there's a solution to every problem. He's not afraid to let others know his thoughts, even if it may end up to be really bad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hard Worker - "Whew! Just a few more hours and I'm done. Wonder if I should take a break? No I can't slack off now!" It's needless to say when it comes to work Sky is a very hard worker and even now he still doesn't realize this. He's just trying to save his bits for a rainy day. Never know when a emergency might come up. Sometimes he tends to overwork himself to the point where he gets sick and when somepony tries to tell him, he can be quite stubborn. He wasn't sure when he started getting the idea of saving bits, but ever since he moved out of his parent's house, he's been working his hooves. Suppose the whole fending for himself got into his head a little too much. Either that or he doesn't really like to rely on others. While his friends might be playing around and having fun, Sky's helping somepony, even if it requires manual labor. He treats his work like he does with his main job as a weather pony. He doesn't really see how one pony can have fun and do good work at the same time, so on occasionally he would get into little arguments with other ponies seeing how they're just goofing off while he and some others are working. He even goes as far as to do their work for them a couple times and after that, well it just either creates an awkward situation or he gets into another argument. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Free Spirited - "I think your ideas are very lovely, but I think I prefer to do things my way, walk my own path." Nothing can tie this pegasus down! No really, there's most like nothing that can slow him down once he gets going. Sky walks his own path and has his own way of thinking things, but it doesn't mean his path will always be straying far away from the others. There are times where he sees eye to eye with other ponies and of course there are also times when his views are completely different. Fortunately he isn't one who would judge anyone. If anything he would prefer to make friends with them, least try to anyways. Just don't try to force others' way of thinking and ways of doing things onto him, because chances are he won't follow them in the end. He'll least try to follow what others are trying to do, for a duration, but if he sees something is not going right he won't hesitate to try his own plans. Exploring somewhere with a group he tends to go off on his own eventually, he wants to see what he wants to see first, and if something doesn't really catch his interest he tries to avoid it, unless it's work, then he can't really complain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fearless - "I'm feeling really great today! I feel like I could walk into Tartarus and take Cerberus's chew toy!" This was most likely something that rubbed onto him by his big brother. Riding down very steep hills, skiing down dangerous mountain paths, getting pushed down a cliff, being submerged in his least favorite creepy crawlers, those were just some of the things he and his brother use to do. Yeah some of the actions seems pretty extreme, but hey it made Sky who he is today, someone who stares fear right in it's eyes. This may be good, but at times it has it's downfalls as he's not someone who would back off of any challenge so easily. Given the situation he can act without thinking, even if it means it would place him in some sort of danger. That being said he can be quite competitive and always suggests something dangerous. He may not want to prove himself to be the number one pony, but he just wants that exhilarating feeling. Once his switch is on, he can become quite jumpy and who urge others around him to follow what he's going to do. He would even fly around during a storm, not to mention he rarely have to worry about being lost something. After discovering his cutie mark he realized things have become very beneficial as he can tell when the wind is changing, like if something is in the way. He won't even have to worry about getting lost in a cave, long as he can feel the wind, he'll be able to escape. Though with that said, if he's act an area without any sort of wind, he could be in a bit of a trouble. It's save to say part of the reason why he's fearless was because of his cutie mark. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mischievous - "Wait till you see the expression on her face once she uses that hair blower. I put white power inside it! *snickers*" Who doesn't enjoy a good prank every now and then? This is just another one of the sides Sky Current has to show, once again thanks to his brother and how they would go around pranking ponies in Cloudsdale. Not to mention getting in trouble afterwards, though it was still fun regardless. Don't let this pony's actions and appearance fool you, but once somepony gets to know him better, he can start showing off more of his fun side. He use to play around a lot during as a colt and together with his brother, they were both troublemakers. He loves a good laugh every now and then, especially if he knows another pony who also loves to have fun. Together with his fearlessness he's willing to even play pranks on the baddies and laugh about it in the end.
  6. Roleplay Type:Free-For-All Name:ArrowWing Sex:Colt Age:15 Species:Pegesus Eye color:Red Coat:Blue Mane/Tail:Black/White Physique:Slight muscular build,tall Residence:Travels around Equestria,but has a house in Cloudsdale. Occupation:Traveler and marksmen Cutie Mark:Bow and arrow History:He was born in Cloudsdale and was only raised by his mother.A month before he was born,his dad was killed in a construction accident.He was the whole world to his mom.They were really close while he grew up.When ArrowWing turned 10,his mom was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.Throughout the years,she got worse.She was bed-ridden when he was 12.One night,just months before her death,she told her son all the things she wished to do.She told him about her wishing she could've met the princess and walk on the streets of Hoofington. Due to the fact she never left Cloudsdale,she never got to do those things.ArrowWing promised his mom he'll travel across the land and do what she wished she could do.She died when he was at the age of 14.Because of his promise,ArrowWing has traveled many miles and fulfilled a lot of what she wished,but he won't stop until everything is accomplished.He hopes to fulfill his mother's death wish. Character Summary:ArrowWing is a great marksmen,he can hit anything he aims at with anything you give him.His only motivation is to do what his mother wanted to do and travel everywhere.After he accomplishes that,he isn't sure what he'll do.He has grown fond of traveling and he doesn't mind listening to whatever music is playing.Besides traveling,he likes to practice his aiming and show others his talent.He is very closed,but he will be open if you show him you're not the bad guy.He hides his sorrow and tiredness behind his shades.He isn't good at letting go which is why he really wants to complete what his mother wished,to hold onto her memory.He also hates it when someone puts others down.ArrowWing fears dying before his mom's wish was fulfilled.He also fears being alone,even though he never states it. ​(I'm sorry,but I was not able to figure out how to paste it onto this.I will post it when I learn how)
  7. Name: Swift Blitz (Affectionately called Blitzy.) Role play type: WOE Age: Young Mare Eye color: Light Blue Mane/tail: Her mane is about medium length and is normally in some type of braid. It's colored lavender. Coat: Midnight purple Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Guard-in-training Cutie Mark: A brown Feather Swift Blitz remembers the day she got her cutie mark like most other ponies do. When Swift Blitz was a foal she could move very quickly. In fact she was considered one of the fastest in her class. However unlike most Pegasi, who were very quick with her wings, Swift was quite slow on them. However if you were to race her on the ground, she wouldn't have trouble beating you, in fact this story involves one of the toughest races she was in. One day during school, a couple of the Colts had challenged her to a race, her older brother, Time Spinner, normally spent his free time reading, and her twin brother, Gadget, was busying doing something with Time's toy train. So Swift Blitz was alone on the playground today and didn't have anypony keeping the colts away from her. She agreed to the race and soon they were to began. It was a short race, about 100 meters, from the slide to the light posts where the Basketball courts were. When one of the colt's little brother's said go, Swift took off, only to be met with the ground. She found that the shoes she was racing in had been tied together, and now those cheaters were getting away! Swift hurriedly got to her hooves and tried to run again, but fell once more as she still had the shoes on. She kicked them off and scrambled to her hooves. She made a mad dash to the finish line, feeling as though she were honor-bound to be the fastest on the playground. Her legs, while very short, carried her quickly through the finish line, and more importantly, past the two colts who had tied her shoes together! She angrily gave them a piece of her mind, only to ignore something very important happening right behind, er...on her. As she finished yelling at the colts she heard one of the fillies behind her mentioning a cutie mark, she turned around and found a brown feather atop her flank, representing her speed and agility. Unique Traits: Swift Blitz is fast and has a one-track-mind. Sometimes she'll talk without thinking. History: Swift Blitz was born in Canterlot and was raised by her mother, Blaze Bolero, and her father, Clock Sphera. She also had two brothers, Time Spinner, an intelligent Unicorn who took after their father's looks, and her twin brother Gadget, a fun-loving pegasus who had a knack for building and repairing objects with ease. Swift Blitz was quite a tough girl, she was athletic, healthy, and would often scrap her knees outside. Blitzy could always be found doing something outside, sometimes even in the rain. In School Swift Blitz was pretty average, academic-wise. She played a multitude of sports though and it was because of this that Swift got through most of school. During the last few years of school for her, Swift Blitz began to take notice of the guards in Canterlot and began to appreciate their work more and more. Their honorable work to make Canterlot, and possibly all of Equestria a better place made gave her a yearning feeling. She found herself wanting more and more to become just like them and, a little while after school was finished, it happened. When Swift Blitz had just finished school she had applied to several different collages where she could learn how to be a merchant, but she had also applied to the Canterot Guard Academy. They were the first to reply, ("It's cause their the closest." Time Spinner told her.) and had accepted her. Blitzy, who was over-excited by the news, had gone straight to the academy the next day to learn what she could about being a recruit. She was told about the hard work and dedication, as well as many of the other traits that guards needed to have. After about three months of this, Swift Blitz began her training everyday, from 9 am to 9 pm she trained and still does to this day. Military life was not hard on Swift Blitz. Granted she did have a rough time waking up early, and eating quickly, and getting yelled at for random things. ("GOOD JOB, PRIVATE BLITZ!" Yelled one Sergeant.) After the first few couple of days though, Swift easily adjusted to the swing of things, understanding the jobs she had to do, and the things she had to accomplish, soon she graduated from that lowly state, and became a guard-in-training. A guard-in-training is basically a guard, but is often set on certain posts and routes to learn hoofs-on. She lives in a cozy house not to far from "History in the making". Character Summery: Swift Blitz is very strong, using her strength to overcome any possible problem put ahead of her. She values honor above most other things will serve her family and fellow citizens of Canterlot with little to no complaints. She is very lawful Good, and always wants to do the right thing. Sometimes she'll even push others to do the right thing when they don't want to as well. Swift Blitz has always been a socialite, talking to other ponies with ease has been a skill she seems to have been born with, though she hates talking in front of crowds and giving speeches as these can cause her to panic. Swift Blitz can be very animated, showing a variety of emotions from Happiness to Sadness, to anger, to fear. She despises ponies who make fun of others, and when it comes to showing off, well, often times it's Swift doing it herself. If it isn't then she might just try to make herself better. Swift Blitz loves working with her brothers and can often be found with one of them or could be found at the training garrison. She is very good friends with several others and is always willing to make more friends. Swift suffers from Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking and sometimes when she's making a scene this can lead to some awkward moments for her. She enjoys Honorable decisions, athletic subjects, armor, stores, family, and friendship. "Let's get to it then!"
  8. Name: Sky Ribbon Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Cherry Red Character colour: Light Blue Mane/Tail/Other: Mid-length, in an androgynous style. Deep blue with curling red stripes mixed in. Physique: About average height, if slightly shorter. Built about average as well. Residence: Fillydelphia Occupation: Weather Patrol Cutie Mark: A white cloud enveloped in a coiling red ribbon. When she was a younger filly, Sky Ribbon's parents brought her and her brother with them to attend some event in Canterlot. Yet whatever that event was, it wasn't important enough to Sky for her to even remember the details. Rather, her mind was elsewhere that day. This was her first time outside of Cloudsdale, and honestly her first experience with the surface world. She was amazed by how varied and beautiful it was, her eyes grown tired and bored of the same old clouds in Cloudsdale. By the time the day was done, Sky couldn't bear to leave this new, beautiful world behind. Her parents, sympathetic to her pleas, agreed to extend their vacation one more day. Unable to afford a night in Canterlot, they flew out to a nearby village out in the countryside. It was a small, nearly nameless town, but since it had a bed-and-breakfast, it was just fine for what they were looking for. That night, Sky couldn't sleep. She had too many questions, too much wonder and curiosity about the world. So sometime early in the morning, after her parents had fallen asleep, she snuck out to do a little exploring. As it turned out, it was lucky she did. That night, a storm was brewing out of lost, stray clouds from around the country. They gathered over the little village and darkened, threatening at least a thunderstorm, if not potentially a twister. As Sky wandered around the fields behind the bed-and-breakfast, she heard the thunder from this system, and spotted the clouds against the moonlight. Her parents were asleep, and they had been the only pegasi Sky had seen since they left Canterlot. On a wild leap of faith and using what she had learned at flight camp, Sky flew up towards those clouds and tried to push them out of the way. A few separated here and there, and more tried to join the mass; Sky, desperate to 'save' this little village, wrangled each one she saw up into a solid 'herd'. The more she gathered, the easier it got, as she became more and more confident. Soon, the mass of dark clouds was well and away from the village. Better still, it had stopped swirling so violently, and now just had rain left to let loose. As Sky flew back, the clouds began to gradually disperse, spreading across the fields as their rain began. Back at the bed-and-breakfast, Sky found her parents and brother waiting, worried sick, along with the owner of the place. Soon behind her, the rain clouds drifted in their direction, drizzling all over the village. Sky was distraught; she thought she had failed. But the owner of the bed-and-breakfast was overjoyed. This rain marked the end of a two month drought for the village and its farmers. Meanwhile, Sky's parents were just happy to see her back in one piece. She was a hero, they told her. Of course, between the long day and the panic, Sky passed out before they could show her she had earned her cutie mark. They decided that could wait until morning. Unique Traits: As a result of her nature-obsessive phase, Sky taught herself to act more 'natural', or like a wild animal. She's shaken most of these habits, but some still stick around. In general, she has more animalistic habits than the average pony. A lot of these are still done by other ponies, such as snorting when annoyed, flicking her tail on a hot day or around flies, or rolling around in the grass to scratch an itch. Sky Ribbon just happens to fall back on these a lot more often than 'normal'. History: When Sky was young, she wasn't particularly social. In kindergarten, she barely talked to anypony else and didn't even try to make any friends. She was content to play by herself, using her imagination. Concerned, her parents, All Star and Cotton Wind, wanted to help Sky make some sort of new friends; thus, along with other contributing factors, they adopted Criss Cross, her new brother. While he wasn't particularly outgoing, he helped Sky see what was wrong with being so antisocial, and started playing a lot more with others. Through that, her new brother, in turn, saw that he'd be better off if he at least tried to talk to other ponies. As Sky grew up, she became a bit more social and active, but never particularly so. She made a few friends here and there, and otherwise went along with the crowds, but she wasn't that good of 'friends' with many of the ponies in school. She got bored easily, and had this nagging feeling that most of the things the other ponies were so concerned about didn't matter so much in the big picture. While this was all going on, she had something of a daily adventure to look forward to outside of school. Her father kept pushing her and Criss to try for sports teams both in school and out, though neither of them were ever that good. Criss managed to settle for little-league baseball until he was nearing adulthood, while Sky ended up giving basketball a shot. Between the two of them, they scored about 5 points for all of their respective teams combined over their whole 'careers'. Around when Criss quit his little-league, Sky confronted their father, asking to drop basketball to focus on flight practice. All Star would've been much more dissappointed, but Drizzle Drip, his youngest daughter and Sky Ribbon's baby sister, was already showing signs of a better potential athlete even at such a young age. After she got her cutie mark, Sky started having trouble focusing in school. She kept longing for the surface world, to go exploring out in the natural beauty. Who cared about math or history? Now that she really understood what was out there, she wanted to go on an adventure just like in old stories and books. Similarly, now she knew for sure that the other students were crazy, worrying about relationships and grades and all that. Once her grades dropped from B's to D's and F's in just one semester, Sky's parents put their hooves down. On one hand, Criss was paid to tutor his sister back into shape, though that wasn't exactly the problem and served mostly as a hang-out time for the two. But on the other, both of Sky's parents talked her out of such thoughts. They worked to make sure she knew that she should appreciate her youth while she has it. It was her father that really got to her, however; he basically told her that it was fine to dream, and to dream big, but she had to make sure she didn't forget what was happening right now either. From there, she got right back into things. She had to make new friends from scratch, but it wasn't so bad. With Criss to help her, she made it through that year and the rest of grade school without too much of a hitch. Another month or two of specialized flight training later, and she was ready to assume weather patrol duty. Her and Criss Cross left home within a few months of each other, first her and then her brother. They both visit their parents and little sister every now and then, but otherwise they're now on their own. Character Summary: =. What are some of her worst traits? Be general. -- She is highly impatient and a bit impulsive. She can be a bit lazy and slow to start on tasks, and is often caught daydreaming. As a result, she is a bit absent-minded, and not always the most coordinated. Long-term tasks tend to discourage her. =. What are some of her best traits? Be general. -- Once she gets started on something, she sees it through to its end so long as that end is in sight. While her brother is better at coming up with solutions in general, she has learned a bit from him. Mixed with a sense of creativity, she can think outside the box to solve problems more often than not. When focused, she can be considerably more coordinated, both physically and mentally. At times, she can be rather optimistic. =. What does she want to do/What is her dream? -- While somewhat vague, Sky wants to have an adventure. She doesn't know what kind or even where to begin, but she wants to get out and see the world somehow, both up close and from the skies. =. What sort of habits does she have? -- As a leftover from her 'all-natural' phase in high school, she has some more 'animalistic' habits, or at least some more than noticeable on most ponies (growling, scratching her ear or shaking dry like a dog, walking off paved roads, etc.). She also tends to fly with at least one outstretched forehoof in front of her. Rather than intending on looking like a superhero or something, this is out of habit from her job and all of the cloud-pushing it requires. =. What does she do when she's bored? -- When bored, Sky tends to flap her wings in place or daydream, or sometimes both. She'll imagine she's somewhere else, flying freely in the clouds. At least until she actually lifts off; the sense of leaving the ground usually snaps her out of it. =. What does she do as a hobby/hobbies? -- While not exactly the best at it, she loves to sing or whistle, especially along with music. Sometimes even dance. Other than that, she likes to go for a walk or a 'flight' out in nature every now and then. She likes to play indoor, quieter games more than sports, much to her father's disappointment. =. What are her fears? -- Sky isn't particularly afraid of much, though some things just get to her. In particular, she's extremely uncomfortable around bugs, doubly so if they're on her, and she is terrified by snakes. She does't have any particularly unusual fears. =. What irritates her? -- She absolutely can't stand just waiting for something or somepony. She'd rather do something, even if its just to take a walk in the hallway. She's also fairly annoyed by the stubborn or uncooperative, after how she was raised. She can't understand why someone would work against the common good, though sometimes she jumps to conclusions in this regard. =. What else besides the obvious interests her? -- She likes to read about magic or see it in action, both form unicorns and pure stage magic. She has a particular interest (with regards to actual, unicorn magic) in illusions and mind trickery. This has led to her growing fond of reading certain horror books, or at least starting them.
  9. Added art piece by GenesOfAwesome.
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Midnight Orchid Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Light Green (#20B2AA) Coat: Dark Purple (#9932CD) Mane/Tail: Midnight's dark blue mane is kept at about shoulder length, and tends to look windswept (#00009C) Physique: About average in size, but incredibly agile Residence: Midnight was raised in Cloudsdale, but has since moved to Canterlot Occupation: Weathermare Cutie Mark: A black storm cloud emitting crossed yellow lightning bolts Always being one to push herself and try new things, it came as no surprise that Midnight Orchid was one of the first fillies in her class to earn her cutie mark. She had gone out on her own to practice her stunts over the Everfree Forest, where her parents couldn't scold her for being too reckless. Everything was going so well that she didn't notice one of the natural storms of the forest closing in until it was too late, and she was already caught in it. Rather than flying as fast as she could back toward home, Midnight just saw it as another challenge, and turned to continue practicing amongst the flashing lightning and heavy rain. The winds made keeping on course nearly impossible, but she managed not to lose control, and instead punched a hole straight through the clouds and up into clearer skies. As she looked out over the storm clouds from above, filled with a sense of awe at what she'd just done, she caught a faint flash from over her shoulder, and was thrilled to see that she'd earned her cutie mark! History: Midnight Orchid was born as an only filly to a pegasus family in Cloudsdale. Her parents were careful not to spoil her with toys or treats, teaching her the value of hard work and earning rewards very early on in life. They always encouraged their "little orchid" to chase after her dreams, telling her she could do anything she wanted if she set her mind to it. The little filly loved to try new things, especially when she did well at them, but it took until her first Wonderbolts show to realize what it was that she wanted to do. Watching those pegasi move through the sky so quickly, so gracefully... that was what she wanted to do! She wanted to have the admiration of an audience, to perform stunning, and seemingly physics-defying feats of aerial acrobatics! From that day forward, Midnight set out to fulfill her dreams of giving aerial performances, and perhaps even one day joining up with a team. As she grew up, she would find out just how difficult that dream would be to achieve, but that only added to her determination. All the hard work began to pay off when she earned her cutie mark, and again when she graduated from flight school at the top of her class. She would go on to attend the Wonderbolts Academy, although she didn't do as well as she might have hoped, showing just how much she still lacked in terms of discipline. After attending the Academy, Midnight moved out on her own to Canterlot and took on a job as a weathermare, giving herself plenty of space to practice. After all, as long as she excelled at her job, who was going to complain that she was doing tricks in between removing and placing clouds? Having a natural talent for handling herself well in stormy situations, she usually gets involved with producing heavier storms, whenever the need for one arises. Character Summary: Midnight is never afraid of speaking in her mind, and can be very blunt in her speech, a combination which can easily lead to her getting into trouble. She is also quick to become impatient, and prefers to see immediate and decisive action being taken over lengthy discussions that, in her own mind, more often produce more problems than they solve. This is especially apparent when it comes to flying, a subject she is extremely critical of both herself and other pegasi in. There is no room in her heart for ponies who are "all talk" and can't back up their bragging, and will only boast for herself if she has complete confidence that she can do what she claims. Despite her sometimes brash attitude, Midnight is a hard worker who will always put forward her best effort into any task she's given. Any frustration she has just tends to fuel her into trying even harder, sometimes even to the exclusion of her own safety. One line she will almost never cross; however, is when the well-being of others becomes involved, Midnight does everything she can to ensure that others stay safe, even if that means putting herself in danger. Original Application, for reference:
  11. (this is a remake of an old application) Roleplay Type: WoE Name:Star Sprite Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye color: Dark blue Coat:he has a dark blue coat with a darker blue belly. you can also see his black hooves from his hair Mane/Tail: the front of his mane sticks strait out sort of like snips but it curls up a small amount to. the rest of his hair is pretty short and none of it passes his neck. the colors of his mane/tail is a baby blue with a strike of yellow going down the middle. his tail is straight down but the bottom of it twirls up. he wears big black round glasses. Physique: he is a tall skinny pegasus. his wings are long and a bit narrow but they carry him around. Residence: he lives in cloudsdale and he's happy about it. sure once in a while he travels to other places of equestria, but he knows he belongs there Occupation:he works in the university of cloudsdale as a teacher and a monk at the dojo at the back of the university of cloudsdale. he's a workaholic and he likes it to do what he does! Cutie Mark: Star's cutie mark is 4 wood gears in surrounding a book and a ying yang sign in the middle of one gear. this cutie mark stands for knowledge, wisdom, the harmony of his body and mind and intelligence. he has this cutie mark because ever since he was a kid he has been learning and sharing his knowledge also he kept calm all his life. he always wanted to know more about the planet he is living on.like how so many different species lived there in harmony. one day he visited one of his uncle that worked in the university of cloudsdale. his parents let him live with him for a month because they knew how much Star wanted to learn and teach. one day star was going through one of the back halls of the university and found a dojo. he went inside of it and found 3 monks welcoming him when he went in. starsprte knew that when he grew up he would go to this uni and teach here for 3 reasons. 1 it has all the knowledge he will ever need,2 it has somewhere where he can relax and train and 3 he got his cutie mark while he walked into the dojo. so he knew he was destined to go here when he's a stallion. History: Star was born in cloudsdale and lives there for almost all his life. he does take trips to other parts of equestria every once in a while. when star was growing up he always seemed knowledge that would blow his mind or others. he'd like to see people amazed about facts that he learned, and he got it a lot so he was happy when he was a child, and he still is! in his child hood he made friends easily and he never got into fights becuse he is so calm and collective. even though there really isn't any fights in equestria. his parents are nova Sprite (dad) and Dawn Moon (mom), star is usually busy studying, learning and meditating to talk to them. but when he does they support him and are really nice to him. the only other part of the family that he cares about is his uncle, moon sprite. he's the teacher at the uni of cloudsdale. he's a smart tall pegasus thats all about teaching and fun. his life know is mostly about the school and his trips every once in a while to go to the other schools across the equestrian and maybe the world in the future. he also is one of the main monks in the university. he got to his position by all the learning he's done and all the people who belived in him, his friends, his family and even his teachers!Star does actually wants do something higher in the teacher ranks in the future. he wants to become a teacher at the main university of canterlot! he knows that to get there is extremely hard but he will try to get there even if this is where he thinks he belongs! Character Summary:he is a smart man who wanted to share his knowledge since he was a kid. he is good at speaking his mind and making people listen. he is also a workaholic and never stops working. his motivation in life is sharing the gift of knowledge and seeing his students do something astounding in their life. his main goal is to go to the main school of equestrian and teach there, even thought its going to be a hard time to get in. his hobby on his limited free time is doing experiments, traveling and reading. he doesn't have that much free time though. he likes to share and learn knowledge, seeing change and helping out everyone he can. he dislikes people who make fun of schools and say there a waste of time, people that never show up for class and people who give up, because when theres a will there's a way. Star is a friendly man and tries to help out anyone he can. even though he's taller than most people he meet, he still is out to help. when people are around him they know they have someone to trust and who got there back. if someone gets in trouble with the principle and star knows it wasn't them he'll back them up. he's just an all around a nice, calm and serious person and half of it is because of the dojo. he makes friends by gaining there trust and helping them as much as he can. but like everyone he does have faults, one of them is he sometime can't speak english clearly and random words start coming out of his mouth. he is also shy when he goes to a place or thing thats new to him, like the first time he saw an alicorn he hid behind his mom and fell to the floor. he also sometimes under react and ignores a situation thats important, this is a low chance of hime doing it but he does it ever every 2 years or so. he also can't take some jokes, he just walks away and ignores that person for some of the day if the joke is crude humor or bully humor.he also sucks at speed with his wings but he is extremely fast with his hooves. he has one fear, and that is one of his students quitting school forever. he always wants to help students and if thats how they treats him, he gets frightened. other then that he's not scared, no spooky stories or movies can scare him!
  12. (Note: Because the app seems to be in lingo, I made some additions to the addendum, by adding more detail to Sharp's gear, as well as adding pictures. Should this in any way affect the current application (IMO Shouldn't, because although it adds on tiny bits of history, it doesn't effect the main core of the history, plus, it's a more, in-depth description of the gear so it's rp performance can be gauged), please allow me to now say that I am sorry, I did not know, and politely request it be read over again, even if it has to have it's queue position reset) "Pop goes the Timberwolf!" ~Sharp Bolt Lining up and firing Spear, his rifle, at a lone Timberwolf Name: Sharp Bolt Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Blue Character colour: Teal Mane/Tail/Other: Mono-white colour, both Mane and Tail kept in a short and highly ordered manner that suggests professionalism and discipline from military. A few scars here and there, but a visible one on his right cheek gained from a lucky hit by an enemy's knife. Physique: Lean and built for speed. No chance of direct stand-off against a Earth Pony unless he moves fast. His wings, however, have a slightly bigger surface area. Ponies who see him clearly see "definitely not up in your face", but "Agile, fast, sneaky pony" Residence: Cloudsdale is where he permanently has a home, but he never stays in a single place, it could be months, weeks, or even years before he sees his home again. He has taken up residence in Canterlot and Stalliongrad before, as per his military career Occupation: "Honourable" mercenary/Monster Hunter/Ex-Military Special Operations Sniper. Cutie Mark: A circular crosshair. He has an insane amount of focused precision, and his eagle eye, not to mention his reflexes. The Cutie Mark is a continuation of his family's lineage of soldiers and guards, a tradition which carried today, also reflects in the Cutie Mark of the family member. Unique Traits: Aside from his insane-like precision, he is also very well trained in military field and squad tactics, as well as wilderness survival and is deeply ingrained with military discipline and doctrine. He also has quite and extensive knowledge base on firearms, not enough to make them, but enough to do a fix-up job and to calibrate them for optimal performance. He also has a quick mind for practically applying physics, but can not do the equations, so to speak, an intutive understanding of how kinematics works. He also has skill with stringed ranged weapons, ie. Bow, Crossbow. He also has rudimentary training in siege/heavy weapons operation (ie. Cannons, Ballista, etc), and his Cutie Mark abilities also augment their operation (accuracy becomes very good, etc) History (be warned of big story, it's told in a "story-like" fashion): They say you can't escape who you are, that you are bound by one destiny. Sharp Bolt fought against that thought. From his birth, his Father was a well known Captain in the Guard, a family line of Pegasi who devoted themselves to the art of war since before Ponies knew of Equestria. A traditionalist he was, Sharp Bolt was encouraged to fight in battle, to focus on strength and intelligence, and to ignore the texts of school. As were his elder Brothers. But not his younger Sister, who Sharp's Mother raised on books and brain. His Mother had enough of the military 'tradition' trying to shift Sharp away from it. Both parents battled to bring Sharp to their side of the house, but it was ultimately up to him. For a while, he stood on the path between the two extremes of academics and militarism. He also had bigger than normal wings, which kept him in the good area of Flight School, though he was mocked qutite abit for being a blank flank when all others already knew their roles and Cutie Marks. His Father expected him to be a close-quarters fighter, as all Pegasi from his family line were, first into battle, last one out.. But that was not what the fates had planned for him, and it all began when he went down to Ponyville. Whilst he was out playing, a few ponies invited him to play archery. Enticed by a new sport, he readily agreed to join them. After watching a few shoot their arrows into a tree, he was offered a chance to shoot, and gladly accepted. As he steadied his aim, the others behind bet their bits to see if he would get a bulls-eye or not. So Sharp lined up his shot, pulled the arrow back, and let go. The others were jaw-wide when they saw where the arrow landed. Smack dead in the centre. They encouraged him to shoot again, convinced the first time was beginners luck. And when the same results occurred, again, and again, and again. He was quite convinced that this was no ordinary thing, and his friends had given up their betting all together, convinced that Sharp was one of those "special kids". Of course Sharp had to tell his parents of this. And so he did, his Father knew that destiny would take over, and thus Sharp was forced down the path of militarism. Each day, his training involved improving his accuracy, and making his shots faster. Unlike the earlier sessions, this was actually fun and bearable for Sharp. It relaxed him, gave him confidence. But that was not all that his abilities were applied to. Almost everything he did that needed precision was done with an unusual level of precision and accuracy. He was known for this back in Flight School too, an uncanny trait among the many who have skills of acrobatics and flight. So when a talent show came along, his Father knew exactly what to do. Though Sharp detested at his Father's forced attempts to show off the talents that Sharp had, he was nonetheless forced to follow along, otherwise not attend the talent show at all. With a very difficult act to perform, including both flight and archery, his Mother thought that things were going a little too far. So when came the night of the show, he was understandably nervous, shaking his hooves, as his sister might have said. But he needed calm to focus. And that he did. Executing the performance cleanly, he manage to shoot arrows into all three targets without issue, and landed safely from what others might've called a death-defying trick (of course not, the props were safe, and there were a few anti-arrow precautions). It was the night that Sharp's Cutie Mark appeared. And all according to predictions, his Cutie Mark had to do with what he was already good at. And so our intrepid pony though that he would be locked into one path. But Sharp was not even of age yet to run around the fields of battle. And as his relations with his brothers (who already went off to serve for Celestia and Country) became cold, the only other sibling he could turn to was his younger Sister. They both bonded very well, despite their differences. Both helped each other hoof in hoof, getting by in the years to come. The remaining childhood that Sharp had was mired by uneventful events and the usual teenager antics. And then came young adulthood. The moment of truth whether Sharp was to enter service for Equestria as a soldier, or as a academic. So then Sharp's Father tried one last gambit to win him over to tradition. The War Story. So the Father weaved a tale of honour, glory, duty. Exaggerating the finer points of each, and detailing the consequences. A pony like Sharp shouldn't waste his talent on books and papers, but with weapons and skill. Those who fought bravely and fell were remembered to all time, and those who survived the battles were honoured as heroes. "And so they came to say, that a hero wasn't born, Sharp Bolt, but they are made. And our family has had heroes since time immemorial. Are you willing to just stay with a bunch of books and papers? Equestria hasn't aged a day since Discord was overthrown and Luna was banished and returned. The threat of many creatures is near and high, as are ponies who will do anything, to get the things they want. The world is not a truly happy place beyond the Heartlands, but cold, savage and demanding." Sharp's Father ended his tale, and spurred forth by tales usually told as lies to entice the foolish, he signed his contract. Though Sharp's Mother and Sister tried to make him see reason at first, it was quite impossible, because his mind had been set and locked onto a single path. After a while, they gave up. When time came for enlistment, he jumped at the chance, and when it came time for him to ship out, he left the home without a goodbye, and without farewell. His first days were rough, keeping mostly to himself and doing what he should do. He spent his free time improving his aim, and training his physical condition, and when it was night, he spent his time reading, learning, understanding the things that he should. Due to his talent and his skill, he was quickly placed as a Markspony, alone among the sea of Unicorns, he had pressure. But he pulled through, top of the leaderboard. His assignments and ranking went on for years. Until one day, because of his skill, achievements, and rank (he had become a Sergeant at this point) and a commendation from his CO, he was moved from regular forced to a remote area in the Northern mountains, and re-tasked as a Sniper. There, he was assigned to a Special Operations unit, the 6th "Ghost Wolves". And given the crash course on his new area, as well as a new toy to play with: The Rifle. He feel in love with his new weapon, the explosive bang that sent enemies into fear when it was fired, the sudden effects of the discharge, the stats, his colleagues might say he was in love with it. He cherished it, used it well, and even read on it's operation to understand the best way to optimize it. His accuracy was something he took pride in, something that the others respected. And in time, a growing camaraderie between them was blooming. They were unstoppable. The criminals feared them, taking the longer routes to avoid them, and the Monsters fell fast to their steel. And since they were based in Stalliongrad, tales of their deeds were sung by the local folks, and they were treated to endless supplies of food and shelter. They were, in a way, heroes. Exactly like Sharp's Father described. This carried on for a few years, the majority of his Young Stallion years all gone by service in the North. But a twist of fate was about to occur. One that would change Sharp's path all together. During a routine patrol, the squad was ambushed by a unknown creature. The attack was swift, and little time was given to respond. Sharp was the first to get knocked out. And for the duration of the fight, he was unconscious while the fighting went on. By the time he gained conciousness, well... lets just say he had to trudge his way back to camp, alone, in low spirits (FYI, nothing grizzly, but he did loose all of his members. again, just for effect). Traumatized and brought into low spirits. The "Heroes of Stalliongrad" became singular. As did the "Ghost Wolves." Now the last survivor of his Squad, he was reassigned to Canterlot Guard duty. Where he went back just in time for the Canterlot Changeling Invasion. He fought his hardest, trying to forget his loss. But then, a darker side of him seeped in. His rage. As he fought, his strikes became inpony. He killed without mercy, disregarding his order to capture or disarm the Changelings. He had enough of this. Nopony should forget that he was a hero, a soldier. Yet they did, and his situation wasn't changed as he repelled the Changelings. When it was all over, Sharp was due for another commendation, and a few medals. But he turned them all down. Resigned, and cut all ties. He only kept his rifle, two revolvers that belonged to his friends (as a memento), and a trenchcoat that was issued to the Northern special operations units. And then he just disappeared off the grid. His Father was angered, his Mother and Sister worried, his Brothers too far away to even get the news. So for a time Sharp just simply wondered around the land, helping ponies with their monster problems where the guard could not. His techniques were regarded as brutal and direct, but he got his job done. And he had places to stay and food to drink. He stocked up on his gear in places and went on his way. And soon, he felt the thrill of exploration, being open and free was a strange feeling to Sharp. To have nopony expecting you to do anything, to be able to do anything without loss. But he couldn't do that. His experience in Canterlot told him he had to discipline and control himself. And he did. He spent time away from ponies, taking in the nature, and all around, giving into the wanderer's spirit. When he returned back to Canterlot, he chanced on an old accomplice. They both talked for a long time, reliving the past, though Sharp was reluctant to peel too far back, and kept his Special operations activities silent. Hen Sharp went on about what he did in the now and then, his friend suggested he become a mercenary, and a hunter of monsters. Sharp would've detested, but how else was he going to make the bits to keep living like this. And that was what he did. He set out from Canterlot once more. This time, a Mercenary, a Hunter, and a pony with a past to match. Character Summary: On first impressions, if the arsenal of weapons that Sharp carries is not intimidating, then his expression would be. A pony who had been beaten down all his life, only to bring himself back up, his eyes betray a hardened mind, and his face the sign of veteran status. Yet, he appears to be quite calm when approached and talked to, and quite sociable. Especially around the bar when the Cider flows. He is usually cautious, stemming from his paranoia and constant alertness, even around friends, family, and home. When those who seek to hire his services approach him, anything that sounds the slightest bit dirty only earns them a punch from his hoof, or when he doesn't need the trouble, a polite, yet forced decline with a clear message of "get out of my sight scum!". As a pony of honour and duty, he refuses to do the dirty and the dank, sticking to helping other ponies get along with their lives without much disruption from pirates, bandits, monsters, etc. He always shoots to kill Monsters and those who he deems an threat to the innocent. Sometimes he shoots to disable, as per request, but he never shoots the innocent until proven. But then again, he believes that nopony is innocent until proven, so instead, he doesn't shoot unless attacked first. He refrains from talking much about his past, preferring to divert the subject somewhere else. He tends to stay away from touchy subject, such as his trenchcoat's origin, and well as where his arms came from. Though that doesn't mean the answer can't be pried out. It's just very hard. His personality tends to drift between easy going, and stone cold depending on the situation. The only ponies he ever talks to openly are probably, his Sister (whom he trusts the most), and his friends (that still live). Everypony else he scrutinizes, his hubris sometimes taking over, but usually shooting them down. In groups, he is the realist, the pessimist, and the guy who always says the glass is half empty. In battle, he is dependable, if not the guy who usually goes solo. Although he works best alone, he works better in groups, as he becomes an asset. Regardless, he is very cooperative, and willing to go the extra mile when somepony is having his flank mauled by a manticore. He knows that in his line of work, conflicts between the team, even if personal, hamper group performance. He usually fills a scouting/markspony role, staying behind or infront of the rest. The detail he puts into his work is tremendous. He also tends to be quite the collector. He usually ties objects to something memorable in life, and a lesson to be learned from those events. The Rifle he uses is one such happy symbol. A sign of changing times and his superiority in the field of battle. His trenchcoat conveys a sadder tale, one that makes him never look at the military in the same way. He keeps more of these mementos with him if they're small, but the bigger ones he sends back to his permanent house. He thinks these memories will help him along his path as he struggles to find out what took out his squad. Speaking of which, that is his current goal. To find out what, or who, was so deadly, that they took out his entire squad in a manner of seconds. He has never forgotten that moment, sometimes having nightmares about it at times. Others have made him try to forget about it, that it wasn't his fault. But Sharp knew that he was playing scout, and that he should've found out in a manner of seconds. In a way, he failed. And it was his neglegennce and incompetence that fuels his guilt, and the reason why he constantly trains harder. So the same would never happen again. Although there is much to weave and tell about Sharp, that is as short as the History can be. So to summarize it: TLDR: Pony's path between going to school and going to military torn by tradition and revolution. Gets Cutie Mark after talent show and daredevil stunts, told lies and slander by Father, goes to army, good career track, transferred to specOps, revered as local heroes, continue career track, squad ambushed, traumatized, goes back to Canterlot, repels invasion, gets commended and medals, rejects all and resigns, goes wander, talks with friend, assumes a proper mercenary and hunter occupation. Addendum: - Sharp's Major Gear listing bellow - Pictures
  13. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Captain Veracity : Delta Company, 10th battalion “Orlov” Sex: Female Age: Middle age mare. (Analogous to mid forties human years) Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Stark light blue contrasting her dark muzzle colour. Eyes Coat: Dark Roan. Soot black on her muzzle and legs, changing to a light grey around her body core. Her wings also follow this colour pattern the leading edge is soot black with the tips of her pinion feathers being a very light grey. Coat Mane/Tail: Midnight black, usually kept in hunter braids aside from the forelock which she keeps in a style known as bumper bangs. When they are unbraided, her mane is of a medium length. Style: Mane Tail Forelock Physique: Well toned from military Physical Training. Veracity’s stature is that of the average Stalliongrad mare, slightly taller than the ordinary Imperial mare but not overly enormous. Her presence, however, commands attention, respect, and obedience. Residence: Currently deployed aboard the “Moral Constraints” as the commanding officer. She also has quarters befitting her station at the Stabil Krasnyi, along with a small second story apartment in the Kuznitza District. Occupation: Veracity is a career military mare having enlisted as soon as she was able to during her fillihood and rose through the ranks to her current station as Captain of Delta Company in the10th battalion “Orlov”. Cutie Mark: Veracity was brought up in a military family by military parent, which meant that obviously she would be attending the KOG Academy in Stalliongrad when she was of age. Unfortunately Veracity was a late bloomer when it came to her cutie mark and social interactions alike. She was still a blank flank when she was shipped off to the academy; by that age most other fillies and colts had discovered their true callings. This predicament lead to many incidents of the older ponies making fun of her, and her small group of fellow blank flanks. Veracity spent most of her time wrapped up in her studies and fencing practice while trying to ignore these goons. However, during her second year, there was one incident to which she took extreme exception. A large Earth Pony, who had received his cutie mark already, and his gang of ruffians had a small and diminutive filly first year cadet cornered while on break. They were making fun of her and encroaching closer, looking as though they were going to pick her up and throw her into the nearby dumpster. Veracity had quite enough of this and flew in from above and placed herself in between the group and the filly. She politely asked the group to disband, when they did not comply with her request she drew her practice foil and laid the group of ruffians low with precise jabs and painful whacks from the flat of the blade. Caught up in the scuffle, Veracity did not feel the tingle on her flank. In fact while she was checking to see if the young filly was okay the cadet had to inform her of the new addition. From that point forward, she knew that her place in the World was to protect the ponies that could not protect themselves. She would be the champion of the ponies of Stalliongrad, even if most of them never really knew of her actions or station. Her cutie mark is an Algiz rune (denoting the urge to protect others and be a shield) surrounded by a pair of stag antlers (which mean, to the residents of Stalliongrad, strength and honour). These symbols are all white against her dark coat. Cutie Mark Unique Traits: Glasses: Veracity wears rather dainty hoof made glasses, made in the Rasya district by a very renown artisan. She is slightly farsighted from years of scanning the horizon. This requires her to wear small reading glasses on the tip of her nose. She uses these to read maps, reports, and see details of battle strategies. Most of the time these are left on the tip of her nose, unless a battle is imminent, then she stows them in her uniform. Inspired by - These Uniform: Veracity is almost always seen in her military uniform. This is of standard VSS design, light grey with white details.The fabric is a medium thickness felt and meticulously tailored to fit her form. The collar is higher than normal REA collars and the tails are moderately longer than standard REA all to keep out the cold. She always keeps it clean, crisp, and perfectly ironed. Almost identical to - This uniform Cap Rapier: Veracity carries a beautifully hoofcrafted rapier on her person at all times. She is never without her trusty tool. Yet another artisanally crafted piece, the rapier was handed down in her family from generation to generation. It was originally crafted for her great-great-great-great-great-great Grandsire, being a VSS commander himself he had it commissioned from one of the best smiths in the Kuznitza district. She is more than proficient with it’s use, in fact she refuses to use any other weapon whilst engaged in combat. The rapier itself is exceedingly light and precisely balanced. It was crafted for aerial combat, being held in the mouth whilst flying. Similar to - Rapier hilt Airship “Moral Constraints” : Veracity is the current commanding officer of the VSS “Moral Constraints”. The "Moral Constraints" is an impressive large/medium size airship of Stalliongrad pedigree. She is fast, stealthy, maneuverable, and has above average endurance. The "Moral Constraints" was designed and retrofitted with a very special purpose in mind; she is a pirate hunter. Able to achieve high speeds both in the air and in the water, it would be a very lucky or an especially cunning pirate that outran her. She is a formidable sight but with Veracity at her helm she is a force to be reckoned with. For people who are concerned with a more lengthy and technical description of the "Moral Constraints" and her specifications take a peek behind the spoiler tags and you won't be disappointed. History: Veracity was born into a military family living in the Kuznitza District of Stalliongrad, both her mother and father were distinguished military commanders. Being an only foal her father was disappointed that she was not a colt. Instead of treating her like a dainty little filly, though, her father instead treated her as he would have a colt and brought her up in the military style. She was taught the meaning of respect and honour at a young age, along with tactics and swordplay. She was never concerned much with the fact that her cutie mark had not yet appeared by the time that she was shipped out to the KOG Academy. During her tenure at the KOG Academy not only did she gain a superior knowledge of tactics, swordplay, strategy, discipline, character, and most of all leadership, but she also gained her cutie mark and a new determination in life. Veracity excelled at the military life and way of thinking that was being taught in the academy. She managed to graduate with honours high honours. After her graduation speech, at which her mother and father were present, her father presented her with his family rapier, a very meaningful gesture to the still young Veracity. After the academy she immediately joined the VSS as a cadet in the Naval operations sector. She rose through the ranks and over the years she served a very distinguished career in the VSS 10th battalion, eventually being promoted to the rank of captain and being placed in command of both Delta company and the “Moral Constraints.” While she is a career military mare, who leads a very structured and disciplined life, she still enjoys the simple things. Along with her military quarters she maintains a simply furnished and very civilian second floor apartment in the Kuznitza District. This apartment is her get away from the grind of her military life and just slow down and relax, though she uses it very rarely. She also occasionally likes to go up onto the flying bridge and let the wind flow through her mane and tail, after untying them of course, though again this is very rare, and very few of her crew know that she ever undoes her mane, let alone lets the wind blow through it. She also enjoys a good glass of Stallianoya, this is a habit that slightly more of her crew know about however. She is not a friend to her crew, she is a commanding officer. This does not preclude her from having meaningful relationships with a select few of her crew, but it does mean that most of her crew do not know more than is customary for a crewmember to know about their captain. Her crew is comprised of loyal, disciplined, and driven individuals that were hoof picked for their assignment on the “Moral Constraints.” Due to her upbringing and her goal in life she finds ponies that are without discipline or that put others in harm’s way, by action or inaction, contemptible. This ire is mostly directed at the scourge of the skies, pirates. She finds their lack of discipline, honour, and just utter brashness repugnant. That along with the fact that they routinely put civilian ponies, and even entire towns at risk by their actions has caused her to take it upon herself to hunt down these rag tag scoundrels and show them what justice truly is. Character Summary: Veracity is more than your typical military mare. While she holds deeply the tenants of honour, discipline, and respect, she also holds deeply the enjoyment for the simple life that most residents of Stalliongrad strive for. She is an accomplished captain and swordsmare that commands respect with her mere presence and steely gaze. She does have her soft side however, which she indulges in now and again. She has an utter contempt for anyone who breaks the laws, or puts other ponies in danger and is dedicated to bringing them to justice. Though tough and cold at first, once one gets to know Veracity they may find a friend forever.
  14. RP Type: World of Equestria Name: Snow Dancer Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light Blue Coat: An Icy Blue Mane/ Tail: White with a stripe of Light Blue. Both her mane and tail are curvy, ending in curls. Physique: Snow has a particularly average body for a filly, not showing and signs of developing into marehood. She is not a particularly fast flyer like some of her peers but she can manage flying where she needs to be. Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: She's still a filly in school, but one day she hopes to work in Cloudsdale's Weather Factory creating snow. Cutie Mark: A stylized snowflake, like the kind that foals would cut paper into during the winter or what a snowflake looks like under a microscope. It represents her affinity for snow and winter and her desire to share it with others. Snow Dancer got he mark one moonlight night while playing outside with some classmates, thinking about what her talent would be, when she got caught in a bad snowstorm! Blindly she stumbled through the storm, desperately trying to find anything that could guide her. It was bad enough that she couldn't see where she was going, but she especially had to watch that she didn't fall off the cloud city. For a moment she panicked, thinking that she would become buried in the snow, never to see her parents or classmates again. Then she realized that the snow was something she played in all her life. With renewed courage she took flight and flew among the falling snow unafraid and actually enjoying the feeling of flying among the falling white flakes. Then she heard the scared voices of her fellow classmates and was able to find them in the blizzard and get them to safety. She calmed them, telling them that there was nothing to fear about the snow, until the blizzard lightened up and the group were able to play outside again. The ponies laughed and played among the freshly fallen snow late into the night.Their laughter filled her with joy as she bid them farewell and made her way home, but the biggest surprise awaited her when she finally came in that night to find an image of a snowflake on her flanks! History: Snow Dancer was born to two very loving parents in Cloudsdale. Her father worked in the Weather Factory preparing water filled clouds to be transported all across Equestria while her mother stayed at home to raise her. She looked up to her father and loved to hear about his day at the Weather Factory. The fact that there was a place that created rain filled clouds or rainbows fascinated her and what would eventually want her to work there when she was a older. Snow Dancer also looked up to her mother who the filly learned and played and laughed with during the day. She once asked her mother why she was named Snow Dancer to which her mother replied that the filly having the colours of winter, and that she was born in the winter time. The little Pegasus then heard the story about how during winter no two snowflakes were alike, each having their own size and shape, like how ponies were different. It was then that her mother told her to see what made her unique and to cherish the differences each pony had, just as a pony would cherish how each snowflake was different, and the fact that when ponies worked together they could do amazing things. Snow Dancer upon hearing that story from her mother, that she was named after snow and her colouring took to liking winter and all that it had to offer. She liked the other seasons too but winter has a special place in her heart. She would play for hours on end in the winter wonderland by sledding, ice skating, making snow ponies and just enjoying the white scenery around her. Even the night time was magical as she saw the world around illuminated by thousands of sparkles. Her life was not without challenges though. The fact that she wasn't a very strong flyer and that she was a late bloomer getting her cutie mark made her the target of some teasing by her fellow classmates. After some were rescued during the blizzard and the earning of her mark, the teasing ended and Snow Dancer even became quite a popular filly especially during the winter time! Some of her classmates even dubbed her as the Princess of Winter, a title that is not that far from the truth as every year she looks forward to the coming of her favorite season. Recently her father told about how there are ponies in the Weather Factory who create and transport snow throughout Equestria, ensuring a wonderful winter. Although she has a few more years, and she's not rushing to get older, Snow Dancer looks forward to working in that department as she could share her love of winter with others by helping to send it all around Equestria so that others may enjoy it. Character Summary: Snow Dancer is a fairly quiet pony. This is not to say that she's shy, just that she isn't loud or flashy. She is an introverted pony who enjoys time to herself as much as she does socializing. Her main weakness is crowded places, preferring open spaces and a few ponies to speak to. Some ponies see her as shy, although once they get to know her she is fairly outgoing. Even though she isn't the strongest of ponies physically or in flight, she does like to play outdoors and even participate in a few sports and games. She also likes to explore both her home town and the lands below learning all that she can about the world around her and the ponies that live within. Of course winter time is her favorite season and Snow Dancer eagerly heralds the time by helping to usher in the first snow of the season. She fills her winter days with sledding, ice skating, making snow ponies, snowball fights, and even just watching the snow fall around her. Naturally the Hearth's Warming season is her favorite holiday with carols, gifts, wreaths, and snow. Snow Dancer is a content pony who enjoys being who she is. She likes making friends, learning in school, and having a good time. She does aspire to when she is older to perhaps to work at the Weather Factory creating snow, but that is a dream that she will seek at another time.
  15. From the album: Felicity's Occasional Art spot for Art.

    Just a thought I've been pondering for a while, and with the goading of a friend I decided I'd give it a shot in paint. I really like how the armor looks on her, However she isn't tough enough to actually be a Guard of any kind. I'm sure I can find a reason for her to wear it eventually though
  16. Roleplay Type: Free for All Name: Cobalt Storm Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Ruby Red Coat: lightish blue Mane/Tail: Yellow with black highlights Physique: Obviously a stong flyer, slightly fit, and gets her excersize simply through her daily life. Residence: PonyVille Occupation: Makes music and helps with weather controle. Cutie Mark: Three eighth notes with the middle being yellow and slightly smaller than the two black ones on eather side. when she was a young filly, her family thought for sure she would get her cutie mark in somthing weather related, seeing that everyone else in the family did. She tried everything from cloud clearing to making snow flakes, but nothing seemed to get her a cutie mark. When her younger brother got his cutie mark befor she did, her family started to get very worried, and as the years passed most of her friends started to shun her. After the death of her perrents, she and her brother moved away from cloudsdale to her cousins house in ponyville. At her cousins house, she experenced something that she rarily got to experence. music! She fell in love with all sorts of artists and composers, and never stopped listening to it, and in a weird way it helped her cope with her perrents death. After a while she decided to try and play some of the songs she listened to the most, and found she had a tallent for it, but one day. One day she was simply holding a guitar and messing with various chords and notes, not realizing others where listening to her. Her hooves had a mind of there own as she sat there letting herself write with no restraint. a few chords became a verse, a few more the chorus, and after a while she wrote a song of her own. She decided to play it for her bother and cousins, and after she got done they simply stared at her in shock. She started getting nervious, and thought they hated it, then her brother pointed to her new cutie mark and smiled, "mum and dad would be proud." History: Cobalt was born in cloudsdale in the storm family, a faimly known for there skills in weather control. In her seach for her cutie mark, her family tough her just about everything there is to know about weather and how to contol it. Being from cloudsdale and graduating near the top of her flight class, she was an expert flyer. Her life in cloudsdale got harder as she got older, she was the last in her class to get a cutie mark, and was shuned by most of her friends because of it. Her perrents worried about her constantly and never got to see her earn her cutie mark. One day she came home and her brother was the only one left, he never told cobalt what happened to there perrents, he said they where dead, but all she knew is they where gone, and where never coming back. Cobalt and her brother moved to ponyville into there cousins house, and lived there the rest of there teenage life. While there, Cobalt discovered her tallent for music, and song writing. While in ponyville, Cobalt and her brother made a living selling music albums and helping with weather control. Cobalt eventually was able to make a solid living off her music carrer, but still helped out with weather whenever they needed her. Cobalt Had a rough childhood, but thought her determinating and pure will, was able to find happiness anywhere she went. Character Summary: Cobalt is a strong willed pony, who never gives up, and never letts go, and because of this sometimes getts in trouble from time to time. Her knowledge on weather out rivals most pegasus ponies, but its her musical tallent that she prides herself on. She keeps her head up high dispite her past, and never letts anyone walk over her. She is not the stongest pony, not the fastest pony, and not the fasted pony, but she will never give up on someting, but she will never let go eather. She tends to hold onto grudges way past due, and its extreamly hard for her to forgive anyone. Letting go is the hardest thing for her, as she still sometimes goes out looking for her perrents, hoping that some how, some way there still out there. Here is a picture of Cobalt Storm, with cutie mark.
  17. Name: Mystère RP Type: FFA Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Emerald Coat: Her coat is Turquoise Mane/Tail: Her mane is well groomed, even during Wonderbolts performances and it is what makes her stand-out from other Wonderbolts. Her tail is a bit messier and is more fitting with fellow Wonderbolts. Physique: [colour=#282828]An relatively athletic, slender build and slightly taller than most mares[/colour] [colour=#282828]Residence: A modest-sized apartment in Canterlot[/colour] [colour=#282828]Occupation: Wonderbolt, former University/Junior Athlete[/colour] Cutie Mark: A black falcon with a wing raised in front in a 'fist'; the black falcon represents her flight skill, whilst the fist represents headstrong perseverence History: Mystère was born in Canterlot to a family of high expectations, with her grandfather having been a weather manager and his father being a Professor at Canterlot University, one whose contributions in the field of Firestorm management is one which is still recognised to this day. Her father tried pressuring her into working hard on her studies, but Mystère's carefree lifestyle meant that she didn't really pay attention. Instead, she preferred to play with her friends and exploring the world around. Her father sent her to live with some of her cousins in Cloudsdale . There, she transferred flight schools. Compared to the Canterlot Flight School, it was a more tough experience for the filly; strict training regimes made up much of the day and there was a lot of flight and weather theory to remember. At the start she was essentially a pony with a bit an attitude, moaning about every single instruction given and she refused to do any real work, but eventually the discipline got to her head and from there, she flourished. From becoming an average grade student in Canterlot, that year she graduated top of her class. Her cousin Cloudflare described her as a 'real dedicated Pegasus, she'd be the one flying and cloud busting until she completely worn herself out, then she'd go into the school all tired and do it again'. She would return to Canterlot in the Summer, with her Father being surprised at her turn-around. After a day of playing with her friends, Mystère would set aside a bit of time at night to practice and revise what she had learnt. She gained admittance to a summer flight camp, where she would earn her cutie mark by distinguishing herself during one of the camp's many activities. Whilst she was walking through the hallways of the Instructor's Dorm to hand in a book report to one of her Instructors, she overheard a conversation between one of the Instructors and a scout for a Cloudsdale-based endurance racing team. She was thinking of trying-out for this team, but despite her Instructor writing a Letter of Recommendation, the scout displayed skepticism over her flying abilities. With a paper aeroplane in her hoof, she threw it at the scout, with the message simply being 'just watch me'. She entered the tryouts and to everyone's surprise, won. She collapsed at the end, the scout's shocked eyes being the last thing she saw. Taken to a local hospital in Cloudsdale, she woke up, seeing the scout again, who told her how impressed he was at the endurance race, setting a relatively fast time for her age group. She was offered a place in the team, which Mystère graciously accepted. She gained her cutie mark, a black falcon with a wing raised in front in a 'fist'. The black falcon represented her flight skill, which could easily be described as commendable. However, this is fairly generic; what makes it distinguished from other cutie marks is the fist in front of the falcon, which represented perseverance, her work-ethic and a can-do attitude to her training. Her place in the team meant she would spend more time in Cloudsdale, rather than her home city. Despite setting an impressive time, when she joined, she was facing stiff competition among her teammates. The filly just tried as hard as she could. However, she couldn't match the impressive time she set in the competition, but nevertheless did well enough, winning several medals. In her late teens, she started to attend the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp, famed for producing some of the greatest flyers in Equestria. It was more focused on aerobatic stunts rather than the traditional endurance races that Mystère was used to, but this served to benefit Mystère. She was able to stay in the air longer and produce more breathtaking stunts that would tire most other ponies and even hardy Griffins. Whilst they lacked the flare and pazaz of many other Pegasi, it was enough to be offered a Sports Scholarship at Canterlot University. Having spent most of her life living like a Pegasus in Cloudsdale, to now live somewhere where she would only come for the Summer holidays. Living in Canterlot for 3 years was to be a new experience for her. However, it was good offer as Mystère, in addition to her aerial abilities, also took in an interest in the history of the Pegasi and she took the opportunity to study History at one of the best universities in Equestria. She did impressively on the endurance flying squad and she Captained it from her Sophomore year (OOC: I'm British, does this mean the second year? Argh, why can't we have one form of English? ). On the aerobatics squad, the Junior Speedsters had taught her vital skills and techniques. She adapted them well and taught much of what she learnt to her fellow ponies, leading them to success in the university leagues. However, she was also nearly expelled for her aggressive behavior, where she pulled off a series of pranks which made the local newspaper. Her carefree nature came back to her, but she learnt to mix hard work with fun. Whilst her Filly years were those of hard work and effort, her University years were the best time of her life, spent with the young and bright socialites of Canterlot. When she graduated though, she fulfilled one of her ambitions and that was to enter the Best Young Flyer Competition back in Cloudsdale. She gave an exemplary performance and her old University coach recommended that she should seriously consider attending the Wonderbolt Academy. She filed an application through and after a long wait, received a reply stating that she had been accepted. She joined just after and spent several years of hardwork and dedication towards improving her flight abilities. It was the hardest experience of her life, for the Wonderbolts made her work on her weaknesses rather than her strengths. Her last training session was the one in which she finally made her break. As a lead pony, she displayed excellent synchronization and teamwork with her wingponies. The current Wonderbolts concluded that her training was complete and she was formally accepted as a member of the Wonderbolts. Character Summary: Mystère is a pony who maintains her discipline as a Wonderbolt at times where it's required. She's dedicated to her career, ensuring that she works as hard as she can most of the time. She is truly a workaholic and whilst this may make her unsociable at times whilst on duty, she enjoys what she does and she's trying to make the most of her time as a Wonderbolt before she gets too old. On duty, she hides her emotions rather well, keeping her stiff upper lip. She takes pride in the uniform that she wears and she doesn't want to do anything that would taint it, often throwing a hissy fit over spotting the slightest that she missed whilst ironing it, or staining it. She has a particularly frosty attitude and she's often hard on her fellow Wonderbolts, constantly getting frustrated with them. She isn't obnoxious or passively aggressive towards her team mates. She's simply a perfectionist and that's all there is to it. As a result of her perfectionist attitude, she is often very stressed out and moody, with a frequency to make sarcastic comments to highlight the negatives of another pony. On the inside, she has a lot of respect for her fellow Wonderbolts, but she doesn't like to share this warm feeling during training or demonstrations in order to keep her aurora of assertiveness. Unfortunately, her serious demeanor extends outside work. Others often see her as being stressed out and she has a short temper, easily agitated by the slightest things. From time to time, it actually seems like she's looking for a confrontation. She even takes out her stress on whatever unfortunate pony happens to be talking to her, either that or she practically just ignores them completely. She doesn't have the greatest sense of humour either, especially in regards to pranks and practical jokes, often throwing down a cold stare at the perpetrator whilst shouting their eyes off. Whilst she isn't overly competitive, she does get annoyed at her own personal failures and will berate herself to death for mistakes and failures in front of other ponies if she doesn't take out her rage on them. However, if you look over her more negative traits, Mystère can be quite empathetic and she is happy to help those who, in her, mind deserve it. She can be surprisingly helpful, often going to great lengths to help other ponies. To ponies who have done wrongs, she has a strong sense of justice and is often willing to give second or third chances, being one who doesn't judge on first appearances and she likes to see the better of ponies. Despite this, she believes first impressions for herself to be important and she tries to make a good one. In return, she expects a similar attitude from her friends, as her attitude can often agitate other ponies. She can be quite emotional herself, but this allows to understand other ponies emotions. She can be quite analytic, noticing things that other ponies don't notice. In regards to cuisine, she has a preference for fruit, especially if they're made into smoothies, and she often starts her day by brewing an orange and mango flavoured one. She likes to snack on oranges, grapes and bananas, plus do the occasional fruit salad in order to keep healthy, something vital to any Wonderbolt However, when she gets the chance, she loves to gouge down on tottenham cakes, eton mess and apple crumble for desert. Margherita pizzas is one of her other favourite foods and whilst she needs to ensure that regulates her diet, she can't help getting her hooves on it, especially if they're take-aways. Strangely enough, she doesn't like vegetable salads, unless they have absolutely no dressing what so ever and as long as everything it is green. She flinches over everything else inside salad. Overall, Mystère is a perfectionist, short tempered and moody, alienating other ponies by taking it out on them, but if you see pass this exterior, she's quite the generous pony that's willing to think the better of other ponies. She is understanding of other ponies and her willingness to help in one worthy of merit.
  18. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Mud Pie Gender: male Age: Younger colt Species: Pegasus Eye colour: leaf green Coat: light brown, always splashed with mud Mane/Tail: dark, earthy brown with grass green tips, very messy, mane hangs a bit in his eyes, usually as muddy as his coat if not muddier Physique: long legs, overall somewhat pudgy Residence: Trottingham Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: As of now, he's still a blank flank History: Mud Pie was born to hard-working, loving parents in Trottingham. Since he was first allowed to go outside, he had a love for getting dirty, and would often track mud into the house and refuse to get clean afterwards. His sister, Earthworm, had a similar love of dirt, but to a slightly smaller degree than Mud Pie. Mud Pie has never been terribly talkative, usually giving only gestures in response to questions and such unless he deemed it really important. He has a small friend group in school, but sometimes other ponies are a bit disgusted by the splatters of caked-on mud on his coat and mane; he appears to take little notice of this. Now, he is a playful colt who still loves to get dirty. He has now figured out a new skill, to the dismay of some others; he dumps mud into a cloud and creates his very own downpour of dirt by jumping up and down on the cloud. Luckily, his neighbors have learned to tolerate the occasional mudstorm coming down on their house and will simply laugh as the messy little colt frolics in the mess he's made. Character Summary: Mud Pie is a playful little colt with a certain degree of skill for most things that involve mud, like gardening, digging, etc. He doesn't currently have any particularly big goals; he's content with his home and a few big mud puddles, although, naturally, he's excited for the day he will get his cutie mark. He loves the outdoors, dirt, bugs, plants, and cake, but dislikes getting clean, ponies who talk WAY too much, sitting still for too long, and anywhere with a dignified, no-dirty-little-colts air to it. He is usually found doing something with mud, usually gardening or making his mudstorms. He doesn't talk much, but is much more social than most ponies take him to be. He is playful, energetic, and even a bit of a troublemaker sometimes. He isn't particularly comfortable with activities done sitting still, clean, and indoors, as he would rather be outside tending to a garden or splashing in the mud than being stuck inside. He thinks himself to be pretty fearless, but he will bolt under his bed at the first crack of thunder.
  19. From the album: Razzle's Ponirific Art

    I'm super proud of this, I really hope everyone likes her. This is my favorite pony artwork I've done so far. I love little Derpy hooves!

    © All Artwork © Azalea Noel

  20. "And I say it WILL work! <plunks and screeches>....Well...I guess it won't." Name: Garnet Vermilllion, named after her colour shame. Sex: Female Age: Filly, on the very edge of adulthood. Birthday: December 1 Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Her eyes are slightly mismatched. Left iris is amber while right is gold. Unnoticeable until examined carefully. Coat: Overall, her coat is scarlet colour. Near her hooves it turns into amaranth. She usually wears dark coloured clothes, her favorite being black 'biker' jacket. Mane and Tail: For most of her childhood she used to have her neck long mane kept down, she only feels herself when it's spiked up on both sides of her face. Her tail is kept long, spiky and roughly 'natural' in style. Both mane and tail are vermilion and are the reasons for second part of her name. Physique: Garnet posses curvy, voluptuous body that makes stallions droll. She is flexible, athletic and have quite long legs for a pegasus. Residence: Born in Canterlot. Currently lives with her aunt in Stalliongrad. Occupation: Begun studying engineering to became airship designer(or other job that will involve working with large vehicles - trains, ships whatever!) at the Stalliongrad Engineering University. Motivation: Becoming great engineer and innovator. To inherit her father company not as a noble with bunch of stocks but as the visionary. Cutie Mark: An airship propeller, with wrenches instead of blades. It shows her talent in airship engineering. History part 1: Born as the second daughter to the noble family, Garnet was much loved by all of her family for she was eagerly awaited even before her birth. From her early years Garnet was very cheerful if a little forceful and headstrong girl. While she was well versed in the customs, luxury and lifestyle of her social class she always liked to do 'unladylike' things like leg-wrestling, playing superheroes and other things more fitting the colts. With passing years these traits deepened with Garnet having zero interest into becoming the proper lady - preferring to have ponysonal freedom. In school she pursued physical activity, to the point of joining gymnastic club. She did very poor in such topic like literature and history while having excellent marks in mathematics and physics. Around time of Middle School Vermilion discovered her Special Talent... Cutie Mark Story: Around the time Garnet was in 7th Grade, she and her family had a trip in the airship factory at witch her father was part-investor. The trip was a present for her older brother, but he wasn't even as nearly excited as Garnet was. Vermilion was almost literally charmed by the large machinery and fascinated by the end product. From that day, Garnet used her not-so-small allowance to buy books about engineering, airships and other large vehicles. She begun to read about them even at the cost of sleep (until her parents noticed and she became more careful). However the real thrill came when young Garnet ordered the advanced engineer tool set. Within the next week, all complicated devices in all of her school friends houses was mysteriously repaired. After that dared to construct something herself. The result was unimpressive miniature self-propelled engine...which after first start, flied uncontrollably from Garnet hideout in the attic and managed to crash a dinner at the parter below. Her secret now exposed, young filly brought herself to her father. To Garnet surprise however, her dad brushed whole accident aside. More importantly, something appeared on young Garnet flank! Everyone was particularly overjoyed, even her dad who still considered his daughter talent as a mere 'hobby', despite that deep inside he knew better. History part 2: In the future he was to be proved wrong. For the time being, Garnet could experiment with various machines undisturbed. This especially worried her father who would rather prefer for young mare to be perfect model lady. He tried to subtly mold her into a role but his filly proved too wild for that. While he still allowed her to work with her gears and oils he started to openly say about them not being fitting for a mare her status. And then young Garnet found ally. Her aunt, - a sister of his father - was sympathetic to her desire of being 'self made mare' and persuaded her sibling parent too allow Garnet chase her dream. Pointing out the futility of his attempts and calling out to his fatherly love she manages to change his mind. Finally defeated, Garnet father realized that his daughter will never be a perfect lady as he planned. He allowed Vermilion enrollment into Stalliongrad Engineering University, just as she always wished for since gaining her Cutie Mark. Soon after that she moved into her aunt house, waiting for her first year to start. Personality: While Garnet is quite cheerful pony she has some problems. One is her honesty and pushy attitude, often coming to the point of rudeness. While her parent tried Vermillion to act more ladylike, they seemed to achieve opposite effect. Garnet also thinks nothing about etiquette and customs of her social class. Young pegasus deems majority of them are silly and she really is looking forward to break them (not that others know about her social class. Just for pure ponysonal satisfaction). Vermillion does not mind being in center of attention, milking it for all it's worth - but does not actively seek it. Actually one can say it's the opposite right now as she is trying to lay low, preferring to focus on her studies. Still she was very popular in high school so the feeling is not alien to her. Because of her passionate nature Garnet came to value personal freedom more then anything. She react badly when somepony tries to restrict her without logical reason - much to the trouble of her Ma and Pa. This extends not only to Garnet parents but at others as well. One should be very careful when using phrase 'must do' or other similar in her presence without excuse. The only pony allowed too speak to her like that is her Aunt (which Garnet feel she owns a dept) and to lesser extent - teachers. Garnet is at her happiest when playing with machinery and when tinkering with gears and oils almost nothing can break her good mood. The mare can get later clingy when meeting somepony with same interests. One can guess that it is her desire to be understood that made her behave as such. Just don't try to say that her new device will not work before she tries it. She has really good aim with that wrench of hers. While overall tomboyish don't confuse Vermillion behavior with being some ladette. While rebellious Garnet has a very healthy amount of respect for herself, she isn't a type that go clubbing all night long. She has a goal, you know! OOC: Design of her physical design (mane and body) was inspired by Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass. Similarities to other fictional or real characters are purely coincidental.
  21. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Crystal Dawn Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: A vibrant dandelion yellow at the top half of her eyes, but darkens into sunset orange at the bottom half. Coat: Her glossy coat is somewhat of a cream hue that turns into a dusty rose pink around her hooves. She often wears paint splattered aprons that's pockets are filled with small jars of paint. It's also not uncommon to see a paintbrush tucked behind her ear. Mane/Tail: Crystal's mane and tail are the exact same shade as her hooves. When left to hang, her mane is slightly frizzy but mostly straight, barely brushing the middle of her legs. However, she prefers to keep her mane in a messy bun most of the time, as it might interfere in her work otherwise. Loose strands dangle around her face, and are paint tipped in spite of her carefulness. Physique: Crystal is a small pony- something to do with genes, her mother told her once. She's slightly smaller than average but her wings are of the normal size. Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Cloud Painter. She paints the clouds of sunrise and sunset to give them colour. Cutie Mark: A half painted cloud with a small paintbrush sticking out of it. When Crystal was younger, she absolutely loved to paint. However, not many ponies agreed. Those that did only did it to spare her feelings. Even she herself knew she wasn't a good artist. Her work being nothing more than a subtly coloured background with nothing as the main focus. It was as if she just threw random paints on the canvas and called it art. Still, she enjoyed what she did and never let anypony discourage her. Her parents encouraged her interest and even went so far as to buy good quality brushes and paints for her to use. There was an art fair in school, where a renowned artist, Magenta, would be the judge. Crystal was set on competing for the top prize. However, it just so happened that she had ran out of fine canvas to paint on- and it was the only type that her colours blended perfectly on. Her father, away from Cloudsdale on business, heard the news and called in a favour from his friend who was a unicorn. With the help from her father, the unicorn did a complex spell that changed a simple cloud into the canvas- which was rushed back to Cloudsdale. Crystal was ecstatic! She set about working on her piece, and she knew it would be the greatest piece of art she had ever made. During the fair day, she proudly presented her work to Magenta to be judged. However, to her mortification, the spell wore off just then and the canvas changed back into a cloud. The colours, however, remained. The result would be a small cloud stained by many different complimentary hues so that it very much resembled the clouds in a sunset horizon. She didn't win first prize, but she did receive many compliments, for 'making an exemplary and beautiful piece through unorthodox methods.' It was the fact that her work had been appreciated, and only added to the beauty of something there- instead of creating beauty. From that day on, she never painted on canvas again, only clouds. Also, did I forget to mention that she got her cutie mark? History: Crystal grew up in Cloudsdale with her parents, Thunder Eye and Angel Rain. She was an only foal and received much love and adoration, though her parents did take pains to not spoil her rotten. She also seemed to have an inclination as a foal to wander off the edges of clouds, so she picked up flying pretty quickly. Always curious, she somehow managed to slip away from her parents whenever they took her out, if something caught her fancy. That was how she met her childhood friend, Kindle, a young Pegasus colt with an affinity for lightning storms. Together they got into much more mischief over the years, through primary school, secondary school, and university. Talking about school, she absolutely loved it, although sometimes she did accidentally get into trouble. Being a fast (but forgetful) learner, she managed to get some A's with a handful of B' s. She was also involved in the planning of many art related activities later on due to her love for the subject, and went on to study Art in university. In their last year of university Kindle, who was by now her stallionfriend, proposed to her. She immediately agreed, also knocking over several jars of paint in the process. Currently, she has a small job at the Cloudsdale Factory painting clouds and plans to marry Kindle sometime near Hearth's Warming Eve. Character Summary: Crystal is energetic. There is no better word to describe her. She undertakes any task, whether they be easy or challenging with her utmost effort and enthusiasm. An optimist, she prefers to look on the brighter side of life no matter how dire the situation may be. She's constantly moving and finds it hard to stay still for long, and that had posed as a problem in her schooling years. In fact, the only time she can stay in the same spot for more than a half hour is when she's painting. It is very rare to see Crystal sad, or even faintly perturbed for long. She's quick to forgive and forget, to live and let live. Easily trusting, she can seem quite näive at times though that isn't the case. She's fast to learn from her mistakes, which aren't very few, and to amend the problem as soon as possible. Crystal cannot stand to see any mistakes uncorrected, no matter how small, much to the chargin and exasperation of her friends. It's very easy to warm up to Crystal, but tolerating her energy and enthusiasm can be quite tiring. In fact, the only pony to ever come close in all her experiences would be Kindle. Sometimes she gets swept up in her own excitement and forgets about other ponies, seeming insensitive or uncaring, but will stop to wait if somepony points it out. Crystal can't bear to see anypony close to her upset, and will often do her best to cheer them up and help them out. She enjoys quick flies around Cloudsdale, whether it be raining or shining. Other pastimes include dancing (though she's not particularly good at it), shaping clouds and attempting to give Kindle a hooficure.
  22. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Short Circuit Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Dark blue. Coat: White with a very soft blue tint. She is never seen without a white strap that runs from her shoulder and under her belly and over her back that holds a rather large crescent wrench. Mane/Tail: Darker blue with teal streaks. Her mane and tail are both styled rather simply and brushed straight. Her tail is known for being rather thick though, and it is often how her co- workers identify where she is inside a machine, as it tends to be the last thing in, and tends to stick out of maintenance shafts as if somepony was playing “pin the tail on the pony”, if the pony were a giant weather machine. She also tends to store small objects inside of it, usually gears, copper wire, or other random repair related paraphernalia. Physique: Overall petite, she is subsequently below average across the board in quantifying measures such as “Speed” “Agility”, and “Strength” for a pegasus her age. A race pony she is not. She would be able to carry one normal sized pony in her hooves while flying, but it would be rather uncomfortable for both of them and it is questionable exactly how far she could go. Carrying more robust stallions such as Big Mac would get less miles per pony. Probably not even one mile. On the flip side, she is extremely limber, and has a knack for squeezing into tight spaces. If she can fit her head into a hole, given enough time she generally can wiggle her entire body through it, even if she has to contort her body in humorous ways. Especially if she has to contort her body in humorous ways. True to her name, she is slightly short. She will vehemently deny this in the face of all logic and reason, such as a ruler. Were Princess Celestia herself to stand before her and point out her shortitude, she would simply conclude the Princess is having a depth perception problem from being so high off the ground and nod along to humor her Sun Princess. She would also ignore the more common rulers you would find in a classroom, since they do not hold any monarchal sway or governance over her whatsoever. Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Her main job (that is to say, only job) is to keep Cloudsdales various weather machinery in working order. While she has an incredibly difficult time explaining to other ponies precisely how they work, and consequently what she does to fix them, she has a particular flair for immediately identifying any problem with the complicated machines and restoring them to operating condition. Usually by getting inside of them and making a few highly scientific strikes with her wrench at the offending broken piece. Her repairs are quick and efficient, and earn many nods of approval as she squirms in and out of the engines of the weather industry. Explaining what that problem was or how she fixed it is an entirely different scenario, usually devolving into her spraying a litany of technobabble like some kind of broken big-word-faucet. Her managers eventually decided just to take her word for it that whatever it was is was taken care of and they now stamp her end of the day TPS report without even reading it. She still fills it out though. Cutie Mark: A gray crescent wrench over a series of dark blue and white lightning strikes in a circular pattern under the wrench. She once accompanied her mother to the Rainbow Factory as part of take your filly to work day. This was a terrible lapse in judgment from Spring Skies. Already having quite the reputation for taking things apart, little Shorty managed to get herself lost among the crowd of lab-coated working pegasi. Several amusing industrial/slapstick accidents later, she finds herself alone (having accidentally locked absolutely everypony else out as they stared on in extreme frustration from the other side of the safety glass) in front of the main Rainbow Condenser, which was currently making a distressing alarm sound. Probably from the alarm. Which was going off from a buildup of energy in the generator. No one was ever at risk, of course, other than about a few hundred pony-hours of work getting shot directly into the sky in a glorious if horrifyingly wasteful splash of colour. But luckily Shorty was there, and saw something SHINY. She leapt forward, and wrenched the wrench free of its prison, the prison being the override control safety valve. The condenser properly disposed of its charge in pre-prepared vats, and the rest, as they say, is history. Oh, they let her keep the wrench. History: Born to Spring Skies and Light Streak, she has an older brother named Lightning Strike who is currently attempting to join the Royal Guard. Her father Light Streak was a semi-professional hoofball player, a front linespony of the Wondersparks. To this day, he recounts his legendary match against the Sirocco Winds at every possible opportunity. Shortie can repeat the story verbatim of when everything looked lost, her mother, after “borrowing” some rainbows at her then-new job of Rainbow manufacturer, put up a dazzling display to rouse the team for an incredible comeback. Her parents’ income allowed a very comfortable life for both Lightning and Short. While her older brother performed admirably in the Junior Speedsters camp, Short did not. She managed to get her current job at the Weather Factory on sheer talent alone, not having any particular higher education in regards to repair work. She occasionally deigns to consider herself an inventor, and her co-workers always give her a wide berth whenever she starts rambling on about “Upgrading the transfusor for a triple wattage payload per cubic cloudimeter do-you-know-what-this-means-for-our-efficiency-cycles” as it means something is likely to combust in the near future. She would like to get some professional training in mechanics, but never seems to find the time to get around to it. Character Summary: Shorty was always a pony who learned by doing, which in her line of inquiry meant she got electrocuted quite a bit. She was certainly always goofy, and her mind wanders as if it sometimes forgets it is attached to a pony in Equestria. She has a tendency to jump to conclusions, then ride that conclusion for dear life as it careens heedlessly into absurdity. Once as a filly on hearths-warming eve, she saw her brother dashing out of the restroom followed by steam, as a pipe had burst and it was quite warm. Or that’s what they would have you believe. Clearly he was a Magical Pony from Hearths-Eve’s past sent to show her how to mend her wicked filly ways making a grand entrance. After an hour of insistence, the Magical Pony from Hearths-Eve’s Past Who-Looked-Suspiciously-Like-Her-Older-Brother finally relented (with a surprisingly exasperated expression for a Magical Pony), and took her on a startlingly short but magical adventure in the back yard to show her how to avert a terrible fate of having NO FRIENDS next year if she did not change her horrible ways! This has lessened somewhat as she has gotten older and more mature, but her friends still tend to let small tangents go as it is not worth the headache to try to correct her (grossly incorrect) assumptions. She is an extremely talented repairmare, but only if the thing she is fixing is relatively complicated. She has difficulty repairing simple things with any kind of grace or speed, but the more pieces that are involved, the gears all start to click together and she can repair massive structures like trains with ease in an astonishingly short amount of time. If you were to ask her to do it again, she certainly could and just as quickly and efficiently, though not in the same way twice and would have no idea how she did it either time. Ask her to repair a broken wagon wheel and she will probably stare at it for an unhealthy amount of time before gingerly tapping it with her wrench. She is fond of Cider. She can make complicated machines (as in, a series of pulleys, or a small piston comprised of simple machines, type of “machine”, not electronics) from spare parts in her tail or literally whatever is on the ground in short order. But it usually only works once before falling apart in the most catastrophic and comedic way ponily-possible. She once made a dousing wrench by placing it on her head and spinning it with one hoof with a deadpan expression. It worked MAGNIFICENTLY. (I wanted to emphasize I understand electronics are not a thing that exist. When I say “complicated machines”, I really mean large goofy things that accomplish a simple task in a ridiculous way for the sake of humor. Think the massive industrial sized pet dryer machine the CMC bought in Just for Sidekicks)
  23. From the album: OC Requests & Trades

    A couple of convention badges I made for Pedestrian Wolf of her personal ponysona. The top image is of her as a "weeping angel", the bottom is her character with the wonderful addition of socks!

    © Art © Brianblackberry, character © Pedestrian Wolf

  24. Roleplay type: World of Equestria Name: Monochrome Gender: female Age: young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Forest green with flecks of brown Coat: Silvery grey with splashes of rainbow paint on her hooves. She wears a blue and white striped scarf. Mane/Tail: Long, wavy, black. Kind of messy. Tends to wear a wide range of different hats. Physique: Long-legged, slender, slightly taller than most ponies (but only slightly) Residence: The outskirts of Cloudsdale Occupation: Artist, although she is not very well known. It is more of a hobby than a profession because, although she loves doing it, it earns only minimal amounts of bits- not quite enough to make a living on. As a second job to help with getting money, she works as a part-time waitress at a coffee shop. Cutie mark: Monochrome's cutie mark is a black quill drawing a spiral, to represent her talent for both art and storywriting. She was one of the last in her class to earn a cutie mark simply because, although she loved art, she thought that she wasn't all that good and that a lot of other ponies her age were a lot better than her, and thus denied that it could be her unique talent. However, after working all night on a painting and earning a win at a school art show, she realized that even if plenty of ponies were a lot better than her at art, it was what she loved to do, and she could improve on what she already knew. And that was the moment she earned her cutie mark. History: Monochrome was born and raised in Cloudsdale. Her parents held good jobs, and so her family was in a good state- as a foal, Monochrome had all the toys and whatnot she could want. As a filly, Monochrome could easily pick out the kind of ponies she wanted to be around, and made quite a few friends, despite her tendency to sit near the back of the classroom and doodle rather than talking with most of her classmates in school. Her parents are Ink Splash and Data Blitz, who get along well with Monochrome. Monochrome has a very large family, including 5 aunts (and 5 uncles, of course), all with children. Oddly, there are only a few artists in the family. Now, Monochrome lives a nice life, devoting her spare time to her art, which she occasionally sells in Cloudsdale's market. She lives on the far edge of Cloudsdale, but will gladly go out with friends and is no stranger to having fun. She hopes to become better known as an artist, and to travel all of Equestria. Character Summary: Monochrome is a young mare who is very talented with many mediums of art. She aims to travel all of Equestria with her art, and thus become better known. She loves art, a good story, birds (especially her pet raven, Ivan, who she has trained to talk, although it's only a few simple phrases.), reptiles, and sweets. She, however, dislikes public speaking, deep water, and boredom. She spends her spare time drawing and painting, and sometimes reading or writing. She tends to keep to herself, although, if you appeal to her and her inner randomness, she can be a bit loud. She could be considered smart, as she has an extensive vocabulary and knows quite a few strange facts, which she will blurt out at random should an awkward silence happen. She is usually quiet and thoughtful, except when around friends, and then she can be a lot of fun and quite loud. Her faults include how easily distracted she is and her discomfort with awkward silences in conversation. She has little coordination and is quite clumsy, and thus is not good at all at sports, but she doesn't really like sports anyways and has learned that laughing at yourself every now and then is good for a pony.
  25. Roleplay Type World of Equestria. Name Kingsley. Nicknamed King, known as “The Iron Mare” by coworkers and peers. Sex Female. Age Older Mare. Species Pegasus. Eye colour Light steel. Coat King’s coat is coarse, stiff, and thick – every bit as bristly as one might think she is upon first seeing her trademark frown! The fur is a light papaya whip in colour and fades to white at her feathery fetlocks, to match the white tips of her wing feathers. Mane/Tail King’s white mane is a little on the long side, though it’s often hard to tell. She constantly keeps it styled in a very tight, pristine bun with not a single strand of hair out of place. She enjoys keeping her mane long to maintain a sense of femininity, but sees it as nothing but a hassle when she’s working…and she rarely stops working. Following the same mindset, her pale tail is always braided tightly in a fishtail. Physique Though tall, thick-framed, and muscular, King’s figure is still very curvy! She’s tough as nails from a very rigid exercise routine (and a fondness for visiting her parents to help her mother around the forge), but still knows how to play up her feminine looks! Residence Stalliongrad. Occupation Treasurer for the City of Stalliongrad and member of its council, former secretary. Cutie Mark A smart, black nib pen. King’s life growing up in Stalliongrad was very tough – quite literally! Hard work defined her foalhood, as her pegasus parents always kept themselves too busy and overworked and were eager for a helping hoof from their daughter the moment she was old enough to assist them. Once they deemed it safe for her to help around the ovens, she started helping her father in his bakery. Building fires for wood-burning ovens, kneading dough, balancing large pans of breads and sweets – it was real muscle-building activity, and it always felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day to finish the orders that piled in. The filly’s work only doubled once she was promoted from baker’s assistant to blacksmith’s assistant, after her mother deemed her capable of working responsibly and safely around the forge. After some time, however, she began to grow a little frustrated with just how busy things always seemed to be around their home. It wasn’t that the hard work bothered her – quite the opposite in fact! King looked forward to rushing home from school every day to help her parents out, learning the ins and outs of their respective trades so that she might earn her cutie mark and find a good, solid future for herself. But still, it seemed as though her mother and father could never catch a break! For once, she wanted to see them have a nice, long vacation – to reap the rewards of their hard work on the camping excursion they always spoke of so wistfully. That was when Kingsley picked up her very first day planner. In her scant bit of free time between school and helping out her parents, the young filly tucked herself away in her room and began poring over orders, commissions, and the daily work required to keep shelves stocked. Scheduling was the first step. She started to create daily timetables for her parents and herself, in order to help spread out the work and (most importantly) help them understand just how many orders they were capable of taking on. Normally, her parents said “yes” to every personal order right off the bat, but King’s schedule was beginning to show that they couldn’t keep that up – not realistically, not if they ever wanted a bit of free time! Once scheduling had been tackled, she moved on to issues of finance. She began keeping proper records of profits and sales, organizing the money and tucking it into different savings as opposed to tossing everything in the same old empty, unused ale stein! And then, as an added bonus, King took stock of her mother’s older projects that customers had changed their minds about wanting last minute as well as her personal works that she wasn’t attached to. She organized a little sale, and with help from her parents put together a small promotional event to clear out the inventory! Before long, her parents had a vacation fund that was spilling over and more free time than they knew what to do with! Though they had been skeptical about following their daughter’s advice at first, King’s keen business sense and knack for organization really shone and showed them just what she was capable of! And of course it helped that with their little sale, King’s cutie mark finally appeared! A smart black nib pen, to reflect her love of scribing and organizing! There was no denying it – if you wanted an efficient, organized, and successful business: you wanted Kingsley! History Helping out with her parents’ businesses growing up really helped King get to know the ponies of Stalliongrad – all ages, all shapes, all sizes. From very early on in her life, she had a fierce love of her home and its locals instilled in her. She learned a great many things from working alongside her parents, actually. A love of: hard work; a strong, healthy body; warm bread fresh from the oven and steaming in the cold, wintry nights; the smell of a forge; and the ringing of hammered steel. And, of course, her fondness and talent for organization! Once she had earned her cutie mark, King began actively seeking out behind-the-scenes roles at even school events her class participated in. Though stern-faced and serious by way of her outward appearance, King was always a warm and friendly pony who had a very easy time approaching and socializing with others. She had a knack for making pageants and plays run smoothly, always kept the cash boxes stocked with proper coinage at lemonade stands, and made sure sports events saw lots of equipment, refreshments, and towels neatly stowed away for easy access! When she became a young mare, King got a job as a secretary for a hoof polish business that was founded in Stalliongrad but eventually spread throughout the rest of Equestria. She worked there for a few short years before landing a dream job: a secretary for the Stalliongrad City Council! During her years as a secretary for her city’s finest, King met a rather fetching and charming (in his own unique way) young stallion she took an instant liking to. He was a member of the Royal Equestrian Army, and held the image of an REA stallion to a tee. Their love fell into place rather quickly, and provided a strike of spontaneity into her life that she had been sorely lacking. In a bold move that was somewhat out of character for her rigid, business-like lifestyle, King eloped with Pummel to Las Pegasus. Together, she and Pummel had four beautiful children. Three daughters and one son: Diamond Shield, Emerald Lance, Crystal Ribbon, and Marble Duke. Though Pummel’s work with the REA kept him somewhat separate from their lives, with help from her then-retired parents (and her knack for organization and planning!), King managed to balance her career as a secretary and her career as a doting mother. She was quite good at both, actually! No stranger to hard work, she reared her children with a firm and loving hoof while simultaneously making an excellent impression on the Stalliongrad council members. Not long after their youngest, Emerald Lance, had earned her cutiemark, King was hired as the Treasurer for the city of Stalliongrad and accepted into the city council – a lifelong dream made reality! The older their children grew and the more involved with the City of Stalliongrad Kingsley became, however, the more distant Pummel became. The two are currently somewhat estranged, and while the aging mare thinks back at their early, youthful days together a little wistfully from time to time, she couldn’t be more pleased with her current situation in life. Her children have a loving father, even if he is often absorbed in his duties, and they are all near enough at hoof for her to dote on. She has also become an active member of her city’s council, often working with entertainment and promotional events while simultaneously juggling her financial duties. Her main concern, however, is of course her hired position as a Treasurer – her involvement with the council is more light-hearted work than anything, but she revels in her involvement with her beloved city. This love of Stalliongrad and its ponies makes her an ideal candidate for working on tourist attractions and celebrations – she does so with cool efficiency and warm, fuzzy love oozing out of her heart! Through and through, kicking out with hind-legsham is a Stalliongrad mare – she would never trade her home for anything in the world! Or so she keeps saying over and over. Kingsley is now content to spend her life devoting herself to her work. With her children all independent, she is free to devote herself to her city! As a council member invested in Stalliongrad entertainment, she of course tries to keep an open mind – her own tastes are limited, so she makes a point to hop all over town and get to know the opinions of everypony! Young and old, proper and wild, fashionable and downright funky! Everypony’s opinion is essential to her work, and she does her best to hear them all! Now the Iron Mare (as coworkers and peers endearingly refer to her) is spending her days lapping up the enjoyment of her busy work life, something that she enjoys more than a beach vacation! She’ll visit her children or take a bit of a break for travel (with the ulterior motive of checking out other communities and their entertainment plans, of course!), just to soak up the enjoyment of a life well lived – and because crunching numbers out of office is a bit of a thrill for her! Character Summary Kingsley initially comes across as cold, severe, and totally ruthless. Between her immense stature, her thick muscles, and the harsh frown she sports rather naturally, it’s no wonder her first impressions often leave even the strongest ponies quaking at the knees! That said, it only takes a brief moment of conversation with the steely mare to realize she’s actually a warm and friendly individual, somepony who is always looking out for others! In fact, that is exactly why her most well-used nickname at work is the “Iron Mare”. Her coworkers, who are all very well aware of just how much of a bundle of sunshine she really is, use this term of endearment to poke fun at how much of a poor a first impression she makes: King has something of an unintentional habit of making new hires and interns fear for their well-being with just a single look! It isn’t long before they’re set right, however, as she’s quick to offer help and a rare smile that’s highly infectious! Outside of council work, King is still a very active mare. Though she’s aged quite a bit, she still maintains a rigid exercise routine. A healthy, strong body is very important to her, so she can often be found out jogging or soaring at the crack of dawn to keep herself fit. That tough-as-nails appearance is very important for her! That said, she’s not a total muscle-head. The “Iron Mare” has a strong feminine streak, and a fondness for dressing up. She might look like a walking muscle, but that’s only because her idea of what a mare should aspire to be is: tough, beautiful, delicate when she’s needs to be, and a force to be reckoned with underneath the frills! King’s duties as a mother are probably the dearest to her, though she’s not likely to admit it (she likes to tease that her numbers have always been kinder to her than her foals!). She loves her children very much, and is willing to go above and beyond for them. And of course, even though they’re all mature and independent now, she still dotes. She’s always checking up on them to make sure they’re eating well, eating enough, have clean clothes, are always picking up after themselves, and the list goes on! Once upon a time, she was a doting wife as well, but those days have passed and considering how long she and Pummel have been distant due to work, she has to wonder if she would be the same around him at this point in their lives. It’s not something she dwells on, however, with her demanding career! That said, at work she is a vision of efficiency. She does her work well and she does it quickly, scrutinizing her own efforts with a ruthless eye for error. It should be noted, though, that Kingsley is much gentler with others than she is with herself, and quite a helpful senior staff member in the office. When she’s out on the beat researching tourism and entertainment, she’s friendly, enthusiastic, and a great representative for her city’s council!
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