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  1. Kindle carefully levitated the candles she'd made last night into her cart, checking for any dents or nicks she might have missed in the low light when she'd crafted them. There wasn't much she could do to prevent the light scratches that accumulated as her wares jostled back and forth on the trip into town, but at least she could make sure there weren't any major flaws to begin with. The last batch, periwinkle blue and lavender scented, had come out particularly smooth. She almost wanted to keep them for herself, but she needed them to fill out her stock for today, and they wouldn't do much good sitting on her shelves at home. Besides, she cared more about the smell and quality of light, while appearance was of more immediate importance at the marketplace. With all her goods settled, she closed the sides of her cart. "Are you coming or not?" She directed her question at the windowsill, where her cat Coal was basking in the early morning light. He flicked an ear in her direction and stretched out slowly. "This is your chance to get a cart ride into town," she said, beginning to hitch the cart to her harness. "If you get lonely later, you'll have to make the walk on your own." Coal made no sign of having heard her, but as soon as she began walking, he leapt from the windowsill to the flat top of the cart, where he curled up. "Yeah, that's what I thought." The weather was clear as usual, with only a few stray clouds dotting the sky. Hopefully there would be plenty of ponies strolling about Ponyville's Marketplace willing to stop and smell the candles. Kindle parked her cart in its usual spot and began setting up, storing her harness in the back and shooing Coal off the top so that she could affix her sign. Once she'd arranged the the candles to her liking, she turned to face the square with a bright smile. "Candles for sale!" (Please see OOC thread here)
  2. My OC is my profile picture just Twilights age, so you get the idea. Midnight Shimmer was standing in the queue at Sugar Cube Corner. She paid for her cupcake then zoomed out and sat on a cloud, making it rain below.
  3. @Lyipheoryia --------------------------- Nothing was more random or uncontrollable than the force of chaos. Sometimes Discord's day was wholly decided by the luck o the draw. Chaosville was not a place easily entered nor was it simply retreated from. It was a world constructed of his creative flair. All things that seemed quite average: like a small house on the corner wit ha white picket fence... was rather bizarrely set upon a floating island among more floating islands. Pit traps of reality and strings of theoretical spaces the world was one that existed between and behind the other one that was placed upside-down. Those who let go of ideas and concepts could easily access the world, but once a pony believed in madness, there was no escaping it. A chore it was maintaining a realm of madness, one he did with great ease. It was fueled by chaos, quite wonderfully sourced from the ponies of the world. Before it, where had he existed? Well somewhere over there, he could assure you with a minimum certainty of 42%. It was a Friday afternoon, Discord was bored out of his mind. He had already beaten himself three times in 6-D Chess, though he won seven more. He still couldn't figure out where the seventh win came from. He could only assume he beat himself in the future by cheating. He was lounged out in his front yard, upside down with his back against his bubblegum tree. His horns were spoked into the soils while the chessboards floated around. The small pony-carved pieces were replicas of knights, princesses, princes priests and soldiers of the ranks. They ran about the boards striking each other and defending their small hinterlands of cardboard landscapes. His manticore's paw and griffon's claw were crossed over his brown, feathery chest, hindlegs bobbed forward as his gator's hind talon would move pieces to respective points and his tail, the defending champion, would outdo the discordant spirits tactical plans through , what Discord felt, was gorilla warfare. He doesn't even know how the gorilla miniatures got on the board. The spirit's mismatched ruby pupils burned against his molten-gold sclera as he focused on his next move. He was in check position. If he could just capture that rook checkmate would be his again. It was at that point the Sunday Post arrived! "Oh, the newspaper is early!" His red tail reached out, the white tuft grabbing the rolled newspaper. Passing it off to himself Discord vanished, reappearing in the center of his living room on a big, green chair. A purple waistcoat and monocle completed a most stereotypical ensemble of a noblepony. In his paw he held perched a pipe that spewed pink bubbles. His hind hoof was crossed over his gator knee as the knows paper was held in front of him with his talon. Grey brows arched over the glass as he stared at the article. The front page had an image of Twilight, the headline was simple: Princess Dedicates Time to Pupil: Forgets Friends. Below looked to be a display of a Cockatrice's mugshot, accused of planning attacks on the Pony Capital during a Magical Meteor shower. While always up to read of the magical antics in Canterlot, he was quite curious why Twilight had been busy as of late. He had turned to the page of the article in question and read it with great scorn. So this little pony was the reason why Twilight hand't invited him over for another board game? It could be the fact that he had a tendency to turn everypony into the pieces and play with them, in the stead of actually playing with them. Well come now... it was just a matter of using one's language correctly. Hue hue hue! "Starlight Glimmer, hmmm? My she is quite talented." He eyed the stat sheet beneath a photograph of her laughing like a maniacal super villain waving a staff. Where had that photo even come from? "Her intelligence is almost at max, but I see she's lacking in the Friendship department. not yet graduated, hmm?" His lips curled back over his teeth in delight. "It looks like we're having a sleep over!" The chair would vanish with a puff of smoke, as did his fancy outfit. Standing on his hind legs he would clap his paw and claw together as a large , leather suitcase appeared in front of him, wide open. He stood with his paw to his hip as his claws stroked through the curled, white beard. What did he need for a sleep over? Snapping his claws a pair of striped white and blue pajamas would appear, followed by two bananas. His toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as his rubber duckie, were next to be manifested. His scrub brush and shower cap, as well as a large ball of yarn would be the last things to appear before he sat back on his haunches. forelimbs crossed over his chest. Something was missing...? A lightbulb appeared over his head for a moment before he shook his head. "No, no!" A snap of his claws and the lightbulb transformed into a kitchen sink. He plucked the sink from the air and set it in the suitcase. "Perfect!" His paw came to his chest as he sat on the suitcase to force it closed. "How embarrassing, I almost forgot the kitchen sink." He lamented. "That should be everything." Popping a bowler cap atop his head he would reach into his feathers and pull out a silver pocket watch that ran backwards and seemed to have gears and coils sticking out of the edges. When the clock struck 11:11, off he went! The chimeric beast would appear in Ponyville, floating around the square before seating himself on the top of the fountain's main spout, levitated by the water, somehow with legs crossed. He had bird watching binoculars over his eyes and a pith helmet on head. Now where was his vic-- playmate at? the binoculars had ridiculous zoom, but quite expected of the spirit, really. -------------------
  4. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep is episode one hundred four in Friendship is magic. The story was done by the director and supporting director of FIM, Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen respectively, and it was written for television by Scott Sonneborn, and the storyboard was done by Sabrina Alberghetti and Nicole Wang. The original airdate of this episode is on July 11, 2015. Background information for this is that this episode's plot was originally teased at San Diego Comic Con 2014. M.A Larson's personal website had posted that episode thirteen of Season 5 title would be 'From Seapony to Shining Seapony'. On June 27th, 2015, M.A Larson tweeted the question 'who do you trust more: me or zap2it?' He later tweeted the correct answer is Zap2it. Princess Luna's bedroom was designed by Phil Caesar. The summary of the story is that because Tantabus had grown powerful enough that if allowed to escape into the real world of FIM it can cause untold horrific nightmares to happen, Princess Luna, feeling guilty about letting it happen, decides to enlist the mane 6 and Spike by requesting that they sleep in their dreams so that she can find and locate Tantabus and stop him. Positives: 1. I liked Spike's characterization in the episode. Spike's portrayal in the episode was notable to me in a good way. Not only was he the helpful little dragon we know and love, but here had a couple of things I liked such as him lamenting how Luna didn't considered him important enough for her dreams and when he returned to his Buff Spike form from Season 1 to help the mane 6 and Luna battle against Tantabus in their dream. It was a small but noteworthy role he had in the episode. 2. The many returns of past character incarnations and fandom memes came through in this episode and most can be found in the best scene in the whole episode in the battle against Tantabus. If you thought the episode Slice of Life was the last time we see fandom references in the show, think again. This episode had plenty of different character egos in the episode in the form of: Nightmare Moon Rainbow Powered Mane 6. Winged muffins Flutterbat! Lyrabon! He even came with his own Sailor Moon esque transformation sequence. Princess Big Mac! Buff Knight Spike returns! Power Ponies return as well! This was a rather bittersweet scene for me. And many more that are not listed. Please feel free to add more in the comments section below. Most of these can be found at the battle against Tantabus at the climax where the whole of Ponyville and Luna fight to ensure Tantabus does not escape into the real world. That scene was in my opinion the best moment in the episode as it was creative, fun, and filled with energy as it was clear this was the scene the animators and the writers had the most fun writing this episode. 3. Luna receives some character development. While I'm not a big on Luna, I do recognize that she had received character development in the episode. She developed Tantabus as a sort of 'Pain Glove' as a measure to inflict herself with horrific nightmares so that way she'll remind herself of the terrible evil she had committed so that she'll never do it again. This shows a direct way of Luna's painfully regretting the crimes she had committed as Nightmare Moon and chooses to punish herself every night in her dream, bearing her guilt all the way. As Second Opinion in his vid had shown, this is actually a rather serious issue of self loathing being discussed on the show with Luna as it's tool to talk about. While I'm not going to say this portrayal was perfect or even good I'll explain below, the episode's intentions for Luna were good. What's especially fulfilling was seeing the mane 6 convincing Luna that she is not Nightmare Moon as she would've allowed Tantabus to escape while Luna is doing everything she can to stop it, showing that she isn't her. Most importantly, they tell her that they all trust her now, so how about she learned to trust them believing that she has changed. This is a nice reflection of a person needing to learn to not only learn to forgive their past actions but to also not punish themselves so severely just to ensure their past actions never come again and instead see how the people around them interact and if they've gone to accept them, perhaps they should learn to accept that they've changed for the better and learn to love themselves more. 4. I really loved this beautiful scene in the episode. 5. This dream sequence of Rd's nightmare was hilarious for me. 6. Feats for Luna's dream abilities are visibly shown in this episode. This episode is a good trove of information for what Luna can do with her dream abilities in interfacing with a person's dream and yes she can attack you in your sleep so she can mind attack you, can integrate multiple people into one dream, and her dream powers are unique to her as she confirms that only she can do them and Celestia has no powers in the dream realm. Those who wanted more feats for Luna's dream ability are going to be thrilled for this episode. Negatives: 1. Not too bad, but did you guys felt the mane 6's dreams were a bit...safe? Despite this being a dream episode where it's where the animators typically go all out in creativity with their rigs and such, I was disappointed at how stereotypical the Mane 6's dreams were. The dreams the mane 6 were dreaming of are: Rarity: Dreams of dresses that turn on her and attempt to eat her. Pinkie Pie: Thinks of random things and it happens to her. Fluttershy: Loves being groomed by her pet Angel till Angel turns into a pony eating monster. Applejack: Dreams of growing the largest apple in existence and her nightmare of seeing her apple orchard rotting away. Rainbow Dash: Beating the crap out of the Changelings and is terrified of cute things happening. While I had strong Buttercup from the PowerPuff Girls vibes in this characterization of Rainbow Dash's dream, this one was the best only because of how creepy those flowers and song were. Twilight Sparkle: Loves to read books in a library where the books turn on her and attack her. Again it's not to say these were bad by any means, and you can probably counter that they probably dream of something simple for the sake of making things easy for Luna to find Tantabus as they were informed, but I felt that the animators could've done more for the mane 6 in this dream sequence. Personally, the comic NMR arc did this aspect better as it showed an interesting take on the mane 6 by showing them their worst fears that were elaborate and held some damning consequences for them in life like RD being unable to join the Wonderbolts due to being unable to fly. 2. For a princess of the night and guardian of dreams, how did Luna not know RD loves punching things in her dreams? It's a minor thing really, but I felt it was kind of incredulous that she would assume that Rainbow Dash attacking changelings is a nightmare of hers. Rainbow Dash had to go and remind her that that it was a dream come true. But I digress on another matter. 3. Tantabus's concept was sloppy and heavily flawed. While the idea of Luna punishing herself for the wrongs she had committed is an interesting turn to her character, it wasn't executed particularly well for several reasons. A. She is deliberately making Tantabus stronger by letting it feed off of her negative emotions. Now I just can't imagine how Luna could ever think letting a sentient creature get stronger just for the sake of letting it become a pain glove. B. According to Luna, if that thing gets into the real world, it would cause untold amount of nightmares to happen. Now all I can wonder is how could Luna even think creating such a creature was a good idea, letting alone letting it get stronger? This is the equivalent of a person feeling guilty of creating Nukes and decides to create a bio bomb to remind himself to never create such a devastating weapon ever again only for said bio bomb is getting approval for use due to the potential devastation it caused. Really, how could anyone think creating that Tantabus can be anything but a disaster waiting to happen? C. Wasn't a big fan on the 'smoke' appearance Tantabus had. Though I do say I did liked its giant pony appearance it appeared to be at the end. 4. The resolution to Luna's conflict occurred too fast. One noted problem I've had with the episode's pacing is how quick Luna's resolution to her conflict was that after she learned to forgive herself, not only does Tantabus suddenly decide to stop doing whatever it was doing but it returned to Luna amicably. It was like a switch suddenly flipped for that thing to return to Luna all because she learned not to hate herself so much. This just appeared awkward, forced, and rather confusing that Tantabus would decide to stop it was doing and returns to Luna no problem. Hypnosparkle on MLP forums made an excellent point for how rather insulting it was for Luna's conflict to have been resolved so quickly as a person with noted issues of self love issues in Luna is able to quickly resolve and never have to worry about those issues again simply because she agreed with what Twilight had said. Cleverclover on mlp forums made a good point in the comment section that the scene probably would've been stronger had Celestia been the one to reach and comfort Luna there. Conclusion: It may have a good idea and vision for what it wanted to do to Luna in the episode, but thanks to its heavily flawed writing and a rather poor execution for Tantabus and his concept, it mitigated alot of the effects that could've been great for Luna. Instead this was probably one of Luna's weakest appearances in the series, which is notably strong mind you. Do Ponies Dream of Magic Sheep I felt could've been more, especially in the first half where I felt the episode played it a bit too safe with the mane 6's dreams and characterizations. However, it did what it wanted to for Luna reasonably decent enough and even touching for Luna's sake so the effort wasn't a failure and with many fandom references and past character incarnations in the show return in this episode at least ensure the battle in the Dream of Ponyville was entertaining, even with a rushed resolution hurting the story's impact. Score: 6.5/10 Grade: D
  5. There were strange goings-on at the vineyard in Ponyville... What sort of strange goings-on, you ask? One that involves a conduit of endless childish energy attempting to use magic, and a mother who has absolutely no experience in magic! Magic! It's magically delicious! What does magic taste like...? After countless minutes of trying to lick her sparkling horn, a frustrated Ruby Pinch just huffed. Maybe some other day. But for now, she had some serious work to do! She was pretty sure she was the only pony in her entire class who couldn't do ANY magic! It was making her look double-y lame, because she didn't have her cutie mark either! Most of the classes she could take were either too full or too expensive. But she wasn't upset about it, she already went to school once a day on the weekdays and THAT was too much. In her bubbly, humble opinion. She had hoped Twilight would be able to teach her, but she had to go off and become a Princess and junk. Psh. Whatever. Pinchy would just have to tackle this task herself. So she had to take a day off from pillow forts, hide-and-seek, and the land of make believe. Captain Afro and the land of alfalfa sandwiches would have to wait. Even if today was the day she was planning to invite some friends over for some fun... To be fair to Berry, this option was probably cleaner, spontanious combustions not-withstanding.This was super-duper-EXTRA important. Maybe one day, if her mother got stuck on the roof again, she could just get her down with magic rather than have to go ALL the way to the shed and wobble around with the ladder trying to carry it to the house. She hated that ladder. Not cuz it was heavy, but cuz it was TALL! "Mommy? You still there?" Was she? Pinchy was sure the purple and pink mare was still in the vicinity. Did she run off again? So the pink filly's incinerated a flowerpot, turned a couple grape vines white, and summoned up a small dust devil in all her previous attempts at her (as of yet) greatest feat. Big deal. All she had to do... Was pick up her teddy bear. Mr. Boots. So brave was he, sitting in the middle of the lawn. He didn't even blink when the pot caught fire! That was why she made him a knight in her kingdom! SIR Mr. Boots! But right now, she was trying to make him fly. She even tied a blue cloth around his neck for the occasion. She was having trouble coming up with a cool superhero name though. "Okay mommy, I'm gonna try again! I'm gonna get it this time!" After all, her trying-to-taste-magic shenanigan probably warmed up her horn even more! That means the magic will work better, right?
  6. Galloping into the town of Ponyville was an unlikely herd of ponies who rode together seeking friendship, adventure and the perfect donut! Texas Tilly Silver Sye Klops Larry the Cable Pony Con Mane Olden Pony On the right flank was a pair of lifelong friends, Texas Tilly (the bobcat magically turned into an Earth Pony) and her partner the robotic steed Silver (magically changed into an alicorn). In the center of the group were the tuxedo-wearing unicorn superspy Con Mane and the blue one-eyed Earth Pony Sye Klops. On the left flank were two more unlikely allies, the rotund comedian Larry the Cable Pony and the older mare simply known as the Olden Pony. [colour=#ff0000]"Well, here we are, Con Mane!" [/colour]Texas Tilly announced. [colour=#ff0000]"Now what do ya reckon we do?"[/colour] [colour=#8b4513]"I say we grab some grub!" [/colour]Larry laughed. [colour=#8b4513]"Mission Number One is GITT'R DONE!"[/colour] [colour=#0000ff]"Perhaps we should have a bite to eat now," [/colour]Sye Klops added. [colour=#8b4513]"All except fer ol' tin head thar! He needs food like Celestia needs a sun lamp! I don't care who ya are, that's funny!"[/colour] [colour=#ff0000]"Better shut yur yap bout my pal Silver, Larry, or I'm gonna kick yur rear so hard yur goin' inta ORBIT!" [/colour]Texas Tilly snarled at the now frightened looking Larry. [colour=#696969]"QUARRELING IS ILLOGICAL BEHAVIOR!" [/colour]the cybernetic voice of Silver spoke out. [colour=#008000]"Silver's quite right, y'know," [/colour]Con Mare spoke, trying to settle the others in the herd down. [colour=#800080]"WHO'S GOT MY RUSTY HORSESHOE?" [/colour]the Olden Pony asked. [colour=#008000]"Nevermind that. Let's explore this fine town. Perhaps we can find others who will lead us to great adventure!" [/colour]Con Mane said confidently. [colour=#8b4513]"Er maybe to the nearest All-you-kin-eat diner! GIT'R DONE!" [/colour]Larry the Cable Pony shouted. [colour=#ff0000]"Is THAT all ya kin think about, Tubby?"[/colour] the striped cowboy hat wearing mare asked. [colour=#8b4513]"Well, at least I ain't like that ancient mare thinkin' only bout some rusty horseshoe!" [/colour]Larry laughed.
  7. *Harmony trots around Ponyville not knowing what to do with her saddlebags on her back as she sees sugarcube corner* Oh, perfect! I haven't been there in ages! *she trots into the shop and orders her favourite cupcake*
  8. The day was perfectly beautiful! Kalime left her pack's camp early in the morning and had dressed nicely, making sure she looked presentable, and started the walk to Ponyville, she wanted to get some nice quills and parchment, wanting to start writing about life as a Diamond Dog! So Ponies would know what they were like and maybe be less afraid, since she had to admit she was pretty big and intimidating...(hee hee) The town drew ever closer, and she soon crossed the bridge into the crowded street, glancing around, her tail now wagging and she couldn't help an enthusiastic... "HELLO PONIES!" For all of those that could hear her, grinning ear to ear! She was going to make friends, and they were going to have fun and today was just going to be amazing!
  9. The thing about conventions is that they were absolutely incredible. Where else could ponies go to dive into the deep recesses of their most brilliant obsessions? Nowhere else and when the topic was Daring-Do, nothing less than a full dive was even possible. Well, as far as Pathfinder was concerned. She was sure more than a few fair-weather fans would say otherwise, probably protesting costs or something as inane as that. Maybe it was because she had a sugarmare or maybe it was because she didn't care, but a Daring-Do convention was worth thrice its weight in bits and that was one heavy load of bits. It was Daring-Do. She would go anywhere for that. She had gone anywhere for that, in almost every ense. Geographically, she had bounded across the width of Equestria in an attempt to emulate her. Physically, she had succeeded in emulating Daring-Do down to the feather, from the way she was toned and what she wore to the color of her dyed feathers, mane, tail, and pelt. Mentally, she had hammered her very being into line with daring-Do whenever she was outside of the safe trappings of- well, of a con. Pathfinder was a sincere admirer, a devotee of the written word, and admitted to a crush on her own self-made original character. Pathfinder was an obsessed fangirl, and she was darn proud of it. So proud that she had attended the last sixteen conventions devoted to everypony's favorite actionmare, written reams upon reams of highly (personally) rated fanfiction, debated theories with other fanclub presidents(who to a pony had to throw their hooves up and give in to Pathfinder's overwhelming logic power). She had written hundreds of letters to the author and despite receiving more envelopes from his lawyers- that she promptly disregarded- she did have a few letters from him personally that she treasured more than the priceless rubies of collapsed civilizations that she sometimes held in her hoof. So it was no surprise that she was attending Daringcon Heartland XI, even if the new venue was alien to her. Most ponies knew of Ponyville, at least by name, as it was a growing city in the very heart of the nation. But with bigger cities close by and with larger space available, why Ponyville? Well, the Heartland Convention Center was brand-spanking new as was the hotel it connected to and these things were just a few miles south of the town. Being new, there was some prestige in being the first event to take place and after a short biding war that may or may not have been cut short when Pathfinder stole the treasury ledger of the main accountant for Landcon- an event dedicated to Earth ponies and one expected to play well in Ponyville- Daringcon had won and it stood as the first event ever in the complex. Pathfinder had arrived a full twenty-four hours before the con and promptly made camp outside the complex. Many would arrive and have to check into the hotel but Pathfinder had no such plan- she was bringing someone and they had a room, but they weren't coming the day of the con! Silly mare, Pathfinder chose the better option and slept outside of the gates. Nopony could ever get in front of her- nopony. The rays of light that slammed into her face woke her up, the mare leaping up and hovering in place excitedly before she started darting across the empty space in front of the center. "Is it open yet?! Has it started?! Where's my badge?!" Pathfinder blathered on as she finally darted to the counter where she could see hundreds of shiny badges with the names of many ponies engraved into their wooden reliefs. She pressed her face against the glass, seeking her very own. "Off the glass," The harried attendant spat as he entered the small office, the unicorn unimpressed with the get-up as he took position. "My name is Pathfinder! Already paid! I-" The mare began before she noticed the stallion's stoic face shaking. "One minute." "One minute?!" "One minute." "ONE MINUTE?!" "One. Minute." "Ooooonnnnnnneeeeeee miiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnuuutttteeee?" "ONE MINUTE!" "Oooo-ahhh-ahhh-ahhhh-nnneeeeee miiii-ahhh-ahhh-nuuutteeeeeeeee....?" The crying got to him. "Here's your badge, now for pony's sake go away!" He pleaded with her, going through the stack of badges and finding hers, moving it through the slot and into her hooves. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!" She screamed, clapping her hooves together with great speed before shooting like a cannon to the front door. Which was locked for another thirty seconds. That was okay. She had the time. And the badge. And the locks. She was ready, but were Ponyvillian fans of Daring-Do ready for HER?!
  10. Bon Bon was the luckiest of mares, she thought to herself as the sun lazily pulled itself over the hills in the distance. Lazy, lazy sun- Bon Bon wasn't about to blame Celestia but ya'd think that she'd use the fine summer months to their full effect by blasting everypony with her sun for a few extra hours. It certainly would have made her mornings easier as she found herself having to rely upon everything up to and including the kitchen sink to get the energy to not go back to bed. It was a very tempting and warm thought and she had no doubt that Lyra would appreciate an extra hour or two or three or four or the whole morning to themselves. But alas, Bon Bon was a business mare of some caliber and reputation and she could ill afford to allow a day to pass by without trotting out her wares. Even if her bed was cozy, the sun wasn't fully up yet, the house was nice and cool, the tea was nice and refreshing, her bed was cozy, she didn't feel like leaving the house, her bed was cozy, Lyra was fun to hang out with on a lazy day, she felt lazy, and her bed was cozy. But she was the luckiest of mares, for even in this somewhat unhappy state her task for the day was one she could pleasantly toss herself into once she managed to get out the door. Who didn't love treats? Well, Gilded didn't like treats but Gilded didn't like anything and that was why nopony liked him during his school colt days, but aside from him? Everypony loved treats! Bonbons were her specialty but she could give you anything you wanted as long as that everything you wanted involved sweets enrobed in chocolate. She frowned at the thought that her selection had grown a bit lazy lately but Sugarcube Corner had cornered the market on pretty much everything. She thought about expanding into ice cream but then you had to worry about keeping them iced and she didn't know if Lyra had enough magic in her to get the job done. Obviously she needed somepony else to love, somepony else with the proper magical abilities to further her inert business ambitions! Maybe Twilight could be the next one, since she could do anything. Would she be content with being the fridge mare? Probably not. Did the Apples even know about refrigeration? Did they even know about technology? She wouldn't bet on it. Maybe Rainbow Dash could snuggle up at night and whip up some snow? Nah, she could be a grump. No, Bon Bon thought to herself with a Cheshire grin, she would have to be satisfied with her relatively tame partner and her lack of business-helping magical attributes. Bon Bon tied the apron around her and then trotted outside, long shadows tempting the sun as she yawned optimistically and gazed at her cart. Everything was still in order. It was a nice sized stand, large enough for a little workspace and a decent variety of chocolates. She slowly peeled the covers off of the merchandise and let the aroma of decently fresh chocolates to hit her like a brick. "Aha, yeah, this is what it's all about," She said in a low pitched voice, imitating almost to a tee a rather burly stallion she had known as an older filly. He was a cute one but had a penchant for dresses that bordered on the creepy. He was a nice enough stallion but it was hard to really get the image of him in a dress out of her mind. Not because a stallion was in a dress, she wasn't close minded about that, but it was her dress that had went missing weeks earlier and it was on the night of the community's formal dance. Salt did crazy things, petty thievery included! Bon Bon strapped herself into the front, the harness easing against her with unnerving dullness. She looked closely but could scarcely see through bloodshot eyes the lines on her neck that marked where the harness had delved into her over the years. Unflattering and unsurprising. She was about to come up with something witty when the sun finally breached the surroundings and shone directly into her face. "Okay already, geez! Turn it down already," She said hypocritically, her eyes closing tight for a second as she turned away from the offensive light and pulled down her business sign. Bon Bon's Bonbons and Chocolates- Open for Business! The sign read almost in an amateuristic fashion, the letters fading as time passed to hide their slightly different sizes. Life was imperfect and Bon Bon wasn't even perfect at life. She took a deep breath, unleashed another yawn, and started trotting towards the center of town. It was time to get her sale on.
  11. RoseHip had the whole thing ready, the stage used for the Talent show was being used, she had scripts all printed out, and a sign up list, She was looking for people to play characters in her rendition of "Charlottes Web" And she was pretty eager about it! It would give her a great reason to get to know more of the other children in Ponyville and she was very very excited about directing! BUT first and foremost she needed ACTORS! RoseHip had plastered posters all over every surface she could about her hosting auditions, she was waiting on baited breath for people to come and sign up! She was so happy she could squeal! Well maybe not! She was not Wilbur after all! "Please please please"She muttered as she sat behind her little desk, hooves folded up, chin resting under them, as she wished and WISHED for people to come and audition.
  12. Sterling Silver "Ponyville...it's been a loooong time..." Sterling Silver said idly to himself as he felt his hooves cross the threshold between the countryside and this charming little hamlet he once used to call home. It seemingly hadn't changed that much, and he hadn't heard of much news from here other than a few odd instances here and there, but he never got to see them with his own eyes so it didn't phase him that much. Despite his past in this town Sterling wasn't here to primarily visit family, though that was going to be a part of his visit. No he was here, per request! By a newspaper no less! For an interview on his job! It felt odd that he would be picked for this seemingly at random but, maybe some old friends put in a good word for him or something, or maybe he was just excelling in his work and was gaining trust among the ranks...or so he would have hoped. Regardless, he passed into the scenic little village, looking around and admiring the still beautiful architecture. "Ahh, never gets old." he chuckled lightly whilst blowing a loose bit of mane from in front of his nostalgic expression. Sterling wasn't sporting what he'd usually wear, his guard armour, his grey coat and lucky coin cutie mark exposed to the world, and it felt strangely liberating to be walking around his home town without any job convictions, given this was a day off for him. It felt nostalgic beyond belief, and it really did take him back. But nostalgia and reminiscing had to wait, Sterling had an interview to get to! Now...if he could only just find it... It wasn't like the stallion didn't know the lay of the land, in fact he could name every street even after taking a swift blow to the head, but this was the first time he had ever heard of a newspaper in Ponyville which was surprising to say the least. He had received a card upon his invitation, with a few details on it as to where he'd find this journalist. Without further delay he reaches into his pack of basic essentials and levitated the piece of card in front of him, reading aloud, "Shady Daze, Foal Free Press, Ponyville...What the hay's the Foal Free Press?" he asked himself quietly, as he had done many other times before after receiving this card. With a small shrug he returned the business card to his pack and pondered his next move. As he did he passed by store front after store front after store front, and not a single one giving any clues, however he did manage to find a copy of said newspaper in a nearby store, buying it simply for any form of address, since the card seemed to be lacking in such information, Sterling wondered if a foal had written it but that was just idle and sceptical pessimism. With a copy of the Foal Free Press in hoof he set off back into town, taking note of the time being early afternoon and following whatever information he could find out of the paper in front of him. He hoped he would find this pony soon, or this pony would find him, either or. "...Am I going to be in a gossip rag?" the stallion muttered with an inquisitive expression as he read further into the paper.
  13. "Oh, come on, Odo! Shince when have I ever put anyone but myself in harm's way?" "This week? You nearly got Rom fried fixing the holosuites, your so-called 'replicator failures' put three of your customers in Sickbay, you left one of your Dabo girls facing two angry Klingons by herself, and your attempts to use Nog for duterium smuggling nearly ended his career with Starfleet." "Simply accidents, Odo! I never put anyone in thoshe situations. They simply happened." "Yes, I'm sure you tell yourself that so often you might almost believe it." "...You stiiiiiill don't trust me, do you, Odo? Here I go, putting forward my own reshources, my time, my help forw-" "Rom's help, you mean." "-a... Rom's help... Paid for out of my own profits, I'll have you know! I give and I give trying to show you that I want to help your efforts with security, and here I am, met with borderline hoshtility! I honeshtly don't know why I bother." "Pfuh! For all I know, this is no more than some ploy to get rid of me. Again." "Ah, now that is where you're ghenuinely wrong. See, without you, I'd have bigger problems. Captain Sishko would put in a new Chief of Security, and the way things are going, whell! I'd either be stuck with Commander Worf, or worse still, the Major. And they wouldn't come to undershtandings the way you and I do, ho ho ho hoooo, no. The words 'better the devil you know' apply." "And which rule of acquisition is that?" "It's a hew-mahn proverb, actually. Though, it roughly correlates with Rule of Acquisition one-hundred and eighty four. Loses something in the translation, though." "I'm supposed to believe that?" "...Well, no. Which is why I have had this device inspected by none less than Chief O'Brian himself. Go ahead! Ask him what this device does, he'll tell you exactly what I've told you - a pershonal teleporter. Works anywhere on the stashion - regardlessh, mind you, of whether the stashion's teleporters are operational or not. Could be ver-ry handy in... shertian situashions." "Humph! We'll see about that." And then, much to his chagrin, Odo had actually tried out the device. Not on the spot, of course - he'd double-checked with O'Brian first. He had no intention of taking Quark's word for anything. But, for the sake of being thorough, he'd attempted to use the teleporter to get from his office to his quarters. Instead, he was on a particularly bright, rather clement planet, not far from some sort of indiginous settlement. Not that he knew it, but Constable Odo'ital was standing just outside of Ponyville, and despite his efforts with the troublesome device, he wasn't going anywhere else. It's actually a rather nice summer day, all told - a few clouds dot the skyline, a light breeze offers some measure of relapse to those working themselves hardest on such a fine august day. A few songbirds tittered and chirped in the trees, calling to one-another as to who might call which particular tree their territory. It only gave the six-foot-tall, somewhat clay-faced humanoid in a full-body beige security outfit more contrast to his vivid surroundings - for now, he did not so much 'blend in' as he did 'stick out like a sore thumb'. Though, frankly, given that the majority of equestrians lack thumbs, this expression might not be so particularly apt. There was a moment of pondering, a glance up into the sky, and then Odo hissed a single word, his tone infuriated beyond his usual range of emotion. "Quaaaaarrrrk!" But, the question remained - who would find the wayward changeling?
  14. It had been a long time since Zecora had ran a stall, and she needed a few extra bits! So with a pinch there, and a pinch here, and a little elbow grease Zecora soon had her stand all set up! It was bursting with all sorts of remedies and rubs for what ales you! Special brews bottled neatly hung from the beams, and all sorts of exotic scented wraps, and containers were scattered across the top of the counter, it was a perfectly nice little stand for selling cures for everything from sore muscles, to sore throats, to mane poof! And Zecora was just the mare to do it too! Bright Eyes ever alert was sitting atop a box that had a pillow on it, silver tail flashing side to side as he waited eagerly for customers to come and sniff Zecora's wares, and to use her remedies! Zecora was a little nervous to put it mildly, considering that she hadn't been abundantly social recently, so her skills might be a little rusty! But the Zebra Mare was more than sure she could handle this today! "Ponies near and Ponies far! Ponies from wherever you are! Come to me and you shall see that it is true! I have a cure for what bothers you!" This was..going to be a interesting day..
  15. Sky Flare stood on a section of land overlooking Ponyville. It was a great place, with lots of open space, few trees, and even with a little bit of slope for aiding in taking off and landing. The fiery manned young stallion had always envisioned one day teaching other Pegasus ponies how to fly, just as he learned when he was a little colt what seemed like an eternity ago, to give back to others. Now he felt he had both the time and the plan to literally get this training off the ground. He wanted it to be simple, getting down to the basics of flying, especially for those who were just learning or were even struggling to fly. Taking off, landing, avoiding obstacles, stopping, all he wanted to cover in his impromptu class. He wanted it open to fillies and colts but he didn't mind if a few ponies his age joined. With the idea set into motion, he sent out a flurry of fliers in both Cloudsdale and even Ponyville and nearby Trottingham to try to attract as many ponies as he could. Who knows, maybe word would spread to places like Canterlot and beyond. "Alright everything looks ready to go," Sky said looking around the area, "The ponies should be coming here any moment!"
  16. In the center of Ponyville's town square, a flashy little cart was set up. Delicious smells wafted their way around Ponyville, drawing everypony closer to the flashy little cart, where a flashy little pony had set up flashy little tables. The sign on the cart read "Bixy's Bites" and the flashy little pony was Bixy. Her turquoise mane was tied up in a messy bun with the help of a purple ribbon, and her red beryl coat was spattered with flour and bits of dough and smeared crystal berries. Despite this, she had the biggest smile on her face you ever did see, and she greeted her first guest enthusiastically. Her excitement did not wane as she offered up menus and answered questions to each and every guest that stopped by. She served crystal berry juices and teas and fizzy drinks, carted out various meals one could normally only find in the crystal empire, and ended with her crystal berry tarts, a dessert that had become somewhat famous in the Crystal Empire before... that whole mess with that one evil unicorn king, Bixbite preferred not to think about it too much. The day carried on, and Bixbite closed down for a short while to restock her supply of tarts and teas and juices and fizzy sodas, before reopening once more. The tables soon filled again, word having spread around Ponyville that there was this fabulous little cart in town square selling crystal pony cuisine of all things! She rushed from table to table, chatting with everypony as she went, running her one-pony operation as best she could. It was good for her that most crystal pony cuisine was served cold; everything could be prepared that morning, so she didn't have to take time from serving in order to cook. The first day was always the busiest, of course, and she knew the next two days would slow down a little, so that she had more time to learn everything she could about Ponyville's residents. Finally the crowd waned once more, and she had some time to rest her hooves and sip at a turquoise berry tea, watching her guests enjoy their meals.
  17. DarkRainbow zoomed through the skies of PonyVille one bright morning. She was new to this small town and was quite enjoying the bright sun. Ponies came out and looked up at her wondering Who Is She? She had only just come to the town that night and had gotten up early just to zoom around and stretch out her wings after leaving Canterlot. DR was just laughing crazily and flying around, what was the harm in that?
  18. She had never left the crystal empire before but Bright Stone was already enjoying Ponyville! it had so many wonderful things in it! In fact right now she was busy making a picnic table a pirate ship, using some cardboard boxes, and wrapping paper tubes! It was glorious and now she only needed some playmates! A old wagon tire was tied tight to a tube that was shoved in the umbrella hole of the table to act as a steering wheel, she was standing on her back legs turning the wheel making..airplane noises..? That's right this was an AIR SHIP! They would soar the sky of Equestria! Fighting off bad weather, and stealing bottles of pure sunshine! Well they would when other kids showed up! She was always eager to make new friends!
  19. Kurt Hectic never wanted to be a hero. He was content with his life- WAIT! Wrong story! ~~~ The air slows and the sky tints orange-pink with the imminent dusk that would soon sweep the small town of Ponyville. Shops and cafes ease in their business rates as the day grows tired and slower; at the same time introducing a sense of pure serenity that comes from the reminiscence of yet another beautiful day that progressed smoothly like any day in Equestria should be. During the said day, a recent arrival of the province goes about in a more excited manner than normal, as a bit of research in these past few weeks maybe just about to pay off! Unlike most packs seen on ponies that travel with multiple items, i.e. saddlebags, this black stallion bears a pack that is directly on his back. A rather thin pack that spans from the bottom of the back of his neck, to just before his mid-waist. The bag contents remaining unknown to those around him, and a rather strange detail of two strings dangling slightly from it down either side of him. Going about excitedly, he suddenly stops to think for a moment... Just where could he test this new design? Though just the idea of testing his new invention is enough to make him jittery again! All he needs is a high point, but not too high... though the mountainous peaks surrounding Ponyville are very tempting, he decides to use one of the local buildings that are reasonably tall. It'll only be a moment of his time, after all. It's not like he'd be loitering or hurting anyone. Then his target peak strikes his gaze in an instant, as he eyes the reasonably tall and very possibly climbable Sugarcube Corner. It should provide all the grab-holds and height he needs for this one test... Using what he's learned during his travels, he uses his momentum and darts toward a wall of the building whose part of the roof is lowest. His hooves spring him upward and he scales the wall to grab hold of the ledge of the roof. With great effort, and a grunt of power, he brings himself upward toward his objective height...
  20. [colour=#000080]To say that Ice was looking forward to today would have been Equestria's largest lie. Truth be told she was actually dreading this day ever since she had gotten the letter from Fire Walker stating that she was coming today. She knew that Dunder had probably gone back to her after their annulment and now she probably thought that Ice was the worst mare in the world. Not only had she stolen her love from her, but it didn't even end up working out. She felt so horrible about the situation that she didn't know what to do about any of it.[/colour] [colour=#000080]On top of that she knew that Fire was one of the few Mares that knew about her issue. Dunder had told her about it right after they got married to try to get her to help by paying for one of the best doctors in Equestria. Only to have it turn out to be a waste of time as well. I should have known that it would be. No other doctor in Equestria could find anything that would explain why I'm still wetting the bed, why should I have expected any differently with him! she thought to herself. The only thing she could do was sigh as she awaited Fire's arrival. The only thing I can do is hope she'll understand...[/colour]
  21. Harmony Charmer, a white coated unicorn with a brown curly mane and tail with one or two blue strikes also her eyes were hazel fading to green towards the middle, was singing her new song [colour=#FF0000]'↑The Game of Life↓'[/colour] in a perfect voice. She was standing on the ledge where fountian was in Ponyville town square. She usally sung there and all the ponies knew that. She had her stereo next to her playing the music that she made last week. This is what she started to sing: [colour=#FF0000]"My first life was so boring just forget mentioned it And my second seemed to let me do all of the things my first life didn't Third life was a hateful man all poison to the bone In my fourth, I played piano but just didn't have the eyes to read the notes In my fifth life, I supported girls - of course that wasn't all My sixth life was corrupted though I guess it was little fun Seventh life I cried so much and all I did was mourn In my eighth life, was so rich I could've bought the world and EVERYTHING In this life is a game played by a flaky god He gambles every life Try to escape but you know the path you're on is game and set See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools Dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules See how he looks down on us like we're acting out a show Throw the dice and let's see which head will roll..."[/colour] (I don't own the song! It is origanlly Japanese and here is the dub that I like and got the lyrics from: )
  22. Temp Zero was the new pony in ponyville, he had just moved here today,he didn't know where to go or hat to do at the time. He asked around for help, or at least tried to, but no one answered him."Will any pony please help me?!" He yelled aloud wondering if anypony would stop to fill him in.
  23. It is said, among a certain family, that when the moon shines brightly in the week before winter begins, that a the oldest filly will gain her cutie mark. This family, has passed this tale down through many generations, and still it has never come true. While everyone in this family believes it to be true, it has never come to pass... Untill now. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Embermane didn't know how long she'd been wandering. It was night, and she was quite hungry. She stopped in the forest she was traveling through, to chew on some odd looking flowers by the roadside. They were chewy and tasted like fresh lemons. She swallowed and teared again, as she'd been crying for a few hours now. She began walking again as the light started spanning over the horizon. She looked through the forest and smiled. The end of the forest was near, She had not noticed in the dark. Embermane bounded forward through the trees and saw she was actually on a small cliff in the forest, the trees spanned out for a little way more, before she could see in the distance, a town, in it's middle what looked like a large tree. The timid little filly with the blank flank, didn't know what the town was, but she knew that it ment safety, and this forest was anything but safe. She took off in a trot toward the edge of the forest. Embermane didn't really know where she was going at first, until she found a small path in the forest, She came to a tree that was carved out in the shape of a house near mid-day, but she was afraid of the things she saw there and ran the other way. Embermane walked until her hooves were sore and her eyes dry, She'd cried a bit more. She layed down in the shade of a very large tree, lost again. Not knowing she was only a little way from the edge of the forest. She lay there for a little while dozing in the fading light of the sun, When there was a noise. A rustling of leaves. She turned to look, and paled. It was a ferocious looking Manticore. Embermane screamed shrilly and bolted from where she was, the manticore close on her heels. She Ran faster then she'd ever imagined she could, and soon broke through the trees onto the plains closest to ponyville. Ember chanced a glance behind her and still the terrible beast followed. She screamed again, and kept running. Right into Ponyville.
  24. [colour=#008080]-Static Arc-[/colour] Another day, another trip to Ponyville. Static Arc found himself saying that too often. Too often was it that he flew through the cool air towards a safe spot in Ponyville's town square. Too often he would travel through the market place and get himself in a crazy predicament. And he didn't mind at all. He liked a little change of pace from the norm. He couldn't help but like interacting with other ponies and hearing their stories, having something to do other than checking out wares for a few hours, and then head for home in Cloudsdale. Static was starting to like meeting new ponies, but couldn't go beyond that. He couldn't get himself to befriend others, or ask a cute mare out. But today will be different. He will try to his hardest to make friends with the first creature he sees. As Static landed down onto a clear area in the town square, he looked at his surroundings. A few ponies were hurrying about their day, either with somepony or with heavy saddlebags. A modest number of ponies were standing about, going about their buisness. A perfect chance to try a friendly chat. Static then proceeded to close his eyes on the spot, and spun around in a circle, slowly so he didn't get dizzy. He was planning that the first creature he laid eyes on, he would try to talk to them and be their friend. And that was that. Static spun for a few seconds, most likely getting a few odd looks, and stopped on the spot. He then shot his eyes wide open and landed them on the first po- Woah, no way! I didn't know they came here! Now, even though Static lives in Cloudsdale, the land of flying things, he never met a Griffin before, not even in school as a colt. He read about them in his history books, about living in a far off land away from Equestria, but he never knew they would come here, of all places! Static Arc was looking at a a black coated Griffin, with silvery head feathers. He looked as tall as Static was, and it looked like he was working on something. He was observing what looked like a set of blueprints while sitting down at one of Ponyville's many picnic tables. He looked hard at work as he scribbled down notes on top of the papers. Static continued to stare in awe at the beast, not sure what to do now. Now, Static wasn't one to back down from a challenge, especially one he gave himself. Even though this was much different than a pony, and probably something he didn't want to mess with, Static took a few steps towards the Griffin anyway, deadset on making this griffin his friend. When Static was just behind the Griffin, unsure if the creature knew if he was there or not, he cleared his throat and tried to speak up despite being incredibly nervous at this point, unsure of how to approach this griffin. Static tried to go for the friendly approach, hoping it would improve his chances in friendship. [colour=#008080]"Hello there, umm, my name is Static Arc, and I'm just curious as to what you're doing there. It looks really interesting."[/colour] Hopefully this Griffin is up to make friends though, or he might find himself face to face with his sharp talons.
  25. Webs and statues adorn the dimly lit cave near Ponyville, creating one of the scariest areas in Nightmare Night history. Ponies in Changeling costumes hide in shadowy crevices, ready to pounce on anypony that passes by. After all, what would Nightmare Night be without a few heart pounding scares? Even with the recent threat to Equestria, everypony has been assured that there will be no real Changelings. But the decorations look so lifelike...
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