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  1. Princess Luna sat in her chair in her dream study room. The room was simple, composed of a few comfort-bringing items to help one to relax. But all other useful materials and instruments were left for the decoration in other rooms. One decoration, Luna might have brought on this evening, was a heavy book. It’s one of many that told the same story; Celestia's old council members' accounts for the events of the past. Very few accurate accounts were supplied in any of Canterlot's libraries that described Luna's haunting past, fewer still that could describe it in full. In this one, she could see the non-fiction work suggesting Princess Luna's torment was a creation of the turbulence in the dreamscape itself, and how dangerous dreams could be. Luna maturely read it quietly while scoffing at it underneath her flat expression. The nightmare wasn’t the product of the dreamscape alone, but it’s the emotion and deprivation of personality in the waking world that helps corrupt and diminish the quality of sweet dreams. The night princess could even lecture about the risk of falling asleep while overdosed on sugar. But that would not make an interesting timeless non-fiction classic that would survive hundreds of years of catalog, she supposed. She closed the book and sighed. Having dealt with the regrets of the past, she could never forget the way she felt while the dreamscape served as the arena for Luna's enemy. As she sipped her sleep-aide drink, she meditated on how fortunate she is to have a sister that forgives her, and a nation of ponies that welcomes the night as equals with the day. Maybe tonight, she can share that peace and serenity with a pony who is caught in a dream storm. Twilight was prepared for anything. Years and years of tutelage under Celestia had transitioned into a growth with her friends that sublimely reinforced almost every message she had ever been sent by her teacher about the importance of friendship and harmony. She became a Princess because of this. The Princess of Friendship. It had seemed a somewhat lesser title at first but it only grew as the complexities of the topic revealed themselves. Only then did she start to realize that she was being groomed for something bigger than she had ever imagined. She was not a mechanic that aided the system, she was the system- the system that ran Equestria in a truer way than any title. She was the embodiment of Harmony and, in a sense, Equestria. So it made sense why she was given control when Celestia and Luna abruptly left to search the stars some twenty years ago. Just shy of her own two-hundredth, and here she was. Large and in charge. Things were going well at first. She was beloved and had everything under control. But...over time, this slowly grew to be untrue. She had always collected and studied dark magical artifacts and in her arrogance had forgotten to properly seal one. It contained the aetheral abomination Ascheral, the Consumer. It didn't come out immediately, but it boded its time. It was her first mistake. A mistake borne not out of arrogance or incompetence, but ignorance. The second mistake was not taking the small ripples in the aether seriously. In fact, she was excited. That often meant a powerful unicorn had been born and the family would soon be notified. Oddly enough, she didn't find a powerful foal. But still, the aether was her domain and she knew it well. Well enough to not consider a small ripple a problem. Of course, by then the Consumer had escaped into the Aetheral plane and was slowly growing stronger. A mistake borne not out of arrogance or incompetence, but ignorance. She didn't have to make a third before it appeared. A few nights later, Ascheral materialized in the castle. It took the form of a seeming black hole in the aether, sucking everything within reach inside of itself. She should know- she was looking at it. She could feel it silence the aether around her. Twilight tried to speak as her bedchambers were being torn and pulled asunder. She tried to speak but heard nothing. She fired a blast at it- nothing, absorbed. She felt the pull, felt the tug, and fought her way out only at the most extreme of her efforts. That brought her to now. She was hovering over the remains of that wing of the castle, which was little. The Consumer below, content at that moment to digest all which it had devoured. Only then did she realize what had happened- what she had allowed not through stupidity or ignorance, arrogance or incompetence, but thoughtlessness. But no- she would not be defeated. Not now. “Evacuate all of Canterlot! I will send word when I have put this down,” Twilight ordered her guards, who reacted hesitantly. Why? Why hesitantly? “Are you sure you can handle it, Your Highness?” “Yes! I can do this! Please, get safe!” They knew their histories, didn't they? She had done so much! Of course she could beat this. Their hearts swelled proudly. “Yes, Your Highness. We will await your word,” they said before flying off. Twilight turned towards her foe, her mind running down the endless list of possible methods of defeating this creature. Because of course she could. She had the most knowledge and was the most capable pony of all time. The only thing that could defeat her, was her... The rifts of the dreamscape opened the moment Luna arrived. What typically appears as dream hallway was more active and hyperactive that what is normal. As if the dreamscape itself were trying to bring Luna to the attention of a wake of nightmares, a door rushed to her, and opened. Upon walking through this door Luna could feel the warm embrace of Twilight's Castle in Ponyville. But it had aged a little. The magical aura was stronger as well, the walls of harmony continuing to sing its song. That is of course, until the wall was knocked down. Luna peered through the mess of castle damage, a force that seemed to come from within, imploding the concourses of the friendship chapel. The debris from loosened rocks and gems, still glistening, floated around as it succumbed to the random natures and physics of this custom developed dream. Pegasus pony guards were fleeing the castle, taking emergency routes, and not taking any attack stances. Luna looked around, almost entertained by the creative value of such a wild environment. Speculation began to run through her mind, wondering who might be making such a mess of a landmark. Ponyville was often a peaceful town, and the only nightmares Luna usually encountered involved the peer pressure and stress of not getting one's cutie mark. But so far, she could find no evidence of the dreamer. Her library. The answer was always in the library. After all, why wouldn't it? It represented the collected wisdom of her years. Everything she had learned and mastered was there. Twilight teleported into the main foyer of the castle, where a wall had recently been knocked down as the creatures started to move. Guards were running- chaos everywhere. Her fault. Her blame. An imperfect Princess making terrible decisions whose imperfect response was not helping matters. She had wanted to teleport into the library itself, but the aether was absolutely wild. She could not control it. She could not manipulate it. She- “Princess!” A guard. “You need to get out!” Another. A fierce rebuttal. “Evacuate the town! Stop panicking- I've got this!” Twilight bellowed as the beast grow. The black hole of a mass extended, her throne being torn apart. Paintings vanished. Ponies started to get pulled in. Twilight grabbed them telekinetically and tried to pull them out, but they stayed there. More effort. The consumer expanded. Expansion, more effort, not moving, Twilight hovers, the Consumer expands, Twilight has to fly to avoid being sucked in herself. But no- she couldn't fly away from it, even with her power. Too close. Twilight must teleport all of them, herself included, to the wing. She summoned it all up but at the last moment, something out of the corner of her eye- Luna?- and she was thrown off. Twilight popped back into existence at the library, sans those she had been trying to save... The castle of friendship began to look like the remains of the palace of the two sisters. Walls crumbled. Ceiling caved in. Torn tapestries. And to top it all off, a throne split in two. It was all too familiar. But why in a dream? Who could possibly be dreaming of such failure at this castle? Unless... Luna jumped through the falling rubble, trying to catch the identity of the characters in the dream. It was hard to see, but could this possible be Princess Twilight's manifestation? The dream did seem powerful enough to be composed by a pony of that much magical capability. But it would seem as though it was not of her intention. Luna knew Twilight enough to know randomly falling rocks within the castle was not necessarily in tandem with the friendship model's knack for keeping things in line. Luna felt the presence of a void, a leech of magic within the dream. It felt real, but it couldn't possibly be real, could it? When Luna jumped around the corner, she could see Princess Twilight and nameless pony guards dealing a troublesome black hole of magic. It tried to capture any pony within its pull. And as she watched Twilight attempt to pull all the ponies out, she could see Twilight see her back. In that instance, Twilight teleported away. Was she afraid of something? The guards fell into the void, not even their painful screams could be heard. But they could be seen. This was a nightmare. And Twilight was dealing with much of an intimidation from this force. But what was this force? Princess Luna was tempted to call for Twilight and gain some answers, but even though she knew Twilight well, she knew that to best discover what it was that was causing Twilight to lose her dreamscape's peace she would have to remain unseen and observe her emotion in the dream unaltered. She just hoped Twilight didn't wake up to soon. The library. Safe from the monster. Her failure. Refuge of knowledge, of power, of rectifications aplenty for the sins of failure. Alone but not without hope- Twilight Sparkle looked for the answer to her question. Book after book discarded with nary a second thought, a mind so familiar with the contents therein that she didn't need to spend more than a forethought on the the actuality of possibility within each book. Searching searching searching- one after another. The castle around her- shaking to the foundations, but not just physically. The aether was buckling and straining, charging a reaction. But it wouldn't do something. This was a disease upon the aether that welcomed the immune system's response. It would suck it in and become stronger. And it was already becoming stronger with every morsel it devoured, material and immaterial alike. The library started to shake. The statues of her friends which kept her company here started to tilt, her magic keeping them upright a few moments longer. She found the answer- yes, the answer! The answer was there, though the swirling mass of chaotic energy that swirled around her started to tear the pages. A sealing spell. Lost but found by Twilight. Translated by Twilight. Stored and kept safe by Twilight. Now to be used by Twilight. There was nopony else to thank or blame other than Twilight, and that was the worst threat of all. In a flash, a burst, an angry scream of existence, the walls of the library broke open. The aether around her friends' statues stopped responding and they fell, shattering on the floor before being sucked into the mass-like void. The Consumer. Twilight jetted up into the sky as the consumer overtook the library in one swift motion, feeling the contents being devoured. It was expanding ever quicker. If she didn't stop it now, it would consume Ponyville within an hour and then Equestria within minutes. As the bonds of reality started to tear asunder, the aether responding with a snap that soon rebounded on itself and caused bright tears that threatened to dear dimensions, Twilight started her spell. She cast it in a momentous purple burst- -the void. The aether. It all ended at once. The Consumer was sealed but she felt something- the aether. It had snapped and rebounded and turned, and now it was gone. She felt her horn give a mighty sigh and her wings a groan and she fell, slamming into the ground. Across her field of vision, the guards that had been devoured by the void came spitting out, but their horns and wings had the same dull glow. The same was true of the earth ponies. Twilight tried to speak- she tried to speak- no words, just a neigh. And then slowly, her thoughts. The last thing she could put together is that she had mistranslated the spell, and ended magic itself- including that which gave life sapience. “GAHH!” Twilight woke, her head snapping up. The book in front of her flipped its pages inside the old, decadent library. Outside, the storm continued without stopping, her castle within the aether forever alone. The pages stopped flipping, followed by the book slamming shut. The title: “Failures of the Damned Princess” written by none other than herself, with a full three hundred pages off apologies. She slotted it into another slot in the book case, covered on all flanks by more volumes of failure. Not that she needed them. All she had to do was look outside or try to use the staircases- they led nowhere anymore. Because there was nothing else other than this small part of her castle, floating aimlessly and timelessly throughout aether. She had made the smallest mistake when combating Aegon, the Destroyer. In trying to transport Equestria away from him, she had instead scattered it on an atomical level across the multiverse and condemned herself to the center of all aether. Forever. No hunger, never tired, just huddled with the reminders of all the mistakes she had made in her three thousand years of rule alongside those she had once been proud to stand beside. But if they could see her now? Simply ashamed. She had failed everything that was or could be. It was a mistake not born of maliciousness or avarice. Only after did she realize what had happened- what she had allowed not through stupidity or ignorance, arrogance or incompetence, but thoughtlessness. And so she looked out the window, letting time take its course... A moon, much like the moon of Equestria, sank into view of Twilight's window. Its crescent only shared a part of its reflection, but it was enough to illuminate the small details of the castle remains. Beyond the castle there was only space. No stars showed to help one gain sense of their surroundings. Luna had gotten here a short time after Twilight, after it had seemed that the aether she was battling found a way to ruin the life the dreamer after its destruction. Princess Luna walked towards Twilight, her hoofsteps making no sound or echo in the arranged ruins of the castle of harmony. She stood next to Twilight, looking out the window with her. "I bet it's lonely up there, on the moon." Luna spoke ironically, but with no smile, as usual. "The thoughts a pony would have for a thousand years in such a lonely environment would drive them mad. Remembrance is part of every life. But numerous regrets would become the art of passing time." Luna rested a hoof on Twilight's shoulder. She was not sure if Twilight was in a state of mind that would allow her to immediately recognize that this is a dream, or if she would continue her own torment, conversing with Luna as if she was a projection of her continued failure. Either way, Luna wanted to help end her suffering as she could see the emotion Twilight was projecting to be self-inflicting. The aether was an endless void. Nothing flickered. Nothing spoke. And now, thanks to her, nothing called upon it. It was as useless as bale of hay was to a seapony. There was simply nothing, and then more of it. The blank space was maddening. But upon this endless void came the most unusual element of all: Something. Anything. The crescent of a moon. Twilight could scarcely remember what that had looked like. She stared at it, fixated by something being where nothing had been. So fixated in fact that she didn't hear the hoofsteps until a voice pierced her consciousness. She was still for a second before recoiling. “Gahh! Luna! It's been...one thousand, seven hundred, and two hundred and nine days plus fifteen hours, twenty minutes, and fifty four seconds since I last saw you. Is- is this real? Are you real? Am I dreaming or am I mad? I must be mad. Only madness could drive this image before me, just as it drove me to this!” she said, beckoning out towards the void. "You are certainly not mad." Luna responded with a small smile. But her pensive frown returned to the displeasure of seeing Twilight this uncomfortable. Luna knew Twilight was good at record-keeping, but even Luna could not record the theoretical passing of time in a nightmare. "And it's hasn't been that long. It's been only a couple weeks." Luna recalled the princess summit that had recently occurred. "How long have you been in this world? What has happened?" Luna was afraid of information she may have missed upon entering the dreamscape. Twilight could have been nightmaring for several hours before Luna even entered through its door. Twilight took a few hurried breaths. A few weeks? No. No. It had been seventeen hundred years since anything but her and this small section of a ruined castle existed. Unless- was this a nightmare? Not the normal kind. She had plenty of nightmares. She had woken from one just then. But maybe all of this was a nightmare- hopefully. Maybe. “Is...this a dream?” Luna: Luna didn't particularly enjoy riddles, even if it was more fun to give them. But she felt it was sometimes necessary to ask questions and help bring the dreamer's owns senses to help themselves. If Luna told her everything up front, she might not know how to cope with it. "I'll give you a hint. There is only one thing in this dream that is real, and it's not the castle ruins." Luna checked Twilight's grimace, checking for signs of her acknowledgement, like a doctor checks a patient for injury. "You had a frightening experience. Are you hurt? Are you alright?" Twilight had to take it in for a moment. So nothing here was real? Technically that meant little. She had, after all, destroyed reality. But her nonchalance- okay. She was real. Which meant nothing else was, including Twilight. Which meant this was a dream. A nightmare. “...OH THANK YOU!” Twilight hugged the Princess of the Night. She felt the weight of the worlds lift off of her shoulders, literally. The landscape around the castle started to crack and she hovered away from Luna. “I feel like this has lasted forever...but I guess maybe only a few hours? I can't tell. But this isn't new. Well, maybe this one is, but the nightmares are all the same.” Luna pried off Twilight away from her. It could have suggested she was not in the mood for hugs, but it was really Luna's sense that something was still wrong here. "You've had multiple? I've seen nightmares happen, they come in all shapes and sizes, but your was truly troubling. And it's reoccurring? I don't understand. Why are you dreaming of something like this? What kind of stress do you suppose is triggering it?" Luna's wings opened as the floor beneath them vanished. "I'm worried about this." Twilight sighed, her hooves at her eyes as she tried to not think of her worries for the first time in a century it seemed, even if it had only been a night. What would Luna think of her? Of all ponies... “Yes. Reoccuring,” she said, hovering along with Luna as the floor fell into nothing. Soon, it was just them in the void, floating for what seemed like an eternity in a second. “Never the same, but I haven't had a good night's sleep in months. I've always done a good job of keeping it bottled up, but I suppose my defenses have been pushed down finally. It was bound to happen. It all is. My failures. The more important my role, the bigger the responsibility, the more dire the consequences of failing. But the thing is Luna, I know I can do anything. So my failures are never because I am lazy or because I'm stupid, incompetent or malicious. It isn't a flaw I can correct, it is a mistake. A simple mistake every team. A mistake I feel doomed to make.” "You... always feel like this?" Luna proposed a tone of surprise. But the fact of the matter was, she had been here before, and far more recently than she would openly admit to ponies not on the princess round table. "When did this start?" “Always? No. It has been more recently. If I had to pinpoint it...well, I can't say it was just one thing. But I've realized how close I've came to failing all of Equestria, and that was with me at my absolute best. If I give anything less than that, I'll fail and my failures mean so much more now. I'm not a filly with a passion for learning, I'm a Princess with a passion for learning and so much power and responsibility that...” Twilight sighs, hoof to her face in gashtly exasperation, “uuuuuggghhh! Why am I so worried about this? It seems so simple...I feel like such a fool.” Luna used her alicorn magic and teleported both Twilight and herself into a realm of memory. They were in a large collegiate classroom, standing in the top back. Below them they could see the events unfold when Twilight nearly failed her entrance exam into CSGU. "You have always been afraid to fail Twilight." Luna expresses as she observes the past and present, seemingly simultaneously. "To your credit, all ponies are afraid to fail. But you have had more occurrences of this feeling than most, and it's because of how gifted you were at such a young age. I want to make you feel better, but I also want to figure out with you as to why you are crushing your own self esteem, in your dreams no less, with these thoughts of imminent failure." Luna kept watching a little Twilight struggle to get a dragon egg open. "Perhaps Starswirl the Bearded was always doomed to fail in many of his experiments and unfinished work. Does this mean he was the label for all magical ponies who fail?" This was a wonderful display of Luna's power. The academic in Twilight wanted to study the way that the aether was being manipulated in such a delicate yet overwhelming manner, allowing for the Night to pierce the veil of memory's sensation of time and space to produce such a vivid memory, and one she herself could feel as real as ever. Her examination. Could she have failed here? She worried about it, of course. But looking back, it seemed like her passing was a foregone conclusion. Her focus was there. It was just a matter of time. “I've always worried about failure, yes. But that has changed. I used to worry that I wasn't good enough...now I know I am. And as I've realized that, my responsibility has grown tremendously. I know I'm capable of anything. If I fail, it isn't like I worried I would here,” Twilight said as she watched herself start to glow with untapped power, “where if I failed, it was because I wasn't good enough. There are so many things I must keep a hold of now. And if I don't, everypony pays the price and it would be because of...laziness, rather than incompetence. And that is far worse than just not being good enough. How do you manage to keep track of everything and not cause such a catastrophe?” Luna said plainly. "It's simple. I don't." Luna made her own glow again, teleporting the two through the recordings of space and time, just in time for little Twilight's out of control magic to reach the imaginary observers. They stopped at a location in which was not owned in memory by Twilight, but rather an all-too familiar place for Luna herself. They were in the palace of the two sisters. The walls had no shown ruin yet, and Luna was on a pedestal, transforming into a wicked mare of darkness in front of her disappointed sister Celestia. "I think you forget too easily the path that others have had to take in order to get the place they are today, and you remember far too well, the times in which you have either failed, or almost failed." No matter how terrible Twilight imagined her future failings could be, only here in the realm of nightmares could she possibly hope to eclipse Luna's failings. Hers had cast the nation into its most tumultuous period, one of the few times where pony fought pony en masse. If Twilight was ever being reasonable, she would understand that nothing she could do could possibly eclipse that personal failing. But that tick, that worry, was not reasonable. And here in the dreamscape, Twilight was as honest as the very best of friends. “You know, I've studied this a lot. From a psychological standpoint. Feelings of betrayal. Jealousy. Toiling away for what is believed to be an ungrateful populace. Hidden from the light by a shadow you cannot control, the greatness of a sister overshadowing what you do. You know, for about a century afterwards the Equestrian Psychological Association classified a unique concurrence of symptoms as Luna's Syndrome, but Celestia eventually forbade it. It stayed around for a few more decades but it fell out of common usage. I'll admit, when I first read the stories, I thought this was as simple as one sister being jealous and the other doing what she had to. "Now I see it differently. I see a pony who was too proud to seek help when she needed it. Your failing wasn't jealousy or anything similar, but pride- too proud to seek help. You remind me of Applejack in that regard when I look back. Tell me, when you and Celestia wielded the Elements, what Elements did you wield?”
  2. Hello, the master of mayhem is back, as you can see! Oh and -- the others, I guess. Well standing point I will be continuing what I started and they will be finding an end, one way or another! If you wish to partake in writing a story with me, or -- one of the others feel free to look below at a list of shenanigans to partake in! Discord: First and foremost I the great and magnanimous Discord has a game in mind! Now after the wonderful holiday of April Fool's I have decided to open a park on the old hive I traded Queenie for! Now I spruced it up and it should do well for this game! A veritable playland with toys, candy and all sorts of ingenious devices sure to put a stitch in your side -- er not a literal, painful stitch, you know -- of laughter and joy... anyway the land is called Plushtastic Park. If your pony or otherwise is an intrepid explorer, a hunter of fierce game, or even one who enjoys fast rides -- you'll enjoy this thread of adventure! WoE Application Distant Lightning: A Pegesus Pony of Saddle Arabia this diligent Cultural Anthropologist seeks to better understand Eqquestria now that Saddle Arabia is more open to the outside world. If you are in need of a hoity-toity high brow pony who knows about as much as he speaks look no further! He is a twin of a mare and, sometimes, together, they travel to distant lands hoof in hoof to spread awareness of history and lore! It is believed Distant Lightning is the writer of the book series Journal 100 Curses and Haunted Paths Across Eorzea, a Pocket Guide. WoE Application Kappi Stjarna: A native of Whitescar this large, brutish pony suffers the Lykos curse. He is abnormally strong and devastatingly -- nerdy. A cartographer and astronomer this powerhouse of a pony charts the uncharitable and maps the unknown: delving into deep valleys or climbing the highest mountains. He is soft spoken and highly expressive, if you call snorting and grunting expressive... But if there's a place you're afraid to explore you can be sure that Kappi knows no fear! No really, he doesn't. Don't explore with him. WoE Application Da Jian-yá: A Kirin of the Peaks of Peril, born and raised in Long Guo: he has become a mark on everyone's hide. Leader of the Divine Protectorate this boss of crime and no-do-goodery is known well of his black sclera and deep, ebony fur. The purple stripes and fur that mar his body paint him a noble creature among his kin, but he is highly temperamental and known to be unsociable. He controls trade in many areas of New Town, Long Kong, and is known to bully shops into paying bodyguard fees. Whether you seek to lend an ear to the reasons of his actions or stop his questionable behaviors this is the Kirin for you! WoE Application Sombra: The King of Monsters, this pony no longer has a kingdom to call his own but he continues to lead others out of Darkness as a pony once did for him. He seeks to repent for the evil he had done and right his wrongs so if you know creatures bereft of good and wholesomeness this is the shadow that will show you the path in the darkness. While this good king is a leader for kindness and vital member of the Crystal Empire: he still struggles with his own demons and on occasion the darkness he absorbs from others or still scrapes from the bottom of his heart: leaks out. Positive thoughts Somby, deep breathely. WoE Application Ratan/Emerald Shard: Rat is a Changeling who, for a long time, did not know he was a Changeling, and grew up among ponykind. While attempting to integrate into Chrysalis' hive he still lives in Manehatten as a glassmaker. He travels around to sell or trade his wears and specializes in finding colored stones to make his work invaluable to art collectors. He was once used as a packmule for no-do-goodery organizations in Manehatten and while not a bad pony sometimes lets his gullible and kindly nature get the best of him, so he ends up sometimes helping those that don't deserve it. WoE Application Big Mac: Not needing an introduction my long time Ogres and Oubliettes partner Big McIntosh! While I cannot say anything bad about him, save his fluttery unwillingness to chat, he is a hard workpony and is somepony you can go to if you need advice or a boulder lifted. He's not wont to leave Ponyville on adventures save to deliver apples across the way so you can find him close to home, and furthest yet: the Crystal Empire. WoE Application Night Prophecy: Nessie is a Kelpie of the Okeanos kingdom: a court wizard you are not wont to find on land unless absolutely necessary. He works under the king and can be difficult to deal with. A master of Geomancy he likes to tout his ability over Earth Magicks that Earth-walkers cannot even begin to understand. He can divine stone and sand to determine the future or even change it... WoE Application
  3. If anyone asked, this was Prince Blueblood’s idea. How had no one thought of this before? It was perfectly brilliant, as far as he was concerned. Personal diplomacy, to him, always was the most efficient way of going about international relations, bypassing bureaucratic hurdles with a monarch’s prerogative. Of course, most monarchs were busy with their own country’s affairs most of the time, leaving little time to convene with their fellow crowned heads across the lands and seas. Which was where their technically-powerless relatives came in! After all, what was the point of being Royal if you couldn’t do something important once in a while? Build bonds of international friendship, sort out issues locked in legal intransigence, and party like only Princes could! All in all, not a bad way to spend a weekend. Certainly, Blueblood looked forward to the following few days with pleasure more than worry, which was more than could be said for many of his recent diplomatic ventures. After all, the Gallopagos was a pleasant place, and his beach house was spacious enough to comfortably host the siblings of the Empress of Long Guo and the Shogun, respectively. Blueblood blinked, pausing in the middle of having his mane brushed. Was there someone he was forgetting? He had a horrible feeling that he was; either an invitation he had sent out, or a notification that he had received. Who? He had a vague picture of something draconic… a dragon prince? Discord? Discord disguised as a dragon prince!? He shook his head decisively, and returned to his packing. Best to let his staff know to set up another bed, that was all. It’d be a bit snug, with four of them, but he was sure they could manage. After all, nothing could majorly go wrong, right…? From the instant he thought that, the Equestrian Prince knew he was going to be worried all the way over to the islands. Sighing, he returned to his business, wondering how the others were preparing to see him...
  4. A Matter of Principals is the fourteenth episode of season eight of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the one hundred and eighty-third overall. The title is a wordplay on the phrase "matter of principles". When Twilight Sparkle leaves Starlight Glimmer in charge of the School of Friendship, Discord gets frustrated and does his best to make Starlight's role impossible.
  5. From the album: colored images

    The noodle knows just how to pose for artists.
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    god of chaos and parties. nuf said.
  7. Come spring ponies of Ponyville and Canterlot would find themselves waking up to not the bright morning sky of blue hey were used to, but to the glittering aurora of green and pink, the sun stuck somewhere between dawn and dusk. It was pretty obvious what had occurred but a large banner and beneath it was what appeared to be a portal between the respective areas. Across the banner it red the Parade of fools. Between the portals multicolored balloons with faces on them floated about, their strong tails carrying a large mirror. Static displayed on the mirror, Discord appearing tapping the microphone. “Is this thing on?” The back of his head facing the crowds. A blue balloon with headphones squeaked and pointed its string tail the other way. Discord blinked and spun around. “O-oh my how embarrassing. Well live performances, am I right? That’s right ponies!” The mirror zoomed out to reveal the veritable king of fools seated on his old throne, a cap and jester’s hat atop of his head. “Greetings one and all! With the gracious leniency of your princesses,” He spat out his tongue and gagged. “I have been granted a day to let you ponies loose from all responsibility: a vacation of sorts. Of course you’ll have the security from your princesses that any changes and alterations will turn it back to normal at the day’s end…” The balloon squeaked. Discord waved his paw dismissively. “Oh fine, fine.” He unfurled the conspicuous looking contract. “In accordance to the games’ rules np ponies shall be harmed, size, color, age shifted in a way that would interfere with the games’ progress and there will be no effects lasting beyond the day.” He paused in his speaking and grinned. “But what’s a day if the sun doesn't set? Of course the agreement was this for halting the day… I have hidden a pocket of my magic somewhere as a reward for one of the games. If a pony can find it using the convenient clues the game will end! Until than fools, jokers and party makers enjoy because today is just for you. Anypony else is a player in the game!” He cackled and held out his paw, tossing the microphone back for the balloon manager to catch. It had an annoyed expression as the microphone bounces off it and held up a picture of Everfree Forest before the mirror zoomed in on Discord once more. With a snap of his claws the fields would be set! The first game is a Scavenger Hunt in Ponyville The second is a capital wide mass checkers game! The games continue until May 18th! -------- There is no posting order. The pace of the game is set by Discord or the game board itself! Things may move ahead or back unexpectedly!
  8. I've been in and started quite a few roleplays, most of which are action and adventure. One of the things with forum roleplays is that fights between roleplayers are difficult. It mostly relies on one to put their pride for their OC aside or else it would be a never ending series of blocking and dodging. By using a discord app with dice, users could use it to implement a roll system in their roleplays to make battles more interesting. A roll system can also be used to see whether a character gets injured, if a character finds something, if they can lift a heavy object, etc, to avoid posts that would be convenient for the character (Suddenly finding an abandoned campsite. Finding iron poles at a container dock). I'm still doing some research, but right now I'd like to suggest the Tatsumaki bot. It's a free bot that comes with other tools including the dice. To avoid it's use in channels where it doesn't belong, there is a way to mute the bot. Sorry if it sounds like a pitch or an advertisement, but I think this can help avoid absurd posts where the chances are only in the OC's hands...hooves. Link: https://tatsumaki.xyz/
  9. Firestorm was a gentlecolt of many tastes. One of those tastes was collecting and studying magical artifacts. Not for the purpose of preservation or understanding, though he did turn over his notes to the local magical schools when he made significant finds. No, his interests were more for the expense of a prank at one of his many parties. Firestorm loved hosting parties and gatherings. He loved social gatherings of any kind. He hand a hoof in many things as it were, and loved to bring the nobility and social elite back into touch with the common ponies. He oft hosted parties for any pony he felt deserved them. And the purpose of his studies was to use the magical items as a sort of party joke or game. To which end, his parties were often riots. It was today that he was once more working his personal lab, though the door to the balcony was always left open. He was a lively old stallion. He loved visitors. And always made certain that any pony or other being that thought to stop by was more than welcome. His minimal staff were more like friends to him. His lush garden full of vibrant colors and signs telling ponies to help themselves to any flowers they wanted. He oft cast a look outside to see if somepony was coming. He was tinkering with an amulet today. He did not know what magical properties it had. Aside from the fact it practically radiated magic. His first bit of research was being conducted to determine exactly where and when it came from. When was it created, where was it created, and most importantly, why was it created? Those first three questions were always answered before he began other research. So far he had the when, and where. Though it was vague at best. The amulet was roughly 300 years old, and had come from a ruin located in the mountains outside Canterlot. He had bought it from a traveler, when he detected its magical properties. The traveler was an Earth Pony, and had no sense to tell what it was. Determining that the traveler was a ruin diver, he got him to tell where it came from and mark it on a map. Though at best guess Firestorm figured the pony had been a little less than completely truthful. After all, no pony wanted to give up their treasures that easily. Firestorm took a moment to sit back in his desk chair, spinning idly as he chuckled to himself, thinking up what possibilities it could be. The amulet was a mystery he wanted to solve, but in time. His research so far determined that it was for a noted pony that once lived in that area. But he could not find something as to why.
  10. Well simple as it may sound, I am looking to push up Discord's reputation. Despite being redeemed, it doesn't look at all to be helping him get the one thing he wants so I need help from VIP (Very Important Ponies), royals and the like, to help Discord on his path to getting his throne back. He is a being of power and demands a cushy chair, but that is something he has to earn. Among a few other reconciliations he is trying to get his position back as a respected figurehead of chaos. Below are a few things he is looking for. If royals or other figures of considerable power want to aide him in his goal to get his throne back and seat the prince of chaos back into an active role of fun check out below! • Get his own Holiday: Even Luna has Nightmare Night. The noodle demands a holiday he can have the run of the day and cause all sorts of chaos! Fun twists and topsy turvy turns that would last a whole day without any pony hollering at him to get serious! the introduction of a Fool's Day for the King of Fools. • Get his Throne back: Every royal seems to have one except the prince of chaos! He had lost place for his throne when he lost his power over Equestria, however temporary both times were. He wants to sit among his friends equally and be able to help with friendship too, just in a more chaotic sort of role! • Get R-E-S-P-E-E-K: Trodden upon, laughed at, and treated as if he had the magical plague! The chaos spirit could certainly earn some respect from his fellows back with the odd errand here or there, but nothing beneath him. it has to be worthy of his attentions. So if your Timmy has fallen down a well, it is better to call somepony else! No, just kidding, he'll help Timmy. All in all though he is still the spirit of chaos and generally holds a state of non-interference in most mortal affairs. He's only interested in the titles and leisure that comes with being a prince and having friends. Stars forbid he become as duty bound as sun-butt. All in good fun while he's around, right?
  11. *Crash!* The drones knew to not enter the great chamber while their Queen was in such a mood, which she had been in more and more lately, especially since the spectacular failure of her latest plan. It wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair! All she was doing was maneuvering her Hive to it's proper place on top of the food chain (and maybe indulging in a little bit of personal revenge for past slights and failures, fair enough), and what happened? An apprentice, two-bit magician, renegade drone, and the court jester of the gods just waltz in and rip the heart out of her kingdom! And now, here she was, holed up in the remnants of the Great Hive in the Leota, with all the changelings sensible enough to not become pastel-colored addlepated pony pets, trying to think up some scheme for getting back on top of things. It wasn't going well, obviously, given that she was picking up random bits of the constructed chitin furniture and smashing them against the tunnel walls in between periods of brooding. But there was no way out she could see, no visible way out. Something pretty drastic would have to break into her pathological order to set her on a different path...
  12. Ying and Yang! Another week which means another episode full of the adorable ponies we all know and love! Or in this case two! And yeah, I know, I know, I know, I am a day late. Life has been upside down with buying the new house and all. Anyway, first episode up! Discordant Harmony! We knew sooner or later we get another Flutter-Discord episode. Should be fun watching these two play off each other, and although I certainly don't ship them, I have always enjoy their screen time together! This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. As the episode has already been widely aired, there is no need to bother with spoiler tags, just chat away!
  13. It was strange, really, how a crowd could make it both harder and easier to have a private conversation. One could hardly help being overheard, but the general surssurations of outside talking would blend the words together into something unintelligible to the casual listener. Not to mention the fact that most ponies, kirin, and ryushima were too absorbed in their own chats, or contemplations of the Cherry Blossoms, to pay much attention to the words of others. Even if one was dressed like a punk, and the other was an ancient spirit of chaos. They made an odd pair, Akairo and Discord. The first being a kirin dressed all in black, as if she was still the high-school yanki, with a baseball bat that was usually used for sporting activities. And the second being... well, Discord. He hadn't exactly been discreet when he first arrived; it was probably not in his nature. That said, the pair were one a grassy knoll far from the crowd of initial impressions, looking over the whole Sakura Spring festival from a distance. "I'm glad I met up with you, before I left." Akairo began. "I was about to leave the country, on a search for... sympathizers, with my cause. There are few on these islands that would agree with my views, but I think you might be one of them." It was perhaps a presumptive assumption, but it stood to reason that the very incarnation of chaos would dislike on principle an extended, homogeneous, exploitative order, right?
  14. -------------------- This was...nice. Really, really nice. Because with how busy the both of them were - and how often Feng threw himself headlong into danger in the defense and protection of their Empress - it wasn't very often that the two of them had a chance to simply be together, without work or obligations. With his injuries having forced some well deserved time off for the Watcher, she'd been able to see more of him on a daily basis. And that was...well. Nice. Really, really nice. "You shouldn't push yourself," Xiu cautioned for the third time since their leaving Huangjing, walking a path that took them through a nearby forest. Grove, would be the more accurate term, as it was hardly large enough to merit a name. There were an abundance of flowers near the center, however, which made it an excellent source to pick flowers and harvest herbs. "It's not hurting, is it?" the Qilin continued to fuss, shifting the basket looped around her foreleg in order to carefully brush a hoof over the bandages still wrapped around the Longma's wing. They held firm and tidy under her questioning hoof, but it wasn't enough to assuage the worry in her gaze. He really should be resting... "You'll let me know as soon as it starts hurting?" -------------------- Feng found it increasingly odd these days to be... well, not on duty. Loathe as he would be to admit it, he could not escape the legacy of his ancestors and their overdoing of things. Extra shifts volunteered, and extra work done in each, would have taken their toll eventually, it was just that the recent crash in the mountains had brought it to a head right here and now. Upshot of it was, he had been "rewarded" with full pay during a long period of recovery leave, of which he would need. He'd heal faster, if he could let himself lie still for a week. That he could not, but at least Xiu was here to keep him from trying to fly on his wings, and steady his pace to a gentle stroll. "I don't think so. I'd be hurting worse if I wasn't walking; I'd pick at the bandages from going stir-crazy!" He laughed, glad to be out in the open air with his friend. Honestly, the healer had by now fussed over him more than his own mother! Which was a subject he'd rather not breach right now, nope. Don't spoil a nice walk... -------------------- It was a near thing, but Xiu managed to bite down the protest that longed to worm its way from her lips. She'd already checked and double checked his bandages this morning alone, and he was recovering at a steady rate.. That didn't make her worry any less, however. Still...she knew Feng, and knew he was probably right. Chances are he most likely would have caused himself more harm tossing and shifting in boredom back in the infirmary. At least this way he got some careful exercise - nothing strenuous or harmful. Safe. "Sometimes I think you'd rather give up a leg than sit still for a day," Xiu sighed, but her tone was fond as she let the matter drop. She didn't want to sour his mood by coddling over him when he'd very clearly made his wishes known, because how often did she get time alone with her - with him? As long as she kept an eye on his wounds while they were out and about, he would be fine. Which is exactly when the shriek split the air. "What was that?!" Xiu gasped, startled, as another shriek followed the first. It sounded like some sort of bird, except not quite like anything she'd ever heard around Huangjing. And she would know, she frequented the surrounding areas often. "It sounds - it's in pain!" she asserted, as yet another shriek lit the air. Though this one was followed by voices - gruff, commanding, and thoroughly frustrated voices. -------------------- Feng flashed her another smile, one of those disarming smiles of the village troublemaker, skilled by practice in sweetening up the annoyed. "There are things I'd give up a leg for, but that's not quite it. I'm sure you'd dot he amputation wonderfully, though, should it ever come to that." He couldn't help but tease her; she would fuss over him so. Not quite so much as he, though, hearing the shriek of some one in distress. He jumped, almost on instinct flaring his wings, but the bandages still held. "Well? What are we waiting for then? Let's go!" Not even a pause for thought as he went off, though he did slow his pace after his body rebuked any attempt at running. Ye-owch, best walk... quickly, yes, but walk... -------------------- Even the sight of Feng's roguish smile, the one that would normally send her inner fires burning bright, weren't enough to distract her from the sounds - or from Feng as he charged headlong into the bush. "But you're in pain - !" Xiu cried out, and was ignored. Of course she was. Reckless, brave Feng who would never turn his back on the innocent in danger, be it a green-eyed Qilin believing she had what it took to make it in the world, or a creature in need of a helping hoof. Strong, brilliant Feng, with the resolve to change the fates of the world, even as his own body fought against him. With a helpless glance back towards the city just barely visible between the rows of trees, Xiu galloped to catch up to him. And abruptly came up short. It wasn't uncommon to see poachers in the area, not really. All sorts of exotic creatures were found in Huangjing - some gifts for the Empress, meant to gain her favor. Others for show and spectacle, in the capital city itself. Rarely were those exotic creatures seen outside the city, but it did happen from time to time, and the dishonorable were always all too ready to pounce on an opportunity. What wasn't common, however, was a Fenghuang. Many of its brilliantly vivid feathers were bent and ruffled, but still it screeched and scuffled as two ponies attempted to corral it into an open cage. Both seemed frustrated at the struggling, apparently worn out from its fight, but it was clear they had somehow managed to wrangle the best of it. One of its wings was bent awkwardly close to its body, the other flapping uselessly on the ground as it hopped to and fro, attempting to circumvent the Earth Pony and Pegasus. Clearly, it could not fly away, if it ever could. All of this came secondary to Xiu, because that was a Fenguang in front of her. If it had been a wolf, or a tiger, or some sort of bird of prey, she might have simply whimpered and hung back. But that was a Fenguang, and these ponies clearly had to be insane. "What are you doing?!" the Qilin cried out, hardly registering the ponies as they jolted in surprise, momentarily forgetting the bird whose tail feathers the Pegasus was grasping onto. The few pieces of clothing they were wearing were not Long in style - they looked Neighponese, in fact - but that could have been a simple deterrent to make it seem that they were not Long Guo natives. "You - that is a Fenghuang! How, dare you!" -------------------- There was indeed no hesitation from Feng as he barreled- er, ambled forward. Once he saw the situation in front of him, however, he was caught up short. Poachers. Two of them. Technically, as a member of the Watch, he had the power of arrests, and were he in full and fighting shape, he would take the odds of his training and skill against their greed. But right now, the bandaged-swathed longma knew that he was not an imposing figure. One good punch would take him out, for sure. This would call for subtlety... "Indeed." He chimed in right behind, putting all the bass authorative tones he could into his speech. "A great curse comes upon those who dare to harm such. I scared one off from a bush once, and look what happened to me!" While he himself could not breathe fire, Feng's affinity was wind, which came with it's own breath magic. As he talked, he exhaled a cool scent of mint and herbs, relaxing the minds of all who smelled it, making them just a tad bit readier to believe what they heard... -------------------- Xiu was vaguely aware of her mouth flapping open and closed like a fish desperately heaving for water on dry land. She was...incensed, to put it lightly, a feeling that had quickly begun warring with fear at the sight of the weapons that had glinted from the sparse sunlight. Daggers, they looked like, barely visible beneath their coats. But they were clearly poachers, and Xiu could only assume that they had tracked and followed the Fenguang far from its home in the Valley...or perhaps had been in the midst of transporting it when it had escaped. Either or, Xiu couldn't help but start as Feng's voice suddenly broke into the clearing, speaking as clearly and confidently as if he'd had a hundred Watchers backing him up. The Qilin couldn't help breathe a soft sigh of relief that he hadn't just gone charging into a battle he most likely would have lost, but that did not ease the tension in her shoulders as the two ponies glanced at each, then back towards her and Feng. And spoke. They were speaking Neighponese. Not native, then. Xiu's brow furrowed, drawing on her scant Neighponese. They were saying something...about "not bird," and "mistake" and..."taking care" of something. Pah! Made a mistake in getting caught. Still, Xiu followed Feng's lead as she drew in a deep breath, as eager as her friend was to jump into a fight. ["Leave bird. Go fast. Call guards."] she tried in halting Neighponese, trying her best to sound impressive and confident. Their gazes immediately turned wary, but still they made no move, their eyes trailing from her to Feng. "They're not budging," Xiu hissed under her breath to the Longma, "do you have a weapon? Or something of the Watch? They might recognize the symbol?" -------------------- Neighponese. Feng recognized the language, from his trips with the Empress along with the Shogun. He'd picked up a few words and phrases, particularly guard-relevant ones, after spending some time with the Shogun's own guard, Sanda. Good thing, too, as he'd need as much as he could get! ["Leave the premises immediately! There are sacred grounds of royalty! Leave all unmolested! The Watch has you in its sight!"] He hoped the force of his words, the language, and the mind-softening smell of his breath would be enough to shock them out of their plans. It seemed so; at the mention of the Watch, they both jolted, not wanting to run afoul of the legendary agency. And shortly after jolting, they began bolting. Feng held his breath until the noise of their parting faded away. "Well! That went considerably better than it had any right to. Night to have a scary reputation, ain't it?" -------------------- Xiu let out a gust of breath without even realizing she'd been holding it, entirely relieved that Feng had gotten the poachers to leave on their own accord. It must have been the soothing quality to the Longma's breath magic - subtle, yet undoubtedly effective. "I'd rather not get set in a Watcher's sights, yes," Xiu agreed faintly, eyes moving from the receding noise up to Feng's face - before a feeble cry abruptly reminded her of what he'd actually accomplished with his posturing, breaking Xiu out her daze as she galloped towards the downed bird. "Certainly explains why they held no qualms in attempting to capture a Fenghuang," the Qilin noted, voice bitter as she gingerly scooped the bird into her hooves. What on earth had Neighponese poachers been doing so close to Huangjing? Probably something for Feng to alert his superiors over...but for now, this was something she could do. "Come on, let's get him back to the infirmary!" It was a fairly short trip - they received more than their fair share of askance glances at the burden she carried, but they reached the relatively empty infirmary in short notice, and Xiu wasted no time in casting a basic Healing breath. A moment or two passed as the Qilin concentrated, and it was only after the splayed out create was stabilized did Xiu abruptly remember the thoughts that had passed her mind in the grove. "That was...very well done," she commended, eyes softening as she tore her gaze from the injured Fenghuang to Feng. Ah, hah...Fenghuang to Feng. "I mean - getting them to leave without even lifting a hoof," Xiu extrapolated, eyes softening as she looked at the Longma. Some thought the Watchers solely as unthinking weapons to be directed and used at the will of the Emperess, but...well. Clearly, they never interacted with the right Watchers. -------------------- All the while Xiu had been prepping and carrying the Huangjing back to the Infirmary, Feng had been doing some serious thinking. That had been lucky, something of a fluke, but it would probably not work a second time. And if Neighponese poachers were daring to come this far into Long Guo... there might well be a second time. Definitely would send a note to the higher-ups, though what the Censor would say to a note from him-who-must-be-put-on-rest-leave was... hm, actually pretty entertaining to imagine. "Well, I couldn't very well bodily eject them, could I? You're too good at tying a stallion down!" He laughed as she commented after her first healing breath. "But yeah, I've always been pretty good at getting my way. Had to learn to be a fast talker to keep out of too much trouble back home.. Heh, the village never thought I'd make it as a member of the Watch, but I'd like to think my foalhood was the perfect preparation." -------------------- 'Fast talker,' indeed. Xiu tried not to flush at Feng's words, but still failed - unintentional though they were, it was all too easy to imagine the Longma meaning something entirely different than the actual literal implication. It was a skill she thought must be unique to Feng, the ability to say something so blithely and innocently, yet still send her heart fluttering. Sometimes she wondered if he even did it on purpose. But even still, Xiu couldn't help but perk up slightly as the Longma spoke. She didn't know much about Feng's foalhood - the subject wasn't something that had come up often between the two of them, more focused on the here and now - but she did know that he had been quite the troublemaker. She wondered how much of that had actually been tempered out of him by the Watch...how much of him had been changed. A charming smile, carefree laughter...maybe the Watch hadn't changed him so much as directed him. She sincerely hoped so. "Fate has a way of working things out, I think," Xiu finally said, after sending another wave of Wood breath towards the Fenghuang. It stirred slightly on its pillow. "Your foalhood led you here, to the Watch...and to, me," the Qilin continued, with only the slightest hitch of her breath. "I would have...died, that day, if you hadn't been a troublemaker." Xiu laughed softly, more at herself, but couldn't tear her eyes away from Feng's own. Ancestors...if he started talking about Yue right now, she was going to have to cook up a feast to relieve the stress. -------------------- "Huh, so it does... " Xiu's remark had set Feng musing, his own eyes drifting back to the Fenghuang. Such a pretty bird... he blinked. Why did it not look like a bird right then? Must be his imagination. Or maybe he was tired; that might be it. Recovering from injuries and all that. "You gotta wonder sometimes if there isn't really something behind it. Bringing a guard in right at the moment when a mare comes to need him. Oh, and getting you out of trouble too! Guess I must just be lucky." He blathered on, innocently revealing how Xiu was not at the top of him mind. Hoo boy, it was a good thing he couldn't see the expression on her face right now. "Trouble is... I mean, it's a lot of good fortune, but I feel, I don't know, that I'm unable to get the most I can out of it? Am I missing something, or just expecting things to move as fast as I tend to do?" -------------------- ...Yup. The kitchens were hers tonight. And she wasn't going to stop cooking until she'd made up a feast worthy of the Empress herself. Because cooking had a way of keeping her calm and focused, ingredients and recipes all requiring her concentration and attention. It had a way of making her forget herself for a while, or forgetting other things...like Feng thinking of the Empress yet again when the two of them were alone together. Luckily for her, Feng's attention on the Fenghuang caused him to miss the pinched expression that passed over her face, before she forcibly smoothed it out with a deep inhale, and exhale. All the traits she so admired in the Longma that caused him to focus so intently on the Empress...would she feel the same if he didn't have those traits? Of course not. She couldn't love them without loving the result of them. She just...wished they had had a different result. "Maybe," Xiu started hesitantly, then paused, head ducking downwards for a moment. She valiantly attempted to fight off the flush that threatened to take hold of her face, but once again, failed. In turn, Xiu hid her face by scooting closer to Feng, occupying herself with pretending to check up on the bandages across his wings once again. "Maybe, what you seek is not what you need? Perhaps you're missing things because...because you're looking down a road that differs from where your fortunes would lead you. Lead you somewhere else...or to...someone else." -------------------- Single-minded pursuit of a goal was a tricky trait to have. On the one hand, it gave strength to the pursuer, but left him with blinders on his peripheral vision. Feng's ancestors had fallen to disaster through this, and it was not yet out of the question that he himself might do so too. "Hm?" His gaze pulled back up as Xiu came closer, seeming to check on his bandages again. "I guess... I mean, it really is kind of presumptuous of me to suppose I know ahead of time what destiny has laid out for me. I suppose the best I can do is to pursue the duty and desires I know I have, and let the fates do what they may." -------------------- What was that expression her father used to have? About blinders? And even then, they hadn't been wiling to do anything other than stick to the course they had thought was best for her. And them. It made sense, in an odd sort of way, though. Wasn't she doing the very same thing, in her own way? One could not control fate, so the only thing one could do was chase after one's own wishes and dreams. Playing the cards that fate dealt was the trick, though, rather than throwing out the cards to continue playing empty-hoofed. "Perhaps," Xiu conceded, and made one final tug on the wrappings. "But...well. I don't think you should...blind yourself to everything but your wants. You never know...you'll miss the fortunes the fates favor you with." So said, and with herself back under control, Xiu paused again - before darting forward with the strength of all her nerves, planting a quick and chaste kiss to the Longma's cheek. ...Which she had planned to follow up with a flowing remark on the blessings right in front of his face, but no sooner had she drawn in a breath when a burst of color had her flinching to the side, mouth falling open. The Fenghuang was...awash in rainbow colored flames, yet held no evidence of pain or burns. Instead the bird suddenly flew upwards from its pillow, soared once around the room, before coming to hover right in front of her face, and - Breathe. Its head pressed against her snout, and for one moment in time, her breath was that of the Fenghuang's. Quite abruptly, the bird reared backwards and soared around the room again, only to swoop down and repeat the same thing with the Longma at her side. So doing, the Fenghuang seemed to give a sort of satisfied chirp, before it returned to its pillow, its flames extinguishing as the creature curled its head under one wing. A very empathic posture for sleeping. "I," Xiu murmured, quite at a loss for words, because that was an ancestors-blessed Fenghuang. What little rules she knew of wildlife were, quite obviously, thrown out the window. "I suppose he's feeling better, then," the Qilin finally said, and this time, didn't bother fighting the smile that pulled at her lips. Words weren't always needed, after all. -------------------- Of course, there were only so many things a set of blinders could, well, blind one too. Typhoons, for one thing, had their way of making themselves known to the most determined traveler, blowing them right back through their own front doors. Passions of the heart, as well, could derail the very tides of history from their course. And, naturally, the sudden coming of a pheonix to life, swirling around the room and seeming to give a kind of magical bond to all present. Finding himself hit with two out of three, Feng was dazed, blinking in the force of events. Is this what others felt like when he went up against them? He looked to the mare that had just planted a quick kiss on him, back to the Fenghuang, back to Xiu again. "I..." He swayed on his hooves, feeling woozy. "I think I need to go back to bed and rest." It had been a busy day after all, despite Xiu's best efforts. It at least gave his brain something to chew on. -------------------- [[ End ]]
  15. It was early morning, about Four Am when a heavy wagon rolled into the Everfree Forest. Choosing a clearing that was apparently safe, Rune Writer stepped out of the wagon and put a crystal down. A bolt of magic to the crystal, and the crystal had grown to a fully sized tent for him to stay in for tonight. While he did have more amenities in the wagon, he didn't want to waste the magical power if he didn't need to. This was why he often saved the enchantments of the wagon, leaving them off unless he needed them. Sighing as he looked around the Everfree he remembered stories he had been told when he was younger, of how dangerous the Everfree was. Well he'd find out for himself if the place was so dangerous and if so deal with it. After all he had an assortment of magical weapons, his wagon and an arsenal of spells of Harmonic, Dark and Chaos Magic at his disposal. Surviving a few hours before he went into Ponyville shouldn't be that hard, right? In all honesty, it had been a rough trip from the Frozen North here, and Rune was looking forward to meeting the Princess whom Shadow had given the Red Sun Sword to and taking it back from her. It was a family heirloom, and was supposed to stay in the family.
  16. So, does anyone ever talk about Five Score Divided by Four, or is it just a quiet little story that people read and forget? I've heard plenty of 'discussion' over Fallout: Equestria, mostly because It's huuuge, and the fact that it's such a strange crossover throws a lot of people for a loop.. But what about Five Score? No, It's not a crossover, and no, It's not terribly long, but I read it and honestly.. It's extremely good. Sadly not as well written as Fallout: Equestria, but still, It is an incredibly well done fan fiction, that takes the time to talk about the mental changes and challenges of becoming a different species, and different gender. Or, more fittingly, reverting back to your original species and gender. The book is so amazing, and yet I hear next to no discussions, roleplays, or anything else of it, not even fan art.. Which is very depressing, considering some scenes would be very interesting to see. Have any of you even heard of this story? And if you have, where do you guys discuss it??
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