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  1. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Foxglove Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth pony Eye Colour: Bright purple Coat: white Mane/tail: Black with purple highlights. the highlights often change color between her appearances. Physique: Foxglove has a build that is rather lithely and impressively built. She’s in good shape but isn’t exceptionally strong. Residence: A fairly large two story cottage in the Hollow Shades. She occasionally leaves to attend booksignings, parties, family get togethers, and other things. Occupation: foxglove is a bestselling horror, fantasy, thriller author, having written hundred of books. The most popular of her books series being called “The Coldblood Chronicles”, a series about a detective who is called in on Equestria’s strangest cases that even the princesses could not explain... Cutie Mark: An eschewed five pointed star with an eye in it’s center. It all began on a trip to summer camp. Foxglove had been sent there by her parents. There had been rumors going around that the colt’s cabin was being haunted by somepony’s ghost… One night, Foxglove snuck under the crawlspace under the cabin and noticed something interesting. There was a small box that once she opened it up revealed a whole bunch of old photos of the camp in it’s beginnings, with a couple of photos of some strange young ponies. Somehow she felt that she should leave this place alone and make sure nopony else did. The next night around the campfire she spun a yarn about a pair of young ponies in love whose wrath would fall upon any who disturbed the resting place of their memories. Once she’d seen at the end of the summer that the place had been left alone and undisturbed she’d noticed a mark on her flank. History: Foxglove was born to a pair of earth pony florists in Canterlot. She gained her name because her eyes matched the color of the foxglove flowers that they grew in their garden. As a filly she seemed to be drawn to horror stories that always seemed to keep herself up at night. Under the covers of her bed, the little filly read of creepy spectres and eerie horrors that crept around in the dark corners of the earth. Dreams that normally might have scared the cutie mark off any normal foal were the things that Foxglove looked forward to every time she went to sleep. Growing up for the filly was rather interesting experience. In her younger days she was always looking around for the unexplainable. Despite her unconventional interests she was always viewed as an exceptional peppy and playful filly who loved to joke around and play with her classmates. Even as a younger filly she seemed drawn to unusual sort of gothic dark styles that she managed to pull off rather well with her color palette. After the filly gained her mark she began to start writing short stories. While she originally wasn’t too confident in them, her parents decided to send a few to a magazine and soon she wound up becoming a published author. Some time after she left Highschool she began to feel she was getting a bad case of writer’s block. In order to remedy that she began to travel all across the globe ,learned all the various obscure non unicorn magics, and supposed hauntings. In her time in all these places she found her inspiration seemed to come from the thrills and chills she got from the increasingly creepy situations. In addition to her experience with all the incredible things she seen, she also made sure to learn all about the various local myths on how to defend oneself from them; all of which she incorporated into an ongoing series of supernatural thriller novels she’d been thinking up… Upon her return she wrote her first book in ‘The Coldblood Chronicles.” A book about a hard nosed detective by the name of Coldblood Trotter who took on Equestria’s strangest cases. The recurring themes in her books were the ideas of ghosts and spectres being creatures who were empowered and given form by the popular consciousness’ thoughts and rumors about them, The hidden thoughts and darker sides of Equine given form, beings from beyond the stars and outside of reality trying to come into the world and driving someponies crazy. Her world building in the secret side of the world that her books often depicted was considered very impressive and the pantheon of entities she created thought of as fascinating. Since she became a bestselling author she has found the constant attention from presses and things is not really where she felt most at home. So to keep those who might spy on her personal life and leave her be when she felt she needed to be on her own, She made a rather controversial decision and decided to move to a cottage in the center of Hollow shades. Anypony, griffin, or otherwise would find this place incredibly difficult to spend very long one with all the mysteries and creepy occurrences there. Currently, Foxglove is living happily in a small two story cottage in the Hollow Shades on her own. The large amount of money that she receives from her books’ sales allows her the opportunity to travel and go to all kinds of places with mysterious and eldritch rumors to them, however she always returns and shortly after she seems to easily pump out an entirely new book in about a month or so. So far, Foxglove is fairly happy with her life. She does occasionally feel slightly lonely and as a result she will often leave her cottage and the Hollow Shades to spend sometime among other ponies and attend book signings. Character Summary: Foxglove is a well reviewed author of horror fiction, with her most popular book series being her Coldblood Trotter series. In addition to her talent as an author she is also fairly athletic, knowledgeable about a lot of paranormal theories, and due to her upbringing knows a great deal about flowers. Some rumors seem to fly around about her constant traveling to various haunting grounds have left their mark on her, as she carries a strange mysterious air about her and has a strange talent for suddenly appearing behind someone when they or noone else is looking. Ghosts, unknown magic, ancient curses, dark relics… all of theses are things that can easily pique Foxglove’s interests. When she is not involved in any of those things for the sake of her work she does in fact other interests to keep her busy. Having grown up around a pair of botanists she has a fairly useful knowledge of flowers and plant life, however she seems to know most about plants that have magical properties to them. Besides botany, Foxglove has a particular love for certain styles of fashion; particularly gothic styles. Her usual outfit with consists of a necklace with her own mark on it, a black camisole, some black boots, and a black umbrella made of various magical materials she’d gathered across the world on her travels. until recently it hasn’t been very often one could catch this elusive author anywhere besides the latest place that’s caught her fancy, but lately it seems she’s been spotted out in public a lot more often. Around other ponies she’s very jovial, witty, and occasionally snarky. The easiest way to tell that she’s shown up in any setting would be to listen for a cry of surprise from the first pony she speaks to due to how most seem not to notice her until she’s right next to them and talking. Despite her rather dark and gothic stylings most find she is very pleasant company to have around. The things that Foxglove often fails at are first impressions. The first time a pony might meet her she may seem a bit odd; with her dark fashion but bright personality seemingly contradicting each other intensely. Another fault is that when she wants to be left alone to write her work… it’s best to leave her alone. If she’s interrupted while writing she has a tendency to be very short and hostile towards anypony who bothers her. There are quite a few things that Foxglove fears, however her love of her craft has caused her to confront these fears at every turn so she can use them better in her books. She still can be afraid, but it’s incredibly hard to get her to show it. In a way, she is a bit afraid of other ponies who can’t relate to her as easily; being scared of offending them in someway. In some ways, Foxglove has begun interacting with the public considerably more so she can not only better write characters she is unfamiliar with more convincingly, but to also better herself. Missing a deadline for her book is something that scares her more than any possible spectre could, as aresult she tends to spend weeks without sleeping and writing nonstop… then collapsing into a tired heap just after she puts her manuscript in the mailbox then re-enters her home.
  2. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Presteza Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Colour: Icy blue Coat: A yellowish tan Mane: Slightly over medium length, wavy and unkempt, Bangs Cover her left eye, back/lower portion of her mane kept in a for lack of a better term a low ponytail held by three bands and the ends of which looking as if dipped in paint or ink and giving it a paintbrush look. Tail: Long, slightly wavy, and unkempt with the end having a similar dipped in paint look as her mane although without the bands. Physique: Has a fairly normal build for a mare but has a bit more strength in her than a typical unicorn.Often wears a blue scarf. Residence: Has no permanent residence due to her constant travels. Occupation: Wandering painter and adventurer Cutie mark: A magical swirl surrounding a normal looking paintbrush, melding with the brush around its ferrule. As a filly Presteza was constantly looking at pictures and paintings, spending most of her time in her art class in the high class school her parents sent her to, despite this she was too afraid to try it herself because of her inability to use telekinesis like other unicorns and her love of painting details wasn't sated with only the use of her hooves or her teeth. Often finding herself fascinated with the paintings of professional art ponies she would often sneak out to buy book depicting many beautiful painting that would bring multitudes of emotion from her. On one particular walk an older mare Calling herself Atelier approached her and asked if she could paint a portrait of the filly, having heard of her family and hoping to paint one of them. She hesitantly agreed and after a few more visits with her new friend and eventually opened up to her, telling her of her magical problems and her fascination with the arts. The kind-hearted artist gave her portrait she made of her young friend and the filly spent a great deal of her private time admiring the painting for the brushwork she was learning about in her time with her friend. One day when they visited the local park Atelier asked her if she wanted to paint this place, after a few moments of stuttering objections she was finally persuaded. The first attempt was a clumsy affair using her hooves, the second attempt was only somewhat better while using her mouth and teeth to hold the brush, but the final product still looked off. Nearing the point of giving up her friend suggested using her telekinesis and thinking of all the she loves about paintings, she was hesitant; she could barely hold a piece of paper aloft with telekinesis. It took a bit more nudging from her friend, but eventually she tried. Concentrating her hardest she lifted the paintbrush up, engulfing it in her magical aura and with a great deal of focus on her painting. She produced a beautiful scenic painting of the park, with everypony in the background and foreground of her vision detailed nearly perfectly, as the crowds gathered she felt an undeniable sense of pride welling up within her and with that she gained her mark. Unique traits: As a mare descending from a long line of professional spellcasters, Presteza has an extraordinary amount of magical power and potential that she is both unaware of... and probably wouldn't care about as she prefers sticking to her painting. Her upbringing where she had quite a great deal of expectations placed on her by her parents has resulted in a great deal of self doubt that interferes with her magic to the point she is unable to perform basic telekinesis if she even doubts herself a little. Her painting is an exception because she feels truly at piece and doesn't feel any anxiety or stress building up on her when she is levitating her brush and if she is in immediate danger and is sufficeintly focused she can show magical aptitude that lives up to her pedigree. Since gaining her cutie mark she has learned that she is capable of using magic normally but has found she is only capable of casting and regulating her magic by using her favorite paintbrush as a conduit for it. If her brush is knocked away from her her magic becomes unreliable and difficult to control if she tries to cast anything in the normal fashion. While so far the only spells she has learned how to cast are majorly wind oriented she is fully capable of learning how to channel other spells and applying them in her own unique method. A list of spells can use: A spell that dashed her in her chosen direction at a great speed, can easily be mistaken for a short range teleport but is incapable of going through any kind of matter. Simple frontal barrier spell. can be melded with her wind magic to surround herself in a whirlwind. Cloudwalking spell that is applied by channeling her magic into her brush and painting a horseshoe pattern on her hooves magically enlarges and hardens her paintbrush to use as a makeshift staff can summon a small ball of light that hovers above her and functions as a lantern Can "paint" magical moving images in her likeness that can serve as decoys A powerful but thin blast of wind capable of cutting through stone Character History: Presteza was born in Trottingham to a pair of rich, Noble pony unicorns: a stallion named Astral dusk and mare named Mythic shine both having come from a line of talent magic using unicorns. The foal was named for showing how quickly she could take to something, usually solving an toys that her parents bought her that required creativity or a quick wit in a flash. Life for the Filly growing up was somewhat uncomfortable, Time taken up by a great deal of magical studies that she always failed at and other portions of life being taken to fancy parties all dolled up. Her lack of patience for these things were often chided by her parents, but she never found any of this “Fancy stuff” to her liking. When her parents listened to classical music, she was listening to Jazzy types of music and excessively lively and passionate sounding beats she could dance to. When her aunts and uncles loved the lavish parties and dressing up, She found it dull and preferred to play outside even in the rain. Most problematic of all was her inability to control her own very potent magic to the point where her sneezing would make her accidentally cast the latest spell she'd learned of albeit on an often smaller scale. Upon gaining her Cutie mark as a filly she was nervous about telling her parents about it, while naturally they weren't exactly thrilled especially seeing as they were going to have to cancel her application to the school for talented in unicorns in Canterlot in the hopes they could help her learn to control her magic, but they still loved their daughter and did what they could to support her but not having her live up to her own notable magic potential still seemed like a waste. Having read about all the wonderful, beautiful , and fascinating things and scenes in Equestria she decided she wanted to travel and see and paint as many of them as she could. Traveling alone in the world was obviously not the safest thing for a filly her age to do so they sent her brother to watch over her until she was old enough to travel alone. Life with her big brother, Silverheart on the road was at first pretty tense. Her big brother originally intending to apply for the royal guard but this sudden request from his parents to watch over his little sister until she was a mare was a rather notable setback. Silverheart and Presteza's personalities would often clash, especially at the start where Silverheart seemed distant and almost rushing the filly from place to place. Silverheart was much more calm and cool headed than his sister and preferred thought to action while Presteza would leap into a situation without thinking. The Most trying moment of their travels was when they traveled to the cold northern mountains bordering the crystal kingdom and in presteza's excitement she got lost in a snowstorm while trying to find the best place to paint the mountain peaks. It took almost an entire day for Silverheart to find her and it felt almost an eternity for the frightened and freezing filly who managed to find shelter in a cave. Silverheart was almost entirely sure she'd just yell at him for letting her get lost, but instead she threw herself into him and sobbed in relief into her brother. It was going to be a long while before the snowstorm let up and Presteza seemed to be catching a cold... not that she was willing to admit after having cried into her brother. The increasing number of her magical sneezes were becoming an issue though and Silverheart didn't want the fire he made to go out, but most importantly he didn't want his sister to freeze so he gave her his blue scarf. After a night where the filly slept peacefully against the stallion the storm had finally cleared and things they returned to their routine. Presteza painted the mountains but it seemed Silverheart didn't rush her at all, he just watched smiling a short smile as the filly painted away. While the hardships and adventures they endured in Equestria were often quite difficult, their time in the mountains had been both their scariest adventure and the day they'd been closest. Once having reached Mare-hood Presteza bid her brother a sad goodbye at a train station in Dodge city, as she started to leave before she noticed a familiar looking garment being levitated lightly around her neck. It was her brother's scarf he lent her in the mountains, a small note on it saying she'd probably forget to try and keep warm without it. Before she could give it back the train was already leaving and Silverheart was waving goodbye from the caboose. Presteza went on and intends to go to even more fascinating (and sometimes dangerous) places. She sends paintings of her adventures back to her family as well as a few letters to her family every month. Character Summary: Presteza's Talent's extend to painting in various styles including but not limited to Acrylic, watercolor, and Oil and is capable producing incredibly detailed and high quality works very quickly and also being able to channel magic through her paintbrush. She has a fairly nice singing voice that can be heard if she thinks she's alone and wishes to liven up a lonely and quiet trip. Because of her problems using telekinesis and reluctance to use magic unless to defend herself in a tight spot she has taken to and developed an affinity for doing things the earth pony way, often using her teeth and/or hooves to hold objects. Her favorite benefit to this method is that it has made almost as strong as an earth pony is so tasks that require lots of physical aptitude aren't as big a deal for her. While she has mostly gotten control of any magical misfiring she still has issues with controlling her magic when she sneezes and as a result steers clear of daisies which she is allergic to. Ever since she discovered her talent one dream has been on her mind every day and night; To be the greatest painter in Equestria and travel outside of it and paint all the beautiful and wonderful things she finds and bring them back to show everypony what some of them may never get to see. Her love of travel was mostly kindled by the stories she read as a foal of Saddle Arabia and of the homelands of the Zebras. Because she wanted to do more than just see what the world beyond Equestria was like she wanted to experience it for herself she often tries to do so before she paints target, a good example would be when she volunteered for a few weeks on a farm so she could understand how farming ponies did and felt about their livelihood. Presteza has boundless enthusiasm and love for all forms of artistic expression whether it be within her abilities or not and often takes time to watch performers or musicians work when she gets the chance or has the bits. She loves many types of music but has a strong preference for music that can be danced to or make a pony feel happy to be alive. Around other ponies she shows a bit of a tomboyish nature with tendency to become somewhat boisterous if her abilities are praised and can get rather depressed if somepony says it's not good enough, whereupon she will often obsess over making the painting better. Presteza gets along best with other artists and good natured ponies, however because of her trouble with the life of the upper class she often has problems with ponies who think they are better than others because of their upbringing. Despite her time on the road and experiences traveling she still shows signs of her sheltered upbringing with being rather gullible and easily manipulated, especially if her ego is pandered to, some of her other faults would be her natural lack of patience and near inability to stay still unless in an emergency... and even then it's pretty hard for her, She also has a habit of getting so engrossed in her work that she forgets to eat luckily she makes her characteristic straw hat that not only shields her from the sun, it makes for a handy snack and is easily replaceable. The items she finds most valuable are the Scarf given to her by her brother and the paintbrush Atelier gave her to paint her first landscape. Thanks to a bit of training from her big brother in the REA and her own physical aptitude from a life of doing things the earth pony way she is a competent combatant when it comes to fighting physically. While she prefers to stick to the normal method of fighting against threats she is has learned to use her unique method of casting to channel spells that can greatly help her in combat. While she does indeed possess great magical power she has little notice of it and even then because of a lifetime of heavy expectations has a great deal of self-doubt in the subject of traditional magic casting. Her magical performance and how well she applies her magic often depends on her mental state, such as if she is in a state of focus and concentration she is capable of performing exceptionally well. If she is depressed or doubting herself in some way her magic seems to barely function at all. Her normal state in a fight however could be described as confident and playful, often making playful remarks at her opponents(s) to convince them (and herself) that she is much better than she lets and is just teasing them. Her typical strategy is to use her wind abilities to dash and speed and jump around her opponents and either blow them away with powerful blasts of wind of varying intensity or surround herself in a barrier spell and then ram into her assailant. Portrait:
  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Sky Write Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Deep Purple Coat: White Mane/Tail: Sky has a dark purple mane and tail with a light blue streak running down both. The style is like a "bed-head" one, messy, but still presentable. Physique: Sky has an average body build, not very strong of athletic but well enough to do simple things. He's not very fat or skinny, again, rather average sized. Residence: Sky is a resident of Canterlot. Occupation: Sky is part of Canterlot's weather team. Though, at this time, he's still a rookie. Cutie Mark: Sky's cutie mark is pretty simple, a quill in the writing position behind a pair of simple reading glasses. Sky discovered his talent while he was working on a school project. The project was to write a 500 word story, about anything at all, school appropriate of course. Sky Write went well beyond the limit, turning in a 2000 word fiction about an adventurous earth pony who discovers her special talent while searching for a medallion deep in the Everfree Forest. His cutie mark appeared after he finished writing the story, and he couldn't have been more excited. Well, he was as excited as an exhausted pony who stayed up all night writing could be anyway. History: Sky Write grew up with a middle class family. They weren't the "fancy" type of ponies that are usually found in Canterlot, no they were just an average family. But they couldn't be happier living like that. His mother was very caring, she treated him very well and didn't like to see him in pain. She was a nurse at a local hospital, she was good at what she did. The only reason she didn't want to accept a job that was higher in the ladder was that that meant more time she would have to spend away from her family. Sky's father was a member of the royal guard. The hours were tough, but they definitely could have been worse. He worked the day shift, which usually meant that he was working while Sky was at school and his mother was at the hospital. All was going well, as happy a family as any ever could be. When Sky got his cutie mark, his family was proud of him and they had good reason to be. Sky was very good at writing, he would always write short stories and show them to his parents, who enjoyed reading them. After about a year of work, Sky finished his first real fiction. He never submitted it though, he didn't know how at the time and it has been sitting in his folder ever since. Sky eventually saved up enough money to be able to afford a place of his own. He purchased a small house on the outskirts of Canterlot and found good work on the local weather team. Character Summary: Sky Write likes his alone time. He does spend time with other ponies and easily talks to new ponies he meets, but when he does end up being alone, he doesn't mind it. He is a very friendly pony once you get to know him, and if he doesn't want to talk to you, you'll know it. He is very straight and to the point. One of his best qualities is his honesty, you will almost never find him telling a lie, no matter how insignificant. As his cutie marks shows, he is a very vivid and creative writer. He can quickly master anything having to do with writing. He is also smarter than many other ponies, he did very well in school. He is creative in his approach to overcome obstacles, even if he uses a simple approach, he will usually tweak it a bit to make it unique. This applies to nearly any kind of challenge. Sky's dream, of course, is to become a famous author all over Equestria. He is just waiting for his big break. One of Sky's favorite ways to pass the time is to just fly around in the sky. He likes to relax on clouds as they float around and think about his life and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. The one thing that Sky cannot stand is the "high-and-mighty" attitude of many of the other residents of Canterlot. He doesn't like anypony who believes that they are better than other ponies just because they are better at certain things. Braggers and boasters are definitely on his list of dislikes as well. During his free time, Sky is either working on a particular story or flying around and relaxing in the sky and on the clouds. Although he isn't an amazing flyer, he still likes to feel the wind as it runs through his mane and especially as it flows through his feathers. Sky is, overall, a likable pony. Although he doesn't have as many friends as others think he would, the ones he does have usually enjoy his company. It isn't very hard for Sky to make new friends, he is one of those ponies that are just easy to talk to. Even though Sky isn't shy around other ponies, he still has trouble with public speaking. Being on the same level with other ponies is different from standing in front of them with all eyes on him. He also has a bit of a temper, not to the point of exploding at somepony, but if he doesn't like you or something you said, you'll know it. One of Sky's biggest fears is failing under pressure. He can't stand the thought of failing at something that mattered so much. This normally applies to important matters, but can also apply to simple things as well.
  4. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Bebop Slide Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Amber Coat: Chocolate brown Mane/Tail: Light tan,Medium length with a slight cow lick Physique: average build for a filly Residence: A cabin on the outskirts of ponyville with her Grandparents. Occupation: None Cutie Mark: None as of yet History: Bebop was born in Dodge junction to pair of famous musicians, a stallion Named J-Bass and a mare named Blue harp. She was named after the music she (tried to) dance to as a foal. As a foal Bebop was often very quiet but a very happy foal. While her quiet nature at first alarmed her parents they only grew more worried when she became of the age when she was supposed to be able to learn words. No matter how much she would try to say something she was quieter than a mouse. After a trip to the doctor they were told that her vocal cord were underdeveloped and she would not be able to speak at all. Soon the family began to teach the foal how to read and write and gave her her own little notebook to write down what she wished to say to anypony. Her parents, being famous musicians would often travel and while Bebop loved to hear them play she was often saddened by the fact she was never able to stay in one place long or make any friends. Her parents realized that it probably wasn't best for their daughter on the road like this but they didn't have it in them to let their fans down. Lucky for bebop, her parents, and the fans Bebop's grandparent's Ebony Riff and Hazel Shred said they would be happy to take care of her. Bebop had always loved spending time with her grandparents in their small home on the outskirts of Ponyville, in fact when she started dancing to one of their old records as a foal is how she got her name. So one day after a show in Canterlot J-bass and Blue left their filly in the loving hooves of her grandparents. Everyday Bebop writes a letter to them detailing her misadventures and mishaps in town and asks when they will be around to visit her. Reaching Fillyhood Bebop began to find it difficult to get ponies attention, particularly that of her classmates. She might have been voiceless but she sure as hay wanted to be heard. Ever since she was young she loved music so she began to practice with a harmonica as well as a guitar so she decided to bring her Harmonica where she went and for the sake of fun she would play something by ear and adjust the sound of it depending on her mood as she wrote down what the wanted to say on her notepad. Character Summary: Bebop is a kindhearted and a talented musician. Although she has yet to gain her cutie mark she shows great promise when it comes to music, being able to play the harmonica and guitar like an old pro and also being to use her telekinesis with great efficiency to the point she is able to shred her guitar. Since she often found it difficult to get ponies attention or make how she felt adamantly clear she had decided to use her music to express herself to great effect. While she is still extremely fond of music she is a bit self conscious about her lack of a cutie mark and voice. While she can often feel envious of ponies with beautiful singing voices she is determined to make the best of what she has. While she does indeed try to be social she often finds it very difficult because her attempts to accentuate any statement made with her notepad is sometimes not appropriate and can feel a bit sad if her harmonica is taken away or she is kept from using it. Despite looking like the quiet and eager to please type of filly, if she gets to know somepony well enough she may start taking subtle jabs at them in her written statements or giving them looks if they do something she considers stupid and even may start giving them musical accompaniment for their situations such as a dramatic sting during a tense moment which she will stop if asked firmly to. Bebop is already quick to stand up to bullies or prima donna ponies who disrespect anypony she considers her friends. A major flaw in her personality would her rather constant critique of things around her and her lack of a "filter" when it comes to voicing her thoughts to other ponies, often she borders on brutal honesty but with time she could get over this. While she is indeed willing to stand up for other ponies she often seems to have a bit of trouble difficulty standing up for herself, often being dragged into problems or situations because she just goes with the flow mostly voicing her opinions but not considering going out of her way to do anything unless the situation has gone way south. Portrait:
  5. Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria Name: Silverheart Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Colour: Bright green Coat: Bright Grey Mane/Tail: White and slightly curly with silver streaks. Both mane and tail about medium length Physique: Slender and on the short side. Can easily be mistaken for a mare. Residence: Born in Trottingham but after joining the Royal guard he is wherever they need him to be. Occupation: Royal guard Cutie mark: A shield with a gavel on top Ever since foalhood he seemed to have a strong desire to keep things orderly. At year one he began to stack and line up number and alphabet blocks and would make an incredible fuss anytime they got knocked over. Even as a colt he could never keep calm unless something was clean or neatly arranged in his classroom to the point he would interrupt his teacher to tell her she left the chalk on her desk and not on the chalkboard tray. His commitment to keeping things orderly was truly put to it's test when two new students arrived and would constantly make a mess of things in the classroom as well as make a lot of ponies feel bad. This was getting truly annoying for Silverheat because while he may have grated on other classmates he befriended with his quirk for order, one of the things he believed was supposed to be part of order was happiness. One day on a school sponsored scavenger hunt he was assigned to work with these two delinquents to find the designated objects on the list. They had shown up unkempt and were constantly playing pranks on other participants and eventually on him. The first "prank" was him getting splashed with water, the next was leading him into a deep pit of mud. As he sat their looking at how messy he'd become he realized he just couldn't deal with them anymore. He pulled himself out of the mud and went off on the two, giving them a longwinded and anger ridden speech that left them... speechless and wide eyed, then ... they were sorry. They had said they didn't know their pranks and horseplay was making other ponies miserable. Silverheart felt sorry for them and decided he would teach them how to better conduct themselves around other ponies... or at least understand when that sort of thing was acceptable. As they walked and talked all the way back to the teacher the two pointed out that Silverheart had his cutiemark. Character History: Silverheart was born to a mare named Mythic shine and a stallion named Astral Dusk, a pair of rich nobleponies in Trottingham, both of them being rich nobleponies from a long line of talented magic using unicorns. Silverheart was named for his silvery grey coat and his rather tendency to whine whenever he saw somepony or some creature sad. When he went to school he was often confused for a filly to the point even teachers would make that mistake. Silverheart would often have difficulty making friends in school because of his fervent belief in keeping things orderly and that all things should be a certain way. After getting his cutie mark on his school Scavenger hunt and deducing it's meaning he spent a fair amount of time trying to figure a profession that would be the best suited for his talent. One day after seeing a guard in trottingham helping out the citizens and seeing how happy ponies were to receive his help he figured that was the job he should do. Due to his lineage and seemingly having a knack for learning spells quickly he was eventually chosen to attend the School for gifted unicorns in Canterlot. There he excelled at several subjects, with his most problematic subjects were healing magic and illusion spells. Despite his magical aptitude it never really made him happy as he didn't think magical skill alone was fitting for a guard, so when he had free time or was certain he didn't need to study he would often work out and try and make himself more fitting of how he thinks a guard should be. During their time together Silverheart was rather distant to his sister while still remaining close and keeping a watchful eye on her. Any problems they had were typically dealt with by her brother's potent magic even when Presteza was usually the one who dragged them into trouble. SIlverheart never really took the time to watch his sister paint, in his mind this was just a tedious chore he had to deal with and the sooner he got it over with the sooner he could apply to the guard. One night on a trip to the peaks of the northern mountains that bordered where the (now not so)mythical crystal kingdom he had one of the more sobering nights of his life. The biting cold of a blizzard had left both the sibling's tensions high which culminated in a fight. It didn't take him a less than a second to realize his mistake but he wasn't fast enough to apologize before sister shouted that if he felt that way he should just go home and leave her alone before she galloped into the storm all alone. Silverheart bolted after her but the snow covered her hoof-prints faster than he could track her down. The stallion could just kick himself, he really messed up, he had insulted his sister in a way he knew would get under her skin and he still had said it like it was an undeniable fact to a filly who had thought she found something that could make other ponies happy. After several hours that seemed like an eternity the stallion was just about ready to give up hope and have to wait until the storm ended but he needed shelter first. Lucky for him he found a cave that could keep him safe until the storm ended; he could only hope his sister had done the same. Once he came in from the cold he saw what could be the most relieving sight in his life. He saw his little sister crying and shivering. The stallion manage to calm his sister down a bit and explain that it was him and he was looking for her all night. He was about to apologize again when he was cut off by his little sister throwing herself against him and sobbing, saying how happy she was to see him. The night in the mountains had given silverheart a kind of revelation. While she spent most of his life believing that things had to be a certain way and any deviation from convention could be disatrous he realized that... sometimes an unsuspected change could be quite a good experience The day had finally come, his sister had grown up and now was strong enough to take care of herself... although he worried about her naivety. She was still pretty new to things outside of the Trottingham nobility. The siblings had decided to part ways at Dodge Junction's train station. The two have each other a farewell hug and Silverheart got on the train. As he took his seat he felt sad he didn't have anything he could give her to remember him by. As his eyes drifted to his favorite blue scarf he remember the night in the mountains and realized, it looked pretty good on her and quickly wrote down a note. Galloping to the caboose as the train's whistle blew he levitated the scarf over to his still waving sister's neck and wrapped it around her. He could tell she wanted to give it back but the train was already leaving and he felt his note explained enough. Upon getting back home he made his way to the closest barracks and applied. soon enough he was excepted although his looks once again came back to haunt him as he was mistaken for a mare multiple times during the application process. During the training process Silverheart performed admirably although his weak build caused quite a few problems, but his use of magic seemed to more than make up for it. After joining the guard he learned it was not nearly as exciting as he thought, so he tended to jump at the chance to help anypony who needed it. Since first joining he has come to accept that the job of a guard is to protect Equestria and help it's citizens and is considerably more laid back when it comes to his job. Every month he sends a letter back to his family in Trottingham, often asking how his sister is doing on the road... and worrying himself to death if the letter arrives later than usual. Character Summary: While Silverheart may appear rather annoying due to his insistence on cleanliness, he is actually very sweet and quite kind. due to his sheltered lifestyle he is still very naive about the lifestyle of common ponies to the point he could be considered thick headed, which isn't too far off. Silverheart is very prone to spacing out and daydreaming especially when bored. While he is a very magically inclined unicorn he was taught as a colt many times that those who have great gifts should not be prone to brag about them so he rarely mentions his magical aptitude or his time at the school for gifted unicorns to anypony and lets his skill speak for itself when the need arises;such as when somepony needs help or rescuing. While he does have a bit of pride due to his noble lineage, he does not subscribe to the thought that the upperclass is fundamentally better than the normal ponies that allow them to even maintain their normally lavish lifestyle. He understands that the commonponies are just as important to Equestria as the princesses are and is determined to treat them kindly but not tolerate those who misbehave. On his time off duty Silverheart often find himself either reading, knitting or sewing, the books series he often reads often include a lot of adventure stories such as a Daring do. When off duty he is often seen wearing a bright blue scarf that he made himself. Often his interactions with other ponies can be quite pleasant as long as they don't appear dirty or unkempt. His obsession with order often shows itself at it's worst when he sees a messy room or when a letter arrives late or if he misses an appointment to the point he will become borderline depressed and viewing himself as a failure, luckily he can be easily snapped out of it and will work very hard to fix any situation within his abilities. What does not help other ponies confusion between Silverheart's gender would be his very androgynous but leaning toward feminine sounding voice. Since he kept finding his mane would grow back very fast after cutting it he eventually relented and just let it grow out. While he still is occasionally bored by the lack of action in the guard he still believes Equestria needs to remain vigilant, especially with the attack on Canterlot during the royal wedding. His dream as of lately is to raise through the ranks of the R.E.A. and command his own mares and stallion's one day and bring as much order to the world as he can. When on duty he has to wear a smaller than average set of of armor that was designed for mares and often prefers to wear his scarf instead of his standard issue helmet. His time In the REA has earned him a small reputation among others members as being overly tidy and somewhat stoic, but genuinely kind and loyal to his friends. Portait:
  6. Roleplay Type: free for all Name: pixel bit Sex:male Age: younger stallion Species:Pegasus Eye colour: green Coat: the hind legs are a dark gray that fades to white the closer it is to his head.he wears a hoodie and a tie. Mane/Tail: short, spiked, brown hair. The mane is just a longer longer version of his mane. He has a short, kept beard. He regularly wears a Beanie. He can't see well so he wears glasses. Physique: normal, a little bit taller than average ponies. Residence: canterlot university dorm Occupation: collage student Cutie Mark: A pair of headphones with a number eight between it. He got it from being a gamer and a music creator, mostly electronic. When he was a DJ at a party when he was younger, he didn't have a record to play there in time. So, he compromised and remixed an awesomely astounding track... LIVE!(and that's pretty hard to do...) History: being born in canterlot, he's always had it easy. He had fashion, money, friends... Any thing you can think of! While not one of the smartest in school, he has always been the brightest. This is what made him the most likable guy around! He's always on his hoofs ( toes... I don't know! ), ready to travel any where! He's also one of the most trustable guy around, too. He picked up a habit of playing video games at a young age, so putting down the controller won't happen any time soon. When he entered collage, things changed. His parents passed away . And if that wasn't bad enough, now he's the target of a group of bullies because of his past time. He's now a straight A and B student, which just adds fuel to the fire for the bullies. Now he's just trying to gain some more friends so he can gain dignity and self-confidence. Character Summary:pixel has always wanted the center of attention, this is what makes him both funny, and sometimes, obnoxious. He always seems to cheer someone up, even in their darkest days. Bullies are ruling his life he's a "nerd" in their eyes. Pixel has and will always love video games and music! And finally,the only thing pixel fears are bullies and dragons. Other: he has multi-personality disorder and has severe depression at points anxiety or pain. This is why he needs to take these red pills prescribed to him by doctors.
  7. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Mistral Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye color: Violet Coat: White Mane/Tail: Black, long and wild looking yet clean and combed often. Physique: Average build at first glance but has most of her strength in her wings and Is shorter than your average mare Residence: Born in Manehattan but travels alot Occupation: Professional con artist of con artists but makes due as a freelance weather pegasus Cutie mark: a purple rose on top of a masque One day on a day off from school Mistral and her friend were told about a pegasus who kept challenging other fillies and colts to beat him in a race. the loser having to give them their lunch bits for the entire week. The course was a long series of loops, the largest loop of the course seemed to go through a very large and thick cloud bank. As soon as he said go she was already rocketing past him but he was doing well at keeping up with her even though he was pretty far behind. As they reached the largest loop of the course with the heavy cloud bank they both were both unable to see each other. Just as she came out of the cloud bank she noticed her opponent was already rapidly approaching the finish line! Pushing herself as far as she could go she couldn't make it in time... she had lost. How could she have lost to this colt? she was the fastest flyer at school and she was beaten by somepony she never even met... but then she realized something. The colt looked like he hadn't even broken a sweat, he wasn't even panting! She knew she was being viewed as a sore loser but something about this seemed really off. One day instead heading home as soon as school let out she went to chat with the colt soon learning his name and a few other things. One day when Mistral had art class she "borrowed" a bit of paint from the classroom for a trick she had planned for the next race. The day of the race soon came and ever since Mistral took Lance on his offer to hang out sometime he had been much more lax around her and she made sure to give him a hug before he went off. Little did lance know she left a noticeable hoof-print of paint on the back of his vest. Lance and his opponent sped as fast as they could through the course and mistral waited on the sidelines waiting for the result, it seemed lance had won again. She asked her fellow pegasi there if they noticed anything different before pointing at "Lance's" vest , which was spotless. She told some of her schoolmates to make sure "Lance" stuck around and flew into the largest loop, leading back the true Lance! Lance had a twin brother. Mistral explained that Windy Lance's brother Gusty hid in the largest loop of the course's thick clouds and emerged a few seconds after his brother's entry. As she heard her classmates applause at her cunning and her exposing of the two frauds, she noticed one colt was staring at her flank. She was going to tease him about it... but then she was stuck staring as she realized she had her mark! History: Mistral was born in Manehattan to pair of humble weather pegasi named Autumn Cloud and Winter Breeze. It didn't take long before the little pegasus began to make use of her wings, often seen zooming around the apartment and bumping into things and hurting herself, strangely enough though she always seemed to be the most active on cold days and in winter. One day the peppy little pegasus rocketed past her mother's head, kicking up a strong wind in her wake that reminded her mother of a strong wind back where she was born and thus the couple settled on the name, Mistral. When the constant crashes were getting to be too overwhelming to the couple they wound up taking the foal to the doctor. After a lot of squirming and crying on Mistral's part, the doctor deduced that the foal had absolutely horrible eyesight, a case of nearsightedness to be honest and the speed at which she flew made her practically blind as already fuzzy images in her head turned to indistinct blobs. The parents were very worried about their daughter if she was unable to see less than two hooves in front of her so they resolved to by the foal who was approaching early fillyhood glasses. As a filly Mistral was a bit mischievous and had a bit of an attitude in her paired with a hint of overt cockiness. Often she would find herself and her friends fleeing from stallions, mares, and classmates who were victim to Mistral's little jokes. At school there were few parts of the day that she genuinely enjoyed, she did enjoy learning about things but usually the stuff in school just bored her to sleep. Gym class was by far her least favorite subject though, since even she had to admit she had the strength and hardiness of a twig and was noticeably shorter than the rest of her class. She had a tendency to get winded easily when galloping and almost anytime she was involved in tug of war and she wasn't allowed to fly she seemed to guarantee a loss for her team. There were two things that she found didn't make her feel like she could pass out from exhaustion, one was flying, the other was her tricks and tendency to outsmart her classmates, neither of which she could be considered a slouch at. In her years of older fillyhood bordering on marehood the pegasus found herself in a rather difficult position as her father and mother had taken new jobs at the rainbow factory in cloudsdale and that required them to move. It wasn't easy on the filly. All the friends she'd known all her life were in Manehattan and now she just had to up and leave them. After many heartfelt goodbyes and promises to write, her and her parents made their move to Cloudsdale, all the way trying to comfort the depressed filly with the thought of new friends. These promises of potential new friends and memories fell on deaf ears as she was stuck staring at the city of Manehattan as it shrunk past the horizon. Once the family arrived in Cloudsdale Mistral was left speechless by the fantastic city. It was positively incredible but still it demanded a lot of change to come from her. The first day of school was interesting as she gained a fair bit of attention due to her way of speaking, her attitude, her love for tricks, and when she felt like it she could show she was one of the best flyers in the school. It was during her time in her school in Cloudsdale that she gained her cutie mark and she took to it with a great deal of enthusiasm, she often went around learning card tricks and techniques to help her with her interpretation of what she was best at: Conning Con artists. As a mare Mistral came to the realization that while she was good at what she did, she wasn't going to get much use out of it in Cloudsdale and even then it wasn't the steadiest source of income. She still was an exceptional flyer and she didn't think she'd do too bad at the Wonderbolt Academy... but then again that seemed to require a bit more discipline than she had. She figured she could make her living as a freelance weather pegasus, it seemed like it ran in the family so she couldn't be half bad at it and while she was a decent weather pony she realized she was still bored easily by the work and had a habit of doing it at the last minute. Character Summary: Mistral is a rather cocksure and arrogant mare at first glance although another thing one would notice about her is she is quite the looker despite being shorter than your typical mare. Her eyelashes are long and she keeps herself very clean. When she's using her talent she is often seen wearing a very spiffy looking suit with a cravat, tie, and a matching bowler hat. When in her weather pegasus or casual guise she typically wears her bowler hat and glasses as well as a pair of goggles around her neck in case she needs to do any fast flying. While she may be a Con artist she has made it a point to never con a pony who doesn't deserve it or are friends of hers who remain never cross her. Her favorite part of her job would have to be the look on the con ponies faces when their plans fell apart. As a weather pegasus Mistral could be described as fast and passable, She can be counted on clearing out the skies in a flash, but she needs instructions for how her clients want the sky as without them she would likely leave the skies bare. Despite (or perhaps because of) her small size Mistral is a more than capable and very fast flyer, having decided to keep her wings in shape specifically in case she needs to bolt and she is one day outsmarted or caught cheating a target. Ever since discovering her talent she has been looking at new ways and ways to be able to con those she deems either too wealthy or if they need to be taken down a few pegs. While her talent may be trickery she is perfectly able to play far in competitions so long as others do the same. Once they step out of line though, in her mind everything is permitted. When not on the clock as a weather pony she can be found playing cards with anypony she can get to play with her and if she fails she'll resort to to solitaire. If she gets bored of playing cards she might be found looking for at clothes fancy dress and clothes magazines because despite her love of her style in the suit she does admit she likes the various gowns and outfits many fashion designers at her hometown of Manehattan would pump out... not that she'd ever admit that, if someone spoke to her while reading the magazine she might suddenly try and eat it so they don't find out. Socially Mistral could be described as a bit snarky and if in a bad mood sardonic. While she may be an excellent trickster she is constantly loyal to any friends or ponies she trusts. Being in the melting pot of ponies that is Manehattan Mistral is not picky about those she befriends, so long as they don't betray her trust and don't pick on or bully anypony she could befriend even a good hearted Diamond dog but as far seeing as she has never met one this is unlikely to happen. When on one of her Cons she is typically a bit of a showmare and a touch flirty depending on how her target acts. Her primary areas of difficulty would be her rather frail body and short fuse, She absolutely hates to be called short or be insulted by anypony who isn't her friend. Once she's mad she has a tendency speak fast and get very close and in the face of the pony who got her this way. Another issue she has is her ego that can be pandered to quite easily to the point she could easily be swindled herself if she gets enough compliments. If that does happen it usually won't take long for her to don a disguise of somesort of try and formulate a plan to get back at them. Currently this pegasus has no plan or long term goal besides scamming the scammers of Equestria Portrait:
  8. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Eisenhorn Sex: Male Age: Middle aged Species: Mule Eye colour: A striking amethyst; always showing fierce determination. Coat: Bay Dun. Gradated black socks to a tarnished tan colour on the majority of the body. A dark line runs down the spine. Mane/Tail: As per the Bay Dun colouration, his mane and tail are satin black. He likes to keep his mane short so it tends to stick up similarly to a zebras, however not as drastically. Usually it is not styled into a particular pattern owing to the wind onboard his home. Physique: Strong and sturdy from years of physical labor and hard work. He is differently proportioned than the normal pony, however he is similar in stature to a draught pony. Residence: His home is on his airship The Aurora. All that he owns is on board and he would think of living nowhere else. Occupation: Captain of the civilian freighter and transport vessel the Aurora. His primary means of income is through large quantity shipping orders or government supplies, usually between Aquellian cities and Stalliongrad or Canterlot and other large cities respectively. However he also enjoys making smaller runs for parcel deliveries along with taking passengers for rides where they need to go. Cutie Mark: N/A History: Eisenhorn was born to a donkey father and a pony mother in the quaint little village of Fet Loch. He spent his formative years working on their farm and helping out around the house. While they didn’t live in the grandeur of some other ponies, he loved the neighborly nature of their village and how everyone was there to lend a helping hoof when needed. Being raised on a farm in such a small village there hadn’t been much excitement to stimulate his imagination. However every night his father would read to him out of old storybooks. He would weave stories about sky pirates and sky marshals, adventure and mystery, exotic lands and even more exotic individuals. Eisenhorn would always imagine himself as the protagonist in these stories, experiencing the wild blue yonder. Of course it saddened him a little that he would never experience the world of the sky as pegasus could, but he didn’t let it get him down. When he told his parents about his fantasies of being an airship captain, they would softly chuckle, as parents do, and tell him that he could be anything that he put his mind to. While they believed that he had the determination to be an airship captain, they didn’t want him to get hurt if he couldn’t live up to his own lofty expectations, and often steered him towards a more agrarian lifestyle, similar to their own. Eisenhorn understood why they did this, and appreciated it in his own way, but he was determined to be an airship captain. Being the adventurous type, Eisenhorn was always exploring the surrounding woods and forests; sometimes even going where he shouldn't. It was on one of these excursion that Eisenhorn found his first love. One of his colt friends had heard a story about an airship graveyard. A place where companies would park their airships when they were no longer in service and either scavenge them for parts, or just let them rust into shale. Of course there were also ghosts of ponies past and haunted airships in the story, but Eisenhorn didn’t care; he wanted to see the airships. So in the middle of the night, more towards morning, he snuck out of the house to meet up with a group of his friends at the edge of the forest. One of them had pilfered a map from the local rangers post and plotted out the course that they were going to take to find the graveyard. After a rather tiring hike through thick undergrowth, swamps, and even some rather spooky dense forest, the group came upon the edge of the graveyard. They snuck under the fence and began to explore. It was beyond spooky to see these rusted and derelict ships laying about all broken and bent. More than a few times a collective shiver ran up the group’s spine when they thought that they had seen something move out of the corner of their eyes. The group was having a grand old time, scaring each other, and just generally being silly foals. So much so that they had lost track of time and the sun began to rise. Upon realising what time it was the group decided that it would be best to get back home. Unfortunately for Eisenhorn he became turned around and lost in the maze of old ships. Having lost his group he became more than a little worried and began to retrace his steps. Upon doing so he came to an opening that he hadn't noticed before. He looked up and around to see if he could find a place to climb and get his bearings, and then he saw it. Just as the sunlight started to peek around its smoke stacks his eyes fell upon the most beautiful airship in all of Equestria, at least to Eisenhorn it was anyway. The shape, the lean, the bow, the bridge, the smokestacks; He instantly fell in love with this ship. To the objective eye it was just an old airliner that was rusted out and past its prime, but Eisenhorn could see past that. He could see what its potential. Upon finding the hatch and piling more than a few scraps to get to it, he began to explore. The more he saw of this ship the more he knew that one day it would be his. Once he finally reached the bridge, the view was even more impressive. From this vantage point he could clearly see all of the graveyard and a path out. He quickly mentally noted the location of the ship and promised it that he would return. Running all the way home, he informed his very worried parents about his new discovery. From that day forward he would make his way out there to play on “his” ship as often as he could. Time marched on and in what felt like the blink of an eye Eisenhorn was on the brink of colthood. He felt a little left out with all his friends were getting their cutie marks left and right whereas he would never have one. Despite this he never let it get him down, he was determined to find his place in the world. When he spoke with his parents about his quandary he did understand why they suggested him becoming a farmer like they were, but he just couldn’t shake the feeling that he was destined to do something else. Luckily for him his village school had a very good program where colts and fillies could try out jobs and professions so see if they were to their liking, almost an internship. It was a hard decision for Eisenhorn but he eventually decided to try out the local mail service. He remembered how excited that he always was as a foal when new equipment arrived for the farm, and how much fun it was to unwrap it and be surprised by the contents. It was like getting a birthday present on any day of the year! Needless to say he really enjoyed himself while learning about the parcel service, but the best part came when the mailpony allowed him to deliver a small package to a local foal. Upon delivering the package he felt that same warm rush that he used to feel when he received a package, except this time it was even bigger. He found out that giving was better than receiving that day and it sculpted him for years to come. After a few weeks of working with the parcel service, he went out to “his” airship to have a long hard think. He spent the entire day wandering the halls and holds of that ship, just thinking to himself about his future. Was it the right thing to do? Would he be happy? What would happen to this ship? The night was slowly approaching as he was still pondering these questions and sleep was sneaking up on him. He decided to spend the night on the bridge of the old girl, maybe a good night’s rest would clear his mind and make deciding easier. In the early throes of morning he awoke with a start but couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it was a bad dream, maybe it was a loud creak of the hull settling into the ground, but whatever had awoken him had done so just in time for the sunrise. As he watched Celestia’s sun peak over the bow it finally hit him. He didn’t have to choose between the two! He could run his own delivery service and use this old ship as the cargo hauler! Yet again Eisenhorn was overjoyed and knew what he must do. Over the ensuing months and years he took any jobs that he could get his hooves on, hard and dirty, long and tiring, he didn’t care; so long as there were bits at the end. He delivered packages part time, worked in the fields part time, and did many other things during his later colthood and early stallionhood. All the while his parents helped him along the way, overjoyed at their son’s determination and stubbornness at achieving his goals. Then came the day that he had waited for ever since he had seen that ship. He hopped on a train to Stalliongrad so that he might purchase her. After a few long and sleepless days of travel he arrived at the Royal Equestrian Airlines Stalliongrad headquarters. After being questioned and chuckled at, as to his reasons for wanting to buy a derelict ship, by a few secretaries he managed to get a meeting with the CEO. The meeting seemed to drag on, he was in that office for hours just talking with the business stallion about what he planned to do with the ship. He was told that a scrap company had offered twice the amount of bits that he was offering. Disheartening as it was, he didn’t let it dissuade him from his goal. Over the next few hours the CEO began to see an unwavering determination in this young stallion, something that reminded the aging business mogul of himself in his younger years. A deal was struck, and Eisenhorn walked out of that office a very happy stallion with an old and decrepit ship and a hefty sum less bits to his name. As he exited the office the CEO called after him asking what he would name her. Eisenhorn simply replied, “Aurora.” The name had struck him as he watched the sun break over the bow of his ship on that fateful day. Once he got home, Eisenhorn moved all his belongings into the ship, it was his new home now. He kept on working double even triple shifts, getting his name out there to potential clients. He would endlessly talk about how he was fixing the ship up and what he planned to do with it, regardless of the ponies interest. On one of his many delivery runs to Hoofington he met with a rather unusual zebra names Monty that would cement a lifelong friendship. Monty became his go to stallion for refurbished and cheap parts, where as Monty tried to use Eisenhorn for domestic shipping needs as much as he could. Eventually through resourcefulness, the help of many a transient worker, and a few good friends; Eisenhorn was ready to launch The Aurora. All the systems checked out, the envelopes were half charged, the engine was idling as best it could and the lever was thrown. The hulking mass shuttered, creaked, moaned, and put up and awful din but it was airborne. This was the happiest day of Eisenhorn’s life. He was an airship captain and a delivery stallion, his two favourite things in the world. All through his determination and force of will he managed to snag a piece of the pie. From that day forward his network of friends and business associates expanded exponentially. He was known as one of the most reliable delivery stallions out there. While it might take a while for your package to arrive, it was well worth the wait. Eventually he started taking on Imperial contracts for hauling bureaucratic supplies and raw building materials. While it is an ongoing battle to keep the old ship in the sky, most of the time requiring more bits than are available to Eisenhorn, he wouldn’t trade it for the world. He loves the expression on the little colts’ and fillies’ faces when his ship arrives in town and he delivers their long awaited packages. He loves feeling the breeze in his mane and watching the rolling landscape below. He loves soaring through the clouds and feeling the condensation on his skin. The exotic ports, the new individuals, the fun places he has gone and people that he has met; he wouldn’t give any of it up. Character Summary: Eisenhorn is a very easy to get along with mule, who loves to travel and make new friends. His determination and headstrong nature allowed for him to achieve his lofty goals that he set for himself. Not only did he manage to resurrect a derelict airship from the scrap heap, but he also owns and operates said airship allowing him to make a business out of his second passion, delivering packages. Eisenhorn loves the freedom that he feels when standing on the deck of his airship, and the smiles that he brings to ponies near and far whenever it swings into town. The running of an airship is a very time consuming business, especially one as old as his, so he occasionally hires local ponies who are looking for a way to make some extra bits. While they are usually not long term jobs, mostly a singular trip, he manages to form lifelong friendships with these ponies. Amiable and easy to get along with, albeit hard to understand on occasion, Eisenhorn hasn’t met anypony yet that he hasn’t liked. With his cheery fiddle playing and often incomprehensible but none the less affable manner of speech, he is one of the most fun engaging mules that you will ever meet. While his determination and headstrong nature has served him well in the past, sometimes it can put him in situations that can be difficult to find his way out of. Once he takes on a contract or job, no matter how large, he feels more than obligated to finish it despite the hardships, sometimes at the cost of considerable time and bits. While Eisenhorn may be a resourceful individual, he isn’t the brightest when it comes to technical thinking, nor would he be considered extremely book smart. He makes up for this by being a little more street smart, however again, he isn’t the smartest in that field either. He was born and raised on a farm in a rather small village, this has left an indelible mark upon his personality and being. -- Heritage -- Owing to his heritage Eisenhorn is very even tempered, tolerant, courageous, and strong. He claims that he only received the good traits from his mother (Pony) and father (Donkey). Eisenhorn is incredibly sure footed, he can walk places where normal ponies wouldn’t dare tread. This is especially helpful when making midair repairs to the superstructure of his airship. Despite his outward appearance, namely due to the rather long ears, he is very cunning and resourceful. He may not be the sharpest tack when it comes to engineering or mechanical know how, but he is resourceful; especially when it comes to keeping his ship in the air. -- Fet Loch Accent -- Due to growing up and spending most of his formative years in Fet Loch, he has a rather interesting accent. While he does speak the imperial tongue, it sounds very different from your everyday pony. Some ponies would call it almost unintelligible, others it just takes a little while to figure out what he is saying. When he gets adamant about something, or excited, the effect is multiplied. -- Fiddle -- Through his travels he has picked up many talents, one of which is his ability to play the fiddle. While he is not the most skilled fiddle player, he does enjoy it. He knows more than a few classic roving tunes from his home village of Fet Loch, but he is always interested in learning more. Playing the fiddle helps pass the time on some of the longer trips and helps to take his mind off of things. His voice may not be the most pure or clear, owing mainly to his accent, it has an interesting melodic quality. For the songs that he tends to sing and play, his voice fits perfectly. however if he were to sing more proper or classical songs, it would sound wholly out of place. His fiddle is rather a rather old classic Fet Loch pattern with beautiful craftstallionship. While often out of tune, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about the sound that it produces, almost always bringing a smile to anypony who is in earshot. -- The Aurora -- He is the sole owner and operator of the airship the Aurora. Even though she is rust covered and probably a little unsafe at times, Eisenhorn loves her all the same. The Aurora is a reclaimed Stalliongrad luxury liner. In her heyday she was one of the largest and most comfortable. However as the relentless march of time wore on she was replaced by newer, faster, and more elegant models. So as it goes, she was placed in the airship graveyard to rust into shale. After numerous long years of neglect and erosion by the elements, Eisenhorn found her and fell in love. After a good long while he purchased the old girl and began to fix her up. This was a lengthy process however with a little help he did manage to get her up and airborne again. Of course modifications had to be made for her new job. While the upper decks are still passenger, “Friendly”, the lower decks have been converted into a rather large cargo hold. As it stands, she is one of, if not the largest cargo ships in operation. That being said, there are rather lucrative contracts to be had with the governments of the land, transporting either large quantities of raw material, provisions, supplies, or even other smaller airships. The envelope is another oddity. Rather than a singular envelope, as the ship was designed, Eisenhorn opted to retrofit the Aurora with dual rigid envelopes of Aether Reactive gas. When at maximum capacity just one of these envelopes would be sufficient to lift the ship and cargo, however getting the bits to run them at full capacity can be a hard task. Also the redundancy offers greater stability when cruising, and a drastically increased lift capacity; meaning bigger loads which in turn bring in more money. As previously stated, there are still some passenger decks, along with a self serve galley, observation decks, and sparsely furnished rooms. What needs to be taken into consideration is that this is not a luxury liner any more. The majority of the interior is still rusted, the decking is usually bare with throw rugs here and there, the furnishings are few and far between, all in all it isn’t the moving five star hotel that it used to be. Now it is a working cargo ship that can take passengers if it needs to. The Aurora by far is not the most agile of airships. She needs a few tug pegasus to get into dock in most stations. Nor is she the fastest cargo ship out there. She uses large deployable starboard and port sails for most of her cruising, with smaller static fore and aft sails for maneuvering. There is also a canopy sail strung between the two envelopes. This can be used to either shelter the main deck from the elements, or as an extra sail when a little more speed is required. However when the winds are not in her favour, there is a very large and slow engine that moves a larger still propeller at the aft end of the ship. Water maneuvers are another story entirely. When on the rare occasion that she does splash down, she is not very efficient. Her design was crafted for predominantly airborne use. When in the water she is slower and less agile than most sailing ships and tends to list to the port side. In strong winds, the airframe creaks and moans, when splashing down every rivet protests the strain, when going above half throttle the engine starts to knock and belch smoke; despite all this Eisenhorn loves her more than anything. The Aurora is his home and he would never think of living anywhere else in Equestria. For those of you interested in the technical specification of the ship, they are as follows.
  9. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Mystik Sex: Female Age: Older filly/ Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Sea Green Coat: Purple with Blueish stripes (the stripes are an inherited trait from her mother) Mane/Tail: Lighter Varient to her coat color, cropped short at the neck but longer at the forehead. Her tail is short ands rather messily cut. Physique: Kind of tall compared to the average unicorn, and either a little skinny if traveling, as it requires much walking, or a tad bigger if staying a her parent's place for an extended period. Residence: Her "base of operations" would probably be her mother's house in a townhouse in Canterlot. Occupation: Traveling singer/Songwriter, seeking her fortune (I.E. Technically unemployed). She makes a little money where she can get booked without an agent, but that's difficult as she only offers her voice and does not have a full on band. Cutie Mark: A pink music note (1/4th note) with teal butterfly wings, signifying her beautiful talents, which she pulls together with a serene grace- while being subtle still, not letting her abilities go to her head. History: Mystik was born in the spring, to her Mother, A zebra named Patara. Patara was born in Unyasi but raised from a foal onwards in Equestria. Mystik's father (Gear Grind) is a buisinessman of sorts, selling inventions that only sometimes are worth the money. He often is away from home and will sometimes take Mystik with him to places he thinks she might get a good start. He's usually wrong. As a filly mystik earned her cutie mark at a talent show, writing and preforming a pop song with her three friends. She'd always loved to sing, and as it turned out Mystik had shined above the other filly's preforming as nearly the entire audiences jaws dropped at Mystik's vocal solo. Another friend, a unicorn colt who had not preformed with the girls (BassBeat) also gained his cutie mark at this show by beatboxing and rapping. The three girls and Mystik eventually grew apart, but to this day Mystik and BassBeat remain in close contact when possible. Today Mystik travels to seek her fortune singing songs she writes herself. While the mare is just old enough to leave, her dreams are still often unrealistic. Her parents support her, however. Character Summary: Mystik is generally outgoing and a bit eccentric. Like most ponies she doesn't wear clothes often, but when she does dress up she does so with her own definitive style. We're talking long skirts and dresses, almost a modernized gypsy style, bangles, earrings and all. Her hobbies other then singing (which she hopes will soon be her career), are writing music and drawing- Things she often spends time doing on train trips or late at night in a hotel room. She's a bit of a chocolate gourmet, white chocolate being her favorite food. She often puts on weight at her parent's house due to her notorious sweet tooth. She hates extra dark chocolate however, finding it so bitter, "It shouldn't even qualify for a sweet!". A hopeless romantic, she tends to daydream of finding her dream stallion, and one of her greatest fears is ending up alone with no friends. She gets nervous when meeting ponies she finds particularly attractive though, often stammering or saying things she doesn't mean as it sounds, which makes her a terrible flirt. She's mostly attracted to creative ponies, and loves befriending artist ponies of all talents- so long as said artist is not stuck up or over-prideful of their work. She is always there to stand up for a friend in need, and can manage to talk down even the worst of bullies with her verbiage. It probably comes with her ability to create songs on the fly- meaning she can rap, too, but her musical style of choice is pop- Either up beat happy tunes or meaningful slow-dance songs.
  10. Added art piece by GenesOfAwesome.
  11. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Scrollwork Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn pony Eye Color: Green Coat Color: Grandis? #FFCF79 Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style:Yellow, short and tidy. Physique: Fairly plump build. Origin/Residence: Canterlot. Occupation: Archivist. Cutie Mark: Two rolled and tied scrolls side by side. He gained his cutie mark during his school presentation of the 'Hearths warming eve' play. Seeing the joy and camaraderie that the play bought out in the actors and the audience, (he worked on the costumes), reinforced in him why things should be remembered and remembered well. History: Scrollwork is a Canterlotite at heart. He was born into 'high society' and had a very quiet upbringing with staid parents. As he was always held to high standards with his work at school and when he held a job which has made him hungry for approval and acceptance. This combination has led to him attaining a prestigious position at the Canterlot Royal library and a social life that, while rich, is not always entirely friendly. He is happy in his work but hopes to attain a greater social standing and more recognition for his work. His job is ensuring there are at least two copies of texts in existence in case of mishap. His wife performs research for and occasionally lectures at the school for gifted unicorns specialising in historical spell adaptation/evolution (To clarify, she is a historian before a magic wielder). Their work has taken them both, as a couple and individuals, across Equestria. Character Summary: He has a talent for attention to detail and mimicry, as per his cutie mark. He loves history, historical artifacts, (both real and accurate copies), tidiness, fine wines and food and showing off all of the above. He dislikes unnecessary clutter, hooves on labour in particular and things 'beneath him' in general. Aside from climbing the social ladder, the closest thing he has to a hobby is his enjoyment of trying to do things 'the way they used to'. Scrollwork tries to do well for himself and his family but sadly this has translated into climbing the social ladder and all that entails. He can be friends with ponies of all types as long as their level and type of expertise, as well as the way they carry themselves socially, are acceptable. His love for his work does score him some points with ponies he might otherwise come to heads with, if they can put up with him when he is not working. He is presumptuous in his area of expertise. He assumes that his studies are accurate and well received. He has knocked back or turned around compliments with arrogance and waffling. He also has the 'socially acceptable' class discrimination that is displayed by many Canterlot ponies. His biggest worry is becoming a social outcast. He has spent his entire life building up a social circle for himself and his family he is genuinely concerned that he or his family might end up getting snubbed. He is annoyed that his son has not settled on specific training yet. The colt has access to some of the finest teachers in Canterlot and still flits about the country wondering 'what if'.
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Caesar Romaine Nicknames: The Galloping Gourmet Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Colour: Moss Green (#8DCC6A) Coat Colour: Cream (#E3ED9A) Mane/Tail/Markings Colour & Style: Long curly Leaf Green (#60963F) mane with Dark Green (#5D501F) streaks. Medium length curly Dark Green (#5D501F) tail with Leaf Green (#60963F) streaks. Physique: Husky Origin/Residence: Roam Occupation: Traveling Chef/Food Critic Cutie Mark: Bowl of Caesar Salad surrounded by a Olive Branch Laurel History: Born in Roam in southern Itaily, Caesar was raised with the unique sites and sounds of the beautiful and culture filled city. His father, a gondolier, and his mother, an aspiring actress in the local theater, raised him well, teaching him to appreciate the finer things in life, while still keeping humble and thankful for the little things that life brought him. Growing up as a young colt, Caesar like many foals his age, sought long and hard to discover his cutie mark, and his parents were always there to support him and give him suggestions. Traveling many a time on his father's gondola, he thought to emulate him, and so his father gave him the chance to ferry him and his mother across the river near their home, warning him though that it wasn't as easy as it seemed! Of course at the time, Caesar scoffed, it couldn't be so difficult, he watched his dad do it countless times! And so he tried, though the boat rocked to and fro as he did, the ride started off smoothly enough, and he made it half way across. Feeling a surge of confidence that this was going to be easy, Caesar sped up, and the boat began to rock more, and more, until finally the boat tipped, and out the three went. Peeking out of the shallow water, Caesar was completely embarrassed and disappointed, but with warm smiles and a bit of soft chuckling, his parents embraced him and said that he did well, encouraging him to keep trying things, that he'd find his talent in time. And try try again he did. Everything from simple things like basket weaving, where he ended up weaving what looked more like a blob of straw and twigs than a basket; to more difficult things, like fire dancing, though being young, he couldn't play with fire, and thus he practiced with streamers on string, right up until he had tangled himself up and rolled inside with a huff. He had even attempted acting with his mother in the theater, though his role was rather small, that of the third living tree in act six of a play, he felt elated at the chance to be on stage and help. Though when the time came for his line, he preformed it well, but tripped on a root, causing him to fall, adding another embarrassing attempt to his list. But still his mother congratulated him, and encouraged him, never losing faith in her child. Though a foal can only take disappointment for so long, and Caesar began to sulk, spending his days after school wandering around the city with his head hung low and shoulders slumped and feeling like he'd never figure out what he was good at. But destiny always seems to find it's way in the times that a pony feels at their lowest. A small gathering in the city square caught the colt's attention, and with his interest peaked, he made his way through the crowd, squeezing by or over ponies to get through to find out what the hubbub was about. At the center of the crowd, a mule, only a while older than Caesar at the time, was doing a cooking demonstration, showing the crowd quick and easy ways to prepare delicious, and affordable meals, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Watching her make food that looked so delicious so effortlessly left Caesar amazed, she chopped the vegetables while she mixed her own salad dressing, she mixed batter for cake while searing the cabbage for her sandwiches. She did it all, and without breaking a sweat at that! Clapping enthusiastically, the colt was absolutely enthralled, and when the Chef beckoned up volunteers to try the meal, Caesar was up there and seated in a flash. While the other volunteers commented on how good it was and complimented the Chef, Caesar sat quietly and savoured each bite slowly, taking in the robust mix of flavours that seemed to bring out more of each other the longer he chewed. The dressing's tart vinegar taste complimented the salad perfectly, and the fresh tomatoes were bursting with flavour. The sandwich was toasted to a flaky crispness, while leaving the already seared cabbage alone, not over cooked. And the cake, it was almost like biting into a cloud, soft, moist, full of flavour, light hints of lemon in the vanilla frosting and sweet tart strawberries that decorated it. Had he not been busy eating it, he would have been drooling. After finishing his meal, he finally spoke, telling the chef just how great the meal was and how well he could taste each flavour together and apart and that it was the best meal he had ever had. Though he asked her not to tell his mom he said that. With a smile and a laugh she thanked him, patting him on the head and saying that it wasn't just thanks to her that the food tasted so good. That everypony who had a part in it, from the farmers who grew the crops, to the stores that picked the best, they all were to thank as well, and to she told him, that if he wished he could make things just as good, if not better, she added. With that thought in mind, Caesar smiled brightly and thanked the chef once more before bolting off home. His inspiration in seeking his cutie mark was renewed! And so he began to cook, and bake, and broil, and simmer. Every day, every night, whenever his mother went to market, he tagged along, meticulously picking out what he felt were the best ingredients to cook with. It didn't come quickly to him, and took much practice, but within a year he had done it. The night of his family reunion, nearly a hundred of his relatives had came to his parent's home, and he had convinced his mother to let him, and him alone, fix the meal for everyone. Days he had spent before the event, getting everything he needed ready, hours he spent in the kitchen the morning of. He hadn't worked so hard in all his life, but he kept on. And when the time finally came to serve, he was ready. Covered in flour and batter and leaves of various veggies, but he was ready. His mother and father aiding him, Caesar brought out large plates of delicious lettuce wraps, garnished with sprigs of parsley, large bowls of salad that were bright and vibrant, fusilli with a mouthwatering bolognese sauce made with the finest roma tomatoes, fresh celery and carrots, to name a few. And for desert, tiramisu, a small fountain of chocolate fondue, cannolies, and a large cassata. With his hopes up and a smile on his face, Caesar presented the food before his family, and bade them bon appétit! Of course his famished family wasted no time in digging in. Many were surprised at just how good the food turned out to be, and surprised further when they found out that young Caesar had made everything. By the time the festivities had ended, nary a bite of food was left in sight, and the colt was beaming. So many compliments he had gotten that evening, he felt wonderful. But the night was only about to get better. As he was helping to clean up, he saw something he hadn't noticed before, right on his flank, clear as day, his cutie mark! Jumping up in joy, he nearly dropped the baking dish he had balanced on his back before setting it down and running to show his parents, who were just as overjoyed for their child, and promised him a day on the town tomorrow, after a nice rest. Many years later, Caesar had opened his own restaurant, a quaint little bistro in Roam, it was like a dream come true for the stallion, but he felt restless. He was quite happy with his food, and how many people in his city loved it. But there was so much more to the culinary world that he hadn't gotten to try yet! And so, promoting his sous chef in his absence, Caesar bid his city and family farewell and put his hooves to the open road and began his travels, stopping from city to city and trying the best cuisine they had to offer, giving tips and advice and critiques on the way. One afternoon, he was given a dandy idea by someone, a news letter. Something to share with ponies around the world who loved food and drink and good company just as much as he did. And soon began his new career, as The Galloping Gourmet, once a week he would stop in whatever town or city he found himself and would write, sending his letters out to places he visited, or places he wished to, spreading the word of little cafes and restaurants, plus his advice and recipes to share. Now Caesar has gotten a small following in the culinary world, which can only seem to grow as he continues his journey. Character Summery: Caesar is a wonderful chef and a quick learner, being able to catch on to even some of the most complicated recipes given enough time, this combined with his strong pallet makes cooking his passion. Truly Caesar wishes to taste the greatest foods in the world, and someday cook a meal for some of the most prestigious places in the world. He has a deep love for food and cider, but also enjoys visiting the theater or taking a nice boat ride, as it reminds him of home and his younger days. Beyond cooking, Caesar has taken up painting in his free time, of an evening he sits in his hotel room or on a hill, painting the view of the town, something to remember his stay by that will last longer than the taste of the food. Generally Caesar is a blast to be around, friendly and out going, he'll often strike up conversations with folks that are eating at the same place as he, even if he's never met them. To which of course not everyone takes kindly, and he understand, some ponies are like that. And while he can certainly give out gentle critique of food, it's often hard for Caesar to take himself, feeling as though he's failed weighs heavy on him, and often causes him to spend sleepless nights making and remaking the meal that got critiqued until he feels it's once again up to his self set standards. Poison Joke Reaction: Pallet Swap, sour things taste sweet, sweet things taste sour, etc.
  13. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP – OC Name: Lunchbox Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye colour: Bright Green Coat: Sandy brown, with white on his underbelly. He also has a reddish vest with its pockets crammed with various gems and random doodads and shinies he's picked up. He also has a collar fitted with his favorite opals. And, his mining helmet. Physique: He's niether large or small for his species; somewhere in the middle, but kind of on the lanky side. He's also very dingo-like overall. Residence: Any place he can manage to fall asleep at, really... Normally wherever he suspects there might be gems, though. Occupation: Drifter/Miner. Occasional trader. History: Lunchbox doesn't really have a very complicated past. He was an average sized as a pup as well, neither a bullied runt or the large bully himself. The only remarkable thing is that he had many siblings...so much that his mother ran out of decent names and just called him the first random object she saw. However, when he got a bit older and found he was pretty good at mining and gemhunting, he began to get increasingly frustrated with how much his family and pack bickered over nearly everything. When one of them tried to swipe some of his shinies, that's when he'd had enough, and decided to run away out into the world on his own...despite the fact he had barely grown out of 'puppy' status. But, he managed to make it, even though he had no map and was just wandering aimlessly--whether it was through skill or just dumb luck. From then until adulthood, he drifted around the world, adding fancier and shinier gems to his collection. Especially opals, for no other reason than he just...liked them. However, recently in his life he's finally began to realize that...mining by himself is really hard. And boring. So, occasionally he'll search for just any little baubles or treasures. Even this isn't all that satisfying to him, though. After all, what's the point of having all of this if he can't show anyone else? Which is why nowadays, he pays much more frequent visits to towns and whatnot to trade them for food or shinier gems or anything else he needs. Character Summary: Generally, for a diamond dog, Lunchbox is fairly reasonable. He usually won't go out of his way to cause help or harm unless he's personally involved somehow. As for the latter, he has a very short and particular fuse; if someone touches his stuff without permission, or tricks him somehow, he'll likely attempt to clobber them and/or bully them into doing grunt work until he loses interest in payback. However, this can also happen if he's just having a bad day... It doesn't help that sometimes, he isn't the smartest or most observant dog. He also often gets severe tunnel vision whenever shiny things are involved. Hence his vulnerability to being tricked at times... He can be somewhat cunning, though, when he has his moments. Since he's on his own so much and has been for so long, he's not the best at socializing. He does try to chat occasionally out of either loneliness or (mostly)boredom, though. Or just while doing business.
  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria (Main) Name: Brawny Boulder Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Brown Coat: A light gray coat, with what appears to be rock-like textures in the form of dark grays and blacks scattered throughout the coat from top to bottom. From the base of the neck, about halfway down his back, he wears a brown vest that is padded, protection from the many hazards of his work. Mane/Tail: More often than not, he is found wearing a bright orange hard hat over his dark gray mane. His tail is a plain black, let someone lose and roughly. Physique: Big and Muscular are key, matching his name perfectly. Looks wise he is rather plain, though it is hard to discern because of the dirt and dust that covers his features from the mines. Residence: Bareback Gulch Occupation: Miner/Cart puller for hire Cutie Mark: His cutie mark matches his name perfectly, for it truly is a boulder, only with a silver-like pickaxe tilted 45 degrees in front of it. This shows his occupation as well as his strength, as if the rest of him wasn't already a testament to it. History: Brawny was born as an unusually large foal in Bareback Gulch, the only child of Tumbleweed Nelly and Rough Tumblermane. His mother always worried he would be picked on by the other foals and colts for his large stature, but his father knew better. In Bareback Gulch, if you were big and strong, then you were often successful as a miner or a cart puller. Thus he raised his son to be as strong as he could be and encouraged him to test his strength against his peers regularly. His mother taught him manners, how to address the elderly, to always be respectful to his parents, and to never hesitate to lend a helping hoof to those in need. All of these traits stuck with him as he was growing up, and it showed by the time he was a Colt. As an older Colt, Brawny still hadn't quite earned a complete name, nor had he received a cutie mark. He never really was concerned about it, but the day his mother was in trouble changed his perspective and stature slightly. His mother often collected flowers local to Rough Rider Ridge to sell to passersby and tourists who came through Bareback Gulch, but this time there was a small tremor, and it knocked a ten foot tall, six foot wide boulder loose from a cliff overhang and trapped her leg between two other boulders, which she had been searching for rare flowers. Her whinnies of fear and pain were heard by everypony in town, but none could remove the boulder, even working together. When his father had nearly broken his back in an attempt to loose the boulder, Brawny sprung into action, shocking everyone present as he alone manage to crack the boulder with three mighty stomps of his hooves. Desperately trying to save his mother, he shoved all of his strength against that boulder until it actually managed to move, allowing otherponies to pull her free. Brawny passed out from overexertion, but his mother was safe, and when he awoke in the Doc's office next to his mother, he had received his cutie mark, a boulder with a pickaxe in the act of smashing it open, and the name Brawny Boulder. From then on he worked to become even stronger, increasing his endurance as well as his strength so that he could work the mines as long as possible. He became known as the strongest miner and pony in Bareback Gulch, but he was no complete fool, and kept exercisign constantly so he could maintain that status. He now works as the lead miner of the Bareback Gulch mining operations, though he has been offered the job as manager many times. He knew he couldn't handle the smarts involved with such a responsibility, so he always declined and kept on working, until eventually they just stopped asking. He likes his life the way it is, though he often wonders what it's like outside of Bareback Gulch and hopes to see the rest of the world someday, preferrably with his parents aside him. Character Summary: [colour=#663366]Brawny is the strongest pony in Bareback Gulch, and he likes to keep it that way as best as he can. Besides disappointing his parents, his biggest fear is undoubtedly being beaten by a stronger pony than himself. His plainness often worried his mother, and he caught on to that worry, for his lack of attractive features has made him a very bashful pony around mares. He knows they're looking for somepony who's far better than he is, so he works hard to cover up his anguish over the thought that he will always be alone, and that when his parents pass, he will work and work, having nothing else in his life. He is fine with that for the most part, he excels as the greatest miner in Bareback gulch, fueling at least ten percent of the small town's mineral based economy. He's never liked bullies, both as a foal and as an adult, so most in the mines at least always think twice before trying to be a jerk to anyone. Other than that, he is a friendly stallion who merely[/colour][colour=#663366] enjoys helping others, taking care of his aging parents, and occasionally hiking while daydreaming of the outside world.[/colour]
  15. [Roleplay Type] Mane Rp [image] [Name] Caramel Sweets [Nicknames] Caramel or Cara [sex] Female [Age] Young Mare [species] Earth Pony [Eye colour] Rich Chocolate [Coat] Light Caramel -Can always be found with that dusty old, cowgirl hat of hers. [Mane/Tail] Deep Red [Physique] Not overly slender, nor overly defined, Caramel's physical definition is what one can expect from a pony that grew up on a farm. [Residence] Solstice Heights -> A small settlement, nestled just outside of town. There Caramel, with her younger brother Pippin Seed, manage their own little apple farm. Their spread is small enough, that one of them can stay behind to plant, harvest, and maintain the land, while the other goes into town or the other neighboring settlements to sell some of their apple-tastic treats (shockingly, they specialize in recipes with varying levels of caramel). [Occupation] Apple Farmer/Apple Confectioner -> While Pippin Seed handles the heavier lifting on their farm, Caramel is the mastermind behind their various caramel and apple recipes. She still helps with planting and harvesting, but her primary duty is creating all sorts of mouthwatering, tongue tingling, sweet and fruity delights. [Cutie Mark] A scarlet apple, possessing it's stem, with it's middle-lower half dipped in dark caramel. [History] The first born of Gala Blossom and Leaf Wind, Caramel Sweets grew up in a loving home, with a gentle mother and encouraging father. She fondly remembers the few days where she had both of her parents to herself. Going for rides on her father's back, and helping her mother in the kitchen and on the farm. Growing up, her life would have been simple and sweet. However, something caused her father to be whisked away to the Badlands. Caramel can remember only a little of why her father volunteered to help in such dangerous territory, but after a while, the 'why' didn't matter. Leaf Wind did not return. Gala Blossom was distraught, though she tried to keep her concern and sorrow from her daughter. Little did she expect, that a few months later she would discover she was pregnant again, and a few months more would pass, before Pippin Seed was born. Though born without wings like his sister, the young colt bore some of the colouring of his father, and Gala poured her love into him. There was no jealousy from Caramel, as her mother still gave affection equally to her children, and as such they continued with their lives... though Cara would occasionally stumble upon her mother, staring quietly up at the sky. Time continued on, and soon after the events that led to Caramel's cutie mark, the family of three moved (with the help of the other Apple's) to their own little farm a decent distance from town. Far enough where they could start a new life and build a farm for themselves, but close enough that Pippin could finish his own schooling. After Caramel embraced her mark and destiny, she became an active worker on the farm, taking on as many chores as possible, right alongside her mother. Eventually, Gala moved on. She was able to see little Pippin Seed graduate, before she left her children to make their own marks in Equestria. It was then that the responsibility of providing for her younger brother, and managing the farm, fell onto Caramel Sweets' shoulders. She worked hard, some days going with barely any sleep, and while it was not easy, and there came many arguments and fights between her and Pippin, they slowly worked it out, and gained a bit of normalcy. Now, the two of them make up a small part, of the loving Apple family, and though sometimes they still think of their parents and miss them dearly, they have both moved on with their memories, to make their own marks in this beautiful land. [summary] Caramel Sweets is striving to make a prominent business for sweet treats, featuring apples as the main ingredient. She is working hard at making sure herself, and Pippin Seed, have enough to get by and survive. There are few risks that she would be hesitant to take, if it means that she can continue striving for her dream, and providing as many opportunities for Pippin as possible. However, because of this, she tends to worry more about others around her than herself, and often forgets that she needs the same things which she struggles to give Pippin and her few friends. Despite that, her biggest fears would likely involve losing her little brother, as she sees a lot of their father in him, or being unable to make it, in something she has put so much of her heart into. Few ever get to see that side of her, however, as Caramel can only rarely be found without a friendly smile on her face, and an upbeat attitude proudly on display. Hard working and pleasant, Caramel Sweets will work herself to the bones when she has a project or a goal set before her. A spirit set on seeing things through to the end, once she gives you her word on something, she will not take it back for dang near anything. Though, there are not many ponies that get to take advantage of that, as she doesn't have many friends. Not for other's lack of trying. Caramel just gets so caught up in her work and looking out for her little brother, that she doesn't think about finding companions of her own. Her little brother has tried to help in that sense, but most of the pony's he's tried to nudge her way, were a little put off by her busy-bee attitude. In her mind, she's doing what she loves, and that's enough for her. She's grown up quite a bit, but there's still a lot she needs to learn.
  16. [colour=#282828]Roleplay Type:[/colour] WoE [colour=#282828]Name:[/colour] Whiskful Thinking [colour=#282828]Sex:[/colour] Male [colour=#282828]Age:[/colour] Younger Stallion [colour=#282828]Species:[/colour] Earth pony [colour=#282828]Eye colour:[/colour] Creamy mocha [colour=#282828]Coat:[/colour] Vanilla white [colour=#282828]Mane/Tail:[/colour] Adorned on his head is a newspaper vendor hat. His mane and tail is caramel and fuzzy, as if it were stirred not shaken. [colour=#282828]Physique:[/colour] He is skinny colt with short snout and long appendages, with eyes that seem to bulge out from curiosity. [colour=#282828]Residence:[/colour] Besides his parent's abode, he lives in various inns across Equestria and sometimes, but very rarely, in his own portable house. [colour=#282828]Occupation:[/colour] He churns his own ice cream and serves it across where ever he goes. [colour=#282828]Cutie Mark:[/colour] His cutie mark consists of a diagonal whisk with four four-pointed stars scattered above and below it. I means Whiskful has the innate ability to mix things through thick and thin, like ice cream and whipped cream. So far, he had stuck to these two products for his career path, though he has the potential of other deserts. Whiskful Thinking has always found new ways to fuel his imagination. He never liked being bound on what things are, but liked the potential of what things could be. Because of this, he never liked the traditional toys given to him; it seemed far too limited for him. A stuffed toy or action figure, for example, would be just that, but a simple whisk could be an alien antenna or unicorn horn. On multiple occurrences, he tends to keep steal these 'toys' from his parents. There are spares for this reason. One school day and for some strange reason, he brought his whisk to class. It was weird holding such an inappropriate utensil for education, but never he had doubted his intuition, the domineering quality of his personality. Still, the others didn't mind. They had better things to do than worrying about him. They came, they saw, and they looked away. He wanted to know what this whisk was for, yet couldn't quite grasp the purpose behind it. When his teacher came in however, his mind became blank. It was no ordinary day; It was ice cream day. A day that decided destinies... to him. "Ice cream lab is today clas-..." A sudden of eruption of pre-pubescent voices flooded her ears which a stare downwould quickly reside. "....Make a group of three and you will get your bag." All the colts and fillies celebrated for this once in lifetime event. Whiskful was the most excited. Out of them all, he loved ice cream the most. To make ice cream, they only had to make sure the cream freeze evenly. It was one simple action: Shake the bag. The only problem was the shaking itself. Every non-unicorn pony had trouble shaking their plastic bags with their mouths or hooves, getting dizzy or cold limbs after every couple turns shaking the bag. "Why can't we just leave it, doesn't it make the ice cream already?" Whiskful asked "We have to mix the ice cream, to ice the cream fully... I think." The teacher didn't know what she was talking about. She never made ice cream before. "Mix, Why didn't you say that before?" "It's pretty much the same thing..." She rolled her eyes. The realization was instant. He remembered what his whisk was for. It wasn't a stroke of luck but a stroke of destiny he believed. With a "Daa-na-na-nah", he took out his whisk and started slowly churning. He whisked away, working his way into his becoming desert. The cream got thicker but it never stopped nor slowed Whisk's pace. It was perfect. He had never experienced such concentration in his life, being distracted for most of it. Whiskful's stare lost its bulge for the moments following. For the first time, his face flushed out it's airiness and stiffened. He was serious. Nothing distracted him, not even a slight flash of light. It didn't occur to him that he had earned his cutie mark till he was done. When he did figure it out, ironically, he was more happy about the ice cream. History: Born of Pots 'n Pans and Dreamboat Star, he lived in the humble stateside of Stallion grad in an average and slightly-dusty townhouse. As an only child, they took care of him with the utmost importance and nurturing behavior, never leaving him alone. It came to the point where 'Bring-your-colt-to-work-day' was almost everyday. At least, in the slight smothering, they taught him the ways of their world... in opposing perspectives. Dreamboat Star, a therapist who works her magic in and on dreams, taught his little colt that dreams are the most powerful things you can have, they can make you or break you; The opposite was true for Pappa Pots, hard work was his forte and was to busy to dream. Poppa Pots taught his young colt to work hard and keep his goals simple and to always be content with the way things are. Despite his parents conflicting ideologies, he tried to try to follow as closely as possible to his parents conceptions... with some difficultly. At Whisk's cutie mark conception, they rejoiced. Dreamboat and Pots rushed to buy the tools necessary to help their son. His parents didn't buy the same gifts or at least try to compromise. The mother gave his son 3 cookbooks based on all things he could make out of cream and cold providing him the inspiration to become the best around. Pots gave him the tools necessary, whisks vats, ice cream, etc. They were good and ready to . Ironically, their colt surprised them. It was because he was wearing a simply-made vendor hat he made by himself, a symbol of his independence. Years had past and the parental hoof faded with it. He was doing well in his business It was high time for him to leave and embark on his own journey. His parents knew the inevitable separation and accepted the fact sooner because of this. Whisk wasn't the type to get the ball rolling. they needed to nudge him in right direction. This was the last time they came bearing gifts. His mother brought a stick with a polka dotted rag to symbolize the adventure ahead and a family picture, for good measure. His father bought a ice cream wagon, big enough to live in but light enough to carry. At last, his parents were ready; Whisk, be prepared. The conversation was simple, he needed to go. Whisk was also prepared, he knew a long time ago this would happen. This was the best advice (his heart believed in his parents). After all that's been said and done, he left with seeming reluctance, riding off into the distance... with a tear to his eye. Character Summary: Whiskful Thinking was a recombinant of both his parents personality traits as well as traits resulting in the nurture of it. Like Poppa Pots, he was a hard worker, but the lack of initiative plagued the fact; Like Dreamboat Star, He was a dreamer, yet the lack of faith in himself also diluted that fact. Often times, he wonders what his parents would do, instead of thinking himself. Independent thinking becomes his greatest weakness, often having to seek others for advice on his travels. Though these are true, his tenacity rivals that of a mildly lopsided rock in a medium wind. He is very sociable pony... when behind the counter of his ice cream wagon. His greatest insecurity is thinking that ponies judge him badly, a mindset that deters him from time to time from proper sociability, usually leading to awkward situations between and among the ponies he meets, even friends. Luckily, he warms up easily to others. Unlike most ponies, he has a certain airy feeling to him, light heartening in any given situation. Whiskful is very open pony, he has no secrets for himself, just the secrets given to him. He is naive at times and easily tricked. Change is always on his mind, when he speaks to others about himself and his occupation. This would be useful to him.... if wasn't only thinking. He has trouble keeping promises to himself when it is something he's uncomfortable with. It takes weeks for him to adjust to any strange, unknown being added to his daily task. In summary, Whiskful can inspire his friends and strangers with his optimism. He tends to run with his imagination with perceptions, misconstrued or not. He shows how logic can't always be truth and how the heart knows best.
  17. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Mugsy Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Diamond Dog Eye colour: Green Coat: Mugsy has light brown fur with a dark muzzle and dark ears. He has a curly tail. He typically wears the usual diamond dog vest and collar, but he adds a little something to his outfit by also wearing a small, gray fedora. Physique: Mugsy is short, squat, and fat. Residence: Diamond Dog Camp Occupation: "Professional Services"/Wise Guy/Jack of All Trades/Legitimate Businessdog History: Mugsy had a fairly standard puppyhood. He had a loving, nurturing mother, a hard-working father, three sisters, and one brother. Of course, his father spent most of his days mining, and his mother spoiled the youngest puppy (not him) like nobody would believe, but still... Standard. As a pup, he was free to romp and play with little cares in the world, save for a few lessons on life in the diamond dog camp. As he got older, the lessons increased, and a pressure was put on him to choose how he would contribute to the diamond dog way of life. Would he be a miner, a guard dog, part of a clean-up crew, or what? His options were limited, and none were all that appealing. Mugsy didn't know what to do with his life, and so for a while in his adolescence, he chose to do nothing. This got him the label of slacker, which bothered him as much as it would bother any diamond dog. There had to be more to life than the limited options set before him. He just didn't know what. Later, the answer came to him. There he was, wandering around the camp, when he stumbled upon a pup younger than him. Diamond dog camps are full of tunnels, which become easier to navigate once a dog gets used to them, but for a pup without supervision, it can be next to impossible especially upon wandering out of scent range. The pup was lost, and Mugsy was able to help him find his way home. The pup's mother was pleased that Mugsy had been so kind to escort her son back to her, so she rewarded him with a tiny speck of a gem. It wasn't much, but it got Mugsy to thinking. Diamond dogs needed help with all sorts of tasks, even if it's just finding their way around. There was a huge hole in the market just waiting to be filled. Maybe, just maybe, he could be the dog to fill it. And so, Mugsy found himself doing all sorts of "favors" for the other diamond dogs in the camp. Sentimental item lost? Nope, found! Need help getting together with that special someone? No prob! Need an excuse to get out of a day's work? Mugsy's got it covered. His operation started small at first but has since expanded by a lot, thanks to word of mouth and Mugsy's ability to network with other dogs. Part of his business's success is due to his ability to "pull some strings" and "get into contact with his connections." Nowadays, Mugsy looks for opportunities to make more connections, expand his business, and bolster his reputation (which has been declining since when he first started his business up). He also likes to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Character Summary: Mugsy is the kind of dog most can't help but like at the outset. He's friendly, a great talker, sympathetic, full of compliments, and tells some of the best stories. And it's not at all a ruse, Mugsy simply loves to mingle and schmooze with others. His business of doing favors for others also has its roots in a sincere desire to want to help others out. This doesn't mean that Mugsy's gradually declining reputation isn't his own doing, however. He's never been particularly concerned with socially acceptable behavior and important rules, preferring to do things his own way and think outside the box. The other thing is some customers have walked away unsatisfied with the jobs he's done for them. This may have something to do with the fact that Mugsy is a dog of his word... his exact words. If there is a way he can scrounge up more profit as a result of mincing someone else's words, he'll do it. He's also rather fond of contracts with very, very fine print. The other thing that doesn't help matters is that Mugsy is very aware that the "exact words" issue can get him out of trouble and get him more gems as a result. So, he has a tendency to speak in a vague, quasi-cryptic manner. He isn't aware that sometimes when he says things a certain way, it comes off as sounding more sinister than it is. All in all, it's really no wonder his reputation is declining. When Mugsy isn't running his business (and he almost always is, even when it isn't immediately obvious), he enjoys playing cards, eating new (and sometimes, unusual) foods, telling stories, and decorating his "office." So far, he has managed to avoid getting into too much trouble, but it's only a matter of time before he talks and schmoozes his way into it, one way or another. At heart, Mugsy is a good dog, even if he is a shady character. He is, at the very least, trustworthy to his family and his closest friends.
  18. Roleplay Type: FFA Name: Mr. Re or Cellar Re Sex: Male Age: Younger Stallion Species: Earth pony Eye colour: Teal Gray Coat: Chalky white, regardless of lighting Mane/Tail: His mane was short, brushed downward with spikes hovering over his eyebrows; his tail shared a similar coarseness but was quite longer in comparison. There was a difference between his coat and his mane and tail, his mail/tail had slight yellow hue. A strange colour, vague as if an artist dripped yellow into a bowl of white and mixed to get a result. Physique: He has a taller, much skinner build regarding his earth pony brethren. Residence: His local business was his residence like many of the citizens in Equestria. However, unlike many, his house lacked a fourth wall. It was a roof room for insulation, the of the estate was served as lodging for the guests. It was a cold room with warm sheets. He put many details to make his room simple, only four of five elements stood out in this abode. Inside there were the following: a desk, a bed, a lampshade and a door each in their respective corner. The bed and desk faced each other and sat along where ceiling met the floor; The opposite side held the door and lamp. The last detail that many wouldn't have noticed until hinted toward was a rock, adorned in the center of his roof. It meant to him that he could not understand the full inter workings of society and its rapid erratic change, that new was old because new is nonexistent just because of the combined variations in trends and fashion, that ponies were made from society and their history which he could never have a chance to fully research nor interpret. But to many, his simple answer to this obscure object was “I live under a rock.” Occupation: He works at The “Tavern Of Mr. Re's” in Fillydephia . Cutie Mark: Cellar Re was a surprisingly astute apprentice to the many mentors that had the experience to teach him. He was always slow and lazy when attending to the work assigned to him, but he soaked up every lesson. For every teacher, there was a test at the end, which he passed with an above average grade every time. Soon he knew many things: how to cook, clean, grow crops and write novels, yet all of these talents did not earn him his cutie mark. It got repetitive, each month and each teacher would say “ He would be a good... {interchangable}... But not a great one”. It was frustrating for the young colt to burdened by these many things. Soon, he became faded to the world and to life itself. As his parents were, he were; both were obsessed to find him a cutie mark. Whilst his mother and father exhausted the physical approach, he worn out his mental abode. He gave up one day,but that was the day he got his cutie mark... The boredom numbed all limbs in Cellar's body. The fog covered the sun and made a gloomy moon over his day, the bed and blanked seemed to bind him in place. Transferring mentors was a difficult time for him, his parent, however, enjoyed spending time together finding him a mentor. And the colt's dead stare moved to the window and back to his flank. An empty full mind. It was the worst day ever. The day was a never ending sigh, as it continued it felt harder and harder to breathe out with seconds slowing, life itself gasping out through his strained lungs. This was the case until there was no air left, then he took another breath. A whole day past and night had followed with a new breath under his chest, he used the air for ins and outs. The mind needs to be clear, too many roam around inside here. Still eyes closed, he did not notice. For an hour he meditated, though this was his first attempt. His last deep breath gave the colt peace in mind and an general idea of a cutie mark. What ever it is, I'll have to repeat it over and over again. Simple, that's it. Focus... Focus... Focus These were his last thought before going into a deep trance, void of any activity, a purge from an active life. He knew meditation was the most repetitive thing he could do but it did cleared his mind. Little did know that it had earn him his cutie mark. This is what his cutie mark looks like. Day to day, it changes meaning to him based on his mood and or stature. Sometimes he thinks he's the pin that holds the universe together, or maybe the universe itself, other times he is just a point in an endless cycle of life, or a pony doomed to a tedious eternity. History: Cellar Re was what this Mr. Re used to be. He was born of a pun made from his parents, the Unicorn Cereb Concise and the Pegasus Dude Meister. A competitive duo, always trying to best each other either in brain or brawn. Funny, even in the excruciating pain of foal conception, they placed their wagers against each another;a Pegasus for Meister and an Unicorn for Concise, 100 bits from the loser. In the strange case of pony genetics (and to the irony to both parents), he became neither of the two, instead he became the fourth race... an earth pony. They were disgruntled on the outcome of their bet, but having both lost( they were good sports for the matter), they gave their bits to the new bornly victor, Cellar Re, their son. And that's how he earned his first 200 bits in ten seconds flat of his birth. Though he could not fly nor use magic, he shared the same intuition and speed as his lineages proceeds. Meister was fast, so was he; Concise was smart, and so was he. Yet, this colt had also adapted the bad qualities of them, being uptight and thinking rash countered the opened mindedness and intelligence he had. His hometown was in the cool foggy city of Stalliongrad. It was here where he grew up and here where he got his cutie mark. But the years preface that had been hard on him, much had needed change within him. He was quiet, so quiet were the days of his youth; no pony in his class would talk to him... much less go near him. An isolation due to a rumor of a disease that only applied to him, Look germs. It was disease without symptoms nor impediments. The thing became just a title, a notoriety among his peers for being weird and obnoxious. Having this devolved him from his social counterparts. It gave him a severe insecurity on what others think about him. Despite these disadvantages, he maintained a higher intelligence, a characteristic that alienated his peers, than the other ponies in class. Consequently to both reasons: social stigma and unique intelligence, his parents adopted home-schooling... He got his cutie mark. It wasn't as life changing as he thought. Though the colt had his cutie mark, the destiny behind him obscured him. Swirls and swirls, round and round, it was simple now. All he need to do was find a occupation that utilized repetitiveness. He thought and laughed. All cutie marks were of some sort of repetition: He could be what ever he wanted, though it would take some practice. He thought again then smiled. The colt knew exactly his occupation would be, an owner of a tavern. Character Summary: Mr. Re is simple in his complexity. He shares multiple qualities between a young colt and a old wisemare. He is apathetic at times but tries to tend to that as much as possible. Full of wisdom as well as recklessness, he can make dumb decisions on purpose because it is his way. His life , however, is full of repetitive factors, and he will do anything to change that. Re loves attention, yet is insecure about judgment, often over-thinking encounters, leading him into a inward spiral of isolation sometimes, though it's always resolved. The colt is content of being in-content, he likes being happy with way thing are and how everything can contradict itself for that matter. He is well adept at peeking into problems of other ponies, a very snoopy pony indeed. The colt is very open pony and will always answer questions to the best of his abilities; he has no secrets as long as you ask the proper questions. Due to his age, he is very naive and spiteful, trusting and looking for revenge. He has a lack of common sense and also has a tendency of energy spikes. In summary, he is a very happy contradictive pony.
  19. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Shiny Pebbles Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Gold Coat: Her coat is dark gray but often covered in dirt smudges and black soot. She tends to wear hard hats. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are fluffy and left in no particular style at all. Her mane and tail are coloured similar to that of a dark-shaded rainbow. Physique: Shiny Pebbles has a muscular physique, making her very strong. Her horn is also much longer than the average mare's horn. Residence: Fillydelphia Occupation: Freelance Hard Labor (frequently works in mining operations but will occasionally help out with construction and helping ponies move heavy stuff) Cutie Mark: A cart full of gems. Shiny Pebbles loved to accompany her father, Glowstone, whenever he went out to dig or mine for gold and gems (a hobby of his). They didn't usually find much of anything other than dirt, but that was okay with Shiny Pebbles because she was just happy to spend time with her father. One day, they went deep into a cave during their search. Her father told her to stick close to him, so she wouldn't get lost or run into any trouble without him around. But then, her father stumbled and fell into a small pit, breaking his leg. Shiny Pebbles managed to help him out of the pit, but her father couldn't move any further. Glowstone told his daughter to go back and get help, but Shiny Pebbles was afraid of leaving him. She didn't want to leave her father hurt, but also, being a filly, she didn't have any control over her magic, so she wouldn't be able to cast a light spell so she could find her way back. But she came up with a plan. She helped her father into the small cart they had brought with them. And then, she started to pull. Her father was very concerned about her hurting herself pulling a full-grown stallion, but Shiny Pebbles insisted and was sure to take things slow. It was hard, but she didn't quit, only stopping to take a break when she needed to. Her father kept the path out well-lit with his magic. Halfway back, Shiny Pebbles became very tired from all the pulling. She tried pulling another inch, but the cart wasn't budging. She tried to put all her strength and being into pulling the cart... And then, her horn started to glow. And the cart started to glow, too. It started to move, and it felt almost effortless pulling the cart. She was able to get back into town and get her father to a doctor pony. And with that accomplished, Shiny Pebbles gained her cutie mark. Her talent is in carrying heavy loads, but the cutie mark also symbolizes her strong will and ability to take charge. History: Shiny Pebbles led a simple life as a filly. Her father worked making lanterns and selling them to other ponies. There wasn't a whole lot of bits to be made in that business, but they got by. It wasn't terribly difficult for Shiny Pebbles to be satisfied. She enjoyed spending time with her family (her father, mother, and her two younger brothers when they were born), and she had some friends at school, so life was pretty good. After she got her cutie mark, she wanted to get herself prepared for her destiny. She started taking every chance she could get to build up her strength. Around her neighborhood in Fillydelphia, she was known for being persistently helpful when it came to carrying another pony's stuff for them. Elderly ponies in the neighborhood became particularly exasperated when the filly tried to insist on carrying them across the street. In addition, she also did some reading on the theories and applications of magical telekinesis. She was never really able to duplicate the magic she had managed when she was trying to pull the cart in the cave, but her father told her it was very common for fillies and colts to have difficulty with magic, and that she shouldn't expect results right away. Nonetheless, Shiny Pebbles spent a lot of time trying to use her magic to lift a mere pebble. Her practicing would pay off later when she became a mare and graduated on from lifting pebbles with her magic to lifting rocks, and sometime even later, the occasional small boulder and other very heavy objects. She started off doing local work in Fillydelphia: pulling carriages and helping ponies move furniture. It wasn't a bad job, but Shiny Pebbles felt there was more she could do and that those jobs weren't challenging enough. So, she started doing some part-time work as a construction pony helping move debris and building materials to and from the construction site. It was a pretty good job, but it also felt a little lonely. Most of the construction ponies there shared a common passion in fixing and building things. While many of the construction ponies she met were nice to her, she still felt a little left out and lost during some of their conversations. It was only until she was hired on for a mining job that she started feeling a little more comfortable. It gave her a nostalgic feeling from those days when she used to help her father in his hobby of trying to find gems and gold. But more importantly, she felt like she was actually making a connection with other ponies. After five or six mining jobs, befriending a different pony in some of those jobs, Shiny Pebbles had an idea. She wrote to each of her new friends and asked them how they would feel about teaming up together and being their own crew-for-hire. They all agreed that it would be a good idea, and since then, they've become good friends who take on a variety of jobs, especially when they involve mines or caves. Currently, Shiny Pebbles is content with her life. She loves her work, and she loves her friends. Since her job tends to be freelance, she usually has to go about looking for work for her and her friends, and occasionally, they do their own odd jobs specific to their talents to keep their wages steady during slow business times. Character Summary: Shiny Pebbles is a pretty down-to-earth, practical pony. She doesn't really understand the point of having overly fancy things or made-up things. She's not so practical, though, that she can't cut loose and have a little fun. She particularly enjoys picnics with friends, small celebrations, competitions involving strength, and pie-eating contests (all that hard work she does sure works up an appetite!). She has many qualities that make her a great leader being great at motivational speaking, leading by example, and keeping things focused and on-task. This comes so naturally to her; however, that off the job, she can appear bossy and controlling. Usually (but not always) she realizes when she takes things too far and makes an effort to apologize to any pony she might have gotten too bossy with. Her bossiness can be particularly evident when it comes to following safety procedures. Perhaps stemming from that time when her father got hurt, she has a bit of an obsession with making sure everypony is wearing the appropriate safety equipment and following proper procedures. She doesn't want to see anypony getting hurt on her watch. Shiny Pebbles isn't all about everything physical. She believes that it's important to train the mind along with the body, so on occasion, a pony can find her simply reading a book or participating in a puzzle or chess (she has some difficulty with chess, though, and often loses). She doesn't particularly enjoy reading as a hobby, but considers it a vital component of keeping her mind active. It's just as necessary as eating or breathing air. She can't stand fictional literature, though, and prefers reading books that have practical value: books about mining, magical application, remedies for sore muscles, etc. As far as magic goes, Shiny Pebbles' limited imagination and innate abilities have her capable of using two spells. The first spell is the ability to shine light in a dark place, which is fairly simple to do and something that was taught to her by her father. The second spell, of course, is the ability to use magical telekinesis. In the latter area, she has shown excellent skill. Perhaps because of the size of her horn or simply because she has been able to translate her physical strength into mental strength, she is capable of lifting very heavy objects with her magic. Her limitation in that area comes from the fact that multiple objects are a little harder to keep focused on, and so she can really only lift a few small objects or one very heavy object at a time. Shiny Pebbles is very loyal to her friends and an all-around nice pony once one gets past that bossy, safety-concerned, limited imagination part of her. Naturally, she's also a hard worker and has received a few glowing reviews from ponies that have hired her and her crew on jobs in the past.
  20. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Sweets Galore Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Silver Coat: Her coat is silky, soft, and light pink. She typically wears elegant dresses that are the top of the line of current fashion trends. Mane/Tail: Sweets has soft, bouncy scarlet locks, which are curled in her mane and free-flowing in her tail. Physique: Sweets is tall and thin with a very model-like appearance. Residence: Stalliongrad Occupation: Actress Cutie Mark: A lollipop. Little Sweets Galore loved sweets ever so much. But what's a filly to do when mommy-dearest doesn't give a sizable allowance of bits to buy said beloved sweets? Even as a filly, she was determined to have things her way, no matter what. So, she started practicing a little "act" that would help net her the candy she wanted. She made the most adorable faces she could. She worked on making with the "crocodile tears." When she felt she had perfected her perfect little plan, she trotted over to the candy shop and turned herself loose on the poor candy shop owner. She cooked up a story about how she misplaced the bag of bits her mommy had given her for candy, and that her mommy had wanted some candy, too, and she didn't want her mommy to think she had bought candy and eaten it all. Oh, how much trouble would she be in. Boo-hoo. Sob, sob. Throw in a couple of pretty-pleases, and the candy shop owner fell for it... hook, line, and sinker. She was given a lollipop and a bag of sweets for her performance. And just as she walked out the door, her cutie mark appeared! Everyone assumed it must mean that she had a future in the candy-making business, but this was not the case. The lollipop symbolized her talent in acting sweet... and possibly her ability to make "suckers" out of everypony else. History: Sweets Galore grew up in Stalliongrad in the Highland District. She was raised by her mother, a pegasus named Hot Stuff who worked as a factory boss. This meant that she was born with some wealth already. Despite the fact that Hot Stuff had a pretty good head on her shoulders, she had a hard time keeping a balance on spoiling her filly and keeping her in line. She did her best. It didn't help matters that Sweets was a rebellious foal who did everything she could to circumvent her mother's rules without actually breaking them. As a filly, Sweets did poorly in school, owing to the fact that she had little interest in paying attention to her booooooring teacher. The only time she applied herself was whenever she got to be on stage... during a talent show or a school play, Sweets shined above everypony else, especially after her cutie mark appeared. The audiences loved her, finding her sweet disposition adorable. She was well on her way to becoming a filly star. Unfortunately, her mother held her back from getting her hoof into any potentially big-time shows, insisting that the last thing her daughter needed was fame and being spoiled by other ponies at her young, impressionable age. She told her daughter that maybe when she was older, she could try out for those kind of shows. Naturally, Sweets was unhappy about this and decided not to speak to her mother for a month. Sweets' rebellion against her mother continued for a while, and her mother tried everything to get her to behave during this time. At one point, Hot Stuff decided it was time to try a positive reinforcement plus an attempt to induce responsibility tactic. In other words, her mother presented Sweets Galore with a pet. The pet was a bit exotic, being a blueberry fruit bat, and at first, Sweets took to resenting her mother all over again for getting her a stupid, lousy pet. The blueberry bat turned out to be unflinchingly loyal and caring towards her, and slowly... the filly warmed up to the bat. Soon, her pet became her closest friend. It would be her only real friend due to her tendency to look down on everypony else and think only (well, mostly) of herself.The day Sweets became a mare and was able to set out on her own was the happiest day of her life. Finally, she could be rid of her mother and be free to do whatever she wanted. It was not quite as easy as she thought it would be. Adorableness alone wasn't enough to make it in the acting business. So, Sweets began practicing her acting skills and presented to her audiences vastly improved and versatile performances. She could be sweet and innocent or she could be dark and mysterious. She could be good or bad. Love lead, heroine, antagonist, supporting role, she could do it all. And yet, it still wasn't enough. Sweets particularly didn't like being in supporting roles. She deserved to be the star, and she despised any up-and-coming acting pony who tried to get in her way. And so, when just out-acting everypony wasn't enough, Sweets looked for other means to get what she wanted. This resulted in her using blackmail and other mean-spirited methods to crush her competition and keep up-and-coming acting ponies out of the acting scene altogether. Sweets has become a very accomplished pony, and she's famous for the roles she has played in Rock Comet and Jewel Mane, Goldhoof, Pride and Ponies, Cutie Blanca, Singing in Cloudsdale, All My Foals, and much, much more. But to her, acting is more than just her job. The whole world is her stage, and she's not only the star, she's the director of all the action. She spends her life making sure that everything stays that way, no matter whose hooves she has to step on. Character Summary: For being a celebrity, Sweets is generally thought of as having a pretty sweet, gentle disposition and being generous. She does donate quite a bit to charity, after all, and most ponies who meet her would describe her as being very nice, even to ponies who would ordinarily be beneath a celebrity's notice. Of course, she is also thought to be as air-headed and vain as any other celebrity as well. This picture of her, of course, is wrong on most accounts. Sweets has cultivated a very good, practically spotless (not entirely, of course), public image for herself. The true her is actually very self-centered, mean-spirited, insincere, cunning, devious, and clever. To think of her as an air-head, ditz, bordering perhaps on naive, would be a grave, grave mistake indeed. She is, however, very, very vain. Being a pretty pony isn't something that just happens, after all. It takes work. And why shouldn't she enjoy all of her hard work? Naturally, donating to charity is all part of maintaining her practically perfect public image. She doesn't let her smaller funds deter her from living a life of luxury, however. What are colt-friends and gifts from an adoring public for after all? It is pretty easy to fall into the trap that somepony with such generosity would be capable of gold-digging, and Sweets takes full advantage of that fact. And how could anypony think she might have ill motives when she's generally acting so nice? Sweets is capable of such things as blackmail simply because she believes her happiness and fun to be more important than anypony's feelings or finances. But it can be lonely at the top. Because Sweets knows what she's capable of and believes everypony else to be capable of it (to a lesser degree, of course), she doesn't really trust anypony else. She does have friends: her personal trainer, her agent, and a couple of elite ponies that frequently follow her, but it's all just another part of the show. She doesn't actually care about them, and she's pretty sure they don't actually care about her (even if they probably do). Her pet blueberry bat is the only exception. As such, it's very common for other ponies to see her treat the little bat like he means the world to her... because he does. She will drop everything to tend to him when he's sick (something she would never do for any other animal), she takes him everywhere, she insists that he is given the very best in top-of-the-line pet products and food, and she shows actual, genuine affection for him. So, perhaps Sweets Galore isn't all rotten to the core. Animal Companion: Name: Myrtilles Sex: Male Species: Fruit bat (blueberry type) Character summary: Being a pet, Myrtilles isn't capable of speech or very complex patterns of thought. He is affectionate and playful towards his owner and exhibits a fierce loyalty and protectiveness of her. He hates being dressed up with tiny little top-hats, monocles, and bow-ties, but he tolerates it.
  21. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Shooting Star Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Red Coat: Black Mane/Tail: Mane is spiked back and a general blue, tail is also spiked in the same fashion as well as the same blue Physique: Thin, not very strong at all, almost to a fragile point Residence: Forest nearby Canterlot Occupation: Starshard Seller, he collects cores of fallen stars and meteors in the area and sells them off at auction houses in Canterlot, whether they be collectors or museum owners trying to showcase them for their own benefit. Cutie Mark: A golden shooting star with a same coloured stardust trail. Cutie Mark Event: Shooting Star was off trying to relax in one of the trees in the forest, when a meteor shower that he forgot was going to happen, unfolded before his eyes, he was so amazed by the scene, he almost didn't notice his horn glowing red on its own, which lit up and directed him to the fallen star by making a line for him to follow, which he did. Upon reaching the star, Shooting began to trot closer at a slower pace, until his horn lit up again, and opened a hole to the center of the star, pulling out what he would call starshards later on and sell them off in his hometown of Canterlot, which would be the center of his life in the future: as a Starshard Seller. History: Shooting Star was born from his parents, who were young at the time still, Blazing Fire and Celsius. He grew up in a society of high class ponies, though he himself was just a regular colt who lived in the lower quarter, and he had next to no magical abilities for a large period of time while going through school, though he was able to have a decent amount of friends who cheered him on, telling him he'd find out what his talent would be soon. Eventually, Shooting grew up and moved out of his parents' home, and moved into the forest, getting an abandoned house for a real cheap price, since no noble in Canterlot would ever want a house near the forest. For now, Shooting Star hopes his starshard business will one day bloom. Character Summary: Shooting excels at detecting the general location of where fallen shooting stars have landed. He can pinpoint a general location from the one-time signal he gets to find the fallen star, he then takes the core and places it in one of his 0 degree Farenheit jars. On a personal level, Shooting Star can be a tad bit lazy at times, often getting up later than others, mainly due to him being a late-night kind of pony, though when he goes into town, he does take the time to visit any friends he might have in town. When faced with a conflict, he usually tries to run away or slip off, not liking to argue with others, and hoping time will defuse the situation. Although he is far from it, he is hoping to make his business more successful so he can live the high life with the other high class ponies in Canterlot, but through his own hard work and determination, not by inheritance, which was always available to him, but he declined. He likes magic shows, so he always keeps an ear out for any performers coming into the castle town whenever possible. His personal hobbies are cloud watching at day and identifying the constellations at night. He is a rather socially awkward pony at times when it comes to meeting new ponies, but once he gets to know them, he's a very relaxed unicorn who loves to talk, seeing as he is alone most of the time when he's working. His social awkardness is also a fault, however but is essential to overcome to communicate with other ponies, in order to be a successful businesspony. He has trouble looking others in the eyes, but will usually overcome it for the sake of his business, though sometimes he loses his nerve around some of the larger ponies, i.e. stallions taller than him. EDIT: Oh and on a side note I forgot to mention, his horn glows red when using magic. EDIT2: Just realized I put high class ponies twice in one sentence, so I fixed that, since I'm a total grammar nazi to myself.
  22. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Mane RP Name: Moonstone II Sex: Female Age: Filly, though nearly an adult mare. Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Bright blue, with matching glasses for her far-sighted eyesight. Coat: Light grey Mane/Tail: The two colours of her mane and tail are pale blue and pale purple. She keeps her mane somewhat styled, preferably with heavy waves and a slight curl, and her tail short and manageable. Physique: Moonstone is still a growing filly, and as such is still on the short side. Her build is fairly petite and slim, making her an awful small pony around most mares and stallions. Residence: Canterlot, still living with her parents, deciding on if she should move elsewhere Her insomnia and long walks sometimes lead her rather far away. Occupation: Lamp-lighter Cutie Mark: A white crescent moon surrounded by five white stars. History: Born in the capital city of Canterlot, Moonstone became accustomed to the masses of people and the bright lights of the city even as a young pony. Her time in her early youth was much like most other ponies; she went to school, attended festivals, played games, and spent a lot of time learning about life from friends, family, and other ponies that she met. Few people doubted her decency, for the young girl had a talent for finding things. If someone had lost a hat, she would quickly turn up hours later with the item in question. Was someone looking for a new muffin recipe? Moonstone would scour the city in search of it, pleased to help. Most people who knew her said she was a foal good at finding things... Her grandmother (and the mare she was named after) would often visit and regale her with stories of travel and a life on the rivers of Equestria, for Grandma Moonstone had been a sailor pony, and often spoke of a time when the railroads had yet to be built and the best way to go far and wide was the water. Young Moonstone found herself caught up in these stories, her curiosity making her more and more eager to set out on her own and explore the world. One evening, during Hearth's Warming Eve, she wandered away from the annual play at the edge of town and set off into the night. Her way had been brightly lit by the stars, moon, and lights of the city, but as she went farther, eyes wide with excitement and wonder, clouds slowly drew in overhead. The lights of the city were long lost around bends and twists over the landscape, and soon the stars and moon themselves seemed snuffed out. Barely more than a foal, Moonstone was very quickly lost, and started to grow deeply afraid. She'd never been so far from home, especially all alone, and she cried out as loudly as she could for her parents. When no one came, she curled up and huddled in place, too scared to move... But a light slowly broke through the clouds, grabbing her attention. Moonstone looked up and saw the moon peeking through a gap in the dark fluff, twinkling stars shining around it. A feeling of knowing rushed through her in that moment, and her horn started to shimmer and glow, urging her to her feet and to move forward. With every tentative step the light of her horn grew brighter, and her path that much surer. She started to quickly trot, and then gallop as her horn blazed brighter than any of the city lights were alone. A wild, happy laugh escaped the little filly as she caught sight of the path and rushed up it, taking it quickly back to the corner of Canterlot and finding herself on the grounds. She'd not only found the will to go on, but the path home, too! As she slowed and rejoined the crowds, her horn's light slowly flickered away, leaving her with courage, contentment, and warmth she didn't understand until she turned her head and saw a white crescent moon surrounded by five white stars on her flank. In the years since, she has finished her formal education and taken to doing lamp-lighting work around Canterlot. Chronic insomnia keeps her up at late hours, but she doesn't seem to mind. Be they oil lamps, candles, or magical crystals, Moonstone has shown a knack for easily bringing these many sources of light to life, tending to and maintaining them as the need arises, all the while providing a guiding light to her fellow ponies who might be trapped in the dark. She still enjoys doing favors for people, spending her late night hours searching for this or that while not doing her job or relaxing. Moonstone is no longer afraid to wander from the city, confident that her horn will light the way and always bring her back home safely. Character Summary: A young and curious insomniac of a unicorn who has grown up around city lights and the glamor of high society. She harkens to the stories of her namesake, her grandmother, about simpler times and the world beyond the city. Her special talent revolves around light and illumination, with a bit of finding a great deal of things (be they objects, solutions, ideas, etc.). She spends a good deal of time going on long walks or reading, and Princess Luna is her favorite princess. Likes: Adventure stories, visiting new places, helping anypony (even if they're not ponies!), lighter shades of blue, and having somewhere comfortable to sleep whenever she's tired enough for it. Dislikes: Unnecessarily rude people, splinters, rainy days without appropriate rain-gear, and spiders.
  23. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Calliope Steammusic Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Heliotrope #DF73FF Coat: Lime Mane/Tail: Blue with Sky Blue stripes, neatly combed Physique: Very fat, with short, flat, ears and slightly protruding eyes. Residence: Solstice Hights Occupation: Calliope Player and Builder. Cutie Mark: A steam whistle with a keyboard and wrench. Searching for a way to bring her two interests together, Calliope would often spend hours browsing the shelves of the Canterlot Library. Eventually, she came across one book on unusual instruments, which contained a description of the Calliope, as well as a picture of how they are put together. After several weeks of work, renewing the book twice, the instrument was done. With a fire going in the boiler, she tentatively started to play. Not only did everything work, but the instrument came easily to her. At the end of several songs, she got up to tell her parents, passing a mirror on the way... and discovering that she had earned her Cutie Mark! History: Calliope Steammusic was born as an only child in Garden Gait, living with her parents, Standard Gage and Woodwind, until adulthood. Her family was far from penniless but unable to afford a life in Canterlot proper. Her sire worked the line from Canterlot to Ponyville, allowing the family to visit the town every so often. She picked up an interest in steam power from her sire, and an interest in music from her dam, who was a small-time musician. After discovering her special talent, Calliope attended music and technical schools in Canterlot. She easily graduated from both. She remained with her parents for some time before she saved the cash for her own place in the hills behind Canterlot. Calliope now lives in a two-story brick house with a basement on the top of a hill located on the far side of the mountain from Ponyville. Her workshop is located in the basement, while the living quarters are on the top floor. She travels as often as her schedule and finances allow. She hopes to help bring the oft-neglected Calliope to the attention of the public. Character Summary: Calliope’s skills branch off of her talent with the eponymous instrument, meaning she has a reasonable grasp of all keyboard instruments, and posses a competency with boilers on par with a railway fireman. She dreams of their one-day being a Calliope in all the major population centers in Equestria (similar to pipe organs in real life churches), but realizes the impossibility of having one in every small hamlet. Her favorite food is waffles, and her favorite colour is blue. She also enjoys trains, and often watches them go by. She does not, however, enjoy excessively spicy foods, fighting, and those ever-annoying flies. She will defend herself if pressed however. Her hobbies include reading classic Sci-fi, and attending musical performances, as well as the aforementioned train spotting. Calliope avoids and tries to break up or prevent fights as often as possible, and also defers to those older than her or in a position of authority. She will, however, intervene if she knows that what they are doing is wrong or unsafe. When in a new location, she will often be looking for the best spot to put a Calliope, making her attention hard to get. She has a friendly personality overall, but dislikes those who cannot seem to stop talking long enough to have an actual conversation. When nervous, she tends to run a hoof through her mane. Although she is generally physically sound, her back sometimes becomes very stiff, making movement somewhat difficult on those days. Like nearly all ponies, Calliope has some fears. Chief among these are a slight case of claustrophobia and a healthy fear of boiler explosions, born of an understanding of the massive forces involved. As a result, she takes a second between each song and the next to check water and pressure levels. (Appearance randomly generated using the Dwarf Fortress Pony Mod.)
  24. [colour=#282828]Roleplay Type: [/colour][colour=#282828]Mane RP[/colour] [colour=#282828]Name: [/colour][colour=#282828]Moon Walker[/colour] [colour=#282828]Sex: [/colour][colour=#282828]Male[/colour] [colour=#282828]Age: [/colour][colour=#282828]Stallion[/colour] [colour=#282828]Species: [/colour][colour=#282828]Pegasus[/colour] [colour=#282828]Eye colour: [/colour][colour=#282828]Blue, almost indigo[/colour] [colour=#282828]Coat: [/colour][colour=#282828]His coat is tan/light brown. He typically wears the usual guard armor seen in Canterlot. [/colour] [colour=#282828]Mane/Tail: [/colour][colour=#282828]Moon Walker's hair and tail are a reddish auburn. There is a light curling in both his mane and tail, and he never ever has a bad mane day.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Physique: [/colour][colour=#282828]Moon Walker is in excellent shape. His build is strong, sturdy, and lean enough to allow him to maneuver through the air quickly and gracefully. He is still an average flyer at best, however.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Residence: [/colour][colour=#282828]He switches back and forth from Canterlot to Cloudsdale. Because of the nature of his work, he often spends more time in Canterlot than not, but he tries to spend as much time as possible in Cloudsdale because that's where his family lives.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Occupation: [/colour][colour=#282828]Royal Equestrian Army Guard[/colour] [colour=#282828]Cutie Mark: [/colour][colour=#282828] [colour=#282828]Moon Walker's cutie mark is a shield with a crescent moon on it. He'll never forget the night it appeared. Him and a few of his friends were participating in the rehearsal of a school play, “Rock Comet and Jewel Mane.” Sadly, Moon Walker didn't get to play any of the lead roles, but he was happy, for the most part, to be on stage. Everything was going smoothly, at first. Then, while Moon Walker was standing around (essentially being background scenery), he noticed that one of the hanging props above was coming loose. And the colt playing Rock Comet was standing right under it! He didn't have long to make a decision. If he let the prop fall, then there was a chance the colt would get hurt, and then, the starring role for Rock Comet would open up. But the colt WOULD be hurt... He didn't need a lot of time to make the decision. His wings spread without thinking, he cried out a warning (“LOOK OUT!”), and he dove for the colt, pushing him out of the way and becoming a victim to the once-hanging prop. Moon Walker ended up in the hospital for his injuries (which included a broken wing) and missed the play, but he gained his cutie mark, and tons of balloons and get well cards. Suffering from injuries was well worth it, especially since they turned out to be quite temporary.[/colour] [colour=#282828]His cutie mark is symbolic of many things about him (the fact that it's vaguely heart-shaped, for instance, represents his good heart). The shield obviously represents a talent in protecting others. Meanwhile, the crescent moon is a reminder that he doesn't have to be a star in order to be a special somepony. [/colour] [colour=#282828]History: Moon Walker comes from a long line of pegasi who have been a part of the Royal Equestrian Army and other defensive services. He's the fifth offspring of his parents, out of nine. He has seven brothers and two sisters (Fire Walker and Wind Walker). The importance of discipline, duty, and honor have been instilled in him from a young age by his father. It wasn't so much that Moon Walker felt pushed into that path; it was more like a natural conclusion, an inevitability, and he wasn't upset about it at all. Coming from a large family can be difficult, though. The fact of the matter was, there was a lot of competition for attention. So, it was only natural that Moon Walker learned early on how to attract attention. Whether he was being a class clown or finding a stage to perform, no, to ACT on, he was able to use all manner of charm, good looks, charisma, and showmanship to dazzle other ponies. Consequently, he had an abundance of friends growing up and was very popular.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Before he joined the Royal Equestrian Army, he had thought about trying to be an actor. It was something he had always dreamed of since he was a kid ever since he saw Canterlot Theatre's production of Star-Swirled the Bearded THE MUSICAL. He wasn't all bad at acting, either, despite the fact that it wasn't his special talent. Ultimately, though, the importance of discipline, duty, and honor were too great a call for him to ignore. The dream still remained, but it was put on the back-burner.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Not long after rigorous training in boot camp, Moon Walker found love. But first, he found a sketchbook full of equations, diagrams, and detailed pictures of clouds and aerodynamic positions. He happened upon it entirely by accident while visiting a few of his Pegasus friends in Cloudsdale for lunch. Naturally, he didn't understand a single thing in the sketchbook (except that the clouds were, indeed, clouds), but it looked important, and surely, someone was looking for it. Bound by honor, Moon Walker searched for the owner of the notebook, questioning other Pegasi about its contents in hopes of gleaning a clue as to how to find the owner. Someone eventually told him that someone in the weather factory would probably be able to make sense of it. And so, he went to the weather factory to talk with pegasi there. [/colour] [colour=#282828]His long search was rewarded when the owner of the notebook, a mare with a frizzy mane and tail, approached him, expressing a lot of gratitude for returning the sketchbook. They looked into each other's eyes, and both felt electricity sparking between them. Literally. It seemed the mare had left some lightning unattended, and poor Moon Walker got the worst of it. But when he awoke in the hospital and saw her there by his bedside, somehow, it made everything all right. Her name was Frizzy, and he had fallen in love with her.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Several dates in the span of two years later, they were married. And sometime after that, Moon Walker's wife gave birth to a wonderful foal. They named him Tawny. Becoming a father was definitely one of the happiest moments in his life. Unfortunately, Moon Walker has never been able to spend as much time with his family as he would like. He often feels torn between the duties of a Royal Equestrian Guard and duties to his family. It pains him, sometimes, when he thinks about his son and comes up with questions that he should know the answer, too. First, he missed his son's first flight, then his first words. Then, he didn't know what Tawny's favorite food was. Then, he didn't know his favorite colour. What Tawny liked to do. It seemed everytime he discovered the answer to one question about his son, he found more, and it disheartened him when he thought about how often he was away from his family. The dream he had about being an actor has faded into relative obscurity in his mind, now. Now, what he really wants to be is Dad.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Character Summary:[/colour] Moon Walker's talent lies in his ability to protect, to honor, and to serve. Beyond that, he is decent at impressionism, comedy, and acting (though, he can at times be a little too cheesy and hammy in his acting). His goals and motivations have shifted over the years, but his most current goal is to find a way to spend more time with his family without neglecting his responsibilities with the Royal Equestrian Army. Because of his experience in the REA, Moon Walker has developed two ways of relating with other ponies. There's REA-style, in which he is direct, focused, vigilant, and no-nonsense. Then, there's his style, which is easy-going, light-hearted, friendly, and somewhat clown-ish. Occasionally, there is overlap between the two; it's especially notable when he's about to do something heroic off-duty or when he is worried about something. Sometimes, he has a hard time prioritizing certain tasks. When somepony or something needs rescued, it is near impossible for him NOT to drop everything and get involved. While he can prioritize rescue scenarios (obviously, a pony that is in mortal danger needs more assistance than a pony that is wandering around lost) and follow direct orders, he can't prioritize something like an important meeting versus, say, a cat stuck in a tree. Inevitably, he will be late for the meeting in order to rescue the cat. Moon Walker is a natural at making friends because of how very likeable he is, but keeping long-term friends might be a different story. Even before he joined the REA, Moon Walker has never been particularly good at expressing his feelings or affection for others. It isn't that he doesn't care; it's just that he's a little bit dense in that area and automatically assumes that ponies know he cares very much about them. So, he never takes the time to reaffirm that fact to other ponies. This is especially evident if he sees somepony he knows that he hasn't seen in a while. He acts as if they'd been with him the whole time, instead of expressing exuberance about their presence. Moon Walker has a vain side to him due to spending a bit more than incidental time keeping up with his appearance (getting his coat, mane, and tail groomed, polishing his armor, ensuring that he stays in excellent shape despite harboring a deep love for donuts). This has resulted in some self-consciousness. Not about his appearance, he's certain he is one great-looking stallion. It's more that he's self-conscious about his vanity and tries to hide the fact that he's checking himself out in a mirror or spending too much time on his mane and outright denying that he uses any mane products in his mane whatsoever.
  25. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Tawny Sex: Male Age: Young colt Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Sky blue Coat: Sand-coloured Mane/Tail: Tawny's mane and tail are impossibly curly, and every attempt to straighten them out has resulted in horrible failure. His mane and tail are a single colour: light brown. Physique: Tawny is a little taller and skinnier than most colts his age, and his wings are perhaps far larger than they should be. This not only lends to giving him an awkward appearance, but it also makes him an ungraceful flyer. The good thing about having big wings and a light frame, though, is that he can endure flying a little longer than other colts his age. Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Too young for a job. Cutie Mark: Blank Flank History: Tawny was born in Cloudsdale to two Pegasus parents: a Canterlot guard and a weather factory worker specializing in the making of lightning. Because of his father's guard duties in Canterlot, Tawny doesn't get to spend a lot of time with him. This has given him a lot of conflicting feelings towards his father. On the one hoof, he resents his father because of his absence. On the other hoof, he wants to make the most of the time he does have with his father, and so he tries very hard to do whatever he thinks will please his father, even if he doesn't like doing those things. Tawny often thinks his father is sterner and more intimidating than he really is (when his father isn't being a guard, he's actually a kind of laid-back guy who would be proud of his son, no matter what). Tawny gets along well with his mother; although, her tendency to bring her work home with her has caused more than a few mishaps around the house. This has caused him to come to the conclusion that his mother spends WAY too much time with hazardous lightning. His mother does care quite a lot for him, and if she is working with something particularly dangerous, she will send him off to stay with one of his many uncles, aunts, or older cousins. This has resulted in Tawny having traveled more than the average colt and has kept him from being too much of a shut-in at home. At school, Tawny does well and remains diligent in his studies, not because he has a vested interest in academics or athletics, but because he doesn't see any reason why he shouldn't do the best he can. He's been in school for a short while, and while he has met a few friendly acquaintances, it hasn't yet blossomed into any full-fledged friendships. Because he is still a young colt, he hasn't had much in the way of life experiences. Perhaps the only event of interest in his life is the time he ended up in the wrong car on the train to Canterlot to visit his father. It was a car full of elder ponies that he had never met, and so, for part of the trip before his mother found him, he was regaled with stories of the "good, old days." Rather than being bored, though, it helped keep him from getting too worried about being on the wrong car and calmed him. Since then, he has had a deep respect for elderly ponies and enjoys their company. Right now, Tawny is hoping to make a few friends with whom he can hang out on a regular basis. The other thing he's hoping for is getting his cutie mark. Because he is under the (mistaken) impression that his father wants him to follow in his footsteps, Tawny often pretends/practices being a guard pony, even though, this usually doesn't work out well for him or make him too happy. Even though he is still young and has plenty of time to get his cutie mark, he can't help but try to hurry it along because the pressure of whether knowing if his cutie mark will be acceptable to his father or not is too much for him to handle. Character Summary: Tawny is most adequately described as a nervous wreck. He's pretty convinced that if there's a possibility things will go wrong, they will go horribly, horribly wrong. He has numerous fears (a fear of the dark, fear of creepy crawly things, fear of scary creatures, fear of lightning *perfectly legitimate fear given his background*, fear of clowns, fear of sharp objects, claustrophobia, etc.). He is a nice enough colt, pleasant, polite, and in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum. He often acts as a voice of reason when it comes to avoiding dangerous situations... although, sometimes, there are situations he deems dangerous that aren't dangerous at all, in which case, his voice of reason becomes more of a voice of not-reason. Unfortunately. being a push-over combined with his need to try to be brave (because he's so sure it's what his dad would want him to do) means that he tends to give in too easily. Tawny enjoys keeping things clean and organized, but he's not obsessive about it or afraid of dirty things, as evidenced by the fact that he also enjoys spending time on beaches, soaking up the sun or building sand castles (he doesn't swim). He likes reading (usually fiction aimed at his age group), but he's not quite a bookworm, and he prefers listening to stories that people tell him more than anything else, especially elder ponies. He also likes to sing when he thinks no one is listening. Other things he likes includes coffee (most of his relatives refuse to let him have any under their watch, given that it just makes him more edgy to the point of being almost unbearable), birds, cinnamon rolls, corn, and peaches. Tawny, being as nervous as he is and so easily startled, obviously doesn't handle being pranked too well, and it's one of the few things that will make him put his hoof down and cause a confrontation with someone. He can handle joking, even jokes at his own expense, but pranks are just too much for him. He also won't put up with rudeness or a lack of respect towards older ponies. He doesn't like competitive sports/games, and he really doesn't work well under pressure or a time limit. Other things he dislikes (besides some of the things he fears, of course) include tomatoes, cold weather, babies (it's not so much that he dislikes them; he just feels very, very, very uncomfortable around them), and cats.
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