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  1. From the album: Fic-related

    In the aftermath of a continent-spanning war, an empire lost to time suddenly reappears in the frozen north of Equestria. Its beauty is unspoiled. Its magic, powerful. Its people, curious. Their first contact with the modern world has drawn the attention of all nations in the Pax Equestria Alliance. In the interest of establishing diplomatic contact with the Crystal Empire, Equestria dispatches an envoy to the capital. But during the talks, reports of a new threat falls upon the diplomats’ table. Villages are being systematically wiped out and newly-emerged cities plundered for their ancient treasures. With no modern army to defend them, the Crystal Empire turns to Equestria for aid. Task Force Paladin from the Alliance airship flotilla is dispatched to provide protection as the Empire is brought up to speed on the modern world. In the skies over the Crystal Empire, Firefly and the aviators of Timberwolf squadron fly into battle against the vicious beasts of the North and wily griffon pirates. But as the conflict escalates, the Timberwolves quickly realize that there is more to the fight than a few rogue griffons out for blood and coin.

    © Art by Zicygomar. Story by Dio.

  2. Hello, everyone! This is a formal request for assistance to work on a Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Nintendo Gamecube) Crossover / Alternate Universe fic with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It will be Epic-class, with at least 30 full-length (8-10,000 word or so) chapters - not counting interludes, prologue, and other fluff. It will take place in the MLP universe, though with several places and ideas taken from TTYD and applied to it. Most of the characters should be quite familiar; I'm trying to avoid too many OC's or anything like that if I can. It will star the entire Mane 6 for most of the active group, along with a curveball or two for good measure, and all four main villains. I'm making this post because, honestly... I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything right now, and I just can't seem to summon up the mental energy to work on it most of the time. Thing is, I really do want to do it - words cannot describe how excited and inspired I was when I first had this idea, and everything just seemed to click into place perfectly between the two plots. But, I guess my enthusiasm kinda faded after a while... so I've been procrastinating on it, horribly. Here's the thing, though; I've found that I can almost always work much easier and faster when I have someone with me, helping along. I had some people before - good ones, too - but they're almost all busy doing other things right now. And so, I thought I would put the word out that I have this fic in the works, and I am looking for a full-blown co-author to help me see it through to completion. Applicants should have; --> Prior knowledge of the Paper Mario: TTYD plotline & universe, as well as a very strong enthusiasm for it - I need someone who shares my passion for the game and its plot, as that will help me immensely when it comes to inspiration to get this thing written. Plus, it'll save me plenty of time and trouble explaining things. This isn't a complete deal-breaker, though, since I can still explain the plot and ideas (which I will be doing anyway); the real thing I'm looking for is inspiration, thus I need as much spirit and enthusiasm as I can get. --> A decent amount of regular free time you can take without stress. I understand if you have other things you must do or work on, of course, but it's pretty much a given that without being able to put in time, very little is gonna get done. I am running on GMT -06:00 (Central USA) time, and I am usually on during most of the afternoon and evening; I'm on at night, too, but I will be somewhat distracted then - I can usually work, though. --> Good communication skills - and not just being a cool, easy-to-get-along-with person (which helps too), but I want to stay in regular contact; that means letting me know if you have something going on, if you can't come for whatever reason, and staying available on Skype as much as possible. --> Aggressive enthusiasm - nothing makes me happier, or cuts through my procrastination better, than seeing people come to me directly instead of waiting for me to contact them. --> Decent writing skills - it goes without saying that you should have a good grasp of grammar and proper word use, and preferably some prior experience in proofreading or writing yourself. Please keep in mind that I am not just looking for an idea guy, spellchecker, proofreader, editor or anything common like that; I'm looking for a partner, whom I can count on to provide me with regular support and inspiration for the fic, yet still sternly hold me accountable for procrastinating and keep me on the straight and narrow. If anyone is interested in joining me in this endeavor, please either reply here, send me a PM, or just contact me on Skype (account name is 'umbranoth'), and we'll go from there. I'll probably start by getting to know you, first, just having a friendly back-and-forth and discussion - and if I like what I see, you'll probably get the job! And so, any Paper Mario: TTYD fans out there who felt that the plot didn't get enough justice, want to see an epic crossover between that and the land of Bronydom, or simply want to take part in writing something fun and awesome - give me a call! My door is open, and I am in no rush. Looking forward to meeting potential co-authors! ^^
  3. Cover art by Arylett-Dawnsborough It's finally done! The first episode of my fanfiction, "The Subordinate Six", is completed and free to view on FIMFiction Dot Net! It was on the Featured Stories list for awhile, and has gotten some favorable reviews. Please give it a read; I didn't work on this for 6 months only to have a handful of people see it! The Subordinate Six Summary: Las Pegasus, the entertainment capital of Equestria. Lyra and Bon Bon arrive in the city prepared to start a new life, but run into some familiar faces. For instance, there's a wall-eyed mailmare living next door, and some traveling magician won't stop proclaiming her own greatness. And Lyra could swear she's seen this pony named 'Vinyl Scratch' before, but Octavia is remaining tight-lipped. Can they make it in this town of glitz, glamor, and crazy ponies? (First episode/storyline is completed!) Characters: Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Trixie, Vinyl, Octavia Genre: Comedy/Normal with eventual shipping Rated: E
  4. Hello everyone! While I wait on the cover art and theme song for my fanfiction "The Subordinate Six" to be finished, I decided to scratch my writers itch by writing a short fic about everyone's favorite subject right now: Alicorn Twilight. The idea for this particular story came to my mind while I tried to sleep this Friday night, and since the idea was still there tonight, I decided it was worth writing down. I've got the first 2 and a half pages done so far, but its a very rough draft; I just started writing this not even 4 hours ago, I've never used First Person and Present Tense in fiction outside of a classroom setting before, and its also my first time writing for Luna and Celestia. I'm posting what I have here right now so y'all can tell me if I'm doing this right, and if it's actually of any interest to you. I know this subject has been written about to death, but I want to at least make my take on it a little bit different. So, here it is so far. Story contents inside the spoiler tag. Read it? Okay. You can probably tell where this story is heading, since I'm following what we currently know about season 3's ending. The next segment will most likely be from Celestia's perspective, so that I can show her thought process more in-depth. Tell me what you think!
  5. It's here, after 16 months its done... The Immortal Game's Epilogue has been written. I'm in tears.
  6. About Myself: Right now I'm in college for audio engineering training (that is mostly working at a console in a studio). I like writing and music but I'm trying to work on my drawing skills here and there since I'm totally jealous of my devianartist friends. I have a lot of different fandoms such as Doctor Who, Homestuck, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others and I totally think it's awesome all the fanmade content that the bronies make. I hope to make some of my own soon, including music. How I found Canterlot.com: Looking for a site to create interactive fanfiction. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: I basically got into it after hearing so much about it around the web. That's how I get into most things. I wish I had an AWESOME story, but I don't My favourite main cast pony/s: Rainbow Dash [colour=#4b0082]Hi everypony! It's awesome to be here! I'll probably be taking part in some roleplay using my Pony OC, Sky Shade, but the main reason I'm here is b/c I wanted to see if you guys want to do an interactive fanfiction with me, since Equestria Daily and Fanfiction.net don't work with them. [/colour] [colour=#4B0082]Basically, I'm just trying to start up a MLP:FIM/Homestuck fanfiction. For those of you who don't know, Homestuck is a web comic that is based in old Text Adventure games. The main author asks people for suggestions of the characters' actions and that's where you guys come in. Even if you guys don't particularly know the comic, I still think that you guys could have a good time. [/colour] [colour=#4B0082]Since it features computers, it will start in a future Equestria with the ancestors of the mane six, Princess Cadence/Shining Armor, and Derpy Hooves (Sunshine Sparkle, Thunder Dash, Applejack the 3rd, Cloudfeathers, Eloquence, Aquamarine 'Aqua' Pie, Prince Andante 'Prince Andy', and Lovely Doo, respectively). It will still follow the basic Homestuck criteria with a few changes here and there. [/colour] [colour=#4B0082]I just want to see if there is enough interest on here before I start. What do you guys think? [/colour]
  7. I like to abuse Twilight Sparkle in my stories. Why?
  8. Posted on FIMFiction, my new story The Magic and the Night. Princess Celestia has invited Twilight and her friends to spend Hearth's Warming Eve with her and Luna at Canterlot. But when Twilight is arrested for a crime she didn't commit, Luna is convinced that it has something to do with why she became Nightmare Moon so long ago. Twilight and Luna must clear Twilight's name and confront the secret behind Nightmare Moon before she takes over again, embarking on a journey through a frozen forest into a the deepest reaches of their own fears. A romantic horror story for the holidays!
  9. [colour=#282828]An announcement regarding a long-standing MLP fanfiction resource:[/colour] [colour=#282828]If you're familiar with the fanfiction review community at Ponychan and the pre-reading process that refers aspiring authors to the individual reviewers, you may be aware that the reviewers are in the process of moving to a new location with more resources available to them.The fanfiction board of [/colour]MLPchan.net[colour=#282828] will host the various reviewers who help authors edit and revise their works before submitting them to fanfiction hosting sites like Equestria Daily and Fimfiction.net, and help them craft better stories to contribute to our wonderful fandom. If you're an author and you'd like someone to take a look at your stories for review, grammar, narrative, etc., they'll be available to go over your stories with you. Please be sure to check out the guidelines in the sticky so you get the most out of these valuable resources. [/colour] [colour=#282828]Note that there is also a roleplaying section, however, the rules and guidelines are different than here, and this is not an endorsement of it. In addition, the imageboard environment is different than that of a messageboard, and if you're unfamiliar with the former please take some time to acquaint yourself with it and be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules.[/colour]
  10. Hello writers! I'm glad you've decided to take some time to read this, cause I've got a dilemma and only YOU can help! There is a criminal lack of fanfiction around my favorite ship Sweetie Belle x Scootaloo! Help me Fanfic writers of Canterlot! You're my only hope! All sillyness aside, I'm making a request to our wonderful writer community for some fanfiction shipping Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo. It can be sad fiction, happy fiction, long, short, romantic or friendshipping. You can do a one shot or full on chapter project! You've got full creative liberty with this request, as long as Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and their interactions are the focus of the story. If I can tell you put serious effort into it, there'll be cover art in it for you! And I'll advertise it on my Tumblr! If you're interested or considering, drop a comment in the thread! There's no obligation! If you say you'll start and later down the road you find you don't have time, the story frustrates you, or you just don't feel the ship, all you have to do is drop a message in the thread notifying me that you're bowing out. When you're done with the story, simply post it to your preferred fanfic posting site (Fimfiction, Deviantart, Google Docs, etc.) and post a link in this thread. I'd also like to mention that this request can be taken up by multiple writers. If I get five really good fics out of this, that'll mean five pieces of cover art! (Hello workload!). So if someone takes on the request, you still can too! Thank you for your time, happy writing!
  11. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/37012/Dragon-Ball-Z-Saiyans-Are-Magic
  12. Okay: I have a weird tendency when trying to create fanfiction and come up with ideas. I want them to be believeable. In terms of canon, not just in the fics. own internal logic. That looking at the world, and with a couple of mild and believable predictions, inferences, and logical extensions, that the show could be treated like this under the right circumstances. So. Here is my idea, based on a couple of phrases and considerations about the shows representations of ponies in relations to human beings. Now, the first thing that is key to the premise, are Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell. These 3 fillys have no cutie marks, obviously, and that is the key to their entire personal plot. This is about, what the cutie mark means. It means that you have found what you are good at, your passion, what makes you special, or as could be interpreted, a role in society. Every pony has either something that they are good at, or that is needed to be done that they enjoy. Next: We need to consider that people of all kinds are represented in Equestria, not just nice people, or the regular folk that we see everyday. But assholes, plenty of them, the neutral, the good and the bad are all mixed through ponyville and equestria. Trixie, Diamond Tiara, etc. This can also be used to introduce other personality issues, other than just being an asshole that are relatively negative. For instance, we need to consider the people that A. Have no passions in particular, the apathetic, the tired, the lost and confused. These are, for sake of simplification and argument, Generation X ponies. This also considers those who just do not think they are special, or important, or do not want to do anything specific, but are vagabonds who cannot decidmone what to do with their lives (essentially, the plight of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, not being able to really decide on what they want to do), or the people who cannot find what to do with their lives and are just unfortunate (once again the Cutie Mark crusaders) So these people, logically, would be life time blank flanks. --------------- Next: Back to the "Role in Society" Aspect of the cutie mark that I'm talking about earlier. Because I've established that due to the nature of the Human (and thus, Pony) condition, that there are people who do not get cutie marks due to not having or finding, or ever really establishing a talent. What of the people who have Cutie Marks, and have jobs solely based around them, the Apple family are farmers, because that is what their cutie marks say, that is their passion and their Job. Or Rarity, who has her job based on her cutie mark. This is normally okay, but that also shows there seems to be a caste system inherently set in here, based on what cutie mark you have, you are stuck with that job. That is what you do. No changing it around, the reason this is an issue because you see Ponies like, once again, Diamond Tiara, who is born to be rich. that is her place in the cutie hierarchy, and that cannot be changed. Same with Silver Spoon, they are born that way. The Apples are seemingly stuck farmers, as every apple before has been, a farmer. One cannot suddenly go on to become a well published author and profit on her books, say, enter a careear in the Pony Stock market? Why? They are farmers, born and raised. Simple enough. There are people born into being Waiters, servants, the subserviant, and then there are those born into being entertainers and leadership, with no option to change. At all. Well, then one would bring up in counter argument "What about Pinkie Pie?" She is the groups party animal, and organizes celebrations, and works at a Bakery, that's negating that point, right?" The response I give to that then, is that, if their true and only absolute passion, their defining characteristic and skill set, is something they cannot do for a living, then they are not truely as happy as they possibly could be, but her skills are set in stone, and she has a job that isn't what she absolutely enjoys most. ------------- Also, on a minor point: The interpretation behind Cutie Marks can be seen as, well, odd. Cheerilee, for instance, has flowers, and says that justified her being a teacher. She said something, along the lines of, that the Flowers were symbolic for children, adn the smiles were their bright shining faces. That could also be seen as literally being taken as, a Gardener cutie mark. What if it was a ruler instead? Or Chalk? that would be more obvious, so what if she interpreted it, wrong? For some people it is spur of the moment, realizations, other times it seems to be something akin to puberty. Finally, there was a line made when the Cutie Mark crusaders were really introduced, talking about, this is not an exact quote, but a paraphrase, saying that before one finds a cutie mark, they have the absolute freedom to be anything. That is what keyed off this whole thought process, the absolute limitless opprotunities that can be found in uncertainty about yourself in a positive way, by not knowing what you are truly, absolutely meant to do, and as such, being able to do many things in life. Though the instant you find your cutie mark, you have your purpose branded onto you, with no chance for change. ------------ The reason I bring up this entire line of thought is that this is the mentality that the antagonists in my fanfiction idea use, and I want to see whether an intelligent brony community can poke holes in some of the logic. The ponies that are the antagonists are rebels against the government of Equestria, seeing that the idea of Cutie Marks, is A. Not allowing for the most versatility in the community, Happiness, and perpetuates a caste system where no one can truly, absolutely migrate up or down, or just find they don't have a passion in life and find cutie marks outdated and so get behind this, Pro-Blank Flank militant philosophy. These are, essentially, Anarchists, causing a Civil War in Equestria over the highly important issue of Cutie marks and their place in society and pony psychology. They also plan on releasing Discord if they can, due to Chaos not just being disharmony and confusion, but absolute freedom without any rules and restrictions placed in the landscape. Thank you very much, and I hope you like my idea as a Believable "What if..." kind of fiction, because I believe in well motivated antagonists, and want such a complex social theory and analysis of the ramifications of the Cutie mark, to be something taken into consideration by the villains, with a reasonable, logical argument.
  13. Hello my fellow Canterloters! I have a request for anypony/anyone who wants a challenge. You see, a fanfiction many people on Fanfiction.net enjoy has gone on temporary hiatus while the author, a Mister Moneybags, works on another story. In the meantime however, he has allowed the fans to submit chapters to him via PM so the story won't halt to a stand-still. He also requested that he would love{he stressed this quite a bit} some fan art, so I offered to ask some of the fantastic artists on Canterlot if they would like to show off their amazing skills and bring this story some Fan-Art! M.M. was happy to leave the type of Fan-Art up to the artist, but he said he would like some specific things if possible and if the artist wants to draw it. 1: A group/ or individual picture of all the characters. 2. An open door with a dark inside and like ONE candle, illuminating some ponies while the rest are just eyes.{I was thinking maybe 3 or 4 illuminated ponies, you can pick which ones you want illuminated.} Now, as this is an all-ages site, I feel obliged to post the following warning. WARNING The following Fan-Fiction contains scenes of Violence and adult themes{no clop though.} that one would not usually associate with cute little ponies learning about the magic of Friendship in a world where everything is a pun. If any or all of these things topices disturb you, then you may want to steer clear of this story.On the Fanfiction.net rating scale, "The Herd tm" Is rated T: For teenagers. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7870499/2/The_Herd
  14. So, I was looking to put my story, When you can be anypony... who are you? up on FimFiction sometime in the hopefully near future. However, I don't have any cover art for it. It features an OC Changeling, so I don't think using a preexisting picture of Chrysalis would work. I also have zippo art skills to make something myself. I would like the art to be fairly good. This is going to be the cover of the story. This means that anywhere it gets posted, the art is likely to go with it. FiMFiction, EquestriaDaily, maybe even other forums. Cover art can also be a big draw to a story, and may even determine if someone will read it. You know why people say, "don't judge a book by its cover"? Because people DO judge books by their cover. You aren't going to pick up a random book that doesn't look interesting to you. You see where I'm going with this? So, from anyone who offers, I would like examples of your work. I may ask multiple people to do art, to go along with different chapters. It depends on how many people offer, and how talented they each are. If a choose you as the/a artist, then I will give more details. Depending on how much you're willing to do, I may request a background, or a may just request the character. Although if you're willing to do more and have skill, I may be more likely to choose you. Being that I plan to submit this to EquestriaDaily, it could also be some publicity for your Gallery (be it on here, DeviantArt, etc.), since I believe I can provide a source link for the cover image. In any case, the EqD links to the story will be to my FiMFiction account, and I will credit you in the description (which is generally what people see first). There you have it! I'll be around to answer questions/concerns in the comments. Please remember to link to examples.
  15. I've recently had a TON of story ideas rolling around my head recently. I'm currently working with koolerkid (Author of "My Little Avengers") on a big fic ideas, so I need a secondary project to occupy my free time not writing our fic. However, I have a million ideas prepped and ready to be executed. To give you some ideas of my....ideas, here are the ones I've considered most strongly: 1) "It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia" Plot: This would be partially-based off one of my favorite shows "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Essentially, the plot would surround a group of ponies (All based off the characters from said show), all running a fairly unsuccessful bar in South Fillydelphia. However, one day they discover an article in the newspaper regarding the Mane 6 coming to stay in North Fillydelphia, the same group of ponies that were pinned to be the ones who caused the "Parasprite Rampage" of Fillydelphia. Attempting to win the city's love and to gain glory, the gang goes off to get revenge on the Mane 6, all resulting in the expected antics that you'd see in 'Always Sunny'. 2) "Love Stinks" Plot: One night, the Mane 6 minus Twilight go to Sugarcube Corner, where a party is being held for the newest arrivals in Ponyville. This happens to be a "well-known" band of stallions who are simply adored by every mare that sees them. The ponies are quickly entranced with the stallions, leaving Twilight Sparkle to question her own worth, attractiveness and general personality. Seeking answers to her questions of life regarding romance and affection, Twilight seeks the help of "Filly-Killin' Flynn", the greatest bachelor pony in all of Equestria. However, her visit sets a chain of events that reveals more about romance than Twilight could imagine...(Not a HEAVY ship fic throughout. This only picks up later in the story.) 3) "The Nightmare Cometh" Plot: Mayor Mare approaches Twilight Sparkle near the end of the summer season, knowing her as one of the most literate ponies in Ponyville. Apparently, the Mayor has decided to mark the end of summer with a collection of plays and performances on the night before the Fall Equinox. Of course, the stakes seem low until it's made clear that a prize will be offered to the best-rated performance. The Mane 6, along with the rest of Ponyville, begin formulating their own ideas. However, thanks to an infiltration job by Rainbow Dash of Pinkie's room, the rest of the Mane 6 discover Pinkie's idea for a performance, a play called "The Nightmare Cometh", which convinces the 5 that they should band together to put on a big performance...wackiness ensues, both on and off the stage...(Of course, the idea of the play and even the name comes from "The Nightman Cometh" from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") 4) "To Kill a Blue Jay" (Tenative) Plot: Essentially, a ponified-"To Kill a Mockingbird" plot, with the residents of Ponyville taking the characters roles. I LOVE the story of "Mockingbird", and I've brainstormed so many ideas of how it could correspond with the universe of MLP. However, I'll admit that this is the least-developed idea I currently have... So...please help me make this choice easier!
  16. Hey there, everypony. I'm not sure what to write about, but I figured I may as well make use of the Blog feature since my profile is pretty blankflank enough as it is. I'm totally new to this site, but I'm hoping to make some new friends and perhaps even get somewhere with writing stories and things about ponies. I'm still struggling with writer's block, but I'm hoping that with some inspiration from other pony fanfics I read, I'll someday get the right motivation to write more. So far, I've read four pony fanfics: 1. Cupcakes - My Rating: 4/5 This story wasn't nearly as bad as people kept saying. Admittedly, the original version kind of sucked because there were so many grammatical errors. But I read the "corrected" version and it was impressive to say the least. Now, I understand that it's a horrible story due to the obvious content of murder and whatnot, but I actually really liked it. It was an interesting concept and pretty chilling to read (even moreso with the right music that I had playing while I read, specifically for that reason). I love Rainbow Dash, don't get me wrong. But I've got to say, Pinkie Pie did a real "bang up" (see what I did there?) job of torturing her. The skills of the writer weren't perfect, but the imagination was incredible. I could easily visualize everything that happened in my head - which was even more helpful with that flash animation someone made on Newgrounds. All in all, I loved Cupcakes. My reaction wasn't nearly as bad as some others I've read about. "OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES THIS STUFF IS SICK EW HOW COULD YOU--" Yeah, that wasn't me. I'm not easily spooked anymore because I've watched so many horror-related things; movies, anime, cartoons (HTF, yay!)... So I was pretty relaxed and calm about it, rather than getting sick or freaking out. Then again, I'm also almost 23, so that must count for something. Unless there have been adults who've read it and still felt sick or scared. Weaklings! Kidding. 2. My Little Dashie - My Rating: 5/5 I just want to say that I nearly cried several times while reading this. It's a beautiful tale about a man who lives in a dark, gloomy world that seems to just be deteriorating around him. One day, he finds a box with a baby animal inside; a baby animal with a rainbow-colored mane and tail. He's seen and enjoyed the show in the past, so he knows immediately who it is. Rainbow Dash! He decides to take her home with him and ends up raising her as his own. It's quite a beautiful little read. It describes what it could possibly be like if it were possible to have your very own Little Pony. I've honestly thought about trying to do a sort of spin-off of this story, but instead of Dash or one of the mane six, I'd use Derpy as the pony I would take in. But I haven't figured out exactly what would go on or anything throughout so I haven't been able to really even start trying to write it. 3. Rocket to Insanity - My Rating: 4/5 This is an interesting take on a sort of continuation of Cupcakes. Rainbow Dash is haunted by excruciatingly vivid nightmares (of the events in the Cupcakes story). After her sanity ends up becoming fractured and on the verge of shutting down completely, something occurs and she loses herself. It's a short, but amazing little concept. I like it alot. It's not as descriptive as I would have hoped, though. 4. Rainbow Factory - My Rating 4/5 Ah, this one was a good one. It centers around an older Scootaloo and her dream to become a weather pony like her idol, Rainbow Dash. But after an incident during a flight test, she and two friends find out about a horrible secret Cloudsdale has kept from everypony for years and years. And the most unlikely pony is involved. It's a very intense read, and it had me on the edge of my seat, eagerly scrolling to read more. I still have several other stories to read, such as: 1. Trixie's Funhouse Even though I know for a fact it will be a horrible read (I've browsed through it before and it's incredibly short and badly written), my curiousity is getting the better of me. I don't necessarily despise pony porn, but it is pretty weird. And pornfics are just as weird as the artwork. But hey, I've learned not to knock something until you've tried it. 2. Sweet Apple Massacre I've heard "good bad" reviews about this story. That it's "on par with Cupcakes". I'm excited to read it. I liked Cupcakes, so this should be an interesting read for me if it's anything like that story. What can I say? I enjoy macabre pony things for some reason. It's just fascinating to me. I can't explain it very well. 3. Centerpiece of My Collection I know nothing about this story, but a friend reccommended it to me. I don't know what it's about at all, but he says it's a great read - similar to My Little Dashie in that it's a very emotional, beautifully-written piece of literature. I hope he's right. I like horror stories, but I also love emotional things like that. Wow, I wasn't really expecting myself to end up writing a ton of little reviews. Sorry about that. I suppose I'm just very bored and in need of something to talk about, whether or not someone actually reads this. Let's see now... what to talk about next? ................................... Well I can't really think of anything. I've been sitting here for about five minutes staring at the screen and watching the text line blink. Oh well. I guess I'll end my first blog here. If you actually read this, thank you for your interest (or boredom, whatever brought you here). I hope to hear comments and things, but if not, I'll understand. After all, you're either lazy, busy, or just not a comment type of person. I know how it goes. But even then, I'd still like to hear from you. Again, thank you. - Softy
  17. Dio

    Be advised...

    ... intel inbound. You may have seen my latest fanfiction project, Paladin, on both FiMFiction.net and Canterlot.com's fanfiction section. Now I know what you're thinking; not ANOTHER human in Equestria story! Not ANOTHER blatantly obvious, poorly-written self-insert! Stigma is always a problem, but I assure you that's not my intent. Paladin is meant to be a continuation of an epic I've been intending to write for MLP since before FiM was a thing. The adventure will span two worlds and involve both humans and ponies. I aim to both tell a story and craft characters, good characters, giving them the loving attention they deserve. These are living, breathing characters and I hope to tell their story rather than simply using them as playthings. It is an ambitious project for me, as I have done more one-shots than anything else, but I want to at least use it to stimulate my creativity and force myself to write well. But enough of that. I'm here to give you a preview of sorts of the setting for Paladin, at least the side that takes place on earth. As a world-builder, I love this sort of stuff and I hope you will, too. Mystery of Bal-Khaled Located between Mazar-i-Sharif and the Uzbek border, Bal-Khaled is a sleepy, riverside farming town in northern Afghanistan. The presence of a large river tributary and favorable climate have made it a hot spot for opium farms and heroin labs. Its proximity to both the Uzbek and Iranian borders also make it a prime area for illegal crossings and a way station for foreign fighters entering Afghanistan. Thus, Bal-Khaled is a hotbed of insurgent activity in an otherwise secure area of operations. Three companies from US Army 3rd Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment (Stryker) of 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division have been assigned to the region, patrolling for border activity, sweeping for IEDs, destroying opium fields, and searching compounds for insurgents and their assets. The Stryker battalion is supplemented by ODA 739 from the US Army Special Forces and their compliment of both direct action operators and psychological operations professionals. A number of support assets from the US Air Force and ISAF member nations are also on hand. In recent days, the intensity and frequency of attacks on both civilians and ISAF units in the area of operations has increased markedly. With the pending withdrawal of all US combat forces from Afghanistan, ISAF commanders are understandably concerned for the region's security. Cordon and search missions as well as drug stings occur now on an almost nightly basis, with Alpha Company of 3/17 Stryker spearheading the operation. Morale is high, as each night brings newly captured insurgents, better intelligence, and perhaps even a glimpse the operators of ODA 739 in action. But something isn't quite right about 739's operations. The operators seem to have little interest in drug busts and apprehended insurgents. They are searching for something, something that does not belong. But as always, their exact target is classified, leaving the "regular joe" soldiers of 3/17 Styker to scratch their heads and speculate wildly.
  18. I wrote a fanfic and came here to post it, but I can't seem to find any such section! Only RP. Is there one that I am missing, or can one be added?
  19. *If your reading this then firstly, thanks for viewing this, and secondly, if you do decide to read this please leave me your feed, this still very much a work in progress, thanks again, and enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is magic Strange New World A Conor Colton Fanfic Chapter One Hello all, and welcome! Today i'll be sharing with you a few tales. Tales that will make you cringe with excitment, tales that make you experience and crave adventure, tales that will envelop you into a magical land, the land, of Equestria...... Strangely enough however, our story does not start in this whimsical land, instead our story begins in the most unlikely of places, the pink isle, in a Toys' R ' Us. Here we join our hero John, John is a young 20 year old man who enjoys the small things in life, whether it be his bachelor lifestyle, or just sitting on his old musty couch to watch the latest episode of My little Pony, and in his spare time he likes to watch old cartoons and movies on his old Windows Computer, the screen had more cracks than his ceiling, but he took all could get. And if you have'nt figured it out yet, yes John is indeed, a Brony. However things have not been going well for John at this present time, he is still miserable and depressed at his parents death which occured a few months ago, and to make matters worse, John "was" a closet brony, until, of course he finally confessed it to his "friends" and what did they do, they just left, left him there alone, wallowing in self-pity and tears ( and what ever else bronies wallow in ). John, of course could only find comfort in the pink isle, where he felt most at home. And as John scanned each side of the isle, looking for anything remotely new he was interupted by the manager. "Can i help you sir?" The manager asked "No, that's okay, but thanks for offering" John said in a soft, and slightly startled tone. "If you don't mind me asking sir, who are these, uh, ponies for?" John didn't feel any need to hold back anything due to his recent public disgrace, so he just let it all out. "I'm buying them for myself" John stated in a clear straight voice. "Oh....Well let me know if you need... anything... else" The manager implied, chuckling during his pauses. Now John felt even more disgraced, even though he was a total stranger he hated the idea that the manager would just tell everyone he met about the ordeal, but deep down, John knew that everyone had some good in them, or maybe that was the ponies talking, regardless he picked up what he came for a fluttershy figurine, paid at the checkout and left. On his way home John wondered what he would do about his current situation, he could try and become an active member of the brony community, but would that exclude him even more from society, with this John headed to a near by park to ponder his next move. He looked around the park and saw children playing, and this reminded him of himself when he was young, all the things he worries about now, were mere niggling doubts at that age, and at the end of the day back then the only things that mattered were six things, and strangely enough, they were the elements of harmony, honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty, and even childhood had a sort of "magic" to it. But as John grew he started losing sight of those values, maybe that's why he loved the show soo much, mabye it brought back his childhood, as John pondered this however he failed to notice something, the figurine he had bought had no cutie mark, a mundane detail, but John wasn't in the mood to just deal with it. On the way back he said to himself. "Wait, did I even think this through, what will I say? What will THEY say? More than likely, they'll ask what the hell a CUTIE MARK IS!" As John's anger exploded he dropped the figurine and his proof of purchase, the figurine dropped like a stone and nearly shattered the innocent looking pony inside, and the proof of purchase floated away like a feather, in a panic, John scrapped the reamining bits of pony into his pocket and ran for the paper that was getting away ever so slightly. Without even realising, John had chased it a fair distance, fair enough to end up right dead center in the woods that were beside the park, and his ignorance also led him to forget to zip up his poket, the entire length he had ran was strewn with bits of fluttershy's pink mane and cream skin. For a piece of paper, it put up quite a chase, and when John finally captued it like a fly in his hands, he looked back and realised the mistake he had made, so now he was lost, and he felt stupid, with all his pent up emotions he finally let it all out, he fell to his knees and looked up. "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!" John screamed at the top of his lungs. "How could this get any worse! I'm a social reject, I have nobody to go to, and now I'm lost in some stupid woods with bits of Fluttershy EVERYWHERE!" John tilted his head down and and took short heavy breaths, and he just sat there for a while collecting his thoughts, John was so depressed that he saw very little point in even going home, he put his back to a tree and relaxed. Something was strange about this forest, it felt, calming, serene, like all John's problems would just melt away, the serenity took over and John dozed off. John dreamed of better times, childhood, his playful attitude, his old friends, his old house, however when John's dream started to focus on his parents the sky began to darken, it was a famillar darkness, one that he had seen before, Nigtmare moon, the dark horse speeded through his dreams corrupting everything like a cancer, cherised memories wiped clean by the diabolical mare, until finally it came for him holding his arms up like a feared child, John was helpless, he had had these nightmares before and could do nothing, that was until now. This time in the dream, Nightmare's assault was halted by six six figures, one with a crown and five with necklaces, this had never happened in his dreams before, and he was shocked by it, the figures glowed and sparkled with calming white light, but that light was soon darkened, like all in his dream, all seemed lost, until that is a seventh figure stood in, it did nothing but run to John with it's eyes lit up so bright John couldn't make out the figure, but it spoke to him, only uttering a few words before craddling John in a soft hite light. "Help........Seventh.........Human-...ity.......GO!" John awoke screaming with a cold sweat, now feeling odd that he would just doze off in the middle of a forest like that. He looked up and saw the full moon staring down at him, because John was a lover of the show he could always make out a mare in the moon, just for his own entertainment, but tonight he couldn't, strange. Regardless, John composed himself and started walking home, he only took a few steps however before he heard something, and what could only be described as singing. John opened his ears to the sound, it was a bird tweeting the My Little Pony opening, how peculiar, John pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming, and again, and again, however the bird remained there, just staring at John, but then it took off, and John had a strong feeling that he should follow it, he didn't know why though, maybe he finally lost it, regardless he followed anyway. John was getting tired of chasing small things through a forest but he pressed on none the less ( or wiser ), until finally the bird had led him to a clearing, with a single oak tree standing alone. The birds manner of song had changed and was only singing the second part of the iconic opening tune, John wondered why, until he head someone else, a girl, he could hear a girl singing the first part of the tune, the girl had a soft, serene voice, and it was coming from a sinle point, the oak tree. "No.....no" John stated, "This can't be happening, I must have gone nuts. That has to be it, I've gone over the deep end, it took alot longer than I expected but now, this is it, I'm crazy, no doubt about it" John said as he paced back and forth, waving his arms around frantically, until he stopped and looked at the oak tree, letting out a huge sigh,"Well if I am crazy then i guess theres no harm looking" John reassured as he stood ever close to the tree, until he stood infront of it. He turned to the bird and said saracastically, "What now, oh mystic feather brain?" The bird then turned it's head towards the tree he was perched on and pecked the bark three times. John looked at it with a faceless unamused face, "Okaaaaay, but i'm using my hands, I'm rather against nose surgery, when I can't afford it" John reached out and tapped the tree three times,".............Well?", John asked as he turned to the bird, "What now?" The bird did nothing and simply flew way. "Hey, wait! Where not done here!" John shouted,"Look at me, I'm shouting at birds, what age am I anyway.......nevermind" Then there was a creak behind John,"Huh!?" John stuttered as he turned towards the tree, but nothing was there,"Huh.......stupid tree.....well you and this entire forest, can kiss my a-" John was cut off as he turned, blinded by a white light, the exact same white light as he had saw in his dream, before even realising it John was being sucked into the tree behind him, grabbing the ground was useless as the ground was moist with rain, and before John knew, he was inside the tree. Inside the tree, John began to change, he was shook like a ragdoll about the hollowed out tree and as he did the change had began, John's arms and legs shortened and became hooves, his back hunched over to create the shape of a pony, his hair retracted and then burt out into a mane, and his ( insert your own dirty joke here) grew into a tail, the impossible had become possible, John was now, a pony. He didn't have much time to enjoy his new form however as he was launched from he tree, John caught a glimpse of the new world he had entered, he saw blurred images of what appeared to be waht his television would display, gravity however set in. John landed on hill and tumbled down. He kept rolling for what seemed like an eternity until he hit a tree, this wasn't John's world however, the tree slingshoted him towards the town, John screaming all the way flew towards a massive tree, and inside was Twilight Sparkle, sorting through her many books, being helped by Rarity "Spike? Spike? You got what I asked for?" Twilight inquired. "Right here!" Spike said as he handed Twilight a reference guide, "And for the lovely lady..." Spike said as he pulled out a cold soda, on fine china, for Rarity, of course. "Why thank you Spike" Rarity added,"Your such a wonderful helper, I think you deserve a present." Spike braced himself for a kiss but all Rarity pulled out was a box of chocolate kisses ( clever girl ) Spiked just looked in despair. " Oh come o-!" Spike was cut off by John making a straight shot through two open windows but knocking soike through a door ( rather lucky about the windows don't you think?) "Uh.....what was that?" Twilight inquired. John had not lost a bit of momentum he flew through the air, like Rainbow Dash, speaking of which. Rainbow opened her cloudy door to find a stack of letters waithing for her, she was overjoyed, letting out her famous fangirl squee. " Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, could this be it, could this be the letter from the wonderbo-" Dash was interupted by John and as he flew by the caught Dash's letter in his mouth. Over at Sweet Apple Acres, Big Macintosh was helping Applejack with applebucking. "You doing good ok there Big Mac?" Applejack questioned in a competetive tone. "Eeyu-", John, once agin flew by, this time taking out an entire row of trees and the top of the barn with him "Uh....Big Mac?" "Eeyup?" "Do you know what just happened?" "Nope" John was losing speed now, with the letter stilll in his mouth all he could see ahead was what looked like a bunch of animals, something pink, and something cream. "And I was waiting for like ever, and then the post office said, your package got lost, and I was all like what do you mean my package was lost, it was a letter, how could you lose one itty bitty letter!?" Fluttershy didn't pay much mind to Pinkie as she was snuggling some woodland creatures, that was, until John arrived. He landed dead face first, creating a small crater, and the two ponies, along with the creature's hair stood on end. John was now woozy and gently moved his head in various directions until he saw a blurry image of Fluttershy. "Oh my, are you ok?" Fluttershy asked carefully and John only replied, after looking around. "Never better" then he blacked out. "Oh my goodness, we need to help him" Fluttershy said in a soft voice whilst hoisting John onto her back, "Pinkie, could you maybe, please help me?" "Okey dokey, let me just-" Pinkie said before letting out a huge gasp. "What is it?" Fluttershy asked as she bunkered down. "I think.....that's my letter! Yipeee!" Pinkie squeeled as she took the letter from the crater, Pinkie was delighted but Fluttershy just glared, to which Pinkie replied".....What?" *Author note: Let me know what you guys think and whether I should continue this or not, comments are very appreciated Also note that this is my first fan-fiction and I would really like to get better, but I can olny do that if you guys help
  20. Ironically, this story does fit the Theme of the Month as Chapter 1 mentions a coffee shop and Chapter 2 (& Chapter 3 will) takes place at said Coffee Shop. The Irony is I wrote both Chapter 1 & 2 before I found this site. So I've been working on a Short Stories series about my OC Characters. The name of the series, "Awkward Moments", was a name my brother came up with for a Comic series for Neopets many years ago. I am releasing the series in Chapters of Books. Links provided direct to deviantArt. The series follows the lives and adventures of 3 Best Friend Ponies. Mane Characters Danton - the mysterious, stoic Unicorn Alchemist Jiktin E. McRange - the clumsy, sharpshooting Pegasus Archer Yulin Stalwart - the fiery-spirited, parkour-loving Earth Pony Peace Keeper ~Book 1 - It Begins!~ Chapter 1 - Meeting Like This... - Less than 600 words Chapter 2 - In the Meantime... - 790 words Chapter 3 - The Third Stooge - Just over 800 words Epilogue - Under 400 words. ~Book 2 - With a Twist of Olives~ Chapter 1 - Chooing the Fat Chapter 2 - The City Chapter 3 - The Street Urchins Epilogue ~Book 3 - How the Clown met the Hermit~ - On Canterlot Chapter 1 - At the Cafe Chapter 2 - A Debt Owed Chapter 3 - Misery Epilogue ~Book 4 - Jiktin & Jadvald~ Chapter 1 - Goin' Outta Town Chapter 2 - A Promise Not Kept Chapter 3 - Jikvald Epilogue ~Book 5 - Negative 63~ Chapter 1 - Meanwhile in Trottingham Chapter 2 - The Candy Twins Chapter 3 - Epilogue ~Book 6 - Tick-Tock-Mock~ I am not going to keep resizing the images just to put them in this thread anymore. Instead I will recolor the Title's Text. I may also remove the Old Images. Chapter 1 - An Old Fiend Chapter 2 - The Auction Chapter 3 - Clockwork's Home Epilogue Future Content Books that I plan to make but have not yet. ~Hector the Fallen~ Description: It is Nightmare Night and Danton is telling his annual tale to the ponies of Ponyville. This year's story: Hector the Fallen. This is more of a Lore-ish book, but it does get interrupted by Jiktin every now and then. Notes on the Series: Each Book will have their own "Cover Artwork" Stories take place at around the same time as the show. Series Rating: PG - Mild Language(though none yet) Feedback is appreciated. On both this thread and deviantArt.
  21. So there's a new monthly drawfriend theme? Awesome! But Dio, what about those of us who can't draw? Fear not, for those of you who choose to wield the proverbial digital pen as your weapon of choice, there is a writefriend! Here's how it's going to work. Since we don't have a gallery for text, we're going to use the board tools to give us a helping hoof. Post your work to your personal blog on Canterlot (everyone gets at least one) and then link the blog entry to this thread. This month's theme is coffee shops. Anything to do with 'em, just ponify it and you're good to go! Ideally your entry should be short (under 1000 words), though I'm not going to discourage anyone who wants to go longer! You have your orders, now get to it! This one is mine: Autumn Leaves
  22. So, I wrote this before joining the site and I thought about posting it for awhile here because I really doubt a lot of people will be interested in it. This is a crossover fanfiction between two franchises I follow closely, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog. I tried to get it on Equestria Daily but apparently the fanfic guys there didn't like Sonic so it was refused. I'm not sure if all bronies are so rage-filled but I thought, what the hay I'll post it and see what happens. MLH: FiA Episode 1:Our Story Begins ~First chapter, scant on the ponies. Sonic and friends go to destroy Eggman, end up in Equestria. MLH: FiA Episode 2: The Story is Still Beginning ~ Second chapter, continuation of the first. Everyone is a pony and... pony stuff happens. MLH: FiA Episode 3: Aaaaaadventure Time! ~ Sonic and Fluttershy go on an adventure in the Everfree Forest. Weird stuff happens. MLH: FiA Episode 4: Canterlot Castle Crashers ~Twilight takes her new friends to Canterlot to meet Celestia. Castle stuff happens. MLH:FiA Episode 5: Pinkie Pie Style! ~Eggman Eggpony kidnaps Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie stuff happens. You might notice the 'episode' thing I've got going there. That's because I'm actually trying to write this in a format that would be as close to the show as possible. Hence the two-parter opener and the standalone following stories. My stories so far have been more adventure-themed than slice of life though... I shall rectify that in future installments. So yeah, give it a shot if you like or got some spare time. I've converted some Sonic fans into bronies through this, so even if you don't like Sonic try it. Also, critique! Even if it's harsh it helps me become a better writer, so it's something I strive for. So enjoy!
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