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  1. ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: GillianNicknames: Gill, Gilly, Gilligan Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Young AdultSpecies: Griffon (She's half Peregrine Falcon, half Cheetah)Sexual Orientation: Lesbian ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft green that melds into orange. Character Color: Her main body is a normal cheetah coloring with dark brown spots covering throughout. Her bird claws and beak are a orange-y yellow. Mane/Tail: Her plumage ranges from three different colors, a darker blue that looks grey, a lighter blue-grey, and a more mellowed out brown. She's rather fluffy, as her chest and the top of her head has extra feather. The ones on her head form a mohawk, reaching down her neck. Her wings are large and strong, and her inner feathers are lighter than the outer ones. Physique: Gill is very athletic looking, tall and muscular, literally build for speed. Extra: She always has her flight goggles on her head, and is rarely seen without them. When she isn't wearing them, you can see that her right eyebrow is partly shaved off. She does that on purpose for a more 'edgy' look. Cutie Mark: Griffons don't have cutie marks, duh! Unless you're Gabby. Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Aunt (Griffon (Falcon/White Lion)): Gia Occupation: Air Sprinter (And hopeful future Wonderbolt) Residence: She currently lives in Griffonstone with her Aunt, but travels for her meets. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Gillian isn't really your typical grumpy griffon, as she isn't the type to lash out on some creature because of something stupid. She's really quite reserved, most of the time keeping to herself and only herself. Because of that, she doesn't have many friends. Or any at all. Like most griffons, she wasn't opened to friendship. The only times she's had a glimpse was when she was in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp when she was little. She's not known to get comfortable with any creature, as she doesn't trust them. Gill isn't rude or anything, she just simply isn't the type to start a conversation. When she is brought into one, she always has a level head and speaks out with basic answers. Sometimes she's a little awkward, or feels awkward, or both. She was shy when she was little, which is kind of what brought out her more reserved nature. She's a pretty determined griffon, and likes to focus on her work and how she can improve. She doesn't really take cocky creatures all too well, and isn't fond of unnecessary reckless actions. She tends to be quick to be defensive with these types of creatures, and likes to fire back insults. It's her and her work and that's it. Gill isn't much of a team player, so she has trouble fulfilling her dream of being a Wonderbolt. She has a long way to go. Unique Traits: Gill is very very fast. This birb was literally built for speed. Being a mix of the two fastest animals known to Equestria, it's not hard for her to prove herself worthy of winning races. Her wings are strong and powerful, and she's very agile. It takes little to no effort for her to keep up with others, but she does work a lot. It's rare to see her doing something else rather than flying. She's also rather fast on the ground too, and loves to take on large hikes and climbs. Her endurance is phenomenal, and can fly and run for a really long time. That's just from staying in shape though, because cheetahs aren't known for have a strong endurance. History: Gillian was born on a rather rainy day in Griffonstone. She was kind of unexpected from her birth mom, as she was the result of a one night fling. Her mom wouldn't be able to take care of her, as she really didn't want to. Her mom's sister though, Gia, wanted to take her in. Her Auntie Gia wanted to have a kid on her own, but because Griffonstone was so depressed at the time, it was kind of hard. So, Gia took custody of the little baby birb. She sees her mom sometimes, but isn't super close with her. Growing up, Gillian was rather shy. She hated unnecessary attention, and just wanted to be by herself in the backyard. All she would do was fly around and figure out how to do cool tricks. She over heard her aunt talk about the Wonderbolts one time, and the griffon was very intrigued by the group. For days on end she'd try and get her aunt to talk about the flying group, but the only thing that little Gill was scared of was that it was an all pony group. A little discouraged, the griffon asked her aunt to put her in a flying club. She started out in an all griffon flight school, but realized their grumpy and rude nature overwhelmed her. They also didn't try as hard as her, and she didn't have any griff to push her to her limits. She stuck to herself, and her aunt ended up sticking her in a flight school located in Cloudsdale. Of course Gill was nervous to be around a bunch of colorful, happy-go-lucky ponies, but her aunt thought it would be for the best. It was there where she met her match, a little pony named Golden Daze, and Daze's best friend Sea F. Salt. Finally she had some creature to keep up with! They soon became arch rivals, and honestly, as Gill hated Daze's guts. They were rivals for years, and still are. Even though their passions are different, they still push each other. Over the years though, Daze continued to be extremely cocky, which drove Gill insane, but, Gill does have a soft spot for the Pegasus. Maybe even has a little crush. Shhhhh... Currently, the griffon is an air sprinter, and has meets literally everywhere. She just hopes one day the Wonderbolts look her up. She has yet to join the academy, but eventually will. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Gillian is a reserved griffon literally made for speed, and wants to fulfill her dreams of becoming one of the best fliers. She has a long way to go though..
  2. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Gail Nicknames: Gails, Speedy, Dork, Goofball, Goober Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Griffon Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Eye Color: A light blue. She has a whole lot of black eye liner on the top of her eyes and underneath. Body Color: The lion part of her body is a light yellow like a lion while her plumage is grey, blue, and light blue. Her claws and beak are a lighter grey. Feather Color: The tip of her lion tail is a dark orange, while her feathers on her head are dark grey. Feather Style: She keeps her biggest feathers swept neatly to the back of her head. She has rather thick feathers, almost looking like a Mohawk. She also has extra feathers on the sides of well, so she sweeps them back as well. Physique: She is extremely athletic looking. Long legs (making her taller than regular griffons), strong build, and more muscular than others. Her tail is a lot longer than other griffons, but her wings are smaller than average. She has a few scars that are normally hidden on her back legs and her long tail from weird mishaps. She has light grey marks over her eyebrows and beak. She also almost always has bandages wrapped around her two back legs (pretty much around her ankles) and around her tail. She is also A LOT fluffier than normal griffons. Current Residence: She doesn't live anywhere specific. She's a traveler. Buuuttt she pretty much sleeps on any comfortable cloud she sees. Job: She does multiple sports as jobs, which are track (in the spring), soccer (in the summer and fall), and basketball (in the winter). When she isn't playing sports, she's normally traveling places. Cutie Mark: Gail is a griffon, she doesn't have one. Unique Traits: She sticks out her tongue when trying to be cute. She is extremely quick footed and super fast in the sky, so she incredibly athletically talented. She makes obnoxious facial expressions when trying to display her emotions. She makes bird noises when nervous or uncomfortable, but also jumps in the air really high when excited. She tries to act cool in front of ponies she wants to impress. When she's upset, she'll be completely silent and make no eye contact with anyone. She'll ruffle pony's manes or wrap her arm around their shoulder when she likes them. She winks at random ponies. She's ALWAYS chewing gum. If you pet her stomach, she'll hiss at you, but then will roll on her back and purr like a kitten. She's very flirty, but can make somepony uncomfortable very quickly. She's just very showing of her emotions. She uses a lot of body language. History: Being born in a late winter day in the Griffon Stone hospital, her parents knew she would be something special one day. Of course they thought the same to her twin sister, but something sparked more with Gail. When her parents got to take her home, they noticed how fast she learned things. So fast, they couldn't keep up with her. They noticed how joyful she was. She rarely cried or made any fuss, so they decided to name her Gail, which means joy. At the age of five, her family moved into a much bigger city called Cantorlot. Growing up, Gail didn't get the attention she wanted. Of course she got bullied by the average ponies for not fitting in with their "high class" opinions. They would make fun of her looks and why she didn't like to talk to anypony. She didn't care much about them though, and she took the experiences like a champ, learning to get a thicker skin. Over the years though, she started to get insecure about her surroundings. Her parents found out that she was extremely smart in both school, and sports. They enrolled her sister in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but since Gail couldn't do magic, they ended up sending her off her the Juniors Speedsters Flight Camp, where she showed off her amazing flying skills to the other ponies. She was surprised that she could fly though, because growing up, her wings didn't grow as fast as a normal griffon's would. But luckily, because of her skinny body type, her wings could easily lift her off the ground. Gail began to notice her mom throwing a whole bunch of girly stuff on her, making her to grow uncomfortable with herself. Blue bows were always put into her feathers, but she left them there to make her mother happy. She felt like she was more masculine than those girly bows. In her early teenager years, she started to grow apart from her family's girly antics and started to become full tomboy. She'd put her long feathers in a ponytail, stuck hair ties in her tail, and wrap her paws in wrap to look cool. Lucky for her, she'd broken her legs before from her clumsiness, so she thought the wrap would be nice to have anyway. Ponies thought she looked out of place in their school, but she didn't care much. One day she was walking down her school's hallway to see a whole bunch of fliers telling ponies to join all their sports teams since they needed more ponies to join. She felt her eyes spark, causing her to grab all the papers and fill them out. The first sport to start was track, which was that day. She told her parents she was going to be late to go home, and went straight to practice. To join the team though, she had to go through with racing the best players from the team. So, she did with all her pride and confidence, and raced against them all. Once she finished her race, she noticed that she won. She got 1st place against all ponies. And that's when she realized she loves sports. Of course the others complained that her legs are longer than theirs, but she didn't take that seriously. She knew tons of ponies her age that were just as fast as her, so Gail shook her head a proceeded with life. Character Personality: Obnoxious, dorky, and hates almost everything in the world, Gail is one negative griffon. She's probably a head taller than most griffons, making her stand out immensely. She uses her tallness and quick reflexes to insult anypony who is shorter than her, (which is probably almost everypony). Gail is the one called "stereotypical bully" towards anypony weaker than her, and uses other's weaknesses against them once she's learned them. Though she normally doesn't mean to hurt anypony deeply, she does cause stuff like broken hearts to happen. It is extremely rare if she likes somepony, like so rare she keeps it to herself to seem tough (you'll normally know if she likes you because she'll say she hates you when she doesn't). She normally says the opposite of what she means, becoming really sarcastic at times, or pretty much all the time. If you've known her for a while, she breaks out of her shell and talks more. She can get very passionate about the stuff she loves, and says things as it is. She doesn't have a filter on her mouth, nor cares what she says until in effects somepony. She normally finds herself in a lot of trouble that she never means to cause, and she always feels horrible afterwards. Ponies don't know until they get close to her, but she is actually really sweet and caring. If she finds somepony special to her, she'll do literally anything for them. Her weird, dork-ish self will become more out there. She get's loud and giggly, even flirty (in special cases). She uses her body language as a cue to how she's feelings. Normally she's really calm and laid back, but you should know when she's happy. She get's loud and obnoxious and cracks more than enough jokes. She's normally seen as "the life of the party" when she's in the mood. Gail is very patient to those she loves, extremely stubborn, loyal, and hates to give up. Gail is normally a very busy griffon. She's either practicing for a game, studying for school, or off on some unknown adventure. She uses her smarts for everything. If she doesn't trust her brain, then she won't do anything. She leads with her brain and follows her heart. She uses all her senses to detect any problems, which she learned when she was little. Character Summary: A loyal and sarcastic griffon who likes to show off her quick moves and smart mouth. She's known for being loud, obnoxious, hilarious, cocky, and the biggest dork ever. Outside she's a horrible griffon, but in the inside she a large, sweet, loyal, dorky mess.
  3. Zeig

    Corva Pardus

    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Another request this time for Pyro's Triad character Corva. A lazy griffon with a perchance for settling all of her problems with some strongly worded letters - aka fists - Corva's going to eventually be running around with the other Triad members as they plod along Long Kong, causing mayhem and trouble when she isn't being lazy. Fun fact: When I read Corva's physical description, I was a bit worried that she'd end up looking like Zelda, one of tacobob's characters. Luckily, Corva's got some very distinctive design choices. I mean, red and orange?! Zelda wouldn't be caught dead in red and orange tattoos. Inkbrand would make sure of that. Corva (c) Pyroblaze
  4. Name: Corva Pardus Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Griffon Eye Color: Gold Character Color: Being part raven and part panther, her fur and feathers are completely black. Mane/Tail: The feathers on the top of her head are styled into messy spikes and are dyed various shades of red. Physique: Despite her personality, she boasts a physique of one that does plenty of exercise. She is quite lean and of average size for griffons her age. She also has multiple tattoos on display, the most distinctive being the starburst-style target around her right eye. The outer shape is a vibrant orange, with the inner one a blood red. Another distinctive tattoo is the fiery snake circling around and making its way up her left leg, with the mouth of the snake open at her neck. Residence: Apartment in Long Kong Occupation: On the surface, she works private security and occasional deliveries, though in reality she is an enforcer for the Triad. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Due to the training from her father, and the natural talent she possesses, she has the ability to use almost any item as a weapon. She almost never misses, even able to hit her target by bouncing projectiles like rocks off of walls or other such objects. She doesn't carry much in the way of weaponry herself, just a couple knives typically hidden under her wings. History: Corva is the product of a former Aquilan general for a father, and a simple Long Kong shopkeep for a mother. Her entire life has been spent in and around Long Kong, she was used to the layout and the way the city worked. From as early as he felt he could, her father began training her to become a soldier like him. He was only partially successful on that front, the skills sticking with her even though his ideals were not getting through to her. Still, he kept at it, even as she clearly grew apart from him and drifted more towards her adopted sibling, spending more and more time with them and her friends out on the town. She shirked pretty much everything but exercising and training at the insistence of her sibling, that being she continue training, not shirk stuff. The only other thing she'd really do besides laze about was stuff with friends, such as going out into town and making trouble. Eventually, her parents couldn't take her attitude anymore, kicking her out of the house to fend for herself. That very night, while she was hanging out in a bar, she would meet someone who changed her life. She was already angry when she got there, for obvious reasons, a disposition that wasn't helped by the fact that a drunk stallion immediately began hitting on her. She tried to walk away from the whole thing, but he kept jeering after her and she finally snapped as she reached the pool table. Grabbing one of the balls, she threw it hard, missing him by millimeters. Or, at least that's what appeared to happen at first as the ball ricocheted off a metal pole and struck him right between the eyes as he tried to watch its progress. The stallion was knocked out cold, and Corva left feeling a bit better. The night only went up from there as she was chased down by a mare that had been in the bar as well and suggested she should join the Triad. She did so, being promoted to an enforcer as her skills really came to light over various jobs. She liked the Triad, being paid to cause trouble often times. Personality: Despite her father's attempts to turn her into a soldier like him, Corva ended up being a rather lazy griffon, rarely ever doing anything that didn't involve her sibling or her friends or things she already wanted to do. If not for her sibling's insistence, she likely wouldn't even keep up on her exercise and training. On top of that, she is rather impatient with strangers or really anyone she's not friends with, violence being a fairly common response to problems. Regardless, with her friends and her sibling she is a very laid-back individual, very nice and friendly with them if a bit sarcastic, though she does that with everyone. In truth, her adopted sibling is the only family she has left aside from the Triad, which she considers a sort of pseudofamily. Summary: A lazy, sarcastic griffon that loves to get into trouble with her finely honed skills. Corva can easily lose her patience with others she doesn't care about, occasionally resulting in violence to some degree.
  5. Name: Ashley ‘Ash’ Ravencrest Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Griffon (Blue Jay/Leopard) Eye Colour: Orange-Red (#FF4500) Coat: Light, Goldish fur with Black patchy spots across it. Feathers: Light Blue (#ADD8E6), feathers cover the majority of his head, interspersed by white feathers as well as bands of black. Physique: Rather tall, as well as toned and muscular from years of exploration and adventure! Residence: Wherever there’s treasure to be found! Though originally hails from Talonopolis. Occupation: Adventurer, Explorer, Travel Guide Author Unique Traits: An Eye For Adventure: Years of adventure and study of ancient ruins have left Ashley with a great sense of where one can find the greatest treasure!...And danger. A knack for knowing the ‘tropes of traps’. After all, there’s only so many rolling boulders you have to run from before you can spot the trigger from a mile away. This combined with his rather unorthodox stint in Celestia’s School for Magically Gifted Unicorns also has taught him quite a few signs of enchanted or cursed treasure. Fortune and Glory: Being a world renowned adventurer means, well, being world renowned! In some places, Ashley is a household name thanks to not only his oft talked about adventures (which still aren’t as popular as a certain Yearling’s stories. Some adventurers seem to have all the luck) but also due to his insightful and entertaining resource books on the people and places of Equestria and beyond. This comes with the reward of having friends in some fairly high places...but also a few enemies in the same. History: Born in Talonopolis and raised by two loving parents, his mother a teacher and his father a smith, Ashley was always an adventurous and excitable griffon. As a grifflet, his father would read him tall tales of adventure and derring-do – certainly not to be confused with Daring Do – much to his mother’s chagrin. She already had trouble getting the boy to sit still in class as it was. He was far less interested in mathematics and science and reading at the time, no the little griff’s passion was in perilous journeys through the streets of Talonopolis or high adventure in their basement or seeking the lost treasure of the local bakery. Wherever his imagination could take him, he would follow! In time, Ashley grew from a young child to a teen, and with him so to did his thirst for adventure and excitement. But with even a bit of age came wisdom. Math, science, history, the things he had mostly shirked as a little grifflet held his interest much more now. Okay, well history and science did for the most part, math was always and forever a boring topic unless applied right. But still, the spark of learning lit the beginning of a roaring flame inside Ashley’s heart. He knew by then that most of the stories he heard as a child were just that, stories. But even so, those stories inspired him! Maybe they weren’t all real. Maybe not every treasure was there to find. But if no one tried to look, how could anyone ever know? As Ashley grew, the young griffon poured himself into a multitude of topics, including magic though griffons weren’t blessed with the gift for magic like unicorns or qilin were. Not just magic itself but the history of it, as well as the history of magical artefacts both abroad and domestic. This, along with study into the mundane history of various locales would surely prove invaluable if he were to be a true blue adventurer someday. This study of magical history would take Ashley out of the confines of Talonopolis to places all around Equestria. It was in the pony capital of Canterlot though where the griffon’s first steps towards becoming the renowned adventurer he always dreamt of becoming began. The griffon’s arrival at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns was rather strange in and of itself. But his request for enrollment came as even more of a shock. The staff were rather quick to point out to Ashley that he was not, in fact, a Unicorn. To which his reply was a resounding “Well duh”. Still he insisted on being given a chance to enroll. Persistent as he was, eventually they acquiesced and allowed the griffon a chance to prove himself. Being unable to cast magic, the enrollment test was describing the process of particular spells. Showing is much more easy than telling, after all. One particular member of the faculty insisted that the griffon wouldn’t be able to describe even the process of a simple levitation spell. Which of course, Ashley proved them wrong. Rather spectacularly at that. The griffon, with very little trouble, was able to not only describe how each spell worked but map out the spell matrices as well as runes that were often used for capturing said spells as enchantments. There wasn’t much any of the judges could do other than allow the griffon to enroll, even if it was highly unorthodox. Unorthodox or no, Ashley proved to be a dutiful student! His mother was of course very proud and likely was thinking ‘Ugh finally’. When finally he graduated from the school, Ashley dove right for college. Or rather, colleges. There was much he felt he had to learn besides magic and history if he wanted to make his dream of adventure a reality. Archaeology, physics, astrology, astronomy, art, you name it! So much to learn and so little time it always felt like. But it wasn’t as though Ashley wasn’t accustomed to biting off more than he could chew and chewing it anyway. Life just wasn’t as fun if you didn’t find your limits and push past them! Eventually though the griffon settled for an archaeology major and let the rest be for study in his spare time. Deciding that he was finally prepared to make his first steps towards real adventure, the griffon gathered up his funds and bought everything a temple delving archaeologist could need Ropes, lantern oil, food. Even a nice hat!...Which he promptly decided against as hats just weren’t his style he felt. Too cliche! How many adventurers in stories wore hats like that? Always jumping back in to save the hat. Hat or no Ashley sat out to travel the world in search of treasure and mystery! The griffon was met with many successful expeditions, saving relics and sending them off to museums or to the descendants of civilizations that birthed them. Though he had just as many that turned up nothing, but he didn’t count them as failures, no. Until proven otherwise, Ashley wouldn’t ever count a story of treasure as false. This persistence sometimes paid off in the end either in proving himself right or at least winning some friends along the way...and a few enemies too, you can only snatch magical relic out from under thieves noses for so long before they start spouting arch-nemesis speeches at you every time you run into one another. It was on one fateful expedition to Unyasi though, that Ashley met those who would become his lifelong friends. In a dark and remote corner of the Unyasian continent, hunting for a long lost temple, Ashley managed to run into a pair of unicorns who were also seeking the same ancient monument. The two introduced themselves as Translucent Shine and Shimmering Veil, a couple from Stalliongrad, whose families had been adventurers and explorers for generations! Deciding that since they were all looking for the same place and extra pairs of eyes never hurt, the trio sat out into the jungle together. As one would come to expect, the way to the temple was fraught with danger. Not just with the thick vines and territorial beasts that the jungle threw in their path, but the traps and pitfalls that whatever ancient civilization that had built the temple left behind. More than once Ashley saved one of the duo from a log trap or a pitfall, and more than once one of them saved him from darts or snares. The journey was a learning experience for all three of them. While not the first adventure for any of them, it was proving to be one of the more exciting and fun ones they had been on. While dodging traps and creatures, the three waxed poetic about their journeys throughout the world, how much they had seen, and how what they saw only proved how little they had really seen in the world, how much more was truly out there! For as dangerous as the jungle was, the intrepid trio managed to make their way through and find the temple that they had been seeking. The ancient structure was made of alabaster and dolerite and covered with plants and vines from the ages of neglect. Yet in spite of this the structure was far from a state of disrepair. Where it not for the creeping plants and moss that swarmed over the building, one might think that time had stood still for it. Just inside the massive building, the atmosphere changed. Rather than the humid air of the jungle, there was an almost cool and soothing breeze that permeated the dark halls. Ashley’s companions lit up their horns to guide the way. Gosh being a unicorn was handy. Carved into the walls of the temple were designs that mixed both Zebra and Abada style, as well as some that none of them seemed to recognize. Most of the carvings along the outer walls seemed to depict the rituals that likely took place there. Though the ones that graced the inner walls seemed to be the history of the area. Covering the building of the temple, the founding of the village that once surrounded it, the life and death of their great chieftains, the typical sort of thing one would come to find in these sort of places. However a large portion of the wall was left blank, smooth and untouched until a certain point, where the carvings showed a mass exodus from the area. It was hard to say if the wall was purposefully left blank, or if something had expunged it from the wall. Confusing to say the least. Throughout the inner sanctum at the center of the temple were more carvings, though these seemed to be purely decorative they did gently glow with a soft green light. Enchanted, Translucent explained. It really made for a beautiful atmosphere, though likely the enchantment was once much stronger, probably lighting up the whole room. With their mission complete, Ashley sat about documenting their findings, sketching out the temple in their journals, explaining the dangerous trek there, and the beauty of the surrounding area. Both Translucent and Shimmering were impressed with his writing, even going so far as to suggest that he should publish some of it. Something that he had certainly considered before. The trek back through the jungle was much more easy since they were prepared for any traps that might still be active in their path. Though upon their return to civilization, the three began to discuss some things. After such a successful expedition, parting ways so soon would be a downright shame. And so what was a chance encounter in the wilds of Unyasi turned from one adventure into two, and that two into more, and those even more still. Along the way and across the world, Ashley continued compiling stories and descriptions of all the places they had visited. Both the average locales and the perilous places they found themselves. Many would be adventurers or just those looking to learn a little more about the world sought out the books and pamphlets that the griffon published during his travels. Eventually though, like most adventurer couples do, Translucent and Shimmering decided to settle down in Translucent's home city of Stalliongrad. While Ashley wasn’t nearly ready to hang up his lantern yet so to speak, he was ever supportive of his greatest friends’ choice. Even showing up to the birth of their first child, Dawn Valiant, where Translucent named the griffon the foal’s godfather and gave the colt Ashley as a middle name. Later he would show up for their daughter Evershine’s birth as well. With an ever burning passion for adventure and thrills, Ashley still travels throughout the world seeking out lost and hidden places and objects. Doing his best to preserve the ancient knowledge and keep it out of the claws of those that would use it for ill. Now and again you can find him in the larger cities of Equestria, Long Guo, or Neighpon - relaxing, giving the occasional speech, or signing one of his published books. But rarely for long, as soon as the griffon catches hint of a possibly new adventure, he’s fast out the gate. Character Summary/Personality: Ashley is an excitable, friendly, and knowledgeable griffon. Years spent adventuring has given him an open heart and open mind that he uses to try and help others see the wonder of the world around him, and occasionally drag them on an adventure to get their blood flowing. There’s little that keeps Ashley still for long, though you can capture his full attention by telling him a good story. Even hearing about someone’s life experiences can get the griffon to sit down and listen intently. He enjoys when others are willing to tell him about themselves, as everyone has something new to teach. Aside from adventuring, Ashley also writes and publishes two series of books and pamphlets. One for locales such as Poninawa or Polyneighsia, or detailing information about different species or important families, such as Sirens or the Goldplume family in Talonopolis. The other series is more focused around his adventures and the more hidden or out of the way places he’s visited. Some information is often omitted from these, such as their location, as to keep the sanctity of sacred areas safe or what have you. Text Colour: (#FF4500) Poison Joke Reaction: Inverts the cat and bird parts of his body (Leopard Head/Blue Bird Body, same size as usual)
  6. From the album: My OCs

    My griffonsona, who is a tiny griffon. She's the definition of fiesty!
  7. Name: Gwynne Silverbeak Sex: Female Age: Older Middle Aged Species: Griffin Eye colour: Blue Coat: Rust red feathers and grey fur Mane and tail: Gwynne isn’t particularly concerned with appearances, and prefers to keep anything she can trimmed short so it won’t get in the way while she’s on active duty. Physique: Athletic Residence: She has a combined room and office at her family home in Talonopolis, although most the time she resides aboard the Swift Claw Occupation: Airship Captain with the Aquellian Military Cutie Mark: N/A Unique traits: Gwynne has extensive training and experience with unarmed combat and flintlock weapons, as well as a passing familiarity with a wide variety of weapons in general. Though her age does slow her down somewhat, her experience in combat generally makes up for it. Gwynne also has a minor, natural talent for tinkering, which she has never fully developed, but never let fall completely to the side either. She has been known repair devices in the field, or even create minor gadgets on the fly, though such things rarely last for more than a use or two and are dependant on what materials are in the area. History: Most Silverbeak children are encouraged from a young age to tinker, and Gwynne was no exception. Even from a very young age she showed a knack for building small devices, and this activity was encouraged. Over the course of her youth, she made a number of little things, including little toys for herself or her friends, and little devices meant to be useful. That none of them worked quite as intended was seen as beside the point, the desire to create useful things and the will to see her projects through were the more important aspects. It was expected that she would continue down this down, and in doing so carry on the proud traditions of the Silverbeak family, however fate would have other plans. When one day Gwynne learned that one of her friends had been stolen from, and despite her friends insistence that’s not a bit issue Gwynne refuses to leave it alone, and in the process learns that this is not an uncommon occurrence. Successfully tracking him down, Gwynne tried to confront the thief, but she lacked the skills necessary to bring the thief down and after only a brief scuffle she slunk home, with mild injuries. Where another might have seen that as a sign to try a different path however, Gwynne was not done. She was convinced that the cause was sound, dispensing justice and and protecting the less fortunate seemed all the more important, but rather it was she herself where the weakness lay. She became convinced that she would need to become stronger, if she was to fulfil her new purpose. Her habits changed. Though taking some convincing, her parents eventually allowed her to take martial arts. And her tinkering took on a decidedly more combative-bent, with practice armour and weapons being among the projects she gave herself as things to make. The next time Gwynne encountered the thief, a year later, she was prepared to send him packing. The thief left town afterwards, and Gwynne never heard of him again. That did not mark the end of it for Gwynne herself however. The passion to protect and to combat evil remained strong. She enlisted in the Aquellian military as soon as she came of age. Though eligible for a basic level of officer’s training, at her own insistence her first year was spent as a basic infantry, after which her commanding officer successfully convinced her to set her sights higher. She qualified to become a low level commander, and while her performance tended more toward adequate than exceptional, she was well liked by soldiers placed under her command both for her desires to keep her troops safe and her willingness to take to the frontlines alongside them. Her career from there consisted of a slow, but steady advancement. Gwynne’s latest post is something she did put a little more effort into achieving: captain of the Swift Claw, a vessel in the Aquellian Air Fleet stationed at Talonopolis. Captaining a ship has given her a unique outlet for her tinkering, which remains as a hobby. She has enough clout and history in the military to have autonomy over the ship, which has allowed her to implement a number of components and devices built by Silverbeaks, a number of which Gwynne herself has helped develop. Though as she is ver safety conscious, she has put each through very rigorous testing. Personality/Summary: Gwynne is a soldier, both in terms of profession and in terms of mindset. Though her perspective and attitudes have changed over the years, she never lost her conviction for protecting those that can’t protect themselves, and stopping as much harm as she could from occurring. She is a stalwart griffon both on and off the field, refusing to back down from a point she commits herself to whether against enemies in combat or friends in conversation. Gwynne’s military mindset can be both a great strength and a great flaw. She can react and analyze a situation quickly, but her thinking tends to have a combative leaning. She has a subconscious tendency to think of everyone in terms of allies and enemies, even where more nuanced social roles might be appropriate. Her inability to accept sacrifices, born out of her desire to protect others, has limited her potential for advancement as a commander. A cunning opponent can potentially force her to make a choice she can’t face, or manipulate her into worse strategic positions, though she is intelligent enough to avoid obvious traps. Additional Notes: Gwynne is the adoptive mother of Bevel after her parents' passing. The griffin tried to do her best for the pony but a) couldn’t stop seeing her as weak and vulnerable and b) is a military griffin at heart and doesn’t really know how to raise a child, let alone one of a different species. [Last I checked, I have permission for this relation to Bevel]
  8. Name: Diamond "L'Ombre" Dust Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Griffon Eye Color: His eyes are a deep blue in color. Character Color: Diamond is a colorful griffon, with his bird half almost like a parrot. His feathers are mostly red in color, though they turn into blues and greens as they go down his wings. He also has a couple blue and green feathers on top of his head, though they are slicked back like the rest of his feathers. His cat half is less colorful, being a solid black like a panther. Physique: Diamond's a bit smaller than most griffons, though not really by that much. He sports a lithe body due to the kind of exercise he gets in his line of work. Residence: An apartment in Calnais. Occupation: Professional thief Cutie Mark: Not applicable Unique Traits: Diamond is very proficient in lockpicking and stealth, as well as the use of rapiers and his cane. He typically wears a red suit with a blue undershirt when not on the job, donning a black bodysuit that covers everything but his eyes when he goes to steal something. His cane actually hides a rapier inside it, the handle being the top of the cane. He is fluent in both Prench and Equestrian. History: Diamond never really knew what happened to his biological parents, but his adoptive parents, a couple of earth ponies, were very nice to grow up around. They had found him outside their door one night, and decided to take him in and give him a name. These two ponies were just low-level workers around the city of Calnais, meaning Diamond grew up knowing what it was to be poor. He had wanted to help them out for as long as he could remember, so eventually he took to petty thefts, some food here or there or a bit of money. Whatever it was, it was only used to help keep his family fed. As he got older he began to steal larger and more expensive things, like jewelry or art, spreading the bounty out among the poor after he sold the item. He would give away easily half his haul, and he found that he very much enjoyed the work. It was around then that he decided to do that for his life, eventually moving into his own apartment. He hoped to eventually get an actual house, but that was for later. Personality: Diamond is a bit of a flirt, almost garunteed to try and woo every female he meets. If they're already taken he'll leave them alone on that front though. He is also rather nice, and is rarely very serious about anything. He does not see his thievery as work, especially since he rarely actually takes a job for it. Also, as Prench is his first language, he often times slips into speaking it without realizing it, saying a few Prench words in the middle of an Equestrian sentence, for example. Summary: A gentleman thief meets Robin Hood type of griffon, Diamond is making his way through life and helping others in the process.
  9. Name: Gash (Hot Rod, Hotty, Glider) Sex: Female Age: Teenager (15 in human years) Species: Griffon (Golden Eagle and Lioness) Eye Color: Teal-ish Blue Coat: Her lion part is a pale yellow with a white strip on her stomach, underneath her tail, and underneath her paws. Mane/Tail: Since she's a griffon, she doesn't have a mane, but she does have a bird head. It's base is a golden brown with a reddish brown around her eyes and under her beak. She also has a bright orange on the back of her head and at the tip of her feathers. Her feathers are all rough in the front, showing her three white spots in between her eyes. Her tail is a normal lion tail with a reddish brown for the fur. Physique: Tall, slender. She is very light and a little underweight. Her legs are thinner than the average griffon, but they are also longer, making her a little shorter than Princess Celestia. Her wings are a lot larger than the average griffon, as well as her tail being longer. Residence: She doesn't really live anywhere per say, but she's normally found in Canterlot or Ponyville. She always dozing off on clouds during the day. Occupation: Gash is a racer in the air. She also plays a majority of other sports. She's young so she doesn't have a specific job. Cutie Mark: She's a griffon, she doesn't have one. Unique Traits: Gash's wings are everything special. They are the things that carry her through the sky, quickly flapping to keep her form perfect. Her wings are always angled perfectly, making her spin in the sky, do flips, and keep her balance to show off her quick moves. Gash's wings are larger than the average griffon's, making it a little harder to control them, but they still keep up with her in advance. She is also extremely smart. She can get herself out of a pickle quite quickly, using her time to think of an option. She can read and write very well, and uses her words rather appropriately. She does tend to over think tons of things though, which makes her get frustrated easily. She isn't the most patient. History: Gash was born into a nonfunctioning family in Griffonstone. Her mother (a short, stubby unicorn) grew up with being surrounded with makeup and trying to be pretty, while her father (a tall, muscular griffon) grew up with loving to kill bugs and small, unwanted rodents. Gash was also born with a twin sister (a artsy, skinny unicorn) who turned out to be the complete opposite of her. Her parents were surprised that her and her twin came out as two completely different species, especially since they were living in Griffonstone, so her mother gave both the girls a griffon name and a pony name. Gash was Gash's griffon name, and Hot Rod was her pony name. Their parents taught them the basics of manners at a young age, making them known as the best younglings in the family because of all the problems going on. The two cuties never knew of the problems going on in the family, so they never were open to all the bad things in Equestria. They always thought everything was bright with rainbows and happiness. All of that came crashing down when their little sister was born. When Gash was 2 years old, she always used to all of the attention that she got when she was little. Her fellow griffon community would always say how cute and well mannered she was, but when her little sister was born, all of the attention went to her sister. Gash grew to become jealous over every little thing her little sister did. Her parents were also not paying attention to her, so Gash became a little brat, wanting some sort of attention, even if it was bad. Soon enough, Gash's parents became over protective of their children, never wanting them to go outside into the world because of how "special" they were, even if she was a brat. They were afraid that their little twins and foal would get captured by a stranger. So Gash was always staring at a wall in her bedroom for a few years until her parents decided it was time to move to a different part of Equestria. When she was 6 years old, they moved into a much bigger house in Canterlot. The sudden change from a dark, small town to a bright, large city scared her a little bit. Not only was the setting changed, every pony looked different. They were more posh instead of dark and gloomy. They were ponies, not griffons. Her and her family looked to be the only mix-matched family, which scared her. She went from a well mannered foal, to a bratty filly, now to a shy, introverted cub in just a matter of a few years. So finally when they put their large house together, unboxing all their stuff, school started for her and her sister. Gash was absolutely terrified; the thought of meeting new ponies scared her. She was nothing like them. They were all bright and happy with gorgeous, perfect manes. Gash was the complete opposite. She was dirty and had messy feathers, looking like she had rolled in the dirt then jumped into a well. She didn't wanna show up to school looking like the inside of a full trash can. So on the first day of school, she woke up extra early to try and look nice. She brushed her feathers, or tried to, which ended up looking like a cat attacked her head. So she just tied her messy feathers into pigtails, which looked pretty good on her. She then curled the tip of her tail, making it look extra nice to that when ponies were looking at her from behind, all they could see was her perfectly curled tail. For a six year old, it worked out perfectly. Gash didn't think she looked nice enough though, so she decided to put on some black eye shadow. It ended up all over her eyes, but she thought it looked perfect. When she got to school, every pony was staring at her. On the outside she was giving out fake smiles and waves, but on the inside she was freaking out. She was scared that somepony would walk up to her and start talking. She's never actually had a full on conversation before from somepony other than her family. Finally a group of fillies walked up to her and started talking. Gash took a breath and started responding to their questions about her, and she finally calmed down. They weren't making fun of her, they were saying how great she looked instead! She was still incredibly introverted, but at least she had friends. Gash became pretty popular, until she became a teenager. At the age 13, Hot Rod's parents decided to go out and move again. Gash was heart broken, having to lose all her friends that she had grown up with over the years. She became depressed, but that didn't stop her parents from moving anyway. They ended up in Ponyville, the small town below Canterlot. Once again, Gash was scared of starting at a new school, especially because she hadn't seen any griffons there. Her fears soon went away though as she was met with nice ponies who quickly went over to her and became her friend, just like Canterlot. Of course she had the minor bullies that would bully her for her looks and being different (which she now fears), but she tried her best to ignore them. She was still super shy, always waiting for somepony to walk up to her and talk, but she loved talking to others. Now we're in the present, knowing what she wanted to do with her life as of now. She races in the air and does sports for others entertainment. Character Personality: Gash is a shy, hotheaded griffon, at first glance. She is quite confusing to know, because one second she's super sweet, and the next she's yelling at you for being annoying. Her brain is completely different from others. She over thinks everything, like thinking how a certain outcome would happen in a situation then going too deep into it, causing her to freak out. She has horrible anxiety, which makes her decisions on things very hard for her to accomplish. She is terrified of walking up to others and talking, but she quite enjoys talking to others for their opinions on things. Gash basically has two personalities. One for the outside and one for the inside. On the outside, Gash comes out as a headstrong, rude, angry griffon, just like her species's stereotypes. She tries to act cool and not care about what others are saying. She brushes everything off like it's not happening, while trying to be as calm as possible. She tries to be laid back, wanting everypony to see her as awesome and chill, she wants to fit in, which causes her to lie a lot. Gash tries to make stupid jokes all the time, trying to make others laugh and like her, but she isn't trustful. She is also very flirty, wanting to grab anyone's attention that she finds attractive. She is quite literally a bully in some aspects though. But on the inside (or reality) she is absolutely terrified of almost everything. This is when her anxiety comes along. She is shy, super nice and sweet, and is extremely sensitive. She only shows this side when she knows the other pony/creature really well and is comfortable around them, but is scared to show this side to others. She is super scared of being judged negatively. Gash is really smart and doesn't give up when she knows something is wrong. She is pretty upbeat and funny, always finding something to laugh at. Some bad things about her is that she lies a lot. Every thing she lies about though is to hide something she doesn't like about herself. She has very low confidence and can be found as annoying and bratty. She complains about everything she finds wrong, like a little child. She tries to be funny in unnecessary situations, like when somepony is upset, and to be funny, she makes fun of the situation like it's nothing. She's pretty intense in the way she says things, like her tone of voice. Gash is also very impatient. She can't stand when others take forever walking down a street or taking forever to respond to something she's said. She is really just a typical teenager. Summery: A griffon who uses her speed and coolness to get along through the day. She has a golden personality in the inside, but is afraid to show it.
  10. Truth is the greatest weapon. Name: Grayson Steelfeather, Cpl., ARM (discharged) Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Griffon Feline half: Resembling a Canada lynx. Golden brown-yellow fur with light grey stippling throughout. Bob tail. Raptor half: Resembling an eagle owl. Ash white feathers with dark grey highlights; “horns” are highlighted in black. Eye Color: Amber. Physique: Fit and compact, the product of both service with the Aquellian marines and the rigors of his own brand of activism. Residence: Talonopolis. Occupation: Investigative reporter, political activist, agent provocateur. Unique Traits Grayson’s skillset run the gamut from fieldcraft to archery to photography. As a scout in the Aquellian Marines, Grayson learned the art of fieldcraft and survival. Though he rarely ventures into the uncharted wilderness anymore, the attitudes that were ingrained in him help him to stalk his “prey” unseen in the urban jungle that is now his home. He is agile both on wing and while prowling on the many rooftops and landing pads that make up Talonopolis’ multilevel construction. Grayson is a skilled bowman, able to quickly deliver arrows with pinpoint precision. While he no longer shoots to kill, Grayson’s “mission kit” includes a custom-tooled folding compound bow and a variety of arrows to distract, disorient, and disable potential foes who might not be as reluctant to use lethal force. His training with the marines also gives him experience in defensive hand to hand combat and evading pursuit. Other gadgets involve nonlethal explosives such as smoke bombs, flash grenades, tear gas, experimental suppressor charges to deal with magically empowered foes, and a collapsible baton for close quarters fighting. Photography is Grayson’s greatest passion and most important weapon. A lovingly cared for camera and a full arsenal of lenses and audio recording equipment accompany Grayson wherever he goes. Years of experience have allowed him to quickly dial in his shots even when in the thick of the action and an eidetic memory allows him to quickly recall and record corroborating details when in safer circumstances. Character History Grayson grew up poor in the Base level of Talonopolis. His parents worked the factories, as did his many brothers and sisters when they came of age. Despite the advertisement that hard work would eventually lead to upward mobility, Grayson grew jaded with the promise of a better life after watching generations grow up, grow old, and die in the same squalor that they had been in for decades. When he became of age, he decided to enlist, hoping that the government pension would help him bring his family out of poverty. Grayson’s journey overseas was eventful, but not due to enemy action or any sort of armed conflict; in the corps, Grayson found himself butting heads often with officers who came from upper class families and did not comprehend the hell that the working class had to live through every day. It was a miracle that Grayson did not end up in court martial with dishonorable discharge. Upon his return home, Grayson forewent his education subsidy, taking the time to apprentice with a newspaper company to learn the ins and outs of photography and reporting. While at the company, he discovered he had a knack for rapid composition of shots. It was there that he realized he could use his talents for good. If no one else would bring down those who had kept his family down for generations, he would do it himself. Because of his borderline criminal activities, his military pension has been revoked, forcing him to resort to odd jobs, donations, and guerilla reporting to keep himself fed and supplied with munitions. Grayson relishes the challenge however, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Character Summary Grayson is nothing short of a firebrand. Growing up poor in the shadow of the factories gave him a sound understanding of the plight of those less fortunate and an insider’s understanding of the consequences of rule of the Triumvirate. Suffice to say that his views of the current Aquellian government are not very positive. That said, he believes that violence and direct action will not provide decisive solutions. Instead, that which hides in the darkness must be brought to light and the corruption exposed. He has thus hung up his lethal arrows and his sword in favor of his camera and microphone. Stories are delivered in guerilla fashion with limited run press and film from small companies; most publishers unwilling to be associated with the activities of whom some would deem a criminal. Grayson is still absolutely ruthless when it comes to pursuing a story. If he suspects foul play, he will continue to stalk, snapshot, and record his targets until he gathers enough information to destroy them. He shows no remorse for any corrupt individuals he has exposed and subsequently ruined. Because of his operating methods, Grayson no longer has officially sanctioned press credentials; though for now he is still technically a free griffon. Activism is Grayson’s life. His articles focus on exposing corruption within the Aquellian government and giving a voice to those who have none, namely the impoverished and the disenfranchised within his country. He has a soft spot for children as a result of his being “big brother” and part-time caretaker while growing up. Grayson sends a percentage of any of the money he is given back to help support his family until such time he can improve their circumstances. His parents worry about his safety often, but trust that Grayson knows what he’s doing.
  11. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Messy sketch time! My take on what I imagine human!Zelda looks like. Note that this is just my own artistic interpretation. I feel like she would have a very elegant look to her, with a defined jawline, high cheekbones, and a long neck. But also with an edgy sort of haircut, the sort that only a select few people can manage to pull off without looking ridiculous. Zelda © Tacobob
  12. Name: Hawke Dreamcrest (Real Name: Sofia Immacolata Goldplume) Sex: Female Age: Teen Species: Griffon (Peregrine Falcon/Cheetah) Eye Colour: Gold (#FFDF00) with flecks of Silver (#CCCCCC) in the right light. Coat Colour: Light Tan (#DDBB90) with Black spots across her body. Feathers/Wings/Beak: The feathers on her head are White around her beak, with patches of Dark Blue-Grey (#666699) around her eyes and the top of her head. Those on top of her head are longer and mostly pushed backwards in a windswept look, while a few are swept forward. Her wings have a wide spread and are Grey-Blue (#8C92AC) in colour with both lighter and darker spots across them. Her beak fades from Dark Blue-Grey (#666699) at the tip, to White at the base. Physique: Thin and lithe, looking at the slim toned muscles of her screams speed. A head taller than the average griffoness. Residence: Formerly Talonopolis. Occupation: N/A. Marathon Flier, Works Odd Jobs. Unique Traits: While her swift flight speed is not unique in and of itself, this coupled with her years of experience with yoga has made her exceedingly flexible and capable of moving quickly, quietly, and through tight spaces, which could make her a rather good thief should she want to. Which she certainly wouldn't. Not ever. Nor has she ever attempted. Nope. Not at all. History: If one were to ask Hawke about their history, they'd likely never get the same answer twice. Sometimes she was born in the wilderness between Talonopolis and Rockwington. Sometimes she'd claim not to know. It's difficult to get her to commit to one story or real details, always giving vague or misleading or just plain impossible answers. But if someone were to learn just who she really was...Well that would tell a different story. ****** Sofia Immacolata Goldplume, daughter of Araldo Gionatta and Meridith Diana Goldplume, never wanted for anything in her life. She and her brother Tarisio were often doted on, expected to grow into polite and proper nobles and live a nice, ritzy, dreadfully boring life filled with political talks and hobnobbing. And while to some this life would be cloud nine, Sofia nor her brother were content with this silver platter nonsense. Growing up, Sofia would often tag along with her older brother as he and his friends gallivanted around the city, oft times acting as the distraction while the boys would steal away with food or loot from the stalls or slipping some bits or pocket watches from the coat pockets of unsuspecting passersby. And while they may have been great partners in crime, when Tarisio finally stole away with the airship from their parents museum, Sofia stayed behind. Because for as much as the griffoness disliked the near constant pampering, she did love her parents For a good time, she was able to contain her urge to flee home, despite the constant lectures on 'proper etiquette' or 'dinner conversation' or why stealing a count's cane and hiding it in the rafters wasn't funny. All of this was tolerable, she could still sneak away into Talonopolis and have her fun when she wanted, but one thing above all broke the camel's back. A noble family from Talonopolis came to stay with them for a short spell, for diplomatic reasons or something else she didn't remotely care about. And with them was their son, a griffon about the same age as Sofia herself. Haughty and full of himself just as she felt most noble to be and while she had to endure more than enough of the griffon's attempts to woo her, still she tolerated this for their stay wasn't long and soon she'd be rid of them. Or so she had thought. For days after and days after still, the boy showed up. To her door, to her window, even on the streets. Gifts and honeyed words, promises and jewels. Nausea and indigestion. It was obvious to Sofia that she confounded him, and he felt her a game, a prize to be caught. Letting him down gently didn't phase him, trying to get rid of him or scream at him was just 'playing hard to get'. Finally though she had enough. When next they met, Sofia told him to meet her in the center of Talonopolis at midnight, and then he would know how she truly felt. To which of course the featherbrain agreed. As night crept forth over the city, Sofia slipped from her chambers, out through a window...and off into the night far from Talonopolis. As she flew with no destination in mind, no cares in the world, she finally understood just what her brother had sought in leaving home. She felt so alive, so free! And so she flew faster, faster, and faster still. Rejoicing at the feeling of the wind whipping past her feathers. It was rush like no other. By the time she realized that the sun had risen, Sofia was far from her home and while she couldn't be happier, a part of her remained worried. Never having ventured forth from Talonopolis, the griffoness knew little about where she was. She knew she flew east, and below her were trees, bright and green so she assumed it wasn't the Everfree. With her velocity high dropping and her fatigue rising, a night - or rather morning - of sleep was definitely in order, even if it was in the middle of a unknown forest. Thankfully for her, it was not the Everfree Forest. Sometime into the afternoon, a pony stirred her awake, asking the drowsy griffon if she was alright and what her name was. Her name! Leaving home like that would surely have her parents looking for her. And while she may have never ventured outside of the city, Goldplume was a fairly well known name. Thinking quickly though, she picked the first name to pop to mind. Hawke Dreamcrest. A legend to some griffons, a folk hero to others, stories told of the griffoness' journey to the ends of the world. No two accounts of her journey were exactly the same, and no one was sure if she ever even really existed. An appropriate, if childish choice. With this new alias, Sofia has begun to travel across Equestria, rarely staying in one place for long as the winds calls out her name. With her wanderlust and craving for speed, she's started to seek out more and more challenges, the fastest fliers around. Win lose or draw, she was just as happy, pushing herself to her limits and beyond. After all, flying is about the journey, not the destination. Character Summary: Sofia is a rather upbeat and excitable griffon. Getting her to sit still for long without a good reason would be a feat worth of a medal. More often than not she'd rather fly and talk than sit and chat, though for friends she can make an exception, planting her paws on the ground for a nice chat and a meal. And while she's abundantly aware of her own speed, she tries her best to not brag or boast. She's not looking to be the best, only to be the best her she can be. Which does mean picking races with ponies and griffons that can out fly her, or at the very least out maneuver her. Her distaste for the glitzier side of life is quite clear. She'd rather find herself in a rundown diner with good food and company than a five star restaurant with a waiting list a mile long. Generally Sofia is wary of nobles and the rich, never knowing if they might have ties to her family, but will try to give them a chance if they can show they're more than bits and business. Not having a permanent residence can be both a blessing and a curse, and can sometimes leave Sofia resorting to some old tricks she and her brother used when she was younger. Such as pick pocketing or using her 'wiles' to earn a free meal. Though only as a last resort. Text Colour: (#666699) Poison Joke Reaction: Her wings pin to her side and her posture straightens into a more 'proper' stance, and she speaks in a posh and noble tone. Much to her disgust.
  13. From the album: Scythe Chronicles

    Because of his 4th year anniversary on the Site I thought I'd go through Scoot's old art and find a random OC to draw. I chose Raven Duskwing! http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/image/5391-raven-duskwing/ I'm missing a few decals but I was just interested in the Shape and base colors of the Griffon x3 I uh.. couldn't tell if Duskwing is female or Not(In part cuz I actually didn't read the description of the original picture NOR her char sheet) so I guess this pic is pretty.. feminine xD I love the presentative Pose I gave her And those lovely eyes! Thanks Lilly! Your color is so clean :3 Line Art was done by me! TheFinestSorcerer Color and Shading done by my murderous filly friend Blood Lilly! Ask about her and I'll see if she'd be alright with meeting you :3
  14. Gregory suspected the observatory would be on top of a hill, but His legs were already so tired, even more tired than his wings, and the long path of cement stairs were just one more obstacle. He was almost certain that the unicorn Mare in that observatory was the only one in Equestria that had the answers he needed. So, those stairs needed climbed. It wasn't as if he was happy about it, The Chesnut colored griffon had just gotten to the crew of the stairs, huffing and puffing under the heavy book bag on his back, laying pathetically on the stoop of the domes building before reaching a weary talon up to knock on the door. "Anypony there?" He called out.
  15. From the album: Art For Friends!

    Here is my OC Arta Factia, laying comfortably in bed next to her beau Aldric (a character belonging to my friend Inky, who is my bestie batpone!) and sharing something from the book she is reading.
  16. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Like I'm sure many artists do, I tend to feel validated when people comment on art pieces I upload. Personally, I really enjoy getting "Like"s on Canterlot.com. Not sure why, I just like 'em (ahaha get it seewhatIdidthar) Anyways, there are a few people who almost always drop off a "Like" on pretty much anything I upload to my gallery, and this is a thank you to one whose characters I've never drawn before. The pose was a pain to get right, but aside from that, the rest was fun to draw. The head gave me trouble though - was trying to make the tufts cat-like without being too cat-like, to mimic Hawkeye12's own reference picture. Hawkeye © Hawkeye12
  17. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Anastasia Ironclaw Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Griffon Eye Color: Magenta Coat: White tiger lower half, Gyrfalcon bird half Coat and Feather colors: Her feathers and fur are the purest white, save for her wing feathers which have the characteristic white with dark brown patches. She also has two crest feathers that mostly stay flat on her head but when she is excited or intrigued they stick up enough to give her a sort of devil like horns. Physique: A curvaceous athletic build. Fit and strong as befitting a griffon, but with the curves in all the right places. A natural beauty Residence: Previosuly Talonopolis, now Griffonstone. Occupation: Former Diplomat, now is the head of a small branch of the Ironclaw Family Ironworks. She also is a substitute teacher at an Etiquette for young ladies school. History: Anastasia is the daughter of Theodric Ironclaw, little brother of General Ironclaw. She and her parents live in Talonopolis to oversee the manufacturing company the clan owns and runs. As a little fledgling, Anastasia found herself confined a great deal to her home and room, as she found herself unable to deal with the thick smog that sometimes lingered around the industrial capitol of Aquilla. Despite her near cloistered life, Anastasia received a high class education in one of the best schools of Talonopolis. There she learned the finer points of being a lady of high class and breeding, as was befit of a griffonness. She learned proper etiquette and manners. Poise and balance. Proper speech, elegance and presentation. She also learned the art of diplomacy and negotiation. That and the other bits of knowledge and study that would be required of her. Her studies eventually led her to taking a time in the career of a diplomat, and she spent some time in the courts and negotiations between Aquilla and other nations, such as Equestria. But she found the work dull, and the diplomats and nobles overly stuffy and boring. So she left the career, and refocused herself to running a branch of the family clans business section in manufacturing, and found she had quiet a talent for business. It was after all merely a type of negotiation. It was recently that she moved to Griffonstone, as her business sense told her that while it would be difficult the former, and now downtrodden kingdom could use with some businesses and industry moving in to bring it back to glory. That and for a more personal family reason. If should, by aiding in Griffonstones recovery she might set her family and clan in a position of importance...well all the better. Of course she is still in the process of this. It takes time to set up deals and purchases of land and leases. The areas and resources need to be mapped out and the like. It takes a bit of time, though Anastasia has both her skills and the skills of those she has hired to aid her in this endeavor. Of course in the recent weeks she has left the project into Griffonstone to her father and contractors as she has now set upon a more important task for herself. After years of being single, for reasons she just can't understand, Anastasia has decided that she needs an equally elegant griffon or stallion or...well anyone, beside her. And so when she isn't spending a few months back in Aquilla to tend to her business, she spends her free time looking for Mr. Right. He is out there somewhere, and she is going to find him eventually. If he likes it or not. Fun Facts: Despite being a diplomat in profession and practice, Anastasia has also received a fine education in combat as befitting of a griffon of a military background clan. Her beauty and grace hide her deadly ability to tell anyone who tries to push her around that no means no. Anastasia is a natural flirt and will flirt with anyone she finds mildly attractive or cute. Its mostly for fun, but her main targets are single male stallions, griffons, caribou, minotaurs....anyone so long as they can meet her standards. Despite her grace, Anastasia has one fatal, and that is a word that can mean many things, flaw. She tends to fall in love rather easily when she meets a griffon or stallion. Now with her looks and flirty nature this might not be a bad thing, but though she can be flirty when Anastasia is serious for someone she can turn into a completely different character. She gets aggressive and manipulative, and even controlling. She can be incredibly jealous, to the point where she will hurl away any female she considers to be competition on her latest man. Then she can start to get pushy, sometimes jumping to the conclusion that the male she is dating or even just spending a day with is so completely fallen for her that they will get married immediately. In fact this happens so often that Anastasia is perhaps one of the few griffons with something close to a magic. When she gets full on pushy, she can suddenly have a wedding dress on and ready. And if this fast and pushy behavior isn't enough to make a male run in fear, its what occurs during and after this that truly bring out the monster in Anastasia. She doesn't handle rejection well. In fact she can't handle it at all. When she gets rejected by her latest boyfriend, she tends to snap and becomes aggressive to the male. She doesn't like having her heart broken and is perfectly willing to make that known, even if it involves breaking something else...or worse somepony else. Of course, given her ability to fall in love easily Anastasia never lasts in this state for long, and doesn't hold a grudge. In fact when she finds someone else to smoother with emotion she tends forget her actions to the previous guy, just treating him like a friend. Of course this behavior is completely unnoticed to Anastasia. And if pressed about it she will deny it completely and even call the accusers crazy, and if they continue she is willing to stuff a cork in their mouth and tell them to stop treating a lady like her in such a crass and rude manner. Either she has a selective memory, is willfully ignorant or just a really good liar no one knows for sure. All that can be said, if a guy finds himself in the target sights of Anastasia....they had better run. And run fast.
  18. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Probably seen this on the side bar now, but this is a larger image of the same. Enjoyed making this; the challenge was to get as many species as I could without it becoming cluttered when shrunk to sidebar size. For the curious, the reason for no yaks was the picture was completed before Party Pooped came out. Why Cheerilee? I always imagined her as the tourist type, going on trips (mostly in the summer) to various places in Equestria, collecting images and souvenirs for herself and for future school lessons.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  19. Role Play Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Gilda Gender: Female Age: Adult Species: Griffon: half eagle, half lion Eye Color: Varying shades of gold Character Color: This griffon’s body is mostly comprised of a deep tan colored fur. Her wings and tail tuft are a soft chocolate brown. The feather from her shoulders up are white, the ones near her head fading to a purple tint near the ends. She also sports darker purple eyes patches around both eyes. Her front legs are covered in golden yellow bird scales that match the color of her hooked beak. Mane/Tail/Other: Though she sports no mane as she’s not one of those “lame ponies”, Gilda does have a rather long lion’s tail with a tufted end. Physique: Gilda’s body is lithe and ready for action. Though she might pretend she spends no time on keeping herself up, Gilda’s fur and feathers are kept neatly preened. From her purple tinged for-feathers, to her razor sharp talons, to her tufted lion’s tail, Gilda is one hundred percent ready to beat anyone at anything athletic! Residence: Gilda keeps a mid-level apartment style dwelling in Talonopolis, stronghold of the Griffins. Occupation: This griffon has held a number of odd jobs though because of her unpredictable nature she has not held any occupation down for any considerable amount of time. She tends to fly wild and free, making it a point to stop and hang only with those she deems cool enough. Cutie Mark: N/A History: Gilda grew up in typical griffon fashion. Her parents looked after her and raised her to be tough and to survive on her own. Griffons are generally not known for innately caring for each other and so her upbringing would not only be considered typical, but quite nice by griffon standards. The fledgling was reared with the “shape up or ship out” mentality being bred into her. Gilda was sent to school where she quickly made a reputation for being a bully. She kept a close group of friends but never really cared for them as friends instead adopting the all too often griffon way of using each other for personal gain. She was constantly in trouble at school. Being cheeky to authority and mouthing off whenever she could soon found her in so much trouble she dropped school all together. Her parents, though not happy with the outcome of their fledgling’s education, tended to look away. Gilda, in need of finding something to occupy her time took an interest in speed flight. When she had been in school, the one thing she had found some enjoyment in was athletics. She was truly a star when it came to flight, especially at high speeds! Now that she had ditched school she could focus on flying whenever she wanted. She joined up with other griffon racers, training as hard as she could. If she was going to do something, she was going to be the best! Gilda’s parents again took interest when they discovered their daughter’s obvious talents for flight. They decided to enroll her in Junior Speedsters. This was partially to get her away from the nest for good and partially because they wanted Gilda to succeed at something. It was at this camp that Gilda was pushed beyond her limits and really developed the skills needed for extreme flying. She also discovered an affinity for another flyer during her time at camp, a pony named Rainbow Dash. A mutual love for speed made the two fast friends while at camp, though they later suffered a rift in their friendship due mostly to Gilda’s cocky nature. Gilda now takes the odd delivery job in Tanlonopolis, Griffonstone, or other griffon settlements to earn her keep. Her bad attitude, and generally lacking work ethic make it difficult for her to hold down a lasting form of employment. This doesn’t bother her much and she has even been known to swipe something every now and again if she really needs it. When she’s not flying a delivery route, she might also be found working on her talent in baking Griffon scones. Recently she discovered that she could bake scones that other griffons actually enjoyed eating! Only time will tell if baking scones is a profitable enough business to take some of her trick flying time away. Character Personality: Gilda can be summarized at surface level as being brash, overconfident, and rude. She speaks what’s on her mind without a filter for the feelings of anyone else. She does however, have multiple layers. The griffon was raised to uphold an extreme sense of pride in herself and an unwillingness to believe that she’s anything other than the best. She doesn’t know what to do with the thought that she might not be the best at something and therefore does not let herself even think of the possibility of coming in second. Since she has been hard on any that have tried to be close to her, Gilda also feels lonely at times. This feeling may be the reason she appears so rude at surface level. She uses brashness to cover other, deeper, feelings. She would never admit to having any of these emotions though as that might be taken as a weakness. Gilda is also extremely competitive and when she does have interactions with others it usually ends in some sort of challenge to show her prowess. It would certainly take a special sort of creature to break into her prideful exterior to see her deeper character. Character Summary: It takes a strong griffon or pony to hang out in the vicinity of this griffon. Many are turned away by her gruff personality and overly honest nature. Those that do spend time with her better be tough skinned and ready for some extreme flight time. She has however, had a recent encounter in Griffonstone that has made her rethink the type of griffon she is. Perhaps there is something to be said for this ‘friendship’ thing? Gilda had always thought friendship was just some lame excuse for being weak and needing others to help you out, but for the first time ever she has begun to scratch the surface of what real friendship might be. No matter what she’s learned recently, Gilda’s motto for life is still to be faster, and cooler, than anyone else around her… especially those dweeby ponies.
  20. It had been a long and tiring day in the perpetually hectic city of Ponyville. Some strange mishap with adults getting turned into foals, or so the troublemakers declared as they demanded to be changed 'back' into big kids. A tiger striped griffoness wasn't sure what all happened, but there was tons of yanking and grabbing on her feathers and tail. She wasn't looking forward to flying home in the dark and had opted to clean herself up before deciding on how to pass the night by. The sloshing of water snuck into the periphery of her perception, inspiring her with her first task of the evening. She had to clean the grime of kid sober and street dust from her battered form. While a normal pony might have sought out a quiet place to clean off, Aquaria was no normal pony! The rose-colored eyes of the hybrid stared back at herself in the fountain as she tried to contemplate a way to sneak past the similar looking guard who was trying to stop her potential bath. Little did the guard know, nothing could stop her this evening, especially not her excitable reflection! With a quick lunge, the weary lifeguard 'snuck past' her reflection and landed in the cold water with a splash. A normal pony might have shivered, but Aquaria simply rolled her white and black form in the water, the lifeguard used to cold water from her swimming in the sea. Her feathers sucked in the water as she played in the fountain, splashing water on the empty city streets. She quickly started swimming in the cramped quarters, looking for fish, her excited eyes unable to spot any at all! "They must have gone south for winter," she thought to herself, giggling at her own 'misfortune'. Her misfortune was quickly rewarded as she saw the glint of Luna's moon on a loose bit in the water. She gasped excitedly and scooped the coin up in her talons, her eager eyes basking in the glory of her great treasure. Aquaria's joyous celebration was quickly interrupted before she could finish. The lifeguard could sense something sinister nearby, maybe an invisible monster of some sort. She carefully tucked the coin away and nervously looked around. Her mind was playing tricks on her, the sloshing of water sending Aquaria into sensory overload! "Is anyone there?" she whispered lowly, the overeager lifeguard hoping nobody would respond!
  21. Name: Jeronimo Gender: Female Age: Adult Species: Griffon Eye Color: Varying shades of amber depending on how the light catches them Coat: Jeronimo’s back half is that of a black panther. Her fur is a lustrous black with inlaid leopard patterned spots also in black. The spots are not visible unless the light hits them just right. She has a long sinuous tail that ends in a rather large tuft of fur. Plumage: Her front half is that of a raven, smooth and well preened. Her feathers, like her coat are shimmering black. She has dyed the ends of the feathers that run between her ears and down her neck to her back bright turquoise. The feathers that fringe her eyes are dyed this same brilliant shade. Other markings include turquoise bands that encircle her hind legs right above her hocks and a turquoise dyed tail tuft. Physique: Jeronimo is lithe and sinuous. She moves in a cat-like manner with a certain fluidity, balance, and grace. She has a piercing gaze and has often fixated others of her species (particularly males) with her amber orbs. Her bird-like front appendages are strong and lightly battle scarred. She keeps her talons, front and the retractable hind well sharpened. This griffon was born and bred in a military fashion. She embodied much of the philosophy of her father who served in the Aquilla marines though she is more of a free spirit when it comes to the details of the matter. Though she can hold herself in a professional light, she does not strictly adhere to such ways. Residence: This griffon resides in a top floor penthouse type dwelling in the city of Talonopolis. Because of her postion in the Navy, she is often not at the penthouse. This griffon calls her bunk aboard ship her second home. Occupation: Jeronimo proudly holds the title of an Ensign in the Aquellian Navy. History: Jeromino was born to loving parents of high class in the city of Talonopolis. Both mother and father constantly doted upon their little fledgling as she grew up in their high rise home. Griffons of high class are said to reside in the tops of the buildings of the city, the view from little Jeronimo's window opened up over the wide city all the way down to the Raptorclaw River. Her mother had a love for the finer things and Jeronimo often went with her on her trips around the city. They visited all the nicest establishments, and from a young one Jeronimo was used to the best of the best. Her father was a clean cut Vice Admiral of the Aquellian Navy, with ranks of loyal griffons at his command. The flag ship of the fleet was often under the command of Obsidian and he ran her efficiently and effectively. In her adolescent years, Jeronimo took on the wild streak that ones of that age so often do. She traveled around the city one her own as much as her parents would let her. Her father however, tried to keep a stern bridle of discipline on his willful daughter. This of course caused a rift between the two which lasted a number of years. Though Jeronimo had this wild spell, during which she had turquoise brands adhered permanently to her face and legs, she still retained a love and respect for both her parents. Eventually as she aged the griffoness mellowed a touch allowing for the bond of father a daughter to return. Jeronimo eventually followed in her fathers claw steps, joining the Aquellian navy as a recruit. She was a bit older than the other recruits and soon advanced through the ranks. She has worked with dedication, discipline, and determination through the years to gain the rank she now holds. Cutie Mark: N/A Character Summary: Though she is the picture of a clean cut military officer when on duty, there is much more than meets the eye to this griffoness. She has an electric personality that both attracts and repels griffons and ponies depending on their personalities. Not just any pony can handle what this griffoness dishes out. Her military training makes her hard and also a bit blunt. Her times spent on the city in her younger days however gave her a love for parties, adventure, and scenes that normally wouldn't befit one of her stature. At times she feels she is leading a double life due to the fact that much of what she loves in life is not tolerated in the profession she has chosen. Still, she does her best to make the pieces fit together. Her work also makes it hard to find the right sort of some griffon to spend her time with. She would however, love to have a griffoness to put her wing around. Jeronimo is overall a mixed bag. Clan cut, proper, respected and admired by her ranks in the navy of Aquilla while at the same time enjoying much of what life has to offer to a griffon ready to live a wild and free life style. She hasn't quite figured out who she is yet, but that doesn't stop her from living each day to the fullest that she can!
  22. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Minerva Sheartalon Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Griffon (Osprey/Snow Leopard) Eye Colour: 'Meteorite' Blue (#2B2280) Coat: French Grey Fur (#BCBBC4) with black spots. Wings spotted and tipped in white. Light pink beak. Mane/Tail: Crested (Almost Cardinal like) Athens Grey (#EEF0F3) feathers. Long slender tail tipped in white. Physique: Average Height, Sturdy Build. Residence: Formerly Talonopolis, Formerly Rockwington. Occupation: Sky Pirate. History: Born to a common family living in the General Level of Talonopolis, Minerva never had much in the way of money or comfort. Her father worked a tiring, menial job and her mother hardly made anything on tips. Having a sharp tongue that matched her beak, Minerva often found herself in scuffles with schoolmates. So much so, that she eventually was expelled and barred from returning. Every fight she got into, she felt was justified. No one could get away with insulting her or anyone she considered a friend and get away with it, not without a few knots on their head. Her parents, while displeased with how she handled the situation, did commend her for her loyalty to her friends. Eventually when she was a late fledgling, Minerva and her parents moved from Talonopolis to Rockwington. A place that, they hoped, held better opportunities for both them and their daughter. It was here, among the more diverse crowd of griffons and ponies, that Minerva was actually able to stay in school. She still got into fights now and then, and trouble still found her, but she made new friends that had her back, and kept things from escalating more than they needed to. Her behavior in Talonopolis before her departure though, left a sour taste in good few of her former classmates' beaks. And a few years later, they had tracked her down. Surrounding the griffon outside of a tavern, Minerva easily recognized them and readied herself for a fight. One she figured she may not win this time. Though as the fight was getting ready to start, a fifth griffon pushed his way past her former classmates. She didn't recognize him, and so she told him to buzz off and stick his beak in someone else's fight, that she could handle them with her claws tied. This, however, didn't chase him off. And after a bit of protest, the duo sent the attackers packing. Minerva, reluctantly introduced herself and gave thanks. The well dressed griffon introduced himself as Tarisio Goldplume, Captain of the Zephyr's Kiss. She had heard news about a griffon stealing a ship from the Museum in Talonopolis. She never expected it to be the son of the owners. After some food and drink at the tavern, more of Tarisio's crew arrived, and the griffon offered her a proposition. A spot on his crew! Minerva had arched a brow at this. The crew seemed a bit...lacking. Tarisio clearly could handle himself, but they needed more muscle. And so she agreed. On one condition, that she take charge as his First Mate. Tarisio chuckled at this, but to her surprise, agreed. And now, five years later, the crew of The Zephyr's Kiss is still going strong, stealing gold and hearts as they please! Character Summary: Minerva is a strong willed and strong backed griffon. Growing up in a less than kind part of Talonopolis made her slow to trust, but when you gain her friendship, you've got a stalwart friend for sure. As the First Mate on The Zephyr's Kiss, she has a commanding presence, able to keep even the most rowdy of her Captain's crew in check. Her rough demeanor is mostly on the outside, as her friends will attest, Minerva is a friendly and protective griffon, one who would defend what she stands for til she couldn't stand anymore. All in all, Minerva is the sort of griffon you don't want to be on the bad side of. Additional Info: Scars across her left eye, lower neck, outer left flank, and inner right thigh. Poison Joke Reaction: Turns physically weak, struggling to lift over ten lbs. Font Colour: (#2B2280)
  23. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tarisio Mercutio Goldplume Sex: Male Age: Young Adult Species: Griffon Eye Colour: Gold (#FFDF00) with flecks of Silver (#CCCCCC) in the right light. Coat: Silky black fur with darker spots. Mane/Tail: Raven Black Feathers (#141A16), with Crimson Red Feathers (#DC143C) around the Eyes and the first pinions on each wing. Feathers on the top of his head sweep forward and slightly downward. Physique: Slim, toned body, slightly taller than average, handsomely built. Residence: Formerly Talonopolis. Occupation: Sky Pirate. History: Tarisio was born to a wealthy family in Talonopolis, and as a young griffon he was rather the little rapscallion. Always getting into mischief, though any real trouble that he got into was quickly covered up by his parents, usually by them buying his way out of it. As a young child, he would often wander the more run-down side of the city, making friends with the orphans and other 'riff-raff' there, stealing from passersby, pulling pranks on the citizenry, or just generally having a good time. As he grew into his teens, Tarisio became quite the young gentleman. Though he would still run with his, as his parents would say unscrupulous friends, he would often stop to woo the ladies with his charming looks, golden eyes, and silver tongue. Be they taken or not, which would often lead him on daring chases and many a fight. His parents of course, were never too happy with this, and tried many times to make the boy settle down. Hiring at home tutours, having him take violin lessons, putting him to work in the family-owned museum, anything to keep the boy from his less than stellar behaviour. But while it did make it harder to, it didn't stop Tarisio from doing what he did best. For that matter, the fact his parents had tried to keep him tied down drove his wanderlust. And in secret he began to study swordplay and piracy. It would be the best way to satisfy his craving for adventure. It would be a few years later that his family had came into possession of a decommissioned and refurbished military airship. A large and beautiful vessel adorned in silver and gold. Likely something used in the Royalty's own army. He knew that now was the time. His dream would soon be a reality. Sneaking out in the dead of night, Tarisio met in secret with his soon to be crew, the orphans and other children he spent his childhood with, and together they stole away into the museum and made away with their grand prize, the airship was now dubbed 'The Zephyr's Kiss' by Tarisio, her new captain. Escaping late at night was easier than during the day, but they knew they couldn't stop moving for a while. It was a few weeks later before they could finally dock, get some dinner, and a drink or five. Wandering into the local tavern, an unsavoury sight caught his eye. A fight in the corner of the bar was beginning to break out as four griffons angrily surrounded a fifth. Knowing that this was not a fair fight in the least, Tarisio immediately made his way over to the crowd, pushing past the four to stand next to the outnumbered griffon. Who, after some protest and aid in sending the attackers packing, was reluctantly grateful for Tarisio's help. Introducing herself as Minerva, the two griffons took to the bar and drank their fill. Talking through the evening as more of his crew finally arrived after dinner. With a grin on his face, Tarisio offered Minerva a spot on his crew. To which she agreed, on the condition SHE got to be first mate. The Captain agreed, and five years later, the crew of The Zephyr's Kiss is still going strong. Sailing the winds, stealing gold and hearts as they please. Character Summary: Tarisio's passions don't involve stealing and unlawful activities alone. Despite being forced into it, Tarisio loves the violin, often playing it on deck to entertain his crew while they work. While he often keeps his disdain for laws quiet, when one speaks to him about it, he'll often spit on the ground, saying that 'We're not bound by laws here. No one rules the sky, and like it, we are free.'. Despite being unlawful, the griffon couldn't be considered evil, he stands by his own personal code of honour. Never laying a claw on a child and doing everything he can to avoid fighting with women, oft times choosing to smooth talk his way out of a fight. Though this should not be mistaken for weakness, as Tarisio can certainly hold his own, both sword and claw, against most opponents. Additional Info: Wears a red 'steampunk' style vest, with intricate latticework designs across it. Poison Joke Reaction: Becomes meek and shy, especially around those he finds attractive. Font Colour:(#4682B4)
  24. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Andronamous "Andy" Griffon Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Griffon (Bird-Tiger) Eye colour: Brown Coat: Burnt orange Mane/Tail: Same Physique: Above Average Residence: Talonopolis Occupation: Retired (Former Sheriff) Cutie Mark: N/A History: Andronamous was born of a well-to-do griffon family in Talonopolis. Even as a hatchling, he was very protective of his siblings, as well as his classmates when he started to attend school. Often Andronamous would rise to his classmate's defense when they were being bullied or cheated. His parents noticed this trait in their young son, so when he was older, they enlisted him in a military style boarding school to hone his skills and help him develop good leadership ethics. "Andy" (a nickname he got in school that stuck to him) excelled in his training, so much so that upon graduation, he was hired by the Sheriff's department as a Junior Deputy. Working his way up the ranks, a decade later, Andy was elected Sheriff outright. After serving for twenty five years in this office, Andy decided to retire and enjoy his remaining years seeking adventure and fun in the land of Equestria. Character Summary: Andronamous is a rather easy going, 'laid back' sort of griffon. His homespun wisdom serves him well. Though knowledgeable and wise, Andy is never conceited or thinks of himself more highly than others. Andy is a friend to every creature and is especially fond of ponyfolk since he had to deal with them from time to time in his job as Sheriff. Humble and caring, Andy Griffon has a gentle nature about him but can be stern or demanding when the situation warrants it. Having dealt with many griffons (and some ponies) over his many years of service, Andy is quite a 'student' of griffon/pony nature. His old crimefighting instincts still 'kick in' from time to time, sometimes creating awkward moments during social functions. Overall, Andy is the kind of griffon any griffon or pony would want as a friend, or even, an ally.
  25. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Nessa Sex: Female Age: Older adult Species: Gryphon Eye colour: Indigo Coat: Midnight black Mane/Tail: She tries to look nice for the lovable oaf that is her husband. Her headfeathers she often wears in a 'blast back' sort of fashion, though her tail she often leaves alone. She often will make sure her chest feathers have a bit of extra floof. Physique: Smaller than your average gryphon, but that doesn't stop her from tackling big gryphon problems. Like her husband. Residence: A nice little fishing village along the Clopton Shores, often referred to as Bacalao Bay by the locals. Occupation: Fishergryph Cutie Mark: None! History: Born and raised in Talonopolis to a mining foreman and a nestwife, she had an average upbringing of attempted pampering and being taught the value of honest, hard work... But that stuff was boring. Usually she had to compete with her 6 other siblings for things, especially attention. They usually kept to themselves, or at least Nessa did, playing with her siblings or having school friends come by to hang out. In truth, she was a bit too attached to her home, and usually felt nothing would change that. Of course, things have a way of changing as one gets older, don't they? When she was getting close to that hopeless romantic age, it was then she met a big buff guy of a gryphon, handsome and strong! His name was Galahad, and he was her wonderful man from the get-go. Despite the almost hilarious size difference between the two, they were a match made in heaven who did almost everything together. They even briefly explored a career in mining together, though brief being the key word. Wish to broaden their horizons and see more together, they went on a fishing trip to the Clopton Shores... And never returned! Well, they did, but only to pack up and go right back! Nessa loved the ocean, and the experience of fishing. She couldn't get enough of it! So she certainly didn't complain when she and her darling husband decided to set roots in the little village of Bacalao Bay, to be among their own kind in a happy, safe environment. The perfect place to start a family. And so they did! Their daughter Ryx turned out to be a bit of a handful, but Nessa couldn't have been a prouder parent. Her hatchling was strong, proud, and courageous, and had quite the wanderlust! Just like her parents! To an extent. Though now their pride and joy has gone off on her own. Nessa plays worrying mother too often for her own liking, but she knows her baby can handle herself. Besides, she doesn't mind an empty nest, so long as she still has Galahad. Character Summary: Nessa will never admit she has little-gryphon-syndrome. After all, Galahad knows who's in charge! Or at least he better. Another thing she'll never admit is that she's starting to get on in years. She can still be scrappy and energetic, but typically prefers the quiet and solitude of a day of fishing. Galahad can be a handful, but the gryphess knows how to handle him, and often will drag him away before he can get into too much trouble. One thing for sure, he keeps her on her toes. She sometimes worries about her dearest daughter, and hopes she can find the perfect love like she did. Life seemed so much easier because of it. She has no problem with getting her talons dirty, however, helping her husband where she can with work, though it's not unlike her to lounge a bit and let the big guy take care of things. Not to say she's lazy in the least bit, of course! She still has to make sure Galahad behaves himself, and she's gotten very good at pinpointing his ear.
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