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  1. Stormstride looked at the paper in her hooves. She was reading over a notice posted in the paper about someone seeking magic training for combat purposes. She looked at the listing a bit longer before picking up her armor and strapping it on. As she set her sword on her back in the latch, she checked her helmet. Hooking it to her armor, she started out the tent. As she passed her brother, she told him she was going to look into a job listing and check on the pay. Looking at the paper one last time, she noted the address and closed her eyes. She couldn't land exactly at it, but she could get close. At least on the same street. As she let her magic take hold, she felt the world around her ripple. Teleportation was different for every unicorn. Some felt strange, others felt nothing at all. Some if felt like ages, while others said it was instantaneous. Stormstride had always felt like the world around her became muddy water, and cleared up slowly. As she reappeared roughly two block away from the address listed, she took a breath and looked around. Canterlot, one of her least favorite places. Mostly because it was the seat of power for Equestria. As she moved toward the address, she noticed many ponies and a few guards looking at her like she was some kind of monster. Many moved in a hurry to get out of her way, while others just stared, dumbstruck by the sight of such a heavily muscled and armored mare. Her armor looked evil, and the katana on her back looked....monstrous. It looked like a blade designed to cleave a pony in half. None could guess how she would wield such a blade. As she approached the door, she straightened up and tried to push her long mane back into a pony tail with magic. once she was satisfied that it was tied back properly, she took a breath. Reaching a metal clad hoof up, she knocked. The knock was firm, like someone punched the door with some force. Waiting a moment, she took a moment to collect her thoughts.
  2. @IceStorm @SteelEagle Magic was -- a lot like music. If Octavia was let to explain the experience she had behind the cello it was hauntingly reminiscent of how a wizard felt when threading around existence with his control over the aether. Each experience was unique and different, but one thing all those could tell you that was always the same: is that there was nothing in the world like it. Power was an illusion and one had to measure up to constantly growing forces of opposition. That was why one always had to practice their song. To sustain a harmony in one's some meant abandoning all idea that you were superior. To play music meant you had to succumb to the force that was the melody. And just like music, magic had to be played with the heart, or risk creating cacophony. How contradicting. Perhaps that what had drawn the spirit near, or the coincidence of his friend in Canterlot. Whatever had drawn him he had become enraptured with the new toy in the ice mare’s possession. He floated around her, moving to attempt the object and levitate it over the palm.of his paw. The chimeric snake tittered as he pressed his face close, the stone's facets distorting his reflection. Sliding his tongue out playfully he smooshed his face against its surface only to be bit by a surge of magic. He snorted and shook his head, releasing the object as his paw and claw came to cover his snout, his mane puffed out in an afro from the static shock. “Honestly, Squall has the most curious things.” He held out his claws, manifesting a comb to tug back his mane. With a sproing the do returned to it's short and stiff standing. He tucked the comb into his feathers and floated down to the ground until he was on his haunches. While Canterlot was the center of Equestria’s magical education, he was still impressed by the unique things to come to pass through. He turned his gaze to Icy and grinned widely. “Oh come now. What use do you have of something so impractical? I'll trade you a bar of chocolate for it.” He held out a small bar in foil. “And if that's not enough, how about more?!” He held out his paws only for the tiny bar to poof into a jumbo size twice the size of the mare. He peeked over it, smirking. But if Discord wanted fit must have some merit in terms of magic and power.
  3. Those of Ponyville that had been caught amidst the game to participate would find that their powers or natural talents have been reversed and to those fallen into the game would receive a set of instructions to find Discord and retrieve a scavenger hunt list. Finding their items and using them properly would return their magic and talents and earn them a grand prize, courtesy of the god of chaos. Over their cutie marks a big red X would be plastered on their flank and they would be provided with a saddlebag to carry the collected objects. Discord was lounged over the portal on his throne, perfectly between Canterlot and Ponyville, sipping jello out of a coconut with a tiny drink umbrella in his eyebrows.
  4. Stormstride watched as she walked beside her brother. Of all the places she did not want to come, this had to be the top of the list. Canterlot itself, seat of Equestrian power and home to no less than two princesses at any given time. This place was a magnet for all things she disliked. The mare wore her armor, though her helmet hung from a hook on her sash. The heavy clack of her metal clad hooves on the cobblestone street echoed softly as she watched. Her mane glittering in the sun, the silver hair blowing lightly in the breeze as they passed by vendor stalls and shop fronts. They needed a place to park their cart. She was searching for an Inn or a hotel. As she was looking, Buck trotted along quite happily as he pulled the cart. His large stature letting him see over the tops of most of the crowd and his cheerful smile offset the rather irritated demeanor of his sister. He greeted every pony he passed with a cheerful tone and a bright look upon his countenance. While he wore no armor, the stallion was wearing saddle bags and the hitch for the large cart. He walked on a powerful set of legs, displaying the fact he was used to manual labor. Though when he spoke it was with a slight accent. "Sister, smile. We are only here for a few days! There are so many places to see! new foods and music for us to try, and a chance for us to catch up on the news we missed these thirteen years!" He gave a light skip, lifting the front of the cart up an inch as he did. Chuckling he watched her roll her eyes before finally smiling at him. She could never keep a scowl on her face with her brother around. The pair walked until they spotted a hotel. Pulling up front, Buck looked for a place to park their cart while Stormstride walked inside. Buck finally found a spot just across the street. It was an empty lot, with a few carts in it, but it was right beside a school. Buck figured it was for public use, because he did not see a sign stating otherwise. As he moved the cart into position, he paused to look up at the school. IT was really no different than the school he attended when he lived here in Equestria all those years ago. Though it was larger and likely better equipped than his school had been. Smiling to himself he unhitched form the cart, moved to the back and lowered the gate. Sitting himself on the edge, he pulled a an acoustic guitar from the stack. As he strummed over it, he began to smile brighter. His hooves danced over the strings, coaxing out a rather happy melody as he hummed at first. Then he began to sing, and his deep, soothing voice lifted into the air with a crisp loudness that was audible over the city sounds around him. He could already hear a few ponies talking and looking his direction. Which was fine, he wasn't hurting anything and always loved an audience. In the hotel, Stormstride turned an ear to the door as she heard her brother begin playing. Though she was focused on the clerk behind the counter and trying to work out how many days they were going to stay. Stormstride was also inquiring about local places to eat, purchase supplies, and the like. She would need work done on her armor soon, and would need to restock her supplies for caring for her weapons and armor. As the Clerk was trying to think while he registered their room, Stormstride just set the bits on the counter for him to take. She expressed that she needed to run an errand very shortly and would return within an hour to pick up the room keys for herself and her sibling. The clerk nodded and eyed the stack of coins rather happily. Stormstride stepped out and crossed the street to the cart where her brother was playing. She smiled brightly, always loving to hear him play. It was especially so when he sang like that, so full of life and energy. He could coax the sweetest notes from any instrument he picked up and that old guitar was his favorite. She had seen him work it over so well, and his hooves danced over the strings like a ballerina. She could hear other ponies coming to them now and moved to the side of the cart. She tossed out the hat that Buck set out to collect bits. Then she returned to tapping her hooves along with the tune. (OOC: This is the song he is playing. He isn't playing multiple instruments at once, just playing the piano parts on the guitar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNRVm2tEL3A&t=0s&index=5&list=PLeW50pl1e2-u3aTDaPSrH3tOyB97CivH6 )
  5. This thread would be set in and around Appleloosa, and would be centered around Thunderbuck and Stormstride rolling into town with a recent caravan. Both are looking for temp work, and have a wide range of skills outside their primary talents. As well it would introduce some of their personality quarks and and a better back history for the pair. It also explains a few bits about their nature as vagrants and their choice in living outside the norms of most pony society. No combat in this thread, but deep discussions between characters are welcome. MLP Cast characters are welcome in context to the area and situation. Such as AJ visiting her family or the mane six coming to check on the peace between the buffalo and pony kind. The main theme here is social interaction and getting to know each other.
  6. Firestorm was a gentlecolt of many tastes. One of those tastes was collecting and studying magical artifacts. Not for the purpose of preservation or understanding, though he did turn over his notes to the local magical schools when he made significant finds. No, his interests were more for the expense of a prank at one of his many parties. Firestorm loved hosting parties and gatherings. He loved social gatherings of any kind. He hand a hoof in many things as it were, and loved to bring the nobility and social elite back into touch with the common ponies. He oft hosted parties for any pony he felt deserved them. And the purpose of his studies was to use the magical items as a sort of party joke or game. To which end, his parties were often riots. It was today that he was once more working his personal lab, though the door to the balcony was always left open. He was a lively old stallion. He loved visitors. And always made certain that any pony or other being that thought to stop by was more than welcome. His minimal staff were more like friends to him. His lush garden full of vibrant colors and signs telling ponies to help themselves to any flowers they wanted. He oft cast a look outside to see if somepony was coming. He was tinkering with an amulet today. He did not know what magical properties it had. Aside from the fact it practically radiated magic. His first bit of research was being conducted to determine exactly where and when it came from. When was it created, where was it created, and most importantly, why was it created? Those first three questions were always answered before he began other research. So far he had the when, and where. Though it was vague at best. The amulet was roughly 300 years old, and had come from a ruin located in the mountains outside Canterlot. He had bought it from a traveler, when he detected its magical properties. The traveler was an Earth Pony, and had no sense to tell what it was. Determining that the traveler was a ruin diver, he got him to tell where it came from and mark it on a map. Though at best guess Firestorm figured the pony had been a little less than completely truthful. After all, no pony wanted to give up their treasures that easily. Firestorm took a moment to sit back in his desk chair, spinning idly as he chuckled to himself, thinking up what possibilities it could be. The amulet was a mystery he wanted to solve, but in time. His research so far determined that it was for a noted pony that once lived in that area. But he could not find something as to why.
  7. The Night Courts of Canterlot were an unusual place indeed. These proceedings were more subdued, calm, and held a certain peacefulness that made Stormstride feel more at ease. Though given her escort, the minor noble was likely one of the few ponies feeling at ease. Nobility often had their own private honor guard, which was nothing new. What did appear to be new was the fact that Stormstride's Honor Guard were wearing armor made of a black, non-reflective metal, and adorned with antlers, horns, and what looked likes claws and fangs of dangerous and wild beasts. There were even a few dragon claws attached to the helm of what was her captain. They were quiet, but their faces were hidden behind full helmets, their full bodies covered in chainmail, furs, pelts, leathers, and plated armor that made them look like walking amalgamations of monstrous magically crafted metal golems and wild animals combined. Clashing with that was the mare herself, in a simple white satin toga and golden crown made in the shape of lightning. Maretonian nobility by style and design, and the way she carried herself as well denoted that same are that Maretonian Unicorns carried. The self importance and pompousness many of them had was there, but to a much less degree. The only thing about her that stood out as strange were the shoes on her hooves. One could see the gleaming silver metal, and the mounting screws driven into her hooves, permanently mounting those shoes to her. On her neck hung a simple silver charm, cast with the family crest of her house. The mare's emerald green eyes stood apart from her mottled gray and dark gray mane. The silvery streaks blending in her mane twisted with the dark rolling grays, creating the look that her mane, tail and coat were made of rolling storm clouds, and beset with two gems for eyes. The deep and long scars on her chest, left cheek, and left front leg were visible. This mare was no stranger to combat. However it seemed she came not to pick a fight. Instead when it was her turn to speak she came forward, produced a scroll with her credential and then spoke in a tone of both respect and dignity. "Your highness, Princess Luna. I have come before you to request your advice and assistance on a matter dear to my family and our home. As many here are aware, I, Stormstride Cloud am not within good standing within Equestria. That being said, I hope that that will not taint the request I wish to place before you. My daughter has..." She paused, to glance around as if checking to see who was watching before continuing. "My daughter has stopped dreaming. In fact she has not had a dream in many years. I have tried my own magic to help, and sought the help of others in my own lands. However, this is something that we can not understand, nor can we treat. This lack of dreams has brought my daughter a lot of anguish as of late. She is of the age she wants to attend a more focused school. Centering around her talent in cooking. She has several selected here in Equestria and a few in Maretonia. But she has become depressed because she is very different." Stormstride took a step closer, and spoke in a whisper, "Please. I know Your sister loaths ponies like myself, but do not hold it against a filly barely out of her foalhood years. She's already deaf. She shouldn't have to suffer this too." Despite the looks and jeers of a few of the Canterlot nobility that knew of Stormstride's reputation and her previous deeds or misdeeds as they would refer to them, the mare before Luna was sincere in her request. She did not make a show, but she was almost begging for help. This was in honesty a mother seeking help for their child. And so it seemed Stormstride had no other choice but to come to Equestria to seek help.
  8. From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    Made some new art of bevel since she's been loosening up a bit thanks to some new influences. As of now she's working on some new projects that could be useful to more than a few people. A certain stallion who makes use of her creations may soon find himself being asked to assist her in the testing of one of her newest gadgets. Let's hope this stallion won't be too busy on his honeymoon. ;)
  9. From the album: Scythe Chronicles

    Typically the term is "Hats Off!" but Umekile wears both a cloak and a hat and each one is synonymous to him. So I went with the bigger item of the two. ===== His long mane falls slack and his right hooves dig unto the firm earth. The air pressure dropping around him whilst a powerful surge builds within him. His wonderful, gold-lined cloaks flutter to the earth; Hat's off my friends. The sorcerer has had enough. In the blink of an eye there is silence followed by a bright, flashing light; a beam streaks through the arrow followed by the rattling CRACKOOM!!
  10. MOONDANCER: A COMMENTARY BY BELLOSH101 It always seems like forever since the last blog article these days. It’s been months since the last blog post, character commentary writeup or otherwise. Well sit back and enjoy the ride folks, because this one today might take a while. A looong while..... [/cackle] (Image drawn by LoopEnd) Development Process: First things first, we’ll need a history lesson. You see, Moondancer is technically NOT an original character, for she was born from the depths of MLP Generation 1. She was around to be glimpsed in the Rescue at Midnight Castle special, but otherwise didn’t have that big of a role to play. The Moondancer I use today uses a G4ized variant of the original, which is pretty much unchanged save for getting rid of the bow on the ponytail (G1 ponies seemed to love those bows) and simplifying her cutie mark. So why care about this random G1 pony? Because FiM’s writers did, for they name-dropped her twice within “Friendship is Magic, Part 1” during the first scenes. However we never actually saw Moondancer during the episode, and without an official design, the Canterlot staff for technical reasons had to declare my pony as an original character instead of a cast pony. Hence, why Moony is not Tier 3 even though I originally planned her to be one. As for why I applied for this mystery mare? Well, let’s consider the following canon facts: Princess Celestia runs a magic school for gifted unicorns. Spike and a number of Twilight’s acquaintances had plans to attend a party for Moondancer and bring her presents. The fact that ponies wanted to do the above for Moondancer meant she had to be pretty well-liked. Ponies who knew Twilight by name and were around her age probably wouldn’t know of Twi unless they belonged to the same student body. Throughout the series, stars and crescent moons have always served as symbols of magic. They appear on clothing worn by Starswirl the Bearded and Trixie, on Twilight’s blankets, and on Moondancer’s cutie mark. Of course, maybe all four love just happen to love astronomy too. XD I’ll be on the level with you folks: I think unicorn magic is cool. Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony partially for that reason. Moondancer wasn’t the first of my spellcasting ponies however; that honor belongs to Ingrid Marie. But since Ingrid is more of an instructor, I wanted someone who was still a student… somepony highly skilled in magic who still had most of the unknown journey of life ahead of them. Since Twilight during late 2012 was a character that was barely seen in RP, I felt having a “magical girl” character of some sort active in WoE was very important. Indeed, Moondancer might be justifiably explained as a type of anti-Twilight, although completely unlike other anti-Twilights like Trixie and Sunset Shimmer. Instead of being a shut-in, Moony was out making friends for as far as she could remember. While she is still very gifted in magic, Moony never achieved Twi’s level because Moony didn’t want to become a permanent studying machine like the other unicorn. I did my absolute best to keep Moondancer from appearing overpowered, although I could’t resist making her skilled in teleportation. Twi’s warp dance during her Failure Song looked really pretty, so I wanted Moony to do so on a semi-regular basis as a dance… something that made sense for somepony named MoonDANCER. I also wanted this mare to be among my quirkier characters too, but she’s kinda lost a bit of her initial goofiness ever since I’ve won Derpy. (Image drawn by BrainedBySaucepans) Moondancer is by far my most happy-go-lucky and extroverted “OC” I have, which has made her quite more versatile than I ever anticipated. Versatility is an important quality to have for “plain ponies”; essentially, characters fitting the background filler mold embodied by such favorites like Derpy Hooves (I’ll write about her one day) and Vinyl Scratch. Most OCs you’ll ever see on Canterlot look like and act like background fillers; they’re visually designed to blend into the crowd and they don’t really serve any gameplay function but to exist, live run-of-the-mill lives, and maybe liven things up a little if they’re that sort of character (*cough* Derpy). I’ve since fallen out of the habit of designing background filler OCs, my philosophies on which I’ve documented more in detail in one of my older articles. However, I’m proud to say that of those ponies, Moondancer is by far my favorite to use in roleplay. For one thing, I was able to successfully establish her already having a number of pre-existing friends out there in the WoE universe, saving me the trouble of “grinding” through banal meet-and-greet scenarios in order to acquire friends for Moony. And there’s also magic to consider; I love RPs that explore the use of magic whether they’re slice-of-life or adventure threads, and since Moondancer can cast spells and all, well… that makes her RPs all the more awesome for me. On the whole, I’ve gotten great mileage out of Moondancer and much fun from playing her. Much of what I’ve wanted to do with her has already been accomplished or is in the process of being acted out in RP. But her tale is far from over; I’ll still need to figure out what Moony’s going to end up doing once she gets her aetherology degree. But that’s the fun of RPing, ain’t it? PS: As it turns out, IDW has indeed produced a Moondancer character design and gave her a cameo in that Sunset Shimmer bonus comic. Nice to see they also had the good sense to simplify her cutie mark in a manner similar to mine, but I’m in no way interested in amending my “OC’s” CM anytime soon. I don’t want to toss out all the artwork I’ve had requested of Moony just because the stars are aligned differently… and because I’m lazy. (Scan from The Fall of Sunset Shimmer bonus IDW comic) A Night Under the Stars: This became Moondancer’s first RP for a very obvious reason: she’s a night pony, and the thread was littered with night ponies up the ying yang. This included of course the Queen of the Night herself: Princess Luna as played by MyLittlePonyTales back in those days. Technically Moony didn’t do all that much in this RP; she came in halfway through and acted as the most normal pony of the lot, lacking any personal issues to discuss. And this was also one of the first times in WoE that I’d interacted with 2-3 other RPers at once (it happens quite a bit when I’m using Moondancer). You know that pre-existing friendship thing I wrote about earlier? This is the RP where I really started taking advantage of establishing relationships beforehand rather than having to go through the grind of meeting new OCs for the first time. The only pony here that Moondancer met for the first time was Luna; the other two were the long-lost close friend Ice Storm and younger magic student Fire Heart. Both of these unicorns went on to bond with Moony in other threads, especially Ice Storm. Moony’s appearance at Icy’s (abortive) wedding and Moony's resulting romantic misadventure with Lux’s Lore Weaver probably would never have happened if I never made prearranged my unicorn’s friendship with Ice Storm before entering this RP. Nighttime Tomfoolery: I managed to drag Raridash’s Dazzle Dawn out of retirement for this RP. Basically, the importance of this RP was that it strengthened the friendship between Moondancer and Ice Storm, as Icy’s worries about attending slumber parties were finally squashed once and for all. Also, this thread emphasized that Moony and Dazzle were already close friends too; something I always like. I will not hesitate to make similar arrangements with other characters in the future (especially those walking around with gifts during the pilot’s Canterlot sequences). Spellbound Beginnings: Despite me writing the thread’s opening post, credit for the concept ultimately goes to LoopEnd, who wanted to set up a magic guild for WoE. Because I loved the concept so much, I eventually ended up as the de facto captain of this outfit. Technically, this thread is in fact a meet-and-greet thread that I usually tend to shun. Yet I really liked participating in this one, mainly because it was magic-themed and all. Plus a few of Moony’s friends showed up too, which always rules. Yet this thread also taught me to really be wary of multi-pony conversations; my responses to numerous OCs at the same time took forever to write… especially when I was using Ingrid Marie at the same time. Personally, I’d say Spellbound as a group has had mixed success so far. It’s unfortunate to report that almost no new blood has joined our ranks since the completion of the first guild RP, nor have many dedicated Spellbound threads popped up since then. Yet the group is far from forgotten; many members are over in An Equestrian Education helping out with Princess Twilight’s magic camp, and this thread also directly leads into… (Image drawn by Fauxsquared) The Fixer-Upper: One Spellbound member, Tacobob’s Pocket Change, proved himself to be easily tempted by mares back in the last thread. Of course, I kept repeatedly joking to Taco that his OC was hot over heels infatuated with Moondancer, and I even requested LoopEnd to draw a mildly naughty artwork to that effect. As the introductory thread closed, I proposed to set up a private Spellbound thread for our characters to see if a genuine romantic connection could be forged. I always assumed beforehand that I could never realistically match up Moondancer with any character. To me, Moony would be too interested in making friends to see them as romantic partners, let alone find someone with the right… chemistry to make things happen (Lore Weaver learned this the hard way). As things turned out however, Pocket Change actually was somepony Moondancer could fall for: he does everything with passion, always has exciting stories to tell, possesses a tender side, looks really dang hot, and maybe most importantly of all, clearly demonstrated a romantic interest in the mare from almost the get-go. All in all, MoonPocket is by far my favorite ship to write for so far, mainly because Pocket is a fun character to interact with and he’s always immersed in adventure… which when combined with magic, produces extreme excitement! It also helps a lot that I plainly like working with Tacobob. He deserves credit for turning this thread into an interesting mini-adventure with loads of cute shippy scenes. The guy also has a good sense of using humor and littering his posts with worldbuilding, callbacks to previous RPs, and sneaky references. It’s really too bad I’ve never RPed with him earlier until now. The good news: working together, we already have a rough plan for our next MoonPocket thread. ^_^ An Equestrian Education: Funny story… I originally planned on setting up a magic tutoring workshop featuring Spellbound instructors. Those plans fortunately ended up merged into SteelEagle’s plan for a magic camp run by Princess Twilight. Moony for this thread will actually be a student, because the RP needed more grown-up students than just kids... plus Ingrid Marie was already set to be an instructor. With Pocket Change, Lore Weaver, and Dazzle Dawn joining in on the fun too, sparks should be flying very soon! (Image drawn by GhostGirl) ----------------------- That ran long, didn’t it? Hoped you all enjoy the read though, ladies and gentlemen. The next time I do one of these thingies, I’ll finally get to yap about my first (formerly) Tier 2 character. So… watch out!!!
  11. Hello again everyone, I just remembered another of my crazy theories and wanted to get it down before I forgot about it again, so here it goes:So, I'm sure you all know the legends of mythical creatures and powerful wizards. All across the world there are different tales of powerful beings and strange creatures, and a lot of them are eerily similar to each other. Well, this theory is about how all of those stories are true and how come they no longer exist today. You see, we humans used to have magic, and the world was filled with it. We were not the only ones that could use it, but we were very adept at it. There were multiple Gods, who ultimately were responsible for granting us this magic, hence older religions that have too many Gods to remember. As we grew as a species, we did what we usually tend to do. We began to feel like we owned magic, and that we were entitled to it, and essentially it was like it is with technology today. Anyway, we began to abuse magic, and to grow more and more hateful of the other species that inhabited our planet. We were killing off the magical creatures so quickly, they started to become more and more rare, and the Gods more and more careful who got magic. But eventually, as we continued to overstep our boundaries and turn to more conventional means of living and killing, the Gods decided there was only one thing they could do: they would use their magic to create a copycat world similar to the one currently inhabited. The copycat world would grow independently of the other, and would be inaccessible from the original world. Now, here's where things get tricky. You see, I can't be sure whether our world is the copycat, or theirs. However, I'm pretty sure that in order to create the copycat world a structure, or maybe a series of structures, had to be used as a sort of anchor to keep the worlds connected. The anchor isn't invincible though, and I believe that the anchor may be breaking down, slowly closing the gap between our world and theirs, which explains some phenomena in our world. I don't know what exactly the anchor could be, maybe Stonehenge or the like, but I do know that if the anchor is destroyed it will be catastrophic for both worlds. Since we have developed our worlds differently, structures are sure to collide with each other. It will easily be apocalyptic for both sides. I just hope if this one turns out being right, I survive and can live out my life among my dragon brethren. Stay crazy everybody!
  12. From the album: Elder's Flower Bed

    Frostlace is a magical ice pony yaaaaay.

    © Rebecca Power

  13. From the album: My ponies

    An ancient pony told of that holds the power of song. This is a unicorn princess {not an alicorn} from an upcoming story I have been working on. this is the 'grown up' corrupted version. Notice the dark energy from her eyes like sombra. This is important for later in my story.

    © me. and hasbro for the ponies and insperation and stuff

  14. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    You all love her and you know it! I couldn't resist the socks, socks always adds to pony pics.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  15. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    I loved the scene where discorded Rarity does a martial arts kick on Applejack when she thought AJ was coveting her "Tom". So this was inspired by that. Rarity's mane and tail is an odd thing when detail shaded so may have to alter it for a more natural look for shaded pics in the future (at least get rid of the extra lines).

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  16. The sun shined bright that morning. It casts its rays into buildings and onto tress and every living thing that walked Equestria. There was not a cloud in the sky thanks to the ponies that kept the sky clear. Times are different now. In the land of Equestria there was a medium sized village sitting proudly in the middle of a great plain. That town was known as the town of Hollowfell. This town was quite famous actually, which was strange since it was not a large city. No it was only a medium sized city complete with multiple wells and all. It had its share of large amounts of farms and stores and even had a schoolhouse or two. The town actually had a major road that put it right in the middle of two of the larger cities so it had many visitors come in from all over. The town had a little marketplace even and auctions and games took place there as well. Every building was made of wood and small amounts of stone. Stone was usually used as a base and not for effect at all. But in the big cities, stone was used in almost every building. There was a large river that ran along the north side of Hollowfell. It actually looped around and cut through part of the town, but there was a bridge connecting the two parts. A wooden bridge. But none of those things are what makes the town so famous. No in fact what makes the town famous is a large building in the shape of a rectangle on the outskirts of town. The building was actually the only building separated by the river so to get to it you either had to cross the river or take the bridge. But it was a large river so the bridge was always used. Yes this building, its large wooden structure and its three floors stands tall by itself. There are large banners that hang out of the windows of the building. One banner was red and gold and had a wolf painted on it. The other banner was scratched, tattered and torn and nopony could tell what the sign used to be on the building. Only the old ponies remember. And only a select few are still around. This building, was indeed The Guild of Hollowfell. The Guild was so renown for its way of producing some of the finest mages and assassins an enchanters Equestria has ever seen. The Guild helped train warriors for the battles at the Shores. The Fight for Dustor and even sent a few mages to help contain Ishkalah, known only as the Dark One. This Guild stands ready to accept a new surplus of ready ponies who are willing to test their limits and see what they can accomplish. Letters have been sent out and now the Guild stands ready, with its banners hanging out and its doors wide open. It stands ready to accept new members. But what the Guild, or the rest of Equestria doesn't know, is that while they have been sitting idly by..the doors of Tartarus have creaked open. The doors are slowly opening more and more each day. This is unknown to almost everypony in the land except for one, The Guildmaster. He is hoping this group of recruits will be the best the Guild has ever seen. All of Equestria is depending on it, they just don't know it yet. Are you willing to join the Guild to fight? ---------------------------------------- Alright. This is an idea I had for a while now and I finally got around to posting it So, your character can be either two things. He/she can be a new recruit looking to join the Guild He/she can be a mentor who will take a group of students as their own I will be playing a mentor. Which means I will only be accepting one or two other mentors, depending on players interested. Okay! Now for the specifics the Guild can train you in. Your character does not have to have any background with the field of training they accept . Arcane Magic - This field of training focuses on teaching young mages to hone their magical abilities to be able to use their magic as a deadly weapon. Learning such skills as basic fire to fire blasts and almost every element in between. Not only does it focus on dealing magical damage, but it also teaches the mages how to limit themselves and how to balance their Arcane powers. Arcane mages in the Guild usually work on learning new spells. Usually good for any job Enchanting - The field of enchanting focuses on teaching Guild members how to manipulate the battlefield. Enchanters usually don't carry a physical weapon for the first skill they learn is conjuring. A master enchanter can conjure any weapon of his/her choosing. Besides conjuring weapons this branch of magic focuses on teaching enchanters how to control the elements as well. Elements limited to: Wind, Earth, and Water. A skilled enchanter that has a high knowledge of their element can be a skilled warrior in combat. Usually good for bodyguard and wisdom jobs. But can go on any job. Hunting - The field of hunting teaches young ponies how to perfect the art of the kill. A skilled hunter doesn't need to be quiet he/she just needs to be smart. Hunting is among the least favorite among the fields the Guild offers. Reasons unknown. Hunting teaches ponies who are aspiring hunters how to lay traps and disarm traps. The field instructs ponies in the art of speaking many different languages. A skilled hunter must be smart in order to do his/her job. Hunters are limited to ranged weapons and are good at Hunting jobs. A hunter can go on any job. Assassination - The Guild's newest field they offer. This skill teaches young ponies how to take down any type of enemy with stealth. The art of assassination is a long road to take and takes a new recruit a long while to become the rank of assassin. This field teaches ponies the anatomy of most living things and the best points of place to strike. This field is unique in that ponies can't just walk in and pick the train in this field. But the ponies are picked by the Guild's assassins. Ponies who are in the assassin field are limited to daggers and smoke bombs. Nothing else. An assassin is the only pony that can do Stealth missions but he/she can go on any job. Paladin Traning - This field is the most common among the Guild. It is the most popular and if you speak to any of the Guild's Paladins they will tell you Paladin training is the most fun. Paladin training teaches students how to wield their weapons the correct way and how to fight without a weapon. A Paladin can use any type of weapon and have no restrictions. Paladins are the only ponies that have training in fighting with heavy armor. They are also the only class that can wear heavy armor. Paladins can use swords and longswords and any weapon in between. Paladins cannot go on Stealth jobs but are good at any other jobs except Hunting. Those are the "classes". With the Guild you are either assigned or select a field of training you wish to train in and the whole RP will consist of your character training to become a member of the Guild and graduate from Recruit. The Guild Job Board This is a very important aspect of the RP. In the Guild there is a board where anypony can post a job they need done. An example might be: Local Merchant pony needs transport protection to the next city. Accept? Some classes are better at jobs that are in their field of training. Such as Hunters and hunting jobs and Mages and research jobs. But every class can go on any mission. Throughout the RP a mentor and his group will go on jobs to show their worth to the mentor. But with the doors of Tartarus opening the jobs should get...complicated But nopony knows the doors are open except for the Guildmaster and his trusted officials. ---------------------------- So that's that! That is the whole premise of the RP! Here is the application form Name: Age: Species: Coat and mane/tail color: Mane and tail style: Job before he/she joined the Guild(if they had one): Desired field of training: History: (Tell how they learned of the Guild and why they decided to join: And that's it! I will post my application soon so I await to see if anyone is interested in this
  17. (Inspired by the events of today's episode...) So someone accidentally activated Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell before Twilight Sparkle had a chance to complete it. What opposite destiny and "wrong" cutie mark did you get stuck with before she fixed it?
  18. From the album: Black Ops 2 Emblems

    This is my Twilight Sparkle Black Ops 2 emblem It didn't exactly turn out how I wanted I edited it off of my Rainbow Dash emblem. I don't know why my phone made the picture darker then it should be because i used a lighter purple than that.
  19. What does the Name Frotrox Mean to you? It doenst mean much these days, but back then when ponyville wasnt even an idea it meant something. Back then it symbolized a Civilization of great power, A Group of unicorns That hed the knowlege to Bend anything to their will. They were a Master civilization and were known across the lands as the Plain Striders. One day though they vanished from the face of the world never to be seen again. Thousands of years have passed, Rulers,kings and Princesses had come and gone and the world as you now know it has come to be. But were they really all gone? Up north deep in the Mountians surrounding Dragon Mountain, A ancient ruin had been discovered. This Ruin had sparked the interest of the princesses, they had wanted to know what was held within its walls. Through years of searching Nothing was found within, It was abandoned once more and left to be burried in the frozen tundra. Until a Unicorn came, one by the name of Reaver. He was a Powerfull Sorcerer and Was a friend to the Princesses. He Inquired them about the Ancient ruins and how it had ben peculear that nothing resided within. He As well came up with an idea, Open a College. The ruins had some sort of Magical Arua To them, Why not Open a school and have Unicorns with Pratical talants for magic come and study in this Place. After long debate and consideration the Princess had agreed. They had sent teams of unicorns, Pegesai and Earthponies to Repair and Restore the once forlorn Ruin into a Grand school. After years and years of work the school was opened and Allowed only a select Few to join, until now that is. Letters spread across the Land calling Unicorns of Many talents, Personalities and Skills to the College. It offered years of knowlege and Wisdom for any and all who would come. Soon after Waygates had Popped up around the land as well leading a direct passage to The school. One of these Waygates has appeared nearby ponyville. These Waygates however would not let just anypony pass. It would only activate if A letter of Invitation was present. You were one of these Chosen and A land of oppertunity has opened infront of you. Will you step into the gateway and Learn The Colleges Secrets? Or will you fall in pursuit of power? That is for you to decide. Rules No Op characters No Hogging the spotlight And only unicorns admitted to the College, Pegesai and Earthponies allowed for the Goodbyes though I would say no Alicorns please, because of Op Start The town of Ponyville was bustling. The waygate to Frotrox school of Magic had finnaly arrived and many Unicorns who received invitations had Been Running back and forth with great exitement talking to families and friends alike. Within Ponyville lived a Unicorn by the name of Krosis. He was a Unicorn with a Dark Red coat and A Black mane, He had red eyes and a Cutie mark of a Shield and a spell book behind it. He trotted Round his home Waiting for him to recieve his very own letter if any to the College. He had studied hard in the school of Restoration and Fortification ever since he was small. He Hoped that he would be admitted to the college so bad that he could hardly stand it. He Heard The bustle outside and Took a deep breath. He Trotted outside and sat on a chair infront of his home. He Needed to calm down, He was sure that he would get one..... or would he? He started to get Anxious again[colour=#800000] "Oh for the Love of Celestia where is that mail pony?" [/colour]He said in a Unsatisfied tone. His Neigborhood had yet to have Their letters come in and Unicorns waited outside to see if they had been chosen as well.
  20. OOC is closed... final decisions have been made for the role play. To sign up or suggest additional ideas, please see OOCs for each individual episode as they open. If you do not see an open OOC for this role play, then either an episode is in progress or a break from the role play is in progress. Hello everyone! As some may heard, Hasbro might make a 4th season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However it may be their last season. Nothing points to this except fanbase superstition. Regardless, I think this would be fun: what I'm hoping to do is round up as many fans as I can to start a fanbase "sequel" if you wish to call it to My Little Pony. For starters, a new role play. EDITED ON FEBRUARY 16: Here's how the role play will work (and this will change as the community, you, see fit): 1) For each episode, I will open up an OOC for one week. In the OOC, we will shoot ideas for the upcoming episode, as well as sign up our characters to be in that episode. 2) The episode will go on as a role play. -"Episodes" are defined as separate parts of the role play, each generally having a different theme, although episodes may conclude or expand upon previous ones. -The ideal length of each episode is 200 posts but it will not be enforced; it's best to have the length be as long as necessary. -Each episode will have a pre-determined theme and beginning setting, as discussed in its OOC -Sub plots may be used 3) There may be a small time frame between completion of an episode and opening of the OOC for the next one. Quick guidelines for the RP subject to change as community sees fit: 1) OCs are encouraged, though role plays of actual characters are fine too. Also is recommended to have a back story page available some where for your OC... Though not required 2) Be realistic! No overpowering or over-influential characters unless there is a good reason and they face realistic challenges. -For example, Lovinity may seem over powering with her love magic and using the Element of Love. However, if she doesn't use them properly, it can cause serious consequences. 3) Please no more than 2 pony role plays at the same time in a single episode. 4) NSFW content strictly forbidden. 5) Please be respectful. Though characters may have disputes in the role play, please RP them out maturely. Also, treat all role players with respect, and do not insult or otherwise damage the reputation of any role player or character... OC or not. 6) There will be a three sentence minimum limit in each post. In addition, double-posting will be discouraged; use the edit function instead. So what do you all think? Please leave suggestions below! Feedback GREATLY appreciated! I hope to start within a couple weeks or so. Still need suggestions on the following: *Guidelines? *Format of the role plays Suggested series titles so far: [colour=#ff0000](Note it DOES appear "My Little Pony" will have copyright conflicts after investigation. All "My Little Pony" was changed to "My OC Pony." Please suggest a better replacement if you can think of one!)[/colour] *'MOP: Friendships Untold' 5 votes (Officially decided as title) *'The Adventures of My OC Ponies' 0 voted *'[My OC Pony:] Ponies of Equestria' 0 votes *'My Little Fanventures' 0 votes *'My Little Role play' 0 votes *'My Tiny Horse: Pals are for Life.' 0 votes *'The Equestrian Stories' 1 votes Suggested formats so far: *Similar to My Little Pony: Friendship is magic *Transforming into an animated project in the future after the role play gets going *Back story? *Theme the episode before it begins... and center the episode around the theme. *Allow sub-plots *Set light weight rules for each episode *As far as length and guidelines, be flexible. *Allow plenty of room for new participants allowing them to smoothly enter the role play. --
  21. I'm writing an adventure story with Princess Celestia as the hero. If that sounds like your kind of thing, please come check it out. Celestia in Excelsis Find out how an ordinary unicorn filly became an alicorn princess, the strange origin of her sister Luna, the fate of Starswirl the Bearded, how the Elements of Harmony were discovered, and how Celestia and Luna lost their connection to them. And much more. It's a thousand years of adventure, magic, and romance, all leading to Princess Celestia's ultimate destiny! Thanks for reading.
  22. Hello once again everypony! I've decided to take the initiative after quite a fun evening the other night, which of course involved a full on four player Magic game. Now, I come to wonder... who would be interested in participating in Friday Night Magic? Here's what I had in mind: There is a program on the internet that allows you to build Magic decks and play the game over the internet with as many players as you want in a single room! The program is called Cockatrice, in case you're not familiar. With this program, we can hold our own FNM events, and maybe even some casual games here and there during any other time of the week. If you want to indicate that you're looking for other Canterlot users to play with, we can simply use the game description: "Canterlot" with the password, "Brony" That, and we can simply discuss anything MTG related here on this topic! I can't wait for us to start playing together!
  23. Hello again everypony! I am dropping by here to talk about one of my favorite subjects "how do I get out of a tricky situation or plot without doing things the RP staff will shake their collective heads sadly at", and offer helpful suggestions. Now, it is tempting (and natural) to be rational and tackle problems or challenges in RP the most efficient way possible, but sometimes that not only skirts on the edges of being a little too much for the tone of the WoE forum, but solves the problems too easily and might make for a less-rich RP experience. This is Equestria, after all, a land of whimsy and colourful ponies who can break the laws of physics and common sense. So, if you you need to ask someone if something might be considered a little too advanced or overly powerful to be allowed in in the World Of Equestria Slice of Life forum, the best solution is to just change your approach and do something goofy. A few examples (more to be added) Getting Characters who can not fly naturally to be up in the clouds. After all, one of the greatest visual gags ever is a Rube Goldberg device! So have fun, and remember that the most entertaining way from point A to Point B is definitely not a straight line. When in doubt, a silly means to an end is probably going to be more acceptable and true to the show than a magically powerful or technologically advanced one, especially if you keep it as a one-time event in your RPs.
  24. Hello, fellow RPers. As some of you know, I RP Ingrid Marie, one of four known faculty members of Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Now then, I believe that it’s high time to set some RPs at this renowned school. Since my character is the school counselor, I’ll open a Magic Counseling thread in the next few days if there is demand for it. If anyone has any other School RP ideas, feel free to run them by this thread. Counselor Ingrid Marie's bio: http://www.canterlot...id-marie-final/ So if you RP a magic teacher or a gifted student (current, former and those with distance education arrangements all accepted), make yourself known. If you don’t have such a character yet….. go and app one! It’s time to show some school spirit around Canterlot!!! *dead silence* ------- UPDATE 12/6/12: Read the Fire Meets Fire RP for some RP-created background concerning the School. UPDATE 9/28/12: Magic Counseling thread is now live. Please feel free to have your characters drop by Ms. Marie's office.
  25. Hello once again for the first time on this forum, everypony! Okay, so I've had this in my head for quite some time now. As you may have guessed, it revolves around the beautiful harmonic art in the form of various frequencies and pitches of vibrations that we know of as music. Mainly, around the instruments that are used to make such awesome sounds that would in fact exist in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. A world in which is less dominated by technological advances, but having more or less a medieval feeling to it, what with the castles and villages that make up Equestria. Because of the limited technological advancements of Equestria, there can't be anything like an electric guitar, let alone any gadgets used to modify the sounds of the instruments... however, as we know, the great world of Equestria is very well known for using magic! Which brought me an idea... since there is probably a very wide variety of magic spells, I thought, why can't there be any sort of sound modifying spells? You'll have to excuse such a question if the answer to it is obvious... I'm still sort of new to this whole thing, but I have a pretty good outlook on it. So, on to the interesting idea... for example, if a pony were to use an acoustic guitar, a unicorn to be exact, could they possibly use a sort of spell on their guitar? Maybe, so when they strum any string on the guitar, they could get a more distorted electric guitar sound? What do you guys think? Could it be possible for magic to modify the sound of any instrument they choose to play, maybe a distorted harp? Hey, there's an idea...
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