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  1. Roleplay Type: G5 Original Character Name: Flick Ray Gender: Male Age: Middle-aged Species: Pegasus Eye color: Hazel Coat: Blue Mane/Tail: Purple Physique: Fit, like a retired athlete Residence: Zephyr Heights Occupation: Retired tennis player, sports commentator, and self-learned podcaster Cutie Mark: Tennis racket Unique Traits: Wears a sports jacket, generally out of habit History: Flick grew up in a prestigious household in the pegasus community. His privilege allowed his to be able to have more opportunities to excel in the things he wanted to pursue. One such activity he enjoyed early on was the game of tennis. Because pegasus ponies lacked magic to fly, the sports that were most popular were those that required agile movement on the ground. Tennis had already had a huge following in Zephyr Heights, but through his desire to practice it, Flick became one of the most phenomenal tennis players during his prime. When he got older, he became a repeating champion, winning grand slams in tennis tournaments several times during his career. Because he loved the fans of the sport as well, he became a very marketable personality for the sport and received many endorsements from sponsors and video executives. When he retired from the professional sport of tennis, many networks signed him contracts to be a personality on talk shows and analysts for tennis matches. But not too far into his post-competing career, he realized that the large amount of clout-chasing in the media industry was keeping him from being apart of the community in the way he thought would fit best. So he abandoned his contracts in order to pursue a solo career in self-publishing. Flick started a podcast that is delivered over the Zephyr Heights ponynet, and chooses to not censor himself like manestream media in order to promote a genuine attitude and commentary to his watchers and listeners. His goal is to have conversations with interesting ponies on his podcast that feel genuine and real, instead of filtered by the manestream media that dominates the airwaves. Character Personality: Down to earth, a good conversationalist, and likes to listen in one-on-one conversations. Sometimes when he really is into a particular topic, he fails to realize how much he is talking and talks too much. He sometimes repeats himself because he always feels the need to reiterate a previous talking point. He is open-minded, but gets frustrated when others seem to not be open-minded without explaining why. He is not afraid to call a pony out, even in a livestream, even with a famous pony. Character Summary: Flick Ray is currently recognized as a retired athlete who has decided to host a podcast. He hopes to air interesting conversations with famous and not-so-famous ponies in order to illustrate the diversity of opinion of ponies of all kinds. With pony unity on the horizon, he hopes to inspire himself and others on the new strange worlds that have been hidden to the pegasi for many moons.
  2. Roleplay Type: A New Generation Name: Moonage Daydream Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Magenta Coat: A light green-blue in color Mane/Tail: A fairly large mane, somewhat wild, with a tail to match. The mane is mostly purple in color, with a light purple section up front. Conversely, the tail is mostly the light purple with the darker part underneath. Physique: She is of average height, fit in the way of someone getting regular exercise but not trying to build muscle. She is thin, a kind of natural beauty to her. Residence: Traveler Occupation: A fake medium, allowing others to "visit" spirits Cutie Mark: An open eye with three eyelashes. This represents her ability to trick others and see through tricks herself. Unique Traits: Magic; Since the return of magic, she has developed the ability to project illusions. Sleight of Hoof; Before magic returned, she had to do her tricks by hoof, with the help of other tools. History: Growing up, her father always enjoyed his job as a stage performer, skirting the line of magic tricks due to unicorns’ general dislike of the word itself. Still, he knew how to do many tricks, and he taught his secrets to his daughter. Living on the road had its ups and downs, like not really being able to set up any kind of friend groups, but she liked it overall. She developed her skills, discovering her affinity for misdirection and illusion. In fact, her cutie mark showed up after her first successful show. She performed multiple tricks, the finale being when she disappeared in a cloud of smoke, revealing herself behind the crowd a minute later. As she got older, she drifted away from stage performances and towards more intimate settings. She’d interact with four or less at a time, using her tricks to make them think she was contacting the spirits. These tricks only got more convincing as time went on, especially when magic returned and she started to develop the ability to conjure illusions. Personality: As a con mare, she’s fairly secretive about her abilities, possibly only telling some close friends. Other than that, she’s friendly and welcoming, which helps to draw in customers and have them trust her. Summary: A friendly con mare, she’ll take your money in exchange for letting you visit the spirits.
  3. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Strawberry Jam Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Blue (#115986) Coat: Pink (#EA88AC) Mane/Tail: Bright pink with a white stripe (#FF9DFF / #FFFFFF) Physique: Average for an Earth Pony, she wears a set of purple earrings. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Owner of Jams & Jellies, a small shop that specializes in strawberry jam, though does sell jams and some jelly desserts using other fruits as well. Cutie Mark: Jar of Jam with a Strawberry on it. She never had much of a talent for cooking full meals, but had a passion for food nonetheless. After many experiments gone wrong, she settled on making jams from the leftovers of an unsuccessful fruit-based meal. After finding she enjoyed this more, she eventually got her cutie mark in jam making. Unique Traits: Can tell when a fruit is at the perfect ripeness for making it into a jam. History: Born in Manehattan, she lived a relatively unimpressive life until she got her cutie mark. After realizing her talent for jam making would go nowhere in the big city, she moved in with her aunts in Trottingham. There she spent her days learning how to make jams, wine, and various other foods using fruit. Once she was old enough to set out on her own, she started selling her own jams at various events throughout Canterlot. A few years of doing this got her enough savings to open up a small standalone shop of her own in Ponyville. She now runs the shop “Jams & Jellies”, selling strawberry based jams (Strawberry always was her favorite), jellies, and other various goods made with all sorts of fruits. Character Personality: Upbeat and cheerful, Strawberry Jam is always happy to meet new ponies, especially if it means she can further expand her small business. She can sometimes be a bit slow to realize when somepony is avoiding a particular topic, and will over-apologize when she makes a mistake. She loves talking about fruit, and while her main talent lies in Jam making, any kind of preparation that involves fruit and sugar will hold her interest. She’s quick to jump at learning new ways to prepare fruit, even if trying new things not jam related isn’t her strong suit. Character Summary: Strawberry Jam is an upbeat and cheerful pony who runs a small shop, Jams & Jellies, out of Ponyville. She’s particularly skilled in making Strawberry Jam, but enjoys preparing fruits in all sorts of sweet ways.
  4. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Gale Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Griffon Eye colour: Blue (#2EB7E6) Coat: Lower Body: Red (#A21F0A), Wings: Dark Red (#821808), Feet: Yellow (#FFB500) Mane/Tail: Brown (#56413D) Physique: Average height for an adult griffon. He has two sets of scars, one over his left eye and the other on his neck. Residence: Small farming village in The Neighples Delta Occupation: Retired Army & Guard, currently a farmer Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: He has years of experience in fighting, though he’s gotten a bit older he can still stand up for himself better than the average griffon in battle. History: He joined the Royal Army when he was young, during which time he was saved by a unicorn, someone he would owe a life debt to. After serving for 10 years, he was able to leave his position and become a guard for a small town in the Neighples Delta. It was during this time that his debt was called on, and he was made the guardian of a young unicorn foal by the name of Amber Shadow. Having no choice, he begrudgingly raised her as his own, and after a few years actually began caring for her as if she was his own child. During his time working as a guard, he had a bad encounter with some other Griffons, to protect Amber, and ended up with two sets of scars from the ensuing fight. After this, he left his position and began working as a farmer, something he believed was more suited to someone raising a foal. Amber would often bring back old books she found, or bought, when she was young. Gale eventually began reading them himself, and found that he quite enjoyed the stories and history many told. He won’t admit to enjoying it, but he loves sitting down and relaxing with a good book. After Amber was old enough, she set out on her own, leaving Gale to live alone again. He continued his work as a farmer, finding himself enjoying the calmer work over being a guard. Character Personality: Standoffish and short tempered to everyone except those he’s closest with. He makes it a point to come off as tough, bragging about his time in battle, or as a guard at every change he gets if he feels he isn’t being respected enough. When it comes to those he’s close with, like family, he’s quick to help. He won’t admit to caring about them directly, and will often make excuses when assisting to make it seem like less of a big deal. He’s more open to kindness from non-griffons after raising a pony as his own child, though he’ll never openly admit it. Character Summary: Gale worked in the Army and in the Guard in his younger years. After an old debt was called in, he raised a young unicorn as his own child. He’s quick to protect those he cares about, and is short tempered to those he doesn’t. He picked up reading as a hobby from Amber, and enjoys sitting down with a good book to relax.
  5. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tarot Spell Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Pale Blue Coat: Off White Mane/Tail: A red mane, often worn in elaborate updo. Her tail is often styled to match. Physique: Slender and average height. She speaks with a faint English accent. Residence: Canterlot (Old Spell Family Manor) Occupation: Card Reader-Fortune Teller. Apprentice to Twinkle Dawn Cutie Mark: Three Tarot Cards with the first one face down. History: Tarot is the last of her line. A once proud noble family of Canterlot now clinging to its history and name. When she was just a foal, her father would vanish leaving her mother to raise Tarot alone. When she was of age, she was hastily enrolled in the School for Gifted Unicorns. Barely passing her entrance exam, Tarot would take a keen interest in supernatural magics. The subject consumed her, taking every free moment she had, and even some of the time she should have been devoting to her regular studies. One subject she seemed to have trouble with was making friends. Often, she would find herself alone in the cafeteria reading a book, or playing with a deck of cards. Her classmates would give her the nickname ‘Solitaire’ for this reason. Later, she found herself getting bullied for her lack of friends and lack of cutie mark. It was an older filly in the cleric field named Twinkle Dawn who first saw promise in the filly, convincing her to try using a deck of Tarot Cards. It was at that moment, she earned her cutie mark and made her first real friend. As she became more adept, she learned that she could influence the outcome of small events by purposely flipping a card, something she would take advantage of. Before long, she found herself in the same curriculum as her new friend Twinkle. As she grew older, she looked to Twinkle as a sister of sorts. Meanwhile back home, her mother was not pleased in the slightest in her choice of study. She would try numerous time have change her daughter’s course, but to no avail. She even went as far a threatening to pull young Tarot out of school. She was a Spell after all. Canterlot nobility, and this skill…it was not up to her mother’s idea of what nobility was. As the bits began to run dry, Tarot’s mother would attempt to move onto the next noble. The cards had told her once before her father’s true fate, keeping the fact she knew from her mother. When she was old enough to legally inherit Spell Manor, she would turn her mother into the authorities, revealing her mother to be a black widow. Under the tutelage of her mentor Twinkle Dawn, Tarot Spell has become one of the premier fortune tellers in all of Equestria, even at such a young age. The magical prowess of a Spell plus her mother’s manipulate powers has given young Tarot a few…extra abilities. Now a young mare, Tarot still works with her first friend as her apprentice. If she believes in Twinkle’s cause is yet to be seen…publicly… Privately, she will stand by her first friend till the end. Tarot keeps her identity a secret at Twinkle’s little meetings, though a pare of familiar eyes can be seen hiding under a red velvet cloak, pared with a very unique set of gold earrings. Character Personality: Once a happy filly, Tarot Spell is self centered and two faced at time. Though she never comes off as course and selfish, she often finds a way to benefit from even the darkest fortunes. Nothing is below her, even using her darker powers to cultivate bad luck or even curse those she sees as an enemy…. a part of her personality inherited from her mother. Tarot is also very secretive. She will sometimes withhold part of a fortune, giving her client just enough information to 'entertain' herself as she follows them with her cards. Rumors sometimes swirl that the mare has the ability to reach the other side, giving her dark abilities a boost. Skills: Tarot reading-The most accurate in all of known Equestria Medium-Being able to contact those long gone. Curses-Giving a pony bad luck...or worse. Voodoo-Not much is know about this ability as she herself only found her Grandmother Spell's journal, though she is more then willing to experiment.
  6. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Amber Shadow Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Purple (#ae3df4) Coat: Amber Orange (#f4983e) Mane/Tail: Amber’s mane and tail are pale blue (#4a77a7). They both have a lot of volume, so she likes to keep them at a medium length, never letting her mane get long enough to touch her back. Physique: Amber’s a bit taller than the average pony, with a slightly longer and bent horn. She also wears two electric blue earrings in her left ear. Residence: No permanent residence, traveler. Currently in The Foothills of Equestria, Roam. Occupation: Amber doesn’t stick with a single job, to fund her travels and search for spells she will often take up odd-jobs in any town she passes through. She prefers to do jobs she can utilize her magic for, but anything will do as long as she can get paid in the end. Cutie Mark: Three blue triangles, stacked on top of eachother. The symbol is a representation of ancient magic (Not necessarily powerful magic, just old), as she has a special talent in understanding and using magic from before her time. As of now, however, she does not realize this. Due to a legend, many mistranslations over hundreds of years, and an event that took place when she was a Filly, she believes her cutie mark to be a curse. She got her cutie mark while practicing magic when she was young, unknown to her, a much older spell than she thought. The spell itself wasn’t powerful or important, but when neither her nor her parents were able to figure out what her cutie mark meant an expert was called in. The expert explained that the symbol matched an ancient symbol representing the ruin and destruction of kingdoms, and that Ember would bring nothing but pain and destruction to the world (This, of course, was not true in the slightest. She was no more powerful than anypony else and was not destined for anything great or evil like this). Fearing the worst, her parents sent her off to an old friend who owed a favor, a griffon, to be raised away from ponykind. Unique Traits: Amber has a knack for understanding and breaking down ancient spells and magic. If she is unable to cast a spell on her own, she can usually break the spell down into small steps. Even if the spell won’t produce the same result, the smaller spells can still be useful. History: Growing up, Amber lived a fairly unordinary life. She was always a little less outgoing than other ponies, but had no problems making plenty of friends. Things changed drastically for her when she got her cutie mark, which was incorrectly labeled as something representing the destruction of kingdoms (It was, in fact, just an old symbol representing magic itself. The misunderstanding stemmed from magic being used for wrong over hundreds of years and being misunderstood in the translations). As a result of the cutie mark misunderstanding, she was sent to live with an old acquaintance of her father’s, a griffon. It was difficult for her as a filly to live in an area where there were not only no ponies, but ponies were seen as much lesser beings. Because of this, she ended up spending lots of time on her own, sometimes spending days out of the town before returning. She also hid her true feelings about things as best as she could during these years, nothing good came of giving your opinion to the griffons where she lived. Once she was old enough to properly set off on her own, she happily left the griffon town and began traveling throughout Equestria to search for a way to rid herself of her cursed cutie mark. She spent many years searching for modern magic that could do this, but would always come to the conclusion that nothing like that exists in the current day. She turned to ancient magic, studying up on Old Ponish as well, and began experimenting with spells much older than her. She may have been able to understand ancient magic, but that didn’t always mean she was powerful enough to properly cast it. During a particularly rough financial time for her, she rushed through creating a spell she believed would be able to at least partially hide her mark. Instead, the spell misfired and nearly broke her horn. Luckily she was only left with a bent horn, and her magic was untouched. After this close call, she took more care to understand what she was getting into. After years of travel, and meeting many different ponies from all over Equestria, she finally started opening up more to friendship. It didn’t go well for her at first, but even though she never stuck around in one place for too long she ended up making a few close friends she writes to. Making friends that don’t judge her for her cutie mark has helped boost her self-esteem, to the point where most days she completely forgets about her original goal of erasing her own mark and instead simply enjoys parsing through spells. In the back of her mind, she still remembers the things that were said to her years ago, and fears that one day she will cause some horrible event to happen. She still doesn’t fully understand her own cutie mark, and she’s too afraid to seek out the answers herself. Character Personality: When first meeting her, she often comes off as dull, or boring. However, if a conversation turns to something she likes, she could go on about it for hours. It usually only takes one or two conversations for her to start opening up more. She’s quick to give her opinion on things, though she’s learned to hold back a little and tries not to overstep and insult others with thoughtless remarks on things she doesn’t care for. When she’s stressed, or needs to clear her mind, she will often go hiking in the wilderness, going through spell formulas in her mind. Character Summary: Amber Shadow is a unicorn. When she was younger her cutie mark was mistaken for a curse of destruction and despair when it was in fact an ancient symbol representing magic. Because of this she was sent to live with griffons for her younger years. After this, she spent years traveling Equestria searching for a spell to rid her of her ‘cursed’ cutie mark. Making friends along her journey has helped her slowly begin to forget her original goal, and she’s more able to simply enjoy researching ancient magic.
  7. "Um, Keepsake," her editor, Red Ink, said over the phone, "you can't be serious." "What do you mean?" Keepsake responded as she trotted into the kitchen, using her horn's magic to pull the old phone along behind her. She hummed to herself as she opened the fridge and began floating out the makings for not one, but several sandwhiches. "The Everfree Forest? By yourself?" Red Ink said irritably, seeming to sense that Keepsake was hardly paying attention to her. "I'm not going adventuring too deep, and besides, I heard there's even a pony living out there! I'll be fine!" Of this Keepsake was certain. Her move to Ponyville had been about much more than just researching for her newest book - it was her first time getting to live all alone, and she felt so independent! (Not to mention the other perks, like peace and quiet, privacy, and final say in all the decorations.) She was still riding the high of her newfound rule over this tiny domain, and nopony was going to take that away from her! "Keepsake, didn't you say you wanted to get to know Everfree from the point of view of the locals?" Keepsake stopped mid-wrap of her newest sandwhich. The magic fizzled out around it, like soda flattening."Well, yes..." She said reluctantly. She hated when Red Ink made sense. "Then wouldn't it make sense to find a guide? Somepony local who could show you?" "Well... yes." Keepsake admitted finally. She was becoming thoughtful. "Somepony who's been there before. Somepony with stories." "Exactly!" Red Ink agreed eagerly. She sounded relieved. * That evening, Keepsake fretted over the first draft of her ad. "I hope it'll be okay..." she murmured, worrying the flyer with her hoof. In bold black ink it read: "HELP WANTED! Guide through the Everfree Forest. My name is Keepsake, and I'm new here in Ponyville. I moved here to work on my newest novel inspired by tales from the Everfree Forest. I'd love to see it upclose, and get an idea of what it's like living around such strange magic! Experience in wilderness safely, and juicy stories about Everfree, preferred. Interested ponies can mail to..." Well, what more could she say? With that, she dipped her quill back into it's ink vile and scratched out her address. She aimed her horn at the flyer and, with a sparkler-like explosion, it became a stack. She carried it to her window and one by one, began to send the flyers with her magic. Keepsake watched fireflies dance between the floating pages as they sailed away, influenced to pin themselves to storefronts and notice boards across Ponyville, and smiled as she watched them. There was a softness in her chest that night, as they receeded, that told her no matter what, good things were going to happen here.
  8. Name: Loca Gender: Female, usually. Age: Adult Species: Hebi (Usually looks like a changeling mixed with a draconequus) Eye color: Emerald green, and the whites are a pale green Character Color: Black, with a green shell part along the middle part of the back. The front two legs start like typical changeling legs, transitioning into lion-like paws with tawny fur. Mane/Tail: A big, long, poofy mess, her mane is essentially left alone, not really styled at all. It, and the puff on the end of the tail, are both a solid blue-green. Physique: A long, lithe body, fairly similar to the Long dragons of the east. She has two large fangs and a snake-like tongue, as well as two horns of differing colors sweeping back. One is a sky blue, and the other is a pale tan-ish color. Residence: Las Pegasus based, but travels around for shows and such. Occupation: Part of a musical duo, usually doing singing and dancing. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Magic; They are very good at transforming themselves, as well as the intangibility known to the Hebi, and short-range teleportation. History: Her early history is rather uneventful, leading a safe, boring childhood with only her family as company. The island they lived on was largely avoided due to rumors of being haunted, even if the “ghosts” were actually her family flying around. It probably didn’t help that she would play pranks on the few visitors they would get, but she couldn’t help herself, she was bored out of her mind. Eventually, she left home, leaving to explore the world. She first few disguises were various pony types as she tried to figure out what she liked best, eventually settling on one that would allow her to keep flying and using magic, a changeling. She didn’t really know they weren’t a type of pony, they were the right general shape. She continued like that for years, basically just ignoring the ones that didn’t like her look, and eventually altering it when she caught sight of Discord around Equestria. The long body, the limbs mismatched from the body, the horns. All in all, it looked perfect to her, so she incorporated parts into herself and ended up with her current look. It wasn’t long after that she met her musical partner, a pegasus dj, and they set out together to bring fun to all. Personality: She is pretty friendly overall, bouncing all over the place at times. While she can be teasing or on the verge of mean at times, she tends to like making friends more than enemies. It’s more fun to tease others when they are willing to play along and/or less likely to get mad. She’s very outgoing, having no qualms about injecting herself into conversations if she wants to. Overall, she is just looking for a good time, which she often finds performing at clubs or parties.
  9. moonatlas

    Nimble Nap

    Just a small doodle of my OC Nimble Rain chillin out on a cloud. I always like doodling her, shes got like a comfort character vibe. I originally wasn't gonna color it, but I decided to do a little extra. Maybe I'll put out a more polished piece soon? who knows.
  10. Name: Fengári Species: Aerion Gender: Male Age: Stallion Eye Color: Red Character Color: Dark gray with red markings across his body. Mane/Tail: While they largely just hang straight, they end in a more spiky look. Both are fairly long, starting out white and transitioning to pink near the tips. Physique: Fengari has a very fit build, surprisingly strong for how lithe he is. Being both the main guardian and leader of his temple left him needing to train hard to accomplish his goals. Residence: A temple nearby Hollow Shades, mostly traveling now. Occupation: Former temple leader/guardian, now searching for his place again. Cutie Mark: A stylized red crescent moon, sharper than typical crescents, showing his devotion to the goddess he ended up creating his temple for and his ability to fight when necessary. Unique Traits: Heightened Senses; He was reborn with unusually sharp eyes, cutting through the darkness better than anypony else he’s met. Altered Body; As he was from a time long past, his current body only has a few similarities to his original one. He currently inhabits an enhanced version of a bat pony body. History: Fengari was born in a town nearby Roam, a relatively small one mostly comprised of the staff of a temple. He grew up among them, learning to be a guardian and priest. Over the years, he visited bigger cities nearby, becoming more and more upset by the suffering of the poor while the rich live excessively. When he was ready, he set out on his own, eventually finding the perfect place to set up in the woods surrounding Hollow Shades. Setting up his own temple to his goddess of the night, he also secretly set up a hideout for his side job. As time progressed, he stole from the rich to give to the poor, building his crew and the staff of his temple in the process. By the time his time was up, he had built up a respectable temple with a small group of thieves to continue his work. Many years later, he found himself in a younger body in an unfamiliar library. Looking around, he was standing in the middle of a circle painted on the floor, surrounded by unicorns wearing robes. One of them approached, a strange two-horned mare that explained the magic that went into what happened, and it was apparently the culmination of a long series of experiments into necromancy. While originally summoned to serve her own summoner, he managed to escape and start his life anew. Personality:
  11. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Barbera Grape Gender: Female Age: Filly (about CMC age) Species: Earth Pony Eye color: #209c3c Coat: #d06d87 Mane/Tail: Styled naturally, similar to Cheerilee's manestyle but messier. #4d4aad Physique: Average Residence: She lives in her family's vineyard that's in the Roundbottom Hills. Occupation: Viticulturist in training. She helps out around her family's vineyard. Cutie Mark: A dark-purple grape bunch on its side. [ Work in Progress ] Unique Traits: Barbera is very good at growing and caring for plants, especially grapes. History: Barbera Grape is the daughter of two earth pony parents. Her father is Fiano Grape, a noted viticulturist and oenologist, and her mother is Orchard Lily. She has a younger brother named Cortese Grape. The Grape family originally hails from Itaily. However, Barbera's grandparents moved out west to the Roundbottom Hills a couple of decades ago and bought the land that became the family Vineyard. Barbera grew up in the vineyard, exploring the fields and having fun, usually with her younger brother close in tow behind her. They'd have all sorts of adventures, chasing each other through the fields or playing a prank on one of the farmhands. [ Work in Progress ] Character Personality: Curious and friendly, Barbera loves to meet new ponies. She loves to learn about other ponies' lives and make new friends. She can be a chatterbox at times, and it is easy to get her rambling about various subjects. Especially when it's a subject she cares about. She is extremely curious about the world around her, and she likes to learn new things and read about various topics. Barbera is also very distractable, and when in conversation, she can go off into tangents about Celestia-knows-what. However, she is aware of this, and she's usually is quick with an apology whenever she catches herself doing it. She also has a good sense of humor and is quick with a joke or jab whenever the situation presents itself. Although, she only does it in good fun and doesn't mean to insult or belittle anypony. Character Summary: A friendly young viticulturist filly who loves to talk and laugh.
  12. Name - Moon Shine Gender - Male Age - Young Stallion Species - Unicorn Eye Color - Blue Character Color - Beige with darker splotches Mane/Tail - Dark navy with light blue stripes, with a short messy and somewhat curly/wavy style. Physique - Average Stallion physique, leaning towards a bulkier body type. Residence - Canterlot Occupation - Street Artist, Baker Cutie Mark - A light blue painted crescent moon with a streak of yellow paint behind it. Unique Traits - No notable unique traits atm History - Moon Shine was originally born in Ponyville with 2 sisters, though his memories are blurred since he was extremely young when they had moved away to Canterlot. He attended your average school with most other young ponies in Canterlot, but in his mid-teens, took up a hobby for art and painting. Earning his cutie mark after making a painting of the night sky over Canterlot, Moon Shine graduated school, and works trying to sell his paintings and make a living. He does have a small side-job at a local bakery for extra bits. Character Personality - Moon Shine is relativity kind and polite to every pony he meets, and wouldn't stand out to the average stranger. When you get to know him however, he can be spunky and excitable, and is very affectionate and loyal towards his friends. He may come off as somewhat defensive, when around a close friend group, but it's only cause he wants the best for them. Moon Shine is also dangerously curious, and has gotten himself into a few situations of trouble after exploring a little too far away from home. Character Summary - A young, beige colored stallion with a knack for painting. He likes to be friendly to those he meets, and his goal in life is to make a business out of his paintings. For now he works at a local bakery, and makes do.
  13. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Sundown Trail Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Areion Eye colour: Green - #71b74b Coat: Light gray - #cacaca Mane/Tail: Purple. He has thick wavy hair that he keeps in a masculine style. Some lone hairs stick up or out, giving him an unkempt appearance. - #563d94 Physique: Fit, but only enough to pass Royal Guard standards. Residence: Canterlot, although his work takes him all over Equestria. Occupation: An investigator in the Royal Equestrian Guard. Cutie Mark: A magnifying glass over a hoofprint, showing his talent for investigating and following clues. He received his cutie mark after finding a foal who was lost in the forest near the village where he grew up. Unique Traits: Sundown excels at following trails, whether they are physical trails in the countryside or metaphorical trails of evidence. He also has a basic competence in hoof-to-hoof combat from his Royal Guard training. History: Sundown was born to two Areion parents in a small Areion settlement in the Whitetail Wood. The Areions of his village were distrusting of other ponies and they shunned outside contact, preferring to keep to themselves and their own kind. The introvertedness of his village was a leftover from the bitterness felt from Luna’s banishment. Sundown was a curious foal, and he was fascinated by the other pony races. The Unicorn’s ability to cast amazing spells intrigued him, as well as the Earth Ponies’ innate connection with the earth and nature. He also was rapt at the Pegasi’s ability to control the weather, and he was amazed at how weather was a scheduled and regimented thing all over Equestria. Although other villagers looked down upon this fascination of his, Sundown’s parents supported his interest and bought him some books about the other pony races. The first time he met a non-Areion was when a group of Royal Guardsponies arrived in his village. Sundown gushed over the Guardsponies, he was finally able to meet the types of ponies he had read so much about! But then, he learned why the Guardsponies had come. They were a search party looking for a young filly who had gone missing in the Whitetail Wood, and they had come to the village to ask if anypony in the village had seen the missing filly. Sundown had not seen the missing filly, but he knew the area around the village like the back of his hoof, and he wanted to help. He went up to the pony in charge of the search party, a Royal Guard investigator named Looking Glass, and offered his help. At first, Looking Glass did not take Sundown seriously. What could this little colt who had not even gotten his cutie mark do to help a group of trained Royal Guardponies? But after receiving some childlike stubbornness and a couple pleas from Sundown, Looking Glass relented and let him come along. By following the trail left by the missing filly, Sundown was able to lead the search party right to her. Looking Glass was impressed, and said that Sundown would make a good detective one day. After arriving back in the village, Sundown found out that during the search he had received his cutie mark. Inspired by the Guardsponies who had come to his village, and their selflessness in searching for the missing foal, Sundown now knew what he wanted to do in life: join the Royal Guard. After finishing his final years of schooling, Sundown went to Canterlot to enlist. While in basic training, he stumbled across Looking Glass. Now a senior investigator for the Royal Guard, Looking Glass took Sundown under his wing and fast-tracked his investigative career. Sundown’s first assignment was serving as an assistant investigator under Looking Glass. After a couple productive years working as an assistant investigator, Sundown was promoted to a regular investigator and given his own cases to work on. He mostly likes to work on missing ponies cases, but sometimes he is assigned to investigate criminal cases. Character Personality: Well-meaning and polite, Sundown tries to put his best hoof forward whenever he meets somepony new. Although, he has a slight sarcastic streak. He has a strong sense of duty and likes to help other ponies. Sundown is a bright pony, and he has a knack for figuring things out. He isn’t “book smart”, so-to-speak, but he has a good intuition. He is a lover of puzzles and other types of brainteasers, his favorite of which to play is Sudoku. Despite his intelligence, Sundown is clumsy and can be a bit oblivious sometimes. Much to his own chagrin. Sundown likes to get up early so he can have more time to be out and be productive. However, since he is nocturnal, what is early for him is late evening for his non-nocturnal pony brethren. When angry, Sundown gets very snarky and confrontational. Sundown likes to be very forgiving, so it is not easy to get him upset. But, there are a couple things that push his buttons more than others. Character Summary: A somewhat clumsy, dutiful Areion detective whose disheveled exterior conceals a sharp and inquisitive mind.
  14. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Moon Shadow Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Cinnabar Coat: Dark Grey Mane/Tail: Long, flowing locks of Jet black hair, dark enough that in a brightly lit room, her walking in could make it look like the light dimmed Physique: Tall and lithe, more so than most unicorns, she could pass for a model, but does her best to play down her beauty Residence: A house near the edge of Hollow Shades Occupation: Acquirer of fine goods... of dubious provenance (She's a fence/thief) Cutie Mark: A masquerade style eye mask, showing her talent for deception. She explains it as showing her love for historic fine goods, like the nobles of old would have. She acquired her cutie mark after stealing from the moon temple in the woods near Hollow Shades. It appeared on her flanks after she slipped in and out, leaving nothing but a whisper behind. Unique Traits: She has devised a number of shadow based spells, allowing her to merge with shadows and move in a 2d space. She can also bring shadows to life, making solid projections out of living shadows, though they have no will, following her orders. History: Born to a family of upper class citizens from Manehatten, she never learned much about the big city as, thanks to a lot of bad business ventures, her family lost most of their wealth and status. Luckily, they had a winter vacation home in the town of Hollow Shades, a modest two story home. They moved out there, and started over, opening a curio and pawn shop in the bottom floor of the house. They did well there, selling genuine knickknacks and things found in the forest, such as arrow heads and shards of pottery, as well as "Genuine ghost evidence" for the more... gullible tourists that came through playing ghost hunter. She would either help with the store, or go play in the nearby forest, despite being told repeatedly not to. She eventually found her way to a grand temple, evidence showing that while it was once dedicated to a local deity, it had been changed over the years to be one dedicated to Luna. It was in decent use, with guards patrolling and friendly looking tour guides showing ponies through this ancient structure. She managed to not only slip in with a tour group, but also slip away from said group, finding her way to the back rooms. There, she found an interesting trinket, a small amulet, and she took it, managing to get out without a fuss. When she got back home, she was stopped by an associate of the temple. She was taken back, and shown the truth behind the temple, that it was a den for criminals, thieves, spies. She was allowed to keep the amulet, and was trained to be a thief by the temple. Later in her life, after taking over her family's business, she drifted away from the temple, but still operates as a fence for them, and occasionally joins them on a heist, when her skills are required. Character Personality: While she is more than capable of acting kind and caring, it’s just that, an act. She prefers only herself and her shadows, though is not above working with a group when she needs them. Character Summary: A young unicorn mare, Orirn runs a curio shop in Hollow Shades that acts as a front for her true business as a fence and thief. She is two-faced, keeping her real thoughts close to her vest. Her control over shadows, as well as her training, has made her quite skilled, and she traffics in whatever goods catch her fancy, though ancient knowledge is a weak spot of hers.
  15. Name: Khunne Gender: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Sphinx Eye Color: The right eye is red and the left is blue. Character Color: Her body is mostly a light bluish-green color, with darker green marking along her body. Her wings start out the bluish-green, but become the dark green partway down. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a solid lighter purple in color. The mane is somewhat messy, swept to the right and ending around her cheek. It mostly covers the eye on the right side. The back side of the mane is pulled into a long braid that goes down past her wings and has a golden bangle on the end. The tail simply ends in a small puff of hair at the end of her feline tail. Physique: She is shorter than most sphinxes her age, though still towering above any pony simply by nature of her species. Residence: She wanders the globe Occupation: Vagrant, occasionally a singer Cutie Mark: n/a Unique Traits: Jewelry: She doesn’t wear much, but she does have a couple earrings and a few rings around her neck, all gold. Music: She can’t really play instruments, but she has been known to write the occasional song History: Her early life was rather boring, really, growing up in a temple to a moon goddess and being trained to be the next guardian. It was not fun for her, most of the time, but it had its moments. As she grew, she wanted to stay less and less, and she eventually just left one day. From then on she wandered to wherever seemed most interesting, doing whatever she wanted. She picked up her love of singing early on when she stumbled across a concert nearby a town. Personality: She is a rather brash individual, not usually thinking something through before doing it. She tends to take what she wants, though that’s usually just food or shelter since she has nowhere to really store anything long-term. She enjoys showing up at concerts and letting the music take over, mostly rock or punk, though she can appreciate anything that gets her dancing or singing along. She highly values her freedom, and doesn’t like it when others try to tell her what to do.
  16. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Arctic Blitz Gender: Male Age: Young Adult Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Light Blue Character Color: White Mane/Tail: His Mane is a mix of a lighter blue and white, with the blue forming several streaks in the center. Arctic Blitz also commonly has a pair of goggles pushed up into his mane, when he isn't wearing them. Physique: Arctic Blitz has normal proportions, though he stands slightly taller than the average pony, though nowhere close to the height of some of the taller stallions. Residence: Arctic Blitz currently has no permeant home, his current occupation keeping him constantly on the move throughout the world, although he is from the Borderlands region of Equestria, and considers it to be home still, even if he is there no more often than anywhere else. Occupation: Arctic Blitz is, officially, an airship engineer, being an expert on the design, function, and repair of airships. However, by chance, Arctic Blitz found himself within the company of sky pirates early in to his career, leading him to become a Sky Pirate. Cutie Mark: A sword and wrench crossed behind a single large cog and a single small cog. The wrench and cogs represent both ingenuity and mechanical aptitude, while the sword represents fighting spirit. Arctic Blitz gained his cutie mark in a rather spectacular incident, one that made the headlines in Las Pegasus. During a rather large event, meant both to celebrate the birthday of one of the richest ponies in the city and to help bring in more tourists, held in the cloud district of the city, Arctic Blitz wandered off away from his mother who took him up there for the day, to get what he would call a closer look at the personal airship of one of the wealthy ponies attending, managing to get on the ship primarily due to the incompetence and laziness of a small security team more concerned with the party and enjoying themselves than their duties. Unfortunately, he was not the only one with plans to get aboard the small, yacht like ship, and unlike him, who really only came to look and admire, the trio that came on board had plans to steal and pawn the expensive ship off instead. The colt, after overhearing these plans and being both young and naïve, decided that he should stop them. Knowing that he wasn't going to be able to take on three stallions in a fight, he at least had the good sense to realize that he needed to get the authorities involved, something that he wouldn't be able to just do on an airship that was no departing from Las Pegasus. Thinking quickly, he decided to break the ship enough to keep it in Las Pegasus. First, he would break the portside engine, primarily by jamming as many tools into the mechanism as he could, as, despite learning about them from both his grandfather and books he had read, he lacked an understanding deep enough to precisely disable it. Whatever he managed to do, caused both the engine to smoke up violently, and to burn his hooves and forelegs. Whether it was his own cries of pain or the smoke cloud that drew the attention of the thieves, he didn't know, but by the time he managed to shuffle over towards where he could access the rudder, one of the thieves had found him. Although he managed to jam the rudder, sending the already slowed airship into a spin, he was caught by the thief. After being brought back to the helm of the ship, the trio quickly realized that their plan was foiled by just a foal, and the local authorities were likely closing in on them already. The ringleader, and only Pegasi in the group, decided to just abandon his co-thieves, and fled, leaving the the two earth ponies to fend for themselves. The two stallions, angry, confused, and scared, decided, in a moment of rage, decided to take revenge on the colt, who was now forced to escape their grasp. Using a hastily teleportation spell, which the colt had read about in books before and attempted, but never succeeded in actually performing properly, he got out of their hold, but only moved by a few meters, and landed flat on his stomach. Still, it was enough to at least allow him to flee the room, with the thieves hot on his tail. Using his magic, he tore whatever he could off the walls and stands, and threw them at the stallions chasing him, even as he continued to cry out from running on burnt hooves. Eventually, he had managed to reach the personal quarters of the ship's owner, and use his magic to pull an old antic sword off of the wall. Despite being cornered, he now at least had something to keep the thieves, only armed with knives, away from him. Swinging it wildly with telekinesis as he stayed in the back of the room, he kept them back just long enough for authorities to arrive on the ship, and actually stop the thieves. The incident, despite making the headlines for the next few days, was kept under the radar as much as possible after that to help preserve the city's reputation, although the young colt was rewarded for his efforts, despite being grounded by his mother, from both the city and the owner of the ship, who, despite having lost a considerable amount of money in both items broken in the scuffle and ship damage, was thankful it wasn't worse than it could have been. Ultimately, his identity was kept anonymous in any papers, leading Arctic to not end up particularly famous, although, he did gain both a friend in a high place and was lucky enough to recover from his burns. Unique Traits: When it comes to magic, Arctic is an odd case. He is innately skilled as a mage, however, has never had any formal training, only ever learning from trial and error, and any books he could find. This has led to an a bizarre and unpredictable method of using magic, where he may perform a certain aspect to a spell perfectly but then fail a much simpler part of it, and it has also led to strange workarounds for lack of knowledge on certain spells, causing him to be an incredibly unpredictable mage, though hardly one that could stand up to true masters as it currently stands. Arctic has also taken to the task of working on and repairing airships quite well, having learned mostly from on-hoof experience in this regard as well, making him a good authority of airship design in general, which as, in turn, spurned a deep interest in future innovation of airships. Finally, he has, as a result of being a sky pirate, been forced to learn how to handle himself with a sword and midair combat. History: Arctic Blitz was born in area near Las Pegasus, to an Earth Pony mother, and never knew his father. He was given his name due to his coat color, and because his mother found it amusing to name her child born in the desert after the tundra. Growing up without a father was tough, however, the young foal was able to find a father figure in his grandfather, who worked in a high up position in the design and construction of airships out of Beakbreak City, which, combined with living near a city half in the clouds, inspired a life long love of aviation and the sky in general. Although he was quick witted and capable in school, he often found himself just being bored in school, often daydreaming mid-class, and neglecting homework, causing him to only scrape by in school. His freetime was usually divided between exploring his home area, and reading about topics that interested him, usually magic and machines, particularly those relating to airships. As soon as he could, Arctic left home, much to his family's dissatisfaction, to chase his own dreams, and quickly finding himself apprenticed to an engineer on a merchant ship. He took to the task exceptionally well, and, found life on an airship and on the move, constantly seeing new places and meeting new beings, to be to his liking. Wide eyed and Naïve, Arctic Blitz would accept voyages that most would consider too dangerous for the pay, which would lead to his first real encounter with piracy, and an exhilarating first encounter that, as the captain of the merchant ship, a griffon, was not one to surrender or back down. A true sky battle was nothing like the books made it seem, it was deadly, terrifying, quick, and exciting. Arctic Blitz was instantly addicted to the thrill and excitement of it, even as the roar of cannons and howling of pirates caused more experienced crewmember's hoof's to shake. Foolhardy as he was, he somehow managed to escape the ordeal alive, but was left with a burning desire for more. Arctic Blitz would no longer fly for merchant and traders if he had the choice, but rather, pirates and privateers, although, he was far more particular about the crews he would join. Despite being over eager, he was not dumb. He knew exactly what he'd be doing as a pirate, and if he was going to adopt that lifestyle, it was going to be for a good cause. He would only work with those who had a reputation as freedom fighters rather than scum, something that led him to be left grounded for a disconcerting amount of time to him, as crews truly like that were hard to come by. When he did eventually find such a crew, however, he couldn't be happier. He would finally have the life he had always dreamed of, and, despite many aspects not being exactly as he imagined, enough of it was close enough to what he wanted, and he adjusted easily. As a Sky Pirate, he quickly earned a place of himself among his crew, and a name himself across the skies, as a clever buccaneer willing to match the boldest pirates in terms of foolhardiness, and somehow, always managing to escape alive. Throughout this time, his own moral code only solidified. He may be a pirate, and he may steal, lie, cheat and even kill if he had to, but, he when ever the option was presented to him, he wouldn't kill, he'd only steal from the wicked, and he'd give away everything except what he needs to keep himself going. Currently, he is still on the move, roaming the world, sometimes with a crew, and sometimes on his own or with another friend he has made along the way. Character Personality: Arctic Blitz is, outwardly, a friendly and inviting pony, often enjoying meeting somepony new. By base, he will be kind and courteous, even if at times he can seem a little rough around the edges. However, when made to be spiteful, he is incredibly bitter and petty, willing to go to far lengths to get revenge on somepony he thinks wronged him or has it coming to them. He is also, quite clever, but is prone to rushing into situations without thinking, his wit only kicking in once it is time to get out of the mess he threw himself in to. All and All, this leads him to coming across as a mostly nice, but chaotic character who seems to just cruise through life on autopilot. Character Summary: Freedom loving, innovative, Robin Hood style Sky Pirate who's mostly good heart has kept him from being as successful as his skill suggests.
  17. Name: Feather Blitz Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Golden Character Color: Mostly a blue-purple color, with the ends of her wings and a stripe down her nose being a lighter version. Mane/Tail: Both are short cut, the longest part of the mane being a small section going from just in front of the ear to below the chin. Both consist of large spikes, and are primarily purple in color, though they turn into more of a pale tan along the bottom. Physique: She is of average height for a mare her age, with the kind of physique one would expect from someone focused on flying fast and accurate. Lithe, made for agility and pure speed. Residence: Las Pegasus, a room at Ice Storm’s casino Occupation: Agent of STAR, mostly doing recon or quick strike missions like sabotage or stealthy rescue. Also trying to get onto the Wonderbolt reserves. Cutie Mark: Her mark is three white clouds and two yellow lightning bolts arranged into a V shape. To her, this represents her desire to win in everything she sets her mind to, wether that be a race or a mission, she will try to complete it as well as possible. Unique Traits: Training: Due to her nimble nature, she is trained more in ranged combat or hit-and-run tactics, as well as the use of explosives. Equipment: She wears bracers on her front hooves during missions, one holding a crossbow and the other a retractable blade. The bracers are the extent of what one would consider armor on her though. History: Feather’s early years were rather turbulent. She never knew her father, and her mother moved around a lot to pursue work as a mercenary. Of course, Feather didn’t actually go on jobs with her mother, but the two of them did not really have a permanent home. They ended up moving all over Equestria, sometimes beyond into the countries that were part of the same landmass. Eventually, once her mother had retired, they settled down in Cloudsdale. Of course, by this point Feather was growing to the point that she wanted to set out on her own, and soon enough she did. She tried to do what her mother had for a time, but it became clear it wasn’t for her and she moved on to enlisting in the Equestrian military so she could help protect the country she loved. Once STAR became more open about it’s existence, she worked her way into becoming a part of it, enjoying serving her country without quite so much of the restrictions that came with regular military service. Personality: Feather can come off as arrogant, as she is very confident in her skills with a record to back them up. She is friendly though, and extremely loyal. She will not turn on her friends or leave them behind without a very good reason. She’s the type to throw herself into danger to protect others, and she’s so far been skilled enough to escape without serious injury.
  18. Name: Marcen Motus, aka Prince Mortem Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Purple Character Color: Mostly a dark gray, it transitions into a full black on the tips of his hooves and his horn. Mane/Tail: Both the mane and tail are a short cut and a simple style. The mane is swept to the right and the tail is left to fall naturally. Both are black in color, with a couple gray bits in the mane. He also has a little bit of a beard, also black in color. Residence: The Crimson Mercy airship. (The one owned and captained by my character Scarlett) Occupation: Pirate, necromancer Cutie Mark: A skeletal crown, symbolizing his skill with necromancy and his past. Unique Traits: Magic; He is skilled in using necromancy and ice magic. Combat; Though he doesn’t like to use them much, he is trained in using a tower shield and morningstar. Combining these weapons with his magic, he keeps himself protected while dealing hits to the enemy. History: Unbeknownst to him, he was born the older of a pair of noble twins, next in line to lead his house. Unfortunately for him, his uncle had other plans. In order to keep the foals safe, Marcen was separated from his brother and put into hiding, and he ended up growing up in a unicorn family in Hollow Shades. Maybe it was the environment he grew up in that led him down the magical path he ended up on, but as time went on he started to secretly learn necromancy while also continuing his education in other forms of magic. Eventually, getting wanderlust and the desire to further his skills led him to leave home and explore the world. Through his travels, he furthered his skills with weapons and magic, eventually finding himself in the company of Scarlett and her crew. Personality: He is a pretty stoic individual, not very good at expressing emotions and often appearing to not have them. Part of the problem is that he often just doesn’t have any strong feelings, like he is a completely impartial observer to his own life. Still, he is considerate of others, and tries to avoid things that offend them if he can. Likewise, he does his best to care for friends, partially in the hopes it would help him feel something.
  19. Ok everypony! I don't really know how to kick off an RP, so I'll just give a basic idea of what I had in mind. I was thinking the setting could be Fillydelphia, where Cakepop has set up a small bakery shop. I'm open to OCs (I actually prefer them!) and cast. I'm fine with any storyline, I'm not one for planning out a lot of details before I roleplay, so I would like to see where it just takes us! I would love a slice of life RP, but again, I'm open to mostly anything. To give you more of an idea of what we could do here, you can take a look at my character sheets! Excited to hear from somepony!
  20. Hello everycreature! I have some problems starting to. The problem I have is how could I make my oc's backstory to flesh out? Is there a guideline for making ocs in here if so could you show it to me plz and thank uou
  21. Name: Caramel Corn Gender: Female Age: Filly Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Pale purple Character Color: A caramel orange Mane/Tail: Her mane is messy and spiky, puffing out from her head a bit and reaching down to her back even with some of it pulled into a ponytail. It is mostly a magenta color, though around the area of her left eye it is purple. This purple area includes an inner part of the ponytail and extends a bit down her neck. Her tail is relatively short, and is similarly spiky like her mane. It also shares the same colors, with the purple being the interior and the magenta outlining it. Physique: She tends to be shorter than other fillies her age, but she makes up for it by being strong. She has the kind of strength that comes with growing up on a farm, and she likes to maintain it even when there’s not as much work to help out with. She also has freckles on her face. Residence: School of Friendship. Originally from her family’s farm near Bittsburgh. Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: She does not have her mark yet. Unique Traits: Aspiring Mechanic; She has always been interested in how things worked, and would often take apart stuff and try to put them back together. History: Growing up in the Corn family, Caramel was the middle child of three, though she was actually the firstborn of her father. Not that she knew that her older sister was only a half-sibling, or that it mattered that much. It was a happy life, and a busy one with all the farmwork to help out with. Whenever she had free time, she would tend to hang out by herself, reading or trying to figure out the mechanisms of their more complex tools. Once her older sister left, things got a bit more lonely around the house, and she ended up drawing more into herself, only really interacting with the rest of her family. Worried about the solitude, her mother eventually sent her off to the Friendship School in Ponyville to try and get her more friends. And bonus, she would be closer to her sister! Personality: She is a friendly pony when she gets to know someone, but being an introvert means it can be difficult to get to that point. She is very curious about how things work, and tends to try and figure them out by herself. She is very chill, not very likely to get angry at others.
  22. Name: Scarlett “Prin” Feather Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: A pegasus/griffin hybrid Eye Color: Dark red Character Color: Maroon, with the ends of her wings being red. Her talons are a dark gray. Mane/Tail: Her mane is somewhat spiky, in that sections of it split off into their own spikes at places. Largely, it flows down and partially covers her right eye, and the back is tied into a single braid going down to the tops of her legs. The braid is pure white, but the rest of the mane has streaks of red, orange, and yellow. The tail has the same colors as the mane, and hangs loose, splitting into spikes as it goes down. Physique: She is very fit, her entire body essentially just lean muscle. She looks like she is made for agility, but has a fair bit of strength behind it too. Thanks to her heritage, she’s taller than most ponies. Also due to her heritage, her forelegs end in the talons one would expect of a griffin, as well as her wings being larger than the typical pegasus. Various scars are present across her body, evidence of the dangerous life she leads. Due to a wound over her left eye, she wears a black eyepatch with a red string. Residence: Her airship, the Crimson Mercy Occupation: Captain of her ship, and sky pirate. Cutie Mark: Her mark is a pair of crossed swords, symbolizing her skill with a sword and her love of the thrill that comes with fighting. Unique Traits: Combat Training; Scarlett has trained extensively in combat thanks to her parents, and she has had plenty of combat experience. She tends to be relentless in combat, throwing her weight around and not giving the enemy a chance to breathe. Outfit; She tends to wear a long black coat, with holes for her wings, as well as a bandanna around her nose and mouth that has a pattern reminiscent of a skeletal smile. History: Born to a military family of a male griffin and female pegasus led to a lot of moving around as a foal. It also led to a lot of training on how to fight as a winged creature, both with and without weapons. As one could guess, her life was far from normal since birth, partially due to her hybrid body. Initially, due to her parents, she joined the military herself and quickly grew to something of a legend. She would jump from one enemy to the next, completing missions with her contribution being the largest in most scenarios. Climbing the ranks was only fun for a while, but all the rules and regulations started getting to her, and she realized she needed freedom. That pursuit led her to leave the military and set out on her own, eventually making enough money between thievery and mercenary work to buy her own airship for herself and the crew she had been building up over this time. From there, she set out to continue doing whatever she wanted, now with the freedom of her home and family going wherever she needed them to. Personality: Ruthless on missions and in combat, she will do just about anything to win. This intensity sort of bleeds into her general posture, and she tends to look like she might snap at any moment. When with her crew or in a place she feels is safe though, she is rather laid-back. Not to say she’s not still on her guard, but she doesn’t tend to radiate that aura of dangerousness unless she wants to. She enjoys herself a good game or competition, and celebrating victory with her crew is one of her favorite things to do.
  23. Name: CakepopGender: MareAge: MareSpecies: Pegasus Eye colour: Light pinkCharacter colour: Light blueMane/Tail/Other: Large, curly, messy pink mane with a large stripe of purplePhysique: A rather small pony, skinny and short for her age. Her wings are also underdeveloped, which makes it very difficult for her to fly.Residence: Moves around a lot, is rarely in one place for over a yearOccupation: She's a bakerCutie Mark: A cakepop with hearts around itUnique Traits: Her small, slightly deformed wingsHistory: She was born in Manehattan to two ponies who worked on a bread factory, she has 3 older brothers who she rarely sees due to her moving around so much. She was kicked out of flight school and shunned due to her deformities, so she ran away while she was a filly to make a living where she hoped to find acceptance.Character Personality: She's nervous and paranoid, and slightly shy, but very outgoing if you spend time with her. When she finds something she likes, she is very passionate and almost obsessive.
  24. Name: Cakepop Gender: Mare Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light pink Character colour: Light blue Mane/Tail/Other: Large, curly, messy pink mane with a large stripe of purple Physique: A rather small pony, skinny and short for her age. Her wings are also underdeveloped, which makes it very difficult for her to fly. Residence: Moves around a lot, is rarely in one place for over a year Occupation: She's a baker Cutie Mark: A cakepop with hearts around it Unique Traits: Her small, slightly deformed wings History: She was born in Manehattan to two ponies who worked on a bread factory, she has 3 older brothers who she rarely sees due to her moving around so much. She was kicked out of flight school and shunned due to her deformities, so she ran away while she was a filly to make a living where she hoped to find acceptance. Character Personality: She's nervous and paranoid, and slightly shy, but very outgoing if you spend time with her. When she finds something she likes, she is very passionate and almost obsessive over it.
  25. From the album: Cakepop The Baker!

    Ignore the bad quality, my camera is actually the worst.
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