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  1. The Crystal empire: a land not long ago being thought of only as myth. But now the magnificent, formerly enslaved kingdom was back and proving to quite the tourist attraction for their considerably less shiny neighbors down south. The smell of fascinating foods, the sights of the marvelous architecture, the happy smiles of it's citizens! Surely there were many good times to be had in this kingdom! ... Well sadly this kingdom is not where a certain mare had decided to begin her journey. Believe it or not there was a reason she decided to launch her newest machine in the northernmost area of the Crystal Kingdom's territory and not in the relative comfort of the city. 1: There was nowhere she could launch her latest project seeing as she couldn't afford to have it be land locked. 2: Crowds and too many sociable ponies made the hostess of this expidition feel rather ... awkward. 3: She was actually Extremely excited about this new vehicle she had designed... "HA-KSHOO! The Cold weather however was something this mare could live without. She opened up her briefcase and pulled out a hoofkerchief and sighed, 'Well at least any members of the expidition might be able to find me easier now." she thought to herself as she wiped her nose. The olfactory explosion she'd just let loose managed to be loud enough to be heard more than a few meters away, surely loud enough to catch the attention of a nearby traveler. A groan of annoyance managed to escape her lips before she pulled her bandanna off her head and covered her chilling muzzle with it. "I hope they don't take too long getting here..." She said while tapping her free-hoof at the ground in rapid succession as she watched the horizon in from of the little dock by the ice sheet's edge. She was sure she'd sent those letters out with exact longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates for them to follow... She even left a handy map marked with her location on each envelope for each member she'd mailed.
  2. From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Belated happy birthday to SteelEagle! As a birthday gift to him, I asked if he had something he wanted me to draw. One of his suggestions was "pathfinder adventurin'" - thus, a speed paint of Pathfinder traveling to remote corners of the world to find the mysterious and ancient *vague hand wave* of the lost *vague hand wave* civilization. About and hour and a half for this speed paint. I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, especially considering that I haven't done a speed paint in a long while, and landscapes have never been one of my strong points. Still, it turned out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. Pathfinder's not really doing anything adventurous in and of herself, but the fact that's she out in this remote, wet marshland is totes adventurous enough, right? The correct answer is yes. Yes it is. Pathfinder (c) SteelEagle
  3. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    SteelEagle randomly says something very nice about my art skills. I am in drawing mood. SteelEagle gets Pathfinder artwork. Logic flow is logic! Pathfinder © SteelEagle
  4. The sun rose high in the Appleoosan Desert sky, it's fierce rays casting the enormous shadow of a large winged creature against the sandy wasteland and his massive wingspan carried his from across the sandy expanse. A squinted look up at the high flying character would reveal the silhouette of a griffon, his exact form and coloration blocked out by the bright light of the sun. After flying a great deal of distance across the desert, he descended dramatically, towards the ground. With one large flap of his black wings, he landed relatively cleanly in the sand outside a deserted town. The griffon was clad in a nearly uniform set of black that started at the tip of his long wiry tail and drifted all the way through his wings and torso. His head was covered in silver feathers, a large sharp black beak protruding from his face as his keen yellow eyes looked over the abandoned town that stood before him, defiant against the seemingly endless heat of the area. He raised a black talon from the ground and shuffled it through the large brown backpack that was fastened around his neck. After a few short moments of fishing about, he plucked a map out of his bag, the griffon carefully unfolding it as he looked at what seemed to be a detailed representation of this particular portion of Equestria. He quickly spotted Appleoosa, a nearby town, the hybrid trailing a claw up the map as he searched for his location. "Dullahan Springs, also classified as a ghost town. I probably wouldn't want to live in a town with a name like that either," the griffon commented with a light shiver of his neck as he looked the map over one last time. "It is strange though, this is the only abandoned town that is listed as a ghost town, I'll have to go tell the map maker about the minor inconsistency when I get back to Canterlot," he explained to nobody in particular, the griffon slipping the map back into his back pack as he thought about entering the shady looking town.
  5. The thing about conventions is that they were absolutely incredible. Where else could ponies go to dive into the deep recesses of their most brilliant obsessions? Nowhere else and when the topic was Daring-Do, nothing less than a full dive was even possible. Well, as far as Pathfinder was concerned. She was sure more than a few fair-weather fans would say otherwise, probably protesting costs or something as inane as that. Maybe it was because she had a sugarmare or maybe it was because she didn't care, but a Daring-Do convention was worth thrice its weight in bits and that was one heavy load of bits. It was Daring-Do. She would go anywhere for that. She had gone anywhere for that, in almost every ense. Geographically, she had bounded across the width of Equestria in an attempt to emulate her. Physically, she had succeeded in emulating Daring-Do down to the feather, from the way she was toned and what she wore to the color of her dyed feathers, mane, tail, and pelt. Mentally, she had hammered her very being into line with daring-Do whenever she was outside of the safe trappings of- well, of a con. Pathfinder was a sincere admirer, a devotee of the written word, and admitted to a crush on her own self-made original character. Pathfinder was an obsessed fangirl, and she was darn proud of it. So proud that she had attended the last sixteen conventions devoted to everypony's favorite actionmare, written reams upon reams of highly (personally) rated fanfiction, debated theories with other fanclub presidents(who to a pony had to throw their hooves up and give in to Pathfinder's overwhelming logic power). She had written hundreds of letters to the author and despite receiving more envelopes from his lawyers- that she promptly disregarded- she did have a few letters from him personally that she treasured more than the priceless rubies of collapsed civilizations that she sometimes held in her hoof. So it was no surprise that she was attending Daringcon Heartland XI, even if the new venue was alien to her. Most ponies knew of Ponyville, at least by name, as it was a growing city in the very heart of the nation. But with bigger cities close by and with larger space available, why Ponyville? Well, the Heartland Convention Center was brand-spanking new as was the hotel it connected to and these things were just a few miles south of the town. Being new, there was some prestige in being the first event to take place and after a short biding war that may or may not have been cut short when Pathfinder stole the treasury ledger of the main accountant for Landcon- an event dedicated to Earth ponies and one expected to play well in Ponyville- Daringcon had won and it stood as the first event ever in the complex. Pathfinder had arrived a full twenty-four hours before the con and promptly made camp outside the complex. Many would arrive and have to check into the hotel but Pathfinder had no such plan- she was bringing someone and they had a room, but they weren't coming the day of the con! Silly mare, Pathfinder chose the better option and slept outside of the gates. Nopony could ever get in front of her- nopony. The rays of light that slammed into her face woke her up, the mare leaping up and hovering in place excitedly before she started darting across the empty space in front of the center. "Is it open yet?! Has it started?! Where's my badge?!" Pathfinder blathered on as she finally darted to the counter where she could see hundreds of shiny badges with the names of many ponies engraved into their wooden reliefs. She pressed her face against the glass, seeking her very own. "Off the glass," The harried attendant spat as he entered the small office, the unicorn unimpressed with the get-up as he took position. "My name is Pathfinder! Already paid! I-" The mare began before she noticed the stallion's stoic face shaking. "One minute." "One minute?!" "One minute." "ONE MINUTE?!" "One. Minute." "Ooooonnnnnnneeeeeee miiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnuuutttteeee?" "ONE MINUTE!" "Oooo-ahhh-ahhh-ahhhh-nnneeeeee miiii-ahhh-ahhh-nuuutteeeeeeeee....?" The crying got to him. "Here's your badge, now for pony's sake go away!" He pleaded with her, going through the stack of badges and finding hers, moving it through the slot and into her hooves. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!" She screamed, clapping her hooves together with great speed before shooting like a cannon to the front door. Which was locked for another thirty seconds. That was okay. She had the time. And the badge. And the locks. She was ready, but were Ponyvillian fans of Daring-Do ready for HER?!
  6. The sun was shining, the birds were out singing, and ponies all over the town of Ponyville happily milled about town enjoying lunch hour. Not that Dr. Spin Tale acknowledged his surroundings though; he was too busy fighting nausea while standing right outside the Golden Oaks Library. Dr. Tale had a book to return… an incredibly overdue one that is. He borrowed the book, a journal belonging to the infamous Lootraider, from this very library a few years ago. The tale of how such a diary came in the possession of the local library was quite curious indeed, but Spin long ago traced the clues that brought him to the resting place of Lootraider’s journal. The journal served him will, along with other primary sources the then-student found for his doctorial dissertation. Spin Tale had every intention of bringing the book back by the due date, but then that Nightmare Moon mess happened. After a very brief yet chaotic Night Eternal, Princess Celestia arrived in Canterlot with her long-lost sister in tow. Naturally, the commotion surrounding Princess Luna’s return led the now-doctor to forget all about Lootraider’s diary. Mysteriously, no overdue notices from Ponyville had ever been mailed to Spin… and so the book hid in obscurity; gathering dust in a closet stuck behind a pile of boxes for a couple of years. That was, of course, only until yesterday, when Dr. Tale stumbled upon the book again while cleaning out his closest. It didn’t take a genius to predict that Spin Tale didn’t take the news well at all. Ever obsessed with his finances, the curator of the Canterlot Army Historical Museum surmised that he’d have an astronomical library fine to pay off; somewhere in the range of, who knows, a thousand bits! Maybe even ten thousand! He’d go bankrupt for sure! Realizing such a horrible truth would make any pony queasy enough to vomit all over the museum floor. However, Spin Tale gathered his wits (and his icky mess) after trying to understand just how he could have forgotten to return the journal of Lootraider… the answer to that riddle was simple; because that old librarian mare back in Ponyville never mailed him any overdue reminders. It didn’t matter how or why that elderly matron made no effort to get the book back; the very fact that she made no effort to do so meant that nopony knew Dr. Tale had a book that needed returning. If he brought the book back without anypony knowing, then that meant he’d never have to pay that dreaded fine! Not that any of that made Spin Tale less nervous as he hesitated at the library’s doorstep. All through the train ride to Ponyville, the stallion felt the sensation that someone… or something, was watching him. That feeling didn’t leave him as he departed at the train station and trotted over to the town's tree-library. Whatever this stalker was (if there even was one), it did a good job of hiding since Dr. Tale didn’t glimpse any tailers behind him. Perhaps his paranoia was simply acting up on him again? No matter; at least the curator took extra care to brush his mane today, least anypony cast suspicion on him. Taking a final look behind him and glancing at the saddlebag hiding Lootraider’s journal, Spin Tale slowly and quietly opened the library door, hoping that the elderly librarian was out to lunch…
  7. Equestria's settled lands have for many generations been plundered and stripped bare of relics that in eons past were held in awe. Now, they are the stuff of myth and legend, considered by many to be simply fanciful tales. That doesn't stop some from taking these myths and using them as the fuel for something grand- adventure. Adventure is often a blanket term that hides a sea of motivations, and that strange motion often forces disparate parties to work together. The group of ponies that trafficked through the forest directly northwest of Hoofington were no different. Some were there for the greater good, still others for adventure, others knowledge, and some for fame. They made their way to an old and abandoned small castle that was rumored to be the resting spot of the Orb of Overwatch, and that was worth braving the hellacious winds that grounded the pegasi and forced the unicorns to keep their head down while the beating rain drowned out any conversdation. Determination was their ally as they made their way to it, however, and before long they found themselves in front of the castle. A giant clap of thunder and a streak of lightning certainly makes the ancient building seem sinister, but who knows if the Orb of Overwatch is even there? Well, that's a dumb question because in just a few moments, a few ponies will!
  8. I've had a bevy of nice post banners made by Alison and Starburst to name a few. These are what I currently use: These are all perfectly fine. However, for more than a few of these, I'd enjoy something along these lines: So this is an open call out to Canterlot: I would like some new post banners. You may watermark/otherwise make your mark on a banner and I'll leave it on. If you have further questions regarding specific characters, feel free to PM me or otherwise ask. This is a relatively open ended project and I may end up using various banners for many purposes.
  9. Pegasi were not fans of sudden, violent storms that broke over areas that were so lazily patrolled and controlled by the weather pegasi that the only difference between they and the storms over the Everfree lay in title alone. It seemed rude of the weather to do that, seeing as it was just so much simpler for them to be lazy and allow the pegasi to justify their lofty position atop the world. Pathfinder chuckled to herself through chattering teeth; that joke was a killer back in her schoolfilly days. She still found it funny too, mostly because for some reason a lot of her friends wanted to become weather pegasi. Well well well, school-age tormentors, who was laughing now?! As another fierce gust, driven in her mind by the sharp whip of lightning that split the sky above with a mighty and unforgiving crack followed by an enormous boom, slammed into her and sent Pathfinder flying around the sky haphazardly and with only the limpest form of control, she imagined that they were still the ones laughing. After all, they were probably back in Cloudsdale still dating all the cute colts and beautiful mares and living in their big cloud mansions and eating all that fine food and generally having an easy time of life. Of course they'd laugh because all they saw was an idiotic pegasus flying around in a storm when she could have used a few brain cells and been, well, anywhere else in the world. Then again that was why they were acutely lame and she was amazingly awesome. She wasn't just some stupid pegasus flying in a storm, she was Pathfinder, full-time adventurer and Daring Do Fan Club President, and she wasn't flying through a storm. She was powering through a storm, making it her little storm slave(even as another gust tossed her ruefully up in the air). She wasn't wandering aimlessly for no reason, because her aimless wandering had a definitive reason behind it. She was on an adventure, and that by its very nature made her life infinitely better than theirs. Whenever she made it back to Cloudsdale and tried to hang out around her old haunts, but was inevitably forced out because she was too old, she made it a point to bless her old friends and enemies and tormentors and bullies. After all, what better revenge than living well, what better way to live than by adventuring? The logic was perfect, even if the fools didn't recognize it. Or maybe it was because her beautiful pelt didn't match the old school photographs and she had to go through a ringer just to get in, making a mockery of it all according to those same stupid ponies? Ha, what foo- Pathfinder would have continued that train of thought, but another series of gusts sent her cascading around the sky like an out of control pinball. It ended almost as soon as it began, but Pathfinder knew she could take little more. She had improved by leaps and bounds over the past several months, but the lingering effects on her wings after the chemicals in The Pit were the sort of things a pegasus truly feared. Her wings were still weak and she had little stamina. Pathfinded started to glide down below, the air seeming to part for her as she landed with a near-silent thud, her form illuminated by an even sharper crack and flash than before. Luckily here the gusts couldn't steal her balance like they could her form above, which made the heavy rain collecting on the brim of her hat more bearable than it would have been otherwise. All in all, Pathfinder was happy to see the weather in this area fall completely and utterly out of any local pegasi's control and in the exciting world of weather gone mad, Pathfinder would find herself in a much better position. Still, she wasn't immune to catching a cold and her eyes scanned her surroundings. Heavily forested, though that came as no shock at all. She had to land in the densest part of the Whitetail Woods. It lacked the packed-in feeling of the Everfree Forest and it was obviously used with some leisure, but it was still a huge forest. If you got lost, you would remain lost for some time and all the proper placement of trees in Equestria wouldn't help you get out. That little fact also made getting good cover from the elements a bit harder as trees didn't overlap as often. And THAT little fact was why Pathfinder considered her adventurer's luck golden as she saw what appeared to be a crashed treehouse not fifty hoofesteps away. It had the form of some sort of living space on top of a platform, but both were broken to such a degree that Pathfinder found it hard to believe anything other than calamity had struck. Still, shelter of some kind was better than shelter of no kind, and Pathfinder started a healthy canter towards the structure close by.
  10. It wasn't easy to make Pathfinder feel out of her element. That was probably because she didn't have a natural element that she could snugly claim as her own. No, an adventurer's element changed with the ever changing fortunes granted by the moon and stars and overseen by the rays of the sun. It was their greatest ability, adaptable to the extreme and excited to engage in such a wide range of activites that it made the head spin. But that didn't make her immune from feeling nervous and anypony that didn't feel more than a little nervous in these surroundings was insane. That or stunningly disloyal, and she doubted that ponies of such caliber existed. And if they did exist then Pathfinder was wise to no longer give them thought; anger and ill-will would surely follow. And today more than any other day she wanted to place something of a brave face on, which was something considering her face was naturally brave(or insane, depending on one's perspective). For on this most humbling of days having followed the most harrowing of months, she was to meet those who ran Equestria through the mere act of existence.. Princesses, rulers, living mosaics of history and they who defined Equestria by their very souls. The chance that a pony like Pathfinder would have such an opportunity again was so Equestria shatteringly low that she could hardly fathom that it had already come to this stage. Had she peaked already? A cold shiver raced down her weary form as she contemplated that her life had reached it's zenith and from this moment on it was a slow, boring descent into normalcy. The horror of such a possibility was almost impossible to fathom. She had to shake herself free from such thoughts; brave face. Brave face! Not that shaking was easy. It wasn't as if she had made any leisure stops on her way back from Talinopolis, nor did she bother with hygiene, medical aid, or much of anything that didn't involve alternating between using her weakened wings, stomping about with her almost useless hooves, and eventually crawling on her belly. Shockingly enough she had made pretty good timing with that final mode, which she attributed to the lack of food or water that had proceeded the escape by several weeks. Perhaps that was to blame for her lack of success in fighting off the small white dragon that attacked her outside the gates of Canterlot. All of her thrashing about did little to endear her to the Royal Guardspony on the other end, and she apologized profusely after a rest, some food, and some water cleared her of the hallucinations. They had initially been disiniterested in her as anything more than a common criminal until she unveiled the Helm of Commander Hurricane. A short retelling of the past few months of her life was then in order and as she had told the story, her excitement grew. Almost six months ago Pathfinder had come across an ancient unicorn ruin that held very little except for some enchanted documentation that said Commander Hurricane was going to recover, but her helm had been ripped from her after a battle with a griffon warlord as she was escorting a group of ponies to the new land of Equestria. This had confirmed the many tales and stories told about the Helm and she had set about locating it, the trail initially ending in Manehattan where after a rough and tumble time with some equally rough and tumble foes, she found a letter detailing that a 'collector' of priceless artifacts had failed to convince Talinopolis to give it up. The fact that this capital of Aqueilia did not welcome the ponyfolk was something that she knew and immediately forgot to care about; the Helm was all that mattered. Pathfinder spent the last of her bits on various pieces of equipment and traveled to the city. The following few weeks were a haze in some ways. She had met a griffon named Gilda who helped her, but a small incident led to her friend's capture and forced betrayal. Pathfinder was forced on the run in the sewers, hardly sleeping or eating for weeks as she either evaded or fought through her pursuers as she continued to hit new targets in a search for the Helm. Finally, despite Gilda going out of her way to warn her, Pathfinder walked directly into a trap from which there was no escape. She was captured and tossed into the Talinopolis super prison where those too dangerous to be let loose and yet held too much important information or secrets about the families to be afforded a public trial, a place of horrors known only as The Pit. There, her disgusted and angered Guardstallions were told, they injected chemicals into the wings. After a certain dosage, the wings were utterly useless- one of the Guardstallions confirmed this possibility by touching Pathfinder's weakened wing, which seemed to have the muscle mass of a little filly's. To make matters worse, she was treated like a pet, muzzled and kept under the care of Gilda who had been tossed down there as well. In the scary world of The Pit, many were broken. of course, you can only break the sane and Pathfinder never claimed to be anything more than an adventurer, classifications of sanity be darned. She never once doubted that she would escape however, and being a small pony as opposed to a large griffon, she was able to go where they couldn't. She discovered a passageway leading to an ancient city- several of the Guards snickered, as she had a habit of running into ancient cities and ruins as one might run into a unicorn in Canterlot- that held more than a few escape routes. With Gilda helping her, the duo escaped back into the city and finally recovered the Helm, embarrassing the vile griffons which had imprisoned her in the first place. They went their separate ways and Pathfinder had made a bee line for Canterlot, not thinking anywhere else safe enough for the Helm to rest without her. The Guardstallions didn't know whether to believe her or not, but her bedraggled condition and earnestness told them that it couldn't hurt to find out. Plus she had something special, at least. Whatever Helm she held looked as if it had just been made, the shine and strength of it peerless. It was taken to the Castle, where several hours later Pathfinder was to find herself given a room and told to expect an audience soon. Pathfinder was relieved to find the Helm in safe hooves and promptly fell fully, deeply, honestly, and earnestly asleep for the first time in months. When she awoke, however, the reality of her condition hit her. Her wings still throbbed with the pain of huge portions of it suffering near complete lack of muscle mass. Weeks and weeks of eating very little to nothing allowed her ribs to outline her form. Her mind still suffered from a seeming fractious disconnect with reality. Her back right leg felt like it was on fire, her throat still had roughly-applied marks from talons, and she was criss-crossed with a dozen long scratches. Portions of her were more bruise than pelt. All of this sucked but the most important thing of all was that her dye was missing and instead of looking beautiful like Daring Do did, Pathfinder looked like some freakish baby blue pegasus with a light teal mane. Therefore, when an attendant entered and asked what Pathfinder needed, she didn't respond with food or water or medical attention(which she expected to receive soon enough as a matter of course), but for the required ingredients for her dye. That took a full day, during which she ate more food, drank more water, and cracked her crackling back more than she had ever thought possible. Plus, a seven hour hot bath. Once she had mixed the dye together, making a royal mess of the royal room in the process, Pathfinder applied it with the skill and attention to detail that comes with experience and the most serious of obsessions. It took several hours but she finally stood in front of the mirror, enthralled. Sure she looked like she had been placed into the meatgrinder. Sure her eyes were still unfocused and everything appeared in such an amazing shaded array of the color gray. Perhaps the fact that her left wing sorta danced outside of her body without feeling was something she should be worried about. NONE OF THAT MATTERED. The moment the dye finished, a huge wave of relief came over her. No, she was not fine, but being an adventurer meant your days were never fine by normal standards. They were fine by your standards, the standards of a mare who sought out the excitement that came with uncertainty. The dye dried and she felt a layer of protection and with that layer came the old confidence rumbled back into her chest. She took a deep breath, fighting the pain that came with it as a smile formed. She had done it. She had found the Helm! Well, and a little something she had in store for Snowfall when she next saw her but that didn't matter. Every little bit of pain that she now felt was but a small price to pay for this great success and as she stared at the mare in the mirror, she had a feeling that she was happy as well. "YOOHOOOOO!" She screamed, her voice cracking at first but then forming a natural timber as she felt herself re-energized. Nope, Pathfinder was not in her element. But that didn't mean she was going to be anything other than herself: Perfect.
  11. There are three nominees for Best OC. For your consideration... Apolline Allura's OC, Blaze Bright - This young unicorn courtesy of Apolline Allura has certainly proved to be a brilliantly burning star in the RP. Being both a controversial author also possessing a flair for pyrotechnics, this fiery filly is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Steel Eagle's OC, Pathfinder - At first glance, she may seem to be just another fanfilly emulating her hero but there's definitely more to SteelEagle's lovable pegasus mare than her seemingly bottomless obsession with all things Daring Do. Bold, spirited, fearless... no pony could hope to get between this excitable mare and her thirst for all things adventure. Tempest Rime's OC, Malediction - This malicious mare certainly isn't your average Canterlot locksmith. In her, Tempest Rime has certainly struck upon a wholly unique design for a pony. Cruel, cold and calculating, this discerning unicorn may not change the order of Equestria, but she might at least make you think she can. There is a both a link to a log as well as the application for every character. Who is the Best OC of them all?
  12. Equestria and the Staff of Fate There exists a legend so obscured and grand that even myth considers it myth, that parents don't even bother telling their foals it's story because even to their ears it sounds absurdly silly. But in Equestria there is truth to every lie, an answer to every riddle, a key to every lock and fact behind every work of fiction. Equestra forgot about the Staff of Fate. Fate did not forget about Equestria. Across the land exist relics, each of which are powerful all their own and worthy of the many legends told about them. Some of these legends are true and others false, yet all are insignificant in their singular nature when compared to what they do together, forming the Staff of Fate. Somepony has figured it out and is going after these artifacts viciously: Griffon and Diamond Dog mercernaries, a pet dragon, an extremely competent Pony force with the bits, smarts, and intelligence to back it up. What does this shadowy figure want? Is the Staff of Fate real? If so, what does it do? No one knows, but a small group of the finest minds and adventurers in the land know one thing: Anypony so obsessed with something of such mythic power must be stopped at all costs. It's just a shame personality conflicts stop them from working together, but still- all for two and two for Equestria! Hey there and welcome to the OOC topic for Equestria and the Staff of Fate, an epic comedy/adventure/mystery series that will span many, many interconnected threads and involve many characters, locations, situations and foes. There will be two core groups of adventurers involved, but they will be heading across the land. As they hit a new area, characters in the area will be able to join in on the fun. I am also not opposed to groups starting their own storyline that fits into this arc, but it has to at least adhere to what we have set-up. This thread itself is still a work in progress and as such expect this to be updated many, many times before we launch the series of adventures! Questions are welcomed. The Ongoing Plot- Teams 1 and 2 WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE GRAND STORY ARC ABOUND. Prologues 1: Iris of Immortality and The Saxon Staff. Prologues 2: The Ruby Claw. Act 1- Orb of Overwatch Act 2- Recovery and Resurgence Act 3- The Amulet of Time Act 4- The Faye Act 5- The Staff of Fate TEAMS 3 AND 4 STORYLINE: Threads: Prologues- Pathfinder and the City of the Griffons- The Prologue Story to the Claw Storyline. Pegasi of a Feather: In the Land of Bored and Broken- Part One of the Iris of Immortality Trilogy. Sort et Coincidence- Part Three of the Claw Storyline. A Taste of Desert Hospitality- Part four of the Claw Storyline. Locations: (List of locations and characters to possibly be introduced in that area, as well as threads that have taken place there) Stalliongrad Talinopolis- Pathfinder and the City of the Griffons Badlands Everfree Forest(likely multiple times) Ponyville Canterlot- Pegasi of a Feather: In the Land of Bored and Broken Cloudsdale Manehattan Painted Pinto Desert Roughrider Ridge Tartarus Roam Hoofenheim Gallopcus Islands Okeanos Clopton Shores Neighphes Delta Soggalong Swamps Suntrot Bay Seasaddle Bay Unyasi (Some may have a full set dedicated to them, others only a thread, some only part of a thread. New locations are as always welcomes.) Relics: Orb of Overwatch- The Orb of Overwatch's legend is that a paranoid princess used it to investigate her subjects for rebellion. This is truthfully what it does by itself, as it can pierce the heart and soul of any pony to discern the truth. The Iris of Immortality- Used by the followers of a prince to keep their poisoned prince alive. Said to grant immortality and perfection o form, the Iris of Immortality may or may not grant it. However, it does help give the staff it's power... Saxon Staff- After trying to take the throne from his brother, an evil prince attempts to wield ultimate power by the creation of this staff. He is overthrown before he can complete his task, and the staff is placed near the Iris of Immortality. Unlimited magical power. The Ruby Claw- Links the Orb and the Staff. By itself, it is a fearsome weapon said to be wielded by the Griffon Warlord who defeated Commander Hurricane and stripped her of her Helm. The Amulet of Time- An ancient artificat rumored to have been created by Unicornia in an effort to stall the onslaught of winter so it could evacuate more unicorns from the old lands. It allows its user to do with time what it wills, going backwards, forwards, stopping it, speeding it up. However, the user feels the same effects, making it equally dangerous to the user unless... The Faye- No one knows what it is, what it means. Together, these things come together to form the Staff of Fate, a device which allows its user to channel all the soul searching powers of the Orb and the time bending capabilities of the Amulet. He can pierce the souls of all creatures at all times forever, and with the aid of the Iris of Immortality and the Saxon Staff, has the capability to do what he pleases, when he pleases, forever and with no way of stopping him. He becomes fate incarnate. No one knows who created the Staff of Fate or why, and if someone once had it, how in Equestria did it get away from him? And if someone wants to get it now, then why- and can they be stopped? Enemies:(Used only past the prologue) Diamond Dog Mercenaries- They'll work for gems, bones, or the sheer thrill of the hunt! Dull, but dangerous. Griffon Mercenaries- Dishonored military officers mix with criminals who escaped from The Pit to create a dangerous and highly motivated group of fortune seekers. Led by Gavin Stormwing, Major Brenda Razorclaw, and a hyper intelligent crime lord called The Director. Merlot: Hailing from a prominent family of grape farmers (hence his name), this smoothly-dressed archaeologist obtains antiquities and sells them to private collectors. When not getting his hooves dirty (which is rare, since he uses other ponies to do his dirty work), Merlot can be seen enjoying the pleasures of high-society life. While many do-gooder treasure hunters revile the stallion, Merlot sees such ponies as careless hypocrites whose methods needlessly damage archaeologial sites. General Pummel: A honorable high-ranking officer in Equestria's Honor Guard, Pummel takes all percieved threats to Equestria's harmony seriously. As an admirer of the Griffin military, the general has associated in the past with a couple of his opposite numbers in Aquellia, who recently suffered disgrace due to an embarrassing incident. Should these ex-griffin officers suck up their pride, they will find General Pummel to be a valuable ally, just as long as he won't have to betray Princess & Country. Purple Stars- A large relic and antique 'collection' service with both a public and criminal facade. While it is a well-known and very respectably competent acqusition service that has recovered and protected relics and museums from harm, it has run into some difficult times and under new ownership has found itself used as hired hooves in the search for the relics. Some of its best and most seasoned agents will be deployed against the heroes in the name of profit and adventure, while sub-groups devoted to more sinister backroom dealings will do what needs to be done too ensure the success of their masters. Others to come(Ponies, dragons, and the various traps, creatures and local issues that will come up in a less planned manner) Teams: (Working it out with a few others. There are two main groups as well as individuals who are vital to the team's success who do not always join the main adventurers) Team 1- Trixie, Pathfinder, Twilight, Spin Tale, Rain Leaf- Main Team Team 2- Dr. Whooves, Bamboo Blade, Seeker, Serendipity, Applejack- Main Team Team 3- Arrow Plain, Gilda, Trailblazer, Lightning Dancer, ONE SPOT OPEN- Team 4- Snowfall, Sparks, Harrington Sleuth, Fire Walker, Trekker- Location: Granola Gracie [Whitetail Wood] Miracle [Canterlot] Sugar Rush [Gallopocous Island] Gladius Vigil Snowdrift Whirly Gig Kazino Kwato Everfree Forest Electric Vibe Ponyville Muggo' Ale [Fillydelphia] Wind Rider [Hoofington] Penumbra [Canterlot] Bowsprit [Gallopocous Island Radiant Steel [Canterlot] Lady Luck [Desert] Midnight Brand Roughrider Ridge (central ridge/mountains) Arcana - location specific to Everfree (and potentially others) Vivid Flair - location specific to Manehattan Sierra - location specific to Badlands or Roughrider Ridge Rarity - location specific to Ponyville. Dunder Blust- Cloudsdale
  13. Snowfall glanced around somewhat anxiously. This was it, the moment she had long been fearing and anticipating. Since meeting her fillyfriend Pathfinder, she hadn't really had a chance yet to really present her. Their first date happened in the seclusion of Bareback Gulch, where Snowfall was unknown. Their second date, Daringcon, happened in a very busy location full of many ponies who might have had connections, but Snowfall had been in costume, her coat completely painted up and a fake unicorn horn on her head to make her look like a Daring Do character. Now it was time for the third, and here they were in Snowfall's own Stalliongrad. The occasion was an NSI company party. This wasn't like the elaborate anniversary banquet she had held not too many months ago that had lead to her finding her contacts for the Trans Equestria Railroad Project, it was a more insular and private occasion held to celebrate team solidarity or some such thing that the board had decided upon and that she was pretty sure most there would roll their eyes at. Everyone there was either employed by the company, or there as a guest of somepony who was. Relatively formal dress was expected, but Snowfall was making an effort to keep it from being too stuffy an occasion. There was nothing worse than some mandatory party being forced upon the employees that it was impossible to have fun at. The music was kept light and modern; the food kept equally light and plentiful. They had drinks, but nothing too aggressively strong. The decorations to the hall being used were colorful but not garish. Everything was very safe, and in Snowfall's opinion perhaps a little too so. This was a good chance to debut with Pathfinder besides her though. It was just her company, so for fear of their job no pony there was going to say anything about her rather unorthodox choice of date. It was formal by Pathfinder's standards, but it wasn't so classy and stuck up itself that she would catch the judging eyes of a bevy of upper crust types just for being Pathfinder. It was small, it was safe, and it was a perfect opportunity; after all, she had no intention of hiding Pathfinder from anypony. She was also rather eager to see the pony in something other than her typical Daring Do costume. She was already picturing it in her head. Unfortunately, Snow and her date were not able to show up to the event together. Pathfinder had been doing what she did best, adventuring, but Snow had given her the time and address and in her letter Pathfinder had promised she would make it in time. Snowfall just knew that she would make good on that promise too, even if she turned up just slightly late. This was fine. it gave her time to mingle with the rest of her loyal employees. Set to do just that, Snow's eyes focused in on a single young face. Sparks was his name, and he was a bright young colt. It was hard not to feel good about his case. She had handed him a shining opportunity after stumbling upon him by chance. After training he had spent a little over a month and a half in Manehattan, and according to her top engineer, Vivid Flair, he had been a sterling asset to the team as they worked on the Railroad Project. He had only just got back to Stalliongrad and this was the first time Snow had seen him since. Greetings were definitely in order. "Hello, Sparks," she said as she approached him. "It's great to see you've returned safely. How was Manehattan?"
  14. Snowfall gave a fond sigh as she sat in her hotel room one night. She had been in Manehattan for almost a week now, but her mind was still more preoccupied with a certain playful pegasus mare than it was the countless business meetings she had conducted since coming her. Sure, it hadn't even been a full week yet, but she couldn't resist any longer. Pathfinder had requested they write each other, and Snow couldn't resist any longer to do so. Sitting up at her desk, finding a quill pen and some fine paper, she started to pen a letter to her new fillyfriend. Snowfall smiled at the letter. Sure it was a little awkward, and probably kind of dull, but she was sure Pathfinder would enjoy it all the same. The next morning she would mail it first thing.
  15. Bareback Gulch, the smallest town in the Roughrider Ridge; a quiet, barren town all but entirely dependent on the nearby mines. There wasn't really a single romantic thing about the place. It was kind of strange then to think it would be selected for the backdrop for a date. However, as it were, that was exactly the reason one particular pegasus mare was there one saturday afternoon. Snowfall was the acting chief executive officer of the Stalliongrad based Northern Storm Industries, one of, if not the largest, technological companies within Equestria. Since inheriting the company from her father, after his sudden disappearance a number of years earlier, Snowfall had pushed it to grow and expand into a number of Equestrian cities and even into Aquelia. Currently Snowfall, with the help of a Maximilian Rockerfilly and Lola Silverbeak, was further expanding her horizons by helping build a new system of railroads that would help to further tie the entire land together. In the public sphere, with her business, Snowfall only had ever really known success. Her private life, on the other hand, was something of a mess. Relationships just didn't happen. When it looked like they might happen, it simply didn't last. Everything just fell apart before it even had a chance to stick. Meeting ponies was hard. Everypony in Stalliongrad knew her name and hearing it changed how they looked at her. Actual romance seemed almost like it wasn't a possibility. Those were Snowfall's thoughts when she decided to try something different. A flyer from a matchmaker located in Fillydelphia had ended up in her hooves during a business trip. She was a little skeptical about the process, but had ultimately concluded it was worth a shot. Not long after that, the date was set. Snowfall, looked around. This was the place. The Bareback Gulch obstacle course, probably the most touristy thing the town had to offer. It was a bit of a ways to the west of the town. Most of the obstacles were natural rock formations jutting off from the mountains. Various other exciting obstacles had been set up to make for an exciting experience. Snowfall wasn't sure what to make of it just looking at it. She hadn't done anything like this really ever. She strangely looked forward to it, however. She glanced at her watch. The time for the date was passed by several minutes. She wondered if her date would find the place okay. Moreover she hoped the pony showed at all. It would be horribly discouraging if she were stood up for this. The pony Snowfall was meeting for the date was, like her, a pegasus, she was a mare, she called herself an adventurer and her name was Pathfinder. Snowfall didn't know any more than that really. The job description was the part that excited her most. Adventurer? just what exactly might that mean? She wasn't sure. She was however fascinated to learn. Surely it was something worlds away from her life of business deals and stuffy social functions. Perhaps this was just the kind of pony she needed to meet.
  16. Pegasus ponies were a tragic lot, all things told. They were gifted with stunning wings which gave them the greatest gift that anyone could ask for, the ability to fly into that great sky above. It allowed for them to traverse a near endless horizon. Their abilities with the weather and, truth be told, superior physical being were attributes gifted to them by their wings. But, the curse was that they did so alone, only graced by a handful of other life forms. The sky was a lonely place, and ponies were naturally social creatures. So it only made sense to fly towards the ground. But then again, as she was laid up in the hospital, Pathfinder figured that there were many solid reasons why Pegasi normally didn't careen into the ground often. First, they were raised not to, which had the practical effect of not getting them injured and the symbolic effect of not making them appear idiotic as a species. Secondly, they tended to look at where they were going as they neared the ground. The Earth ponies looked both ways when they pulled those silly carriages, Unicorns looked where they were using their magic, and Pegasi kept a close watch where they were flying. Normally. Usually. But then again, how often had Pegasi been reading at the same time? Pathfinder had been returning from a meet-up of the Fan Club Presidents in Canterlot. She had amazed and befuddled them with her amazing stories of adventures and daring deeds, as well as her recitation of her fan fiction. They had been scheduled to go for only a few hours, but she had been able to make it an overnight party due to her force of will and forty-five chapter long story. A few had tried to leave to get food, turn off stoves, and otherwise get stuff done, but it was a time for enjoyment and she would have none of it! But, despite all the fun they were having, that buzz-kill Fandom blurted out that the author had sent him a snippet of the next novel. Pathfinder didn't consider herself rude, but she was overwhelmed with the desire to protect safeguard cherish do what Daring Do would do, and take the very first snippet. In her glee, she flew out of the window and was soon over Canterlot, reading the work feverishly. The window had been at an odd angle, pointed down. So enamored was she with her gift, so caught up in the thrill, that she had paid no heed to the ground. It paid her all the attention it could as she slammed into it, skidded along the ground, did some flips, and eventually twisted her way at high speeds into a pillar. As poor a decision as that was, it wouldn't have resulted in a trip to the hospital save for the fact she had careened into the pillar at a side angle, jamming her right wing against the pillar as her body pushed against it until it had broken. Bad. She hated hospitals. Not because she thought they were unneeded, oh no. They were vital and the ponies who worked their magic, figuratively and literally, were truly marvellous. But the cost at the end of the day always seemed to be a few thousand bits more than she had on herself. Of course, in Equestria, one was never denied care- but it was also true she had mountains of debt in at least two hospitals. Well, make that three- between all the magic and work required to repair her wing and a hospital stay estimated at a week was more than a handful of bits. It could have been worse. Pathfinder was certainly a talkative, sociable mare and her roommate was quiet. He always seemed to be in thought and patient, which was something she herself wasn't. She was a mare of action as the two spoke, it was clear that his mind was more soothing and analytical. He was a botanist with a love of travel, something which very quickly bonded them. While he did not have the same travel log as her, it was nice to meet another pegasus who used wings for purposes other than looking cool. He seemed nice, and the visitors he had helped, his sister and uncle. Anypony with a good relationship with family was probably solid.Of course, his interests were anathema to her. Studying flowers and stuff didn't hold the same power as being out on an adventure, and her story was more entertaining than being poisoned by some flower. They got along as well as two ponies in a hospital could, but she didn't have plans on continuing their friendship past the trip. But nothing could bring her down! She still had her snippet, which she read out loud and recited before she slept almost as if it were a prayer before squealing with delight and kicking her hooves. And during the day, she would retrieve from her saddlebag beside her bed one of the sixteen books in the series as well as ream after ream of parchment for her fanfiction and letter writing needs. Did she need anything else for the week? She thought not, and informed her kind roommate of this when he ordered a set of books from somepony close- she admitted she hadn't heard him, as her ears had been listening intently to the goings on in the room next to theirs where she could swear that some sort of pig-pony was being kept- to entertain himself. And so the situation persisted cordially and occasionally loudly as the mid-afternoon on the third day rolled on in boring fashion.
  17. OOC- PATHFINDER She raced through the sky, the clouds seemingly parting ways for the pegasus in motion. She made no claim to the titleholder of fastest in her class or most skilled flyer, but few could match her manic and determined sprint through the skies. Few times in her life could she even remember this type of relentless beating being delivered unto the skies by her relatively small wings. Then again, had any event so deeply disturbed her, so cut to her core? She reasoned that the answer was no and that the haste that had made home in her breast was the appropriate response. She soared high to save time and when it was appropriate, she dove to increase her speed. There in front of her lay the small city of Ponyville, a town with recognition that far outstripped its real, pertinent value. Normally, it would have been a nice, somewhat notable place to lay her head down for a night and then seek out adventure until the grateful townspeople tossed bits her way and pointed to another worthy location. This day, however, it was her destination, every beat of her harried heart and every stroke of her frantic wings honed to the purpose of arriving in Ponyville as swiftly as she could. She spotted what appeared to be the town hall, the area around it clean and open for a while before bridges and buildings took their positions. Ponies milled about, discussing Celestia knows what. It didn't matter; Pathfinder had her landing zone. She pulled up briefly to get into position as she flew over the town, then angled herself towards the open portion. She rocketed towards the ground, slowing down just before impact. It didn't really work as her hooves had a hard time keeping up her landing speed and after nearly tripping she launched herself back into the air, gliding in order to slow down. She landed with some speed and her gallop was somewhat unrestrained as she came to a screeching stop less than a foot from the side of some building. She took a breath and gave a deep smile. That had been one heck of a landing! It hadn't worked and it had nearly ended with her head-first into a building, but nothing ever came easy for an adventurer, whether that was Daring Do or Pathfinder. That was why she loved Daring Do soooo much- they had so much in common! High adventure! Action! Excitement! Treasure! Her friends, foolish as they were, would claim it was more life imitating art than art imitating life, but she would have none of it! She had always seen herself this way and those who said otherwise were sticking their snouts where they didn't belong. Her seemingly earnest and honest devotion and love to Daring Do and her exciting adventures had been an important part of her marehood, and the midnight releases, the Luna Hour Release as it was widely known, of her favorite series were filled with more honest excitement and love than any of the Hearts Warming Eve celebrations she was dragged to. Who needed to hear about Hearths Warming Eve when Daring Do was freakin' base jumping into a volcano to escape from crazy land sharks?! Not Pathfinder! And as both a fan-club president and lover of the series, the midnight releases were near religious experiences for her. Always first in line, signed limited editions lined up and paid for, spoilers ruthlessly ignored and spoilerees trampled underhoof. On that day of the release, as the ponies waited for their wares, she always felt special, happy, and loved to be amongst so many other fans. And now that love had turned to anger. Anger! ANGER! Somepony had snuck into a bookstore in Ponyville and stolen- outright stolen- a signed limited edition copy of the newest Daring Do novel, Daring Do and the Mystery of the Manehattan Minute, that was meant for Ponyville's Daring Do fanclub president. If this vile, thieving Pony started spoiling the novel for others, it would be a disaster. This was the mist anticipated release in the series for quite a while, as the author had made the decision to have her traverse the urban jungle of Equestria's largest city in place of some exotic locale. No one knew what to expect, and this thief may very well ruin it for everyone! Not to mention she wanted to read it first. It irked her that the author had stopped sending passages from future works to the fan club. Had her critiques of the author's characters angered him? She certainly wished not. Any true artist demanded critique and she knew he was a true, beloved artist. No matter! Someone had broken the law, broken that code by which all fans lived, and probably broken the spirit of the fan club president in the area. Dastardly deeds called for a heroic response, and Pathfinder was willing to deliver. She would recover the book, capture the thief, and restore the shattered spirit of the local president. She would be a hero- for Daring Do! The backwash from the speed of her landing finally hit her, ruffling some feathers and jostling her tightly strung, officially licensed and privately modified Daring Do hat. She turned to a Pony not far from her. "Ponyvillian, where is your book store, and where is the Daring Do fan club president?" She asked, confidence and aggressiveness dripping from her every word.
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