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  1. Northern Storm Industries... This was the place that was housing the thing that Ice needed. The thing that STAR had to have. The one thing that when it was finished, would be the staple point of not only the organization, but quite possibly the lynch pin of Equestria as well. The Shadow of Ice. A ship that will... forever change the skies, and she needed to have it. They were located just on the outskirts of Stalliongrad. It was cold. Stark contrast to most of Equestria at this point, as it was pretty far north, not too far from the coast. The air itself was moist, and Luna's moon was invisible behind the ominous clouds that threatened the skies. Rain was coming. She knew that rain was coming though. That's what they planned for. The rain would help muffle their hoofsteps both into the facility, and once they got in. The plan was simple. Get in, get what we need, and get out. She figured the place was probably going to be guarded, and heavily booby trapped. Thankfully, Ice knew exactly where the prints were at, however, she wasn't sure what security systems they had in place. She looked around to the others that were with her. She herself, was not in her usual attire, nor did she even look the same. her coat was inverted, a dark midnight blue was all that could be seen. A simple illusion spell. Her cutie mark was covered up by a coat-tight body suit that matched the coat. The spheres orbiting really close to her neck to not draw attention. At some point she planned on having a necklace made that she can rest them in when they weren't in orbit, but that was for another time. The only thing that was the same about her was her eyes as she looked to the group. "Alright, the prints we need, are in a file cabinet on the third floor in the Master's Quarters. Knowing how to get there is one thing, but we need to be mindful of security protocols. I don't know what kind of system they run here, but I imagine they will be guarded. When we find them, we book it. There's no reason to stay beyond that. Once we have these prints, our real work can begin." she told the others that were with her.
  2. ZigTurn flew around Ponyville's train station,"OOOOOH,I just can't wait to get there...what was that place called again..eh,I'll figure out when I arrive!" She said excitedly,her light tan mane rushing behind her and her Maroon coat darkening her Yellow eyes. A pony yelled at her to take a seat,so she did,right next to another pony,"Umm..Hi there,I'm ZigTurn,but call me Zig,or Ziggy!" She extended out a hoof for the pony to shake. ((P.S, Derpyy is the tourguide ))
  3. A tall, tan filly trotted through Stalliongrad. She was an older filly, just barely old enough to be traveling on her own. Her tail and mane stood out against her tan coat, as so did her icy-blue eyes. She carried a brown saddle-bag strapped around her back, containing her trusted torque wrench and 33 bits, not much, but hopefully enough to keep her around for the week she would be spending in her hometown. Her family's constant travels had caused her to lose her original frontier accent, though she hoped maybe to gain it back in this time - or at least a little of it. Her hooves made the traditional "trot-trot" sound as she went, her mane bouncing up and down with every trotting step. The hairs of her mane rubbed against her horn gently, though it was also an insignificant factor and made no difference either way. This unicorn filly was named Torque Wrench, a name given to her from the Wrench family's buisness of Carriage repair. At the tip of her red, white and blue tail was a black, dry splatter of oil, her special way of accessorizing herself perminantly. She was very glad to finally be returning home, though she had not seen her hometown since moving to Fillydelphia, and then finally to Canterlot a long time ago. She just hoped no long would think of her as a stuck-up, overly wealthy city pony, as she was definitely not. She also wondered if any pony would remember her. She had had a fair amount of friends back when she was just a little filly, but she bet they probably moved off to get some big-break or something. Nonetheless, she was exctatic to be back in Stalliongrad, even if for just a short week. (Hello everypony! I'm Torque Wrench. I'm quite new to this site, but I love it so far! As I have been roleplaying on other websites for the last 3 years, I'm quite literate, though I do face an issue. As my laptop has decided it does not want to work, I do all of my roleplaying on my IPhone. I miss keys every now and again so I often rely on autocorrect for aid. Though autocorrect isn't as helpful as I'd hoped. So, all in all, I'm glad to be here and if you notice any errors, please let me know so I may fix them. Thank you."
  4. Right, so I figure I've been lurking long enough, and it's well past time for me to actually jump into the RP hooves first by actually starting my own thread; no half-measures for saucy. My only active experience in the Mane RP this far has been in riverhippo's 100 Country Kisses thread, and I've not really done any forum-based RPing before Canterlot, so this may be a colossally bad idea. I have done plenty of tabletop and live action role-playing, I'm just unsure of how it's supposed to work in a forum context. Still, I want to give it a try, and hopefully people will be willing to help me out a bit. Since my OC (Professor Ashen Smirk) is a lecturer who has just made the move from Canterlot to Stalliongrad, I thought a good way of introducing my character and having some fun would be to have his new superiors arrange for him to hold an inaugural lecture, open to students, faculty and members of the public. Unfortunately, they didn't give him any warning, so the first he heard about this was when he arrived in Stalliongrad the night before, after a long hike (walking from Canterlot to Stalliongrad seemed like such a good idea too), and saw a student handing out flyers. My intention for this thread is to have Prof. Smirk trying to keep up his new happy & friendly façade while getting increasingly stressed, resisting the temptation to revert to his old lecture style (ie short-tempered diatribes against any topic that catches his attention, and Celestia help anyone trying to argue). However, RPing is a collaborative process, so this may end up going in a completely different direction (and I have no objections if this happens, sometimes that's the most fun part of RP). Some questions: Does this RP sound like something you'd like to be part of? Does anyone have any handy forum-specific RP tips that I may not have picked up from the guides already available on the site? Is anyone currently RPing any Stalliongrad University affiliated characters, either student or lecturer? If so, would you be willing to give me advice on how much the setting has been developed? Are there any issues with this that don't appeared to have occurred to me? Is this a terrible idea which I should feel ashamed for having had? If you have an answer to any of these questions, please reply here. I expect to have the first post ready to go up tomorrow (it's past midnight for me, and the only reason I'm posting this now is so I can't back out without losing face), unless any major issues become apparent. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to role-playing with you.
  5. It was, all in all, a fairly cool August afternoon in Stalliongrad - not that this meant much, it was still warm enough for clothes to be entirely optional, depending on one's trade and social standing. A bit of a quiet day, though, but such was reasonably normal for a Thursday afternoon this time of the year. After all, one tended to get armor in the spring or the fall, and leave the adventuring for the warmth of summer or the chill of winter. There were a number of trades-mares and stallions open for business - one business in particular, though, stood out. A smithy, a somewhat small one, in the merchant district - a bit out of place, but it had done well enough there, for the time being. From the outside, it seemed sturdier than most of the shops, a fairly stocky-looking stone wood and metal affair, centred around a thick stone chimney. A bit out of place, perhaps, as most of the forges were in the somewhat distant Kuznitza district, but nevertheless there. Outside, a small and empty cart waited next to the doorway, nearly hiding the sign that proudly announced, in both Stallian and Equestrian, 'Metalhoof Smithy - Made-to-order and custom armour, jewelry and more available here'. A fairly reputable establishment, if anypony thought to check, though it was in the hooves of a relatively new owner, passed from father to son upon the former's retirement. But, for all of its outer appearances, the interior of the smithy held an altogether different atmosphere... "Stolen? AGAIN!?" A heavy sigh, and a deep breath. "This is being, what, second shipment where you are bringing no silver, no gold, no gems, and only half of iron or steel I have ordered! What am I supposed to be forging with this?" The budding blacksmith shook his head, pacing slowly about behind the counter, his prosthetic metal hoof clanking with every fourth step he took. "I ran out of precious metals before start of last week, was telling customers I would to be starting on their orders as soon as I had shipment. But, nyet, at this rate going to have to melt down money for precious metals!" Indeed, things were not all well at the Metalhoof smithy, and given by the fact that the deep, somewhat raspy voice of the blacksmith working there, it was starting to get on somepony's nerves. It had indeed been some time since precious metals had been in stock at the smithy, and it was starting to have serious impacts on Hammerhoof's ability to make anything that required the special bit of shine that silver and gold offered. Robberies weren't really the fault of the delivery-pony, he'd just been taking the routes into Stalliongrad that were available, and it so happened that a pack of Diamond Dogs decided to mug him for everything they felt like carrying. The first time, he'd let it slide, simply complaining about the loss at the quick-footed, dark-green pony who'd been mugged - after all, it made sense that the delivery-pony would learn from the mistake and change habits accordingly. Second time, though... this was a problem. He advertised armour, utensils, weapons, tools and simple jewelry for sale in his shop, and ye he lacked the materials to fill the most expensive orders, which meant that his most profitable work was all on hold. The brown, somewhat sooty blacksmith simply sighed. He knew the shipment was important, he knew the delivery-pony knew the shipment was important. Getting overly cross wouldn't solve anything, so he lowered his voice, nodding slowly. "I can't even use these gems yet. Is not often somepony wants gems set in iron, copper or steel. I will take them, da, and you will still be receiving some pay, but... I am not sure what to be doing. A third time of this, and you will be costing me enough to put me back in apprenticeship. I do not want for this. Am already going to have to dig into own savings to keep from being broke..." For all that this was causing him difficulty, Hammerhoof didn't really feel like foregoing the payment of somepony else over conditions that were likely out of their control. After all, the delivery-pony had to eat and sleep somewhere - the blacksmith wasn't going to scrooge him out of that. The fact of the matter was simple – somewhere, there were a pack of diamond-dogs that were responsible for a rather harrowing predicament. He had a lot of missing materials to try and work around, a reputation teetering between success and a lack thereof, and he wasn't entirely sure of how to solve this issue. Yes, it was a theft, but through official channels, solving his issue might not come soon enough for him to stay in business. What he needed was a plan, and volunteers. That, or for the majority of his customers to suddenly be overwhelmingly happy with steel and iron in place of silver and gold for their jewelry – no, that was a silly and entirely improbable thing to hope for. So, with the delivery-pony half-paid and on his way out the door, the blacksmith began to ponder. He'd put up a few notices of his need for help on the larger advertisement boards, more of a desparate hope that he might recover his first lost shipment. "Blacksmith in need of expert treasure-recovery, adventurers, or trackers re : stolen shipments. See Metalhoof Smithy", written in slightly clumsy Stallian and Equestrian. It was all well and good to use the native tongue, but this was a big city, with enough trade and travel through it that being bilingual was nearly a must. But now, more than ever, the hope that somepony might come to his aid felt like a rather despnate wish, whimsical and as uncertain as a shooting star. Peraps this was how the gambler felt when buying his last lottery ticket? What a depressing situation. Though he held hope for perhaps somepony to come by looking to aid him, he started trying to figure out best to hold out financially. Maybe, just maybe, he could work through this regardless. Only time would tell.
  6. Snowfall glanced around somewhat anxiously. This was it, the moment she had long been fearing and anticipating. Since meeting her fillyfriend Pathfinder, she hadn't really had a chance yet to really present her. Their first date happened in the seclusion of Bareback Gulch, where Snowfall was unknown. Their second date, Daringcon, happened in a very busy location full of many ponies who might have had connections, but Snowfall had been in costume, her coat completely painted up and a fake unicorn horn on her head to make her look like a Daring Do character. Now it was time for the third, and here they were in Snowfall's own Stalliongrad. The occasion was an NSI company party. This wasn't like the elaborate anniversary banquet she had held not too many months ago that had lead to her finding her contacts for the Trans Equestria Railroad Project, it was a more insular and private occasion held to celebrate team solidarity or some such thing that the board had decided upon and that she was pretty sure most there would roll their eyes at. Everyone there was either employed by the company, or there as a guest of somepony who was. Relatively formal dress was expected, but Snowfall was making an effort to keep it from being too stuffy an occasion. There was nothing worse than some mandatory party being forced upon the employees that it was impossible to have fun at. The music was kept light and modern; the food kept equally light and plentiful. They had drinks, but nothing too aggressively strong. The decorations to the hall being used were colorful but not garish. Everything was very safe, and in Snowfall's opinion perhaps a little too so. This was a good chance to debut with Pathfinder besides her though. It was just her company, so for fear of their job no pony there was going to say anything about her rather unorthodox choice of date. It was formal by Pathfinder's standards, but it wasn't so classy and stuck up itself that she would catch the judging eyes of a bevy of upper crust types just for being Pathfinder. It was small, it was safe, and it was a perfect opportunity; after all, she had no intention of hiding Pathfinder from anypony. She was also rather eager to see the pony in something other than her typical Daring Do costume. She was already picturing it in her head. Unfortunately, Snow and her date were not able to show up to the event together. Pathfinder had been doing what she did best, adventuring, but Snow had given her the time and address and in her letter Pathfinder had promised she would make it in time. Snowfall just knew that she would make good on that promise too, even if she turned up just slightly late. This was fine. it gave her time to mingle with the rest of her loyal employees. Set to do just that, Snow's eyes focused in on a single young face. Sparks was his name, and he was a bright young colt. It was hard not to feel good about his case. She had handed him a shining opportunity after stumbling upon him by chance. After training he had spent a little over a month and a half in Manehattan, and according to her top engineer, Vivid Flair, he had been a sterling asset to the team as they worked on the Railroad Project. He had only just got back to Stalliongrad and this was the first time Snow had seen him since. Greetings were definitely in order. "Hello, Sparks," she said as she approached him. "It's great to see you've returned safely. How was Manehattan?"
  7. Another day, another contract. Unfortunately, this one just so happened to land Martel in a city he absolutely loathed. Compared to the average town in Germaney, Stalliongrad was a dirty, disgusting, sprawling, derelict, nasty town filled with terrible drink and starving masses. Martel Von Starkhuf didn't hate the ponies and gryphons that lived here, he found them rugged and charming, traits that he missed from his home. The city itself just elicited a nausea from the Stallion that left him on the threshold of retching every ten minutes or so. Why, out of all the places on the map, did his target choose to take refuge here? "Verdammt, Ich hasse das." he muttered to himself. The mercenary always followed the contract, no matter where it took them, if only his client hadn't offered so many bits... That was beside the point, all Martel wanted to focus on now was simply finding his target and taking care of them, then he could go home! The job was just to deliver a message, a very violent message with plenty of exclamation points and property damage. Well, the town certainly lived up to expectations. Martel found himself wandering a narrow street, lined with dirt and grime and even dirtier ponies. He tossed a couple bits there way and continued on, not giving them a second glance. Normally he'd be far friendlier, but he was on the clock. The large stallion reached a dead end in the alley and grunted in frustration. This was getting ridiculous, he was never going to find the pony he was looking for if he continued to play it safe. Darn the consequences, he needed to find this guy and SOON. Martel reached into his tunic and pulled out Zornstahl, his most prized possession that happened to be a massive hammer. He observed it in the dirty light, and after giving it a quick polish with his cloak to remove the thin layer of grime, he attached it to the end of his tail. The large mercenary gave it a few experimental swings before slamming it into a nearby wall, fracturing it and nearly smashing right through the thing. Smiling and filled with a sense of power, Martel left the dead end and let his hammer dangle behind him in plain sight. The pony he was looking had better watch out, he had a Von Starkhuf coming after him.
  8. [[ OOC: We still have positions available for crew members. If you're interested please visit this thread: http://www.canterlot...project-revamp/ ]] Another swish of the mop on the deck cleared out the last specks of dirt and grime. The crew had been busy loading supplies and spare parts for the ship in the past hour. Grandya had just finished taking note of their stock and was about to report to the Captain until she found the top deck in bad shape. With the rest of the crew busy there was no one to mop the deck. She took it upon herself as she hauled a bucket from down below and started mopping. The ship had just docked at the famous Ostrov air docks a few hours ago for maintenance and to gather fresh supplies. The bustling city was a testament not only to Pony kind but to other races as well. Griffons, Buffaloes, Zebras and even Diamond Dogs called the city home. It was the perfect place for the Freedom Wing to stop and pick up more hopeful crew members who were willing to join. It was just about time for lunch and Grandya couldn't help think what their crazy Diamond Dog chef was cooking up this time. Last time she almost swallowed a small Ruby that was in her Tomato soup. Gravy said it would bring out the flavor but Grandya couldn't just see the logic behind putting gems in food to improve their taste. She'd complain to the Captain but she would just shrug it off and laugh. Done with the mopping she put it aside and made her way to the Captain's cabin. "Everything's in order Capt'n." She said as she entered the cabin. "Our supply hold is almost filled but we're still going to need a new engineer. I've got to go down to the city later and ask around the taverns to see if anypony is willing to join our crew."
  9. The young mare flew happily in the snowy skies, loving to feel the cold in her wings. A wide smile filled her muzzle, and she just couldn't help but to giggle to herself as she performed spins and other tricks in the air. She was a dancer and a singer after all, and having wings was one of her greatest gifts. And her hometown Stalliongrad seemed to be just as beautiful as she remembered when she was just a filly. Today she would move to her temporary room, and she had heard she would have somepony else join her. The letters she had received over the months had brought her curiosity to the edge, even if she wasn't an easy social pony. Once she arrived to the address she was given, she noticed a wagon outside. Well, why not to take a quick peek? She landed gently and with elegance over top of the wagon, and found a few instruments laying in there already. That of course brought her memories of the songs she used to listen to in her foalhood, which made her want to start singing in her pure beautiful voice while she lyed down over the wagon:
  10. The dark brown unicorn almost chuckled at the earth pony's obvious pride at the mention of her alma mater. He wasn't surprised, as that particular brand of pride was one he himself had expressed. That aside, her description of the academy recalled vague discussion of the school to his mind. It seemed that he had in fact heard of the school before, though it was likely that he hadn't entirely been focused on listening to that particular discussion. The unicorn very rarely was invested in any way in the more vapid aspects of the social class into which he had been born. Unlike most upper class ponies, he'd never cared for the forced etiquette of discussion that they practised. It had been one of the things that pushed him more toward the common colts when he was younger. In fact, this seemed to be a fact noticed by Argenta, as she enquired on it only moments later. "Well, that is certainly their loss. The ponies outside the business world are always the ones with the stories to tell. If nothing else, it does wonders for marketing that even the most snobbish pony should be able to recognize. Personally, I always take time to other ponies. It's the most interesting part of life, and certainly more interesting than just occupying my time with business. It may be my work, but this," he gestured widely at the general area around them, "is my passion."
  11. Bass snapped back to consciousness, after falling asleep in his chair, and looked around. She's still buying paintings? Wow.
  12. Bass smiled at Persnickety, taking the last bite of his ponini, and chewing as she spoke, swallowing before speaking again. "I completely agree. And perhaps even get to know each other a tad better."
  13. Whisperpaw hadn't introduced his self to the mare. She was trying to introduce him to Leo, but was struggling because she didn't know Whisperpaw's name. As she as the whispering stallion was, he knew he'd have to speak. "Whisperpaw..." He spoke in a small whisper that reflected how shy he really was.
  14. Scoundrel was getting impatient. These two kept talking about going to buy taffy, but they have yet to actually go and get it. "Yes. Food. Sounds great. So, Verity, was it?" She turned her head towards the zebra. "You said you know this place. Where's the best place to get that taffy?" Just a little longer. Hold out just a little longer and you can get some food. The thought of food made her stomach rumble again.
  15. It wasn't very often that Deep Bass was given the opportunity to take a vacation. Especially not bby himself. It was a strange, yet nice change for Bass to get some time to himself, since he was normally hanging around with his friend Mid Wobble, or his sister. It was nice to spend time with his friend and his sister, but occasionally, it was nice to get a little alone time... even if he was still technically working. Yes, even though Bass was on vacation, he was only in Stalliongrad to play a few shows at the local coffee houses. As Bass cantered through the streets of the snowy city, his guitar case slung over his back, he was beginning to wonder if he was lost. He looked around, watching the other ponies going up and down the streets, wondering if he should ask for directions. After a second of internal debate, he decided against it, and instead kept going. Though he had spent his life in Fillydelphia, and the surrounding cities, Bass was always fond of the snow. In fact, he always wished that Winter never ended, and that the beauty of the snow would never fade. After a few minutes of aimless wandering, Bass finally stumbled upon a small club, and decided to go inside. Once Bass had made it in the door, he began noting the surroundings through his amber aviators. The whole interior consisted of red walls, and blue tables, chairs, and booths, complete with a neon blue carpet. Bass didn't even think to look at the name of the club before entering. Not like it really mattered, to be honest. Bass quickly took a seat, and waited for the waitress to come over. As he waited, Bass reached into his saddlebag, and pulled out the letter from the club, and read over it, to himself. "'Dear, Deep Bass...' blah blah blah, 'We, the management at the Blushing Ivory...' Ah! That was the name of the club! The Blushing Ivory... Hm... Maybe somepony, here knows where that is." "Good morning, sir. How may I help you, today?" Bass looked up, and saw the waitress pony, and offered a kind smile. He pondered for a second, and answered in the kind of polite tone that only the long humbled son of an opera singer, and a jazz musician could muster. "Good morning, ma'am. I would very much appreciate a glass of hot black tea, if you carry it." The waitress smiled, and nodded. "Of course, sir. I'll have that right out to you." Then, the mare cantered off. Waiting patiently for his tea, Bass looked around at the other ponies who had wandered into the club that morning.
  16. “ Local hounds usually rely on Stallian or Kanine. Can provide at least one of these.” Silversword watched the blacksmith carefully, idly wondering if his desire to help was for their good, or for his own. Did he believe that the two that offered to help him would run off with his product? Why, the very thought! Silver bristled slightly, but decided to go with the thought that the stallion trusted the pair and merely wanted to help them. Her head turned towards the armor-clad filly, watching as she introduced herself. Glancing over the armor, she noticed a great many dents in it, and it didn’t seem properly fitted to the filly. “Ah, so she wears the armor she means to return,” the mare thought to herself as she observed the two ponies in the room. “At least it’s somewhere she can keep an eye on it..” She snorted with laughter, forgetting herself for a second, before composing herself again. “No weapon, Kite?” She asked, standing. “You’ve gotten rather far without one. While it seems that you are best-suited to work with your armor..” She crouched slightly, getting to the filly’s level. “What do you think about carrying a weapon, just in case? I haven’t dealt with Diamond Dogs very much, but appearing to be a bigger threat than what you really are is rather useful.” The swordsmare glanced at the chocolate stallion. “Seeing as you seem eager enough to go, and strong enough..” Silver stretched out, wings shuffling under her cloak. “I would be glad if you came. You know the surrounding area better than either of us. As long as you can hold your own, we ought to be fine. Where would they stay for the night, however? It would take the blacksmith some time to complete fitting the filly, fixing her armor, and getting prepared for himself. Silversword could always go out and survey the area, check to see if she could get provisions somewhere (It would be tiresome work, walking all over in armor), or speak to other locals that were having issues as well, to see if they could offer any tips about Diamond Dogs. There was the language barrier, however, and the gray pegasus wasn't entirely sure that the ponies of Stalliongrad would take kindly to her "poking" about, in search of information. She sighed. The blacksmith wouldn't appreciate two ponies idling about his shop all day, and Silversword felt that there were things to be done. But how? Without a mutual language.. Unless Hammerhoof could help?
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  18. Everypony had signed the paper, and Max gleefully rolled the parchment up and tucked it into a pocket. "I'll spread the word, we'll begin as soon as physically possible." Maximilian looked first at the Griffon, noting her powerful stare. He knew that the griffon families were not to be trifled with. This deal had to be approached with the utmost caution, lest an honest error be perceived as an attempt to double cross her. The Rockefilly returned her look with one of his own, grinning wide with a fire in his eyes as he spoke. "I know full well of the power you and your family posses, just as you are aware of mine. This is an honest deal, over time you will see that." He looked at Snowfall next, "I believe with the three of us working together, we can achieve anything."
  19. This high above the city, there was almost no sound. The sighing of the thin air past his ears as he spiraled to keep altitude. The gentle rustle of wind in his feathers. The delicate tinkling of ice crystals forming in his mane and tail and falling away, to be borne aloft on the same winds he rode. Parhelion closed his eyes, as he often did, savoring the quiet and the easy exhilaration. He banked instinctually, catching a rising wind, and as it moved him almost straight up he heard the steady rhythm of his heart and the surrussation of blood in his ears. He smiled, opening his eyes again. Stalliongrad lay below, covered in snow and ice whose whites were taking on magnificient golds and reds and deep blues as the sun began to set. The city hugged a bend in the River Stadia, spreading out from a long island there which was its heart and original home. Smoke, like streamers of thin cotton, raked across the city from its numerous industries. Airships, which looked like crawling dots from here but which were in reality majestic giants of the air, moved to and fro, docking at their destinations to drop off supplies or heading out to carry fine Stalliongrad goods to the rest of Equestria and beyond. The foothills and mountains to the south, which helped shape the very winds Parhelion was riding now, seemed undeveloped, a stretch of deep green and white broken by proud mountains and crags of snow-covered rocks, but Parhelion knew the city's wealthy and visitors from faraway were there now, enjoying winter sports and the sights from their highland estates. Here and there he could see irregular patches where timber was harvested, and other areas where the forest had been replanted and was growing back. A flash of light from the city caught his attention. It winked up at him, once, then twice, then once again. Shift change. The grey pegasus waggled his broad wings to the show the observers below he had received the signal. He felt a stiffness in his left wing, and gave it a quick peek. There was a pine bough caught in it. What? He flicked his wing, but the thing would not come free. In fact, it was more than one pine bough. Several, a whole branch. Suddenly they were everywhere, all around him, hemming him in— Parhelion came to. He was surrounded by the scent of pines. Sticky sap plastered his mane, coat, and feathers. There were needles everywhere. He could just see the moonlit ground...far above? With a sudden lurch he realized he was upside-down, stuck in a tree. His head hurt, and he groaned. Cold night wind rocked the tree, causing his stomach to flip-flop. “Help? Hello?” Par coughed, and pine needles drifted away. They were in his mouth, gross! He spit them out as best he could and tried again. “Hello? Help!” He took a deep breath and shouted as loudly as he could. “Hello! Help!”
  20. Novaya No matter how dark the night or how cold the winter, there is always hope. I want to be that hope to anypony who makes their home here. Name: Command Sergeant Major Novaya Sex: Female Age: Mare in her prime Species: Unicorn Coat Color: Pink (#E10586) Mane/Tail Color & Style: Purple (#521AD1) and Teal (#0F89CA) in alternating streaks. Mane is mid-length, tied back in a bun and tucked under a ushanka when on duty, though she usually lets it run rampant when off duty. Eye Color: Auric (#F1CB17) Distinguishing Marks: Two titanium earrings in her left ear. Removed for duty. Usually carries a small, wooden, bird charm tied to her topcoat or load-bearing gear. Cutie Mark: A silhouette of a blue gentian flower in blue overlaid on an 8-pointed star in purple, representing her toughness and tenacity but also her appreciation for beauty and growth in adverse conditions. Physique: Curvy, but fit. Tough and strong from military training. Origin: Stalliongrad, Chenya District. Occupation: Senior enlisted mare, Command Sergeant Major in Gamma Squadron ISU-143 Roleplay Type: Mane RP Motivation: Keep the skies and the streets clear of pirates and criminal scum. Make a difference in the world. Likes: A job well-done, straightforwardness, Stallianoya, beets, pumpkins, woodcarving, the beauty of the Frontier, the military life Dislikes: Pirates, interrupted leave, excessive bureaucracy, dishonesty or shadiness, bugs, desk work, peppermint, egotism, entitled ponies Character History Novaya is the product of three generations in the military, the only child of a Guard NCO and a Chenya schoolteacher. Her upbringing was multifaceted, often seeing the city streets with her mother but also going into the wilderness with her father when he returned home on leave. From her mother, she learned to understand her charges before making judgments and from her father, she learned to stand strong in the face of adversity-- be it the worst that nature had to throw at her or the darker side of Equestria rearing its ugly head. A young Novaya often talked with her father about cases he had dealt with during their wilderness treks. Novaya was infuriated by the depths that some ponies could sink to, but at the same time heartened by the hopeful endings that her father delivered. Even in the darkest of times, there was hope. Her father’s dedication to ensuring that the ponies under his command and under his jurisdiction had hope left an indelible impression on her that she carries to this day. An uneventful childhood ended with Novaya following the family tradition and joining the Stallian Guard, eventually being assigned to 5th Battalion. With 5th Battalion, Novaya endured both patrol work in the streets of Stalliongrad and airship rotations patrolling the frontier. Her years in the service were merely routine; her dedication and work ethic allowing her to slowly climb the enlisted ranks. Eventually she was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant, a promotion that came with a letter authorizing her transfer to ISU-143. Going by the local name Molot, ISU-143 has a fierce reputation as the fighting elite of Stalliongrad’s guard forces. Translating roughly to “sledgehammer” in common, the name is highly appropriate for a guard detachment that spends much of its time searching airships, apprehending criminals, and seizing contraband. Their no-nonsense approach to their mission and the dynamic nature of their operations suited Novaya perfectly. She has dedicated her life to the “One-Four-Three,” always holding in her heart the desire to make a difference. Novaya’s shining moment with Molot came during Operation Storm Hammer, an anti-piracy operation centered around taking down the sky pirate known only as Skopa--the Osprey. The operation was meant to both apprehend Skopa and send a clear message to any would-be pirates that Stalliongrad would not be a haven for criminals. The mission was successful; the joint task force successfully defeated Skopa, capturing the pirate crew and mothership. Upon their return to Stalliongrad, Novaya and Fletcher, then the leader of the I Order boarding party, were hailed as heroes. Since Storm Hammer, Novaya has been promoted to Command Sergeant Sergeant Major and is the senior enlisted mare in her ISU squadron. She continues to serve Stalliongrad with the 143 and train incoming VSS recruits at Stabil Krasnyi during garrison rotations. Personality Novaya is first and foremost straightforward. Her bluntness and unwillingness to equivocate makes her an ideal NCO, but virtually excludes her from ever switching to officer track. Still, she has the respect of her command and the confidence of her KOG superiors due to her skill, tenacity, and the firm trust her charges put in her. When she is rotated back to Stabil Krasnyi to train incoming recruits, it is not uncommon to hear “Tetushka Novaya” uttered among the enlisted stallions-- Auntie Novaya. While she is far too attached to her city to be a true survivalist outdoorsmare, Novaya is able to hold her own in a survival situation. The lessons taught to her by her father during her fillyhood were not lost on her. On occasion she still makes treks into Vysokii district, camping on the peak of the Gor Zarya, where she can watch over her city from afar. Novaya treats those under her command as alternately her best friends and her finest students. Off-duty, she is loud, boisterous, and talkative, always enjoying carousing at bars or in the break room. On-duty, she is relaxed but far from lackadaisical, not always adhering to SOP, but always keeping the mission in mind. Novaya is not a micromanager. She trusts her command to accomplish the mission, even if it is not always done by the book. Novaya does not deal well with entitled high-society ponies, finding their “proper” mannerisms, sycophant tendencies, and obtuse focus on things she deems unimportant greatly irritating. After a life of being strong, self-sufficient, independent mare, Novaya feels insulted by the “upper-crust” ladies who make their living pandering to their patrons. By extension, Novaya is also wary of military bureaucrats high up the chain, as she does not trust them to fully understand the situations that the field forces encounter on patrol while they remain cozy in their heated offices. Special Forces (ISU) commanders are excepted, as Novaya sees them as already having proven themselves through service. Despite her reluctance to weave tangled social webs, Novaya has a complex relationship with Captain Fletcher of the Honor Guard. They grew close during their service together during Operation Storm Hammer and have kept contact on and off since Cadenza’s departure. Novaya finds Fletcher’s opacity insufferable at times. Likewise, Fletcher finds Novaya’s forthright manner and bluntness abrasive, especially after his transfer to V Order. Still, it is apparent that each cares deeply for the other, even if they have very convoluted ways of showing it. Novaya carves small wooden sculptures in her spare time, most of them being avian-themed. Spellbook Combat Spells Brightlance. Precise, short-ranged, high-intensity luminous burst of aether that can sunder armor and burn targets. Can be tuned for less-lethal effects such as blinding or stunning. Novaya’s signature spell. Animate Drone. Imbues one of Novaya’s carvings with minor animus, giving it flight and allowing Novaya to see through its “eyes” for a short time. Utility Spells Light. Basic unicorn illumination spell. Telekinesis. Basic unicorn “mage hand” for fine manipulation of objects. First Aid. Basic triage spell taught in Magus training. Can be used to clean wounds, disinfect minor cuts and scratches, and stop bleeding. However, serious injuries such as broken bones and blood loss still need to be treated by a medical expert. Slow fall. Utility spell taught to all unicorns who serve in airborne units. Allows the user to generate a cushion of aether that greatly reduces the chances of a fall from height becoming lethal. Skill Set Wilderness Survival. Having been on patrol with 10th Battalion during their pirate-hunting operations, the chances of being shot down or stranded with a crippled airship are on every service-mare’s mind. Thus, wilderness survival in the harsh and bitter country outside Stalliongrad city limits is a critical skill. Command. While not on officer track by profession, Novaya is friendly and receptive and has a talent for getting her troops to trust her. VBSS. Part of ISU-143’s job is visit, board, search, and seizure operations on airships, which often involve maneuvering, inspecting, and sometimes fighting, in confined spaces and over short distances.
  21. Note: This is a continuation of a chat RP. Summary is posted below: Turns was nearly exhausted. After a long day of doing odd jobs to earn some extra bits Turns wanted a few well earned drinks. So he found himself sitting at a bar, alone. Just passing the time and nursing his drink. The bar was large and rather empty. Turns often found his thought roaming back to Ponyville. 'oh well' he thought to himself, 'It wont be long and i will be home i hope.' Argenta has just gotten back from her usual daily patrol routes. Dropping by the usual tavern, she sad down, tired yet with a gleam on her face. She called to the bartender and ordered the usual Cider Vodka. Argenta looking around saw the usual Ponies, but there was sompony new. She figured that he was probably a travelling pony. She eyed him for a while until the newpony transfixed his gaze on her. Turns "Hello ma'am my name is Turn Tables. I am a DJ from Ponyville, and i came to do some work here in stalliongrad." Turns said nervously. "So what brings you here?" Argenta taking a sip from her vodka, eyes back to the new pony called turn tables. "Hello Turn Tables, I am Argenta, Corporal of a small detachment assigned to the 9th SGU battalion." She shows off her grey uniform emphasizing on the rank. "I'm done with my patrols for the day and I thought I'd grab a drink." Turns smiled in return, "Well sounds like i'm not the only one who needed a drink today." Turns said as he downed his whiskey. "So do you come here often?" Turns preid a little more. "Why yes I do." she takes another sip. "I frequent this bar always at the end of the day since I pass by it on the way home. So you come from Ponyville? You're a long way from home, what brings a DJ like you to this part of city, most of the musicians I know always head over to the artistian district." "Well i kinda found this mare in the Everfree forest, She has amnesia and i took her in." Turns began to explain. "I'm here doing some odd jobs to earn a few extra bits to help take care of her, until she can find a job." "That is a noble task indeed." Argenta replies as she refills her glass. "I admire Ponies that go out of their way to help others. It's the main reason why I joined the Stallian Guard." She extends her glass to Turns offering a toast. "If so can you offer any advice i must say even though i have started to take a shine to her, Im honestly not sure what to do half the time, She has no idea what she likes and im just not sure how i can help her." Turns finished "The little foals and fillies are also a passion of mine." Argenta takes another sip of Cider Vodka. "Unknown to many, the SGU does a lot of charitable and ponytarian aid to those in need. To some we look like the face of war, but they forget that it is the ponies we serve to strive for better living" "Taking a shine to her?" Argenta's eyes widen playfully as she stares a more seductive glare unto turns. "So, are you falling for her or something? I don't see anything wrong with that." Turns blushed. "Well im not sure, maybe." Turns was tripping all over himself. "But not right now i'm just more concerned that she is happy and healthy thats all, i th-think." "All in good time my gentlecolt." Argenta smiles. "I'm sure she might develop feelings for you as well considering that you have been helping her immensely. I'm not the one to talk about love since I myself have yet to find the Stallion of my dreams. One could say my love is the SGU. But who knows what the future brings?" "I understand how ya feel ma'am. My DJing career is my life without it i don't know what i would do." Turns looked at the mare who was still eyeing him. This caused him to blush even more. "So, umm, this is just a question but do you ever come around Ponyville?" "Sadly..." Argenta sips another glass of Cider Vodka. "I have never leave Stalliongrad, but when I have orders to scout outside or do guard duty escort that's the only chance I see of the outside of the city. The farthest I've been was at Dragonmount Peak when I was assigned to protect a surveyor Pony." "Well that's a shame, Perhaps i could arrange something. I will be heading back to Ponyville soon enough." Turns began to think, "Maybe i could hire you as an escort perhaps it would be a great way for you to see the outside world,l Ponyville is nowere near as large as Stalliongrad but it is a cozy town and there is alot of love in it. Everypony there is freindlier than the next." "Tempting as it may sound..." She playfully pushes her shot glass. "I can only do that if ordered to do so by my superiors. On the brighter side, I may be able to escort you during my leave." "That would be great." Turns said with a slight hint of excitement in his voice. "I could introduce you to Blanca and then i could show you all there is to see in Ponyville, sorry i get kinda exited when i make new friends. Umm im sorry i never quite got your name, ma'am." "Oh did I not mention my name." She turned surprised. "I'm sorry, where are my manners. I am Argenta." "Welll argeta, its not that i dont like the bar or anything like that, but would you maybe like to take a walk." Turns suggested, "I have yet to see much of Stalliongrad, And there is much more that i would like to see." Turns replied playfuly "I'd be happy too." Argenta took her final sip of cider vodka and left a few bits on the bar counter. "Where would you like me to take you?" "Well this city is so large, honestly i dont know were to begin." Turns thought for a moment. "You mentioned something about an artistic district, or something like that. Would u mind showing me around it?" Turns asked. "Rasya, the artisan district." Argenta replied. "That's where all the musicians and artists go. The place if filled with high society Ponies, Griffons and Zebras as well." "Really, Ive never seen a Griffon before, and the only zebra that i have had the pleasure of speaking to is Zecora." Turns smiled as the excitement clearly overrode all of his other emotions. "Whaat are Griffons like?" "Griffons..." Argenta paused as she began to think. "They're an odd bunch but they're good comrades, at least those in my unit. Those I've been acquaintances with were quite honorable as well, but when it came down to business, they really mean to do business and nothing personal." They continued to walk to the direction of Rasya. "Really, so do they like music. The only griffon ive ever even heard of was when gilda came to ponyville." Turns explained, "And from what i heard she was a real jerk." "There are a few ruffians here and there, but I'd say the same for Ponies." Argenta sighed. "Well here we are. The night is almost upon us so most of the shops you'll see open are art galleries and a few music bars. I can't recommend any since I don't really go into any of them. I usually just pass by during my patrols." "Wow this place is beautiful." Turns simply stood aghast at the art and lights that leaked from above. Shades of orange and red beamed from all over. Turns could hear some music coming from the nearby music bars. This is just amazing. Argenta never realized how beautiful the night lights of Rasya gave off at the night. The numerous art buildings, some with notable glass designs seemed to gleam into the night sky. As the cold wind passed through the alley, it blew off Argenta's military cap, revealing her free flowing mane. Not paying attention to anything she stared at the lights, mezmerized. turns just stood looking at the lights as well until the chilling wind brought him back to attention. After the shock he looked over at Argenta. She had let her hair down and her mane blew almost magically in the wind. She was beautiful and stern at the same time. Turns couldnt help but blush a little. "The area is beautiful isn't it." Finally coming back to reality, Argenta finally notices her cap. She quickly picks it up in one hoof as she fixes her mane on the other. "Well, if it's music you are interested in. I'm sure we can find one of those musical trinket shops around here. I do remember a shop in this area that sold such things." Argenta Looks up at the passing Griffons. "They know better than to do something stupid." As Argenta continued to eye the Griffons, she had cursed herself for not being a Pegasus so she could fly up there to ask their business. To her relief though, she recognized a patch in one of the Griffon's uniforms. They were actually a bunch of Mercenaries. Argenta thought that they were hired by some of the posh art galleries nearby. Some news about a big event going on from one of the elite Ponies. turns relaxes a little at Argenta's words. "Well alright then, but still ill be sure to shy away from them for the time being." Turns was unsure what to think but if Argenta wasn't worried then he shouldn't be either.
  22. Stalliongrad art institute, a structure so imposing that one would never guess that some of Equestria's finest works lay inside. Maximilian, being new to the city, found himself struggling to find anything, but after enough searching, and asking directions, the Rockefilly wound up in Stalliongrad's depository for the arts. His premiere purpose for being in the city was to meet with some important ponies, but he had heard, through word of mouth, that some unowned pieces had been brought in to the museum. Maximilian couldn't pass up a chance to at least look, and maybe even purchase, a fine piece of art. The landing was large, and Max had to stop staring a the architecture long enough to actually explore the building. The rich stallion trotted through, completely ignoring any piece he passed on his way to the new collection. Those pieces were already owned, and Max wasn't looking to purchase from a collector, besides, Max didn't really care for the arts. Of course, utilitarian pieces, like architecture, and even pottery, were appreciated and even respected by Maximilian. His main gripe was with the large pieces of paper slathered with oil and sold off as 'worth something'. As an economically minded stallion, Max knew how value worked. Things only had the worth that ponies were willing to give to them, and he had no clue why these useless things were worth millions. Yes, they were beautiful, and he was more than willing to pay a small fee for that, but to pay for emotions? Ridiculous. Museums where just places for collector's to show off their stuff to the plebeians, who, in an attempt to distract themselves from their own shortcomings, try to ascribe value to these works where there is none. Of course, all of this didn't mean that Max wasn't interested in buying a piece. If these weren't owned, then the museum may have lost money in as acquiring them. If they had to be restored, that's even more money lost. Sure, proceeds from the museum could pay it off, but who knows how long that could take? For the last few months Max had been trying to better himself by bettering others. This wasn't about self sacrifice, he wasn't stupid, but he knew that if he had a chance, he would help others. Buying a few pieces would help out the museum and give Max things to put on the walls of his house, it was yet another chance to do some good. His internal monologue continued for some time as he navigated the museum, eventually coming across a sign that made it known that the new collection lay inside. With a sigh of relief, Maximilian Rockefilly Jr trotted ahead. Fortunately, the curator of the museum was right there, and Max simply approached him, smiling that smile that only a Rockefilly can pull off. The other pony simply nodded and continued gazing at the centerpiece of the collection. Max hadn't been told exactly what the collection was, and the thing on the wall surprised him. He was no historian, but he could swear that the piece on the wall was some sort of fresco. His smile widened, finally history classes paid off! After a few more minutes of examining, Maximilian approached the curator to share a word. The elderly stallion adjusted his spectacles and looked at the pony in front of him. Mac smiled some more and started off the conversation with a firm hoofshake, it didn't appear that the curator knew who he was. Max politely inquired as to whether these pieces where owned, to which the curator bluntly said no. The Rockefilly's smile only widened as he continued to ask questions, namely how in Equestria these pieces ended up in an art museum in the first place. With an annoyed sigh, the stallion was quick to point out that these had been excavated, restored by the museum of history, and then brought here for display. Max nodded and his grin faded, obviously this stallion wasn't very happy with his time being wasted, he was a pony after Max's own heart. With a slight bow, Maximilian introduced himself by his full name. The curator simply adjusted his glasses again and looked at Max expectantly. The rich unicorn clarified, stating that he was in fact there to buy a piece or two. That seemed to get the older pony's attention and he quickly nodded, pointing out that one can't exactly just walk in and buy a piece, and that some paper work had better be filled out before anyone was getting anything. Max promptly agreed and allowed the stallion to go find somepony to consult, leaving Max by himself, staring at the piece that would soon be his.
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