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  1. I have begun The Living Darkness, a celebration of Friendship is Magic season 4, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, the Christmas season and Matt Smith leaving the programme (less a celebration and more a farewell in that case). The story is about Clearwin, a Unicorn mare living in Ice Draught, a Unicorn settlement more than 1000 years before Twilight came to Ponyville. Right before she is killed, Clearwin finds herself whisked away by a mysterious Earth Pony stallion calling himself the Doctor. They end up in a frozen, ruined Equestria where ponies are hunted by the "Dark Ones". The Doctor and Clearwin must help Twilight Sparkle's resistance against the Dark Ones and discover what happened to Equestria.
  2. Hello everypony, i am in need of those who play yugioh, but everyone is welcome to join in on this. Now, for a long time i have wanted to mix my favorite thing that i love, Yugioh and My Little Pony. However, i am creating my characters deck and have hit an impass, one i would like to ask you all, along the lines of canon characters, and what decks they would use. Now, i have already had my own ideas, but anyone who wants to put down an idea, i will listen to it. But, if you are going to put down an idea, Please give a reason to justify it, not just 'cause they are cool' or 'i like them'. Thank you Now, for the deck ideas i have already have: Twilight Sparkle: - Spellbooks. Rarity: - Gem-Knights. Rainbow Dash: - Blue-Eyes White Dragon Beatdown Fluttershy: - Watt (Can change) Pinkie Pie: - No idea! There are not enough toon monsters/support for me to do anything with them Apple jack: -Heroic Challenger/Black Luster Soilder. Apple Bloom: -VwXYZ Sweetie Bell: -Elemental Hero's Scootaloo: -Harpie Ladies Shining Armor: - Not really sure. Princess Cadence: - Ummm, no idea Spike -No too sure, dragons? OC's: Original owner:Name;Deck. Shadowbolt0: Midnight Blossom: Crystal Beasts Shadowbolt0: Tempest Gale: Photon's Those are the major ones i can't do, i've done Celestia and Luna. I might do Shining Armor, but i dont' know yet. If anypony, even if they haven't played yugioh could help, i'd owe you. If you haven't played, comment on how you think they would duel and what types of monsters you think they would use. If you have, maybe comment on what you think is right and wrong, maybe you think certain monsters would suit a certain character more. Any advice would be much appreciated. Anyway, this is yo boy, signing out for now
  3. One thousand years after her banishment, Princess Luna returns to a flooded world - with her sister nowhere to be found. Yet with the help of the Equestrian Remnant's valiant airship, the Nocturnal Thunder, and an alternate Mane Six, she may soon find answers at the edge of this strange, oceanic realm... Give her a read . http://www.fimfictio...ound-of-thunder The SOT Collab Group Presents... Entry 26-A - Chief Navigator Twilight Sparkle's Command Log October 12th, 1001 A.G.F. Once upon a time, they said this world was home to a million secrets. Secrets hidden in the woods, the caves, and within ourselves. Secrets that could shatter the world, or simply shatter the sense of one's self. Yet it isn't always for the best for such secrets to be found… My mother once said that the island I live on is just the tip of a massive mountain, one of the highest in the land formerly known as Equestria. To the old ones, this mountain must have been a sight to see, casting a shadow over half the nation… a nation of soil, not water. That was, until Princess Luna became corrupted, having grown envious of another’s sway over the heavens and the ponies below it. A being known simply as Princess Celestia. Her own sister. I've read about this being... studied her: I've been fascinated with her since I was a filly, though I can't put my hoof on why. It's like deja-vu in a way - I feel like I should know her... but I don't. And for some reason, it makes me sad. Everything I know about what happened all those years ago is from my books - some of them centuries old. The two fought… The former was defeated – exiled to the moon for a thousand years. Yet solving one… ‘problem’, awoke another. Sensing weakness, one who had long since dwelled in places nopony was meant to see, beneath a stormy maelstrom in the Central Ocean, awoke: the dreaded old god, Nathusha. Once again, Princess Celestia fought selflessly - however, this time, not for the sake of those who dwelt in the light, but those who dwelt above the seas... Yet, despite all her efforts, he cast down the solar goddess... ... And claimed the greater whole of all land as his own. The solar princess was not killed, however, or so say the legends. Celestia, a being of beauty, was captured by Nathusha and brought back to his home of R’Lach, deep beneath the waves, to be his queen. Neither have been heard of since. Nopony even has a clue where R’Lach is. I never knew this world, so I sometimes wonder why I long for it. Equestria, or the Equestrian Remnant as it is now called, has moved on – the world has moved on. We’re used to the sea – we respect the sea, yet… the sea was meant for visiting, not living upon. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had Nathusha never came. What would the world be like? Would Princess Celestia still be around? Who would I be? Would I even ‘be’ at all? Again - I feel... cold at the thought. However, the past is the past and there's no use worrying about what could have been. Now all that’s left is to look towards the future. A future set under the moonlight. For, one year ago, Princess Luna returned. Or ‘Nightmare Moon’, I should say. I was ready. Two days before it, I was given a scroll containing an ancient prophecy by a mysterious stallion named Captain Black Harness, whose family I suppose once served the ancient solar goddess. Five others were given identical scrolls, five others who are now my greatest friends: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie (Or Captain Piepan, as she is called), and Applejack. Together, after journeying to find the sunken Elements of Harmony, we freed Princess Luna from her ancient burden. And she was grateful – to her sister and to the Elements. Our nation took to her like a daughter to a long-lost mother. Over the past year, she has guided us. Loved us... Protected us when need-be. With her help, she has made the Equestrian Remnant strong in the eyes of the world. I even became her faithful student in the art of magic - an honor I never thought I'd be bestowed. Yet she did not forget who she was – and her wrath over her sister’s absence could be felt for many moons. Yet Captain Black was not done delivering messages. One stormy night, he knocked on her palace’s doors, holding a message that held a simple set of far-away coordinates, ones near the edge of the map, and a single message written in her sister’s hoof-writing: ‘Fly here for answers.’ With a new-found determination, the Princess of the Night sought to travel this long journey. However, because of her weakened state brought upon by her battle with the Nightmare, as well as a loss of connection with her sister, she could not hope to travel the journey… At least – not alone… ... ... ... ... .. . Chapter By - Silent Bob Edits By - Cor200, Doccular42, and Salacar Artwork By- Various Deviantart Sources - Some Edited by Silent Bob Map By - Silent Bob
  4. Cover art by Arylett-Dawnsborough It's finally done! The first episode of my fanfiction, "The Subordinate Six", is completed and free to view on FIMFiction Dot Net! It was on the Featured Stories list for awhile, and has gotten some favorable reviews. Please give it a read; I didn't work on this for 6 months only to have a handful of people see it! The Subordinate Six Summary: Las Pegasus, the entertainment capital of Equestria. Lyra and Bon Bon arrive in the city prepared to start a new life, but run into some familiar faces. For instance, there's a wall-eyed mailmare living next door, and some traveling magician won't stop proclaiming her own greatness. And Lyra could swear she's seen this pony named 'Vinyl Scratch' before, but Octavia is remaining tight-lipped. Can they make it in this town of glitz, glamor, and crazy ponies? (First episode/storyline is completed!) Characters: Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Trixie, Vinyl, Octavia Genre: Comedy/Normal with eventual shipping Rated: E
  5. I've been having this problem with this story idea lately. It just came to me a few days ago while on TV Tropes. Basically,I'm attempting to do a sad Story with the Mane Six..but involving this: (I had to remove the song due to some rules I didn't know about.Just look up 'Alcest Le Secret') This song (I dunno if you guys would want to listen to a 13 minute song),but the lyrics say other wise! [colour=#000000]English: Sometimes, the trees sketch out a peculiar ballet, Imitating my little body deceived by the wind, And the ivy whispers familiar words Look at life with the eyes of a child To smell the suave perfumes exhaled By a garden whose secret you filled long ago And at that moment sang the giggling diaphanous girls Of the sparkling, pearly river I do have something planned,but I need more help with this![/colour]
  6. Hello everyone! While I wait on the cover art and theme song for my fanfiction "The Subordinate Six" to be finished, I decided to scratch my writers itch by writing a short fic about everyone's favorite subject right now: Alicorn Twilight. The idea for this particular story came to my mind while I tried to sleep this Friday night, and since the idea was still there tonight, I decided it was worth writing down. I've got the first 2 and a half pages done so far, but its a very rough draft; I just started writing this not even 4 hours ago, I've never used First Person and Present Tense in fiction outside of a classroom setting before, and its also my first time writing for Luna and Celestia. I'm posting what I have here right now so y'all can tell me if I'm doing this right, and if it's actually of any interest to you. I know this subject has been written about to death, but I want to at least make my take on it a little bit different. So, here it is so far. Story contents inside the spoiler tag. Read it? Okay. You can probably tell where this story is heading, since I'm following what we currently know about season 3's ending. The next segment will most likely be from Celestia's perspective, so that I can show her thought process more in-depth. Tell me what you think!
  7. Well hullo there canterpeeps! This is a kind of fun experiment I tried, because I wanted to write a fic but didn't know what about nor who the characters would be. I just started writing and from that I sketched a plan and an ending and a few things in between. Here's the description... "The fate of Ponyville is on a rainbow-maned Pegasus' shoulders, and with no wings, no friends and losing all hope, she must look deeper - to the most unlikely friendship that just might save the town." Here's the link to my fic on FIMfiction.net --> http://www.fimfiction.net/story/77971/wings I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! (:
  8. Authors Note: After seeing One Bad Apple, I felt that while the overall idea was good, redemption and not letting yourself become what you oppose, are good morals, Babs Seed was something of a Karma Houdini, doing all those bad things and never getting punished for it. I'm not unhappy with the ending, but I feel she should ahve had to work harder for her redemption. And of course Diamond Tiara always needs a to be slapped down. So I was complelled to write this. Not my best or most carefully plotted out work, but I was running on inspiration. Do I upload it to my fanfction.net page? Applejack was working in the vegetable patch next to the farmhouse when she heard excited voices. She nodded with approval as she saw the four fillies crossing the yard to the barn where the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been building their float for the Summer Harvest Parade. She knew this had been a good idea. Being around a group of fillies who didn't let their lack of a cutie mark dampen their spirits would do poor Babs the world of good. She was proud as apple sauce that Apple Bloom had trotted up to the plate like that, and her two friends with her. They'd gone out of their way to make Babs feel accepted right from the moment they met her, which was exactly what the Manehatten filly needed. Having friends to support you could get you through the hard times, and from her letters, Babs had been having a very hard time being bullied about her own blank flank. Maybe she should bring out a tray of apple juice for the four of the little darlings... She saw some unexpected visitors to the farm. What were those two fillies doing here. Diamond Tiara was not on her list of favourite people, especially after it had become clear that she'd been the ultimate cause of the Gabby Gums fiasco. For that matter she knew about the pairs attitude but had felt it best to let Apple Bloom and the others handle that themselves unless they asked for help. Still, she had a load of vegetables to carry across to the storage shed, so she could pass by and check on them. Babs must be feeling pretty fragile, and those two getting on her saddle was exactly what she didn't need, even if she had Apple Bloom and the others to protect her. As she walked up to the entrance to the barn, she heard raised voices from inside. "More like Cutie-mark cry-babies!" That Manehatten accent, that snicker, that surely couldn't be Babs? "Hey!" She knew her little sister's voice. She heard the whole disgraceful episode unfold. Diamond Tiara egging Babs on, and the Manehatten filly not only going along with it, but going off on her own. She was about to step around into the doorway when there was a crash, and the float came barrelling out to wreck itself at the bottom of the hill. Apple Bloom's voice rang out clear. "When I tell Applejack..." "You're going to tell Applejack what?" Applejack could imagine the new pony stepping up and getting in Apple Bloom's face. "W-well, y'know, uh..." "What're you, a snitch?" Then Diamond Tirara's grating whine exclaimed, "Come on, Babs, you should hang with us! Y'know, the cool ponies, not these babies!" Applejack was already stepping around to stand in the doorway, shadow towards the three 'cool ponies' who suddenly got quite a lot colder. "They don't need to tell me anything! I heard quite enough myself." Diamond Tiara started to edge around the farm-pony but was stopped by a glare. "You and your side-kick can stay right there! I'll get to you soon enough, but I got some things to say to my cousin first!" Babs' cool confident front had vanished like a passing cloud, and she was practically cowering. "I've never been ashamed to call one of my own kin family until just now! You should know better than any-pony what being bullied is like! We took you in hen you were hurtin', gave you a place to stay, my little sister and her friends went out of their way to make you feel at home, and this is how you repay them? The first chance you get, you turn on them!" "Bu... B-but I..." Babs started to tear up. "When you said you'd been bullied in Manehatten about not having a cutie-mark, I figured you'd feel at home here. Land sakes, I figured knowing that there are other ponies who don't have a cutie mark and don't let it get them down would be good for you. Now I'm wondering if that sob story was just a front, and the reason you needed to get out of Manehatten was because you were the bully, and ponies had gotten wise to ya!" "She was bullied?" Apple Bloom asked. "She said she was!" Applejack replied. "But that don't fit the way she just acted." "But I was bullied!" wailed Babs. "I was scared of being bullied when those two appeared, and I... I..." "Joined up with them and bucked dirt in the faces of every-pony who'd tried to help ya. If there's two things I can't stand, it's dishonesty and disloyalty." Applejack finished disgustedly. "Two wrongs don't make a right, and being bullied don't give you the leave to be a bully yourself. I know these two and the way they act. The reason they pal around with each other is because no-pony decent will have anything to do with them, unless Tiara is throwing her money around to buy some popularity." "Hey!" Diamond Tiara exclaimed, stung by Applejack's contempt. "Every-pony knows it, but I ain't your local parenty. Teaching you proper manners is your daddy's job!" Apple Bloom asked, "If you know they're teasing us, why haven't you said something before now?" That got the farm-pony to smile for the first time. "Because up till now you've been handling them pretty well by yourself. Heck, if I'd stepped in when you were panicking about that party, you'd probably never have formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the first place. I'm proud of how you deal with things yourself, and I wasn't going to take that away from you. But just so you know, telling some-pony if you need help isn't being a snitch." Apple Bloom beamed with pride, and the other two gave her one hoofed hugs. Applejack had turned her attention back to Babs Seed, and her tone was a lot less friendly. "However, even those two stuck-up fillies have never done anything worse than pass a few nasty remarks. They never damaged any-ponies property, maybe because they knew it'd come back to haunt 'em. "But you just went and wrecked a float that was the result of a lot of hard work by Apple Bloom and the others, and you did it purely because it was the worst thing you could do to hurt them. Worse still some-pony coulda got hurt! I nearly got hit myself! Celestia knows the Cutie Mark Crusaders have enough disasters themselves, but they're accidents, not some-pony out to wreck things." “I never meant to wreck it! I just wanted to dent it a bit...” “Y'all can tell it to your folks back in Manehatten. I'm sending you back there first train tomorrow, and the only reason I ain't doing it tonight is 'cause I need to send your parents a pegasus mail to let 'em know to come pick you up first. I'm going to add a few choice comments about exactly how you acted around here too.” She pointed a hoof at the door. “I suggest you go pack up your things. I was gonna let you sleep with Apple Bloom, but I don't think that's gonna work out. I'll fix up the attic, you can sleep up there for tonight.” Babs slunk off dejectedly in the direction of the house, muzzle almost touching the ground, and Diamond Tiara tried to edge away again. Applejack turned to face her. “And as for you missy, you ain't getting away with this neither!” “But I didn't wreck that stupid cart!” the pink pony whined. “It isn't fair!” “You and that bookend of yours didn't try to stop her, in fact you seemed pretty darned pleased about it. What has my little sis ever done to you anyhow? Huh, if it wasn't cutie marks and my sis, it'd be some-pony else and something else, because the only way you can feel big is if you make some-pony else feel small. Apple Bloom has more moxie, more guts and more gumption in one hoof than you've got in your entire body!” “You can't talk to me like that! When I tell my father...” “Oh, I intend to have a long talk with old Filthy myself, and your momma too.” Applejack interrupted. “He's a decent enough pony and I don't think he'll be best pleased with the way you're dragging his good name through the mud with yer shenanigans “ “But...” Diamond Tiara's eyes widened. The prissy filly knew she was in trouble. But bluster had always worked before. “He'll never believe you over me, I'm his daughter! My daddy's rich, and has powerful friends! You don't want to upset him!” Of course, this worked wonders with Applejack. “The Apple family may not have a pile of bits in the bank, but we've got a lot of friends ourselves, including a bunch up in Canterlot. So don't think you can scare me with the hooey you're spouting! Not that it'll come to that, the Apples and the Riches have been friends for generations. I figure he'll listen when I talk!” Out of options, Diamond Tiara looked past Applejack and fixed Apple Bloom with a basilisk glare. However it was wasted on the farm filly, as she was in a huddle with her two comrades discussing something, and didn't even notice. Applejack did. “Don't think you can take it out on my little sis neither! One more word, one more comment about blank flanks or anything else and you'll wish you were back in only this much trouble. Your dad ain't the only one who wants a piece of our next zap apple harvest! For now, I figure it's enough that you can't get in here to bother my little sis or her friends. This is Apple family land, and you ain't welcome no more, so skedaddle. And don't come back now, y hear?” ”Fine!” Diamond Tiara stamped her hoof. “I never wanted to come to this smelly old barnyard anyway!” Silver Spoon was slightly brighter, not that that was hard, and asked, “But what about the Grand Apple Picnic, or the Harvest feast, or the Nightmare Night Apple-bobbing?” “Like I said, you ain't welcome!” The Apple family hosted a lot of the bigger events in Ponyville, in whole or in part, so that was a pretty serious punishment. Applejack stood aside and pointed at the gates. Diamond Tiara, finally realising that she'd met a tougher pony than she was, stomped off in a snit. Silver Spoon followed in her wake, a lot more subdued and casting gloomy glances back at the guardian earth-pony. It wasn't until the pair were out of the gate that Applejack turned back to the trio, who were now watching her with awed expressions. “Wow! That was totally awesome, amazing and...!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed. Scootaloo finished. “... way past cool!” “I didn't enjoy doing it, but acting nice to those two would have taught 'em nothing. They need learnin' that actions have consequences. In this case, that if you buck the Apple family tree, you get a whole bunch of Apple's dropping on you!” “You'd really do that, stop selling Filthy Rich zap apple jam? For me?”Apple Bloom asked uncertainly. She knew enough about the Apple farm's business side that shifting things around would cause a lot of trouble and quite possibly expense. “In a Manehatten minute!” Applejack replied, ruffling her hair. “There are other distributors, but I only have one sister, and I aim to protect her. And that goes for her friends too.” Apple Bloom said, after a second. “About Manehatten, I mean sending Babs back there. We've been talking, and we wanted to ask a favour...” &&& Babs Seed was up in Apple Bloom's room, slumped down on the bed with her head in her hoofs, sobbing softly. How could things have gone so wrong so fast. This had been her life-line, her big chance to escape what was happening in Manehatten, and she'd blown it about as badly as it was possible to do. When the bullies in Manehatten had started on her, her parents had told her to just ignore it.. She'd tried, really she had, but that had just made them bolder, scaring away any-pony who might want to be friends with her. Even the fillies who weren't part of the gang stayed away to avoid drawing the bullies attention, and she couldn't really blame them. She felt a completely irrational burst of anger through her misery. Why did her cousin have to be so eager, so nice with so little reason! She'd been lonely for long enough, that a group of ponies wanting to be friends had scared her, not that she hadn't been nervous already with meeting her famous cousin Applejack. The whole time they'd been hauling her around, showing stuff off, telling her they wanted her in their club, she had been waiting for the other horse-shoe to drop, for them to turn on her, and restore the universe to normal. The idea that the offer was genuine never really occurred to her. Then those two stuck-up witches had turned up, and she was right back in her worst nightmares. She'd panicked and done something monumentally stupid. Another bigger burst of hurt and anger was directed at the fancy-pants fillies. They'd come at the worst time, and their approval at her insulting the other three was reassuring. Things were back to normal, ponies were bullying other ponies and no-pony was doing anything about it, only this time she was on the winning side. Then it had gotten out of hoof. She'd been desperate for more approval, but she really hadn't meant to wreck the float, just damage it a bit. Just enough to seal the deal with her new 'friends'. That had her growling at the Cutie-mark Crusaders again. Why couldn't they build a better float, or at least a tougher one! With that, she figured she'd pretty much burned her bridges behind her, so it seemed easier to keep rolling with it, and it wasn't like she didn't know exactly how bullies operated. Then her roll had come up against a rock called Applejack. She wanted to lash out at all of them, but Applejack's devastating analysis of her actions left her no comfortable place to divert the blame. She'd thrown away what was freely offered, hurt people who wanted to care about her out of fear, just to get in with a pair of ponies she would never have wanted to be friends with in a million years. Her focus turned back to the real author of this mess, herself. If she'd only had a little more courage... no, in the clinch, she'd discovered she was a coward, and the self-loathing burned like acid in her soul. Her parents had never really believed how bad her situation was, and after Applejack wrote that letter, they never would, and neither would any other member of the Apple clan. She was going back to Manehatten, back to the humiliation and pain, and this time there'd be no escape. The worst part of it was, she was starting to think she didn't deserve any better. She considered running away, maybe into the Everfree forest. She might be a Manehatten girl, and know less about wilderness survival than a pet poodle, but being torn limb from limb by rabid timber wolves would still be less painful than what she felt right now. There was a knock on the door, and her younger cousin's voice came through it. “Babs? Can I come in?” The Manehatten filly felt another spike of nager at how gentle her voice was, and that anger made her respond. “Come to gloat? Now you've got what you wanted?” Even as she said it, the heat of her anger turned cold. 'Way to go Babs, if there's away to make things worse, you'll find it!' she berated herself. “I just wanted to talk, and I never wanted you to get sent away like that, but if you don't want to...” “NO! Please, I mean I'm sorry, I'm so sorry and I've been so stupid and it's all gone wrong!” Babs called out in a panic. “I didn't mean to wreck the float, and I shouldn't have sided with those two mean brats, but I... oh, what's the use! There's no way to fix it, fix anything... “ The door opened and Apple Bloom trotted in and came over to the bed. She reached out a hoof and Babs flinched away closing her eyes, but all that happened was the feeling of a fore-leg wrapping around her in a hug. “It's okay, I know what it's like to feel all alone, to be scared like that. I might have ended up as bad as that if it hadn't been for Scoots and Sweetie Belle. I guess we came on a bit too string, huh?” Babs just hunched tighter in on herself, turning away, feeling even worse at the warmth in her cousin's voice. “How can you be so nice to me after what I did! Applejack was right, I'm not fit to be around here! Maybe I am just a rotten apple!” “Applejack once told me what Fluttershy, she's a pegasus friend of hers, said when she was telling off a dragon who'd been snorting out smoke across Equestria and blocking out the sun. 'You ain't a bad dragon, you just made a bad mistake.' I figure if she can tell that to a dragon, I can say that to you, excepting that you ain't a dragon.” “A dragon? Really?” That was a bizarre enough story that it cut through some layers of the shell Babs was building up around herself. A lot of weird stories came out of Ponyville, what with one thing and another but this one took a lot of believing. “Sure as sugar!” Apple Bloom replied. “Ask my big sis, heck, ask any-pony. Anyhow, what I really wanted to talk to you about is a second chance.” Babs' heart leapt at the words, then immediately fumbled it's vault and came crashing back down. “What can I possibly do? Applejack wouldn't believe I was sorry if I got a statement endorsed by the Princesses, Celestia and Luna both!” “My sister can be stubborn as a mule, though come to think of it, the one mule we have around here is about as easy-going a fella as you could wish. However, we convinced her to hold off on that letter and stuff, if you were willing to do something for us.” That made Babs scared again. They were going to put her through the wringer somehow to pay for her crimes... but a part of her actually looked forward to it. However humiliating or unpleasant her penance was, it'd still feel better than what she felt now. Somehow, she knew that whatever dreadful thing she had to do, the offer itself was genuine. Apple Bloom had never lied to her, or tried to trick her, whatever her own fears had told her. “What do I have to do?” she asked, nervously. She heard Apple Bloom chuckle, a sound devoid of the edge Babs' own had taken on when she was insulting them. “Don't sound so scared. It's just we're still down a carnival float, and the carnival is tomorrow. That means an all-nighter for the three of us, and we figured a fourth set of hooves would come in handy. We figured the best way for you to make up for wrecking the first one was to help build the replacement.” “That's all?” Babs was stunned, and her voice showed it. “After how I acted?” Apple Bloom's voice was surprised as hers. “What did you think we were going to do? Ask you to walk through the Everfree blindfolded? Spend the night in the pig-pen? Like I said, I understand what it is to be scared, and lonely and do crazy things because of it,and so do the others. I think my big sister has forgotten that, though truth be told, she was late getting her own cutie-mark. I figure this is kind of neat, the punishment fitting the crime, as Sweetie Belle said. I also figure we'll find out what kind of pony you are at the same time.” Babs couldn't quite believe she could get off this easily, but she wasn't going to let it slip through her hooves. She turned back to face her cousin, hope in her eyes for the first time. “I'll do it! I'll build you your pumpkin!” “No, you won't.” Babs heart crashed, so it was just a trick after all. But before she could say anything, Apple Bloom continued. “We decided a coach made out of a pumpkin was too filly-tale. We'll be building a golden apple, and so will you.” Babs smiled properly for the first time since she'd arrived, “I'll do my very best!” “Glad to have you on-board cuz!” Apple Bloom gave her cousin a proper hug, and this time, Babs hugged her back. It felt wonderful. In fact, she felt a lot better than she had in a long time. &&& The long night of building (with appropriate background music) was over and the four fillies stood back and looked at what they had wrought. The golden apple float looked fantastic. Babs had been better than her word, working twice as hard as any of the others, and the early evening start combined with her extra efforts meant the whole thing had been completed by mid-night, with enough time to catch most of a full night's sleep. “Is this it?” Sweetie Belle yawned. Scootaloo was sagging slightly. “I think... we're good to go!” “Oh pony! Maybe I should have taken up that blindfold walk across the Everfree instead!” Babs puffed, blowing her fringe up. “I ache in places I didn't even know I had!” “Well, we couldn't have done it without you, well, not as fast and not as good. Those were some neat ideas you came up with!” Apple Bloom was as tired as the others, but she was still watching out for her cousin. “I'm going to make sure Applejack knows just how hard you worked, and just how much you went through back in Manehatten. None of us had it half so bad!” “Ohhh!” Sweetie Belle growled. “Those meanies make Dumb Tiara and Silly Spoon sound like cream-puffs! If I ever get my hooves on them...!” “Yeah!” Scootaloo added, “If they give you any more trouble when you go back, let us know and we'll come give you a helping hoof dealing with them.” Babs might be tired, but the warmth of their enthusiastic support still made her feel good. “Thanks guys... Thanks for everything!” “It's the least we could do for a fellow Crusader...” Apple Bloom realised what she'd said and looked around. “Guys, I think Babs has worked her passage, don't you?” “Worked her tail off more like!” Scootaloo exclaimed. “All in favour of making her a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, say Apple!” The vote was unanimous. Sweetie Belle spoke for them. “Then we, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, elect Babs Seed to join us as a sister, friend, confi-day-nte, alley, boss-om buddy, gal pal, compader... what was the rest of it, Scootaloo? Oh, who cares, we can do the official stuff later! The short short version is basically, you're in!” “Well I'm all in for one!” Apple Bloom yawned again, causing something of an epidemic. “We gotta be our best tomorrow, so we'd better get some shut-eye.” She held up her hoof. “Cutie mark Crusaders...” The other two slapped their hooves against hers, and then Apple Bloom looked over at Babs. Her eyes widened and all three fillies nodded in response to the unasked question in them. She stepped over and put her own hoof against theirs. “Cutie Mark Crusaders... HO!” &&& (You should stop here if you actually like Diamond Tiara. Assume the episode ends pretty much as it does in canon. I have zero sympathy for DT, and this is a perfect chance to put the through a humiliation conga. So read on at your peril.) Diamond Tiara glared furiously at the floats as they passed. The happy polka music, the smiling ponies, how dare they all be happy when she was suffering! Applejack had come to see her father, and despite her efforts to explain that it wasn't her fault and everyone else was against her, he'd ended up giving her the worst talking to of her life, and he'd even... sent her to bed without dessert! It was all that Babs Seed's fault anyway! She'd wrecked the float and gotten Diamond Tiara in trouble. The pink filly took a little pleasure in the fact that Babs was going to be punished even worse than she had been. As for Silver Spoon, she hadn't been seen since they left the Apple farm... There she was! At least there was one pony who'd see things the right way. The grey pony came over to her rather hesitantly, but Diamond Tiara ignored that. “I'm glad you're here! Can you believe all this fuss and bother over a few farmers? It's disgusting! Well, at least those Cutie mark cry-babies won't be joining in! Bump bump, sugar lump...” Silver Spoon looked shocked at just how much venom there was in that last sentence, and didn't join in with their signature greeting. “Uh... actually I can't stay... My parents decided you're a bad influence on me, and they've forbidden me to see you in future. They're talking to Miss Cherrilee to get us different seats in class, and I'm not to come over to your place, and vice versa.” For a moment Diamond Tiara couldn't believe it, then she started a furious tirade. “You can't possibly be going along with this! It's that rotten farm-pony Applejack! She's doing all this because her precious little sister had her feeling hurt! She can't tell us how to run our lives! Ohhh! If Apple Bloom thought I was being mean to her before, she'll realsie she didn't even know what the word meant when I'm through with her!” She realised that Silver Spoon was backing away, looking scared. “What? Surely you're not going to just give in? We're best filly friends forever, remember!” The grey pony visibly stopped herself, and replied. “Actually, I am, and not just because of my parents. I never realised it before, but Applejack was right. We became friends because we both liked the same things, fancy clothes and jewellery and magazines, and because your dad loaned mine the money to build up his sugar refinery. “When we started teasing Apple Bloom, I thought we were just showing that just because we were proper girls, unlike her, that didn't mean we weren't tough. But you, you really do enjoy hurting other ponies just to see them hurt! I had a long talk with my parents about who I wanted to be, and I realised that that wasn't it. In fact, I going to work hard not to be like that anymore.” Diamond Tiara was shocked at this new betrayal, and reacted in the only way she knew how. “Fine! Who needs you! I can find some better friends anyway! I don't ever want to see you again either, you pathetic doormat!” Normally a show of temper like that would have had Silver Spoon frantically apologising, but she seemed strangely unmoved. “You know, I figured this would be harder, considering how close we've been, but I realise we never were. I wasn't your friend, just a sounding board and yes-pony. You were the one who decided everything and I just went along with it. “Well not any more! The more I listen to you, the more I realise this was the best thing that could have happened to me! I may not have the qualifications for Apple Bloom's club...” she looked down at her cutie-mark, “... but maybe if I work hard enough at it, they might accept me as a friend. From what I've seen, at least they mean it. Have a nice life.” With that she turned on her hooves and walked away, ignoring Diamond Tiara's increasingly shrill commands and pleading. Diamond Tiara thought she couldn't get any madder, and then she saw a golden apple float, or rather, who was in the cabin. Babs Seed was right there with the three other Blank Flanks, laughing and having what looked to be a good time. She grabbed a carrot crepe loaded with strawberry sauce off a passing vendors tray, ignoring the exclamation of anger from the sales-pony, and flung it like a frisbee with all her might at the offending blank flank. Apple Bloom spotted her just as she launched it. “Uh oh! Incoming!” “Deploy point defence system!” called out Scootaloo. Roger!” Babs replied, and pulled a lever. A hatch popped open in the front of the float, and a worn out tennis racket on a mechanical arm unfolded to pop up in front of the wide front window. It had been restrung with strong elastic bands, and Babs moved the lever like a joystick to manoeuvre the racket to intercept the pancake projectile. The crepe hit and rebounded right back at the pink pony who'd thrown it. She wasn't able to duck in time and with a particularly gooey splat, she ended up wearing it as a face mask. It slid down her muzzle leaving her covered in pureed strawberry. “Nice shooting Babs!” Scootaloo exclaimed. “That was a cool idea!” Apple Bloom asked. “How'd you get so good at that anyhow?” “Playin' the crane games at the fun fair at Pony Island.” Babs explained. Sweetie Belle pulled down a periscope and focussed on the peeved pink pony princess they'd just passed. “Well it worked! Oh my, is her face ever red!” Their merry laughter reached the ears of the pony in question, along with the question from the vendor. “So are you going to pay for that?”
  9. My goal when putting this fanfiction idea together is to find a balance between the dark drama of Vampire the Masquerade with the lighthearted world of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The roleplaying game is actually pretty grim, as even the vampires that are the protagonist struggle with what is called 'the beast' or 'the beast within' and it is much of a tooth and nail world. The clans of Camarilla, though aligned and working together to keep the deception of the Masquerade intact, at times see their allies poorly and struggle with their own problem or conflicts. I have decided, because of what such would represent, that each of the six will be of different houses which thankfully isn't too difficult. Yet by having the six be the vampires of the clans it will mean their personalities will be a bit darker. On the same note the dark drama of the roleplay will be lessened, as I wish to still stay true to the show to an extent. This will be interesting and challenging to say the least, which is why I ask all those that know the Vampire the Masquerade or are willing to learn of the roleplay help me figure out how to do this. I would be most grateful for any help I can get and what I currently have is below. Also there will still be the Elements of Harmony in this fanfiction though they may work a bit differently and it is because of these artifacts and the six vampires of the clans that used them that Luna was able to be torn from the grasp of her own 'beast within'. One thing I am sure you will also notice as well as there wont be any true family bonds, as only the Giovanni clan actually take from their own often incestuous family line... and lets just say there is a few reasons why Camarilla hates this clan and that is one of them. Most vampires that are sired are not related to the one that changed them into their undead state though I have played it that they still 'join the families' of their sire so to speak. Twilight Sparkle would be of Clan Tremere, as turned by a vampire that would become her mother who had adopted Twilight with her hunsband and raised her in preparation of what she would learn of Tremere. When she had gained the attention of her city's princess, and the most ancient of Camarilla's elders, she would become her student... despite the fact Celestia was a Ventrue. The reason for this was that Celestia was far more skilled in Thaumaturgy then most Tremere. This being mostly because of her age then anything else, thus being one that could teach her student many things especially the use of the power Presence, and the blood magics of her student's clan. Twilight has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, wishing to know all there is and a very logical mind which lend well to her great skill at magic. Pinkie Pie would be of Clan Malkavian, a true example of her clan as she does not always make sense and her insanity showing itself as an odd eccentrics and a surprising energy few could hope to match. Her greatest pleasure being to bring, at times confusing, excitement into the lives of those she meets and especially that of other kindreds. Her greatest skill being to cause others to laugh and to underestimate the abilities she possesses, all the while taking in what is going on around her and doing that which seems impossible... or so it seems. In truth it is because the special power of her clan Dementation is continuously in effect if to a minor degree, simply put the impossible things that happen when she is around is because of this power. Rarity would be of Clan Toreador, a vampire of great beauty and refinement a Toreador in every sense of the word that goes through her unlife working for there to be beauty all around her. Having been a fashion designer in life she continues such once being turned, growing to be in demand by those like her because of her skills. Yet her skills were not only in the cloth but in a social setting as well, truly knowing how to manipulate those around her and get what she wants out of the situation. Yet at the same time, secretly, she has shown what would surprise many to be a generous side that only those she trusts knows about and all others she waves it away as no big deal or suggests is for selfish reasons. Rainbow Dash would be of Clan Brujah, is hotheaded and brash much like other of her clan with of love of the extreme. Once a stunt flyer that did small shows in her town it was through this she gained the chance to meet fliers more skilled then herself who it turned out one was of the clan Brujah and she was turned into a vampire. Loving her new abilities and speed as a vampire she took to it better then many. Quick to violence she is also very loyal, and has a sense of honor that will allow her to be relied on despite her temper. She seems to care more about showing off and looking cool yet is willing to puts such aside if she needs to and is very good to have in a fight. Applejack would be of Clan Ventrue, having been turned by one she would come to call her brother and taken in by his family growing to eventually pretty much lead her new family's business. Known for keeping her words and her dealings honest with the kindred she always gives a fair yet profitable price. Having a strong will and hardheadedness that cases her house and others exasperation at times, yet her grasp of the rules and how to use them is second to none. She will help to make sure everything is in order and point out the flaws in what others say even if she does not lead, and it seems she has gained the strength know for by her family. Fluttershy would be of Clan Gangrel, being a true oddity among vampires and is considered too softhearted for unlife, making many wonder who sired. Her passion and skill for animals, the very thing that caused her to be turned her into a vampire by her sire, helped her to reforge the bond that had seemed lost with her animal compantions for becoming a monster. She is shy and reclusive to say the least but has over time grown used to her lot. She still likes to stay in the forest with her animal companions yet has learned how to involve herself in Camarilla's affairs and has, surprisingly for many, even become close to some of other vampires. Celestia and Luna would be of Clan Ventrue, both over 2000 years old and thus very powerful though for a very long time Luna had been imprisoned when she lost herself to the 'beast within' until her sister was able to finally find a way to bring her back to her senses and have her released from the beast. Many wondered why the eldest didn't just kill her, as was common for those that gave in and lost themselves to the beast but if she had there would be one less threat to any that thought to oppose the Camarilla and Equestria. It was also for other reasons, as it had been because of her sister that Celestia had not herself given into the beast and gone mad. Not only that but they were mutually blood bonded to the fullest degree, which in part is what lead Luna to fall to her darkness when her sister begin spending more time with and giving more attention to her subjects then to her. Now that Luna has returned though her older sister has shown her more affection then she could almost handle, in part because of how much Celestia missed her. Luna has had to learn to adapt to the changes that have come about since her return, and is currently be taught by her sister how to come to a state where she will not need to worry of her beast any longer. It has been spoken that Celestia has found Golconda, and for those that actually know more her search for such come after being forced to imprison her sister away when she gave into the beast. This actually is truth, which bring into question why this princess and elder has not left as most have that gained Golconda... but for all that know her it is because she truly does care about her subjects both vampire and mortal, being unwilling to leave for as long as they need her. It was on the return of her sister, after Luna was given release from the beast, that Celestia now helps her younger sister towards Golconda as well. Yet she has not only focused on herself and her sister but seeks to lead other vampires to this higher state as well... counting perhaps Twilight and the other Elements of Harmony. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- No one knows for sure where Discord came from though the princess connect him to the Clans Ravnos and Followers of Chaos (alternate version of Followers of Set), an extremely ancient vampire that even Celestia and Luna fear greatly. With no care but for his own and having perfected many of powers that a vampire can learn he seems at times to actually warp the land around him with his illusions and magics. Manipulative and deceptive he loves getting others to play his games at his terms. Working it so that he comes out on top and with the last laugh. He holds no love for his kindred or for the clans, let alone humans which he uses as mere playthings... though he often does the same for vampires as such there isn't much difference.
  10. Posted on FIMFiction, my new story The Magic and the Night. Princess Celestia has invited Twilight and her friends to spend Hearth's Warming Eve with her and Luna at Canterlot. But when Twilight is arrested for a crime she didn't commit, Luna is convinced that it has something to do with why she became Nightmare Moon so long ago. Twilight and Luna must clear Twilight's name and confront the secret behind Nightmare Moon before she takes over again, embarking on a journey through a frozen forest into a the deepest reaches of their own fears. A romantic horror story for the holidays!
  11. Just wanted to share an idea I had yesterday which turned into a story. I wrote this in about an hour and a half, so don't expect a masterpiece. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/61884/Lyra-and-Bonbon-Take-a-Trip
  12. I've been developing this story since February and infrequently writing since April. I'd just like some honest feedback about errors, writing style, character portrayal, and readability. Here's the first part of the first chapter =========================================================================================== Chapter 1 Part 1: A Piece of Peace Books danced about in the air, suspended by an aura of magenta. Dozens of books and several scrolls filed around the room in this manner, lining themselves upon the shelves on the walls or a select few finding their way into an indigo saddle bag on the round table at the center of the room. A lavender unicorn pony that called the interior of the massive, hollowed out tree her home willed the objects around her, the effort made evident by a glow of light coming from the horn on her forehead. It was not Re-shelving Day according to her schedule, but it was no less important that she took note of each and every book, as well as the numerous scrolls that ponies would check out. As the resident librarian of Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle took every measure to ensure that nothing went amiss. This was her domain after all, and order would be kept. Another stack of books made its way down the stairs from the second floor, but not through the unicorn’s will or other magical properties. Walking on his hind legs and supporting his load with his arms, a tiny purple dragon with a pale green underbelly and spines of a more prominent green from the top of his head to the end of his tail hefted the books cautiously down each step. As he approached the last few steps, testing his footing before descending to the next, he spoke up to his caretaker and friend. “Hey Twilight, I know you want this to go smoothly, but don’t you think you’re getting a bit over-prepared?” Even as he addressed his concern the young dragon continued to sort his pile of books, keeping an eye out for copies the unicorn wanted for tonight. “Not this time, Spike,” she asserted in a matter-of-fact tone. “I know I was a bit carried away when Cheerilee first asked me, but I’m only planning this first lesson. I’ll take them one at a time like I should have in the first place.” “I’m surprised she’s still cool with letting you plan the special night classes,” Spike thought aloud. “Especially after you nearly put her in the hospital.” The baby dragon watched the unicorn wince from behind as the memories of last week brought a regretful expression to her face. “I know, I know, but she accepted my apology. Anyway! Cheerilee told me exactly what she wanted to go over and in what order, so I know everything I need to be ready for tonight.” Emphasising the point was an array of telescopes that flew to her side from an overhang on the upper floor. “Hmm, there aren’t enough for all the children,” she noted after double-checking the list of students, “so they’ll probably have to pair up. Spike, Once you’re done with that stack, can you make sure there will be enough star charts and astrology books? I don’t want anypony feeling left out.” “Alright, alright,” the young dragon replied, a share of exasperation evident in his voice. The main reason he hoped this would be over very soon was the fact it was almost an hour past noon, and they hadn’t done anything for lunch. He tried to keep his thoughts occupied with organizing the few remaining books so his hunger would slip his mind for just a few more minutes, but It wasn’t working very well. Just as he finished putting away his stack, Spike discovered something that would no doubt postpone lunch even longer. He was tempted to just pretend he overlooked it, but that was no way for a Number One Assistant to act. So, despite the feel of his empty belly, he turned around and spoke up to get the unicorn’s attention. “Twilight! Hey, Twilight! The last copy of The Rookie’s Guide to Constellations is missing!” Twilight was usually of a relaxed disposition, but she seized up after hearing that. A missing book? In her library? The sound of a dragon hitting the bookshelf didn’t register right away to Twilight as she zipped over to examine the shelf herself. Neither did the sensation of a unicorn running into a dragon shortly before that. After affirming Spike’s declaration, Twilight’s cupped ears folded back in apprehension. She trotted in place, looking around anxiously. “Oh no! I am short one copy!” Twelve students, six telescopes, five books. Doing some quick math, there were a few options to make due with what she had, but she wanted this to be enjoyable and any amount of lopsided resource management could throw the children off. Of course, she also remembered once again that this was a library. The book in question could simply be checked out. Trotting over to the table at the center of the main room, Twilight flipped open the in/out index, backtracking through the records to see if it had in fact been checked out. “Aha! Lickity Split checked it out two weeks ago. Agh! That means it’s supposed to be due today!” Still rubbing the spot where he was knocked into the shelf, Spike found himself suddenly aglow with magenta, then hoisted through the air across the room. Twilight’s saddlebags met him just above the lavender unicorn and slipped onto her back before he himself was placed there as well. Procuring the day’s checklist, she offered it and a quill to him. “What’s the schedule look like, Spike?” Twilight asked, hoping they had the time to spare to recover the missing book. “We’ve got time. Those were the last of the books you wanted to sort through anyways. Also, you owe me lunch. We put it off this whole time to get everything ready.” “Okay, okay. We’ll get lunch first thing after picking up the book.” Without further delay, Twilight galloped out of the library with Spike in tow. Using her magic, she closed the door, locked it, and adorned it with a sign that simply stated “Out to lunch” with an apologetic caricature of a pony in the corner. It was late summer and the hints of autumn’s arrival were gradually creeping up on Ponyville. The pegasi would organize cloud cover more and more frequently, and the seasonal vegetation was becoming sparser with each passing day. Fall events such as the Running of the Leaves were still well off, but some ponies were looking forward to them already. Ponyville was lively as could be for the relatively small town it was, with as many comers as there were goers. There were two earth ponies that caught Twilight’s immediate attention as they entered the middle of town, however. Applejack was one of Twilight Sparkle’s best friends. She was the hardworking, level-headed owner and manager of Sweet Apple Acres, one of the most well known apple farms in Equestria. The orange pony was rustic and often frank to a fault, but if she set her green eyes on a goal of any sort she would make every legitimate effort possible to accomplish it. Unlike most other ponies, Applejack kept her blond mane and tail tied at the ends. She normally wore a charming light brown stetson hat, but Twilight was surprised not to see it as they drew closer to each other. That brought her attention to Apple Bloom, the farm pony’s younger sister. Much more of a yellow coat, the young filly wore a rather large rose pink bow in her red mane. At the moment, though, the fact that her legs were covered in gauze and bandages was of more immediate concern. “Oh my goodness! Apple Bloom, what happened? Are you alright?” Twilight knew the young filly had a knack for getting into trouble, but she didn’t usually get hurt like this. While she didn’t respond right away, her older sister spoke up. “Y’know that grindstone we use to make our apple cider? Li’l Miss Crusader here thought it was a good idea to use it all on her own.” Twilight was rather familiar with the club Apple Bloom and her friends had made for themselves. There were many in Ponyville that were well aware of the ‘Cutie Mark Crusaders’ and their desire to discover their own unique talents. Their efforts often involved running all over town doing all manner of crazy things as a means of earning their cutie marks, which would illustrate something special about them, and often considered a milestone to growing up. Applejack however seemed to have found a reason to object to the filly’s latest solo endeavor, and her ornery tone only helped to exacerbate her already strong country accent. “She was usin’ the treadmill by herself, but it got away from her and by the time I heard her callin’ for help, it was all she could do to not get launched off the thing. Tilting her head, Applejack’s green eyes glanced to her sister with a hint of exasperation. “But she did. Then took a nasty spill across the barn floor. We patched her up, but we just came from the doctor’s to make sure she’s fine.” Apple Bloom took the opportunity to speak up defensively, her own accent as strong as her sisters, “I was jus’ tryin’ to catch yer hat!” “If ya hadn’t a lost yer focus to keep runnin’ I coulda got ya off’a there!” Applejack responded, clearly frustrated. “Hat? How does your hat come into this?” Twilight asked, still curious as to its absence from the farm pony’s head. “Apple Bloom likes to take my hat sometimes for her games, or just to drive her sister crazy. This time though, it got caught in the grindstone and all kinds’a ripped up.” Applejack demonstrated by opening the saddlebag she’d been wearing and pulled out a piece of the hat with her mouth. “Oh dear. She must have been going pretty fast for it to shred your hat like that.” “Darn tootin’,” Applejack agreed irritably after putting the remains of the hat away. “She was gallopin’ like the timberwolves were after her. Before I could reach her my hat fell off her head and Apple Bloom went and tried to nab it before the grindstone caught it. That’s why she missed her hoofin’ and got all scuffed up.” The younger of the sisters took a breath to start arguing, “But yer hat...!” “Wasn’t worth the risk of windin’ up a batch of Sister Cider!” Applejack raised her voice only enough to establish an end to the subject. An awkward silence came between the four of them, but Applejack quickly tried to move things along, “Ehh, so what was it y’all are out-’n-about fer?” Twilight was hesitant to speak for a moment, but decided it might be better to do so. If only to get around the uncomfortableness. “Um, I was on my way to get a book that somepony checked out. It’s due today anyway and I need one extra copy so I can help Cheerilee teach her students about the night sky.” “Oh! Well ain’t that right up yer alley? Come to think of it, I remember Apple Bloom mentionin’ you’d have somethin’ to do with those night-time classes.” A haunting growl from behind Twilight elicited a disgruntled groan from the young dragon that had been too preoccupied imagining lunch to participate in the conversation. “Twilight! Can we please, please, please hurry? I’m starving back here!” To dramatize the point, Spike fell limp across her back, forked tongue hanging out as if he’d passed out from hunger. The two mare friends shared a brief chuckle at that. “I’d better be going. I don’t want Spike to start chewing on my mane.” “Don’t tempt me,” the dragon in question called out. Ignoring Spike’s retort, Twilight lowered her head to speak at eye level with the downtrodden filly. “I hope you feel better soon, Apple Bloom. I don’t want you to miss out tonight.” Offering a small smile as a pair of copper eyes met her own violet pair. “Can I still go, Sis?” Apple Bloom asked cautiously, glancing to Applejack.. “So long as Twilight promises t’keep an eye on ya, I’m fine with ya goin’.” Twilight gave a curt nod, “You don’t have to worry about a thing, Applejack. Cheerilee and I will both be there, and we’ll actually be setting up on top of the hills between Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres. So she won’t even be that far from home.” “Well a’right. Since yer so confident ‘n all. Sorry to have kept ya, Twi. Good luck with yer book hunt.” Applejack stepped aside for her unicorn friend to get on by, waving with her right foreleg. With a brief sigh she nudged Apple Bloom to follow along with her.
  13. Okay yeah I'm just gonna drop everything and do a fanfic on my deviantart alright?Okay!I have some ideas already but I don't know.In the poll will be things I thought up and you get to pick which one interests you BY THE TITLE!Yay!I will do whichever first.Not all of them are ponies though!Ha didn't expect THAT did you?Oh and if you want you could put the name and basic info about an OC you want in a story down there and I might put him/her in!!!!!That is about it but expect that every story will star a cast character!Okay go time is now.Some might not even be ponies and some are with original characters in original universes that means it's not even a fanfic.A few might even star me.
  14. So this is my first attempt at a fanfic. It features best pony (Applejack, of course!) and a predicament she finds herself in. You may notice that this story is tagged on FimFic as tragic and dark. Don't let the Dark tag scare you, though. There is violence, but it's pretty low-key and non-intense. Anyway, I welcome all criticisms and feedback regarding any grammatical errors. Enjoy! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/48141/The-Apple%27s-Desire
  15. *explosion*Whazzup everybaady! Boom here, and just thought I'd treat you all to the music of the eyes.. MY STORY! Or one of them anyway. It's called 'The Battle' on Fimfiction.net, you can find it by this link:http://www.fimfictio...4127/The-Battle The name's Nevermore, on Fimfiction, hope you enjoy it! As to what its about, if you like action, you'll like this one. If you do read it, leave a comment on your way out!*explosion*
  16. This whole piece came at one time, the further I wrote the more ideas I had, for jokes, jor whole plot twists, if those subplots are not developed, would remain as Red Herrings. I'l wellcome proofreaders before airing it on fimfiction (Where I was dared to write a non-cloppy fic with SPA ponies) Bubbles in the tub. (Edited some pace bumps I noticed) A SPA ponies fic with no clop Ponyville, early evening, 60º F, clean skies, weather, fair, but with chance of ra.... Ok Ok, start with it. Behind the doors of a certain establishment, we find a nice Ikea style decorated waiting room, between some stock posters picturing cats on crazy set-ups, there's a small counter. Behind, we see a pink mare with blue mane with a somewhat dated style white mane band, she whore too a same-style necklace, with a small oval gem. She was obviously busy with a pencil on her mouth filling out some establishment's forms, the 'medicinal Dr. Clobputt's mud' have quite the deal for SPA establishments. And now, the Doctor's mud reaches Ponyville for first time! The Pony, under ecstatic-like revelation, canters towards the private area where her sister, Lotus currently should be plastering some raisin monster... "Sis, sis, look at zis brochure of Doctor's mud!" Aloestrolled giggling up an down like another certain pink pony... with joy-joy eyes to full fill the 'filly at a toy store' look. "Doctor who?" -Some brown stallion opens slightly a sauna door with ringing ears, after realizing nopony looks for him he just closes back "Whiny Mares, cannot live with them..." The Pegasus Mare with him snorts at the comment. "Dr. Clobputt's mud! Medicinal novelty of the century" Told Aloe to her sister. Lotus put that 'Don't quite follow you' face "Dr. ClopBu..." "Clobputt! Get your mind out of ze gütter!" -Lotus giggled, turning away her head of her sister's ironic remark. (while thinking on Aloe's roll on hay with the whole Stalliongrad's Dancing Chorus) "Just teasing you sis. I suppose you want to talk about order that putt mud..." Aloe glares with beady eyes a wild 'squee' appears. "Order for 200 bits" Lotus surrenders. Aloe explodes. "Oh yes,yes,yes! Ze bestest sizter in der welt!" Hopping happily she leaves the private bath, the wooden door swings after her before closing. Lotus gets back to work, removing the Cucumber slices from a patron's eyes, a certain white unicorn. -"And there, looks like those impending wrinkles are gone" "AGGGGG! My eyes what you done? Cannot open them, I'm blind!" *Giggle* "Technically not, your eyes still work, your pristine smooth eyelids that now won't fold are the problem" Rarity somehow guides herself towards the Spa attendant, choking her with her forehooves. "Technically my plot! now fix this before I show what's 'smoothing a pony'" Lotus with a hoof grabs the dirty towel vase and repeatedly uses it to beat the alabaster unicorn's noggin. Back at reception, Aloe is filling the order form when she hears a series of dry blows followed with a noise of earth ware breaking to pieces. "Girls! Cut it up before I call ze guards!" -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Act 2------------------------------------------------------------ The entrance door opens with a bell sound, a weird Stallion walks in, a sight to behold, an average pony frame holding about five times more of the healthy amount of muscle, blonde tail, and really short mane, small creepy red eyes, and a towel over him with the "BedLam Motel" logo emblazoned, far of a lady Rarity's works. Aloe blinks a couple of times, putting a business grin "Hello, eh... Sir! Wellcome to Ponyville SPA... Can I serve you in any way?" The muscled pony slowly approaches the counter, when he reaches almost tongue distance to Aloe's muzzle he wisper "Erm, yeah, mare, I got a dire problem requiring competent attention" Aloe blinks again, "Not sure to fully understand you sir..." "Rage, Roid Rage, look, I got this problem I expect to be treated silently..." -"Silently?" "Yes, we got anyplace discrete to talk and treat my... Injury?" Aloe exits from counter and hints Roid ro follow her, they enter to an unoccupied private room. Roid still feels uneasy, noting that Aloe opens the steam spigot, the loud hiss muting their speech. "Well Mr Rage, what's the issue?" - "What? Tissue? I din't quite understand you with that whistling" Aloe, getting quite annoyed, closes the steam. "Now you hear me!? -Whats your issue?" "Geez, not schriek, I'm not deaf!" "Look, the other day I got exposed to Poison Joke, and..." He removes his towel, the small 'Do not steal' lavel visible for a moment, and, two diminutive wings, more belonging to a chicken than to a grown stallion (or any pegasus). The stump like appendixes bobbing slightly, completing a creepypasta worth spectacle of bizarre. Aloe tries hard to not laught, and put her most professional mug "Aw! Mr Rage... Can call you Roid? I understand how important is for stallions the size... of wings... pegasus stallions... wang, I mean wing, not wanted to say wing-wang! You like big wangs! Wings..." Beet faced embarrased, Roid idly grinded a forehoof on floor, watching at it quite absently... "Look miss, I'm understanding this situation is, hard, I mean tought, to both, so I release you of talking anymore" Aloe quickly sprung "Aww, I'm soo sorry Wang... Roid... You're Roid, big and strong Rod...Roid! Feeling better?" "Hardly..." "Well, your case is not isolate, we got the means to heal you, in no time you gonna be beating pegasi into pulp in Cloudsdale!" "Why everypony thinks that from me? I'm just myself." While Roid was moping on his monologue, Aloe, set up the bath. "There, it just need to heat, last we want is cold shrinking those things even more..." -"Very smooth Aloe..." "Aw! Sorry sorry sorry" *hugs Roid trying to cover her last gaffe* "Anyways, I appreciate it, never liked too cold baths, uhmm Yeah!" Roid enters the tub, flapping his wings to try to balance himself. "There! now just relax and let the bath make it's work" Said aloe from the door, while watching at the tub and the bubbles rising. "I'l be back in 10 minutes" *Thinks: I did turn on the bubbles?* Ran a fast spell check...
  17. Well, I have an idea I've been toying with for awhile...but I've been kind of putting it off because I don't know how it would go, and it doesn't seem very realistic. It's basically Pinkie Pie and Vinyl Scratch. Maybe a little shipping, I dunno, but the main plot was gonna be something like Scratchie comes to Ponyville and plays a show and Pinkie comes (obviously) and turns out to be an awesome dancer and Scratch wants Pinkie to travel with her and dance for her shows. (That was a horrid run-on, I'm sorry.) I was gonna have them go to Canterlot and do...stuff that I haven't thought out yet, but it's not really that detailed yet. The problems I'm having is that I don't think Pinkie would just abandon her friends to go dancing with somepony she doesn't know very well, and I'm just not sure how the whole thing would work out. I would really love to do something PinkieScratch, but...well yeah, anypony have any thoughts? Ideas? Anything would be awesome~
  18. So I finally started my first fanfiction...and it turned out to be RariDash. I love them together~ So here's the first chapter for now. I'll probably update with others. Here's a link to the story on FimFiction for easier reading. (: Like I said in the title, any feedback is appreciated as long as it's nice or constructive. EDIT: Chapter two is up now~ EDIT: Finally finished chapter three. x3 EDIT: Chapter foooouuuuuuurrrrr...finally. ~~~ Unlikely? Chapter One - "...Have You Been Crying?" A fat tear dripped slowly down Rarity's cheek as she drew a shuddering breath into her slightly air-depraved lungs. She turned her eyes to the ceiling to stem the flow of tears now following after the first, shaking her tightly curled hair away from her face as she did so. Careful to avoid the pins scattered around her from when magic had failed her and dropped a box full of them, she sat down hard in front of a sewers dummy, empty of any scraps of fabric; the sight of the blank face staring into the distance only made her feel worse, and her crying intensified to the point where her chest was heaving between sobs. Only a few minutes earlier, the glamorous mare was enjoying a regular day in springtime Ponyville. She had just finished making a new spring frock, adorned with a waterfall of beautifully crafted fabric flowers and ribbons, and was busy showing it off around the quaint little town when she had stumbled across her five best friends; Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and last, but most certainly not least, Rainbow Dash; having a party of sorts in the town's bakery, Sugar Cube Corner. Quite unsure how to react to this, and confused as to why she had not merited an invitation, Rarity had graciously excused herself from the ponies she had been speaking with and made her way home, fighting with the flood of negative thoughts that poured into her head like the rain that began fall just as she slammed the door to the Carousel Boutique. Why had her friends had such a lovely party without her? Had any of them been distant recently? It did seem like Twilight was ignoring her the other day… Was Fluttershy running away from her that morning? There was far too much for Rarity to process as her thoughts began to overlap and close in about her, choking off rational thinking to make way for twisted fantasies of her supposed best friends shunning and poking fun at her. A strangled scream ripped from her throat and she clasped her front hooves over her head, all the muscles of her back tense as she let all her inner turmoil come out in a torrent of garbled words and inane shrieking. A particularly wrenching sob caught painfully in her throat as frantic banging on the door drifted to Rarity's ears. She jumped to her hooves, using magic, which she had thankfully regained control of, to shove the spilled pins out of the way while she walked to the front room. Unaware of how out of sorts she looked; stray hairs were hanging limply from the curl of her mane, her eyes were red and puffy and she was shaking slightly; Rarity unlocked the door and placed one hoof daintily on the handle, attempting to regain more control of her emotions before she turned the knob. She didn't have time however before the door was thrown open violently from the outside and she had to leap back to avoid it. The unmistakable silhouette of Rainbow Dash stood framed against the stormy sky and rain outside. Her multicolored mane was dripping wet and a fierce light flared in her eyes as she darted into the store. "Rarity! Where are- There you are!" Rainbow Dash spun in place as she caught Rarity in her peripheral vision, cowering against the now closed door. "Are you alright? I heard screaming and…have you been crying?" A perplexed expression flitted across the pegasus's face, but was quickly replaced by tentative fear, an emotion rarely seen there by any of Dash's friends. "That's preposterous!" Rarity straightened herself up, trying to recover her usual aloof attitude as she recovered from the shock of the other pony's sudden insertion into her alone time. "Why ever would you think that?" Dash raised an eyebrow and gently brushed a hoof against Rarity's cheek; a few fake eyelashes rested there, unstuck from the unicorn's bottom lash-line from her deluge of tears. Rarity's eyes widened and she bit her lip, casting her gaze away from Rainbow Dash and instead onto the russet colored floorboards. "Why…why were you all having a party without me…?" Rarity's voice began to shake once again as she spoke; Dash noticed the change, and rushed to her friend's side. She placed a hesitant hoof on the unicorn's shoulder. "It's okay, don't cry… We were wondering the same thing, actually… We put an invitation in your mailbox, but you never responded. We just thought you were busy or something…" Dash made sure to tone down her normally raucous tone, though she wasn't certain how to manage this situation and felt incredibly awkward. It was obvious Rarity was extremely upset, but Rainbow Dash had never been good at handling emotions, especially those not her own. Her eyes settled on the bed in the next room, and she began to slowly lead the unicorn towards it, muttering what she hoped were encouraging words as she did so. Rarity followed Dash without a fight, attempting to wrap her somewhat cloudy mind around what the pegasus had just said. "But…I checked my mail this morning and there was nothing there…" Her legs bumped against the bed and she fell into it, abruptly feeling the weakness in her knees. Rainbow Dash settled next to her, once again wrapping one arm around her unicorn friend's shoulders. "Well, maybe it just fell on the ground or something. We'll check when the rain stops, alright?" Dash smiled uncertainly, and breathed an inward sigh of stark relief as the ghost of a answering smile graced Rarity's face. "Rarity…we'll always be your friends. Twilight, Fluttershy…all of us. No matter what, okay?" Rarity stared into the pegasus's eyes for a few seconds before jumping to her hooves once again and throwing her arms around the other pony's neck. "Oh, thank you Rainbow Dash…thank you for coming… I know we'll always be friends, I just…oh, I just don't know…" She clung on for dear life, and missed the look of wonder and the small, secretive smile that flickered over Dash's features as she closed her own hooves around Rarity's back. "Tomorrow, we'll find out what happened to that letter, alright?" ~~~ Chapter Two - "...And Come Alone." Rainbow Dash cracked one eye open slowly, using a hoof to shield her face against the dazzling morning sun. A sour look wormed its way onto her features and stuck there, making her appear somewhat like an upset tortoise; the window in her own room in Cloudsdale was far enough from her bed that the light didn’t fall across her. Here, in Rarity’s room, the window- Dash’s eyes flew completely open suddenly, and she whipped her head around, cricking her neck painfully in the process. Sure enough, Rarity was curled up beside her, still asleep, her thick, slightly mussed up mane shielding her eyes from the golden light of morning. An odd look of confused happiness mixed with a weird sort of dislike replaced the pegasus’s shocked expression as she gazed at the other mare; it took several seconds for the memory of the night before to come back to her. Rarity had been crying…the letter! They had to go look for it today, and find out who had done this, if anyone. “Rainbow Dash?” Rarity’s quiet, somewhat groggy voice floated up to where Dash was now sitting bolt upright in the center of the bed, breaking the pegasus’s concentration on the task before them. Rarity’s eyes were also squinted against the sun, and she pulled herself across the bed to close the curtains before looking at Rainbow Dash again. “Did we sleep all through yesterday evening?” This hadn’t occurred to Rainbow Dash; she slept a lot, but it had barely been noon when she and Rarity had fallen asleep. “I…I guess we d-d-“ A huge yawn interrupted Dash’s sentence, which she didn’t bother to finish, instead taking that moment to stretch her hooves up to the ceiling in an immensely over exaggerated stretch. “Well, you were pretty broken up yesterday, so I’m not surprised.” A good night’s sleep had returned Rainbow Dash to her usual nonchalant attitude. “I beg your pardon! Rarity is never ‘broken up’.” Rarity jumped gracefully off the bed and flicked her mane back out of her eyes, casting a withering glance back at Dash as she did so. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a shower. I look simply hideous…” The unicorn trotted her way to the bathroom, muttering to herself about the state of her usually immaculately styled mane and tail and leaving Rainbow Dash sitting on the bed completely clueless as to what to do next. Once in the privacy of her bathroom, Rarity collapsed on the floor, swooning silently over the condition of her lovely hair as she turned the silver shower knobs with magic. Steam began to rise from behind the curtain as she regained control of herself and stood up again, taking a moment to glance at her reflection before checking the water with one hoof. It was suitably hot by that point, so the unicorn wasted no time in stringing a towel through the ring beside shower and pulling the curtain aside, then stepped delicately into the blistering cascade. A sigh of contentment passed her lips as the water slicked down her hair and tail and soaked into her aching muscles. “Nothing like a hot shower to calm one’s nerves…” Rarity’s voice was little more than a whisper as she closed her eyes against the stream of water. Though she usually liked to reflect on her day or simply think about little things while she was showering, today the unicorn let her mind go blank as the water beat out a throbbing rhythm against her glistening coat. All the horrible memories from the previous day and her trepidation about what might have happened to the mysterious invitation trickled slowly out of her thoughts, following the water’s path, trickling over her neck and shoulders and finally down the drain. After washing herself thoroughly, Rarity once again pulled away the curtain and stepped out of the shower, turning back to stop the water with a hoof while her magic was busy wrapping her hair up in a spare towel. She wrapped the largest towel, the one she had hung beside the shower, around herself and took several minutes to dry off, paying close attention to her tail as she did so. A fluffy purple bathrobe awaited her as she made her way through the bathroom door and out into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash, who had caught a few minutes of extra sleep under the covers and felt much more awake, was making, or attempting to make, breakfast in Rarity’s small kitchen. Several horribly burnt eggs were already stinking in the trash, and the first batch of apple pancakes were beginning to burn as well. One flew over Rarity’s head, the product of Dash’s over-zealousness with a spatula, and splattered on the opposite wall, just barely missing the window. Rarity gasped as she saw the mess spread all over the counter, but retained some sense of dignity as she addressed her pegasus friend. “Rainbow Dash! Away from the stove this instant!” Rarity galloped to the stove and turned it off quickly, using magic to remove the smoking applecakes from the scorching hot pan. She dropped the cakes in the trash and moved several containers of ingredients back to their respective places, scolding the unfortunate Dash all the while. “You couldn’t have waiting until I was finished with my shower? Goodness, this is going to take forever to clean up… Rainbow Dash, grab that dish towel and begin to wipe up that mess you made on the wall please…” At this point, Rarity took a moment to look up at her friend. Dash was scrambling to do as she was told, and a pink flush was creeping into her cheeks. A smile spread over Rarity’s face, which soon blossomed into a full-fledge fit of giggles. “Oh…Rainbow Dash… Thank you for trying!” The unicorn’s towel became dislodged as she laughed, but she ignored it and shook her hair into place; it fell perfectly into its usual tight curl, as if by magic. “I really appreciate you wanting to have breakfast ready, but next time let me do the cooking, alright?” Her laughs died down to a few amused chuckles as she draped her bathrobe and towel over a peg beside the bathroom door. Rainbow Dash stuck her head out of the kitchen door to see where she was going. “Uh…yeah, right.” Though not entirely sure when she would have another chance to make breakfast for Rarity, Dash left the kitchen and stood by the front door, her cleaning forgotten. “Hey Rarity, let’s see about that letter now, huh?” She shifted her weight from one side to the other and rustled her wings as she waited, hoping that there really was someone trying to distance the six friends, or just Rarity, from each other. That , at least, would be exciting. Rarity, on the other hand, was not looking forward to finding out the letter’s fate. In the event that the invitation had in fact been stolen, there was the troubling matter of finding out who exactly did it, a mystery Rarity was sure Rainbow Dash wouldn’t pass up. Rarity didn’t want to have anything to do with any sort of mystery; of course, she would have to go along with Rainbow Dash, considering all this fuss was about her. Though she felt fairly certain the letter was probably just lying somewhere on the ground around her mailbox, there was always the chance that someone really had taken the letter in spite, although she had no idea why another pony would do something so hateful. After taking a deep breath or two, she turned back to Dash. “Alright then… Let us go, if you really are so worked up about this stupid situation, I mean it’s really not-” Rarity stopped talking at this point and sighed instead. Rainbow Dash had shot out the door at the word ‘go’ and was already searching around the mailbox before Rarity was even out the door. Deciding to let her eager friend finish the hunt for the letter, Rarity sat just inside the door, letting the refreshing spring breeze wash over her. She had closed her eyes and was quite relaxed when Dash shouted. “Rarity! Come here, now!” Rarity jumped to her feet and galloped to where the other mare was hovering over the mailbox. “What is it? What did you find?” The unicorn’s heart was in her throat as Dash held out a slightly damp piece of thick parchment. “What…what is this?” The writing was barely legible; it was a miracle it had made it through the previous day’s rainstorm. Rarity squinted as she tried to make out the words. “It just says…‘Missing something?’ What’s that supposed to mean?” A look of slightly contempt crossed her face. “The nerve of some ponies…” She made to toss the parchment aside, but Rainbow Dash swooped low over her head and snatched it away. “C’mon Rarity! We’re going to see Twilight! She has all sorts of this paper stuff, she might be able to help us!” The pegasus zoomed off towards Twilight’s home in the library, her rainbow trail disappearing almost lazily behind her. Rarity growled to herself and galloped after Rainbow Dash, thankful that the library wasn’t very far away from her own home. When Rarity finally arrived, slightly winded, at the large, hollow tree that served as a library, she found Twilight and Rainbow Dash already sitting, their heads together, bent over the parchment. “Yeah, that’s all it says- Rarity! Took you long enough!” Dash sped to the door and shoved Rarity inside; the unicorn scowled, but allowed her to do it. “I’ve already told Twilight everything and she says-” The purple unicorn cut Dash off, preferring to tell her findings to Rarity herself. “Unfortunately, I have nothing to tell you…sorry girls, but I have no idea what this could mean. I’ve never seen the writing before…maybe there was more, and the storm washed it away.” Twilight stared, seemingly confounded, at the scrap of parchment on the floor in front of her. Dash refused to take this as an answer, and began flying agitatedly around the library, ignoring Twilight’s shouts to be careful. “Well…can’t you…use a spell to see what could have been on it or something? I mean, you are, like, the most powerful unicorn in Equestria, right?” The apparently restless pegasus landed in front of Twilight, who was pondering this idea. “I guess I could try…” She looked doubtfully at the paper for a moment before hardening her gaze and attempting the magic needed. Her horn began to glow along with the parchment, staying alight for several seconds before fading with a few purple sparks. The three ponies crowded around the scrap, anxious to see what, if anything had decided to show itself. “There’s…nothing else there.” Rarity spoke what was in everyone’s mind, then backed away, somewhat relieved that the paper had revealed none of its secrets. “Well, that’s just too bad! I was so curious, but I guess it’s time to get back home, I’ve got lots of-” “Wait! There’s something…” Rarity stopped in her tracks towards the door at Twilight’s words. She bit her lip lightly, then turned slowly to look at the parchment now hanging in midair, suspended by the other unicorn’s magic. It seemed to Rarity, as Twilight read the new words out loud, that the air was gradually being sucked from the large, book-filled room. “’Missing something? Come to the edge of the Everfree forest when you’re ready to find out…and come alone.’ That…doesn’t sound good…” Twilight glanced up at Rarity, who was frozen on the spot, with concern in her lavender eyes. Rainbow Dash, who had completely missed how this message could have been scary for Rarity, butted in. “Well, what do you suppose that means? Guess there’s only one way to find out, huh? Ready to go out to the forest, Rarity?” Twilight threw a book at Dash using magic, then walked to Rarity’s side. “You don’t have to go, you know. Everything was worked out, with the invitation and everything, so they didn’t ruin our friendship… I mean, that’s the only thing they could be going for, right?” Rarity shrugged. “It did say ‘to find out’… It’s obvious that the invitation was missing, but what if they took something else? I’m not aware of missing anything… Maybe I should go…” Rarity bit her lip once again and looked up to her friends for support. “Don’t worry! We’ll be right there next to you! Err…hiding. It did say to go alone. But I’ll definitely go, and Twilight’ll come too, right?” Rainbow Dash grinned and flew to the door, throwing it open before looking back at the other two. Twilight nodded and flashed an encouraging smile at Rarity. “Of course we will! Don’t worry Rarity, it’s probably just some silly filly or colt playing a prank. It’ll be fine!” Rarity smiled back, allowing the other unicorn’s words to placate her own fears as she trotted for the door. “Oh, you’re probably right. Well, I suppose there’s no time like the present…” ~~~ Chapter Three - "...You're Absolutely Right!" As she walked along the road to the Everfree forest, Rarity fought to control her racing mind. The presence of her two friends close behind her was reassuring, of course, but there was always the chance that they would be too late to help her if something bad happened, or the danger would hurt them as well. There was, however, nothing that could be done about the situation other than what had already been established, and Rarity herself wasn’t as helpless as many might think. Soon, too soon in Rarity’s mind, the dark edge of the forest loomed before the friends, a stark contrast from the grass and rolling hills around Ponyville. Glancing behind her, Rarity saw that the other two mares had already vanished into a small crop of bushes several yards from where road and forest met. Already feeling very alone, the white unicorn slowed her pace, sweeping her gaze left and right across the tree line. The note hadn’t said exactly where to meet this mysterious stranger, so she was a little nonplussed when no one was sitting there waiting for her. She glanced in the general direction of her friends’ hiding place, but flicked her eyes back to the trees as a flash of movement caught her eye. Plucking up her courage, she addressed the movement. “Yoo-hoo? Rarity is here, just like you asked… Now, if you would please show yourself, we can have a civilized conversation.” Her voice was astonishingly steady, betraying almost none of the trepidation gradually building in her chest. There was something about the atmosphere the note had caused, that, mixed with the foreboding forest and movements in the trees, made Rarity want to turn tail and flee back to her safe, comfortable home, no matter what she was supposedly missing. She opened her mouth to speak in the direction of the trees once again, but the words caught in her throat as a low, quiet laugh rolled across the empty space between her and the trees. “Hmm… I didn’t think you would actually be daft enough to show up…I suppose I was quite wrong.” To Rarity, it seemed as through the voice was a palpable presence, curling around the unicorn’s ears and into her head, freezing her hooves into place, no matter how much she struggled to move them. Her eyes, though untouched by the strange, paralyzing aura, stayed plastered to the trees; she half hoped that something would show itself, though the majority of her rational brain just wanted to leave the situation alone. “I suppose you want to know what you could have possibly misplaced.” Rarity’s eyes raked the treeline as she heard the voice once again. This time, she pinpointed where it was coming from and locked her gaze there, her breath coming in short gasps as she waited for the owner of the voice to show itself. It sounded male, deep and smooth, though quite unlike most other male ponies she had heard. Was it possible that the voice belonged to something more sinister…a Manticore or Hydra maybe? Forgetting that these creatures couldn’t speak even if they wanted to, these and many other dark thoughts drifted into Rarity’s mind, and she suddenly wished for Rainbow Dash and Twilight to come save her from the horrible power of the voice and it’s owner. If only she could see him… As if on cue, an oddly bright figure stepped out of the thick trees. It took several seconds for Rarity’s brain to register that what she thought was shining white fur of some kind was actually a cloak, which was draped across the shoulders and back of a pony-shaped figure. Its head and face were shrouded by a large hood, which had thrown off her perception, and had made the figure seem disproportionate and bigger than it actually was; that particular detail was quite unneeded, as the actual creature was almost twice as tall as Rarity at the shoulder. The creature kept its head down as it spoke, and motioned back to the trees, as if drawing out some unknown force. “This, my dear, is what you have overlooked. Though I suppose if you haven’t noticed by now you shan’t miss it that badly.” The voice was very matter-of-fact now, as something drifted slowly towards Rarity out of the trees. The unicorn’s violet eyes widened and she opened her mouth to shout, though she still couldn’t move. Before she could speak, however, another voice interrupted. “Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash crashed out of the bushes as she screamed and sped towards the floating bundle, which was, in fact, Fluttershy, out cold and suspended upside-down, limbs hovering at weird angles like a grotesque, terribly life-like puppet. Dash, who going almost fast enough for a sonic rainboom at this point, screamed once again, this time in pain, as she was suddenly stopped in mid-air only a few feet from Fluttershy. She was panting but was apparently just as helpless as the other unconscious pegasus, because only her eyes flicked to Rarity, wide with hurt and fear. Rarity shrieked now, directing her fury at the cloaked figure. “How dare you! Let my friends go, you monster!” Directing all her energy at her feet, Rarity managed to take several shuffling steps as her horn began to glow. A growl issued from the cloaked figure and it reared, casting off the robe to reveal an even whiter coat underneath. Rarity stopped trying to move and simply gaped as the creature spread huge, feathery wings; it was a pure white alicorn, mane, tail, horn and coat all gleaming in the sunlight. Its eyes were quite disconcerting, as they were completely black, save for a white circle that served as a pupil. The Cutie Mark was a large black circle, though what this meant, Rarity didn’t know, and certainly was in to place to ask. A maniacal, sharp-toothed smile spread over the alicorn’s face as he watched the little ponies’ dread gradually build. “Hahaha! You have no chance against me, my little ponies. Now…this isn’t quite going as I had planned, what with your little magic using friend sneaking around…” Twilight stopped dead in her tracks, a few feet behind the alicorn, hidden under the eaves of the forest. “I think I’ll just take this and be on my way…” Fluttershy began to drift back towards the trees, and the snow-white creature turned his back to leave. “If you want to see her again, come find me. I’ll give you a hint…you’ve been at my hiding place before, where you first found out your worth.” A heavy gust of wind blew around the small group as the alicorn took off; he was soon invisible against some large, fluffy clouds in the distance, and Fluttershy had disappeared as soon as she reached the darkness of the forest. Rainbow Dash fell to the dirt road and lay there, winded, unable to get up or speak. Rarity was likewise stunned, though she found she could finally move her feet. Twilight, however, galloped over to Dash and lifted her with magic, the strain of doing so showing in her eyes. “Rarity!” The white unicorn snapped out of her daze as Twilight shouted. “We need to get Rainbow back to Ponyville! Help me.” Rarity nodded slowly and melded her own magic with Twilight’s, who immediately began to run back to the little town. Falling into step with the other unicorn, Rarity finally voiced what she was sure they were both thinking. “It was…an alicorn… Only the princesses have horns and wings. We have to tell Princess Celestia, before-” Rarity was cut off and both unicorns started as Rainbow Dash’s grating voice ripped into their thoughts. “No! We don’t have time!” The pegasus broke free of the magic that held her and shot into the air, only to be stopped by Twilight grabbing her multicolored tail in her mouth. “Let…me…go! We’ve got to save Fluttershy! Right…now!” Rarity scowled and helped Twilight yank the overexcited Dash back to earth. “Dash! Listen to me!” Twilight was shouting at this point as she slapped her hooves on either side of Rainbow Dash’s face. “You can’t just go chasing after somepony like that! We need to plan!” Rainbow, who had never seen Twilight like this, became suddenly serious. “This is a huge deal. Like…gigantic. We can’t leave Fluttershy with him… Who knows what he’ll do to her...” Though she appeared steely on the outside, Rainbow Dash was inwardly frantic, her mind filled with horrible visions of how her timid friend would be treated with the seemingly insane alicorn. Twilight saw this easily, and calmed herself with a few deep breaths before speaking soothingly. “It is a big deal, but we’re not completely clueless. He hasn’t hurt Fluttershy yet, so he probably won’t do anything to her any time soon. We know he wants the rest of us as well, or he wouldn’t have bothered showing himself to Rarity; he obviously wanted to catch her off guard and capture her at the forest, but that didn’t work. And we know where he is.” “Oh really? And where would that be?” Dash’s voice was slightly sarcastic, as if she didn’t believe that Twilight really knew anything. “The Moon Castle, where we defeated Nightmare Moon. Where you first found out your worth? He must mean when we found the Elements of Harmony. That has to be what he wants. With them, he could overthrow Celestia and Luna…and…” Twilight finished speaking and bit her lip. “But…that’s so obvious…either he’s really stupid, or up to something.” Rainbow Dash snorted. “I don’t care what he’s up to. We have to go find him! We’re going to have to confront him eventually. If he’s found a way to harness the Elements’ energy, he already has Fluttershy. He’s obviously strong, so who knows what he could do with her extra powers?” Twilight rested her head against one hoof as if she had a headache; Dash and Rarity knew, however, that she was thinking very hard about what to do next. “I really hate to do this…but Rainbow, you and Rarity go find Pinkie and Applejack and go after that creep. I’ll go get Celestia in the hot air balloon. Hopefully we can all meet at Moon Castle, and stamp this out before it starts.” Rarity finally spoke at this point, her voice quiet and halting. “Applejack isn’t here. She went to Appleoosa to visit Braeburn for the week.” Twilight blanched at this news; Applejack was one of the strongest of the bunch, and she would be sorely missed. “Well, that’s just great timing… Go find Pinkie Pie then. I’ll start getting the hot air balloon ready right away.” Rainbow Dash saluted and turned to Rarity. Stay here. I’ll come back with Pinkie.” Rarity nodded as Dash zoomed off, leaving her signature rainbow trail in her wake. Twilight touched Rarity’s horn with her own before galloping off in the same direction as Dash and left the other unicorn with her thoughts. Rarity sat and closed her eyes once her friends were out of sight. This was way too much for her to accept in such a short period of time, and she definitely wasn’t ready to embark on some huge adventure into the Everfree forest, especially not one with a mysterious alicorn at the end of it. These thoughts, like most of her others that day, were shoved out of Rarity’s head as Rainbow Dash shot back up the road, carrying a squealing Pinkie Pie under the armpits. She dropped the hot pink mare beside Rarity and flopped to the ground. “That. Was. Awesome!” Pinkie whooped and grinned at the other two. “So, where are we going?” Rarity sighed deeply before she answered. “Into the Everfree forest. An alicorn has kidnapped poor Fluttershy, and we’re to track her down while Twilight goes to warn the Princess.” Pinkie Pie’s smile faded slightly and she tilted her head to the side, confused. “Wait…what? Rarity, silly, you’re not making any sense!” She giggled, but stopped quickly as Rarity and Dash remained completely serious. “Um… Well then, if you two aren’t crazy, I guess we should get going! Gotta save Fluttershy!” She began bouncing off down the road, leaving the other two ponies dumbstruck. Rainbow Dash was the first to speak. “Wait up Pinkie!” Once they caught up to her, Rarity gazed at the still smiling Earth pony, her eyes filled with questions. Dash, once again, spoke first. “So…you’re okay with that? Just going into the Everfree and chasing this guy?” Pinkie widened her smile until her eyes were reduced to slits and nodded. “Of course! I always believe my friends, and if one of us is in trouble, it’s up to the rest of us to save them, right?” Rainbow Dash and Rarity glanced over at each other and inexplicably broke into waves of giggles. “You know Pinkie Pie? You’re absolutely right!” ~~~ Chapter Four- "...Good Grief, Dashie!" The Everfree forest hung menacingly over the three ponies’ heads as Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie stepped cautiously into the trees. Though performing a daring rescue and bringing Fluttershy back from the brink of calamity had seemed like a gallant, brilliant idea a few minutes ago, now, as the first line of overgrown trees closed in behind them, the companions were beginning to have second thoughts. Pinkie, per usual, was the least effected; she retained her standard bouncy gait, and was certainly not as jumpy as the other mares, who ducked behind each other at the slightest rustle in the nearby bushes. After several minutes of aimless wandering, the path they had been following slowly began to dissipate into the surrounding forest. Rarity stopped and frowned, surveying the ground before her with a doubtful expression. “Ladies… I don’t think we’ve come the correct way.” She flicked her violet hair out of her face and sighed heavily, just as upset about her drooping curls as the road that disappeared beneath her hooves. “I don’t remember having to pick our way through the forest the last time we came though here.” Rainbow Dash nodded in agreement, but took several steps forward regardless. “This has to be right! There are no other paths into the forest and this one doesn’t branch off anywhere. We just have to keep going forward.” Dash set her face in a resolute expression and plodded forward, quite depressed that she couldn’t fly in such close quarters. Without her wings, Rainbow Dash felt claustrophobic and vulnerable; the sky could only be seen in brief splotches through the thick branches above her, as if the twisted boughs of the forest were slashing the blue expanse to rough-edged shreds. Pinkie Pie followed Rainbow immediately, humming to herself just loud enough for the others to hear. This did nothing to calm Rarity, however; she couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being lead into a trap. The forest, which was normally alive with noises scary or not, got quieter as they forged onwards, until the silence pressed against their ears and seemed to weigh down their steps. Finally, Rainbow Dash stopped once again and flopped down on the forest floor. She said nothing, the absence of sound so complete that the mares could hear their own quickening heart beats. Rarity was the first to speak, keeping her voice down to a hushed whisper, as though talking too loudly would cause the noiseless, tension-filled calm around them to shatter. “This quiet is not natural; it has to be magic. I’d bet my mane that alicorn is causing it. He must know we’re here.” This was enough to rouse Dash. Her combative instincts were never dampened for long, and the thought of the alicorn hiding in the shadows controlling them was just enough to set her off. “Come out here, you coward! We know it’s you doing this!” The rainbow-maned mare jumped to her hooves and began shouting at the trees, her voice breaking every now and then as she let her anger flow out through her mouth. “Stop hiding like a little scared foal! Give us Fluttershy back, and stop- Oof!” The air was knocked from Dash’s lungs as Rarity tackled her, sending them both tumbling several feet into the forest. Brilliant white stars flashed in front of Rainbow’s eyes as Rarity came into view standing over her, her eyes alight with a strange fire as she whispered; she was so mad, however, that the whisper sounded more like a venomous hiss than a warning. “Rainbow Dash, I swear if you do that again I will skin you alive! We can’t fight that thing, and we can’t get Fluttershy back by being insufferably stupid!” She whipped her hair out of her face, sending a spray of leaves and twigs away from her. Unexpectedly, Rainbow Dash smiled awkwardly. “You look good like that Rarity. You should get mad more often.” Though unsure if this was just her semi-conscious mind speaking, Rainbow did mean what she had said, and stayed put beneath the fuming unicorn, gazing lecherously up at her. Rarity, who was quite taken aback by this statement, was speechless for a split second before spinning around and stomping away from the inert pegasus. “I- Wha- I cannot believe you would say something like that at a time like this! Good grief, Dashie!” Though she seemed livid enough, the unicorn hid the extent of her disbelief and the faint pink blush that, to her horror, began to creep onto her cheeks. “We are supposed to be focusing on Fluttershy, now your own deluded-” “Hush!” Rainbow Dash was back on her feet now, glancing around worriedly. Rarity spluttered in anger at being interrupted, but forgot her irritation at the pegasus’s next words. “Where’s Pinkie Pie?” The pair immediately began galloping around, on the verge of panic as the missing mare didn’t respond to their despnate calls. “Pinkie! Pinkie Pie! Can you hear us? Pink-” Keeping with the day’s custom of interjecting, a low, chilling laugh rumbled through the trees toward the two mares. They froze; the chuckle unmistakably belonged to the creature from earlier that day. Rarity glanced over to Rainbow, quite sure her own face mirrored the alarm plastered over the pegasus’s features. “It seems you ponies are even more oblivious than I previously thought. You can’t even keep up with your little friends when they’re right beside you!” It was impossible to discern any emotion behind the words; they could have been amused or disappointed; and equally difficult to tell where the voice was coming from. “Keep trying, my little ponies, but you’ll have to do better than this if you want to help your friends.” The voice faded gradually, leaving the two still fixed in place. Rainbow Dash gulped audibly. “It’s…it’s just us now.” Rarity nodded dumbly, agreeing with the pegasus’s statement. She looked over at Dash, who met her sapphire eyes. The unicorn took a deep breath before asking the question on both their minds, though she didn’t expect an answer. “What do we do now? How can we stop that thing alone?” ~~~
  19. After a heated disagreement, Luna stages a political coup. Celestia, despnate, turns to an old enemy for aid. Will friendship prevail, or will chaos rule Equestria? http://aquadoxical.blogspot.com/2012/08/equestrian-revolution-reign-of-discord.html#.UCihyaFlSBo Please tell me what you think ^_^
  20. My first submission to FIMFiction, Rise of the Cyber Ponies, revised somewhat from the FanFiction version, combining the first two chapters and adding a few lines. While this story is based on Doctor Who it isn't a crossover as I wanted people unfamiliar with that program to be able to enjoy this story. I hope those here can enjoy what I have so far. The story involves Celestia sending the Mane Six and Spike to a foreign land called Ponyland, but only a city called Manedas is left. A plague is sweeping through Manedas, and the citizens can only survive by replacing body parts with mechanical replacements. Ponies are disapearing and steel-clad soldiers are patroling the streets. It will be up to the Mane Six to disocer the sinister secret of Manedas and escape the Cyber Ponies.
  21. http://www.fimfictio...85/Perfect-Pony It's just the preview though!
  22. Introduction: OK, folks, I think I have a few ideas for fanfics! So, since this one seems the most interesting and has some great story potential, I decided to start this one. It takes place after the season 2 finale, but since I have yet to watch it, don't expect any references to it. However, if I see it before I finish, I might make some. Also, Discord is in this, but I'm using my theory: that Discord is actually Q from Star Trek: TNG, and he just took this chimera form because he knew it was easier for the ponies to accept than a human's. So don't be surprised if he mentions stuff from Star Trek. This story will be posted in parts. Prologue: In the Stone Prison Discord was never really defeated. Q never accepted that. "If I let them think they've won, I can take time to plan." he thought. "This was way more fun that teasing Jean-Luc, and certainly better than Janeway and Cisco. They're still children, in a way. And much more fun to corrupt." He turned himself into vapor and floated around Ponyville, looking for a viable target. Perhaps it would be a good idea to play from Satan's playbook. He always wanted to try that route. Chapter 1: The contract Trixie was in her carriage. Shows weren't paying nearly as much. "It's that blasted purple unicorn." she thought. "She's to blame. If those idiots hadn't awakened that Ursa Minor, I could still make good money." "Do you really think so?" a voice said. "Who's there?" she exclaimed. "For now, I'm not showing myself. It seems we have a common enemy. That purple unicorn defeated me as well. I could help you." "I'm listening. It could be fun." Trixie considered. "Yes. Fun." said the voice. [and this is where the opening credits would come in, if this were the show.] Chapter 2 to come on Sunday!
  23. Luna gazed out over the roofs of Canterlot. Her night was just about to begin and her sister had retired to lower the sun some five minutes ago. The fading light as the sun drifted towards the horizon to make way for her moon cast sharp shadows against the mountain city. The ponies here would not be able to see her moon for several hours after it was raised because Canterlot peak cut the sky and blocked their view. The thought made Luna's heart sink a bit. She knew that ponies these days had grown less fearful of the night. In fact, one of the most interesting festivals she had ever had the pleasure to attend was held at night on the anniversary of her incarceration. Nightmare night had recently come and went but her melancholy was not assuaged by the festivities. If anything they merely served to underscore her disconnection with the present. Even with the fact that she could count her saviors among her friends, and many of the foals of the town as well, she was plagued with deep ennui and found she could do little to relieve her depression. To clear her mind before her nightly duties which never took more than three hours to complete, Luna had begun taking walks through the streets of Canterlot. Viewing the city in the light of her moon gave her a peace of mind that she could scarcely achieve elsewhere. Maybe, she mused she would meet some of her subjects and learn from the common pony what it was to be an Equestrian in this new era. Celestia's sun dipped beyond the horizon and Luna began her first duty of each and every night. She lifted herself high into the air, far above Canterlot Keep and even the very summit of the mountain itself and lit her horn. She felt the familiar cool touch of the lunar sphere on her mind, and a smile spread unbidden across her face. Even with it's role as her prison for a thousand years, Luna could only feel happiness when she touched the moon. It was what she looked forward to each evening. The moon crested the eastern horizon and broached the sky, beginning it's slow journey westward, chasing the sun. With her duty done for the time being, Luna allowed herself to glide gently towards the sprawling tiered city below. She had taken a stroll through the markets the night before, and the upper residential the night before that. In fact. She had visited nearly every part of the city in the last few weeks. All but one. Down near the foot of the mountain laid the old walls of Canterlot Fort that now housed the lower district where the 'lower classes' lived and worked. With a deft twist of her wings, Luna began to spiral down towards the old fort and the district that had sprung up there. Here only the main streets were paved, and then only poorly. Cracks had been hastily filled to prevent ponies from chipping hooves and breaking cart wheels in pot holes but beyond that, the streets left much to be desired. The shops were a different story. While not the grandiose architecture of Canterlot proper, the storefronts that Luna spied now were in very good repair. The shop owners obviously cared for their establishments. Many were two story buildings with what Luna assumed to be either apartments or storage on the upper levels. There were no ponies on the streets now, but the sounds of lives being lived filled the air from open windows. The few shops still open looked to be in the process of closing and in the distance, Luna spied the lower gates set in the old fort wall stood invitingly open to the night time traveler. The idea of such a thing would have been laughable one thousand years ago, but as Celestia had said many times before, times change. Luna began to stroll through the slowly darkening streets. As she walked, the street lamps began to light of their own accord, an ingenious spell now in use all across Equestria. The soft yellow light allowed everypony to see in the dark of night. Luna, being the Princess of the night, did not need such aid. She continued to walk aimlessly around the area. At first, she kept to the well traveled main roads but soon found that there was little to see in the dead of night, so she broke away from the well lit road. She passed into an alleyway that cut across into the more industrial area of the lower district. There was no sound of ponies living their lives here. These buildings served their purpose during daylight and stood empty at night. She trotted between warehouses and factories, having decided to cross the small industrial park to the aqueduct that towered over the district. As she neared it, she noticed that the buildings were in more severe states of disrepair than any she had seen in all of Canterlot. These buildings could not have been used for months now. She continued onward passing dilapidated buildings and broken wagons left here by merchants who could not afford to repair them. As she passed by one such wagon, she heard something she had not expected. Soft singing was coming from inside a covered wagon missing both it's wheels. Upon closer inspection, the tarp had been repaired amateurishly with poorly executed stitches holding tattered patches over what must have been small holes and tears. A dim light flickered from inside, just visible from beyond the slightly parted flaps at the cart's rear. Listening closely, she attempted to hear the song being sung. She recognized it instantly. It was an old traveler pony's song. Very old in fact. It was old before she was banished. It surprised her that such a thing could have lasted over a thousand years when some of the most important magical discoveries of that time were allowed to disappear into obscurity. She sat and listened, reminiscing of happier times. She was so lost in her own recollection that the fail to notice the song had reached it's end and there was a stirring from inside the wagon. It was the gasp of a male pony that broke her from her reverie. “P-Princess Luna?” the pony said, stopping dead in his tracks halfway through dismounting the wagon. Luna's head quickly spun around to face him, her eyes just as wide as his in surprise. He was an earth pony, gray coat and icy blue mane. She could not see his cutie mark under a ragged cloak he wore over his back. Luna paused to collect herself. It would not do for a princess to stutter like a foal in front of her subjects. “Our apologies if we hath startled thee, good sir,” She said, trying to smile past her embarrassment at having been caught listening to him. “We were simply enjoying this night when we heard you singing and could not help but listen. 'twas an old song you sang.” The colt suddenly remembered himself and, once he was on the ground, he gave a bow and quickly righted himself to respond to his princess. “Not at all your majesty!” he said, wonderment still evident on his face at addressing a princess, let alone the Princess of the Night. “I was just passing the time with a song my father taught me.” “Pray tell, what is thy name?” Luna asked, looking now at the cutie mark that had been revealed in his bow. It was a hoof saw in the midst of cutting a plank of wood. “My name is Wood Cutter your highness,” He said, dipping his head. “But my friends call me Cuttie.” Luna smiled at the nick name. She glanced over to the wagon and a question presented itself. “May I inquire as to why you were sitting alone in this wagon?” “oh... uhm...” Wood Cutter faltered. He had hoped this question would not come up, but he couldn't lie to his princess. Taking a breath, he spoke again. “Well, the thing is, I kind of live here...” “Live here... you can't mean?” Luna said, taken completely aback by the revelation. “It's not that bad! I've fixed it up nice,” he said, pulling back the tarp to show the inside. Despite the fact it was a wagon, all the mismatched cushions and blankets made it seem fairly comfortable. A crate stood in a corner with three books and a firefly lantern resting on it, and yesterday's Canterlot Times was neatly folded and set to a side. A few knickknacks sat on low shelves along one side. “See! And I got all the water I need from the Aqueducts. Foods a bit of a problem, but I eat well enough most days.” Despite his assurances, Luna was appalled at the idea of somepony living on the streets like this. She had heard many times before that there were homeless ponies living in Equestria, but in her ignorance, she assumed that their public works were taking care of them. The myriad shelters and all the charity balls that they hosted, surely this pony could find the help he needed. “But why do you chose to stay here? Are there not shelters?” “Yeah, and I used to go to them, but there are so many out here that need them, I decided I could do without so some other unlucky pony could have a nice bed to sleep on.” The look of sorrow on her face caused him to backpedal quickly. “No fault of your own, of course! There's just so much going on now, and all the work you've done to help already is a blessing that has likely saved hundreds of lives Your majesty.” The pony sat on his haunches and looked around himself nervously as the Alicorn gazed at him, a look of pity and hurt in her eyes. “This shall not stand,” She said, raising herself to her full height. “You will come with Us to Canterlot Castle. We will have you fed and you may stay in one of our guest rooms. Tomorrow we will go about rectifying your situation.” Luna stood and began to trot away, expecting the pony to follow her. When she did not hear his hoof steps accompanying hers, she stopped and turned to look at him. His head was hung low and and he looked away from her, and sad look in his eye. For a moment, Luna considered speaking, but sensed that he was about to himself, so she refrained. At length he did speak, but she certainly did not expect what he said. “Thank you Princess, but no... I can't come with you.” He stood and looked at her, tears evident in his eyes. “Thank you so much, for the offer though.” “But...” Luna began, unsure of what exactly to ask. “But why?” “I can't say,” He replied, turning away from her. “If you'll please excuse me. I was actually about to see about some food.” and with that he trotted away. Luna stood stock still for a moment, taking in all of what had just happened. Why, under all the heavens would he refuse her offer? Was it pride? Or something more? She simply could not wrap her mind around it, but she deigned to respect his wishes and took to the air. Her night court would begin soon and she had much to consider. --- Night court began like it always did. Dignitaries levied complaints that either did not reach the docket for day court or were outright denied audience with Celestia. Luna had taken it upon herself to grant these individuals audience, if only to pad her lacking schedule. Tonight however, Luna's heart was not in it, so to speak. Her mind drifted back to Wood cutter and the wagon he lived out of. The night wore on, and with Court adjured, Luna retreated to her chambers to handle her paperwork. It was tedious and boring, and just what she needed to dull her mind a bit and weed out the unwanted thoughts. Her mind blissfully clear of images of lonely stallions living in the gutters of the cities she ruled, Luna went about her duties. Before too long, morning arrived and she took supper with her sister. They chatted amicably, more so now than they had before. The ice was broken months ago, and now they simply waited for the chill to leave the waters. Luna then lowered the moon and Celestia raised the sun, she bid her sister a good day and retired once again to her chambers. There she magically shut her curtains and stripped away her regalia. She then flung herself unceremoniously into bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. Ponies would have you believe that Luna was the mistress of dreams. This was not the case. She was just as susceptible to the random nonsensical happenings of her subconscious theater during sleep. Tonight was no different. --- Her dreams started out well enough. A familiar dream. She and her sister flew together amongst the clouds, like they did before all of this princess business. The frolicked and played, chasing one another and sweeping about the clouds in joyous laughter. Then Luna spotted something on the ground, different from the green grass. It was a pony. She swooped down to ask them if they wanted to play. The pony was a gray Earth pony, she felt that she should know his name, but a cloak obscured his cutie mark, and she couldn't recall anything about him. She landed and smiled, and asked him if he wished to play. The pony shook his head and told her he was trying to find something. An idea struck, and Luna flew up to fetch Celestia. The two sisters came to land by the Gray pony. They asked him what he was looking for. He said it was his home. Luna asked if he was lost. He said he was not. Celestia asked him where he slept if he did not know where his home was. He cast a hoof in a wide sweeping gesture and told them of the many places he had slept while he searched for his home. In wide glades and warm forests. He slept under Luna's stars most nights. This made Luna smile. Luna asked if she could help him find his home, but he shook his head. It was his to find. If he couldn't find it himself, then he just didn't need it. Celestia asked him where he would sleep tonight. The pony looked away deep in thought for a moment. He told the sisters about a city in the mountains where he would sleep that night. And maybe for many more because there were many places to look in city of that size and one could not hope to look everywhere there was to look in a single day. Celestia nodded, satisfied with his answer and flew away. Luna however was not satisfied. She felt a desperate need to help this pony, and a guilt she could not place. She asked him if she could come speak with him later, and he smiled at her. With a nod he told her that he would love to have her company. He said that loneliness is a burden that he bore often. Then he trotted way, and disappeared over the cusp of a hill. Sadness seemed to well up within Luna. She did not want him to be lonely, so she decided to accompany him to the city in the mountain. She darted over the hill, but he was nowhere to be seen. She ranged wide and far searching for him, but could not spot him. When she finally gave in, night had fallen. She decided to seek out the mountains. That was where he said he would be, so she would find him there. To the east, the mountains loomed and she spied the outline of buildings jutting from it. She flew to it and began searching. Starting at the top, she saw shops and houses, very nice houses and ponies everywhere, all happy and smiling but she knew they were only smiling because they knew where their home was. She saw a castle, but he was not there. There were houses and shops further down the mountain, but he was not there either. Tears began to fill her eyes as she searched desperately but he didn't seem to be here at all. Fear gripped her as she thought that maybe he had never made it here. But then she spied a flickering light down by the base of the mountain. Flying quietly, she approached. The light was coming from behind several dirty buildings. She alighted and came around the buildings to see what was making the light. There he was, finally. She galloped to him and smiling happily, recounted her tale, of searching the planes, then the city to find him and keep him company. The stallion smiled warmly. “Thank you Princess,” he said. --- Luna awoke abruptly, the dream already fading from memory. She reached a hoof to her cheek and brought it away. Clinging to the fur were her tears, shimmering in the dim light that invaded her room from outside. She went to her wash basin and cleaned her face, washing away the tears. Replacing her Regalia, she trotted briskly from her chambers, two of her night guards in tow. In the dining hall, Celestia sat waiting for her sister, Signs of fatigue were beginning to show from the day's duties. “Good evening Luna,” She said, smiling at her sister. “Did you sleep well?” “Not as well as I would have liked,” Luna said, taking her place at the table. “I awoke to discover I had wept in my sleep.” “Was it a nigh... a bad dream?” Celestia said, catching herself before she said that word. “I do not think so. I felt no fear, merely sadness. And now I cannot get this stallion from my mind.” “Stallion?” Celestia queried, intrigued. “Yes. Last night, I took a walk in the city. Whilst there, I met a pony who lived in a broken cart. I offered to help him and he refused. I cannot think of why.” “He lived in a cart, you say?” Celestia thought for a moment. “Was he, perhaps, a traveler?” “Neigh, sister. We spoke at length. He lived there in that dank alley in a broken cart with a poorly mended tarp. I dare say he could carry all his worldly possessions upon his back with ease. And when I offered to extend to him aide from the castle, he promptly refused and left.” “He was homeless then?” “Aye. I believe that is the word for it.” The white alicorn levitated a fork full of her dinner to her mouth and chewed for a moment, deep in thought before she spoke again. “If he refused the aid, there must be a reason,” she said. Luna's head rose hopeful for some sound advice from a more grounded pony than she. “However,” Celestia continued. “It's none of our business. If he does not wish to accept our aid, we cannot force him to do so.” Luna's head hung again. She was back at square one. She was picking at her food as Celestia stood and walked over to her. “Now Luna,” She said, giving her sister a loving nuzzle. “You're heart's in the right place, but you can't force these things. Maybe you could visit him, befriend him? He may be more willing to accept help from a friend than the Princess.” Luna returned the nuzzle and smiled. That was a brilliant idea. She knew she could count on Celestia. And she had just the idea of how to break the ice! All she needed was a basket... --- Wicker basket. Check. Simple meal of daisy sandwiches and apples slices. Check. Bottle of Sweet Apple Acres Sparkling Cider with glasses. Check It wasn't much of a gesture as far as charitable gestures go, but Luna assumed anything too grand would be found insulting by the destitute stallion. After her duties with the moon were concluded, Luna gathered up her basket and all the accompanying effects and took to the skies. She angled down towards the old fort and let herself glide over the sleepy city. The Aqueduct came into view and from memory, Luna spotted the alley where Wood Cutter made bed. She landed, soft as a feather on the packed dirt, and approached the broken wagon. “Wood Cutter? Are you here?” she asked. There was no response so she drew nearer the wagon and peeked inside. He was not asleep inside. She withdrew and began to look around the area. In better light, Luna could see that much of the debris from the nearby buildings had been swept away to the sides, leaving a clear walkway that looked well traveled which went towards the Aqueduct. There was a circle of fallen bricks that surrounded a blackened ashy patch where Luna assumed he would heat his food and maybe clean his water. As she inspected the surrounding area, the sound of hooves reached her ears and she turned to see Wood Cutter trotting her way with two buckets of water hung from a single plank of wood stretched across his withers. He paused for a moment, having caught sight of Luna, but continued forwards. Depositing the water, he dipped a bow. “Good evening Princess,” He said, with a smile. “I didn't think I would see you again.” Luna returned his smile and the basket over to her with her magic. “We brought you some food so that you needn't scrounge tonight for sustenance. And we hoped we might speak with you again.” He took the basket and looked inside. A couple sandwiches and sliced apple. Not at all what he had expected. He gave a good humored laugh, catching Luna by surprise. “Hath we done something humorous?” Luna asked, confused as she was by his reaction. “No princess, not at all, but would you be offended if I told you I assumed this basket would be full of Gourmet foods?” “So we where right!” She said, glad that she had read the situation correctly. “We decided that a simple meal would benefit you more than some of the other foods we may have brought. We were forced to talk the royal chef down from making a whole hoof sandwich spread for us. She looked ready to burst when I told for whom it was intended,” Luna allowed herself to laugh at the antics of that mare, and she was delighted to hear that Wood Cutter was laughing along with her. This was going splendidly! “I appreciate this Princess,” said Wood Cutter, as he lifted a sandwich from the basket and taking a small bite. He lifted a second and offered it to her, but she shook her head. “We thank you, but no. We've already eaten recently.” Her horn gave it's magical chime, and the bottle of sparkling cider and two glasses rose from the basket. The glasses were not the fluted crystal affairs that sparkling beverages were typically served in, but rather the heavy wooden tumblers used by the royal guard in their mess hall. “Would you care for a drink of cider?” she asked, popping the cork and pouring a glass which he gratefully took. “Thank you, but I have to ask princess. Why are you here? Could you have not simply had a servant bring this here?” The Night Princess paused momentarily as she poured her own glass of Cider. “If we are to be completely honest, we were curious about you.” She gazed at the bottle levitating beside her and then to Wood Cutter. “We assume many in your position would leap at the offer we gave last night, but not you, and we cannot help but ask ourselves why.” Wood Cutter's expression had become more serious as she spoke. Quickly she sought to regain his trust. “We will respect your wishes, of course, but we wish to know you better, and maybe by knowing you, we may better know our subjects.” Wood Cutter stared hard at Luna, making her slightly uncomfortable, but slowly a smile began to spread across his face. “Well,” He said, taking another small bite of his sandwich. “I can't begrudge a pony their curiosity, and I could use the company. It's awfully lonely sometimes.” At those words, memories of her dream that night rushed into Luna's mind. She smiled. Maybe she could help this stallion find his home. They spoke for a few minutes more before Wood Cutter, having eaten only half his sandwich set it aside and stood. “If you'll excuse me princess,” He said, as he turned to his wagon. “I just have to get something to keep this food fresh for now.” “Why would you need to do that?” Luna asked as he trotted into the wagon and came out with a roll of paper in his maw. He set it down on the ground and rolled out a length, on which he set the sandwiches. “Well, If I eat it all now, I won't have more for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.” Luna nodded. It made sense, no matter how unfair it seemed that he should have to conserve such meager meals. Silently she wished she had brought more for him. Maybe next time. She watched as he wrapped the food in wax paper and tied it away with some twine. With the food secured, he sat again, facing Luna. “So...” he began but trailed off. “umm... I've told you a bit about myself, I guess, but all I know about you is what the schools told me, and that's a little out of date now.” With this, Luna looked up at the sky. The moon was just beginning to peak over the mountain. Night court would start soon and she would be late if she didn't take her leave. “True, but perhaps next time?” She said. “We must return to the castle to perform our duties.” “So you'll be coming back?” he asked while Luna stood and stretched her legs. In answer to his question, she nodded with a smile. “When? Not that I don't appreciate the visits, but some warning would be nice.” Wood Cutter chuckled a bit to remove any bite that may have been in his words. “The night after next?” She asked. “You won't be busy then will you?” “Princess... I live in a cart in an alley. I'm never 'busy',” he said, somewhat sardonically, earning a chuckle from the Princess. “Then we have an accord! We shall be here at moonrise the night after next.” “It's a date!” With that, Luna took to the air and flew for the castle. This truly was going splendidly. (What do you think? Should I make this a Romance, or keep it Friendly? At this point, I can't deside and it's basically up in the air.)
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