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  1. He got off the train in Ponyville, carrying only his saddlebag. Many ponies continued giving him a few strange looks. Some were rude, but most were just curious. He had gotten used to it by now. Before he left, they had told him he might not be accepted at first, but given the chance, most ponies in Equestria are inviting and friendly. It was a good thing he was considered an expert at making friends by everyone he knew well. Were zebras really that rare? Zareb thought. He made his way towards Ponyville proper and out of the humble landscape, could see the star of the castle spearing into the sky. It towered over everything, including the town hall. Zareb looked at his paper instructions and made steps to what he presumed was Twilight's Castle. Would he see the Princess today? He hoped so, but he also knew that Equestria had changed in a good way, and many of the Princess' tasks forced her to Canterlot where Equestria was ruled from. Maybe one day he would visit there, too. He approached the castle from it's grassy front yard and looked up at it. "Ngome kubwa," he muttered to himself, basking in the glory that was the crystalline fortress. He saw what looked like the school in the corner of his eye, adorning it's famous waterfall collection. He wondered why he was asked to come here first. Outside the castle, there were no guards. So he walked up the steps at opened the big front door himself. He peeked inside. "Hello?"
  2. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Zareb Gender: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Zebra Eye colour: Turquoise Coat: Standard zebra grey Mane/Tail: Buzzcut-looking mane and tied frizzy tail, both a grey-scaled dark teal Physique: Average stallion build, stronger than most ponies however Residence: Unyasi, on foreign exchange to Ponyville at the School of Friendship Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship Cutie Mark: Symbol meaning "Friendship" or "Bonds" Unique Traits: Outgoing, personable, charismatic Flaws: Lacks awareness of personal space, misses social cues, resistant to conform to social acceptance History: Zareb comes from the land of Unyasi. In his tribe, his family and friends took notice at his ability to bring others together even when he was very young. In the communities he had spent time in, all zebras held a closer bond than they did before he was involved in it. In one instance, he was able to create friends out of sworn enemies, and his cutie mark appeared. As he grew towards stallionhood, some of the elders suggested he travel to Equestria to see if his ability to mold friendships could be enhanced or learned from. With the School of Friendship opening in Ponyville, he was sent as a foreign exchange so that he might learn something new about friendship, but also in hopes that the leaders of Equestria would recognize a zebra in their institution as a sign of increased political influence between the dominant pony nation and the distant zebra empire across the sea. Character Personality: Zareb is an adventurous zebra, but prefers to do things with others. He will attempt to bond with others around them, even if they initially reject his presence. He knows that kindness and a good attitude can generally sway someone else to be more open to being friends. He is also inspired to do some things that he has no talent for. One of his futile dreams is to be a rapper, but lacks the real prowress to rhyme on command and cannot generate good lyrics to a beat, but he will continue to try. Zareb is protective of his friends if adversaries go too far; He does not yield to those who have no chance for redeeming a relationship. Character Summary: When first meeting Zareb, sometimes he can be overly friendly and abrasively kind. Behind his forced relationship-building, however, is a tough zebra who truly wants to make a positive difference in the world around him.
  3. WHITE FEATHER SHE HAS WINGS JUST WANTED TO SHOW OFF THE CUTIE MARK Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Full Name: White Feather Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Rich Brown Chocolate Eyes Coat: White with hints of cream undertones, along with light creamy zebra stripes due to a genetic mutation. Mane/Tail: Her mane is long and delicate but often kept in a fancy updo, while her tail is usually flicking about. She is part-zebra after all. Her mane and tail are a rich pink with soft pink tones. Physique: Her body is light and delicate, but slightly lanky to give her a graceful willowy appearance. She is tall for a half-pony. Residence: Solistice Heights Occupation: Fashion Designer Cutie Mark: History: White Feather was born an only child to her two beloved parents Brute Stripe and his wife Ivory Wings inside their quaint, spacious home in Solistice Heights. Her mother was a fashion designer and her father worked as a royal guard. Due to being born so close to the woods, a young White Feather was always fluttering around on filly wings, introducing herself to the various animals that lived there. Her mother and father never worried. Though with the animals, she seemed to have a natural bond and due to spending so much time quiet and still she was able to observe so many details. One day she decided to preserve the memory of them, and brought her art book out with her paints. She watched, painting all that she saw. By the end of her masterpiece she was surrounded by her animal friends, and she'd blushed softly since they seemed very happy with her art, she scarcely noticed the cutie mark that appeared on her flank. It was a winged paintbrush, the paintbrush symbolizing her eye for detail and artistic nature, while the wings symbolized the graceful and quiet nature that let her get where other ponies could not. She had a slightly hard time making friends in school because of the fact that she was merely shy, but the ones she did make were long lasting and dear to her. After schooling, she got into fashion design instead of painting. Her strange and unique designs got her recognition from fashion designers all around. Due to so much alone time as a child White Feather is very quiet and very sensitive in nature, but this slowly changed as she grew. After a while, she grew less shy and grounded. Instead of breaking out into tears she tries to fix a problem immediately or discuss it so she can understand. Though shy in nature, White Feather never stands idly by and lets others be put down or bullied, especially for their differences since she's always felt a little bit like an oddball. She is a gentle soul with a strong will and her sunny outlook and cheery disposition will take her far one day.
  4. 1st Airborne Calvary Division 1st Battalion, 8th Calvary (airborne) Las Pegasus Air Base, Equestrial Union 69 EUU Operation Tag Back distributed by the Union Department Of War: Fillydelphia 1. Situation. At the request of the governing body of the Everfree Guerrilla Resistance, Special Operations Squadron Phoenix was deployed to the Everfree Forest Region at 0400 hours via one 1st Airborne chariot. There they are to assist in counter Changeling operations by assisting in the recapture of a resistance settlement. Targets also include the liberation of high ranking resistance leaders, civilians, and ammunitions. 2nd Battalion, 8th Calvary are on standby to provide air support while 1st Battalion, 8th Calvary will conduct the extraction. a. Enemy Forces. (1)Any and All Changeling units b. Friendly Forces. (1)1st Battalion, 8th Calvary (2)2nd Battalion, 8th Calvary Alright guys here's the deal, this will be a squad based tactical role play. Once you get passed the name it's basically just a fun not-to-serious war rp. Now what sets it apart from others is that there will be a rank structure in the squad. This means that the orders of anyone above you will have to be followed. The squad will consist of a commanding sergeant (me for the first op), a Corporal under them, and two specialists. Throughout the rp you're expected to adhere to the rank structure at all times (within reason) ACCEPTING THREE MORE PLAYERS ONLY List your character's standard applications in your replies. Extra items are accepted (about two'll do it) but keep in mind that this will be a parody of the Vietnam War era. So, pack appropriately. Loadouts will be determined after sign ups conclude.
  5. Envelin


    From the album: My OCs

    He's a zebra prince who's just trying to get married haha
  6. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    The previous 'Zony's' parents; Warrior-Chief Moya and Daisy Globetrotter when they first met on Daisy's first excursion to Unyasi. Guess she decided to stay! :3

    © Stacey Lenaghan

  7. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Probably seen this on the side bar now, but this is a larger image of the same. Enjoyed making this; the challenge was to get as many species as I could without it becoming cluttered when shrunk to sidebar size. For the curious, the reason for no yaks was the picture was completed before Party Pooped came out. Why Cheerilee? I always imagined her as the tourist type, going on trips (mostly in the summer) to various places in Equestria, collecting images and souvenirs for herself and for future school lessons.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  8. Odumase Ikefuna Machines have a nature, much like our own. They respond to proper treatment and careful nurture, just like a foal would a parent. RP Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Odumase Ikefuna. Prefers “Odu.” Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Zebra Coat Color: Grey with auburn stripes. Generally covered with a fine layer of pulverized metal dust and grease. Often has goggle marks from where he wears his safety goggles. Mane/Tail Color & Style: Mane is alternating bands of auburn and black. Eye Color: Brown Physique: Burly. Odu is well-built, being both strong and very tough. Most find his brawniness to be very intimidating. Residence: Born in Unyasi, just outside Boma. Currently residing in Stalliongrad. Occupation: Airship engineer. Cutie Mark: Stylized planetary gear set with 3 planet gears and an annular gear. Unique Traits: Odu is an engineering prodigy. Engine mechanics, aetherfluid plumbing, aether-reactive gas chamber tuning; if it has something to do with the function of a high-performance airship, Odu is keenly in tune with how it should work and when it’s not working the way it should be. It could be said that his special talent is “machine sense.” Character History Having inhabited the Boma area since before the great drought, the Ikefunas can best be described as stubborn. The family remained in the city throughout the dust storms, raising crops in shelters, clearing out sand and broken down buildings, and helping to maintain the structures that were still habitable. When the rest of the Zebras decided to disperse, the Ikefunas stayed. Thus the concept of tenacity was firmly etched into the Ikefunas’ family tradition. Odu was born the son of a construction foreman, specifically one who was in charge of maintaining the citadel and completing additions that had been approved by the city council. His father was a stern, humorless zebra, instilling unshakable work ethic in his children and making him the shining example of hard work and dedication in the community. Knowing the attitude of his father, Odu followed the straight and narrow path and seemed destined to become a construction worker as well. He followed his father into the workforce and often worked with him on the citadel additions. Odu showed a knack for the use of tools, though at times he could be heard cursing the fact that he had hooves instead of unicorn magic or griffon claws. This all came to a head one day when he was tasked with installing a set of reinforcement pylons on the windward side of the citadel. The reinforcement pylons were to be set in the ground and anchored into the earthworks by way of a metal plate bolted onto the pylon. While manhandling the pylons and plates into place was no big deal for a team of strong zebras, it was a nightmare to fix the bolts into place with only basic tools. An administrative oversight had resulted in replacements being several weeks out with the wet season on the horizon. If they did not finish the shoring up, the earthworks ran the risk of collapse! Odu thought long and hard about how to approach the problem. The other workers on his team followed his father’s orders and began mounting the bolts one at a time, hoping their hard work would outpace the incoming storms. Some even dared to call Odu lazy for choosing to tinker with his tools instead of brute forcing the problem. However, Odu disregarded them and continued to experiment until finally, he came up with a solution. Using spare parts and the manual wrenches they were given, Odu built a crank-powered bolt driver that could install and tighten the bolts in record time with just proper positioning and a few cranks by the user. As he used the improved tool to drive bolts, he continuously tuned it and perfected its workings until he was completing his tasks at record speed. With a couple of these tools built, his crew was able to finish the reinforcements ahead of schedule. When his father came to review their work, he was shocked to find the crew sitting around making idle chatter. The elder Ikefuna was angry at first, thinking his son’s crew to be lazy, but after they pointed out their accomplishment, his attitude softened. The work was actually done well and the workers were happy with their assignment. When he went to find his son, he found more than that; his son’s cutie mark, which represented Odu’s ability to build and tune machinery to perfection. It was soon discovered that Odu’s mechanical aptitude extended to other devices as well: factory traction engines, lighting louvres over skylights, and finally griffon airship engines. His discovery of the latter drove him to board an airship and depart for Clawifax. In Clawifax, he attended a trade school where he learned the inner workings of the ships he had come to love. Eventually, he made the decision to leave Unyasi altogether. Though his father disapproved of this at first, he soon remembered how his son had earned his cutie mark and reluctantly gave his blessing. Odu made his way to Stalliongrad by airship, where he works as a professional engineer. Character Summary If nothing else, Odu inherited his father’s work ethic. Despite his size his is no musclehead. Odu is studious to a fault and is constantly tinkering with his tools or his engines. While he is more of a hooves-on learner, he is not above reading manuals or supplemental material to better understand his line of work. One thing Odu did not inherit was his father’s temper. Unlike the elder Ikefuna, Odu is level-headed and calm. His work ethic is not the result of a burning desire to complete the given task, but a cool determination to come to an understanding of the inner workings of his given job. It could be said that he is a gentle giant. Odu does not speak much, though he can be counted upon to emote appropriately. Most of his “talking” comes from his facial expressions and his body language. Many say that he is an excellent listener. Though Odu’s father gave his blessing to leave, Odu still feels that it was done grudgingly and out of a sense of helplessness rather than genuine joy for his son’s talents. Someday, he hopes to return home to Boma, bringing something that will prove that he was not just a wayward son.
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  10. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Foghorn Sex: Male Age: Middle-Aged Stallion Species: Zebra Eye colour: Dark Blue Coat: Black & White striped. Mane/Tail: A tangle of mid length black and white dreadlocks almost always tied back with a red piece of cloth. His tail matches in colour and style as well as often being bound at the base with some cloth. Physique: Foghorn shops in the big and tall section. He is quite tall with a barrel chest. His strong legs bear his size well. Well muscled and powerful looking, Foghorn resembles a work pony raised on hard work and long days. he often wears a winstriped black suit and hat to match, as well as red tintted sunglasses. Residence:Fillydelphia Occupation: Saxophone Player. Foghorn works irregular gigs at many of Fillydelphias' small diners, clubs, and restraunts. Inbetween those he does odd jobs for the older mares that live near him. As well as the occasional band gig. Cutie Mark: A blue saxophone with silver music notes coming out of it. As a colt Foghorn was sure he would be a farmer like his Ma and Pa. That all changed when a travelling stallion stopped in his small watering hole. His name was Jazz(or so he claimed) and he was a musician. He played his fiddle for the townsfolk and when Fog heard the music pouring forth his world changed. He knew what he wanted to do with his life. Of course it wasn't for another year that he discovered the Saxophone. He had been visiting a small music shop every day since Jazz had come in search of an instrument for him. As soon as he saw the old tarnished horn he knew. He has spent his life mastering the saxophone since that day. History: Born and raised on a gourd farm in the Heartland by his parents who immigrated from Unyasi. Foghorn was named for his unussually deep voice even as a foal. He was always a hard worker from a very young age, rising with the sun to help tend the farm, then going to school for the day and upon his return he went back to work until the sun fell once more. He loved the feel of good earth beneath his hooves and felt pride when the crop was taken in each season. He was always sure as a colt he would carry on the family business of gourd farming. As a child Foghorns' father; Talltale, would tell the tale of how they came to Equestria. Claiming he swam the sea with a bag of seed and his; then pregnant, wife upon his back. He was notorious for telling ridiculous tales of fancy. Foghorn grew very quickly in his colt years, easily outgrowing his fellow classmates and friends, much to their jealousy. Fog had trouble making friends during these years because he simply did not appear to be a colt. Eventually most of the other colts caught up to some degree, although few were as big as Foghorn. When Fog was old enough he bid farewell to family and friends and set off to find a place where the music in his soul could be unleashed. He visited many a town before finally coming to rest in Fillydelphia. He was amazed at how many ponies could be crammed in such small spaces. Fog then knew the big city was the place for him. He loved the bustle of city life. He began working small jobs all over the city to make bits, practicing his Saxophone the entire time. Eventually he started to play gigs at small venues throughout the city. He has made visits home periodically throughout the years but tends to stay in his city. Character Summary: Foghorn thrives off of reacting with his everyone and anyone he can talk to. He shares his Father's long windedness and will talk your ear off if you give him the chance. he loves music more than anything in Equestria and; if he could, he would do nothign but listen to and play it. he also loves the accomplished feeling of a good days work. he can get rather restless if not busy in some way and cannot abide being alone for very long. he also cannot abide the loneliness of others and will endeavor to chat with anyone he sees alone at a party. One of Foghorn's favorite things is a party. The bigger and louder, the better. He isn't much for fancy parties with etiquette and proper manners, he prefers the choas of a hoot n' holler. how better to feel alive than to show everypony around you are! Other than parties and music Foghorn enjoys games of chance and riddles. During his free time he tends a small garden near his apartment, where he grows gourds and vegetables. Every year when he harvests them he shares with the his neighbors. Locals have taken to helping tend the small garden and it has grown over the years. He also enjoys travelling on occasion and someday plans to visit his ancestral homeland. Foghorn has a big personality to match his stature and exceptionally deep voice. He never does anything quietly unless it is desperately necassary. He is helpful to anyone in need whether the need is percieved only by him or real. He laughs easily and when he does the thunderous sound carries on the air much like his namesake, infecting those nearby with his joyous outlook on life. Fpor Foghorn life is just one big party, sure you may have to do some work now and then but in the end it always pays off. He lives every moment like it is the best one of his life.
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Malzahar Shi'ad, of the Golden Sand. Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Zebra Eye colour: Emerald Green Coat: A mixture of black and white stripes, with permanent gold-ink markings on his torso and face. Mane/Tail: A golden-dyed mane that is stylized in the form of multiple braids, and his tail similarly dyed and braided. Also has a short golden beard shaped into a fine point at the tip. Physique: Average height and evenly muscled with a slim, dextrous body, it was shaped by the countless years spent in Saddle Arabia's many sand dunes. Residence: No permanent settlement at the moment; travels across Equestria gathering powerful herbs and plants for his products and potions, as well as searching out leads on mythical alchemic artifacts. Occupation: Alchemy in trade, Smithing in practice. Often uses a blend of both skills to sell high-quality metallic goods or the occasional alchemically-infused trinkets. Prefers to call himself a 'creature of science'. He sends most of money he earns back to his family in Saddle Arabia. Cutie Mark: A black-coloured flask on his flank that symbolizes his love of alchemical sciences. History: Born deep within the deserts of Saddle Arabia, Malzahar Shi'ad was raised amongst a family of merchants who traveled in caravans across the dunes. He led a relatively easy life, learning the skills of bartering and commercialism. Schooled by his elder siblings in trading and metal-working, he began to aid his father (a successful textile merchant) in running the family's numerous trades. Even though his life was relatively simple and quiet, there was always some danger hidden amongst the many dunes of Saddle Arabia, ranging from sand-pits to skirmishes between merchant guards and giant scorpions or vipers. Malzahar had a relatively normal relationship with his parents, considering that he was a middle sibling. He was never the most influential part of his family, but he was content with that. One day, while his family was passing through a small border-town, he came across an aged zebra by the name of Haladin. The elder zebra called himself an 'alchemist', and showed Malzahar a few tricks of his trade. Watching the alchemist work amazed him, the science and art behind it all mesmerizing. Right before his family was about to move on toward their next stop, Haladin offered him an apprenticeship. Unable to refuse such an opportunity, Haladin rushed back to his parents for their blessing. At first they were hesitant, but before their departure they agreed and sent him towards his new life. For several years, Malzahar served as Haladin's young apprentice and aide at work and on several journeys. Learning the fine elements of chemistry, mathematics, and several other required sciences, he grew more and more skilled at the alchemic trade with each passing year. Finally, just short of adulthood, his apprenticeship came to an end, his mentor giving him a large book on Alchemy as a gift. Thanking Haladin for his teachings and his wisdom, Malzahar left to find his family after so many years. After following many rumors and witnesses, he found his family once more deep within the Saddle Arabian desert. At first he was nervous; after all, he had been gone for several years, how would they react? His fears melted away though once he was with them once more and welcomed back with open hooves. As it happened, his family had been having a bit of a rough time due to the plummeting trade market, but they still led comfortable and normal lives. With his return and the addition of his alchemic items to their collection of goods, they once again returned to their status as a prosperous merchant caravan. One night while browsing through the tome his mentor gave him, Malzahar found a chapter concentrated on many different kinds of special artifacts which could perform all kinds of amazing alchemical feats. Intrigued by the possibilities, he bought more books associated with these artifacts, all of which after careful study pointed to the land he identified as Equestria. If so many sources from different cultures spoke of the same thing, there must be some semblance of truth, right? Bringing the evidence forward to his family, he proposed that he should seek the artifacts out and bring them back so that they and their descendants could live in the lap of luxury. His parents and grandfather spoke against such a risky and possibly dangerous adventure; after all, it was supposed to be only a legend. However, at the end of the meeting, his grandfather took him aside and handed him a few maps of Equestria and the paths to it. "Find them if you can, Malzahar." He said with a warm smile. "Every zebra has his dream...his legacy. I think this might be yours." Taking those words to heart, Malzahar left a note behind for his family, took his belongings, and departed for his new journey. He knew that if he could find answers anywhere, it'd be in Equestria, but most of all...at the Canterlot Royal Library. Character Summary: Malzahar is a scientist at heart, and the science of Alchemy is his greatest specialty. He thinks himself a prodigy in his own field, due to his understanding of metals and the uses that can be applied with them. Very ambitious, Malzahar hopes to one day find such a collection of alchemic artifacts that he could open up a Museum of Alchemy. Even though this search takes up most of his time, he often finds some spare hours to seek out great pieces of art and architecture, and loves musical talent of all kinds. Some of Malzahar's greatest pet-peeves involve incompetence, ignorance, and most of all; arrogance. While on the road during his travels, Malzahar loves to create trinkets and alchemically-enhanced clothing/armor to sell and present to towns and cities he passes through. Although he is skilled with a forge, hammer, and flask, he tends to fail in pursuits of true artwork, such as sculpting or painting, and even some of the more simple crafts such as woodworking and tailoring. His biggest weakness, however, is his ability to dance...which he possesses no skill in, although he desperately wants to. When around most other creatures, Malzahar is surprisingly friendly and even charismatic, although sometimes his views are often quite bizarre to most Equestrians. Although he prefers the company of fellow scientists and artists, he will socialize with almost anyone. Malzahar's greatest fear is whether his quest for the lost alchemic tools will ever prove fruitful, and if it doesn't, whether his life had been a waste of effort. Dwelling on this can sometimes lead him to sulk and shut himself away from outside contact.
  12. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Insara Sex: female Age: older middle-aged mare Species: zebra Eye colour: dark blue Coat: Insara's base coat colour is a very pale pink while her stripes are a dark maroon. She is accustomed to wearing a dark violet hooded robe with a red trim, which gives her a mysterious vibe that lends to her fortune teller act. Mane/Tail: Insara's mane is roughly the same colours as her coat, striped pink and maroon. She has taken to wearing her mane long and straight so as to fit within the hood of her robe, toward the front is is curled a bit to add to her allure. Physique: Insara is very concerned with keeping herself look young, as an attractive visage is important for her job. She is very fit and healthy, and looks younger than she is. It is often assumed she is the older sister of her daughter Verity rather than her mother. Residence: Stalliongrad, though several times a year she'll venture back to the tribal lands of Unyasi. Occupation: Fortune Teller and potion maker. Cutie Mark: Insara's tribal mark is the shape of an open eye gazing outward. The eye is centered in the outline of a heart shape. As a whole, the mark represents her acute ability to perceive and understand others. Insara received her mark at a young age. One of the tribe colts had disappeared from his parents' side and all were worried for his safety. As the time passed and he was not found, Insara became increasingly worried of the dangers of him being alone on the savannah. Insara knew the colt, Zaki, well, and she had a good idea where he might be, recalling a favored spot near the river the two of them would often wander to as foals to play. Having watched his face for weeks prior to his running away, she was unsure about what to say to the adults. It was clear that Zaki was feeling pressured by his family, who were pushing him to take over a lot of the work in the place of his ailing father. Understanding how desperate and unsure the colt must have felt, Insara decided to not tell the elders, instead going to the spot on her own. When she found Zaki, he was clearly frightened, not knowing if he could meet the expectations set for him and live up to the example set by his father. Insara listened calmly to his worries and fears and offered a few well placed reassuring words. Then, looking him straight in the eye, she told him that he would never be forced to face it all alone, and that he would always have her support. This was exactly what the colt needed to hear, and in the strength of the promise, he found the courage to turn around and face his troubles instead of continuing to run away. For her effort, Insara's tribal mark appeared that night. History: Insara was born the daughter of an influential tribe mystic. She was encouraged to, as her mother had, learn the traditional tribal arts and secrets and from an early age displayed a deft hand at brewing potions. She showed incredibly promise and was expected to follow in her mother's hoofsteps to become a mystic leader of the tribe. Fate proved to have something different in mind for the young zebra though, as her tribal mark proved. Insara excelled at the tribal arts, but it soon became clear that a life among the tribe would not satisfy her. Her mark was an eye, and as would be expected for one with such a mark, Insara sought to see as much as she could, both into the hearts of others and into the world beyond. The stories of travelers passing through her land reacher her ears and left her young mind buzzing. The tales made the world seem so big and strange to her, and in her young heart Insara knew she had to see it all. About the time she came of age, it was decided that Insara would be permitted to venture from the tribe to see what she needed to see. She would be accompanied by a male from the tribe named Zaki, a young worker and builder whom she had known her entire life and had promised in her youth to one day marry. Together, the two set off to the North on a foreign ship and came to Equestria. For the first few years, the two zebra travelled the land together seeing everything they could see and meeting as many ponies as they could. Insara felt wonder at each new sight and cherished the time she spent seeing it all with Zaki at her side. She wanted it to continue on forever, but when she became pregnant with Zaki's foal, she decided it was time to settle down for a while. The two came to settle in the city of Stalliongrad, an entire continent away from their homeland. There, their child was born, and with her came a crucial decision. Insara had come to love Equestria, and something about this city of Stalliongrad in particular appealed to her sensibilities. Her and Zaki agreed that they would remain in that city and only visit the homeland on occasion. This decision in mind, their daughter was given a pony styled name, Verity Essence, so as to fit with Equestria where she was born. The name was intended to reflect the parents' valuing of truth. For the next many years, Insara focused on raising Verity and on setting up her new enterprise as a fortune teller. Ponies didn't seem to know much about zebras or the traditions of Unyasi. She soon realized that she had what could be considered a magnetic sort of foreign mystique to the locals, and using that, some theatrics and her keen senses of perception regarding others she could get ponies coming to her for fortune readings. She is not actually precognitive in any sense, but her ability to read others allows her to easily understand the problems of others before they've even explained them fully, which when coupled with her knack for giving good advice has lead to a successful act, especially when supplemented with the potions and herbs she'll sell on the side. As the years passed, Insara became even more firmly rooted in the city. Zaki took a job as a worker at a local factory and together they made a modest life for themselves and Verity. Verity grew up to be something of a handful for her parents. it was somewhat difficult to see her child had no love or understandings of the traditions of old and for a time Insara felt very distanced from her daughter. Things did not improve when the child got a black cloud for her cutie mark, something that represented the obscuring of truths rather than seeing through them as hers did. Accepting that her daughter was to be an agent of an organization she considered deceitful was a difficult thing until she was made to realize that she was frequently deceiving others to an extent herself with her fortune teller act. The two would make amends, and Insara even began supplying her daughter with potions to use for her job. She is now very much proud of Verity and what she has accomplished, though she does regret that Verity still has little love of Unyasi or interest in venturing to see it. her great hope is to someday drag the mare back with her to see her extended family in the tribe. Her only daughter now an adult, Insara is now free to venture back to the tribal lands more regularly. She does so several times a year, both to see her family and to gather rare ingredients for potions that she cannot find in Equestria. Zaki sometimes accompanies her, though on occasion she'll make the trip on her own. Though most of the other zebra seem to think Equestria has changed her considerably, Insara truly feels that both Unyasi and Equestria are home. Character Summary: Insara is a relatively quiet, focused mare. She tries not to show an excess of emotion, though she is far from cold. Being that she is keenly perceptive and skilled at reading others, she is quick to adjust herself to keep her company comfortable and content. She is not exceptionally talkative regularly, choosing her words quite carefully and letting actions speak for themselves. With her family, Insara is very warm and affectionate. She is nurturing and passionate, though never weak. She doesn't let her loved ones get away with anything, and will not stop herself from calling them out or embarrassing them if she sees something she doesn't agree with. Around her family and tribe she is cheerful, and quick to joke around. When working her shop, Insara is very serious about her character and her act. She plays the part of a mysterious zebra mystic in tune with the spirits. She dresses accordingly in a dark robe and is careful with how she presents herself, believing the theatrical element to be part of what her customers are paying for. With customers, she puts on an air of mystery, and will even flirt some when she thinks it will help the customer open up to her. She tries to remain calm and cool, even in extreme cases. Sometimes when she's at a loss, Insara will slip into bombast and theatrics in an effort to distract from the situation, even outside her shop. if that doesn't work, it can lead to some serious panic. She really does not like not having a handle on any particular situation, and will attempt to bluff herself into seeming to have the upper hoof even when she doesn't, which can lead to issues. Generally she does not deal well with being cornered. She is so used to knowing how to handle situations and others that she actually fears instances where she has no ability to do so. Insara really enjoys meeting new individuals and learning new things about them. She also loves to travel and see new places. In general, she is someone who does not believe that you can experience too many things in life. She is open minded to new experiences, and despite her firm roots in Unyasi she has come to enjoy even some more Equestrian things. In terms of what motivates her, Insara is a relatively simple mare. She seeks nothing more than to live a full and fun life and provide for the family she cares about. She wants to see as much as she possibly can while also spending as much time as she can with her loved ones. If she can bring some of Unyasi to Equestria and something of Equestria back with her to Unyasi, that is just an added bonus. Here's a cool pic by Shenanigan of Insara in action reading her OC Shenangian's fortune:
  13. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Kutula Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Zebra Eye colour: Green with a dull iris Coat: Dull white coat with dark black stripes Mane/Tail:Mane is kept relatively short, spiked upwards, almost similar to a mowhawk (or traditional zebra mane) alternating black and white in similar shades to her coat, while the tail is short but well kept Physique: Physically fit, but average size for zebra Residence: Nomadic in Unyasi along the north shore Occupation: Mediator Cutie Mark: The symbol of siamese crocodiles. Which looks like square with simple crocodiles intersected at the center. This symbolizes two crocodiles that share one stomach, which symbolizes democracy and unity. Kutula achieved this cutie mark in a way that none expected. It was a rather dry season within Unyasi, and every zebra was on edge, unsure of how they were going to keep going. Water was scarce and every drop counted. A young colt snuck extra water, and the elders of the tribe ganged up on him, demanding justice be done. That he not be allowed his next daily allowance of water as punishment. He did not deny taking the water, knowing the state of things, and was prepared to take the punishment coming to him. Kutala was within earshot of the exchange, but noticed something that was off about the colt’s voice. It wasn’t her place to intervene, but felt like justice wouldn’t be done, and the colt would be punished for nothing! She, without thinking, jumped between the two groups. Claiming that the entire story wasn’t told, that the colt’s voice was keeping something secret. The colt shyed away, but Kutala persisted asking what really happened. And requested that any punishment be held off until the truth was known. The adults asked why she was so sure, she simply replied that “The wind carrying the colt’s voice said the full story was not yet told.” She asked the colt again, stating that she would help him with her share of water if it came to that. It became known that the colt was an older brother to a young foal, who was extremely thirsty. The elders then looked at the ashamed colt with sadness, knowing they were going to punish one who was ready to take punishment to help out one whose needs were greater than his. They stated that they were wrong, and that the foal needed the water more than they.Later that day, the tribal chief Zeti summoned Kutala. A bit worried, she approached Zeti, who requested her to become the official tribal mediator, for her ability to see without seeing. When she had left, Zeti mentioned that Kutala had obtained her cutie mark. History: Kutala was born into a nomadic zebra tribe who transversed the northern side of Unyasi. She was named for the word for peace. Kutala wasn’t a fortunate foal though, she was born without the ability to see. Believing in the power of nature, her parents would always tell her to trust in what nature told her. The sounds around her, that the wind brought forth, the vibrations of the ground, the smells of what she was going to eat and drink (and occasionally other zebras and critters), and whatever her instincts told her. would come to pass. She did her best to not be slowed, and it made her look like a clumsy foal. Many of the foals and fillies she played with merely thought she was just naturally clumsy, while the stallions and mares almost looked upon her with pity. As she grew older, into fillyhood, doing what her parents instructed became second nature. Not only did nopony think of her as the same clumsy foal, but many considered her one of the more agile fillies in the tribe. Not being able to read and write, she focused on mastering the art of conversation. She eventually got to the point where she could detect slight fluctuations in the voice. Through experience she figured out which fluctuations meant what. She became very adept at being able to read into, so to speak, what a pony was saying. She used this to her advantage to get ponies to reach an agreement, and soon she became known for being able to find solutions and agreements where others did not think it were possible, at least amongst the colts and fillies. She didn’t just use her acute senses for “work” however. What would the fun be of being able to run around if you couldn’t romp around with your friends! She would often participate in races, which she would often lose. Though in the few times she would win, she usually went so far past the finish line that her friends would joke that she could only stop running if she lost. The other game she often played was hide and seek, which she was rather adept at. She almost never lost at that! She would merely listen to where each of her friends went, and would follow suit finding them quickly and effectively. Like always, she would tell those who questioned her prowess, that the wind simply told her their locations. This eventually became a running joke with her friends, as anything that she could do inexplicably, it would always be “the wind” or “the ground” or “the trees” and so forth, telling her things they told no one else because they weren’t listening. She wasn’t the best at hiding though. She wasn’t the worst off, but she was almost never the last to be found! Occasionally she’d play the high jump game, where everyone would try to outdo each other jumping over objects. This, she was not that great in. The colts always seemed to beat her! She didn’t mind though, she just enjoyed the sport with the rest of her friends in the tribe. When she was summoned to the tribal leader Zeti, an odd thing happened... She found that the elders of the tribe started treating her differently. They no longer looked upon her with pity. The treated her with respect and dignity as a valued member of the tribe. She noticed that they talked to her differently. She continued her work as the official mediator of the tribe, solving many conflicts between ponies. Whether it be a simple argument over duties within the tribe or more serious matters. She always seems to find some common ground and be able to reach a solution that is mutually beneficial. Character Summary: Kutula is a kind and gentle soul. She never wants to see anypony wronged or hurt. Whether this is physically or mentally. She believes greatly in fairness and impartiality. She uses these views to better herself as a mediator. She always tries her best to find mutually beneficial solutions to any problem. She’ll even put her own needs on the line or give up something of hers if it will help alleviate a situation. This includes water, food, or even her own time to help someone outside of mediation. She is often soft spoken, but she knows how to take control of a conversation if needed. Kutula may be blind, but she is in no way handicapped. In fact, the fact that she could not see allowed her to listen to everything, hear things others could not because their eyes covered what their ears could hear. Kutula uses her senses to make up for the lack of sight, and she does it as second nature, having never known what the world looks like. If you ask her to describe something, she’ll in detail, explain what it sounds like, how it feels, if it is living, how it moves and shakes the ground, how it smells, and yes, occasionally how it tastes. A few in the tribe even claim that she has a sixth sense, as she never seems to bump into anything or anyone. Kutula knows this is not so. The way she explains it, is that nature tells her. The ground will be uneven around anything that is on the ground, wind will break, sounds will change, even the light on her face will feel different depending on what is around her or what time of day it is. Her sixth sense, as others call it, is merely her working senses, working in unison, as she hopes all ponies will strive to do no matter what. Other than that, she enjoys what most others enjoy. Rest and relaxation when needed, but never shies away from activity with friends or family. Though in her tribe, the two are often one in the same. The tribe elders would tell stories of what they saw. Sometimes, when she could, she would do the same, only she’d tell the same story, as she perceived it. Speaking in almost a poetic sense of how nature showed her the same event. She didn’t play the same games as she did as a filly, naturally, but she loves to impress the fillies and colts with her ability to see without seeing. Never truly revealing her secrets. Her friends she grew up with and tribal elders, knowingly would laugh and go along with it, giving the same answers as she would give, even in private. Keeping the “magic” alive for the young fillies and colts of the tribe. She regularly accepts challenges from any filly or colt who think they can fool her “elemental confidants.” She loves it when ponies can get along in peace and harmony with no issues other than to think what they want to do next together is. Likewise she dislikes strife, and discord between her fellow ponies. She, especially tries to never be in disharmony with anypony, and always seeks to mend any relationship between those around her. If two strangers were arguing in front of her, she would likely ask politely if she could be the impartial third party to see if a resolution could not be reached. Kutula is true to her name and cutie mark. Always striving for peace and harmony to all those she meets. *Permission was granted from Bellosh for all references to Zeti*
  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP – OC Name: Zeti Sex: Female Age: Elderly mare Species: Zebra Eye colour: Green Coat: Zeti’s stripes are more lighter-gray than the typical zebra Mane/Tail: Worn as dreadlocks, Zeti’s mane features gray stripes that have nearly faded into white. Misc. Accessories: Wears four golden rings around her neck and has large gold earrings pierced on her ear. Physique: Frail in her advanced years, she uses a staff to help her move about... which also conveniently symbolizes her authority. Residence: Nomadic existence along Unyasi’s north shore. Occupation: Tribal chief Cutie Mark: Zeti’s cutie mark consists of a simple eight-rayed circle above a larger crescent. In Zeti’s tribe, it serves as the representation for harmony, which all chiefs are expected to maintain. As the oldest daughter of a pastoral cattle herder and the tribe’s then-chief, Zeti was by custom the next in line to inherit the role of group leader. While she obediently learned from her mother’s example, the young zebra at first was reluctant in her ability to eventually lead the tribe. Just because Zeti was the chief’s daughter didn’t mean that leadership was her destiny... right? What if she was actually meant for a different role in the tribe instead? All that indecision vanished one day when Zeti ended up instrumental in resolving a dispute among two of her friends. Stumbling among the two bickering over who would play an important role for an upcoming tribal ceremony, Zeti offered to organize all the other zebra foals into an impromptu council so that the bickerers could audition for the part. Seeing that the process ran harmoniously and fairly, the filly for the first time believed that she was actually quite capable of handling her inheritance. When Zeti’s parents saw her next after the “council”, they saw the young zebra with her new cutie mark. History: Hailing from the land of the zebra-folk, Zeti’s tribe was of the migratory sort. During the wet season the tribe lived on the lower-elevation savanna, while they waited out dry months up within the coastal mountain ranges of Unyasi. As typical of zebras, Zeti’s tribe maintained friendly relations with other neighboring tribes. Not used to the sedentary lifestyle embraced by the pony-folk of Equestria, Zeti like many other members of her particular tribe embrace instead their connection to the territory that they deem to be their traditional land. Zeti was quite the prankster filly in her early years, remembered as a menace by those who knew her best. While many elders questioned whether those attributes would prevent her from being an effective future chief, the ease with which Zeti bonded with her friends along with her distaste for quarrels did not go unnoticed as well. As Zeti grew to accept her birthright, she reigned in her more mischievous personality aspects as she learned from her mother the finer points of leading the tribe. Staying close by the chief’s side, the daughter’s studies transformed her from a troublemaker to a trusted advisor over the course of a few short years. When Zeti came of age, her aging mother deemed the young mare to be ready to lead the tribe. In an elaborate ritual, the old chief passed down to her daughter a beautifully-painted mask of gold; the same one given to past chiefs for generations. Wearing that ceremonial mask for the first time, Zeti would continue doing so as chief during very important celebrations throughout her adulthood. Several years after she ascended to the role of chief, Zeti met an outsider zebra who traveled the lands as a bard. Thanks to his humorous and caring nature, it didn't take long for the two to fall in love and wed. Their prosperous marriage has yielded three daughters and one son; the eldest of these daughters is in fact close finishing her own apprenticeship to become the next chief of the tribe. While everyone waits for the transition to occur though, Zeti remains resolute to carry out her duties both as a leader and as a mother..... Character Summary: As the chief of her tribe, Zeti’s duties are numerous in nature. It is her responsibility to ensure that seasonal migrations run smoothly, to settle disputes among the adult clan-members, preside over important rituals and other celebrations, to play host to guests from outside the tribe, and act as a source of advice to those zebras that need it. With her cordial demeanor and her sharp wit, Zeti serves as a fine example of a beloved chieftain. While the chief refrains from impish deeds to keep up appearances as a respected leader, Zeti has never lost her love for a good laugh or two. Part of the reason that her marriage has lasted so long is because her husband has an especially good sense of what the mare finds to be funny. As a consequence of her enjoyment of merriment, Zeti has a habit of letting foals off easy for harmless mischief, especially if she finds reactions from other elders grossly disproportionate to what actually occurred. Obviously though, the chief doesn’t tolerate any hurtful pranks or harassment in any way. As a mother, Zeti constantly has her four children strive to excel in the pursuit of their destinies. While she can never bear to be stern with her daughters and son except for extreme situations, Zeti nonetheless has the reputation of being a well-meaning interloper. With the biggest of smiles, the chief frequently nudges them to work harder on their studies and duties (her designated heiress most of all) and keeps hoofing down ancient proverbs and other advice even if not asked for. Zeti’s children also need good fortune whenever their mother decides to do something special for them. Possessing a clumsiness streak caused by over eagerness, the chief’s attempts to shower her family with hoofmade gifts and recipes all too often end in disaster. Fortunately, the reserved demeanor brought about when performing leadership duties suppress Zeti’s more clumsy side. Like many zebras of Unyasi, Zeti shares a passion for listening to skilled storytellers. However, the stories that interest the chief the most are those relating to the land of the pony-folk across the see. Fascinated by tales of cities of towering spires and ponies with the ability to control weather and summon spells at will, the old mare can’t get enough information about Equestria. As chief, she’s even made efforts to obtain books about Equestria from ponies that travel through her peoples’ lands. When Zeti finally retires to hoof over to her daughter the mantle of chiefdom, the old zebra intends to make one voyage across the seas to visit the land she’s only heard and read about up until now. While she anticipates when that day comes, the chief remains happily content in her role as her tribe’s steward. Zeti has waited for a long time already; what difference will a mere couple more years make?
  15. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Snow Diamond Sex: Male (Stallion) Age: Young Stallion Species: Zebra Eye colour: Light Blue Coat: Snow has a short mane of black and white that runs from between his ears down the back of his neck. Snow normally wears a black and white baseball cap on his head. Mane/Tail: Snow has a short mane of black and white that runs from between his ears down the back of his neck, Snow normally wears a black and white baseball cap on his head. His Tail on the other hand, is quite long and well groomed. It is white and has a single black stripe running down the centre of it. Physique: Snow is slightly above average in height for a zebra, however, he is also thin for a zebra of his age, he is also quite weak, preferring to sit inside and sleep or grade work on the weekend instead of work out. Residence: Snow Diamond currently lives in Manehatten, after moving there with his parents as a very young colt. Occupation: Snow Currently works as a Teacher in Manehatten teaching Geography to ponies. Cutie Mark: A map with a compass rose on it. Cutie Mark Story: After moving to Manehatten, Snow felt different than everyone else. He felt so silly for having to ask for directions from everypony. The bullies constantly teased him because he was an outsider, about how he was stupid and a blank flank. Snow thought that if he knew everything about the city and the area around it, he would no longer be an "outsider," and spent many a day on the edges of the city, venturing farther and farther into the small forest nearby. Snow soon, however, began to wonder how he was suppose to tell what he had explored already, and what he had not. School however, provided him with knowledge of how to do just that. He would make a map of the forest! His parents soon however became worried at how little time he now spent trying to making friends, Snow, at this point, was too excited at how much progress he had made exploring the forest. Every day his map got more and more detailed as his day plan soon got into the rut of waking up, going to school, heading out to the forest, coming home, locking himself in his room to work, going to sleep, and repeating it all the next day. Snow also became more fascinated with the world at large, finding that the library was not only a great place to work, but also a great place to sleep. The librarian, Book Mark, encouraged Snow to keep working on his map, and helped him quell the fire of questions in his mind. When exploring, every day brought a new wonder to his attention, trees that produced funny looking fruit, butterfly's that showed all the colours of the rainbow, or perhaps his favourite, a small crystal clear pond with a tiny waterfall, that reflects the light just right to give the most beautiful effect you have ever seen, it was the most stunning thing the young colt had ever seen. Every new thing made him work harder, every answer gave him a thousand more questions, and he knew that until every hoof of that forest was known to him, he could never rest. After many moons of work and toil, Snow put the finishing touches on his completed map. As he placed the final item, a compass rose on the bottom corner, and looked over the completed map of the forest he had finally finished exploring. His destiny found him. He still keeps that map pinned to his wall. His first and, in his eyes, his finest work. History: Snow was born to a small community in the zebra lands of Unyasi. He was named Snow Diamond because his coat matched the freshly fallen snow that surrounded the tent he was born in. Snow's father and his mother wished to start a new life away from the land they knew, and all three of them left the community and moved to Manehatten, Snow was too young to remember much about his homeland. His father, mother, and Snow himself were considered outsiders in Manehatten. Because of this, Snow had a tough colt-hood. Even though he grew up in Manehatten, he always felt like an outsider looking in, lacking in social skills and bullied constantly. Luckily he always had his parents to rely on if he was down. Growing up, after he got his cutie-mark Snow became a bit braver, and proactive about making a friend. One of his first friends was Shimmering Island. Shimmering and Snow soon became good friends, Snow helped Shimmering with his homework, and shimmering kept Snow awake in class. Shimmering helped him to understand that not everypony thought he was a freak just because he was different. Other than Shimmering, Snow didn't have any other younger friends. However, he loved hanging out with his geography teacher, Light House. Light House was a big inspiration to Snow Diamond. Snow loved hearing stories about around the world and Light was the one who made Snow realize what he wanted to do with his life, and he spent the rest of his school days studying and learning everything he could about the world. The three of them were a close family. They were in no sense rich, yet they were not poor, living a good life in the big city. Eventually, Snow Diamond left his family to pursue his love of learning about the world. He studied long and hard and eventually took a job as a teacher. It isn't the most well-paying or glamorous job in the big city, yet he gets by. Many of his students find him strange. Most of them had never seen a Zebra before, yet he used this to his advantage as he explained that "who better to learn about the world, then from somepony who isn't from the same place as you?" Character Summary: Snow's special talent is learning, and teaching ponies about the world. However, his talent is also well suited for exploring, able to navigate mazes and jungles faster than the average pony. His main motivation in life is to teach his students about the world, so they can be better prepared to live in it. His other motivation, is that he knows that no matter how bad things get. He can always take a nap. Snow is a simple pony with three goals in life: To learn about the world, to explore the world, and to sleep as much as possible. He really enjoys a good nap, and has been caught dosing off in his own class. Snow Diamond enjoys the simple things in life, like a good tie. Many a pony takes for grated the great invention that is the tie. His only other notable like is sleeping. He will sleep anytime, anywhere, on almost anything. Snow's biggest dislike is coffee, as it reduces his ability to sleep and nap. Snow Diamond has very little free-time, as when he isn't teaching or grading work, he is sleeping. Sometimes he will head outside to shop for food or teaching equipment or just to go for a small jog so he can waste enough energy to go back to sleep. As naps can only get you so far. In general, Snow Diamond is a very calm zebra. However, if you wish to know about the world, or get him talking about his work, he becomes a rambling ball of energy. (At least until he answers your question!) He is very easy-going, considering his job, and rarely gets angry or stressed. He rather looks for other (normally more eccentric) solutions to problems. Due to his more secluded nature and lack of time spent in the waking world, the closest thing he has to friends are his students. One of Snow's most noticeable faults is the fact that he always seems tired, other then when he is teaching. He also has trouble making friends, due to the fact that he rarely gets out as much as he should. When he does interact with others, he tends to be blunt when he has something to say. But, when he gets himself roped into a conversation, he can be considered good company, due to the fact he is an excellent listener. Snow Diamond has two main fears, his first is of heights, as he would much rather stay on the ground. His second fear is sleep deprivation. Snow also constantly worries about being replaced as a teacher by somepony else. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Special thanks to... StarStorm for helping me with my app! Thanks a bunch!
  16. Name: WaterBolt Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Zebra Eyes: LimeGreen Coat: DeepBlack withe the Purest White stripes Mane/Tail: The mane is to look shaggy like an emo, The tail would obviously look the same, lacking any proffesional grooming and shaggy as well. The colours of both Mane and Tail are Cobalt Blue. The tail is not that long, probably as long as Rarity's but that's about it. Physique: Not very muscular, can only lift 2/3 of his own body weight. He weighs exactly 110.8 pounds. He could win in a decent Hoof Wrestle Residence: Living in a small Cottage just near Evertree Forest. Built it with his own hoofs, in it's current state it can only support 3 Pony's, it breaks constantly. Occupation: He doesn't have a big of a job, he just helps out the residents of Ponyville and Equestria with simple chores to earn his pay for a meal each and every night. He LOVES helping out AppleJack for more then a couple of reasons... CutieMark: Right where his hips are, you can make out a cutie mark of a WaterDroplet accompanied by a neon aqua lightning bolt. History: He grew up away from the company of other ponies, his mother was too over protective making him look like a total wuss. Wich he kind of is really, some people call him Fluttershy's brother now that is a really big insult to him because he is tough in the mind, but not he muscle. His mother recently passed away when he was just growing into his Colt Years therefore leaving him with only himself and his insane hallucinations to talk to... He currently resides in a Hospital for the mentally sick and insane, You see when he was still fit to call sane, he snuck into the castle about 4 times trying to get rid of Celestia and claim his place as King, but Celestia knew of his evil intentions and placed a RIG on him, following his every action and thought he could possibly make. He took off running knowing the guards were behind him he gave up, and was thrown carelessly into his now described location: Living Hell. Why did he lose his mind? Nobody knows, could it be his endless love for Applejack that threw him over? or maybe the stress of his sick life that made him tipsy. Or the loneliness he felt that made him want to shred himself to peices knowing thats all he'd ever be in the world,Alone... we'll never know. Summary: He loves Applejack, no doubt about it, He loves to eat and to watch TV. For some reason he likes to touch Walls and talk to things that aren't there. He enjoys music and Art. And Blood...lots and lots of chocolate too... He didn't know what it was but something about Blood and Chocolate together in his mouth just felt so right. but it's not really blood, just thick syrup... Or is it? He dislikes people always getting in his way of important things, and he hates it when people mess with his hair. Even though he doesn't pay much attention to it. His eyes are dark with hatred for people who don't let him sleep and MY GOD WOULD IT BE TOO MUCH TO ASK EVERYPONY TO PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN DEAR CELESTIA that's annoying. He also hates Bitter food. He enjoys spending his time just talking to his imaginary friend, erm " SoulShine" when no one is around. He also likes picking flowers and writing poetry about his thoughts... sometimes twisted ones as well. WaterBolt isn't good at much but I'm sure if you gave him a peice of wood and a fiddle knife he could do something with it for 45 minutes. He fails at everything on almost EVERY level. Bolt doesn't have many worries, but his main worry and fear is people finding out his secret. Thats right he has a secret, and he told you or you knew about it and you asked too many questions: You'd end up with all the other secrets in the basement. Best not get suspicious of the WaterBolt....
  17. Punda walked along the streets of Canterlot somewhat nervously. Ponies gawked and stared at his stripes only to compose themselves and walk away as though he were never there. He doubted all ponies acted like this, he hoped meet somepony who would tell him where he could find the weather station so he could find some pegasi who could help with the drought in his homeland. He could make some friends along the way, it wouldn't hurt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're one of the first ponies to actually greet Punda, a foreign Zebra visiting Canterlot. Will you befriend him?
  18. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP Name: Sporange Brew Sex: Male Age: Stallion (recently reached adulthood) Species: Zebra/Donkey Eye colour: Saffron (orange-yellow) Coat colour: Beige (light tan, almost white) Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: His secondary colour is taupe (dark gray-brown, almost black), which is most prominent in his zebra stripes. The tips of his ears and muzzle also have this colour. His medium length mane is droopy and wavy, much like a willow tree. His tail is long, and bushy only at the base, where there are stripes of his primary (beige) and secondary (taupe) colors. Physique: He's small for a stallion, but lean and agile - excellent at fleeing and hiding from predators. Origin/Residence: He grew up with his parents in their small cottage deep within the Whitetail Woods. He currently lives in his own house, a giant mushroom hut, in a shallower section of the forest. Occupation: Alchemist – he mixes ingredients to make experimental concoctions (including but not limited to potions). However, most of his experiments do not succeed. He occasionally travels around Equestria to try to sell his "inventions", favoring small towns and villages, as he can't stand the hustle and bustle of big cities. He takes a very humble and ethical approach to selling his wares, as he is more interested in helping others than making money, but this approach often minimizes his success. Motivation: He dreams of revolutionizing the world with his discoveries, though he'd be happy just to make a valuable contribution. He doesn't care about fame or fortune. Likes:Mushrooms, exploring the unknown, relaxing in dark places, occasional solitude Dislikes: Excessive sunlight, large crowds, loud noises, feeling restrained Character Summary: Parents & History: His father is a zebra herbalist, who traveled to Equestria in search of ingredients for new medicines. His mother is a donkey cook, who specializes in mushroom recipes. The two met in Froggy Bottom Bog (one of the many places they both often venture to acquire exotic ingredients), while hiding from a monster. They currently still live in their cottage in Whitetail Woods. Sporange Brew was very close to his parents while growing up, and he has learned many things from both of their professions. He now lives alone in his own hut, not far from his parents, and he visits them frequently. He usually doesn't mind being alone, but to keep him company while he is by himself, he has recently adopted a pet frog. Cutie Mark Story: His flank mark is a zebra style symbol of a mushroom. This represents his love for mushrooms and his ability to use them in alchemy. He discovered his talent when he invented a mushroom-based "food tonic", which can keep one fed for longer than an equal amount of normal food. Flaws: His biggest flaw is that, in his profession, he ultimately doesn't know what he's doing. He has made a few successful discoveries, but most of his experiments end in failure. He also tends to be too curious, sometimes getting himself into dangerous situations. He is sometimes socially awkward, but not in a shy way – instead, he is the one who, unintentionally, makes others feel uncomfortable by being bluntly open and honest. Personality: He tends to have a serious, gloomy presence, though this is often deceiving, as he is usually content and warm-hearted. He is very ambitious, but willing to settle when he cannot achieve perfection. He is easily satisfied with the simple pleasures of life. He is empathetic and generous, hence his desire to help others with his creations, but also somewhat of a coward, who rarely stands up for himself or his friends. Ironically, he is also reckless in situations where the danger is not immediately apparent; he will ignore warnings, but then panic when actually faced with a threat.
  19. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Mane RolePlay Name:Qua-Na Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Zebra Eye Color: Violet Purple even though they are seldomly seen Coat Color: Soft Grey Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: She is covered in stripes that make circular patterns near her neck and hooves, but sharp black claw like markings on her belly and back, they are jet black, her tail is in a short bob and is snowy white, bound with a red ribbon. Her mane is a pillowly cloud of puffy white that gently covers her eyes, She wears three golden rings around her neck and a circular charm with a tear drop ruby gem dangling from the end. Physique: Short and slightly stocky, with a slight pudge but with muscular back and front legs. Cutie Mark: a clay pot filled with dye with a paint brush dripping dye from it’s tip. Origin/Residence: Originally from Unyasi but now resides in WhiteTail Woods. Occupation: When she is not staying home for the winter making dyes and painting she travels Equestria going to any school that will allow her and teaches Zebra culture and history to the youth. Motivation: To share her culture and color with Equestria Likes: Plants, bright vivid colors, learning, reading and exploring Dislikes: Ignorance, Brea Cheese, Eggs, burnt toast slices. Character Summary: Qua-Na was born to a Wazi whom had fallen in love with a Earth Mare that had come to Unyasi to explore with her research team but had ended up falling so much in love with him and the Zebra culture that she never left. At a young age Qua-Na loved to paint and to watch the older mares in the tribes make dyes and dip fabric in them so they absorbed the rich color. One say she was mimicking the process and smashed two plants together and then blended them with water ; producing a lovely orange Dye! Dipping a brush in the dye she painted a piece of white cloth with bold stripes and swirls, presenting the dried cloth as a painted blanket for her Mother, She was so pleased by her moms reaction she didn't notice her cutie mark appear that symbolized her talent of making and using the dyes as well as her deep connection with her culture. The pendant she wears around her neck a gift from her Mother and the three rings to symbolize the three years of Uchawi training she completed, though never really took to the works, far more interested in using the plants for creating art than healing. When she came of age she left her homeland figuring that she’d spent so much of her life enriching herself in her fathers culuture that it was time to see her mothers culture and maybe even educate the other ponies of her rich zebra history. Qua-Na is a very bold and adventurous mare but can be very head strong and has a very hard time admitting when she is wrong, and swallowing her pride asking for help. Due to being raised by a Pony Mother she speaks the language of the ponies very well, but tends to fall back to her native tongue when stressed or angry. Art by me :3
  20. From the album: Wild Gambit

    Strongbuck is my other OC, I only have two at the moment, but have worked hard on the design of both of them. Strongbuck's application is all done, but I shall not put it up until Wild Gambit has been accepted. Hopefully they will both be done soon! Poor thing is a rather sad sight isn't he? No cutie mark and a broken horn. He's a zebra/unicorn crossbreed... and quite an interesting fellow. Well, soon hopefully you can all meet him on the RP forums. Drawn completely by me, his body shape loosely based on my previous drawing, but not to any vast extent.

    © Copyrighted to me, Wildgambit

  21. Roleplay type: World of Equestria RP. Name: Kazina Kwato, meaning "works with hoof" Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Zebra Eye Color: Emerald Coat Color: A creamy white with warm kelly green stripes. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Kazina keeps her mane short, so not to get in the way of her messy work. However, her tail flows long and free. Her cut is edgy, because she prides herself in her appearance, but she does not go too crazy. She keeps it her natural color, evergreen. Physique: A runner, Kazina is lean, muscular and tall. Flank-Mark: A copper-colored clay pot. Origin/Residence: Born and raised in Unyasi, like most zebras. She moved to Equestria to start a explore a new land she’d only heard of in stories as foal. Now, she lives outside of Trottingham, secluded but still within reach of goods. Occupation: Kazina is a potter, creating bowls, plates, vases, and other hand-crafted, high-quality ware for ponies across Equestria. Motivation: Kazina doesn’t fit in very well, for very few ponies understand her or trust her. Every morning, she wishes of being loved and understood like she was back home. Every night, she dreams of it. Every day, she tries harder and harder to achieve this goal. While she’s getting closer, it’s hard work. Character Summary: Kazina was born to Rahisi Radhi Kabila (The Tribe of Simple Pleasures). This tribe was a small and strong community, very poor and very peaceful. They grazed the land, looking for new places to settle constantly. Rahisi Radhi Kabila had many strict traditions. You were to be named after your talent, and then given a tattoo flank-mark. The tribe was known for its storytelling, usually about far away lands such as Equestria. While Kazina's mother was single, she never was lonely. There were always many zebras wanting to nurture her and help her grow. Sickness was a constant struggle, however, and Kazina had many bouts of it. Many died in her life, making her strong and wise. She realised that life was not the things that happened to her, but instead her reaction. Kazina remained optomistic and cheerful. As a small foal, she enjoyed playing in the mud and clays of river banks. Her talent for crafting and shaping was evident, so was her love of mother earth. As a young filly, Kazina was given her official name, "Works with hooves" (after her pottery skills), and tribal flank tattoo by the tribe's several Wazee. She grew up learning to love the simple things in life, such as running, sunsets, and the smell of green grass. Deeply spiritual, Kazina could often be found sitting and observing the earth's beauty. In her mind, she could practically hear it breathing beneath her, and the thought calmed her deeply. Kazina loved the tribal legends and lore, especially those telling of the majestic and fascinating ponies of Equestria. Kazina longed to meet one, and earmed a job aboard a trade ship as a young mare. She fell in love with the land and society, and decided to move to Trottingham. Although, the transition to Trottingham has not been as smooth as she had originally hoped for, considering she is an outsider and therefore an outcast. While many ponies have gotten used to her, and nobody has been hostile, learning to fit in a different culture is a very difficult task. Luckily, Kazina loves a challenge! Kazina got her tribal flank-tattoo one day as she was running through the grasslands of Unyasi during Msimu wa Mvua, the Rainy Season. As rain poured from the sky, it splashed onto her coat, mixing with the sweat from running in such a humid climate. She loved the rain, and took a seat in the sticky grass. She suddenly laid eyes on a large puddle, in which she decided to clean her hooves. At the bottom, she felt a delightfully pleasing squish, which she knew was familiar clay. She dug it out, and plastered it onto her back as though to save it for later. She rejoined the other members of her tribe, and created a lovely vase, engraving pictures of running zebra. The Wazee noticed, and decided it was time for Kazina to get a tribal tattoo and official name. Her ceremony was a breeze, much dancing, singing, and rhyming tribal chants. In the light of the fire, Kazina quite enjoyed herself. The tattoo was not as easy. The needles made Kazina twitch, squirm, and moan at times. She hated anything touching her in the first place, and she was squeamish (especially of sharp things). Eventually, her tattoo was one display for the world to see, a living symbol of her talent. She wore it with pride, knowing that like most things in her life she had overcome the pain. Kazina has trouble looking at the big picture, being such a detailed and sensitive person. She is often considered slow or stupid to those who do not understand her, and she spends ultimately too much time thinking about the big questions of life. For her, this is unhealthy and only makes her feel depressed, melancholy, and lonely. Kazina is not a very social zebra, introverted and quiet. She has trouble sharing, and likes to keep to herself. She's not anti-social, just awkward. Kazina loves life in general, and has an optimistic view. Even in tough times, she thinks about what she does have and hopes to have in the future. She is creative with her hands in other ways than just pottery, enjoying drawing and instrumentation. Her sense of humour is dry, and her presence leaves you with a sense of wisdom. Her appearance is observant, patient, and well-mannered. Because of Kazina’s life experiences, she is incredibly sharp and diverse. She enjoys witty conversation, and is the kind of gal who stays at the beach all day, just to watch the tides come in and the sun rise and set. She is terribly interesting and tragically lovely.
  22. Name: Rocksteady Age: Young Stallion Sex: Male Species: Zebra Eye Color: Brown Physique: Slight muscle. Tall and gangling. Coat: Jagged edged black and grey stripes all over his body. Mane Style: Long dark brown 'brotherlocks' tied into a ponytail (for he dislikes the term dreadlocks, since the word dread implies they're unkempt, and his are meticulously washed and retwisted). Origin: Baltimare Residence: Canterlot Roleplay Type: FiM/Show Roleplay Motivation: Learning magic and bringing it to his fellow Zebras. Occupation: University student. Cutie Mark: A circle divided into three sections, colored red, black and green. Likes: Magic, fish, veggie burgers, wubstep and hoof-hop, technology and Unyasian history. Dislikes: Parties and social events that result in large turnouts. 50 Bit (his least favorite hoof-hop artist), onions and pets. History: Rocksteady's family extends of course, across the sea to Unyasi, and as such, he refers to himself as an Equi-yasi even though he's native to Equestria. Rocksteady was born to his zebra father and earth pony mother in Baltimare and raised in Canterlot after his mother's expertise in magical studies when he was just a colt. Inheriting his mothers desire to learn about the arcane arts, he took it upon himself to do odd jobs around the city when he became of age in order to raise money for a few years in university. Currently, he's proving himself a decent scholar, and though he doesn't have the best marks, Rocksteady applies himself in order to continue his studies in magic. On occasion, he's considered becoming a professor and heading back to Baltimare to teach, but still has his life ahead of him to figure that out. Parents: Rocksteady's father came up as a rough-and-tumble kind of guy from Manehattan. He ran the streets for a while before getting himself together by the time he became a stallion. By the time he became a social scientist living in Balitmare, he met Rocksteady's mother, a young student taking classes in the study of magic. After a few years of successful dating, they got married and had Rocksteady. Cutie Mark Story: When he first took up magic theory, he was looking into his mother's research from years prior. He had managed to deduce that three things were involved in the creation of magic inherent to all creatures of Equestria. Spirit, Soul and Self. Soul, the unseen incorporeal part of us that controls how we feel. Spirit, the unseen incorporeal part of us that controls how we act. And Self, the complete manifestation of the two, the fusion of both that is the truth of who we are. The knowledge came to him as he continued to observe specific kinds. How pegasi worked with the sky, how earth ponies worked with the land and how unicorns handled everything inbetween. He became overjoyed at this information, and wondered how best to incorporate it into his teachings, as well as how to hopefully harness it one day. Though it was all theory, he still held onto his beliefs that he could make sense of it all with that dissertation. The cutie mark appeared on his flank, representing the conviction and the reality of his knowledge. Red for the spirit, green for the soul, and black for the self. Flaws: Rocksteady gets by on pure luck mostly. While he can certainly get things done of his own volition, and do them well at that, he does them at his leisure. Also known as the eleventh hour. It's the kind of laziness that almost got him flunked out twice from university, and earns him the ire of his parents more often than not. Not to mention, he can become rather withdrawn when upset, and usually tries to avoid conflict entirely. This comes at the cost of his dignity for he rarely stands up for himself, and much rather wants to be friends with everypony. Personality: Rocksteady is reserved, usually the quiet one, unless spoken to. He's a calm kind of zebra, though he's not completely averse to his moments of excitement. Rocksteady also enjoys when he can make others laugh, or even just to stick around him. Somewhat of a pushover though, he was mocked early on in Balitmare in his life, so sometimes, he has a tendency to associate indifference with dislike. Rocksteady is acutely aware of these flaws, but feels that life usually fixes these things for him. He can be quite passive as well. At least...until his choice of musics is brought up. Rocksteady is aware that zebras are more or less the target audience of hoof-hop, and wubstep isn't much more respected in manestream media across Equestria itself. As such, popular artists like 50 Bit who ruin the art form incite his anger, as well as ponies who remain convinced it's not a worthwhile form of music, and needs to be kept in little seedy neighborhoods like the one he grew up in, in Balitmare.
  23. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Kaskazini Nyota (North Star). Most just call him Kas. Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Zebra Eye Color: Blue Coat Color: Grey with black zebra stripes. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Deep crimson mane and tail, mane swept back and a little unkempt and spiky, with his tail short. Physique: On the slimmer side for a stallion his age. Cutie Mark: As a zebra, it's slightly different than a pony's. His takes the form of the black outline of a five pointed star, with a solid black line forming a second five-pointed star coming out of the gaps of the first one, creating 10 points. The star is made up of two lines running side by side, and looks as if the lines are threaded above and below each other to create the star. Origin/Residence: Born in Unyasi, travelling Equestria now. Occupation: Navigator aboard GangPlank's ship. Motivation: Originally, to see Equestria and make a decent living, of the bits of others (willingly given, of course). Now? To do about the same, from the deck of an airship. Adventure sounds like a great way to make a living compared to actually trying to con ponies out of bits. Character Summary: Kaskazini was born, as with almost all zebras, in Unyasi. And as much as he loves the savannas of his home country, Kas had always been grabbed by some kind of wanderlust. It had first come from the stories he'd heard and read out of Equestria, coming from the sailors and travellers to the edge of Unyasi, where he was born. They came from the islands, wanting to see the mysterious land of the zebras. It was that wide eyed awe at the "mystery" of Unyasi that inspired Kas to take his trip to Equestria. That, and the meeting of a young colt named GangPlank. The colt had come down to Unyasi with his father, and during the stop-over to get some more supplies for the trip home, Kaskazini, who was right near the docks at the time, ended up chatting with the colt. They talked about their respective homelands, exchanging stories and all that. The stories of Equestria and its description made Kas want to visit. Sadly, there was no room aboard GangPlank's ship, and he had to get home in any case. He left his new friend behind, and whenever the pony made his way to Unyasi, Kas made it a point to try and be at the port to meet him. Fast forward a few years, and he finally got the right idea to get him away from Unyasi and accomplish his goal of seeing, and exploring, Equestria. He was trotting along past some tourists in the port when he caught his hoof against a rock and let out a mild curse in his native Zebra. It wasn't that bad of a curse...the equivalent of saying like, "Oh darn, that hurt." The way he said it though, hissed through clenched teeth, freaked out the tourists, who thought he was saying some actual curse in the Zebra tongue. Between fits of giggling, it hit Kas like a ton of bricks. Not that many ponies knew about the zebras. All those misconceptions could easily be twisted... Two days later, his plan was complete. Kas had a little booth set up, and with the help of a few of his friends, he'd managed to get a bunch of stones and wood carved into just random shapes, which he sold as mystical objects. He had to stop from laughing as they literally flew off the shelves. 'Ancient Zebra religious icons'...made in his cabin the day before and left in the sand overnight. In only two weeks, he had enough bits to take his show on the road, and Kas' "Mystical Zebra amulets" became a travelling, Equestria-wide thing. It ended shortly, though. Not because ponies were getting wise (of course not. If anything, t he further he got from the Strand, the better his sales were), but because he heard of somepony looking for an airship navigator...something Kas was great at. He had this insane skill when it came to navigating by the stars...his father had taught him during the long walks between camps. He could navigate expertly with just a few stars in the sky, and during the day, he just had this...knowledge. Kas could never explain it, but he just knew where things were, how to find his way. He even had his tribal tattoo to represent his ability to navigate by the stars, hence the star on his flank. All this would probably end up being a great asset to the crew, especially because Kas was a fast learner, and knew how to read a map, and the wind (the zebras used their knowledge of the weather to avoid storms in the desert). Oh, and the main reason he wanted to join the crew? A very familiar name as the captain...an old friend, GangPlank.
  24. Anyone up for some RPs with a blacksmith night guard militia zebra with the dream to be a royal smith? :3
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