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  1. So, I came with this idea a while ago, and began to write a fan fic about it. I wanna sort of play it out in a roleplay! Now, the idea here is that the mane six are old, and feeble. They can no longer protect the land from trouble, and their enemies know this. Darkness threatens the existence of all Equestria, and it seems nopony can stop it from happening... Until...One day, a group of five friends have wandered to the vary spot Nightmare Moon was defeated by the elements of harmony. The band of ponies, unknowingly awaken a power within that vary place, that can save all Equestria from the dark forces that come... Lightning strikes, and opens an ancient doorway to the Armory of The Elements! It is said, that when the six ponies who embody the Elements of Harmony eventually grow old, and incapable of defending the world, that the Knights of The Elements shall be chosen, and Darkness will tremble before them!This is going to be race open, you can play as anything you wanna be! This will be feral, so... yup!
  2. World of Equestria: Age of heroes. Even before the founding and golden age of Equestria… there have been creatures with curious abilities beyond the norm. Some creatures able to jump tall building in a single bound, others could fire powerful bursts of energy from their eyes… and that’s not counting the even stranger things other have been shown to be able to do. One hero has stood above many others of her age, that of the Sun Sentinel. A mysterious mare who has protected the world from evils from the past many times over… but legends say that when she first appeared and began her rise as the symbol of hope for Equestria and some lands beyond, that she had a partner. A mystifying mare who manipulated and was empowered by the moonlight as she was the same with the sunlight. The stories say that after years [of jealousy had built up], She turned on her sister and partner and attempted to take over the world. A long battle raged until Sunlight Sentinel emerged victorious… They’re fight on the namesake of the former Moonlit Knight (and then, Nightmare Moon) covered it in the equine profile pattern of craters until using some legendary spell, The Sentinel sealed her partner and bound her to the moon. The scholars of myth say that this event is what caused the Sentinel to form her group of heroes and began a campaign to work with the government of Equestria to form the Sunlight academy: a school to teach the empowered individuals who desired it to learn how to use their powers well or for some, how to control them and to use them constructively. Over time, the school grew and grew until it became almost the size of a large town… in the current day it is a gigantic facility with the Lair of the Sunlight sentinel hovering high above it. Myths became a reality however after the night of Nightmare Moon’s return. A group of six heroes in the area of Ponyville: where the mare in the moon made her return. Together six solo heroes who had been fighting over the territory of Ponyville worked together to locate the magic used to seal her and instead used it to cleanse her of whatever evil had corrupted her. Although after using these elements, they dissipated and disappeared… That night left a mark on Equestria as all across the continent many heroes began springing up, some with no powers beyond their talents, others more so. But one thing has become clear: The age of heroes has only been emboldened by the return of the Moonlit Knight. While the government of Equestria has put her on trial… she has been sentenced to a type of community service in which she must now teach the new age of heroes. A roll she has taken to with Gusto along with her sister, her first act being to announce an initiative to allow villains who wish to turn over a new leaf to apply to the academy. (For those wondering what the content of this AU is supposed to be rated; think somewhere along the lines of the marvel cinematic universe, The justice league animated series, sky high ... and maybe my hero academia:P) Notable Figures The Sister Heroes Because of the important nature and weight these characters have on world I'm going to have to ask those who app them to work with me on what the backstory for them will be and about some aspects of this universe's lore is most likely to affect them. Sunlight Sentinel (Celestia): The sun themed exemplar and top heroine of the modern age and for the last thousand years. Her place in the world is now more a symbol of hope and peace for all creatures to strive for. In the past she had worked alongside her sister as the two most influential heroes of the age. Moonlit Knight turned on her out of jealousy (and possibly more). She has not chosen anyone as her personal protege but is looking for someone she believes could fit her type of mold once she has passed, not even the sun can last forever. The issues she faces is a mix of just how much she should use her powers to influence the world and also where to use them. In a world full of super villains it is not possible for even her to stop all of them, this is why she formed her school:To teach another generation of heroes how to use their powers wisely and for the greater good. Usually the only things that warrant her intervention are the appearances of immensely powerful villains of a world ending nature but often is able to stop crimes wherever she is while in canterlot so long as there’s no one else who can help. Due to her not taking up the role of rule in this universe, the old method of sunraising is still done by several skilled unicorn mages in Equestria. Her role as a mentor is stretched to the entire student body and she is often immensely protective of all of them. Known Powers. Solar energy manipulation and empowerment: Due to her nature and sun theme, Celestia does not control the sun itself but serves as a generator of powerful solar energy which manifests strongest during the day. Her powers allow her to use the sun’s energy to strengthen her abilities so that not only her magic but her physical capabilities allow her to hold her own in fights with the hardest hitting non magical bruises, her speed and reflexes have allowed her to keep up with (or be a bit slower) than even the fastest speedsters in Equestria and beyond. While her powers are impressive and potentially the strongest out of all heroes of the modern age, she is significantly weaker when cut from contact from the direct sunlight. Secret identity: N/A Thanks to her powers and alicorn status… and incredible height, Celestia has become fully invested in her persona is rarely seen out of costume. Moonlit Knight (Luna): Status: Appable The heroine turned villain turned heroine again. A contentious figure for this age, having grown in a tougher world than the one the modern ponies and creatures know, she has been hardened. While less… warm than her sister she is once more on the side of justice and eager to prove it to all who may doubt her. Unlike her sister who has had a thousand years worth of experience in crime fighting Luna has had considerably less but still enough to be a respected authority. Known powers: In fitting with her lunar theme, The Moonlit Knight’s abilities are based around the night and moonlight. Due to not having trained and honed them to the same lever her sister has (as well as being out of practice for a thousand years) Her ability to empower herself with the moon’s light is comparatively immensely weaker, despite this she has proven to be able to manipulate it to the point she is able to create constructs made of it to fight on her behalf, her conjuring abilities being second to none in this particular category. Unlike her sister who is always at her strongest during the day, Luna’s powers draw upon the moon’s phases and are strongest when it is full in the sky, and weakest when it has reached the new phase. Secret identity: Optional Luna while tall and still rather recognizable, thanks to her isolated area when she was cleansed the look of the Knight under her armor is still safe. It is entirely possible for her to go out and meet others if she so wishes. The Mane six (group title still unchosen) The mane six are all available to be apped and you are free to have them have whatever backstory and powers you wish so long as you don’t step on your fellow teammates toes. There are some conditions you’ll have to abide by if you wish to play them however: If you wish to play a member of the mane six their relationship with other characters in canon continuity will likely be different, one of the biggest differences will likely be that whoever apps Twilight Sparkle will not be The Sunlight Sentinel’s ward, protege, or whatever variation on that idea is as the sentinel has lived long enough and is aware she cannot show favoritism amongst a large body of students in such a way as she is working to be a role model for all creatures. Another condition is that seeing as the backstory and opening concept for this AU requires the mane six having actually been heroes who were originally against each other working in their territories but joined up to work together for the better of their town. It’s not likely they would have have a had a particularly close friendship (at least not in their costumed identities) However after the events of nightmare moons return and reformation, you’re free to take them in any direction you wish within reason. Government figures Since the two sisters didn’t take the role of raisers of the sun and moon and bringing of the day and night respectively, the current Equestrian government has several highly trained and powerful mages working to move the sun and moon each day through the sky. The land is in a state of mixing but still divided. While Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi do often live amongst each other there are still worries and the occasional bout of xenophobia from old, darker thoughts , feelings, and traditions that haven’t died out as quickly yet. In this world it’s most likely a trio of elected representatives from each species of pony work to try and come to agreements over what should be done about issues their world faces… but all things are susceptible to corruption. Technically the academy is run with the assistance of the council so many heroes have been worried about the effect it may have on the process of molding the heroes of the coming generation. Thanks to the combined efforts of the three species of pony and the long time spent between them Magitech has mademany advances, prosthetics are advanced and some are more like superpwered in their own right if you can afford/make them. gadgeteer and inventor heroes have been very popular for a while now. Major Locations: Sunlight Academy (in Canterlot) : The school of heroes and the empowered. Founded a thousand years ago by the Sunlight Sentinel herself, the academy has been (along with it’s founder) a beacon of hope to many an aspiring hero or empowered citizen: With the funding from the Equestrian government and the help of many scholars from across the land, it has experts in the fields of many of the powers that have appeared in the past. The major program for the academy is it’s hero training program for empowered who have either proven to be capable heroes or those who wish to go there and learn of their powers with the assistance of professionals first after having taken a difficult series of tests if they are just starting out. Once a hero has been approved for application of the academy they are subject to many classes that the school offers for different power categories after the empowered individuals capabilities are analyzed. Training drills are done regularly and eventually heroes will be trusted for more dangerous work if they haven’t been in dangerous situations before The other big program there is the empowered acclimation program. This course is for Empowered individuals who are not interested in being heroes, so much as learning to come to grips with the powers they have and finding ways to fit back into regular society. Some of this is for practice to learn control for more dangerous and powerful individual’s capabilities, but most of it is meant for those whose powers can inconvenience or hinder them in their everyday life. (at the time of writing this , these are the only areas that have a vaguely defined lore and even Ponyville is meant to be a flexible setting. Any locations, cities or towns in Equestria are fair game for any who wish to add their own superhero spin to each site… just don’t make everyplace all dark and gloomy, everyone! ) Ponyville: A still growing, large, and well established settlement a good trip away , but still adjacent to the academy. Ponyville is a flexible setting with a few heroes still operating in , the most prominent of those there being a sextet of mares with differing powers, abilities, and personalities. All of them show potential to be great heroes… but since the events of Nightmare moon’s return, they’re competition for recognition from Equestria and beyond as great heroes is growing more and more difficult. The biggest threats to Ponyville are regular attacks by creatures and oddities from the Everfree forest. What emerges from that place is rarely the same and always seems to have some strange abilities or method to give the local heroes a run for their bits. Application Rules and form: List of current Superheroes:
  3. This is something of an AU that I've developed of a little bit in the past and I kept most of that information, although there's still quite a lot that I haven't even gotten to touch on much less figure out, so quite a bit of it is left open. If you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to toss them in! Much of the base show information still exists that might've already happened when it comes to this AU. While noir tends to lean towards darkness and injustice and the like, this still has a lot to do with ponies in Equestria so it's not going to be like what is expected of usual noir stories. It'll still be ponies, just trying to get by in an unfriendly city- although a little less so elsewhere in the country. NOIR As the times changed, and cities grew, a new one was developed over the years, although it eventually fell into the hooves of a pony with greed and ill intent who instated a prohibition and used the rise of businesses like speakeasies to make money for himself while doing little for the city. With the corruption and more rampant crime growing within the city, the princesses eventually intervened to remove the mayor from power. Fixing the city isn't entirely beyond their ability, however, Princess Celestia was the one who decided to put somepony else in that position who she felt would understand corruption, King Sombra. It was also meant to be a test to see how well the former king would do in a position of leadership again, to see if he would rise to the challenge of fixing a city to see if he's changed, or fall to his old habits. It's a risky decision, but one she was confident in making with Princess Luna's begrudging support. On occasion the princesses may visit the city to see how well things are going with the new mayor; something of a permanent position until Sombra either steps down, or achieves the goal given to him. Having a responsibility isn't weighing particularly well upon his shoulders while he tries to keep out of the public eye and figure out what exactly will fix what seems like the unfixable- if just out of spite to prove that he can. And with all of the problems created by the previous mayor, he has quite a lot to deal with. Technology Level There are no cars or other motorized vehicles and ponies still use carts, chariots, wagons, stagecoaches and carriages. The Friendship Express and the Crystal Empire train are still in use, and aerial forms of travel exist more commonly in airships. Other commonly found technology consists of magic-powered refrigerators, stoves, washing/drying machines, microphones, speakers, gramophones, folding cameras, radiators, hairdryers, cylinder mowers, film projectors, printing presses, coffee-makers and tape players as well as radios. They use vinyl records. Basically, anything that would've existed around the 1920s. Weaponry is still medieval at best, with swords and other such weapons, as well as crossbows and anything magical. They have running water and a pipe system, no doubt with a magical filtration system, which means they have sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. However some may still use old-fashioned outhouses in some more country locations. There is also some manner of magical lighting, in homes, stores, street lamps, as well as stage lights. Characters The involvement of canon characters is a little loose, and that even the little bit of backstory stated above can be altered to fit the personal portrayal of any notable characters and what they'd do. Thus far the only notable ones are Princess Celestia, Luna, and Sombra. Discord is, as always, a wild card, and other canon characters are capable of being fit in somewhere since there isn't a whole lot of information or development- like if the six still exist as they are, or a little older because the sequence of events is different. It's completely open to suggestions, ideas, etc to flesh things out a little more. Royalty also doesn't have to be confined to their castles and just doing their duties, they can have moments of freedom to get involved in things. For example: King Sombra isn't always going to be busy with his job! He's likely to be out and about doing whatever that'll let others interact with him or whatever~ (though mind you, this AU isn't going to solely focus on him and the princesses). Princess Celestia; played by Stormstride Princess Luna; played by ___ Princess Twilight; played by ___ Princess Cadance; played by ___ King Sombra; played by dragonofruin Discord; played by ___ ... ... etc. Anything involving OCs is also entirely open too, so long as the character is made to/altered just enough to fit the setting~. There's quite a bit that an OC can be doing or be involved in, like a gang/mafia, or with a speakeasy somehow, law enforcement/investigation, some sort of criminal, a vigilante, famous, etc etc. It's endless! I'm not terribly keen on doing applications so, if you're interested just tell me about your character and what they do in a reply. The original setting of mine it was sorta pulled from had the city just called 'Dusk City.' For the pony one, it's just a placeholder until a better name is found to fit the horse pun theme. Useful links: 1920s Slang 20th century fashion refs
  4. Name : Isfet Gender :They're a group so both genders but can switch it up if they wanted to. Species: somewhere between a draconequs, siren and umbrum eye color :all a sickening glow of yellow Coat color : various usually chaotic or darker colors Cutie Mark : none unless causing chaos earns you won physique : Varies but generally well muscled, sleek and lanky chaos creatures with shining scales and sharp teeth. Residence : the badlands, their own personal chaos realm, Equestria if they feel like popping in Occupation : rulers, semi reformed allies of Equestria, chaos incarnate Histoey : Borh thousands of years ago in a alternate Equestria Isfet is comprised not of OCs but alternate versions of many anti heroes and villains from across the multiverse. The little freaks of nature were born to two older chaos gods and befriended Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis at a young age. They were best friends until a evil god known as Aldrich killed Celestia and Luna's parents framing Isfet for the crime. Cast out, and having one of their only friendships ripped apart Isfet went insane conquering Equestria in thousands of years of chaotic tyranny after being placed in stone they escaped and this time looking for a new place to cement their power took over their version of the Crystal Empire and after many many defeats by various heroes from being chased from a lush food filled paradise by a new Lion King to bring vaporized by a memory gun Isfet finally accepted semi reformation and became Equestria's most vital yet most unpredictable allies. Now they travel the multiverse and piss others off for fun. Personality :Isfet's personality is put simply completely and utterly insane. They power hungry, greedy, selfish, egotistical, sadistic and have more mental health issues than you could count that being said they e not pure evil and will protect the few they care about at all costs. They're temper and need for attention coupled with their obsession with food often gets them into trouble but they mean well. Sometimes
  5. A cold breeze ran through Radiant Silver's mane. The sun shone brightly through the stain glass windows, illuminating the castle halls. There was no small amount of glint off of his violet-colored armor. Upon his breastplate, a sacred purple cutie-mark was imprinted. It was a reminder to all that saw him that his duty was to New Equestria and Twilight, Goddess of Friendship. It was 9:59 CT, and he was waiting outside the main chamber inside the Castle of Friendship. On either side stood two guards, clad in similar armor. They stood as still as he did. Radiant had a shining white coat and a silvery mane, along with blood red eyes and a look of seriousness and dedication permanently etched onto his face that aged him by 20 years. Though only an adult for a short amount of time compared to his peers, he earned their respect with his skill in combat. Also in the room was one other guard, one who was also undertaking the escort mission. Radiant knew the basics of what they had to do: Escort some expert in diplomacy over to the Griffon Kingdom. He frowned slightly. The Griffons did not deserve their kindness. Nevertheless, he would see this mission through. It was his duty, after all.
  6. In the city of Manehattan a pony is plagued by bad dreams that gave the pony insight into crimes being commited. The pony becomes obsessed with the dreams and the legend of the sand mare, a pony that helps dreamers dream and ponies sleep. The pony becomes this by dressing up in a mask and avenges the crimes committed and tries to prevent them as well with a sleep gas to lul enemies to slumber becoming a gas masked vigilante. He meets other individuals who wish to prevent crime, besides the guard. This will lead to a kind of journey of a lifetime cuz its all leading up to something big, join in and get a piece of the action. ( will post more soon but post if interested )
  7. Those who worship godesses have never met them. The light blinked on. Two ponies came to life. The room was barren and sterile. Large white tiles lined the floor, ceiling, and walls. On one end of the wall was a door, plain and white with no visible way to open it. On the other end were two capsules. Inside sat two robotic equines, truly forming their first conscious thoughts. These were not the thoughts of beings experiencing the first seconds of their existance, but of those of ponies who had lived through countless decades. Ones whose previous memories were of death, and now were re-awakening to the world. The capsules opened up and lifted into the ceiling, leaving Celestia and Luna to realize their situation.
  8. The world can be a very hostile place. Some do not welcome you with open hooves. Some would want to see you dead. The trick is knowing how to defend yourself. Heavy snowfall rushed through the mane of Ruby Spear. Her coat the color of rose quartz, her short-cut mane ruby. Of note were her determined sapphire eyes, covered up with a wooden plate designed to help visibility in this sort of weather. She had a wool jacket and scarf, the former black and the latter green, to fight back the cold. Attatched to her side by a leather strap was Magic Rifle, a long wooden piece with an ornate carving of Her Majesty's cutie mark on the stock. This particular gun's origin could be traced all the way back to the Pony-Griffon War, and it was a story she was fond of telling. She moved through the forest at a brisk pace, intent on keeping the blood pumping. She was not alone in her scouting duty, however. "Is it colder than usual today, Krulos? Or am I just imagining things?" She asked, her voice slightly muffled by the scarf.
  9. One thousand and twenty years have based since Starfall. The cold north of Whitescar is now prime for repopulation, as the large island had not been protected by the Princesses' last effort. All preliminary reports from scouting have pronounced the area uninhabited. A new colony, named "New Hope" by committee, is formed. Ponies seeking a new life, escaping their old life, or whom simply want to see the new land first hoof migrate to the land, settling in the first mainland town of Carbonite. Things went well for the first 21 years. The town grew in size rapidly, and smaller villages have popped up around it. The southern coast of the island has been populated, and with supplies from the mainland Equestrian government, New Hope thrives. Ancient towns, devoid of residents and in ruin from a millenia of harsh winters, have been repaired and refurbished, given new life in housing the settlers. But not all is well. Disappearances and rumors of "ice ponies" settle in unease for the settlers, and when an injured pony that they had vanished a week before stumbles into Red Mound, the village is on alert. Especially when the pony begins talking about invasion... --- This RP takes place in the Starfall universe. All necessary information is in the spoiler, and if you have any further questions about it feel free to shoot me a PM or post in this OOC. In any case, here's the bio you'll need. Name: Gender: Age: Physical Description: Cutie Mark: Abilities: Personality: Small Bio: Here's a map of the area. New Hope takes up the area south of the blue line. The red dot, of course, is Red Mound.
  10. DISCLAIMER: this thread is meant as a Rule and Lore repository/discussion topic for all RPs utilizing the Sombra War AU. If you want to plan a specific Sombra War RP thread, please do so in OOC Discussion. INTRODUCTION Long ago, a cruel unicorn by the name of Sombra usurped the throne of the Crystal Empire and enslaved its inhabitants. His aim: to exploit the power of the Crystal Heart to cover all the lands in darkness. But before King Sombra could realize his vision, he was challenged by the might of Princesses Celestia and Luna. Wielding the Elements of Harmony, the royal sisters defeated the Dark King and imprisoned him beneath ice. However, they could not prevent Sombra from making the Empire vanish, locking it in time until the magic powering his curse lifted. Much has changed in the thousand years since the Crystal Empire’s disappearance. Princess Celestia now ruled alone; her sister having lost since lost to the Darkness. Unable to use the Elements of Harmony anymore, Celestia hoped that a new generation of Element Bearers would emerge and become Equestria’s champions, but it was not to be. Without the Element Bearers, it was only a matter of time before the Dark King returned. When the Crystal Empire finally reemerged, so did Sombra. With no one to stop him, the evil stallion used his power to turn the crystal ponies into his soldiers. Gathering their full strength, King Sombra’s legions marched upon the lands of Equestria; destroying, conquering and subjugating everything in their path. Faced with this grave threat, Princess Celestia had but one choice... to mobilize her entire realm against the forces of darkness. *** Today, much of Equestria is ravaged by the scourge of war. Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi struggle over land, sea, and air for the freedom of their homeland. Anypony not fighting on the front lines is dedicating themselves towards the war effort, toiling in support of their beloved armies. Equestria’s defenders are resolute, but that may not enough to hold the Enemy at bay, for King Sombra even now gathers all evil to him. Savage creatures from forgotten abysses, bloodthirsty mercenaries from faraway lands: all are answering Sombra’s call. Some whisper that it is only a matter of time before the Dark King ultimately triumphs on the field of battle... and bring Equestria under his oppressive shadow once and for all! For anyone interested in this alternate future where the armies of Equestria defend their homeland from the hordes of darkness..... you shall be indulged. ------ THE STRATEGIC SITUATION Gray Overlay = Sombra's conquests Red Lines = disputed territory At this stage of the conflict, the defenders of Harmony and the legions of Darkness have settled into a deadly stalemate. Huge swaths of Equestria lie firmly under the dominion of King Sombra. South of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes and the Delamare River, land constantly switches back and forth between the two armies. Up towards the North, pockets of besieged resistance remain around Stalliongrad, Seaddle, and the Hasufel Mountains, kept alive at great cost through herculean resupply efforts. King Sombra knows that by itself, his Crystal Legions lack the numerical and technological advantage over the rest of Equestria. To compensate for their weaknesses, Sombra’s legions wage a campaign of total war. Whatever territory they can’t hold, they plunder what they can take and burn everything else to the ground. Every able-bodied prisoner captured is forcibly brainwashed into the Crystal Legions; the weak are sent to toil as slaves for the Dark King’s cause. Lured by the promise of war spoils, caribou clans, griffon sky-pirates, changeling spies, Maretonian sorcerers, and other cutthroats fight in the name of the King of Evil. At the head of his hosts, King Sombra himself uses his fell magic to overwhelm his foes, for there are few among the living able to withstand his might. Thus far, Equestria survives the Enemy’s onslaught through the courage and unity of its ponies. Yet with each moment the war continues, more and more land goes up in flames, while those who hold the Great Shadow grow more weary from the neverending fighting. King Sombra does not intend to stop his attack until Princess Celestia is finally vanquished, and her stronghold of Canterlot wiped off the face of the Earth. Few ponies wish to acknowledge it, but they have no hope of winning the War as long as Equestria stands alone..... ------ GENERAL RULES CLASS RULES SCENARIO RULES: PLAYER VS. GAMEMASTER SCENARIO RULES: PLAYER VS. PLAYER ------ ACTIVE THREADS [Solstice Heights] Fire and Sword [Crimsonrine Sea] Only Hope
  11. Time ticks by, second by second, day by day, era by era. The world above may never know the eye that watches them, and perhaps it is best that way. 6:05 Luna Time Celestia's sun sat on the horizon, coloring the partly cloudy view with a palette of yellows and pinks. The rays fell down upon the village of Stardust, letting the residents know that the end of the day was nigh. As the sun sank into the distance, the moon rose to take control of the sky, the streaks of gold and red about to give way to a black canvas filled with small twinkling jewels for those up late to admire. Such a breathtaking sight, ignored by a Changeling, wearing perscription sunglasses and writing in a beaten brown journal attached to a thick gray string tied around his neck. Texty sat quietly upon the hill, recording the meaningless events that had transpired in the last five hours. To him, and to many, this village was nothing more than a pit-stop, a place to stretch ones hooves- Or talons, as the case may be- as they transferred to another train. Some days, the ponies passing through outnumbered the ponies actually living there. He had just come from a historical convention over in Canterlot, and was going to take a rest at this town in New Equestria before returning home to The Crystal Empire. Finishing his log, Texty pushed his pen into its holder on his journal. He wanted to look around town a bit before renting a room at the Motel, but for now he took in the moment of peace and quiet.
  12. [{ The story. }] Ξ •·• In a future of an alternate universe where the Elements of Harmony are used as a weapon of war, it will take a hero to to save the land of a steampunk Equestria . Prepare for a long epic adventures through a world unlike any other you have ever seen. •·• Ξ *~>_ Quick summary _<~* •~. you've heard rumors of the Royal army sending troops out to the southeast pass the mountains to the river lands and rumors of the princesses' of powers slipping and she plans to conquer other lands to provide resources like the highly energized and rare crystals known as "harmonium". Little is known about harmonium. Some say harmonium is powered by the saviors of the past. Some say there radioactive gems powered by demonic spirits. But that's not important right now. Tomorrow you take a train to canterlot to take care of business. •●·. Rules .·●• ㅇThis RP has "action RPG elements" و Jobs and stats are set by you, but your class is chosen by me. ** "Job" is basically what kind of skills you get and your "class" will be your fighting style ◎You can even come up with any moves you would like. You'll even be able to learn moves. Moves that are learned have the ability to improve and have a greater effect. Availability for a type of move to be learned will be said by me. ☆✺Anyone can join!✺☆ --• Just post me the details of your character. And he/she/? shall be implemented in the time appropriate. sign ups are right here --> [link]
  13. -* this is a action / story driven role play. Sort of like a Dungeons and Dragons type thing. You will have a class, a job, and a variety of skills to use on your journey. You'll be able to freely explore your options in and outside of battles. If your party is too far in battle, its not game over but the story will change for the worse and you'll have to make up for it. The RP for this OOC is right here: LINK The RP is open and anyone can join. If you are joining in the middle of the RP, that is ok too but first I have to write you into the story.
  14. (LOL So I met this guy on Omegle and I think this RP we've begun out of NOWHERE is just Amazing. Now. It has a very feudal setting. Take it at face value.) ======= (We'll use the Castle of the Two Sisters and assume it's in one piece. With a settlement around it and Walls. Think King's Landing kinda.) === It were a wonderful day to make a royal decree; the sun was out in force, shining hot across the land with nothing but a few clouds in the sky to dapper the warm, partially humid air. Golden light swathed over the floors down every corridor partial to the exterior of the grand castle. Servants of many shapes, sizes, birthrights and blood were adrum with activity. Primarily suited to the dining hall and Ball room. Outside they would be preparing the celebratory banners; in far better condition that the usual flags and sigils that hung down on less special occasions. Guards marched the grounds in force more regularly to ensure nothing would muddle today's experience. Bathtubs were filled with sparkling hot, bubbly water and kept heated for if ever the royal pair would need to wash themselves in preparation for the day at hoof. And not to mention the sheer chaos rummaging about inside! Food was to be laid out and done so to perfection. Chairs were alligned with every table. Flowers and their bouquets made up their own invading army. New candles placed into the chandeliers to be lit by Pegasi butlers later that night. Carpets rebuffed and dusted. Windows cleaned! Cake test-tasted! Wines selected! Music attuned! Paintings readjusted or swapped with new, more punctual designs! It were as modern a medieval setting could become at least with the application of ponies who just HAD to know what they were doing to have their Princesses' castle looking superior to any and ALL across the land. And after all. So many houses would be joining the festivities today. To what circumstance? They had no idea. Just that one of the most powerful houses would be hosting today... and that many if not all but the least trusted would attend. The reason being kept a secret until the wine was poured at the start of the Feast and Buffet!... Maids scurried along, carrying or wearing very fanciful dresses... Every room had some sort of flare added to bring out the colors... It was disgusting how much effort everypony was putting into this one occasion. But... If BOTH Sisters emphasized it.. and then Twilight Sparkle emphasized it... and then Lady Rarity emphasized it.. then it must be a pretty big announcement. "Now this is what I call insanity.", A rough and tumble orange mare huffed; her southern accent now non-existant as she lived in a more Feudal time. Wearing her family's more traditional battle armor/dress that did do well to bring out SOME of the feminine mystique found in a family of Free Ponies. Lands that belonged to them and not the nobles. This brought them under constant danger... but they were stubborn. The Apple Family was known for being prime fighters. Those who loyaly served Princess Celestia. "Oh Applejack darling you simply must understand~ Twilight has NEVER gone on such a tirade when she informed me that this occasion absolutely NEEDED to be perfection incarnate. This is not insanity!... This is almost feeing rushed!", the mare feigns in place, her mane done up in a wonderful bun while many, silky strands hung down over her lovely sapphire eyes, "I hardly EVER manage this much work in one day! Let alone in my dressings!..." The pompous nature of one of her non-family born friends got quite the extensive eye roll out of AJ. Rarity were a dear companion and faithful ally to her house and the Sisters... but gosh could she be a ludicrous fashionista at times, "I'm quite certain YOU aint the one doin much of anything, My Lady." "Directing all of this movement builds up quite a sweat, darling. Surely you know how it feels! The stress of commanding so many ponies at once?" "Uh.. yeah. Though usually some of mine don't come back. And they sure as hay aint settin up a Buffet.", she huffed, "What's the big deal about this festivity anyway? Ya'll never go this far off your rockers." "Thats what I'm fairly in the dark about myself now that I think about it!...", the soft white mare haltd in place, gazing up at a banner before gasping, "WHO DID THIS?!" Everypony in a servantry uniform stopped dead and looked the Ladies' way. Rarity grabbed the bottom of the long fabric.. and turned to show them a small teastain, "THIS... IS... UNACCEPTABLE!... Quickly! You You and YOU... Fetch us another! And YOU will wash this one!" They all in sloppy unison nod and say, "Yes Lady Rarity!...", grining sheepishly or frowning full of dread as they took the banner and quickly hurried off to fix the 'grievous' err. "... Really? Ah didn't even notice that!" "Oh Applejack you were FAR too busy noticing what I wanted you to notice!... Everything else is for me to spy and eliminate before somepony else does <3" There were sudden yelps and servants were hurrying quickly in the other direction as shouts and angry stomping could be heard approaching the two important ponies. Captain Nacht of the Night Guard and Captain Gleaming of the Day Guard respectively, suddenly stepped into the hall, their armour shining in and their postures radiating that of power and also an elegance only a knight could possess. Whilst there were houses that held the titles of defenders of respective parts of the Kingdom there still had to be a dedicated Royal Guard and this is where they came in. Small in number, maybe 500 men between them or so they made up for their lack of an army by being worth 10 stallions to one of them and every Royal Guard was considered a grand fighter and probably a veteran. Captain Gleaming, a tall, white Unicorn stallion with a silver mane was in charge of the personal guard that were tasked with laying down their lives for Princess Celestia and managing the general security of the palace during the day, if not specifically the city whilst Captain Nacht, a Unicorn as well with a jet black coat and a pearly white mane was tasked with the exact same job but for Luna… to say the two got on very well would be a total lie and they were currently in a heated argument. “You’re a ****ing idiot if you think that your guards are going to be manning the exits Gleaming, this ceremony takes place mainly in the night and so MY GUARD will man them. You can stick by your Princess and I shall stick by mine and that is all I will say about the matter” Nacht spat, his thick Germanic accent obvious as Gleaming, a more… Equestrian stallion in both features and tongue retaliated “The celebration was ordered by both sisters and they tell that they will both make a grand decree and so we should BOTH show presence, not just your ****ing mangey lot!” They looked as if they were about to pull swords on one another and their separate entourages looked no better as they eyed each other with suspicion their honour bound to two separate sides of the crown. “My men are the finest Unicorns and Earth ponies in the land and my Thestrals are an ancient race that easily outfly your scraggly pegasi!” he yelled, his face turning red as he locked horns with his ‘colleague’ the situation obviously going to escalate lest something was done to stop it.
  15. [{ The story. }] Ξ •·• In a future of an alternate universe where the Elements of Harmony are used as a weapon of war, it will take a hero to to save the land of a steampunk Equestria . Prepare for a long epic adventures through a world unlike any other you have ever seen. •·• Ξ *~>_ Quick summary _<~* •~. you've heard rumors of the Royal army sending troops out to the southeast pass the mountains to the river lands and rumors of the princesses' of powers slipping and she plans to conquer other lands to provide resources like the highly energized and rare crystals known as "harmonium". Little is known about harmonium. Some say harmonium is powered by the saviors of the past. Some say there radioactive gems powered by demonic spirits. But that's not important right now. Tomorrow you take a train to canterlot to take care of business. •●·. Rules .·●• ㅇThis RP has "action RPG elements" و Jobs and stats are set by you, but your class is chosen by me. ** "Job" is basically what kind of skills you get and your "class" will be your fighting style ◎You can even come up with any moves you would like. You'll even be able to learn moves. Moves that are learned have the ability to improve and have a greater effect. Availability for a type of move to be learned will be said by me. ☆✺Anyone can join!✺☆ --• Just PM me the details of your character. And he/she/? shall be implemented in the time appropriate. . Your characters information must be descriptive. Details that are not specified will be determined by me when relevant. Try to keep your character fair with no MacGuffins or Deus Ex Machina abilities. Your character is no better than everyone else's character. . The final say of events is determined by me. Events cannot be unjustified by the player just because they say so. Which means you can't say "you dodged" and I say "the enemy is too fast" and then say that "your character is faster than the enemy". ●Try to keep your actions appropriate. Illegal move will not be tolerated. You cannot beat up NPCs for no reason or simply blow stuff up when you want to. The options are there and you will be told if the action is illegal. Though the RP have RPG elements it is not limited to them. Feel free to explore your options! Outside of battles, you can use your imagination. Who knows with out there on the field ,Take a gander. On the battlefield remember to work together. Who knows what your abilities united can do. And most important rule of all ... ................HAVE FUN!!!
  16. Hello, everyone! This is a formal request for assistance to work on a Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Nintendo Gamecube) Crossover / Alternate Universe fic with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It will be Epic-class, with at least 30 full-length (8-10,000 word or so) chapters - not counting interludes, prologue, and other fluff. It will take place in the MLP universe, though with several places and ideas taken from TTYD and applied to it. Most of the characters should be quite familiar; I'm trying to avoid too many OC's or anything like that if I can. It will star the entire Mane 6 for most of the active group, along with a curveball or two for good measure, and all four main villains. I'm making this post because, honestly... I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything right now, and I just can't seem to summon up the mental energy to work on it most of the time. Thing is, I really do want to do it - words cannot describe how excited and inspired I was when I first had this idea, and everything just seemed to click into place perfectly between the two plots. But, I guess my enthusiasm kinda faded after a while... so I've been procrastinating on it, horribly. Here's the thing, though; I've found that I can almost always work much easier and faster when I have someone with me, helping along. I had some people before - good ones, too - but they're almost all busy doing other things right now. And so, I thought I would put the word out that I have this fic in the works, and I am looking for a full-blown co-author to help me see it through to completion. Applicants should have; --> Prior knowledge of the Paper Mario: TTYD plotline & universe, as well as a very strong enthusiasm for it - I need someone who shares my passion for the game and its plot, as that will help me immensely when it comes to inspiration to get this thing written. Plus, it'll save me plenty of time and trouble explaining things. This isn't a complete deal-breaker, though, since I can still explain the plot and ideas (which I will be doing anyway); the real thing I'm looking for is inspiration, thus I need as much spirit and enthusiasm as I can get. --> A decent amount of regular free time you can take without stress. I understand if you have other things you must do or work on, of course, but it's pretty much a given that without being able to put in time, very little is gonna get done. I am running on GMT -06:00 (Central USA) time, and I am usually on during most of the afternoon and evening; I'm on at night, too, but I will be somewhat distracted then - I can usually work, though. --> Good communication skills - and not just being a cool, easy-to-get-along-with person (which helps too), but I want to stay in regular contact; that means letting me know if you have something going on, if you can't come for whatever reason, and staying available on Skype as much as possible. --> Aggressive enthusiasm - nothing makes me happier, or cuts through my procrastination better, than seeing people come to me directly instead of waiting for me to contact them. --> Decent writing skills - it goes without saying that you should have a good grasp of grammar and proper word use, and preferably some prior experience in proofreading or writing yourself. Please keep in mind that I am not just looking for an idea guy, spellchecker, proofreader, editor or anything common like that; I'm looking for a partner, whom I can count on to provide me with regular support and inspiration for the fic, yet still sternly hold me accountable for procrastinating and keep me on the straight and narrow. If anyone is interested in joining me in this endeavor, please either reply here, send me a PM, or just contact me on Skype (account name is 'umbranoth'), and we'll go from there. I'll probably start by getting to know you, first, just having a friendly back-and-forth and discussion - and if I like what I see, you'll probably get the job! And so, any Paper Mario: TTYD fans out there who felt that the plot didn't get enough justice, want to see an epic crossover between that and the land of Bronydom, or simply want to take part in writing something fun and awesome - give me a call! My door is open, and I am in no rush. Looking forward to meeting potential co-authors! ^^
  17. Authors Note: After seeing One Bad Apple, I felt that while the overall idea was good, redemption and not letting yourself become what you oppose, are good morals, Babs Seed was something of a Karma Houdini, doing all those bad things and never getting punished for it. I'm not unhappy with the ending, but I feel she should ahve had to work harder for her redemption. And of course Diamond Tiara always needs a to be slapped down. So I was complelled to write this. Not my best or most carefully plotted out work, but I was running on inspiration. Do I upload it to my fanfction.net page? Applejack was working in the vegetable patch next to the farmhouse when she heard excited voices. She nodded with approval as she saw the four fillies crossing the yard to the barn where the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been building their float for the Summer Harvest Parade. She knew this had been a good idea. Being around a group of fillies who didn't let their lack of a cutie mark dampen their spirits would do poor Babs the world of good. She was proud as apple sauce that Apple Bloom had trotted up to the plate like that, and her two friends with her. They'd gone out of their way to make Babs feel accepted right from the moment they met her, which was exactly what the Manehatten filly needed. Having friends to support you could get you through the hard times, and from her letters, Babs had been having a very hard time being bullied about her own blank flank. Maybe she should bring out a tray of apple juice for the four of the little darlings... She saw some unexpected visitors to the farm. What were those two fillies doing here. Diamond Tiara was not on her list of favourite people, especially after it had become clear that she'd been the ultimate cause of the Gabby Gums fiasco. For that matter she knew about the pairs attitude but had felt it best to let Apple Bloom and the others handle that themselves unless they asked for help. Still, she had a load of vegetables to carry across to the storage shed, so she could pass by and check on them. Babs must be feeling pretty fragile, and those two getting on her saddle was exactly what she didn't need, even if she had Apple Bloom and the others to protect her. As she walked up to the entrance to the barn, she heard raised voices from inside. "More like Cutie-mark cry-babies!" That Manehatten accent, that snicker, that surely couldn't be Babs? "Hey!" She knew her little sister's voice. She heard the whole disgraceful episode unfold. Diamond Tiara egging Babs on, and the Manehatten filly not only going along with it, but going off on her own. She was about to step around into the doorway when there was a crash, and the float came barrelling out to wreck itself at the bottom of the hill. Apple Bloom's voice rang out clear. "When I tell Applejack..." "You're going to tell Applejack what?" Applejack could imagine the new pony stepping up and getting in Apple Bloom's face. "W-well, y'know, uh..." "What're you, a snitch?" Then Diamond Tirara's grating whine exclaimed, "Come on, Babs, you should hang with us! Y'know, the cool ponies, not these babies!" Applejack was already stepping around to stand in the doorway, shadow towards the three 'cool ponies' who suddenly got quite a lot colder. "They don't need to tell me anything! I heard quite enough myself." Diamond Tiara started to edge around the farm-pony but was stopped by a glare. "You and your side-kick can stay right there! I'll get to you soon enough, but I got some things to say to my cousin first!" Babs' cool confident front had vanished like a passing cloud, and she was practically cowering. "I've never been ashamed to call one of my own kin family until just now! You should know better than any-pony what being bullied is like! We took you in hen you were hurtin', gave you a place to stay, my little sister and her friends went out of their way to make you feel at home, and this is how you repay them? The first chance you get, you turn on them!" "Bu... B-but I..." Babs started to tear up. "When you said you'd been bullied in Manehatten about not having a cutie-mark, I figured you'd feel at home here. Land sakes, I figured knowing that there are other ponies who don't have a cutie mark and don't let it get them down would be good for you. Now I'm wondering if that sob story was just a front, and the reason you needed to get out of Manehatten was because you were the bully, and ponies had gotten wise to ya!" "She was bullied?" Apple Bloom asked. "She said she was!" Applejack replied. "But that don't fit the way she just acted." "But I was bullied!" wailed Babs. "I was scared of being bullied when those two appeared, and I... I..." "Joined up with them and bucked dirt in the faces of every-pony who'd tried to help ya. If there's two things I can't stand, it's dishonesty and disloyalty." Applejack finished disgustedly. "Two wrongs don't make a right, and being bullied don't give you the leave to be a bully yourself. I know these two and the way they act. The reason they pal around with each other is because no-pony decent will have anything to do with them, unless Tiara is throwing her money around to buy some popularity." "Hey!" Diamond Tiara exclaimed, stung by Applejack's contempt. "Every-pony knows it, but I ain't your local parenty. Teaching you proper manners is your daddy's job!" Apple Bloom asked, "If you know they're teasing us, why haven't you said something before now?" That got the farm-pony to smile for the first time. "Because up till now you've been handling them pretty well by yourself. Heck, if I'd stepped in when you were panicking about that party, you'd probably never have formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the first place. I'm proud of how you deal with things yourself, and I wasn't going to take that away from you. But just so you know, telling some-pony if you need help isn't being a snitch." Apple Bloom beamed with pride, and the other two gave her one hoofed hugs. Applejack had turned her attention back to Babs Seed, and her tone was a lot less friendly. "However, even those two stuck-up fillies have never done anything worse than pass a few nasty remarks. They never damaged any-ponies property, maybe because they knew it'd come back to haunt 'em. "But you just went and wrecked a float that was the result of a lot of hard work by Apple Bloom and the others, and you did it purely because it was the worst thing you could do to hurt them. Worse still some-pony coulda got hurt! I nearly got hit myself! Celestia knows the Cutie Mark Crusaders have enough disasters themselves, but they're accidents, not some-pony out to wreck things." “I never meant to wreck it! I just wanted to dent it a bit...” “Y'all can tell it to your folks back in Manehatten. I'm sending you back there first train tomorrow, and the only reason I ain't doing it tonight is 'cause I need to send your parents a pegasus mail to let 'em know to come pick you up first. I'm going to add a few choice comments about exactly how you acted around here too.” She pointed a hoof at the door. “I suggest you go pack up your things. I was gonna let you sleep with Apple Bloom, but I don't think that's gonna work out. I'll fix up the attic, you can sleep up there for tonight.” Babs slunk off dejectedly in the direction of the house, muzzle almost touching the ground, and Diamond Tiara tried to edge away again. Applejack turned to face her. “And as for you missy, you ain't getting away with this neither!” “But I didn't wreck that stupid cart!” the pink pony whined. “It isn't fair!” “You and that bookend of yours didn't try to stop her, in fact you seemed pretty darned pleased about it. What has my little sis ever done to you anyhow? Huh, if it wasn't cutie marks and my sis, it'd be some-pony else and something else, because the only way you can feel big is if you make some-pony else feel small. Apple Bloom has more moxie, more guts and more gumption in one hoof than you've got in your entire body!” “You can't talk to me like that! When I tell my father...” “Oh, I intend to have a long talk with old Filthy myself, and your momma too.” Applejack interrupted. “He's a decent enough pony and I don't think he'll be best pleased with the way you're dragging his good name through the mud with yer shenanigans “ “But...” Diamond Tiara's eyes widened. The prissy filly knew she was in trouble. But bluster had always worked before. “He'll never believe you over me, I'm his daughter! My daddy's rich, and has powerful friends! You don't want to upset him!” Of course, this worked wonders with Applejack. “The Apple family may not have a pile of bits in the bank, but we've got a lot of friends ourselves, including a bunch up in Canterlot. So don't think you can scare me with the hooey you're spouting! Not that it'll come to that, the Apples and the Riches have been friends for generations. I figure he'll listen when I talk!” Out of options, Diamond Tiara looked past Applejack and fixed Apple Bloom with a basilisk glare. However it was wasted on the farm filly, as she was in a huddle with her two comrades discussing something, and didn't even notice. Applejack did. “Don't think you can take it out on my little sis neither! One more word, one more comment about blank flanks or anything else and you'll wish you were back in only this much trouble. Your dad ain't the only one who wants a piece of our next zap apple harvest! For now, I figure it's enough that you can't get in here to bother my little sis or her friends. This is Apple family land, and you ain't welcome no more, so skedaddle. And don't come back now, y hear?” ”Fine!” Diamond Tiara stamped her hoof. “I never wanted to come to this smelly old barnyard anyway!” Silver Spoon was slightly brighter, not that that was hard, and asked, “But what about the Grand Apple Picnic, or the Harvest feast, or the Nightmare Night Apple-bobbing?” “Like I said, you ain't welcome!” The Apple family hosted a lot of the bigger events in Ponyville, in whole or in part, so that was a pretty serious punishment. Applejack stood aside and pointed at the gates. Diamond Tiara, finally realising that she'd met a tougher pony than she was, stomped off in a snit. Silver Spoon followed in her wake, a lot more subdued and casting gloomy glances back at the guardian earth-pony. It wasn't until the pair were out of the gate that Applejack turned back to the trio, who were now watching her with awed expressions. “Wow! That was totally awesome, amazing and...!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed. Scootaloo finished. “... way past cool!” “I didn't enjoy doing it, but acting nice to those two would have taught 'em nothing. They need learnin' that actions have consequences. In this case, that if you buck the Apple family tree, you get a whole bunch of Apple's dropping on you!” “You'd really do that, stop selling Filthy Rich zap apple jam? For me?”Apple Bloom asked uncertainly. She knew enough about the Apple farm's business side that shifting things around would cause a lot of trouble and quite possibly expense. “In a Manehatten minute!” Applejack replied, ruffling her hair. “There are other distributors, but I only have one sister, and I aim to protect her. And that goes for her friends too.” Apple Bloom said, after a second. “About Manehatten, I mean sending Babs back there. We've been talking, and we wanted to ask a favour...” &&& Babs Seed was up in Apple Bloom's room, slumped down on the bed with her head in her hoofs, sobbing softly. How could things have gone so wrong so fast. This had been her life-line, her big chance to escape what was happening in Manehatten, and she'd blown it about as badly as it was possible to do. When the bullies in Manehatten had started on her, her parents had told her to just ignore it.. She'd tried, really she had, but that had just made them bolder, scaring away any-pony who might want to be friends with her. Even the fillies who weren't part of the gang stayed away to avoid drawing the bullies attention, and she couldn't really blame them. She felt a completely irrational burst of anger through her misery. Why did her cousin have to be so eager, so nice with so little reason! She'd been lonely for long enough, that a group of ponies wanting to be friends had scared her, not that she hadn't been nervous already with meeting her famous cousin Applejack. The whole time they'd been hauling her around, showing stuff off, telling her they wanted her in their club, she had been waiting for the other horse-shoe to drop, for them to turn on her, and restore the universe to normal. The idea that the offer was genuine never really occurred to her. Then those two stuck-up witches had turned up, and she was right back in her worst nightmares. She'd panicked and done something monumentally stupid. Another bigger burst of hurt and anger was directed at the fancy-pants fillies. They'd come at the worst time, and their approval at her insulting the other three was reassuring. Things were back to normal, ponies were bullying other ponies and no-pony was doing anything about it, only this time she was on the winning side. Then it had gotten out of hoof. She'd been desperate for more approval, but she really hadn't meant to wreck the float, just damage it a bit. Just enough to seal the deal with her new 'friends'. That had her growling at the Cutie-mark Crusaders again. Why couldn't they build a better float, or at least a tougher one! With that, she figured she'd pretty much burned her bridges behind her, so it seemed easier to keep rolling with it, and it wasn't like she didn't know exactly how bullies operated. Then her roll had come up against a rock called Applejack. She wanted to lash out at all of them, but Applejack's devastating analysis of her actions left her no comfortable place to divert the blame. She'd thrown away what was freely offered, hurt people who wanted to care about her out of fear, just to get in with a pair of ponies she would never have wanted to be friends with in a million years. Her focus turned back to the real author of this mess, herself. If she'd only had a little more courage... no, in the clinch, she'd discovered she was a coward, and the self-loathing burned like acid in her soul. Her parents had never really believed how bad her situation was, and after Applejack wrote that letter, they never would, and neither would any other member of the Apple clan. She was going back to Manehatten, back to the humiliation and pain, and this time there'd be no escape. The worst part of it was, she was starting to think she didn't deserve any better. She considered running away, maybe into the Everfree forest. She might be a Manehatten girl, and know less about wilderness survival than a pet poodle, but being torn limb from limb by rabid timber wolves would still be less painful than what she felt right now. There was a knock on the door, and her younger cousin's voice came through it. “Babs? Can I come in?” The Manehatten filly felt another spike of nager at how gentle her voice was, and that anger made her respond. “Come to gloat? Now you've got what you wanted?” Even as she said it, the heat of her anger turned cold. 'Way to go Babs, if there's away to make things worse, you'll find it!' she berated herself. “I just wanted to talk, and I never wanted you to get sent away like that, but if you don't want to...” “NO! Please, I mean I'm sorry, I'm so sorry and I've been so stupid and it's all gone wrong!” Babs called out in a panic. “I didn't mean to wreck the float, and I shouldn't have sided with those two mean brats, but I... oh, what's the use! There's no way to fix it, fix anything... “ The door opened and Apple Bloom trotted in and came over to the bed. She reached out a hoof and Babs flinched away closing her eyes, but all that happened was the feeling of a fore-leg wrapping around her in a hug. “It's okay, I know what it's like to feel all alone, to be scared like that. I might have ended up as bad as that if it hadn't been for Scoots and Sweetie Belle. I guess we came on a bit too string, huh?” Babs just hunched tighter in on herself, turning away, feeling even worse at the warmth in her cousin's voice. “How can you be so nice to me after what I did! Applejack was right, I'm not fit to be around here! Maybe I am just a rotten apple!” “Applejack once told me what Fluttershy, she's a pegasus friend of hers, said when she was telling off a dragon who'd been snorting out smoke across Equestria and blocking out the sun. 'You ain't a bad dragon, you just made a bad mistake.' I figure if she can tell that to a dragon, I can say that to you, excepting that you ain't a dragon.” “A dragon? Really?” That was a bizarre enough story that it cut through some layers of the shell Babs was building up around herself. A lot of weird stories came out of Ponyville, what with one thing and another but this one took a lot of believing. “Sure as sugar!” Apple Bloom replied. “Ask my big sis, heck, ask any-pony. Anyhow, what I really wanted to talk to you about is a second chance.” Babs' heart leapt at the words, then immediately fumbled it's vault and came crashing back down. “What can I possibly do? Applejack wouldn't believe I was sorry if I got a statement endorsed by the Princesses, Celestia and Luna both!” “My sister can be stubborn as a mule, though come to think of it, the one mule we have around here is about as easy-going a fella as you could wish. However, we convinced her to hold off on that letter and stuff, if you were willing to do something for us.” That made Babs scared again. They were going to put her through the wringer somehow to pay for her crimes... but a part of her actually looked forward to it. However humiliating or unpleasant her penance was, it'd still feel better than what she felt now. Somehow, she knew that whatever dreadful thing she had to do, the offer itself was genuine. Apple Bloom had never lied to her, or tried to trick her, whatever her own fears had told her. “What do I have to do?” she asked, nervously. She heard Apple Bloom chuckle, a sound devoid of the edge Babs' own had taken on when she was insulting them. “Don't sound so scared. It's just we're still down a carnival float, and the carnival is tomorrow. That means an all-nighter for the three of us, and we figured a fourth set of hooves would come in handy. We figured the best way for you to make up for wrecking the first one was to help build the replacement.” “That's all?” Babs was stunned, and her voice showed it. “After how I acted?” Apple Bloom's voice was surprised as hers. “What did you think we were going to do? Ask you to walk through the Everfree blindfolded? Spend the night in the pig-pen? Like I said, I understand what it is to be scared, and lonely and do crazy things because of it,and so do the others. I think my big sister has forgotten that, though truth be told, she was late getting her own cutie-mark. I figure this is kind of neat, the punishment fitting the crime, as Sweetie Belle said. I also figure we'll find out what kind of pony you are at the same time.” Babs couldn't quite believe she could get off this easily, but she wasn't going to let it slip through her hooves. She turned back to face her cousin, hope in her eyes for the first time. “I'll do it! I'll build you your pumpkin!” “No, you won't.” Babs heart crashed, so it was just a trick after all. But before she could say anything, Apple Bloom continued. “We decided a coach made out of a pumpkin was too filly-tale. We'll be building a golden apple, and so will you.” Babs smiled properly for the first time since she'd arrived, “I'll do my very best!” “Glad to have you on-board cuz!” Apple Bloom gave her cousin a proper hug, and this time, Babs hugged her back. It felt wonderful. In fact, she felt a lot better than she had in a long time. &&& The long night of building (with appropriate background music) was over and the four fillies stood back and looked at what they had wrought. The golden apple float looked fantastic. Babs had been better than her word, working twice as hard as any of the others, and the early evening start combined with her extra efforts meant the whole thing had been completed by mid-night, with enough time to catch most of a full night's sleep. “Is this it?” Sweetie Belle yawned. Scootaloo was sagging slightly. “I think... we're good to go!” “Oh pony! Maybe I should have taken up that blindfold walk across the Everfree instead!” Babs puffed, blowing her fringe up. “I ache in places I didn't even know I had!” “Well, we couldn't have done it without you, well, not as fast and not as good. Those were some neat ideas you came up with!” Apple Bloom was as tired as the others, but she was still watching out for her cousin. “I'm going to make sure Applejack knows just how hard you worked, and just how much you went through back in Manehatten. None of us had it half so bad!” “Ohhh!” Sweetie Belle growled. “Those meanies make Dumb Tiara and Silly Spoon sound like cream-puffs! If I ever get my hooves on them...!” “Yeah!” Scootaloo added, “If they give you any more trouble when you go back, let us know and we'll come give you a helping hoof dealing with them.” Babs might be tired, but the warmth of their enthusiastic support still made her feel good. “Thanks guys... Thanks for everything!” “It's the least we could do for a fellow Crusader...” Apple Bloom realised what she'd said and looked around. “Guys, I think Babs has worked her passage, don't you?” “Worked her tail off more like!” Scootaloo exclaimed. “All in favour of making her a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, say Apple!” The vote was unanimous. Sweetie Belle spoke for them. “Then we, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, elect Babs Seed to join us as a sister, friend, confi-day-nte, alley, boss-om buddy, gal pal, compader... what was the rest of it, Scootaloo? Oh, who cares, we can do the official stuff later! The short short version is basically, you're in!” “Well I'm all in for one!” Apple Bloom yawned again, causing something of an epidemic. “We gotta be our best tomorrow, so we'd better get some shut-eye.” She held up her hoof. “Cutie mark Crusaders...” The other two slapped their hooves against hers, and then Apple Bloom looked over at Babs. Her eyes widened and all three fillies nodded in response to the unasked question in them. She stepped over and put her own hoof against theirs. “Cutie Mark Crusaders... HO!” &&& (You should stop here if you actually like Diamond Tiara. Assume the episode ends pretty much as it does in canon. I have zero sympathy for DT, and this is a perfect chance to put the through a humiliation conga. So read on at your peril.) Diamond Tiara glared furiously at the floats as they passed. The happy polka music, the smiling ponies, how dare they all be happy when she was suffering! Applejack had come to see her father, and despite her efforts to explain that it wasn't her fault and everyone else was against her, he'd ended up giving her the worst talking to of her life, and he'd even... sent her to bed without dessert! It was all that Babs Seed's fault anyway! She'd wrecked the float and gotten Diamond Tiara in trouble. The pink filly took a little pleasure in the fact that Babs was going to be punished even worse than she had been. As for Silver Spoon, she hadn't been seen since they left the Apple farm... There she was! At least there was one pony who'd see things the right way. The grey pony came over to her rather hesitantly, but Diamond Tiara ignored that. “I'm glad you're here! Can you believe all this fuss and bother over a few farmers? It's disgusting! Well, at least those Cutie mark cry-babies won't be joining in! Bump bump, sugar lump...” Silver Spoon looked shocked at just how much venom there was in that last sentence, and didn't join in with their signature greeting. “Uh... actually I can't stay... My parents decided you're a bad influence on me, and they've forbidden me to see you in future. They're talking to Miss Cherrilee to get us different seats in class, and I'm not to come over to your place, and vice versa.” For a moment Diamond Tiara couldn't believe it, then she started a furious tirade. “You can't possibly be going along with this! It's that rotten farm-pony Applejack! She's doing all this because her precious little sister had her feeling hurt! She can't tell us how to run our lives! Ohhh! If Apple Bloom thought I was being mean to her before, she'll realsie she didn't even know what the word meant when I'm through with her!” She realised that Silver Spoon was backing away, looking scared. “What? Surely you're not going to just give in? We're best filly friends forever, remember!” The grey pony visibly stopped herself, and replied. “Actually, I am, and not just because of my parents. I never realised it before, but Applejack was right. We became friends because we both liked the same things, fancy clothes and jewellery and magazines, and because your dad loaned mine the money to build up his sugar refinery. “When we started teasing Apple Bloom, I thought we were just showing that just because we were proper girls, unlike her, that didn't mean we weren't tough. But you, you really do enjoy hurting other ponies just to see them hurt! I had a long talk with my parents about who I wanted to be, and I realised that that wasn't it. In fact, I going to work hard not to be like that anymore.” Diamond Tiara was shocked at this new betrayal, and reacted in the only way she knew how. “Fine! Who needs you! I can find some better friends anyway! I don't ever want to see you again either, you pathetic doormat!” Normally a show of temper like that would have had Silver Spoon frantically apologising, but she seemed strangely unmoved. “You know, I figured this would be harder, considering how close we've been, but I realise we never were. I wasn't your friend, just a sounding board and yes-pony. You were the one who decided everything and I just went along with it. “Well not any more! The more I listen to you, the more I realise this was the best thing that could have happened to me! I may not have the qualifications for Apple Bloom's club...” she looked down at her cutie-mark, “... but maybe if I work hard enough at it, they might accept me as a friend. From what I've seen, at least they mean it. Have a nice life.” With that she turned on her hooves and walked away, ignoring Diamond Tiara's increasingly shrill commands and pleading. Diamond Tiara thought she couldn't get any madder, and then she saw a golden apple float, or rather, who was in the cabin. Babs Seed was right there with the three other Blank Flanks, laughing and having what looked to be a good time. She grabbed a carrot crepe loaded with strawberry sauce off a passing vendors tray, ignoring the exclamation of anger from the sales-pony, and flung it like a frisbee with all her might at the offending blank flank. Apple Bloom spotted her just as she launched it. “Uh oh! Incoming!” “Deploy point defence system!” called out Scootaloo. Roger!” Babs replied, and pulled a lever. A hatch popped open in the front of the float, and a worn out tennis racket on a mechanical arm unfolded to pop up in front of the wide front window. It had been restrung with strong elastic bands, and Babs moved the lever like a joystick to manoeuvre the racket to intercept the pancake projectile. The crepe hit and rebounded right back at the pink pony who'd thrown it. She wasn't able to duck in time and with a particularly gooey splat, she ended up wearing it as a face mask. It slid down her muzzle leaving her covered in pureed strawberry. “Nice shooting Babs!” Scootaloo exclaimed. “That was a cool idea!” Apple Bloom asked. “How'd you get so good at that anyhow?” “Playin' the crane games at the fun fair at Pony Island.” Babs explained. Sweetie Belle pulled down a periscope and focussed on the peeved pink pony princess they'd just passed. “Well it worked! Oh my, is her face ever red!” Their merry laughter reached the ears of the pony in question, along with the question from the vendor. “So are you going to pay for that?”
  18. Rainbow Dash was born an Earth Pony, just like everypony else in Equestria. An old story gives her an idea that will change the face of Equestria for ever. What will it mean for her? Her friends? Equestria? http://www.fimfictio...echanical-Wings A new idea that came to me after reading some Steampunk Fics. I would much appreciate some input and such if that's not too much to ask. (edit: apparently it is... )
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