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  1. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Lunar Dash Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Areion Eye colour: Pale green Coat: Dark tan (a couple shades darker than Doctor Whooves), except for his wings, which are black Mane/Tail: Black, wing-like fins (standard for canon areion) Physique: Athletic, but not bulky. Fairly average for a pegasus stallion with a rounded jaw and muzzle Residence: Moonbeam Valley Occupation: Member of the Shooting Stars, a flight demonstration squadron Cutie Mark: Three stars shooting in the same direction (the top is small, the middle is large, and the bottom is smaller than the top). He received it at the Conclave when he and some of the other foals decided to race. He always knew he was a proficient flier, but that night, he flew faster and harder than he ever had. At the point designated to be the finish line, he arrived in first place just as some members of the Shooting Stars were passing. Impressed with his speed, they gave him a “Junior Shooting Star” pin. His heart swelled with pride and his cutie mark appeared. Unique Traits: Lunar Dash is a skilled flier. He is good at maneuvering in tight situations as well as fast cross-country flying (which most aerial ponies struggle with). History: Lunar Dash was born outside Equestria in a relatively small town called Luna’s Hollow, which was named, like many areion settlements, after the princess who was banished. From a young age, he looked up to the Shooting Stars, who were based out of a rather large settlement called Moonbeam Valley. They performed each year at the Conclave, and he looked forward to the show every year. They day he was given his pin, he vowed to become a member one day. He worked hard at flying, taking on a job as a mail pony to supplement his income. He practiced flight maneuvers on his routes, and tried to set record times to beat. His final record was 76 hours to complete his entire route, including 16 settlements, each spaced a fair distance from one another. From this, he became a skilled distance flier. From timing his individual routes within the settlements, he became a speedy and skilled short-distance flier. After a stellar audition, he became a Shooting Stars understudy, and as a result moved to Moonbeam Valley. As an understudy, he learned the the choreography for Star Spangle, one of the official Shooting Stars. In the event that Star Spangle couldn’t perform, Lunar Dash would take his place. This only happened twice: once when the stallion caught a particularly bad case of the flu a week before a performance, and once when he took time off for a funeral. Other than that, Lunar remained on the sidelines. He got his big break when Star Spangle finally retired, handing his position off, as was customary, to his understudy — in this case Lunar Dash. When princess Luna returned, a special Conclave was held to welcome her back (one she personally attended). After their performance, each Shooting Star was able to meet the Princess personally. They also performed at her welcome home party. Now, he flies at more than just Conclaves, but also at airshows in Aquellia and Equestria. Because areions still face some discrimination for their appearance and association with the night and Nightmare Moon, he is actively trying to prove his worth as a flier to pegasi, namely by promoting the Shooting Stars as well as trying to become the first areion Wonderbolt. He has yet to even make the reserves due to his natural sleep schedule and difficulty with daytime flying. Character Personality: Lunar Dash is competitive and hotheaded. He’s confident in his abilities and though he isn’t the top pony on the squadron, he likes to think he is. He’s a great at teamwork and can be serious when he needs to be. He aspires to be a Wonderbolt not because he looks up to them, but rather to prove to Equestria the viability of areions. Because of their fearful appearance, nocturnal nature, and reverence of Luna, they are often feared, which makes them the target of some discrimination. He hopes to end that. Character Summary: Lunar Dash is a cocky aviator with the skills to put his money where his mouth is. He has worked hard to prove he is a better flier than most arieons, and now he hopes to prove that he is better than most pegasi as well. He wants to make his mark on the world as a top-level athlete, and each night he gets closer to that goal.
  2. Name: Burning Aegis Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Areion Eye Color: Purple Character Color: A very dark purple, like a starless night sky. Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail are split between red and ash gray, with the red being the part closer to his body. His mane is of a medium length, really just a spiky mass of hair that partially goes over his right eye. The color switches right after it passes his eye. His tail is just as spiky, though relatively short, with the red pert underneath and gray on top. Physique: He is rather well-built, with a good musculature. He is taller than most stallions. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Lunar guard, part-time musician in a band. Cutie Mark: Three different music notes emblazoned on a flaming shield. To him, it represents his two passions, music and guarding, and his burning desire to be the best he can be at them. The day he earned his mark was during a summer camp. He was wandering the woods practicing his singing, unaware of the filly following him until he heard her scream. Darting to the sound, he found her cowering from a bear. Not knowing what to do, he broke out into song and ended up distracting the bear so the unicorn could run away. When she was safe, he took flight, the glow from the mark appearing temporarily blinding the beast and allowing him to escape relatively unharmed. Unique Traits: His ears are unusually acute, even for his kind, but thankfully not any more vulnerable to loud noises. This really helps with tuning his band and singing on key. It also helps to hear trouble coming. History: Aegis was born into a family of guards. Both parents were guards for a time, and he learned from them as soon as he could hold a weapon. Thankfully, that wasn’t all he learned from them, as his mother enjoyed singing as well. It was more of a hobby for her, but enough of a taste to get him hooked. As he grew up, he flip-flopped between becoming a guard and becoming a musician, attending camps for both throughout the years. He didn’t know he could do both until the incident that earned him his mark. From that point forward, he progressed down both paths at the same time, though he tended to keep them rather separate as he went, leading to the differing personalities. When he became a part of his band, the music side of his life really took off, taking him all around Equestria on shows. His life became a balancing act, and he went back to flip-flopping. Sometimes he was a guard with a side on singing, and sometimes he was a singer with a side of guarding. It mostly depended on how busy the band was, really. Personality: Aegis almost seems like he has more than one personality. When he’s on duty as a guard, he becomes very professional and vigilant. The model, stoic guard. When his shift is done though, he acts much friendlier, especially with mares. He becomes much more laid back and carefree. It’s hard to tell which one is the facade, if either one truly is. Summary: Vigilant guard by night, rocking singer by day.
  3. From the album: Mal's art!

    This was my very first mlp character, who I drew a lot of art of and eventually fiddled with her design to make it nicer than it was. I hardly ever use her since finding a personality for her is,, difficult. But I still love her.
  4. Roleplay Type: World of EquestriaName: Ruby BloodworthSex: FemaleAge: Older Filly, almost a MareSpecies: AreionEye colour: PurpleCoat: CeriseMane/Tail: Royal Air Force Blue (colored to explain), cut short and in a feathered style so as not to get in the way when flying, or when using her headphones.Physique: sleek and streamlined, built for acrobatics and dancing.Residence: CanterlotOccupation: wishes to be a dj, but can't get gigsCutie Mark: A gramophone needle on a record, with movement marks around it. Ruby is a little embarrassed by how she came to get her cutie mark, as she discovered her love for mixing music and scratching tracks from bumping into a record player, which set her on the path to deciding to become a dj. So even though she got her cutie mark afterwards, she considers this to be the defining event.Unique Traits: highly flexible wings, and somewhat of a natural ear for music. History: Born and raised in Canterlot, Ruby's family wasn't the nicest. They were almost like the stuffy upper nobility, the ones who believed in keeping the bloodlines pure and all that drek. Ruby was always interested in the other ponies, the ones who stayed mostly in the light, but her parents refused to allow her to spend time playing with them. She became embittered towards her parents as such, especially since they wanted her to ignore her talent and skill with the tables, and instead try to be a guard pony... boring! Ruby decided to leave home, got one of the few unicorn friends she had to help her make a special mix table, one that stored some records as well as used old fashioned needles, like the gramophone she knocked over that fateful day, and made her way... nowhere fast. She is brash, and unproven, so she has trouble getting jobs, and is sleeping either in friends houses, or up in a tree every now and then... Character Personality: She's fun loving, and likes to get to know everyone she can, as well as having a curious mind. Her true passions come out in song and dance, where she sometimes let's the music take her over. Character Summary: A cerise colored Areion, Ruby spends her time exploring her home in Canterlot, looking for odd jobs to do to keep herself fed while trying to get gigs. Her short shock of Royal Air Force Blue mane can be seen over her mix table, specially made for her. She doesn't really have any personal connections to her own kind, having decided due to how stuffy her parents were to leave the group and make her own way. She loves to hop in to parties, and has been known to set up her table on the edge of roads and parks, trying to get others lost in the music, though usually it's just her... (Fun fact, the random name generator I used to get her name generated 15 names at once, and 3 of them included Faust.)
  5. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Midnight Oil Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Areion (Bat Pony) Eye colour: Purple Coat: Gray Wings: Violette and Purple Mane/Tail: Charcoal Gray Physique: Smaller the most guard ponies, but of simmilar size to other stallions his age. He also has more noticeable fangs then most Bat Ponies. Residence: Canterlot, Equestria Occupation: Royal Guard Recruit Cutie Mark: A gas lantern in front of a full moon. It represents his love of the night, as well as his willingness to work as hard as he can to get a goal done Unique Traits: Midnight Oil may not be the biggest or strongest of those in the Royal Guard, but what he lacks in strength he more then makes up for and speed and agility. He has excellent vision and hearing, and is a master of keeping to the shadows and avoiding detection at night. History: Midnight Oil was born in a remote area of the Eponnie Mountain Range in a small colony hidden deep in the wooded terrain. He is the only child of Velvet Wing and Iron Cross. Growing up, he was one of only a few children that lived in the colony. His mother, Velvet Wing took it upon herself to act as a teacher from the few foals and a classroom was built onto their family's house. As Midnight grew older, he quickly developed a love for reading and learning. Often he would stay awake well into the day getting lost in the worlds he read about. When he wasn't reading, the young bat pony would put all his effort into his flying and playing games with his father and other foals. As the young areion aged, Midnight's thirst for knowledge grew. Knowing that her son had learned everything that she could teach him, Velvet made the difficult decision to send him, as well as a few others, to a nearby pony school in Fet Loch. His first day of class unfortunately would coincide with the news of the return of Nightmare Moon.... Walking into town he could feel gaze of everypony in the town locked upon him as he heard the whispers...the 'Spawn of Nightmares' comments. Midnight's first day of class would not go much better as he new classmates wanted little to do with the bat like pony, though a few would try to make his time in school miserable. He would shrug this off as the days went on, focusing on his classwork, earning him the nickname "Teacher's Bat," as he would receive his fair share of bulling. Upon finishing his studies, Midnight would travel to Canterlot after hearing about possible openings within the Equestrian Royal Guard and the chance to serve the Princesses of Equestria, especially the Princess of the Night. At the Royal Guard Academy, Midnight would rise to the top of his class once more, honing his night based skills and being placed on the Night Guard upon graduation and receiving the rank of Specialist. Character Personality: When Midnight Oil is in a sociable mood, his humor and charm shine through. He can seem a bit distant at first, however once he warms up to somepony new, he can often talk their their ears off. When he is not feeling sociable, he can seem distant, lost in his innermost thoughts. Midnight has been known to zone out from time to time, being distracted by the beauty of the night sky or his own thoughts. He is most comfortable around his friends and family. He can be socially awkward around mares his own age and can occasionally put his hoof in his mouth.The bat pony also enjoys his alone time. Often, Midnight can be found with his muzzle buried in a book, reading about adventures and fantasy. Midnight Oil has an ambitious streak. Throughout his life, he often has been questioned about his ability because of his size. He often will put every bit of his energy and time to prove those that question his skills. He had also applied this same mentality to his studies, often 'Burning the Midnight Oil' to achieve his goals. Though he is pretty easy going for the most part, Midnight dose have a temper, albeit with a long fuse. On rare occasions he has lashed out at those that have hurt his family, family honor, or his friends. Character Summary: An ambitious areion that always puts his full effort into whatever endeavor he attempts, Midnight Oil is puts his full effort into what ever he puts his mind to. He was born and raised in the Eponnie Mountain Range before moving to Canterlot to join the Equestrian Royal Guard. He is fast and agile and ready to prove himself and work his way up the through the ranks. Midnight is also a book worm, often reading in his down time of fantasy, adventure, and history. He may seem shy at first, but takes a while to warm up to new ponies as he attempts to gauge their character.
  6. Name: Detective Hard-Boiled Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Aerion Eye Color: Plum Character Color: He has a smoky white coat, and a dark grey mane. His legs share the same color as the mane, and comes up into a point at the front of each leg, and ends just past the knee. Physique: The stallion is about average in height for stallions, and features the typical streamlined features of the bat ponies with a few hard edges here and there – and slimmer in some portions. This all is building closer into what resembles a canine like appearance. Along those hard edges, he has tufts of fur jutting off of his body. He has an angular face that features a sharp chin, and a curve from his nose up to his fore head. His mane is cut short and slicked back with a bit of gel, then grooved with a comb. He usually wears a polo shirt. A tie. And a trench coat with a matching vintage fedora. His badge is usually worn on a chain around his neck and tucked away. During the day time, he wears patrolmen shades to help with his vision in the bright sunlight. But they are removed at night. Residence: An apartment in the city of Manehatten. Just an average one. Not too expensive, and not cheap enough to be placed in the ghetto. He has a fluff ball of a Pomeranian named Faraday Occupation: A Law Enforcement Officer. Currently a detective. Cutiemark: An Egg Shell white police badge with a crack in it. Since Hard-Boiled was a foal, he had always been a rather cynical pony. Always watching ponies, and their actions. Or doubting the nature of many. Perhaps he had been a tad bit paranoid. Which is fair, given that there exist a loop of darker caverns in Night-Light City that most bat ponies wouldn’t even set foot in, or see all too well in. And guess where his home happened to be? Right on the cross roads between that deep cave system, and the shallow one. One night there was an intrusion in his home cave when both he and his mother was away. Not much was stolen. But Hard Boiled did find that a pocket watch that belonged to his father was missing. He began his amateur detective work then. And steadily found that he was pretty good at what he was doing, and that he liked it. He discovered small but significant bits of evidence. He questioned ponies he knew would be around during the hours of the intrusion. The details had lead him to the Low Town cave system in that unsavory loop. And there he had found a foal who was walking around nervously with his father’s pocket watch. After apprehending, and ascertaining about the foals intentions, he was informed that he simply did it under a dare with his friends. Appreciating the foals honesty, Hard Boiled let him go and returned the watch to his mother. It was then that he gained his cutie mark. History: Born to a mare tavern owner named Sunny-Side, Hard Boiled grew up with the sort of cynicism and understanding of reality and the streets that’d match a more stereotypical meaning of his name. He never had a chance to know his father as a foal. He was good contractor that helped carve homes and other structures into the cave walls of Night Light city. However, as good as a pay that brought in, there were dangers along with it. A tragic accident with nature caused the ceiling to cave in. No other details are needed to tell that story. Hard Boiled had never been a very social pony, and often kept to himself and watch ponies roam the caves. Eventually, as he grew older he did grow more outgoing, though he often kept himself to a small circle of friends. And while there were a large ring of ponies he was “fond” of, his trust and loyalty was beyond comparison for his friends. When he was of age, he joined up with the cave’s police force. He started off as an onion in the academy. However with sheer determination, and a strong desire to improve, he graduated within the top of the class. After a few years of service, and Luna’s return to equestrian, Hard Boiled said his good byes and left Night Light city for the city of Manehatten. He joined up there, and was enlisted as a detective. Character Summary: Suave and careful on a good day. A grouch, and grim on a bad day. And the contrast between the two is like night and day. His views of the world are realistic, if not pessimistic or cynical at it’s best. And while he rarely breaks the restrictions that holds back a police officer, he is definitely a cut-throat pragmatist with a passion for justice when it’s needed. That is to say, he’ll quickly find a loop hole to solve his case. No criminal is ever safe from him, and he makes it known. Now make no mistake, he’s not always a grim dark bat. Even when his face seems to be fixed in a grimace. There are still things that brings a wide smile out of this stallion. For example, he has a love for dogs, a fascination born for being a pet that’s rather difficult to keep and rare back in his childhood home. Unique Traits: Hardy: Back in Night Light City, his old stomping grounds had been it’s dark loop, with a strong preference to Low Town. Street Crimes were definitely common, and he often ended up in struggles with his suspects. Those experiences made him stronger, and definitely a hardier and rugged pony. Night-Vision: Areion’s ability to see in dimly lit environments. What else is there to say? Street Smarts: The knowledge of survival in an urban environment where people try to be your friends. It also gives him the benefit of knowing exactly who to go to during his investigations, where to go to, and personal contacts.
  7. Name: Yiska Noctis Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Areion Eye Color: Blue Character Color: Her coat is a dark grey. Mane/Tail/Other: The mane and tail are both of medium length, and are dark blue in color. She lets them fall as they will, mostly, leaving them to look somewhat messy most of the time. She also tends to wear a cowboy-type hat that is brown. Physique: Her body is a rather lean one, the kind gained from lots of aerobic exercises. She is of average height for a mare her age, though more on the small side of that spectrum. She is also blind. Residence: A cave near Canterlot. Occupation: She is a performer of sorts, mostly acrobatic displays. Cutie Mark: A crescent moon inside a hoop. She got it when she managed to navigate through an obstacle course of sorts when nopony else could. It represents her determination to overcome any obstacle in her path, no matter what her handicaps may be. Unique Traits: She is blind, and as such relies on her other senses to navigate. Especially her hearing. History: Yiska has always been blind, at least for as long as she can remember. As such, she has no idea what her parents actually look like, but everything else about them she remembers just fine. As she grew up, she got better and better at using her working senses to navigate and make her way around. She relied mostly on sound, using her hearing to "see" where objects were so she wouldn't be a burden on others. She wanted to be independent at some point. Her self-imposed training also included physical workouts, in order to be ready in case anything happened. One day, she was exploring a cave with some of her friends when they fell down an unseen hole. Her friends couldn't see due to how dark it was, and she was the only one that could tell where things were at all. They couldn't fly either, due to how enclosed the hole was. As such, she escaped the hole by jumping between ledges to get out, having to restart multiple times to get the locations of the ledges just right. Every time she fell, she struggled to get back up, determined to get out of the hole. Eventually, she made it out through locating the ledges through sound and her memory of where the ledges were, and she immediately ran to get help from some adults. She returned with help, and they got her friends out of the hole safely. It was at that point that she got her cutie mark. When she became old enough, she moved out, striking out on her own and exploring Equestria. Eventually, she found a secluded cave where she could rest between journeys, at it quickly became a home of sorts for her. When she traveled, she would stop in towns occasionally and set up a course with the objects around her. When that was done, she would put on a show, navigating the course after showing the crowd that she was indeed blind. Sometimes she would even wear a blindfold to cement the point, if they didn't believe her earlier. Personality: She is a very relaxed mare, in most cases. Despite this, she can be very serious about things when she needs to be. In general, she is nice in her own way, as in she does not try to be mean to others, but it may come out that way due to the fact that she does not seem to have any sort of social filter to her words. She says what she wants to say, with no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Just like how she tends to talk, she lives her life doing what she wants and nothing she doesn't unless she needs the money and has to take what she can get as far as work goes. Luckily, she usually has no intention of stealing or hurting others, but she is not necessarily against it if it came to it. She hates when ponies try to force others to do things they don't want to do, especially when it's directed towards her or her friends. Speaking of friends, she is rather easy to become friends with, you just have to get on her good side and she'll be your friend. She judges almost exclusively on what others do, though what they sound and sometimes smell like also plays a part in her judgments. She enjoys relaxing and letting the world pass her by at times, and at other times she would rather be exercising or just having fun with her friends. Summary: A brash, adventurous, bind Areion with no social filter. Despite being blind, she can still "see" in a strange way.
  8. Name: Rhenn Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Areion (batpony) Eye colour: Yellow Character colour: Grey Mane/Tail/Other: Shorter spiked mane and tail. Saddlecloth of the same color and a chestplate bearing the symbol of a Lunar Guard. Colors? Look at the picture linked. The batpony that the mare on the far left is talking to. Yes, that one. Those colors are just fabulous~ (picture by Equestia-Prevails from DeviantART) Physique: Rhenn isn't stocky, but a bit taller and stronger looking than the average pony. Very capable of completing physical tasks. Residence: Hollow Shades, although he is usually in other towns on guard duty. Occupation: Lunar Guard. Oftentimes Rhenn is just keeping watch over towns at night, however he has been called on many missions to shut down criminal organizations and such; leading him overseas every now and again. Cutie Mark: A silver shield with red slash marks over it. Unique Traits: Rhenn carries a spear in which he is highly trained with; it is often hooked onto his saddlecloth. Well trained with many other types of weapons. History: (To be discovered) Character Personality: Rhenn is a hearty fellow with a well accented voice. He tries to get on the good side of ponies and make acquaintances, but his friends are few in numbers. He also likes well-behaved children and often enjoys their company more than the average adult. Rhenn is also quite awkward around mares, especially during one-on-one time around them. Character Summary: (literally everything said above just in a legit paragraph)
  9. Name: Dusk 'Xiphos' Shade Gender: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Areion Eye colour: Pale green, given an almost piercing quality thanks to his slit-like pupils. Character colour: A dark and very muted purple, often mistaken for dark grey. Mane/Tail/Other: Both his mane and tail are pure white in color, kept long and messy. Xiphos usually pulls the bottom portion of his mane back into a ponytail that rests high on his head, and is also almost never seen without a green charm clasped around a thin portion of hair hanging in front of his left ear. Physique: Lithe and slender, with a healthy athleticism of somepony that keeps himself in top shape. Residence: Trottingham, though he travels quite a bit. He's become quite an expert crashing at the homes of unsuspecting ponies, if he needs shelter for a night. Occupation: Experienced Specialist in the Acquisition of Exclusive Goods, Commodities, and Information. Xiphos' career choice as a high-end thief has become so fruitful that the Areion is quite wealthy, allowing him to throw bits around and sustain him through the dry spells his job brings. Xiphos offers his services, under the alias of "The White Fox", to well-paying clients for whatever they are looking for, whether it is a particular item or some information. He tends to ignore petty thievery for himself, though special items or intrigues may catch his eye from time to time. Cutie Mark: A black crescent moon turned on its side, underneath three light grey marks that resemble scars. Xiphos' cutie mark represents the physical, sometimes mental, mark he leaves on others due to his procuring of their items. Unique Traits: Stealth - Thanks to years of perfecting his thieving abilities, Xiphos has become a master of stealth, able to swiftly and silently make his way through nearly any obstacle undetected. He knows the best places to break into buildings, how to avoid detection by lights and patrols, and how to keep the crime scene either immaculate or misleading. Unfortunately, his lack of attention to detail can sometimes leave him hanging, but as of the present, his luck has gotten him away scotch free. Agility - With a build better suited to speed rather than power, Xiphos doesn't make much of a hoof-to-hoof combatant in a contest of pure strength. He instead relies on his agility and precision, aiming to keep himself away from a close fight. Xiphos is fast, flexible, and nimble, able to traverse rooftops and seemingly treacherous conditions with ease, even without the use of his wings. He also makes for a top-notch precision flyer, with great wing control that allows him to swoop in and out of dense forests without crashing headfirst into a tree or clipping off a wing. "Xiphos" - Not so much a trait, though it has become a part of his alias. Xiphos gave himself a new name after he moved away from his parents and started subtly advertising himself as a contact for the White Fox. Named after an exotic two-sided sword that is useful to cut and slash, Xiphos decided the name was interesting enough for him to use. He has since left his birth name, Dusk Shade, far behind him. Only a hoof-ful of ponies know his real name, something he has worked to keep that way. History: Xiphos doesn't remember much of anything for the first few years of his life. Born to two Areion's in the wilds of Equestria, Xiphos grew up with a small colony of Bat Ponies, migrating here and there with the seasons. Life was simple, but full of its own adventures, and Xiphos led a rough but fulfilling life with his brothers and sisters within the colony. While he was still in his foal years, the colony ran into some troubling and harsh times in the wild. Food began to wear thinner and thinner, and the colony began splintering off into smaller and smaller groups, until Xiphos was left with only his family. At first inclined to wait for the next Conclave and find a new colony to join, his parents eventually decided they could not wait that long, and so made their way to the grand city of Trottingham. At fist apprehensive to be back into civilization, the family soon grew accustomed to the city they were welcomed into, and slowly began settling into a new life there. Unfortunately for Xiphos, that new life was incredibly boring. He was expected to start proper schooling with other foals his age, and the freedoms he had enjoyed with the colony were now stilted and watched with a careful eye from the law upholding citizens of Trottingham. No more could Xiphos jump and play in the nearest water source (such as fountains) or go crashing through the bush to play hide and seek (the immaculate gardens of the noble families were off limits). All in all, it was a completely spur of the moment decision Xiphos made one evening, to sneak out of his home to simply wander around the town, flying from shadow to shadow. It was completely by chance that he happened to pass by a large window and doubled back for a second look, after spying something reflecting the moonlight. Inside the window was a pretty bauble, gaudy and over-the-top, but obviously worth a bit of bits. Without really thinking of what he was doing, Xiphos began carefully prying open the window, peering around inside the empty room, before snatching up bracelet and making a hasty retreat. Even at that young age, Xiphos knew instinctively that what he had just done was wrong, but he couldn't help the smile that stole over his face, nor the exhilaration he felt as he swept back through the air towards his home. After that night, Xiphos received his cutie mark, much to his parent's confusion the next morning. They did congratulate him however, and accepted his half-baked answer when they asked the meaning of it. Xiphos continued his petty thefts - at first only rarely, then growing more brazen and more frequent as he got older. Sometimes he took only what happened to snatch his fancy - other times, he left items and bits in the pony's house, simply because he could. As he grew from a colt to a stallion, the Areion soon become known under the alias of "The White Fox", a thief in Trottingham that some ponies had seen white flashes of before he disappeared from view. It wasn't until Xiphos accidentally overheard some wealthy ponies talking about the White Fox on the streets - in not exactly a negative manner - that he finally realized some ponies would pay to have things, information, stolen for them. Or, to have things put into place for them. After moving out from his parents, Xiphos began the process of establishing himself as a black alley contact, a pony that could get in touch with the White Fox for only a small percentage of the payment. Though some became suspicious, Xiphos was careful to cover his tracks, and was never proven to be the White Fox himself. Xiphos continued his activities, thriving off a business that was run solely from word of mouth. He is currently attempting to expand his business outside of Trottingham, though the wealthy city full of nobility remains as his home base. Character Personality: Mischievous, sporadic, and impish to the nth degree, Xiphos represents a rogue almost to the letter. With no real ties to anywhere or anypony, the Areion flits from place to place, and his personality reflects that somewhat. Taking joy out of simply existing in life, Xiphos has a very mercurial personality, seemingly shifting off without rhyme nor reason. For the most part he is gleeful and playful, excitable due to his inherent curiosity and easily seduced from one interesting aspect to the next, much like a foal might take an immediate and intense interest in one toy, then completely disregard it for another. His volatile personality, however, can result in him suddenly blowing up over a small detail, raging at another pony for no reason, before abruptly shrugging off the entire incident. These moods swings are erratic and fairly rare, but their unpredictability is what make Xiphos dangerous. Teasing and playful, the Areion takes a certain amount of pleasure from seeing others uncomfortable or disconcerted, delighting in their uncertainty and confusion. He has no qualms stalking after a pony that has caught his interest, haunting their hoof steps until he feels satisfied. Xiphos is never put off by a negative response to his strange ways - in fact, sometimes a scoff or a turned head simply makes him pursue the target harder, eager to get under their skin. To call him sadistic might be a bit of a stretch, but it is plainly obvious that Xiphos likes to have the mental upper hoof on other ponies, and seems to genuinely enjoy the discomfort and dissatisfaction of others. Cruel by Equestrian standards, Xiphos has no problem hurting others just to see them hurt, a classic bully. While he may be an overall jerk that silently makes fun of others underneath his wicked smile, Xiphos is a generally friendly pony, even if said friendliness usually stems from boredom and a want to gather information. He is completely at ease introducing himself to somepony or making another feel at home around him, should he wish to keep a particular pony close to his side. Despite his like of seeing others hurt or upset, Xiphos holds a genuine interest in others, seeing how they react or respond to certain situations. The Areion is an inherently curious pony, which is often the spark in a new relationship, one that flares or putters out depending on how interesting Xiphos finds them. Very rarely does the Areion form any true feelings of affection or fondness for others - not because of an attempt from Xiphos to distance himself, but because of an inherent disinterest for anypony that doesn't interest him past a superficial first impression. With these rare few however, Xiphos has shown himself loyal to a fault, willing to put himself on the line for them rather than see them face harm. A quiet possessiveness surrounds those Xiphos has chosen as his closest friends, one that manifests itself subtly but surely in his actions and protectiveness towards them. To say that Xiphos is a shining example of pony nature would be a gross misstatement, obvious to anypony that knows the Areion underneath the surface. With a mischievous and roughish nature, Xiphos is inherently more wicked than the average pony wandering the streets, bordering on sadistic and cruel in his genuine pleasure over other's misfortune. Though his flaws are glaringly obvious, even to himself, the Areion fully embraces them, having no shame in his lifestyle or outlook. It takes a special kind of pony to not only see the other side of Xiphos' coin, but accept both sides of it, good and bad.
  10. Name: Espionage, often called Es or Espy, the latter used for annoyance. Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Areion/Bat Pony Eye colour: Light piercing silver, lighter than her mane. Character colour: Dark grey, not quite black. Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail are a light silvery grey, but have a dull looking appearance to them. That and the overall messiness of their style is due to her lack of attention to them, and so her mane hang long and loose with some strands falling in her face. Physique: Agile and speedy, as she enjoys playing defensive rather than offensive. Residence: Mainly on the streets of Prance, but by night she travels wherever she pleases. Occupation: Prench librarian by day, cunning theif by night. Cutie Mark: A black eye surrounded by unknown tribal markings, showing her talent in stealth and sensing things around her. Unique Traits: Espionage appears to have more enhanced senses than the average pony, able to see and hear anyone trying to sneak around her. She also has a large vocabulary when speaking to others, derived from reading many books at a young age. History: Es wasn't exactly born to the most fortunate of families, but she did have a loving one nonetheless. She, her older brother, and her parents lived on the streets of Prance, in makeshift shack that she called home. Her brother and father were well known in the area's black market, and as such spent most of their time out thieving. And so her mother stayed at home, becoming both a caretaker and a teacher to the young areion. One of the most valuable lessons, however, was when she learned how to read. Reading became like a second nature to her, not to mention giving her something to distract her from the long and cold nights. She often made trips to the library, stocking up on as many books as she could and just...reading. She read stories of adventure, romance, mystery, and everything in between. It was also around this point that Es began to use a bigger vocabulary than most ponies, sounding like a mature adult at a filly's age. Her favorite stories, however, were ones about spies. Their stealthiness and secrecy had always fascinated her, and she wanted to be just like them someday. But luckily, that dream almost came true the day Es began to learn the ways of a thief. It started off as nothing but a quick pickpocket, but the idea of doing it was practically nerve wracking to the filly. But her family was giving her all the encouragement she needed, and so she mustered enough courage to do it. And she miraculously pulled it off- nabbing a nearby stallion's wallet out of his bag and ducking into an alleyway. Exhilaration and pride filled her as her family came to congratulate. But it wasn't over yet - Es suddenly heard a noise that sounded like hoofsteps, that the rest of her family didn't seem to notice. Without saying a word, the filly flew up to the top of the building to hide, and the rest, while confused, followed. Sure enough, it was the pony she stole from, but she wasn't noticed at all by him. And after that, her cutie mark appeared. After that, Es went out nearly every night thieving. She was getting better and better at it, but unlike her father and brother, preferred to work alone. In fact, she began spending less time with her family altogether and more time out lurking on the streets. She felt at her best there, like nothing could stop her. She even got a bit cocky about it. But eventually her brother grew old enough to set off on his own, and a few years later, she decided to as well. However, she needed a more direct source of money other than stealing, and so got a job at the local library that she often visited. She did nothing more than put books on shelves, and as such gave her a chance to sulk off in the corner and read whenever she wanted. However, she still spent her nights out thieving, even enjoying going to other towns to do so, and continues to sharpen her skills to this day. Character Summary: The first thing one would notice upon meeting Es would be the way she speaks. Words that come straight from the dictionary combined with a Prench accent makes her sound like a politic rather than a thief on the streets. However, her use of vocabulary is a habit that she has no intention of breaking, and rather enjoys it. She is not a pony to give out trust easily, if at all. Interactions with others besides her family are hard for her, and, due to her skill at her trade, is often conceded sounding when she speaks to others. She tends to think of other ponies, especially the ones she steals from, as something less than her, even if they do have a better lifestyle than her. In fact, underestimating others is probably the mare's biggest weakness. She has been in few fights, but she often finds herself not realizing the power that others have, and so is more of a defensive type when it comes to fights. In short, Es is a mare who lives her life day to day, usually alone with no intention of putting her trust into anyone. She has an obvious snarky side, but also the skill in thieving to back it up. She's a rather odd mare who still tends to read a lot with an admittedly cold heart, but all it would take is one pony to fix that.
  11. Name:Hortensia Eglantine Fioritura Gender: Female Age: Younger mare Species: Areion Eye colour: Indigo Character colour: Hortensia’s coat is a soft baby blue which fades into lavender and then pink along her legs. There are soft touches of lavender in the webbing of her wings as well. They aren’t typical colours for an areion, which is a fact she knows all too well. Her delicate pastel coat is something she is very proud to have. Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail both are perfectly coiffed, voluminous, healthy, and a little on the longer side. They begin white at the base before fading into blue towards the middle and pink at the ends. Physique: Sia’s got a long and lithe figure. While not particularly curvy or feminine, she always carries herself with a posture of femininity and total confidence. Even without any sort of physical vavavoom to speak of, she’s a knockout! Residence: Hortensia lives in spacious, ritzy studio loft she shares with her husband near Bridleway in Manehattan. Occupation: Sia’s a rising and seriously in-demand bridleway star. Cutie Mark: A comedy and drama mask laid over a treble clef. Sia’s family has been spreading its roots in Manehattan since her father moved them there shortly before she was born. Back then, areion were very rare to come across, especially in highly populated areas. Heart Racer, however, had a passion for theatre that he could not ignore. He could act, he knew it, and he wanted to make it big in Manehattan no matter what it took. Of course, his son and pregnant wife fully supported his dreams and were eager to join him in the move! The day he landed his first off-bridleway role was the very day Hortensia was born, and from the first breath she took she was running lines with her father. Although in her younger years her “lines” were little more than nonsensical baby-babble. Her father trained her for acting from a very early age, and shortly after enrolled her in voice lessons. She took to both practices eagerly, a very serious and dedicated student from the first. When other foals were out living life with the reckless abandon of youth, Hortensia was running through scales and hungrily reading through every script she could get her hooves on. Heart Racer took her to see every play and musical that was shown in the city, from the lowest budget solo performances to the performances you needed to buy seat for nearly a year in advance. She consumed theatre and music every day, she lived and breathed it, and it was the only thing she truly cared for. Her family did come a close second, however. And of course Heart Racer, for introducing her into this beautiful world, was a very very close second. She was never the sort of foal who wondered at what her cutie mark would be. She always knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her flank would be stamped with some sort of symbol that was referential to Bridleway. During her very first audition for the role of Neighva Mareon in an all foals production of Neighvita, Hortensia’s cutie mark flashed into existence. She felt it tingling as it formed but refused to break character. This was her big moment, her chance to prove that she was born to perform! No cutie mark was going to interrupt that. Needless to say she landed the role and was pleased as punch to find that she had been branded with not only a treble clef, but a comedy and tragedy mask as well. This was it. Irrefutable proof that she would one day been the queen of Bridleway. Unique Traits: Hortensia Eglantine Fioritura possesses an almost otherworldly vocal and acting talent. Years of sacrifice and total dedication to training her voice and allowing herself no pleasure beyond the rewards of her labours has tempered Hortensia’s performing art into something truly remarkable. In the language of flowers, eglantine means “poetry, I wound to heal.” Sia’s second name perfectly describes the experience of witnessing her performances. History: Hortensia Eglantine Fioritura has lived for the stage her entire life. Nothing has ever been more dear to her than singing and acting, for nothing thrills her so much as watching an audience laugh and cry with every shift in her expression and intonation. For anypony outside the world of theatre she will have had a very boring life, truthfully. The fact that she is an areion wasn’t even a topic of discussion, thanks to her father breaking into the Manehattan scene years before her. She grew up training her voice and her acting skills until she was a veritable paragon of the art, she landed a job after she had finished growing up, and now she is continuing in that career path. She made her true debut after being given a chance to perform as an understudy during a showing of Hinny of the Hills and is now regarded as one of Bridleway’s top talents. Her current role as Crystalline in Areion of the Opera has cemented her reputation as one of Equestria’s top vocal talents, and she is working night and day to change that reputation to the top vocal talent in Equestria. Perhaps the most exciting thing from her recent history is her marriage to the famed wrestler Thunder “The Bolt” Charger. As a mare who is famous for caring about nothing outside of Bridleway, it came as quite a shock when their engagement was announced. Many accused her of taking advantage of the stallion’s slow wit and tricking him into marriage so she could display him as a trophy spouse, and the rumour went wild when she decided against publicly setting things straight. That said, anypony who brings up the marriage when speaking to her face to face will have things set straight: Sia does, surprisingly, love her husband. Or rather, she doesn’t hate him - and for her that’s as close to love as you can get! Character Personality: Hortensia is passionate, but she is only passionate about Bridleway. She lives to perform and little else in this world can even summon a change in her expression. The way most others see it is that she pours so much heart and soul into her performances that it leaves nothing for her personal life. When she’s not rehearsing or performing she maintains a flat and abrasive personality, at least on the surface. She is cold and uncaring, ignorant towards others’ feelings, and perfectly difficult to get along with. She doesn’t care for anything or anypony outside the world of Bridleway. Striking a casual conversation with her can be painful, as she sees mindless chatter as something particularly stupid. It’s a waste of her time. That’s not to say she’s a diva. She’s proud of her skills, but she doesn’t lord it over others. She never makes demands outside of her expectations for professionalism, she never expects other to bow before her and kiss her hooves, and she certainly doesn’t take advantage of her fame. Her rudeness and cold attitude are simply a product of uncaring. It’s a saving grace for her, honestly; were she prideful or arrogant nopony on Bridleway would put up with her. Her lack of charisma outside of her performances can be quite grating, but professionals in Bridleway put up with it because she’s punctual, agreeable (while working), and totally dedicated as a professional. There’s no nonsense with her, and find her a dream to work with. It’s this attitude of hers that makes it hard for others to see any sincerity in her relationship with Thunder Crash. Though he is a doting husband, she shows absolutely no affection towards him. In public she treats him the way she treats everypony else: she’s terribly, terribly cold. Sometimes she even seems downright mean, and she doesn’t even deny that he is a trophy husband. The fact that he never seems to be fazed by this is usually accounted to his dull wit. But the rest of the world doesn’t know the truth of their relationship. When they first met, Thunder tried relating to her line of work by relating his wrestling performances to Bridleway. She called him an idiot, and his puppy eyes were that charming that she fell for him irrevocably. Never in her life has she disliked someone so little, and though she rarely displays any affection towards the stallion, she often tells him when they’re alone together, with her usual flat tone, that she likes him well enough. For Hortensia, that’s as good as bursting into song and dance to confess her love. Character Summary: Hortensia is cold, flat, and her lack of caring for anything aside from Bridleway often makes her inconsiderate and mean. She’s not malicious, however, and her total dedication to and mastery of her art is downright admirable. She’s a vision to witness perform: her slight, pretty physique, her confident poise, and her ethereal voice make her incredibly attractive and endearing. She has the power to make her audience laugh, cry, rage, cower, and much more with her voice and her acting skills. They are totally at her mercy when she takes the stage, and even the most stalwart ponies can shed a tear when she sings a tragedy. As such, many are willing to put up with her blunt and ignorant personality in order to work with her, though only a hoof-ful are willing to put up with her in order to get to know her better. Most see her as empty and lifeless off of the stage, and the only exception to that would be her husband Thunder.
  12. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    This is the first time I've drawn a bat pony. I just love the way they look and Jeepers' design is really neat. Makes me wanna create one too. X3 At this angle, a cutie mark would be somewhat visible so I'll have to add it once I draw it separately. Jeepers belongs to Robikku Pegasus

    © Art by me, Jeepers by Robikku Pegasus

  13. Name: Haunting Nocturne, goes by "Noc" Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Areion Eye colour: A dull crimson Character colour: Grey Mane/Tail/Other: Noc's mane is spiky and choppy, often looking like she's just tumbled out of bed while still carrying a roguish charm. Her tail is roughly the same. Both are a faded black coloration with hints of her coat's grey streaked here and there. The areion's bat-like wings are a darker ebony. Physique: Lithe and on the slender side Residence: Trottingham Occupation: Lead Guitarist for Wing Power, a metal band Cutie Mark: An ethereal eighth note teased by a tendril of fog Unique Traits: Noc is rather adept at hovering, to the point it looks nearly effortless with very little wing movement. This produces the illusion that she's almost floating in place rather than flying, a trick she uses to great effect during soulful solos. She's also a bit of a pyrotechnical genius. Also, loves cheese and apples as a favorite snack. Yes, she knows exactly what cheese is. History: Haunting Nocturne was born to two very ordinary and upstanding parents, a fact she finds rather irritating to this day. The opinionated pony developed a willful personality very early on, and was hard to deter from the things she wanted to do. If ever there was a "trouble" pony in class, it was Noc. It wasn't that she bullied anypony or broke anything, she simply was the very definition of headstrong and hard-to-handle. As she grew, counter culture looked very appealing to the young filly, and she began listening to the music that more prudish parents might attribute to rapscallions and ruffians. Songs that incited rebellion! To the areion, however, it was a gateway to a truer world, a window to her inner self. She was darker than other ponies, just as this music was heavier than anything she'd ever heard. It didn't pull punches. It told things how they were, without the sugar coating. This was metal. From the time she could convince her parents to buy her a guitar, the young pony set about learning to tug those sounds from her own strings (when it suited her, anyway). For a long time she tried, but was unsuccessful. She needed power, not acoustics alone. After toiling for some bits, she finally obtained her very own, rather beat-up magically powered guitar. From the very first distorted strum, the areion knew she'd found her calling. Month after month she would sneak out, meeting with her friends to mess around and play some music. In time, they got a few throwaway gigs at places that couldn't have cared less about whether they had something onstage or not. Sometimes they would get one or two audience members intrigued, but for the most part they were just another cellar band (especially when they didn't have a set name, and would come up with things like Lint Skimmer or Porridge Basters on the spot). Frustrated, Noc actually began working hard to increase her skill, rather than just playing whenever she felt like it. It was the first sustained effort she had put into anything, ever. Gradually, her own unique style emerged and she began to take a greater role in the direction of the band's songs. At their next gig, she again faced a sea of disinterested, almost annoyed faces. Well that was fine. She'd take their boredom and disdain and turn it right back at them tenfold. She poured her angst and determination into her playing, and when the time was right launched into a shredding solo that at first demonstrated her frustration, translated into jarring chords and distortion, then tapered down into an emotional, almost haunting display of virtuosity. After the set, she hadn't sent the entire crowd to their feet or anything, but at least they weren't bored or disinterested anymore. The Belly Bubbles had played their first successful set. Noc had halfway expected to see her cutie mark appear for such an achievement, but there was no such luck on that end. Not that she cared. Maybe. It wasn't until about a week later that realization hit her: her guitar, that instrument in her hooves, was the conduit to her soul. It was her gate through which she could channel all of her raw feelings from inside and send them screeching out into the world in the guise of a wailing axe. Through this one enchanted item, she could change the world. Make everything... metal. Her cutie mark appeared. Once empowered by a set vision, though it still wasn't enough to illicit any amount of long-term focus from the areion, her skills improved dramatically. Ponies took notice. Eventually, she was drafted into the position she holds today: lead guitarist for Wing Power. Now the bits and parties flow like good liquor, but the keenest of eyes can look into her relaxed gaze and see a glimmer of what those crimson orbs portend: the world will be cast in shadow, and its herald will be the keening of a guitar. Character Summary/Personality: Noc is a rather impulse-driven individual. One moment she'll be snoozing on the couch, the next having a contest with herself to see how many donuts she can scarf down before running out the door to band practice. It all boils down to boredom. The areion hates to be bored. This isn't to say she can't relax or have downtime, but then it's only when it suits her... which can be a lot, admittedly. Her personality is a bit of a contradiction in and of itself. After years of shredding the guitar, her natural energy level is rather high, and she doesn't tire out too easily. This is most evident at 3 am when she's still wide awake and sighing at the loud collective snores of more diurnal ponies. Of course, sleeping in until mid-afternoon often helps. Her favorite activities are playing guitar (obviously), watching extreme sports, drinking, eating, sleeping, building blanket forts for aforementioned sleeping, and experimenting with ignitable substances. While all of this may make it appear that the pony is rather whimsical and active, it's rather misleading. Her motives are often known only to herself, but the "stress" of being around her does go down with time. Getting used to her itself, however, can be a chore. Haunting Nocturne speaks her mind, often with no regard for the possible consequences. She doesn't put up with those she finds tiresome, which can be rather off-putting to easily-offended ponies. The mare knows who she is and offers only that, with no regrets. Those who are persistent, love music or generally are comfortable with themselves and others will get along with Noc more often than not. Live and let live. In a nutshell, Noc can be a bit selfish and strange/goofy, but completely serious and almost disdainful when it comes to her art. She will make the world metal. She will make everything metal. Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity.
  14. Name: Sans 'Jeepers' Comique Gender: Female Age: Young mare Species: Areion Eye colour: Amber Character colour: Dark Purple Mane/Tail/Other: Regular Black tail, white streak in her mane. Physique: Regular healthy build for a mare her age, although perhaps a bit lighter than average. Residence: fringes of Ponyville Occupation: Freelance Horror comic writer Cutie Mark: A comic folded in the shape of a bat Unique Traits: Good sense of mimickry, able to imitate voices of Ponies she's met or knows...but her memory of them needs to be fairly recent, or the impersonation will be off. There is also her intense reflective glare at night...used for occasional pranks and dramatic effect if required, but otherwise nonexistant during regular daytime weather. Not particularly a unique ability for the species, but one she recognized could be used to have an interesting effect on ponies when the situation called for it! History: Sans history isn't particularly special - she is part of a lineage who once played a part in Luna's guard of olde....however, it has been at least 2 generations since her family have had anything close to playing a proper role in the kingdoms affairs or military ranks, choosing instead to live a quiet life in Ponyville and putting an end to their chapter of life of the sword. Sans grew up aware of her family background, living with a peaceful family. a strange pony all in her own category of oddness. As she grew up, she'd always had a passion for writing stories with illustrations - as a matter of fact, it was a horror comic that earned her a cutie mark...prepared for nightmare night and shared around a campfire with friends - a small tale about Vampire fruit bats terrorising a small town of ponies, written over a period of days whilst in a flurry of inspiration based on an overwhelming desire to match something she'd heard from her parents, the story known as 'the headless horse'! This was what earned her the nickname 'Jeepers' by her friends and as such has stuck with her - the word itself being part of an expression 'Jeepers Creepers', and commonly used to express a particular unease around situations commonly seen within a ghost story or horror themed context. Character Summary/Personality: Whilst she doesn't try to be unfriendly, she can be sometimes distant or unattentive if she's not familiar with a pony...and whilst this might make her seem terse or unfriendly at first contact, she will be very much a friend to those who can make it past this initial quirk. She's a pony who likes to let her imagination wonder away with her sometimes, which can lead to some peculiar conversation points when she starts tangenting into a horror story scenario - She can be talking about a cuddly teddy one moment, and then with the smallest amount of thought will change it up into an anecdote about a bear-skin rug coming to life to haunt it's owners, or something along those lines. She may occasionally be seen wearing the odd ghost-story related accessories at times, such as bat ribbons or her spiderweb-motif'd sidesaddle when out and about - she also takes to wearing dark glasses to keep the sun from bothering her eyes in the daylight, not being particularly fond of it's bright glare, and to read with...the tinted shades not hindering her close quarters reading vision.. Sans currently desires to make it into the big city comic-writer life, but at the moment she's simply a young mare at school doing all she can to make her dream a reality - generally, she's a somewhat friendly mare but can be quick to quip at those who bother her if rubbed the wrong way. However, She is a pony who has her wits about her, and knows when not to put across something that might make more trouble than it's worth! Image C/O captainmcderp!
  15. Acclaim The high altitude drops, the frigid air, the sparkling starscape above. THIS is why I enlisted! RP Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Sergeant Acclaim Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Areion Portrait Coat Color: Citrine yellow (#E4D00A). Same citrine color in the "fingers" of her bat wings. Webbing in her wings is a dark umber (#635147) color. The tufts of her ears have graphite feathering. Mane/Tail Color & Style: Black mane with streaks of graphite, kept trimmed to regulation. Average-length tail is also black with a single streak of graphite, usually kept tied at the root. Eye Color: Blue Cutie Mark: A silhouette of a black queen (the chess piece) with two crossed lightning bolt silhouettes (also black) underneath it. Signifies both her tactical and physical prowess and her uncanny ability to think on her hooves. Physique: Limber but tough as is typical of REA airborne troopers. Residence: Born in Trottingham. Moved to Canterlot as part of her assignment to the newly reformed Lunar Guard. Occupation: REA Lunar Guard, stationed in Canterlot. Preparing for Special Forces selections. Unique Traits Acclaim is a dangerous combination of agility, strength, and intelligence, having been a star athlete in school and consummate overachiever in REA training. She is an adept flier and close quarters combatant, using her entire body as a weapon, though like other REA regulars, she is proficient in lances, combat shoes, and other standard issue infantry weapons. She has a penchant for short blades such as daggers, kards, and katar. Both her body and mind are capable of moving lightning fast, allowing her to always stay two steps ahead of her opponents be they on the hoofball pitch or the field of battle. Despite her generally upfront nature, Acclaim inherits the areion affinity for darkness and predilection for stealth. She is capable of silent flight and her training underscores the importance of misdirection and economy of action during combat encounters. Her other skills learned in the Army include orienteering, pathfinding, and cartography. Character History Acclaim has been many places and done many things. Born in Trottingham, she was raised in and around the highly competitive environment of flight academy, being exposed to both the Wonderbolts and the REA airborne unit that trained in the twin cities nearby. Almost every day she would find herself watching the Wonderbolts in conditioning and choreography or REA soldiers on maneuvers. Her deep appreciation for the hard work and physical prowess that was required of both soldiers and athletes led her to join a local hoofball league when she was old enough to do so. Playing both around Cloudsdale and Trottingham on earth and sky, Acclaim soon proved herself a capable striker. Hoofball quickly taught her the value of teamwork, as a lone, unsupported forward would quickly fall victim to the superior numbers and stamina of the other team’s defenders. Acclaim received her cutie mark during one of these hoofball games. With the score dead even at the start of the second half, Acclaim quickly realized that they did not have the stamina to match up against their opponent’s larger and stronger players. Calling a timeout, she quickly rewrote her team’s plan of attack, allowing them to break the tie without breaking their own defense. Suddenly, everything seemed to click. Acclaim didn’t just see her opponents, she knew them. Acclaim continued calling the shots. Each time the opponent made a play, she had a counter-play to stop it. Each time her team possessed the ball, Acclaim found a weakness in their defense that left the enemy scrambling to keep up. Her team ended up going on to win the match, and as she reveled in her victory, she noticed a tingle on her flank. One glance down was all it took for her to jump for joy, as she finally had her cutie mark: a queen with two crossed lightning bolts underneath, representing her tactical prowess and her ability to think on her hooves under pressure. Though she would continue to play hoofball well into her education, Acclaim would forever be enamored with the the ponies who ruled the air. She enlisted shortly after graduation, securing a spot in an airborne unit shortly thereafter. With the return of Princess Luna, volunteers were called to reform the Lunar Guard. Acclaim quickly jumped at the opportunity. Her faithful service has since netted her the rank of sergeant and gave her in-roads to the Royal Equestrian Special Forces. She currently is preparing for selections while on garrison rotation in Canterlot. Personality While she enjoys the spirit of competition, Acclaim is still a team player. If she is in charge, she pushes her team to its limits in the interest of maximizing their performance. If she is a subordinate, she gives it her all. Working alone (especially on duty) is alien to Acclaim, though she is perfectly content to go for flights or do physical conditioning by herself-- things that allow her to improve herself without burdening others. Acclaim excels at thinking on her feet, leveraging all of her experiences, senses, and knowledge of her allies and opponents to defeat any problem that is thrown her way. Her tactics are often unconventional and unorthodox, but she thoroughly enjoys successes that hinge on thinking out of the box and turning weakness into strength. This of course, is a double-edged sword at times. While she is capable of great things when pushed to the limit, Acclaim has a tendency to rely too much on quick thinking and snap decisions. Even for things that require careful deliberation such as finances and education, she liberally applies the “do or die” mentality, sometimes with less than stellar results. She is passionate about what she does and may come off as a bit too intense for some ponies, especially when it comes to her physical prowess, the most recent rounds of REA wargames, or discussing the latest plays of the local hoofball team. Because of her strategic talents and knack for pulling wins out of her flank, Acclaim does not take losses well. At the same time, her desire to be a strong leader and the expectations placed upon her by her parents and peers leads her to bottle up her feelings about it, only presenting the friendly, humble, and cheerful face to her platoon- and teammates; even more so for strangers. It is something of a constant existential debate for her. If her destiny is turning defeat into victory, then what is she to do when failure is inevitable? Miscellaneous Her excellent singing voice and her areion heritage got Acclaim a job as the vocalist for a symphonic power metal band out of Cloudsdale, Wing Power. From this, she proudly retains piercings in her right ear and a small stud in her nose. These are of course removed for duty. Acclaim has a soft spot for dogs. To her, every dog is a puppy. She would like to raise one some day, but is afraid that she has no time to do so because of her REA commitments. Her favorite breed is the akita. Acclaim is claustrophobic, in spite of her affinity for dark places. Her home is the open night sky with clear air and a full star field, reveling in Luna’s night. Snakes, lizards, and other reptiles creep her out. Acclaim makes knives in her spare time, milling the blades using hoof-driven grinding wheels she keeps off base. Though most of her home made blades are very spartan and practical, she is beginning to experiment with more artistic pursuits like acid etching and engraving.
  16. "What? I don't know who he is. Never heard of him, never seen him." ~ Glide Wing, being discretely pried for information, to no avail. That pony of course, had already been bagged and tagged. Name: Glide Wing Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Areion (Bat Pony) Eye colour: Black Character colour: Navy Blue Mane/Tail/Other: Darkish Grey Physique: Not so pronounced as a soldier, but he has some conditioning behind him. A standard size for a Aerion for the most part, Glide's wings are slightly longer and broader. Given his activities and the amount of movement involved, stamina, dexterity and reflexes are high. Hand-eye coordination is very high Residence: Nomadic, though he is currently the permanent owner of two studio-sized homes, one in Cloudsdale, and one in Canterlot. He has lost count of the number of safehouses he has scattered throughout Equestria, and possibly Aquellia. Occupation: Intelligence Field agent/Reconnaissance under service to Luna ("That's classified."), Explorer/Cartographer as a second income and cover job. Cutie Mark: A drawing compass silhouette with three five pronged stars arranged in a triangular pattern, where the triangle is inverted. So in effect, it looks like a six pointed star. The compass representing his attention to record and detail, while the stars his talent for astronomy and astronavigation. Overall it convey's his sense of navigational precision, given that with a good map and the knowledge of the stars will get you where-ever you need to go. Although that precision also extends to his other skills. Unique Traits: Spycraft (Ie, the art of running around and not getting caught): Disguise and Concealment Infiltration using discrete methods (eg. Lockpicks) ​Surveillance and observation Discrete communications ("Dead-drops", encoding, alternative methods of sending messages) Gadgets and gizmos to make his life easier (eg. Smoke bombs) ​Enough combat training to match a nameless in ability (Think, the nameless Redshirts of Star Trek, the nameless Security officers from Bablyon 5, the nameless <insertsoldier> of <insertshowwithsoldiers>. Not enough to end the fight with a trained fighter, but enough to ward off a bunch of nameless goons or a pony with zero training). In short, the second Glide Wing has become compromised, he is effectively done for, with little or next to none chances of escaping unless an opportunity presents itself. And in even shorter terms, fighty fighty bad. Also has a slight sense of paranoia that can give him away, due to observational training, mainly because one of his instructors decided to drill the concept of "no corner is safe" into his mind. History: In his early life, Glide Wing spent his time mostly playing around in the Forest of Leota. The foliage offered him the best place to play hide and seek, a game which he grew to be naturally good at, much to the chargin of his friends. And when night fell, he would try to find a clearing, or a place where the skies were clear, and stare into the night skies, the stars and constellations would provoke imagination within his mind. He would delight in studying the maps of his dad, whenever he came back from his exploratory thrusts into "uncharted" territory. His persistence into studies of cartography, astronomy, and geology brought him much success, but as he became more of a bookworm, his aptitude for retention of knowledge helped him in education. But spycraft fascinated him. All the heroes in the comics and books, the ponies who could sneak in and out of places like shadows, the ponies who had fancy gadgets and smooth skills. Oh, and of course, the fact that they could win all the mares. He tried really, to begin work as a spy. His appearance as a bookworm didn't give much, and it was hard and long road, but he finally, even the most popular came to him for advice. Secretly. The only thing he never divulged were tests and academic knowledge. It didn't seem right that people would want to know what the next question was on the test, or the next assignment. But the information to make a pony's day go from good to worse, he had no qualms about it. But it was not spying and gossip that brought him his cutie mark, but rather his knowledge. On one of his forays into the Forest of Leota, he became lost. Well, lost was an understatement. He was in one of the lesser known bits of the forest. With only little navigation material, and a bunch of crayon drawn maps, and of course, the stars of the night when it was finally apparent that he could not find his way back. He decided to find shelter, but what he found amazed him. He came across a great big tree with a slight opening. He went inside quickly, fearing the monsters of the night, and inside, he found a large hollow tree, filled with the low light of glowing mushrooms. In his tiredness he fell asleep. And when morning came, he marked the location, and went home, only to find that there was something different about him. He had his Cutie Mark. After that, it was only one month before his colony decided to become nomadic, and left the Forest. To this day it's still used as a stash. Then came adult life, following in the footsteps of his parents, Glide Wing became a explorer and cartographer for the frontiers of Equestria, expanding the knowledge of their lands bit by bit. Of course, the amount of travelling allowed Glide WIng to dabble away with gossip, intelligence, and any form of information. Chances were that if he said he was exploring some area, he was actually delivering information to another pony around there. This was dangerous, as well, so he learned to used to fight, incase anything ever went hooves up. After a few years of success, Glide Wing was in very deep, and even considered wanted in some places. A price to pay for his actions that brought him profit. And his parents were none the wiser. Eventually, it all caught up with him. During a infiltration into a warehouse, which he was lead to believe was a rival gang's storage facility, Glide Wing managed to sneak in under the cover of night, however, when he inspected the boxes, they had the emblems of the Royal Guard on them. Worried, he continued to peruse the other boxes. Standard issue weapons and armour. Fearing a trap, he decided to slip away, only to fine that a spear had gently poked him in the back. Turning around, he saw two guards, and knew that it was over, so everything went to black when he was knocked unconscious. When he next regained conciousness, he found himself in a dark dungeon room, tied to a chair, with a single light above. Infront was a table, and another occupied chair. Another Areion. But he had the marks of Luna's guards, not Celestia's. After a few minutes of "formal" interrogation, Glide Wing was given two choices: Use his connections to help them, and unconditionally work for them, and this incident, and all others, would be wiped. Glide Wing could keep his cover job, have a steady income, and the assurance that the Guards would back him up. Mostly. Or, spend eternity locked in the dungeons for things he know. And nopony would be the wiser. Missing reports could be faked, disappearances made, and his presence wiped. The threat obvious, Glide Wing quickly took up on the first offer. And after a quick year off to refine his skills and introduce him into the world of proper spycraft, and another to train him in the more restricted weapons, he was finally ready. His first year taught him much, and laid in the ground work for his "rules of life." He is still in service by unconditional oath to this day to the more deniable parts of Equestria's intelligence, but he wouldn't have it any other way. The friend's he'd made, the missions he went on, the side-perks of being a dashing spy. Some would say he found his childhood dream job. Character Summary: Glide Wing, at a first glance, is a approachable, semi-social, adventurous pony with an ego to match some of the more famous explorers in Equestrian history. His extensive knowledge of the world and personal opinions of certain places and phenomena he's heard of lead him to interject in most conversations with the relevant topics. Aggressive and adamant about his views, it can appear to be annoying, even more so when he presents evidence. Ponies who know him by trade usually ask him to retrieve objects and explore ruins to determine their viability and safety for study, a job that pays well occasionally, but when the lack of new places to explore, his profit margins have begun to shrunk. Socially, he's the kind of pony that sits at a bar and strikes random conversations, or has conversations struck up with him. Sure, he eyes the figure of a mare now and then, and maybe strike up a little chat, but nothing ever prolonged. He also usually brings the party tricks and can sometimes, if out of money, be seen helping the staff around, out of a gesture of good faith and to pay off the bills, although primarily to catch of a glimpse of his mark. Did I also say that usually goes for hay fries and a haybuger, with a pint of cider to drown it all down, keeps his food costs down, and it's quick and dirty. Useful for someone with no cooking skill and a "on-demand" job. This is where his main job comes in. As a field agent, and a deniable asset, Glide Wing is free to roam pretty much anywhere around Equestria, and beyond, having gone to Aquellia once or twice in the guise of another. Not being much of an actor despite the crash course on spying, the agency finds it difficult to find identities which don't give him away, aside from using his already strong cover story. Which is why they usually send him on full-blown infiltration and sabotage missions, something Glide WIng excels at. This is his "lets put on out spy caps" mode, where he becomes more serious, calmer, and less outspoken. To someponies, this can be seen as creepy, but Glide Wing wouldn't have it any other way. A list of life rules he lives by is memorised in his head. He can often be heard reciting them as if he was a philosophical figure, even though others may not pay heed to his words, Glide Wind considers them to be words to live by. Breaking these rules is considered painful for him, and possible nonsensical to others in certain situations. But if the rule exists, it's mainly because if some event in Glide Wing's life that was enough to make him stumble and fall metaphorically, it merit's attention. Because of this, mistakes are a source of annoyance for the bat pony. Glide Wing prefers to fight with two weapons, confident that should one fail, another would be there to hold off the assailant until he can find another. His current favourite is a pair of twin revolvers he affectionately names "Gemini". Starting out strong, if his opponent isn't down in around five minutes, he starts to battle with a more analytical approach, a reinforced approach to all his problems thanks to the spy life. He isn't afraid to think radically in order to beat his opponents, and sometimes shamelessly runs away in order to get an advantage or avoid a fight. Oh, did we mention that he can have more than one throw-able weapon? Knives, smoke bombs, distractions, you name it, he probably has it. To sum up, Glide Wing is a deniable asset, a "go-to" pony for black operations which he commits to with a serious and a loyal attitude, a laid back stallion who thinks knows he's living a colt's dream of the dangerous and dark world of spies. Miscellaneous:
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