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  1. ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE (Cast Member) Name: Ocellus Sex: Female (her/she)Age: FillySpecies: Changeling ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft turquoise Character Color: She is a pastel teal with a red wing carapace with white spots. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a transparent pink with white specs throughout. They're rather short. Physique: She is rather short compared to her friend group, but is the height she should be for her age. Cutie Mark: N/A Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Ocellus lives with her mom, dad, little sister, and little brother. Occupation: She doesn't have one, as she's a full time student at Princess Twilight's School of Friendship Residence: Simply at the dorms of Twilight's school. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Ocellus is a rather shy changeling, usually getting frightened enough to shapeshift into other form of herself to hide away, or more so blend into her background. Though she's come out of her shell a lot, she can still be a little timid, or scared of something new/different. Often whistling tunes when she's nervous, she does have a little anxiety. Since being at the School of Friendship, she's definitely come out of her normal shy nature, and now speaks out when she has something smart to say, or when something is wrong. Among her friend group, she tends to be the listener, especially in class, as she often reads far ahead of the other students. She's incredibly smart, more of a bookworm, and loves the idea of learning and processing her new information. Ocellus pays more attention in class, especially compared to the others. She doesn't shy away from any friendship lessons, and is always prepared to learn something new. She can be rather sensitive and emotional, and is deeply afraid of being the opposite of herself, which isn't sharing her love, but stealing it. Overall, she's a kind young changeling that loves her friends. Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the ability to transform into other creatures. She normally is brave and smart while doing so, as she has the ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear, as small as a mouse, or anything along with the ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, which can be rather adorable with her bug-ish buzzing. History: Ocellus was hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over. She earned great respect for King Thorax, and looks up to him, as he showed their hive how to love. Not feeding on it, but instead embracing and sharing it. In her younger years, she seemed to live life like Thorax did when he was a hatchling, as she was the shy one that didn't want to be hostile and scary. She felt it wasn't right to be so negative and take what others have had. Once Thorax took over, however, the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, as Ocellus got to grow up in a positive light. The younger changelings became close with Thorax, as he wanted to make sure they learned to embrace love. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school. Thorax ended up inviting the little shy changeling herself, as he thought she could open up a little more and make new friends without a hassle. He knew it was good to branch out their kind with the ponies, in hope to keep love from becoming wanted. Ocellus was naturally nervous, full of anxiety, especially from being so far away from home to be near creatures that she's only merely knowing of. The only time she's heard of these creatures was from Thorax himself, and she wasn't sure how to act around them. However, she ended up making friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a group of friends that she would never replace. Throughout school, Ocellus never slept through classes. She always puts her education in friendship first, and works hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her, with the hopes of learning all about friendship. Her main goal is to spread friendship all around her, to keep the hive happy, and to keep herself and her friends happy. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy changeling with a book smart brain, with the hope of spreading friendship and learning new lessons with her best friends.
  2. Name: Dox (Hei Xue) Sex: Male Age: Much older than he looks. Appears to be an adult Species: Changeling (qilin) Eye Color: Red (Blue, the whites turning black with use of dark magic) Character Color: Typical changeling black, with multiple bright purple patterns across the surface. (A darker pale green, with dark red scales. The horns curl down behind the ears and are mostly the same green as the skin, aside from the dark red spiral.) Mane/Tail: The mane is a spiky mowhawk that is mostly gray, though there is a slight almost flame pattern of red and orange near the head. The tail is a simple shock of gray. (The mane is a spiky mowhawk in front, though more curved spikes. In the back the hair is longer, reaching past his back with parts that curve back up near his chin. His tail is a long one of flesh, mostly bare of hair besides the fur. All the hair comes off the bottom, a bit of a spiky mass trailing down most of the length. Both are primarily black, with the ends of the spikes being blue.) Physique: Both his true and qilin forms are taller than average, and muscled enough to enter the realm of being physically imposing. He likes to add blue claws to the ends of his hooves in his qilin form. Residence: A small castle on a mostly secluded island, and a tower in the wilds of Long Guo that functions as a small school on occasion. Occupation: Evil sorcerer, occasional teacher (disguised as a unicorn), and ex-hero Cutie Mark: His Hei Xue form has a purple pentagram as a cutie mark. Unique Traits: Magic: Over the many years, he has studied many different forms of magic, and is adept at most fields. He can utilize every form of elemental magic well enough to use different kinds simultaneously. Of course, as a changeling he is naturally good at transformation and illusion. On the darker side, he primarily utilizes blood magic. Transformations: After extensive study, he has found ways to improve his body permanently using his natural transformation abilities, and has replaced parts of himself to strengthen his body and mind. Likewise, utilizing blood magic in conjunction with his natural abilities, he found a way to lengthen his lifespan and eliminate his hunger for love by using the life energy inherent in the blood of others. Combat Training: He is no slouch with a sword, though nowadays he mostly fights from range with his magical abilities. Still, he is a formidable opponent up close, using all his tricks in combat. Information Network: He has gathered many information sources through the students that came through him. Mostly academic knowledge, like new developments in magical fields, though also some more hidden knowledge sometimes. History: Dox was born quite a long time ago in a hive that is long forgotten now in the wilds of Long Guo. He was never satisfied with his existence in the hive, even early on in his life. Being just another drone among many never sat well with him, he always felt he was meant for more, so as soon as he was confident in his ability to survive alone, he snuck out of the hive and never looked back. His aimless wandering eventually led him into a town, and he felt drawn towards the local mage. Immediately discovering his love for learning, he apprenticed under the unicorn, learning all he could about magic. Of course, it was mostly about how to use magic to help others or make tasks easier, with some methods of defending them from threats as well. At least it made the townsfolk like his disguised form and kept him well-fed, so he kept voraciously making his way through his master’s teachings and helping the town until he ran out of things to learn. Still feeling like he needed more, he began training with the guards in an effort to take a more proactive role in defeating threats, and hopefully the fame of being a hero would sate his needs. He spent years in that town, helping them out with magic and steel and spreading the name of Guang Jian, until a threat arrived that none of them could deal with. Dox had been away at the time, and returned to a devastated town. He was smart enough to realize that he likely would’ve fallen with them had he been there at the time, but it also ignited a new passion for strength in him, both magical and physical. Thankfully for him, it didn’t take long to find a place for him to hone both as he stumbled upon a hidden building in the wilds. It was the home of another mage, one that had much to teach. Unbeknownst to him, this new mage also delved into the darker aspects of magic. As he learned more and more, the lessons inexorably moved towards dark magic, but his desire to learn all he could kept him going. The longer he went, the more he began thinking his old way of life was a foolish one, and he began dedicating himself purely to the benefit of himself as opposed to using his new strength to help others. Under this mage was where he began his experiments to make himself stronger through combining his natural magic and the new dark spells he had been learning, his first target being the hunger for love, which he had been sating by invoking the name of the local hero. Technically it was his name, but he felt no connection to it anymore. After extensive work, he eventually discovered a method that might work, so he tried it. Taking a forest animal for the first try, he took its blood and infused it into himself. He instantly felt better, and somehow a little younger. Even that little bit sated him for far longer than his typical feeding methods, so now he had an excuse to retire his old persona for good. After inventing the Hei Xue persona, or an early draft of it at least, he took it to the largest city nearby to spread the news. The hero was dead, and Hei had killed him. Wielding his old sword as “proof”, he put his hero years behind him and disappeared back into the shadows to gather even more strength. First, he used the old mage for the only thing he was still good for, a food source. Dox kept him around for as long as he could as he gained strength and made adjustments to his body. Eventually, when his second master was spent, he left, wandering again to try out his upgrades. More sightings of the evil Hei Xue brought out plenty of would-be heroes for him to test on, and he found he enjoyed this infamy more than the fame he gained as a hero. After making his way beyond the physical borders of his homeland, he discovered a good island to make his home base and spent some time building his fortress. By that time, he had truly started to notice the benefits of his new feeding method, as he had stayed in his prime well past it, and showed no signs of the physical degradation that came with growing older. Even so, he had experienced much, and felt he should pass his knowledge down, and one location immediately came to mind as to where, that of his rebirth. Traveling back to the old decrepit building, he transformed it into a tower to teach in, connecting it to his fortress through a portal in a secret room. Once construction was complete, and he gathered materials for magical learning outside the dark arts, he gathered his first students. He wanted to share knowledge, yes, but he also wanted to learn from them, discover new things together, and scope out candidates for agents, true apprentices, and possibly his next meal. Ever since he simply worked on gathering strength, wether that be new knowledge, more agents, or strengthening the name of his persona. Personality: Generally driven by his desires for knowledge and worthy competition, he will use subterfuge on occasion, but he will not back down from a fight if that doesn’t work. His level of friendliness largely depends on who he is interacting with or what form he is in. For example, he is often rather friendly with other scholars, especially towards his students, since they can help him gain more knowledge and he actually enjoys a good academic conversation. In combat, he is unlikely to show mercy, but if you see him it is more than likely actually him. He prefers to face his foes face-to-face, partially because it makes it easier to feed and partially because he figures if one can manage to actually land a hit on him, they earned it. He is rather outgoing, and will not hesitate to initiate a conversation unless it would be smarter to not do so. Summary: A truly vampiric changeling mostly in it to collect knowledge and find others worthy of fighting or passing knowledge to.
  3. Roleplay Type: WoEName: AmbrosiaSex: FemaleAge: AdultSpecies: ChangelingEye colour: BlueCoat: Like her Changeling brothers and sisters, she has no fur - she instead has a pink and blue exoskeletonMane/Tail: Ambrosia has a 'mane' and tail of translucent spring green membranous chitin. Her wings are the same color.Physique: Ambrosia's physique is the same as other Changelings, barring her legs being slightly longer by a few inches or so. She shares traits with the more 'ladybird' like Changelings in the terms of her beetle like wing covering carapaces.Residence: The Changeling Hive.Occupation: Food Tender/Gatherer (Previously Love Harvester)Cutie Mark: N/AUnique Traits: Ambrosia's unique traits come in the form of an elongated neck and cranial chitin membrane and slightly more extravagant wings, she has a usual forewing and a teardrop shaped hindwing making it almost oddly butterfly shaped - maybe as a hint to her prowess with transformation. She also has a teardrop shaped gem in her chest like some of the Changelings of the hive. History: Ambrosia was hatched from the Nursery Hive around the same time as the brood that assaulted Canterlot during the Royal Wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, making her a relatively young adult by the time that happened - but before that, she was a run of the mill drone like the rest of her ilk. Some made to protect the hive, others made to capture those that trespassed, like the majority however she was made to 'gather food' for the Hive. And she did so unquestioningly, like the rest of the hive. She had a good niche for feeding off the love of others, be it the rogue wildlife, boastful griffons or the easiest of prey; Ponies. Ponies were so willing to give love and yet seemed always hungry to be reciprocated for it in turn, it was practically a banquet to stroll into a little farming village, find some lonely sap and let them whisper sweet nothings for hours and hours, lavishing their love upon her until she'd be so metaphorically fat with love she'd drag herself back to the Hive and her Queen with her spoils of the romantic battlefield. And that's the way it was, day in, day out, over and over feeding the Queen who fed it to the Hive...although not as much as the Queen fed, but she was the Queen! And she knew what was best. Right? Like the majority of the great swarm of her chitinous kin, she was right there in the thick of it when it came to the assault upon Canterlot, aiding in capturing and cocooning citizens that would eventually become delicious vats of love for the Hive to feed off of later, or whatever the Queen had planned for them all. What she didn't see coming was the failure or being launched back out into the wastelands with the rest of the swarm, all sent back to their Hive so they could lick their wounds. With what little time they had anyway. It seemed soon after that she and the rest of the Changelings were worked harder, gathering love, gathering information on 'important targets' to transform. Tempers flared but they kept working under the will of their Queen. Ambrosia included. It didn't matter if she grew tired, or her exoskeleton ached, or her wings felt dry and flakey from a particularly rough draining from her Majesty. The welfare of the Hive came first and the Queen always knew what was best. ...Right...? With the Queen more focused on this 'big goal' of total domination of Equestria, everything had to be prepared, finally Ambrosia and the rest of her kin were fed adequate enough love to be strong enough for a final plan that was set in motion so fast that hardly anyone had seen in coming. Notable figures were replaced, cocooned and brought back to the hive, the love they would get from feeding off of them would be immense. But something changed that Ambrosia and the rest of the drones hadn't seen coming. A different way. When Thorax returned with a rescue band - a rather pitiful one at that - it was easily quelled, till the apparent 'leader' spoke of how the traitorous Changeling had been surviving. Sharing love? Reciprocating instead of having it forced from you? Preposterous...but it made sense, no Changeling survived without feeding off of some kind of love and Thorax hadn't only survived, he thrived. It seemed almost too good to be true...but their Queen would have none of it and wished to only make the erstwhile Hive member an example to any who would consider such a treasonous act. But still...it perplexed Ambrosia, could it have been so simple? And had their own Queen known of this and not told them? Had they been forced into a life of near starvation for their Queen's sake when there had been another way all this time? Nobody had any time to discuss or think when the Queen's attempt to drain Thorax literally blew up in her face with the first transformation into their new selves. Followed by another and another and another till the majority of the Hive had turned into the much healthier and self sufficient new selves. After their Queen fled with the semi-destruction of the Hive and the captured ponies being freed, some Changelings took longer to open up to the idea of Thorax and their new way of life - some saw it as a weak and vulnerable lifestyle, where some like Ambrosia were just shaken by the fact that they had been worked to their non-existent bones when there'd been an easier way this whole time. However on one faithful day, she eventually turned around. Without needing to feed on love, food became something of a necessity - their bodies had changed and so had their needs, eventually the Changeling found herself looking for different things for her kin to eat. Mushrooms, flowers, nectar, worms and beetle larvae and even found a place in the new Hive to grow a fungus in the darker and damper places. She was no longer rushed, no longer forced, she could help at her own pace and feel pride in seeing her kin fed and happy and soon she felt comfortable enough to accept love and share it in return, opening the door to her transformation. Nowadays she does as all Changelings do nowadays, enjoy their day to day life, work on bettering the Hive and finding what makes them unique and special now that they've been given the opportunity to be so with this new path of life. Character Personality: Ambrosia used to be like every other Drone, hostile, temperamental and duplicitous - with other species (when she wasn't trying to harvest love) and with her own kind, when she and her ilk were given the chance to be something other than mindless irritable Drones, she was left in a bit of a slump at what to do or make of herself till she found her feet as a gatherer and food minder. Eventually she opened herself up and became a kinder and almost motherly creature to some of the hatchlings and younger Changelings in the Hive, showing them the best mushrooms to eat, the best way to sip nectar from flowers, etc. At times because of her motherly nature, she tends to get a bit protective of her Hive family, the slightest ailment making her pull out the honey remedies, the slightest scared hatchling causing a very irritable pink bear to form out of nowhere - it all comes from a good place, even if she doesn't know how to process these new feelings exactly. In the end she always eventually soothes herself when she realizes it was just a minor incident. Character Summary: Ambrosia is a gentle curious creature one moment and a stern protective mother figure the next, the epitome of the 'mom friend' vibe that some creatures and ponies give off. But in the end she is happy and content in the new life offered to her. Just don't look hungry around her or you might get a bowl of honey fried marsh worms pushed your way with great insistence.
  4. From the album: Just sketches

    She looks hungry....
  5. Roleplay Type: WoE- CastName: OcellusSex: FemaleAge: FillySpecies: ChangelingEye colour: TurqouiseCoat: Teal with a red and white spotted wing carapaceMane/Tail: Pink and translucent in colour, with flecks of white through itPhysique: Somewhat small for a changeling, most likely due to her age, standing at the normal height for a pony her age.Residence: Living quarters in Princess Twilight's School of FriendshipOccupation: No occupation, full time student enrolled at Princess Twilight's School of FriendshipCutie Mark: Not applicable Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the innate ability to transform into other creatures, seeming very adept at doing so, she has shown ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear and as small as a mouse, along with imitating different ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, however despite having a horn, does not appear to be able to use magic History: Ocellus was born or rather hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over and allowed the changelings to embrace love and let it into their hearts instead of feeding on it. In her hatchling years, she seemed to live life rather like Thorax did, seeming like an odd one out amongst the violent changelings, often picked on by the older and tougher ones she became rather shy and withdrawn around others. Once Thorax took over however the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, a place where the young changeling thrived, becoming rather close to Thorax mostly due to the leader of the changeling's ability to get along with others and make sure his hive was alright. Due to the nature of the hive community, Ocellus' parents would have just been drones in the hive, evident from the fact she is lacking the antlers that the leaders of the hive possess. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school, that changeling being Ocellus. Ocellus was naturally nervous of the choice, being moved so far away from home to be near creatures that she had only heard about in stories. However while at the school she made friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a close knit group. Even when school got boring, Ocellus didn't sleep through classes, putting her education in friendship first, and working hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her with the hopes of learning all about friendship and spreading the message of it across the hive and beyond, learning more about the creatures that shared their borders while she was at it. Character Personality: Ocellus is a shy changeling, often shapeshifting into other forms around other creatures so she can blend into the background better and be ignored by them. However while learning at the school of friendship she seems to be coming out of her shell, staying in her own form more often, changing forms as reflex reactions instead, such as transforming into a mouse when afraid or other small creatures to hide more easily, and when she is made too nervous around pony company has a habit of turning into her pony form to blend in better. However Ocellus is also one of the more learned amongst her group, paying attention in class more and reading up on subjects, having a penchant for books. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy and nervous, but kindhearted changeling with a penchant for shapeshifting out of sticky situations and reading up on what she can. She is a student at the School of Friendship and is already learning the basics of loyalty, kindness, generosity, laughter, honesty, and magic.
  6. The idea is to give the Changelings dome roleplay to do and other job!types. Not enough jobs for scholars, journalists, etc. There comes rumor to different hives as well as different locations within Equestria about a special target/prey item meant to lure various changelings. The story of the target is different in different areas, ranging from a lone caravan of travelers that spread parties and joy across Equestria, to groups of tough Outlaws that spook lone settlements for their enjoyment, to tempt as many Changelings out of hiding as possible. The goal is to study Changelings from different hives: how they get along with strangers, how many variants appear from a single region, and overall variation between them. We'd need not only Changelings from different hives (or the same) -- but somepony to study them. This thread will be pushed along by me in a steady pace. The PO will cycle and if three days have passed and you have not posted, it moves along to the next player. You will have a chance to post until the GM post. • Do not double up on posts (meaning unless the GM has posted you cannot post a second time) • Consent; always and forever • Plot, connive and cause trouble with each other if you wish. No hard feelings: IC =/= OOC.
  7. Once she had made her way to her room and got everything settled in, Ice Storm found herself wanting a little bit more R&R. She had heard mention in the brochure that the spa here was among the best that money could offer. She could only wonder if Aloe and her sister had any hooves in setting it up because as far as she was concerned they had the best spa that you could go to period. They had everything there, and even some extra excitement to go along with it. It was Ponyville after all; always something going on there. It definitely wasn't the small village that it used to be wince Twilight's Castle had been put there. She dare say that it was more like a smaller Canterlot now. She stepped out of her room and started to look at the map to try to figure out how to get to the spa. She wanted to get there as early as she could to get a decent place in line. She already had her idea lined out. She wanted the fullest of the full treatments. She looked at her brochure and well, she might as well have had everything circled on it. She was definitely going to be dropping a good hoofful of bits when she got there. Thankfully she came prepared and pulled out extra for this vacation. If she was gonna pamper herself, she was gonna pamper herself large. After a bit of a trek through the resort she soon found herself at her destination and began to make her way inside. She was more than a bit excited and hoped there wouldn't be too big of a line... but would be a line... she wanted to make some new friends while she was here to and if there was no lone, who would she get to meet and talk with?"
  8. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Vega / Pimento Pepper [Disguise] Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Unreformed Changeling Eye colour: Grayish arctic blue - Moderate lime green [Disguise] Coat/Chitin: Very dark grey - Brilliant Red [Disguise] Mane/Tail: N/A - Moderate chartreuse green [Disguise] Physique: Residence: Appleloosa Occupation: Strategist - Restaurant Owner [Disguise] Cutie Mark: N/A - An Heart-shaped Pepper [Disguise] Unique Traits: ♡ Strategy: Her most notable quality, She is able to quickly think of plans and strategies all of which ranges from attack plans or escape plans on the fly. ♡ Vocal-Induced Manipulation: While not unique to her and by no means as intense as her Queen, She has the ability to manipulate those with weaker wills with simple words and persuade them to do as she says. While this is not a spell per say, it is notable to some extent. History: Like most Changelings, Vega hatched from within the Leota hive, more specifically around a couple of cave systems she would call home for years upon years to come. The starting years of her life was very shaky to say the least, with her being the runt of the group that prioritized brute force over skills and due to her barely being cast spells or fly on her own. It was a wonder how she didn't get kicked out into the dangerous world alone but nonetheless she tried her hardest to catch up with the rest but it still fell through in the end, that was before something caused her feelings to jump start and finally place her attitude into overdrive. While pushing through a couple of books that she may have stolen from an unsuspecting librarian, she ended up finding one that detailed the life of a sickly pirate who despite all their failings managed to ride across the harsh oceans with ferocity that rivaled no others, you see despite the pirates weak body they had something that the others didn't: Strategy. She was so enthralled with that pirate book that it ended up seeping into the corners on her attitude, she began to get more and more confident as she shared her ideas with the rest of her peers, some laughed at her while the others actually followed suit! Her first successful hunt with this new knowledge was a joyous one for her and those who helped. The plan went along the lines of starting up a small lemonade stand near a mildly wooded area, with her peers hiding within the bushes of area so they could attack when the time was right. A reddish mare just so happened to pass by the area and noticed the stand, deciding to get a drink from it. Saying it was on the house, the disguised Vega tapped the ground with her hooves and that was when they struck. With the mare getting incapacitated in the process, Vega quickly transformed in the the mare and gave some of them the go ahead to bring the mare back into the hive for some needed feeding. Rather than follow them back, she decided to play around with this new disguise of hers, trotting into areas and just feeling the deep amounts of love in the surrounding area while taking in the various locations, a light bulb seemingly went off in her mind as she went went back to the hive with another devilish idea curling up in her mind given how she now has a legitimate disguise and a couple of changelings helping her, of course due to how risky this mission was, she had to get permission from her commander first, who allowed it. It was when she was an Adult that the devilish plan she had been thinking about came to fruition, which her wracking up quite along of bits from ponies she swindled she ended up starting her own ”restaurant” of sorts in Appleloosa and her studying various dishes, she and her ”staff” ended up having a booming success with her and her food making the ponies of that place fall head over hooves. Her group has been feeding off of unsuspecting customers ever sense then and she hopes to eventually come back to the hive, unaware of what happened to their hive and how the changelings were redeemed, to tell of their adventures. Character Personality: Depending on who she interacts with, she can either be quite the southern, smooth talking pony or a changeling loyalist who prefer to manipulate and con her victims out of what they got. In her disguise she is quite the manipulative romantic, loving to string both mares and colts along on a burning string before eventually disappearing after destroying and taking what goods they once had. For the more tamer part of her disguises personality she prefers to give out southern hospitality more than anything, happily willing to help a pony out if needed and is willing to house various ponies in her restaurant, which you could imagine brings in a bit of love to eat, though can be a bit of a whiner and snobby at the same time. She absolutely loves the attention having a successful restaurant brings her and hopes to continue it as for an long as she can. As her normal changeling self, she is quite the calm and analytical being to behold despite her species giving the impression otherwise. She loves to know thing which may help her mission and commonly goes to steal library books when needed. Most of the time, she relies purely on logic and how things would go it she were to do something and the risk to gain factor of doing it, no matter how small it is, given how if she does a single thing wrong her cover may be blown. Despite her being more of the laid back changelings, she prefers to be loyal to the Queen instead of being treacherous, she still persists into being an unreformed changeling to this day. Character Summary: An Changeling Loyalist who prioritizes logic and loyalty above all else and loves to mess with the minds of her victims.
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    Rat v5

    From the album: Rex's Art

    V5 of Ratan's design! He's all apped and is a good bug.
  10. From the album: Rex's Art

    A doodly sketch of my Changeling, Ratan: better know as Rat.
  11. 1st Airborne Calvary Division 1st Battalion, 8th Calvary (airborne) Las Pegasus Air Base, Equestrial Union 69 EUU Operation Tag Back distributed by the Union Department Of War: Fillydelphia 1. Situation. At the request of the governing body of the Everfree Guerrilla Resistance, Special Operations Squadron Phoenix was deployed to the Everfree Forest Region at 0400 hours via one 1st Airborne chariot. There they are to assist in counter Changeling operations by assisting in the recapture of a resistance settlement. Targets also include the liberation of high ranking resistance leaders, civilians, and ammunitions. 2nd Battalion, 8th Calvary are on standby to provide air support while 1st Battalion, 8th Calvary will conduct the extraction. a. Enemy Forces. (1)Any and All Changeling units b. Friendly Forces. (1)1st Battalion, 8th Calvary (2)2nd Battalion, 8th Calvary Alright guys here's the deal, this will be a squad based tactical role play. Once you get passed the name it's basically just a fun not-to-serious war rp. Now what sets it apart from others is that there will be a rank structure in the squad. This means that the orders of anyone above you will have to be followed. The squad will consist of a commanding sergeant (me for the first op), a Corporal under them, and two specialists. Throughout the rp you're expected to adhere to the rank structure at all times (within reason) ACCEPTING THREE MORE PLAYERS ONLY List your character's standard applications in your replies. Extra items are accepted (about two'll do it) but keep in mind that this will be a parody of the Vietnam War era. So, pack appropriately. Loadouts will be determined after sign ups conclude.
  12. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Titania to changelings, Little Birdie to poniesSex: FemaleAge: MareSpecies: Non-reformed changeling drone, often disguised as a pony Eye colour: Light tealCoat: GreyMane/Tail: Light greyPhysique: ScrawnyCutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: The chitinous cap on her back isn't a deep blue, but is instead a subtle gradient from indigo to green. Her wings aren't as inherently torn as most of her brethren, and are instead full and rounded like a cicada's. Eye colour: MangoCoat: Greyed PurpleMane/Tail: RaspberryPhysique: AverageCutie Mark: A dove carrying a letter Unique Traits: Her wings are multicolored on the top, normally colored on the underside. Little Birdie also wears blue eyeshadow upon her eyelids. if you can choose your own form, you might as well make it look flashy, right? Residence: Nomadic, as she ends to roam so much for her job that having a permanent residence became more of a hassle than it was worth. She has always wanted a home in Prance, but this is just a far off fantasy of hers, nothing more.Occupation: Among Equestrians, Little Birdie is a long-distance service mailmare, traveling all across the continent to bring mail and packages between far away establishments. To the Changeling Kingdom, Titania is a deep sleeper agent, utilized mostly to gather intel and updates on the status of the nation. History: Titania was born as a drone to Chrysalis's changeling empire, almost directly after the attack on canterlot. Being fresh larva, she was prioritized right after the queen in feeding, although the prosperous era of leeching off Cadence was over, and supplies of love were growing thinner each day. As such, after she began to mature, she was tapered off food bit by bit until she was given the same provincial rations and rank as the other drones in the army. Seeing how her kind requires love to survive, you'd think that the hive would've been one giant closely-knit family, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Changeling culture, if you could even call it that, isn't exactly engineered to encourage friendships; her line of work entailed a lot of "every man for himself" mentality, as she'd go after any kind of tablescraps she could get, choosing to provide for herself over her fellow workers, and most others did the same. Those who didn't conform were often treated with suspicion and hostility, as, due to the widespread famine, many were paranoid of mutiny and backstabbings; not to the queen, of course, but towards each other. The only thing uniting the hive was their fealty to the queen. Having grown up knowing nothing else, Titania was quickly swept up into this mindset, and didn't think to question it. The second invasion, where all the top political figures were incapacitated, was one she was present for, though not as a crowning jewel by far. Instead, Titania was sent off to Equestria far prior to the actual coup to gather information on the state of the country itself, and whatever other important information she could uncover vis-a-vis news, rumors and events. After all, how was one to replace royalty both stealthily and undetectably without actually knowing what was going on in the country? Sure, there were plenty of other changelings in the empire, and there always were, but most were too busy upkeeping a facade for food to focus their attention on each minute detail surrounding the capital, Ponyville, and most other big-name cities, let alone report that information back to the queen. Seeing how she needed access to a lot of areas and a lot of gossip, being a mail pony was the perfect niche for her to fill. She took up the name Little Birdie for her use as a mare, took up the job, and began snooping and reporting in as much as she could. This gave her access to getting a copy of every city's newspapers, being able to snoop in pony's mail, and in general becoming a known face, which proved to be indispensable in not only accomplishing her function, but also in earning the Queen's appreciation, something which fueled her. The plan failed, this she knew. Her calls and reports stopped being returned, and its not as if something as big as the reconstruction of the changeling government would miss the headlines, something she exposed herself to with the utmost frequency. But still, details on Chrysalis's fate, and most other things in relation to the hive, were kept incredibly vague. Little Birdie had no idea what to do with herself at the time; she was a sleeper agent, an asset to be activated when needed, a spy that was meant to stay put until told otherwise, to live her life among the enemy til her fate was decided by her higherups. She knew Chrysalis was still out there, somewhere, and to abandon her post would be unthinkable to her for that reason. And even if she did want to leave, there was nowhere to return to; her loyalty was still to her old queen, not to the usurper Thorax, and she didn't wish to live like a bonapartist would've during the restoration... And, so, Titania kept her disguise, her name, her job, her life as a pony. And, like never before, she became immersed in it; no longer was it a meaningless fantasy, a brief experience with little consequence, it was her life now. She was stuck as Little Birdie until she could find out her colony's fate. Currently, she tries to do just that, though her primary focus is on her work and her general life, and adjusting to the culture shock that comes with entering a nation revolving on friendship when you'd been deprived of it your whole life. Character Personality: Titania, initially, was quite unfeeling. Most of her personality was just her own avarice, and this led her to being very selfish in the way she handled others, though she'd never go as far as to bully others out of their belongings. She was more like a ticking time bomb, willing to lash out if she was bothered, but otherwise, she kept to herself. She was suspicious of the intentions of others when it came to acts of selflessness and kindness, and never let herself get too close to another despite the loose bonds she'd have made with other drones. Because of this, she is quite independent and counts mostly on herself to do the things she has to do, if not just because she's not sure if she could trust someone else to actually do whatever it is correctly. She's paranoid when it comes to others, though lately she's been improving, and now only the most impressive of benevolence really daunts her. When she has to work on something with someone else, she's prone to become quite frustrated, although with time Titania may come to learn that teamwork isn't all that bad, and is in fact quite advantageous! The freedom of the individual in Equestria has had a profound impact on her, even more so than the unconditional kindness her new neighbors had to offer. Despite the hostility she was used to in the hive, she's always possessed a playful streak, loving to play pranks and make the most of her ability to assume different forms, though she never really got to exercise this until she found her new home. Being able to cause some light-hearted chaos on her trips has been one of the things that's kept her smiling, though she never knows when too far is enough. Sadly, this is the case with most things about her. Titania is constantly testing the waters with others, apparently not knowing when to stop, and any signals given to her go right over her head. She doesn't understand hints or clues at all, and requires simple bluntness to get things through her head. She's undergone the transformation from quiet and conformative to loud and boisterous quite easily, though she would swear that nothing has changed about her at all! Though she may not be the most chipper or polite, Titania is learning how to be a better friend pretty fast, but she's still showing herself the ropes. Though she's an optimist through and through, and tries her hardest to look towards the sunny side of things, her manners wear thin when she gets too comfortable, and her talkative and clingy nature can often give a bad impression. Due to her many months as a spy, she also has a bit of a problem eavesdropping and forcing secrets out of people, becoming uncomfortable if something is kept from her. Knowing things she's not supposed to know helps her feel more in control, I suppose. In a similar vein, she has the need to conceal information about herself, scared where people may dig, and has subsequently become something of an impulsive liar. Of course, pulling this off requires lots of charisma, something that she's not short on; her tendency to unintentionally do others favors just out of the kindness of her heart has made her quite likable, though she denies she does this, embarrassed to have her softer nature be pulled to the spotlight. Overall, Titania has a lot to learn about the way she needs to carry herself, but progress is made quick and slowly she's becoming more and more of a pleasure to be around. Character Summary: Titania is a changeling that still maintains her loyalty to the queen, feverishly so, as she was absent during the conquest of her hive by Thorax due to her role as a sleeper agent in Equestria. Because she sees herself as having no home to return to now, she now tries to live as a real pony and not just a spy, under the name Little Birdie. She works as a long-distance mailmare, completing the deliveries that stretch the most distance across the continent. On the side, she endeavors to discover the queen, and the fate of the rest of her hive. With each passing day, her fretting over the hive wanes, and her focus is slowly shifting from her role as an expendable unit to her life as an individual, due to the influence of the ponies.
  13. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Crystal Lily Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Reformed Changeling Eye colour: Green Coat: Powder Blue that fades into Cornflower Blue and a purple main body Mane/Tail: N/A Physique: Slightly taller than your usual changeling by no more than an inch or so with a slender build and a medium sized horn. Her shell that covers her wings are red with darker red spots and has a red gossameresque "tail". Also has three jewel like stones on neck Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Currently unemployed but is looking! Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Sculptor: After her transformation she's discovered that she's quite good at sculpting and pottery. Making vases and small figurines, she's tried bigger projects but just never turned out right to her but that doesn't mean she's given up on them yet! Cook: Another favorite for her to do is cooking meals for all ponies big or small she can't cook large buffets or feasts but she knows enough about pony culture to serve at most a small family of ponies. Traveler: Crystal Lily also has a fondness for travel hence why she's never in one spot for more than a moon or so, but Canterlot will always be her home base. History: Before her transformation Crystal Lily was a shy and timid changeling always wanting to be loved and give love back, but making new friends was a scary new territory that she just wasn't ready to face. So she got by by stealing it from ponies who would go out of town for a few days and would replace them temporarily. It was great fun too! Being able to have friends even if it was for pretend and the ponies didn't know who the real pony behind the disguise was which always made her make her stay short because she wanted somepony to like her for the changeling she was not the pony she pretended to be. One day Crystal was trotting through the woods when she met a lost colt, of course he was afraid of her since she was a big bad changeling and everypony has heard how mean they can be. But Crystal tried her best to befriend the lost pony and help him back towards his home. She tried singing, dancing, opera, tricks, and all sorts of other things just to try and befriend the pony but none of it worked. She was about to give up when as a last resort she asked about the colt's cutiemark and how he got it. This light up the pony's face and he gladly told her the story of his adventure of getting his cutiemark. She was such a great listener he just couldn't be afraid of her. What kind of mean changeling would listen through someone's backstory and actually engage in conversation with him? So they became good enough acquaintances that he was willing to let Crystal Lily help. Excited she lead him through the forest talking more and more about random subjects that just happened to pop up. He asked her about her name and she told him she didn't really have one, at least one that she liked so together they came up with the name Crystal Lily. For the color of her carapace looking like crystals and her favorite flower being a Lily. As they talked and chatted and something inside her felt . . . different she felt. . . happy? Genuine happiness! It was such a fantastic feeling that she felt something inside and outside of her change. Her black and green exterior became a blueish and purple instead. The sudden transformation stunned the stallion but had to admit that he liked the new look better. Feeling light on her hooves she escorted the colt out of the woods and back to where he belong. He insisted she come with to meet his friends and with the new look she gained she decided it was great idea! So she was not only introduced to the colt's friends and family she was introduced to the magic and wonder that was canterlot which then became her new home. Character Personality: As stated before her personality used to be shy and timid but after her transformation she became more outgoing and pony friendly! She's always eager to learn more about pony culture and all the wonders that comes with it. Crystal Lily is also always open to new adventures and new ponies and creatures to meet! In her down time she creates things for the friends she's made be it trinkets or small vases maybe even a figurine. Either way Crystal has become a life loving pony and enjoys every moment of it. Character Summary: Crystal Lily has learned to appreciate life and all that it has to offer. After her transformation she has learned the importance of friendship and all that comes with it. She loves living each day to the fullest be it cooking for somepony, making pottery or figurines, exploring the wide world of equestria, or just sitting at home with a good book. Crystal loves meeting new creatures and ponies and hopes to make at least one friend in every region of Equestria and more! Picture Reference:
  14. Ah, Manehattan! An Equestrian city where all the cultures and species of the world could be found, from Ponies to Zebras to Griffons; quite a few Neighponese and Long Guo immigrants rubbing shoulders with horses from Saddle Arabia. And, as one might expect, changelings. Though these were hardly obvious to the average passer-by. One such disguised changeling was Kahz, currently housed in an Earth Pony disguise. It was quickly becoming his go-to look, which might make it obvious who he really was, to those in the know. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that no amount of magic could hide his short and slightly crooked figure, nor the contrasting high spirits in his eyes or warmth in his smile. Once seen, he was never forgotten, which was a drawback for your average infiltrator. Good thing he was a diplomat!... Even if nopony seemed to officially recognize him as such. He sighed, blowing steam off a cup of coffee. 'Made with love' the sign outside the cafe had advertised, and it wasn't lying. It was such a pity that it was paired to such a bitter beverage, but the cafe owner was sweet in her own way, and knew when to chat up her customers or leave them alone. Kahz wanted to be alone right now, and think. His diplomatic mission was having troubles, as Chrysalis' Hive had a huge PR hole to climb out of. He just needed to find some angle of approach, somepony who would actually listen to what he had to say...
  15. Envelin


    From the album: My OCs

    This is Nymph, a changeling who suffers from albinism.Because of this, whenever he changes into another creature or object, he is always discolored. The reason for this is his inability to see and process colors appropriately. He is completely colorblind, and for that reason was exiled from the hive as he is unable to do the one thing a changeling is supposed to do appropriately.
  16. From the album: Rex's Art

    A Glass Blower that lives in Manehatten. He travels across Equestria collecting colored stones and glass to make his work with. His form was taken from a pony who was very kind to him, but ended up dying after saving him from falling into a sewer grate hazard. He is called "Rat" by his adoptive father and friends because of his scavenging habits. A gentle changeling, with a bit of a speech impediment, he always means well.

    © Character and Art belongs to RexDraco

  17. Dio


    From the album: Pony Stuffs

    Arete: a master infiltrator and information broker who enjoys a bit of jet setting and schmoozing on the side. While she has worked for Chrysalis in the past, she is by no means a Chrysalis fanatic and works more for coin and intrigue than for any heartfelt sense of loyalty. Besides, an expensive penthouse in Talonopolis beats a hovel in Leota any day.

    © Art by YourLittleBrony. Arete by Dio.

  18. From the album: OC Art

    No idea how voluminous and fluffy hair is suppose to work with those holes...but they do. Don't question it, just enjoy! Just a quick draw and color of a Changeling Foal...or whatever young Changelings are called, playing around with some color schemes. She turned out pretty cute - might app her in the future, might just put her up for adoption, but for now, I just wanted to play around with a large, fluffy hairstyle and some pretty colors.
  19. From the album: OC Art

    Well now he is. How sad is it that I feel the need to draw Changeling disguises that will probably be used only once and then never ever again? This ended up being more detailed than I wanted, but I'm going to use this as a template for any/all of Heartless' disguises. All I'll have to do is edit the hair and colors, and perhaps the expression and where the green glow of the transformation highlights. The tough part will be combing through all the unlabeled layers that were used…
  20. Zeig

    Hive Mind

    From the album: OC Art

    Brought on by a potential RP idea, Queen Chrysalis addresses those still loyal to her rule, including a ruthless Heartless smirking at a steady Kahz in an attempt to rile him up. Heartless and Kahz don't see eye to eye when it comes to Changeling politics, which is why I imagined some triumphant validation on Heartless' part as Chrysalis says something in support of his own views - which he then, of course, has to share with Kahz while the other Changeling frowns in displeasure. This was fun to draw, but holy crap Chrysalis was hard for some reason. Maybe because I'd just never drawn her before. Kahz © Rackenhammer Chrysalis © Hasbro
  21. SweetPen


    From the album: Sweet Pen's stuff

    My first drawing of Chrysalis, 'cause she's awesome. I did some changes in the digital drawing, that doesn't have in the sketch.

    © Chrysalis by Hasbro, Drawing by Me

  22. From the album: Scythe Chronicles

    This character is not what she appears. Lol in the sense she is a changeling. Often Mirrage is seen as silent and given an emotionless stare coupled with very expressive movements; such as the shoulders, eyes and ears. Wings as well. She is very dutiful to whomever she serves. Originally she was the competent lacky; the yes-man of a villain I'd once conceptualized. The humor of her was that she nevers talk though she CAN in fact talk. The villain would ask something deep or in need of advice... and just when she opens her mouth he'd cut her off like "Wait! No you're right, that's BRILLIANT!!" and she would just idly go back to reading her book. However; Mirrage does talk fluently when disguised as other ponies. She is an exceptionally powerful changeling with several custom forms she uses to do battle with others; including the Great Dogling... a huge, Diamond Dog-like beast capable of punching down doors and causing a good lot of destruction. Unless commanded to do so, she is not outwardly hostile. In fact she'd prefer to laze on a pillow and read or draw.
  23. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    A quick 'thank you' gift piece for QueenCerali, who's been 'Like'ing and commenting almost every art piece I've uploaded since she joined the site (and even going to older pictures and 'Like'ing some of them, if I'm not mistaken). Thanks for the support! Featuring her Changeling character Cerali, up in her cave and looking down at something a bit forlornly. Hope I got the hair right - most Changeling hair is straight and limp-like, so I wasn't sure what to do with 'swirling stripes.' Hope it looks alright. Cerali © QueenCerali
  24. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Realized today that I hadn't drawn any "thank you" gift art recently, so here's one for PyroBlaze, another person who's been leaving "Like"s for my art pretty much from the beginning. Its his Changeling character Flux, in the middle of a transformation. I really like how this one turned out, the half-Changling, half-pony shot. I did something similar for my own Changeling character - it's pretty fun matching up the two sides that so startlingly contrast each other. Flux © PyroBlaze
  25. From the album: Art For Friends!

    So, I know what you're thinking, why does Chrysalis have a blonde stripe in her mane and tail? Well, this isn't Chrysalis, though it's meant to look almost exactly like her. This was a request from my friend Rouge Shadow of her OC, who is Chrysalis' daughter, thus the very similar likeness.
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