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  1. This thread with some hope, will be used for all players to plan pirate things! Ships, crews, and so on can be listed here so we know what pirates are sailing or flying about in the seas and skies. Along with letting crews of them work out details together and plan RPs. To help with this all ships and crews shall be listed on this page. Ship captains, let me know the ship, what she is like and her crew and I will put her down on this page. Same for crew, let me know what ship you are on and I will list you with it. To list a ship just fill this out. Its name and Captain. Ship rating: first is it Nautical or aeronautical, Seaship or Airship. - Ship rating, from a giant 1st rate ship of the line down to 6th rate frigate, below that are unrated ships such as Sloops, brigs, cutters and schooners. - Last, what the ship is. Gundecks: How many decks of the ship hold cannons. Guns: The ships cannons, what she is armed with and how many in total. Crew: Sail ships had big crews. The vast amount of them shall be NPCS that take care of the day to workings of the ship. List the ships crew and if it has less then a full crew, what is the max the ship can hold. After all of that is the ‘Player crew-mates listing’ it is what it sounds like. List all the player controlled crewmates. What job they name, the OCs name and player. Listed pirate ships ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ captained by Draco Silvanus Threads involving pirates "To all that can read this, Draco of ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ be'hireing crew!” - Draco Silvanus
  2. After seeing the amount of players around that are interested in roleplaying as Equestrian military personnel, it's only fitting that we have a master topic within the cast & lore section itself to serve as a guide for those who want to know what other players are out there, what topics exist for your character to be involved in, and to look at reference material for other guards to draw inspiration from and/or learn how to improve your character! -This is an OOC thread where players can find any information they may need regarding the Royal Equestrian Guard (REG), it's members, subgroups, operations, and special units, as well as a place to discuss upcoming/potential roleplays or ideas. -Please do NOT promote ideas for new lore to the Army, or modifications to existing lore, as that is not what this section of the forum is for. The hope is that with time, we can build up a comprehensive list of all the material a new or inexperienced player could ask for in order to fill a guard's role more comfortably. -For guard characters to be added to this list, they must be apped and approved in accordance with Canterlot's character creation standards, IE, the application must be stamped! -In the case of cast characters, if a certain cast character with military affiliation has multiple players (due to the new system), all applications will be posted in the following format: Example: Rank Soandso (App 1) (App 2) (App 3) IF YOU HAVE A CHARACTER OR AN RP TOPIC INVOLVING GUARDPONIES, PM ME AND I'LL BE SURE TO ADD IT! For the general lore topic regarding the Royal Equestrian Guard, click here! (This includes the Army, Navy, and Royal Guard [for now].) For the general lore topic regarding the Wonderbolts, click here! Active Roster - By seniority and branch: Army Brass: General Pummel Shadow Storm Wonderbolts: Captain Spitfire Rainbow Dash Royal Guard (Night, Twilight, & Crystal Guards included): Captain Shining Armor Captain Fire Walker (Twilight) First Lieutenant Silver Armor Lieutenant Cryo Freeze Sergeant Licorice Whip Corporal Flash Sentry (Twilight) Corporal Applejack (Twilight) Specialist Midnight Oil (Night) Private First Class Aquamarine Gleam (Crystal) Private Reckless Private Heart Shield Rapid Fire Sugar Malt Burning Aegis (Night) Past threads involving soldiers (RP) (7/11) The Night Watch - Radiant Steel and Bonfire encounter two suspicious ponies (4/12) Colts Will Be Colts - Reveille and Bonfire deal with a troublesome recruit (1/13) An Eventful First Day - Sterling Silver's first shift as a royal guard (5/13) Photos in the Foyer - Princess Luna poses with guard ponies for photos (5/13) The Dance Floor - The guards get to dance with one another (9/13) Ponies at the Gate - Flash Sentry and Radiant Steel pull guard duty at the Gala (10/13) Under Her Wing - Night Watcher introduces a rookie to Lunar Guard life (10/13) Chariot Down - Pummel and Radiant Steel fight off a changeling ambush (10/13) Welcome to Boot Camp - Civilians are invited to participate in a boot camp program (2/14) Fort Trots - Task Force Suntrot assembles for the first time (2/14) Fort Drogan - Task Force Suntrot garrisons an inhospitable hellscape (1/15) A Blow to the Heart of an Empire - Shining Armor duels the resurrected King Sombra (9/15) Upsides to Downtime - Aquamarine Gleam and Agile Speeds have a medical emergency (1/16) The Changing of Guards - A summit is called to debate the future course of the Royal Equestrian Guard (1/16) [Sombra War AU] Fire and Sword - Only a small Army task force stands between a rural village and its destruction (1/16) [Sombra War AU] Only Hope - The HMS Endurance braves hostile winter seas to deliver relief supplies (9/19) The Royal Equestrian Guards' Ball - It's time again for our guards to get some fancy R&R Many thanks to Bellosh101 for the list! Past OOC Material:
  3. This is something of an AU that I've developed of a little bit in the past and I kept most of that information, although there's still quite a lot that I haven't even gotten to touch on much less figure out, so quite a bit of it is left open. If you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to toss them in! Much of the base show information still exists that might've already happened when it comes to this AU. While noir tends to lean towards darkness and injustice and the like, this still has a lot to do with ponies in Equestria so it's not going to be like what is expected of usual noir stories. It'll still be ponies, just trying to get by in an unfriendly city- although a little less so elsewhere in the country. NOIR As the times changed, and cities grew, a new one was developed over the years, although it eventually fell into the hooves of a pony with greed and ill intent who instated a prohibition and used the rise of businesses like speakeasies to make money for himself while doing little for the city. With the corruption and more rampant crime growing within the city, the princesses eventually intervened to remove the mayor from power. Fixing the city isn't entirely beyond their ability, however, Princess Celestia was the one who decided to put somepony else in that position who she felt would understand corruption, King Sombra. It was also meant to be a test to see how well the former king would do in a position of leadership again, to see if he would rise to the challenge of fixing a city to see if he's changed, or fall to his old habits. It's a risky decision, but one she was confident in making with Princess Luna's begrudging support. On occasion the princesses may visit the city to see how well things are going with the new mayor; something of a permanent position until Sombra either steps down, or achieves the goal given to him. Having a responsibility isn't weighing particularly well upon his shoulders while he tries to keep out of the public eye and figure out what exactly will fix what seems like the unfixable- if just out of spite to prove that he can. And with all of the problems created by the previous mayor, he has quite a lot to deal with. Technology Level There are no cars or other motorized vehicles and ponies still use carts, chariots, wagons, stagecoaches and carriages. The Friendship Express and the Crystal Empire train are still in use, and aerial forms of travel exist more commonly in airships. Other commonly found technology consists of magic-powered refrigerators, stoves, washing/drying machines, microphones, speakers, gramophones, folding cameras, radiators, hairdryers, cylinder mowers, film projectors, printing presses, coffee-makers and tape players as well as radios. They use vinyl records. Basically, anything that would've existed around the 1920s. Weaponry is still medieval at best, with swords and other such weapons, as well as crossbows and anything magical. They have running water and a pipe system, no doubt with a magical filtration system, which means they have sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. However some may still use old-fashioned outhouses in some more country locations. There is also some manner of magical lighting, in homes, stores, street lamps, as well as stage lights. Characters The involvement of canon characters is a little loose, and that even the little bit of backstory stated above can be altered to fit the personal portrayal of any notable characters and what they'd do. Thus far the only notable ones are Princess Celestia, Luna, and Sombra. Discord is, as always, a wild card, and other canon characters are capable of being fit in somewhere since there isn't a whole lot of information or development- like if the six still exist as they are, or a little older because the sequence of events is different. It's completely open to suggestions, ideas, etc to flesh things out a little more. Royalty also doesn't have to be confined to their castles and just doing their duties, they can have moments of freedom to get involved in things. For example: King Sombra isn't always going to be busy with his job! He's likely to be out and about doing whatever that'll let others interact with him or whatever~ (though mind you, this AU isn't going to solely focus on him and the princesses). Princess Celestia; played by Stormstride Princess Luna; played by ___ Princess Twilight; played by ___ Princess Cadance; played by ___ King Sombra; played by dragonofruin Discord; played by ___ ... ... etc. Anything involving OCs is also entirely open too, so long as the character is made to/altered just enough to fit the setting~. There's quite a bit that an OC can be doing or be involved in, like a gang/mafia, or with a speakeasy somehow, law enforcement/investigation, some sort of criminal, a vigilante, famous, etc etc. It's endless! I'm not terribly keen on doing applications so, if you're interested just tell me about your character and what they do in a reply. The original setting of mine it was sorta pulled from had the city just called 'Dusk City.' For the pony one, it's just a placeholder until a better name is found to fit the horse pun theme. Useful links: 1920s Slang 20th century fashion refs
  4. As most of you know, we now permit players to write character applications for extended-canon species: those that either don't appear in MLP or are otherwise not listed in our species list. However, there are considerable limits on which extended species we'll allow into World of Equestria to ensure we don't get an influx of overpowered or special-snowflake characters. So when making your pitches, here are some ground rules to keep in mind: Before making any sort of pitch, please check the Playable Species List to see what species we already permit or don't permit. Also check the Provisional Rulings down below to see what's been already suggested. It's preferred that you make a pitch only if you plan on actually apping that species in WoE. If your pitched species has traits that an ungulate would potentially have, it's more likely that RPH will approve it. We welcome species with a basis in real-world mythology, but RPH will be wary of OP traits like long lifespans or possessing other beings. Depending on their historically recognized attributes, mythological species may be allowed to utilize a magical ability present in an official WoE species. Please do not pitch species that are either fan-made or belong to an intellectual property not connected with MLP. The best species concepts are those understandable by players without RPH having to write Lore to establish gameplay boundaries. If your concept requires RPH to spend time figuring out how it can fit into WoE, it's already failed. With the above pointers in mind, don't feel shy asking about an extended-canon species that you have a genuine craving to app. ------------- RPH Provisional Rulings On Extended-Canon Species (Last Updated: 6/8)
  5. I was really bored one day watching soccer, so this little thought manisfested: Ponified soccer club logos. This is the entire list starting from the top left clockwise: Pony club (Club parodied) Fillydelphia Union (Philadelphia Union, duh) Cloudsdale Soarers FC (Seattle Sounders FC) A.F.C. Baltimare (Chelsea F.C.) Las Pegasus Glitz (San Jose Earthquakes...somewhat) Equestria National Team (Think of it as the team that would play in the World Cup, no parodies here!) Real Canterlot (Real Zaragoza) A.C. Hoofington (D.C. United) Trottingham United (Manchester United) Manehattan Red Hooves (New York Red Bulls) Quick terminology facts!: F.C. stands for Football club, A.F.C. stands for Athletic Football Club, A.C. stands for Athletic Club and "Real" was a term monarchs from Spain would give to clubs for being the best of the best (I figure since Equestria is a monarchy, it'd kinda make sense.) United is another term for football club. I have these separated if any soccer fans want to represent their favorite team in a ponified way. I'm also thinking of baseball teams such as the Canterlot White Hooves, or Baltimare Orange Tails.
  6. I honestly have no idea where to start with this game. I just finished it about an hour ago and it shook me to more core. During the game, you play as two brothers at the same time. If you're using a controller, the older brother is controlled by the left control stick and button while the younger is controller by the right one. There are numerous light puzzles that use the two brothers to interact. For instance, you can use the older brother to give the younger a foot-hold to get up to a ledge where something needs to be done. Over there course of the game, you explore the brothers relationship, a bit of their past, many beautiful and mysterious locations, and a number of equally interesting creatures. It only took me about two hours to complete, but my god. What a two hours that was. I feel as though this is going to be one of those games like Portal, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that just are talked about for years after. There was one point I was actually reminded of the infamous nuke scene from CoD4, not because it ripped it off, but because it left such a profound impact. I beseech anyone and everyone who even likes video games. BUY THIS GAME. It's on sale for Steam RIGHT NOW until Nov 1st. Only $7.49. That may see a lot for a two hour game, but you pay more than that to watch bad movies. This game deserves your time. I'd love to discuss the game with anyone. Keep in mind, I will go into a blind rage at anyone who ruins the game by exposing spoilers. (Which is why I've been so vague with my statements).
  7. Hey guys! Not sure if anyone is a big Assassin's Creed fan like me, but feel free to give your opinion even if you aren't. So a few days ago, Ubisoft revealed their plans to continue the story of Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed Revelations finished up Ezio and Altair's story, but now they're creating a whole new character! And I think the coolest part about this new game is that it's going to take place in America during what appears to be the American Revolution. So unlike the past games, I actually know part of the history that will be going on throughout the game that is, if Ubisoft decides to be very accurate with the story. IGN also uploaded a video to youtube where they analyzed the Game Informer cover and the PS3 box art for Assassin's Creed 3, and surprisingly they were able to come up with a very exact time period that this game will take place in. I'm interested to see what other people think of this Assassin's Creed 3 - Reveal Trailer [uK] (assassinscreedUK) Assassin's Creed 3 - New Setting & Character Details Revealed (IGNentertainment)
  8. I wanted to keep OOC chatter and roleplaying apart, so I decided to make this OOC discussion thread. I would like to keep the number of OOC chatter in my thread small, and here this is. Going inactive for a while? Tell us about it! Asking if you could use a different OC? Feel free! The actual RP: [colour=#0000ff]http://www.canterlot.com/topic/14384-sipping-sweet-shop-closed/[/colour] [colour=#990000]Sorry, everypony! But I decided to close down my roleplay because I felt the quality of it was draining away. Once again, sorry![/colour]​
  9. “When a system no longer serves the purpose for which it was designed, change must be sought.” Ladies and gentlemen of Canterlot, I am worried that the character application system on our forums is no longer fulfilling its intended design. Allow me to elaborate. Eighteen days ago, I joined this forum with the intent of leaping into the collective writing experience offered by the fair valleys of Equestria. Since then I have lost interest in my original reasons for embarking on this voyage, instead carefully observing not only my own, but the many other applications awaiting approval. Thusly I discovered something rather shocking. The average turnaround for an application is presently fourteen days. When you consider that the average time span for securing a uk passport is shorter than this, we can safely conclude that something is amiss. If the collective writing section of this forum is to continue to grow throughout the upcoming season, this must be attended upon posthaste. Through examination of the various applications within the confines of the system, I think I have determined three key issues that are ripe for discussion. 1; First of all, I would like to point out that the moderators / help-staff are just as much victims of this as the participants. The present model is more reminiscent of orchestrated chaos then an effective system, wasting not only their time in repeated instructions, but demanding an unrealistic level of dedication on their part. 2; The number of rules and regulations spread across multiple threads is disorientating to newcomers and a recipe for ignorance. Like lightning, it is human nature to take the path of least resistance. Though the basic guide for character Aplication design has been recently streamlined, there are many other more detailed guides and instructions that are taken as law, yet buried within the FAQ threads. The format as it stands dissuades applicants and will often result in aforesaid users skipping the most important points within the maelstrom of information. 3; Assessment takes far too long for both parties involved. Though primarily linked in to the first two points, there are other issues that should be isolated under their own heading. These issues stem from the innately mixed view points of staff, each searching for different levels of engagement within an application. Help Staff should not be required to cross-examine apps unless requested by the initial examiner, as this risks unwanted contradiction with one another. Yet all parties are encouraged to access applications in post order, rather than through an adoption process dedicated to pushing apps to completion quickly and efficiently. Again, not their fault, just the way the system has been constructed. There are many other issues that have become integral to the weighing down of this system. Small changes made over a long period of time have produced an analogue of British Rail, a model of inefficiency that places undue stress on both its staff and passengers. At the heart of any Application is whimsy. An idea will come to someone spontaneously or during discourse, sometimes for use only in one particular story. As such, the system accompanying this should be quick and responsive, lest the player lose interest entirely. In the same breath though, help-staff and moderators should not be taking on a second (unpaid) job when they accept said titles. It’s a difficult balance to achieve, one which has resulted in a great number of headaches I don’t doubt. True, I am making a lot of assumptions here, and I apologize if anything I’ve said so far has been out of line. But I feel quite strongly that improvements could be easily made to ensure a better experience for all involved. If possible, can there be a formal discussion on this subject and changes that could be made to improve the situation? It would be of special interest to hear the thoughts of the staff, their experiences and what they find to be most time consuming. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions I would like to put forth based upon what I have observed. Keep in mind that these are all just suggestions and ideas. Above all I am interested to hear what others think about the system and their own suggestions on what they would keep / change and why. Automation; When first joining the forum and posting in the ‘introduction’ area, the new user is greeted by an interface constructed of simple questions and dropdown boxes. Why can’t this system be applied within the applications area? We have already established a standard format for all apps, so why give players the option of failing that particular aspect of character creation? The creation of form that appears whenever a new post is created within this forum would save a considerable amount of time. This would include the reduction of such selective items as ‘Species’, ‘sex’, ‘age’, ‘colour pallet’ and ‘location’ to a dropdown selection, coupled with character limited description boxes where appropriate. Location should also be generalized to regions and specifics left for the character background. Yes, there is a housing shortage in Ponyville, but that doesn’t mean that the character cannot live with reasonable proximity of the town. This applies to any rule that is seen as static; if you don’t want something to be a variable, don’t give applicants the option in the first place. It invites failure. Build rules into the App Form; Many things about a character application form should be self explanatory, but there are always exceptions. In addition to the rules / guidelines posts in FAQ and on the app section itself, each option box on the form should have an explanation link of some kind attached. Each opens a popup with both a short and ‘advanced view’ detailed explanation of what is expected within that part of the form. This ensures that all relevant information is to hand while creating the application, rather than stored elsewhere. Notifications and Time Limits; Once posted, there will be an initial period of interest in which the creator will be watching it like a hawk. If there is a response within say five hours or so, the poster is almost certain to have the drive required to make the necessary changes. The longer it is left unacknowledged, the less interested they will be in its completion. At the outmost, the active period for an application should be around three days from initial post to completion. You may scoff, but it is possible. Right now the system is clogged with a backlog of apps which should have been quick to clear. We need to make each thread as easy as possible for Staff to sort and reply too. Standardizing will go a long way towards this, but another major addition would be automatic notifications for both the OP and the Editor. Also, from what I can see, moderators are required to post on individual apps that have fallen silent, a waste of time and energy on all accounts. Introducing a posting bot may resolve some of these issues. Right now, the notification system is very good for keeping track of replies across the forum, but sadly does little to highlight more important information which can easily get buried. This could be solved by including a script that notifies the participants of an app via PM whenever there is a reply waiting. After remaining inactive for three days, the bot will post a reminder on the thread and send a Personal Message to the OP. After a further three days, if post bot’s reply is still the last response, the thread is automatically deleted, keeping the forum clean. But what if the poster simply went on holiday! Now the app they’ve worked so hard on is gone forever! Well not so much; The primary reason for the bot’s PM is to send a quote of the thread’s first post to the recipient, there by effectively saving a copy of the character application. Removal of Work In Progress Tags; Why is WIP even applicable? Staff don’t look at apps until they are marked as Final. Instead of encouraging posters to clog up the apps section with half finished products, we should direct any applicant to use a word processor to produce the draft copy of their character background; this being the only thing that should need work at all with the implementation of a standardized application form. In the age of Google Docs and many other free Word Processors, there should be no reason for anything to be half finished in the first place. Moving Cast Apps; Many cast apps are contested and thus have multiple threads concerning the same character spread across several pages. Again, this clogs the system. The creation of a dedicated Cast Application sub-forum would keep these apps nicely organized. Under this forum a altered version of the application form could include additional choices, as the tier of the proposed character. These changes could be integrated with the cast list to prevent characters being applied for if they are already allocated to a player. All available Tier One characters are listed on the initial ‘Name’ option as a dropdown list / auto complete, the latter flashing a warning if the named character is already taken. On a far lesser note; do we need to canonize every background character? There are some fanons that are obviously going to be contested, such as Ditzy, Lyra and Bonbon, Vinyl Scratch etc, but even the nameless faceless scene fillers seem to be mentioned here there and everywhere. Could these just be classified as OC with reference to their appearance? Perhaps an irrelevant comment, but I may as well throw that in here somewhere. Many of these ideas would be a nightmare to implement or downright impossible due to code limitations. These are just all just ‘ideal world’ concepts, a base to work from as it were. Above all I am interested to hear what others think about the system and their own suggestions on what they would keep / change and why. Archturus out!
  10. Hello, every pony! Due to the recent discussion I have had with my fellow MLP fans on the "Solar Empire vs New Lunar Republic" thread in the Brony Chatter section, an idea occurred to me for an RP. Now, I am not entirely sold on this yet, so that is why I'd like to get your opinions on this Plot: "...the tides of fate twist and churn, carrying with them crests bloodied by those caught in its havoc. After several hundreds of years of peace under the rule of the Principality of Equestria, it has finally been cast aside by those who sought a way out of the ever-present stasis they had been under. Revolution, of course, is a bloody affair...few could have expected less. Led by a hoof in the shadows, a powerful organization of ponies known as the New Equestrian Order began to spread its influence, telling of their plans for a grander, better Equestria. Fueled by their philosophies, the uprisings began as a few small clashes with local law enforcement in several towns across the nation, quickly becoming full-on rebellions within Equestria's major cities. The cities to the north and south fell first, Manehatten and Stalliongrad being the biggest source of the radicals. In an effort to quell the threat against their kingdom, the Princesses Celestia and Luna formed a coalition to bring down the New Equestrian Order...this ended up to be a mistake. After failed negotiations with the ponies of Manehatten and Stalliongrad, Celestia ordered the cities purged of the rebels...something she had not done in over a millenium. Serving as a martyr, the destruction of the two major cities fanned the passionate flames of the Revolution, flags bearing the New Equestrian Order's symbolic stars sprouting everywhere. Within months, what had been a couple misguided cities became outright anarchy. The New Equestrian Order, having planned this fiasco over the past hundred years, now finally unveiled their plans...bringing forth their stores of war and building armies practically over night. Throughout the Revolution, the words "Remember Manehatten and Stalliongrad" echoed out of the mouths of nearly every pony in Equestria. The fighting grew bloody and tiresome, the Royal Equestrian Army quickly losing ground and eventually pushed back to Equestria's heart-land. The last open-scale battle of the NEO Revolution occurred in the dreaded Everfree Forest, destroying many of it and leaving Ponyville in ruins. With victory in their hooves, the New Equestrian Order had their forces divert all attention to Canterlot..enlisting the help of Changelings in their endeavor to bring the mighty capital down. With the help of the Changeling Queen, Chrysalis, the siege of Canterlot was swiftly handled by the combined forces, and the entire Royal Family was executed in a glorious blaze of glory...fitting for the destruction they had caused at the Martyr Cities. With the official fall of the capital, the rebels declared the Equestrian Principality dead...and the New Equestrian Order renamed themselves the Grand Equestrian Federation, bringing about the end of an age and the beginning of a new era. Now, Equestria begins to pick itself up from the ashes, waiting for the day that their promised glory will arrive. With the power given to the Grand Equestrian Federation, many laws have been set in place, and the rebuilding of the shattered nation is in progress. Despite the crushing defeat, there are still Loyalists who continue to fight against the GEF, but their numbers are few and they are ill-supplied. Among the reconstruction of the land is Ponyville, New Manehatten, Great Stalliongrad, and the ruined Canterlot replaced by the new capital, Equinia." I will no doubt add some greater detail on this in the future, depending on how many of you guys are interested in this ^^ so please feel free to comment! Character Apps: Name: *Age: Gender: Race: **Faction: Occupation: ***Goal/Motivation: Background Story: * In this RP, all ponies who were originally fillies/colts in the actual show are now full-grown adults, due to the passage of years required for this sort of RP to take place. ** You may make your own faction, or join one that is already open. If you want to join a faction that somepony else has made, I suggest you talk to them first. Factions aren't required, but its always nice to have a side *** A goal or motivation is crucial...it tells me (and others) a bit on how your character is like, what they are wanting to do, and how they may go about it. Even faction-neutral ponies should have this included. Current Factions: [colour=#800000]Royal Liberation Front (RLF or Loyalists)[/colour]: Mainly comprised of former members of the Royal Equestrian Army or those who were loyal to the Princesses, this radical group accepts all races, no matter who they are or what they've done, as long as they have the same goal as the RLF (Although they are quite wary about Changelings, considering that they had participated in the attack at the last Royal Wedding and helped the GEF seize control). Living in cells across Equestria, the RLF stages constant raids against GEF caravans or strongholds, building up their supplies in preparation for a revolution of their own. Their headquarters lies in Las Pegasus, known only to the leader of each Loyalist cell. Their current leader is Free Rapidhoof (I think). [colour=#2f4f4f]Grand Equestrian Federation (GEF):[/colour] Currently in command of the whole of Equestria, this powerful group of ponies were transformed from the New Equestrian Order shortly after the fall of Canterlot. Led by the mysterious pony named Red Fox, they act as the ruling body of the new Equestrian government, and also serve as their own secret police force. Due to the pro-pony sentiment and the dislike of other races, only ponies exist in this order (however, they have been known to take in Zebras, due to their near-pony attributes). They have one goal and one goal only: to eliminate all opposition against their new government and solidify the new Equestria...no matter what the cost. [colour=#008080]Last Equestrian Hope (LEH):[/colour] A smaller side faction that has taken what they believe to be Equestria's fate into their own hooves. Firm believers in democracy, they fight mainly against the GEF, trying to inflict as much damage as possible. While not affilliated with the RLF, it is rumored that they occasionally exchange information about their GEF oppressors. The leader of this organization is unknown. [colour=#daa520]The Freelancers[/colour]: An organization of ponies enshrouded in mystery, they are a highly advanced and global force whose main goal is the survival and advancement of Pony-kind. It is led by a mysterious figure known as the Director, whose goals are as unknown as his/her appearance. Rumors are that the Director and the Red Fox have formed a secret alliance (although their subordinates have no knowledge of this).
  11. Discussion time! I've noticed in my time as a brony that lots of fandoms tend to meld together and cross over. The two biggest fandom mixes with MLP that I notice are the Sonic and Dr. Who fandoms. Personally I only have time for Brony stuff (if I had more free time, I'd probably dive into Dr. Who). But it got me thinking... What other fandoms are you a part of? How long have you been with them? What has your experience been with other fans of this fandom? In your opinion, how do your other fandom(s) compare to the Brony fandom? Is MLP your primary, or secondary fandom? And of course, would you like to see more interaction between the MLP fanbase and your other fandom(s)? Do you think the increased interaction would be helpful to either/both? Please keep in mind that every fandom has it's dark areas and jerk faces, as well as it's crowning moments and wonderful people. So lets keep this in mind and keep it civil!
  12. A discussion area for a, possible 18+ RP. Different from my Equestria High rp in the fact that I will be setting some strict rules that I will enforce and I will only be allowing at least 20 people to rp in it for right now, until further notice when I think I can handle a greater amount. First, if you want to join submit an app here with the following information. Name: Age: Race: Apperance: Occupation: Brief Bio: Players are allowed 2 OC's or one of the mane six*but I don't want to see players only focusing on the mane six player and interactions with that person.* Second rule: No Deadpool characters. Sorry, but it gets to be a bit much at times. Also no Dovakhiin or any sort of hero from any game or comic. Keep this in the Equestrian world please. Any questions?
  13. This is the official OOC thread for my Grey Area RP. As explained in the RP, I have tried to maintain a line to everybody RPing, but as the RP grows, is has become cumbersome. Resultantly, I have opened this thread to allow for those discussions to take place, to gauge interest, and more. This way, as I cannot be awake all hours of the day, anybody in the RP can answer any questions a new player may have. This is not solely for use to answer those questions though. Here, current RPers can get to know each other as people, and not just as the characters they portray. If you are stuck, and whoever you were trying to talk to is not answering, then instead of posting a reminder there, you can tell that person here. If you want to coordinate something, you can do so here, you can bounce ideas off each other. To make something clear before I begin, I do know Extravagant Evil in real life, and have been bouncing ideas off of him for some time. The senior members to this thread are Myself, Snowy, and ExtravagantEvil, in that order. Whatever we say goes. This selection is based on it being my RP, Snowy being the first person to still actively post, and my knowing EE. Please, don't be shy, if you happen across this, feel free to ask anything. EDIT: Don't worry about double posts here, as the layout of its necessity to be current with the RP will necessitate then at times, and edits do not send out a notification of a new post. EDIT 2: Multiple characters are allowed. For further detail, go to page three of this topic, or the first post (EDIT 3) of the RP. Thank you!
  14. This thread is for artists to help each other work out the various kinks they come across with their art. Be it coloring, shape, or shading. I'll start with my current problem and hope I can get some help/advice. I've been having trouble with art continuity lately. The thing that's been vexing my artistic consistency is how I draw mares faces. Or more specifically the nose/mouth part. I threw this together because I need some help, which face style should I focus on for my current style? I left #six blank to serve as both a control and a base if anyone wants to try this out for themselves. Also, if you know a better method for drawing a mares face, feel free to use #6 to show me! I'm banging my head against a wall about this.
  15. I did try once, It was during Math class, using bronyspeak like "Eeyup" and other terms, but I sort of went to far by saying "20% cooler". A pony hater over heard me, and yelled out loud "You watch My Little Pony?" It only went downhill from there...
  16. So I just went and downloaded GIMP and I have NO idea what I'm doing or how it works yet. Anyone else use gimp that'd be willing to offer some pointers? I've been using Paint tool Sai so far, what are the pros/cons in comparison between the two programs? is there a polygon tool in Gimp? Oh sweet Celestia I hope there is, I wana do some vecter art and gifs. So yeah, lets use this thread to talk about our experiances with our preferred art programs, give advice to others, and kick around ideas for what programs to use for what art styles etcetera.
  17. *Important Edit by Manestream* I have not made any final decisions on the RP availability of The Changeling Queen, or changelings in general. These are working concepts, but do not consider these final decisions, as they are still works in progress until I have a chance to sit down with my RP experts to discuss what is possible, and how best to incorporate as much from the show as possible. *Manestream out* --------------------------------------------- Hi, folks! Wow, has it been two whole seasons already? And no signs of stopping that I can tell as of yet! I can't wait to see what season three has in store for us. But while we're waiting, I'd like to recap over some of the things that have been brought to our table here at Canterlot and hopefully address them in a fashion that folks will easily understand and will come to accept as a matter of course. There's a few topics I'll tackle each in turn. They'll be about new cast characters introduced into season two, along with new technologies and concepts, and new abilities. Each of these topics I'll try to go into detail and hopefully you can reference them specifically for clarification on those particular items. I'd like to consider this as going forward as well to help keep things fair and comfortable, as well as sensible going forward into season three and beyond as well as what we have seen in season two. And of course, I needn't mention that this will pertain most strongly to Mane Roleplay. New Cast Characters Firstly, New Cast Characters. We've seen plenty of new cast characters, and even some names for characters that we hadn't quite had before, like official names for Mr and Mrs Cake (Or at least, Mrs. Cake...she was specifically called 'Cup Cake' by her husband in Mmmystery on the Ponyville Express! Which means her husband is likely called Carrot Cake by canon as well if he hasn't been named so by Hasbro), Cadence and Shining Armor, Hayseed Turnip Truck, Fancy Pants, Fleetfoot, Fleur De Lis, Chrysalis, Flim and Flam, just to name a few. There's been such a rush on Cast Characters both old and new, that we've had a hard time keeping up! So here's how we're going to consider them from this point on, and in to the future. Generally 'normal' new cast characters, such as regular ponies will be considered pretty much fair game. Any new unicorns or pegasi, earth ponies, or even new critters like Zecora will be pretty much appable. Those with 'special needs' or unusual powers may have to be considered by staff beforehand, but those will be very obvious. There is a general level of 'powerful' we're trying to maintain in the Mane Roleplay in order to keep things sane and fair for everyone, not to mention fun and sensible. Good stories are told by characters themselves, not in how powerful they are. In two seasons (Or even in previous generations!) the vast majority of the story is told about the characters and how they interact, not necessarily what they can do. After all, we've seen even in the last episode of Season Two that even Princess Celestia can occasionally meet her match, and that's saying something. 'Special Needs' Characters, such as new villains and characters with extremely powerful abilities (Such as Starswirl the Bearded, who has been mentioned several times) will generally be considered unplayable with one caveat: If they are a 'hero' type character, such as Starswirl the Bearded, they may become playable at the staff's discretion if it is considered that their general storytelling can be controlled reasonably. Villains, however, are a different story. Unless they are a villain like Trixie who turns out to be pretty much mediocre in power or otherwise unremarkable in any other magical or powerful way, they won't be generally playable by the general public. There will be special events where they may become available for the purposes of those specific events, but for general roleplay please consider them 'off the list' even if we haven't yet specifically added them to the off limits list. I ask that players please consider some self-policing in this regard, and don't get overly excited about the possibility of their being appable. The answer is probably going to be no. If we take for example two villains at one end of the spectrum, Discord and Chrysalis are considered pretty powerful. Discord for his obvious reality-bending powers, and Chrysalis for her ability to steal other pony's powers and her hive followers. That's just way too much to put into sensible roleplay. However, if we take other villains, such as Gilda and Trixie, then we find ourselves at the end of the villain spectrum where really good stories can be told, and that's what we're looking for here. Try to find new and novel ways to bring these characters out, and others like them, in ways that can really get other characters involved in trying to defeat them if the story is going that route. After all, half the fun is finding out where a story can go, and you have the pleasure of not having to bicker about what you can and can't do with one another. Nobody likes a Powergamer, and Nobody likes the story hog. Discord and Chrysalis are considered at 'High Risk' for this sort of thing. It's also why monsters such as the Hydra aren't considered playable. Going forward in the future, it may be that we may encounter more alicorns, like Celestia, Luna and Cadence. Cadence's appearance certainly makes things a little more awkward as we had assumed that Celestia and Luna were the only Princesses there are, but Cadence's appearance (And, for that matter, Blueblood) proves that there may yet be other Princes and Princesses out there in Equestria we have not yet met. As such, unless they are a standard type pony (Such as the unicorn, Blueblood), any new alicorns will strictly be characters that appear in the show directly, unless the show gives us something about Alicorns that allows us to include them as an 'everyday' race. Thus far, they seem to be specifically related to Royalty and more to the point, seem to be at this point only Princesses. So unless we see a male Alicorn in the future, there aren't going to be any in the Mane Roleplay either. I'd like to draw you up a little graph that will likely help illustrate what we're looking for. At one end, we have Discord and Nightmare Moon, and at the other, we have Trixie and Gilda. In this graph is also Chrysalis, and I hope this is easy to understand. Serious Villain | (Discord-Nightmare Moon--Chrysalis----------Trixie--Gilda) | Antagonist As you can see, Nightmare Moon is just one pip below Discord, but that's only because while Nightmare Moon was technically Luna, and her powers were strong, she never got the chance to actually use them against the denizens of Ponyville, much less against Equestria. Discord, on the other hand, did get to use his powers and we were able to see what he was truly capable of, even if he focused them specifically on Ponyville for the time being. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Trixie and Gilda, and of course Gilda is two pips below Trixie because while Gilda isn't technically a 'Villain', she's still an antagonist, and Trixie had the luxury of actually being a unicorn with magic. But there's ten pips between Trixie and Chrysalis, while there's only two between Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon, with just one between Nightmare Moon and Discord. This means that the closer on the scale you get towards Discord, the more likely we are to say it won't be playable, but of course the closer you get towards the Gilda end of the scale, the more likely the character will be playable. But you are more than welcome to developing your own 'heroes' and 'villains', too! Don't limit yourself only to the cast that's shown up in the show...you can create your own villains with which to threaten the welfare of Equestria! I'd consider it a challenge to see if you can create a character that could even entice all six of the Elements of Harmony to join your roleplay to defeat your villain as part of a great story! But try to keep it worth playing and fun. New Technologies This post will likely be shorter than the last, for some really simple reasons. We've seen some new technologies crop up in Equestria as of Season Two, and we'd just like to remind people that roleplay in Equestria is not supposed to be about the technology, it's about the ponies. The technology that appears is generally only there to assist the story and add 'color', but it shouldn't be specifically about the technology itself. Take the Ponyville Express, for example. We saw the train crop up in Season One, but it was handled kind of awkwardly. SInce Season Two, it's taken on it's own 'character' in a way, and we see that it has real steam technology, and even is powered by coal. This makes a lot of possibilities about technology that can be used in the roleplay based on this simple exposition of 'how things work', but we remind folks that this is a more primitive world than ours, and everything should be based around those simpler ideas. Does this mean steam powered technology is main stream? Yes, in a way it does. But keep in mind that where it can be pony powered, it will likely be pony powered, since ponies tend to keep things simpler. They would much rather not put a pony out of a job with mechanization if they can help it, except for tasks that would be considered too dangerous or gruelling. Consider when Applejack was running the cherry sorting machine, for example, which could have been run by a waterfall instead, or a steam engine. It's simple, it keeps a pony employed, and for a pony who's joy is being fit and strong, Applejack or other characters of her type are perfect for that machine. Stuff like that is perfectly fine. However, it'd be nonsensical to have ponies running a generator 24/7 for electricity, so hydroelectric dams and such are more reasonable, and that's where the one outside of Ponyville comes in. Instead of inventing a machine that takes a job or task away from a pony that would otherwise be perfect for it, try to see about making a pony who's job it is to perform that task. Every pony needs a job, and it's much better to have a pony doing it than to hand it off to a machine. We have Flim and Flam to thank for that. Going forward, we will likely see other things, such as resurgence of AIrships, and such. Pinkie's Party cannon and her welcome wagon are great examples of a persistent 'technology' with a specific purpose that may come up in the future. We'd like to remind folks about what was just said above, and remember to make their stories about the ponies in them, not about how fantastic a machine can be invented for a singular purpose, except if the story is to be about overcoming that machine. Perhaps a pony invents a machine that can cut down trees faster than manual labor, but it turns out that by doing so it's threatening the wellbeing of the forest or otherwise goes out of control and results in ponies having to work together to stop it before disaster strikes. Just a few ideas, but at its heart, it should really be about the story. The same goes for other unusual concepts, like Minecarts, and cranes. New Abilities This one will be even simpler than the technology bit. We know that Celestia and Luna are supposed to be the two most powerful ponies in all of Equestria. But Cadence's appearance and Chrysalis's suggest that there are other ponies out there with varying levels of power and abilities that have yet been untapped. Nightmare Moon is a classic example of a villain that threatens the very existence of Equestria, and I'd be sure to say that Season Three will likely bring about another Crisis as part of the season just as the last two have. I look forward to it, as well! Let's address the two new characters we've been introduced at the end of season two. I'll start first with Cadence, and move on to Chrysalis. Cadence is, of course, an alicorn, and evidently another niece of Princess Celestia. This means that Princess Cadence is likely of the same strain of power, but the last episodes of Season Two have given us pretty much the extent of her power. She only seems to be able to influence the power of love between characters, and this is actually a little bit dangerous. Unlike Celestia, who's main role seems to be to come in and pretty much be the hard stop when things are getting out of hand (As infrequent as she's been seen to do it, passing it off to Twilight and her Friends), Cadence is of a much lower caliber of alicorn than her aunt. She's most likely not as physically strong (As seen with the minecart scene, but her previous appearances during her babysitting sequences suggest the same) as Celestia and Luna, and her magic isn't particularily mind-blowingly powerful. Only with Shining Armor was she able to bolster his magic to allow him to cast the single spell that he was best suited for, but on her own she's otherwise pretty weak. This is unusual in that it has somewhat broken the hard and fast rule that all alicorns are super powerful, but that's to be expected as she doesn't even have the same kind of 'niche' to fill as Celestia and Luna, and as such, her powers wouldn't really have as much the same place. However, this also means that Cadence -is- playable by the general public. But let's take Chrysalis as another example. She's also technically an alicorn, though by her very appearance, she's more like an insect than a regular alicorn. She's got a horn and wings, but she's the first appearance of a type of Flutter Pony we have seen as yet. She's like the Queen of a Bee Hive, and her 'subjects' are more akin to monsters than playable characters, and so we've decided that at this time they're not going to be appable. Chrysalis, like Cadence, doesn't seem to have much in the way of Celestia-caliber power, yet we've seen that one of her most significant strengths is the ability to feed off of love, and turn that into a powerful weapon she can use against Equestria's most powerful of ponies. Yet she was defeatable by that same power, when it was used appropriately, by Shining Armor and Cadence together. This is very similar to how the Elements of Harmony worked against Discord. This is why she's considered unplayable by the general public, but she -will- be allowable for special events, just as Discord and other powerful monsters will be. For my take on Chrysalis's subjects, see this post lower in this thread. --------------------------------- I hope this explanation helps folks understand where things are and where they're likely to go! If you have any questions, please by all means, feel free to post your comments and concerns!
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