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  1. From the album: OC Art

    I created a character as a background pony for a recent picture I drew, with this same cutie mark. I liked it so much that I decided to make another, entirely new character, which turned into this Earth Pony who's been tentatively named Moonshine. Much like with Starlit Shimmer, I tried to give her a very glossy and shimmering look...though, I think I went overboard with the highlighting. Makes her look almost white instead of a shimmering silver. I'll probably try playing around with colors later, make her a darker silver, and maybe change her hair color to ashen or black. But still, I like how she turned out. Dunno if I actually want to app her, or just give her design up for adoption or something else, though.
  2. From the album: OC Art

    When designing OCs, I tend to have one idea or core concept that I want to turn into a pony. Inkbrand (the forum where he was first created) was designed to contrast the myriad sunshine and rainbow-y characters I was RPing with. Yuri was created with the idea of 'nice' not being equatable to 'right'. Fabled Archives was made around the idea of a pony's looks being entirely unfitting for their special talent. Lani was drawn up and apped because I wanted brighter and more vivid colors amongst my OCs. That's it. That's all. She's actually a redraw of the very first picture I uploaded in this gallery, of a random unicorn I drew to test out a color scheme that I ended up really liking. I did say I might app her eventually - which is what I did, though I reimagined her into a tropical island type pony. I'm honestly not sure if I'm actually going to RP her at all - I literally have no ideas about her at all - but her job was to add color to my OC roster, so...I feel accomplished anyways!
  3. From the album: OC Art

    I was actually trying to make a simplistic picture for Lani's banner that will eventually go up in my character log, and it morphed into...this. Lani's ferociously enthusiastic fire dancing practice. For her banner, I'll probably end up taking out the fire and highlighting, and maybe change the expression to make it seem like Lani is just experience a pretty intense yawn and stretching session. Fire and ember brushes don't belong to me.
  4. From the album: OC Art

    This little doodle stems from a pony art spree I went on a little while ago, trying to get some ideas for pony clothing. Unfortunately, I didn't get much inspiration, because the vast majority of pictures I found featured only one article of clothing. There were socks, everywhere. I honestly don't understand the fascination with ponies wearing stocks or stockings (I'm not nocking it, just don't understand it), which is what prompted this picture. It also gave me a chance to redo Fem!Inkbrand again, since the first rendition was...okay, but the actual execution of that drawing was just terrible. *burns old picture* On an unrelated note, I feel like I'm starting to draw female ponies better. At least making their faces look more feminine than the way I draw stallions. Progress!
  5. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Strawberry Jam Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Blue (#115986) Coat: Pink (#EA88AC) Mane/Tail: Bright pink with a white stripe (#FF9DFF / #FFFFFF) Physique: Average for an Earth Pony, she wears a set of purple earrings. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Owner of Jams & Jellies, a small shop that specializes in strawberry jam, though does sell jams and some jelly desserts using other fruits as well. Cutie Mark: Jar of Jam with a Strawberry on it. She never had much of a talent for cooking full meals, but had a passion for food nonetheless. After many experiments gone wrong, she settled on making jams from the leftovers of an unsuccessful fruit-based meal. After finding she enjoyed this more, she eventually got her cutie mark in jam making. Unique Traits: Can tell when a fruit is at the perfect ripeness for making it into a jam. History: Born in Manehattan, she lived a relatively unimpressive life until she got her cutie mark. After realizing her talent for jam making would go nowhere in the big city, she moved in with her aunts in Trottingham. There she spent her days learning how to make jams, wine, and various other foods using fruit. Once she was old enough to set out on her own, she started selling her own jams at various events throughout Canterlot. A few years of doing this got her enough savings to open up a small standalone shop of her own in Ponyville. She now runs the shop “Jams & Jellies”, selling strawberry based jams (Strawberry always was her favorite), jellies, and other various goods made with all sorts of fruits. Character Personality: Upbeat and cheerful, Strawberry Jam is always happy to meet new ponies, especially if it means she can further expand her small business. She can sometimes be a bit slow to realize when somepony is avoiding a particular topic, and will over-apologize when she makes a mistake. She loves talking about fruit, and while her main talent lies in Jam making, any kind of preparation that involves fruit and sugar will hold her interest. She’s quick to jump at learning new ways to prepare fruit, even if trying new things not jam related isn’t her strong suit. Character Summary: Strawberry Jam is an upbeat and cheerful pony who runs a small shop, Jams & Jellies, out of Ponyville. She’s particularly skilled in making Strawberry Jam, but enjoys preparing fruits in all sorts of sweet ways.
  6. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Barbera Grape Gender: Female Age: Filly (about CMC age) Species: Earth Pony Eye color: #209c3c Coat: #d06d87 Mane/Tail: Styled naturally, similar to Cheerilee's manestyle but messier. #4d4aad Physique: Average Residence: She lives in her family's vineyard that's in the Roundbottom Hills. Occupation: Viticulturist in training. She helps out around her family's vineyard. Cutie Mark: A dark-purple grape bunch on its side. [ Work in Progress ] Unique Traits: Barbera is very good at growing and caring for plants, especially grapes. History: Barbera Grape is the daughter of two earth pony parents. Her father is Fiano Grape, a noted viticulturist and oenologist, and her mother is Orchard Lily. She has a younger brother named Cortese Grape. The Grape family originally hails from Itaily. However, Barbera's grandparents moved out west to the Roundbottom Hills a couple of decades ago and bought the land that became the family Vineyard. Barbera grew up in the vineyard, exploring the fields and having fun, usually with her younger brother close in tow behind her. They'd have all sorts of adventures, chasing each other through the fields or playing a prank on one of the farmhands. [ Work in Progress ] Character Personality: Curious and friendly, Barbera loves to meet new ponies. She loves to learn about other ponies' lives and make new friends. She can be a chatterbox at times, and it is easy to get her rambling about various subjects. Especially when it's a subject she cares about. She is extremely curious about the world around her, and she likes to learn new things and read about various topics. Barbera is also very distractable, and when in conversation, she can go off into tangents about Celestia-knows-what. However, she is aware of this, and she's usually is quick with an apology whenever she catches herself doing it. She also has a good sense of humor and is quick with a joke or jab whenever the situation presents itself. Although, she only does it in good fun and doesn't mean to insult or belittle anypony. Character Summary: A friendly young viticulturist filly who loves to talk and laugh.
  7. Name: Caramel Corn Gender: Female Age: Filly Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Pale purple Character Color: A caramel orange Mane/Tail: Her mane is messy and spiky, puffing out from her head a bit and reaching down to her back even with some of it pulled into a ponytail. It is mostly a magenta color, though around the area of her left eye it is purple. This purple area includes an inner part of the ponytail and extends a bit down her neck. Her tail is relatively short, and is similarly spiky like her mane. It also shares the same colors, with the purple being the interior and the magenta outlining it. Physique: She tends to be shorter than other fillies her age, but she makes up for it by being strong. She has the kind of strength that comes with growing up on a farm, and she likes to maintain it even when there’s not as much work to help out with. She also has freckles on her face. Residence: School of Friendship. Originally from her family’s farm near Bittsburgh. Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: She does not have her mark yet. Unique Traits: Aspiring Mechanic; She has always been interested in how things worked, and would often take apart stuff and try to put them back together. History: Growing up in the Corn family, Caramel was the middle child of three, though she was actually the firstborn of her father. Not that she knew that her older sister was only a half-sibling, or that it mattered that much. It was a happy life, and a busy one with all the farmwork to help out with. Whenever she had free time, she would tend to hang out by herself, reading or trying to figure out the mechanisms of their more complex tools. Once her older sister left, things got a bit more lonely around the house, and she ended up drawing more into herself, only really interacting with the rest of her family. Worried about the solitude, her mother eventually sent her off to the Friendship School in Ponyville to try and get her more friends. And bonus, she would be closer to her sister! Personality: She is a friendly pony when she gets to know someone, but being an introvert means it can be difficult to get to that point. She is very curious about how things work, and tends to try and figure them out by herself. She is very chill, not very likely to get angry at others.
  8. Roleplay Type: WoE Cast Name: First Base Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Teal Coat: Orange Mane/Tail: Dark Teal Physique: Average athletic Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship Cutie Mark: A baseball bat and a baseball Unique Traits: First Base is gifted with good hoof-eye coordination, especially when it pertains to playing sports. First Base has become infatuated with a new sport new to ponies in which you hit a ball with a stick and run around bases to score points. He is really good at starting new projects. He has good ideas and knows how to execute them. Because of how forward thinking he is, he is often one step ahead of others in conversation. As he grew up, his talent has allowed him to have confidence to talk to others, more than average ponies. He is socially attractive. History: First Base grew up in Ponyville and was classmates with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. He was often a follower in the class, echoing the majority rule in the circle of friends. He got his cutie mark one day when teasing a friend. They were playing a friendly game of keep-away. When the ball was thrown towards him, he picked up a tree branch and hit the ball far into the other direction. The friend attempting to get the ball was so playfully furious that he started chasing after him. First Base ran as fast as he could and without looking tripped over a sandbag. His leg was hurt but when he inspected his sprain, he noticed his cutie mark had appeared. When he finished foal academy, his parents decided he should attend the School of Friendship. There, he would attempt to excel at sports and apply himself for the hoofball teams and other athletic activities. He does not have a fillyfriend, but feels he could get one at any time because of his confidence. Character Personality: First Base is an excellent pony to meet on first impression. He is quick to please and has an infectious attitude. He motivates others when he is trying to help them to succeed. When given a task, even one that is non-sport related, he has a knack for getting a good start on what needs to be done. However, he has a hard time finishing things. Where he lacks mostly is long-term motivation and discipline. He can concentrate on a single task for only so long before he loses productivity, loses interest, and attempts to jump start another new venture to his musing. His fleeting attitude in the end game of certain tasks can sometimes be off-putting to others trying to finish what he started. He is very firm in his initial decisions, but can sometimes be fickle in his future contemplation. He has horrible follow-through and is sometimes hard to rely on for projects that last longer than a few days. Character Summary: First Base is a young stallion trying to learn about friendship as he continues to age in the town he was born in. He is easy to make friends with, but is not very good at keeping those friends. He is average intelligence but makes up for his basic mentality with strong determination and motivation that can infect others around him. He can gallop a quick 40 meter dash, but has never completed a running of the leaves. He is attractive for his age, but does not often hold a deep, meaningful conversation very well. Foal Young Stallion, student at Frienship School Full grown stallion
  9. Granola Gracie walked up to the farmhouse of Sweet Apple Acres. The sun had just set and the remaining ambient skylight was reflecting off the wet garbage along the orchard path from the week's long cider festivities. It had been a couple days since the cider rush had died down, but Granola figured the apples were prioritizing inventory before they clean up the farm. Applejack always ran a tight orchard. She visited the farm this evening in order to finally pitch to her tree-loving neighbor a new apple seed. Granola was a botanist. She loved caring for plants and flowers but also enjoyed investigating new species of fauna and even resurrecting lost plants from the ages. Recently she happened upon a discovery that would lead her down the path of possibly inventing a new species of apple. And she couldn't think of another pony that would be more helpful on this task. The brown earth pony gallantly and with a smile, knocked on the door to the farmhouse. Hopefully, Applejack was not too tired to meet with her.
  10. Name: Starry “Terry” Carnival Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: A pale green Character Color: Mostly a dark reddish-brown, with light brown parts at the ends of his legs and along the top of his face. Mane/Tail: His mane is a mowhawk that’s mostly swept towards the back. There’s also a long braid coming off the left side that goes down past his chest. His tail is simply balled up and kept close to his body. Both are a sort of rainbow of pastel colors, though it’s really just light blue, pink, and a pale yellow repeating. Physique: He is a well-built stallion, with the kind of body you get from just regular exercise to keep in shape, though it’s a bit further as he likes to build his speed and strength through the kind of training boxers do. He is of average height. Residence: Milky Way Inn in Las Pegasus Occupation: Stage magician and co-owner of the Milky Way Inn. Cutie Mark: A wand with a trail coming off of it in a spiral. To him it’s all about his skill at performing magic tricks and making ponies happy. He earned it on his first performance. It was a smallish crowd, at a school talent show, but as soon as he got up on that stage he knew it was wanted to do. That desire was only cemented as he pulled off a card trick and the crowd applauded, wondering how an earth pony like him was doing it. As he was taking a bow at the end, happy he could put on an enjoyable show, the mark appeared and made him even happier. Unique Traits: Sleight of Hoof; In his training to do magic tricks without actual magic, he got really good at misdirection to hide quick hoof-movements to get everything in place for his tricks. Outfit; He tends to wear a simple white button-up type shirt with a pale gold vest and matching bow-tie. Pet Rabbit; He doesn’t use animals in his act all that much, but when he does it is usually his pet rabbit Sandy. She is a black rabbit. Boxing Training; Terry doesn’t like to fight, but he recognizes it is sometimes necessary, so he trained to fight using nothing but his body, and sometimes what he can find nearby, depending. History: Starry Carnival was born to a couple of earth ponies in the circus, though he doesn’t really remember them at all. They gave him up to another couple once they realized they couldn’t raise him in the circus. He had a happy childhood with his new family though, and learned more and more about stage magic from his adoptive father, inciting an interest from an early age. He learned that he liked to be the center of attention on stage and in crowds, but also liked to live the quiet life of not having that many others around. Eventually he found his happy medium when he met the cow Leche on the streets of Las Pegasus. He saved her inn financially in exchange for co-ownership, and has helped run the place ever since. A place for those that don’t want to stay in the big resorts or those that can’t. Personality: Terry is a friendly pony, he just wants to live a happy, peaceful life of running the inn, performing shows, and playing cards. He can sometimes be a bit flirty with either gender, but generally he’s just nice and welcoming. He’s not likely to turn anyone away unless they’re looking to cause trouble, and he’s more likely to seek out a peaceful solution before trying anything more physical. Summary: A friendly-enough guy, even if he does cheat at cards sometimes, and one that’ll gladly welcome you to his inn as long as things stay peaceful.
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Starry Void Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Purple Coat: Light Brown Mane/Tail: black with purple streak Physique: Average, a little on the small side for an earth pony Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Thaumaturge Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: Aura manipulation using Magitech, Random hallucinations from studying forbidden magic... questionable grasp on sanity... Personal Quotes: "There is something out there... in the darkest space between the stars where even the Gods dare not look. Its out there, and I found it... and it found me" "There is such a thing as Forbidden Knowledge. Things that ponies were not meant to know. To know them comes at a high cost" "Spiders! Spiders! They're Everywhere! Run!!!" History: Ever since he was a young colt, Starry Void was obsessed with grand magic. Even when his parents, teachers, and anyone else tried to explain to him that his magic was tied to the earth and nothing else, he refused to listen and kept searching, knowing deep in his soul that there had to be something else out there - when anypony could use special artifacts or devices to manipulate magic without a horn, he was sure that there was more to the world than what they perceived. Once night, while looking through his telescope at the sky at night, specifically the darkest parts where no stars could be seen, he saw... something... he couldn't explain what exactly it was, and first thought maybe he imagined it or that there must have been a smudge on his telescope's lens. He cleaned the telescope intently and looked again at the same spot. He saw it again, clearer this time, but still so fleeting that he could not clearly explain what he saw... or what he felt upon seeing it... it was almost like something in that darkness looked back at him, looked deep inside of him... it was a strange almost icky feeling, like a taint on his very soul... but it intrigued him, he had to know more! The next day, he went to the Canterlot library and researched everything he could, but something deep inside him... that same place eh felt the presence before and its... residue? it told he he wouldn't find anything relevant here... he wished he could look in the forbidden archives, feeling like the answer would surely be there, but he didn't have anywhere near the rank (or bits...) to get into there, so he left. But on the way home, he was inexplicably drawn to a curio shop - someplace he had never seen before, in a back alley not far from the library. It was here that he made his way to an old book that seemed to call to him... strangely it seemed mostly blank except for some strange writing in the beginning, but he knew if he studied it, he would find his answer. Thus, his fate was sealed. Character Personality: Energetic, Quirky, Paranoid, Excitable, these are all words that describe Void well. His heart is often in the right place, but his unstable and corrupted mind doesn't always clearly see what he needs to do in a given situation, sometimes with disastrous (or even hilarious) results... Character Summary: Void is a rare find, an earth pony who, through the use of Thaumaturgy, has learned to manipulate the magic aura itself using specialized tools and extract magical essence from the world around him which he can then infuse into special objects using his ritual altar to give them great power. However, going against the natural order like this has taken a tole on his sanity. Often he starts screaming about "The mists! They're after me again!" or "Spiders! Everywhere" occasionally even complaining that "Its too bright! I'm going to burn up!" though these usually pass quick enough. He has also been known to mutter strange things in an unknown language that just seems... wrong... on a deep, primal, level. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said "If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you" Image: (Sorry for the poor quality image/edit... very much not a graphics artist)
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Brassy Hammer Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: Gray Mane/Tail: Red/Orange Physique: Very Strong (She's a smith, she can practically tear trees in half) Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Resident blacksmith of E.V.I.L.'s base Cutie Mark: Large Smith's Hammer Crossed with Tongs Unique Traits: Formerly a notorious sellsword, she now forges/repairs weapons and armor for Team E.V.I.L. History: Growing up the only foal to a blacksmith, Brassy spent her youth learning the craft. Unfortunately, her father has the misfortune of repairing a sword for a dishonest and cheap pony who first refused to pay, then killed the smith in cold blood. Seeing her father's fate, brassy took a warhammer from the forge and went after the murderer. She tracked him for several weeks and in her broken state, didn't even give him a chance to defend himself, smashing his skull in with her warhammer the first chance she got. Unfortunately he had associates who heard of this, and by the time brassy returned home, they had made sure there was no home to return to, having burned everything made of wood and shattered everything made of stone, even managing to somehow split her anvil in two. So, seeing as she dealt with her father's death by seeking vengeance, Brassy set out with the same goal in mind... her broken mind deciding she rather liked killing - she liked the rush of power knowing she got to choose whether her enemy lived or died, and she became quite infamous across the land, often being called 'bloody hammer' or 'crimson hammer' by those slightly more cultured. In time, this life caught up with her though, she made many enemies and no allies. She was on the verge of ending not only her career but her own life when she was approached by E.V.I.L. - offering her a safe place to resume her smithing duties, free of persecution and protected from the law from her past crimes. She accepted and has been crafting and repairing weapons and armor (mostly forgeries of solar/lunar armor) to this day. Character Personality: Strong, Prideful, but usually cheery. Brassy seems like a typical smith, loving the forge and working metal, always eager to please her customers... but unlike a normal smith she'll also gladly recount her days as a sellsword... While she is slow to anger, that anger burns as hot as her forge, so its best not to tempt her, she didn't earn the name "bloody hammer" for nothing... Character Summary: Former Mercenary and psychopath, time has mellowed out most of Brassy's bloodlust, and she regrets is, though only because it impacted her ability to run a smithy and live a normal life. She now smiths for E.V.I.L. and dreams of a day she might get to walk in the sun again.
  13. Name: Forged Horseshoe Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Olive Green Coat: Light Green Mane/Tail: Both are “spikes style”, not so long and with dark green color. Physique: Although thin and small, he has some muscles, because of using a forging hammer in his work and other heavy stuff. He has a small dot in the right side of the face, near the chin. He also has scars of nitric acid burnt in both front legs. Nitric acid is used to reveal the steel and iron microsctructures at microscope and to give superficial finish in steel and iron objects. Residence: He lives in the residential area of Ponyville. A simple and residence with not much glamour, except by the metallic furniture and minerals used as ornament. It has a great open area beside, with lots of metallurgical and mining equipments where he often work. Occupation: He has a Horseshoe store with general smithing services located in the commercial area of Ponyville. He also forge and repairs armors when a guard or others request the service. He do expeditions to mine ores whenever he needs to forge his products. Cutie Mark: His cute mark is a horseshoe and a forging hammer right of it. How he got it: When he was young he frequently asked his father, Cast Horseshoe, to teach him how to work in metals and horseshoes or to watch him working. Forged Horseshoe was always interested in father’s profession, and many times traveled with him in ore expeditions. There was a day that he broke his horseshoe, and his father wasn’t home. He decided, audaciously and joyful try to repair it alone. Usually this is not safe to young foals, cause needs high temperatures oven and heavy tools, but he felt secure cause of watching his father doing it a lot of times. First he used a blowtorch to join the two cracked parts melting them locally, after he took it to the coal oven over around 500ºC for some hours. He didn’t know why he must do it, but he did cause his father always did like this. After it cooled down, he put in his hoof and tested, in this moment his cutie mark appeared. When his father got home and saw the cutie mark, asked how he got it, so he told the story. His father got surprised about it, and then started to teach him deeply the art of metallurgy. Unique Traits: He is able to work with almost all kinds of metal found in Equestria, but he can’t work with enchanted metals and objects, unless using proper tools that he don’t have. He is able to mine lots of kinds of ores, and use them to obtain useable metals. He knows to work some with acids and chemical mixes, make fire and useful products. He’s able to build machines, tools and gadgets. Due to his work, can walk long distances carrying medium weight getting just little tired. History: Forged Horseshoe born in Ponyville and haven’t met his mother, she went away when he was very young. Since very young his father, Cast Horseshoe, have teach him metallurgy, and prepared him to take on his business of selling horseshoes and general metallurgy services. Someday a letter arrived for his father, requesting a service in the earth of the dragons, and this letter had an royal stamp. Due to the nature of the request his father could not refuse the request, and said that he could spent much time out, but would come back. What happened is that he didn’t come back til nowadays, and has 2 years since he didn’t come back. Forged Horseshoe don’t know much details of this story, but plan someday to go to the earth of the dragons try to discover where is his father or what happened with him. Since his father left, he assumed his business and is diving deeper into metallurgy. He become the best metallurgist of Ponyville and dream of become the Royal Smith, and work in the Castle of Canterlot, doing armors and weapons to the royal guard. Character Personality: Forged Horseshoe is very curious and has a great thirst of knowledge. Although his profession, he is likeable and kind. Is a little obsessed about his areas of interest, and use to spent much time with them. He’s the nerd kind, and use to make friends like this. He many times use complex words and technical description of things, even when it’s not necessary or annoy other ponies. He admire a lot Princess Twilight and her knowledge, and have a little crush on her. He likes adventures, although often not have the guts for it. Don’t get along well with animals in general, he prefers machines and gadgets. He’s a little messy, and so his house. Loves fine coffees and chocolates. He usually get bored easy and is a little impatient. He likes a lot science in general, but have no interest in magic. Character Summary: Smith and Metallurgist pony, that make and sells horseshoes in a store. Want to find his father and to become a Royal Smith. He’s nerd kind, but like to do friends.
  14. ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Alizarin FruitsNicknames: Ali, Miss. Fruits Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Younger MareSpecies: Earth PonySexual Orientation: She isn't sure. (Definitely bisexual) ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: Green that gradients into teal. Character Color: Dark brown with cream markings on her hooves and face. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a deep red, always up with buns using a green ribbon. Physique: Ali is very short, like a runt. Though, she is fit from working in the fields. Extra: She always has her green ribbon on her chest, and maybe has a saddle bag on her back. Cutie Mark: Description: Red grapes, an apple, and a strawberry, indicating her talent for growing red fruits, and the sweet touch of her family's trust. Story: One faithful day, Ali's father asked her to sell some fruits outside of Ponyville by herself, to see if her selling skills were actually good without him to help. Of course Ali accepted, wanting to make sure her dad trusted her with this easy work, and ended up goin' to Cantorlot to sell her high class fruits. Most of the ponies stuck their noses up at such 'normal' foods being sold their, and Ali was kind of saddened by no pony wanting to eat her delicious red fruit. Finally, a nice stallion trotted on by and asked if they were good. Ali nodded her head aggressively with a large smile on her face, handing him a freshly grown strawberry to taste for free. He took a big bite, and soon his face melted in the sweet taste of the fruit. Other ponies saw this, and all huddled over to the little filly, greeting them all and selling every single fruit on her cart. On her way home, she was excited to tell her pop the great news. When she got there, her smile was huge as she told him everything. Her father was so proud of her, little Ali got the biggest hug of her life. Then a flash appeared on her flank, a trio of red fruits. These represented her talent of selling and growing fruit, but also her sweet and trustful relationship with her family. ~Outside Information~ Family: Dad (Earth Pony): Vermilion Fruits, Mom (Earth Pony): Violet Fruits Occupation: Red Fruit Farmer/Traveler Residence: A very small farm off of Ponyville. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Rude, brash, straight forward, and grumpy, Alizarin isn't a pony to mess with. She generally doesn't like the idea of friendship, or any relationships in general. It's just her, her dad, and her fruits. Ali is very dedicated to her work, selling the most top notch red fruits on the market. She's a very hard worker, and it's rare to see her out of her job. Ali has a lack of trust, with anything really. She only depends on herself to take care of situations, even if she does need help. She's rather stubborn and close minded. But, the one pony she loves dearly is her dad, and she'd do anything for him. She never shows her softer side, which can be very present if creatures got her to trust them. That's just very rare. Ali is dark, mood wise. She's all around a little grump. It's rare to see her smile, but it can happen if she's emotionally driven enough. She hides her emotions, and trusts her mind way too much to make decisions. Ali is still very outgoing, to her work only, and travels a lot of places to sell her delicious and home grown fruits. She's very passionate in what she creates. Though she is a grump, she truly misses having friends. Unique Traits: First of all, being a farm girl, Ali has a very thick country accent that she got from her father. Ali is very strong, physically, even for her small stature. She can carry a big cart full of fruit for hours on end. She is very quick to answer bad situations, and follows her mind more than anything else. Most of her decisions are made by using facts. It's easy for her to get out of a situation. History: Being born bright and early on a spring morning, a very small earth pony was born in the hooves of her mother and father. The bouncing baby girl was a happy little thing, always wanting attention and smiling whenever she got the chance. Growing up she was always like that, wanting to help her family grow their fruits on their very small farm. The little filly wanted to make it known that her family grew the 'best gosh-darn fruits y'all ever tasted!' She was a daddy's girl, and followed him around everywhere. Her mother, on the other hoof, was very distant with her family. After Ali was born, her pop-pop noticed his wife become very quiet and alone. Soon they would start bickering over dumb things, like who was going to scrap the weeds off the plants, and finally Vermilion's wife snapped at him. They fought hard now, and lil' 'ol Ali was left in the hallway of their barn, terrified of all the commotion happening within her purity. The little filly had never seen such hatred before. She didn't even know half the words that were being thrown about, but they sounded mean. Ali was scared. After the fighting stopped, Ali's mama drove straight into her room and packed her things. Ali was confused, and felt herself crying, as her pop scooped her up and put her to bed. Ever since her momma left, Ali never really trusted anypony ever again. She promised herself she would never be emotionally scarred like her father was after that. She was really just scared of somepony else leaving her. To avoid being like her mamma though, she followed in her dad's hoof steps and continued living on the family business, even meeting a special mare (cough cough Golden Daze). She secretly wants somepony else besides her pop, but is a hard head to avoid emotions. After her mom left, her cousin Fruit Juice was born, and honestly, Ali was incredibly excited to have another pony in the family. Her and Juice ended up getting really close, though Ali hates to admit it. Now Ali helps run her family's little farm, being a small grump. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Alizarin is a grumpy, hard working pony that travels around to sell her family's fruits. A simple pony on the outside, an emotional mess on the inside. It's hard for her to crack a smile, but it's possible.
  15. Name: Tiger Blood Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Golden. Character Color: Light reddish-brown with reddish-black markings. Mane/Tail: Both are rather short and simple, the mane a sort of short mohawk that falls to one side and the tail kept in a kind of bun. Both are a sort of dark gray, perhaps with a bit of purple in the mix. Physique: Making his job and life fighting, he has a well-muscled physique, though it’s also lean, built for defense through dodging more than blocking. He has a few scars on his face, mostly some across his nose and one across his right eye. Thankfully, this did not cause any damage to the actual eye. Aside from that, there are various markings imitating zebra stripes on his back and chin, as well as a tribal design circling the top of his right foreleg. Residence: Beakbreak City Occupation: Guard, fighter. Cutie Mark: A black paw pad design with red lines imitating scratches coming off the claws. To him this represents his ability to fight and win, no matter what happens. He earned his mark one fateful day while exploring the wilds of his home country. He ran into a wild animal out there that did not take kindly to his presence. After a tough battle, in which he earned multiple scars including the one over his eye, he emerged victorious and returned home having proved himself. He hadn’t even noticed the mark appearing until he made it home. Unique Traits: Training- Over the years, he has had extensive training in multiple areas, though mostly fighting. Well, as extensive as it gets where he’s from. Fighting Style- He fights mostly with spears or his own body, usually preferring to fight fair, at least initially. If he feels he is losing, or he doesn’t feel like playing around, he is not above fighting dirty to win. Throwing sand in the eyes, hitting below the belt, everything is fair game to him. Outfit- His typical outfit is really just a pair of simple light brown pants with hoof coverings on his back hooves. Finishing off the ensemble is a necklace of animal teeth he knocked out during fights. History: Born and raised in a small settlement in Hesperia’s borders, his life was anything but boring. The town featured a small arena of sorts, and was the origin of a couple of famous combatants. Between his parents, both hunters and protectors, and the rest of the fighters in the town, he learned many lessons on the field of combat. Even from a young age, he excelled at it, especially when fighting bare-hooved and with spears, and he ended up with an undefeated streak for a long time. The only one who seemed to get close, and consequently posed the greatest challenge, was his younger brother. He even managed to best Tiger one day, and from that point on they traded places on the leaderboard almost every time they faced off against each other. Eventually though, a wanderlust awakened inside him, leading him to leave home as soon as he could and make his way across the country, and some of the world, until he settled for Equestria and the city of Beakbreak. He relished the challenge of sparring against dragons, and being a guard payed the bills. Personality: Brash, egotistical, loud-mouthed, all words that could be used to describe him. They are not all he is though, he is also rather hard-working and loyal, a friendly guy. He’d rather break up a fight by taking on both sides by himself, let them get their anger out while giving him some excitement. Etiquette is something of a mystery to him, he’ll address a princess the same way as any other mare he meets.
  16. From the album: Mal's art!

    'nother OC, this one an older one that I redrew some months back.
  17. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Passion Pure Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: White Mane/Tail: Big is in style this season. Passion's blonde mane and tail are both as full and fluffy as they can possibly be without adding in such things as obnoxious curls. Physique: Sleek and athletic is the way to be for Passion. She exercises constantly to keep her body in the best shape possible, never allowing even a single pinch of flab to form on her flank. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Matchmaker/Relationship Coach Cutie Mark: Passion's cutie mark is one large pink heart with two smaller pink hearts to the right of the larger one. Unique Traits: Passion has the uncanny ability to find love, even if only fleeting, for everypony but herself. History: Much of Passion's life has remained painfully uneventful. She took up her strict regimen of self-care from a young age and her parents assumed that she'd eventually find her way to working in or perhaps even owning a salon or a gym of some creation. What actually happened was incredibly surprising to all who knew her other than Passion herself. As her parents' marriage began to crumble destructively around the family, a willingness to bind her family closer welled up from within Passion slowly over time. One fateful night, as her parents neared the end, Passion had finally had enough and used her voice in an attempt to make her parents realize how much they really loved each other. Her words, though she was still young, rang true and the relationship was mended and saved little by little. It was then that she got her cutie mark and her love for what would become her future profession. Nowadays she works on the fly, randomly matching ponies on the street she thinks would be perfect for one another while also taking requests to find that perfect pony by those lonely few. If she's not browsing the market or looking for that next perfect match, she's probably at home exercising her fool head off or getting a good mane styling session in. Character Personality: Mildly self-centered, it would be difficult to come up with any way to convince Passion to get herself dirty or to mar her flawless mane and coat in any way outside of life or death emergencies. She can also be incredibly brave or ridiculously cowardly depending on just how threatened she's feeling and if there's somepony she wants to impress involved. Passion is a firm believer in the idea that love is an even stronger power than friendship, but she lacks the motivation or actual know-how to prove her theories as anything more than the occasional grandstanding speech. That doesn't really stop her from voicing her opinion. When it actually comes to real friendships, however, Passion keeps her bonds strong. There isn't anything that can convince her to give up on a friend once made. She wouldn't be much of a love pony if she wasn't fiercely loyal, after all. Character Summary: Passion is all about realizing the true power of a true and passionate love and will do almost anything to find it. At first glance it may seem as though Passion puts herself before all else... and perhaps sometimes that's true, but when push comes to shove she can be the friendliest and most loyal pony in the entire world. Just... don't touch her mane or her tail, alright? Image:
  18. Roleplay Type: Main RpName: CaoimheSex: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: Earth ponyEye colour: GoldenCoat: Chocolate brown with white on his belly, in his ears, and at the bottom of his hoovesMane/Tail: his mane is in medium length, and has black, and light blonde color mixed in, with a medium length matching tailPhysique: Caoimhe is a tall pony with a stocky build and moderate muscles Residence: Fet LochOccupation: Farmer/ sheep herder Cutie Mark: Mountain with a dirt trail winding around it down to the base and out and a compass in the middle of the mountain. As a young colt Caoimhe loved hiking in the mountains, and taking in the sights from way up high. as a young colt he often wandered the harsh terrain alone, either for his free time or looking for a lost sheep, and learned to know his way around the steep mountains and wilderness. As a young colt, one day a sheep had gotten loose from the pasture and wandered off. He was given responsibility from his parents to watch over the flock for the day, and he feared he would be in trouble for letting one wander off. Taking it upon himself Caoimhe took off looking for this sheep. Wandering the mountain sides up and down for several hours in search of this sheep. Wandering down into the woods below he eventually found the sheep in the thick woods. By this time night was falling, and he realized he to was lost and far from home. Using landmarks and natural features he was able to find his way back home and return the sheep and himself to safety once more. Unique Traits: Caoimhe is a hard working stallion, and over the years of herding sheep through the rough mountainside has given him a rather high stamina, and can run or do labor intensive work for long periods of times. It has also proven to give him a knack for navigating the wilderness and finding his way without a map or compass using nothing but landmarks and natural features. He is also really good at herding sheep, even doing so alone at times. He has a rather calm demeanor and is good at keeping ponies calm and avoiding conflicts. History: Caoimhe was born in the highlands of Fet Loch in a small stone cottage on the mountain side with his parents Allaway and brèagha. From a foal He grew up on his families pasture and helped tend to the farm. Work was hard herding sheep on the mountain but the view was always worth it. His parents Allaway his father inherited the farm from his line of ancestors who had settled the land on the harsh mountain side, and his mother brèagha lived down in the lower lands of Fet Loch. Both his parents brought up Caoimhe to always be respectful and hardworking. They always treated him with fairness and love. Caoimhe still lives on his families farm to this day, and looks after his parents and the farm. In his stallion years His parents let him take over the farm so they could retire from farming, but they don't mind pitching in to help. His life can be very labor intensive, but he deems it as humble work. Caoimhe has rather simplistic goals and hopes to establish his own farm and live in a small stone cottage just like his parents someday. Character Personality: Caoimhe may be a tall stocky pony but don't let that intimidate you. He is generally a very easy going pony, and just likes to have fun. Caoimhe is a bit of a wanderer and like to travel around taking in the beautiful sights of nature. When he is in town he likes getting to meet knew ponies and making new friends. He isn't really fond of fancy or formal gathering and prefers to live a simple life. For the most part he always has a laid back attitude and easy to get along with, He is really slow to anger but if you manage to get him there he can get quite confrontational. Character Summary: Caoimhe is is a hearty stallion with a stocky build and a soft personality. He always like to find new friends and fun where ever it can be found. He is a stallion of simple tastes and dislikes the formalities of more sophisticated life styles. He is mostly a s peaceful pony and is slow to anger but can be rather aggressive if you manage to get him all worked up. All in all he is pretty relaxed pony to be around and has a sort of bubbly attitude most of the time.
  19. Name: Mint Sprig Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Baby blue Coat: A bright mint green. Mane/Tail: Her mane is a soft shade of lilac and is kept about shoulder length, though the front part of her mane is cut short to her brows to form bangs. Her tail is allowed to grow out with the occasional trim to keep it off the ground. Both her tail and mane have a natural flip to them. Physique: Mint Sprig would be considered above average than most fillies her age in height, but is otherwise completely average in every way. Residence: The Ground District of Las Pegasus Occupation: Fortune Teller Cutie Mark: A white, sparkling sphere on a golden stand. Unique Traits: Mint Sprig makes the best cup of tea of any fortune telling, mint green, lavender maned pony in Las Pegasus! But, no, really, Mint is pretty good at serving a nice brew, though she mainly does it to perform a tea leaf reading. Aside from that, she's excellent at reading other ponies and can spot a pony in need of guidance (read: customer) from a mile away! She's been capable of intuiting the mental state of even the most stone-faced of ponies, though errors can be made here and there... (Not even a cutie mark can make someone perfect, after all!) History: Mint Sprig's home and heart will always be in her hometown, Ponyville. She was born and raised there, after all! She was the oldest foal of four brothers and sisters and, as a result, spent much of her time growing up watching after them. She had her bad and good days with the extra responsibility, but Mint eventually grew to love the times she spent with her family. This became especially evident to her when everyone started growing up and moving away! Despite being the oldest, Mint Sprig ended up being the last pony to leave her parent's home and find her own place. It wouldn't be a lie to say that she hesitated on moving out for so long to try to squeeze in as many moments with her baby brothers and sisters as she could before they escaped from their smothering, overprotective big sister. But, once they had all went to greener pastures, Mint Sprig decided it was time to find a way to better use her greatest talent. When Mint Sprig was a young foal, she had an obsessive hobby with all things pseudoscience—and this didn't mean magic, either. Mint Sprig loved the stuff that had nothing to do with the very scientific use of magic and had all to do with intuition and the powers of the universe. Things like cleromancy, alectromancy, crystallomancy, and so many more. One day after school, having grown bored of playing with her origami fortune teller, Mint decided to invest some of her allowance into a genuine crystal ball. She initially couldn't figure out how to work with the device—there were no numbers or colors or anywhere to write the fortune on! So, she allowed the ball to gather dust in her room, only deciding to drag it out for show and tell on a whim. While showing the crystal ball to her classmates, she prompted a foal to allow her to demonstrate the art of scrying for fun. When he had approached, little Mint had looked at the reflection of her classmate on the crystal ball and was overwhelmed by a strange urge. If pressed, Mint Sprig would admit that she doesn't know if it was the power of the universe or if she had just been struck by inspiration, but the advice she gave that foal did turn out for the better. He met his beloved wife and started on his path to becoming the best hot air balloon operator in all the land by sticking to what Mint Sprig told him. More importantly, Mint Sprig graduated from her blank-flank days and earned her cutie mark. Mint Sprig went on to do all kinds of readings, now driven to explore the various ways one can communicate to the universe. But, there were only so many clients she could find in Ponyville and Mint couldn't help but feel she wasn't benefiting ponykind as much as she could have been. So, once her siblings had grown up and moved away, Mint Sprig packed her bags for Las Pegasus, a tourist hot spot full of ponies who could use some advice! Needy, rich ponies who could pay her lots of bits to let her travel around the continent to bug her siblings. Mint Sprig's traveling stand in Las Pegasus became well known as a quirky tourist hot spot, drawing in her pick of customers. She would have preferred to use this popularity to pick only the ones that gave her that unique sensation of a true fortune, but, more often than not, Mint would pick whoever had the nicest things and settle with a good tip over personal fulfillment. Character Personality: Once shy and withdrawn, Mint Sprig has developed into a spunky, carefree pony with a wild imagination. She's pretty energetic and easily excited about trying new things or meeting new people. She has a fondness for foals and critters and can easily attach herself to just about anypony she encounters. She's the type of pony who considers one good conversation about the weather a sign of a strong bond and has a habit of approaching acquaintances as best pals. Some might consider her standards of what makes a good pony to associate with low, but Mint Sprig just views it as being open-minded. In truth, Mint Sprig views other ponies in extremes, sorting them as either best pal for life or monstrous villain with little evidence of either. She's darn loyal to her labels, too, so falling in or out of either category can be a difficult mission indeed. Character Summary: Mint Sprig is a friendly, energetic earth pony originally from Ponyville who likes critters and foals. She now lives and works in Las Pegasus as a fortune teller. Art by Unichan, Base by Klewgcg
  20. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    And here is the third chibi! She was pretty simple other than the fact that I always struggle with pony snoots. Since I drew her entire face before adding the glasses, here is a version without them. Loose Cannon belongs to szalhi
  21. Name: Kiku Sex: Female Age: Young mare Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: A pale rosy pink (#BD628B) Character color: Dandelion yellow (#FFC55A) Mane/Tail/Other: A dark gray, not quite black (#525252). Both mane and tail still have some rich bounce and curl left to them, but lack of maintenance has caused them to fall back to their natural straightness. Physique: Thin and toned; modelesque. But, perhaps, carrying a bit more heft than it used to. It's just water weight, she insists. Residence: Poninawa, with no permanent residence. Formerly the Kuro Kayaku Manor, before the property was seized by higher ups and her family was forced out. Now it's wherever she will be put up for the night. Occupation: Former socialite (rich idiot with no day job). Also former con artist. She now performs whatever menial tasks given to her in exchange for a roof over her head. Cutie Mark: A chrysanthemum blossom, the same color as her eyes. Little filly Kiku earned this during some simple flower arrangements in the family garden, albeit against Father's wishes. It was the gardener's job, after all. And this was a professional he hired, in an effort to get the house in tip top shape for a visit from his employers that day. But his skill wasn't up to snuff. So, being the charming little thing that she was, convinced the help to arrange things her way instead. With the two of them getting their hooves dirty now, the garden was ready in record time. There were nothing but compliments at the end of that unforgettable luncheon, where, in a sudden burst of self confidence, she announced to the table that she was the one who did it. She was about to be scolded... until boss pone told her what a talented daughter he had. Unique Traits: The curse she bears is a nasty one. In the back of her head, splitting the mane that she was always so proud of, that she took such excellent care of, is now home to a second mouth. A wide one, with full lips and teeth like daggers. And this second mouth, very much a part of her, says everything the front half of Kiku dares not. 'She' is loud and crude, a viscous flirt who curses like a sailor, and cannot tell a lie. The second half of Kiku is the ugly truth that she'd rather hide but now cannot, ever, until the curse is removed. History: Kiku is a thoroughbred, born into wealth and status, thanks to her father's successful fireworks business, Kuro Kayaku. There’s was a household name; their stunning artwork on full display at events both local and national. And that position has treated her well, offering her the opportunities afforded to very few. Fine dining, expensive clothes, lavish clubs and late night parties were her standard. Life was good and Kiku wanted for nothing. That is, of course, until father lost his job. He was found using his expertise to make less-friendly kinds of explosives for the wrong ponies. With Dad now in prison, the family was now disgraced; their assets seized. Riches to rags in just a day. Mother took to it well, finding manual and artisan jobs, able to make a living on her own and avoid disgrace. She married into the money. But Kiku did not fare as well. She couldn't handle going from having everything handed to her on a silver platter to actually having to earn it. So the spoiled little brat did what (she thought) she did best. Being both a charmer and a looker, Kiku never had little trouble batting the goo-goo eyes and whispering some sweet nothings to get other ponies to do her a favor or two. So why not use these wonderful skills of hers to turn a profit? And oh, what a profit she made; leaving in her wake a trail of broken promises and broken hearts. All the while she stockpiled money, jewels, whatever gifts her pseudo-suiters would give her as she wandered from city to city digging for gold. And she would have kept going, until she tried her shenanigans against the wrong mark. Kakusareta seemed like just another entrepreneur, a fashion mogul with too much money on her hooves, looking to spend it all on some eye candy. Rich and lonely, exactly what Kiku was looking for. She laid it on thick and Kakusareta fell hard and fast. The two were inseparable, a marriage proposal being dropped on Kiku in a matter of months. And no expense was to be spared; this day was going to be perfect. But something went wrong at the altar. The vows that were exchanged; Kiku had no idea that they were part of a spell. One of Yokai magic. And it was... Kakusareta who was doing the casting? But how could this be? She never once said she was a... A giant spider. Kiku was terrified. Of her would-be lover's true face. Of the spell that she was now a part of. Of the fact that the spell had gone horribly awry. The vows they both recited, they were promises of true love, honesty and loyalty. None of which were to be found in the heart of Kiku. So in a cruel twist of fate, the magic, now a curse, took on a life of it's own. The back of her head split. Her mind split. And she was permanently marked as a liar for the entire world to see, with the truth now flowing freely from the newly formed second mouth. Kakusareta cast her out, heartbroken, as the new half of Kiku spilled the beans of her plan to the bride, to onlookers, to everypony within earshot. So Kiku, now a monster, headed into the forests to isolate herself. With nothing more than the clothes on her back and a bit of money, she spent months alone out in the wilderness, in solitude, in meditation. She learned to calm her second half, for the most part. She learned how to fend for herself. She learned humility, honesty. And in those rare occasions where she had to wander into civilization for supplies or for some simple petty jobs, she made certain to try and find anyone she may have tried to trick in the past. To apologize and try to make up for some of the pain she may have caused. Personality: Kiku is, for better or for worse, a shadow of what she used to be, now that she's been knocked down more than a few pegs. She's incredibly humble, cautious with her words, and probably apologizes a little too much. She is still, however, as polite and well spoken as she ever was, thanks to all those diction classes from her youth. She's generous now; freely giving her time and effort and what few bits she has to whomever might ask. Perhaps a little too much sometimes, but that's overcompensation for you. And as always, the back of her head is far more honest than the rest of her; be it from some witnessed mistreatment of another pony or under-seasoned food. But she's learned to clunk herself in the head if perhaps her other voice is about to say something a little too biting. Summary: A haughty Earth Pony, native to Poninawa, was a mare of wealth and taste, with a silver spoon in her mouth. Few could resist her charms or her money and she knew it. But when the wealth dried up and she was left to her own devices, rather than take up an honest living, she instead turned to gold digging. Things went fine for a while and she remained in high society until she ran afoul of Yokai magic. She broke one too many hearts and one too many vows and now she's cursed to always speak the truth, no matter what. She wanders now, doing simple jobs to earn a meal or two for the day, hoping perhaps that today is the day she can apologize to those she hurt and break this miserable curse.
  22. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: Floats Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Brown Coat: Greyish Blue Mane/Tail: Sea Foam (very blueish green; to sound less exotic). Physique: Floats is a remarkably light pony. Her father would point out that a stout breeze could knock her over. However, she is not frail, and has been know to be hard worker and a fast racer (if one can ever get her down from the sky). Residence: Grew up in Trottingham but, as a Filly, never stays there long. Occupation: She finds herself in a lot of different places in equestria. Because of this she finds a way to deliver pony’s mail and packages (though, mind you, this isn’t a concrete job). She also loves to drop into parties and events and aid in their set up or to simply join the fun (mainly to stock up on balloons, but THAT is another story). Cutie Mark: Float’s cutie mark is a single, large balloon (the kind you would see on a hot air balloon). Unique Traits: Floats is very knowledgeable about flying, she has study nearly every flying method available: Magic, wings, ships, etc. However, why do any of those things when you can use balloons? Another unique trait is Float’s wingponies Thread and Bare. A duo of “sock” puppets (or the pony equivalent), thread being a little sarcastic and bare being a little shy. P.S. I am clarifying here these are NOT magical sock puppets. At all. History: Float’s mother was an athlete and her father was a postal worker. Her father would take her on his postal route sometimes. And the two of them would sit on look over all of Equestria from building, hills, and even mountains. Float herself grew up competitive. She would race the other foals and was the fastest in her class. But didn’t pursue that much, since she got her cutie mark. One day, as she lay upon a bench at school, dozing off, some of the foals decided to play a trick on her. As she slept, they tied a balloon to her and snuck away, snickering to themselves. And indeed, she began to rise, pulled by the force of the balloon. When she awoke, Floats found herself staring down at the ground below... the ground far below! There was a moment of panic when she realized this. After a second, however she looked around and noticed all of Equestria spanned below her. In that instance she knew! Her eyes flashed and a sudden rush of inspiration came over her. All the memories of her sitting with her dad came back. Is there any better way to view Equestria? Today, Floats is riding through the sky on multiple balloons, perhaps not going as fast as any other pony. However she finds both an Adventure and a beauty in each trip. Whether from delivering packages to various villages or dropping into parties to celebrate an event (and mainly to stock up on her ever dwindling supply of balloons). Character Personality: Float’s has a breezy personality. Casual and cheerful, nopony seems to be annoyed or aggravated by her presence. She gets very bubbly when she’s helping ponies or competing. In contrast to her own personality, her sock puppet Thread is very sarcastic and her puppet Bare is shy and keeps to himself. Character Summary: Floats is an easy going, bubbly pony who loves just that, floating. She finds herself delivering packages/mail to and from places, as well as dropping into parties for a quick laugh. And, though Floats may not make Equestria’s skies any safer, she can sure make them fun!
  23. Name: Star Note Gender: Female Age: young mare (like a 20~ year old human) Species: earth pony Eye colour: silver Character colour: dark pink Mane/Tail/Other: her mane and tail are long and wild (almost feathery), light blonde colored with white streaks in the hair Physique: her body shape is similar to princess luna only as a normal earth pony, Residence: A traveling pony, originally from Manehattan Occupation: professional musical performer Cutie Mark: stars on two eighth notes Unique Traits: She is best talented in her voice, 2nd best skill is acting, but she has to practice more in her dancing. she also likes to draw for fun but its more a hobby than anything. She also loves wearing costumes History: She always grew up watching musicals with her family who were musical reviewers for the Manehattan Press. But always wanted to be on stage instead, one day as a filly she auditioned for her school musical, and even though bullies who would try and convince her that she wasn’t good, she performed and succeeded in receiving a really important role, she wasn’t the star yet but she was close enough when her cutie mark appeared. Ever since she has been traveling equestrian to perform in as many musicals as possible and learn about different cultural musical sounds. And sharing all she's learned with others Character Personality: Star Note isn’t afraid of being the center of attention, she is afraid of being the center of NEGATIVE attention. so she struggles with critiques unless she trusts the pony telling her it actually just wants to help her. So general ‘your terrible’ will definitely piss her off! cause of all the plays she’s in she loves romance, but if ever she find her special some pony, they will have to either join her travels or get used to her being away till she’s ready to settle down. Character Summary: Star Note is a musical performing pony who loves to shine and stand out but struggles with negative critiques! she loves those important to her and loves meeting more ponies and traveling.
  24. From the album: Star note

    Her official design feel free to ask to rp!
  25. From the album: My OCs

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