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  1. Roleplay Type: Friendship is Magic CastName: Discord, Lord of ChaosGender: MaleAge: Unknown, most likely as old as the world itself. The first known documentation of him was 1,000 years prior to the events of the Friendship is Magic seriesSpecies: DraconequusEye colour: Yellow eyeballs with red irises and white pupilsCoat: Predominantly brown, though with different colours to correspond to the different creatures that make up his body: Grey head and neck (pony) Brown torso (Eagle) Yellow/tan right arm (Lion) Brown/tan left leg (Goat) Green right leg (Lizard) Red tale (Dragon) Light blue left wing (Pegasus/Bird) Dark blue/black left wing (Bat pony/Bat) Mane/Tail: Black mane on his head but pink plates running down his tail and ending in a white tuftPhysique: Tall and thin, very much like a snake or Chinese dragon. He has four limbs but unlike most Equestrian creatures is bipedal. The level of muscularity varies from limb to limb but is proportionate in size to the creature it is from. He is comprised of at least ten distinct creatures (listed above, in addition to the horns, described hereafter). He has two horns (one from a gazelle and another from a deer) and a single fang. He has two wings but rarely uses them, preferring "snap travel" to any other form of transportation. He can manipulate his own shape, size, outfit, and form at will, which he often does for comedic effect (or to bring together four of Equestria's worst villains).Residence: Chaosville, EquestriaOccupation: Protector of Equestria: After being reformed, Discord is occasionally called in by the Princesses to help assess and neutralise threats to the kingdom. However, he does this only at his own pleasure, cooperating only if/when he wants to. He knows that the magic of friendship is sufficient (and is in many ways more powerful than his own) for the protection of Equestria, and so will more often encourage its use than employ his own. On the side, he is an avid Ogres and Oubliettes player and professional mischief-maker.Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Discord is the only known draconequus in Equestria. His magic gives him total control of all reality, and should he choose to use its full potential, he could thrust the world into eternal chaos (which he has attempted three times, twice being thwarted by use of the Elements of Harmony and the third time ending of his own free will in order to keep his only friend, Fluttershy). Chaos is a part of him and is actually one of his sustaining features. Without chaos, Discord would fade away out of existence. For this reason, he is often seen in random positions or outfits, usually comedic in nature, regardless of how serious the situation is. History: Discord's origins are unknown, but his first appearance was in Equestria 1,000 years prior to the events of the Friendship is Magic series. During his reign, he transformed Equestria into his personal playground of chaos, inverting gravity, spreading chocolate rain from cotton-candy clouds, changing textures of the world, etc. Only after Celestia and Luna discovered the Elements of Harmony and used them to turn him to stone did his reign end and he was imprisoned in the Canterlot Garden Maze for a millennium. At some point, the powers of chaos within Equestria became strong enough to break the spell binding him (pushed over the edge by a nearby argument between three fillies whose names we will not discuss for personal privacy reasons [it was the Cutie Mark Crusaders]) and he was released to corrupt reality once more. Discord is more interested in the thrill and fun of games than he is in being totally victorious and so he left open a way to defeat him, provided the Mane Six could figure it out. After corrupting them individually against their own natures, he practically cemented his own victory and resumed the storm of chaos that the Elements had halted one thousand years prior. However, Twilight soon learned how to circumvent his tricks and unified her friends once more, then used the Elements to turn him back into stone, ending his reign once and for all. Not long after his second defeat, Celestia ordered the Mane Six to bring him back as she felt he could be a powerful ally. With time, love, and friendship from Fluttershy, Discord soon reformed and proved Celestia right, making himself a powerful ally to the kingdom. It took him a while to warm up to the other ponies, however, and for some time, Fluttershy remained his only friend and sole motivation to do anything in Equestria's favour. He refused to lift a finger to assist when his seeds of chaos planted before his first entombment sprouted and kidnapped the princesses. In fact, his bond with the other ponies was so weak at first that on his first mission, he quickly defected, choosing to side with Lord Tirek in his attempts to overthrow Equestria. This taught him a difficult but meaningful lesson, and he has remained loyal ever since. He often acts selfishly but typically has the best intentions in mind. He has been known to feign disability and injury in order to prove the power of his friends' friendship, and even went so far as to stage a massive, elaborate attack on Canterlot on the day of Twilight's coronation for the sake of boosting her confidence (a plot that backfired terribly on him and the rest of Equestria). Character Personality: Discord is the picture of chaotic good. He acts only if and when he wants to, and is not a fan of work. He is more spontaneous and random that Pinkie Pie herself as it is within his very nature to be so. Though he is loyal to his friends, he tends to act in his own self interests first (unless of course Fluttershy is involved). He shares a powerful bond with Fluttershy that many take for romance, but is in fact simply a very strong friendship (he has already displayed in the series his distaste for and lack of understanding of romance and love). He is optimistic and incapable of not finding humour in any situation. It is in his nature to be as chaotic and comedic as possible. Character Summary: Discord is arguably the most powerful being in Equestria, having control over all reality, but only if he wants to be. He typically only exercises his power to the extent of entertaining himself or benefitting (in however roundabout a way) his friends. Once, he was the most powerful villains Equestria has ever known. Now, he is one of its truest friends. His best friend is Fluttershy. He loves Ogres and Oubliettes and all things chaos. He requires chaos to survive, in fact, having nearly been wiped from existence in an incident in which he tried to behave normally. He is the only being of his type and the only known creature (other than perhaps Tirek) capable of safely harnessing the powers of chaos magic. He loves to be the centre of attention and often does things simply for their comedic impact. In the end, he is a loyal and powerful friend.
  2. Roleplay Type: WoE Cast Name: First Base Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark Teal Coat: Orange Mane/Tail: Dark Teal Physique: Average athletic Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship Cutie Mark: A baseball bat and a baseball Unique Traits: First Base is gifted with good hoof-eye coordination, especially when it pertains to playing sports. First Base has become infatuated with a new sport new to ponies in which you hit a ball with a stick and run around bases to score points. He is really good at starting new projects. He has good ideas and knows how to execute them. Because of how forward thinking he is, he is often one step ahead of others in conversation. As he grew up, his talent has allowed him to have confidence to talk to others, more than average ponies. He is socially attractive. History: First Base grew up in Ponyville and was classmates with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. He was often a follower in the class, echoing the majority rule in the circle of friends. He got his cutie mark one day when teasing a friend. They were playing a friendly game of keep-away. When the ball was thrown towards him, he picked up a tree branch and hit the ball far into the other direction. The friend attempting to get the ball was so playfully furious that he started chasing after him. First Base ran as fast as he could and without looking tripped over a sandbag. His leg was hurt but when he inspected his sprain, he noticed his cutie mark had appeared. When he finished foal academy, his parents decided he should attend the School of Friendship. There, he would attempt to excel at sports and apply himself for the hoofball teams and other athletic activities. He does not have a fillyfriend, but feels he could get one at any time because of his confidence. Character Personality: First Base is an excellent pony to meet on first impression. He is quick to please and has an infectious attitude. He motivates others when he is trying to help them to succeed. When given a task, even one that is non-sport related, he has a knack for getting a good start on what needs to be done. However, he has a hard time finishing things. Where he lacks mostly is long-term motivation and discipline. He can concentrate on a single task for only so long before he loses productivity, loses interest, and attempts to jump start another new venture to his musing. His fleeting attitude in the end game of certain tasks can sometimes be off-putting to others trying to finish what he started. He is very firm in his initial decisions, but can sometimes be fickle in his future contemplation. He has horrible follow-through and is sometimes hard to rely on for projects that last longer than a few days. Character Summary: First Base is a young stallion trying to learn about friendship as he continues to age in the town he was born in. He is easy to make friends with, but is not very good at keeping those friends. He is average intelligence but makes up for his basic mentality with strong determination and motivation that can infect others around him. He can gallop a quick 40 meter dash, but has never completed a running of the leaves. He is attractive for his age, but does not often hold a deep, meaningful conversation very well. Foal Young Stallion, student at Frienship School Full grown stallion
  3. Name: Grubber Sex: Male Age: Older adolescent Species: Hedgehog Eye Color: Opal Coat: Cobalt blue Spines: Light gray, extending from head to tail in a mohawk-like pattern Physique: Quite short in stature compared to the typical Hedgehog his age; also chubby Attire: Sleeveless shirt adorned with a pink cupcake Occupation: Student of Friendship Residence: Ponyville - School of Friendship dormitories History: Despite once serving as the personal assistant to the nefarious Storm King, Grubber would say that all he was is a simple guy with simple desires. As a hoglet raised in a working-class urban family, nothing made Grubber happier than being able to eat a good meal — an extremely rare commodity in the wretched industrial cities of the Stormlands. But one day, the young boy saw a recruitment ad for the Storm King’s Armada... and it promised excellent rations to all who enlisted! Grubber didn’t even think twice about signing up. Despite being little more than a runt compared to the Armada’s elite Yeti warriors, Grubber was put to good use as an airship cabin boy. Sure, military rations were indeed a step above the glurk the hoglet used to settle for, but what really delighted him was the chance to plunder the mouth-watering cuisines of other lands all for himself! In time, Grubber’s lack of ambition beyond filling up his stomach caught the attention of the Storm King himself. Suspicious of those driven to climb up the ladder (and potentially dethrone him), the satyr tyrant saw in Grubber a simpleton lackey who’d never dream of betraying him. And would you believe it, the King made Grubber his assistant! Grubber would end up paired with the Storm King’s top lieutenant, Commander Tempest Shadow. The hedgehog’s official assignment was to lend assistance to Commander Shadow and obey all her commands. The Storm King also prompted Grubber to debrief him on Tempest’s field performance and everything she said, but the King encouraged the hedgehog to keep those chats their little secret. At least, that’s how the runt explained things to Tempest in one of the many times he failed to think before speaking. Although not the most competent aide-de-camp, Grubber served faithfully right up until the Storm King’s defeat at the hooves of Princess Twilight Sparkle and a face-turned Tempest Shadow. For his part, Grubber didn’t mourn this turn of events. Sure, the King who had believed in him was gone and he was stuck in a foreign kingdom with little hope of making it home again... but at least he was stuck in the land that made the best food yet! And hey; maybe there’s something to this whole Friendship thing as well. With the begrudging approval of his ex-commander, Grubber is now a student at the Ponyville School of Friendship. Of course, whether the lazy hedgehog is able to put the hard work into studying remains to be seen..... Character Personality: To put it simply, Grubber can be quite a brat. Smart-mouthed and obnoxious at times, the hedgehog believes himself to be funnier than he actually is. Furthermore, his work ethic and ability to take things seriously leaves much to be desired. It is, in fact, a rather fair observation to make that Grubber’s only real passion is for food, which he will devour with glee upon sight. Sweets are a particularly favorite delicacy of his. Yet for all of Grubber’s immaturity, he can also be quite cunning when he wants to be. Unusually for a creature from the Stormlands, this hedgehog is also easy-going around anyone he meets. Nothing ever seems to get Grubber’s spirits down, and he’d always make at least one attempt to raise the spirits of those around him if they’re feeling down in the dumps. Character Summary: Grubber may have once been part of the bad guys, but her never truly had the heart of one. The runt still has much to learn about what it means to be a good friend, but if he works hard, Grubber can achieve anything his heart desires! .....Assuming he ever wants anything more than endless desserts, that is.
  4. Name: Sunset Shimmer Sex: Female Age: Young mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Cyan Coat: Ember Mane/Tail: Long flowing red hair, with curvy yellow highlights Physique: Typical of a mare her age Occupation: Guest speaker & substitute teacher at the Ponyville School of Friendship Residence: Whenever visiting Ponyville on business, she always stays at Twilight’s Castle Cutie Mark: Sunset’s cutie mark is a sun with curvy rays. The rays on one side are pale yellow colored, while those to the other are dark red. In the center of the sun are shapes reminiscent of a yin-yang symbol, also featuring the contrasting yellow-red color scheme. Unique Traits: Although technically a drop-out alumnus of the School for Gifted Unicorns, the accelerated rate at which Sunset Shimmer blazed through her classes (and various other “extracurricular studies”) long ago gives her a spellcasting repertoire equivalent to that of a typical summa cum laude graduate. Alongside Sunset’s relatively well-rounded magical skill set is a natural aptitude for fire spells... as one might expect of a unicorn with a fiery appearance and a sunny cutie mark. Back in her earlier troubled years, Sunset Shimmer discovered for herself how emotions could be drawn upon to further enhance a unicorn’s power. Filled with overwhelming feelings of pride and resentment, Celestia’s then-pupil readily channeled her anger and will to dominate to give herself power that exceeded those of nearly all her contemporaries. Not helping matters was Sunset’s brief flirtation with the learning of forbidden black magic. Although the unicorn didn’t get too far in her illicit studies before getting caught by her mentor, she learned enough to gain a rudimentary knowledge of the dark arts. Yet given Sunset’s desire to atone for her past mistakes, she vows never again to willfully wield negative emotions as weapons. How her resolve holds in the face of great emotional distress, however, remains to be seriously tested..... A curious recent development for Sunset Shimmer is the acquisition of advanced empathic abilities. These powers actually first manifested as a result of her adventures in the so-called “Mirror World”, after having come across rogue elemental magic that escaped from Equestria. If she wills it, Sunset can “touch” another creature with her magic in order to perceive their thoughts and memories. While using her empathy magic, the unicorn’s eyes glow with an unearthly white light. Foalhood: The tale of Sunset Shimmer is a tale of Villainy versus Redemption; of bondage to the past and the power to rise from one’s own ashes. It all began in the quaint town of Hope Hollow, a once idyllic community located “at the end of the rainbow.” But by the time Sunset was born, what had once been a popular weekend getaway for city ponies was beginning to fade into obscurity, and in the process falling into economic — and quite literal — depression. As ponies grew more hopeless, bonds between neighbors and families started withering away like flowers deprived of nurturing sunlight. So thus it was that in her first years of life, Sunset Shimmer knew nothing of love or friendship. Whenever her parents weren’t busy sniping at one another, they were taking out all their frustrations at their daughter. As for cordial playmates... well, such a concept was simply unheard of that day and age! Few foals ever congregated in Hope Hollow without getting into bickering matches or bullying one another. Little Miss Shimmer escaped all that by spending as much free time as she could in the local library; by then, nearly all townsponies avoided communal spaces like the plague. While piles upon piles of books were absolutely no substitute for the instinctive equine need to be loved and part of a herd, they did provide Sunset with the gateway she believed would lead her to the acceptance she desperately craved. In particular, the library’s unusually large Magic section (even divided into Arcane, Elemental, and Theory Of subsections!)..... Reading about amazing spells and great conjurers of old filled Sunset Shimmer with inspiration, igniting the fires of passion and ambition within her heart. Refusing to succumb to the scourge of despair, the young unicorn naively dreamed of a future where she’d shake the dust of her crummy old hometown off her hooves. First she would go to school in Canterlot to see what they knew, and then it would be off the see the world! She’d tour the castles of Kastrot and explore the arctic wastelands in search of the mythical Crystal Empire, fight magical beasts in the Everfree Forest, and write spells a volume long and forge a dozen- no, a HUNDRED enchanted relics!!! Sunset was going to be the greatest unicorn spellcaster since Starswirl the Bearded, and be praised and beloved by every single pony in Equestria!!!!! Naturally, Sunset Shimmer’s parents derided these lofty dreams as nothing more than foalish nonsense, but the filly had long since stopped giving a hoot about what they thought (at least, that’s what she told herself anyway). With the educational resources at her disposal, Sunset plunged head-first into the world of magic, starting first by learning how to conjure fire. Obviously, self-learning was no substitute for a proper education at an EEA-accredited institution, but Sunset couldn’t care less! So what if a few things accidentally caught on fire while taking the first steps on her journey? The fiery filly was making her dreams come true!!! It may not have been much of a surprise then that Sunset Shimmer’s first public debut of her talents to a crowd of jeering schoolkids ended rather controversially. Lacking the know-how to properly control her powers... and by subconsciously channeling her will to succeed at all costs, little Sunset’s clumsy attempt to magically create a fake sun out of flames left the manes of many a foal burned that day. But hey, that hovering sphere of fire actually turned out wondrously when all was said and done... and those neighsaying kids were jerks to her anyway. In that moment, Sunset Shimmer demonstrated the internal strife fueling her determination... and that in spite of everything she went through, an inextinguishable light burned brightly deep inside her heart. And so, Sunset was awarded with her cutie mark. Almost immediately afterward, the unicorn filly left Hope Hollow behind and never looked back. Judging by how she never heard or read of any news from that place since, Sunset simply assumed that crummy old town was finally abandoned and left to rot. Not once did she ever bother inquiring about the state of her former home or her family; those were all in the unicorn’s past... and her past was no longer today..... Under Princess Celestia’s Tutelage: If Sunset Shimmer’s first performance as a spellcaster could be described as a rocky rehearsal, then her entrance exam into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns was an epically disastrous opening night. Reflexively channeling her feelings of extreme frustration, Sunset resorted to blasting the dragon egg she had been encouraged to try hatching. It might have actually worked too if the filly could have better controlled her powers. Instead, all Miss Shimmer accomplished was exhausting all her magical strength... and trapping herself in an inferno in the process! Had it not been for the timely intervention of Princess Celestia, things could have ended up a lot worse. Recognizing that Sunset Shimmer possessed powerful magic that she didn’t know how to handle, Celestia offered to take the filly on as a personal student so that she could learn to safely harness her abilities and use them to help her fellow Equestrians. Having believed just moments before that her dreams had forever shattered into pieces, this was understandably quite the turn of events for little Sunset. Needless to say, the young unicorn wasted hardly any time in hugging her new mentor out of gratitude. Sunset Shimmer turned out to be quite the fast learner of Magic… maybe too fast. Still embittered from her early foalhood experiences, the new royal apprentice continued to focus on studying to the exclusion of nearly everything else, Friendship most of all. That turned into a grave concern for Princess Celestia, who had come to believe that Sunset was destined to play an important role in forestalling the inevitable return of Nightmare Moon. Celestia knew full well that only those with Friendship in their hearts could wield the Elements of Harmony. Accordingly, the alicorn expected — perhaps unfairly in retrospect — that Sunset spend more of her time bonding with her fellow schoolponies. But Miss Shimmer failed to grasp the vital importance of making friends... nor did she even know how to make friends to begin with! All Sunset heard was a nagging mentor being a nag for its own sake. While Celestia may have been the most knowledgeable magic practitioner known to ponykind... her attempts at guiding Sunset towards Friendship proved woefully inadequate. This would bite Celestia in the flank a few years down the line, after Sunset started suspecting that she was being held back in her studies due to her mentor’s apparently nonsensical whims. Everything came to a head on one fateful night, when Princess Celestia caught her disgruntled student illicitly reading a forbidden tome on dark magic. During the insuring confrontation, Sunset Shimmer tearfully accused Celestia of having no faith in her student; the faithful student who only ever wanted to make her mentor proud. But when Celestia responded that declaring Sunset would have to be put on probation for her actions, the fiery pupil finally snapped. Cruelly mocking Celestia as a worthless hypocrite with no real friends of her own, Sunset betrayed and abandoned the mentor she had once loved as a daughter. Employing an enchanted mirror she stumbled upon earlier during her extracurricular studies, the unicorn fled Equestria altogether. Rising From the Ashes: As if living in self-imposed exile in the bizarre Mirror World wasn’t traumatic enough for Sunset Shimmer, the fact that she was now incapable of using Magic at all was nothing less than the ultimate insult. Magic meant everything to Sunset; without it, she was nothing. With her lifelong dreams utterly crushed, Sunset’s heart blackened and became filled with hate and rage. If she could not prove herself a girl worthy of praise, then she would prove herself a villain and hate the idle pleasures of those days. Plots did Sunset lay in her adoptive community, setting friend and clique alike against each other. Through manipulation and intimidation, the Unfaithful Student rose to a position of unquestioned prominence amongst her peers... though of course, petty social standing was absolutely no substitute for the Power of Magic. Swiftly consumed by megalomania, Sunset covertly returned to Equestria in order to steal the Element of Magic and exploit it in the Mirror World. However, as irony would have it, her diabolical plans were thwarted by the girl who took Sunset’s place as Celestia’s Faithful Student: Twilight Sparkle. Yet again in her life, Sunset Shimmer hit rock bottom... only for Twilight to unexpectedly offer the very foe she opposed mere moments before the opportunity to not only accept her Friendship, but to study it under her tutelage. Sunset was overwhelmed; all her life, she was led to believe that only by mastering Magic would anypony ever provide her with the acceptance she’d desperately craved since birth. But to be offered Friendship unconditionally, with no ill will and complete acceptance of who she was? ........................... .....Frankly, it was all that Sunset Shimmer ever really wanted in the first place. To this day, Sunset Shimmer deeply cherishes the pony who currently reigns as Princess of Friendship. With the additional help of a band of special companions from the Mirror World, the former villain has managed not just to turn her life around, but to transform into a genuine inspirational figure in her own right. While Sunset considers it her primary responsibility to keep tabs on Equestrian magic and exiles which escape into the Mirror World, more and more she finds herself returning to her homeland for both business reasons and for fun. And if the Headmare of the Ponyville School of Friendship gets her way, those trips of Sunset’s may become even more frequent..... Character Personality: The Sunset Shimmer of today barely resembles her past self. Kindled by the fire of friendship instead of personal ambition, Sunset is an outgoing individual, community-minded and always happy to lend support when needed. Additionally, Sunset nowadays appreciates the joys of recreational hobbies, art being chiefest among them. Although she presents herself as a cool laid-back girl, Miss Shimmer in reality possess a sharp analytical mind that many wouldn’t suppose at first glance; a lasting legacy of her time as an aspiring sorceress and Celestia’s prized pupil. Whilst undoubtedly Sunset Summer’s demonstrated her reformed nature many times over, other lingering elements of her prior life remain under the surface. For one thing, she hates losing; absolutely HATES IT! If placed under enormous stress, Sunset is also prone to lashing out in anger at others around her, although her temper usually subsides rather quickly. Oh, and if someone ever dares threaten one of Sunset’s friends, it will take a herculean effort on her part to avoid giving into the temptation to end them right there and then. Sunset Summer’s greatest fear is that one day, she’ll end up failing her dearest companions when they need her the most. Likewise, the Redeemed Student hopes that in the far future when all is said and done, she would have lived a good life, becoming someone earnestly worthy of love..... Character Summary: Sunset Shimmer understands that within her — along with the potential to cause great harm to others — is the power to lift them up with the light of friendship. But rather than dwell on her past mistakes, Sunset recognizes that everyone on some level can face the internal battles she once suffered through. If anybody is capable of both great evil and great good, then shouldn’t they be treated like they’re worth giving a chance?
  5. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Luna Sex: Mare Age: Over a thousand years old. Species: Alicorn Eye colour: Teal Coat: A deep, slightly desaturated blue Mane/Tail: A brighter blue that's flecked with stars. Physique: Slim, athletic, head and shoulders taller than most ponies. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: A princess and one half of the diarch that rules Equestria Cutie Mark: A white, crescent moon Unique Traits: A large black, spotty blotch on her hindquarters. Her mane is airy and seems to flutter and float with every little movement; it flows freely when she wishes to display power. She has partial immortality- long lived, but not invincible. Skills Dreamwalking: During a time when she was still imprisoned in the moon as Nightmare Moon, Luna discovered that she could still influence ponies in Equestria through entering dreams and sowed nightmares. Now, she chooses to make up for it by helping ponies confront their fears, and helping them deal with their problems so they will no longer have recurring dreams. Magic: As one of Starswirl's students, Princess Luna has a skill and understanding in magic, especially of the more dark variety to the point she created something called a Tantabus, and she is capable of dreamwalking, something nopony else is capable of, much less has the power to do. Weaknesses New Moons: Princess Luna is closely connected to the moon. She is strongest during full moons, but new moons leave her weaker when the moon is eclipsed by the planet. History: Character Personality: After all the time she'd lost to being imprisoned in the moon, Luna's manner of speech and views are more old fashioned, although this is slowly changing the more she adapts to the modern day. While she may not share her sister's playful sense of humor, she is known to fall back on her more prankish nature from time to time when the opportunity presents itself, although her duty as princess and her experiences have prevented it. Luna works towards her improving her social skills with ponies of the modern day, and while she is occasionally still shy and uncertain when she is among ponies, she is becoming more comfortable as she settles back into her role as one of the diarchs of Equestria and keeps a calm facade amidst troubled times. Luna still struggles with her guilt over what she's done, and it often weighs heavily upon her shoulders. She feels she must make up for it somehow, and she has found that she can do so through dreamwalking- helping ponies deal with their nightmares and facing what troubles them most. Her kindness and willingness to help are most often expressed through her dreamwalking, and on occasion in person as well, when she sees that somepony is in need of help or a guiding hoof to steer them right. Her way of helping them avoid what she had become. The Element of Honesty shows most strongly in her- Luna never shies from speaking her mind or telling a pony the truth. She feels lies do more harm than good and she is adamant that she never be lied to. Character Summary: One of the diarchs of Equestria, Luna shares her sister's burden of ruling their kingdom and is the opposite to Celestia in many ways; quite literally the night to her day. She is the one responsible for raising the moon and beginning the night, and has also taken on the task of protecting the dreams of ponies to make up for once causing nightmares during her long imprisonment in the moon; the only way she could still influence Equestria. She has slowly regained her power and she's still adapting to the many changes the modern day has brought with it while struggling with her guilt. She is slowly getting better, and she has become much more comfortable in her role as one of Equestria's princesses, although she does not speak much in public unless it is necessary for an event.
  6. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Sombra Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Umbrum; visibly a unicorn Eye colour: Red Coat: A plain grey Mane/Tail: A long, wavy black mane often kept swept back from his face. His tail is kept short, but has the same wavy quality as his hair. The only noticeable facial hair he keeps are sideburns- all kept well groomed if he is able. Physique: Sombra stands at a height that allows him to tower head and shoulders over most ponies, and his tall stature is matched by a physically fit appearance- what can best be described as buff. Somewhat barrel-chested and athletically toned, without the awkwardness of overly defined musculature; sturdy in appearance. Residence: Previously the Crystal Empire. Currently nowhere. Occupation: While he currently holds no job, Sombra spends his time traveling and it is mostly in search of new knowledge, to see how much the world has changed since he'd been gone, and to see Equestria with his own eyes at last. Being a foreigner, he has a lot to discover about the modern day. Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: Red eyes with cat like pupils, a curved horn, and visibly sharp teeth. Seems to be able to morph into shadow, but never in the light of the sun. Skills Dark Magic: The only brand of magic Sombra is capable of using. Its source is rage, and Sombra employs offensively or defensively when it's required of him. It is most often used in doing one of the things he is best at, casting curses, as well as creating traps that target a pony's greatest fear. Along with that, he can make doors open up onto small rooms or serve as a portal to another spot, so long as it's in the same area or building. Crystals: Perhaps an addition to what he can do with dark magic, Sombra can make strange, black crystals grow from the ground. Spread by his corrupting influence, or used defensively as a barrier between himself and others. Fear: Capable of feeding off of the fear and despair of ponies the way changelings feed off of love. Weaknesses 'Light' Magic: Any magic considered to be pure, such as the Elements of Harmony, and the crystal ponies' combined magic through the Heart. The two sisters' magic is equally as capable of hurting him more than the standard unicorn's. Love Magic: As an opposite for what he seems to stand for as an embodiment of hate, the love magic that is used by Princess Cadance and her possible ancestor, Princess Amore, can do the worst damage to him. The light and love channeled through the Crystal Heart is enough to destroy him. Other: Sombra cannot swim, and his own arrogance is enough to be his undoing. History: Originally found by the crystal guard outside of the Crystal Empire, a young grey colt was brought to the city's orphanage, run by a mare named Chestnut Falls. With no knowledge of pony language, the only word he knew or was capable of speaking later became his name, Sombra. He had no knowledge of any parents or where he came from, and so the orphanage took him in. It is there that he learned how to read and write, with some difficulty, and described learning to speak the pony tongue 'like chewing peanut brittle'. His broken speech and dull, dark coloration earned him the mockery from his fellow orphans, as he was the only non-crystal pony in the city. Out of all of them, the only one he found a friend in was a fellow outcast by the name of Radiant Hope, a kind and imaginative filly. It is she who he would grow up with as close friends, and together tried to find their cutiemarks; a task that they never seemed successful in. Sombra would first learn a hint of what is to come when he and Radiant Hope visit the Crystal Heart a time before their first Crystal Faire, remembering what they'd been taught about the Heart showing them a glimpse of their futures. While Hope saw herself as a princess, Sombra would only see a shadow with glowing eyes that would haunt him for the rest of his life. It is here, too, that he would meet Princess Amore. When asked of what he saw, Sombra lied and claimed he saw 'nothing, only darkness' and he would feel guilt about lying to the princess. When the Crystal Faire came, the magic of the Faire kept Sombra bedridden by the pain. Nopony could figure out what was wrong, and the pain was gone by the time the Faire was over. Hope would always be by his side no matter how badly they both wished to see the Crystal Faire, and this would continue for every Crystal Faire after. There came a time in their early adulthood that that magic would nearly shatter Sombra, but Hope used her magic in desperation to prevent this. In doing so, she finally gained her cutiemark in healing. The development of such magic earned Hope a chance to study under the princesses, and it was both what she gained and this offer that would drive Sombra to flee in hopes that he would find his own destiny as she had. It drove him out into the frozen wastes surrounding the empire, where he would encounter a strange red crystal that spoke to him, naming itself his mother. She revealed him what he was, and that he was forced into the form of a unicorn in order to allow his escape. She unlocked his dark power and bid him to find the door to the prison and free them all. Driven by this purpose, Sombra returned to the Crystal Empire that night to steal the Crystal Heart. Princess Amore confronted him, and Sombra discovered then that she knew exactly what he was and kept that information in hopes that he would make the right choice, to choose not to be like 'those monsters.' Both her insult and the information she'd knowingly withheld angered him to the point that he lashed out against Amore, turning her to black crystal and shattering the statue. Hope, witnessing this, attempted to reason with him and fled when she could not. Sombra covered up the hurt caused by her parting words and gladly accepted the title of king of monsters, disowning Hope as a friend with unspoken regret. Sombra went on to do what he was known for: enslaving the Crystal Empire's citizens and forcing them to dig, all in order to find the door to the umbrums' prison buried deep beneath the city. It was only a matter of time before the princesses arrived to banish him beneath the ice for a thousand years. His last act of defiance was ensuring the empire disappeared along with him in a curse he cast. A thousand years spent in an icy void would take its toll on the king when he returned disoriented, desperate to regain his throne. It was this desperation and fury that drove him to act so recklessly. He would find his second defeat at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and the new crystal princess, Princess Cadance. The magic of the Crystal Heart would shatter him at last, freeing the crystal ponies of him once and for all. It would only be a few years later that he would rise again, his body reformed but temporarily weakened by the toll the Heart's magic took on him. With nothing but his cape left intact and his mind clear again, Sombra left the Frozen North behind to venture south. Character Personality: Sombra has a passion for knowledge and uses his intelligence to his advantage to manipulate, scheme and prepare against possibilities. His greed and a rage born of lifelong bitterness once drove him to achieve his goals by any means necessary; though his defeats have tempered this, he still holds a belief that he deserves something in life. He is also gruff, self-conscious, and uncertain about his identity, calling himself 'the king of monsters' because of how many times those he once trusted flung the word monster at him. He believes it to be the truth of what he is, not only because of how others choose to see him, but because of what he'd glimpsed in the Crystal Heart. A vision of his future and his destiny, he did not believe that he could choose a different path. Sombra is outwardly confident to the point of arrogance and does not shy from interacting with ponies if he absolutely must. Those who meet him may describe him as rude and rather grumpy. Some of his overall personality and actions are a coverup for how he truly feels- self-conscious, alone, and lost without his intended purpose in the Empire. He is fiercely protective of his true emotions and has a difficulty opening up or trusting others because of his past. His treatment at the hooves of others leads him to believe he is justified for what he has done to the crystal ponies and he refuses to acknowledge that he is wrong for it. He is equally unafraid of lying and being dishonest when it suits him. Notable guilty pleasures, that anypony could notice if they pay close enough attention, is that he has a hidden love for stories and will gladly sit attentively during any that are told, and he adores having his mane stroked or petted to the point that he'll go still and relax whenever anypony touches it. Character Summary: King Sombra was once the tyrant of the Crystal Empire that he enslaved, ousted from his throne twice by the actions and decisions of the princesses and their allies. Once controlling and power hungry, he remains a deeply flawed individual who allowed others of his kind use him to fulfill a purpose, and he hasn't yet learned the importance of choices. Without a way to follow what he believes to be his destiny, he feels he has lost his purpose and chose to travel south into Equestria, giving up on a place that has once been a home and a bane on his life. He mostly intends to lie low and see what has changed in the time he'd been gone. Most of it is based on what was seen in the show and comics with my own interpretations, additions, and development.
  7. Name: King Sombra. Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Umbrum; 'shadow pony' Eye colour: Red irises Character colour: A plain, markless grey Mane/Tail/Other: A long, wavy black mane often kept swept back from his face. His tail is kept short, but has the same wavy quality as his hair. The only noticeable facial hair he keeps are well groomed sideburns. Physique: Sombra stands at a height that rivals Princess Luna's, and his tall stature is matched by a physically fit appearance- what can best be described as buff. Somewhat barrel-chested and athletically toned, without the awkwardness of overly defined musculature; sturdy in appearance. Residence: None currently; he travels frequently Occupation: Learning about the modern day and all the changes that'd been made over the millennium he'd been gone, including new magic. Being a foreigner to Equestria as a whole, he has a lot to discover. Learning, specifically, is a passion of his. Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: Sombra is particularly skilled in dark magic and has an affinity for curses, as well as the creation of strange black crystals. Dark magic is the only magic he is ever seen using, and its corrupting influence does not affect him. Certain aspects of his appearance also make it clear that he isn't quite a pony, such as the cat-like pupils he has, sharp teeth, and curved horn. As an umbrum, he feeds off of fear and despair and is capable of sensing the former in ponies. He technically doesn't have to sleep or physically eat. Weaknesses: Any light magic, love magic wielded by Princess Amore and her descendant, Cadance. Sometimes his own arrogance. Long periods of no sleep or food is a detriment to how well he can function. Cannot swim. Cannot stay a shadow in the light long. History: Originally found by the crystal guard outside of the Crystal Empire, a young grey colt was brought to the city's orphanage, run by a mare named Chestnut Falls. With no knowledge of pony language, the only word he knew or was capable of speaking later became his name, Sombra. He had no knowledge of any parents or where he came from, and so the orphanage took him in. It is there that he learned how to read and write, with some difficulty, and described learning to speak the pony tongue 'like chewing peanut brittle'. His broken speech and dull, dark coloration earned him the scorn and mockery from his fellow orphans, as he was the only non-crystal pony in the city. Out of all of them, the only one he found a friend in was a fellow outcast by the name of Radiant Hope, a kind and imaginative filly. It is she who he would grow up with as close friends. Sombra would first learn a hint of what is to come when he and Radiant Hope visit the Crystal Heart a time before their first Crystal Faire, remembering what they'd been taught about the Heart showing them a glimpse of their futures. While Hope saw herself as a princess, Sombra would only see a shadowy, monstrous version of himself that would haunt him for the rest of his life. It is here, too, that he would meet Princess Amore. When asked of what he saw, Sombra lied and claimed he saw 'nothing, only darkness' and he would feel guilt later about lying to the princess. When the Crystal Faire came, the magic of the Faire kept Sombra bedridden by the debilitating pain. Nopony could figure out what was wrong, and the pain was gone by the time the Faire was over. Hope would always be by his side no matter how badly they both wished to see the Crystal Faire, and this would continue for every Crystal Faire after. There came a time in their early adulthood that that magic would nearly shatter Sombra, but Hope used her magic in desperation to prevent this. In doing so, she finally gained her cutiemark in healing- cutiemarks were something they had always tried to gain, and never were successful with finding. The development of such magic earned Hope a chance to study under the princesses, and it was both what she gained and this offer that would drive Sombra to flee in hopes that he would find his own destiny as she had. It drove him out into the Frozen Wastes surrounding the empire, where he would encounter a strange red crystal that spoke to him, naming itself his mother and revealing the truth of what he was, as well as unlocking his dark magic. Driven by this newfound knowledge and power, Sombra returned to the Crystal Empire that night to steal the Crystal Heart. Princess Amore would confront him, and Sombra would discover then that she knew exactly what he was and kept that information in hopes that he would make the right choice, to choose not to be like 'those monsters.' It angered Sombra to know she'd known all along, and let him suffer, and the hurt of being called a monster would only fuel that fire. Sombra used his newfound magic to turn Amore into a statue of black crystal, and shattered her before the newly arrived Hope could restore her. Shocked by his behavior, Hope would flee, calling him the same as what Amore had- it would be then that Sombra would spitefully welcome the title to cover up how he felt, and disowned Hope as his friend, seeing her as a traitor. Sombra went on to do what he was known for: enslaving the Crystal Empire's citizens and forcing them to dig, all in order to find the door to the umbrums' prison buried deep beneath the city. It was only a matter of time before the princesses arrived to fight and banish him beneath the ice for a thousand years, in which he would ensure the empire disappeared along with him in a curse he cast. A thousand years spent in an icy void would take its toll on the king when he returned, disoriented, desperate to regain his throne and driven by this desperation and his fury to the point he acted recklessly. He would find his second defeat at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and the new crystal princess, Princess Cadance. The magic of the Crystal Heart would shatter him at last, freeing the Crystal ponies of him once and for all. It would only be a few years later that he would rise again, his body reformed but temporarily weakened by the toll the Heart's magic took on him. With nothing but his cape left intact and his mind clear again, Sombra left the Frozen North behind to venture south. Character Personality: Sombra is sadistic, greedy and prideful with an untempered rage and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, which takes a manipulative, intelligent mind to come up with such plans and strategies as he has employed; he is a creature that never stops scheming. He is also gruff, self-conscious, and uncertain about his identity, calling himself 'the king of monsters' because of how many times those he once trusted flung the word monster at him. He believes it to be the truth of what he is, not only because of how others choose to see him, but because of what he'd glimpsed in the Crystal Heart. A vision of his future, he did not believe that he could choose a different path. Sombra is outwardly confident to the point of arrogance and does not shy from interacting with ponies if he absolutely must, but he would otherwise keep his distance both physically and emotionally. Those who meet him may describe him as rude and rather grumpy. Some of his overall personality and actions are a coverup for how he truly feels- self-conscious, alone, and lost without his intended purpose in the Empire. He is fiercely protective of his true emotions and has a difficulty opening up or trusting others because of his past. His treatment at the hooves of others leads him to believe he is justified for what he has done to the crystal ponies and he refuses to acknowledge that he is wrong for it. He is equally unafraid of lying and being dishonest when it suits him. Notable guilty pleasures, that anypony could notice if they pay close enough attention, is that he has a hidden love for stories and will gladly sit attentively during any that are told, and he adores having his mane stroked or petted to the point that he'll go still and relax whenever anypony touches it. Character Summary: King Sombra was once the tyrant of the Crystal Empire that he enslaved, ousted from his throne twice by the actions and decisions of the princesses and their allies. Once controlling, greedy, prideful and power hungry; a deeply flawed individual who hadn't yet learned the importance of choices and allowed others of his kind use him to fulfill a purpose. Primarily now acts on his own needs and for his own goals. Can you tell I really like Sombra? I could probably go on for days but I'll leave it as is. Most of it is based on the show and comics with my own interpretations, additions, and development. Please don't be afraid to ask to rp with him! I try to keep his general grumpiness and angst low-key for rp enjoyment.
  8. Sunset Shimmer There are other worlds out there, just waiting to be explored... Name: Professor Sunset Shimmer Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Body Color: Golden yellow, the color of the midday sun. Mane/Tail Color and Style: Fiery orange-red, with a single yellow streak Eye Color: Cyan Physique: Average for a mare of her age and profession, though she does her best to keep fit because adventure is demanding! Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Aetherology at Canterlot University, specializing in planar travel and multiversal navigation. Theoretical, of course. Part-time adventurer. Cutie Mark: A fiery sun with its disc marked by interlocked orange-red and yellow swirls in the approximate shape of a yin yang. Unique Traits Walking Arcane Encyclopedia. What Sunset lacks in raw magical strength she makes up for in quick thinking and such a comprehensive, internalized well of arcane knowledge that she can virtually craft any spell in her head and execute them with surgical precision, aimed at just the right spot for maximal impact. Education Nonpareil. Having grown up in Canterlot to enthusiastic parents and in a climate that demanded academic excellence, Sunset Shimmer is a peerless intellectual. While her primary focus is in planar travel, she has spread her net wide and caught knowledge of many things. If there is anything that could potentially be an academic field, Sunset probably knows of it, or has at least heard of it, even if she is not an expert or direct practitioner. Portal Specialist and Planar Theorist. Sunset’s expertise is in portals and planar travel. Not so much instant teleports, but deploying precise portal entres and exits for traversing hazardous terrain during adventuring or simply getting from one place to another. She is also an expert in deploying and maintaining teleportation circles and assessing artifacts that facilitate teleportation. Daydream Shimmer. Rumors abound that Sunset conceals the true magnitude of her abilities. Such hearsay is dismissed as the idle daydreams of her students. As the good professor herself would say, “I would prefer not delve into the bottomless abyss that is my students’ fantasies of me.” Character History Personality Since the portal incident, Sunset has softened her image, though she is still well known for her sarcasm even in research circles. She can always be counted upon to respond to dangerous situations or unexpected lab results with an exasperated eye roll or wry quip. She is unflappable under extreme stress and level-headed in the face of danger. Despite the mask of the jaded, hard-boiled researcher she wears, Sunset has a soft spot for those who genuinely put forth effort but still struggle. Building her academic career from the ground up when challenged by both her peers and titans of her field before her was no easy task; indeed it was overwhelming at times. She is willing to sit down with students who need a bit of extra help. She has little tolerance for troublemakers and this is perhaps where she gets her frosty reputation. Sunset sees her teaching job as penance for her terrible treatment of her classmates in her youth. But even with most of her time devoted to teaching, a fire for hands on experimentation, research, and adventure still burns within her, the same drive that led her both to her calling and her fall. Given the opportunity, it is conceivable that she might be lured out of her lab and back into adventuring in the wide world of Equestria!
  9. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Lightning Dust Sex: Female Age: 23 Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Amber/Yellow Coat: Light Turqoise Mane/Tail: Light and Dark Yellow Physique: Athletic Residence: Varies Occupation: Courier Cutie Mark: A Lightning Bolt and three stars Unique Traits: Fast, arguably as fast as a certain element of harmony. (Although Dust is the only who would argue that... ), skilled in flight and weather manipulation. History: Born the 2nd foal, and daughter of a wealthy Las Pegasus couple, Lightning Dust grew up in the lap of luxury, and one of boredom. With every whim catered to she soon grew restless. Spoiled and bratty, the filly would often act as the bully of the playground. Once her father made her aware of their families lineage, supposedly descended from Pegasopolis itself, Lightning Dust would strive to be worthy of that lineage, much to her fathers annoyance. He had hoped his daughter would guide her further into a role within the nobility, with the end goal of her possibly marrying into a Canterlot home. Instead Lightning Dust took a more militaristic approach. Training herself, and gaining an appreciation for the Wonderbolts, the filly became a speed demon. Coupled with her win at all costs attitude, she was a terror in the Las pegasus racing scene. This attitude was only reinforced by talk with a Wonderbolt recruiter that stated the Bolts only accepted the best of the best, and her attitude was a good thing. It was in these races that Dust gained her cutiemark. One afternoon, during an official event that saw many young ponies in the city partake in many events emphasizing pegasi prowess, the planned finale for a race around the city was cancelled. Due to a scheduling error a thunderstorm had drifted in and the organizers did not wish to risk the safety of many of the colts and fillies that would fly in the event. Undaunted, Lightning Dust seeked out some of the competitors she knew would give her a challenge and convinced them to race her regardless. Sneaking out onto the course the dozen young ponies took off, eager to beat one another and capture some fame as daredevils. Needless to say the adults were not pleased, doing their best to try and stop the race or knock out the thunderclouds that might potential harm the children. The race itself was no easy thing, lightning bolts, high winds, low visibility and rain, within the first few minutes half the competitors were forced to take cover and give up. The fight for first place was a tough fight however, with Lightning Dust struggling to keep up with a pair of colts who already had their cutie marks. Finally during the final leg of the race Dust saw her chance in the form of a rogue storm cloud that was lashing out with lightning at random that had drifted directly into the middle of the track. Unwilling to take the chance of being zapped the two colts tried to fly around it, but not Dust. The filly braced herself and dove straight on through, ignoring the danger such an act posed in favor of having a shortcut. And indeed she succeeded. Dust herself claims she was struck by a lightning bolt that gave her a boost needed to finish the race well ahead of the other two ponies. Indeed onlookers saw the filly emerge faster than before, with her now trademark contrail behind her. Upon winning the slightly charred filly was surprised to find her cutie mark had appeared, making the following few hours a bittersweet thing as she celebrated finding her true calling, and being punished by her parents for trying something so reckless and stupid. Lightning Dust was schooled in a private academy, but never had great success, with her grades being a common source of friction with her parents and her eventually dropping out to further her career in the local racing scene, and working part time with the local weather team. Eventually her fame would garner success and she was invited to attend the Wonderbolt Academy. Thrilled that she had the chance to take her fame to a national level the mare left home without even telling her parents. The tale of what happened there is well known to many. Arriving at the academy Dust was wholly unimpressed. Almost all the pegasi there couldn't hold a candle to her speed and skill, all except one. Rainbow Dash. Now, Lightning Dust was not a smart mare, nor one who kept up to date in the news. She didn't know that Dash was a savior of Equestria, nor did she really care. The chromatic mare was fast, she was skilled, and her attitude mirrored Dusts in many ways (As far as she noticed). With the encouragement of Spitfire, Lightning Dust figured she was guaranteed to eventually join the Bolts, and Rainbow Dash would join her. Becoming fast friends the pair were a fearsome duo. Not once did Dust ever consider her actions that hurt the other trainees at the academy as wrong, they were after all beneath her, and not worthy of entering the ranks of the Wonderbolts like herself and Dash. This all came to a head during a cloud busting exercise where the pair unleashed a tornado in an effort to outdo the rest of the class. When the two lost control of it Dust was relieved to see that they had still succeeded in their mission of clearing the skies, dismissing Rainbows complaints about almost hurting her friends. Maybe Rainbow wasn't up for the task of being a wonderbolt. When Spitfire came out and stripped her of her position and kicked her out of the academy however Dusts world came crashing down. In the days that followed Dust became depressed and melancholy. The Wonderbolts had always espoused competition and pushing oneself to the limit. That one pegasus could turn that all around by simply whining to the commander of the Wonderbolts made no sense. Alongside that was the fact that she felt betrayed by Rainbow, a friend who seemed so much like her and yet was willing to throw her under the bus. Returning home to Las Pesasus, Dusts situation worsened as news of her actions reached the city and her family forced her into seclusion to hide their shame. As days passed Dust, looked into the news and politics revolving Rainbow and her friends and her depression turned into anger and disillusionment with Equestria itself. In a case of nepotism Dust believed Spitfire only sided with Rainbow Dash because she was an element of Harmony, and the fact that the accident had endangered the elements themselves. Never mind that the group had been encroaching on military airspace... Or that their reason for trespassing was because the 'pink annoying one' was being stupid. Dust had simply been the scapegoat for Spitfire to make a potential problem with the Princesses of Equestria go away.These were the thoughts running through Dusts mind, she had been cheated of greatness and corruption and stupidity had stolen them from her. She wasn't wrong! This anger would lead her to make a few mistakes, including a one time team up with a bunch of villains in the crystal empire... Or maybe that was a dream... Who knows? This anger was soon tempered with the realization of the futility of everything. She couldn't change anything, not really. When Lightning Dust tried to get employment a combination of her families desire to have her in the shadows, along with the eventual discovery of her actions at the Academy, made keeping a job very difficult. After escaping her home Dust would hope from job to job, city to city, making barely enough to subsist. She couldn't draw upon her families funds, not without alerting them to her location, and scooping her up in their plans or isolating her. Her bitterness against Equestria and the elements has not changed however, especially the betrayal of her one time friend. Character Personality: Arrogant. Independent. Prideful. When in a good mood Dust can be pretty horrible to be around. Shes boastful, eager to challenge others, and easily riled up. That said, its not often you see her like that. A certain amount of melancholy and depression has settled into her day to day life as the mare struggles to figure out a new lot in life. When meeting new ponies the mare tends to be rather aloof, not willing to give them much respect or time unless they prove themselves to her. This extends to leaders and others such as nobility who might expect bowing and scraping. That said for those who do manage to get past her aloofness and earn her respect they can expect a pretty good friend willing to back them up no matter the situation. In respect to her workplace demeanor the mare is curt and polite, if only because shed rather limit her exposure to customers as little as possible. Flying however continues to be her one true calling, especially if a challenge were to be presented. Character Summary: Once a prime Wonderbolt candidate, Lightning Dust has fallen on hard times and now roams from job to job, place to place, with no purpose and idea in life, disillusioned and bitter against the world around her. (The whole dream thing is a reference to the IDW comic where Dust was involved with the whole Sombra thing. )
  10. Putting in a new app, seeing as how I was booted out for a month of inactivity, that was beyond my control... Name: Holly Dash nickname: 'Tutti Frutti' Sex: Female Age: young Mare Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: 'gala pink' as according to LTL wiki Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Similarly styled to Rainbow Dash, it is often seen quite rough around the edges. She does, however enjoy pulling it back from time to time, a loose bun or low riding pony tail are not uncommon to be seen on her. Her mane is striped blue, yellow and purple. Eye Color: Violet Cutie Mark: A single, plump strawberry. Physique: Short and average, she is very active, but not too thin. She loves to race, and never turns down a competition. Origin: Born, and, unfortunately raised, in Beakbreak City. Roleplay Type: Mane Occupation: Fruit merchant, traveler Motivation: To see all the great cities of Equestria-even those in the sky, and bring joy to those around her with her delicious fruit. She also aspires to improve on her life skills as she travels--and ultimately, to settle down in the most wonderful town of them all--yet to be discovered, of course, and raise her own fillies and foals, and a garden all her own. Likes: Fruit-strawberries are the best, fruit pies, well-rounded ponies, family ponies, children, learning, gardening, talking to species not pony, traveling, learning Dislikes: bully ponies, bad parents, vegetables, elderly ponies(she thinks they're icky, but respects them), fru-fru ponies, dishonest ponies, she doesn't much care for adult griffons (but will talk to them given the chance never the less); hates losing, bugs, weeds Character Summary: Holly Dash was born in Beakbreak City, to a pair of irresponsible parents, far too young and deviant to have a filly. Her father was a thief, and her mother was a con artist. Both were wanted by the law of Equestria, and that is what wound them up in Beakbreak. Both of them had terrible addictions to the deadly nightshade, and although Holly's mother loved her filly, she was an uncontrollable liar, and her daughter grew up to know never to trust what her mother told her, never to give her things when she begged for them, never to give in to prying hooves and eyes. She sought out solitude behind a closed door, in her box of a room, and counted the days until she would be a grown up pony, and be able to strike out on her own. It was at about the age when normal fillies head out to school, that her father left. He did not say goodbye--all that Holly recalled was that her mother cried for what seemed like forever. Then, things got a little better. Her mom let her go to school, if only to get her out of the house. She was sometimes locked out of the house, when her mother was in a fit. She didn't mind, though, she made friends with the griffon children in the neighborhood, and found her way to the library, small though it was in this dingy dirty town, and found herself learning things at a remarkable rate. It was on such an occasion to the library, that she saw her first depiction of what would later become her talent in life. A picture book, filled with mouth watering pictures--strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and more--all ripe and juicy right there on the pages. She had never seen such wonderful looking food! It was then, for the first time in her life, that she found herself wanting something more--and she begged her mother for it. Her mother, in a stupor from one of her many mind-numbing leaves, fumbled, and complied. After what seemed like an eternity, her mother returned from her 'shopping trip.' She had mostly salt licks, so much that a pony could stumble for weeks without remembering it, and yet in one bag--one tiny bag, there was something special. Something small, something just for her! Seeds. Tiny little strawberry seeds, all packaged up in a little bag no bigger than her tiny filly hoof. Yet nothing enthralled her more. Her mother--already sucking down her salt lick, casually remarked that her daughter should 'make sure you water those.' ButHolly did more than that. She remembered everything about raising these plants from her library books. She buried them in the dampest, thickest looking soil she could find around their dry and irreparable home, and using a jar with holes poked in the lid, she sprinkled water over them. She talked to them every day, she would read books to them, and every day it seems there was more and more green covering her little garden--but still, she didn't see any red. No fruit had even sprouted the little tiny nubs of green buds that make strawberries. She was beginning to lose all hope. It was on a day where she was reading about all the lands of Equestria--out loud to her plants, of course, that it happened. Magic happened. She had never done magic before, yet here it was dragging her off. She fought it, initially, as the horn on her head grabbed her whole body and pulled her along, but with nothing here truly holding her back, she succumbed to it. It dragged her at first, but then began to tug at her every fiber, and soon she found herself running with it, chasing--what she did not know. It had been dark when she was reading with her berries, by candle light, in the wee hours of the morning. The sky was slowly lightening as her horn directed her along--higher and higher into the sharp, high peaks of the Roughrider Ridges. Finally, with her hooves ready to fall off, the magic stopped. She had never been so high up, and never had it been so dark. She was terrified to find her way down. She looked back the way she came, and shivered-the cold wind that slammed against the mountain blowing right through her. Then suddenly, little glimmers of light drifted from the east--from Canterlot. There, miles and miles in the distance, the Summer Sun Celebration was occurring--the most beautiful sunrise she had ever seen. The light spread across the great land of Equestria, and suddenly...she knew. She knew what she wanted to do. She knew where she wanted to go, and that she wanted to grow. And as she looked down the steep ridges, she saw--hardly a speck from this distance, but she saw, next to her gnarled old shack--the bright, swollen red fleck of strawberries--dozens of them, all over her little green patch. As her face lit up with joy, and her heart swelled with hope, her cutie mark--a rosy red single strawberry, glowed to life on her flanks. She set to work after that--collecting every piece of scrap wood she could find, she began to build. It was slow work, as wood seemed hard to come by. She grew older, and her garden grew with her--it was now filled with little berry bushes, and tomatoes, and even a vine of watermelon. All of it grew, along with her creation. Finally, with money saved up from selling her delicious fruit to her neighbors, she was able to buy them--two, beautiful, wooden, wheels. She carefully attached them to what she had built, her cart, and admired her fine work. She had gotten rid of the only dress she owned to make the halter to go over her shoulders and back, but it was well worth it. She was ready to go. To travel all of Equestria. And someday...maybe even Celestia would praise her for the deliciousness of her fruit. She packed up all of her plants, digging them out to the root so that they could be moved and replanted. It was slow workings, loading up that cart with her garden, but it would be worth it someday, she knew. Now came the hard part. Attempting to tell her mother. Well, at least she thought it would be hard. It turned out, at her saying that she was going--tears welled in her eyes to have to tell her mother--the old mare was overjoyed. Albeit she was probably a bit wired from the leaf, she praised Celestia for finally getting rid of such a useless daughter. Fully crying now, Holly left in a flurry of tears, head hanging low as she walked out of Beakbreak. It was then--as she didn't watch where she was going, that she crashed into the thick chest of a stallion. She fumbled with apologies, wiping her eyes with her hoof, and avoiding eye contact with the stranger. "Holly?" She looked up to the stallion at hearing her name, and was astounded. It was her father. His hair was clean-cut, his eyes were clear and not glassy, and his coat had a sheen to it. He was--he was clean! Her jaw slacked, her face aghast, "Dad?!" He nodded solemnly, and saw her cart, "So...how....how is yur mother?" She couldn't hide the pained expression on her face, "She...well...she...." She cut herself off, and looked at him with eyes that spoke the truth, "Ya know." He nodded glumly, and looked to the ground, "I um...Ah'm gonna take care of her now." Holly tilted her head, " 'Take care of her'??" She repeated the phrase, a bit lost by the words, but then suddenly, angry, "NOW ya come back? NOW that ya don't have to take care of a little filly, right?!" "No,Ah--Ah never meant...." Holly's eyes pierced through to him, and he sighed, "Ah didn't want to leave you--but Ah knew that I couldn't get help without leaving....and Ah swore Ah'd come back someday and take care of you...both of ya." She scowled at him, "Well....you can have her. She doesn't want me no more." He was astounded, "Yur mother--she loves you, she's probably just...just..." She sighed, "It's alright. Ah know." her eyes welled with tears, "Ah'll...Ah'm going to sell fruit....on the road." She smiled, "Just...uh....send a letter...when you guys get settled somewhere new, or something...." She moved to start walking again, and he stopped her, drawing her into a hug. Quietly, he told her he was proud of her, and that he loved her. They parted, and she headed into Equestria, suddenly filled with that bright shining joy she first felt when she had seen her strawberries grow for the first time. She trotted faster as she neared the bottom of the ridges, past Bareback Gulch, and was at a run when she went into the Everfree Forest. It took what seemed like forever before she found a town--Ponyville, it was called. She was merrily selling fruit, when a sudden invasion of Parasprite overtook the town, and sent her packing, before all of her food and her cart would be gone. She continued to travel, past an apple orchard, and on towards Canterlot, where she found, just inside of Whitetail Woods, a place. A clearing with fertile soil, and nopony nearby. She left her cart here, and looked around. Nopony to be seen until much closer to Solstice Heights, this was perfect. She magicked out her hoof-made gardening tools, and got to work, hoeing out neat rows of garden, and magicked her uprooted plants back into the ground. She now grows her fruit there, and travels with her cart all over Equestria, selling the most delicious fruit Equestria has ever known! Relationships: First off, her dog, Buck, a black Newfoundland. He rescued her from drowning under the ice one winter. Friends: Stormsong (close friends. Met at TROTL, and have since grown in their friendship. Stormsong saved Holly from a fire.) Applejack (met at TROTL, have hung out and fought a fire together.) Zephyr (friends. Holly thought she had a crush on him, and he didn't feel the same. The two parted as sort-of friends.) Acquaintences: N/A Existing family: Mother (Beakbreak) Father (Beakbreak)
  11. Name: Celestia aka Princess Celestia, Ruler of Equestria Sex: Female Age: Ageless adult Species: Alicorn Coat Color: Her coat is very nearly white, though it retains a very light pink pearl like sheen Mane/Tail Color & Style: Tia's mane and tail are composed of four colors; aquamarine, sea green, light blue, and light periwinkle. Her locks are kept aloft by her innate magic and they lightly swirl about as if blown by a soft breeze. Eye Color: A light amethyst Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a stylized sun that has been taken as the emblem of Equestria. Physique: Tia is almost twice as tall as most ponies. Her legs are long and add to her flowing grace. Though she is graceful she is also well toned and agile. Residence: She resides in Canterlot Castle, specifically her living quarters are in one of the tallest towers of the castle. Occupation: Ruler of Equestria, she watches over all from the raising of the sun to her loyal subjects. Unique Traits Though she has the ability and power to rule with might and an iron hoof, Celestia has learned through years uncounted that this behavior would end in unhappiness and ruin. As she is nigh ageless the alicorn has had time to observe life in a way that gives her a unique perspective. She has grown deeply wise as the years have passed by allowing her to read others easily and give advice that is trustworthy and often without fault. Though she could enforce rules and regulations with her magic and strength, she chooses instead to gently press her students towards understanding. There has not in written or remembered history been one like the ruler of the sun. Though she speaks softly and has a light sense of humor, this should not be mistaken as weakness. Celestia has held the Elements of Harmony and used them to defeat the great foe Nightmare Moon, along with many others who have threatened the tranquility of her lands. She is truly a terrible force to behold when she stands in the vanguard of armies. Though she has not taken this role for a millennia, she is battle hardened and wise in the ways of war. She is rarely seen without her royal regalia. This includes her golden crown and breastplate that her set with precious purple stones and her golden decorated shoes. History It is generally agreed upon by Equestrian scholars that the sisters Celestia and Luna came to be before the rest of the world. They were not born as most of ponykind is, instead they were manifest at the beginning. This event is shrouded in mystery and may well always be. Upon becoming manifest she was an adult and had a golden sun emblazoned on her flanks. Her duty to the lands and ponies she ruled was to raise the sun for the day and bring it down in the evening. Only somepony with the might of magic vested in Celestia could manage such a task daily and with ease. It was after multiple generation of ruling side by side that her younger sister became jealous of the love given to her sister by their subjects. One of the great battles took place not long after when Celestia took on the mantle of defending her authority and the world from her sister. Though it pained her greatly, Celestia gave a punishment to fit the crime of what Luna had attempted. It was after she had banished her sister that Celestia first felt remorse. She hated what she had done, though it had been imperative. Her glimmer of hope was that instead of outright destroying her sister, she had chosen a method that spared her life. She deeply longed to have her sister by her side. There was so much between then that only they could understand. She had to bide her time for a thousand years before taking on Twilight Sparkle as a student. She knew a pony like Twilight would come along and so she waited. The day the purple unicorn's magic outburst flickered into the throne room, Celestia's heart jumped! This would be the one to lead the charge in bringing Luna back! She taught Twilight in the ways of magic, molding her heart and mind into a faithful student and future princess. After giving Twilight and her friends the Elements of Harmony, they were eventually able to reunite the sisters. It is said now that this was Celestia's plan since the day she first imprisoned her sister. Celestia rules from Canterlot Castle. Her role now is to maintain the balance of peace and harmony in her lands. She is also working at extending the ties between Equestria and the other lands outside Equestrian borders. Though she could step into a dictator role, she would never do so. She enjoys having those in her confidence represent her in matters of diplomacy, foreign relations, and general upkeep of her lands. If the time comes when another tries to disturb the harmony of her lands, Celestia would not hesitate to wield her power to defend what she loves. Character Summary At first glance one might see Celestia for the mighty ruler she is. She stands tall, with an air of nobility about her. Her words wise and fairly much faultless in reasoning. If she were to take up her war helm and stand before her army, most enemies would tremble at her hooves. She maintains an air of terrible power while at the same time soft and caring. She commands respect, not by words but by the way she carries herself. This is a balance that only one with thousands of years of experience could maintain. For those who stand before her in the throne room, her mere presence would make one fall to their knees. However, once taken into confidence she is easily approachable as a friend. Twilight and her friends enjoy that relationship with the princess though even they no better than to get out of line with the mighty ruler. Celestia has a bell like laugh and often finds time to be merry with her friends. She loves a good joke and a nice walk with friends. She is no stranger to relaxing and though she doesn't always have time to do so, she loves to spend days hanging out with her sister and the other alicorn princesses. She is quite concerned with those she protects. On numerous occasions she leaves the castle to be with the ponies of her lands. She frequents the streets of Canterlot, Ponyville, and other cities and towns in her realm. She has a soft smile for her subjects and is always willing to listen to those that need her ear. She commands respect when she is out in her lands and has had the chance to meet many ponies during her visits. Her extremely long life span has seen Celestia in all states of mind. There are some times when she feels a bit melancholy about life. Year after year go by and though she continually gets wiser, she sometimes longs for a normal life. This however, was not what was given to her and she bares the weight of her role with stalwart determination. In more recent years she has had a lift in her mind and attitude. She affords this mostly to getting Luna back and to her times with Twilight Sparkle. Her pride in her once pupil and now fellow princess has allowed her heart to bloom in ways it had not before. Though she has said they are equals, she will always retain motherly feelings towards the purple alicorn princess. She often finds herself wondering what will come next. She has seen so much in her lifespan she often wonders if there is anything she has not seen. Of course, life has a way of keeping things interesting and she eagerly awaits the ages to come. Celestia stepped down from the platform in the sastle from which she raised the sun. Her eyes sparkled for one moment as she looked over her work. The bright rays of morning sun flooded the fields and valleys below. It was a scene she had watched countless times and yet it still held the same truth to her. It gave her strength to continue on in her role as ruler of Equestria. The Princess turned and smiled as she made her way down the steps that lead to the meeting hall. Today was going to be such a fun day! She had made sure to finish up royal business the day before so that this day would be freed up. She was going to have a day out with Luna and Cadance! They would have time to laugh and talk. Time to go about like any other mares, instead ot the high rulers of their lands. Though she loved and felt dutiful towards her role, she sometimes craved a chance to act more like the mares she saw in the towns and cities around her castle. They would gossip, laugh, have some treats. She might even have a chance to take a turn with baby Flurry Heart! It wasn't every day one of the princesses of Equestria had a little foal! She just adored the little filly and she couldn't wait to spend some time with her! And as a cherry on the top, Twilight was coming along too! She knew the newest princess was still getting used to her role but nothing would help her feel more comfortable than hanging out with the other princesses! She hoped that today she could help Twilight loosen up around the other princesses. They all had their parts to play and getting into those roles could take a long time. Twilight would come into her won a little at a time. The high ruler of Equestria stepped into the meeting hall. She had a saddle bag with beach supplies, and a pair of sunglasses perched right below her horn instead of her crown. Today was a day to be with her friends and relax! A much needed reprieve from daily life! "Why hello everyone! I'm so excited for today!"
  12. Name: Silver Spoon Gender: Female Age: Filly Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Varying shades of muted violet Character color: Silver's pelt is a deep gunmetal grey with no variance throughout Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail are a slightly lighter gray than her coat color. There is a streak of very light gray running through both mane and tail. Silver Spoon always keeps herself presentable. Her locks are brushed to a polished shine and there is never a hair out of place. Her forelocks are brushed into place above her eyeline. Her mane is always kept in a braid that trails over one shoulder and is tied off by a pink band. Her tail is brushed at minimum of one hundred strokes per day. It curls naturally up just below her hock line. Physique: She is a bit on the trim side compared to most fillies her age. She doesn't do much to maintain this figure though she is careful about what she eats. Since she wants to portray herself as a certain kind of pony, keeping the right physique for her is important. Residence: She lives in a very modest villa at the edge of Ponyville with her mother and father. Occupation: Student at Ponyville Elementary and recent recruit to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She hopes to someday become a lawyer. Cutie Mark: A silver spoon of course! What other mark would she have? The spoon is ornate having a handle with filigree design. This is embedded with a small pink heart at the center. Unique Traits: Silver is never seen without her sky blue framed glasses. It is true, she does need them to see. She made sure to match the frames with her favorite necklace as she pretty much always wears that particular piece of jewelry. Though it took her a while to find herself, she is quickly blossoming into a young mare with self will and purpose. In her earlier years she was often seen as a follower as she found self assurance in having a more powerful friend to tag along with. History: Silver Spoon was born to loving parents though they didn't always have as much time for their little filly as she would have liked. Being wealthy wasn't what kept them away, it was their jobs most of the time. Both were buisness ponies and when they were home they were often too tired to play games with Silver Spoon. She did grow up with the finest of amenities, to the point that her parents named her after her upbringing. They wanted the best for their filly, up to having a silver spoon in her muzzle. As she grew, her parents tried very hard to make more time for her. Eventually her mother stopped working so that Silver's fillyhood time didn't just slip away. It was on the day that she quite that she purchased a necklace made of the finest Sparkling Sea pearls for Silver Spoon. When she told her filly that she would be home from now on and spending more time with her, Silver was over joyed! Her mother put the necklace around her neck and told Silver that her parents would always be with her. Even though her father couldn't be around all the time it didn't mean he didn't love her. Though she would have liked to see her father more, the necklace assured her that her parents cared. As such she wears the necklace every day to remind her of her parents love and support. When it was almost time for her to enroll in school, Silver Spoon got her cutie mark! She had been trotting down the road with her mother, heading through the town farmer's market. At one stall she overheard an elderly pony trying to pay for a bushel of apples. The grandpony was a few bits short and was about to hoof back the apple when Silver left her mother's side and trotted up. She held a few bits forth towards the older pony and smiled. "Here you go ma'am. I'm sure you wouldn't want to go all the way home to find a few more bits for those apples." The older pony was so happy to have the help. She reached down to give the generous little filly a hug and then a huge smile appeared on her muzzle. She pointed to Silver's flank just as her mother trotted up. Her cutie mark had appeared! It represented that Silver Spoon was an entitled pony and that she had a heart for others. Out of her wealth and opportunity she cared about others enough to share with others and encourage them. Though Silver had a knack for noticing others, it wasn't the case that others noticed her. Once she enrolled in school she realized she didn't have the self confidence she thought she did. She ended up in a friendship with a pony that other ponies noticed. Diamond Tiara's attitude was infectious on the sweet Silver Spoon. Before long she had forgotten her generous and kind nature. She found herself in a clique, making fun of others, and generally being mean. She followed Tiara's lead in picking on others, specifically the Cutie Mark Crusaders. This sort of behavior went on for a quite few years, until Silver had a turning point in her life. She woke up one morning, put on her glasses, and noticed the necklace she always wore. As she ran her hoof over the sky blue pearls she suddenly remembered what the pearls meant. Her parents loved and supported her. She wanted to make them proud. She needed to start living up to her cutie mark! The first step in this would be to try to change her friendship with Diamond Tiara. Either they would stop their mean behavior or she would have to end the friendship. She really didn't want to end things with Diamond Tiara as she knew they cared about each other. Even though Diamond had a rough exterior she knew the pink filly counted Silver Spoon as her best friend. It just so happened that the day she decided she was going to change and stand up to her best friend, was also the day Diamond made life changing choices too! It was a wonderful day overall, ending with a better friendship and an end to their bullying behaviors. Now Silver wants to focus on how she can help other ponies out! Character Summary/Personality: Silver Spoon has had a dramatic shift in her life over the past school year. She has remembered the pony she set out to be and what her cutie mark means to her. Since she was able to change her friendship with Diamond Tiara, she has been able to help her friend be good to others. Silver Spoon is now a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and she loves being able to give form what she has to help others. She has always had a big heart and now she is able to let that heart shine! This filly can still be quite catty at times. Though she has had life changing choices lately, that doesn't mean she doesn't retain parts of her past behavior. She has to check herself constantly now and sometimes she's not fast enough to stop what she is saying or a particular facial expression. Silver is still in the process of discovering who she wants to be. She has grown up a lot but she still has lots of growing up to do. She really wants to be kind and helpful to others, though this goes against the way she has been acting for years. Though it will take time, she will continue to try to live up to her cutie mark! She will use what she has to help others and show them her heart!
  13. Roleplay Type:Mane RP Name: Rarity Sex: Female Age: Mare (~19-25 in human age) Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Azure (light blue) with a darker blue Eyeshade Coat Color: White with the faintest hint of a blue-grey now and then Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Curly with quite a lively bounce to them, ranging from Indigo to Violet Physique: While the rest of her is extremely feminine, her physique is less so, she's still distinctly a mare but she has enough physical capability to buck a mantacore in the face quite painfully. (Of course it should be noted that all of the Mane 6 use the same base shape - in my mind she would be a little leaner than the other mares, though not to the extent of Fleur) Cutie Mark: Three cut Sapphires Origin/Residence: Born, raised, and still living in Ponyville, though she feels far more at home in Canterlot. Occupation: Fashionista, Designer, Dress Maker (in order of her preference of titles) and Owner of the Carousel Boutique Motivation: To become a world-renown Fashion Designer (At one point her ambition included meeting the "Prince of her Dreams" though after her experience with Prince Blueblood, this has of course moved down on her list...), and to always be there to help her friends. Likes: Gemstones, Fashion, Her friends, and a low-fat cinnamon-apple latte on cold winters mornings Dislikes: Anything Ugly (though instead of blind hatred she desires to improve it), Diamond Dogs, those who would mock or hurt her friends. Character Summary: The Parents were overjoyed when they saw the small white and purple (Indigo! Not purple!) unicorn in their arms that morning at the hospital. Unfortunately, the small unicorn would not be as happy with her life at home... Rarity was born to a pair of very average ponies with no Fashion sense, which became a constant horror of her. She did not understand how they could not see the horrors of the clothes they wore, nor why they never seemed to understand how much her designs could improve them, always dismissing them with "Thats nice, dear" which pushed Rarity to focus harder on her dreams and desires, making her somewhat socially awkward at times. (Sadly a trait she never fully outgrew). While her parents traveled the world, she stayed home and worked on her designs, improving every day. However, much to her dissapointment, there was always something missing, something that she couldn't quite grasp that would take her designs from simply "good" to "Amazing!" she tried everything she could think of from expensive fabric she had to save fore months to get, to complex stitching, but somehow this one facet of design eluded her time and time again! None the less, she would keep on trying, her raw determination and her passion, this was what caused the spark that one night lead her through the wilderness, following her horn's glow as her magic took on a life of it's own! She finally found herself, in a rather sorry state that she would rather nobody see her in, on a cliff before a large rock. She was confused, and the confusion bred anger, she yelled at the rock and her horn, ready to turn and leave, when there was an explosion, sending a shockwave out that split the rock down the center, each side falling open to reveal hundreds of gorgeous gemstones, then came the magnificent rainbow wake that made every stone shine more colors than they ever did in normal light! Rarities eyes seemed to glow as she felt her breath taken away by the marvelous sight. THIS was what she had missed, THIS was what would take her designs to the next level, THIS was her DESTINY! Quickly Gathering the stones, she made her way back to Ponyville and added them to her current endevers - costumes for the school talent show. While everyone had said before that her designs were very nice (she had gotten so tired of hearing that) they were now awed by them, earning her critical praise from those in attendance, and, more importantly, her Cutie Mark. Rarity now, having learned what she had been missing for so long, began to create more and better costumes, gowns, and assorted accessories for Stallion (if only she had more creative freedom with the stallions, she could have made the so handsome...) Her designs improved each day and it was not long before she was able to begin selling them outright, at first only getting enough bits to cover her costs, then she began to be offered more, while she would never overcharge anyone, she welcomed the extra income and began saving towards a new goal - to move out of her house where she had to face her parents. She loved them dearly but they simply did not understand, and her mother was always offering her unwanted, though well-intended, advice. This was becoming even more abundant now that Rarity had a little sister on the way. Part of her hated to leave her parents, but she knew if she wanted to reach her true potential she would have to strike out on her own. Thus, day by day, bit by bit she slowly began saving until finally she had enough to get her own place. Unfortunately, her love of art and design got the best of her, though, and while she had the money she did not have the design, so she set about designing her own shop. While her skills in clothing design helped her tremendously, she was not the best at architecture, and it took her almost a full year to complete the design to her satisfaction. By this time her sister Sweetybelle had been brought into the world, and while she loved the foal dearly, sweetie was constantly messing up her designs, whether by playing with the 'shiny gems', rumpling the expensive fabric, or spilling different liquids all over her sketches. To make matters worse, her globe-trotting parents often left sweety at home when they vacationed and expected rarity to baby-sit the disaster-prone foal. She absolutely had to get out now, before she had a nervous breakdown. Life changes, everyone tells you this, but nobody really tells you how to cope. For rarity, her first day in her new place was a mixture of awe, horror, and frantic decorating. She began with sweeping out all the dust that had been missed from the construction, afterwards she unpacked her fabrics and sewing machine, it was only a matter of time before the windows all had matching curtains and even a matching bedspread - except for the fact she lacked a bed, or for that matter a table... she had let the artist in her get the better of her again and this meant that she was heading out as the sun set to try and find a bed and at minimum a table and chairs... hopefully some that were elegant as well as functional... but at that hour what she ended up with was a measly folding table and an over-stuffed couch that would need to be recovered when she had the time. It was far from her dreams, but it would suffice for now... This pattern continued for rarity as the seasons changed, slowly she assembled her business, slowly she bought and often altered furniture, it took time and effort, but nobody would ever say she was a pony afraid of hard work! She might go about it a little differently than most and take care not to harm her well-groomed mane or polished hooves, but that didn't mean she was afraid of spending hours on any project, no matter how small, to make sure it was done properly! Rarity was a perfectionist, such was her greatest fault, and such would come back to bite her in the tail many, many, many times over the course of her life... It was during these transitory years that Rarity first met Fluttershy. The yellow mare had just moved to Ponyville from Cloudsdale (though rarity eventually learned that "moved" wasn't quite the term that should have been used...) Rarity having been looking for a pony to model her clothing line, she ran into Fluttershy, and though the Pegasus politely turned her down, she did recommend the then-new spa that had just opened up in town. At first Rarity was a little reluctant to go there with Fluttershy, having just met her --- a touch of the awkwardness that still haunted her from her foal years of pouring herself into her work (which she unfortunately still did at times), but upon seeing how much more awkward it was for the other mare, Rarity relaxed and agreed, years later it is still a weekly get-together for the pair. This was also when she met Fluttershy's Foalhood friend Rainbow Dash, and while Rarity and Dash didn't exactly get along, their interactions were not entirely unpleasant for either of them. (Except when Rarity made the mistake of asking Dash to model for her, and she had to almost chain the pegasus down to keep her still --- sadly Rarity's desire to use dash as a model has over-ruled her reason and to this day she still occasionally ropes in Rainbow, even if she does have to deal with keeping the spectrum-maned mare still long enough to finish...) It was during one of these such get-togethers that rarity mentioned what a change it was to have moved from her home with her parents and sister into her shop where it was so empty. What surprised the unicorn was how enthusiastically fluttershy suggested she find a pet, she had never seen the yellow mare so energetic before. Rarity had considered it at first a passing thing, but as soon as they left the Spa, the pegasus practically drug her out to the edge of the everfree forest where her cottage was. Rarity, though not amused by the sudden change in schedule, nor the less-than-pristine area, decided to humor her friend and browse the quiet mare's offerings. They went over everything from parots to puppies, snakes to spider-monkies, and bats to bullfrogs, none of them piquing rarity's interest and a few downright disgusting her, though she fought with all her effort to keep it hidden. Then, just as she was about to make an excuse to get back to her shop and take a nice hot bath, she eyed the tiny white ball of fur curled up in the corner. It was a mother cat who had just had a litter of kittens, the beautiful silky white fur, the gemlike look in their eyes, and the pitiful mews of the kittens was too much and rarity's heart melted then and there. It was not long before she found herself gushing over a small prissy kitten she had already named Opal. Taking it home, she felt a turn-about in her life, the dull and quiet studio felt much more at home now, more warm and welcome, and she found her productivity doubled! This increase in productivity did not go unnoticed, The mayor, needing someone to help with decorating the town for the Summer Sun Festival. Rarity saw this as an amazing honor and indeed a step up in the world for her. The Princess herself was going to come to ponyville this year, which meant that not only would the royalty see her work, but all the paparazzi who followed would be exposed to it as well! This was her first true big shot and she couldn't blow it! While she was decorating she was surprised to be interrupted by a unicorn --- and a baby dragon who was almost drooling on the floor. For a moment Rarity wondered if the dragon had a mental condition, then she realized he was simply in awe of her beauty, which made his infatuation tolerable (Though over time she and spike have become much closer, she still thinks about this first impression and laughs) Rarity almost dismissed the pair outright, thinking they were just visitors, untill she heard they had been sent from Canterlot by Celestia herself! Not only had this mare -who sadly seemed lacking in the fassion-sence department- lived in canterlot, but she knew Celestia! This was too good of an opportunity! Rarity had to make a good impression on them --- and help Twilight with her rather dreadful mane... of course it wouldn't hurt to add some other adornments. With a little work... Unfortunately for Rarity, and fortunately for Twilight, the latter bolted while Rarity's back was turned. Luckily she had gotten twilight's mane straightened out, and it appeared that the unicorn had indeed liked the saddle, so it would be an improvement. Rarity felt her heart still thumping though at the thought of Canterlot, she would have to find a way to hear more. By luck she heard about a welcome-party being thrown by the local hyperactive self-proclaimed "Party Planner" Pinkie. Rarity had seen Pinkie around town, even finding herself at some parties that the Curly-maned pony had thrown, and while she had fun they were not quite her cup of imported herbal tea... None the less, she resolved to make her way to the party as well. The guests were many in number, and from all over the town, Rarity spotted her friends Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, as well as the local owner of Sweet Apple Acres, AppleJack. It seemed everyone was getting to know Twilight, so she mingled, after all even the farm-pony seemed to have cleaned up for the party. To rarity's suprise she had a difficult time finding Twilight, seeing her only a few minutes before she was lost in the crowd (later finding out twilight had excused herself to go to her room for a nap, or rather to hide from the "crazy ponies" but Rarity prefers to believe the former) As it would happen, though, dissaster struck... Near the end of the night when everyone had left the party to reconviene at the city hall for the Princess's appearance (rarity was quite dissapointed by the lack of paparazzi) it became clear foul-play was afoot, as the previously imprisoned Nightmare Moon made her presence known, having kidnapped Celestia and locked the moon in the sky above "forever". At first, rarity felt somewhat powerless, this was a dredful turn of events, and she knew little more than the old pony tales that her parents had told her as a foal. She headed for the library, thinking she might find something there, a desire in her heart to help everyone, and was reminded upon arrival that Twilight had taken up residence there. Upon hearing Twilight's declaration that she would defeat nightmare moon, rarity felt the desire increase and unify into a single direction - she would help them all by helping Twilight, If they could somehow defeat the menace that had risen once more, then it would help everypony in town! It was during this trek that they faced many perils, but the one that hit Rarity closest was the plight of a roaming Sea Serpent who had been disfigured by Nightmare Moon. Rarity felt the scale's pain, she could only imagine how she would feel if half her mane had been lopped off abruptly and jaggedly. It was her decision to give of herself that would earn her the Element of Kindness. Which, in a bizarre turn of events, could have been the very thing that saved the life of Princess Luna. When the final showdown came and the Elements were activated, The others all were thinking of nothing but destruction of their enemy, but the kindness in Rarity's heart begged not for destruction, but for salvation and redemption, to sure the mare of the night of her wickedness, and this was enough to divert the elements just enough to save Luna from a dark fate. Over the years, Rarity has come to learn many things from her friends (and in turn teach them a few as well), such as believing in those you trust most, Never forgetting who your true friends are, and to look past appearances. While her kindness has at times cost her dearly in both bits and threatened her sanity (such as when she undertook the making of five original designs for her friends' gowns for the Gala and then redesigning them to their specifications (even if she felt they were making horrific mistakes, she cared more about making them happy than her own opinion or workload)) and that sometimes there are more important things than bits and beauty - namely family (having reconnected with her younger sister at the local sisterhooves social). While she still has much to learn and far to go, she knows she can do it with the help of her friends! (even if they do often need some guidance in fashion!) Relationship Status: Rarity spent much of her adult life looking for her, very literal, Prince charming (and much of her foalhood dreaming of him) However her dreams died a rather cruel death when she found him and realized that his beauty only ran skin-deep. After a rather unpleasant night she left him in a rather messy pile of cake at the Gala. This, unfortunately lowered her standards a hair too far, making way for a short but heavy relationship with a large boulder named Tom. After Rarity came to her senses and threw tom out on the street, it's come into question wheather she is still looking for the stallion of her dreams, or if she will decide to settle with an over-infatuated, but good and honest, baby dragon. Misc facts: -Rarity was paterened, in part, after Scarlet O'hera from Gone with the Wind. -The G4 (FiM) Rarity was actually a transplant of the G3 Rainbow Dash's personality (in return G4 Dash gained the personality of Firefly, from G1) Image: Video: Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X300hf89Ju4 +++
  14. ((I've been talking a big talk about how much I love, look up to, and relate to Rainbow Dash, but I've not been acting very much like her - Dash would never give up this easily, she wouldn't roll over and play dead despite the odds, So neither am I. I'm taking my favorite pony's advice and being more assertive, even if this doesnt get accepted I know I gave it my all!)) (Dont know if I need the "[Earth Pony]" tag or not since the topic tag is "FiM Cast") Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Pipsqueak "Pip" Sex: Colt Age: Foal (~10-12 in human years) Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: "Dark Scarlet" (Brown with a hint of red) Coat Color: White with brown patches "Pinto" Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Brown with light brown highlights, Tail is short while his mane is slightly long for a colt Physique: Small, but in good shape for his age; neither overweight nor underweight Cutie Mark: NA (He hopes it's a pirate flag) Origin/Residence: Pipsqueak was born and lived for a short time in Trottingham, however recently moved to Ponyville (see below). Occupation: Student and "Future Sky Pirate!" Motivation: "To become a sky pirate!" (hey, he's a foal, how many of us didnt want to be a ninja, a pirate, or a prince/ess when we were his age?) Likes: SkyPirates, Candy (especially the cream-filled ones!), Princess Luna Dislikes: Broccali, going to bed early, Ninjas Character Summary: Pipsqueak was born to a well-to-do family in Trottingham, which means he was taught many manners that he quickly forgets and is occasionally confused by the stark differences in his old home in an upper-class suburb and his new home in the rural town of Ponyville. However, he tries to make the best of things, even if it means he no longer gets to take an afternoon swim in a private pool. While he doesnt fully understand the reasons behind it, he is quite happy to have moved, in part because there are more Foals his age here willing to play 'pirate' with him, and because of the more frequent (though still rare) visits by the Princesses (Especially Luna) He still sometimes comes home from a unhappy day at school where other foals laughed at his accent and wishes there was a buttler there to fix him a sandwich. However, he is quickly growing accustomed to doing his own chores, which one might argue was an improvement and will make him a much better stallion one day. (To an end it will give him a wonderful perspective, having lived through both walks of life and be able to relate to those from either) While he may not have his own private pool, he did manage to keep most of his library of adventure stories which entertain him as much now as then. He frequently ventures out into the woods near his home to re-enact and extrapolate on the daring adventures of the heros, even though so far his greatest feat was saving a fish who had gotten stuck in a shallow pool of water after a rainstorm. Of course, for a foal his age, one just might consider that a commendable deed, especially when so many adults would have just walked on bye and left the fish to the slowly shrinking pool of water. The story behind the move is an unhappy one about a father who played a little too hard with his money, This cost him his rather large home and upper-class lifestyle. However, one might argue that it turned out for the best as it allowed him to re-connect with his mate and son... and possibly future foals... The humbling of his new job did wonders for the Stallion's attatude, taking him from a stuck-up suit to an average-joe he now finds himself with many more friends and in fact realized he's happier with others around than he ever was back in Trottingham. Pip's mother was originally the kind to stay at home, or rather, to attend social functions instead of working (not that she needed to). She is slowly getting used to "country life" with the help of her husband and with seeing how happy he and their son are, but it has not and will not be easy for her to fully adjust to the change - if she ever does - and she still longs to move back to the city... Pip spends his days dreaming of one day flying around the world in an airship having adventures grand and small - Batteling dragons and hords of griffens, discovering new lands, and occasionally saving cats who get stuck in trees. While he currently has thoughts of being a pirate on his mind, others have said that with his interest in the sky and it's vessles, its quite likely he will grow up to pilot an airship, or possibly even become some form of rough-and-tumble adventurer as he admires and imagines (neither of which Pip would mind, though currently he much prefers the idea of an adventurer or a pirate to the simple life of flying a "freighter") His school-life is fairly average, though he often does get teased for his 'upper crust' british accent and for occasionally being confused about the differences in the rich life he once lived and the simple one he now does. His grades are average, though he could easily improve them if he would spend more time studying rather than daydreaming. However, there is one aspect of school that he does love - being with other foals who he can relate to. Sure, none of them ever had a private carriage to take them to school before, and sure none of them ever spent an evening in an expensive costal resort, but more of them than back home were interested in true adventures. Also, much more important, he has learned things there that he never learned back home, not just math or writing, but life and living... Sickness knows not young nor old, mare nor stallion, and Pip has fallen victem to it as well, specifically, love sickness - While he is unsure of what the feelings he gets in his heart every time he sees that filly means, he is aware that he enjoys being with her, and that he misses her when he is alone. Perhaps pip's love for is nothing more than a childish crush, and perhaps he will grow out of it one day, or perhaps the two will share a cabin in an airship high over equestria while their own foals run about the deck, gazing at the ground far below. These things are both near and far in pip's mind as he spends his days. He does not know what exactly it all means, but he knows he is willing to do everything he can to help her in whatever way he can, his mind may jokingly see her as his 'first-mate' and he as a skypirate captain, but his heart, at least for now, sees something far more... now if he can only figure out how to tell her how he feels... Image: Video:
  15. Name: Apple Bloom, aka Abby to her friends Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Earth Pony Pelt Color: A light creamy butter yellow Mane/Tail Color & Style: Abby's mane and tail are both Apple family red. Her locks are a bit on the fluffy side and suit the filly just fine and dandy! She is rarely seen without the large pink bow that sits just behind her ears. Eye Color: Varying shades of apple cider amber. Cutie Mark: Abby recently received her cutie mark with her two best friends! All three share the same background and the same colors for the foreground emblems. The shield is deep pink, purple, and light pink in vertical stripes. In front of this Apple Bloom has a dark purple apple and in front of this is a light purple heart. (The meanings for these are in the history section of this application.) Physique: Abby is one fit and ready filly! She grew up eating balanced meals cooked by none other than her Granny Smith and occasionally her big brother or sister. She started working on the farm as soon as she was able, wanting nothing more than to live up to the examples set before her. Over her formative years she grew up happy and healthy, ready to face whatever challenges lie before her! Residence: She has her own fairly tidy room in the main farmhouse of Sweet Apple Acres Occupation: At the moment Abby is a student and is still deciding what she wants to do with her life when she grows up. Unique Traits: Apple Bloom is really good and fixing things. This may result from the fact that she grew up on the farm or it may be an adaptation from necessity. All the years of Crusading for their marks meant multiple types of damage to various items. She is also interested in karate though she is not super skilled in the art form. Abby is an excellent leader. She had begun growing this talent and has a long way to go but ponies naturally look to her for leadership at school and in the CMC. History: Apple Bloom was born to loving parents in the main farm house of Sweet Apple Acres. Her brother and sister had been born in a similar fashion and the aforementioned ponies immediately took Abby under their wings. This was especially important when both parents were sadly taken from the family in a tragic accident. This event, though it was heart wrenching to the core was fundamental in shaping the ties that Abby has with her siblings and granny. She was too young to feel the brunt of the loss but turned to depending on the other members of her family in place of her lost parents. Growing up on the farm was the perfect upbringing for the little filly. As soon as she was able to, Apple Bloom joined Big Mac and AJ in the fields and groves of the famed apple farm. She learned everything necessary to look after a farm manually. She also learned honesty, loyalty, hard work, and care in one's labor in her early years. Along with this critical set of lessons, she also learned to get up when she was knocked down. Labor on the farm does has its share of bumps and bruises. These are traits she has hung onto though like any young filly she is still learning. When she was old enough she was enrolled at the public school in Ponyville. Because of her perky nature, her winning personality, and her cheery demeanor she made friends within the first couple hours of attending school. Her teacher was quite impressed with the young filly's performance as a student. She was able to listen well, take instruction, and be responsible in her studies. This earned her top marks and she was one happy apple! As time went on the young fillies and colts began to grow up. One by one ponies would strut into school baring the marks of their futures on their proud flanks. Of course Apple Bloom was overjoyed for her friends! Who wouldn't be! It was like the biggest most important thing that could possibly happen to a little pony and she was so proud that her friends were gaining their marks. of course she was also excited to know hers must be just around the corner... More and more time went by and this didn't happen. Some of her friends drifted away, while others began to hang out without her. Abby was saddened by this and this sadness eventually turned to a glum state of "blank flankness". When she was invited to Diamond Tiara's party she didn't even want to go. With a little prodding from AJ she eventually ended up there, cowering behind various objects to hide her flansk. It was at this same party that she ended up meeting her two best friends, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. The three quickly formed a bond based on their lack of cutie marks, They formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders soon after meeting and have been inseparable ever since! Before the most recent of events the three were often on intrepid adventures striving for the marks they were destined to receive. Mountain climbing, ice skating, pole vaulting, knitting, baking, under water basket weaving...the list went on and on. They would not stop until they had earned their marks! This brought bumps and bruises but Abby knew how to rise from those sorts of defeats. She became a leader of sorts for the three of them, calling meetings to order in her old tree house turned club house. The school elections took place and the CMC were in the ranks of those ready and willing to vote! The choice would be between Diamond Tiara, the reigning ruler of the school's student political system, and Pip Squeak, the definite under dog. Through a cascade of events it became the pivotal moment in the life for all three crusaders. They discovered more of who Diamond Tiara really wanted to be and tried desperately to help her make decisions that would lead her in that direction. Up till the last moment they were at Diamond's side, or blocking her path, trying to help her see the light of her cutie mark! In an amazing event not recorded before in Equestrian history all three ponies got marks at the same time, each mark tying to the others! The background for each was the same, a shield of light pink, dark pink, and purple. On top of the shield were two marks, one set inside the other, showing the defining features of each crusader. Apple Bloom's two marks included an apple in the background to symbolize her ties to her family and the lessons she has learned from them. Then there is a heart in the foreground, representing her heart and drive in life. She lives with her heart on the line, keeping her convictions close and caring for others as she feels lead to. There future is set before them! The CMC still meet but now with their new life goals at the forefront, to help other discover their marks and learn how to be true to themselves! One thing is certain, the CMC will never be separated! Character Summary: Apple Bloom has grown up quite a lot in the last year or so. One of the big factors of this was of course getting her very own cuite mark! This was probably one of, if not the most exciting day in Abby's life. She has had lots of great experiences but nothing quite like getting her mark along with her two best friends! This filly is pretty much a top notch friend. She is cheerful, charming, and honest. She tries hard to emulate her big sister in the way she is a friend to others. There's no pony quite like Apple Jack and Abby couldn't be more proud to be the sisters of such a super pony! Sometimes this emulation can get her into a bit of a fix as she has trouble mincing words. She usually comes out ok but sometimes ponies can get the wrong idea when she tells them how it is honestly. She is also a very loyal pony. Especially to her family and her friends. She holds Sweet Apple Acres dear to her heart. it is her namesake and the one place she knows she will always belong. She's not sure she will always live right on the farm but her heart will always reside there. The ties with her family are super tight, nothing gets between Apples after all! She loves her two best friends dearly and would do anything for them. Abby knows that in many ways the other two look to her for leadership and she does her best to fit the part. She is a good leader and has proven herself to be so on many occasions. Apple Bloom is also a young filly and she is still learning. She may be growing up but she is still learning the lessons every young pony must learn. One of these is that though she loves to be with her friends, there's also lots more to life that she can try on her own. They spend so long crusading together to find their marks that now she finds herself a bit out of place. Each of them is unique and they don't always have to do the same things. Abby is still getting used to the fact that her two best friends won't always be right by her side. All three have a pact that they will always return to each other, even when they do different things. Sometimes Abby can get a little upset. When she is sad or frustrated she often lets these emotions get the best of her, overpowering her true blue nature. When this happens she will often retreat to her room or possibly the clubhouse to churn. When she does get this way she needs help from AJ or Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to get her out of her funk. She gets better at getting things under control as time goes by but she still has a long way to go with this. As she did just earn her mark, she is just setting out on the newest adventure in her life. Growing into the mark she has been given. What exactly it looks like to help other ponies find the nest versions of themselves is yet to be seen. But she won't back down, she won't give up! She'll keep going with her head held high and her friends by her side! Cutie Mark Crusaders forever! "Yee haw!" Apple Bloom cantered down the main road that lead towards the Sweet Apple Acres farm house. "Apple Jack! Apple Jaaaaack!" She called out breathlessly as she continued on her way. Today had been a doozy that much was for sure! Not only had the Cutie Mark Crusaders held one of their new and improved meetings in the club house but amazing happenings had taken place! They had held a couple meetings before and it had taken them a little while to get in the swing of things but they had it running pretty well now. Aw, who was she kiddin'? Things were going really really great! Good enough that one filly had actually earned her mark in the club house just a couple minutes ago! After spending a few minutes congratulating the filly profusely on her achievements Abby couldn't help but tell her sister what had happened! She really hoped she could find AJ and bring her back to meet the filly with the new mark. "Ohhhh, come on AJ...where are you?" She muttered to herself as she looked this way and that. Then she saw a tree just off the path shimmy and a bunch of apple fell down to the ground. "Ah ha! She must be apple buckin'!" Abby turned off the main road and made her way through the trees until she saw her sister up ahead. Apple Bloom's heart surged as she trotted up to Apple Jack. Nothing made her feel as good as when her big sister was proud of her. Well that and when Big Mac was proud of her! She would have to find him too! "AJ! AJ! You'll never guess what just happened!"
  16. Name: Spike aka Spikey Wikey to his dear friend Rarity Sex: Male Age: Baby Species: Dragon Eye color: Various shades of bright green Body Color: Spike has light purple scales making up the majority of his body coloring. His underbelly traveling from his lower jaw to the tip of the underside of his tail is a shade of very light green. Mane/Tail: Spike had a ridge of dark green scales that starts at the top of his head and continues down to the end of his tail. There is a break in the row in the middle of his back His tail is topped with a dark green spade shaped scale. Physique: Spike is on the pudgy side. This is likely do to the fact that he is still a baby dragon. He has short, stocky limbs and isn't very strong. Residence: Ponyville, in the same residence as Princess Twilight Sparkle the Castle of Friendship Occupation: Princess Twilight's number one assistant, Dragon Lord for a few seconds Cutie Mark: NA Unique Traits: Spike can be a very useful assistant, when he remembers to wake up on time. It really isn't his fault if he goes to bed early and wakes up late as he is a baby dragon. One of the traits that Twilight often calls for is his ability to send messages to Princess Celestia via fire mail. He simply belches out a plume of green fire and the scroll with the message appears before Celestia. This trait also works in reverse. Celestia can send messages back through Spike. He belches fire and a scroll magically appears right after! This little guy just loves gems! Sure, they're pretty and shiny but Spike is more interested in their taste! He has been found munching and crunching down bowls of turquoise like popcorn. He snacks on gems that some would have set into the finest of jewelry. He has even worked on aging fine ruby as a special treat for himself. Of course that gem ended up with somepony other than himself. Spike had a long standing crush on Rarity. It's really no secret as he tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. On the rare occasion that she might give him a little kiss on the cheek, Spike will literally melt into a puddle. History: Dragons are good at dealing with fire. Often it is no issue at all. They live among flowing lava and rocky outcrops. They do however, on occasion have problems with water. This was the case for Spike's mother. She had nested near a sea cliff. The view was nice and she could easily fly out from the cliff location to gather supplies for her brood. She was not expected a rather large wave. It came up out of season with hardly a warning. Perhaps a shift in the ocean floor caused it to begin. The surge gained power and height as it rolled across the ocean. The huge wave crashed into the cliffs near the dragon's nest. She was able to keep all of her eggs shielded, except one. Spikes egg floated out across the tide, carried by the receding wave. It was eventually found by ponies and brought to Princess Celestia. The wise leader gave the egg to those in the highest positions in her school of magic. Perhaps they could rear a dragon to grow up good and kind? Perhaps by magic, perhaps by example? Of course the first step would be hatching the egg. As it happened, the purple and green spotted egg ended up in a cart in front of the filly Twilight Sparkle. She tried with all her might, with a fizzling result. Then a sonic rainboom occurred! Such a burst of color and power rippling across the sky caused Twilight's magic to increase! The still unhatched Spike could feel something happening! CRACK! The egg shattered and out came a little baby dragon! Another burst of magic made him surge in size, towering over the castle in Canterlot! After Princess Celestia came onto the scene she quickly reversed the aging spell and Spike settled on his newborn size! As Twilight was the one to hatch the baby, she was allowed to care for him. Spike quickly took to Twilight, giving her an almost motherly role in his life. The hatchling grew in the care of Twilight, soon coming of age to speak. He learned at the hooves of Twilight the sense of right and wrong and how to be a friend. It was soon after this that he took on the role of being an assistant to Twilight. Since becoming Twilight's number one assistant, Spike has grown up in many ways. He has learned about jealousy, mostly when Twilight took on an owl as another assistant. He has learned about young love, mostly through his friendship with Rarity. He has learned about striking out on his own and standing up for himself. This mostly when he answered the Dragon Lord's call and ended up becoming the Dragon Lord himself! He has taught others the meaning of friendship, through his interactions with the current Dragon Lord Ember! Spike has been through a lot in his young years and he has a whole life of living and learning before him! Character Personality: Spike is quite the precocious young dragon. He has wit and a healthy dose of sarcasm in his personality. Overall he is friendly and overly willing to help others especially if there is some sort of reward in it for him. Of course this is a proper motivation for such a young dragon. Nothing will get him going like the promise of a big bowl of gems later on! He has had time to grow up some over the past few years. After working through all the normal things a young one needs to learn, he is now ready for bigger lessons. In his recent trip to Dragon Isle Spike was faced with one of his biggest challenges yet! Not only was he sent on an epic journey to try to find the scepter of the Dragon Lord but he was pitted against many other dragons all bigger and stronger than himself. Though Twilight and Rarity were there to help him on his way, Spike was able to do things his own way! He befriended the daughter of the old Dragon Lord! Only did he help Ember become the new Lord, he was able to teacher her the meaning of Friendship! This time period has certainly added to his personality. It helped him to take a major step in growing up! Character Summary: Spike is a solid friend and trusted companion. He is loyal and always finds a way to make his friends laugh! He is still growing up and learning new lessons every day. He has dreams of being bigger and stronger than he is, and those dreams will come to fruition in their own time in their own way. For now Spike is a jovial and happy young dragon, with big dreams for his future! "The whole day to ourselves! What do you think about that huh?" Spike chucked the owl lightly on the wing. WHOO! "Who do you think Owlowiscios ? Me and you!" Spike laughed lightly. WHOO! "Me...and...you!" Spike huffed a breath though his nostrils in frustration. WHOO! "M-..." Spike let his claws fall to his side and bit his tongue. "Oh, I get it." He trotted over and picked up his bag. "Come on! Let's go!" It had taken some time but Spike had become firm friends with the owl that served as a second assistant to Twilight. "I've got some fun stuff planned for us! In fact, I think Applejack should be out in the park with Winona by now." He glanced outside. It was past morning and just the right time to play outside. All of the recent grown up stuff that had come along with his visit to the dragon lands had got Spike looking forward to just relaxing. "Come on!" He held the door open while Owlowiscios winged outside. "So, first we'll stop by Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie should be there and she promised me a sapphire cupcake for helping her bake the other day!" He licked his lips. "Yum! Can't wait for some cupcakes!" As they made their way down the street he speculated more on their day. "After Sugarcube Corner we'll go see if AJ's around to play in the park. Then maybe catch up with Rainbow Dash and hear how things went at the flight derby the other day." He smiled. "Wow, today is going to be a ton of fun!"
  17. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name : Princess Ember formerly, now Dragon Lord Ember Sex: Female Age: Dragon equivalent of a young mare Species: Dragon Eye colour: Deep Red with dark blue eye shadow Character Color: Aqua Blue with Turquoise on the front of her body. She has a Dark Blue scale patterns on parts of her body, tail tip and spines on top of her head. Physique: Princess Ember isn't the strongest of dragons and is very small for her species. Her small size does bring the benefits of increased speed and agility. She also has two downward curving horns, although they can't be used much for combat. She can also move and fly well despite being in armor and carrying others on her back. Residence: The Dragon Peaks with her father, Torch, and mother Flare. Occupation: Formerly the Daughter of the Dragon Lord Torch, currently The Dragon Lord. Cutie Mark: None History: Ever since she was a hatchling, Ember was placed with great expectations of being the daughter of the current Dragon Lord. She was taught that strength and power were all that mattered among dragons and that who had the most of these traits were deemed fit to rule. Because her father knew that she was not as strong as other dragons, and maybe because out of love, Princess Ember was prohibited from participating in many of the physical challenges that dragons engaged in throughout the year, much to her dismay. To make matters worse, she was often teased by other dragons due to her small frame despite her title as Princess. It didn't help that her father was the one of the biggest dragons in Dragon Peak! Because of this, Ember always took opportunities to prove that she was just as worthy of respect as other dragons, maybe even more. This often brought her father's disappointment upon her. Another thing that Ember was taught was that friendship was meaningless. What mattered were strong alliances only to vanquish enemies. It didn't help that dragons only met in mass for certain events and then dispersed across the lands just as quickly as they met. With these in mind and her teasing from other dragons, Ember felt it was best being and doing things by herself. After all, would she really want a "boulderhead" as a friend? She had a few friends growing up,but they were all fleeting and once again Ember was left alone. She began to form a a wall of emotions around her, rebuffing any signs of emotions that would show her as weak. It wasn't until she met a certain dragon and his pony friends that she experienced a culture that valued and encouraged emotions and friendship. It couldn't have happened at the worst time as Ember, upon hearing her father was passing on the title of Dragon Lord, to prove that she could be strong by competing. Even worse was the small dragon wanted to help her! She rebuffed him and his pony friends, but the more that he offered his help even at the cost of not becoming Dragon Lord, the more that she realized what she had been missing by rejecting friendship! After being given the title of Dragon Lord, Princess Ember has a new outlook on the world. Granted she doesn't think that she'll go as far as being like ponies. Still she does plan to hopefully promote dragons working together more, focusing on other strengths like intelligence and confidence, and open relations up with ponies. Perhaps one day she'll be as friendly as the ponies she met and spread friendship among dragons... maybe. Character Personality: Princess Ember has a complex personality. At first glance she's very independent, seeing dependence as weakness. She is initially cold and hostile towards others, rebuffing any sings of affection of attempts at friendship they may have. She understands what friendship but sees it as not needed at best and a weakness at its worst. She also doesn't like to show any of her positive emotions towards others like joy, mainly reflecting disgust and at times anger. She also doesn't like to talk about her feelings. This personality is mainly a means to shield herself from being disappointed by fair-weather friends and to show her strength. Recently though, her personality has shifted. She has become willing to help others and even to accept friendship in her life, realizing how she was acting towards others. It was in this moment that her true personality shown through rather than the facade she put up. Although she has taken a step towards being more open, Ember still has difficulty warming up completely to others. Besides being the daughter of the Dragon Lord and now the Dragon Lord herself, Ember does have a thirst for life and tries to quench it by doing activities on her own. She loves physical activities like exploring new areas of Dragon Peak, testing her agility and speed, and of course flying! She also has a taste for history as she loves learning about the history of dragons. Despite not wanting to be helped by others often, she can and will help other dragons if they are in dire need of aid. Character Summary: Ember is a dragon who although abrasive and hard to trust others is willing to change for the better and accept friendship in her life.
  18. Name: Fluttershy Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Various shades of sparkling blue Coat: Light butter yellow Mane/Tail: Fluttershy’s mane and tail and quite long and full. Her tail is long enough to touch the floor behind her. Her locks are light pink and slightly curled on the ends. Physique: She is slightly on the thin side, keeping herself trim is not something she has to pay attention to. This mare eats with an appetite similar to her butterfly friends. Overall she is quite dainty, with small less powerful than usual wings. Residence: She has a small cottage on the outskirts of Ponyville. It is a quiet abode, perfect for all her little animal friends. Occupation: Friend to any animal in need and caretaker of plants and animals of all kinds. She also has some veterinary skills but they are rudimentary as she has no certified training on the subject. She does know how to communicate with animals on intricate levels which helps her care for their needs both physically and emotionally. Cutie Mark: Three lovely butterflies flit over the flanks of this kind pegasus Unique Traits: Fluttershy has the innate skill to communicate with beasts of all kinds. Common house pets, to exotic creatures, Fluttershy can swap understanding with all of them. She has used these skills on numerous occasions to keep her friends and many cute animals out of danger’s way. The other trait that makes this pony stand out is her intense shyness and fear of what she does not understand. Though she is often quelled by her fears, when encouraged by her friends she is anble to rise to challenges that would usually be well beyond her reach. History: Fluttershy was born to loving parents in Cloudsdale. Rose Leaf and Sugar Dawn raised their little pegasus with loving hearts and open hooves. The little filly had a soft voice and a calm demeanor and even as a little thing she never needed to be scolded. Fluttershy seemed to know what was right and she always did her best to love and care for others. Rose Leaf was an assistant nurse in the Cloudsdale hospital and was able to transfer basic knowledge of her techniques to her daughter. Fluttershy always liked spending time with her mother. They would quietly talk over cups of tea and go on short flights over Cloudsdale on bright sunny days. Sugar Dawn, Fluttershy’s father also spend lots of time with his daughter. Sugar Dawn worked as an engineer in the weather department in Cloudsdale. Sugar Dawn had a knack for fixing things and Fluttershy often watched when he brought home projects to work on. Overall, Fluttershy had an idyllic fillyhood in a loving family. Being sent to school soon shattered her notions of every pony being as loving and caring as her parents. Because she was slight of build and not at all a good flyer she had trouble fitting in at pegasus school. Of course flying was one of the first sets of lessons a young pegasus would receive at school. Fluttershy found herself lagging at the back of the class every time flying was on the agenda. Her parents felt bad for their little filly and so she was enlisted into pegasus camp. Though they had put her into the camp for extra flight training, they didn’t know it would lead to further bullying. One day of camp Fluttershy was trying to stay out of the way when a set of bullies started making fun of her. They were calling her names like “Klutzershy” and basically tormenting the little filly. That was when a rainbow maned filly flew onto the scene! Before she knew it a race had ensued. A race to protect her honor! She perked up right away knowing that a new friend was sticking up for her. WOOSH! The race was on! In the speed of it all Fluttershy was knocked form the cloud she had been standing on. Suddenly she was spinning out of control! Down, down, down, she went. The ground was spinning far beneath her. She couldn’t regain her flight even when everything was going well. There was no way she would be able to right herself now. Just when she thought she was in for a terrible crash a group of butterflies came to her rescue! They swarmed up and buoyed her from the fall. She was cradled gently to the ground and lay still in the grass for a moment. When she had regained herself enough to take stock of her surrounding Fluttershy’s eyes sparkled at what she beheld! Green grass, beautiful butterflies, and the cutest animals she had ever seen. She began to prance and sing. She had finally found a place where she felt safe. A place where she fit in! Then a blast of colors sparkled through the sky. A Sonic Rainboom dazzled the little animals and sent them scurrying away to hide. Fluttershy wanted nothing more than to calm her new friends and stay with them. The skills she had learned from her mother for soothing others and her problem solving abilities form her father came to the surface to mix with her love for natural surrounds. She was able to calm the animals and soon they all lay down in the grass together. She had never felt so good or so happy. At this point her flank flashed and her cutie mark, the same butterflies that had saved her life, appeared! Later on Fluttershy made her way back to Cloudsdale and was excited to share with her parents what she had discovered. They were overjoyed that their daughter had found something that made her truly happy. Fluttershy continued her young life in Cloudsdale and when she was old enough she bought a small cottage on the outskirts of Ponyville. It was the perfect place. She was surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and still close enough to visit her parents whenever she liked. It took Fluttershy quite a while to make friends in Ponyville. It was really because of the friendly nature of others that she was able to make connections. The boisterous Pinkie Pie was a friend upon first sight as Pinkie would have it no other way. A local farm pony also stopped in at the cottage to welcome the new neighbor with a smile and a jar of fresh apple cider. The same rainbow maned pony that had accidently given Fluttershy the chance to find her true joy in life became a friend as well. This pony was the one to introduce her to a lovely white unicorn who worked in Ponyville. Before she knew it, Fluttershy had lots of friends. She was and always will be incredibly shy but she is less so now that she has a core group of friends. This group was completed with the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and the many events that ensued after Twilight joined their friendship circle. Fluttershy is always learning from her friends. Along with many useful skills she has also learned much more about herself. Her life is firmly tied in with the lives of her friends and she would have it no other way. Character Summary: Fluttershy is the kindest pony anypony would ever hope to meet. She is soft spoken to a fault and forgiving past what would be deemed appropriate at times. She is willing to go along with others as long as what they are doing brings no harm and leads to more kindness. She supports her friends especially and wants nothing but the best for them. She automatically thinks the best of those she meets and it takes a big grievance to change her mind on the good in others. This has been viewed through many of her friendships and interactions over the years. She will never give up on others. She often holds on much longer than anypony else would dare. She exerted this stubborn nature especially in her friendship with Discord. Long after her friends had written him off, Fluttershy refused to believe he couldn’t be reformed. Because of this she maintains a secure friendship with the lord of Chaos and meets with him often. She will given even the most unworthy of creatures a chance to prove that they have goodness in them. Fluttershy is a great listener and as such she has knowledge of varied subjects. As her friendships are very diverse she know tidbits from every part of Equestrian knowledge from history to farming techniques. From fashion design to entertainment virtues. She knows a little bit about everything. Once she has gotten over being shy with another pony, she is a great conversational partner. Not only can she listen well but because of all her knowledge she has lots of interesting facts to share. She has a natural talent for working with animals of all kinds. She can calm the smallest bird or the largest dragon… though the dragons may need to be fixed with her patented Fluttershy stare first. Many times ponies come to her for help with their animal companions and she is only too happy to help them out. She even tried to care for the Princess Celestia’s phoenix, but it seemed in that situation even Fluttershy had learning to do on the care of magical creatures. Many ponies are struck with Fluttershy’s natural beauty. Her soft features and her lovely coloration make many ponies stop in their tracks if only for a brief moment. This seems to go right past Fluttershy though. She doesn’t spend much time on her own looks beyond keeping herself well groomed. The fact that she doesn’t like to spend too much time out also keeps her oblivious to the attention she might attract form other ponies. She prefers to spend time with her closest friends or her animals friends at home. Her strengths can also be her faults. It is all too often that her shyness has a crippling effect on Fluttershy. It might stop her in her tracks, or keep her from performing even the most basic of functions. She scares quite easily and often slinks into the background when her friends might need her to step forward. When she sees that somepony or animal really is in trouble, she is able to push past her fears. She becomes stronger than she could ever imagine when she is doing so for somepony else and not herself. Above all she can’t stand to see her friends scared or in trouble. Fluttershy is a pony made strong by her friends. She is quiet and reserved but also has a bubbly and delightful nature when she feels comfortable. All around she is a lovely pony for others to get to know.
  19. Name: Princess Luna Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Alicorn Eye colour: ​​Dark cyan. Character colour: Luna has a dark blue colored coat on her entire body but her eye lids, which have a very light blue eyeshadow on them. Her flanks have a dark colored part, where her cutie mark is present. Mane/Tail/Other: She had a night sky mane and tail, that flows around no matter what time or mood she is. It has several white sparkles inside it that act like the stars at night, giving it the impression of a night sky. It has some light transparent purple around it. In her un-powered form, after Nightmare Moon was defeated, she has a shorter light blue mane and tail. Physique: Princess Luna is one of the tallest ponies in Equestria, being smaller than her sister in comparison though. She has a slender elegant figure, with a long horn and wings as well. Her horn lets out a light blue aura when it glows and uses magic Residence: ​Canterlot Castle. Appearance: Unique Traits: ​Luna has a vast amount of skills thanks not only to her Alicorn status, but also thanks to her natural skills and cutie mark. She has a great control over the night, being able to bring up the Moon at night, as well as down when the morning comes, as well as move the stars in the night sky at her own wish. Also, she is the only known pony able to move in and out to the dreamscape at will, as she can enter the dreams of the ponies and help them fight their nightmares and overcome their fears, as well as being able to interact and control the dream she is in. Her Alicorn status and old age, give her a great power when casting spells, as well a long arrange of spells she can cast that she learned over the course of her life. It also has the strength of the Earth Ponies, the magic of the unicorns and the flying abilities of the pegasus, as Alicorns are the combination of the three pony species. Luna has a connection to the mythical creatures that roam around Equestria to the point she is actually able to comunicate with them. History: It is not known the real of the two princesses, how long they have ruled over Equestria, if they had family apart of each others, and many stories of the two are lost in history, and the only remains of their past are the ruins of their old castle in Everfree, the castle of the two sisters as it is commonly known, full of secrets and history of the past. Thanks to Twilight finding the old journal of the two sisters, she managed to know things about their past no pony knew before or had forgotten. First, the two Alicorn princesses were coroneted after the the three tribes established their new friendship. Star swirl the Bearded, as well as Private Pansy. Smart Cookie and Clover the Clever. the three as the representing their species, went to consult them so the two could become the rulers, as their Alicorn status made them the combination of the three species of ponies. The two agreed and became the princesses of Equestria. * Luna and her sister decided to build her castle in Everfree forest, since Star Swirl told them about the tree of harmony, and after showing it to the two, they agreed to it. With the help of the ponies, and Luna recruiting the help of the wild creatures of the forest thanks to her new ability of being able to talk to them, managed to finish the castle, and Luna added several secrets to it, like traps and secret chambers. And it was also Star Swirl the one that thought Luna how to move the stars around.* When Luna and her sister, one morning, noticed that it was unusually dark outside, they went to look for Star Swirl, and learned how the unicorns moved the sun and moon around, but also the cost- It used three unicorn with great magic, Star Swirl one of them, to move them every single day, as well as all they magic the unicorns had. The two Alicorns agreed on moving them and after flawlessly doing it, Luna and Celestia got her cutie mark.* The first record known before Twilight recovered the journal, was when the element of chaos, Discord, arrived to Equestria and harmed it's citizens, interrupting and overthrowing the two Alicorn princesses from power, as his abilities were superior to those of them. Seeking for a new way to defeat this thread, and remembered the elements of harmony. Luna and her sister agreed and went to retrieve them in order to defeat him. Princess Luna had with her the elements of loyalty, honesty and laughter, while her sister the other three, and they went back to face the embodiment of chaos. With the help of the elements, the two managed to defeat the Draconequus and petrified him before returning the kingdom to its former glory, but not that much is known beyond that. The next record of the two was when the evil creature, Tirek, and his brother appeared. But thanks to Tirek's brother, who warned the princesses and Star Swirl of Tirek's plan, the two managed to defeat him and send him to the Tartarus for it to be it's prisión for the rest of his days, and his brother was sent back to his homeland. Time passed since those incidents, and Celestia's actions were going even more noticed and beloved that Luna's. She was the one that cared about the ponies' dreams and defended them from the creatures, as well as watched over the night, the vigilant watcher, but non of it assured the loved of the ponies, who loved her sister way more than her. Her heart filled with hearted and jealousy over Celestia and planned on overthrowing her from power, and brought in an eternal night over Equestria, making her transform into the evil Nightmare Moon. This transformation not only made her evil, but also stronger and bigger, and even Celestia was no match for her. Nightmare Moon managed to overskill Celestia, but at the last moments of battle, the sun princess used the elements of harmony to defeat her and Nightmare Moon ended being banished to the Moon for 1000 years, something Celestia didn't calculated in her desperate attack, as well as loosing her connection to the elements of harmony and thus not being able to use them again, Luna loosing as well the connection with them when she was banished. The shape of Nightmare Moon's head could be seen in the Moon every night from that moment onward, and Clestia took over her place as she brought up and down the moon for 1000 years. And in all that time in the moon, Nightmare made a plan for when she went back to Equestria and have revenge on her sister and bring the eternal night to Equestria. 1000 years passed, and finally, she came back, the same day the summer sun celebration was being held in Ponyville, and Twilight's arrival there as well. She appeared in front of the town ponies, inside the town hall, and after announcing her return, she went to the castle of the two sisters, and waited for Twilight and her new friends. She put several threaths along the road, both from the forest itself. as well as her shadow bolts, but the 6 mares managed to overcome them, and used the elements of harmony to defeat her and eradicated all hearted inside her, bringing back the princess of the night to her real self, but also punished herself, making a creature that would give her nightmares every night so she never forgets what she had done, the Tantabus. After Princess Luna was back, it took her quite some time to not only get back the love of the ponies she ruled upon, but as well as get used to this new era, as it was different from the one she used to know 1000 years ago, and this was shown quite well when she went to pnyville to celebrate her first Nightmare Night, but with the help of Twilight and her friends, she managed to start getting used to it, as well as get the admiration of the ponies back. Time passed by, and she redeemed herself, taking back her ruling over the night, and as well as re installing the night guard division of the royal equestrian army, that was disbanded after her banishment, and attended more important events, like the equestrian games. Yet she was not prepared, as well as the other princesses, of the return of Tirek. She gave her powers to Twilight, as well as Cadence and Celestia, and waited for him to appear, though she and the other two alicorns, could not fight him, but when Twilight defeated him, the three got their powers back. After all those events, she carried on her ruling, but ne night, the creature she created, the Tantabus, escaped her dreams. She hunted it down, and showed how skilled she was in her dream magic, and with the help of Twilight and her friends, she managed to defeat him and destroy him, making her able to have pleasant dreams again, and what expects the princess in her future, is yet to be seen, but she hopes all that had happened would not be forgotten like her past. ​Personality Luna is a calm pony, who likes taking care of the ponies of Equestria and help them in their dreams. She can sometimes act rather childish, but is just from time to time, and mostly when she is with ponies she trusts the most, like her sister. She can sometimes let her guilt and sorrow overcome them, and blames her self for her past actions that ended up in her becoming Nightmare Moon, but with the help of Twilight and her friends, she managed to overcome those feeling time after time. ​Luna also takes her responsibilities rather seriously, as she is the one responsable for many things, and she has to be the one that must be able to do it. ​Character Summary: ​Luna has live a really long life, and had seen a really vast amount of things along her life, from the moment she became the Princess of Equestria, to what Equestria is right now. She was a blank flank when she became the princess of the night, and after Starswirl thought her how to move the stars, she managed to move the moon while her sister moved the sun, the two getting their cutie marks soon afterwards. The two helped the ponies build the castle of the two sisters in the everfree forest, since the three of harmony was located there, and they wanted to be close to it in case they needed the help of it to defend Equestria. ​As time passed, the two Alicorn sisters fought many enemies. Sombra, Discord, Tirek, but they managed to succeed and imprisoned their enemies, saving Equestria from danger, but it was not until Luna transformed into the Evil Nightmare Moon, the thoughts enemy they had encounter, as it was Luna herself. Celestia barely managed to defeat her thanks to the elements of harmony, but the two alicorns lost their connection with them. ​It was not until 1000 years later that Luna came back to Equestria, thank to Twilight and her friends defeating Nightmare Moon the same day she arrived. Celestia forgave Luna for her actions and she went back to Canterlot with her, to take back her rightful place as the princess of the night, retaking her old duties and forming again the night guards, as they were disbanded after her banishment. Many other problems came after some time, but with the help of Twilight and her friends, Equestria was saved, even if Luna and her sister were either defeated, or not able to help. Prompt: As almost every day, Luna was roaming around the castle during her time to watch over Equestria. Things had been running really smoothly and calm since Twilight and her friends had been taking care of almost everything that threatens Equestria, and the two Alicorn sisters had just taken care of ruling the ponies as always. It was a rather boring day for her, as there was not so much to do and the princess didn't felt like doing paper work, as that was something her sister was more used to. Luna let out a small sigh and decided to go out and have a walk around the city of Canterlot. When the princess walked out, she let out a small sigh, feeling the fresh air in her fur as she stepped into the night, the city barely illuminated thanks to the moonlight and some light on in the street, and her night sky mane was waving behind her mane as usual, shinning some more in the darkness. There were some night guards patrolling the city, but something felt... wrong. The Alicorn princess knew that something was off that night. It was rather late, but the city was too quiet. There were usually ponies out, going to place to place during this time. The princes, worried about the ponies, decided to go and investigate. ​Princess Luna first decided to ask around to the guards patrolling the city, but they all reported the same. Nothing out of the ordinary. She frowned at that and went to investigate the houses of the ponies that lived in Canterlot. The Princess first looked inside trough the windows, trying to be careful not to wake up or scare the ponies. She went from house to house, checking on them and getting worried as she moved around to the next one. She found a pattern that all the ponies were sleeping, and where having a Nightmare. Even some said similar things. Perhaps a shared nightmare? The princess thought that was the best posible answer, but that was something she hadn't seen in a long time. After noticing that, Luna's horn glowed and traveled herself into the dramscape. The area around her started changing, into what it looked like space, but soon enough, a grand aura of different colors raised from the sides, and the princess landed on the nothingness. As soon as her hooves touched the non-existing ground, a large amount of doors, different from one to another, appeared from the ground. She opened several of the doors to see inside and got surprised as her assumptions were right. They were all having the same nightmare. Shocked by this, the princess decided to exit the dream realm, as she alone could never save all the ponies in time. Luna decided to go back to the castle and make a plan to make sure she could work out a solution. She flew back and landed on the balcony of her room, then headed into it. Her room was not that decorated, but what it had went along with herself. The bed with the shape of a moon, the curtains with blue tones, and some night stands and a dressing table when she stocked several clothing and dresses she used from time to time, appart of her regalia. After a while of thinking, Luna came up with a plan. She ran to her study as quickly as she could, and got some papers and a quill, then wrote down a few letters to several ponies around canterlot to come in her aid. Since she alone could not handle all this, the help of other ponies would make her able not only to figure out what was going on, but also find the solution. Within minutes, the princess finished and sent the letter to different ponies around the castle and Canterlot, saying that she needed their assistance, then she waited for the ponies to arrive, sitting in the chair in her study. ​
  20. Image belongs to Wave Realm Name Princess Luna Sex Female Age Her true age is unknown, but she appears to be immortal having lived for over a millennia. Species Alicorn Eye Color Varying shades of teal Coat Princess Luna’s coat, horn and wings are a deep midnight blue like the night sky. She keeps both her coat and feathers well maintained in order to keep her regal appearance. Mane and Tail Princess Luna’s mane and tail reflect her status of Princess of the Night. Both do not appear to be like a typical pony’s mane and tail but two translucent masses revealing a display of the night sky. Both her mane and tail defy the laws of physics, suspended in the air and flow even without wind. All this is an illusion to alter her natural pony hair. Physical Characteristics Princess Luna has a typical regal Alicorn body with the appearance of a young mare. She is taller than almost all the mares in Equestria although she was not nearly as tall as her sister. Apart from her form, the Princess carries herself with the sense of power, nobility, and grace. In addition to her appearance, Princess Luna is often seen wearing her royal regalia. These include a black chest plate with the image of a crescent moon similar to her cutie mark inlaid, a black crown, and silvery shoes. Unique Traits Being an Alicorn, Princess Luna exhibits a number of unique magical abilities. Her most prominent one is being able to raise and lower the moon. Another is her command of the dream world where she can view a pony's dream and if necessary intervene and manipulate the dream surroundings. She can also create her own dream realms as a means to meditate and contemplate or to help ponies solve problems. Using illusion magic, she can alter her form such as when she became Nightmare Moon during Nightmare Night. She sometimes gets carried away with her magic, but quickly tries to rectify any chaos it causes. Residence Canterlot Castle along with her sister, Princess Celestia Occupation Co-ruler of Equestria, Princess and Protector of the Night, and Guardian of Dreams Cutie Mark Princess Luna’s cutie mark is a waxing crescent moon against a black background. Although it represents in part her ability to raise and lower the moon this is only part of its meaning. Like the moon, Princess Luna is a light in the darkness, taking a pony’s fears and doubts and revealing a state of comfort and peace. She knows that many ponies fear the night because of what is found within. But Luna sees the beauty in what’s hidden in the night and treasures the beauty that dwells within the blackness. As the Guardian of Dreams she helps ponies to overcome the nightmares, leaving them with pleasant dreams and restful nights. Luna received her cutie mark not by raising the moon but by simply observing the night. She looked up at the night sky and marveled at the moon and stars. She then turned her attention to the world around her, seeing how things looked differently in the night. The way the moon cast its light over a field, the starry sky reflected in a lake, the way the snowy hillsides glistened; all were wonders in her sight. She watched how there were creatures that only came out in the night. Lastly, she delved into a much more hidden world, the world of dreams, and viewed the deepest desires and wishes of ponies as well as their most fearful nightmares that haunted them. After examining all these things, Luna came to the realization that she wanted to protect this often unseen world and show others that the night was not something to be feared but enjoyed. She especially wanted to protect those who were dreaming, helping to drive away the nightmares so that ponies could sleep and dream in peace. With this revelation of the night and her desire to protect and share it, her cutie mark appeared in a flash of light. The next day she triumphantly raised the moon, ushering in the beautiful night. History Princess Luna was always deeply involved with her sworn duty to protect and share the night. She took pleasure in the evenings to raise the moon, ushering in the beauty of the night. She cared for the creatures that roamed the night and helped ensure that the dreams of the ponies that slept were tranquil. But beyond her duties of the night she loved her sister, Princess Celestia. She knew that her sister was her strongest supporter and treasured her night and that was always how it would be. As time passed, the Princess of the Night continued to carry on her duties of protecting the night. Her heart, however, began to want something more as she watched the ponies joyfully work, live, and play in Celestia’s sun. She was proud that her sister spread so much happiness and yet at the same time felt saddened that the same ponies who frolicked in the daylight slept at during the night, never seeing the beauty that she saw. Despite her sister’s unwavering love and support, Luna felt that she was being overshadowed by Celesita’s power. Even worse, she began to feel that the ponies respected and loved Celestia more than her! She felt alone and unloved, her presence fading from the world. Her sadness, pain and fears gave way to jealousy and anger. Soon darkness crept into her heart, poising the Princess. She began to see her sister no longer as her supporter but one who loved the ponies’ attention and was not willing to share with anypony, not even her sister. Eventually these feelings became too strong and the Princess became Nightmare Moon. In her new form possessing an uncanny power fueled by jealousy and hate she appeared during the Summer Sun Celebration, refusing to lower the moon and declaring that the night would last forever. This was not the night that Luna experienced, but a twisted version where fears were made real. But to Nightmare Moon, it was better to be feared than loved. Even more so, her dark side knew that she was free to do as she pleased, knowing that Princess Celestia would never do anything to harm her sister. Her rule would be unopposed, or so she thought. Princess Celestia managed to save her subjects by wielding the power on the Elements of Harmony and banishing Nightmare Moon to the moon. While there, the nightmarish side gave way leaving Luna alone as she watched the world she once knew change. She could barely hold back the pain that she felt that she had not only lost her rule, she also lost her sister. The centuries that passed gave her time to think about what she had done, especially about how she could so easily give into the darkness. She remembered the night she once loved, not the night that Nightmare Moon sought to last forever, but the beautiful night she wanted to protect and share the moment she first received her cutie mark. She knew that whenever her banishment ended she would return better than she was. Unfortunately in her mind was still the darkness and when released from her banishment Luna became Nightmare Moon again. The entity sought to bring eternal night once again, but then Luna was saved by the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Unlike before when she was banished, the Elements cleansed her of the evil, making Luna awake in her normal, albeit weakened state. After being freed, Luna spent some time away from the public rebuilding her strength. Her isolation from the ponies for a thousand years and the guilt she felt made her wonder if she could be the Princess she once was, one who was loved and respected. She knew she might never be like her sister, but she wanted to at least return to being the Defender of the Night and Guardian of Dreams. She also knew her time of being a defender of Equestria was now over now that the power of the Elements of Harmony was transferred to others. She resigned herself to assisting her sister as co-ruler working behind the scenes to help promote peace and prosperity. One day Luna decided to make her first public appearance without her sister at her side by going to Ponyville’s Nightmare Night Celebration. She felt at first out of place and many ponies seemed to still fear her. Yet when all hope seemed lost, Princess Luna found that she could be loved and respected thanks to Twilight Sparkle who helped her that night. After that event Princess Luna felt that she was ready to help rule Equestria as the Princess of the Night once more and that she would take on any new challenges that the kingdom and the ponies within might face. Character Summary Princess Luna has complex personality. She is a very wise pony, having an untold number of years’ worth of knowledge to share with others. She tries to keep current with the times, especially after her banishment, by reading anything she could get her hooves on. In terms of magic, Princess Luna exhibits a great ability to wield magic including weather manipulation, animating objects, transformation, and of course raising and lowering the moon. She can also view the dreams of ponies and even step into them to help ponies chase away any nightmares. This dream walking she does selectively so as not to invade a pony’s privacy. Unlike her sister, she tends to use her magic more readily although she uses it with great responsibility. Due to her thousand year isolation, she at first reverted back to the traditional decorum which gave the false appearance of being more intimidating than respected. Through time, patience, and practice, Luna has learned to just let her personality shine through rather than resorting to stiff royal decorum. Those who see past her appearance will find that she is a very kind pony, willing to listen to anypony’s thoughts and concerns. She is also a generous pony, willing to give her time and energy to helping others. Her honesty is sometimes blunt as Luna tends to say what is on her mind no matter how hard the truth may be. In this case she tries to temper the truth with guidance in order to lessen the impact. Princess Luna also seemed to have a good sense of humor and has been known to sometimes play harmless pranks on her sister. The Princess of the Night still at times has some inner conflict due to her time as Nightmare Moon. Although she is trying to put the past behind her, there are times when painful memories return. Her feelings about herself are also based on how ponies act towards her. If ponies are happy and open to receiving her, she feels more apt to have a good time. If ponies feel uncomfortable, she retreats into herself and become less sociable. There are certain things that Luna does not tolerate. She dislikes it when ponies are not given a second chance as she feels that based on her experience everypony deserves a second chance to redeem themselves. She also dislikes those who take advantage of others, who shun what they do not know, or who are jealous towards each other as they remind her of the time right before she became Nightmare Moon. Princess Luna is a pony who has seen the best and the worst of herself and knows that if ponies are shown love and respect, then they in turn will spread it to others. She knows that her past was just a memory, and that nothing could be done to undo what has been done other than to learn from her experiences and to not repeat the same mistakes. Above all, Princess Luna seeks to learn all she can about Equestria and the ponies that call it home, protect the night and share it with others, guard the dreams of the ponies, and spread her love and tranquility towards other.
  21. Roleplay Type WoE Name Derpy Hooves Sex Female Age Mare Species Pegasus Eye color Yellow Coat Light Grey Mane/Tail Her blonde mane and tail are casually styled and a bit disheveled. Physique Average. Residence Ponyville Occupation Mail Carrier Cutie Mark A small collection of bubbles Cutie Mark Story Derpy had always been a lively pony. She loved being the center of attention and was quite frankly a ham. Brightening up a room brought a big smile to her face and she always took it upon herself to cheer a pony up. But when one pony said she was 'silly' it stuck with the little filly. Silly? She was charming, not silly. Derpy had to prove that she could be serious. The next day at school, she resisted the urge to sing her favorite song, dance like nopony was looking, or get distracted by shiny things. She was a serious pony after all. Serious ponies didn't turn straws into vampire bat teeth or make funny faces while in deep thought. She also had to keep her voice in check, speaking in a deep serious tone instead. And for good measure, a pair of sunglasses for that extra 'cool' vibe. Later on, she ran into one of her friends. They seemed really sad about something. Derpy wanted nothing more than to cheer him up but she had a problem. How did serious ponies go about doing that? For the rest of the day she followed him from a safe distance, watching. His mood never improved on it's own. And he looked so lonely. She just couldn't stand seeing how sad and isolated he was. That was it. Derpy dropped the serious act and threw away the glasses. After apologizing to a schoolmate for knocking them in the head with a pair of glasses, she trotted right up to the sad colt. Not as a serious pony, but as Derpy. Thankfully, the forgetful filly left a bottle of bubbles in her saddlebag she was meaning to throw out. She blew bubbles over his head and claimed it was a bubble invasion and only smiles could vanquish the soapy evilness. He tried to resist but the corners of his mouth turned up when she encouraged him to "Do it for Equestria!" It was a success. Her friend was cheered up and Derpy couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Spending a day as a different pony made her realize just how much she loved being her. It might be silly but it was her silly. And knowing how much potential happiness it brought others, she wouldn't have it any other way. Her newly cheered up friend soon pointed out that she suddenly had bubbles on her flank. Derpy initially tried to wipe them off, thinking they were real bubbles. But when that didn't work, she realized it was her cutie mark! At first she was confused, thinking she was destined to be a soap maker. But after some more consideration, she realized the bubbles represented her personality and adoration for the small things in life. History Her parents moved from Cloudsdale to Ponyville shortly after Derpy was born. Her mother was a former guard pony and her father was a part of the weather patrol. For as long as Derpy could remember, her eyes were always wonky so to speak. Her odd vision was a bit of a challenge. But when Derpy had to focus, simply closing one eye sufficed. During her early life, she used to wear an eye patch in public, feeling like she would draw negative attention to herself unless she kept her eyes a secret. When ponies would ask, she'd explain that she wanted to be a pirate when she grow up. That much was true. But she only wanted to be a pirate because it allowed her to continue wearing an eye patch well into adulthood. The eye patch wearing days soon came to a halt when her parents learned of it. They encouraged her to embrace her unique eyes. It was nothing to be ashamed of and made her special. It took some time, but the young pony learned to embrace her anomaly, even showing her off at school to whoever was curious. After reaching adulthood, Derpy became a mail pony. She hated sitting still for very long so it seemed like the perfect match. And it was! Derpy tries her best, feeling a sense of profound responsibility. Sleep soundly, fair citizens of Ponyville. Thy mail shall be delivered! It wasn't always easy though. At first she would day dream and make a lot of mistakes. Luckily for her, her boss was forgiving and patient. Now she's a fine mail pony with a sense of duty who learned to focus, for the most part, while on the job. When Derpy was a filly, she loved to make muffins with her mom. After being taught the family recipe, they were the only thing Derpy baked with success. One of her favorite things to do is give muffins out for free during delivery runs. Now that her mother returned to life as a guard pony, Derpy sends a muffin her way every week and waits for feedback on how to improve her skills. Perhaps one day Derpy will try her hoof at other baked goods. But for now it's free muffins for everypony! Character Summary Derpy is full of spirit. Her optimistic outlook and energy often becomes contagious to those around her. And her abundance of energy is quite evident as she gets very fidgety if she has to sit still for very long. She's very confident and cherishes her positive traits as well as her flaws. Though she's usually a very fun pony to be around, Derpy will often say things without thinking, potentially offending those around her. She's also a terrible liar, blurting out whatever it is she meant to lie about in the first place. Which comes to another point. Derpy speaks her mind at all times without discretion. Luckily, her childlike wonder and upbeat attitude are genuine, preventing her from saying anything truly hurtful for the most part. Derpy is clumsy and air headed more often than not. She gets easily distracted and will become absolutely sucked into something, loosing all awareness of her surroundings in the process. This has lead to several accidents before. But she quickly blows them off as learning experiences. She's rarely upset or mad but tends to be rather naive. She also loves attention rather it be the simple company of a friend or dozens of eyes watching her on a stage. She also takes her job very seriously. The citizens of Ponyville trust her with their mail and she must honor that! As a result she doesn't usually make too many mistakes while on the job since she tries harder to keep from getting distracted. While muffins are one of her favorite things to eat, Derpy is also a sucker for anything with a hint of sweetness. She also loves sweet tea, chocolate, and any kind of cheese. Derpy also never grew out of her taste as a filly. She still loves stickers, glitter, balloons, ect. She adores books but hates to read them. Her mind wanders too much while reading lengthy text, preventing her from comprehending the story for very long. That doesn't stop the mare from collecting books though. There's just something about a shelf full of books. All in all Derpy is a bubbly pony with a lot of charm who tries to make the best of her flaws and loves to brighten up a room. With her social fearlessness and childlike curiosity, there's never a dull moment when this pony's around!
  22. Thunderlane Stormclouds? Fast? You came to the right guy! RP Type: Mane RP Name: Thunderlane Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eyes: Auric (#E4CF86) Coat: Gunmetal grey. Mane/Tail: Cerulean, with alternating streaks of sky blue. Mane is cut short and sticks straight up. Practical and cool! Tail is clipped shorter to keep it out of the way while flying. Physique: Rough, tough, and ready to take on anything! An athletic build, on the muscular side. Residence: Ponyville born and raised! Occupation: Ponyville weather team, stormmaker/breaker. Wonderbolt candidate! Cutie Mark: A grey windblown storm cloud with a single lightning bolt coming out of it, symbolizing his talents at stormbreaking. Character History The son of an earth pony quill salespony and a veteran weather mare, Thunderlane is Ponyville born and raised and one hundred percent Heartland pony. His colthood days were spent climbing rocks, going on hikes, and playing hoofball with his friends. His athletic affinity and passion for hoofball made him quite popular in school. There was even talk of him growing up to join the Hoofington Club professional team. But as is often the case for childhood aspirations, a grown Thunderlane developed very different plans. With the birth of his brother Rumble, Thunderlane found himself the go to example for everything, including working his wings. Their mother insisted that Thunderlane take a balanced approach to his athletics, learning grace on both hoof and wing. With gritted teeth, Thunderlane accepted the trip to flight school in Cloudsdale. The trip was an eye-opener for a young Thunderlane. Instead of just a way to get around, flying was an EXPERIENCE, one that Thunderlane just couldn’t get enough of. He was even more thrilled when they began teaching the basics of weather work. It was then that Thunderlane realized he wanted to fly, and fly well. After his first stint with flight school, Thunderlane jumped at opportunities to work weather, often going in with his mother, picking up a few bits change while learning on the job. Wanting to push her son further, Thunderlane’s mother put him in charge of some of the younger weather ponies when a storm was scheduled for Ponyville. Jumping at the chance, Thunderlane planned, directed, and crafted the best storm he could with his friends. With all the thunder and lightning and rain going on, Thunderlane hardly noticed that his cutie mark had appeared! He followed up on his success with a permanent post with Ponyville’s weather team. His special talent was realized and his perfect job was already his. What more could he want? Ever the athlete, Thunderlane told himself that he couldn’t stop there. What was next? The WONDERBOLTS. With his family cheering him on, Thunderlane trained hard and applied for the Wonderbolts, eventually securing himself a spot in their academy program as a cadet. Though he knows he isn’t quite a natural aerobatics ace like that rainbow-maned one, Thunderlane tries hard, working his stormbreaking techniques into his routines and doing his best to improve as he goes. Character Summary Thunderlane is a consummate athlete, if only in mindset. While not as gifted in flight as some of his classmates, he works and plays hard, making up for lack of raw talent with carefully practiced skill and endless determination. His jock label and well-toned physique made him quite a hit with the fillies in school, though he was a bit sheepish about the attention. His need to be an exemplar for his brother and stay scandal-free for his athletic career kept him from getting too deeply involved with anypony. In spite of his physique, Thunderlane is not a musclehead. His weather work with his mother taught him many things about meteorology and astronomy, reading the sky and the seasons to make the appropriate weather shine and inappropriate weather disappear on command. He is very much a tactile learner, preferring to get hooves-on work in to learn the ropes rather than reading it in a book. Off the field and off the job, Thunderlane is laid back, enjoying jokes, drinks, and friendly competition. Thunderlane still plays hoofball and follows the Hoofington Club, though his dreams lie firmly in the clouds. Miscellaneous Trottingham United? Booooooo! Hisssssss! He's also a bit of an amateur chef.
  23. Shining Armor Equestria is my home, but the Crystal Empire is my charge. I’ll do all in my power to protect it just as I did my homeland. RP Type: Mane RP Name: Shining Armor, REA Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Coat colour: White Mane/Tail colour & Style: Ultramarine with streaks of navy and sky blue. Eye colour: Blue. Cutie Mark: A pink star inscribed on a purple shield, with three more stars above. Vector by ZuTheSkunk on DeviantArt. Physique: Fit from REA service, but handsome rather than rugged, as his work is mainly conducted in urban, civilized areas. Origin: Canterlot born and raised. Occupation: REA officer, rank of Captain. Currently on special assignment in the Crystal Empire. Motivation: The love of his wife Cadence. To protect Equestria. To carry out his duties with honor and integrity. Knowing that his sister will someday do great things. Likes: Canterlot, seeing the world, learning about different cultures and civilizations, accompanying Celestia and Luna, his wife Cadence, ponies with zeal, his sister Twilight, pride in a job well done, wine, tea, the military life, hay fries (a guilty pleasure) Dislikes: Dishonesty and deception, bugs, apathy, anypony who tries to mess with his sister, boastfulness, office swill coffee, higher math History Born to an author and a professor, it seemed unlikely that Shining Armor would follow the path that he did. But from the very beginning, Shining Armor was curious and energetic, testing his magic at every turn and always finding ways to break out of his crib and explore. This only escalated further when his sister Twilight was born. Now he had somepony else to explore with! Between the university and their energetic foals, his parents had their hooves full. The two siblings could not have been more different. While Twilight was bookish and spurned socializing as she grew up, Shining Armor was out making friends and getting to know the world of Equestria. In school, he viewed every field trip and social event as a new adventure, tackling every social challenge with aplomb. Playing soldier was not uncommon for colts of Shining Armor’s age. He spent many an afternoon after school linking up with his friends, protecting the citizens of equestria from dragons, criminals, and rogue griffons in mock battles in the parks. They often watched the Guard patrols go by, marching in step with them and saluting the watch commanders just as the soldiers did. By day he would play soldier. By night, he would read of their history and customs and commit to memory the codes of conduct befitting of a soldier. One day, Shining Armor’s class went to tour Canterlot’s REA garrison. As he gawked at the stately halls, gazed upon the magnificent suits of ceremonial armor that the Guard wore, and listened to the pride in the REA lieutenant’s voice as he described his work, he realized what he wanted to be: a Royal Guard! He went right up to the lieutenant and told him of his intent. Amused with the colt’s enthusiasm, the lieutenant began quizzing Shining Armor on Guard procedure and history. What began as curiosity quickly escalated to admiration as Shining Armor answered every question with his own personal knowledge no matter how obscure or complex the answer. Shining Armor concluded by repeating to the lieutenant what he’d said earlier: “I want to be a Royal Guard!” Impressed, the lieutenant asked permission to keep him after the field trip, which was quickly granted. He brought Armor before the garrison captain, who also grilled Armor on his knowledge and reaffirmed his dedication. “I can’t make you a guard right now,” the captain said. “But I know you’ll make a fine soldier some day. Come back and see me after you’ve finished school, then we’ll talk.” “I’ll be the best, sir,” Armor quipped. “I promise I’ll be back.” When Shining Armor returned to his class, everypony was staring. What happened? Did he step in something? Was something stuck to his collar? When Armor turned around, it was his cutie mark, the marker of his zeal and desire to learn, lead, and excel. The desire never faded; the dream persisted well beyond a high school whim, becoming a goal that drove him to succeed to the utmost degree. Upon entering Canterlot University, he enrolled in their ROTC program while studying history and political science. Graduating with honors, Shining Armor finally received his commission as an officer of the Royal Equestrian Army. While most of his duties involved garrison rotations and base guard duty, he carried himself well, even submitting proposals to the watch commander for improving the efficiency of the patrol routes and minimizing downtime during changing of the guard. For his exemplary service, he was promoted to Captain and put in charge of coordinating palace security. Mi Amore Cadenza Twilight and Shining Armor’s parents were often busy with bookkeeping and teaching. Still, they needed somepony to watch Twilight while Shining Armor was at school. Their answer came in the form of a very special pony, Mi Amore Cadenza. Upon their first meeting, Cadence and Shining Armor immediately hit it off, becoming fast friends. While Shining Armor attended school in the city, Cadence took care of Twilight between her own classes. In their downtime, they carried on endlessly about what they had learned that day and what adventures they planned on having the next day. Even after Twilight grew up, Cadence and Shining Armor kept closely in touch. Finally, they met again in Canterlot; Shining Armor now a handsome captain in Her Majesty’s Royal Equestrian Army and Cadence now a beautiful alicorn Princess. The embers that had been smoldering for years finally ignited, with Shining Armor proposing marriage shortly after. The changeling incident only served to reinforce their unique bond. Their love now tempered in the flames of conflict, they stood ready to face anything -- together. The Crystal Empire There was never any doubt in Shining Armor’s mind that Cadence was a very important pony. But when he and his wife were suddenly summoned to Celestia’s throne room, he finally understood just how important she was. Celestia tasked them with a very important job: defending the Crystal Empire from attack until Twilight could recover the Crystal Heart, a relic of immense power. Keeping Cadence safe and in good spirits was as much a trial for Armor as it was for the princess. Seeing his wife suffer to keep safe the ponies of the Crystal Empire was never something that Armor desired, rendered even more difficult when his magic was crippled by King Sombra’s corruption. But in the end, Twilight was able to locate the Crystal Heart, restoring Cadence’s magic, and driving Sombra out for good. When Cadence was finally revealed as the Crystal Princess, Shining Armor requested reassignment to the Crystal Empire to be with his wife and to help bring the Empire back up to speed with modern Equestria. While he still maintains ties to the REA in Canterlot, he currently makes his home in the Crystal Empire as security coordinator and prince consort. Personality Shining Armor will never hesitate to put himself in harm’s way to help another pony, be it the average pony on the street or Princess Celestia herself. He maintains an open-door policy at his office at the garrison and welcomes occasional stops to chat in addition to his scheduled meetings. Despite his choice of military career track, Shining Armor is not as uptight as much of high society Canterlot. His no-nonsense attitude and trust in his command to do its job has endeared him to the enlisted mares and stallions in the Guard and earned the grudging respect of the officership. He is able to transition between addressing officers and enlisted with ease, making him a valuable asset to the Guard. While he is very straightforward and to the point on duty, the Captain is friendly and informal when off duty. Shining Armor does his best not to bring his work home with him, feeling that the stress of the job should remain firmly within the confines of the garrison. He retains his gregarious and fun-loving nature from his youth and never hesitates to extend the hoof of friendship if he can help it. Twilight will always be his kid sister and best friend. Even grown up, they make time for each other to swap stories, play games, read books, and reminisce about old times. Cadence will always be his lover, confidant, and complement. Nopony is as near or dear to Shining Armor’s heart and he never hesitates to let her know it. Whether the newlyweds are engaged in playful banter or enjoying a quiet moment together, the bond they share is unmistakable and nigh unbreakable. Miscellaneous Though Shining Armor never liked large bugs before (especially centipedes), his brush with the Changelings escalated his dislike to a minor phobia. While he rarely loses his cool, his discomfort is immediately obvious if something with chitinous plating and more than four legs walks into the room. The Captain is intelligent and well-read, sharing a love of books with his sister. However, while Twilight gravitated to the hard sciences, Shining Armor focused on social sciences. He holds dual degrees in history and political science, with concentrations in military history and international relations, respectively. Shining Armor was once asked to be a poster model for an REA recruiting office. When he agreed, one of the stallions in his unit pasted captions to the posters as a prank. This spawned a rash of similar pranks across the base, quickly elevating Shining Armor’s handsomeness to memetic status. The incident gained him the nickname “Ridiculously Photogenic Stallion” among the Guard which still persists in some circles today, much to his chagrin. Portrait Shining Armor in Guard Commander’s ceremonial armor. Old application:
  24. Fido D Dog Basic Information Roleplay Type WoE Name Fido Sex Male Age Adult Residence A Diamond Dog den southwest of Ponyville. Occupation Gem digging, bed snoring and food eating. Appearance Eye Colour Fido's entire eyes are gleaming yellow which colour is only interrupted by his black ovate cat-like pupils which helps him see in the dark tunnels of where he realms. Look He's all covered in grey fur apart from some particular body parts such as: claws, nose and eyes. Fido got a noticeable undershot due to his big canine teeth which would be very uncomfortable to have in his mouth. He got big claws compared to the other Diamond Dogs around him, a short, tousled tail and small rounded ears laying against his head's sides. Fido’s always carrying a grey west in which pockets he keeps his dearest gems in case he want to take a look at them again. Physique So for Fido's physique: First off, we have to point out his outstanding 'hunkyness' as it's his major personality trait. He is buff even for being a Diamond Dog -- which basically means that he's really buff. Fido's long, muscular arms combined with his strong claws are a great access during his digging and are practically made for throwing around boulders like they were fluffy pillows. Fido's often seen with his paws on the ground since such big arms are way too heavy to wield around the whole day long. This position is the reason for his very hunched profile as for all the Diamond Dogs there is; but he’s loved the way he is. Actually: His very hunched back + His really big arms = Lots of gems = happy doggies. History Born in a Diamond Dog den in the north our friend grew with a growing enthusiasm for gems and their glimmer. Fido’s parents occasionally dug down gems for him and his friends to find just in order to see their faces shine up as they dug them up and split them between themselves. This of course led to that he was often pointed out by his parents where to dig and he still likes it when he get pointed out what to do and where to dig instead of doing that himself. He lived happily with his parents for a very long time. All the food he could eat, all the gems he could dig and a cosy bed with soft sheets to snuggle in. But then he grew up, and he grew up spoiled in his parent’s eyes. They wanted him to be as strong, intelligent, independent, as a Diamond Dog could possibly be. So they gently offered him to leave the den to seek his fortune elsewhere, to see the world! Not thinking much about it, he thought that his parents probably had a fair point and so he chose to leave. When Fido had left he realized that he might not have thought that through as soon as he began to get hungry. Where was he heading? More importantly: What would he eat on his journey there? All the questions made his head hurt so he decided to push them aside and carry on. Fido walked by a village of really strange creatures. They walked on four legs and had some kind of drawings on their flanks, which drawings Fido actually found really pretty. What confused him was that some of them screamed at something in his direction, it made him uncomfortable so he trudged away from the screams with a slight headache. Though, he could really never get the drawings out of his thick head. By getting around by eating all the food he could get his paws on during his journey, he finally met two other Diamond Dogs called Spot and Rover. Spot was tiny but really clever as a Diamond Dog and Rover very charismatic for a Diamond Dog. Fido liked them. They were nice and complimented his muscles and Fido took everything they said by heart. They promised a lot of things, things as gems. He liked gems, he liked them, he liked what they said, and he liked to join them. Which they eventually offered him and he was naturally immidiate to accept it. Fido’s job was simple. They needed a ‘Dog of order’ to make sure the rest of the Diamond Dogs were fair to each other and didn’t fight over gems that were split between them. That happened pretty often in the den and then it was time for Fido to go in and hold them off each other with his huge arms until they’d calmed down. He also worked as a bodyguard for the rest of the administrative leaders: Spot and Rover, and was considered one of the leaders as well but he didn’t give that much thought. Though it would soon turn out that his very presence made the Dogs behave and that made his job even easier! Everything went on fluently and nice. Fido had been given back his comfy life and was fed every day. He had a good relationship with his parents since they were proud that their son had become a leader of a den. They had a huge cave were they kept their gems and it looked like a minor dragon treasure. They were all happy, but then they noticed a treasure that would make their work a lot easier! A pony, Fido now knew that there were ponies, with the ability to find gems like they were flowers on a field! Though, capturing this pony appeared to be a huge mistake… At first Fido really liked the pony. She was white, soft, and had a cutiemark of three diamonds, his favourite gem! She was really pretty in Fido’s opinion. The pony even showed the location of some gems and every dog was excited which made him excited! Then the pony refused to dig, then she refused to drag the cart, and then she even began to wail. Fido’s poor ears couldn’t bare the sound and only the comfort of jumping into a cart of gems could slightly suppress the feeling of getting his head squeezed between two rocks. To make a long story short: That pony and her friends ended up taking all of their beloved gems with them and the den was emptied within minutes. The den is now slowly returning to its former glory but it’s nothing compared to what they once had. Fido has been on the outside multiple times to learn more about these fancy ponies and their pretty cutiemarks. He has played with some younger ponies and has come to enjoy their company as they seem to enjoy his company. Even though he mainly realms in his cave kingdom he’s still pretty often able to be found among ponies though he tries to be discreet just in case the ponies would scream at him again. Summary Well… let me put it like this: He’s not taught about manner in any high class school in canterlot. He’s taught manner in a Diamond Dog den and he doesn’t even quite live up to their low standards. Who need to chew food anyways? Fido’s just as charismatic as he’s clever, which says little, but he’s able to comprehend a conversation as long as the amount of fancy words is kept to a minimum. Long sentences are not of any help in his struggle of getting a paw around what’s going on either. He’s awful when it comes to reading the body language of anypony, he won’t understand that you’re annoyed until you start to scream at him or simply tell him that you’re angry. Fido himself is an open book for anyone to read, a look in his direction can tell whether he’s angry, happy, or confused. He’s secretly jealous with practically every mare and stallion because of their cutiemarks. Though he really like foals, they’re simple, playful, small, and don’t possess cutiemarks, he likes that. Fido enjoys being manipulated, yeah you heard me; the less he got to think by himself the more comfortable does he feel. So as a last thing; because of the way Fido’s built he tends to… turn things upside down more often than he intends to do. Personality Fido’s buff, dumb, slow, careful/brutal depending on the situation, clumsy, the opposite of behaving, confused, loving, and plain with his language. Dislikes Loud noises; such as screams and wails, being confused, taking decisions on his own, ponies having cutiemarks, birds (especially ducks), fights, fancy talk/foul mouthing, and being hungry and/or tired, mean creatures. Likes Gems! Cutiemarks, younger ponies, gems, lonely walks in the moonlight, digging, eating, snoring, friendly ponies, compliments, cake, frogs; they’re so funny! And Gems, especially diamonds! Secret wishes Fido wishes to find true love one day. He would love to have a cutiemark. To not be seen as a threat all the time. Be able to give hugs without squeezing too hard.
  25. Roleplay Type: Mane Rp Name: Red Delicious but prefers to go by Red Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Bright Blue Coat Color: Pail yellow Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: His mane and tail are Skye blue, his mane is cut short and a little spiky and hangs slightly over his eyes, his tail is sort of long and is a little wavy but has it’s own slightly spiked way to it Physique: Slightly muscular due to years of apple bucking and apple harvesting. Cutie Mark: A bright red perfect shiny apple! (Did you suspect anything less?) Origin/Residence: Originally from Fillydelphia but now lives in Solistic Heights getting his own apple farm off the ground. Occupation: Proud Apple Farmer and Cook! Motivation: To do his family and his crop proud by keeping everything healthy and vibrant. Likes: Apples, His family, Bright healthy plants, Polka! Dislikes: “Lederhosen” Lazyness, sick plants, and Pears Character Summary: WhenRed was a little thing he spent his free time when he was not working the farm reading all he could about the farms! He especially enjoyed books about keeping apples healthy and ripe; in fact he got his cutie mark based on the fact that when the apple trees on their farm seemed a bit puny it was his remembering a trick from the book that perked the apples right back up to bright red bountifulness, and he earned his cutie mark due to his talents with keeping the crop healthy. Red now lives in Solistic Heights tending to his own farm now, though he grows small adorable and delicious crab apples since they seem to just LOVE Solistic Heights soil! He is very close to his family and adores them all, and helps out any family member in need; always eager to run to any farm at any time to help them over any hurtles they might be having. (The Apple Family has like a barn raising every week, what are they DOING in that barn?) On his farm he’s got a few pigs, cows, and chickens, as well as his faithful Sparrow Bushwack who thinks he’s a little guard dog, though he’s got no teeth to back up that little attitude of his! Summary: When not Apple Farming Red enjoys reading up on the newest tips and tricks of apple care but he sometimes gets so engrossed in a book that he can forget the other ponies around him; as a matter of fact he’s like that whenever he gets too into his work so he’s not a good team player unless you wheel him in line from time to time, he also has a one track mind when it comes to conversation, and will go on and on about a topic unless prodded to reign it in. Loyal to his family, passionate in his work, and not super smooth with the ladies, Red always tries his best at bringing honor to the Apple Family name!
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