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  1. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    *SHRUG* I was doodling after work and designed this handsome boy.
  2. Kudalyn


    From the album: Doodles

    doodle of aqua tumblr aqua's askblog (hiatus)
  3. Roleplay Type: Free-For-All/Crossovers Sex: Stallion Age: Stallion Species: Hippocamp Eye colour: Sea-green in colour (#43CD80), Kelp Culler has cloud-like forms around the pupil, distorting the colour slightly, and a glossy sheen that protects his eyes. Coat colour: Culler has a tan, sandy coat (#EEDC82) Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: Kelp Culler's mane is long and unkempt, floating about him while under the sea. It is coloured chartreuse (#66F261) and highlighted with a deep sky blue (#00688B). When visiting the land, it is often flat and sopping wet, sticking closely to his skull, neck, and back. He has chocolate coloured (#8B4513) swirls across his coat, accented at the tips and at various intervals with what look like apostrophes, but more pronounced. One of the swirls extends to his face, and wraps around his left eye. His tail looks like a typical dolphin tail, having a predominant end-fin, and the usual dorsal fin. Aforementioned markings lightly touch his dorsal fin. Physique: Well-muscled but also trim from the need to do all of his work himself. He is much larger than the average hippocamp male, and his hooves maintain the shire-like characteristics of excess hair growth from the fetlock down that is seen in some land ponies. Cutie Mark: Kelp Culler's cutie mark is a line of wavey kelp being cut with a pair of large gardening shears. Culler got his cutie mark during his colt years, still living in Okeanos with his parents. He was participating in an after-school gardening club that was having a sort-of topiary contest, though with a large patch of multi-colour seaweed instead of traditional hedges (they are below the sea, after all…). The contest spanned around a week, each participant would visit their gardens once a day to trim their seaweed (the stuff can grow surprisingly fast!) and to plan what they were to do next. Having very little knowledge for gardening, Kelp Culler did his best to make his garden as beautiful as possible, but despite his best efforts, he came in third place. Though not all was tragedy! After having said his congratulations, his fellow class mate pointed to his fishy flank in surprise, and sure enough, his cutie mark had appeared! From that moment on he studied even harder to become better at gardening. Residence: A little ways away from Okeanos, in his own private property. While not especially rich, Kelp Culler built himself a decently sized, two-story house out of coral which had been growing on the spot. With careful planning and trimming, the large lump of coral became his home! It continues to grow, albeit impossibly slow. Culler performs monthly trimmings of his house to ensure it remains orderly. Along the sides and roof of the house small fish still live in the coral, though not inside the actual house, and sea anemones make their homes on the living coral as well, providing more shelter for certain fish! The entire home as a slightly rounded shape, even towards the top where it narrows considerably. Around his coral home he has planted sea flora of all kinds - from his so favored kelp that streams upwards towards the light of the surface, to the multi-coloured seaweed ranging from violet, to red, to green, and even blue! This makes the area around his home a bountiful garden of colour. The inside of his home is lit up by bioluminescent plants, giving of a surprisingly bright light almost all of the time! Kelp Culler's home is made up of a dining room, a sitting room, two bathrooms, one upstairs and one below, and the guest and master bedroom, which are both upstairs. Occupation: Landscaper (Both underwater and on land, though mostly underwater). Finding this name dull, Kelp Culler prefers to call himself a horticulturalist. He is often hired to plant gardens and even instruct horticulture classes in Okeanos, and with much excitement, though not often, on the surface. Kelp Culler also Dabbles in stone work, sometimes featuring it in the more expensive gardens he’s contracted to create. History: Kelp Culler was born in Okeanos, in an upper-middle-class district. He spent plenty of time outside of his house as a colt, and would often be gone for hours simply swimming around seeing what there was to see. He didn't really know where he fit in, and was eager to find his niche. This brought him through many social groups and activities that he hoped would help him find his place in the big, blue sea. He grew up with only his father to take care of him, and taking care of a child alone is a difficult thing. Culler's father worked and kept two jobs at any given time, just enough to let him and his son live peacefully. This resulted in not much contact between Kelp Culler and his father, though when there was time for the two, it was time well spent. More often than not his father would take him on small 'adventures' outside the borders of Okeanos, and show him the world that existed past his small house. Kelp Culler's life today is quite busy, much of his time spent perfecting his craft. But when he can, he does get out to swim about like when he was young, and think about what he's doing. He finds this as a soothing therapy, and he does it as often as possible. But, with all this swimming and working and practicing, he still makes time for friends and a social life! Character Summary: Culler knows his faults and strengths quite well, and never over-estimates his own ability, nor under-estimates it, either. He is quite good at what he does, and he's not afraid to let everypony know! His stonemason work is less than brilliant, but still acceptable by his standards. When it comes to his gardens and his looks, he'll take nothing less than perfect! This makes him rather anal with some ponies, which is why he prefers to work solo, rather than with a team, even if it would make his work quicker. Many would call him vain in this aspect. His motivation in life stems from his fascination with the surface and it's strange fauna; Frequent visits to the black sand beaches of the nearby islands fuel his curiosity and creativity, even if these visits don't last long because of his pelt drying out. A secondary motive in his endeavors is to find a way to allow variations of the land fauna he so loves to thrive in his underwater home. His many hobbies would include his garden work, personal beauty, exercise, and his dabbling in stonework. His favorites of the list would be his own looks and his gardens. He takes great pride in his creations, and he considers it a great insult to point out something that "shouldn't belong" in his line-up, which encompasses both himself and his gardens. Despite loving the great distance from other hippocamps created by his private property, Kelp Culler enjoys visiting Okeanos and conversing with others, finding it as more of a pass time than just talking. If there's an open-invite party, he'll be there dancing with whoever is willing. Culler considers himself quite suave, and loves to schmooze both stallions and mares alike.
  4. Kudalyn


    From the album: Kuda's Art

    Anyone remember Aqua Drop, my hippocamp oc? She's still kickin' - I've been (slowly) running a storyline-based ask blog for her, and I'm hoping to get to some good parts soon. She's still in the beginning stages. I'd appreciate it if she got more followers and questions to help her along. Aqua's ask blog Tumblr

    © kudalyn

  5. From the album: Livestream Requests

    MyLittlePonyTales' Hippocamp OC, Coral, emulating a certain Disney character. Can you guess which one? That's right. Sleeping Beauty. This pic is probably the one I'm happiest with from all my livestream requests. Was a breeze to draw, and I think it turned out really nice too. Gasp. I'm actually starting to like my own work more often than I hate it. This is unexpected.

    © Art © Paul Dunn 2012, Original Character © My LittlePonyTales

  6. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP Name: Coral Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Hippocamp Eye colour: Purple Coat colour: Orange, with swirly markings of light blue and dark blue along her body and tail. She also has light blue freckles on her nose that blend with her nose stripes. Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: Sand coloured, long and wavy. Coral has never cut her hair. Physique: Sleek and fit. Swimming all day will do that to you. She has a scar along her left side where she brushed against part of a reef and scraped herself. Cutie Mark: Octahedron shaped decoration Origin/Residence: Okeanos Occupation: Treasure hunter Motivation: To see the world outside of the ocean. Likes: Swimming, sunbathing, treasure hunting, exploring, seaweed, volleyball Dislikes: Meat eaters, glass bottles, drying out Character Summary: When she was young, Coral was very sheltered. She was kept within the boundaries of the city of Okeanos by her parents, never knowing that there were four legged ponies walking the surface of the world. She didn't even know there was a surface past the ocean that she was born and lived in. The ocean life was much simpler than the one above, filled with lazy days of swimming with fish and munching on abundant growing plant life. But one day, Coral sneaked out of the city and left the borders of Okeanos, exploring the ocean outside the safety of the city. There, she found a sunken ship, full of odds and ends from a world she didn't know existed. Coral didn't know what all the odd objects were used for, or why many of them were not used in Okeanos. She took a small token with her that she could easily hide, an oddly shaped object that intrigued her. From then on, Coral sneaked out of the city on a regular basis, each time bringing with her an object from her adventure and hiding it in her room. She moved deeper down into the ocean, searching for more wreckage and strange items. One day, however, she decided to go the opposite way, heading toward the surface she didn't know was there. Her head broke the water, but all she saw was more water and waves around her. That would have been the end of it, had her next expedition not resulted in something unexpected. Coral further explored the surface of the ocean, finally arriving on land, which she had spotted from afar as she swam. Once there, she discovered a sandy beach, as well as a satchel full of objects that had washed up on the beach. Somepony had left it unattended, and Coral liked what she had found. So she smuggled it below the surface, hiding it in a grotto outside of Okeanos. She would have gotten away with it too, if not for the appearance of a telltale octahedron on her flank, similar to the one she had found on her first journey. Well, her parents weren't happy, but her adventurous spirit and the fact that she hadn't injured herself during her exploration were enough for them to realize they couldn't keep her safe forever. So they let her carry out her searches, provided she now let's them know where about she is going. Since then, she has filled the grotto with found objects, both from ship wrecks and from the beach. She has even now learned about the surface dwellers, and is curious to meet one. She is also interested in seeing what a non-underwater city looks like, although that's a little hard when she only has two hooves. Coral has become somewhat famous for being a trader of items to other members of Okeanos. Anypony is welcome to her grotto while she is there, to barter for something interesting, or even a lovely gift for someone else. The residents of Okeanos do not have much use for a lot of the surface items, but they can make nice decorations, or even serve a purpose if one is creative enough. Artwork
  7. He was not one for rivers but this one had such a charm to it that Alabaster had gone through great lengths to slink his person into the cool stream, long flowing tail moving gracefully in the waters as he scoured the bottom for shining and smooth pebbles that would fit his current masterpiece. His mane streamed behind him like a pink and blue streamer that curled gently on the ends, the fins on his head twitching slightly, ready to bolt at the first sign of danger, for the forest and it’s inhabitants were strange and new to the Hippocamp whom was very far from his island home . Robins’ egg blue dipped hooves gently combed over the sandy bottom of the river with precision and determination, and the bright sky blue eyes of the male lit up as his hoof found a beautiful gemstone that had found it’s way from the mountains and to the water, it was the perfect addition to his newest piece! The stone was a princess cut and the smooth stone was a beautiful and rich purple, it was far from a perfect stone, having many flaws on the inside, but when hidden in say..a pendant or a necklace it would look like the inside was filled with many shards of glittering light! He clutched the gem the size of a scallop shell in his hooves and did a gentle flip in the cold waters, a neigh escaping his mouth to express his delight and elation to have discovered such a treasure! He tucked it into the orange bag that hung over his shoulder and broke the surface of the rushing water, finding a rock to climb up on, upper body comfortably resting on the warm back of the rock, lower body hidden by the water, as his tail coiled around the stone in a gentle embrace. “Today is going so wonderfully” His rich voice cooed contently as he rested his chin on his blue tipped hooves “It’s just simply …fabulous”
  8. (if the fish fins aren't allowed, just tell me so so that I can remove them ) Roleplay Type: Mane Equestria RP Name: Fire Bay Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Hippocamp Eye colour: Crystal Blue Coat colour: Koi fish colours, named Showa in Japanese (reference here) Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: Long flowy straight mane with three tones of red: very dark, normal red and light red). By the way, her tail fins are transparent red with black spots Physique: Slender and elegant. Has koi fish fins close to her legs and a large membrane fin on her back. She has a chimera scratch scar on her left side. Cutie Mark: A blue flame, representing water but at the same time a sinalization fire. Just like a lighthouse: Origin/Residence: She came from the deep seas of Equestria, and now she wanders everywhere, but prefers lakes Occupation: Sailor helper and guider, like lighthouses do. However, she uses her beautiful voice instead of light and sings to guide them. During her free time, she enjoys to explore the bottom of the ocean and know the secrets of the ones who inhabit it together with her. Motivation: Fire Bay's motivation is the safety of sailors or even pirates, and she wants to avoid the existence of castaway ponies in the Equestrian seas at all cost. She doesn't judge them even if they are pirates, because she cares more about their safety than their personality. Likes: Lakes, fish, singing, animal sounds (because of her love for singing), nice scents Dislikes: Ocean storms, thunders, pirates (even though she helps them, she keeps her ears back towards them) Character Summary: History – Fire Bay was born somewhere in the deep seas of Equestria, and not even she remembers it herself. However, as soon as she learned to swim properly, she swam up to the surface so that she could see the living creatures with a much better look on their faces and bodies. She was glad to be able to surface that way, because since the day she managed to go up, she explored the bright areas of the Equestria ocean, wondering what new relics she would find. With that same wondering, she popopped her head out of the water one day and found out what her true talent was ... Parents – Fire Bay's mother is a pure white Hippocamp, who collects pearls from the bottom of the sea and sells them to the greedy or ambitious ponies back on land who enjoy them. Even though she sold them to other ponies, she neverliked that much to socialise, and wanted to teach her daughter the same things. However, that would soon reveal to be a failure, since Fire Bay wanted to do the opposite of living in isolation with her mother, only by themselves, in the bottom of the crystal clear ocean. Fire Bay came to this world through a very peculiar way, in an adventure that happened to her mother ... When she visited a lake one day in Canterlot when selling pearls to tailors related to very wealthy ponies, a very special speckled Hippocamp caught her eye. Of course she didn't want to talk that much, and just wnated to return to her beloved bottom of the sea, but that special Hippocamp seemed to hypnotise her, maybe for his coat, maybe by his pure actions while swimming in the lake. For days, she visited that same lake and told the Hippocamp stories about her adventures at the ocean, a thing that amazed the lake Hippocamp. Eventually, they fell in love and Fire Bay came along. Not much is known about Fire Bay's father, simply because he never left the lake he lived in even after Fire Bay's mother got pregnant because of his love for the critters living in that same spot and he was a very mysterious Hippoccamp. But she always believed he was a helper just like herself, and that she inherited his skills to guide other ponies throughout their journeys. Now both her parents live in her father's lake in Canterlot, while Fire Bay decided to explore the seas of Equestria left to her by her mother. Cutie Mark Story – This sweet Hippocamp has always been very careful and gentle towards all the creatures she met and found. One special day, her head popped out of the water for the first time, and she caught sight of something she had never seen before in her life: ponies on the beach. But instead of flippers and fins, they had legs and some of them even had wings! That was something that amazed the young Hippocamp. Her mother didn't really want her to communicate or watch such sights, but Fire Bay couldn't help but to stare almost blankly at them with her pure crystaline eyes. Everytime she managed to catch her mother distracted or working, she would surface and hide in a rock to watch those creatures who were so similar to her. But one stormy night, something truly weird happened right in the place she was swimming at. In her own ocean, her own home, those same ponies were falling and being unable to swim. She just couldn't believe her eyes ... With her gentle singing talents taught by her mother, she sang gently to them some soft melodies, and pulled them with the current and with herself to the beach. It was in that night that her mother saw what her true desire was, and explained her what a ship was. When she surfaced, she saw that same ship she was talking about : huge, majestic, with the once glorious sails now ripped by the storm. She knew it was her duty to guide that same ship to shore too when her mother nodded. She submerged, and swam close to the ship, where a very nervous and struggling Captain tried to keep the ship sailing in the wild waves. It seemed to be useless, so Fire Bay jumped by the ship boards and kept her dorsal fin way above the surface so that the ship could be correctly guided and lead to safe waters. Eventually it docked near the sand, and the whole crew survived thanks to the help of this very special Hippocamp. When she smiled at them, the exhausted Captain pointed at her body: searching for a moment, she found her new cutie mark, a blue flame symbolizing her guidance skills. When she looked back at the water, her mother was gone. Now she lives in the ocean waters of Equestria, simply because there are many more creatures in need for her help there than in lakes, where ponies simply like to relax and not explore wide lands that could be dangerous. Her gentleness kept her a good name in the world of sailor ponies and even some land ponies, all of that because she felt so good for helping the ones that didn't belong to her natural element: water. Over the years as she grew up, she realized she was a little different from them, but instead of taking that as something bad she took advantage of it and taught everypony that was interested all of her oceanic stories. Her fire cutie mark represents exactly that, something that instead of harmful, is cozy and inviting, and allows one to want to find out more and feel safe in the presence of this Hippocamp. Flaws – Even though Fire Bay is shy and kind, she has a few flaws. Unfortnately, she is extremely afraid of the new world in land, and it's still hard for her to walk among other ponies with all of them staring at her, her body and her coat. That is also due to her confrontation with a chimera in the Everfree Forest, the first place she visited since it was one of the places in Equestria with water. She managed to escape, but not without a mark on her side. She is extremely shy, and only seems to speak when needed. Personality - Fire Bay is a very gentle and pure Hippocamp, that loves to take care of others. She is a free spirit, yes, but is still learning to open herself to others. She seems to live in her own little shell, and rarely shows what she thinks. When somepony gains her trust, she can reveal a very humorous part of herself, and once that trust is gained, one can have a friend for life and a great conselour. She ponders her words and sentences very carefully.
  9. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Mane Roleplay Name: Alabaster Pearls Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: HippoCamp Eye Color: Shallow waters Blue Coat Color: his coat is a beautiful sand colored with the tips of his hooves and his tail having a soft sky blue gradient to them with the very tips of his tail being a deep rose pink. His underbelly is a bleached sand. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: His mane is a long silken veil of rich pink, with rose pink undertones, and through the very top of his head to the gentle swirl of hair that rests at his shoulders is a light blue streak. His tail isn’t a normal pony tail, being a hippocamp he’s got an elongated fish tail that is very long and slender, almost like an eel in shape, but the actual fins are wide and translucent like a fish. Physique: Alabaster is very slim and graceful with a long body that flows through the water as if he were flying through the sky. CutieMark: A alabaster box shaped like a oyster outlined in green and with gold ethching, in the mouth of it is a single flawless pearl Origin/Residence: He was born and raised in the coral reefs of Gallopocus Islands where his bright and beautiful colors help him blend into the coral reefs Occupation: Part time treasure hunter and guide to lost sailors, and full time jewelry maker Motivation: To bring beauty and sparkle to everyone, be it through the beautiful jewelry he makes out of bits of sea glass, pearls and coral, or through his kind deeds and actions. Likes: The sea, the surf, the sandy beaches! The glorious sunrise and sunset every day, the salty sea air, pearls, gold coins, a strong wind and a following sea. Dislikes: Being out of water too long, ponies that think he’s a girl… Character Summary: From the moment Alabaster was born he was fascinated with things of beauty, his tiny hooves reaching for the pearl necklace that his mother wore around her neck all the time with the little bit of alabaster stone that had been carved into a starfish shape… when his hoof touched the polished, glistening stone his Mother knew instantly he’d be named after the very same stone, and that he would be a lover of beautiful things. At a young age the youngling had a love for beautiful things, so it was no surprise one fine summers morning when he came to his momma showing off the beautiful mark that now decorated his flank, He had gotten it while he had eagerly been collecting things and had made his first bit of jewelry by stringing them together with bits of fishing line he had found. The Oyster shaped box symbolizing his love of finery and splendor, while the single perfect pearl symbolized inner beauty and his fondness for the white pebbles that he shared a name with. Alabaster being a hippocamp born in the reefs loved nothing more than to scour the sandy sea floor in search of treasures, bits of bright coral, abandoned seashells, pearls, and even bits of beautiful sea glass , all of which he’d tuck into a pouch that was looped around his neck. Once he collects these treasures he goes home to his little undersea grotto and creates beautiful bits of jewelry (a skill taught to him by his mother whom did something similar in her youth) However since all the food he could want grows so plentiful in the rich healthy Island waters he chooses to leave his creations upon the shore near unexpecting ponies, his heart swells whenever he sees a pony scoop up a prized piece and wears it looking so happy! Being a Hippocamp Alabaster has his own kind of sea magic, his singing voice is said to make ones heart turn to thoughts of home and family, though that could just be due to him souly singing songs about going home, His only real magic is purely for fancy effects when he occasionally leaves his ocean home. He can heat up the surface of the water just so so that it becomes foggy and misty, never thick enough to lure ships to their demise, but thick enough to add a touch of mystery and glam to his every day. Unfortunately Alabaster is a very pretty pony, in fact he’s often mistaken for a girl due to his long flowing mane and deep emotion filled eyes, so he is very quick to lose his temper if you call him a “Pretty Filly” He is normally very kind and patient, but when angered he is relentless in it until he has calmed down. He doesn’t act violently but you will be hearing about the incident that has his dander ruffled for HOURS! Overall Alabaster loves his home and he loves the islands and ponies that surround it, if you are ever near the sea and see a glint of pink and blue it just might be Alabaster watching from afar. Cutie Mark: Art belongs to me :3
  10. As I was apping for my Kelpie OC, I noticed that most of our Hippocamp and Kelpie characters aren't particularly active in the Mane RP. So, I was thinking that, like the recent foals OOC topic, we should try to organize some threads that could make use of our fishy friends. I don't have any particularly good ideas for the threads at the moment, so be sure to give some suggestions and such. Let's get our fishies back in action!
  11. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Pearl Heart (Pearl) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Hippocamp Eye Color: Open Ocean Blue Coat Color: Sand Tan Mane/Tail/Markings: 2 braids, apple red mane, freckles, slight southernish accent (more mild than AJ) Physique: Standard Cutie Mark: Treasure Chest Origin/Residence: Okeanos. She currently travels around wherever work takes her. Occupation: Treasure Hunter Motivation: Finding artifacts and giving them to museums Likes: Small, contained fire, shiny things Dislikes: Boring stuff Character Summary- Pearl Heart was born into a farming family in Okeanos. She didn't very well like the farming community and wished to do something exciting. Pearl spent most of her time in the museam, looking at the shiny artifacts. The only thing more interesting than that was the stories of how the treasures got there. Endless tales of prospectors and hunters lurked in her mind. That was what she wanted to do. Pearl was searching and was able to stumble upon an old merchant ship. She brought a bag and began to load treasures and shiny tings into it, feeling that she had a mission to bring it back to the museam. As she was leaving, another hippocamp appeared before her, blabbing about navy stuff and what not. He kept fixing his glasses and started talking about stuff she didn't really care about. It was odd, yet beautiful to her. Finally, they exchanged their names and the hippocamp called Seven Seas mentioned the cutie mark of a treasure chest on her flank that had just appeared. Pearl still continues to travel with her lover, Seven Seas(or Q because whenever she has a question, she'd say "Seven Seas, I have a Q" and eventually shortened it) in search of treasure and other adventures. Pearl has an intense love for shiny things, Whenever her and Q find something, she usually just stares at in and squees while _ just blabbers on. She is adventurous and outhoing. Sometimes a little arrogant and outspoken, but always confident.
  12. The app is now final and I await that I may be approved. May I also request feedback from you lovely people? Because that would be just lovely. Edits 1/15/12 - Changed Age, Pet, and other minor details. Pet is now significantly longer, but I feel like I really had no other option if I was going to elaborate on it. Name: Cobalt Currant (Cobalt is his first name, where Currant is the family hereditary title) Age: Stallion Species: Hippocamp Pelt Color: #2554C7,A shade of cobalt Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Black, worn rather shaggy and dyed red at the ends. Wears a light blue-green hairband to make a single ponytail on the mane. It looks unkempt to due constant fidgeting when bored. Eye Color: #52F3FF, a rather light tourquise Cutie Mark: Water flowing from a silver vase, sparkling Physique: Rather well-built, though the tail is the best developed. The fore-limbs are weak and not very strong. The tail of a dolphin and forelimbs of a pony. The tail has two small stubby flippers which do function. Origin: Gallopocous Island Roleplay Type: Equestria Occupation: Water purifier. Motivation: To keep the water clean for his cousins, the Pegasi, Unicorn and Earth Ponies, and find new ways to do it. Likes: Swimming, Talking with Land Ponies, Reading books on land, Sunbathing, Amethysts, turquoises, other lesser gems, Gold, Platinum, Conducting scientific experiments with water, Rather loud music, finding out solutions to problems and learning about things. Dislikes: Intrusive Ponies, Wet Weather on land, Ignorance, Slow Market seasons, Having to wait too long, Complex Riddles, Strong Violence, And Species-Teasing(Like calling a Hippocampus "Whale-Breath" or "Flounder-Foot"). Character Summary: Cobalt was born on the shore of the Gallopocous Islands magnificent beaches, to a loving mother and father. When young, there was a small emergency as the pony was born with rather weak forelimbs. He was taken to land so that unicorns could observe the problem, and found that he had a rather weak bone structure there. It was nothing serious, but he was advised to never do heavy weight-lifting or anything that could harm his forelegs. And for the most part, Cobalt never had reason to use them as he hated exercise and would often read books on science on land. Cobalt loved the land and all of the Land Ponies he met. They often vacationed on the Islands and there would always be interesting ponies for him to meet. His parents did not approve of his frequent visits to the land but they did not deny him the privilege. It was harmless and Cobalt got the best grades in his classes at the Atlantic Academy for Young Hippocampi. But he soon met a unicorn with a passion for magic, and that set him off. Cobalt would begin to visit the unicorn mare everyday. He fell in love with her as she tried to teach the hippocampus how to use magic. Hippocampus did not generally excel at magic, and most of them could not really manage much more then simple little tricks. Cobalt managed to learn hydrokenisis, albeit a rather novice one in comparison to the mare. She was ecstatic on learning of her pupil's magic ability and insisted he try to work even stronger spells, such as levitating large masses of water and even changing the temperature of it. Cobalt trotted out of the land in the rather awkward way a hippocampus trots, and stood there, trying to use the spell to freeze some of the waves. In doing so, he fell on his forelegs and broke both of them. The mare bound the injury and took Cobalt to a hospital, where he recovered. His parents forebode him from meeting with the unicorn again, and Cobalt accepted it, though sadly. Soon Cobalt graduated from school...without a Cutie Mark. Often he would be teased by being called a 'Blank Flank', though the same detractors would often ask for his homework as well. So he thought none of it. But now, in the real world, fellow ponies looked at his blank flank and shunned him. He tried for a job as a clerk and did not get it, as the manager said he could easily turn into something nasty, like a thief. Sad, he went up to the land after several months of depression and met there a Land Pony, a Pegasus filly, in need of a drink of water. He quickly purified a decent amount and levitated it in front of the filly, who drank the water eagerly. She had never seen a Hippocampus before, and she had a strange idea seeing Cobalt's talent. She asked if he could mess with a cloud. Cobalt, now quite older then when he regularly met that mare, hesitated but tried anyway. He managed to make it rain a small amount for about a minute. The filly then laughed at his attempt, though in good humor, and suggested he try to do something with water for the Land Ponies. Water was normally dirty in the numerous rivers and lakes of Equestria and he could be rich purifying them. After telling his parents of his plan, they set him up with some bits and a map of the world, with the river routes in a bright blue. He traveled to Manehatten, the place where he thought he could strike a fortune. Many of the Land Ponies there were rather arrogant and the bustling city life did not amuse him, nor did using magic to keep his pelt moist. He traveled to Hoofington, a place he actually likes quite a lot and made some lasting friends, but he place had enough clean water already. And so he tried his luck at Ponyville. He instantly found the place interesting and the rivers right next to it were accessible. He made his home near the Whitetail Wood by building a cave into the rockbed. He then made a drain, so he could easily drain his home of water in case he was meeting Land Ponies. He even managed to find some Hippocampi near the river in Cloudsdale. He began to purify water and got ponies to go the market and sell it to them. This was very profitable, as the water was free to him and he purified the water with his magic. However, the demand for his clean water increased over time. He could not make the market asking. So he began to devise machines to purify the water that would require less magic on his part. Simple machines with little needed input that could make pure water. After a few months of work, he managed to create a machine that used sedimentation for the water and needed very little magic. The satisfaction at creating the machine was so intense, he earned his Cutie Mark - A silver vase pouring clean, sparkling water. Now the Hippocampus sunbathes in joy and reads all the books he ever dreamed of reading while operating his business. All the while he thinks of new ways to purify water and make new business ventures. He often journeys into town and makes and visits friends. All is right for Cobalt. Water-based Power: Water Telekinesis A rather weak telekinetic grab on anything water based. Can lift several gallons of water above land, and anything water based can usually be picked up if light enough. Cannot pick up Ponies. Can manipulate rainy clouds to bring a drizzle out, but cannot maintain for very long. Pet : A young otter named "Ottostrophe" or "Otto". Was hit buy a boat when a young cub and damaged his right arm. Using hydrokenisis, Cobalt healed the arm and earned the affection of the otter cub. Has a smoke black pelt and a scar over the right shoulder. Red eyes. A rather playful nature but is jealous of anypony who commands Cobalt's full attention. One day while on the riverbed of Manehatten, as Cobalt was busy finding some food and contemplating if he should continue staying at the town. Suddenly, a loud screech later, Cobalt saw a boat propelled by magic zoom across the river. He had seen these boats many a time and did not heed them much, though they're loud sound did irritate him rather badly. Today however, the end of the boats had strange dorsal fins at the end, which were extremely sharp. That did not attract his attention. What he saw on the tip of the strange fin made his stomach retch. There was a fine trail of blood flowing from the fin. Cobalt hated blood, and he knew that this blood was that of a living creatures. He rushed opposite the flow of the boat and finally happened across a baby otter, with a large, pulsing scar over its right shoulder blade. The young otter was fainted on the floor and loosing blood quickly. Using his hydrokenisis, he quickly picked up the otter and sealed off the vent with ice. He then traveled to his makeshift underwater cave and began a long, laborious task made of removing excess water from the otter, replenishing the body with any vitamins and minerals he could find in the water around him, and then healing the body. After healing the otter, Cobalt collapsed from exhaustion. When he woke, the young otter was awake and curiously testing its right forelimb. There was a ropy scar on its shoulder. and it heeded it warily. When it noticed Cobalt was awake, it huffed lightly and began to leave the den. Frightened that the otter would hurt itself by going out, Cobalt locked the door by making the entrance freeze over. The otter refused to talk and licked it's wound as it moped about for the rest of the day. Cobalt managed to inspect that the shoulder blade was grazed and the otter was badly injured. He made a brace and silently commended the otter's will. After a few days, Cobalt realized the head-strong otter was a nuisance. It teared at his waterproof books and messed with anything that was breakable. It managed to make a few well-sized cracks in the ice wall. It never acted as if it was hurt. The last straw was when it broke a giant gem stone Cobalt was going to sell for bits. Cobalt wanted many things. He wanted to get rid of the otter. He also wanted it to get better. Selfishly, he decided that the headstrong cub would get better eventually and decided to let it leave. If the otter felt any joy, it did not show it. It merely swam away with dignity, and a slight jumpy nerve in the shoulder. Cobalt followed it to see where it would go. Perhaps he could find the young otter's mother and tell it what happened. The otter did not go anywhere, however. It just swam about in random places. Then the least expected thing happened. A boat screeched by, with sharp dorsal fins. Cobalt had been swimming a bit too near the surface, and got rented with a rather deep and long slash along his backside to tail. He screamed in terror. His vision a crimson red, he saw the otter, with a sense of purpose in its eyes, flung itself to the top of the boat. The boat suddenly veered off course and hit the shore with a loud and defining THUNK. Cobalt, smelling the metallic tang of blood, his own blood, and could only begin to wonder what the otter was planning on doing. Ignoring his injury, he also swam to the surface. There, he saw the otter growling at a group of scared Unicorns, each with a fancy purple best and medallion. A blue unicorn with a white mane saw the hippocamp and shouted, "Help! This crazy...thing has crashed our ship and now wants out bodies for food! It's a savage beast I tell you! Look at it's eyes!" The otter growled again. Cobalt, with noticeable difficulty to everyone, stood up on his hooves and yelled at the otter, who did not give hint that it was listening. The otter only snapped and began to lurch forward, as the unicorns all winced in terror. Then, he yelled, "Is this really right?" The otter stopped in it's path. Cobalt's legs wobbled but he continued, "Do you think hurting these ponies will make up for your shoulder? They probably didn't even know they hurt you - they may not even be the same ponies." Cobalt began to see red flecks in his eyes. Normally his legs were in better condition, but with his back cut open and his exhaustion from healing the otter a while back was hurting him. "You don't have to pretend your tough.Your plenty tough. I saw that. You aren't telling me anything by hurting them." The otter cub looked back at Cobalt, and he noticed that it had tears in it's eyes. It looked down and then began to retreat carefully. However, the blue unicorn stood up from it's fetal position and said, "Well, I for one will not stand for this. That beast is a monster, and I think I should rid Ponydom of it." The unicorn's horn glowed with a slight golden shade, and the otter flew up a few feet in the air. "This monster could kill any pony who boats by. It would be a catastrophe!" The otter suddenly broke the show of power and cried out in terror itself. "Oh no you don't," Cobalt said, as he summoned the water in the otter's body and began to pull at him. "Oh, and don't get me started on you, you hybrid nonsense. It would do the world a great deal of good if I got rid of you as well. You're good for nothing. You harvest no food, do no work, and bring no order. You are useless. One death would not end the world." Cobalt, with a flash of anger, suddenly pulled the otter right by his side. Working on the same energy, he began to rise the river water. He felt the tides on his body as the wave grew in size.As the save eventually shadowed the unicorns, Cobalt said plainly, "He's my catastrophe, you stuck-up jerk." And the river water swept the unicorns away. Ottostrophe, as the otter was soon named, developed a sudden adoration for Cobalt in the days that came. It became apparent that the otter had no family. Upon adopting the otter, Cobalt decided Manehatten was not for him. As soon as his wound was healed, he packed his things and left the cave, Ottostrophe dutifully swimming behind.
  13. Your Cutie Mark is still listed as bubbles, I just noticed.
  14. Hippocamps: (Art by community artist MudBug) Ocean based ponies. Bottom half of their body is a marine animal tail, Usually a dolphin or some sort of generic whale. Rare cases are narwhals, where the tusk/horn grows from the center of the pony's skull, like a Unicorn, not their base of magical power. All hippocamps have some sort of small magical ability retaining to water. All hippocamps have very little magical abilities. Most are simply tricks they developed to scare away sailors and pirates from their underwater villages. Usually involve some sort of bubble manipulation, from putting voices inside the bubbles to pop at the surface and scare away sailors, or heating the water to make a sudden bank of fog to make sailors lose their way. In extreme cases a group of hippocamps get together and create a huge pocket of bubbles which causes the water to become mostly air, sinking whole ships in minutes. They are not the cause of whirlpools however - those are naturally occurring. Hippocamps are vegitarian/herbivores - they eat aquatic plants and the occasional land plant delicacy. Hippocamps are also able to be on land for small amounts of time - usually one to two hours. After that they need to find some sort of moisture to hydrate themselves or their pelt starts to dry up, becoming very easy to injure. Think of a bad sunburn. If it's raining or foggy, or even very humid, Hippocamps can stay on land for longer periods of time for their pelt doesn't dry out too fast. Hippocamps can also easily switch from air to water breathing. Very adaptable in that sense. Hippocamps can live in oceans, rivers, and inland lakes. They are never found in a lake that does not have some sort of river system that connects to the ocean. Hippocamps are naturally ocean-dwelling creatures and only migrate inland either by accident or on purpose. Hippocamps need to migrate back to the sea upon winter for they cannot survive in very cold environments. Hippocamps usually live in pods in villages dotting the ocean, or migrate to the large hippocamp/kelpie underwater city by Gallapocous Island. Hippocamps tend to be naturally enamored by shiny trinkets and baubles. Most just collect shiny things off the ocean floor - city hippocamps become very vain and tend to hoard shiny things, specially jewelry and house ornaments. They are also, in the rich sector, obsessed with always being beautiful and elegant. The middle to poor class are along the same lines as normal land ponies - living together, having a family, ect. Think of it as Rich - Manehattan, Mid/poor - Ponyville. City hippocamps get along well with land ponies, while ocean hippocamps tend to be more shy, taking a while to fully trust land ponies. Once they do they make lasting friendships with land ponies. Kelpies: (Art by community artist MudBug) Ocean based ponies. Bottom half of their body is a marine creature, generally some type of shark. Kelpies have very little magical ability and tend to rely on their natural instincts. The most kind of magic a Kelpie can muster is being able to find food in any kind of situation, no matter how dire. They are very hardy and can live in nearly every kind of aquatic environment, even marshes. Kelpies can also survive on land just the same way a hippocamp can - albeit it's a bit difficult for them to manouver around due to their horizontal spines. Kelpies are carnivores/omnivores. They will always prefer meat, and usually eat aquatic animals/fish. They never eat hippocamps however - too similar to themselves. Kelpies are mischevious by nature, and tend to get into trouble in large groups. Their natural instinct makes them pick on each other, so it's difficult for them to live in large groups. The largest group of them live in the underwater city near the Gallapocous Island - that sector of the city is often in chaos. Kelpies get along well with land ponies no matter where they are, despite the large differences between them. Land ponies often are intimidated by the kelpie's mischievous attitude and mouthful of sharp teeth. Once they get to know them and get accustomed to their nature, they often get along easily. Kelpies don't have a specific affinity towards any object or animal. They do enjoy teasing the local fauna whereever they live. Kelpies are very stong and tough, and can even out-muscle/manouver a hydra out of it's territory, or subdue it if it's acting up.
  15. Name: Beachnut Sex: Female Age: Older Filly Species: Hippocamp Pelt Color: Bright Red Mane Markings, Color & Style: Yellow with bright pink highlights, medium long, kept slicked down Eye Color: Gold Cutie Mark: Three Beechnuts, sitting in an open pod Physique: Long-legged and lanky, but still well-toned, with a thick, strong tail from time spent ashore (and possibly in part due to her earth pony heritage) Origin: Gallopocous Island Roleplay Type: Mane Occupation: None yet, but she has a talent for chemistry Motivation: Learn about her heritage and find a place for herself Likes: Bitter food, waterproof pockets, the Wonderbolts, coral, violins, oil, pirate tales, sharks, fire Dislikes: Small mammals, being told what to do, deserts, open ocean, being naked Character Summary: Beachnut's father, Malabar, was an earth pony sailor, who oversaw the naval shipping of many of the Nut family's products. Though a far cry from the traditional family business of growing nuts, his profession was considered an acceptable one in the family's eyes, and he proceeded to turn around significant profits for the family. Before long, he had progressed from chartering vessels to transport the family's cargo to purchasing a ship of his own. It was on this ship, on his way home from a trade venture into far-off lands of the Zebrafolk, that an unspeakable creature from the depths of the ocean attacked their ship. Malabar's crew fended off the creature for a time, but it quickly became apparent that it was not going to let them out of its territory. In a desperate gamble, he loaded his crew onto lifeboats and rammed his ship into the creature, driving the injured creature away. Malabar went down with his ship as a hero, and is officially listed deceased. However, unbeknownst to him, the creature was in fact a tamed kraken, doing what it was trained to do in defending a hippocamp city, far beneath. When their guardian was injured and fled home, Beachnut's mother, Moonwake, was among the warriors dispatched to investigate. She found Malabar unconscious and near death, and took him to the surface, where she resuscitated him. While many of the hippocamps wanted to arrest him for assaulting the creature and damaging their city with the debris from his ship, the logistical problems with incarcerating a land-dweller underwater led them to instead exile him to a small islet not far from the mane Gallopocous Island. Over his time time, he and Moonwake gradually fell in love, as she volunteered to oversee his resuscitation. When his debt was considered repaid, rather than return to his former life as a sailor, he elected to stay there, and the two were married. It was on this islet, in a clear pool beneath a small grove of beech trees he tended (from the only cargo he managed to salvage from his sinking ship) that Beachnut was born. Though no longer a prisoner on his islet, Beachnut's father never returned to his family. He preferred being thought of as a dead hero, and he was happy raising his daughter and caring for his trees. Beachnut grew up in relative isolation, with only the occasional visiting pegasus or hippocamp. When she was filly, she was diagnosed nearsighted, and fitted with prescription goggles, but she never actually got to visit the far-off, underwater city of her kin. Due to their distance from any cities, her education came almost entirely from books, which she read voraciously. Beachnut displayed quite a talent for chemistry, and she loved to start oil fires on the surface of the waves. She spent an usual amount of time on land for a young hippocamp, often drying out painfully for her recklessness. This led her to experiment with concocting an oily coating for clothing that would keep her from drying out as quickly, but wouldn't wash out in the water. Upon finally finishing a working product, she earned her her cutie mark (her namesake partially in a shell). She quickly adapted to wearing clothing all the time, keeping lotions on hoof for parts of her body she can't cover up. Because of her normally clothed state, she has actually developed a strange sense of modesty, and is extremely self-conscious about nudity. Just recently, Beachnut has resolved to travel. She wants to discover more about her roots, see the world, and learn more about it. While she's quite clever, and knows a lot about science, she has very little real world knowledge, and she approaches nearly everything with a naive idealism. Pic: And one by Kuda:
  16. Name: Crystal Glow Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Hippocamp Pelt Color: Seafoam Green Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Mane is blueish green colour that is usually kept in a neat bun with two chopsticks sticking out of the bun with two pink fish on the ends of the chopsticks Eye Color: Violet Cutie Mark: Jelly fish surrounded by 5 bubbles Physique: She is slender with strong legs from pulling herself around on shore Origin: Hoofington bay but can usually found near any beaches on the East side Roleplay Type: Mane RP Occupation: Researcher Motivation: Learn and take care of every fish in the sea Likes: Jellyfish, all fish, conversations, caretaking, griffons, and ponies Dislikes: Sailors, nets, traps, anything that endangers her fishy friends Character Summary: Crystal Glow was born and raised in the bays of Hoofington her mother and father traveled between the bays and the shore for they did business with the sailors. Crystal never really liked the fact that her parents did business with them by selling them fish they caught, Crystal believed that the fish should be left alone and living happily. Around the time Crystal was almost a filly she decided to go explore a bit as her parents were doing another deal. Along her travels she notices a little jelly fish, interested she swam over to it and watched it as it moved studying how it moved and interacted with everything around it. She studied it for a while she learned how it eats and how such a small creature could pack a huge wallop (She learned this the hard way). Her parents called her home after a few hours studying this surprising creature she told the Jellyfish she'd see it later. The jelly fish did something weird it swam up to her bumped it's head against her snout it was quite weird but she felt as if it was saying don't go, after a few minutes of communicating she finally decided to bring the Jellyfish home. As they swam home together Crystal realized how much fun she had studying this small creature and how she wanted to do it with every other sea creature in all of Equestria after this small epiphany she felt a small sting on the upper part of her tail she looked back to see it was Jel pointing out she had received her cutie-mark. One of her many life goals are to get everypony to understand and respect the wonderful creatures of the sea during their life in the sea or after death and are being sold another goal is to become a renowned researcher of the deep so she could be paid for doing what she loved. Crystal Glow now makes a living by doing little research trips for some land ponies or to do a quick delivery across the bay.Crystal Glow enjoys her job but wishes all her source of income came from doing research alone she doesn't mind doing deliveries but it isn't what she enjoys as much as learning more about creatures of the deep. When she has to make a trip on land Crystal usually takes a ride on a cart to reach her destination but if she can't catch a carriage or cart much to her dismay she drags herself until she reaches her destination. Art by me
  17. [ Creature Related Character ] Name: Pearl Wishes Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Hippocamp Pelt Color: Light pink Mane/Tail Color and Style: Her mane has a tone of purple and another of magenta. Her tail is lighter than her body, and the middle of it flows elegantly when she moves it Eye Color: Light yellow Cutie Mark: A large pearl over a dark pink heart Physique: Slender and elegant, and a great swimmer Residence: Buckingshore Beach Occupation: Pearl seller Motivation: Her motivation is the many treasures that she still has to know about and collect, just like the things about the Equestrian seas Likes: Pearls, pink things, corals, sea serpents, playing in the algae, performing tricks Dislikes: Storms, broken shells, ponies that don't like her because she is different from them Character Summary: Pearl was born in a pearl clam, living with sea fish and the coral reef beings. She always loved to collect her own pearls, and store her in her own private cave where she currently lives. Due to her residence, she often meets foreign ponies that brought several items from other regions. That made her store a large collection over the years, even if she never trusts that much the ponies she meets. However, she also knows lots of secrets that the waters of Equestria hide. But still, she also likes expploring the land dragging her tail and trying to be like the other ponies, even if she knows pretty well that they are different from her. She has an extremely kind personality, and since she is somewhat of a mystery for the other beings, she likes to fool around with them sometimes. Pearl also loves to share her stories about the sea with the earthlings that have adventurous spirits and would like to know more about far away lands, or even about the things she discovers under the sea. On her journeys to land, she also likes to take a few pearls with her and sell them to the ones that appreciate their beauty just as much as she does. Extra: When Pearl is on land, her pony half allows her to breathe air. To move around, she walks with her front legs and drags her tail around, just like a seal or a sea lion does. However, she often needs to get her body wet so she doesn't dehydrate.
  18. [ PEARL DUST ] (Many thanks to Kudalyn for allowing me to adopt this design!) Name: Pearl Dust Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Hippocamp Pelt Color: Dusty Rose Mane Color & Style: Long and Loose Brilliant Gold Curls Eye Color: Bright Cyan Physique: Lithe and Slender Cutie Mark: Open Clam with one Pearl inside. Origin: Seasaddle Bay Roleplay Type: Main Roleplay Occupation: Socialite, Trader/Distributor Motivation: Maintaining and growing Salt Water Trading Co., the business her parents established and then passed on to her. Even at a young age Pearl knew she wanted to continue the exciting trading business that her parents did, mingling and mixing with her own kind and that of other creatures. Pearl's knack always went to her namesake, the pearls - she could always locate and judge the quality of a pearl with ease. Character Summary: Pearl's parents made their home in a location with an abundant oyster/clam population, naturally they took to trading the pearls and other natural resources to establish themselves a business. Any sort of goods that can be taken from the sea can be distributed from Salt Water Trading Company, the simple name they gave their business. Established and well-to-do in a hippocamp society their only child was spoiled and well-cared for. Thankfully Pearl Dust grew up with the business and learned a good work ethic and friendly social nature. Having started with their own two hoofs, her parents often worked alongside their workers when collecting their goods and when she was old enough Pearl joined them. She took to her namesake quickly and had a natural talent for locating beautiful pearls. Since she's gotten older she doesn't quite get her hooves as dirty, she won't go out into the field as often but she'll still use that talent for picking out the best pearls for her best clients. Salt Water Trading, Co. is the biggest distributor of pearls to Equestria and chances are any pearl on land went through Pearl Dust's business. The story of earning her cutie mark started in one of the company's pearl fields. Like any other day Pearl was doing her best to collect as many pearls as she could before they had to call it a day. One clam in particular was being much more difficult than usual and she labored over the task of opening it for what seemed like hours. No matter how she tried she could not get it to open - but not to be defeated, she took it home to continue the work. It would be nearly three days later before she could get the clam to open and what she discovered was the most beautiful pearl she could ever remember. The exotic rose flecked with gold seemed to be a treasure just for her and she knew this company was her future. That pearl is worn by her ever day now as the center piece on a pearl string necklace. Pearl is a socialite, among her own kind and others who she crosses paths with at the docks near Hoofington. However because of what she is; she finds herself limited and right now one of her biggest goals is to work with the land ponies to develop a way to make land traveling easier for her own kind. Until then she's made arrangements with Taxi the pegasus to help her travel whenever business, or social intrigue, has called her.
  19. [ Pony Related Character ] Name: Frozen Tide Sex: male Age: stallion (around 21 in human years) Species: Hippocamp (vertical-finned) Pelt Color: brownish-red Mane/Tail Color & Style: dirty blonde. his mane is somewhat long and very unruly Eye Color: scarlet Cutie Mark: an orange fish frozen in a melting ice cube Physique: somewhat slim. he has sharp teeth and a shark-like tail. Residence: born in the Reigntight Sea, moves to the Great Nimbusgait Lakes (specifically the one under Cloudsdale's weather factory) Occupation: mysterious artist (ice sculptor) Motivation: to have his sculptures be known by ponykind Likes: eating and caring for fish (he tends to eat the bigger and plainer fish, while using the daintier and prettier ones for his sculptures), ice, sculptures and sculpturing, discovering new things, shiny objects and similar doodads. Dislikes: scaring off others, staying in dry air for too long, hard-headed ponies. Character Summary: Tide is a vertical-finned hippocamp who was born in the cold and tough waters of the Reigntight sea. unlike the horizontal-finned hippocamps (dolphin tailed) who tend to be friendly herbivores, the vertical-finned (shark tailed) hippocamps are rougher and omnivorous. his specific tribe focused on hunting, both as a way to eat as well as a sport. Frozen was different though. he did not like hunting as a foal. instead, he spent his time playing with his hooves. he really liked shaping rocks and kelp into interesting figures whereas his clan hunted for sport. once he was of age, he decided to leave the sea and explore the world. he traveled into land, swimming upstream until he found himself within the great nimbusgait lakes. one day, as he ate breakfast, a massive ice block fell from the sky (the weather factory dropping unneeded ice, but he doesn't know its existence). being the curious and creative type, he began to chisel it, slowly giving it form. he created a beautiful sculpture of himself, but felt it needed something. an idea popped in his mind and he hollowed the figure out, filling it up with water to put fish inside. he loved it so much that wanted to make more, and from that moment, his cutie mark appeared. nowadays, Tide passes his time simply eating fish and sculpting. he leaves his masterpieces out at the shore of the lake to see if they catch attention from a passerby. he does manage to interest a few, but most seem to run away at the sight of his teeth. travelers tell their encounters with him in the form of the the legend of the Loch Gait Monster who appears only for those who give praise to the mysterious ice sculptures that appear almost out of nowhere. Personality: overall, Tide is a very kind pony, full of energy when he's working on his art. he usually prefers to have little contact with other types of ponies, although he will never miss a critique and praise for his sculptures. being a shark tailed makes him an omnivore, though unlike his his tribe who had a diet specifically made of meat, he is able to tolerate plants himself, although he still prefers to eat fish over vegetables. Quirks: his tribe speaks in an odd manner, and because of this he has this strange dialect. he can only say verbs in their infinitive form, so when he speaks, he always adds "to" before the unchanged verb. (ex. "sorry, but I to prefer the fish more than the salad.") this makes it hard for him to speak in past and future, so he adds "before" and "after" respectively at the end of the sentence. ("I always to think that nopony to like my art before.")
  20. [ Pony Related Character ] Name: Sugar Kelp (SK) Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Hippocampus Pelt Color: Light sea green Mane/Tail Color & Style: Curly and chunky aquamarine Eye Color: Greyed pink Cutie Mark: A happy blue fish swimming with a happy green fish, with four blue hearts Physique: His face, tho holds the square-ish shape males usually have, is displayed very femininely. His body is muscular since he swims his entire life. Residence: Hippocamp Reef Occupation: None Motivation: Land candies, he'll do almost anything for them Likes: Riding high surf waves, relaxing on the beach with pony tourists particularly with a bonfire at night, since the sun isn't scorching, land candies, basically any pony food from the land, tho he enjoys kelp too, he enjoys it better with spices from the land. Dislikes: Sharkoniks (a made up breed of sea ponies with more sharklike traits) being treated like royalty. Character Summary: I adopted him from Mudbug 8DDD. Unlike the land ponies, the hippocamp were more active at night. They worshiped Princess Luna, for her moon powers were the ones who controlled the tide. It was his knowledge of the land ponies that brought them to this newfound religion, as it were. Being the beloved son of a lord, Sugar Kelp's knowledge was welcomed among his people. Once a month, their whole herd goes up to the surface to sing to the moon. He hopes that one day she'll thank him personally. Despite his passion for Luna, he's a colt-cuddler. He has an eye for male ponies and tries to make it obvious, but his personality is so relaxed, one can rarely tell his true feelings for anything. He speaks with a thick Irish accent. http://i962.photobuc...com/albums/ae10 ... arkelp.png
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