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  1. Name: Kireina Hinode Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Longma Eye Color: Her eyes are red in color Character Color: She is primarily a pale yellow in color, while the scales across her body and part of her wings are orange. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are rather long and wavy, leading to some curls on the ends. Both are basically an even split between the same orange as her scales and a pink color, alternating colors back and forth. They are both well-maintained, and styled after Prince Ishi's hair. (my Ishi, if there was confusion there) Physique: Her body is rather lithe, and somewhat taller than other fillies her age, contributing to a bit of an elegant air about her. Residence: Her actual home is currently in Kyoma, but she currently resides in Ponyville. Occupation: Student at the friendship school. Cutie Mark: She has yet to receive her mark. Unique Traits: While she has no real talent with using her magical breaths, only able to utilize basic techniques, she seems to make up for it with strong, elegant flight and natural beauty and grace. This lends to her interest in doing some modeling. She’s also partial to writing her own stories or poems from time to time. History: Born into a fairly well-to-do family in Kyoma, her childhood was a pleasant one. Her mother was a fashion designer, and often got her to model designs as she grew up, leading to her interest in modeling. As she kept going though, her parents began to see where she was headed in terms of personality and lack of friends, and decided to send her to the school of friendship they had heard of from clients. Personality: While not unfriendly, per-se, she is more interested in her grooming and writing than interacting with potential friends. She’s by no means shy though, and is more than happy to strut her stuff on the catwalk or read out her poetry for an audience. She can actually come off as arrogant or aloof sometimes. Summary: A young filly in love with modeling and the written word who could do with spending more time around her peers and less above them.
  2. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Tsuyoi Kazan the self proclaimed 'Bandit Queen' of the Neighponese countryside.
  3. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Quick doodle of Yù Liánhuā's adopted mom whose name basically translates to 'Strawberry Dumpling'.
  4. From the album: Goblin's Artwork

    Showing off my sweet babs Chiasa and her fluffy sparkly wings. Not a princess really, more like a noble lady of an obscure family. She is my precious ballerina and will dance into your hearts.
  5. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Chiasa KotakunoaruSex: FemaleAge: Young mareSpecies: Longma Eye colour: Pacific BlueCoat: Chardonnay with Hit Pink scalesMane/Tail: Ecru White, mane is long and incredibly straight. Normally worn down but will put it up for performances. Tail is lion-like and also straight. Physique: Very tall, leggy, and athletic. Larger than normal trumpet swan wings Residence: Family estate in KyomaOccupation: Noble Lady/Ballet Dancer Cutie Mark: Swan lifting off against a pale blue crescent moon. Swan symbolizes grace, creativity, and fluidity while the moon symbolizes her passivity and perception. Earned during her time abroad at a dance academy in Canterlot. She showed exceptional skill as a dancer, earning her the lead role in the academy's production of Swan Lake. At the end of the performance Chiasa grew confident in her abilities and earned her cutiemark. Unique Traits: Incredibly flexible, almost to a freakish degree. Able to contort and stretch her body, and especially her wings, to perform. Ballet. Trained in the Royal Academy of Dance Chiasa is a skilled ballerina who can perform complex moves with precision and grace. Often performs flying ballet dances as well. Multilingual. Due to her travels Chiasa has picked up on a couple of languages. Breath Magic: More for show than anything else. Is actually body temp and nonflammable, blue, sparkly, and used during performances. History: Chiasa was born to Airi and Isamu Kotakunoaru deep within the family's estate in the city of Kyoma. The youngest of five and the only filly she was pampered and babied by all the family and staff. She was seen as a delicate flower despite her rambunctious and curious nature, and was never left alone for fear of her harming herself. Whether it was the staff tending to her every need, or in the comforting presence of her family Chiasa was never given a moment to herself. She did truly love the company of others, but when it all became too stifling she would sneak away into the skies to catch a moment for herself. Chiasa was the strongest and most confident flier of the siblings, often trying complex maneuvers and stunts, much to her family's dismay. When she came of age her parents grounded her to the confines of the estate, chaining her down with tutors, dusty books, and all sorts of musical instruments. Being of a noble family it was expected of Chiasa to complete a formal education. She was versed in history, culture, writing, art and music in hopes of finding what she was meant to be. None of it worked. While she was adequate in all her studies, nothing seemed to jump out at the young filly. That is until a group of foreigners came to town. A ballet troupe was performing in Kyoma, ponies from the Royal Academy of Dance in Canterlot. Chiasa's father decided to take her to see the show as a way to cheer her up, and cheer her up it did. The filly was amazed by the grace and skill of the dancers, and while she was trained in traditional dance it didn't seem to hold much interest. Chiasa was smitten by the dancers and begged to become one. For months she pleaded and bargained with her parents, never ceasing for a moment even when her voice grew hoarse from the constant bickering. Eventually they relented, and allowed her to study abroad in Canterlot, as long as she returned after her studies. In Canterlot she stayed at the Royal Academy of Dance, being paired in a dormroom with a young Pegasus. The two became fast friends with their love of flying and ballet, often seen together warming up or dancing in pairs. Her friend showed her the city and culture of Equestria which only delighted Chiasa more. However, despite her adventurous nature she was not as assertive as the other ponies in the academy. She was taught to listen and obey, to be a pretty, quiet, and cultured creature. Despite her abilities as a dancer she was always passed over for bolder dancers. Chiasa thought she would never get her time in the spotlight, until one day while practicing for the Swan Lake auditions with her friend the head mistress happened across the pair. She was so surprised by the demure fillys' confidence during the dance that she questioned why she did not perform as such when competing against others. She told the mistress of her culture and traditions where mares were seen as more subdued rather than firm and forthright. The mistress did not agree with her views, and urged her to be more assertive and confident to show her rightful place among the other dancers. During the auditions Chiasa performed assuredly and with poise, completing the dance flawlessly and earning her place as the lead role in the ballet. On her performance night the whole of her household came to see the show, where they saw their lethargic and uninterested daughter bloom into a passionate ballerina. At the end of the performance Chiasa earned her cutie mark, solidifying her dreams to be a dancer. She continued to study at the Academy for a year before graduating, and as promised returned home to Kyoma and her family. She brought with her the ideals of Canterlot society and western dance, often amusing the staff with her dances and teaching her brothers different moves. As money was never an issue Chiasa performed for free, either on the streets or in theaters. She began teaching young colts and fillies who saw her perform inside the estate, dedicating an entire room to her craft. She continues to live her life as a noble lady, but also a dancer and instructor. Character Personality: Chiasa exudes an air of calm and restraint that on the surface gives her a placid demeanor. Her soft, knowing gaze, and mellow voice makes for a very nonthreatening appearance. A pleasant disposition and non-confrontational attitude makes her well liked by many who come across her. She is ever patient and empathetic to those she cares for. She is cultured and intelligent, picking up on new studies quickly, but her lack of interest can make her forget. Few things outside her narrow interest bring out strong emotions, making her seem apathetic and uninterested. Her serene gaze makes for a good poker face, but she has a hard time expressing what she is feeling at the moment. Chiasa only shows her more passionate and assertive side when it comes to dancing or other topics of interest. With her ever changing plans and hard to read emotions Chiasa is a fickle creature prone to being unpredictable and enigmatic at best.She likes to be whimsical and daring when it comes to the things she likes, which is dancing and flying. She can often be seen either flying through the skies or practicing ballet wherever she sees fit. Her head tends to be stuck in the clouds with fanciful thoughts, which can make it hard to keep her attention. Due to her upbringing and limited interest she can be seen as self-absorbed or unaware of her privilege as being apart of the noble class. This can make her out of touch with those of a lower standing than herself, even though she tries to not act condescending. She tries to be benevolent in her intentions and to show compassion, but her inexperience with hardship can make commoners seem otherworldly to her. Character Summary: Noble lady who just wants to dance man!
  6. Zeig

    Testu Kāten

    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Did some drawings for a couple characters a while ago and never uploaded them, they just slipped my mind. Here's one of them - Pyro's bandit character Tetsu, part of an infamous bandit clan based in Neighpon. Testu's the...second oldest, if I remember correctly? Tetsu Kāten (c) PyroBlaze
  7. Name: Akarui Uta Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Longma/Ryuma Eye Color: Yellow Coat: A bright, eye-catching red, with white scales and underbelly Mane/Tail: Her mane is a medium-long assymetrical cut, longer in the front than in the back. The longest parts are pulled back in a braid, woven with flowers in shades of pink, purple, and yellow. Her tail is cut into a similar shape, like the feathers on an arrow, with the shortest part at the center and growing longer as it fans outward. Both mane and tail are an ombre of blue to white. Physique: Akarui is taller than average and very slender, even for a Longma. She almost looks as if a stray breeze could knock her over, if not for how much positive energy she radiates. Residence: A small apartment beside the night club Hitobanjū odoru in the Tech Town of Polohama Occupation: A singer, dancer, and waitress at Hitobanjū odoru Cutie Mark: A pair of purple, white and green fans used for traditional dancing. It almost seemed like she would never get her cutie mark. Poor Akarui had tried nearly everything she had the slightest talent in, from cooking to dancing to dog-walking. But still nothing. It didn't help that she was so frail and sickly that she couldn't try most things. She had finally given up when she was walking through the park on that fateful day. A troupe of traditional fan dancers were practicing in the open field at the center of the park, and their light fluid motions captured Akarui's attention instantly. She ran up to them and begged to learn. None of them wished to turn away so eager a filly, so she was allowed to watch and learn as they went. She came back day after day after day. For months, she watched, and she followed. This form of dancing was something that was easy on her, and she loved it as well. It was no surprise to anypony in the troupe when Akarui's cutie mark appeared at the end of her first public performance. She was overjoyed, and they invited her to join them whenever she wished. Unique Traits: She is very sickly and frail, often needing to rest in order to avoid feeling faint or dizzy. She can be seen alternating between flying and walking while traveling on her own to avoid overusing her wings or legs all at once. Breath Magic: Specializes in lifting things, shifting the weight of things (or even ponies) in order to navigate the world around her more easily. Outfit: If she is wearing anything, it is either her waitressing uniform, a costume for a performance, or an otherwise required outfit. She feels that clothing weighs her down and tires her out more quickly. History: From the time she was born, Akarui's parents knew something was wrong with her. The baby pony was too weak to even cry, her wails thin and haggard. Her mother, Soyokaze, took to carrying her around at all times because otherwise she wouldn't even hear the crying. Because of this, Akarui Uta didn't learn how to walk until long after she could speak. And even then, her walking was weak. Her flying was a little better, but not by much. She grew tired very easily, often taking long naps every few hours. Her parents were obviously very concerned, and sought the help of specialists. They found that her lungs were too small, and it led to a number of other issues. It was very serious. There was always a doctor on call for them, in case she pushed herself too hard. But despite her shortcomings, Akarui was determined to do everything other ponies could. And her parents did their best to support her, and were fortunate to come from old money in order to do so. They found a teacher willing to come to their home, as well as a Breath instructor. They let her play outside with other fillies and colts, so long as she was supervised, and she was happy. As she grew older, Akarui learned how to adapt for herself around her sickness. She found her limits and kept to them, played to her strengths, practiced the Breath magic that would help her the most, and found things to do that didn't put too much of a strain on her. By the time she was an adult, she was able to be a (mostly) productive member of society. She had a beautiful voice, and found that in short bursts, should could give grand performances. Her parents helped her find somewhere to live close to her job (which a family friend helped her get), and that is where she currently resides with her childhood friend, Yoru Kagayaki. Personality: Very sweet and bubbly despite her condition. She is also patient, outgoing, energetic, and inspires happiness in others. However, when she pushes herself and starts to get tired, she gets cranky, sluggish, and distant. The pain makes it hard for her to focus, and she loses some of her manners. While she is normally very amiable and pleasant to be around, she becomes blunt and slightly aggressive the more tired she gets. She will always apologize for it later, but not while it is happening. Summary: A very sweet mare, with reminder of her wealthy upbringing, until her sickness starts to take over her.
  8. Name: Tetsu Kāten Sex: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Longma/Ryuma Eye Color: A darker red. Coat Color: His coat is primarily a forest green in color, with his scales and underbelly being a dark orange that borders on becoming brown. Mane/Tail: His mane is simply a spiked mohawk, and a fairly tall one at that. It reaches at least an ear and a half above his head, and a few forward facing spikes travel to the edge of his muzzle almost. His tail, meanwhile, is split into three spikes. Both his mane and tail consist of two colors that appear in a sort of pattern, the same red as his eyes, then a dark purple. His mane repeats this pattern all the way through, with his tail having the two outside spikes being red while the center is purple. Physique: Tetsu boasts a very strong physique, one that gave no room for doubt as to his strength or his imposing stature. Speaking of, on top of his well-muscled and broad-shouldered body, he was rather tall, looking down at most other stallions his age. Residence: Neighponese countryside, cave lair. Occupation: Bandit, likes to call himself the "Bandit Prince", like his mother. Cutie Mark: His Mark is a simple triangle, aside from the fact it is made from the silhouettes of a sword, axe, and lance. To him, this symbolizes the simple yet effective strategies he tended to prefer. The day he got his mark was later in his life, the first time he actually was part of a raid. He was fighting one of the defenders, and having a tough time of it at first. Just before he would've lost, he got an idea, throwing himself forward in a frenzy of attacks with his axe. Sure, he got a few injuries in the process, but he won the fight, and that was all that mattered in that moment. It wasn't until they had returned to the lair and he was being treated that he noticed his new mark. That night, he liked to think the festivities were because of him and his new mark. Unique Traits: Combat Skills: Combat was one thing that he loved training for, and he excelled at all-out tactics with his superior strength and durability. Not to say he can't move quickly when he needs to, but he is certainly not that kind of fighter. His training mostly taught him unarmed and sword fighting, though he turned more towards greatswords or large axes instead of the katanas his mother and sister favored due to his focus on strength. Breath Magic: His magic tends to be mostly focused on bolstering his own physical abilities and hardening his defenses. Cunning: Despite his appearance, the mental prowess of his mother was not something he missed out on. He is no good at stealth, for obvious reasons, but he can be surprisingly cunning in talking his way into any advantage he can get. He tends to act dumber than he is though, which tends to bring its own advantages. Outfit: He doesn't tend to wear anything most of the time, aside from a black bandanna tied around his neck and his preferred weapon, a large battleaxe. He also carries a greatsword, in case he needs it or just feels like using it. History: Being the second born child, and not all that much younger than his sister, his childhood was much like hers. He also received some of his mother's special training, though not as much as Jin did. Most of his training came from his father or other members of the gang. Still, he learned plenty from his lessons and started his first raid at a relatively young age, even finally earning his cutie mark from it. He recognized what Jin was trying to do by looking out for him, but it was too late to keep him off his mother's path completely. It didn't take long for him to start developing greedy tendencies like his mother, though he tended to be more subtle about it. Even when he found out about his sister's secret gang and joined them he still took a bit of the spoils here or there for his own profit, building up his own little secret stash for his own ends. Despite his size and total failing at stealth, he was still used for his skills with subterfuge as well as his weapons and strength. Personality: Tetsu tends to be a grumpy individual, usually appearing rather stern despite his laid-back nature. One thing he is not is reserved, tending to speak his mind and not censor himself at all. Not to say he can't, he just prefers not to when not playing a character. He's fairly greedy himself, like his mother, but he has to be smart about it. He tends to skim off the top of their spoils, both from the general group and from his sister's merry little band. Summary: A grumpy yet laid back kid of the self-proclaimed bandit queen, he is ready to help his family and continue to be part of the family business.
  9. From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Found out that it was someone's birthday yesterday. Also remembered that I'd been meaning to draw a certain character I've been RPing with, and haven't drawn yet. That's a win win, in my books! Fēng Yīnhǎitāo is a member of the Imperial Watch, and fiercely devoted to his Empress! Doesn't stop the ladies from swooning over him, though. Wasn't too much description to go off of, so I basically kind of sprinkled artistic license liberally over the whole thing. This is also a picture of Feng that doesn't include the charcoal he puts on his wing scales - I thought the picture would look better if they could shine and glimmer like a thousand little gold pieces under the sun~ Happy birthday, Prince Blueblood! Feng (c) PrinceBlueblood
  10. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Just some expression studies for Jin.
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Jinsoku Hanabira | 迅速な花びら (Roughly translated to 'Swift Petals') Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Ryuma Eye Colour: Royal purple. Coat: Jin's coat is a shimmering golden yellow whilst the scales on her stomach, wings and forehead are a deep sky blue. Mane/Tail: Her spiked and braided mane as well as her tail are a deep rich blue highlighted by dusky gold and sky blue streaks. Physique: Jinsoku is a well sleek and elegant Ryuma that is firm on her hooves, not as muscular as her mother but still strong in her own right. Residence: Neighponese Countryside/Cave Lair Occupation: Bandit | 'Heiress' to the 'Bandit Queen'. Cutie Mark: Two swords crossed defensively beneath cherry blossom petals forming the shape of a heart. As a young filly, Jinsoku faced a harsh training regiment put in place by her mother who demanded nothing less than perfection from her firstborn. On one particular day she was dealt with 'deflection' training, every chance to deflect the stones slung by her mother ended up with a scraped hoof. A bruised eye. Needless to say she didn't impress the mare whatsoever. The poor filly was crushed. Her only solace in those early days was watching a tiny nest of birds that sat in a nearby cherry blossom tree as it started being filled with eggs, to being full of tiny chirping little balls of fluff and feathers that greeted her every time she fluttered up to them. A little ray of sunshine during her training. The next day she continued as best she could, it wasn't till an errant stone flew towards her tree and disturbed the small nest of birds..nothing came of it completely bar the tiny chicks frettingly chirping, her mother however didn't seem to agree. Agitated by the noise, her mother she aimed a stone right for the twittering nest, causing the tiny filly to leap into the air, hoping to at least take the stone for the nest. However with a flick of her blade, she successfully deflected the rock away, saving the nest and herself a bruise. It didn't get her in her mother's good books for quite a few days, but on that day she earned her cutiemark; Though not sure of it at the moment, it would eventually come to represent her skill with swords but also how quick she would come to the aid and defense of the weak or helpless. Unique Traits: As her name suggests, she is swift. Quick as a zephyr with her wings and light as a feather on her hooves; Jin is one of the swiftest bandits in the gang and is often or not the one sent on recon missions to check if a village or caravan is secure or not. Getting in and out in barely any time at all without leaving a blade of grass out of place. From an early age JIn has proven herself as a skilled swordsmare, level headed and patient whilst also being quick with her cuts; she is indeed the gentlemare when it comes to fighting. Having a high sense of tradition and honor; being merciful to those who lose against her or those that cannot fight. As well as being quick, Jin tends to work as a public face for the bandits for subterfuge purposes, using stolen clothes and such to disguise herself as a high member of society to check out places that would be easy for the bandits to raid. Her usual guise is the beautiful daughter of a tradespony going by the alias of Taiyōkō Kawa (Sunlight River). History: Being the firstborn foal of the Bandit Queen, Jinsoku already had some heavy expectations upon her shoulders from her mother. It didn't help that she also resembled her father greatly, a father she hadn't even had the chance to meet and had to go off stories that her mother regaled her with at a young age. As her mother took further control and became more steely, Jinsoku was leveled with further expectations, often being 'spoiled' with special training from the Queen and on one such day got her cutiemark - however not for being a brutal swordsman. But for defending a little bird's nest. Growing up, she watched as sibling after sibling was born from her mother to different fathers, each treated differently from her mother and each often getting into different lots of trouble due to said mother. So Jin took it upon herself to look out for her younger brothers and sisters when she wasn't out doing work for the gang. Such as stealing books during a library so she could learn more on swordsmareship and learning nursery rhymes for her younger siblings to drift them easier to sleep. But through said learnings and readings, Jinsoku also gained a certain empathy, reading through history books and news clippings, learning of heroes and valiant efforts and knowing deep down in her heart that her mother's actions weren't right. Not that she'd dare say that to her own mother. So it came to pass that during certain raids she would aid in some prisoner's escapes, free them from snares from her fellow bandits, she would even go out on midnight raids on the more uppercrust of the ponies with a group of her closest comrades and even some of her siblings within the gang to leave their winnings at the doorsteps of poorer folks. Even ponies that her mother had raided in the past. She had become Ryuma that stole from the rich and gave to the poor in a literal sense of the word...and all beneath her mother's own nose. And to this day, as a young mare blooming into adulthood she still works the two sides of the coin. Acting as her mother's 'heiress', her spy, her forerunner whilst also stealing from ponies with too much to give to those with too little. Trying to find balance in her chaotic lifestyle and keep peace with her chaotic matriarch whom despite everything, she still loves dearly. Character Personality: Jinsoku is a quiet and loyal bandit to the Bandit Queen to those who don't know her, just another beaten lapdog to a mare who rules the gang with an iron hoof and seems as coldly detached as said mare. However that is just a first impression. Those who know Jinsoku, know far better. She is as quick witted as she is swift footed, often finding the time for a sharp reply to those chasing her even if it is only meant as a playful gesture - maybe even to lighten the mood of a raid - and even comes off flirtatious to those she steals or fights. She puts on this facade even heavier when she is spying for her mother in her public alias. Due to her family's state, there is a deep seated sense of sadness within the Queen's daughter, she feels that there is far more to life than stealing from defenseless villagers and terrifying them for no good reason other than to pilfer their earnings. Because of this she has instilled herself with a great sense of honor. Never harming those that are defenseless, such as foals, pregnant mares, or wounded fighters and never continuing a fight if the other drops their weapon or surrenders. Feeling it her duty to rectify her mother's mistakes and helping ponies that are down on their times in the only way she knows how. Despite her rough foalhood she has grown into a mare that loves her family and tries her hardest to keep them happy and safe, being extremely protective of her younger siblings and even her friends within the bandit gang. Character Summary: Bandit-born and honor bound, Jinsoku is a rose amidst her mother's thorns, beautiful mysterious spy by the daylight roaming the streets to seek out another hit for her bit hungry mother and by moonlight thieving money from those too wealthy to give to those her mother had wronged. All the while wishing for more in her existence than the life of a bandit.
  12. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tsuyoi Kazan | 強い火山 (Roughly translated to 'Strong Fire-Mountain') Sex: Female Age: Older Mare Species: Ryuma Eye Colour: A deep and fiery magenta Coat: Tsuyoi's coat is a rich clay red whilst the scales on her underbelly and wings are a sunny golden yellow. Mane/Tail: The Ryuma's spiked messy mane is a thick fire orange streaked with aqua blue and a darker shade of orange. Physique: Tsuyoi is an athletic and tall mare, even with so many foals knotched into her belt the old girl has kept a fighter's figure. Residence: Neighponese Countryside/Cave Lair Occupation: Leader of a Bandit Gang and self-proclaimed 'Bandit Queen' Cutie Mark: A tall snow capped mountain being crested by a sunrise. When Tsuyoi was a very young and rambunctious filly, she had been dared by her friends to do stunts and acrobatic stunts and shows of strength and agility to entertain them all. Being the boastful little ball of energy she was, she kept pushing herself further and further with each dare. Proclaiming herself to be the better of the friends. It was up until one of her friends in frustration at her boasting attitude, dared her to climb the top of a great mountain that no young filly should've gone to without an adult. Knowing this however, the small filly was not to be deterred. But try as she might, every time she tried to get to the top of the mountain something would stop her. An adult. A gust of wind blowing her off course. A mischievous yokai. In the end her friends began to laugh at her. Infuriated by her losses she went home to sulk, until after more stewing she only grew more determined and in the dead of the night snuck out to climb the mountain one last time. Now, no matter how she tripped. Fell. No matter the bruises the scrapes, the filly would not be swayed away from her goal. Till finally, the filly made her way to the tip, hooves dug into the snow and watching as the sun rose and made the entire mountainside glitter like a diamond. So bright the snow in the sun, she barely saw the flash on her flank showing her cutiemark; to represent her determination and endurance in the face of great adversity in the promise of a greater goal...but also maybe a touch of how far she would've pushed herself and others to get to that goal. Unique Traits: Living up the name 'fire-mountain', Tsuyoi's breath magic is pyrokinetic and dangerous to boot. Sparking if slightly agitated to a full on engulfing flame that can be maintained for as long as her lung capacity holds out. However it leaves her with a scorched throat and hoarse voice for minutes, possibly hours afterwards - so wisely she uses it sparingly when she can. Being a 'Bandit Queen' Tsuyoi has a fair amount of charisma mixed with a very iron hoof system, but this goes hoof in hoof with the fact that she has a rather tactical mind when it comes to her gang's attacks on travelers or even small villages. She even uses said tactical mind when it comes to her smaller dubious acts. She is a fighter to say the least, a rough and brutal swordsmare she is known for her harsh training of her gang and even her children - but most of it comes with good results. Having gone blade to blade with many a foolhardy goody two-hooves and won. History: Once, Tsuyoi was a generally happy Ryuma. Living in a small village in the Neighponese countryside with her trader mother, travelling between Neighpon and Long Guo, telling stories of her journies and was a well liked filly amidst her friends. The attention however soon got to her little head as she grew and became stronger, showing off to the other little ponies and becoming bolder and bolder with everything they dared her to do...but the more she succeeeded, the more her head swelled and the more she bragged making her friends become resentful of her attitude. After her tantrum with the mountain dare she had little to no friends left bar the few she could hold in her hoof, but she had her cutiemark and her determination grew with her. She became a suitably charismatic, if hot headed mare who would help her mother in her trade of goods between the two countries and always managing to squeeze a few extra bits from those they sold to. Garnering her the playful nickname of 'the trade route dragon' for her love of coin and how easily she seemed to grow her hoard after every travel to Long Guo and back. Of course this soon caught the attention of a fair few suitors, oh how she delighted in the attention, the expensive gifts, the flirting, but none seemed good enough in her eyes. None were up to her standards. Until one night. A clatter awoke her in her house, a thief! Grabbing her mother's sword she faced the bandit on the roof and the pair of them engaged in combat, swords flashing so fast and movements so smooth that the pair might as well have been dancing. After hours of fighting till the sunrise, the pair were exhausted and...laughed. One was too much for the other and visa versa and both admitted to a draw, it was the first that she had felt equal with anyone and needless to say both were quite smitten. As the days rolled by, she got more and more visits from her handsome rogue, sometimes going out with him to enjoy the feel of the wind on their wings, sometimes even joining him in his thievery. It was an exciting life to say the least. But she felt so restrained in not being able to join him further. Juggling her want to stay in a cushy life and be with the stallion she loved who she wasn't even sure loved her in return; her decision was finally made on the day he finally proclaimed that he couldn't go another day without her. Asking for her to run away with him, which ofcourse, she accepted immediately. For as long as they were together, they lived happily. His gang respected their leader and his fireball wife, his queen. The couple grew all the happier for their foal that would soon grace them, life was good. Or, it was. Near the due date of her first child and she waited patiently for her husband and the gang members he'd taken with him to return from a small raid on a part of Kyoma that they'd been planning for months. But when they didn't return, her worry grew until a few of his gang members returned, bedraggled and wounded and in a state...but he was nowhere to be seen. The bandits told her that during the raid a Kaiju attack had happened upon the city, many had been lost to it...including her husband. The news rocked her to her core and her heart broke, all that was left in her world was her foal and the gang of bandits that now looked to her for leadership. Once her foal was born and old enough, she took charge. Sorrow in her heart had turned to a bitterness that she took out on travelers she robbed from and the bandits in her gang that didn't meet her standards. Through the years she took many lovers without any real love in her heart for them, just something to while away the hours and increase the gang's numbers through the many foals she had through them. The power had gone to her head, no longer the dragon of the trade route and no longer just a bandit's wife. In her head, she was the Bandit Queen and her authority over her kingdom was and continues to be absolute. Character Personality: Tsuyoi is a mean and conniving old mare, one minute she'll be as sweet as honey, but cross her and you the bee's sting a thousand fold. She's carried her boastfulness from youth to adulthood in the ways of almost cartoonish villainy, monologuing, bragging and condescending. When she isn't being that however, she is a ball of (sometimes literal) fire, seething and angry and loud, she expects perfection from her bandits when it comes to raids and attacks - lack to do so will get a chewing out from the Queen. Not even her children are spared this rod, even if she tends to be more lenient with them. The only praise she seems to give is when her children or a bandit do something she would approve of, something devious, or even ratting out their colleagues if they plan on dissenting their Queen or keeping some of the pilfered treasure for themselves. Often praising them with the pride a mother or tutor would. There are hints at kindness and gentility when it comes to her children and her gang, but it's fleeting as any worry is quickly replaced with anger at the individual's stupidity. Character Summary: A fiery and ruthless Bandit Queen who nurses a long time hurt under a whale blubber thick veil of pride, anger and piracy. Happy to reign terror over small villages and travelling caravans if it adds more to her pile of pilfered prizes and goods.
  13. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Jinsoku Hanabira; The Bandit Queen's firstborn child and 'heiress'.
  14. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    A colour study of Jade Pearl's parents; Hisui Ha (Jade Blade) and Hasu Hidzume (Lotus Hoof) to see what part of her parents went into her. Hisui was a swordstallion who was known for his brutal strength and lack of patience when it came to inaction. Hasu was a ninja who was known for her quiet hooves, mastery of subterfuge and preference to plan ahead instead of rushing in. Obviously the pair didn't see that eye-to-eye at first.
  15. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Yù Liánhuā's birth parents, a lord and lady of Neighpon that were once loyal soldiers before honorably retiring with their newborn foal before an unfortunate incident happened.
  16. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Yù Liánhuā | 玉莲花 (Roughly translates into "Jade Pearl") Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Longma Eye Colour: Ocean Blue Coat: Her coat is a soft lavender colour whilst the scales on her face, underbelly and wings are a deep polished turquoise colour. Mane/Tail: Her long and well combed and washed mane akin to silk is a myriad of blues and greens mixed together in thick streaks, the greens fade nearer to the tips however. Physique: Yù Liánhuā is a petite Longma, not as lengthy or as slender but like most of her kin has the grace to make up for her lack of size. Residence: A resident Noodle and Dumpling shop in Kyoma Occupation: Delivery mare to her parent's Noodle and Dumpling shop | Part time waitress at her parent's Noodle and Dumpling shop. Cutie Mark: A lotus with twelve petals floating upon water supporting a jade pearl in the center. As a young filly, Yù Liánhuā was extremely shy and as most shy foals - had a 'comfort blanket' in the form of a small jade pearl, her most prized possession in life and something she cherished dearly; second to her family. When the small family was starting off in Kyoma, the heart of Neighpon; it was hard to get a hoof in the door to properly start their business or even properly get situated for their house to become a home. With no proper income coming in, it looked like the little family would be moving soon. Young Yù Liánhuā was sat one day by a pond, wondering how she could help her mother and father make enough bits to start their shop so they could stay in Neighpon's capital, as usual with her jade pearl in hoof. Pondering and wondering and thinking as hard as a little filly could, when she was about to leave to return home with no ideas in mind - a slipped hoof caused her precious pearl to land on a lotus in the middle of the pond. Of course this caused the tiny foal to panic and fret at the loss of her comforting bauble, with no confidence in asking a strange adult for help and no power in her tiny wings given her age; no hope seemed in sight for retrieving her pearl. Hung onto the side she attempted to puff and blow the lotus blossom to the other end of the pond so she could pick it up...but instead found another way. With a small puff of magic breath, the waters swirled and spun and lifted the lotus from the pond to the filly and washed the filly in shock and relief all in one sitting as she was reunited with her precious pearl...and then it hit her! Such a precious thing would cost so many bits, maybe enough bits to help her family start getting properly on their hooves! Returning to her parents, she explained what happened and how happily she was willing to give up the treasure that comforted her if it meant her family could live contently and do what they love. The next day, accompanying her father she saw her pearl get exchanged for enough bits to start a shop that would fill so many bellies and keep them housed and happy, seeing her parents so happy and content in their security made Yù Liánhuā feel warm to the core. And in a flash of light; her cutiemark appeared. A representation of how quick and willing she is to support those who are precious to her and how capable she was at making hard decisions at her own cost. But also a hint at her magical inclination to her breath's water manipulation. Unique Traits: Yù Liánhuā has an innate talent for hydromancy with her magical breath, being able to manipulate water to a limited degree; from floating blobs of water big enough to let koi fish swim within them for no more than an hour and being able to boil water or freeze water - however when the water gets too hot or too cold she loses all control over it. Making things like clouds and ice completely beyond her breath's magic. So she mostly uses it to boil water to the perfect temperature for her parent's cooking. Because of most of her focus on magic, she isn't as strong a flyer but she uses her wings to make her lighter on her hooves. Using them to give her a little push in her running, or simply using them to freeglide after maybe a few bit of arduous minutes getting high enough to do it. However this lightness to her hooves also makes her a quick little waitress in her parents' shop and quite the dancer when she's sure nobody's looking. History: On their travels from Long Guo to Neighpon; two happily newly wed Qilin by the names of Mr. Ruǎn Miàn (Soft Noodle) and Mrs. Cǎoméi Jiǎozi (Strawberry Dumpling) were pondering the dreams and ideas of sharing the culinary arts of their home with the Ryuma and Kirin of the neighbouring islands. They were excited and full of positive vibes for their travels. As they made their way to the islands, the pair began to ready themselves mentally and started their trek to the jewel of the country and their main destination; the main city of Kyoma. However as they took a break in making their way there; Ruǎn Miàn heard a distant, peculiar noise coming from the nearby river. Following the noise with his wife in tow, the pair found a raft made from a broken door wedged into the dirt by the water with a wailing bundled sat within a basket upon the driftwood. Inspecting the bundle; they were both rather shocked to find a small infant Ryuma that thankfully hadn't seemed to be floating down the river too long to be starving - with nothing on her but a small jade pearl held within the tiny foal's hooves, that seemed to be the only thing that soothed her wailing. For a week, the pair traveled the length and breadth of the river, asking any pony they came across if the foal was theirs and every answer they got was an apologetic no. And the further they asked, the more the answers continued to be the same. But also did their love for the tiny foal, eventually Ruǎn Miàn could not bring himself to take the child from his wife who had fallen completely for the tiny, winged babe that'd won not only her heart, but his also. After a long talk and both unanimously coming an agreement, they took in the foundling as their own child and gave her a name from their home country's tongue; Yù Liánhuā. The little family soon continued their way, stopping place to place making their food and teaching their daughter the history of their own home whilst trying to also immerse their child in the history of her birthplace. Eventually, they all came to Kyoma; their original destination - but with a different set of troubles. As all new places without a bit to their name, it was hard to find a place and get properly started, along with making their shy daughter comfortable with all these strange new ponies. It wasn't till Yù Liánhuā gave up her pearl, the one thing they found her with and her namesake did they find any real solid foundation for starting their home together. Yù Liánhuā's father secretly swore one day to make enough bits to reclaim her daughter's treasure in repayment for her selfless gesture. Years passed and their daughter grew from a shy little filly, to a beautiful young mare that was always eager to help her parents in the kitchen and the shop as a whole, serving customers, delivering to those who couldn't get out of their home or were hard at work; both Noodle and Dumpling treasured their sweet Pearl. But they also knew that they had to tell her the truth about her origins. One night, when the shop was all closed up, her parents sat her down and regaled her about where they had found her and the pearl they'd found her with - both filled with regret that such an important part of their child's past was gone for the sake of the roof over their heads. Yù Liánhuā however, was not sad, she stated that she willingly gave it over because she loved them and she knew now that she loved them all the more for what they'd done. That they were her family and saved her from no doubt a sad end to an early story. A year later on the anniversary of her finding, a recompense for their child's dear birthday; her father gave her a gift. A pin. A pin with what sat atop made Yù Liánhuā's heart light and her eyes widen. Her pearl, her jade pearl. After years, both her father and mother had earned and saved enough to buy back the precious bauble so that their child could have her namesake back with its rightful owner. The mare keeps this special gift close to her, not simply now for comfort, but to remind herself that her parents love her and that she loves them with all her heart. Nowadays, she is found in the heart of Kyoma; still helping her parents as they grow into their years. Delivering. Waitressing. Using her magic to aid them. And supporting them in every way she can. Character Personality: Yù Liánhuā is at heart a sweet mare, kind and gentle with a playful side if you get to know her; however some of her shyness and anxiety from youth is still prevelant in some of her mannerisms. For instance; when alone with someone new she can barely find a word to say - having made a few of her first few delivery jobs very awkward when she had to do them without her father. Sometimes this may lead to a small state of panic, fumbling over her words, becoming overly apologetic for the smallest of inconvenciences even if they aren't actuall inconveniences. She makes mountains out of molehills in her mind's eye. But she atleast tries her best to come off as fearless in the face of her anxiety for the sake of work and making a good impression. Those who know her closest and get past her shy exterior know that she is a deep romantic, wistful and daydreamy when on her own, thinking of fairytale dances and handsome chargers in armor saving her from Kaiju in said dreams. However she mostly keeps those sort of feelings for when she's pretty sure she's alone, with very close friends she trusts or when she has nothing to do, when she does - especially when it comes to her parent's shop - she is a tireless worker who deems no thanks necessary and content to do be the frontmare with her mother and father watching her back to step in and save her if she gets tongue tied. Her most admirable, if worrying aspect, is her sense of self sacrifice. She puts all above herself. Her parents. The customers of the shop. Everyone. She is supportive to a fault, but neglects supporting her own dreams in doing so, often being playfully self-depreciative much to her parent's worries when people ask if she has higher ideals for herself. In her mind she would much rather see everyone else's dreams be fulfilled instead of her own, causing her to backseat most of her life for the sake of others. Character Summary: In the end, Yù Liánhuā is a beautiful, if shy young mare who cares for her family more than herself most the time. At her core she is a sweet, romantic day-dreamer and a hard working family girl with a talent for hydromancy in her magical breath and a light hoof, one can only imagine if she'll follow her dreams or continue making herself take a backseat to her family's happiness.
  17. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Niradaña (Nira) Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Longma Eye colour: Dark Amythest Coat: Deep Violet Purple Mane/Tail: Light Amythest Physique: Very slender and tone. Very quick and agile both in the air and on the ground. Good at dodging with quick counters and reflexes. Residence: Kyoma Occupation: Arcane Field Medic, currently serves as bodyguard for Prince Ishi Cutie Mark: A Blue Arcane cross in front of a white shield. Unique Traits: Niradana can channel and manipulate pure arcane energy. Using this energy, she can sustain the life force of any pony by tapping into the surrounding energies of the environment and funneling it into a critically injured pony, preventing any injury from being fatal as long as she can get to them before the final breath is taken. She can also us this energy to heal any wound of flesh, internal or otherwise. Her magic however cannot repair nerve, bone, or deep internal damage. She is also immune from her own magic and cannot heal herself with it or draw energy to sustain herself. Her magic only works on others. History: One bright, cold winter night many years ago, a brand new filly entered the world. A daughter to her mother Asatsuyu (Morning Dew) and father Inazuma (Lightning wave) Niradaña came to be. Upon entering the world, a series of shooting stars shot through the sky. At the time, her parents knew not what it meant, but held hopes that the fortunate sightings meant that there were great things in store for their new little filly. They would not be disappointed. At an early age in her fillyhood, she discovered her magical ability. She began to make small sparks of energy periodically with her mouth, and she found that whatever she hit with the energy became rejuvenated slightly or had a little bit more energy than normal. Unfortunately though, despite trying to breath on herself several times, she quickly learned that she was not able to duplicate the same effects on herself. Over time though, she worked on harnessing and manipulating this arcane energy that she discovered that it could heal small lacerations and abrasions. This made her a popular Longma on school grounds as many ponies, longma, and qilin alike sought her out whenever they experienced any of these minor injures. After all, being treated by her magic burned a lot less than the cleaning solutions that the nurse used before wrapping the wound in a bandage. However, it wasn't until she was an older filly that she discovered the true nature of her magic. Her and her friend Asyura was getting ready to watch the fireworks together. They had gotten a great spot and they could see the entire assortment from where they were. When they noticed that they forgot their snacks though, Asyura decided to make a quick flight back to her home and grab them. However when she took off, she was hit by a rogue civilian firework and instantly plummeted to the ground. She landed not too far from where Nira was laying and when she was hit, Nira was already moving towards her, as well as the ponies who shot the fireworks. Her friend had suffered catastrophic injuries, both from being hit with the firework, and from the impact with ground. Doing the only thing that she knew how, she took a deep break and exhaled her magic. When she did, she could feel her senses broaden. She could feel the arcane energy from everything around her, including herself and she began channeling it into her breath. She also noticed that she could feel the energy from Asyura herself as well, it was faint but it was there. Refocusing her breath, knowing she couldn't possibly heal such extensive injuries herself, she instead merged the energy that she was sustaining with the energy that was keeping Asyura alive. She continued to do this until the fully trained medical ponies got to the scene and began using their magic to get Asyura into a non-life-threatening condition before transporting her to the local infirmary. The medical team told her that had it not been for her action, the wounds suffered would have likely been fatal. Once she knew that her friend was safe, she relaxed a bit, though she could no longer enjoy the firework show that was displayed. She returned home, which is when she discovered that she had earned her cutie mark. A blue cross over the front of a white shield. The cross looked a bit distorted though, almost as if it was symbolizing the energy that she could manifest. Word of her abilities though eventually reached on of the generals of the Neighponese army, and he ponysally sought her out, inviting her into the military academy where they would train and refine her magic. To see where it's boundaries lie, and to hopefully allow many more soldiers to go home to their families when the injuries they sustained would otherwise be fatal. Because of this, she was trained hard, both physically and mentally. She had to become lean and quick while she was on the lines tending to wounded soldiers against what few battles sprung up across her homeland. She also had to be very quick to learn how to dodge and counter physical attacks, seeing as her magic had no offensive properties at all. She could only channel the energy into others, and eventually made her way to being able to heal many wounds, but could not heal anything beyond the soft tissue of the body, or anything that she could not visibly see. After a couple years of peace, instead of training her for war, they shifted her training to more important matters. Defending the ponies of importance in Neighpon. Just because they were no longer at war, didn't mean that many of the leaders and their families had enemies. They started teaching her how to recognize and counter possible threats before they could become a real problem and worked on heightening her senses so that she would very, very rarely ever get caught off guard. After her training, she was assigned one of the highest honors that anypony in Neighpon could receive. She was going to be the royal bodyguard for a member of the shogun family. His younger brother, Ishi to be exact. Upon receiving this news, Niradaña was both estatic and nervous. On one hoof, if she did well, it would bring her family great honor, but if she were to fail at her newfound role, she would bring great dishonor to her family. She steeled herself quickly though, as long as she remembered her training, she would do fine. Character Personality: Nira's personality can be described for the most part in two words. Fiercely Loyal. Due to her training, it is actually very hard to break through her skin. She is naturally apprehensive about everything and will never open up until she is one hundred percent sure that a pony is not intending to either harm her, or use the friendship with her as means to go after the shogun's family. In fact, unless specifically requested by Ishi, she will not let any of her acquaintances step hoof anywhere near him. When he was present, she was on duty. Only with his permission would she relent, but only a bit. Once a pony breaks through her outer layer though, she will do anything to make sure that pony is protected, and is willing to do anything for them, so as long as it would not put Ishi in danger by doing so. Character Summary: Nira is a young mare Longma, and devoted bodyguard. Her magical energy perfectly augment her role as such. She does not take risks, and is loyal almost to a fault. She doesn't hesitate to put herself in the way of danger, and regards herself as one of Neighpon's elite, though she's stoic enough to not show it most of the time. NOTE: I have permission from Pyroblaze to use Ishi, in the character application and he has approved Nira to be Ishi's bodyguard.
  18. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Dān Xìnyǎng (单 信仰) Sex: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Longma Eye colour: Russet red Coat: Dull Purplish blue-black (#191970) with scales the color of obsidian. He often polishes his snout and brow scales to give them the same sheen as that stone, but they're ordinarily a rough matte. Mane/Tail: A long single braid of Chinese Violet (#856088) for mane, and another for his tail. He keeps both tied with a black ribbon. His horns are a cinnabar shade (#E34234) and curve up then swoop forward sharply, like a puku. He keeps them razor sharp. Physique: Muscular, in the way of a stallion who eats well and does a lot of heavy work. However when he's not working he tends to hunch down so as to look less intimidating. This isn't helped by the scars on his scales. Residence: Third floor of a little curio shop on Porcelain Street, Trades District, Long Kong. His landmare and her son run the shop together, and he helps out from time to time, but he's there to pay for the shop's…insurance. Occupation: Officially he's a clerk at a tea shop. However since that lounge is owned by the Triad, easy money is on him being an enforcer and bouncer. His codename is Mr. Zhentou, Mr. Pillow. Cutie Mark: A river that makes three loops in an inverse triangle before paradoxically flowing into itself. Unique Traits: a pair of nez pince spectacles is nearly always on his nose when he's not doing his Other job, though the lenses are just for show. He also has several small scars on the scales of his nose and forehead, signs of a rough childhood by the look of them. He also nearly always has a book to hoof or carried in a satchel or saddle bag. History: Dan Xingyang's father was a Triad goon. His grandfather was a Triad thug. His great grandfather was a Triad tough. He came from a long line of low level strong-arms writing for the Triad, so it was a matter of course that Xin follow that same lonesome path. However his mother, Ancestors keep her, had insisted that he be educated before taking up the family business of getting himself killed for someone else before his foal was out of diapers. And so he had been. He took to it like a duck to water, as did his younger brother and both of his sisters. Unlike them he actually did end up joining the Triad, his cutie mark practically guaranteed he would, but he was smart enough that his bosses didn't just throw him at cops or scags. No, his combination of brains and muscles kept him closer to specific interests as combination bodyguard and enforcer, keeping an eye out for trouble from without or within. Eventually he'd been and long enough to request assignments, and was given a rather cushy job watching some dream peddler sell his Breath. It was easy, he made sure the qillin wasn't disturbed while they worked, and that they didn't use their magic on the bookkeepers or Bosses, and that guards were discouraged or bribed off. Character Personality: Xingyang is surprisingly erudite for a two bit goon. He dislikes violence, seeing it as a necessary evil at best, inefficient and too likely to draw attention. Violence begets oppression, oppression begets resentment, resentment begets violence. One flows into the other like an endless river. Much simpler to convince them you're doing them a favor, but Xing wasn't in charge of things, generally, and didn't really want to be. All that resentment and violence tended to percolate to the top of the pyramid, in his experience. As long as he wasn't on the bottom rung, he was where he wanted to be. Character Summary: One of nature's corporals, Dan Xingyang is thoughtful, erudite, and poetic, and he will kick your flank up between your ears if you give him cause to. It's nothing personal, just business.
  19. Zeig

    Time Out

    From the album: OC Art

    Brother and sister take some time to just relax under the sun...because all work and no play is really kirin them. *regrets nothing* Just a quick little doodle/color. I need more practice drawing foals so that they look foal-aged...and more stubby looking. Stubby-features are key to all foals! Fēng (c) PrinceBlueblood
  20. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Biru Chahaya Sex: Female Age: Young mare Species: Longma Eye colour: Ice blue Coat: Biru’s coat is soft and reddish-brown in colour, dotted with shining, sea-blue scales. The underside of her wings are lined with feathers of the same iridescent colour, though her wings are capped with scales in a much lighter blue hue. Mane/Tail: Biru’s mane and tail almost look like giant, lively waves rolling in from the ocean. In various shades of ocean blues, her curly mane and tail are almost a physical manifestation of the sea that surrounds Wingapore. When duty demands it, she will style her mane in a manner worthy of Wingapore royalty, but Biru typically prefers to let it stay wild and free. Almost as striking as her mane and tail are Biru’s horns. They are as elaborate as any Wingapore crown, and are as equally bright and warm a gold as one. Physique: Although she’s considerably shorter than most Longma, this Wingapore princess still has a long and fit body. She’s also more fit than one would typically expect of a pampered princess, thanks to her insatiable thirst for flight and adventure. Residence: The Sovereign Pagoda in the Golden City of Wingapore. Where else would the Princess reside? Occupation: Ruling Princess of Wingapore. Cutie Mark: Biru Chahaya was born with a fiery and unmanageable personality. Her father could barely control her during her youth, and even had to create a new position within his household staff lovingly titled “Princess Wrangler” for his daughter. This position had one requirement: Keep. The Princess. Under control. It was no easy task. Biru longed for two things and two things alone: the open skies and the open seas. From the moment she could run? She was running to the water. And from the moment she could fly? Well, she would fly there! It almost became sport amongst the serving staff of the Sovereign Pagoda to chase the princess every day. Eventually, much to the ruling Prince’s chagrin, they even began placing bets on when the princess would take off and how long it would take to catch her! Biru was a perfectly exasperating pain in her father’s royal rump. And do you think she would sit still for her lessons? If you guessed no, then you’re right! She was insufferable, and no matter what it seemed like nothing was getting through to her. She cared only for herself and her dreams and her visions, until one day...one very dark day in her past. Storm clouds had rolled in off the sea, heavy and black and full of despair. Biru had never seen anything like it! She was excited to see the storm up close. There was something enchanting about the idea of seeing something so ominous and all-powerful up close and personal. So, once more, she escaped! Out into the heavy skies she flew, away from the Pagoda and towards certain danger. This one time, she wasn’t chased by the Princess Wrangler, but by her father. By the time he had caught up with her however, the winds of the storm had swept them both up and flung them far away, to a distant and uninhabited island. Her father was wounded in the process, with a broken wing and a head injury. Biru had no idea where they were or what to do, and while the heavy winds persisted she could do little more than try to tend to her father. They were the most fearful days of her life. Three whole days of uncertainty, heavy winds, and not knowing what nightfall would bring… Biru had little to keep her calm, with one exception: tucked in a little crack in a cliff-face with her father, the longma filly had an elegant blue koi fish for company. The fish lived in a pond near the tiny cave, and seemed content to swim in endless circles, round and around, while the storm raged on. The tranquil sight soothed the filly, and helped her keep her fear under control. After Biru and her father were rescued, she faced a lot of scorn from her tutors. She had risked her own life, the life of her father the ruling Prince, and consequently she had jeopardized the entire Royal Line of Wingapore. And for once, she listened. She sat still while they scolded and punished her, she quietly attended her lessons, not from a sense of defeat, but from a new sense of purpose. She would do right by her father from now on, and make herself into a Princess he could be proud of! When fear or restlessness or her ridiculous thirst for adventure threatened to take over, she would think of the blue koi. Endlessly swimming, endlessly calm: content with its life in its shallow pond. She knew to think like the koi, to accept her lot in life and remain tranquil. After all, she could still venture beyond her pond, she simply had to accept the role she was required to fulfill within it. Just weeks after her incident, the blue koi fish sprung to life upon her flank, and Biru Chahaya witnessed one of the greatest celebrations to take over the Pagoda: the celebration of her coming into her own as a filly and a Princess! Unique Traits: Water breath. With her magical Longma breath, Biru is able to summon tendrils of water into existence and control them. Though Longma are not typically inclined towards the magical arts, as a Princess, Biru received a top-quality education. As one who was always inclined towards the waves of the sea, it only made sense that she would have a natural talent for water magic! History: After receiving her cutie mark, Biru dedicated her life to becoming the best Princess she could be. She went to her lessons, learned to walk with books balanced upon her head, studied the endless histories of the countries of the world, learned to sing and dance and entertain. She became a vision, the vision her parents had always dreamed she would become. Her father was proud to a fault, doting openly and frequently. Though she did always carry one fatal flaw as a ruler: Biru tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. Feelings regarding Neighpon have always been a little heated in Wingapore. Since becoming independent, Wingapore itself has undergone something of a cultural revolution, with its traditions and styles and culture being revived passionately by its citizens the past couple of generations. Lingering remnants of Neighpon remain, both within and outside of Neighpon Town. You’ll find traces of Neighpon in the food, fashion, and magitech of Wingapore...which can be a problem for Biru. Despite generations of peace between her beloved city state and Neighpon, Biru can’t help being suspicious of the shogunate that once kept her citizens held beneath its hoof. She sees nothing but a threat in Neighpon. After all, despite Wingapore’s “independence,” trade is still woefully favourable for Neighpon, moreso than for her people. They are still being held by a leash and she does not trust the nearby country not to try to rule over them again. At least, that is how she sees things. Biru’s hotheadedness and open disdain for Neighpon has become quite a topic of conversation amongst the royals of Polyneighsia, Long Guo, and Neighpon itself. She is not shy regarding her opinions, and it has created quite a few hurdles for her during her recent step into power. Many doubt her abilities as a ruler because of her open disdain for the shogunate, and her opinions have created some strain on trade relations as well. Where her father ruled with tranquility and wisdom, Biru struggles to keep her temper under control. She rules with a fierce dedication towards the citizens of Wingapore, and that heated personality of hers, well...let’s just say she really needs to learn how to embrace the wisdom of her cutie mark a little more. Currently, her retired father is still living nearby in the Sovereign Pagoda as an advisor to his daughter, for he fears her fiery temper could cause many issues for herself and for Wingapore. Character Personality: Biru Chahaya is passionate, fiery, and short-tempered. She loves Wingapore and its citizens, she loves the ocean, and she loves the open skies. For a princess, she has a bit of a poorly-contained wild side. Pirate stories, adventures, lost treasures - these all call out to her and beckon her away from duty, though she only gets to attend to these...extended constitutionals on occasion. As a Princess, she is capable. She rules with kindness and intelligence, she listens to the woes of her people and she serves them loyally. For her people and her home, Biru can keep her temper under control. But for strangers, well...it’s ill advised to insult her, her family, or her home. And it is decidedly ill-advised to discuss Neighpon. Her fiery personality, however, is a large part of the reason she is as beloved as she is in Wingapore. All of that fire and fierceness is typically channeled into working for her people. She has revived old festivals, spearheaded new cultural events that have garnered the attention of nations across the globe, and even earned her the endearing title of the Palmtop Tiger Princess. (Some of the aforementioned cultural events include a Polyneighsia fashion week, Wingapore cooking throwdown, and a globally-renowned Water Festival.) Character Summary: Biru Chahaya is both a popular and controversial up-and-coming princess. She had a fiery personality, a strong love for her people, and strong suspicions towards her foes. She is passionate, caring, and a little wild and unpredictable, but ultimately keeps her temper in check by committing herself to the idea of tranquility as much as she is able. It doesn’t always come easy to her, but she does her best in order to become the leader the citizens of Wingapore deserve. She accepts failure, so long as it sets her on the right path.
  21. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Yun He Sex: Female Age: Young mare. Species: Longma Eye colour: Pale rose, ringed with gold around the pupils. Coat: White, soft, and silky. Very well conditioned. Throughout her coat are shimmering scales of varying pastel colours that shine with opalescence in the light. Mane/Tail: Yun He’s mane is silky, light, and long, easily swept into a breeze and impossible to tame. It’s quite healthy, and its colour is a delicate ombré. She rarely bothers to style it, or do anything beyond brush and treat it, as she’s a little vain and appreciates the waves of colours flowing behind her as she flies. Her tail, however, she likes to keep tied with a pink ribbon made of shimmersilk. The ribbon was a gift, so she uses it for purely sentimental reasons. Physique: Long, lithe, and graceful. Yun He may be a longma, but she is perhaps not quite as fit as most of her kind tend to be. This comes from a passion for studying the magic contained within her breath, rather than a passion for flight. Still, despite not being as strong as one would expect of a Longma, she is quite fond of her feminine features. Residence: Yun He was born and raised in Lake Huahuo. She spent most of her adolescent years in Huangjing and now lives as a vagabond scholar of sorts. Occupation: Magical scholar, poet. Cutie Mark: A lotus blossom formed of pale, multi-coloured petals. Yun He’s life was spent surrounded by scrolls, pens, and pots of ink. Her parents, two learned and spiritual longma, were students of history and philosophy. They instilled in her a passion for learning, for arming oneself with knowledge and education. She took to their teachings with fervour, so much that she was convinced her cutie mark would be of the same nature as her parents’: some form of scroll or bound book. Each day she learned something new, and each day her flank remained bare. Even as she delved deeper into magical studies than her parents had ever bothered with, her mark stayed out of her reach. Each day, week, and month that passed without her cutie mark were agony for her. Learning old things, learning new things - nothing was helping her gain that darned mark! So one day she did something entirely out of character for her: she walked away from her studies. Quietly and shyly, she made her way through the village of Serpent Dragons, watching with wonder as they weaved through the sky like great, brightly-coloured rivers. The longma filly was awed by what she saw in the community as she watched the Dragons go about their daily lives: harmony. It warmed her rather cold heart a great deal, until she was standing right on the shore of Lake Huahuo. Looking down at the deep, still waters, Yun He only saw one thing out of place...herself. She had lived near the lake her entire life, and never had she really tried to become a part of the community, a part of the harmonious lifestyle the Serpent Dragons enjoyed there. It made her sad, until she realized that she had the power to change that fact… And just like that, her flank shone and her multicoloured lotus mark bloomed into existence. In that moment, Yun He made a decision that she would shape her entire life. She would still pursue knowledge and aim to be a scholar, but more importantly: she would dedicate herself to being a student of life itself and to one day do her best to walk the Harmonious Path. That way, she could become one with not only the community she was a part of, but with the world itself. Unique Traits: Yun He is a longma without much of a passion or talent for flying. Influenced by her parents’ scholarly lifestyle, she decided she was more eager to develop her magical skills than her flight skills. To her, magic was much more of a challenge to learn than flying, and much more fulfilling! So she immersed herself in its learning, and eventually developed quite a talent for illusory breath magic. Her breath is opalescent in colour, and she can use it for creating illusions that interact with the world around them, or planting minor illusions into one’s perceptions. She can also lift small, lighter objects with her magic breath. But even more remarkable than her magic is her glare. There’s something almost magical about it, if only because a glare delivered by Yun He could quite literally chill you to the bone. If one angers her enough, her glare gains a bizarre potency that sends chills through them when their gazes meet. It can’t do anything as real as freezing anyone, as a sharp glare isn’t real magic, but it certainly scares its victims enough that they feel cold. History: Yun He was born, oddly enough, in the remote dragon serpent village by Lake Huahuo. Her eccentric parents had gone there as part of a personal pilgrimage a while her mother was pregnant (despite the warnings of much more sane longma), and wound up staying a little longer than anticipated. Due to health complications, because they were foolish enough to make a dangerous journey while Yun He’s mother was pregnant. During their rest in Lake Huahuo Yun He was born, and though her parents had always said they would make their way home to Huangjing once their daughter became strong enough to fly, well...instead Lake Huahuo became their new home. The Serpent Dragons were divided on their reception to this news, but didn’t have the heart to say no to the mildly kooky scholars, and eventually the longma became a beloved part of the community. And Yun He couldn’t be more pleased. She always, secretly, harboured the insecurity that her life would be listless and empty if not for the enlightenment given to her on the shore of Lake Huahuo - that she may not have ever even gained her cutie mark. The lake felt like it had played an important role in her life, even though she knew that, logically, any lake and village could have done the same thing for her. Learning from her parents, her scrolls, her books, and her neighbours the Serpent Dragons, Yun He became quite the bright little longma. Eventually, as she grew older, she left Lake Huahuo (with the help of a Serpent Dragon, considering her weak flying skills), and furthered her education in Huangjing, studying magic under a Qilin Master. In truth, most of her life was spent as a typical student. She went to her lessons, did her homework, and fell into routine. Due to her rather...cold personality she never made many friends within the capital of Long Guo, and as such didn’t do much outside of her learning. Only the occasional, thoughtful walk through the city shook up her routine, and she always took that as an opportunity to write her poetry. It is only now that her drive to stay true to her cutie mark has taken over that real excitement has entered her life. Yun He, after unexpectedly hugging her Qilin Master and thanking him for teaching her so very much, decided to finally try to walk the Harmonious Path. But she would not sequester herself away in meditation as a monk, especially considering she had spent the majority of her life neatly tucked away with her scrolls. No, she needed to step outside her comfort zone to learn true harmony, and so she decided to travel the world. This way, she could learn as much as she could about the Aspects and the roles they played for everyone and everything in this world. This way way, she could understand which role she would play in this world. The only concern with this plan is that Yun He really, really didn’t get along with...well…anyone outside of her family, village, and Master. Character Personality: Cold, reserved, and pointedly unfriendly. Yun He’s dearest friends are her books and scrolls, and it’s pretty obvious in how she carries herself and talks to others. Because she doesn’t really talk to others at all. She never mastered the art of “getting along,” and has only really formed relationships with anyone who has been a part of her life for, well, years. Because that’s about how long it takes for her to really warm up to anybody. She is also quite sensitive and easy to anger, which makes it even more difficult to make friends. While she is capable of keeping her anger and insecurities in check when any sort of decorum is expected of her, if she is pushed far enough she unleashes her glare on her aggravator. This is much easier to do in casual, purely social interactions where there is little expectation for any sort of decorum. After all, Yun He is quite a passionate individual. If not, she could have never made a name for herself, a longma, as a talented user of illusory breath magic - strong magic came naturally to qilin, not longma. Nor could she have published a volume of poetic observations of Huangjing. Any time her Master used to see the juxtaposing sides of her surfacing at once, he used to sigh and mutter “Fire and ice.” Eventually, he took to fondly calling her Huo Bing. Character Summary: Yun He is a poet and magical scholar spurred on by her passion and drive for knowledge. But she’s also a cold, angry individual who is very difficult to get along with, let alone befriend. Years of surrounding herself solely with educational texts left her socially inept and quite sensitive, which causes her to protect herself with a woefully icy personality. She may sometimes come across as arrogant, but she doesn’t look down on others, she doesn’t like them. Despite this, she wishes to become a harmonious individual, and as such has decided to walk the Harmonious Path by exploring the world and all its wonders
  22. Elderflower

    Yun He

    From the album: Elder's Flower Bed

    Yun He, the ice-cold longma. (:
  23. Dong Qing This is a second chance I will not waste! Name: Dong Qing (冬青), “Holly” Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Longma Body Color: Phthalo green coat with bronze belly scales. Pinions are ash white, though her left main pinion is often blackened by ink and has had some of its feathering trimmed into a quill point that she can write with. Mane/Tail Color and Style: Ash mane and tail. Mane is either pulled into a tight bun or tied back and allowed to drape over her shoulders as appropriate. Tail tufts are kepted well coiffed if possible. Eye Color: Auric. Wears thin-rimmed glasses. Physique: Tall and willowy. Her horns are rather prominent, with one main branch and one large additional branch on each side. Residence: Huangjing, the Imperial Capital, ever by Empress Yue's side. Occupation: Personal assistant to Empress Yu Yue. Cutie Mark: An unfurled scroll with two completed check marks on it and a quill pen drawing a third checkmark, symbolizing her attention to detail and knack for numbers and lists. Unique Traits Qing is well-educated and well-spoken, being able to speak Long, Neighponese, and Equestrian Common fluently, with a smattering of other languages that she can understand, all a result of her schooling prior to her service to the Empress. She is also proficient at mental math and memorizing figures and dates, all skills which make her an excellent personal assistant. Her time as an officer cadet also gives her an understanding of strong vs. weak leadership, tactics, and how to read body language and morale. Being a personal assistant, however, she finds herself mostly deferring to others’ authority. Qing is not trained in combat, but is certainly strong enough to throw a punch in a pinch and big enough to hold down an uncooperative pony or carry an injured one. She is very dextrous with her wings and tail, being able to write with either and even manipulate some objects with them as if they were hands. Her dragon breath manifests as a golden flame which she can focus down to a fine point. She uses it most often to melt seals and occasionally heat her tea. Character History Dong Qing can best be described as the lovable screwup growing up. She was always tall for her age and often had trouble finding her feet, leading her to be very clumsy and awkward at times. It immediately became apparent that physical activities were not her strong suite and thus her parents gently nudged her toward more academic pursuits. It was in school that her talents brought themselves to light. Qing had a knack for remembering facts and events and keeping long lists in her head. She excelled in her classes and tested well, though she didn’t find any of them particularly interesting. Seeing that their daughter was bored, her parents once again nudged her, this time toward officer school with the Army. Because of her academic aptitude, Qing breezed through their equivalent of JROTC and crushed the entrance exams to military academy. She quickly found, however, that the environment was not what she had anticipated. Instead of quiet labs or organized classrooms, the school was so competitive that she could feel it seeping into her coat and scales against her will. The pressure of overachieving and the constant drilling and yelling of military school caused her to crack, her anxiety rapidly crashing her grades and her will to continue. Just shy of completing her first year at academy, she dropped out. Qing was left in a funk after returning home, often disappearing for days at a time in her room. Even when her sister came home to see her, she rarely ventured out. Her parents reached out one more time, contacting a family friend to try and help her find a job and put her life back on track. The friend quietly passed along an opening for a personal assistant, where Qing’s skills would be useful and keep her engaged and focused. Qing applied thinking it was some bureaucrat requiring a personal secretary, but was shocked to find she would be serving the Empress of Long Guo. In spite of her protests, her parents nudged her toward the job. Swallowing her anxiety, Qing accepted. As it turns out, she was an ideal fit. The authority she was given and the constant use of skills where her gifts lay put vigor back into her step and gave her something to work for. While she still struggles with anxiety due to the sheer importance of her job, her desire to succeed and redeem herself for her perceived failure in officer school continues to push her forward. Personality Dong Qing is quiet and reserved individual under most circumstances. Her foalhood clumsiness never entirely went away and she is still somewhat self-conscious about her height, but experience has tempered her fears and taught her how to put on a proper face for the occasions she finds herself in. Still, without time to unwind after a long day’s work, Qing often finds herself exhausted, fidgety, and anxious. Qing has a head for organization and leadership both due to her natural aptitudes and her stint as an officer cadet in the Imperial Army. She rarely speaks of her time there because of the shame she associates with failing out, instead calling it “boarding school” and subsequently changing the subject. Her aversion to officer school has not dampened her skills, however. First encounters with Qing are always done with her professional face on. She plays an excellent hostess, keeping up with current events, trends, and even switching to the language that guests prefer to make them more comfortable. Any inquiries to her personal life are usually either deflected or returned with stock neutral responses. It takes quite a long time for her to warm up to most acquaintances. Despite her occasional crises of self-confidence, however, she is hopeful that she can someday overcome her personal problems and live up to the potential she knows she still has.
  24. From the album: OC Art

    Woooooah now. Been a long while since I uploaded one of these. But I figured, seeing how the art style is Japanese in origin, that I needed to draw at least one of my eastern characters in the style, and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the result. For anyone not familiar with the series, I drew a bunch of cast characters in the style of the Okami games a while ago, trying to mimic an ink and paint feel. I still haven't really figured out how to do that with solid lines (still searching for a good "ink" brush) but the hair usually turns out great thanks to a really neat brush I found that twists and bends around on itself. In this instance, I chose Ryuichi as my test subject because Neighpon and Shogun, but I had a lot of fun with this. I might try drawing my other eastern-themed characters in this style, because playing around with that twisty brush is just too much fun not to use it again and again and again!
  25. Zeig

    Kaede Katsuo

    From the album: OC Art

    These OC ideas won't leave me aloooooone, how am I suppose to focus on other things, like eating? Or sleeping?! Katsuo here is a Longma, though he and the community he grew up in used the native term Ryuma. Either or, they are basically the Pegasus equivalent in the far east, sharing similar traits with their Qilin/Kirin cousins. He's got the soul of a wandering samurai - or at least, what a samurai might be if a small child picked up a book and read about them. At the start of RP he's going to be wandering, searching for some purpose in his life...because I surely don't know what that purpose is suppose to be hnnnnrgh. Unlike most of my characters, this guy was apped sort of get his character idea out of my head, not because I have a really huge urge to RP him. Who knows though, I really like how his design and character came out - maybe he'll wander his way into a few open threads.
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