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  1. This thread with some hope, will be used for all players to plan pirate things! Ships, crews, and so on can be listed here so we know what pirates are sailing or flying about in the seas and skies. Along with letting crews of them work out details together and plan RPs. To help with this all ships and crews shall be listed on this page. Ship captains, let me know the ship, what she is like and her crew and I will put her down on this page. Same for crew, let me know what ship you are on and I will list you with it. To list a ship just fill this out. Its name and Captain. Ship rating: first is it Nautical or aeronautical, Seaship or Airship. - Ship rating, from a giant 1st rate ship of the line down to 6th rate frigate, below that are unrated ships such as Sloops, brigs, cutters and schooners. - Last, what the ship is. Gundecks: How many decks of the ship hold cannons. Guns: The ships cannons, what she is armed with and how many in total. Crew: Sail ships had big crews. The vast amount of them shall be NPCS that take care of the day to workings of the ship. List the ships crew and if it has less then a full crew, what is the max the ship can hold. After all of that is the ‘Player crew-mates listing’ it is what it sounds like. List all the player controlled crewmates. What job they name, the OCs name and player. Listed pirate ships ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ captained by Draco Silvanus Threads involving pirates "To all that can read this, Draco of ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ be'hireing crew!” - Draco Silvanus
  2. Roleplay Type: WoC Name: Prisme Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Pink/orange Coat: Dual colored. A dark desaturated brown along the top half of her body, while her face, throat, belly and legs are a silver-grey. Two horizontal white spots on her cheeks above a dark brown patch. Mane/Tail: Long and wavy/curly, almost black-brown. Physique: Slim, somewhat taller than the average pony. Residence: An abandoned hut out in the woods, near the Foal Mountains; previously the umbrum prison beneath the Crystal Empire. Occupation: Necromancer, witch Cutie Mark: An equine skull with purple smoke curling out of the eye sockets. Her skills in dark magic lie in necromancy. Unique Traits: A curved horn, sharp teeth, pupils that are occasionally cat-like. History: Prisme spent a thousand years locked away within the umbrum prison, awaiting the day that they would all soon be freed by their chosen champion- a day that never came. It became likely that Sombra failed in his task, but none of them could be sure. Eventually, an impatient Prisme was the one who stepped up and suggested that what they'd done to free him could be done again. It'd been long enough for them to recover to do so for another. And so they did, sealing Prisme's dark powers away so that she could step through their only window on the world: the red crystal. Once she made it through, the umbrum leader unlocked her dark power and sent her on to investigate, and aid if necessary. What Prisme discovered under a disguise was that Sombra had, indeed, failed, and that there were rumors and sightings of him further south in a land now known as Equestria. Enraged that he'd not only failed, but had turned away from them, Prisme intended to go after him for his betrayal- the Empire and the prison could come later. She knew that it would likely be an easy task for her, who was yet unknown to them. Character Personality: Prisme is a determined and cunning creature, somepony who prefers to work from the shadows rather than making herself a known and visible presence; remaining mysterious would make it difficult for others to expect where the next attack might come from, or to even manage a proper defense against her. She prefers and enjoys creating environments of fear, confusion, and misery wherever she strikes. Prisme is manipulative and dishonest, prone to tricking others or portraying herself in a certain light to avoid suspicion, if possible, or to gain information. She wields a terrible temper and can become rather vengeful, bent on exacting punishment on those who betray her and others like her in order to snuff out loose ends before her larger goal can be met. There is likely no reasoning with her, much less sympathy, understanding, or even... friendship. Everything she does, she does for one reason or another and never gives away what those reasons are- nor would she become known for winding speeches. Character Summary: Prisme is an antagonistic unicorn who managed to escape the umbrum prison with the aid of others to discover the reason behind why they were never freed, and hellbent on exacting some sort of punishment for that failure. Her dark magic leans more towards necromancy in order to sow fear.
  3. *I was walking around ponyville looking for a home and family to take of me, as i was looking around to see if any ponies wants to take me in as a part of the family as i have no home to go to or to stay with to be part of the family to play and have fun with, why also trying to make friends to hangout with for some fun. to find a family that will take him in to be a part of they family until i got taken to a pony orphanage until i got adopted.*
  4. My Hero Academia [BNHA] In a world where humans hold great powers, also known as quirks, and where heroes roam and use their quirks to fight those who followed the wrong path... Is where our story begins. Musutafu is a large city known to hold the worlds most valuable and commonly known heroes, as well as extremely dangerous villains. Of course, it wasn't always like this. Long ago quirks were born, starting off with one person and slowly being passed down generation after generation until a majority of this world's population holds these unnatural abilities and dominates those who are (unfortunately) quirkless. Most believe people will use their quirks for evil or good, but that's not true, some choose to not use their quirk at all. Although this story isn't about those who are quirkless or choose not to use their quirks, it's about a certain group of students who are here to follow their dreams, their idols, and most importantly... Their hero instinct. UA High School is an academy that allows gifted students, who are chosen through entrance exams, to take the hero course and further train their astounding abilities as young heroes... Although, the school is also known for creating the greatest heroes we know and love today, those who are all over the news and magazines. Those who don't make the cut for the Hero Course, are put into the Department of General Education (This department supports students aiming for college and other pursuits. It is possible for such students with exceptional grades to be transferred to the hero department), Department of Support (Students in this department focus on developing support equipment that will help heroes out on the battlefield) or Department of Management (This department focuses on all aspects of heroic business, from founding and managing hero agencies to executive producing heroes.) General Rules How Long Should My Post Be? To keep the flow of the RP as well as an easy going and exciting storyline, I would like posts to be at least a paragraph if not more... Details are crucial to this RP since there will be very specific events within this thread. Grammar and Punctuation? Just like you would write an essay or anything important... Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are very important. i.e. "... she isnt hear rite now..." "... u r w/ her..." Basically, no abbreviations, incorrect spelling or grammar... You know... Am I Allowed To Play More Than One Character? Of course, although, you will have to post within this thread to sign up that character... You are allowed to play the following roles: -Student -Teacher -Citizen -Hero -Villain -Minor Side Character (A parent, friend, student from the other departments... Etc; Suggestions for roles are allowed) You may not I repeat, you may not in any way control another character's actions unless that is your quirk and you're within a combat scene. That means, if you do not have a body manipulation or possession quirk, you in no right are allowed to control another's character or their actions. That means, if you're fighting, you will have to post your moves and then wait until said person responds, you can't play as your character and decide the defeat of the other character all in one post. i.e. Magenta Ace raced forward and landed a final blow on Kahoot, Kahoot fell to the ground defeated. Chit-Chat, Planning, Questions? For those who have seen the anime this thread is based on, please do not post spoilers within this thread nor speak of ships... This can cause arguments which aren't my plan for this RP. You may speak of the characters, help out those new to the fandom, and answer/ask questions. Everyone should be carefully implemented within this thread, I don't want anyone feeling left out and if someone does feel excluded, do not hesitate to PM me and I will make changes to help. Quirks? You do not need a quirk to be apart of this RP! Although, I know a lot of you would like your OC to have one, which is perfectly okay! Let's make a few things clear... You may NOT have your OC use IDENTICAL quirks to those of the characters within the actual anime, especially One For All. You may have a similar quirk, though, in fact, my OC has a similar quirk to that of Kaminari Denki. If you have questions about quirks or are unsure about whether yours is okay or not, just PM me! Relationships, Romance, and Fighting Scenes/Drama? This thread doesn't welcome NSFW or mushy romance... Of course, your character may be in a relationship but that doesn't mean it will revolve around your OCs in love... Please refrain from constantly mentioning such, for it won't benefit the plot unless otherwise said so here... Fighting scenes will happen but killing and extreme gore are not allowed, no overpowering other characters, I will step in if one person will not accept the fact they have been defeated. Also, not every character likes each other, so... If you and another OC do not get along and will like to be named as rivals or enemies, just makes sure both I and the owner of the other OC are aware and agree to such. Character Creation? This is a chance for you to create your own ORIGINAL character, this means you may not choose a pony-version of the main cast or rip-off characters! Your character can't hold an OP quirk that is IMPOSSIBLE to beat, for every character has their weaknesses (which you will have to state in the 'Quirk' category for your character template.) Beware!! If I see a quirk that isn't fit or a character that seems to hold TOO much power for their role and such, I will have you modify it. (Rules will be modified as the RP unfolds... If you feel something should be added, PM me) Major Locations Musutafu Musutafu is the city where this RP takes place, it is home to not only the greatest heroes but the greatest hero schools, that including U.A. Highschool. Musutafu is a large concrete jungle that also holds nasty villains, due to the high population and number of tall buildings, life-threatening events are more likely to happen... That is if there weren't such things as heroes! U.A. Highschool U.A. Highschool is the birthplace of many well-known heroes today, that including the Number One hero. This school's reputation is outstanding and is known to educate many different fields, that including the hero course which is where the school's name comes from. Many hope and pray to go to such a school, let alone the hero course, but unfortunately, just like most schools, U.A. does have strict guidelines and standards for such. Of course, those interested could also apply for management or support. Not only does it shape students into real heroes, they are hands-on taught by actual heroes, giving them a chance to really embrace the need to save those who can't save themselves. (U.A. is where the RP will revolve around most) Sign-Up! (Please use this template) Template: (Add an image of your OC here if applicable) Name: Hero Name: Gender: Age: Character Description (Mane, Coat, Tail, other features such as wings, horns, eyes, scars, tattoos... Etc) Cutie Mark: Species: EARTH PONY (unless your OC has wings or a horn; specifically a magical horn, due to their type of quirk... If you're unsure about this section, just say so and I will help) Likes: Dislikes: Relationships: (Enemy, friend, lover, relatives) Physique: Resident: MUSUTAFU (unless you're a foreign exchange student, then just write your former residence and then Musutafu for your current one) Occupation: (Teacher; what school and department, Student; what school/department, Civilian Occupation, Hero, Villain...) Quirk: (Describe in FULL detail... As well as use bullet points for minor subcategories for your quirk... Don't forget to give it a name!) History: (Please make this as detailed as possible, we need to know why your OC wants to be a hero, villain, normal civilian... Blah Blah Blah... Do include when/how they got their cutie mark and quirk.) Character Personality: (Try to make your character's personality complex and wide spread~) Character Summary: (Sum up everything you've said for those who just need a quick reference of your character!) (Here is an example: Magenta Ace) Current Cast, Turns & Playable Roles Cast & Turn Order: (Class 1-A Teacher) Magenta Ace: First (Class 1-A Student) Moonlight Dawn: Second (Class 1-A Student) Hong LanFa: Third All Done? Here Is The Link To The RP: My Little Academia
  5. Its been so long since I have had a good idea for an rp, but looking back on some of my old stuff, I think Ill bring back an rp I have been itching to do an RP in the world of The Elder Scrolls, where a new race of mortals, known as Equestrians, are just discovered. They are a quiet people, not wanting to leave their home in the side of The Throat of The World, fearing anyone who would enter. This is the tale of two friends, who consider each other brothers, having to find a new home, after a series of strange events that cause the Equestrians to leave. Heres a little bit (the starter, actually) of the RP, just to give you an idea. The cave of Equestia. A vast and deep cavern in the side of the great mountain known as The Throat of The World. The secluded sanctum was like it's own little world. What with the river running through tufts of vegetation that is suited to such a life spreading across for its inhabitants to enjoy. Said inhabitants often living in small clusters of villages. A peaceful sort of place untouched by the world above. There was already talk among the villagers. Murder in their fair town? Preposterous! Blasphemous, even! Though it happened 2 years ago, it was still the main topic of discussion in the whole cave. The parents of a Masquerade Quasoia, were found with slashed throats in the morning of mundas. The poor boy was devastated. Masquerade became an odd boy after that. Having moved on after two years, moving in with his grandfather at the hall of the dead. He was quicker to be angered than he usually was. Threatening to kill bullies and such, whom always would over power the short boy easily, making him even angrier. It happened every morning. This morning was no different... Masquerade was being held down by two colts as one named Blackbird Vicici punched away at the poor Masquerade's face and stomach. Whom cursed their family names. I wanna do this with someone who can type at least two good paragraphs of text, with good English skills. Goodbye, and I hope you will do this with me!
  6. http://www.canterlot.com/topic/8565-sweet-apple-acres-100-country-kisses-open-39-kisses-remaining/page-52#entry541368 We're on the homestretch! The line is short so I'm making another PSA to inform you that you can join this thread, buy apples and get a free kiss from AJ as per promotion. You can have as many characters in the thread as possible, as long as it is one at a time. If you have questions, PM me. 34 Kisses left! (If the line order is incorrect, please tell me in PM) Inactive: Memory Lane, Charming Masquerade, Maple, Brawny Boulder, Luminous Charge, Cherry Berry, Wild Riot, Survey, Savory Spell Problems and rules log (please review): UPDATE: Users are now allowed as many characters as they want. Please try to use one character at a time. Cast or original are both acceptable.
  7. Goblin


    From the album: Goblin's Artwork

    Still working on the profile but this is going to be my rp character, currently dubbed Nara. Took me three tires before I was happy with the color scheme. She's a little spitfire smelter in the city of Kyoma who helps to run her family's business. She likes to tussle and is stronger than she appears, and she would rather smelt than attend fancy parties like her mother wants. Expect to see her at some point in the roleplaying world.
  8. Alright. It's high time we did a Trek style RP. First thing we need to figure out would be the setting. TOS would probably be the most sensible era to use. Anyone interested? I've also found a couple ship designs we could use. Feel free to post more designs, if you don't like these ones. Remember, the look of the HMS Harmony is in YOUR hooves! NX-Class Refit(My personal fave~) Schrodinger class(like the cat)
  9. What happens when Ponies enter the mass effect universe? N7 mission case-file: Firebase Giant, is THE RP TO JOIN to find out. To join you just have to give a quick summary of what your character will be playing as. use this mini template, Name: Gender: Pony race: Non-pony race: (your character will be half pony and half what ever Mass Effect race you choose) Mass Effect class: (just like in the games everypony make it match your races, only unicorns and alicorns can be biotics users but i will limit the number of alicorns in the rp, they will also be nerfed so they dont become all powerfull, so if you want to be an alicorn PM me before posting here) What they were doing before being sucked into the mass effect universe: Now to show you how it works, Name:Lightning Shadow Gender:Stallion Pony race:Alicorn Non-pony race: Geth Mass Effect class: Sentinal What they were doing before being sucked into the mass effect universe: He was studying a new form of magic and something went wrong in the process. He was ripped from his home after fixing what had gone wrong, he has no connection to the events that transported him and others to this new universe. Now remember that your character has no armor or weapons when they join in, and i will be playing all NPC characters. No god modding, no killing other players unless given permission, and let the fun begin, any questions should be directed to me.
  10. Here is the thread! http://www.canterlot.com/topic/16174-fallout-equestria-aiding-the-outcasts/ Okay! Here is the OOC page for those who showed interest in the Outcasts of Fort Snowpoint topic. I plan on using this OOC page not only for the character biographies but also as a means of communication. By that I just mean you can post here if you want to say like, "Hey yo hold up, I'll be gone for a week or so." And the current players can decide what to do. At least some experience in the Fallout Universe is a must by my standards. Now for the actual application. Please PM me your applications. I want to see the apps first and help them IF they have problems before they are posted in the actual thread. Name: Sex: Age: (No numbers.) Species: (This can be a sensitive one since the species are kind of fighting in the Fallout Equestria world. But you know, no Zebras. No sea serpents either. If you have a question about a species then please PM me.) Personality: Any distinguishing features: (Like a face mask, or a biotic leg. Things like that) Preferred fighting style: History: (This is very important. I want you to include you heard the transmission from Pax (That's the brother. His app is coming) Tell me how you got the transmission. Did you hear it on a random radio and decided to check it out? Were you working for some super secret organization and they all received the signal? Does your character have a Pip-Buck and the signal was picked up on it? Just please please include it. Besides the transmission tell me what you were doing. Did you have a job? Were you a raider? You know things like that. S.P.E.C.I.A.L: This is where I'd say the Fallout experience is necessary. So you can know how the special works. If you don't know how it works then let me know and I'll explain. If you do great, sit down and fill it out. That's it for me. If you can think of anything else to include then when you PM me your application then let me know! I look forward to seeing the apps, and the Brother and Sister apps will be coming soon! ------------- Name: Pax Fireheart Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Personality: Due to the harsh winter environment of Stalliongrad Pax's personality is actually like an icicle. It will remain frozen unless heated up. By heated up I mean Pax remains the same by being secluded and unwavering of new ponies. The one's he knows he has already "melted" to. Being that he has established a great friendship with them. He is a cautions kind of stallion and only wants to best for his Fort. He always feels pressured since he was put in charge of a Fort and now looks over the lives of a few dozen. He is always frightful for he fears that he might make a wrong decision. He is a smart leader even for his age. He is a nice stallion once you get to know him. He keeps a tight connection over his sister even though she is older than him... He usually can be found speaking with his best friend Alba. Distinguishing features: Pax has a biotic front left leg. Due to an accident he usually keeps to himself has only told those who he is closest to. He has a bright orange coat with a dark maroon mane and tail. His mane is rather long and parts to one side of his face and covers his eye. It also reaches down rather long to his neck. His tail is leg length but doesn't get in the way. He wears standard Fort Snowpoint armor that is only worn by Snowpoint militia. Pax has colored the armor a light cyan and added a few things here and there. Fighting style: Pax isn't one for silence. But he does like to use a sniper rifle or any rifle. History: After being put in charge over the Fort Pax and his sister, Blue Frost, split up the roles and what each of them did. Both the brother and sister were younger than most of the settlers left at the Fort. Pax put himself in charge of establishing a military force at Snowpoint. It was quite hard for Pax to get the ponies to help him for most of them believed they should be in charge, It was until a certain friend that remains at the Fort to this day, a friend named Alba. That helped Pax start a small militia at the Fort. Alba was about the same age as Pax and he seems to do his own thing, but he calls Fort Snowpoint his home. It was Alba who gave Pax the title, "Fireheart". Blue frost put herself in charge of politics and maintaining order and supplying food for the inhabitants. She had a easy ride for no one wanted the job she had. But Blue took it on with pride and managed and still manages to do a great job to this day. Together the two planned on helping Snowpoint grow and prosper, but that idea was cut short by small skirmishes from attacking forces. Due to the attacks growth of Snowpoint has been put on a hold and out of fright Pax sent out a distress signal to anything that broadcasted. The message broadcasted a few days ago and Pax actually gave up hope on anypony coming. But he has declared that Fort Snowpoint will prevail. S - 5 P - 5 E - 9 C - 4 I - 5 A - 7 L - 5 Name: Blue Frost (Goes by Blizzy) Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Personality: Blue is a very happy go lucky mare. She likes to see the positives in life and help as many as she can. After being set in charge as the political leader Blue began to grow intellectually. She is a very smart mare and knows she is so she doesn't flaunt it. She is nice to those she thinks deserve it and has a tight connection with her brother. Distinguishing features: Blue has a light frosty blue coat with a dark blue mane and tail. Her mane is long and braided into a braid that hangs down. She has a large bow on the back of her head. Her tail is rather long Fighting Style: Prefers not to fight. But if she must the likes to use pistols. History: (Became leader yadadada) S - 5 P - 5 E- 7 C- 6 I - 9 A - 3 L - 5
  11. Mass Effect Echoes: A MLP crossover RP Two years have passed since the defeat of the Reapers. The galaxy is a war-torn ruin – with every species still mourning for deaths beyond count and lost homes. A huge multi-species effort has been launched to rebuild that which was destroyed in the Reaper War. Mass Relays are being reconnected to the network; ruined home worlds are being rebuilt, colonies – some untouched by the war – are experiencing huge influxes of trade and refugees; developing into cities to rival some of the greatest pre-war foundations. But while the galaxy licks its wounds and prepares for a brighter tomorrow, those in a position of power know how fragile peace is. The Citadel still floats in Earth space – a dead station that stands as a morbid reminder of the price of victory, the new council are struggling to maintain peace. There are rumors being whispered in the darker corners of the galaxy. Stories of disappearing ships and missing space stations. Despite the best efforts of the council to dispel the rumors by blaming pirates and faulty navigation equipment - even they fear the worst. The Reapers are coming back. -- ------------------------------------------ Mass Effect: Echoes will be a slow and serious RP, with a focus on storytelling. Posts are expected to be descriptive, with sufficient scene building, setting explanation and thought out dialogue and emotions. Players are expected to work together - using their characters as tools to assist in telling the story, creating and reacting to conflict and building relationships with others. When writing players should keep in character - show, don't tell. And while you can express inner thoughts and emotions, other characters don't know anything that is not said. it is recommended that players stay in constant contact with others, using either Skype or the Canterlot PM system. Using Gdocs to write scenes together is also recommended but not compulsory. As a more story-based RP, players are not expected to maintain stats or any kind of RPG-centric number management. Players are however, expected to react to situations realistically. The Rules You may have up to two characters. Both however, will require separate applications. Make sure you use both evenly. You may talk to other players about the story, and brainstorm ideas and execute them. But please keep it reasonable. No threatening the world or causing anything that can alter the path of the RP on a large scale. There will be no turn order, so don't be a glory hog. This is a team effort, and a good player shares the limelight. Everyone will get the chance to shine. Keep combat realistic. No, you're not capable of killing twelve mercs single handedly with a pistol. You may NOT maim or injure another players character without that players permission. Everyone's characters are expected to take a realistic amount of punishment from combat scenarios however - there's a doctor on the ship so don't worry about getting hurt! If you have any questions, feel free to raise them below. i will be posting more information about the various races/classes/combat soon, once I have it all nailed down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE CHARACTER REFERENCE SHEET - For all information regarding the players and characters within this RP. THE FAQ - For all your questions. And possibly answers. THE ACTUAL RP - For your actual RP.
  12. "Power corrupts..... so absolute power corrupts absolutely. Time teaches us this. We take this message from time and try to learn from our mistakes; Sometimes it can seem cruel, sometimes it will seem hopeless. But it is the hope on the horizon that has kept us going. That has kept ME going. It has been five years........ Five long, hard years. Not long after Princess Twilight Sparkle was crowned, it became apparent that peace had finally settled on all of equestria. Things were different though...... Twilight was.... different. Ponies began to fear the Princess of the stars; the one who had the power to accomplish anything. She began to take notice of this, soon enough she began to take risks; risks that were plain in sight to the populace. But nopony said anything; this unicorn turned alicorn, just how much power did she have? What was she capable of? Eventually, ponies took heart and began to stand up to her, but the uprising was short lived. She silenced the rebels viciously, there was no trial. No charge of treason, just slow, painful death at the hands of the alicorn princess. More and more ponies rose to the cause; It was clear that Twilight had now become a tyrant, not a princess. When Princess Luna and Princess Celestia struggled to justify their heirs choices, they too joined the fight to end the reign of the once noble Princess of the stars. But Twilight had anticipated what was going to happen, and so she enlisted the help of powerful enemies of equestria; the changelings. Together they resurrected king Sombra of the crystal empire, with the promise of returning his empire to him; she was now unstoppable. The assault final assault on Canterlot lasted 3 long days; thousands of lives were lost in the culling of the innocent and guilty alike. On the final hour of battle, only two figures remained. They stood tall, although broken in mind and spirit. The destruction of their kingdom glared at the from all around; with one responsible. Perhaps it was by fate that the student now surpassed the teacher, but one thing was clear: only one would be walking away from this final battle. Nopony knows what happened on that final, fateful hour. Equestria now lies in ruin, with a tyrant empress sitting upon it's throne. The populace: an enslaved, beaten entity. Corrupt nobles run the new cities and towns, appointed by Twilight herself. The Elements of Harmony have gone into hiding: afraid that they would be the first targets of this new dictatorship. But what can anypony do? A few have chosen to question this statement. a resistance has began to rise in the slums of the once grand cities. We few have chosen to rise from the dirt and the dusk and rise to rebuild our once grand nation. So, the choice is yours. Do you choose to stand your ground against the tyrant that we call empress? Or do you stand steadfast by her side, choosing to defend this new, noble civilisation? Maybe time will tell. But I know it is time for a change, for better or for worse. A time for peace, or a time for war. A time for vengeance." - Nocte, leader of RLF, the Royal Liberation Force. Hi there everypony! Some of you may know me around here, others may not. To those of you who don't, you can call me British. Now, what we have here is an idea that I've been cooking up for a while now. Some of you may remember Valencetiger's revolution saga: an rp that I dearly miss, and wish to revive in a way, with my own spin on things of course. To put the plot into a basic summary, you can refer to the first sentence of the above. Power corrupts, so absolute power corrupts absolutely. We all pondered how Twilight may react and cope with her new royal status, but what if she took it the wrong way? That is basically the premise. What about characters? With the rise of Twilight as dictator-evil-empress, a new caste system has been developed. At the top sit the nobles of the new civilisation, which are mainly comprised of Unicorns and Changelings. Next stand the middle class, mostly Pegasi, with a few Unicorns and Earth Ponies. After that is the working class, a mix of the bunch, with all three pony races, but mainly Earth Ponies. But at the bottom of the pile are the non-pony races, Zebras, Dragons, Gryphons, and the rest of the races that inhabit the new Equestria. The mane six are still about, but have gone into hiding to stop themselves from being targeted by the empress. If you wish to play as one of them, let me know via pm. What happened to the cities and towns? Canterlot remains the capital of Equestria, but has been rebuilt and renamed to Equinia after the destruction of the culling. Other cities include New ponyville, the once peaceful village turned bustling city, rivalling the population of Canterlot, Las Pegasus, Stalliongrad, Manehatten, Appaloosa and Thunderneigh. Since the return of Sombra, many crystal ponies have fled the empire, but it does still remain, albeit in a crushed, hopeless state. But rumours have sprung up of a new village free of the empresses' corruption nestled in the mountains, named Dusk's Blossom. If this is a war, what weapons can we use? A few good outcomes have come about since Twilight's ascension, including the acceleration of pony technology. Equestria is very much in a Victorian like era, with steam and magic powered machines hitting the scene. This means that yes, there is guns, but nothing to the standard of what we have today. Think of old bayonet rifles and flintlock pistols, nothing too advanced. But be aware that swords and other bladed weapons are still the main choice of Equestria's military. Magic weapons have been developed too, with steam/magic powered blimps taking to the skies for aerial combat. What are the factions we are fighting for? I am going to say that you don't necessarily need a faction, but they go as follows: The GEF, Grand Equestrian federation: This was founded shortly after the culling, and it's main role is to serve as Equestria's military backbone and police force. They mainly utilize the old ways of pony to pony combat, meaning swords, bows, lots of numbers, and powerful Unicorn magi, but do have a rifle force, and a blimp air force ready to deal out some damage from the skies. They also employ gryphons as elite aerial shock troopers, and Dragons for when the going gets really tough. Empress Twilight Sparkle also has her own personal bodyguard, comprised of elite Unicorn, pegasus and dragon soldiers, led by none other than Spike the dragon, who is sworn to give his life for his empress. The RLF, Royal Liberation Force: An army of rebels who operate in secrecy in the Equestrian underground, these brave souls use guerilla warfare and unconventional tactics to outsmart the GEF. It is the oldest group of rebels the GEF has had to put up with, and the first to stand up against the new empress. It is a rag-tag group at best, comprised of hired mercenaries, former soldiers of the royal equestrian military from before the culling, and civilians who feel that it is time for a change. They fight with whatever they can get their hooves on, but focus a lot more on attack and guerilla tactics than the GEF. As for your own faction, if you wish to create one, by all means do, as there are many other movements throughout the time of the revolution. If you do, you will have to explain their cause to battle, how they came to be, and if possible, what sorts of tactics and weapons they use. Time for some applications! Here is the basic layout, don't be afraid to add stuff if you think you need to. Name: Your name dummy! Age: How old are you? I will allow fillies and colts, but they will not be able to get into the nitty and gritty of the revolution. Gender: As Professor Oak said, are you a boy or a girl? Race: The races are Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, crystal versions of the previous three, Changeling, Zebra, Gryphon or Dragon. Please, no Alicorns. Alignment: What faction do you support, if any? And if you are indeed in a faction, a rank would be nice too. Place of Birth/Starting Location: Where does your character hail from? Physical Appearance: What does your character look like? Small or tall? Any distinguishing features, maybe a scar or two? Nothing too crazy though. Personality: Just who is your character? Are they shy and forgetful, or loud and clumsy? Perhaps they secretly are into pop music? Cutie Mark (If available): Your special talent silly! History (Back Story): Give us a quick, or indeed long, backstory of your character. Well, that about does it from me. If you have any questions, and I mean any, please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks all for reading, and I guess I hope to see all of your apps!
  13. So, this is something I just decided to do on a whim. My roleplay character, Honeydew, is a reporter/journalist for a Manehattan tabloid I've decided to call The Daily Turnip. It just seemed like a fun idea to actually write some of what the articles in this tabloid look like. I think the format of the blog will go something like this: Maybe a few sample headlines for that day's newspaper. A Did You Know? tidbit involving a conspiracy theory. Honeydew's article for that day. And a horoscope section (OF COURSE!)... Of course, since this is Equestria, I'm thinking that the horoscopes would be something different. So, here's a reference guide: Aries (March 21-April 20) = Jackalope Taurus (April 21-May 21)= Ursa Gemini (May 22-June 21)= Hydra Cancer (June 22-July 22)= Spider Leo (July 23-August 21)= Manticore Virgo (August 22-September 23)= The Mare Libra (September 24-October 23)= Balance of Harmony Scorpio (October 24-November 22)= Cockatrice Sagitarrius (November 23-December 22)= Arrow Capricorn (December 23-January 20)= Chupacabra Aquarius (January 21-February 19)= Cloud Pisces (February 20-March 20)= Guppy In addition, I might have some of the articles associated with episodes from the series (I will put this in the tags, so be on the look out for that). Feel free to comment. If you'd like you can comment in-character as a pony reading one of the articles and reacting accordingly. If you're going to comment out-of-character, please put it in [brackets] or (parenthesis).
  14. [colour=#000000]The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.[/colour] [colour=#000000]You're dead. Sorry to deliver such bad news, but you'd find out eventually. What now you ask? Well first, we must take what you value most. Now that that's over with, you must play the Reaper Game. It's quite simple really. Over a course of seven days, you will wander the streets of Manehattan doing missions for the reapers. If you get the most points, you come back to life, and what we took is returned to you! If you win, but don't have the most points, you can choose to be erased, play again, or even become a reaper. If you lose, you are erased. Need me to be more specific? Most missions involve either going somewhere in Manehattan or fighting off Noise. Noise? Basically, little creatures that live between this dimension and another, travelling about causing discord and strife amongst the living, all while erasing players. The only way to fight the Noise is to find a partner, and use the pins. Learning how to use the pins is up to you, though. Any more questions? Good.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Ready? It doesn't matter. You have seven minutes to find a partner, or face erasure![/colour] So pretty much, this is TWEWY, but in Equestria. Manehattan is just my choice for now, I was also thinking of Las Pegasus, though I'll probably leave it. As the creator, I'll play the Game Master. I might play the composer and some angels, but I'm not sure if they'll ever even be involved. I suppose I'll allow canon characters, as long as the app is good enough. I'm assuming you're here that you know about TWEWY, but if you have any questions on this, go ahead and ask. I'll open up the RP when we get enough players. I'll also let you play reapers, because why not? We need some anyways, and I can't play them all. Anyways, APP TIME! Kind of just making them on the spot, might update them later. Also, reapers, when they're in the UG (the place the game takes place in) they take the appearance of alicorns, except with black wings and a black horn, no matter what your normal colour or species is. Player app: Name: (Do you remember your name? I'm sure you have one.) Gender: (Don't tell me we took away your gender.) Species: (Still a pony? What kind? Or perhaps you're a griffin? Some other annoying sentient species?) Appearance: (What do you look like? ... This is a rather boring question...) Age: (A simple question. So boringly simple...) Personality: (Be interesting, please. Tell us your hobbies, your interests, quirks, and of course, your flaws.) History: (What was your pony like before dying? They're reaction when they died? When they lost what they value? Remember, DON'T be boring!) What was lost: (What did we take away from you? Oh, I hope it was painful!) Pins: (What pins can you use? Remember, minimum of 1 and maximum of 6. The number of pins you use, and what they do, all depends on your imagination!) Reaper app: Name: (Reapers still have names, after all.) Gender: (Why this is important, I shall never know.) Appearance: (We know you have wings, but for some reason, I must know more.) Age: (How old were you when you died? How old would you appear if you aged?) Personality: (Not that I care, but the Composer demands that this be on your application.) Noise: (What types of noise can you summon? What can they do? PLEASE tell me they're interesting!) Noise form: (When fighting a player, can you transform? Into what?) History: (Why did you become a reaper? How did the game change you? What was your life like before joining us?) Anyways, hope you all enjoy it! Any suggestions or ideas are highly valued! Apps [colour=#000000]There's only one way to stay alive in Manehattan. Trust your partner.[/colour]
  15. I wanted to keep OOC chatter and roleplaying apart, so I decided to make this OOC discussion thread. I would like to keep the number of OOC chatter in my thread small, and here this is. Going inactive for a while? Tell us about it! Asking if you could use a different OC? Feel free! The actual RP: [colour=#0000ff]http://www.canterlot.com/topic/14384-sipping-sweet-shop-closed/[/colour] [colour=#990000]Sorry, everypony! But I decided to close down my roleplay because I felt the quality of it was draining away. Once again, sorry![/colour]​
  16. Spell Bound has launched! Check out the RP going on right now! Just because the adventure has stated doesn't mean your to late! Just drop your OC's name here and once they're added to the list of guild members in the Future Updates section of this post at the bottom, you can hop right in! Hello RP Area! (Its my first time here so I'll get straight to the point. I suck at RPing... Wait, that's not the point. The point is I've decided to establish a magical guild in the city of Canterlot! Note: I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong correct me if I am. -3-) Get ready for story time!) For most unicorns magic is merely a tool. A mundane part of everyday life. For some, however, magic is an art, and they've devoted their lives to it's practice. One such unicorn wishes to establish a magical guild in Canterlot, to apply his skills in search of fame and fortune. But of course, what's a guild with only one unicorn? That's where you come in! So, how's it work? (Thanks to Phil for answering my very noobish questions!) What we'll/you'll have to do is create a character or use an already existing one (although preference would be a new character solely dedicated to the guild) and actually form the group in an RP thread. After this initial thread, the group can be considered formed for continuity's sake and you can reference it elsewhere if you so please. Which means more adventures! So what's a Magical Guild you ask? An association of unicorns who practice magic, and learn from each other. Within the guild there is a central help-wanted board which has various help request of varying degrees of difficulty from pony's across Equestria in exchange for Bits. (Such as helping finding random objects or even helping with larger tasks like a wild manticore terrorizing a town for example.) With larger task, members of the guild will sometimes form teams to better deal with the situation, depending on their strength and overall characteristics. Who can join? While only unicorns can use magic, I don't want to exclude anypony from joining. I know they're are Earth and Pegasi ponies out there that really like magic and would be a great addition to the guild despite not being able to perform magic or help out magically speaking. This is Mane RP only, please no Crossover characters or otherwise. It may be important for your character to be able to be away from their day job for long amounts of time. So if you work for somepony else/are a teacher/etc. then you should find a way to work that out. After the initial RP? As stated before, once the guild is established, for continuity's sake it can be referenced in other RP's and what not. Which means your character that's within the guild can do whatever they please relating to the guild. You can even recruit members to join the guild. Recruiting is easy, all you need is the consent of one guild member. Future Updates/Guild Details (Update 7) (All this info will be RP'd, I'm just putting it here for convenience sake) Spell Bound has launched! But you can still sign up here and join in on the fun! Guild Name: Spell Bound Guild Master: Guild Adviser: Guild Members: Ingrid Marie, Gear Shift, Pocket Change, Razor Gearshttp, Silver "Trekker" Spark, Abbot Alembic, Licorice Black, Percival, Clockwise, Moondancer, Nivial, Gray Lexis, Spirit Flame, Midnight Blackhorn, Miss Understudy, Midnight Star Guild Location: Canterlot Guild Insignia: So I think this is the part where I open up for discussion on how the RP should go. LM Pro-tip for those who don't already know. I've never started an RP nor have I RP'd for long so bear with me. I'd love your ideas on how it should go as well as see who you'd be RPing as.
  17. so i was doing the dishes and this idea came into my head. the rp will take place 1000 years after the show the only one's left are Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Discord, Cadence and Shining Armor. Notes: Ponies now live on the moon and have cities and colonies on it and It is ruled by Luna. The Crystal Empire still exists but now floats in the Sky where Cadence and Shining call their home. ponies can still visit but now the only way to get into the empire is through the crystal elevators which are raised and lowered by unicorns. Twilight is now in charge of her own magic college where unicorns learn to master their full potential. Discord assists where he is needed. and Celestia still rules all of Equestria Rules discuss things here let me know if something comes up to where you wont be able to post for awhile and i will god mod you character for you. for now only one role per person Accepted apps: Element Players: Care Package-Derpyy-loyalty Time Spinner-NeoExlucky-Magic [colour=#282828]Lightning Lane-ShadowBolt0-Honesty[/colour] [colour=#282828]DarknessEclipsed-QueenChrysalis747-Kindness[/colour] [colour=#282828]Nova "Raiden" Typhoon-NovaArkwing-Generosity[/colour] [colour=#282828]Fresco-StarStorm-Laughter[/colour] Others Discord-Me Luna-JokerOfJester Twilight Sparkle-Valencetiger Celestia-gamerkane Side notes Cadence and Shinning armor will not be in this RP any more.
  18. so i was doing the dishes and this idea came into my head. the rp will take place 1000 years after the show the only one's left are Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Discord, Cadence and Shining Armor. Notes: Ponies now live on the moon and have cities and colonies on it and It is ruled by Luna. The Crystal Empire still exists but now floats in the Sky where Cadence and Shining call their home. ponies can still visit but now the only way to get into the empire is through the crystal elevators which are raised and lowered by unicorns. Twilight is now in charge of her own magic college where unicorns learn to master their full potential. Discord assists where he is needed. and Celestia still rules all of Equestria Rules Apply here discuss things here i'm only taking 11 people: open slots are Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence, Shining Armor and 6 other characters that will be the new elements (I will take the role of Discord) let me know if something comes up to where you wont be able to post for awhile and i will god mod you character for you. for now only one role per person App sheet Name: Age: Species: Appearance: Cutie mark: Element you wish to represent: (First come first serve.) History: (please nothing to dark.) Anything else: ok now time to get started
  19. So, I've been trying to plot some ideas, and I came up with something that I thought might be a neat idea. Basically the Dance Academy of Canterlot (not sure if there is a dance school already established in the Mane RP, so I just came up with one myself) would host a sort of community dance competition. Think talent show, but focused primarily on dancing. Anypony of any age or skill level would be allowed and it would be divided into three ranks: Novice, Journeymen and Master (this is subject to change however, as I do not know how many will participate). The purpose of this competition is to spread the joy of dance, provide a show and entertainment for the masses, and of course, to have fun. Now, of course any competition will need competitors. As mentioned before, anypony is welcome to participate. Aside from the participants, we will also need judges. I was planning on just having three. Judges on the other hand will have to at least be a Mare or Stallion, and have some expertise in dance or performing. And of course, during the course of the competition, anypony is welcome to just be apart of the audience. I'm welcome to any feedback and suggestions. If anypony is interested at all in signing up for this competition, please say so, and include which pony(s) you wish to have participate. P.S. I know I say "anypony," but I don't see anything wrong with allowing other creatures from the Mane RP into the competition. That is all. As for me, I was going to have my OC Starlight Dancer be a competitor in the Masters division. However, if there is an empty judges seat available that needs filling, then I'll have her take on that role.
  20. [colour=#DDA0DD]I am Photo Finish, and zis is mein favorite, new RP idea in all of ze Canterlot![/colour] Now that I have your attention, welcome to "Der Assistent", a new, several threads spanning quest to find a new personal assistant for Photo Finish. How will we go about that? I'm glad you asked!! We will have a contest, inspired by casting shows like Masterchef and The Apprentice. The judges will be Sapphire Shores, who is not only a famous musician and pop idol, but also always on the pulse of fabulousity, Picture Perfect, renowned abstract artist, unique in his extended experience working with the Blue Mare of Fashion, and, of course, Photo Finish, the eccentric fashion scout and chief editor of Couture. Together, they will eliminate contestants one by one, until one remains, not only winning a one year contract as Photo Finish's personal assistant (which looks great in a curriculum vitae), but also a cash price (and bragging rights). A couple of notes at this point: - The thread will have team challenges and individual challenges, and after each challenge, one contestant will be eliminated, by the jury (us). - This is a real contest, so please only enter if you are a good sport, and aren't going to take an elimination personally. - Although I don't expect the winner to RP with me for all eternity, you should have a general interest in actually doing one or two threads with Photo Finish after the contest wraps up. - Contest posts will be judged based on creativity, meeting the requirements of the challenge, and personal growth. Remember, just being perfect in everything is far less impressive then overcoming a personal struggle. - Individual challenges will only allow for one post per contestant, and the three judges are allowed to post in between to comment on the challenge in process. After all contestants have made their posts, the judges will decide who gets eliminated based on the criteria above. The two best entries will become the team captains for the following team challenge, picking team members from the remaining contestants. - Team challenges will consist of a bigger task, and will be played out in a separate thread, opened for a week. There wont be a set post order for the teams, but you will be required to wait for at least 2 posts by your team members before you are allowed to post again (subject to change depending on the number of contestants). At the end of the week, the jury will again judge the team's performances, and name a winner, allowing the loosing team to nominate 3 contestants who are up for elimination. The judges obviously have the last word on that. - Both cast and OCs are welcome, but only one per person. - The contest will take place in Manehattan for starters, but will move to a surprise location down the line. Traveling expenses and housing will be paid by the organizers. - If you'd like to participate, but don't actually want to win, feel free to sign up anyway, but don't write it in here. PM me instead, so I know. Questions and signups in this thread, please. Once we have enough contestants, the main thread will open up. Thanks for reading. I GO! List of attendees: Jury: Picture Perfect - Chapien Sapphire Shores - Dunes Photo Finish - Davroth Contestants: 1. SteelEagle - Valen 2. FermataTheBasse - Wordplay 3. hinata2000100 - Twilight Shine 4. QuickLime - Cashmere 5. SonicRainboomGirl - Bebe LeStrange 6. ping111 - Stephan Magnet 7. Villefort - Rising Star 8. 9.
  21. Evening Ponies and Gents! This is a very special Rp! For it's unlike any other rp you'v ever seen before! I was challenged by RoseWind to do a Rp where I use EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER I OWN, and for you who arn't aware I currently have 30 of them! So this is how it is going to go down! After this post I am going to post ONE big post with every character I own , it will be treated as a proper rp, there is a theme that I must stick to and it will be throughout the entire post. Now here is where you come in! After you'v read each characters post, you post HERE And Post which character you want to start a OneXOne OR more Rp with continuing from where I left off in my post! This way More of my characters will indeed get used! It's a first come first serve though so the first person to ask gets the rp, I'll not have 5 of you all just wanting to rp with Zecora after all Alright so the theme is Ponyville End of Summer BBQ! There will be grilled corn, Veggies, fruits, and all sorts of other delicious (and vegetarian) Meal options! So hang onto your hooves ponies! When the topic says (Open) That's when you can go to the OOC thread and pick your character! I'd say wish me luck but someone like me don't need it http://www.canterlot.com/topic/11868-the-super-awesome-ponyville-bbq-setting-up/page__gopid__280269#entry280269 CHALLENGE DONE AND DONE! Go on and read and pick ! -fist pump- It had to be split into 2 parts because ONE post that was FIVE PAGES LONG was too much for the site:D
  22. Link back to the RolePlay Welcome fellow sea adventurer! I see you’re interested in living the legend of a pirate! But as a pony! Well this is the place to rest your hooves after a long roleplaying post. Feel free to discuss anything out of character here! I encourage you to click this and listen while you read and roleplay. or this. This is where the rules of the RP and character descriptions will be kept, along with any questions I have not covered. If you have a question that you want to keep secret, then I ask you to PM me about it. (I don’t bite :3) List of General rules (These are subject to change in the future.) My wish list of things I’ve always wanted to have in a pirate rp ^^ There, I think that’s everything…. OH! Wait! Character apps! Fill one out for each character you play as; add as much as you want, but at LEAST give a basic visual description. And finally, a list of the Approved Characters. If you see your pony's application here, feel free to start rping.
  23. Well come to the ooc of The Fallen Road: A Dark Haven. This is a four player game of insanity, where the dead come back to the living, and the living...turn into something else entirely. Traveling in a group you four have holed yourselves up in an apartment, door number 205 after barely escaping the hordes of...'Them'. 'They' hate the light. During the day, you venture into the apartment or outside, grabbing food and medicine. Maybe some ammo if you're lucky. By night, you retreat to 205 as 'they' come out to feast, listening to your emergency radio before going to bed (or sleeping on the floor, seeing as how it's one a twin sized.) If you're weak of faith in yourselves or in each other, they'll eat you alive before you can find fuel for the van to move on to the next town. But with a strong heart and a strong mind, you will prevail through the Dark Haven that awaits you...along the Fallen Road. For this dark and delirious game, you will neeed a d20 (twenty sided die) and a d8. You can also find online dice if you perfer not using real dice or do not have the required dice. These are the stats you will roll for: Strength: d8 Speed: d8 Defense: d8 Fortitude: d8 Sanity: d8 Health: d20 What ever number you land on is that stat's number. Upon character creation, an ability will be given to you based on my own dice roll, so check back whenever you make a character. Beware, this game runs on perma-death. The moment you slip up could be the moment your character dies, forever lost in the series, and not to be replaced either. When the game ends, a new one shall take its place. Character Slots: 5/5 Brony1337 CloudShimmers Valencetiger fireraven23 NovaArkwing
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