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  1. Zeig

    Sugar Star

    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Felt like trying to draw something pretty and soft today, so I used Sugar Star as my model. Looks like she's in the middle of one of her shoujo fantasies? Kind of happy and not happy with how it turned out, though I think I like the overall look of it. I think the skin shading came out the best, though it suffered a bit on the wings. Sugar Star © Elderflower
  2. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    This drawing literally started out as a pony head before I randomly added wings, which in turned prompted me to draw a specific Pegasus pony. Meadowhawk jumped to mind, which resulted in this. I forgot the tips of her wings are colored differently than her coat color until after I merged all the layers, so the coloring came out a bit wrong. But overall I like it. Kind of a strange and lazy mix between simplistic lineart and more intensive CG. Meadowhawk © Dio
  3. From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    The second runner up in my Guess the Pet Owner game - or maybe tied for first runner-up? I think Firefoxx and Dubstep might have gotten the same number of guesses. In any case, here's Skyhaven with her pet snowy owl. They make a pretty attractive pair! Skyhaven (c) FireFoxx
  4. From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Belated happy birthday to SteelEagle! As a birthday gift to him, I asked if he had something he wanted me to draw. One of his suggestions was "pathfinder adventurin'" - thus, a speed paint of Pathfinder traveling to remote corners of the world to find the mysterious and ancient *vague hand wave* of the lost *vague hand wave* civilization. About and hour and a half for this speed paint. I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, especially considering that I haven't done a speed paint in a long while, and landscapes have never been one of my strong points. Still, it turned out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. Pathfinder's not really doing anything adventurous in and of herself, but the fact that's she out in this remote, wet marshland is totes adventurous enough, right? The correct answer is yes. Yes it is. Pathfinder (c) SteelEagle
  5. From the album: MLP Characters

    I was pretty bored today and wanted to draw something, and after re-watching "The Best Night Ever" from season 1, I decided to try drawing the butterfly gal. Fluttershy is my least favorite of the main six characters, but there's something about the curls in her done-up GGG mane that I really like. That, and her psychotic break in that episode still cracks me up. Fluttershy (c) Hasbro
  6. Zeig

    Pegasus Foal

    From the album: OC Art

    I know I said five characters is a lot, but…yeah, pretty sure I'm going to be apping this little guy soon. Because everyone needs a foal/child on their character roster, right? Currently unnamed, though I've made a few overtures towards his personality. If there's anyone who's looking to have a colt in their pony family, let me know. More fun to add him to an existing family than app his entire family from scratch, methinks.
  7. Zeig

    Star Pony

    From the album: OC Art

    Another random OC design, this time a Pegasus. Kind of used the standard "nighttime pony" color scheme…BUT HEY. IT'S PRETTY M'KAY. Also randomly used slimmer legs, rather than the way I usually draw legs - i.e., thinner up top and wider at the hoof. I think the slim hooves have a rather elegant and more feminine look, but at the same time I like the wider hoof because it's closer to show design. Anyways, yup. Random OC, though one I don't think I'm going to app, too many characters already. Might put her design up for adoption later on.
  8. Zeig


    From the album: OC Art

    Yes another new character. I think I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll have lots of OCs that get little to no use. Son of the highly decorated General Pummel (played by Bellosh), Dawnguard is out to follow his father's hoof steps in making Equestria a better place. Hopefully he'll be able to tone down the dramatics enough to actually get stuff done. "My spear hoof hungers for justice..."
  9. From the album: OC Art

    Was listening to "Daddy" by PSY today, and felt like drawing something. So it turned into a somewhat younger Pummel and his son Dawnguard. The hardest part about Pummel was probably the hair - so, short, can't use it to cover up mistakes, gah! Stars in the background were taken from an online source. General Pummel © Bellosh101
  10. From the album: OC Art

    Three characters of mine are participating in the Grand Galloping Gala, so of course they all needed outfits, the third of which was a conceptualization of Dawnguard's formal outfit. This would have actually been my favorite outfit if I had come up with it by myself. It is, in fact, a variation on Owain's outfit, a character from Fire Emblem: Awakening of whom Dawngaurd is based off of. I was planning on drawing him in a tux or more traditional formal outfit, but really felt that a modern outfit wouldn't fit Dawnguard's dramatic and theatrical personality. Which is when I turned to the character he's based off of, tried to fit the outfit to a pony's body, and played around with colors. The end result looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I've certainly received more compliments about Dawnguard than my other two characters, at least!
  11. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Jet Blast Gender: Stallion Age: Young adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Rose-colored - #d64987 Coat: Yellow - #dbcb03 Mane/Tail: Blue - #076c94 His medium-length mane is loose and windswept, because he spends a lot of time flying and in inclement weather. Physique: Fit. Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Weather pony Cutie Mark: Four wisps, representing a blast of wind. It represents his special talent for weather manipulation as well as excellent flying. Jet got his cutie mark during a take-your-child-to-work day event his mother brought him to. While he was being introduced to a group of weather ponies who were setting up a large storm over Cloudsdale, Jet noticed a cloud break free from its assigned place and start drifting away rapidly. A quick glance around told him that none of the weather team members saw what was happening, so Jet took off after the cloud. When he caught up with the cloud, he realized that he was able to move and manipulate it with almost no difficulty. After wrangling the wild cloud back to the weather ponies so they could put it back in its proper spot, Jet noticed that he had received his cutie mark during the pursuit! Unique Traits: Good at weather/cloud manipulation - Jet is able to move and manipulate weather better than the average pegasus. His apprenticeship with the weather team has allowed him to hone his weather management skills. Good flier - Because of his active lifestyle and spending a lot of time using his wings, Jet is an excellent flier and can fly for longer and faster than the average pegasus. His friends always tell him he should join the Wonderbolts Reserve, but Jet doubts that he's good enough, and he still has a bad taste in his mouth from an bad experience he had with a Wonderbolt back in the day. Perhaps one day he'll go to one of the Wonderbolts tryouts… Hoofball jersey - Whenever he goes out to watch a hoofball game, he likes to wear the sports jersey of the local Cloudsdalian team to show support. History: Jet Blast was born to two pegasus parents in Cloudsdale. His father was a Cloudsdale city clerk and his mother was a member of the Weather Management Team. He was their second child. Their first child was Jet's fraternal twin sister, Jet Wash, who was born about a minute before he was. Jet spent a lot of his childhood playing with his older twin sister, and the two of them were practically inseparable. They'd do everything together, they both learned to fly together, they played games together, they went to school together, and they went out exploring together. When they were both old enough, their parents enrolled them both in the same flight camp. Jet and his sister became very competitive while at flight camp and they would both push themselves to one-up the other when it came to flying. While both Jet and his sister remained about evenly matched when it came to flying ability, the amount of practice and effort they put in made them into two of the best fliers in their class. It was during his stint in the flight camp that Jet realized that he loved to fly and be up in the open sky. After Jet and his older sister graduated from the flight camp with top marks, their parents encouraged them both to try out for the Junior Wonderbolts. They agreed and went to one of the tryouts. Jet and his sister would've both passed the qualifiers, but another Junior Wonderbolt candidate sabotaged his sister's attempt and the examiner refused to give her another try. Jet had already gone and passed the test, but when he saw how unfair the examiner was being, he told the examiner off (as politely as he was able to) and went to go comfort his sister. After that, Jet refused to go to any of the Junior Wonderbolt practices. After he finished school, Jet Blast applied for an apprenticeship with the Cloudsdale weather management team and he was accepted. After a couple years of apprenticing, Jet was brought on as a full member of the team and that is where he continues to work to this day. He is currently assigned to the Thunderhead team who put together any big storms for the local area. Jet remains on very good terms with his older twin sister, Jet Wash, and they both routinely meet up to hang out and do stuff together. Jet also likes to go out and do stuff with old friends around Cloudsdale, most of whom he met back in flight camp or school. Jet is a big fan of hoofball and he is a loyal fan of the local Cloudsdalian team. He tries to go out to watch every game held in the Cloudsdale Coliseum, but sometimes life gets in the way. He also enjoys watching the chariot races and air shows held in the Coliseum, but not as much as hoofball. Character Personality: Jet is a loud and active pony with an impulsive streak. He can think quick on his hooves and is able to adapt to almost any situation thrown at him, provided it's not too extraordinary. Friendly and sociable, Jet enjoys making friends and spending time with those he likes. He also enjoys helping others, especially when he is helping them in something he is passionate about. However, Jet can be impulsive at times, and he occasionally dives into a situation (sometimes literally) without thinking about what the consequences might be. He also can get impatient, especially when he's in a situation which does not interest him. Jet is a rather forgiving pony, and it is hard to make him angry unintentionally. Although he becomes irritable when frustrated or tired. When he is mad, he becomes very terse and speaks in an angry tone of voice. He also tends to shuffle his wings without thinking about it when he's upset or anxious about something. One of his vices is coffee. To put it nicely: he has a strong coffee-drinking habit. To put it not-so-nicely: he's a coffee addict. While he doesn't keep a cup of joe in his hooves 24/7, he does drink at least a couple of cups a day. Jet lives for the fun of flying, and he loves his job as a weather pony because it allows him to be in the air for most of the day. Although he dislikes it when he is assigned to less active duties in the weather team, like filling out paperwork. Jet's dream is to one day become the foreman of his local weather team. Although he hasn't quite thought about how much paperwork and desk-jockeying will come with the position. Jet's biggest fear is losing his wings, perhaps not the most realistic fear, but he just couldn't imagine himself without the ability to fly and therefore without the ability to use his special talent. Character Summary: A friendly and helpful weather pony, who is prone to bouts of impatience or impulsivity.
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Johdpur, Alias Lope Lighthoof Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: Sky blue with a white strip down his muzzle Mane/Tail: Navy blue Physique: Fairly average physique for a stallion, think the Doctor Hooves template Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Secret agent of the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria (S.M.I.L.E.) Cutie Mark: Johdpur’s cutie mark appeared as a colt when he ran in the Running of the Leaves in Ponyville, where he was born. He wasn’t a part of the main event, of course, because he was too young, but he ran in the foals bracket. He and a pegasus wound up neck and neck in the last hundred metres of the track, and he was able to push himself forward, winning by a horse length. His cutie mark (three hoof prints) appeared, affirming that his athleticism was his destiny. Unique Traits: As a trained agent, Johdpur has picked up several skills along the way. He is a gifted charlatan, which makes him good at undercover operations, as well as a good lie detector; he was trained back before the transformation of the changeling hive, and therefore was trained on how to spot them, facial expressions and gestures being one of those methods. History: Johdpur was born and raised in Ponyville, and grew up with all the accompanying traditions, including Winter Wrap-Up, the Running of the Leaves, and many more. He was always outgoing as a colt and enjoyed all sorts of outdoor games and sports. he even seemed to have a knack for them. After winning the foals’ bracket in the Running of the Leaves one year, he earned his cutie mark in just the kinds of games and sports he loved. As a young stallion, Johdpur tried out for and made the Ponyville buckball team, replacing Pinkie after she retired. He made his name as a talented player, though he never gained national popularity like his predecessor had. On a return trip from the national championships, Johdpur’s train was derailed suddenly by a passing Ursa Major. Enraged by the pain of being struck, it began to tear the cars apart. Johdpur was still recovering from the impact as the car before them was crushed beneath the great bear’s paws. He knew he had to act fast. Adrenaline propelled him through the nearest opening just before the car was ripped apart. Only two other ponies escaped the carnage. And the monster still had several cars to go. Suddenly, popping sounds were heard all around as unicorns in black vests and sunglasses suddenly appeared around the Ursa, confusing it. They brought with them earth ponies and pegasi in matching attire, who immediately began rescue efforts on the other cars while the unicorns kept the Ursa Major at bay with magical beams. Johdpur did what he could to help, and managed to rescue a couple of foals who were trapped near the front. Most of the ponies were evacuated by the time the engine exploded. At length, the Ursa Major was tranquilized, and aerial support arrived to move it out of the area. Airships also landed to supply trauma support and medical care for the wounded while they awaited another train, which took it’s time in arriving. Before boarding, each pony was shown a hoof mirror by a unicorn and was explained where their injuries had come from and why they hurt the way they did. Their story was that the train had derailed, but that paramedics had helped them. No one on board would remember the Ursa Major or the Mares in Black. Johdpur was one of the last to get on. He had sustained a fairly severe hindquarter injury which he did not notice until it was pointed out to him by the paramedics, who treated him for it immediately. He looked into the mirror, unaware, as the others had been, that his memory was about to be altered, when the unicorn stopped. She commented on Johdpur’s bravery and skill in the situation and invited him to join their secret agency. He would have to leave his Ponyville life behind. According to everyone who knew him, he would have died in the train accident. The unicorn gave him a choice between not remembering the traumatic experience as it was, or becoming an agent of the Secret Monster League of Equestria. After some deliberation, Johdpur signed on. Training was rigorous, and lasting effects of his leg injury often held him back, but it was worth it. Johdpur moved from city to city, confirming changeling sightings, capturing escaped prisoners of tartarus, and running damage control on various monster attacks. He was no longer known as Johdpur. He was officially Agent Lope Lighthoof of S.M.I.L.E. Currently, he operates out of the Manehatten Hidequarters, but he is prepared to relocate at the drop of a hat. He works closely with his Unicorn partner, Agent Tangent Line. Character Personality: Lope is friendly and able to fit himself into virtually any social situation (part of what makes him such an effective agent). He is confident in himself to the point of being somewhat prideful. Character Summary: Lope Lighthoof is a proud but overall kind pony who was involved in a traumatic event as a young stallion and as a result became a member of a secret monster defense agency which is in danger of collapse due to replacement by the STAR force. He has no friends, and according to all those he used to know, is dead. He can fit into virtually any social situation and is a proficient runner, though his back leg makes this more difficult for him than it used to be.
  13. Name: Aquaria Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus/Seapony Hybrid Eye color: Aquamarine Coat: A sort of blue-ish cyan. Mane/Tail: Deep blue with a cyan streak. Her mane is rather short and similar in appearance to that of Trixie but more drooped and wavy thanks to all her time spent in the water. Her tail is in a similar style and size. Physique: Aquaria is obviously no Hercules with below average strength but she isn't out of shape either, able to swim much more skillfully than the average pony. She also isn't the best flyer but she can use her wings to glide through the water, making her a very powerful swimmer. Residence: Gallopocus Islands Occupation: N/A Cutie Mark: An orange fish swimming by a blue heart. This represents her ability to understand marine life as well as her love for the ocean. She earned her cutie mark as a young filly when she spotted a young whale tangled in a fishing net, apparently drowning. She bravely approached and talked the young calf down to cooperate while she untangled it. Once it was free, she accompanied it all the way to the surface as her mark appeared on her flank. It wasn't until she got home that night when her parents noticed it first. Unique Traits: Aquaria is a powerful swimmer, able to use her wings to maneuver and swim faster. She was also born with a small set of gills on her neck, hidden by her mane, essentially allowing her to breathe underwater. History: Aquaria's father was a racer in the Coltona 500 up in Cloudsdale who had a decent career. One day he was in the middle of one of his races when a rival crashed into him, sending him into a cloud wall and knocking him unconscious. Aquaria's mother meanwhile was an elegant dancer of the sea, preforming underwater shows for her other seapony fans. She was out relaxing on a reef when she spotted the unconscious racer sinking to the seabed. She quickly darted over and carried him back to shore where it was love at first sight when he awoke. A few years after being married, Aquaria was born and they were obviously shocked to learn about their hybrid daughter. Once she was old enough, her father enlisted her in flight school.....where she decided to drop out after being bullied and overall just being a poor flyer, preferring to stay on the ground close to the sea. Character Personality: Aquaria is very shy and self-conscious about her special ability to breathe water which stems from a fillyhood of being bullied during flight school. She is somewhat difficult to open up to....unless anything about marine life and water is mentioned. Ever since she earned her cutie mark, Aquaria has been rather protective and caring for all creatures of the deep, able to push past her timid nature if she sees an animal in trouble. With the very little amount of non-fish friends she has, Aquaria doesn't like to speak up and prefers to just go with the flow of things. She also doesn't like to fly despite being a pegasus, more at home on the ground. Character Summary: A shy water-loving pegasus-seapony hybrid that cares and protects all aquatic life.
  14. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Cloudfeather (Nicknames: Cloudy Feather, Cloudy) Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus pony Eye colour: Light blue Coat: Deep blue Mane/Tail: Blonde-gold Physique: Average (pretty much the standard pony size from the FiM series) Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Cloud machine technician Cutie Mark: Three gears behind a cloud (like a “partly cloudy” symbol) Cloudfeather received her cutie mark on the living room floor of her house playing with a chemistry set she had been given for her birthday. She combined several ingredients which reacted aggressively. When the fog cleared, a small cumulonimbus cloud hovered in the middle of the room, charged and ready strike. Her parents yelled and dashed to save her from it, but before they could do anything, she dispersed it into the walls of the house. It was then that she realised her talent was weather creation and management. Unique Traits: She tends to wear goggles wherever she goes, either on her eyes or on her forehead. Though she currently works as a cloud machine technician, she has worked in the factory lab before and has been on weather management crews for events (she’s always said her favourite part about weather managing is unboxing clouds). She does tend to stay away from weather management, though, because she has had several unfortunate accidents while doing the job, including being struck by lightning multiple times, breaking a wing after being sucked into and then ejected from a thunderhead, and breaking her harm after colliding with a building that was concealed by some fog she was attempting to clear. When it comes to making thunderheads, fogs, or clouds, however, she’s the pony for the job! History: Cloudy was born in the spring in Cloudsdale to mother and father Raindancer and Marshmallow Breeze (respectively). She was enrolled in flight camp before she received her cutie mark, and while it took her a while to get the hang of it, once she started flying, she excelled quickly. She is an above-average flyer, but could never be expected to keep up with a Wonderbolts reserve. After receiving her cutie mark, she was known for getting in trouble for pulling weather-related pranks (lighting a storm cloud bomb during the inauguration of the mayor of Cloudsdale, setting off a tornado in class, etc.). She was also found multiple times in areas of the cloud factory restricted to the public. She was never allowed a real pet, so instead she made a pet cloud that she could shape however she wanted. The type of cloud he was reflected Cloudy’s mood at any given time (cumulonimbus when she was mad, cirrus when she was lonely, rain when sad, cumulus when happy, etc.). She named him Fluffy and still has him today. As soon as she was old enough, she started an internship at the cloud factory, and loved every minute of it. She was still an intern when Rainbow Dash wrecked the factory to prevent winter, and as such ended up on the cleanup crew for the damages that were caused. As a result, although she is a huge fan of the Wonderbolts, she is in no way a fan of Rainbow Dash. She worked in the chemistry lab for a while, and was sometimes called out to assess faulty clouds to see what needed corrected in the formulas. The lab was secluded and demanded long hours. It was tiring and usually isolated, but she loved the work and so continued to do it. During a brief time living in Canterlot for some post secondary schooling, she worked as a weather pony, but she got injured enough that she finally quit and moved back to Cloudsdale, where she returned to her isolated office in the labs. Eventually, her parents began to comment on the fact that although she was positive, energetic, and outgoing as a foal, working in the laboratory seemed to have killed that part of her. She never went out with friends (they weren’t sure she even had any), and she seemed to be gloomy every time they saw her. She realized that working the lab had isolated her from everypony she knew and loved, and so she applied for transfer to a different branch of the factory. The cloud machines came naturally to her, and though she had to conquer some social anxiety from suddenly working with multiple ponies all the time, she soon found friends in her fellow technicians and began to be positive and energetic once more. As part of her job, she was often called out to fix weather machines in towns around Equestria, including Canterlot, Manehatten, and more. Her best friend is another pegasus pony named Thunderwing. He’s cocky and often thinks he’s better at flying than he really is, resulting in some accidents on the job. The two of them work together often and share many of the same interests. Cloudy has no siblings, a fact that has always made her slightly sad. To compensate, she often plays with the fillies and colts around Cloudsdale and the other cities she is called to, making cloud balls and games to entertain them. Cloudy frequently visits home, eating dinner with her parents at least once a week, but lives on the other side of Cloudsdale. Her parents are kind and proud of their daughter. Though she loves her job, Cloudy hopes to one day become a supervisor at the factory, and possibly even the factory president if she’s lucky. For now, however, she is quite content with her job, and she has never told anyone of her ambitions. Character Personality: Cloudy is energetic and outgoing (though not on a Pinkie Pie level) and loves to make new friends. She relishes the opportunity to fix or service cloud machines beyond the factory, and is an avid sight seer. Any time she takes off work is spent traveling and touring (though she doesn’t take work off often). She is sometimes oblivious to obvious situations (she still hasn’t noticed Thunderwing’s many attempts to ask her out), and can be forgetful as well. To compensate, she makes lists so that she can be sure to pack everything she needs, follow all the steps, etc. Character Summary: Cloudfeather is a pegasus pony employed as a weather machine technician at the Cloudsdale weather factory. She is energetic and outgoing and loves to make new friends. She is always accompanied by her pet cloud, Fluffy. She usually has a list of some kind on hand (a habit she got into while working in the lab) because she is known to be forgetful and sometimes even a little clumsy. She lives in Cloudsdale but is not chained to the city; she is known to travel around Equestria. I don’t have an image for her yet, but i’ll add one once i do! edit: i changed some wording to make it sound better
  15. Name: Feather Blitz Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Golden Character Color: Mostly a blue-purple color, with the ends of her wings and a stripe down her nose being a lighter version. Mane/Tail: Both are short cut, the longest part of the mane being a small section going from just in front of the ear to below the chin. Both consist of large spikes, and are primarily purple in color, though they turn into more of a pale tan along the bottom. Physique: She is of average height for a mare her age, with the kind of physique one would expect from someone focused on flying fast and accurate. Lithe, made for agility and pure speed. Residence: Las Pegasus, a room at Ice Storm’s casino Occupation: Agent of STAR, mostly doing recon or quick strike missions like sabotage or stealthy rescue. Also trying to get onto the Wonderbolt reserves. Cutie Mark: Her mark is three white clouds and two yellow lightning bolts arranged into a V shape. To her, this represents her desire to win in everything she sets her mind to, wether that be a race or a mission, she will try to complete it as well as possible. Unique Traits: Training: Due to her nimble nature, she is trained more in ranged combat or hit-and-run tactics, as well as the use of explosives. Equipment: She wears bracers on her front hooves during missions, one holding a crossbow and the other a retractable blade. The bracers are the extent of what one would consider armor on her though. History: Feather’s early years were rather turbulent. She never knew her father, and her mother moved around a lot to pursue work as a mercenary. Of course, Feather didn’t actually go on jobs with her mother, but the two of them did not really have a permanent home. They ended up moving all over Equestria, sometimes beyond into the countries that were part of the same landmass. Eventually, once her mother had retired, they settled down in Cloudsdale. Of course, by this point Feather was growing to the point that she wanted to set out on her own, and soon enough she did. She tried to do what her mother had for a time, but it became clear it wasn’t for her and she moved on to enlisting in the Equestrian military so she could help protect the country she loved. Once STAR became more open about it’s existence, she worked her way into becoming a part of it, enjoying serving her country without quite so much of the restrictions that came with regular military service. Personality: Feather can come off as arrogant, as she is very confident in her skills with a record to back them up. She is friendly though, and extremely loyal. She will not turn on her friends or leave them behind without a very good reason. She’s the type to throw herself into danger to protect others, and she’s so far been skilled enough to escape without serious injury.
  16. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Star Crusader Sex: Female Age: Mare Eye Color: Amber Coat Color: Whitish blue Species: Pegasus Build: Above the average height for a male pony, and built for both a mare and a pegasus. Mane/ Tail Color & style: Reddish Blonde mane that takes on a near Militaristic fashion with some amount of flair. The left half of her mane is braided together into one long tail that has been thrown over her neck towards the right side of her head. And as for the right, it's a short cut bang that rolls over her right brow, as it curves towards the back. Her tail is short cropped, and banded together near the base, following the usual REA fashion. Cutie Mark: A Tower Shield with Wings Origin/Residence: Canterlot when on Duty/ Stays with her brother when off Duty. Occupation: Low Ranked Officer of the Royal Equestrian Army Motivation: Law, Order, and Harmony Dislikes: Evil Doers, Criminals, Injustice, Selfishness, disorder Character Background: Born to a Noble Family of Fetloch in Manehatten, Crusader was the oldest sibling of two, and also the largest. She always had a stern heir about her, with a natural resting glare which intimidated many other foals. She would often try to make a conversation, but any attempts she made with ponies whom were willing to give her a chance just went off terribly. Usually by her saying the wrong things, or just being a foal that’s awkward to be around. Naturally she became frustrated when ponies began to avoid her. And eventually she became a bit of a bully. When her brother was old enough to go to school. She’d walk him to class daily. Play with him during recess. He was perhaps her only friend. And was possibly the only pony in the school whom could get her intensity to die down a bit, so she was somewhat a pleasant foal. One day in school however, she heard her brother cry out in anguish in the playground. A few bullies were picking on the poor foal. Something inside of Crusader drove her to action, quickly coming to her brother’s aide and beating those bullies back. When all was done, her brother pointed to her flank, revealing a new cutie mark. A tower shield, with Wings. This symbolizes her daily pursuit and dedication to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Later on, she began to grow fascinated with Joining the Royal Equestrian Guard. She spent hours studying, and training her body till it was time to join. Just before she enlisted, her mother Star Breezer, joined by her little brother presented her with a Family heirloom. An enchanted tower shield with a polished front, and branded with Celestia’s Sun, and Luna’s moon beside each other. This very shield had been passed down generation through generation to scions of the Nova Family whom were to make a career serving in the Royal Equestrian Guard. Character Summary: Star Crusader, following closely to the Philosophy of the Nova family, and perhaps far more strongly than even her own mother, highly values honor and pride, with only Justice and Harmony triumphing further. Crusader is about as Stoic as a brick, with keen eyes always keeping tabs over everything in her surroundings,. Not even something as insignificant as a church mouse can escape her scrutiny. That being said, she takes her job seriously. She will stand guard for hours on end, should someone tell her to. She will turn herself into a body shield to protect a helpless pony. Chaperone foals without so much of a complaint. Bring the wicked to justice with her righteous fury. And as for life... a little too seriously. She takes her mannerisms from work and applies them everywhere. Even when she is supposed to be off duty, she seems to forget that. Don't underestimate her ability for conversations however. She's a very articulate mare, and speaks with proper pronunciations... even if some of the titles she uses may just be archaic. But she is also a no nonsense mare. And severely hates it when ponies beat around the bush . She can quickly become irritated when a pony dances around a topic (Though she wonders why no pony has requested a lovely evening with her.) Often calling them out to just spit it out, or to hurry them. She takes threats seriously, and any threats she makes will be more than willing to carry out immediately if she has to. Many ponies claims she doesn't have a sense of humor, and this is almost true. And this is perhaps one of the weapons in her Arsenal. Intimidation. Even when it's not intentional, she holds an imposing form with her personality, her stance, and her stature. And she uses this to her advantage when trying to keep true to the pacifist ways of the Royal Equestrian Guard. After a dramatic entry by crashing down to the earth from the sky, or something simple as slamming her shield down to draw focus, she will demand the immediate surrender of her foe less they face her unrivaled wrath. Should they not humor her, she'll be more than willing to show that she is no spring chicken to chase, or combat. But this sense of justice is also perhaps one of her biggest shortcomings. Usually openly announcing her presence... or being what is characteristically known in the Royal Equestrian Guard as Lawful Stupid. Crusader is an incredibly gullible mare. She will chase after obviously false leads, screaming into the air how she will defile their nefarious deeds. And return sulking about how the fictitious villain had gotten away. And finally... there are softer sides to her. With foals, delicate ponies, beggars, and soft cute things. But the strongest in particular, her adoration for flowers.
  17. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Clover Spell Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Brown Coat: Red Mane/Tail: A short brown with black edges mane and tail. Physique: Average. Not too skinny, but also not too muscular or chubby. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Weather Factory Engineer Cutie Mark: A three leafed clover with white lines. Unique Traits: He knows foreign languages unknown to Pony kind. Like the Breezie language for example. History: Clover Spell was born in Manehattan, but he never met his parents. At the beginning, he had to live with his uncle. However, his uncle was mean and overral not very responsible, so he had to leave Manehattan to live somewhere else, which lead him to come to Ponyville and eventually live there. In school, he was pretty smart and had great grades, but he was often teased and sometimes bullied because of it, which lead him to not making any friends in school. Eventually, he graduated and started working as a engineer on the Weather Factory, which after getting the necessary bits, he bought his own house and now lives independently. He still doesn't have any friends and is looking to understand the true meaning of friendship. Character Personality: Clover Spell is pretty smart when it comes to subjects thanks to studying over the years, with a lot of focus. He's also kind to others and will always give a lending hoof to help when needed. Character Summary: Overall, he's a pretty basic stallion with a lot of knowledge thanks to studying. A nice and caring pony who doesn't wish any harm. 
  18. From the album: Gravity

    Artwork by yours truly, Curvy Pony!
  19. From the album: Gravity

    Gravity dreams of growing wings large enough to be able to fly.
  20. From the album: Gravity

  21. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Desert Rose Sex: Mare Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Green Coat: Pink Mane/Tail: Pink/red Physique: average Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Vilian Cutie Mark: Rose bush in a sandstorm Unique Traits: Above-average gardener, professed Master of "Sandstorm" weather magic (always carries a large bag of sand with her for use with said magic). History: Rose was born and raised in a small town in the San Palamino desert where she spent her youth helping to cultivate the sparse farms and gardens of the city. She had a particular skill with the plants that seemed to outshine even the seasoned gardeners. however, it was not an easy life, between the almost ever-present droughts and raiding bandits, her life was hard. The bandits especially gave her family trouble, making rose's blood boil every time the town was forced to hand over their meager food. Like most pegasai, rose studded weather magic, showing talent in controlling wind, but little in making rain - something the village desperately needed. As she grew older, the raids only increased, her studies turning to ways of deterring the bandits. It was thanks to this that she took to wandering far into the desert and learned to create sandstorms. At first little more than dust-devils, but in time their power and magnitude grew until it became a formidable weapon. Knowing roughly when the bandits tended to strike, she honed her skill and prepared... she would finally teach them not to steal from HER village! When the day came, she met the bandits on the edge of town, despite the pleas of her family and friends (not to mention the village elders) and when they refused to back down, she poured everything she had into her magic, creating a sandstorm that would go down in infamy... but after over an hour of battle, the bandits had enough and finally retreated, leaving rose to collapse on the warm sands, excused, but victorious... When she awoke, though, the village had other thoughts on her actions... the sandstorm had been so strong that parts of the village were burred, homes filled with sand, their crops that she had worked so hard to cultivate had been destroyed; leaving her village in even worse shape than if the bandits had completed their raid... it was made clear that she was no longer welcome there... But instead of taking things in step, she lashed out, outraged that after she trained so hard and risked her life to protect them, that they would turn their backs on her. It was a stroke of luck for both the village and Rose that her actions had caught the eyes of others beyond the village... As she argued with the elders and was on the brink of using her magic to make the village utterly uninhabitable, a voice of reason spoke to her. A group of travelers from eastern equestria had been passing through and talked her down, convincing her that her petty vengeance wasn't worth it... and that her skills would be more useful - and more appreciated - elsewhere... So, she left the village, her mind still clouded with rage and joined the travelers as they headed back towards canterlot... towards a new life, but not necessarily a better one... Character Personality: While on the surface Rose seems calm, she is quick to anger and has been known to lash out at friends and foes alike, though careful words will calm her down. She carries a rage in her heart to this day for the ingreatful village she worked so hard to make prosperous and to save... though she has a special place in her heart, in the eye of the storm, for a certain pegasus, and a certain unicorn, whose' words always cut through her rage and make her stop, even if she holds the anger longer than she should... Holding such rage was not good for Rose as it often clouds her mind, giving her trouble even in day-to-day life, making her more klutzy than she would be if she was less focused on the past. Character Summary: A skilled but hot-blooded Aeromancer, Rose is an opponent not to trifle with. She is not above playing dirty and literally throwing sand in her opponents eyes (and ears and nose and....) Holding a grudge that ties her to a past best left forgotten, perhaps one day she will finally let go and finally be at peace.
  22. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Electric Shock Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Yellow Coat: Blue Mane/Tail: light blue Physique: slightly on the scrawny side. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: "Villain" (Antivillain) Cutie Mark: two lightning bolts coming together Unique Traits: Has learned to channel lightning both offensively and defensively (though doing it much will wear him out - usually only about 3 bolts without resting), skilled martial artist. History: Shock's early life seemed somewhat normal, almost idyllic. Growing up in Cloudsdale, he was an average student, a prominent member of the cloudball team, and was studying martial arts in hopes of becoming a professional championship fighter. Everything was going well for him, he had friends, family, a bright future... but then came the accident... Nopony is quite sure what happened, and the parties at fault were quick to cover it up and sweep it under the rug since it was a small matter that happened away from prying eyes... but to say it was "small" was only looking at the big picture... Shock was the only survivor losing his family and friends, and he had suffered serious head trauma. Even with surgery it was unsure if he would live. When he beat the odds and woke though, he was a completely different stallion. His interest in sports and martial arts was gone, instead becoming a brilliant study in math and science, but his psyche was in shambles... when anypony asked about an aspect of his previous life, shock would ofte just shrug, at best he would make some philosophical comment that held seemingly no connection to him emotionally. He would also focus less on ponies and more on animals... but not the way a normal pony would... he would try to teach squirrels to use a fire-pit to roast their acorns, or teach birds advanced mathematics to aid their flight... if the animals had any grasp of what he was saying, it was not much... In short, Shock was on the short list for an asylum, but then somepony stepped in. Where she came from and why she took interest in shock wasn't clear, but she did - and she had the bits to backup whatever she said. He made progress, at least to the point that the doctors felt he could be released, and when he was, Shock left cloudsdale with the mare, headed for canterlot, to a new future and hopefully in time, the pieces of his mind would settle back into place... Character Personality: Shock is highly intelligent, but is not all there. He seems to have two hooves in our world and two in another - he usually is stable enough that he simply comes off as eccentric, but at other times he is so far out in left field that ponies will keep their distance for fear. However he is almost always upbeat, unless talking about his past. Character Summary: A skilled fighter in both body and weathermagic, with the brains to back it up --- but there is something wrong with him. An accident left his mind in shambles, with many questioning if he even remembers his past in any logical way, he sees the world through a different lens than other ponies now... though how much of this is true insanity and how much is his attempt to cope with the loss of everything he ever had is up for debate...
  23. Name: Blazing Thunder Sex: Male (Sometimes Female) Age: Stallion/Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Red Character Color: In his male form, he is primarily a blue in color with dark gray splotches reminiscent of storm clouds, with his wings also a dark gray. His female form is the same, but is primarily the dark gray with the splotches being the blue color. Mane/Tail: His mane and tail in his male form are somewhat long, pretty windswept and looking sort of like a mix of flames and clouds. They are primarily yellow, with the ends transitioning to a red-orange in color. The mare form has a shorter mane and tail, though overall spikier, looking more like flames, especially as the red-orange becomes the main color and the yellow moves to the tips. The mane pulls up into a spiky ponytail, and the tail being not much more than a spiky puff tied up with a tie around the base. Physique: He is rather lean in both forms, a typical physique for someone who spends most of their time doing fast aerial acrobatics and fighting. He's of average height in both forms. Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Wonderbolt Cutie Mark: A blazing sun with what look like lightning bolts coming off it instead of the flame surrounding it. It represents his speed and courage, the ability to crash through all his challenges before they knew what hit them. The day he earned his mark was one when he was practicing his flying with his parents. All was going well at first, until there was a sudden storm front that came in. His parents were quick to his rescue, but they couldn't reach him before he got lost among the clouds. He was too scared to move at first, but eventually he managed to work up the courage. Unfortunately, that didn't amount to much when he was lost in a sea of gray clouds. He wandered aimlessly at first before getting angry and punching a hole through the cloud, opening a direct path to the sun. With something better to orient himself now, he busted straight down through the clouds, emerging out the bottom accompanied by lightning and beams of sunlight. With that accomplished, he flew back to his family as fast as he could, crashing into them with a hug. Unique Traits: Gender-switching; It's mostly under control, thanks to a special necklace he wears, but it can also go off at random when he sneezes. Training; On top of his skills in flying, as expected of his job, he is very proficient in unarmed combat. He also likes to combine both to use his speed to enhance the strikes. History: His childhood was always a rather pleasant one, aside from the whole gender-switching thing. He caught a disease early in his life that seemed to activate it, or something about the combination of the disease and the magic used to cure it activated it inside him. He has spent most of his life dealing with it, and has had plenty of time to get used to it over the years. For some reason, his twin never seemed to manifest the same condition, but he didn't mind. In fact, his abilities allowed for more opportunities for fun, and it contributed towards his tendency to swing both ways in either form. After eventually getting out of school, he joined the guard, serving faithfully and protecting his city until he was noticed and given the opportunity to join the Wonderbolts thanks to his bravery and flying ability. He accepted at once, of course, and never looked back. He enjoyed his new position, getting to show off for crowds like that and still protect those that needed it, and he worked hard to keep his position. Eventually, he hoped to make it to captain of the Wonderbolts, but he knows that takes time and work. Personality: While he can be pretty egotistical and proud of himself, he will do anything to help out his friends and those that need it. His confidence also leads him to hit on a lot of ponies of both genders due to his own tendency to go back and forth. He can also be rather hot-headed, jumping into action as soon as something rears it's head, tending to act before thinking most of the time. Doesn't help that he usually has the skills to back up all his bravado. Summary: A somewhat egotistical pegasus that will do whatever it takes to offer help when it's needed
  24. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Harvest Moon Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Golden Orange Coat: Light tan Mane/Tail: Her mane is kept in a short bob, and her tail is medium lenght, both of which are a light caramel color. Physique: Lean and Limber baby! Residence: Cloudsdale Occupation: Over night delivery mare Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: She always wears her signature scarf and goggles, a bit overly opinionated and chatty, occasionally show boats, has a unique talent for always finding her way home no matter where she is via her connection to the stars and their patterns. History: Harvest Moon was born alongside her twin brother Autumn Moon, in a barn out in Ponyville to their loving parents, EaraCorn and Midnight Whispers under a full, glowing moon, that signified good fortune, and prosperity. Harvest was born first, and she was also the one born a pegasus, her brother having been born a unicorn(Don’t ask for the genetics, EaraCorn don’t know the statistics) and took her job as the eldest VERY seriously. Harvest was always leading the charge, deep in the woods to find pill bugs, flying up high to see if Mom and Dad were heading home, a little bossy; The usual “Big sister” things. One night Autumn decided that he wanted to go Nightmare Night-ing by himself, insisting that he didn’t need his “sister” being his shadow, and wandered off away from her..and managed to get himself lost in the nearby woods. Harvest not content to wait for her parents (whom were feverishly organizing a rescue party) decided she’d find him herself, after all they were twins right? Twins had a PSYCHIC LINK! (No, no they did not) After a bit of bumbling dumb luck, Harvest did eventually find her brother, shivering cold and alone in a hollow log, all dirty and tired from his wandering. With a bit of prompting Harvest got the other filly on her back and flew up over the canopy of leaves to try and navigate her way home. Now Harvest Moon was a star watcher, she always had been, and it took only a moment for her to spot the stars she knew would lead her home. It was a happy reunion as she reunited them with their parents, the glow in her heart from being home so bright, that she didn’t even notice her cutie mark, a red moon (to signify passion and a connection to the night) with glowing stars, to signify her connection to them and ability to read them. Time marched on and Harvest Moon left for Cloudsdale to take flying lessons, graduated well and soon got a job as an overnight delivery mare, where she gets important documents, packages, ect to where they need to go as quickly as possible. Character Personality: Harvest is blunt, brash, and honest, she’s lighthearted and easy to read, you can always tell what she’s thinking by her very obvious facial ques. She loves her job, and she loves flying, especially at night. Character Summary: Harvest Moon, your friendly, overnight delivery mare! Flying here, flying there, doing backflips in the air! Over Equestria without a care!~ Your OveRnIGHT dElivery MAAARRE~!
  25. SOLO SHOW "Strange, ain't it?" extra 1 | extra 2 Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Full Name: Solo Show Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Yellow Coat: Dusty brown with black and light splotches on her legs. She got stripes dyed onto her hind legs because she enjoyed the edge it gave. She re-does it regularly. Mane/Tail: Her mane is usually kept straight, and it's long and black. Her tail is the same. Physique: Her body is slender, and she's pretty tall. Residence: Fillydelphia Occupation: Model Cutie Mark: Solo's cutie mark is a makeup capsule. It is often used to touch-up already done appearances, which is what she lives for. She always keeps one with her. History: Solo Show grew up in a single parent household. Her father, Mountain Dust, took care of her since her mother passed away when she was young. To Solo, her mother was absolutely breathtaking, and so she decided to do something with her life that was beauty-oriented. Luckily, she had the looks that ponies were looking for. Her father had a friend, and his friend had a wife that was highly respected in the modeling industry. Knowing his daughter wanted to get into modeling, he called in a favor and thus began her model training. She was happy she had the looks, and all that was left was the technique and brains. She studied hard, perfected her walk and eventually landed her first big show when she had just matured into a young mare. She got into modeling young and earned her cutie mark during first 'cat walk' in her pre-teen years. After earning her cutie mark, she began to take her career much more seriously. She has over 200 photos inside her modeling portfolio and holds her head high. Many of her peers perceive her as stuck up, but she is more-so just aware of what she wants in life. Under all her ambition, she's very soft and would enjoy the company of others if they gave her a chance. Her father raised her to be proud, compassionate and ambitious so she tries to live by that as much as possible. She does live on her own now, as her father is a perfectly healthy and lively middle-aged colt. Recently, she does modeling for a modern clothing line. She is very good at her job. The only thing is that she is not an incredibly approachable person. She always dresses her best and is usually just focused on her next show. Though she might not be approachable at first, she always smiles when someone speaks to her unless she's incredibly irritated.
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