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  1. Name: Princess Celestia Sex: Female Age: Unknown (over 1000 years) Species: Allicorn Eye colour: Purple Pink Coat: White Mane/Tail: Pastel Quad color - Blue, green, pink, violet Physique: Slender, sleek, lithe Residence: Canterlot Palace Occupation: Princess of Equestria, Princess of the Sun Cutie Mark: Large 8 armed sun. Celestia gained her cutie mark when she discovered her power to raise and lower the sun with extraordinary ease. where it once took the power of many unicorns, she could do it herself with little to no effort. Unique Traits: Former wielder of the elements of harmony, patient, wise, caring. Exceedingly Beautiful. History: Celestia first rose to power with her sister when asked by the first ponies of Equestria if they would be the rulers and represent all races in the land. While hesitant at first, she took to the role well enough after a time. She saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow with ponies, and to show them the power of uniting all the races of ponies, rather than being individual tribes. Being the older sister, she took on more of the responsibility and public figure. In her youthful arrogance, she loved the limelight. She loved being adored and even worshiped in some cases. Her ego eventually got the better of her, and she turned a blind eye to the suffering it caused other ponies, including her sister. The conflict that arose between Celestia and her sister ended when Celestia was forced to confront her sister and do battle with her, claiming victory at a high price. It crushed her inside, knowing the pain she caused others, and the damage to their home. Even in her victory, Celestia found no comfort in the praise of her citizens anymore. They loved and worshiped her as a savior, as she only saw herself as a betrayer of those that needed her most. After banishing her sister, Celestia ruled alone for over 1000 years as the only princess of Equestria. During this time, she established a military force and expanded Equestria's land coverage in all directions. Reaching shores and deserts alike, she sought to bring ponies together and unite the world in peace. She wanted to make every living being see that love and friendship were the answer rather than power and fame. In this, she realized that if her ponies depend on her so much that without her they are lost, Equestria will fall. To this effect, she has spent a good deal of time during the peace to make herself a distant part of their world, visible as a beacon on the hill, but not needed in their daily lives. However in times of Strife when threats arise, she will step forward to protect her kingdom. Unfortunately this has made many ponies in the past believe she is the sole protector of their kingdom. The princess choose this reason to form the REA. Having a military force that can protect them even in her absence would help the citizens understand that they can defend themselves just as well as if she were standing there with them. In more recent history, she has taken a step back. She gives other ponies a push in the right direction, helping them to become heroes of Equestria. This is to ensure that no matter what, Equestria will always have ponies to lead it to peace and safety. She also realize what while she is ageless, she can be defeated and killed by many other means. Multiple times, she has underestimated her opponent, being imprisoned by them. This has taught her that she is not invulnerable. As impressive as her magic is, and as deep as her power runs she knows that there is always the chance her opponent might be more powerful or more crafty than she is. Like any modern ruler, she is a civil servant. In the past she was lavished with love and could freely ask whatever she wanted. Her power to control the sun made many see her as a god. She cared nothing for this, but allowed it to pass as her longevity and great magical power caused many to revere her presence. Celestia helped guide public opinion over the years, turning her position of absolute ruler into that of a civic servant. She served the ponies of the country, as they served the kingdom. She established it this way to form a series of checks and balances to help keep the palace from gaining too much influence again. She cared nothing for the power, but knew that without a ruler the country would be lost. Character Personality: Celestia is a smart mare, with a skill for handling unexpected situations with calm and poise. However she has lost connection to her ponies and sometimes forgets that when interacting with them, they can not just understand what she wants or needs. Years of being the only princess have set her in the habit of believing she is the only one to be able to handle a situation until it gets beyond her abilities or knowledge. Her rule was dotted with a few instances of serious danger, between long stretches of peace and prosperity. Celestia has a fondness for sweets and music. She enjoys her sugary foods a bit too much, overindulging when she thinks no one is looking. While she maintains a slim figure, she can easily pack away an entire cake by herself. Her love of music extends to many forms, from the old classical pieces to the more modern club music produced by many modern ponies. Her favorite way to enjoy music is from the musician themselves, no matter their instrument choice. Be it electronic keyboard powered by magic or an old family violin that sang out notes coaxed from its strings by a an old professional, Celestia loves music. Even the out of tune notes played by a foal their first time they try to play, she enjoys it because it represents joy and peace to her. Her hidden personality is that of a timid mare, scared of her own power. Not her magical prowess, but as a ruler. Celestia is aware that she sometimes forgets she is a princess, and when she speaks or acts out of character it causes confusion and concern for other ponies. Her other self is locked deep away, hidden from the common pony and shown only around dear friends and family. She is scared, knowing that one day she might slip up and hurt another pony so deeply as she did her sister. Over the ages, she has made friends with many other rulers or other countries, including: the Hippogriffs, Saddle Arabia, Maretonia, and many others. Her efforts are to ensure that Equestira always has allies. Her reasoning is that in the event of great danger, these countries can band together and protect themselves from the threat to secure peace for their various peoples again. Character Summary: Celestia is skilled in combat, from engagements in the crystal empire, against various foes of Equestria such as chaotic spirits and evil invaders, to common challenges to her throne by powerful and skilled warriors. As she grew older, in the peace that was secured for Equestria she lost some of her combat edge, and relied more on help from other ponies to keep the world safe. She is also a loving mare, with more heart than most and a deep desire to share that love with every pony. She wants to be friends with all her ponies, and show them she is not some monarch on a pedestal but a friend they can turn to in their time of need. Knowing her position, Celestia tries her best to promote ponies to realize they are just as important as she is. She can not be a princess without them, and so tries to show them that they have so much more power than she does. However she feels restricted because she is duty bound to Equestria to provide it a service like any other civil servant. She must raise and lower the sun, as well as handle matters of importance like daily court or missives from other leaders.
  2. From the album: Just sketches

    The ever condescending god that rules equestria from behind others and makes herself into a saint.
  3. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    I like to imagine Celestia as being casual when she feels she can get away with it, rather than having to wear her royal regalia all the time. So when she is up in the castle early in the morning, overlooking the ledge, she is just chill, she is just Celestia, and not Co-Ruler of Equestria Monarch Celestia, her day hasn't started yet.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artwork © Brianblackberry

  4. It was an invitation that had been long overdue. Not that the princess was only just now inviting her to meet with her. That wasn't the case at all. The princess's invitation had been outstanding for a while now. However, everyt time that Ice Storm was going to get an opportunity to finally take the invite up, something else happened and she had to immediately go into something else either with her shops, or for matters of even more importance such as Equestrian Defense missions or the like. Even today something that would normally have pulled her away was prior obligations in Ponyville, but Ice Storm had decided that the waiting had been long enough. She could easily meet with the princess in the morning before heading to the train station and making her way to ponyville for the celebration there. She had already made some plans in Ponyville to help out with the festivities, plus that's were Luna and Twilight were, both of which were ponies that she had a personal history with so she felt it proper to attend the celebration that they were hosting. Plus it was Ponyville. Something always seemed to happen there. That wasn't to say that the celebration here in Canterlot wasn't just as important. Just she knew less ponies here and felt that she would have a better time with the ponies in Ponyville. It had been long enough though since she had seen most of them that she wondered if they would still recognize her. Those thoughts left her mind though as she trekked through the snow-filled streets somewhat early in the morning. She estimated it was only a couple of hours after sunrise. The air was still delightfully crisp and she could taste the moisture and the snow with every breath that she took. She was perfectly content with the chill that encompassed her as she absorbed the sunshine that, thanks to the snow, was bathing her from all angles. Every step she took, the soft crunch of snow under her hooves could be heard as she made her way up the palace steps. Only this time she wasn't heading to her observatory. When she reached the top of the stairs she pulled out the invitation that Celestia had sent to her. "Ahh, Mrs. Storm, we've been expecting you, Permission to enter granted, enjoy your visit," she heard and entered the palace. She almost had to do a double take. She was here at least three nights a week and the Night Guard still looked at her with some sort of suspicion. Perhaps the night guard were just that much more protective. She wouldn't really have any idea why though, but that wasn't really her business. Without a second thought, she made her way to the throne room where she had presumed the princess to be, and awaited permission to enter.
  5. From the album: Mane 6 and characters

    Happy Nightmare Night! Here's an "obligatory older sibling stealing candy from younger sibling and trying to act cute and innocent about it" scenario with cosplay included. Here's Sailor Luna because why not? And Celestia as Ryuko Matoi from the best anime 5EVER known as Kill La Kill? I dunno man why the heck not?! Anyway, I like to think Celestia steals Luna's candy, but rarely gets away with it.

    © Ponies not mine.

  6. From the album: My original art.

    Practice that turned into "hey look I drew a thing". I'm using a new art program that is really nifty. I have to play around with new methods for how I draw things, but for the most part I'm getting along alright. I still miss Photoshop though ; A; If you haven't already, give Medibang Paint Pro a try. Its like a free Paint Tool sai, though Ive never used Paint Tool Sai, it sounds like something I would use I wasn't planning on submitting anything, but I liked the direction I was going in so I decided to keep going. The goal of this was still to play around with this program and I'm glad I decided to make a complete picture instead of aimless scribbles. So here you go! 1st pic made on a new art program. Yay!
  7. From the album: Lie-i-fee-ore-ia's Art for Other People

    Whoohoo! The first pony art I've created with my drawing tablet! The original sketch was done by Rin in his free time, and this art is a gift from him, and now back to him~ Thanks to Zoebel for coming up with Celestiny! Such a cute name~ This is the second legitimate piece of artwork that I've created with my tablet, so cheers to me for not creating a Frankenstein. I messed up the "Rin" writing part a little, but any artist out there would no how difficult it is adjusting to a tablet . My beloved DA with absolutely almost nothing on it: http://lyipheoryia.deviantart.com/
  8. From the album: Scythe Chronicles

    Just a little something I doodled up for a Friend of mine. I needed to... I was kinda depressed ;3; But I'm okay now!
  9. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    This isn't my official pony Christmas picture, that'll come later, but I did make this extra one for some of my peeps here on Canterlot who are big Celestia fans (or as they affectionately call her: Princess Sunbutt). I asked what pic they would want, and one said slipping cocoa, and suggested a sweater, and another socks, so here it is, the combo. Plan to upload this to FA tomorrow, but wanted to feature it here first. Comments Please!

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  10. Well it is finally that time of the year again! A new season of the show we love, Friendship Is Magic, is finally upon us! So here is the official discussion thread for the first two episodes, which are a two parter: Princess Twilight Sparkle. This time we are doing things a little different, the thread is open from the beginning instead of time locked to the episode. Also, spoilers and screenshots are welcome, however we ask that they be under the 'Spoiler' tags. So let's discuss! It's good to be the boss!
  11. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Ehh.. Was trying to think of ideas for an October banner and this was the first thing I can up with. Rather static, even for a banner I suppose, so may just try something more exciting later. Still it was fun at least practicing a couple characters I hardly ever draw (first time I drew Chrysalis).

    © Characters © Hasbro Artwork © Brianblackberry

  12. From the album: Kuda's Art

    I forgot about this site for a while, sorry. Commission for Diskmaster. [colour=#33262B]Scene from a twitter roleplay event.[/colour] [colour=#33262B]Tumblr[/colour] [colour=#33262B]Deviantart[/colour]
  13. Today was the day,Princess Celestia's birthday! She was hosting her birthday party at Phillydelphia for this she said was going to be the biggest and brightest one yet! Everypony was excited, including Sub Zero,Delilah,Thunderbolt,Dusk,Leif Green (New character ),Light Harmony,and Care Package, plus many many more!They had all arrived, dresses well and ready to party,"I can't believe it, today, The Princess's bithday!"Delilah was so excited she couldn't stand herself,Thunderbolt was just messing around with Sub and Dusk and didn't realize exactly why they were even there.They saw a pony standing alone in the middle of all the action,she was new to Phillydelphia, although she lives in PonyVille,she was quiet, and was a light pink colour with a green mane, 2 green coloured mane atleast, she was wearing a more country look, somthing AppleJack might wear, She stood quietly with her ears down and wings tucked in, you couldn't tell if she had a horn or not, so that was quite questionable.
  14. I found this image through Reddit today which offered an interesting alternate theory to happened to Twilight Sparkle when the magic from the Elements of Harmony all hit her and gave the appearance that she was destroyed. In this scenario the Magic from the Elements accidentally destroyed her as the end result of her attempt to solve the spell of Starswirl the Bearded and underestimating the sheer power of the elements. Her spirit was brought into the afterlife by Celestia, who is essentially a god (in the ancient pantheon sort of way) and showed her life before her in the ethereal realm before taking Twilight to an afterlife where she is given a heavenly world to "live" in so her spirit will be happy. Meanwhile in the mortal realm she had passed away, her friends left to morn. I realized that this scenario will never happen in the show for obvious reasons, but it is definitely a plausible alternative 'what if' given what we saw in the finale of season three; at least the idea would serve as an interesting basis for an alternate universe of fan driven stories and art/comics. In short, what do you all think of this as an idea?
  15. From the album: Mane 6 and characters

    About a month ago I was bored and decided to draw Princess Celestia in royal new gear. Very fun to draw, ate up some time, and Im in love with her mane colours. I drew her sister too, and I'll be uploading that later.

    © Princess Celestia belongs to Hasbro, art is mine

  16. The princess of the sun has returned with her traditional contribution to the Nightmare Night festivities, the house of mirrors! Organized in a winding maze, you can never quite tell when you're going to run into an image of yourself, or even another pony! Of course, getting through the maze of mirrors isn't impossible, though you may run into a few ponies—literally—before making it out.
  17. [colour=#ff8c00]Nightmare Night, what a fright! Give us something sweet to bite![/colour] All across Ponyville (and Equestria), foals, fillies, colts, and foals at heart are all in the spirit of the season as they are costumed and trick or treating around town. Festivities abound and from one end to the other ponies are having fun. Bahhhh! Nightmare Night is about fear, being scared, and yes, candy! Are you brave enough to engage in the traditional Nightmare Night games and brave the spookiest, scariest locations in the land in search of treats? Even the most stout-heated of ponyfolk may feel a twinge of fear, and the result of your expedition may not be what you were dreaming of... Here's the game, and everypony has to play! Well, not if you don't want to-but where's the fun in that? Here's how it works: There are five locations, and each night of the event you may choose to trick-or-treat at one location. Each night, a different character will appear at a random location, and you will be either tricked, or treated! The object of the game is to be treated the most times, and end up with the most candy by the end. Basic Rules: Once you pick a location for that 'night' (one location per two RL days), you may not be active in a different location until the next night! Each night you can choose a different location to try your luck at, or choose to revisit the same one you visited the previous night-but you may only trick-or-treat at one location per night! You may have two characters participate, but not in the same topic on any given night. Each topic is open for 72 hours. To Trick-or-Treat for that day you must choose one location and RP your chosen character (OC or Cast) within that thread during the first 48 hours! At 11:59pm (US Pacific time) every other day, each topic will be visited by a mystery character, and all the ponies present will be tricked or treated accordingly. New threads will open up at 12:00am the day after, starting the next night to be RPed! Be sure not to miss a night, and try to get as many candies as possible! This event will run from October 30th until November 11th. This topic is for questions, comments, and some OOC chatter. You never know which character will show up in which thread. Its always random! At close to midnight each night, a post will be made for each character who has visited a thread. Every post after an event character will NOT be counted towards candy- since the topic has already been trick or treated. Each thread will stay open only 24 hours after it has been visited by its mystery character for you to RP your reaction. Once it is closed, it is closed for good! Locations/Events Everfree Moon Palace Nightmare Moon's Monument The Gates of Tartarus Haunted House, hosted by Iron Will Celestia's House of Mirrors The Changeling Lair [colour=#ff0000]Notice: This is an unofficial event. No awards or monetary prizes will be given. It's just for fun![/colour] Event Threads: RESULTS: Awards: First: Second: Third: Participation: Awards by:
  18. It wasn't easy to make Pathfinder feel out of her element. That was probably because she didn't have a natural element that she could snugly claim as her own. No, an adventurer's element changed with the ever changing fortunes granted by the moon and stars and overseen by the rays of the sun. It was their greatest ability, adaptable to the extreme and excited to engage in such a wide range of activites that it made the head spin. But that didn't make her immune from feeling nervous and anypony that didn't feel more than a little nervous in these surroundings was insane. That or stunningly disloyal, and she doubted that ponies of such caliber existed. And if they did exist then Pathfinder was wise to no longer give them thought; anger and ill-will would surely follow. And today more than any other day she wanted to place something of a brave face on, which was something considering her face was naturally brave(or insane, depending on one's perspective). For on this most humbling of days having followed the most harrowing of months, she was to meet those who ran Equestria through the mere act of existence.. Princesses, rulers, living mosaics of history and they who defined Equestria by their very souls. The chance that a pony like Pathfinder would have such an opportunity again was so Equestria shatteringly low that she could hardly fathom that it had already come to this stage. Had she peaked already? A cold shiver raced down her weary form as she contemplated that her life had reached it's zenith and from this moment on it was a slow, boring descent into normalcy. The horror of such a possibility was almost impossible to fathom. She had to shake herself free from such thoughts; brave face. Brave face! Not that shaking was easy. It wasn't as if she had made any leisure stops on her way back from Talinopolis, nor did she bother with hygiene, medical aid, or much of anything that didn't involve alternating between using her weakened wings, stomping about with her almost useless hooves, and eventually crawling on her belly. Shockingly enough she had made pretty good timing with that final mode, which she attributed to the lack of food or water that had proceeded the escape by several weeks. Perhaps that was to blame for her lack of success in fighting off the small white dragon that attacked her outside the gates of Canterlot. All of her thrashing about did little to endear her to the Royal Guardspony on the other end, and she apologized profusely after a rest, some food, and some water cleared her of the hallucinations. They had initially been disiniterested in her as anything more than a common criminal until she unveiled the Helm of Commander Hurricane. A short retelling of the past few months of her life was then in order and as she had told the story, her excitement grew. Almost six months ago Pathfinder had come across an ancient unicorn ruin that held very little except for some enchanted documentation that said Commander Hurricane was going to recover, but her helm had been ripped from her after a battle with a griffon warlord as she was escorting a group of ponies to the new land of Equestria. This had confirmed the many tales and stories told about the Helm and she had set about locating it, the trail initially ending in Manehattan where after a rough and tumble time with some equally rough and tumble foes, she found a letter detailing that a 'collector' of priceless artifacts had failed to convince Talinopolis to give it up. The fact that this capital of Aqueilia did not welcome the ponyfolk was something that she knew and immediately forgot to care about; the Helm was all that mattered. Pathfinder spent the last of her bits on various pieces of equipment and traveled to the city. The following few weeks were a haze in some ways. She had met a griffon named Gilda who helped her, but a small incident led to her friend's capture and forced betrayal. Pathfinder was forced on the run in the sewers, hardly sleeping or eating for weeks as she either evaded or fought through her pursuers as she continued to hit new targets in a search for the Helm. Finally, despite Gilda going out of her way to warn her, Pathfinder walked directly into a trap from which there was no escape. She was captured and tossed into the Talinopolis super prison where those too dangerous to be let loose and yet held too much important information or secrets about the families to be afforded a public trial, a place of horrors known only as The Pit. There, her disgusted and angered Guardstallions were told, they injected chemicals into the wings. After a certain dosage, the wings were utterly useless- one of the Guardstallions confirmed this possibility by touching Pathfinder's weakened wing, which seemed to have the muscle mass of a little filly's. To make matters worse, she was treated like a pet, muzzled and kept under the care of Gilda who had been tossed down there as well. In the scary world of The Pit, many were broken. of course, you can only break the sane and Pathfinder never claimed to be anything more than an adventurer, classifications of sanity be darned. She never once doubted that she would escape however, and being a small pony as opposed to a large griffon, she was able to go where they couldn't. She discovered a passageway leading to an ancient city- several of the Guards snickered, as she had a habit of running into ancient cities and ruins as one might run into a unicorn in Canterlot- that held more than a few escape routes. With Gilda helping her, the duo escaped back into the city and finally recovered the Helm, embarrassing the vile griffons which had imprisoned her in the first place. They went their separate ways and Pathfinder had made a bee line for Canterlot, not thinking anywhere else safe enough for the Helm to rest without her. The Guardstallions didn't know whether to believe her or not, but her bedraggled condition and earnestness told them that it couldn't hurt to find out. Plus she had something special, at least. Whatever Helm she held looked as if it had just been made, the shine and strength of it peerless. It was taken to the Castle, where several hours later Pathfinder was to find herself given a room and told to expect an audience soon. Pathfinder was relieved to find the Helm in safe hooves and promptly fell fully, deeply, honestly, and earnestly asleep for the first time in months. When she awoke, however, the reality of her condition hit her. Her wings still throbbed with the pain of huge portions of it suffering near complete lack of muscle mass. Weeks and weeks of eating very little to nothing allowed her ribs to outline her form. Her mind still suffered from a seeming fractious disconnect with reality. Her back right leg felt like it was on fire, her throat still had roughly-applied marks from talons, and she was criss-crossed with a dozen long scratches. Portions of her were more bruise than pelt. All of this sucked but the most important thing of all was that her dye was missing and instead of looking beautiful like Daring Do did, Pathfinder looked like some freakish baby blue pegasus with a light teal mane. Therefore, when an attendant entered and asked what Pathfinder needed, she didn't respond with food or water or medical attention(which she expected to receive soon enough as a matter of course), but for the required ingredients for her dye. That took a full day, during which she ate more food, drank more water, and cracked her crackling back more than she had ever thought possible. Plus, a seven hour hot bath. Once she had mixed the dye together, making a royal mess of the royal room in the process, Pathfinder applied it with the skill and attention to detail that comes with experience and the most serious of obsessions. It took several hours but she finally stood in front of the mirror, enthralled. Sure she looked like she had been placed into the meatgrinder. Sure her eyes were still unfocused and everything appeared in such an amazing shaded array of the color gray. Perhaps the fact that her left wing sorta danced outside of her body without feeling was something she should be worried about. NONE OF THAT MATTERED. The moment the dye finished, a huge wave of relief came over her. No, she was not fine, but being an adventurer meant your days were never fine by normal standards. They were fine by your standards, the standards of a mare who sought out the excitement that came with uncertainty. The dye dried and she felt a layer of protection and with that layer came the old confidence rumbled back into her chest. She took a deep breath, fighting the pain that came with it as a smile formed. She had done it. She had found the Helm! Well, and a little something she had in store for Snowfall when she next saw her but that didn't matter. Every little bit of pain that she now felt was but a small price to pay for this great success and as she stared at the mare in the mirror, she had a feeling that she was happy as well. "YOOHOOOOO!" She screamed, her voice cracking at first but then forming a natural timber as she felt herself re-energized. Nope, Pathfinder was not in her element. But that didn't mean she was going to be anything other than herself: Perfect.
  19. Description: Hey, new fanfic I started. This one is based on a Changeling named Shadow. Also, I'm open for suggestions on a name other than Blueberry Blossom. Chapter 1 I had been in this form for a long time... so long, I almost forgot what I actually looked like. My name is Blueberry Blossom... or Shadow, if you want to go by my old name. I have to tell you a story... I've written it down, because I don't know how much longer I may survive. I was sent by Queen Chrysalis to spy on the ponies of Canterlot. She said it would be easy—I believed her. And it was, at first. We'd pose as somepony's lover, arrange meetings, and then feed off their love for a little while. We had to do this frequently, in order to constantly feed and avoid suspicion. So there was a lot of changing going on. Eventually, Chrysalis developed a more permanent solution. I stalked somepony for awhile, learned their mannerisms... then ambushed them sucked out their life force when the opportunity presented itself. There were a few of us assigned to this task. Chrysalis always took care of the bodies. Then, we'd each pose as the pony we'd gotten rid of, stealing their life—and their love. Some of them even had kids... which just provided more ponies to feed on. So we continued on, feeding off the ponies of Canterlot while Chrysalis hatched her plan. I was her second in command, her most trusted Changeling. Funny how I'm the one that let her down the most. We were all just supposed to follow orders. Mimic the lover for a time while feeding off the love from their family. We were all fine with it. We all trusted Chrysalis. We were loyal followers... it was just orders. But still... I felt incomplete. I was working for the good of the swarm, for the future of our race. I had somepony who loved me, I had 'friends', I had... everything I should have wanted. I should have been happy. Right? Ever since I was born, I had followed orders. That was just the way life was. Always pushing forward for the betterment of all Changelings. I didn't mind following orders, always being told and knowing what to do. That is, until I found out there was more to life. I could make decisions here. Chrysalis wasn't always around to tell me right from wrong, what to do and what not to do, and how to go about things. For once, I had control over my own life. At first, that frightened me. I had discovered individuality. I wasn't just some mindless creature that Chrysalis had made me to believe. I had a personality, my own likes and dislikes. And most of all... I had feelings. We weren't supposed to fall in love. That was never the plan. Just pretend, that was all. Deceive. I felt guilty. I felt guilty for deceiving him. I felt guilty for making him love me. I felt guilty for loving him. If I revealed my true self, it would be a betrayal to my entire family. But if I didn't, I would have to leave him in the dark, wondering where his special somepony went and what he did wrong. I guess I had never felt love before. It was just an emotion that we Changelings had to feed on. A life force provided by a lesser species. But maybe Changelings just fed on ponies... because they were jealous. After all, we shapeshifted into them, stole their lives... and then slowly destroyed them in the name of our existence. Or maybe... that was just me. But he really did love me—even if it wasn't the real me. I felt special, giddy. There was a whole wave of overwhelming emotions that I didn't understand. Even though I was personally tough, he treated me gently, with respect and care. For the first time, I felt bad for taking somepony's place. Before, we'd just do a hit and run. Arrange a date, meet with them, pretend to be their love, feed, and then go on our way. But Chrysalis' plan involved a long term relationship. That was something I was not prepared for. My life became so entwined with hers that I nearly forgot who I was. The lie that I was living consumed me, just as I was slowing consuming him. I guess that's why I tricked myself into thinking that he could love the real me. He already loved me for everything on the inside. The outside shouldn't matter, right? I revealed myself to him one night, and explained as gently as I could that his former mate was gone. But the look of terror on his face was enough to say that he would never accept me for who I was. He screamed at me to get out, throwing any object within reach at me to hurry my pace. I walked the streets alone that night, in my normal—well, my pony form. When I returned the next day, he had offed himself. I ran away. I went to Chrysalis for comfort. She was our queen, and I had always been her second in command and most trusted Changeling. I didn't go to her because I had failed. I was—I was heartbroken. It's a thing that few Changelings ever experience. I'd heard of heartbreak before. It was something that happened to weak Changelings. They became too attached to their host. Once something happened to their “mate”, they generally went insane. I never thought it would happen to me. I had let myself be blind to the truth. We disguised ourselves because nopony could love us in our natural form. I had thought my case was different... as others had in the past. It was a flaw in our design. Some of us were just destined to fall for the one who loved us—or rather, who we tricked ourselves into believing we were. But, just as I had, Chrysalis saw my actions as weak. I was damaged, flawed... she could no longer trust me. However, she was not without mercy. I was simply placed into the rank of pawn, one of the hundreds of Changelings who were ready to be her army and do her bidding. I ran away. I journeyed back to Canterlot, unsure of where to go or who to turn to. I had no home, no job, no friends. The life I had had before was all a ruse, and if I showed my face—her face—again, I would have a lot of explaining to do. It wasn't worth it to go back to my old life. There was nothing. I had nothing. I was nothing. I went back to my old ways, feeding here and there at random. I longed to have a relationship like before. To have somepony, just one pony, love me all the time—for who I was. I tried unsuccessfully to convince myself that he had never loved me for me. It had always been her. But still... I wanted what I had when I was her—but as me. I wanted to love and be loved, without doing so just to feed. Eventually, Chrysalis carried out her plan and overtook Canterlot. I was worried for myself when the initial shield went up, but I had already been in hiding for weeks. When the rest of the swarm finally attacked, I hid. I didn't know how long I could keep it up. I supposed that I would have to integrate back into the swarm, pretending to be one of the mindless. But I was afraid of her finding me. I had run away, and I knew that Chrysalis knew. She was just too busy with her current plan to pay mind to my whereabouts. If she found me... I would likely be destroyed as a traitor. I no longer worked for the good of the swarm, but for the good of myself. We were always supposed to work together, for the good of our species. But I was different. I had become an individual, one not part of the master plan. I was a liability. However, all too soon they were defeated, and banished from Equestria. Though I had still been in my shifted form, I was blown away with them. Chrysalis found me among the ranks, and I barely escaped with my life. Weakened and unable to change form, I journeyed back to nearby Equestria. I hoped against hope that I could find somepony to feed on, to get my strength back and heal myself. I tried pretending to be ordinary. I tried being fierce. The result from my sight was the same: screaming and running. Though I had ill intentions, all I could do was cause chaos. I was near death when they showed up.
  20. From the album: A Wild Album has appeared!

    I've been watching a lot of soccer lately, so I decided to "ponify" the soccer club logo of Real Zaragoza, a Spanish soccer team in Spain. "Real" is a title that Spanish monarchs would give to soccer clubs that were outstanding in their terms.

    © Real Zaragoza logo belongs to Real Zaragoza S.A.D., Celestia belongs to Hasbro, I just mashed them together

  21. I don't know how many Applications I went through today of Pegasus characters who had the wings of Princess Celestia. Those are not normal wings for a Pegasus! If you have them on your character, even just as the picture—CHANGE THEM. BEFORE I FIND YOU. Here, I made a comparison:
  22. AN: Written between 'Luna's Biggest Fan' and 'One Year Later', this was yet another one-shot featuring Luna. This one is a little grimdark, so there's your warning. This takes place the year after the Grand Galloping Gala shown in The Best Night Ever. FiMFiction Link Description This takes place the year after the Grand Galloping Gala shown in The Best Night Ever. Worse Nights Princess Celestia was busily greeting the guests of the Grand Galloping Gala, standing in her usual place at the top of the steps in the Main Hall. There, everypony would be sure to see her, and have the chance to greet her if they wished. A lull rose in the seemingly endless stream of hoofshaking ponies, and Celestia allowed herself a moment to relax. She knew it would be brief, but she breathed a sigh, taking a moment to take in the sights and sounds of the Gala. She caught something out of the corner of her eye, and turned her head sharply. On either side of her were two staircases, leading up into other parts of the Canterlot Castle. At the top of the stairs to Celestia's left stood Princess Luna beckoning her with a hoof to come closer. Luna was out of view of any of the other guests, standing just inside the hallway so that only Celestia could see her. Taking a quick glance down the steps in front of her to make sure that nopony was approaching, Celestia made her way up the stairs, a slight hurried-ness in her steps. But when she got to the top, Luna was gone... Making her way down the hall, Luna was waiting at the first turn. The first thing Celestia noticed was her dress. It was elegant, yet simply, deep blue with a slight waviness, and adorned with peacock feathers. She looked...beautiful. “Luna...” Her sister hadn't ventured out much since her return, preferring to devote her time to study and re-learning a few things. She'd stayed very much to herself, keeping to her room or other quiet and unoccupied places around the castle. But now—she was finally here, at the Gala! “Luna, you look amazing.” She paused. “Beyond amazing. You're absolutely stunning Luna.” Luna looked down at the ground, her ears drooping. “Luna, what's the matter?” Celestia prodded. “Come on, let's go enjoy the Gala together.” She caught a whiff of something fruity—was Luna wearing perfume, even? My, she'd certainly done herself up, hadn't she? “I've already been to the Gala.” Luna mumbled. “You have? Why didn't you tell me? Luna, really what is the matter?” Celestia's originally excited mood had been dampened by her sister's sorry look. Luna turned to look up at Celestia, looking as if she was about to cry. “I went to the Ballroom, just to try out the Gala for the first time, and— there was this bright pink pony, she was absolutely crazy! So I turned to leave, but I bumped into one of the tables...” she looked at the ground, shuffling her hooves nervously. “I ended up with a punchbowl on my head. I don't know if anypony saw, but I just couldn't stay there after that. But I wanted to show you my outfit before I retired for the evening.” Luna blushed, slightly embarrassed to admit in front of her sister that she actually liked to dress up and look pretty. Celestia felt so foolish. How had she not noticed before? Luna's slightly tangled hair, the fruity spell of punch, and the even darker patches of her dress where the drink had splattered. “Luna, you're beautiful anyways. Always. And your dress is absolutely lovely.” Celestia complemented her sister. “Thank you, Celestia. I think I shall go and bathe now. I'm starting to get rather sticky.” Luna lifted a front hoof to demonstrate, the slight suction-y sound proving her point. “Alright Luna, if you're sure...” Celestia glanced back to the Main Hall where her subjects were surely wondering where she'd disappeared to. “I am, quite. Thank you Celestia.” Luna turned, heading off somewhere else in the castle, as Celestia resumed her royal greeting duty. * * * After shampooing her hair and getting the stickiness off of her body, Luna debated getting out of the bathtub...and then decided to have some relaxation time instead. Laying on her back in the warm water, Luna let the warmth seep into herself and warm her down to the bone. Taking a giant gulp of breath, she slid under, letting the world of water take her away. It was so calm and peaceful, like she was floating... Wouldn't it be fine to just...float away? Leave everything behind, and slowly fade away... Luna let a few bubbles escape her lips, peering through the glimmering water to the ceiling. So warm, and such a calm feeling... Luna let the rest of the air escape her, a mound of bubbles rising to the surface...but Luna stayed below. Sucking in water through her nose, and feeling the sickly feeling inside her throat as, too fast, water made its way inside her. The edges of her vision became fuzzy and hazed. Reflexively, her mouth opened, hoping to gather some oxygen. Air! Air! AIR! Her body screamed, and suddenly Luna was thrashing about, her hooves making contact with one of the sides of the tub...but pushing against it did not reveal her face to the surface. Struggling get off her back and find bottom, Luna suddenly felt herself being pulled by her neck, and with a wooshing of water she felt the refreshing cool rush of air as she was brought to the surface. The upper half of her body was laid against the side of the side of the tub, while Luna coughed and sputtered water and gasped for air. She felt something press against her cheek, before she heard somepony speak. “Luna? Luna can you hear me?!” But seemingly in response, Luna's head fell limply to the side. Princess Celestia nudged her sister frantically, hoping, praying that she hadn't been too late. She couldn't forgive herself if— if— No! Not on the night of the Gala! Such a lovely night couldn't end— end with— Just then, Luna's eyes fluttered, opening as her breathing became less shallow. She tilted her head so that she was resting on her chin on the side of the tub, and looked up at her sister with sorrow filled eyes. Celestia breathed a heavy sigh of relief. “Luna! Luna I'm so glad that you're alright. I was so worried!” She checked Luna over with her eyes, wanting to comfort her, to reassure her that she was there. But she didn't want to crowd her. “Luna, what happened?” she prodded, slightly more calm than she had been. Luna's ears drooped even further, and her face fell. Staring at the floor, she breathed a sigh, not meeting her sister's worried eyes. “I'm sorry.” she whispered, barely audible. “S-Sorry for what?” Celestia asked, bending her head down to nuzzle her sister's face. “Everything's alright now. You're alright.” A tear escaped her, rolling down her slanted nose and dropping lightly onto Luna. Celestia gave a light sniff herself, bringing her head up again. She decided it would be easier to speak with her sister were she more on her level, and so she knelt beside the tub, placing her regal head next to Luna's on the edge of the bathtub. “I'm here Luna. Alright? I'll stay here as long as you need.” Luna closed her eyes and took in a sharp breath. “How can you say that if you don't love me?” Her voice was tainted with bitterness as she spoke. Celestia gasped, raising her head back quickly. “Luna I—I don't—What in the world would make you think that?” she felt tears welling up inside her, and squinted her once to hopefully avoid the waterworks. Luna vied to answer and instead began to climb out of the tub. With both front hooves on the edge, she placed on back hoof up as well, to hoist herself over. But it was far too slippery, and Luna fell over the side. Luckily, Celestia quickly stretched her neck in front of Luna to soften the tumble. Helping her sister up as best she could, Celestia meanwhile pulled a towel from one of the racks, levitating it to Luna using her magic. Luna sat in silence, her shoulders hunched and ears drooping and eyes staring at the floor. Celestia wrapped the towel around her mane, gently soaking up the excess water. Grabbing another towel, Celestia laid it across Luna's back. She'd begun to shiver ever so slightly in the cool air, but still had not replied to her sister. “Luna?” Celestia prodded. “Please Luna, talk to me.” “You know why.” Luna mumbled, looking up at her sister, her eyes glaring and boring into her. Of course Celestia knew. But bringing it back up wasn't helping anypony. She wouldn't say that Luna's punishment hurt herself more than her sister...but she had had to struggle too, through all those years. “Luna, I'm so sorry! I don't know how many times I have to say it. I don't know what I can do to make it better. Not having you here tore me apart. I don't think I ever told you that. I felt so guilty, after I realized what I'd done. I don't know what that must have been like... I wish that I could take back all those years. But know Luna, please do... You didn't suffer alone. What I experienced may pale in comparison to what you had to go through. But I know that what happened to you is my fault. We were both so young, and I was foolish—I—I just...” Celestia rose, turning to leave. Several tears escaped her eyes now, rolling down her face and splashing to the floor. She'd finally said her piece, what had been bottled up for so long. She and Luna had been dodging around each other for the past year, avoiding each other or else avoiding the topics they both had so desperately been needing to talk about. Everything was just so hard and complicated now. Celestia hadn't brought anything up because she didn't think that Luna wanted to talk about it—that Luna didn't want to talk to her. “Celestia!” Luna called after her, an edge of panic in her voice. “Please don't leave me alone.” Celestia turned sharply, whipping around to face her sister. “Luna—Luna of course not!” She moved to her knees again so that she was closer to her sister. She wiped her eyes, a hopeful smile creeping across her face. “You shouldn't blame yourself!” Luna exclaimed. “I do, but I shouldn't. Everything is my fault. It always was. I was selfish, and foolish—” “But you didn't deserve that!” Celestia cut in. “If—If I had known... I didn't know what I was doing anymore than you did. We made a mistake—but we can't spend our whole lives thinking on one regret. This is tearing us apart Luna! It's tearing ME apart!” Celestia's voice cracked on the last bit She shut her eyes tight, partially to keep from crying again and partially to keep from looking at Luna. She was so ashamed of what she'd done...what she'd made Luna go through. She was the older sister. She should have protected her from harm, not brought it upon her. Luna shook off both towels and let them fall to the floor. Then she rushed to her sister, rubbing against her chest and lower neck, feeling her warmth and hearing her heartbeat. She'd been gone for so long, without contact from anypony...It was difficult to believe this was actually real. Celestia opened her eyes, looking down at her sister. She wrapped her neck around Luna's, holding her close. This was how it was always meant to be, the two of them, together, in harmony. Celestia held Luna for several long minutes while silence reigned. After they had let go, Celestia noticed Luna's mussed and still slightly damp mane. Telekinetically grabbing a brush from the counter, Celestia began to brush her sisters hair, while they both remained enveloped in their thoughts. But after only a few moments Luna pulled away and whipped around. “I'm not a foal Celestia! I can brush my own mane!” she yelled, a sudden change in her mood. “Oh!” Celestia exclaimed, jerking back a little at the sudden outburst. “Alright then.” she said softly, placing the brush back on the counter. “But I—would prefer if you did it.” Luna sighed, almost in a defeated manner. “Come over here, Luna.” Celestia motioned in front of herself with one hoof as the brush came over. Luna sat down in front of Celestia, her half tangled mane partially falling into her eyes. As Celestia carefully brushed Luna's thick locks, both of them were silent. Celestia felt that they had talked enough seriousness for the night. Luna was just absorbed in the feeling that having her hair brushed by somepony else brought. She could her the slow breathing of herself along with Celestia's, and it was comforting just to have somepony nearby. She sighed with happiness, a moment of content settling upon her. For once, Luna was actually, truly happy. But then Luna thought of something. “Celestia, what about the Galaaaaaa—” she'd turned to her sister, and had accidentally caused the brush to become caught in her mane. “There will be another one next year.” Celestia said nonchalantly, smiling at Luna and trying to maneuver the brush back to her sister's hair again. “But your subjects—” Celestia placed a hoof over Luna's mouth to hush her. “Luna, there will also be somepony who needs me, somepony who needs my attention. But right now, that pony happens to be you. And I wouldn't miss this moment for all of Equestria. We're finally together again. And no number of Gala's could take the place of spending time with you.” Celestia smiled, rubbing her face against Luna's in reassurance. Luna welcomed the gesture for a moment before she spoke. “But how did you know? That I was—in trouble?” she asked. “Luna, we're sisters—I don't know, I suppose it was instinct.” Celestia mused. Luna continued to enjoy the soft touch of her sister for a few seconds longer, before she took a couple of steps back. “You—You asked what happened. Earlier.” she paused and swallowed. “I tried—I tried to—I thought that—” Luna took a deep breath, holding it for a second before she continued. “I don't know what came over me. I was trying to—I almost took my life by my own hoof! Oh gosh, I almost—I could've—” Celestia's eyes went wide and she gasped as it all became clear. Luna had attempted to take her own life—and had nearly succeeded. “Luna—Luna why?” Celestia stared in shocked disbelief that her sister would attempt something so—so rash. “I don't—I don't know exactly. I just—I guess I thought that things might be better that way. Without me... You know, being in the way of things.” Celestia stood up, moving the couple of steps forward to her sister and nudging her with a leg. “Luna, you must never think that. I'll always love you, no matter what. I held on to the hope, for years...that you would come back one day, and be by my side again. I don't ever want to lose you like I did. I couldn't bear it, especially if I knew that I was the one who was responsible. Luna, I don't know if you can ever forgive me—and I don't blame you if you don't. But promise me you won't leave me again.” Celestia bent her neck so she could rub her nose along Luna's neck, hoping that she would understand. Luna turned her cheek so that it touched Celestia's. “Why is it then that you have you been avoiding me so much since my return?” Luna asked, a pang of sadness in her voice now. “Luna—I haven't spoken with you because I thought that was what you wanted. I only want to give you every happiness I possibly can. You deserve it after—everything that happened. If you'd only told me I would've stayed by your side every moment I could—” “Celestia.” Luna made her way around her sister's front legs and under her belly, popping up again between Celestia's two front hooves and looking up at her. Luna placed the top of her head against the under side of her sister, placing her front hooves in front of Celestia's. Luna basked in the closeness, almost jittery with excitement that at long last, they were together again. She felt the warmth emanating from her sister, could feel the soft rise and fall of her stomach as she breathed. She could, perhaps, even hear the soft flutter of her sister's heartbeat, and feel the pounding of her own, in unison—just as it should be. Luna spoke. “This won't be easy for either of us. I don't know who's going to have the harder time in all this. But you're here, now. We'll get through this, right? We're together now. We said we always would be—and truly, we always have.” Luna said thoughtfully. “Luna, there is NOTHING that can ever separate us like that again.” Celestia bent to touch noses with her sister. “We're connected by destiny. But more than that, we are connected by blood.” “And by love.” Luna added. And for the first time, in a very long time, both of them smiled... TOGETHER.
  23. From the album: Legend of Celestia

    (Who is nightmare? - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zx5pqE6aYTOw0GTRQKws8gb-S3VAHtqB6GrB2gP4dwo/edit Protagonist of Legend of Celestia, best way to explain is with the intro cutscene) A bored Nightmare scoots around her room while Celestia observes her mysterious creation/discovery. Again, thanks to Parker_Izing!
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