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  1. Zeig


    From the album: MLP Characters

    Another one of those "I want to draw but I don't know what so I'll just doodle around and see what happens" type of drawings. She's suppose to be walking through a pool of water with the moon's reflection over her, but I discovered something kind of interesting about myself when I was trying to paint this. I don't know anything about drawing water. Except for specific circumstances, positions, etc. A view from the top looking straight down, however? I was lost. Still, for a quick doodle that turned into a speed paint, I think it turned out all right. I definitely need to look up some water tutorials, though. Princess Luna (c) Hasbro
  2. BeGoneThots


    From the album: Just sketches

    She never wants to let anyone get close anymore. Because it always ends in pain.
  3. From the album: My original art.

    Practice that turned into "hey look I drew a thing". I'm using a new art program that is really nifty. I have to play around with new methods for how I draw things, but for the most part I'm getting along alright. I still miss Photoshop though ; A; If you haven't already, give Medibang Paint Pro a try. Its like a free Paint Tool sai, though Ive never used Paint Tool Sai, it sounds like something I would use I wasn't planning on submitting anything, but I liked the direction I was going in so I decided to keep going. The goal of this was still to play around with this program and I'm glad I decided to make a complete picture instead of aimless scribbles. So here you go! 1st pic made on a new art program. Yay!
  4. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep is episode one hundred four in Friendship is magic. The story was done by the director and supporting director of FIM, Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen respectively, and it was written for television by Scott Sonneborn, and the storyboard was done by Sabrina Alberghetti and Nicole Wang. The original airdate of this episode is on July 11, 2015. Background information for this is that this episode's plot was originally teased at San Diego Comic Con 2014. M.A Larson's personal website had posted that episode thirteen of Season 5 title would be 'From Seapony to Shining Seapony'. On June 27th, 2015, M.A Larson tweeted the question 'who do you trust more: me or zap2it?' He later tweeted the correct answer is Zap2it. Princess Luna's bedroom was designed by Phil Caesar. The summary of the story is that because Tantabus had grown powerful enough that if allowed to escape into the real world of FIM it can cause untold horrific nightmares to happen, Princess Luna, feeling guilty about letting it happen, decides to enlist the mane 6 and Spike by requesting that they sleep in their dreams so that she can find and locate Tantabus and stop him. Positives: 1. I liked Spike's characterization in the episode. Spike's portrayal in the episode was notable to me in a good way. Not only was he the helpful little dragon we know and love, but here had a couple of things I liked such as him lamenting how Luna didn't considered him important enough for her dreams and when he returned to his Buff Spike form from Season 1 to help the mane 6 and Luna battle against Tantabus in their dream. It was a small but noteworthy role he had in the episode. 2. The many returns of past character incarnations and fandom memes came through in this episode and most can be found in the best scene in the whole episode in the battle against Tantabus. If you thought the episode Slice of Life was the last time we see fandom references in the show, think again. This episode had plenty of different character egos in the episode in the form of: Nightmare Moon Rainbow Powered Mane 6. Winged muffins Flutterbat! Lyrabon! He even came with his own Sailor Moon esque transformation sequence. Princess Big Mac! Buff Knight Spike returns! Power Ponies return as well! This was a rather bittersweet scene for me. And many more that are not listed. Please feel free to add more in the comments section below. Most of these can be found at the battle against Tantabus at the climax where the whole of Ponyville and Luna fight to ensure Tantabus does not escape into the real world. That scene was in my opinion the best moment in the episode as it was creative, fun, and filled with energy as it was clear this was the scene the animators and the writers had the most fun writing this episode. 3. Luna receives some character development. While I'm not a big on Luna, I do recognize that she had received character development in the episode. She developed Tantabus as a sort of 'Pain Glove' as a measure to inflict herself with horrific nightmares so that way she'll remind herself of the terrible evil she had committed so that she'll never do it again. This shows a direct way of Luna's painfully regretting the crimes she had committed as Nightmare Moon and chooses to punish herself every night in her dream, bearing her guilt all the way. As Second Opinion in his vid had shown, this is actually a rather serious issue of self loathing being discussed on the show with Luna as it's tool to talk about. While I'm not going to say this portrayal was perfect or even good I'll explain below, the episode's intentions for Luna were good. What's especially fulfilling was seeing the mane 6 convincing Luna that she is not Nightmare Moon as she would've allowed Tantabus to escape while Luna is doing everything she can to stop it, showing that she isn't her. Most importantly, they tell her that they all trust her now, so how about she learned to trust them believing that she has changed. This is a nice reflection of a person needing to learn to not only learn to forgive their past actions but to also not punish themselves so severely just to ensure their past actions never come again and instead see how the people around them interact and if they've gone to accept them, perhaps they should learn to accept that they've changed for the better and learn to love themselves more. 4. I really loved this beautiful scene in the episode. 5. This dream sequence of Rd's nightmare was hilarious for me. 6. Feats for Luna's dream abilities are visibly shown in this episode. This episode is a good trove of information for what Luna can do with her dream abilities in interfacing with a person's dream and yes she can attack you in your sleep so she can mind attack you, can integrate multiple people into one dream, and her dream powers are unique to her as she confirms that only she can do them and Celestia has no powers in the dream realm. Those who wanted more feats for Luna's dream ability are going to be thrilled for this episode. Negatives: 1. Not too bad, but did you guys felt the mane 6's dreams were a bit...safe? Despite this being a dream episode where it's where the animators typically go all out in creativity with their rigs and such, I was disappointed at how stereotypical the Mane 6's dreams were. The dreams the mane 6 were dreaming of are: Rarity: Dreams of dresses that turn on her and attempt to eat her. Pinkie Pie: Thinks of random things and it happens to her. Fluttershy: Loves being groomed by her pet Angel till Angel turns into a pony eating monster. Applejack: Dreams of growing the largest apple in existence and her nightmare of seeing her apple orchard rotting away. Rainbow Dash: Beating the crap out of the Changelings and is terrified of cute things happening. While I had strong Buttercup from the PowerPuff Girls vibes in this characterization of Rainbow Dash's dream, this one was the best only because of how creepy those flowers and song were. Twilight Sparkle: Loves to read books in a library where the books turn on her and attack her. Again it's not to say these were bad by any means, and you can probably counter that they probably dream of something simple for the sake of making things easy for Luna to find Tantabus as they were informed, but I felt that the animators could've done more for the mane 6 in this dream sequence. Personally, the comic NMR arc did this aspect better as it showed an interesting take on the mane 6 by showing them their worst fears that were elaborate and held some damning consequences for them in life like RD being unable to join the Wonderbolts due to being unable to fly. 2. For a princess of the night and guardian of dreams, how did Luna not know RD loves punching things in her dreams? It's a minor thing really, but I felt it was kind of incredulous that she would assume that Rainbow Dash attacking changelings is a nightmare of hers. Rainbow Dash had to go and remind her that that it was a dream come true. But I digress on another matter. 3. Tantabus's concept was sloppy and heavily flawed. While the idea of Luna punishing herself for the wrongs she had committed is an interesting turn to her character, it wasn't executed particularly well for several reasons. A. She is deliberately making Tantabus stronger by letting it feed off of her negative emotions. Now I just can't imagine how Luna could ever think letting a sentient creature get stronger just for the sake of letting it become a pain glove. B. According to Luna, if that thing gets into the real world, it would cause untold amount of nightmares to happen. Now all I can wonder is how could Luna even think creating such a creature was a good idea, letting alone letting it get stronger? This is the equivalent of a person feeling guilty of creating Nukes and decides to create a bio bomb to remind himself to never create such a devastating weapon ever again only for said bio bomb is getting approval for use due to the potential devastation it caused. Really, how could anyone think creating that Tantabus can be anything but a disaster waiting to happen? C. Wasn't a big fan on the 'smoke' appearance Tantabus had. Though I do say I did liked its giant pony appearance it appeared to be at the end. 4. The resolution to Luna's conflict occurred too fast. One noted problem I've had with the episode's pacing is how quick Luna's resolution to her conflict was that after she learned to forgive herself, not only does Tantabus suddenly decide to stop doing whatever it was doing but it returned to Luna amicably. It was like a switch suddenly flipped for that thing to return to Luna all because she learned not to hate herself so much. This just appeared awkward, forced, and rather confusing that Tantabus would decide to stop it was doing and returns to Luna no problem. Hypnosparkle on MLP forums made an excellent point for how rather insulting it was for Luna's conflict to have been resolved so quickly as a person with noted issues of self love issues in Luna is able to quickly resolve and never have to worry about those issues again simply because she agreed with what Twilight had said. Cleverclover on mlp forums made a good point in the comment section that the scene probably would've been stronger had Celestia been the one to reach and comfort Luna there. Conclusion: It may have a good idea and vision for what it wanted to do to Luna in the episode, but thanks to its heavily flawed writing and a rather poor execution for Tantabus and his concept, it mitigated alot of the effects that could've been great for Luna. Instead this was probably one of Luna's weakest appearances in the series, which is notably strong mind you. Do Ponies Dream of Magic Sheep I felt could've been more, especially in the first half where I felt the episode played it a bit too safe with the mane 6's dreams and characterizations. However, it did what it wanted to for Luna reasonably decent enough and even touching for Luna's sake so the effort wasn't a failure and with many fandom references and past character incarnations in the show return in this episode at least ensure the battle in the Dream of Ponyville was entertaining, even with a rushed resolution hurting the story's impact. Score: 6.5/10 Grade: D
  5. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    I think I have dawn Luna once before? Well anyway not enough and not in her season two form, which I am far bigger fan of than her original form. Anyway everything was drawn, even the stars in her mane and the background; those are not images I got from anywhere, they too were rendered. Biggest pain was her cutie mark, because it had to be added and manipulated to follow of the curves around her flank, and there is no specific pics how they are supposed to look from behind. I know people will think it as such, but I didn't intend this as a "plot pic", but however you want to interpret it, I just wanted to have fun with the shading and the stars.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  6. From the album: Mane 6 and characters

    This was just lineart for ages since Ive been in a art slump. Finally decided to color it. I might revisit this later since there was alot I wanted to do here, but just felt like keeping it simple. Enjoy some Luna/Nightmare moon.

    © Hasbro owns Luna/Nightmare

  7. From the album: MLP FiM Characters

    "So gouda!" And here I was thinking my first drawing of Luna was going to be something majestic.

    © art by me character by hasbro

  8. From the album: Canon Characters

    Just a random mini Luna ^^
  9. Well it is finally that time of the year again! A new season of the show we love, Friendship Is Magic, is finally upon us! So here is the official discussion thread for the first two episodes, which are a two parter: Princess Twilight Sparkle. This time we are doing things a little different, the thread is open from the beginning instead of time locked to the episode. Also, spoilers and screenshots are welcome, however we ask that they be under the 'Spoiler' tags. So let's discuss! It's good to be the boss!
  10. Luna stared out the window of the train, watching as fierce winds laden with heavy snowflakes whirled around outside. It seemed as though the weather outdoors was reflecting her mood, although that might be hyperbole. The princess sighed and pulled her gaze away from the storm, looking idly around her personal train car for some sort of distraction. It shouldn’t be long before the train arrived in the Crystal Empire and she could see Cadence, but she was feeling quite restless all the same. The Princess of Love had been having troubling nightmares lately, and her aunt, the Guardian of Dreams, felt that she should approach her about it. She could have spoken to the new ruler of the Crystal Empire within the dreamscape, but Luna felt as though this was an opportunity not just to help Cadence, but also to spend some quality time with her as well. The Princess couldn’t settle on what to distract herself with. Her restlessness was tempting her to leap from the car and fly the rest of the way to the Crystal Empire, but she knew better than to hop right into to wailing blizzards of the north – that would be dangerous even for a princess who lived with two hooves in the æther. Unable to decide on what to do, Luna turned back to the window and was met with quite a shock! Just as the scenery turned from violent wintry storms to a balmy summer paradise, a strange jolt of arcane energy seemed to rustle her heart. She had just passed through the magical barrier that protected the Crystal Empire, and what impressive magic it was! It had been some time since Luna had felt such an unfamiliar and powerful surge of energy. Before long, the train slowed to a stop and Luna stepped out of her car, nodding to the two members of the Lunar Guard who had accompanied her. Already, she found herself smiling at the radiant beauty of the crystal ponies and crystal structures surrounding her, and this was merely the train station! With eagerness in her stride, the lunar Princess began to trot forward through the gate, aiming to reach the castle as quickly as possible. That goal was proving to be a difficult one to meet without temptation. As soon as Luna reached the sprawling crystal metropolis, she felt sorely tempted to move leisurely and take in the sights. Everything here twinkled and sparkled! The atmosphere was unlike anything she had ever seen, and the ponies whose gazes she was drawing with her presence (and the presence of her rather eye-catching guards) were equally as stunning as their city. Nonetheless, despite temptation, Luna kept her teal eyes trained on road signs and swiftly made way to the castle. Once there, she resisted the urge to gape and gawk at the massive, glittering spires. Such remarkable beauty! And surely the craftsmanship that had gone into it was even more remarkable than the structure itself. Luna cast a glance backwards, then, and smiled as she noticed the slack-jawed expressions on the faces of her guards. It was so unusual to see such normally stern faces so swept up in the beauty of the Crystal Empire, but their expressions were reflecting their Princess’s own reaction perfectly. Soon enough, she was upon the castle entrance, which was flanked by guards. She dipped her head respectfully and then approached one of them, making sure to show manners and graciousness as opposed to simply charging in and throwing around her obvious authority (which was announced by her regalia, her size, her combination of horn and wings, and the ethereal quality of her undulating mane and tail). [colour=#6699ff]“Good afternoon, sir,”[/colour] she said politely, dipping her head to the blue crystalline stallion, [colour=#6699ff]“I am Princess Luna, the aunt of your Princess Cadence. She was not expecting me, but could you please inform her of my arrival? If you don’t mind, I shall wait here in the foyer.”[/colour] The guard nodded, and after allowing the Princess and her guard to step into the foyer he followed after and went off in the direction Cadence was to be found, no doubt. Luna’s spirits, which were much higher than they were back in the blizzard, were still steadily rising as she took in the outstanding beauty of the crystal castle. Colour and light came to life here in a way that Luna had never seen anywhere else in Equestria. The light that came from the sun bounced off of every surface and painted every inch of the world inside the castle that wasn’t made of crystal with the pale, reflected hues of the tall walls and decorations. What a wondrous kingdom Cadence lives in!
  11. From the album: ARTS

    I got bored and decided to draw Luna in an Ushanka....and then a trench coat...and then I made a Soviet Style flag...and ended up with this...sorry about the colours being a little off, I don't have a scanner so I had to take a picture with my cell phone, and this being a spur of the moment thing at 5 in the morning I had to work with the coloured pencils I had around. I'm not really happy with how the Ushanka came out...so I may attempt another version of this later, who knows. Feel free to critique the actual artwork though, just please leave out the colour, I know its off. Thanks. In Lunar Equestria Art draws you! (its funny because if your reading this it drew you to click the link...haha!)

    © TheRavingVixen2013

  12. [colour=#000080]PRINCESS LUNA: A COMMENTARY BY BELLOSH101[/colour] Hello, and welcome to another edition of “Canterlot RP Spotlight”. This week, I’ve taken the liberty of covering one of our site’s most beloved cast characters. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Her Highness, the Princess of the Moon & Night: WARNING: HERE BE RP SPOILERS. I don’t think anyone here needs to be told who Princess Luna is. You know, the younger sister of Princess Celestia who got banished to the Moon for a thousand years, terrorized a town with antiquated ROYAL CANTERLOT TRADITIONS, and plays games of Inception with Equestria’s foals. For a character who only has a major appearance once per season, Luna has received quite a nifty character arc for herself. It’s not very hard to see why she’s become so popular with the MLP fandom. Over here at Canterlot, Princess Luna has been portrayed by MyLittlePonyTales since almost the beginning of the forum’s existence. Just like with the show, Tales’s Luna underwent a character arc of her own. Behaving early on as the shy remorseful princess that many fans took Luna for back in the old days, the princess in Mane RP learned how to take names and regain her alicorn powers. Nowadays Luna enjoys seeking out the company of other ponies, although her royal status ensures that she gets surrounded by folks wherever she goes. Having already been spotted in such places as Sweet Apple Acres, a Canterlot coffee shop, and even a shop next to a junkyard, who knows where we’ll see Luna next? Before we go forward, here’s a blast from a past for all of you fine people: the original Season One-era version of Tales’s character profile for Princess Luna: ----------------------- [colour=#000080]The Castle Garden[/colour][colour=#000080] / [/colour][colour=#000080]Night Walk[/colour][colour=#000080] / [/colour][colour=#000080]Recuperation in... Paradise?[/colour][colour=#000080] / [/colour][colour=#000080]Good Morning, Skyeshine[/colour][colour=#000080]:[/colour] Forming a four-part series, these RPs will give readers a glimpse into the really old days of Canterlot RP, when Princess Luna hadn’t yet became her Season Two self and when members could RP as OC relatives of the Royal Princesses themselves. The story begins in the castle garden, with the angsty Luna running away from Princess Celestia, played back then by MudBug, after telling her sister about a moon celebration she was contemplating. Heading off into the Whitetail Wood at night, Luna finds a new friend in the form of Skye, a long-lived peryton portrayed by the RPer of the same name. Along with finding someone new to bond with, Luna also begins the process of patching things up with her older sister... all after a brief scare with a ferocious bear first! As readers can see, Tales’s Luna has come a long way since early 2011. Leaving off after the “Elements of Harmony” pilot episodes, Her Highness’s powers still hadn’t returned to her at the time, leaving her to mope about her uselessness. More importantly perhaps, the princess was too afraid seek out other ponies during the early days of Canterlot RP, thinking that everypony still hated her due to turning into Nightmare Moon. With all those chips on her shoulder, it’s thus a major accomplishment for Her Highness to make a friend in modern-day Equestria. Of course though, Luna would still have miles to go before she truly “returned to form”..... ----------------------- [colour=#000080]One is the Loneliest Number:[/colour] In due time, Princess Luna summons the willpower to show her face in Canterlot. Filled with anxiety, she braves the city streets and quickly finds herself surrounded by ponies. Her earlier fears that her subjects would cower in fear due to her dark past proved to be unfounded... somewhat. When overzealous guards arrive on the scene to drive onlookers back, one young mare is left in hysterics over her persumed arrest. Luna however authoritavely sends the guards off and successfully calms down the mare, Riverhippo's OC Granola Gracie. And so Miss Gracie winds up as the first pony in Mane RP whom the princess personally wins over. All and all, things went rather well for Her Highness. Aside from seeing once and for all that her subjects did not fear her one bit, Luna for the first time made use of her royal authority for one of the very first times post-NMM. Not only that, but the princess even learned of "night clubs" for the first time. Yet it would take another RP for Luna to eventually unlock her innate powers..... ----------------------- [colour=#000080]An Eccentric Trespasser:[/colour] What started with the “Skye Quadrilogy” comes full circle with this RP, as we finally see how Princess Luna completes her transformation into the alicorn that we now know and love. When Luna and Celestia stumble upon the strange Doctor Whooves, still played to this day by Bramble Rose, the Royal Pony sisters get more than they bargained for when they follow the Doctor into the underbelly of Canterlot Castle. To their horror they find the lower levels infested with manasprites, parasprite-like bugs that feed off magic and have cocooned a number of guards. It is left to Luna to distract the main swarm while Celestia and Doctor Whooves confront the Manasprite Queen. As one might expect, the trio end up eradicating the bugs and saving the day. For Princess Luna however, the adventure also awakened her dormant alicorn powers and restored her to her true stary-maned self. With the life of her subjects and her sister on the line, we also see the princess finally shake off her self-doubt and confidently step up to fulfill her role as bait. Gone forever is the old Luna who lamented her worthlessness and past history; in her place is a princess that we see in Mane RP today. Taking place over the course of a year in real-time and going through two Celestia-RPers in the process, “An Eccentric Trespasser” should be read by all Canterlot members interested in adventure RPs. Aside from seeing the princesses work together as a team, Doctor Whooves's oddball personality provides a humorous foil to the down-to-business royal alicorns. In many respects, the story feels like something that came from an actual Doctor Who episode. Before moving on, I just wanted to add this quote from the Doctor concerning her potential: ----------------------- [colour=#000080]A Night Under the Stars:[/colour] Now confident in her mantle as Princess of the Night, Luna is much more willing to wander out of the castle and make the acquaintance of her subjects. She encounters on one of her nocturnal expeditions the unicorns Ice Storm and Fire Heart, OCs used by IceStormx and Lux respectively who control their namesake elements. Later on, the trio also meets another night lover named Moondancer (one of my OCs as a matter of fact) while bonding at a deserted coffee shop. In this thread, Luna is shown to be quite well adjusted to contemporary Equestria... at least more so than her immediate post-NMM self. Her Highness still finds it a bit odd that her night has become more appreciated nowadays, but you won’t see her angst over how she doesn’t deserve any sort of praise whatsoever. As a sign of her newfound maturity however, Luna additionally proves herself more comfortable with providing guidance and inspiration to her fellow ponies. In short, “A Night Under the Stars” is a neat glimpse into how Luna performs in an intimate RP setting. ----------------------- [colour=#000080]1[/colour][colour=#000080]00 Country Kisses:[/colour] If the previous RP could be considered “cozy”, this thread would be the exact opposite. Craving the taste of fresh apples, Princess Luna inadvertently winds up as one of many ponies who descend upon Sweet Apple Acres on the day of a special promotion; buy a bushel of apples, and get a kiss from Applejack (as played by Riverhippo). Using her royal prestige to cut to the front of the line, Luna proves herself to be a rather fussy customer. Not only was she dissatisfied with her apples, but she even demanded a redo of the kiss AJ provided. At least it made for a good picture though: (Image drawn by BrainedBySaucepans) If anything, “100 Country Kisses” shows what happens whenever Princess Luna is inserted into a thread with a crowd of other characters in an Open RP. Namely, ponies lose their minds as they either rush to bow to one of their rulers or otherwise seek out her attention. Thanks to such crowds, it can be rather hard for characters to have some proper one-on-one moments with the princess. This brings us to our last spotlighted thread for the day..... ----------------------- [colour=#000080]AMA: Princess Edition:[/colour] As part of a month-long stunt by the Canterlot Royal Public Relations departments, all three of Equestria’s princesses solicit letters from their subjects and respond to them as they see fit. As one of the three princesses, Luna gets bombarded with a whole slew of letters. Those who have engaged in written back-and-forth correspondence with her so far included an adorable filly, a pirate, a sleep-deprived weather pony, and more. If you want your character to interact with Luna without dealing with pesky crowds, then this thread is absolutely for you. Heck, who knows what will come with your OC's correspondence with the Night Mare? So don’t delay; post today!!! ----------------------- And now, here’s an interview of the ever-amazing MyLittlePonyTales where the secrets of RPing as Luna are revealed to all: ----------------------- And that’s a wrap. As usual, I hope everyone here enjoyed this latest read. Come back next week when I go ahead and spotlight another one of our site’s great RP threads. PS: Enjoy the new year, everybody!
  13. From the album: Livestream Requests

    Fourth request from my 29-30/12/12 Livestream, taking me up to the 14 hour mark... riverhippo requested this from his ongoing 100 Country Kisses RP. Applejack thought that offering a free kiss with every bushel of apples sold would be a good way to move some surplus stock. Little did she know that a certain princess was looking to make a purchase, or that Granny Smith would inadvertently capture the special moment for prosperity.

    © Art © Paul Dunn 2012, Original Characters © Hasbro

  14. Lux

    Princess Luna

    From the album: Lux's Gallery

    It's been a while since I drew a Princess, so I decided to draw my favorite one, Princess Luna! Here we have Luna standing on a hill, admiring the night sky she helped create.
  15. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Making a set of a dozen different "ponies in socks" magnets for an upcoming convention (these were first showed in pencil in a thread); managed to finish the entire set. Not sure if all are suitable for the gallery (although none are adult), this one though I figure is alright. *Update* They did pretty darn well at the convention, Luna here sold the second most.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artwork © Brianblackberry

  16. “But Celestia, my sister—“ Luna turned to Celestia as the doors closed, and Twilight Sparkle began her journey to the Crystal Empire, “—my protege can easily deal with the return of Sombra. I think we should send her instead of Twilight.” Celestia was silent, staring after her student though she was no longer in view, before turning around and shaking her head. “Luna, I know she is powerful. But she is not the Element of Magic.” “She could have been, and you know it!” Luna retorted. Celestia turned her head to look Luna in the eyes. “But she's not. The fact remains that she was not the one to come to your aid. That was the test that the Elements used, and you know the Elements can't change hooves until a wielder has passed on.” Luna looked a bit put out, but she knew it to be true. Though Trixie was every bit as powerful as Twilight, maybe even more so, being an Element holder gave her an edge that nopony else could beat. Seeing as Luna seemed to have nothing to say, Celestia continued walking away, until she heard, “Fine then. I shall away to console her with many hugs and kisses." But by the time she'd turned back, Luna had teleported away in a flash of magic. Celestia scrunched up her face, staring at the spot where her sister had stood just a moment ago, and giving a “Hmm.” Luna couldn't have said what she'd thought she'd said. She must have heard wrong. * * * "I'm sorry Trixie." Luna sighed, once she was back in their room. Trixie had had no place to go when Luna found her. In exchange for becoming her personal student, Trixie was allowed to remain in Canterlot Castle. It was Luna's own personal decision to move the Unicorn into her own chambers. They were far too large for one single pony anyway. “But Celestia doesn't even trust me to go. Just wants to send her little pet." she mumbled the last bit. "I suppose it figures Sparkle would show me up again." she spat the name of the purple Unicorn. "Hmm." Luna made her way to her bed, resting upon it. Trixie, instead of going to relax on her own bed, which was parallel to Luna's, joined the princess on hers. Luna looked at her curiously, her head cocking to the side, but she did not protest as the blue mare snuggled up next to her. Any normal subject would not dare be so informal, so bold, to anypony of royal blood. Even though Trixie was Luna's own special student, just as Twilight Sparkle was to Celestia, they had never gotten... well, quite this close. "I guess while your sister is handling things, as usual, we're stuck here. Together." Trixie gave her own sigh, but a second later realized the implication of her words. "I mean, not, you know, together—" her face flushed, and she scooted away from her mentors side. "Where do you think you're going?" Luna pulled Trixie back to her with a wing, smiling playfully. Trixie blushed again, shuffling her front hooves in front of her. Luna's gesture left Trixie speechless, for the moment. She wasn't sure what she should say, or do... or what the princess was now implying. She looked to Luna, the uncertainty evident on her face. "You should smile." Luna said, her wing still wrapped around the smaller pony. "I like your smile." "No one... usually compliments Trixie." A shiver ran through her, though it wasn't cold. "I know that you tell me how well I'm doing with my magic, how many spells I'm learning, how much stronger I'm getting. But it's not the same thing." she paused, trying to work out how to explain what she meant. "Besides, Trixie is not pretty." she blinked, and a tear rolled down her left cheek. Luna grimaced. Often times when they were training, or even just talking, Trixie would start to go off on some little tangent and then... just stop. She would get this look in her eye, then quit for the day and go off by herself. Luna always let her go. It wasn't her business to pry. But she always felt bad, because it was always something she said that made Trixie become that way. But tonight, she wasn't going to let her go. Luna herself was often sad... though years of practice had taught her to hide it from her subjects. Even around Trixie, she hadn't let her guard down. Maybe if she had, things would be different between them. Luna leaned down, kissing Trixie's cheek before the tear had a chance to fall, and with a flick of her tongue, she had wiped it away. She knew she should have asked, she should have been more polite. But she wanted to comfort her friend, more than anything in the world right now, yet it was so hard to know how. Trixie let out an "Oh!" in surprise, turning to the princess as she sniffled. She studied Luna's eyes for a long moment, the two staring at each other for several moments. Their eyes blinked, back and fourth, but nopony said a word. The only sound in the room was the breathing from the two mares, as each tried to read what the other was thinking. Luna broke the silence as she cleared her throat, then opened her mouth to speak. But she couldn't find the words to say what she was thinking, or even what she should say, or ask, or even do. The princess swallowed visibly, before inching her face just a tad closer to that of her pupil. She was testing the waters, waiting for a signal from Trixie as to whether she should pursue her growing desire, or if she was being too forward. This wasn't... normal behavior for a princess. There was all sorts of protocol, courting and romancing, all sorts of... old ways. This wasn't a thousand years ago, and maybe— The two mares moved as one, though Luna's lips pressed much harder against Trixie's. She was a strong and powerful mare, after all, much more so than any normal pony. Trixie's eyes had already closed, but Luna's remained open for a brief moment while she still held a hint of doubt in her mind. But as she felt the other mare's eager lips against her own, felt their breath begin to mingle, she suddenly didn't care anymore. She was a princess, and nopony should give a **** about how she decided to live her life. Luna's eyes slid closed as she enjoyed the moment, relying on her other senses to tell her what to feel. She could feel her heart pounding, as she pressed forward for more. In the next instant, she'd scooped Trixie up in her wing, rolling onto her back and letting the other mare rest on her chest. Luna pressed Trixie to her own body, enveloping her in her wings and forcing her to stay close. Believe it or not, Luna hadn't had the chance to have much experience with this sort of thing... but she took Trixie's continuation as a sign that she was doing well. After several minutes, the Unicorn mare pulled away, gasping for air and shuddering with excitement. They hadn't yet gotten past the kiss, but it had still been a rather eccentric one, and both ponies seemed to need a moment to recover. The two sat up, facing each other while they caught their breath. Luna waited patiently, unsure if they should continue, or if she had done something wrong, and still trying to push away the thought that maybe this was a bad idea. It was all up to Trixie. "No!" Trixie suddenly yelled, panic in her eyes. "Trixie?" Luna began to move towards her, concern evident on her face and in her voice. "No. No!" Trixie extended a hoof to keep Luna back. "This isn't right! Trixie doesn't deserve this!" Luna at first looked fearful, scared that she had done something wrong and was going to lose her closest friend. She had known from the start this was a bad idea, but she'd refused to listen. And she'd done it again. She'd upset Trixie. Luna silently cursed herself for letting her emotion rather than her brain control her actions. "I—you—you've been too kind to me. You don't even know anything about me!" Trixie seemed to instantly get defensive, even after the moment they had just shared. "I-I'm sorry! I mean, not for being nice, but... I should have asked. You shouldn't have felt obligated." Luna rubbed her face with a hoof. She was so stupid! Of course nopony was going to deny a princess, but she thought that she and Trixie were close enough that the other mare would have denied her if they did not have the same feelings. "Obligated?" Trixie looked offended. "You think Trixie just did that for you? That she can't love somepony else? That she's easy, or desperate?" "I said I was sorry." Luna watched as she was slowly losing the one friend she had in Equestria. Watched as the friendship they'd built up over months was crumbling, with one stupid headstrong mistake. She had finally found somepony she could talk to, somepony who she had thought even looked up to her. But Trixie would be going now, or in the morning... and chances were she wouldn't be back. Luna turned away, shrouding her face with a large wing. She didn't want to show weakness. She was supposed to remain strong, for her country, for her ponies! Luna would let her go... after all, it was Trixie's decision. Luna cared about her too much to tell her how to run her life. Her body shuddered as she tried to hold in sobs, tears sliding down her face. She had tried so hard, she thought she had come so far... only to mess up now. She'd have to start all over, with somepony else. Or maybe she wouldn't. Maybe it was better this way. You couldn't hurt your friends if you didn't have any. Trixie didn't move for several moments. She had been wrong to speak so harshly. It wasn't Luna's fault that she was in the dark about Trixie's past. But Trixie felt unworthy of what the princess wanted to offer. Why would—why would a princess, of all ponies, choose her? Normally Trixie took random acts of kindness as pity, which she did not tolerate. In this instance, though, the princess had been genuine... and Trixie wasn't giving her a fair chance. She moved over to the princess, pushing her wing away with a hoof to reveal a damp and red face. Luna sniffed as she turned away, her ears drooping in defeat. Trixie took the wing, and wrapped it about herself, snuggling up to the princess once again. "Trixie shouldn't have yelled." she leaned her head on Luna's shoulder. It felt comforting, to have somepony so close, somepony she could trust, somepony who wasn't going to up and leave her. She should have realized all of that so much sooner. "Thank you." Trixie said. "I didn't mean to hurt you." she took a deep breath, letting out a heavy sigh. "There have just been a lot of ponies that have hurt Trixie." Luna finally moved, squeezing Trixie with her left wing. She lifted her right wing to brush away the remaining tears, turning back to her student again. "You should tell me about them, sometime. I know it would have helped me to have somepony to talk to when I was suffering." she spoke of the time before Nightmare Moon, though she didn't have to say it. "Come on." Luna slid away from Trixie, crawling under the bed covers. Rest would allow them both to consider the events of this eve much better in the morning. Trixie cautiously made her way across the bed, ducking under the covers and laying next to Luna. Luna's horn glowed for a moment, and then the room was enveloped in darkness. Trixie sighed, and Luna sniffled one last time. "You can show me how great and powerful you really are some other night." Luna said, trying to brighten the mood. "We'll see." Trixie said, reluctantly. "Only if you want to." Luna reassured her. "I might be a princess, but that wasn't an order." "Thank you." Trixie whispered into the dark. Luna felt her warm breath splash across her face. There was silence, and Trixie wondered for a moment if the princess was already asleep. "I won't let you be alone again." she replied quietly. "How—?" The blue Unicorn could only manage one word. "Lucky guess. I know more about you than you might think. But I'd love to know more." Luna rested her head on the pillow. There was a pause, and Luna felt the pony shift next to her, as Trixie herself laid down. "Maybe-maybe tomorrow." It wasn't a definite answer, but it was a step in the right direction, for both mares. Luna moved closer, lightly kissing Trixie once on the nose. "Good night." she whispered. "Good night." Luna fell asleep with the sound of Trixie's voice in her ear. What tomorrow held was uncertain, but one thing was for sure--what she held now, was Trixie.
  17. [colour=#ff8c00]Nightmare Night, what a fright! Give us something sweet to bite![/colour] All across Ponyville (and Equestria), foals, fillies, colts, and foals at heart are all in the spirit of the season as they are costumed and trick or treating around town. Festivities abound and from one end to the other ponies are having fun. Bahhhh! Nightmare Night is about fear, being scared, and yes, candy! Are you brave enough to engage in the traditional Nightmare Night games and brave the spookiest, scariest locations in the land in search of treats? Even the most stout-heated of ponyfolk may feel a twinge of fear, and the result of your expedition may not be what you were dreaming of... Here's the game, and everypony has to play! Well, not if you don't want to-but where's the fun in that? Here's how it works: There are five locations, and each night of the event you may choose to trick-or-treat at one location. Each night, a different character will appear at a random location, and you will be either tricked, or treated! The object of the game is to be treated the most times, and end up with the most candy by the end. Basic Rules: Once you pick a location for that 'night' (one location per two RL days), you may not be active in a different location until the next night! Each night you can choose a different location to try your luck at, or choose to revisit the same one you visited the previous night-but you may only trick-or-treat at one location per night! You may have two characters participate, but not in the same topic on any given night. Each topic is open for 72 hours. To Trick-or-Treat for that day you must choose one location and RP your chosen character (OC or Cast) within that thread during the first 48 hours! At 11:59pm (US Pacific time) every other day, each topic will be visited by a mystery character, and all the ponies present will be tricked or treated accordingly. New threads will open up at 12:00am the day after, starting the next night to be RPed! Be sure not to miss a night, and try to get as many candies as possible! This event will run from October 30th until November 11th. This topic is for questions, comments, and some OOC chatter. You never know which character will show up in which thread. Its always random! At close to midnight each night, a post will be made for each character who has visited a thread. Every post after an event character will NOT be counted towards candy- since the topic has already been trick or treated. Each thread will stay open only 24 hours after it has been visited by its mystery character for you to RP your reaction. Once it is closed, it is closed for good! Locations/Events Everfree Moon Palace Nightmare Moon's Monument The Gates of Tartarus Haunted House, hosted by Iron Will Celestia's House of Mirrors The Changeling Lair [colour=#ff0000]Notice: This is an unofficial event. No awards or monetary prizes will be given. It's just for fun![/colour] Event Threads: RESULTS: Awards: First: Second: Third: Participation: Awards by:
  18. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Just more little banner concepts. This is what the page looks like before I slice it up (sans background) for banners. Luna is slightly lighter colored then what she appeared in Luna Eclipsed, given that took place at night and all the ponies were overlayed with a slightly darker shade. The wet manes were fun to do, just wanted to add some extra shades to indicate water rather than just have the manes be down.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  19. I would like to do some sort of adventure story where Princess Luna takes centre stage, as the leader of a group of adventurers, but the twist is, she's the only one from Equestria. I have various ideas of how to bring them together, and what the quest would be, possibly find a way back to their home dimensions, as in my fic Cutie Mark Adventurers. I have two ideas about the content of the group, one would be, someone's collecting magical Lunas, so you get Princess Luna, Usagi Tsukino and Luna Lovegood as an adventuring party. This would also have a B plot about a Rescue party from Equestira, probably including the mane six, going through the various home dimensions in search of Luna. The alternate would be an equine adventuring party. Luna would obviosuly be the arcane caster (Wizard/Sorceress). You'd have characters like Pegasus from Hercules (Ranger/Scout), Maximus from Tangled (Fighter), maybe Angus from Brave (Barbarian), maybe even Donkey from Shrek (Rogue/Bard). I'd like another female, prefereably a unicorn, but the only one I can think of is Almathea from The Last Unicorn (Druid). Can anyone think of any others, or have any ideas of their own about this?
  20. It wasn't easy to make Pathfinder feel out of her element. That was probably because she didn't have a natural element that she could snugly claim as her own. No, an adventurer's element changed with the ever changing fortunes granted by the moon and stars and overseen by the rays of the sun. It was their greatest ability, adaptable to the extreme and excited to engage in such a wide range of activites that it made the head spin. But that didn't make her immune from feeling nervous and anypony that didn't feel more than a little nervous in these surroundings was insane. That or stunningly disloyal, and she doubted that ponies of such caliber existed. And if they did exist then Pathfinder was wise to no longer give them thought; anger and ill-will would surely follow. And today more than any other day she wanted to place something of a brave face on, which was something considering her face was naturally brave(or insane, depending on one's perspective). For on this most humbling of days having followed the most harrowing of months, she was to meet those who ran Equestria through the mere act of existence.. Princesses, rulers, living mosaics of history and they who defined Equestria by their very souls. The chance that a pony like Pathfinder would have such an opportunity again was so Equestria shatteringly low that she could hardly fathom that it had already come to this stage. Had she peaked already? A cold shiver raced down her weary form as she contemplated that her life had reached it's zenith and from this moment on it was a slow, boring descent into normalcy. The horror of such a possibility was almost impossible to fathom. She had to shake herself free from such thoughts; brave face. Brave face! Not that shaking was easy. It wasn't as if she had made any leisure stops on her way back from Talinopolis, nor did she bother with hygiene, medical aid, or much of anything that didn't involve alternating between using her weakened wings, stomping about with her almost useless hooves, and eventually crawling on her belly. Shockingly enough she had made pretty good timing with that final mode, which she attributed to the lack of food or water that had proceeded the escape by several weeks. Perhaps that was to blame for her lack of success in fighting off the small white dragon that attacked her outside the gates of Canterlot. All of her thrashing about did little to endear her to the Royal Guardspony on the other end, and she apologized profusely after a rest, some food, and some water cleared her of the hallucinations. They had initially been disiniterested in her as anything more than a common criminal until she unveiled the Helm of Commander Hurricane. A short retelling of the past few months of her life was then in order and as she had told the story, her excitement grew. Almost six months ago Pathfinder had come across an ancient unicorn ruin that held very little except for some enchanted documentation that said Commander Hurricane was going to recover, but her helm had been ripped from her after a battle with a griffon warlord as she was escorting a group of ponies to the new land of Equestria. This had confirmed the many tales and stories told about the Helm and she had set about locating it, the trail initially ending in Manehattan where after a rough and tumble time with some equally rough and tumble foes, she found a letter detailing that a 'collector' of priceless artifacts had failed to convince Talinopolis to give it up. The fact that this capital of Aqueilia did not welcome the ponyfolk was something that she knew and immediately forgot to care about; the Helm was all that mattered. Pathfinder spent the last of her bits on various pieces of equipment and traveled to the city. The following few weeks were a haze in some ways. She had met a griffon named Gilda who helped her, but a small incident led to her friend's capture and forced betrayal. Pathfinder was forced on the run in the sewers, hardly sleeping or eating for weeks as she either evaded or fought through her pursuers as she continued to hit new targets in a search for the Helm. Finally, despite Gilda going out of her way to warn her, Pathfinder walked directly into a trap from which there was no escape. She was captured and tossed into the Talinopolis super prison where those too dangerous to be let loose and yet held too much important information or secrets about the families to be afforded a public trial, a place of horrors known only as The Pit. There, her disgusted and angered Guardstallions were told, they injected chemicals into the wings. After a certain dosage, the wings were utterly useless- one of the Guardstallions confirmed this possibility by touching Pathfinder's weakened wing, which seemed to have the muscle mass of a little filly's. To make matters worse, she was treated like a pet, muzzled and kept under the care of Gilda who had been tossed down there as well. In the scary world of The Pit, many were broken. of course, you can only break the sane and Pathfinder never claimed to be anything more than an adventurer, classifications of sanity be darned. She never once doubted that she would escape however, and being a small pony as opposed to a large griffon, she was able to go where they couldn't. She discovered a passageway leading to an ancient city- several of the Guards snickered, as she had a habit of running into ancient cities and ruins as one might run into a unicorn in Canterlot- that held more than a few escape routes. With Gilda helping her, the duo escaped back into the city and finally recovered the Helm, embarrassing the vile griffons which had imprisoned her in the first place. They went their separate ways and Pathfinder had made a bee line for Canterlot, not thinking anywhere else safe enough for the Helm to rest without her. The Guardstallions didn't know whether to believe her or not, but her bedraggled condition and earnestness told them that it couldn't hurt to find out. Plus she had something special, at least. Whatever Helm she held looked as if it had just been made, the shine and strength of it peerless. It was taken to the Castle, where several hours later Pathfinder was to find herself given a room and told to expect an audience soon. Pathfinder was relieved to find the Helm in safe hooves and promptly fell fully, deeply, honestly, and earnestly asleep for the first time in months. When she awoke, however, the reality of her condition hit her. Her wings still throbbed with the pain of huge portions of it suffering near complete lack of muscle mass. Weeks and weeks of eating very little to nothing allowed her ribs to outline her form. Her mind still suffered from a seeming fractious disconnect with reality. Her back right leg felt like it was on fire, her throat still had roughly-applied marks from talons, and she was criss-crossed with a dozen long scratches. Portions of her were more bruise than pelt. All of this sucked but the most important thing of all was that her dye was missing and instead of looking beautiful like Daring Do did, Pathfinder looked like some freakish baby blue pegasus with a light teal mane. Therefore, when an attendant entered and asked what Pathfinder needed, she didn't respond with food or water or medical attention(which she expected to receive soon enough as a matter of course), but for the required ingredients for her dye. That took a full day, during which she ate more food, drank more water, and cracked her crackling back more than she had ever thought possible. Plus, a seven hour hot bath. Once she had mixed the dye together, making a royal mess of the royal room in the process, Pathfinder applied it with the skill and attention to detail that comes with experience and the most serious of obsessions. It took several hours but she finally stood in front of the mirror, enthralled. Sure she looked like she had been placed into the meatgrinder. Sure her eyes were still unfocused and everything appeared in such an amazing shaded array of the color gray. Perhaps the fact that her left wing sorta danced outside of her body without feeling was something she should be worried about. NONE OF THAT MATTERED. The moment the dye finished, a huge wave of relief came over her. No, she was not fine, but being an adventurer meant your days were never fine by normal standards. They were fine by your standards, the standards of a mare who sought out the excitement that came with uncertainty. The dye dried and she felt a layer of protection and with that layer came the old confidence rumbled back into her chest. She took a deep breath, fighting the pain that came with it as a smile formed. She had done it. She had found the Helm! Well, and a little something she had in store for Snowfall when she next saw her but that didn't matter. Every little bit of pain that she now felt was but a small price to pay for this great success and as she stared at the mare in the mirror, she had a feeling that she was happy as well. "YOOHOOOOO!" She screamed, her voice cracking at first but then forming a natural timber as she felt herself re-energized. Nope, Pathfinder was not in her element. But that didn't mean she was going to be anything other than herself: Perfect.
  21. From the album: OC Character Art

    MyLittlePonyTales' OC Shadow, taking tea with Princess Luna in the Canterlot Gardens. I spent a lot of time on this image, and it's gone through a lot of changes since I did the original. Personally, I'm not really happy with the background, but I've gained a lot of experience, so yeah.

    © Original Character is property of user MyLittlePonyTales. Obtain their permission if you wish to use this image.

  22. From the surprised look on the filly's face who opened the door, Luna wondered if she had the wrong house. “Oh!” she exclaimed, her wings flailing in surprise as she stepped back a few paces from the door. She was trying to formulate an apology, though she had been sure this was the right house... In addition to checking the address, it was the only house with a light still on on the entire street. But, even princesses made mistakes. However, she was unable to get a word in when she found her royal shoes being slobbered—nay merely kissed—upon. But at least she managed to make out that this was indeed the correct house, and she hadn't rudely aroused somepony from their sleep or studies. That was a relief, to be sure. But was she ever exuberant. Luna plucked the pocket mirror from the filly with her magic, barely able to examine it for a moment before her attention was drawn back to the blabbering Unicorn. She could hardly believe her ears... Somepony who had heard of her, and actually cared? Not only that, but she willingly disputed the reputation that the history books had paved for her. “The uh... extravagance is really not necessary.” Luna looked down at the bowing Unicorn. She had been practicing speaking normally—or, well, modernly. Judging by the letter, however, this pony wouldn't mind in the least if she slipped into old tongue. “Pray tell, are we to believe we are in the presence of Blaze Bright?” she dipped her head, awaiting a response.
  23. Do you think Princess Luna will ever talk in The Royal Canterlot Voice again I liked it and thought it was semi funny plus do you think Princess Celestia or Princess Cadence will ever talk in or use The Royal Canterlot Voice?
  24. Description: Hey, new fanfic I started. This one is based on a Changeling named Shadow. Also, I'm open for suggestions on a name other than Blueberry Blossom. Chapter 1 I had been in this form for a long time... so long, I almost forgot what I actually looked like. My name is Blueberry Blossom... or Shadow, if you want to go by my old name. I have to tell you a story... I've written it down, because I don't know how much longer I may survive. I was sent by Queen Chrysalis to spy on the ponies of Canterlot. She said it would be easy—I believed her. And it was, at first. We'd pose as somepony's lover, arrange meetings, and then feed off their love for a little while. We had to do this frequently, in order to constantly feed and avoid suspicion. So there was a lot of changing going on. Eventually, Chrysalis developed a more permanent solution. I stalked somepony for awhile, learned their mannerisms... then ambushed them sucked out their life force when the opportunity presented itself. There were a few of us assigned to this task. Chrysalis always took care of the bodies. Then, we'd each pose as the pony we'd gotten rid of, stealing their life—and their love. Some of them even had kids... which just provided more ponies to feed on. So we continued on, feeding off the ponies of Canterlot while Chrysalis hatched her plan. I was her second in command, her most trusted Changeling. Funny how I'm the one that let her down the most. We were all just supposed to follow orders. Mimic the lover for a time while feeding off the love from their family. We were all fine with it. We all trusted Chrysalis. We were loyal followers... it was just orders. But still... I felt incomplete. I was working for the good of the swarm, for the future of our race. I had somepony who loved me, I had 'friends', I had... everything I should have wanted. I should have been happy. Right? Ever since I was born, I had followed orders. That was just the way life was. Always pushing forward for the betterment of all Changelings. I didn't mind following orders, always being told and knowing what to do. That is, until I found out there was more to life. I could make decisions here. Chrysalis wasn't always around to tell me right from wrong, what to do and what not to do, and how to go about things. For once, I had control over my own life. At first, that frightened me. I had discovered individuality. I wasn't just some mindless creature that Chrysalis had made me to believe. I had a personality, my own likes and dislikes. And most of all... I had feelings. We weren't supposed to fall in love. That was never the plan. Just pretend, that was all. Deceive. I felt guilty. I felt guilty for deceiving him. I felt guilty for making him love me. I felt guilty for loving him. If I revealed my true self, it would be a betrayal to my entire family. But if I didn't, I would have to leave him in the dark, wondering where his special somepony went and what he did wrong. I guess I had never felt love before. It was just an emotion that we Changelings had to feed on. A life force provided by a lesser species. But maybe Changelings just fed on ponies... because they were jealous. After all, we shapeshifted into them, stole their lives... and then slowly destroyed them in the name of our existence. Or maybe... that was just me. But he really did love me—even if it wasn't the real me. I felt special, giddy. There was a whole wave of overwhelming emotions that I didn't understand. Even though I was personally tough, he treated me gently, with respect and care. For the first time, I felt bad for taking somepony's place. Before, we'd just do a hit and run. Arrange a date, meet with them, pretend to be their love, feed, and then go on our way. But Chrysalis' plan involved a long term relationship. That was something I was not prepared for. My life became so entwined with hers that I nearly forgot who I was. The lie that I was living consumed me, just as I was slowing consuming him. I guess that's why I tricked myself into thinking that he could love the real me. He already loved me for everything on the inside. The outside shouldn't matter, right? I revealed myself to him one night, and explained as gently as I could that his former mate was gone. But the look of terror on his face was enough to say that he would never accept me for who I was. He screamed at me to get out, throwing any object within reach at me to hurry my pace. I walked the streets alone that night, in my normal—well, my pony form. When I returned the next day, he had offed himself. I ran away. I went to Chrysalis for comfort. She was our queen, and I had always been her second in command and most trusted Changeling. I didn't go to her because I had failed. I was—I was heartbroken. It's a thing that few Changelings ever experience. I'd heard of heartbreak before. It was something that happened to weak Changelings. They became too attached to their host. Once something happened to their “mate”, they generally went insane. I never thought it would happen to me. I had let myself be blind to the truth. We disguised ourselves because nopony could love us in our natural form. I had thought my case was different... as others had in the past. It was a flaw in our design. Some of us were just destined to fall for the one who loved us—or rather, who we tricked ourselves into believing we were. But, just as I had, Chrysalis saw my actions as weak. I was damaged, flawed... she could no longer trust me. However, she was not without mercy. I was simply placed into the rank of pawn, one of the hundreds of Changelings who were ready to be her army and do her bidding. I ran away. I journeyed back to Canterlot, unsure of where to go or who to turn to. I had no home, no job, no friends. The life I had had before was all a ruse, and if I showed my face—her face—again, I would have a lot of explaining to do. It wasn't worth it to go back to my old life. There was nothing. I had nothing. I was nothing. I went back to my old ways, feeding here and there at random. I longed to have a relationship like before. To have somepony, just one pony, love me all the time—for who I was. I tried unsuccessfully to convince myself that he had never loved me for me. It had always been her. But still... I wanted what I had when I was her—but as me. I wanted to love and be loved, without doing so just to feed. Eventually, Chrysalis carried out her plan and overtook Canterlot. I was worried for myself when the initial shield went up, but I had already been in hiding for weeks. When the rest of the swarm finally attacked, I hid. I didn't know how long I could keep it up. I supposed that I would have to integrate back into the swarm, pretending to be one of the mindless. But I was afraid of her finding me. I had run away, and I knew that Chrysalis knew. She was just too busy with her current plan to pay mind to my whereabouts. If she found me... I would likely be destroyed as a traitor. I no longer worked for the good of the swarm, but for the good of myself. We were always supposed to work together, for the good of our species. But I was different. I had become an individual, one not part of the master plan. I was a liability. However, all too soon they were defeated, and banished from Equestria. Though I had still been in my shifted form, I was blown away with them. Chrysalis found me among the ranks, and I barely escaped with my life. Weakened and unable to change form, I journeyed back to nearby Equestria. I hoped against hope that I could find somepony to feed on, to get my strength back and heal myself. I tried pretending to be ordinary. I tried being fierce. The result from my sight was the same: screaming and running. Though I had ill intentions, all I could do was cause chaos. I was near death when they showed up.
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