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  1. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    The 4th chibi is complete! Drawing all these Qilin makes me wanna create one myself~ Empress Yuè belongs to Bellosh
  2. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    Whew. This one took a little longer than expected because of a stubborn headache, plus I got a little obsessive with the details.. She was a bit of a challenge but I think she turned out pretty good. Lan Fa belongs to SymphonicFire
  3. Name: Hong Lan Fa Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Qilin Eye colour: Dark brown Character colour: Grey-ish light pink coat with lavender scales. Mane/Tail/Other: Lan Fa has an indigo mane rolled up to a neat bun with gold ornaments hanging on the bottom. Her horns are short, dark brown, and slightly curled upwards and her keipo (dress) is a dark-ish red with golden designs on it. Her keipo is quite long, just ending above her brown cloven hooves covering her fetlocks. The right side of her dress has a long slit and a keyhole just above her right foreleg. She is also often seen carrying a burgundy paper fan with a dragon design on it. Cutie-Mark: Three red Orchids on a stem with each one smaller as it gets closer to the end. Physique: Tall and slender. Residence: Long Kong. Occupation: Lan Fa owns a club in the streets of Long Kong that Triad and non-triad members can enter. She usually hangs around the club to chat with ponies and gather information, but when she is not in the club, she works as an assassin for the Triads. History: Lan Fa grew up as the daughter of a wealthy business pony, living a comfortable and happy life with her parents and younger sister. She would accompany her parents to meetings and learn about the world of business as she would one day take over the company. Because she was already made heiress to the company early on in her life, Lan Fa was home schooled, making her younger sister her only company while her parents were working. She adored her little sister, maybe a little too much, as she was the only one Lan Fa could talk to about non-business related topics. This lifestyle would continue on until her late teen years, when Lan Fa is able to go to meetings herself an speak in her parent's stead. She had come back from a difficult meeting, trying to make a deal while a competing with another company that is trying to make a better offer to their partner. This company had been rivals with her parents since the beginning. They were always attempting to take business partners away from Lan Fa's family, though they were never successful. This may have been the last time they could handle a defeat. After the meeting with their rival and potential business partner, Lan Fa came home to a shock. Both her parents were dead on the floor and her younger sister was no where to be found. She knew she couldn't stay there very long, since they knew that she is still alive. She quickly gather what she needed and ran as far as she could away from her house, ending up in the sketchy streets of Long Kong. She figured that the few years of training in martial arts (stopped because her father deemed it not mare-like) would be sufficient enough just in case, but she still wouldn't want to be in that situation. She was able to stay hidden from her pursuers for a few months, changing her appearance so that they wouldn't recognize her. It wasn't until 4 months since her escape that she started to notice she was being followed on her way home. She started talking detours to confuse her stalker, but after a week, she found herself trapped in a blind alley. The qilin turned to see two henchmen from the rival company, closing in on her. She felt her hind legs hit the wall behind her, there was truly no way of getting out of this situation without standing up against them. Lan Fa took a deep breath, charging at the two stallions as they did the same. The one to the left of her pulled his hoof back for a punch, missing as Lan Fa ducked and stuck a hoof out to trip the other. The stallions quickly recovered and struck Lan Fa in the jaw at the same time, making the female qilin stumble and fall. “We don’t want to hurt you, just come with us quietly.” The stallions loomed over her, looking at Lan Fa as she narrowed her eyes. “No.” She quickly turns around and bucks, her horseshoes striking each of their jaws. They blackout and collapse as Lan Fa walks out of the alley, only to see more stallions in her way. They were just as intimidating, though the group didn’t look like they came to apprehend her. Judging by their appearance, they must be part of the Triad. The stallion at the front of the group looked like the leader of the group. He wore a black jacket over a dark grey turtleneck, his grey mane was combed back, and his dark red scales look well taken care of. His dark green eyes look intense, yet tired at the same time. “I’m impressed, not many young mares can take out trained henchmen, especially from a CEO of the largest company in Long Kong.” He spoke with a husky voice, almost calming to Lan Fa. “What’s it to you?” she asked. One of the stallion’s underlings clenched his teeth, but was told to back down when his leader raised his hoof. “The boss and the CEO have a complicated relationship, so news about how the Hong Company’s heiress took down the CEO’s stallions would surely amuse him.” Lan Fa suddenly looked concerned, keeping her guard up as she watched the stallion light a cigarette. He looked at the mare and puffed some smoke, “There’s only one pony the CEO wants dead the most, it’s not difficult to figure out.” He drops his cigarette and puts it out with a stomp. “You should come with us; our interests are aligned and you show potential to become a good fighter. We’ll even provide food, a private room, and protection while we train you. Perhaps one day together we can take him down. The choice is yours.” He stuck his hoof out towards the mare. Lan Fa had considered revenge, though she had given up a while ago because it was impossible in her current situation. Now that the Triad has offered her to join them, perhaps this was her biggest opportunity to get revenge and find her younger sister. She took his hoof and shook it. “What should I call you?” she asked, following the group as they headed back to their territory. “You can call me Long. I’ll see to it personally that you become the best assassin this Triad has seen. We’ll discuss this further in the Boss’s office.” Character Summary: Lan Fa is a calm pony who often thinks through things rationally. Though she is not a very talkative mare, she still socializes with the ponies who come into her club. As an assassin, she is stealthy and takes pride in her many disguises and skill. Even though she owns a club, she prefers tea over alcohol, especially in her alone time. Lan Fa also likes watching dramas, ukes, and visiting old friends.
  4. (Created on Generalzoi's game) (Minor edits made by me) Name: Wǎn Qiūjì (晚 秋) Late Autumn Gender: Male Age: Adult Stallion Species: Qilin Likes: Wife, his foals, weather, stargazing with wife, quiet time. Dislikes: Any sort of harm done to his family Coat: Chocolate brown Mane/Tail: Grass Green and Dark Green. Mane is a similar style to Rainbow Dash's, the tail is done in a traditional male tie. Eye Color: Vibrant orange, serpent-like design. Physique: Tall, average build, not too much muscle but within the average category. Residence: Huangjing Occupation: Weather Reporter, Harbor: Ticket Assistance Cutie Mark: Three Autumn leaves, each a different color within the orange spectrum. Unique Traits: Weather Sensor- A key point in Wǎn's success as a weather reporter, his horns can sense upcoming changes in climate via his tall, gazelle-like horns. When faced with a certain type of weather, his horns will be tinted in a certain color. For example, if there is a high chance of rain, his horns can be seen with a faint tint of blue. History: Wǎn was boring into a semi-wealthy family, having lived most of his life in Souther Huangjin. His family home was luxurious on the inside but simply looked like a large townhouse on the outside. Wǎn was forced to grow up at a young age, following in his Father's footsteps to success. While Wǎn's Father definitely wasn't strict nor harsh, he wanted what was best for his son, even if it meant taking away his childhood, something he now regrets. Wǎn's Father worked as a merchant, known for pricing things higher then they're worth, though, his charm and persuasive skills made it easy to sell and make a profit. Wǎn's mother was unemployed, relying on her husband's business to provide for the family as she took care of Wǎn, proving to be an easy task as he wasn't raised to be rambunctious nor immature. When Wǎn was a young foal, he didn't go outside much, often studying and working hard on his school work, not that he minded at all. Wǎn was very self-reserved, making him almost unapproachable when he did go out. Some often mistook him for a sort of machine, like an AI, due to his monotone expressions and quiet behavior. One day the young foal had gone out during a fairly sunny day, on his way to school, he had noticed his horns were emitting a blue sort of aura that at first went by unnoticed. As the day went on, the blue tint grew dark and bright, the sky changing with the color of his horns. By the end of the day, the clouds were pouring rain, creating large puddles and floods in various others. Wǎn then began to further his research, often observing his horns during the day, as time went on, he began to take note of what each color meant. The research took at least two months, by then, he received his cutie mark. Wǎn at first was shocked it was simply three Autumn leaves, expecting for it be a combination of all the different weather in some shape or form, though, that wasn't the case. That following Autumn, Wǎn realized his little quirk was most strong during the season, the colors much brighter, though, a simple hue against his orange horns. Wǎn nor anyone else expected such a mark on his no longer blank flank, in fact, everyone expected it to consist of books, Mathematics, or anything having to do with education considering the young colt's knowledge. Wǎn grew to accept his unique mark, later pursuing the career of reporting the weather, hoping to help others with his unique ability, though, considering the land of qilin, it was simply a quirk that defined him as a pony, most qilins had some sort of unique quirk. He took on the job as a weather reporter, although, due to his job only being useful for parts of the day, he took on the part-time job of working at the local harbor as a ticket assistant where he would make sure boarding ponies and qilins had their designated pass to get on. During his time as a weather reporter, he had met a young mare, one who had a bright mind and a bubbly aura which lightened everyone's mood, even during the darkest of times, which he witnessed with his own eyes. The young stallion soon learned the interesting mare lived just next door, Wǎn began to find himself growing attracted to the beautiful mare that seemed to turn the rainy weather he predicted into a happy day. Within no time, he pursued the mare, finding every chance he could get to speak with her or even offer her a date for the two to get coffee together during the mornings. He discovered her name was Měilì Xīng. He knew this feeling was nothing more than love, the two would often be seen with each other. Other ponies noticing the change in Wǎn's serious behavior, they watched as he blossomed into a much more bubbly and friendly stallion such as his new mare-friend. Wǎn didn't take long to propose to the mare, more than happy to have her as his wife and to even start a family with her. Those of Huangjing soon named the couple "soulmates" due to how they clicked so perfectly. Měilì's parents were more than happy when the two had twins, a filly, and a colt. Wǎn couldn't be any happier with how things turned out for him, completely forgetting his Father's words of wisdom, advice, and his goal to be a successful stallion. He learned the values of family, that was the only thing the now bubbly stallion needed. Character Personality: Wǎn started off as a very distant and serious stallion, often avoiding conversation with others if it meant distracting him from his current task and studies. He had no friends to play outside with, his entire childhood being replaced with school, books, and the goal of growing to face success. He was no different from an AI personality wise. Now, Wǎn is just as bubbly as his wife, wasting no time with greeting others and being friendly with everyone he sees. His wife's personality seemed to rub off on him, making him into the pony he is today. Character Summary: Wǎn can now be considered one of the most charming stallions of Huangjing, though, his heart belonged to only one mare and that being his beloved wife, the mare who turned him from an AI to an actual pony. Wǎn can often be seen with his family, if not, he is most likely working to provide for his family now that his wife is a stay-at-home-mother. Wǎn is a proud husband and Father, never afraid to bring up his family and how much he loves them. For his family is his entire world.
  5. (Created on Generalzoi's game) (Minor edits made by me) Name: Měilì Xīng (美丽 星 ) Beautiful/Refined Star Gender: Female Age: Adult Mare Species: Qilin Likes: Stargazing, night, constellations, family. Dislikes: Autumn, sunrise, her multiple freckle-like scales. Coat: White with grey patches of freckles/scales. Mane/Tail: Měilì's mane is a vibrant aqua with seafoam green undertones. Her mane is done in a traditional style for married mare's with family, it is also loosely known as a "messy bun" though it has more symbolic meanings in her village, her tail is done a similar messy style. She is a married mare so there is no need for her to fancy up her mane to impress others. Eye Color: Amber/Gold, similar shape to Rarity's with a serpent-like pupil. Physique: Měilì is a very slender mare, taller than normal ponies, and not very muscular. Her slender frame adds her feminity, which attracts stallions more in her village since it would be considered the "Ideal Body Type". Residence: Huangjing Occupation: N/A, Měilì is a stay at home mother of her two foals. Měilì was previously an astronomer, always following and navigating different stars and constellations. Cutie Mark: A Comet that starts with a white tip and blends down to a cerulean and a lavender purple. Unique Traits: Star Dust- Just as the name says, Měilì can create a vibrant colored mist (Revolving around the color schemes of her character) that resembles stardust, though, there isn't any proof whether it is simply just mist or actual stardust considering her village isn't one for advanced technology. Her dust doesn't have any certain affect aside from looking elegant and graceful whenever she emits it, she often uses the dust as a way to soothe or calm her foals when in distress. Chilly Breath- She can emit a cold frost from her breath, creating a chilly wind that sparkles with what looks to be dust such as her other trait. It isn't anything special but good to help you cool down on a hot Summer day as well as looking pretty. History: Měilì was born in a middle-class family, is one of the four foals of the Ling family, she was the youngest of the four which in result she was treated as a precious gem. Měilì was also the only filly, she had three older brothers that all had their own unique, vibrant colors and traits. Her mother, Fang, worked as a beautician in a salon, often working with mares on their wedding day. She was a very friendly and warm mare, making her very well-known within their small neighborhood area. Qiang, Měilì's Father, was much more fierce and hot-headed, earning him the nickname "Warrior" since he was always so harsh and leading others. Some often wondered how Měilì's mother could fall for such an explosive stallion, though, only the Ling family has seen the soft and cheery side of Qiang. Měilì was much different from her family, often daydreaming and acting more energetic and bubbly compared to her mature and serious brothers, as well a humble mother and fierce father. She would stand out as well, her passion for things not revolving about architecture, beauty, and other common careers/job within the town. In fact, she held a great passion for stars, finding them to be the most fascinating thing she's ever seen. She would spend hours without and end simply admiring the night sky, often staying up far too late to her parent's liking, though, she couldn't help it. She soon found herself noting the shapes, colors, and patterns of stars, filling an entire notebook on whichever one catches her golden eyes. This strong passion soon turned to an obsession, earning her the beautiful comet cutie mark displayed on her flank, it was unique and different from those of her family members and neighbors, standing out more than an elephant in a room of ponies. When Měilì became a young mare, she fulfilled her passion and became an apprentice astronomer, putting her knowledge to good use and soon mastering the different hours each star would appear, their symbolizations, and even the constellations they're part of. Within that time, she met her soon-to-be husband, Wǎn Qiūjì (Late Autumn), he helped report weather changes and predict upcoming storms with his talents. Within a few months of the meeting, they married and to their delight, Měilì 's Father approved of the stallion. Měilì's life as an astronomer was fun but soon came to an end when she gave birth to twin foals, a colt and filly. Yún (cloud) being the filly and Yǔ (rain), the colt. Měilì took her foals into consideration and decided to become a full-fledged mother, staying home to care for her foals while also maintaining their home while her husband continued his career to provide for the bubbly family. The family remained in their residence, staying close to Měilì 's parents considering they weren't getting any younger and would soon need daily help with simple tasks. Character Personality: Měilì is a very bubbly mare, she is always seen greeting and chatting up a storm with somepony, always brightening the mood when it seems to falter. Měilì does have her sad moments but those come on rare occasions make her overall emotions very happy, energetic, and cheerful. Her foals always have her on her hooves, meaning there is no time to be sad or tired, which results in her hyperactive behavior at times from drinking cup after cup of coffee. The mare is a very good friend to have, always ready to talk or lend a shoulder for somepony to lean on. She knows just when to end the fun and get serious all just to put a smile on another ponies face, she believes that a simple smile can make everything much better. Character Summary: In conclusion, Měilì lived a very peaceful and simple life, learning the moralities of life easily and starting her very own family, giving up her dream just to care for her foals, proving how big of a heart she has. Měilì is a great friend, intelligent, beautiful, and a loyal mare that would give anything to her friends and family, all for the sake of making them happy. Měilì lights up her part of the neighborhood with simple greetings, getting every pony connected in some way to build a peaceful and friendly village for any creature. She accepting of everypony, any shape or form, and if she is not at home with her foals, she is often seen trotting around the neighborhood with friends, husband, or her family all together.
  6. MudBug

    Shogun Dad

    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    The father of Ryuichi the current Shogun and his siblings Ishi and Kaze.
  7. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Akarui Yozora | 明るい夜空 (Roughly translated it means 'Bright Night Sky') Sex: Male Age: Older Stallion Species: Kirin Eye Colour: Rich Red. Coat: Akarui's coat is a rich night sky blue whilst the scales on his muzzle, chest and dotted about his hide are a terrakota colour leaning towards red. Mane/Tail: His mane and tail is a thick dark turquoise with a steak of colour that starts as a deep blue and becomes more vibrant towards the tip, there are steaks of this vibrancy in his beard and chops. Physique: Akarui is a muscular and tall Kirin, laden with working muscle that's obvious in his legs. He has the tiniest bit of pudge around his middle from a life in the Palace - but it's all rather compact around a barrel of muscle that makes up the older stallion. Residence: Palace Castle in Kyoma Occupation: Previous Shogun's Groom | Current Shogun's Father Cutie Mark: A Yin Yang symbol with the darker half ontop of the lighter, instead of solid black and white the lighter part is made up of a sunset lit sky and the darker half is a starlit night sky with the moon and sun conjoined together in the middle of the symbol. Akarui was a late bloomer for his cutie mark, becoming an older colt and growing into his gangly pre-adolescent legs long before any magic started flashing on his flank. However by that time he also had a LOT of baby siblings to take care of as well as helping his parents with their work. Needless to say on a young stallion it was more than a little stressful. Wailing foals and the taxation of the work and parental demands grew too much for a colt just entering early adulthood who just wanted to loaf and be lazy, he'd had thoughts now and then of running away from it all, living a free life. But the guilt of such an idea struck him far too deep - making him stay and instead pushing to another extreme. This time he worked too hard. For a week he worked, trying all his best to balance work with caring for infant siblings and this time neglecting all rest in lieu of forcing himself to the brink. By nopony's surprise - he got extremely ill from stress and all the more frustrated for it. He couldn't loaf off because he would shirk his duties, he couldn't push to be a perfectionist worker otherwise the stress would make him sick. It all felt unfair to him. Amidst his frustration, his elderly grandmother had come to soothe his stomach with tea and asked him why he had pushed himself. When he explained, the old mare smiled and stroked her grandson's mane before explaining to him that you couldn't have one without the other. Like the sun and moon, day and sun, the lives of ponies needed their time to relax and their times to be serious in a balance. One road would lead to a lazy lifestyle and one would lead to a stressful lifestyle. Seeing his grandmother's wisdom, the colt took comfort and this time worked the next week much easier. But didn't make the week just easier for himself, he noticed his family in general was prone to pushing one extreme and took it upon himself to aid them. Supporting them in their work and pushing them gently to do better if they couldn't pull themselves from relaxing - or simply telling them when they needed to stop and think about themselves if they pushed themselves too hard. A week this went on and when he found a rhythm, Akarui took most if not all his work in his stride. He had found self imposed balance and peace. And soon enough, the older colt's flank flashed and revealed his cutiemark; Representing his calm attitude to life's stresses and worries and how he seeks to aid those suffering from stresses but also inspire them to be their best. Unique Traits: Akarui has quite an astounding patience, having come from a large family with many little siblings, very overworked and stressed parents, a wife who had to deal with the worries of a nation and three children - Akarui has bore a smile and been a supportive pillar through it all since his early adolescence. It can take something truly immense to shift this big patient mountain of a stallion from nothing more than the supportive house husband and father that he is and even then he will try to keep himself completely composed and level headed through it for the sake of others. Not being a Ryuma and being firmly situated on the ground, Akarui's has a strong magic breath that forms bright aqua blue lightning when focused or in times of true outrage or anger - say in defense of his children or family. However with his patience it's rare to ever see that magic breath of his in action. This old man certainly knows how to brew a cup of tea, not a leader of state and not a stallion who needs to concern himself with the economy - he certainly does know how to soothe over the spirits of any grumpy visiting delegates with the perfect cup of tea. Knowing many different flavours, heats, sweet supplements and always knowing the perfect time to sit down with one. He knows his children's favourites off by heart, as well as most of the servants and will often be seen with a fresh cup and silently mulling away the worries of the world that will fade in a fresh steamy tea. History: Akarui Yozora was the first born of a large family from the higher middle class within Kyoma, his family dealt in silk trade, having several silk worm farms and selling only the finest to be made for the grandest and greatest within Neighpon's capital. As a youngster the stallion preferred to be a lazy loafer who wasn't really interested in his parent's work, happy to grow big on the bits that his parents were bringing in...up until one of their silk farms was attacked by an angered Long. With the recent growth in their family with his younger siblings and the sudden lack of immediate silk, he was involved in making sure everything was tallied and shops got what they were asking for whilst juggling the infants now born into the homestead. Needless to say, Akarui couldn't be both lazy and sick with work related stress as he tried to push one extreme to the other for the first week or so and eventually, through his grandmother, found a way to balance both as well as aiding his overly stressed parents. For the next couple of weeks they worked and eventually fixed their work schedule with their son's help, whilst he found a peace in being able to relax and work with his new cutiemark. Over the next set of years, the stallion grew and became quite the looker - something that hadn't gone unnoticed by his parents who recommended him trying to marry into a wealthier house, if for nothing else than for his own benefit. Bet Akarui was still a fairly young stallion and had no interest in such things...yet. At the same time the current Shogun was being pestered for her hoof in marriage by so many suitors, Akarui had never seen so many fancy stallions from all walks of Neighpon and even other parts of Equestria, garnering gifts and favous for their Shogun's hoof. One day, one of his parent's clients was delivering a package to the Shogun's palace in the form of a beautiful official robe - now this client happened to be quite the elderly seamstress, so the stallion offered to aid in its delivery and upon coming to the Palace, finally met the Shogun face to face in the middle of handling all the ponies that vied for her attention. Needless to say, seeing such a level headed and in control mare certainly changed Akarui's perspective of marriage. He was smitten at first look. When he told his parents of his interests, they were ofcourse overjoyed - but he was worried their interventions might make him come off as desperate as those gift giving stallions. It didn't help that when he offered himself as the Shogun's consort, he got his fair share of glares - but the Shogun looked rather relieved at less flashy offer and decided to give him a few days in her company to see how they'd get along. The phrase 'like a barn on fire' certainly came to mind. They'd spend hours talking to each other, him about his view on life and his parent's work, her about the silly gifts she'd been getting and her work with the nation as a whole. They'd walk with each other, watch the stars and simply enjoy the quiet. Days in her company turned to weeks and soon a month and all could quite agree that they got along swimmingly. But to Akarui it didn't feel like enough, yes he wasn't a flashy stallion - but he felt the Shogun deserved something. So on the evening of that year's Cherry Blossom Festival, after her speech to the citizens was done - Akarui gently whisked her away to a silent stretch of river painted with blossoms and offered her a charm with two pearls tied to the silk rope. One gold as the sun, one pale as the moon. He told her that it was tradition of stallions in his family to give something meaningful to the mares they loved and this charm symbolized just how perfect they felt together as a couple, as perfect together as the sun and the moon. The next moon, they were married. He was the Shogun's groom. He had no power over the nation, but he was happy. He made sure the servants were content in their work, he acted as house husband to guests and a friendly face to greet them and over all - he loved his wife. His beautiful, wonderful wife. He was there to support her, reassure her and invigorate her in her ideas whilst also making sure she took the time to relax. It wasn't a surprise that soon they were blessed with a Ryuma of all things as their first, needless to say he was more than happy. He was downright delighted. His firstborn son and not the last, soon blessed with another the year after as he watched both his boys grow and go through training and make him prouder with each day. Akarui was happy in his life. And even happier with the birth of his third. When the Kaiju came a few days afterwards, not even he could've foreseen what happened. He spent hours looking for his wife in the wreckage the Kaiju had caused...but it was too late. Completely distraught, Akarui was given little time to mourn - especially when his firstborn vanished in grief and his second searched for blame on anywhere but the monster. In Ryuichi's absence he could only offer support to the council members and reassure of his trust in his son's return, whilst balancing caring for his infant daughter in the meantime and helping the servants piece themselves together after the tragic passing of the late Shogun. With Ryuichi's return, relief returned with the older stallion and he finally gave himself time to grieve. Nowadays, the older stallion is cheerful - for he knows his wife would've wanted it that way. He knows she knew that was when he was at his best. Being a peaceful boon to others and a kind father to his beloved children whilst also keeping an eye over his eldest son who he proudly watches from the side as he runs Neighpon. Character Personality: Akarui is a kindly older stallion, his patience certainly helps and his perception of the world aids in helping slow down and understand more complex matters at a pace that becomes easier to break down and help others understand it. With all the experience he has with this, it helps him come off as a rather wizened older fellow, almost like a mentor in that sense. However those who know him better also know the fun loving and playful side of him as well, he is a father after all, a father of three children - one of whom still a foal - and he'll he hogtied if he won't make it his duty to atleast get a smile out of them once a day or be there for them when they're feeling upset or need fatherly advice. Ofcourse some of his advice is usually light hearted or making playful jabs, given his laid back attitude to life and such, but again it's all in seeking a smile and calm within people. Due to the passing of his wife, he can sometimes be quite somber by his lonesome - but it's a fleeting thing at best, as well as anger. Akarui isn't a stallion prone to anger or outbursts, preferring to talk before anything confrontational and will never use what's left of his status against anypony. He prefers to see them on equal grounds, be them peasant or princess. The angriest he will be is possibly raising his voice, being a touch louder, or even frowning for a few seconds in disappointment of someone making him angry - but even then it's not him being fully angered, moreso just disappointed. Not many have seen Akarui angry, not many would be sure to say if they'd like to see such a kind old fatherly pony angry either. Character Summary: The wise older patriarch of the Shogunate family and father of the Shogun, Akarui acts as the serene pedestal of support to those in the Palace who need it and the gentle father to his children. Always patient, level headed and calm tempered. If you need a gentle shoulder to lean on or somepony to talk your problems out to, Akarui is the Kirin for you.
  8. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Yù Liánhuā's adoptive parents; Mr. Ruǎn Miàn (Soft Noodle) and Mrs. Cǎoméi Jiǎozi (Strawberry Dumpling)
  9. Name: Yanhua Sex: Female Age: Appears as a young adult Species: Yokai (Nine-Tailed Fox) Eye Color: Lavender, but is rarely seen. Coat: Off white cream Mane & tail: A lively orange red with streaks of green and some white tips. Usually wears it in a swirling style. Her tail has a bow tied to it with a curious ball attached to it. Physique: Most times takes the appearance of a lithe and sleek looking qilin mare. In her true form she is a fox about the size of an average mare i terms of height, who is seen surrounded by varying amounts of foxfire hitodama and waving nine, long, flame producing tails. Residence: Imperial Palace Occupation: Head Chef Cutie Mark: A frying pan with a hitodama in it. Unique Traits: Hoshi no Tama: As a fox yokai, Yanhua is never seen without a glowing jewel at her side. This orb at least when she is shapeshifted, contains a vast portion of her magical power. If it is separated from her then over time she will lose all of her magical capabilities and appear increasingly ill to the point the point she is no different than a common fox. If someone steals her ball, she will do just about anything to see it returned. Cooking Skill: You don't get to be as old as Yanhua is without learning a thing or two. Her appreciation for the food of Long Guo gave way to a desire to learn how to prepare some herself. Thanks to her long life she has been able to practice fairly often in her downtimes... and apparently cooking with Foxfire makes things taste quite unique. Foxfire: Having been taught from a young age how to use the wispy, magical flames of yokai by her parents, Yanhua is a talented and well disciplined user of this unusual magical flame. While the extent of what she can do with it is known only to herself and perhaps other Yokai around her age, she's been using it primarily to cook food in the imperial palace as it allows her to adjust the temperature of the flames at will and instantaneously. Shapeshifting: While Fox yokai back home are considered natural shapeshifters, Yanhua is not necessarily a master of it. She is able to maintain an equine form for long periods of time so long as it has some resemblance to her actual form. Maintaining the form of another pony, qilin, or longma is a different story as over time certain traits from her natural form will start to peek out if she loses concentration. A decent example of that being her Tails poofing out behind her when she's startled or frightened. Yokai Magic: As a yokai, Yanhua is fully capable in performing all the various forms of magic as other yokai, such as levitation, and illusion magic among other skills. Senses: Possesses an impressive sense of sense of smell, capable of even sniffing out magical signatures. As a fox she also has very sensitive hearing as well as the ability to see in the dark. History: Long ago under a sky full of fireworks, a Fox was born. Her parents named her Hanabi no Mikoto. This young Yokai proved a handful even during her early youth: A troublemaker at her core, but a curious one. Her young days were full of romps with her siblings and the theft of treats from the natives of Neighpon. All throughout her life though she had wondered what it was like to the east, especially after those interesting dragonhorses started showing up more and more often in her family's neck of the woods. In search of new things to occupy her Interest, Hanabi would travel farther to the east along with some other Yokai with motives like herself. Her journey to get there brought her in contact with more than a few other breeds of Yokai on the way until she finally reached the shore of Long Guo. Here she wandered all around the country, getting a feel for it's culture, it's citizens, and most importantly their cuisine! Using her shapeshifting, Hanabi would over time learn the language of the Long and spend more time around some the more promising young chefs of early Long Guo. Eventually though she couldn't occupy her time with only the food of this country, she began to go out and into the countryside. One day during a drought She saw smoke rising from the fields of a village, A wildfire was hardly any good for anyone, so the fox intervened and used some magic in her true form to assist calming the blaze until it died. The Villagers had an... unexpected response to this: She was named their field's guardian spirit. She might have corrected them, but the enticing offer of food, drink, and other nice things compelled her to stay. So she did. For several generations She protected the crops, and was given tribute at a small shrine that still stands in the area. Over time though, the villagers would come less and less. It turned out that they were moving on from the fields and as their land opened up to trade with the larger world, they had begun a lucrative business of Silk trading and production. Once her shrine fell into disrepair, Hanabi figured it was time she left to her next adventure. She still makes the occasional trip to that Shrine to see how it's holding up in her absence. The next part of her life was not the happiest, honestly. One day during a nap, some ambitious lord had managed to steal her Hoshi no Tama. When she woke his demands were that she protect his palace from intruders as long as he ruled it. Facing the prospect of losing her valuable orb, Hanabi agreed to the terms. This Ambitious lord proved a thorn in the side of the empire for a not insubstantial amount of time, mostly due to her protection of his base of operations. Messing with intruder’s sense of direction, bewitching and confusing h them, scaring them off with horrifying images. It was quite a bit of fun, even under these undesirable circumstances. Thankfully her time eventually ended when she was outwitted and freed by some shadowy order during a daring raid on the lord’s palace. She didn’t stick around long enough to face any consequences for her assistance of this lord and paid little mind to the watch and moved on. Now free to roam a slowly changing Long guo, Hanabi simply continued her habits of observing and following famous cooks across the land. One day, she heard such an interesting rumor. The emperor of this kingdom was hosting a remarkable banquet the likes of which had never been seen before. This was far too good to pass up! One of cooks in Long Guo she’d never heard of before was even coming. As luck would have it, the bride of the emperor’s carriage was going to be passing by her neck of the woods too. The fox hatched a devious plot. When the empress came by she caught her attention with some magical conjured lights in a forest of Bamboo. The Empress told her guards that she would be back in a moment and after going past the thick forest’s edge… she returned unharmed if a bit cheery looking. In reality Yanhua had simply magicked the empress away to the house of a lesser known nobleman. It would take at least a day for word to reach the emperor about that, so she hopped on board the carriage and made her way with the guards, all bewitched and bringing her to the dinner. When she got there, the guests and the emperor were a bit put off by her rather… aggressive eating. Hanabi was having the time of her life all throughout despite some of the looks from the guests, but it seemed that one of the dishes was a bit too spicy for her senses to handle. Her guise was dropped and in the dining hall sat a qilin sized fox with nine tails. She was immediately subdued by the emperor’s spiritual advisor of all things! Left bound she told them where she had left the empress and could only watch sadly as the final course of the feast escaped her field of vision. Seeing as the empress was unharmed, any particularly serious punishments were decided against. This slight against the emperor however couldn’t just be let go though, so the advisor and emperor settled on a sealing spell. They brought the bound Yaojing out to a forest far out in the mountains, not far from a small settlement. Through their magic they bound her to this small forest, unable to leave it’s immediate area for the foreseeable future. Days turned to weeks turned to years… Hanabi was left on her lonesome in these woods with her magic weakened and only able to talk and weave minor illusive magics. The only things she found to occupy her time was time mess with the inhabitants of the village who came by… and even then eventually they just stopped coming. Her only contact would often be the monks sent by the advisor to renew the seal on her forest every twenty years… then there was a colt. This little longma went by the name of Feng and he was something of a troublemaker in his village. That was something Hanabi could relate to. Rather than frighten the little colt off she would slowly get to know and converse with him. She learned many things about his life, and even was a sympathetic ear for him on an occasion. She looked forward to every visit, often darting to the forest edge if she even suspected he was approaching. Although soon his visit became more spaced out when he got a mark on his backside. On his last visit he said he had decided to join the ‘imperial watch’ and that this meant he’d have to stop coming by. Hanabi’s pride wouldn’t allow her to admit how sad this made her, instead she just cheered him on and wished him the best of luck! On their last goodbye, The fox was left again on her one. Time passed, and she realized something. She was alone… where was the monk? They should have been here by now. She thought maybe they’d come in and applied the seal again while she was with feng… but the seal had fallen into disrepair and with enough of her magic free to use she escaped her bounds and rejoiced! First thing to do was to find Feng. Well, that wasn’t the first thing to do. The first thing she needed to do was come up with a disguise that wouldn’t take much effort to keep up. She eventually settled on something a bit resonant with how she normally looked. She came up with a qilin form that she could interact with the rest of the village with and asked around if they knew where he might be. The imperial academy was her best bet. She snuck in and saw that Feng had grown quite a bit since she’d last saw him. He was about a teenager now and training to be part of the watch. On one of his trips out of his training camp he attended a festival. At this Festival, Hanabi re-introduced herself… in a way. She actually introduced herself to him as Yanhua (the Long Sun’s word for fireworks). Since then she wound up becoming a close friend to him all over again. In her absence Feng had fallen for none other than a prospective empress. SOmething about this news made her feel a bit… downtrodden, but again she wished him the best, but rather than saying goodbye like last time. She volunteered to help him out in his work in the watch in a small way, She made him lunches! Using her foxfire and accumulated cooking knowledge over the ages she was able to cobble together some delicious meals. When he first tried it he asked if she was a chef in her downtime and in a bout of nervousness she blurted out yes… then immediately began working to make that lie a truth. There was no rule about using magical flames to cook food… and exhaling foxfire like the longma or qilin’s dragonbreath was easy to trick others with. The world of cooking turned out to be a surprisingly cutthroat profession as she learned about it. Recipes needed to be kept secret, sometimes chefs would steal from each other. In the interest of making her word to Feng true, she pushed onwards and soon wound up running the kitchen in the imperial capital of Haungjing Around the time the old palace chef retired, something happened that left Yanhua speechless. The Long sun dynasty approached her and requester her to be the top chef for the palace for the divine empress Yu Yue and Prince Lian Mei. Hoping to get to know the mare that Feng had become so smitten with… she accepted. Up to now this is the story of Yanhua. Personality: Yanhua is a playful, mildly excitable, loyal, a dutiful if occasionally flippant cook. She can sometimes push her luck with certain etiquette being disregarded or encouraging her staff to relax and be flexible so as to prepare dishes quickly and make changes as needed. Those under her care are often treated well so long as they can mind a joke or a prank once in awhile. Among those she takes the most seriously are the empress, the prince, Feng and Qing. While her kind are notorious tricksters across long Guo, Neighpon, and parts of Polyneighsia, even Yanhua has a sense of honor: A major aspect of her personality and nature is an inability to break a promise or attempt to try it. No matter who she owes a debt to, she will work tirelessly to pay it off in any way she possibly can. This even applies to promises made under negative circumstances such as blackmail, in those circumstances she can and will take advantage of the perpetrator’s exact words or vagueness in terms in order to find a way to make it backfire upon them. Thanks to being sealed for as long as she was, Yanhua is practically terrified of the idea of ever being bound again. In order to avoid this fate, she is very skittish and wary around any powerful, knowledgeable sages of the Harmonious path… and is known for avoiding the spiritual advisor anytime he is nearby the kitchen in the palace. Around others, Yanhua is almost always smiling and tends to have her eyes constantly closed. Exceptions are made during times of celebrations and cheer, in which case she will only open one eye slightly. Despite this trait she is apparently able to see things perfectly fine and perform her cooking tasks very well. Nostalgia is a trait that comes to Yanhua easily. On her time off she’s known to often visit some old places such as a village with a booming silk trade that goes on to this day, an old, run down shrine on its outskirts, and the old mountain village where feng grew up… to throw stones at the forest edge. Now that she has been freed from her confinement again she is interested in one day visiting long guo to see if any of the old yokai she knew are still around.
  10. Zeig

    Dēnglong Xiu

    From the album: OC Art

    "But Zeig, I thought your Yokai was going to be your last OC for a long while to come?" AHAHAHAHA...you thought. Dēnglong Xiu is the Imperial Wood Synergist for the Imperial Palace of Huangjing - essentially, a fancy way of saying she's the head physician of the palace. She's also rather unique among my OCs in being something of a doormat. She's not quite shy, but she's definitely more awkward than pretty much all of my characters combined. I don't usually play meek or "weak-willed" sorts of characters, but Xiu is definitely on the milder end of the spectrum...even if she does have her moments.
  11. From the album: OC Art

    Was thinking to myself the other day, that the last handful of pictures I've uploaded to my gallery have all had white backgrounds. I try to make sure I draw some pictures with non-white backgrounds every once in a while, just so I don't get in the habit of not bothering with backgrounds, and also because it's nice to see something other than blinding white when I'm browsing the pictures I've uploaded. Which is when I decided to do another Okami picture, because I haven't done one in a while. And my new character helped with the inspiration, whaddya know! Considering the different layers Xiu's mane has, I'm fairly pleased with how this one turned out. The simplistic background, too, I thought melded well into the "Okami" style feel. So overall, I'm happy with the result!
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Dēnglong Xiu (SHEE-oo), which loosely translates into "Charmed Lanterns". Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Qilin Eye colour: Sky blue Coat/Scales: Very pale pink. Her scales are a darker peach color, while her horns and hooves are a deep red. Mane/Tail: Light pink, with sections that that move darker pinks to reds, and small splashes of sky blue. Physique: Lithe and svelte, with a willowy frame that belies lean muscles and sharp fitness. Residence: Imperial Palace of Huangjing Occupation: Imperial Wood Synergist Cutie Mark: Three lanterns, reminiscent of New Year's lanterns. Unlike many of the fillies and colts in her town, Xiu did not receive her cutie mark until she was verging on adulthood, a fact that caused a bit of grief and worry within her family. However, it was during a New Year's festival that Spring Blossom Town was celebrating when Xiu, exploring the festivities on her own for the first time, stumbled across a small group of foals running about as foals are want to do. They were playing along a set of stairs, running up and down to examine all the lanterns laid out, and Xiu was just about to move along until one of the colts slipped and tumbled down the bottom set of stairs. Xiu hesitated, but not seeing any adults in the nearby area, went to check up on the crying colt and his worried friends. He'd scraped his legs quite badly, and was inconsolable over the injury. Xiu wasted no more time in breathing a Healing Breath on the colt, and to his and his friends' amazement, they watched as the wounds vanished as if they'd never been there in the first place. The small crowd was quick to burst out in exclamations and thanks for the young mare, who couldn't help but be bashfully pleased by all the attention placed on a what she'd always considered a mundane skill. She mentioned how she rarely used her breath magic to heal others, to which the colt confusedly asked why not, as she was very good at it and had made him feel much better. A figurative light bulb went off in the mare's head, then, as Xiu silently studied the intense feeling of pleasure and pride she'd gotten from the colt's thanks. She loved the feeling, she loved seeing the relieved smile on the colt's face after his injury had been healed - and most of all, she felt useful for the first time in her life. Xiu's cutie mark appeared then, causing the Qilin to hastily yet eagerly reevaluate the life she had been content to simple mold to her parent's wishes without stopping to consider what might make her happy. The ability to soothe the pain of others brought a smile to Xiu's face like nothing else, and she was determined to follow her destiny. Unique Traits: Xiu is a master user of the Wood school of breath magic, having studied the art ever from a very early age. She specializes in using the school to heal and mend the physical body of another, and is very effective at it. Xiu is capable of mending torn flesh and broken bones, and can even heal what would normally be a mortal wound, just enough to prevent instant fatality. Aside from physical wounds, Xiu is skilled in healing the body from unseen agents - such as poisons and toxins - though such agents are more difficult to heal than a simple flesh wound. The Qilin is also something of a botanist, her innate talent with Wood Breath allowing her natural mastery over the growth of plants and flowers. However, Xiu isn't very knowledgable on any specifics, only really knowing how to grow plants and keep them alive and flourishing. She has a small garden within the Imperial Palace that she tends to on a regular basis, more to have some flowers available for plucking to attune herself to her School of choice rather than any active interest in botany. Thanks to her traditional upbringing, Xiu is a natural homemaker. She can mend clothing, clean, and can cook up a feast fit for a king. Despite having the benefit of living inside the Imperial Palace and being surrounded by those whose jobs are to take care of such 'mundane' tasks, Xiu still likes to look after all her own housework - and even that of others, on occasion. History: Born on the last day of the Long Guo New Year's celebrations, Xiu's parents held high hopes for their daughter from the moment of her birth. Right from the start, Xiu was raised with the expectation of being married off into the neighboring Xilan family, who owned a large portion of the shimmersilk business based in Spring Blossom Town. Hoping that a match between Xiu and the Xilan colt would bring their entire family into the lucrative business, Xiu was raised to imitate the perfect housewife. Academic education was bare, if that, although her parents invested in a tutor to enhance her Wood Breath magic, so that the young filly could cultivate her own herb garden - a skill that her parents assured her that stallions loved, as it would complement her cooking. Raised to be mild-mannered, polite, and submissive, Xiu went through her foalhood following her parents wishes, believing as her parents did that if she could catch the eye of the Xilan colt, her own life would improve. That all changed the day Xiu received her cutie mark, and the young mare was filled with a fire she had never known existed before. She approached her parents the very next day with her newfound desire to leave Spring Blossom and become a physician somewhere - a desire that was, unsurprisingly, immediately denounced by her parents. Xiu was vexed, but years of training and pliancy towards her parents did not result in an immediate change, and Xiu warred with indecisiveness for almost a year as she slowly became more and more vocal about her wishes towards her parents. In the end, a full-fledged argument - where Xiu spoke back to and decried her parents for the first time in her life - became the tipping point, and Xiu packed up what little belongings she had and left Spring Blossom Town. It wasn't an easy journey. Having been sheltered all her life, Xiu had little knowledge of what to expect when she up and left with no warning and poor preparation. In fact, the journey might have proven fatal when Xiu accidentally ran afoul some marauders who were intent on taking what little she had. Luckily, she was saved by a member of the Imperial Watch, the elite guard of the Empress herself - although this stallion was still in his training period. Full-fledged member or not, however, Xiu was stricken with relief (and no small amount of hero worship) at his timely intervention, and the Longma (who introduced himself as Fēng Yīnhǎitāo) escorted her the rest of the way to Huangjing. Xiu eventually settled down inside the city, working as an assistant to a well known physician for a while. The Qilin was happy where she was, but the sudden retirement of the Physician to the Imperial Court opened up the way for Xiu to move upwards in her choice of career. With the heavy recommendation from the physician guiding her, Xiu eventually found herself as Imperial Wood Synergist, thanks to her affinity for using her Wood breaths to cure ailments rather than traditional medicines. At the present time, Xiu is content with her station in life, and finds herself wanting for naught...at least for the most part. Character Personality: Though she has taken strides towards speaking out for herself, Xiu still carries remnants of the young foal who did everything to please her parents. The young Qilin is mild-mannered and unassuming, the epitome of a "pony pleaser" who struggles to adhere to the whims of others above her own. While not exactly shy, Xiu definitely goes through a state of awkwardness around strangers, most often flitting and hesitating in the background before making herself know. Once she gets to know someone however, Xiu becomes more animated and outgoing, even if she deigns to take charge. There are some exceptions to her willingness to be pulled along, however, correlating to how badly she desires or wants something. After a lifetime of following along with her parents' wishes, Xiu can sometimes lash out if her attempts to do something are met with repeated resistance, feeling thrown back to a controlling lifestyle under her parents' roof. The Qilin can become irate and even irrational if such a situation arises, berating another for attempting to control her or being utterly blind to her life. Luckily, as Xiu is more comfortable conceding to the wishes and demands of others, such moments are very rare, as there are very few things in life the Qilin is willing to fight for. Growing into the role of a physician has also cultivated Xiu's maternal and caring side. It is only thanks to her upbringing that Xiu does not immediately butt into the business of strangers - acquaintances and friends, not so much. The young mare is liable to pester and needle someone in an effort to care for them, constantly checking up on a healing wound or inquiring after their hunger. Xiu enjoys the feeling of being needed and wanted, and unconsciously seeks out that feeling by providing a nurturing and caring hoof towards others, even if the desire to help others is sincere in its nature. She can sometimes become overbearing in her efforts to tend to others, though those that know her well also understand her good intentions. Xiu is also a rather fussy individual, an offshoot of her caretaker tendencies. The Qilin is almost never sitting still, and instead likes to flit about a room or toy with any stray object in reach. She is the type to straighten out blankets or fluff up pillows when she is standing around, or attempt to clean mud out of her fur at every rest stop, just to have something to do with her hooves. Xiu also tends to get flustered relatively easily, not being very good at keeping her head in an unfamiliar or hopeless looking situation. Despite her fussy nature however, Xiu is not averse to simply getting the job done. While her main job keeps her at the Palace, Xiu's healing magic makes her an invaluable asset to have on hoof, and as such she also performs some necessary service as a field medic from time to time. Though definitely preferring the comforts of indoor work, Xiu is capable of gritting her teeth and baring with the work at hoof, no matter how messy or tiring it may be. Character Summary: The epitome of a "pony pleaser," Xiu is still on the path to becoming her own mare. Despite this, the young Qilin holds a naturally maternal heart that seeks the well-being of near everyone who crosses her path - whether they seek the same thing or not.
  13. From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    "...and I break your face." Nah, she's just kidding. Probably. ... Request to draw Bellosh's newest character, a Qilin by the name of Aunt Ci...aka, the "Wrathful Guardian of Fortune." I wasn't feeling up to a full body though, so I settled for a bust shot type deal. Chances are, you're going to be CIing this Qilin around the Triad members that have cropped up recently, because she's...well. Let's just say she's got an understanding going on with the Triads. Aunt Ci (c) Bellosh
  14. Name: Lai Ci (translates to "Pretty Porcelain") AKA: “Wrathful Guardian of Fortune” Sex: Female Age: Elderly mare Species: Qilin Eye Color: Purple Physique: While seemingly old and frail, Aunt Ci is still alarmingly flexible and otherwise spry. Antlers are a bit on the short side. Coat: Light gray fur with light blue scales Mane/Tail/Tuft: Hair is short and frizzled in a somewhat curly manner. While mostly dark blue in color, portions appear less saturated as per usual with old mares. Accessories: Wears a pair of round spectacles Occupation: Owner of "Aunt Ci's Antiques", which sells all sorts of antiques... and other treasures Residence: Downtown Long Kong, right above her shop Cutie Mark: A white vase (with very subtle blue tinge) adorned with a dark blue depiction of a serpent dragon. History: If you asked Lai Ci about her life story, she’d claim that it is nothing remarkable. Born in rural Spring Blossom Town, she lived in a crowded household for most of her early life. During one fillyhood misadventure in the market, she ended up accidentally shattering a precious Ming vase which a pottery merchant was attempting to sell. As penance for her recklessness, Ci agreed to become that merchant’s assistant until she had earned enough coin to pay off the damages. As it turned out, Ci was quite adept at that line of work, eventually earning her a Ming vase cutie mark. When she was old enough and had saved up enough money, the young mare decided to try her luck in the big city: Long Kong. The rest of the family wanted her to stay in Spring Blossom, but Ci was was always the sort of stubborn qilin who never took for an answer. The first few years of running a store were pretty tough. Aside from the usual challenges of figuring out how to keep a store running afloat, Lai Ci ran afoul with the local Triad. Too hot headed to pay any sort of “protection money”, the mare ended up having her store completely ransacked. Not intimidated by the thugs, Ci simply took martial arts and dragonbreath classes in the hopes of scaring them away. The second time the Triad came, it took a bigger gang to trash the shop. Still, Ci persisted and remained as defiant as ever. The third time she was accosted by the gangsters... urban legends claim her rage was so fierce and her fighting abilities beyond compare that the entire Triad was sent packing! Whatever actually transpired that day, troublemakers have stayed clear of the so-called “Wrathful Guardian of Fortune” ever since. Now a qilin in her old age, Aunt Ci is a pillar-stone of both her community and her extended family back in the countryside. Having made a good life for herself in Long Kong, the auntie loves playing host to her younger relatives... provided they help out at the Antique Shop and pay their elder proper respects..... Unique Traits: Aunt Ci sells all sorts of curios at her rather cramped, no-thrills antique shop. Aside from the prerequisite Ming vases, most of the other items are of a valuable and fragile nature (the shopkeeper requires quick reflexes to prevent clumsy browsers from dropping something). In general, one should expect to find any random thing imaginable from collectible manhua magazines to lost talismans containing untold power. Anybody who messes around in Aunt Ci’s store should expect to be struck by Aunt Ci’s broom, which she wields as expertly as a warrior armed with a staff. If the urban tales are indeed true... then a strike from the old mare’s broom is strong enough to cause earthquakes. It’s also said that when sufficiently angry, Aunt Ci spews out blue flame hotter than the bellies of the most ancient and wisest of dragons. Oh, and apparently, the bristles on the auntie’s bloom can transform into the very same blue flame at will. Of course, all that is probably just nothing more than gross exaggeration. Probably..... Character Personality: When dealing with a prospective customer or is otherwise in a position to be needed by others, Aunt Ci can be sickeningly sweet (aside from an occasional interjected warning to NOT BREAK ANYTHING). Compliments pour out of her mouth as she tempts and guilt-trips her way into making a sale. Aunt Ci charges exuberant amount for everything in her store, but derives competitive pleasure from a good round of price haggling. Aunt Ci is the sort of old mare who believes she knows best about everything. There are times when she randomly begins ranting about how young people today aren’t as filial and respectful as they were back in her day, how they got it easy compared to Ci’s generation. If the auntie thinks someone isn’t doing enough to care for their family or settle down to find a loving spouse, she won’t hesitate to make her thoughts known. Partially from her background as a rural qilin plus from deliberate efforts in appealing to tourists, Aunt Ci is surprisingly knowledgeable on such subjects as herbal remedies, the mysterious ways of the majestic Long, and other folklore. The old mare also believes herself to be a good matchmaker. For no money, Ci is more than happy to provide these services to neighbors and other acquaintances... but they better be prepared for the day she calls in favors! Character Summary: If you’re not there to buy an item from Aunt Ci’s shop... you best be on your way. ..... We’re not kidding here.
  15. Zeig

    Time Out

    From the album: OC Art

    Brother and sister take some time to just relax under the sun...because all work and no play is really kirin them. *regrets nothing* Just a quick little doodle/color. I need more practice drawing foals so that they look foal-aged...and more stubby looking. Stubby-features are key to all foals! Fēng (c) PrinceBlueblood
  16. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Zhēnzhū Míng, which literally translates into "Brilliantly Shining Pearl." However, she only answers to her nickname of "Yin", with family being the sole exception. Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Qilin Eye color: Purple, with a ring of vivid red around the centers. Coat/Scales: Salmon colored, although the fur around her hooves transitions into a vivid, brighter red color. Her horns, scales, and hooves all share a neutral beige color. Mane/Tail: Deep blue-purple. Her mane seems to keep in a persistent tussled state with slim locks that spike upwards on top of her head and at the base, while her tail shares the look. Certain locks in her mane and tail are more brightly colored, ranging from bright blues, purples, and reds. Physique: As a Qilin, Yin has a slender frame, more lithe and streamlined than ponies from Equestria, and slightly shorter and smaller than the average Qilin. Residence: Long Kong, specifically a small apartment in Downtown Occupation: Officially, Yin has several different jobs that she works for on a case by case basis, based on the needs of her employers and her own schedule. These jobs range anywhere from simple delivery, to peddling wares, and even some security detail for certain stores. Unofficially however, Yin is part of a Triad that operates mainly within Downtown. She is the Grass Slipper of her Triad, a proxy for the Traid's Head Dragon that goes and meets with rival Triads, business associates, and other ponies of note - instances that are too insignificant for the Head Dragon's attention, but large enough to require someone other than a basic grunt. Cutie Mark: A shined and polished pearl, exuding colorful flames. From an early age, Yin cultivated a very lazy, entirely apathetic attitude towards life. With the mentality of, "if you don't try you'll never fail," the young Qilin was already resigned to let life lead her where it would, rather than take any part in actively shaping her destiny. Naturally wanting to see their foals succeed, her parents tried coaxing some sort of passion or interest from the young filly in hopes of sparking her inner fire, and were only met with indifference. Yin was convinced that she had nothing to offer and would only end up as another cautionary tale for her village to sadly shake their heads at. Eventually, her parents decided extreme measures needed to be taken. They ended up playing a trick on her by convincing Yin that they had found a Long Pearl in the nearby river, and that they wished for her to experience its power. In truth, the pearl was only a pretty bauble, but Yin was intrigued as she followed her parents down to the river. There was, indeed, a pearl embedded in some rocks near the shore, and Yin was so surprised that she immediately ran over to it, despite her parents' cautioning - however, her sudden rush dislodged the pearl into the fast flowing river. Yin's parents were disheartened and the unexpected turn, but before they could console their daughter, they realized she was, quite suddenly, no longer there - and instead, was falling into the middle of the river. Yin later got the full story while she was recovering in her room, as she only remembered bits and pieces. According to her then horrified parents, she had managed to teleport herself into the middle of the river in an effort to chase after the pearl, and it had only been thanks to a passing ronin that Yin had been fished out before losing consciousness in the fast paced and rough waters. Her parents were more than mortified, ashamed that the lie they had made up for the sake of their daughter had almost gotten her killed...but before they could even begin to apologize, a bright light filled the bedroom. Yin, amazed that she had managed to teleport herself to achieve her goal, received her cutie mark that day, and although her lazy attitude would persist all through her years, never again would it stem from outright apathy towards life. She had something to offer the world now, and she would never forget it. Unique Traits: Yin is a naturally talented user of breath magic, and it is the one facet of her life that she worked diligently at during her younger years, to be able to reap the benefits later. She is innately talented enough to learn and make use of most normal breath spells after only brief study, though she doesn't bother retaining them past what use they have in the moment. However, Yin's magical calling card is easily her teleportation abilities. Utilizing a combination of a metal and wood breath, Yin can transcend her material self and rearrange it in a different location in the blink of an eye. Yin is also able to create portals with this ability by enchanting an area - usually a section of wall - and linking it with her last placed portal. These portals take time and power to set up and wear off eventually, and need to be maintained and reset every once in a while. However, they are extremely useful to make quick escapes with, and Yin often refers to them as her special shortcuts, though members of the Triad know exactly what she is referring to. Aside from simple, every-day spells, Yin's mostly makes use of the Fire school of breath magic as her main attacking mechanism. Her fire burns blue when breathed, but otherwise has the same aetheral properties as any other Qilin's Fire breath. While she mostly uses her breath to perform simplistic spells, such as blasting a jet of flame or temporarily burning her inner fire to greater and more powerful heights, Yin is also able to compress her fire breath into a more compact form that mostly consists of light. The technique takes more time to prepare than a normal flamethrower, but it results in something akin to a blue laser blasting its way from her mouth - essentially, faster and more powerful than a regular jet of flame. With all of her efforts solely spent on raising her magical skills, Yin is rather lacking in the physical department. She is not overtly strong - she is, in fact, weaker than the average Qilin, and falls far behind other Triad members when it comes to physicality. She also has very low endurance, tending to tire out relatively quickly, and can be taken down for the count with just a hoof-ful of strong, well-placed punches or kicks. However, Yin is exceedingly fast and has a brilliant reaction time. She supplements her lacking physical capabilities by using brief bursts of speed to stay ahead of an opponent and out of harm's way. History: Born into a small village nestled at the base of a mountain pass that was famed for its sprawling forest of maple trees, Yin grew up surrounded by rather depressing ideals. The village in question used the mistakes of their ancestors in order to teach their young, and while well-meaning, Yin became used to hearing about the failures in her family and the families of others, how they tried to do good in their lives but ended up failing, or even ending up worse off than they'd begun. And rather than enticing the foal to better herself, the endless proverbs and lessons unintentionally had the opposite effect. With such negativity heaped onto the young filly from the beginning of her life, Yin rapidly cultivated a warped mentality, deciding that the only way to avoid failure was to simply not try at all. She became apathetic towards life, content to simply lounge away as the days passed. Yin only did what she wanted to do, and only if she was actually able to do it. Trees remained unclimbed after the first failed attempt to reach the bottom branch, produce remained with the stall vendor after the first failed attempt to barter a better deal, friends were never asked over to play after the first refusal due to conflicting schedules. It got to be so bad that Yin's parents actually consulted followers of the Path of the Spirit, wondering if she was being possessed by some evil being. Eventually, however, Yin learned that fear of failure should not equate to complete apathy, and that it was important to keep trying when it was necessary - especially when it was necessary. The young Qilin grew out of her continuous state of apathy, reverting back into a healthy young filly once more...even if her newfound laziness didn't fully dissipate. Still, Yin was out and about, and just in time, too - around this time, her brother became taken with the idea of joining the Imperial Watch. Seeing the fire blazing in her brother's spirit prompted several long days of introspection and self-contemplation for Yin, wondering what it is she wanted to do with her life. Eventually, she settled on an answer that surprised even her parents. While he brother went off to train for the Imperial Watch, Yin was inducted to the Harmonious Path. With her innate talent for teleportation having served as the catalyst for her cutie mark, Yin was fairly certain that she could cultivate those skills into something more, and was soon proven right. The young Qilin was a naturally talented breath mage, and could pick up new spells with hardly any training on them. Getting her to retain and remember those skills proved far more difficult, but Yin was still happy, pleased to be raising and feeding the inner fire that had snapped her out of her daze from her younger years. Seasons came and went, and so did Yin's training, having long mastered her special talent and current breath capabilities. Though she was a fan of the peace of quiet of the monastery, Yin had grown somewhat bored of it, and in a rather impulsive decision, decided to leave and settle down in a complete one-eighty. Long King was almost overwhelming in its hustle and bustle, but it was new and different, and broke the mold from what had started to become a boring life. A chance meeting soon had her running into a new acquaintance, as well - apparently a recruiter for a local Triad, it didn't take long for him to realize Yin's abilities with breath magic, and immediately suggested she join. Joining a Triad had never crossed Yin's mind before, but the idea wasn't as off-putting as it should have been. In fact, it sounded kind of exciting, and with a mental shrug of her shoulders, Yin agreed, dropping her given name in favor of her nickname. Yin has since settled in nicely with her new family, working her way up from a green grunt to the position of Grass Slipper. Despite her easy-going and outright lazy attitude, she's made herself a valuable addition to the Triad, and she, in turn, finds the life a Triad member intriguing enough to continue onwards. Character Personality: Though she has never once become as apathetic and disengaged from the world as she was during her foalhood years, there is no denying a certain lackadaisical whimsy to the young Qilin. Yin is casual, laid-back, and easy-going, to the point of being downright lazy at time. Much preferring to do her thinking with a nice long nap, Yin takes the time to relax whenever possible, and sometimes even when she shouldn't be. Her affinity for taking things easy also translates into a calm and serene attitude that is almost impossible to penetrate, even under the worst of conditions - a pony commenting on how ugly she is will be met with a grin and a statement of agreement from the Qilin herself. There is very little that can rile Yin up enough for her to figuratively sit up in her seat, and although her tranquility and laziness can often make the Qilin appear to be indifferent or uncaring, nothing could be further from the truth. Yin cares for her family and her friends The young dragon mare also has a penchant for humor in nearly all cases, whether or not humor is actually warranted or not, and getting laughs from others is one of the few instances that can cause Yin to break her otherwise calm state, breaking out in full-blown laughter or giggles. Yin likes to spout off jokes like nothing else, and use puns in the most ludicrous of situations. While she partly likes getting a reaction for the terrible jokes and puns, Yin's attempts at humor have mostly become a side reflex of her laziness. When it became only natural for others to berate her laid-back approach to life, Yin began using humor in an attempt to calm down yelling parents or illicit chuckles from disappointed friends. Often, the suddenness of a bad joke became enough to startle them out of their ranting or raving, unintentionally calming them down to match Yin's own mellow. Now, telling jokes has become a gut reflex of Yin's, to the point where she doesn't even do it to get people to back off - she simply enjoys being humorous, and watching that reluctant smile pull at the faces of others. Despite giving off an air of apathy or indifference because of her laid-back nature, Yin does care about those closest to her. She is emphatic and caring, and more often than not simply doesn't show it. That doesn't stop her from caring in her own way however, whether it is to follow a pony home to make sure they get back safely, or to simply offer her quiet presence as a form of support. Threats against her loved ones are one of the few things that can get Yin off her behind without any prompting whatsoever, and Yin doesn't bother hiding that fact. Whether or not the Triad falls under that specific subset is still, at the present, a toss-up - Yin genuinely enjoys the work and the environment, and has made some great friends within the group. However, thinking of her brother within the Imperial Watch can sometimes twinge at her heart strings, as if she is involved in something that goes beyond the laws of Long Kong and more towards the matters of the heart. Character Summary: Overall, Yin is a laid-back and casual Qilin who prefers taking it easy to working hard. With an affinity for cracking jokes and delivering puns like its going out of style, Yin approaches life with very little white noise to color it, taking everything in stride and letting little rile her up. Underneath her lazy exterior, however, Yin holds her loved ones in high esteem, and will never forget that, no matter how many failures her future brings her. [[ This OC involves one of PrinceBlueblood's characters, so I'd like him to review it, please! ]]
  17. Zeig


    From the album: OC Art

    New OC, last OC, not making another OC after this, have too many OCs, etc etc. I still can't get over my love of Kirins, or Qilins, and they winged counterparts. Did I mention that I love cloven-hooved mythical creatures? Because I do. All we need is for the show to have some cloven-hooved unicorns with lion tails and I'll be all set! Yin is a member of an (as of yet) unnamed Triad based in Long Kong. She was partly inspired by sans from Undertale (everyone better get ready for this puny to hit the stage) and a character from a Korean movie. She's lazy and likes to crack jokes all the time, but she'll get riled up if you mess with anyone she cares about. It takes a lot to get her mad, so if you manage to hit that point...you've done goofed. (Or maybe not. She's a powerful breath user, but physically speaking? A few good punches can take her down and out). She's also sister to Feng, one of PrinceBlueblood's OCs who is also a member of the Imperial Watch. The Imperial Watch with a family member who's a notable rank in a notable gang in Long Kong...I don't smell shenanigans at all~
  18. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Autumn Lily Sex: Female Age: Older Teenager Species: Qilin Eye colour: Autumn has honey colored eyes. Coat: The mare has a marigold color coat with cream colored scales on her underbelly and snout, with the occasional spatter of scales on her back and haunches. Mane/Tail: Autumn’s mane is the color of rust and fades to a golden color, she keeps her curly locks short. Each of her curls are tamed with a drill styling, even her bangs which are pushed out of her face are styled similarly. The tufts of hair on her tail are more wavy than curly, but follows the same color pattern. Physique: Being qilin, Autumn has a slender body with a long tail, she has cloven hooves. Her qilin heritage also grants her a pair of sharp and straight horns. Residence: While Autumn mainly travels around Canterlot and the surrounding area, she will go as far as the Crystal Empire. Occupation: Autumn is a traveling healer and adventurer on the side. Cutie Mark: Autumn’s cutie mark is a rune for healing, it resembles the letter k with a snake wrapped around it. Autumn was granted her cutie mark in her home of Long Guo, it was on a stormy day near Huangjing, and the storm clouds grew ever closer. Autumn lived on a small farm around this time, and was only a foal, she was tasked with securing equipment and preserving any plant life she could. While she did exactly as she was told, it wasn’t till after this storm that she was granted her mark. When the storm had died out the next morning, many things were out of place and a lot was damaged, but something irreplaceable had been damaged i the storm, a prize winning chicken. While the chicken was a nuisance, she still meant a lot to Autumn, as the hen had been her only friend for years. Not wanting her friend to suffer any longer, Autumn mustered up all of her willpower and let out a healing breath. It was her first attempt at breath magic, and was extremely powerful for such a young filly, and gave her life it’s purpose. Filled with new found healing prowess, Autumn was bestowed her cutie mark, the rune of healing for her powerful healing. Unique Traits: Qilin heritage grants her breath magic and a pair of horns. History: Autumn Lily was born outside of Huangjing, Long Guo, on a small farm. She was your typical qilin foal, though she took her responsibilities very seriously. In her earlier stages of life, Autumn only one friend, but she eventually moved to Springblossom Town, which left Autumn alone for a few years. Then, she received a gift, a hen from Springblossom Town, Autumn cherished this gift like it were the friend herself. It wasn’t until a storm hit, that Autumn’s life truly began, it was on that day that Autumn earned her cutie mark and learned of her powerful healing magic. When her family learned of her power, they enrolled her in The Imperial Academy for Magical Study, where she spent many years learning how to use her breath magic. In the beginning Autumn was super excited to learn more of what her breath could do, but as the years passed she didn’t get to do much helping others, and found herself bored. She often finished her chores quickly, so she could go and help other ponies. She really didn’t leave much free time, but when she had time to spare she practiced using her breath to do more than just the basics. After a few more years spent in school, Autumn had finally believed that she was ready to take on the world. She brought along her most trusted friend, Marigold the hen, on her voyage to the infamous Canterlot. At first, she had arrived a ways away from Canterlot, and while she didn’t have enough bits to get there, she found a job in a traveling group. In her time spent with them, Autumn was taught about potion brewing and antidotes, and even though her magic was pretty adept, she took the tips to heart; just in case. She spent only three months with these ponies, which was about as long as it took to earn the bits for her trek to Canterlot. When she finally arrived, she was met by sheer satisfaction, as Canterlot was everything she had ever dreamed it would be. Though, she didn’t find her calling here, the closest she had ever come to it was healing those travelers and ponies she met along the way. Autumn then set out to find a place to set up shop, i took more time to get a caravan, but once she set up her potion shop and health services supplies, business had yet to boom. Autumn took this time to practice on hobbies and magic. Character Personality: Autumn is a dedicated soul, and does her job with her best effort. When off the job, Autumn is playful and very sweet, and is always there to cheer up a pal if they are down. She’s very passionate about magic, and never ceases to be amazed by it, she spends hours practicing almost every night. Autumn is selfless and would go to the ends of the earth for somepony in need, while being her best attribute it leaves her extremely vulnerable. While she may seem always bright and cheery, Autumn has a large temper deep inside her, waiting to be unleashed at someone who messes with her friends. Character Summary: Autumn was born on a small farm outside of Huangjing, in Long Guo, where she was enrolled in an academy after discovering her cutie mark and prowess at healing. She moved to Equestria with her hen, Marigold, where Autumn learned about potions and antidotes from a group of travelers. After making it to Canterlot, Autumn found her true calling was to travel from place to place helping ponies along the way. So, she set up shop in a caravan and practices magic when she isn’t doing anything else.
  19. From the album: Elder's Flower Bed

    Empress Yu Yue? More like Empress Yu Yu-bae! (Somebody please put me out of my misery) Check out that ear! What a piercing she'll have, courtesy of your friendly vagabond peryton trash! Nothing like a friendly poke from Lucy.
  20. Name: Ishi Masayoshi Age: Young stallion Gender: Male Species: Qilin Eye Color: A very faint yellow. Coat: His coat is a dark midnight blue, with the scales he sports and his horns being the same faint yellow of his eyes. Mane/Tail: He likes to keep his mane rather long, reaching down to partway down his chest. His tail hair, on the other hand, is a somewhat short length due to the rest of the tail that precedes it. Both are fairly wavy, and primarily colored a reddish-orange with some streaks of a light red close enough to the other color that it could be mistaken for the same thing if one does not look hard enough. Physique: He is a little plump from his immobile work, though he is by no means fat. He is still inside the range of a healthy weight for a stallion of average height like him, just closer to too fat than too thin. Residence: Palace Castle in Kyoma Occupation: Ōmetsuke Cutie Mark: A white feather and a katana crossing to make an x shape. This represents justice to him, offering both kindness and retribution depending on the circumstances. The day started out like any other, with the colt walking around the palace. What it became though, was anything but normal as he stumbled upon some guards leading a pony towards the jail. He was drawn to the case for some reason, the pony not looking guilty to him. He asked around and eventually got his hooves on all the available information. It took him a while, but by a week later, he found something that led him to believe the pony was actually innocent. He brought it up to the Ōmetsuke, who graciously took his findings and the office discovered he was right within a couple days. His mark appeared the next day, after helping to free the innocent pony and watching the guilty one be brought in. Unique Traits: Owns a pet golem in the shape of a jackal, which is around the size of an adult medium-sized dog. He calls this golem "Shibō", as a bit of a wink at Anubis. It was given to him the day before his mother left on her fateful trip. He is adept in the earth form of dragonbreath, and has some practice in the healing portion of the wood form. Carries a simple katana, though most fighting is done by his golem. In fact, part of the reason he is so solitary is that Shibō often is the one retrieving various documents and such that he needs to look at while working. History: His childhood was much the same as his brother's, though being born about a year later meant he didn't quite get the same level of attention. He was the second child of the shogun, and while she loved him just as much as Ryuichi, he was left out of much of the grooming and training his brother received on the way to becoming the next Shogun. Still, he didn't mind, usually being nearby and watching the training. This may be one factor contributing to his eye for detail, watching all these things happen. He got a bit of training, of course, in case he suddenly became the heir for whatever reason. Thankfully, that never came to pass and he enjoyed a quiet childhood. His eventual time in the military was a simple one, as the only combat he saw was occasional sparring. He was actually stationed as an investigator, to deal with any crimes and such within his unit, which was located on an island as a defense point that was thankfully never attacked. When he returned, he decided to keep with the kind of job he had been given in the military and joined the office of the Ōmetsuke so as to help deal with the crimes of the government and other important ones. He enjoyed his work there, punishing the guilty. He worked his way up the ranks until he was second-in-command, which just happened to occur a few weeks before his mother was to leave on a trip. As a gift for his progress, his mother commissioned the golem that he received a day before she left, making it the last thing he ever received from her. Between that and the fact it looked like a jackal made naming the golem easy. While Ryuichi ran into a forest to escape his grief, Ishi grew obsessed with finding answers. He closed himself into a room, pouring over every report and testimony of survivors to try and find someone he could actually punish while at the same time drowning his sorrows in food and drink. As far as he could find though, the only one to blame was the monster, and he eventually came to accept that. At least on the outside he did. The Ōmetsuke that had served his mother retired just before his brother returned to take the throne, leaving the position open for him to take. And take it he did, glad for the opportunity to support his brother more directly through his work. Personality: Despite what his figure might suggest, he is not a lazy stallion. He is actually quite a hard worker, not resting until he has all the facts and determines if someone is actually guilty of the crime his office discovered. The fat comes from stationary work as well as a tendency to eat during these times. He is very passionate about justice, though he is also passionate about being fair in that justice. This desire for fairness is why he prefers to have all the facts, so that he is much less likely to condemn an innocent person. Friends are not above suspicion, not even his own family are above it. In general, he is a very nice individual, giving off an air of approachability despite his status in the shogunate and his status as the Shogun's brother. He is willing to become friends with everyone he meets, wether or not that happens usually depends on how the interaction went. Summary: A somewhat pudgy qilin that loves justice and fairness in equal measure, he will not rest until the truth is discovered.
  21. From the album: OC Art

    Yay, more Okami pictures with more eastern-themed characters. The hair kind of came out wonky on this one, but I decided to just leave be. When Mei lets her hair down, it falls in a straight line, so it's kind of hard to draw it billowing in the wind with the twisty brush I use for the mane and tail. Still, I like it better than my first attempt. I had initially planned to draw Mei with her hair done up and wearing an Empress' crown, because or her tendency to daydream she's an empress and such - but then I figured an Okami picture should be true to the character themselves, rather than what that particular character wishes they were, if that makes sense. It should be a picture solely of Mei, not a picture of what Mei wishes she were like. But that's all hooplah. The important thing is Ooookaaaamiii!
  22. Goblin


    From the album: Goblin's Artwork

    Still working on the profile but this is going to be my rp character, currently dubbed Nara. Took me three tires before I was happy with the color scheme. She's a little spitfire smelter in the city of Kyoma who helps to run her family's business. She likes to tussle and is stronger than she appears, and she would rather smelt than attend fancy parties like her mother wants. Expect to see her at some point in the roleplaying world.
  23. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Bellosh and I were musing and discussing things awhile ago, about - if he were to join the EQG AU currently transpiring on the forums - which character he would use. He eventually theorized he'd use Yue if he joined the AU, which got me thinking what a human!Yue might look like, hence this picture. Nothing terribly intuitive about this. The hair came out really nicely, though by comparison the rest of the picture is pretty blah. But I was too lazy to try and make it any prettier, because my human pictures looks best as really messy and hard to discern sketches, lulz. I really struggled with the facial structure, particularly the eyes, though that's pretty on par with most human sketches I do. I also went with a pale, porcelain skin color rather than true EQG fashion, because those blue, green, purple, and whatever-colored skin tones still creep me out. Still, not too bad, especially considering that I haven't drawn anything in...months! I should probably start drawing ponies again, before I completely forget how... Yue (c) Bellosh
  24. From the album: OC Art

    There characters of mine are participating in the Grand Galloping Gala, so of course they all needed outfits, the first of which was Mei's cheongsam. I was originally intending to use the picture I drew of Mei in a hanfu, as that is a more traditional outfit that would have better fit her humble and traditional upbringing. However, I realized that the hanfu really would have been a royal pain to walk around in. Plus, given that most mares wear large puffy ballgowns, I thought a short cheongsam would make her stand out more in a crowd. My favorite part was probably designing the patterns on her dress. Very abstract, I just kind of took a brush and made some vague flower and branch shapes~
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