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  1. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Morning GlowGender: FemaleAge: FillySpecies: Unicorn PonyEye colour: turquoisCoat: #ffea4d (yellow)Mane/Tail: #78d0ff with a streak or two of #2eb6ff (light blue with a streak or two of darker blue). Pretty Starlight Glimmer's in manestyle, but not exact. It's a little shorter and not as poofy.Physique: Fairly normal physique for fillies her age. Think the CMCs.Residence: Formerly Canterlot, currently the School of FriendshipOccupation: StudentCutie Mark: A white, glowing circle (filled in), orbited on either side by turquoise comet-like shapes. It appeared one evening when her parents left for the Grand Galloping Gala, leaving her home alone with her two siblings, Nebula Star and Starshine, both of whom were younger than her. Starshine was still a baby at the time, and Nebula Star was only a couple years beneath Morning Glow. Morning Glow loved her siblings, of course, but they could be a bit... much. Nebula seemed to have nothing better to do than to follow Morning Glow around and marvel at her every action. Had he not been a colt, he would have even copied her manestyle. She much preferred having a sitter. That way, she could shut her door and read or practice her magic while an older pony looked after her siblings. But this time, her parents decided she was old enough to be responsible for them, and so did not go through the trouble of asking anyone to look over them. While she was occupied with changing Starshine's diaper, Nebula Star snuck into her room and looked at the open book on her desk. It had been left open to a spell she had been practicing. In an effort to impress his older sister, he attempted to cast it. However, instead of reversing the decay of a rotting apple on her desk, he missed and hit the desk itself, causing it to begin to revert to a tree. Hearing her brother's cry for help, Morning Glow raced to her room and assessed the situation. Nebula clearly had no idea what he was doing, and the tree was already beginning to push against the ceiling. In desperation, she attempted to cast a failsafe spell her father had taught her, which essentially neutralized any magic currently active in a given area. She had never successfully cast it before. But that night, either because of the weakness of her brother's unrefined magic or because of the sudden necessity behind her concentration, the spell echoed from her horn, bathing the room in her turquoise aura and reverting the tree back to a desk instantly. Unique Traits: Morning Glow has an uncanny ability to pick up on organization systems, particularly in libraries, without having them explained. It makes her very good at finding things in what appears to others to be chaos. It also makes it easy for her to navigate unfamiliar buildings without a guide, so long as she can get a general idea of how the building's various rooms are organized. History: Stardust was born and raised in Canterlot to two ponies of fairly high status: Evening Star, an alumni of the School of Magic, and Shining Stardust, an astronomer of good reputation. Though she was interested in both, she leaned more heavily towards her father's discipline, magic. For every one book on the sky that she read, she read two or three on magic and its history. When her mother would take her to the observatory, Morning Glow always brought a book along to read while her mother aimed the telescope. Though she always had an affinity for magic and a heavy interest in it, she was always harder on herself than she needed to be, always focusing on her inability to cast spells perfectly instead of seeing how well she was really doing for a filly her age. Her father always complimented her on her efforts, and her mother praised her diligence, but their words fell on deaf ears. Even her younger brother Nebula Star had no positive effect on her self esteem despite his constant reminders of how much he admired her and wanted to be like her. She mostly just found him annoying. At school, she focused on getting her homework done in class so that she would have as much time to study as possible when she got home. As such, she made no friends, which didn't really bother her. In fact, she hardly thought about it. When some foals in her class approached her about joining their Cutie Mark Crusaders club they were forming (following in the footsteps of the real CMCs), she payed them little attention, barely looking up from her book to tell them "No thank you." It wasn't until she received her own cutie mark that her self esteem began to grow, and with her confidence, her magic abilities also flourished. She was accepted into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, where she determined to become the top of her class. Unfortunately, despite her grit and constant study, she was unable to achieve that goal. She was still a straight A student, but was always eclipsed by more talented unicorns. Her parents were delighted with her nonetheless. One day, however, her instructor asked her and her parents to visit outside of school hours. Her instructor told them that after counseling with the Princess herself, they had decided a new course of study would be better for Morning Glow. They said she had the potential to do so much more, but was holding herself back by isolating herself. The counselor strongly recommended transferring her to the School of Friendship outside Ponyville. Her parents reluctantly agreed, and arrangements were made. As they helped her onto the train, they tried to be optimistic, but she could tell they were disappointed in her. They told her to do her best and to learn all she could, but what she heard instead was, "Finish as fast as you can so you can get back to your studies," which was precisely what she intended to do. Character Personality: Slightly uptight from living in Canterlot and introverted, though not shy. She enjoys studying more than socialising and is not very happy to be at the School of Friendship. She feels she has better things to do, and at some level, feels none of the creatures attending there are worth her time. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Character Summary: Morning Glow is a studious, level-headed pony who loves books on magic and astronomy (the former more than the latter). She is talented with magic, though she can often sabotage herself by being overly hard on herself, causing her confidence to reduce. For this reason, her councilor at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns has sent her to study at the School of Friendship. She feels this will help Morning Glow excel better than any book. Morning Glow is, of course, not excited about the downgrade, and is determined to graduate as quickly as possible.
  2. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Arctic Blitz Gender: Male Age: Young Adult Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Light Blue Character Color: White Mane/Tail: His Mane is a mix of a lighter blue and white, with the blue forming several streaks in the center. Arctic Blitz also commonly has a pair of goggles pushed up into his mane, when he isn't wearing them. Physique: Arctic Blitz has normal proportions, though he stands slightly taller than the average pony, though nowhere close to the height of some of the taller stallions. Residence: Arctic Blitz currently has no permeant home, his current occupation keeping him constantly on the move throughout the world, although he is from the Borderlands region of Equestria, and considers it to be home still, even if he is there no more often than anywhere else. Occupation: Arctic Blitz is, officially, an airship engineer, being an expert on the design, function, and repair of airships. However, by chance, Arctic Blitz found himself within the company of sky pirates early in to his career, leading him to become a Sky Pirate. Cutie Mark: A sword and wrench crossed behind a single large cog and a single small cog. The wrench and cogs represent both ingenuity and mechanical aptitude, while the sword represents fighting spirit. Arctic Blitz gained his cutie mark in a rather spectacular incident, one that made the headlines in Las Pegasus. During a rather large event, meant both to celebrate the birthday of one of the richest ponies in the city and to help bring in more tourists, held in the cloud district of the city, Arctic Blitz wandered off away from his mother who took him up there for the day, to get what he would call a closer look at the personal airship of one of the wealthy ponies attending, managing to get on the ship primarily due to the incompetence and laziness of a small security team more concerned with the party and enjoying themselves than their duties. Unfortunately, he was not the only one with plans to get aboard the small, yacht like ship, and unlike him, who really only came to look and admire, the trio that came on board had plans to steal and pawn the expensive ship off instead. The colt, after overhearing these plans and being both young and naïve, decided that he should stop them. Knowing that he wasn't going to be able to take on three stallions in a fight, he at least had the good sense to realize that he needed to get the authorities involved, something that he wouldn't be able to just do on an airship that was no departing from Las Pegasus. Thinking quickly, he decided to break the ship enough to keep it in Las Pegasus. First, he would break the portside engine, primarily by jamming as many tools into the mechanism as he could, as, despite learning about them from both his grandfather and books he had read, he lacked an understanding deep enough to precisely disable it. Whatever he managed to do, caused both the engine to smoke up violently, and to burn his hooves and forelegs. Whether it was his own cries of pain or the smoke cloud that drew the attention of the thieves, he didn't know, but by the time he managed to shuffle over towards where he could access the rudder, one of the thieves had found him. Although he managed to jam the rudder, sending the already slowed airship into a spin, he was caught by the thief. After being brought back to the helm of the ship, the trio quickly realized that their plan was foiled by just a foal, and the local authorities were likely closing in on them already. The ringleader, and only Pegasi in the group, decided to just abandon his co-thieves, and fled, leaving the the two earth ponies to fend for themselves. The two stallions, angry, confused, and scared, decided, in a moment of rage, decided to take revenge on the colt, who was now forced to escape their grasp. Using a hastily teleportation spell, which the colt had read about in books before and attempted, but never succeeded in actually performing properly, he got out of their hold, but only moved by a few meters, and landed flat on his stomach. Still, it was enough to at least allow him to flee the room, with the thieves hot on his tail. Using his magic, he tore whatever he could off the walls and stands, and threw them at the stallions chasing him, even as he continued to cry out from running on burnt hooves. Eventually, he had managed to reach the personal quarters of the ship's owner, and use his magic to pull an old antic sword off of the wall. Despite being cornered, he now at least had something to keep the thieves, only armed with knives, away from him. Swinging it wildly with telekinesis as he stayed in the back of the room, he kept them back just long enough for authorities to arrive on the ship, and actually stop the thieves. The incident, despite making the headlines for the next few days, was kept under the radar as much as possible after that to help preserve the city's reputation, although the young colt was rewarded for his efforts, despite being grounded by his mother, from both the city and the owner of the ship, who, despite having lost a considerable amount of money in both items broken in the scuffle and ship damage, was thankful it wasn't worse than it could have been. Ultimately, his identity was kept anonymous in any papers, leading Arctic to not end up particularly famous, although, he did gain both a friend in a high place and was lucky enough to recover from his burns. Unique Traits: When it comes to magic, Arctic is an odd case. He is innately skilled as a mage, however, has never had any formal training, only ever learning from trial and error, and any books he could find. This has led to an a bizarre and unpredictable method of using magic, where he may perform a certain aspect to a spell perfectly but then fail a much simpler part of it, and it has also led to strange workarounds for lack of knowledge on certain spells, causing him to be an incredibly unpredictable mage, though hardly one that could stand up to true masters as it currently stands. Arctic has also taken to the task of working on and repairing airships quite well, having learned mostly from on-hoof experience in this regard as well, making him a good authority of airship design in general, which as, in turn, spurned a deep interest in future innovation of airships. Finally, he has, as a result of being a sky pirate, been forced to learn how to handle himself with a sword and midair combat. History: Arctic Blitz was born in area near Las Pegasus, to an Earth Pony mother, and never knew his father. He was given his name due to his coat color, and because his mother found it amusing to name her child born in the desert after the tundra. Growing up without a father was tough, however, the young foal was able to find a father figure in his grandfather, who worked in a high up position in the design and construction of airships out of Beakbreak City, which, combined with living near a city half in the clouds, inspired a life long love of aviation and the sky in general. Although he was quick witted and capable in school, he often found himself just being bored in school, often daydreaming mid-class, and neglecting homework, causing him to only scrape by in school. His freetime was usually divided between exploring his home area, and reading about topics that interested him, usually magic and machines, particularly those relating to airships. As soon as he could, Arctic left home, much to his family's dissatisfaction, to chase his own dreams, and quickly finding himself apprenticed to an engineer on a merchant ship. He took to the task exceptionally well, and, found life on an airship and on the move, constantly seeing new places and meeting new beings, to be to his liking. Wide eyed and Naïve, Arctic Blitz would accept voyages that most would consider too dangerous for the pay, which would lead to his first real encounter with piracy, and an exhilarating first encounter that, as the captain of the merchant ship, a griffon, was not one to surrender or back down. A true sky battle was nothing like the books made it seem, it was deadly, terrifying, quick, and exciting. Arctic Blitz was instantly addicted to the thrill and excitement of it, even as the roar of cannons and howling of pirates caused more experienced crewmember's hoof's to shake. Foolhardy as he was, he somehow managed to escape the ordeal alive, but was left with a burning desire for more. Arctic Blitz would no longer fly for merchant and traders if he had the choice, but rather, pirates and privateers, although, he was far more particular about the crews he would join. Despite being over eager, he was not dumb. He knew exactly what he'd be doing as a pirate, and if he was going to adopt that lifestyle, it was going to be for a good cause. He would only work with those who had a reputation as freedom fighters rather than scum, something that led him to be left grounded for a disconcerting amount of time to him, as crews truly like that were hard to come by. When he did eventually find such a crew, however, he couldn't be happier. He would finally have the life he had always dreamed of, and, despite many aspects not being exactly as he imagined, enough of it was close enough to what he wanted, and he adjusted easily. As a Sky Pirate, he quickly earned a place of himself among his crew, and a name himself across the skies, as a clever buccaneer willing to match the boldest pirates in terms of foolhardiness, and somehow, always managing to escape alive. Throughout this time, his own moral code only solidified. He may be a pirate, and he may steal, lie, cheat and even kill if he had to, but, he when ever the option was presented to him, he wouldn't kill, he'd only steal from the wicked, and he'd give away everything except what he needs to keep himself going. Currently, he is still on the move, roaming the world, sometimes with a crew, and sometimes on his own or with another friend he has made along the way. Character Personality: Arctic Blitz is, outwardly, a friendly and inviting pony, often enjoying meeting somepony new. By base, he will be kind and courteous, even if at times he can seem a little rough around the edges. However, when made to be spiteful, he is incredibly bitter and petty, willing to go to far lengths to get revenge on somepony he thinks wronged him or has it coming to them. He is also, quite clever, but is prone to rushing into situations without thinking, his wit only kicking in once it is time to get out of the mess he threw himself in to. All and All, this leads him to coming across as a mostly nice, but chaotic character who seems to just cruise through life on autopilot. Character Summary: Freedom loving, innovative, Robin Hood style Sky Pirate who's mostly good heart has kept him from being as successful as his skill suggests.
  3. Name: Cinnamon Sugar Gender: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Eye Colour: Baby Blue Character Colour: Cream Mane/Tail: The mane and the tail colours is caramel and the mane is ponytailed and her tail's style is braided Physique: Skinny but not too skinny she has an average height of a filly Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Baker Cutie Mark: Chocolate Donut. She got her cutie mark when her parents are exhausted from baking she helps her parents day and night until all of the food is done. Unique Traits: Could know if a food is tasty or not without tasting it History: Cinnamon was a foal born in Canterlot. Her life was very happy until her parents have another foal. Her father's name is Sugar Coat and her mom's name is Frozen Sundae and her younger sister's name is Creamy Milk. She life in Manehattan now she really like living there. She knows about Manehattan from her old friend. She wants to be the best baker in the whole entire equestria Character Personality: Kind -Hearted, Relax, Quiet, She likes sweets, exciting books, animals and parties, She dislikes spicy food, bullies, and boring books, she usually uses her magic to teleport her baking tools. Character Summary: She is a succesfull baker, she has a pet called beaks the chick. Her sister is a three hooves restaurant chef, they both usually met together in her parent's house.
  4. Name: Marcen Motus, aka Prince Mortem Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Purple Character Color: Mostly a dark gray, it transitions into a full black on the tips of his hooves and his horn. Mane/Tail: Both the mane and tail are a short cut and a simple style. The mane is swept to the right and the tail is left to fall naturally. Both are black in color, with a couple gray bits in the mane. He also has a little bit of a beard, also black in color. Residence: The Crimson Mercy airship. (The one owned and captained by my character Scarlett) Occupation: Pirate, necromancer Cutie Mark: A skeletal crown, symbolizing his skill with necromancy and his past. Unique Traits: Magic; He is skilled in using necromancy and ice magic. Combat; Though he doesn’t like to use them much, he is trained in using a tower shield and morningstar. Combining these weapons with his magic, he keeps himself protected while dealing hits to the enemy. History: Unbeknownst to him, he was born the older of a pair of noble twins, next in line to lead his house. Unfortunately for him, his uncle had other plans. In order to keep the foals safe, Marcen was separated from his brother and put into hiding, and he ended up growing up in a unicorn family in Hollow Shades. Maybe it was the environment he grew up in that led him down the magical path he ended up on, but as time went on he started to secretly learn necromancy while also continuing his education in other forms of magic. Eventually, getting wanderlust and the desire to further his skills led him to leave home and explore the world. Through his travels, he furthered his skills with weapons and magic, eventually finding himself in the company of Scarlett and her crew. Personality: He is a pretty stoic individual, not very good at expressing emotions and often appearing to not have them. Part of the problem is that he often just doesn’t have any strong feelings, like he is a completely impartial observer to his own life. Still, he is considerate of others, and tries to avoid things that offend them if he can. Likewise, he does his best to care for friends, partially in the hopes it would help him feel something.
  5. Wow Is this really the Internet man it is so large and vast. My name is Parry Slice... And Gee is it hard to type with hooves...segxdtydfthfgbfdxffgdrgdrgsrgdrbf\;/4(. Wow that's better I have someone typing for me now anyways I am Parry Slice as I said and I am a Unicorn you know the stuff of your dreams like Candy and those things humans call hands but yes I am a Unicorn no bluffs and I am here reporting what the real world and also later I will be reporting what my world is like. So anyways living with a horn on your head can totally be a pain in the flank I tell you I have to watch out everywhere it is such a pain. So yeah so far that's what I think the real world is awesome just because of the Internet but you know there is probably more but that's all for today. Toodles... Oh before I go I will respond to questions In the comments so let those questions fly like time and Bits.
  6. Name: Star Breezer Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Light Blue, eye patch over the left. Coat: Star Breezer's coat is pigmented a dark blue that had is short and thick, but soft to the touch. Her fur lies so tightly to her body that water practically beads up and slips right off her body without soaking underlying layers. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are purple with light blue tips. Her mane is voluminous and cut short, and is only long enough to go a small ways past her chin, and is usually swept to the left of her head, covering up her left eye. Residence: A Manor in Fetloch located on the outskirts of the town. Occupation: A Captain of the REA, and Dutchess of the Nova Manor located in Fetloch Physique: Lithe and athletic in appearance with smooth feminine curves and a lither frame. Cutie Mark: A shooting star marking her talent of Astronomy. While the mare was a young foal, she had always enjoyed the night sky. Being so far away from the town gave her an opportunity to admire the stars and the moon. The twinkling pin pricks of lights easily worked their way into the young filly's mind, and eventually fascinated her with every bit of essence about them. In fact, she had often times sneeks out at night to go and play under the stars. Or even lay in the tickling grass to look up at them endlessly. She'd usually be found fast asleep around dawn and would be caries back inside by her parents. It wasn't until hearthmass where her parents had given the young mare a telescope as a gift. The excited mare put it to use right away, immediately identifying many different stars and locations without much effort. At that moment, she realized she'd be happy forever if she could gaze at them so close endlessly. And in a flash of light, her cutie mark appeared. A shooting star. History: Star Breezer had spent a large majority of her life living carefree and being incredibly energetic. While she was taught to be respectful, her family had a long line of a single concept. Allowing life to teach hard lessons, with the extension of personal wisdom and advice being offered from the parents. Thus producing a heritage of great Generals, Scholars, and Philosophers. Consequently, this meant that she was allowed to do nearly what ever she liked. With respect to laws, common sense, and courtesy of others, and a degree of monitoring of course. This lead to a bizarre number of scenarios... usually involving exploding ovens, the filly running about on fire, the family gazebo burning down.... four times, the filly wrestling bears, nearly being adopted by bears, and then some. This eventually shaped her personality into a tomboyish filly, whom couldn't stand the thought of anything fru-fru. This included makeup, hoof-cures, and the thought of swooning over the nearest rebel colt in school. In fact, she was often times jokingly called a colt simply because she hung out with more colts than any other mare in her school, and had a distinct preference for contact sports. With her participation involved. When she grew old enough, she eventually found a nasty craving for excitement, and promptly enlisted into the REA. During the time span of several years of service, she had lost her left eye permanently, and proudly worked her way up into the ranks of commissioned officer. Thus becoming a Captain proudly located in Fetlock. Eventually, during one of her days of vacation, she visited Dodge Junction. And encountered a young and large stallion repairing a damaged train named Gear Shack. The stallion had caught her eye with his easy going nature, large stature, and his rough life style. And the mare in turn had caught his eye. Many different dates had passed were held when ever the two had the free time, and eventually they became married. Though being fond of the idea of being vowed to her special somepony... she did not see eye to eye with her own mother when they were out to commission a dress. Star Breezer had said, and quoting... “A dress you say!? T'eh day I finally wear a dress, tis the day I loose my other eye-ball, drink four bars into closing early in one night, and then bein' tricked by some charismatic muel no higher than ah hooflocker into putting one on in meh drunkin haze!” Needless to say, the mare showed up to her own wedding wearing her golden REA armor. And as some form of middle ground, she had attached a white veil to the front of her helmet. “Here comes the bride, ready for battle,” was perhaps the most memorable quote of the day, chirped out by her amused and loving husband. A year later, the two had a single foal whom they named JavaSun, whom been renamed into Voronoi Fractal when his cutie mark appeared. Character Summery: Star Breezer might not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but she is actually wise from her years of growing up as a foal, and even serving in the REA. She is well known for being quite the rowdy girl, and maybe sometimes viewed perverted. Both characteristics shamelessly displayed. Oh and a short fuse for anger with few things lighting it. She's also known for being mischievous when off duty, and sometimes flirty. She is well known in the REA for her unorthodox methods of command as a Captain. When new recruits are inserted into her company, she takes care to re-train them. Regardless of any previous training that they might have had. Instead of focusing on singular combat, she trains her troops to work in pairs, small groups, and large groups. And strongly discourages lone wolf behavior. Her company had been nick named “Dragoon of Fetloch” simply for the way they function, and being effective at it. She had rid rushing, and instead combined the benefits of slow formations, with high mobility, grouping, and guerrilla warfare methods. Her company, including herself, is characteristically known for carrying older shields designed for locking into formations, a halberd, and an off-hand weapon. Normally a crossbow or sword.
  7. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot curls enjoys two things more than anything else in the world - coffee and a good book.
  8. Name: Angelis Gender: Female. Age: Young mare Species: Unicorn. Eye colour: Bright blue Mane/Tail/Other: Straight, long, and well brushed blonde mane, with some slightly more orange parts in it. Her tail is long as well, and matches the mane’s colors and style. She wears red rimmed eyeglasses. Physique: Her body is the one of your typical mare, except she is a bit taller than average. Residence: Ponyville. Occupation: Teacher. Cutie Mark: A triplet of white lily flowers in the middle of a golden halo, which the stems curl around said halo, and seemingly growing from it. History: Born in Prance, Angelis (nicknamed Angie by her close ones) has been raised in fancy surroundings. However, as one would have thought she would be destined to be part of the noble side, being raised among lots of younger cousins, she discovered herself a talent at taking care of foals, and thus, became a teacher. However, because Prance was a little ‘too big for what she wanted to do’, as well as her parents didn’t want her to spend her whole life in the same place, she ultimately moved away from Prance and decided to look for a smaller, less busy place to live, before eventually coming across Ponyville. Unique traits: Nothing really unique except for the fact she is able to summon a magical rapier with her magic, as she used to practice fencing back when she lived in Prance. Aside from that, her unicorn magic is pretty standard, being able to pretty much only be able to use a magical grasp. Personality: Angelis is very well mannered, very polite, always trying her absolute best not to upset anyone she talks to. Her strong Prench accent usually is a big hint of her origins, and she is very formal in her speech, so much so that hearing « I’m » instead of « I am », along with any other different word contraction would be a miracle. She is calm, soft-spoken, very sweet and caring, hardly loses her temper, and has a soft spot for younglings of any species, teenagers included. She is not really outgoing, but once spoken to, she will definitely not think twice about replying, as she is very friendly and open minded. She is delicate, and appreciate simple things, such as a stroll in the park, reading a book, shopping, or even cleaning her house. In summary : Angelis is a sweet, motherly mare who loves children, ready to let her “mommy instincts” kick in whenever it is a good time to. Appearance : Here is a rough representation of her I made using General Zoi's Pony Creator. Unfortunately, I can not show a reference for her Cutie Mark because I, myself, can't draw, and it's impossible to find on the net what I have in mind for it.
  9. Reference Picture: https://twitter.com/Cookieholder2/status/1277059430001995776?s=20 Name: Solar Flare Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye color: Pale yellow Coat: White with yellow hooves. Mane/Tail: Orangish brown that fades into a paler version of the same color halfway through. There are also bright yellow cloud-like shapes in various parts of both. They are fairly simply designs, long and slightly wavy. Physique: Her body is a rather healthy one, skinny, and taller than most ponies. She also has some small groups of white feathers poking out of her where a Pegasus’ wings would be, though it’s typically hard to see them against her coat. Residence: A small house in the Whitetail Woods Occupation: Healer, light mage, school nurse at Ponyville’s school of friendship Cutie Mark: A yellow sun with a Red Cross in it. This represents her skill in using light magic to heal others. She earned her mark early in her time at Celestia’s school when a friend of hers hurt themselves bad enough to break a bone. Already channeling some magic to do what she could, she discovered her ability to see the past once her hooves made contact with her friend. It was not much more than a confusing jumble of images, more so because she had never seen the world in any fashion before, but she pushed through it for her friend. Getting them to close their eyes, she channeled her light into a force assisting the natural healing process as she held the bone in place. Once it had finished and the light faded, she had her mark. Unique Traits: Sight; Solar is actually blind, for the most part. She can see the spirits of living things that are nearby, and they take the shape of the body they inhabit, so navigating a forest or a crowd is largely not a problem, but being alone in a city could pose some issues. She also has the ability to see the past of ponies she comes in physical contact with, though she mostly just uses it to help figure out how best to heal them and tries not to dig too deep. Magic; Her magic allows her to manipulate light and use it to heal others. She also knows how to use it defensively, in conjunction with some shield spells, to protect herself and others should the need arise. Pet; She owns a pet bird that helps her out in day-to-day life from navigation to grooming. He is mostly yellow in color and is named Sunny. History: Solar was born blind, she has never seen the world the way others do. Initially for her, it was mostly just sounds, smells, and touch that she had to learn how to navigate with the help of her family. Gradually, with the help of some magic experts, she learned how to use her magic to help her navigate. When she was old enough, she was sent to Celestia’s magic school, where she developed her method of magic-based navigation as well as her abilities using light magic in healing and protective capacities. She managed to make friends in the school, but she was glad to get out of the city once she graduated, eventually settling in the woods once she discovered how much she liked the “sight” of trees and friendly wildlife. She didn’t really plan to make her healing into a living, more of just when it was needed, but when the school opened, she decided it would be a good idea to try and get out of her shell a bit. She did so by getting a job there to heal the students and faculty when needed, and other patients on the side when they decided to seek her out. Character Personality: Somewhat shy, she tends to let others initiate conversations, though she has much less of an issue continuing them. Other than that though, she prefers to be the only pony around, maybe one or two friends with her. She is very kind, but is not really a pushover. She might let things slide when the only harm is making her wait a bit longer, for example, but when it matters, she will not take it laying down. Character Summary: A light magic using healer, this blind mare will heal the injured and shield them from harm.
  10. Name: Shocking Sonnet, usually just goes by Spike. Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Red-orange Character Color: A darker green, with some freckles on the face. Mane/Tail: His mane is fairly spiky, and falls towards his right side such that it mostly covers the eye and reaches down to his cheeks. In the back it reaches down to his back. His tail is also spiky, reaching down to near the ground. It starts going up, but quickly curves downward. Both are three different colors divided into sections, with an orange-yellow color being the center part of both. The next level on both sides is a dark blue, and then finally a light sky blue. Physique: He likes to keep in shape, but he’s not training for any athletic ventures, so it just skinny and keeping it that way. He’s taller than average for stallions. In his left ear he has two ring piercings, with both rings being gold. Residence: Las Pegasus home he shares with his husband, a writer named Shoddy Lore. Occupation: Musician Cutie Mark: A stylized skull that shares the same dark blue as his mane with eyes the same color as his own. He always saw it as a sign that he had picked the right genre of music to focus on, that rock and punk music was right for him. He got his mark during a school talent show, where he rocked the socks off his class and the rest of the audience. He had started somewhat hesitantly, but as he played he got more and more into the music and played with more enthusiasm and energy, his magic playing multiple instruments without him really thinking about it. After the song, he was met with stunned silence, and he was initially worried he had blown it, but they soon exploded into applause. His confidence surged as his mark appeared, cementing in his mind that this was the life for him. Unique Traits: Magic; Even though he doesn’t have a job that requires great magical skill, he’s no slouch when it comes to spell casting. He has a particular talent for electrical magic, but he dabbled in all sorts of fields so he knows all sorts of different spells, such as one that switches a creature’s gender. In fact, he sometimes uses it to get female vocals from himself or Shoddy. Instruments; He can play various musical instruments, such as drums, piano, and bass guitar, though he prefers his guitar and singing. He could technically be a one-pony band, but he tends to leave the drums for his husband to play. History: Growing up under a couple scholars of magic was rather difficult for him. He could do most of the stuff they forced him to learn, but he had little interest in what they did for a living. He had always been interested in music, ever since he picked up a spoon and hit a pot with it. This led to him doing musical pursuits in secret, playing at friends’ houses primarily until the day came when he got his mark and finally showed his parents what he loved to do. Thankfully, they ended up at least tolerating the choice, though they would sometimes try to steer him back towards more scholarly pursuits. They could appreciate the magical skill it took to play multiple instruments at once though, and that was likely the main reason they did tolerate it. When he got old enough to leave home, he did so, turning into a traveling street musician at first, perhaps some small venues like bars. It was during this time he first met Shoddy, an aspiring author, at a gig in Baltimare. They hit it off pretty fast, and became good friends for a while, until the wanderlust hit Spike again and he decided to move on. It would be hard to write letters to someone without a permanent address, so they promised to meet back up eventually. It took a while before they found each other again, and both had started making a name for themselves. They had also made a realization about love, and this time became more than friends. Eventually, they got married, and decided on making Las Pegasus home since it let Spike do his thing without leaving home as much. Over the years, they had a kid thanks to a bit of magic Spike remembered from school, and they couldn’t wait to raise it in a supportive, loving environment. Personality: He can be somewhat cocky and arrogant, especially with those he’s never met before, but it tends to tone down around folks he knows. He’s still very confident in himself, of course, but it becomes clear he really cares about his friends and family. He is very loyal to those he cares about, and he’d never cheat on Shoddy or hurt his friends knowingly. Summary: Initially an arrogant rockstar, he’s actually a real friendly guy once you get past all that outer stuff.
  11. Name: Carrot Curls Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Orange Character Color: Orange coat Mane/Tail: White, fluffy, and curly (as per her name). Tends to get in the way, so she ties half of her mane back. Physique: Stocky, for a unicorn. She travels by hoof a lot, so she's more in-shape than you might first expect. Residence: Whitetail Wood Occupation: Professional Author. She writes books on all sorts of magic; her works range from How to Manage Your Young Unicorn's Magic to Arcane Theses on the Uses of Precious Gems. Cutie Mark: A star wand crossed with a devil fork. Represents her talent for a wide range of magic. Unique Traits: Carrot Curls models herself as something of a wandering mage. She inherited a cabin in Whitetail Woods owned by her parents, but rarely lives there. Carrot Curls is interested in the practical, on-the-ground applications of magic across Equestria, and studies magic across the world. Carrot Curls is far from physically strong as a labor-working earth pony, but her stamina is notable - she's stayed up for days on end writing and studying for the sake of her books. History: Carrot Curls was born to a unicorn mother and an earth pony father. From her mother, she inherited a great magical talent and an appreciation for the magical. From her father, she inherited a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the practical world. Growing up, her mother sent her to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, from which she graduated handily. With her qualifications and certifications, Carrot Curls could easily have ascended into a cushy job with tenure at a high-class university, but instead chose to go into independent writing. Ever since her graduation, she's set onto the road to study magic everywhere she can. She's documented and written about everything since - from the lives of common ponies in the city to the mystifying forests and the magical beasts that lie therein, to the ruins and artifacts of ancients found by archaeologists, no topic is beyond Carrot Curls' curiosity. Recently, she's adopted a rabbit named Presto, whom she found in an ancient ruins. Carrot Curls is confident that Presto is possessed by some sort of violent magical entity, but the rabbit is harmless enough that Carrot Curls has taken Presto with her for her travels to study and for company. Personality: Carrot Curls can come off as reclusive and cold at first. Usually, she's very tired from travelling so far and so much, which can make her irritable and snarky. However, she is easily spurred by conversations about magic - whether it be someone's young foal manifesting it for the first time, the subtle affinity earth ponies have for nature, or the mighty incantations of Starswirl the Bearded, she becomes enamored. She's also easily plied by offers of coffee and comfortable places to sleep, since both are commodities to her profession. When she is in a good mood, though, she's very relaxed and involved in conversation, listening intently and replying with meaning rather than abundance. Summary: Carrot Curls is a wandering author who studies and writes about all things magical.
  12. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls isn't above using her hat for warmth when sleeping. That's part of why it's so big, anyway.
  13. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls without her hat. Her messy hair can get in the way, so she ties half of it back.
  14. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls' custom hat. Inspired by Starswirl the Bearded's hat, but with her own customization.
  15. From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot Curls can get irritable when she loses her hat.
  16. slosh

    Carrot Curls

    From the album: Carrot Curls

    The unicorn herself, she usually looks just like this when travelling - tired.
  17. Name: Blank Canvas Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Magenta Character Color: White Mane/Tail: The mane is fairly long, reaching down to just past his chest. It is mostly kept together along the back, staying in a unit partially thanks to the hair tie near the bottom of it. The rest of the mane is considerably messier, looking almost like bed head he never bothered to sort out. It reaches to most of the way down the eyes on the side. The tail is like the back part of the mane, kept together with a hair tie and of medium length. Both are a rainbow of colors, coming off in waves with red being the closest to where the hair starts. With the mane, the area near his ears is red, transitioning from one color to the next outwards from there in both directions. For the tail, the base part is red and it transitions through the colors as it moves down the tail. Physique: He is a skinny stallion, not all that strong looking, the kind of figure one gets from just doing aerobic exercise to lose weight with no attempt to build muscle past that. He is also on the short side for stallions his age. Residence: Vanhoover Occupation: Artist, mostly paintings. Cutie Mark: A paintbrush with red paint dripping off the tip. To him, the brush represents his skill, and the red his passion. The day he earned his mark was much like any other at first, going through his life unable to focus on any one thing for long. He went through the day until he found himself in front of a canvas with a paintbrush in his mouth. He had been daydreaming at the time, so he wasn't entirely sure how he had made it into this art class, but he was here now. Shrugging to himself, he put the brush against the canvas and just went with the flow. The more he did, the more interested he got, and found it easier and easier to keep his focus on the art he was doing. By the end, he was left with some abstract art and a new cutie mark he hadn't noticed before then. Unique Traits: Mane/Tail- His mane and tail actually started as white, but one day they changed due to a combination of a magical accident and an incident with a rainbow. Magic- He actually can manipulate light, though he only really does it to get more vibrant colors for his art. Drawing from the white light from any source around, he can separate the wavelengths and infuse each color as needed to make them better. Personality: He is a friendly stallion, quick to make new friends. He can be somewhat clumsy or forgetful, and his focus is either on nothing in particular or 100% on what he’s doing, with almost no in-between. He tends to finish his art in one sitting if he can, otherwise he’s liable to forget about it or lose interest and start a new one. History: Growing up the only child of two high-society ponies, and their only son at that, there were plenty of expectations placed on him. Not that he payed much attention, but still. From a young age, they tried to teach him high-society etiquette and mold him into another of them, but he would always get distracted easily and not pay attention at all, following butterflies with his eyes instead or just staring off into space while his mind wandered. It would sometimes get him into trouble, and he would end up daydreaming while walking and then have no idea how he got to where he was. Thankfully, he always found his way back, mostly with the help of his parents or the caretaker they hired for when they were too busy. All in all, his life before art was a bit of a blurry mess, with not many coherent memories of actual events for him to look back on. After discovering art though, he finally figured out how to focus, and he finally managed to make friends since he could actually hold a conversation now. The day of the mane incident was a simple field trip to a local park. As part of the decorations, they had a rainbow fountain set up, and it had him mesmerized. The more he stared, the more the colors seemed to glow, along with his horn, and the closer he got until he fell in entirely. He immediately climbed back out and got himself cleaned off, but for some reason it stuck to his mane and tail but not the rest of him. Liking the look though, he shrugged it off and went on with his life. By the time he left home, he had enough of a grasp on his problems to be able to take care of himself, and ponies to fall back on if he couldn’t, so he moved off on his own to paint to his heart’s content. Summary: A bit of a scatter-brained artist, he’s still a friendly sort and a good friend.
  18. Name: Strong Copper Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: A lovely shade of light blue Coat: A pale yellow/orange color Mane/Tail: A dark Copper Physique: Strong Copper is a rather tall and lanky, standing taller than average, yet lacking bulk - something smaller yet stronger ponies could take advantage of. However, while he is clearly bookish in nature, the nature of his work has resulted in him being rather physically fit and quite nimble when the need arises. Residence: Copper travels a lot due to the work that he does, but relatively recently he has settled down in the town of Ponyville. It's a good location that allows for relatively easy, quick transport to other parts of Equestria as required and it's location near the Everfree Forest ensures that there is generally something for him to do near home. Occupation: Animal Control/Monster Hunter/Mercenary: Strong Copper's lot in life is to deal with the many situations that arise when the dangerous creatures that roam Equestria (both Mundane and Supernatural in nature) and pony kind meet. Cutie Mark: A magnifying glass overlooking the footprint of some strange animal. Unique Traits: Underneath his hoodie jumper, Strong Copper's body is covered in a series of old scars and bite marks of various sizes and depths. While most of the smaller ones are harder to spot due to his coat growing to cover them (if improperly), the eye is drawn towards two large, claw like scars that run along his torso, simply to big for the coat to even attempt to grow over. Copper also has a surprisingly wide variety of spells in his play book, the vast majority of them being combative in nature. While many of them are designed more to stun or repel a target, there are a select few he rarely speaks of that are only brought out in situations were the threat is such that lethal force is required. History: Born in Canterlot, Strong Copper was the youngest of four foals and the only colt in the family. Raised by loving parents who provided everything he needed to the best of their ability Strong Copper tried a number of things in his youth, ranging from working with machines to taking self defense classes of both a physical and magical nature. His passion seemed to lay in reading about history and mythology but no cutie mark graced his flank for his enthusiasm on the subjects. Strong Copper came into his mark a bit later on in life when he left the safety of Canterlot's walls and traveled to visit a cousin that lived in Appleloosa. The frontier town had been under siege by a strange force that had been terrorizing the town without being directly seen in return; Despite the constant unearthly howls at night that kept everypony awake and on edge and the implied threat that it was just waiting for somepony to step out of sight of everyone else for just a moment to strike, Strong Copper managed to keep a cool head and called upon his knowledge of mythological creatures to discover that the creature terrorizing the town was a creature of fear and terror known as a Taraxippus. Having exposed the creature's true nature, Strong Copper (With the help of his cousin) managed to convince several of the town's ponies to help him set up a trap for the Taraxippus after explaining to them in great detail what it was, what it did and how to stop it. While doubtful at first about using a plan that a blank flank adolscent had come up with the continued assistance of his cousin, the fact that they really were at their wits end and the young colt seemed to know what he was talking about managed to win over enough ponies to properly set up the trap. When the trap was sprung and the Taraxippus was safely contained within it, Strong Copper went into lecture mode as the town ponies gathered around to see what had been tormenting them during the night about what the creature was and helping to ease their fears of it by enlightening them to its true name and nature. It was sometime during this lecture that Strong Copper gained his cutie mark and his destiny reveled itself. While he has been on several jobs over the course of his life so far that have taken him far and wide (including one job that required him to defend a ship from a Nuckelavee while traveling by boat, an act that required him to fight it to stall for time while a team of pegasi worked together to create enough rain clouds to drive it away), the one that Strong Copper considers the most dangerous was a manticore that had contacted rabies. The poor thing was too far gone and completely rabid by the time anyone had known about it or its aliment and after it mauled a pony whom was distracting it so that a small group of colts and fillies to escape from it's rampage when it attacked a settlement there was only one solution left... Copper has its tail mounted on one of his walls. Strong Copper has three elder sisters named Copper Nickle, Jade Star and Swift Iron. Swift Iron is actually the only pegasus in the family and the sister Strong Copper is closest too. His parents love and support him but it is quite clear that they do not exactly approve of his dangerous life style. Character Personality: Copper has always been a lover of learning about history, myths and legends. Even as a young foal he loved listening to stories and as he grew older he could spend days binge reading any book that drew his attention at the time. He was also somewhat introverted and even as he grew up he preferred the peace and quiet of his own company over large gatherings or parties, but time has allowed him develop socially to the point where he can interact with others rather easily when he wants to. That said, while he might be somewhat shy and socially awkward at times, when someone takes the time to befriend him they'll have earned a friend for life. Copper can be considered an incredibly brave pony; despite whatever fears and doubts that he might have about a situation, if lives are potentially at stake he will go forth and do everything he can to protect life and deal with the threat at hoof. He actually considers himself somewhat crazy because of his willingness to hunt down and if need be fight and deal with dangerous and/or supernatural monsters, but somepony has to do it and he is normally the only one that actually knows what the creature is, what it can do and if need be how to take it down as painlessly and as swiftly as possible. A guilty pleasure of Copper's is his love of conspiracy theories. While he recognizes that most of them are just completely insane, he likes to learn about them anyway because he gets a small kick out of them and occasionally some of them have a grain of truth to them. Occasionally he'll even make up one or two such theories himself, but to his credit he does his research so there is at least some degree of truth to his stories with the 'theories' part being logical dedication to fill in the gaps. He has taken the time to write down some of the information about the monsters and beasts he has seen or has heard about... he has even considered writing down some of his hunts as stories but to date he hasn't done so. A romantic at heart, Strong Copper hasn't had the pleasure of meeting the mare of his dreams just yet. Maybe one day through... Character Summary: A bookish nerd from Canterlot who lives in Ponyville who's ended up as a monster hunter/ member of animal control who deals with the many nasty creatures who roam the world. An empathic stallion who has seen situations go really bad a number of times and has taken the lives of a number of beasts and creatures of both a mundane and supernatural nature.
  19. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Twinkle Star Sex: Male Age: colt Species: Unicorn Eye colour: reddish-pink (usually covered by sunglasses when in public) Coat: white Mane/Tail: black (Yes, he is an albino) Physique: average Residence: canterlot Occupation: Singer/Guitarist (Con artist) Cutie Mark: a single star with several smaller ones trailing it Unique Traits: His special talent is the Glamour, which enthralls all who hear it, clouding their mind. When he stops focusing on the ability, those around him have very hazy memories of being under the glamour and are open to suggestion of what happened during it (Though only to a limited extent) This power has made Star a literal rockstar since nopony actually hears him sing or play and afterwards the announcers praise him so they "remember" his performance being amazing. Note that this power only works in-person so it cannot be recorded or transmitted and is limited to those hearing him (so yes, earplugs nullify it) History: Little is known about Star or his past, he burst onto the music scene selling out concerts and merchandise everywhere he went (though fans are dissapointed that he refuses to release any records) He always plays up how he is there for the fans and loves what he is doing; that he is living a dream. Mysteriously his parents never accompany him, he is instead chaperoned as needed by bodyguards or other associates of his. (Though they are routinely interviewed and always have extremely positive things to say about their son). With enough digging and the right connections, one can discover that Star graduated from primary school with honors, but did not start out that way --- his early records are filled with him being the victim of bullying and failing or barely passing any of his classes. However that all changed this last two years, when suddenly the bullying stopped, his popularity rose (with him being elected to student council) and his grades suddenly all became perfect A+ or higher. This was also when he began his singing career and earned his cutiemark - which is what he and his family credit for the turnaround in his life. Character Personality: If you meet Star on the stage or an event surrounding one of his concerts, he is overflowing with kindness, humility, and love for his fans and for all of equestria... ...but if you meet him in a dark alley at midnight... he is the most cold hearted and analytical pony ever to be born. The only emotion he will show, besides stoicism is rare hatred and rage (usually and almost only when sompony mockingly calls him "Twinkie" or "Tinkle"). Something broke this pony's heart and froze it in ice long ago, leaving him a heartless monster... but a monster who can manipulate and deceive fans by the thousands... the only question left is "What is his endgame?" Character Summary: Idol by day, villain by night. Star will sing praises of you one minute and stab you int he back the next if it is to his benefit. It is a shame that the joyous mask hides a pony so hollow and empty inside, filled only with darkness.
  20. Dont know how this old app from ~2012 vanished, but it apparently did... Name: Singlestone Gender: Stallion Race: Unicorn Appearance: White and Grey Color Scheme, wears a jumpsuit with tools sticking out of it, also now wears glasses due to acute nearsightedness as he grew older Cutiemark: Special Talent: Inventing Job: Scientist/Magitech Engineer Personality: Very easy-going and usually relatively calm (unless you damage something he's working on) History: From an early age, Singlestone liked to tinker with things, despite being a magically-inclined unicorn he loved science. He studied at canterlot (first in primary school, then highschool, and finally at the university), and continued his studies beyond what almost any foal -and even many adults- would have considered normal. It was during his experimenting with low-level molecular magic that he earned his cuteimark and realized, or rather confirmed, that his future lay in inventing and researching. After spending many years as a professor and researcher, his funding finally ran out. Much to his surprise, he found himself a spot as a chief engineer and copilot with the infamous skypirate Harle Blackclaw, where he continues to pursue his passion of research and invention
  21. Name: Wave Chaser Sex: Male Species: Unicorn Age: Stallion Character Color: A slightly pale blue Eye Color: A type of salmon color Mane/Tail: They are of medium length, both very flowy. They look almost like a burning fire or waves going back and forth. Both are a mix of a pale dark green and a more blueish green in equal measure. Physique: He is very well muscled, indicative of someone who makes an effort to work their muscles, but not overly so. He likes to keep his soldier’s figure, despite his high rank. He is also taller than most stallions his age. Residence: Baltimare Occupation: Admiral of the Royal Equestrian Navy Cutie Mark: A wave composed of stars. To him it represents his skill with sailing and his determination to see things through to the end. The day he earned his mark was during a boat trip with his father. The purpose was to get practice sailing, and quality time as a bonus, but it turned out to be more than they bargained for. As they were out in the open waters, they ran into a storm and sort of lost their way. Thankfully, his father was able to navigate them, but that meant the rest of the work was on him until that was done. Even after, he had to take care of most things since his father had to keep checking their bearing to keep them on track. Eventually they made it back to port, and even though he was exhausted, Wave didn’t stop going until they safely docked, at which point he laid down on the nearest surface, which happened to be the deck, and soon fell asleep right there. His mark appeared while he slept. Unique Traits: Water Magic; He is very adept at utilizing water magic, controlling it to a much more precise degree than levitation could. He can focus it to the point of it cutting through stuff, able to make effective blades out of it. Ice Magic; He has dabbled in ice magic too to give him more defensive options than dodging. Combat Training: Mixing both magics with hoof-to-hoof combat makes him a force to be reckoned with in melee combat, and his water magic makes him a terror on the high seas. History: Wave’s life was certainly an interesting one. Growing up the son of two naval officers, or a former one in his mother’s case, he was certainly not lacking in tutoring on that front. His foalhood was a mix of typical family activities like playing games or going to the park and activities meant to build his skills. Still, he enjoyed himself as he grew up, and wanted to learn more, to his parent’s relief. As soon as he grew old enough, he was directed onto the path of becoming an officer as well, doing just that when he completed the schooling that went with it. He rose through the ranks due to hard work and his desire to see things through to the end. Certainly his skills in combat and magic helped too, and eventually he even rose to the rank of Admiral. He spent the time since working his flank off to keep things running smoothly and live up to the office, and making his parents even prouder than before. Personality: He is quite nice and honest with those he calls friends, at least honest to the point he can be, given the information his position allows him. Still, he is fairly strict when it comes to work, he had to be in his position, though he’s not without forgiveness or understanding when something can’t get done, it just needs to be earned. He mostly saves formalities for official meetings, but if someone insists on using titles elsewhere he’d oblige them. Due to wanting to see things through, he’ll oftentimes overwork himself trying to complete his work, having to make a conscious effort to tear himself away to rest at times. Summary: A hard-working unicorn, he sometimes needs a kick in the flank to get him to relax.
  22. Roleplay Type: Main rp Name: Shadow Storm Sex: Male Age: Middle aged stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Orange Coat: Gray with a hint of brown tint Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are Brown with white stripes in them. His mane being slightly longer in length, and his tail being short and puffy Physique: Slightly taller with a bit of a muscular build Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Royal guard officer Cutie Mark: A sword crossed over a open book. In his young years, Shadow storm found a talent in offensive type spells, and thoroughly enjoyed trying them out. One day would find Shadow wandering the dark paths of the Everfree forest. He rather much enjoyed exploring the forest looking for hidden things and magic related places. Perhaps maybe he had gotten a bit distracted in his search, as he soon found himself among a pack of timber wolves instead. Panicking a moment he remembered a spell that he had learned from a book that he had borrowed from a library. Charging his horn, he stood his ground as he managed to fend off the pack of timber wolves. Unique Traits: When not obsessing over spells and power. Shadow storm enjoys spending his time searching for valuable items what ever they may be, and has found somewhat of a secondary talent in history, and valuing old items. He can be usually found buying and selling rare and old items to make a few bits. History: Shadow storm was born in Canterlot to a family of Unicorns. Growing up he was always a bit of a trouble maker, But his parents where generally very forgiving. At a young age his parents enrolled him a school for unicorns. Through out his young years, Shadow spent his time reading books for spells, and playing around with new learned spells. Shadow storm picked up spells very quickly. Astonished with his talent in casting spells, They encouraged him to continue his education. Excited to find and try out new spells, It soon snow balled into an obsession. Shadow Storm dreamed one day of joining the Royal guard, and climbing the ranks. He wasn't much at all interested in it to protect ponies tho, but he much rather had his eyes set on gaining a prestigious position in the guard. Setting out one day from his parents home as a young stallion, he made his way to enlist in the Royal guard. His first few years in the guard where slow, But as they began to send him on missions with other guards, his talents in casting spells soon found him as a skilled member of the guard. Now Shadow Storm find himself as an officer in the royal guard. He now has his eyes set on learning as many spells as possibly and gaining a fortune. he is determined to learn even the spells that the princesses have kept locked away, and will stop at nothing to have a peek at them. Even if it means turning on a fellow guard member. Character Personality: Shadow storm is overall a very serious pony. All tho he can at times have a bit of a humor. He is generally nice Around other ponies, and fellow guard members, But don't let that fool you. Deep down inside he is corrupt. Shadow storm has an obsession with power, when let loose he can be very greedy and arrogant. He does thoroughly enjoy reading spell books, and has a hobby in collecting rare and valuable items, especially the ones he has obtained in a questionable manner, and generally dislikes anypony coming in between him and those things. He knows his actions could get him expelled from the guard or worse, and chooses to keep his true self a secret to others, and can be very deceitful at times. Character Summary: Shadow storm is a serious pony with a bit of sense of humor at times. He is generally calm and collected around others, but inwardly lies a Sneaky and Deceitful pony. He has a talent in offensive magic, Combined with an obsession with power. Shadow storm thinks inwardly of himself, and takes any chance he can to better himself. On his free time he enjoys spending a lavish life of expensive items, and thoroughly enjoys finding them even through questionable means.
  23. Name: Magnus Durum Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Sky blue Character Color: A blueish slate gray that transitions to a pale blue partway down his legs. Mane/Tail: Both the mane and tail are a dark red in color. The mane is basically just left to hang naturally, giving a bit of a messy look as parts hang in front of his face. His tail is really just a bun held together with some fairly dark blue bands. As far as facial hair goes, he just has a 5-o’clock shadow of the same dark red hair. Physique: Magnus’ physique is one of a well-toned stallion. One trained to fight, a mix of strength and speed. He is also slightly taller than average, all in all rather handsome. Residence: The outskirts of Canterlot Occupation: Noble, traveling sword-fighter Cutie Mark: A bright yellow star with several smaller stars around it. This represents his skill in light magic. The day he earned his mark was during a trip with his family. They were out on the ocean on a boat trip when everything started going wrong. Problem after problem arose that left them dead in the water, and none of their light sources were functional. Focusing his power into his horn, he created enough bright flashes to call for help, signaling through Morse code. Eventually help arrived, and by then his flank was already adorned with the mark. Unique Traits: He has skill with the blade, mixing it with various other tools. His fighting style is not what one would call honorable, as he mixes his swordplay with gut punches, kicking up dirt, basically anything he can do to get ahead and stay there. He is also skilled with manipulating light through his magic, allowing him to become invisible, create illusionary clones, create bright flashes, and so forth. Combining this magic with his skills, and he becomes quite the formidable opponent. History: Magnus’ early childhood was marked with many fairly happy years. He was born the second child of a wealthy Kastroti family, with his older sister set to take control of the house next. He didn’t mind that, and spent his time playing with his sister when they weren’t learning. Everything changed after the boat trip though. While creating his bright flashes to attract help, he had inadvertently blinded his father. He did not know how to control it yet, but his family were not interested in his excuses. They waited until they felt he was old enough to fend for himself, and then kicked him out onto the street. He almost died there, and likely would have if he hadn’t found a gang of thieves to join. They truly taught him to survive, and many times taught him not to trust anyone too deeply as they threw him under the bus to avoid punishment. As such, he had multiple stints in jail, and there was no love lost when he figured he had learned all he could from them and turned them all in. With that chapter behind him, he took to wandering, surviving on what he could steal or win in fights. He eventually found himself near Canterlot, where he won a minor noble’s estate in a duel and etched himself out a new noble title. From then on, he basically continued as normal, though he added in more diplomatic tricks as he amassed more power and wealth. Personality: He places no stock in friendship anymore. No real stock anyways. He understands the value of having allies, and he’s willing to act friendly to get them if need be. Most of the time though, he remains rather reserved, not displaying that much emotion. Anger or annoyance are probably the ones most likely to make it through his almost arrogant facade. In the end, he has emotions like any other pony, but he is loathe to show them. Summary: A noble that turned into a brigand and then back into a mixture of the two, he is looking out for number one by any means necessary.
  24. ((My first attempt at writing a villain in... well, anything. It turned out edgier than I've ever written, but hopefully that's okay. )) Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Drop Shadow Sex: Male Age: Older stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Deep violet Coat: Midnight black Mane/Tail: The dark gray of his mane and tail is hardly distinct from the black of his coat, and both tend to blend together without sufficient light. The mane is slicked back completely in distinct lines down his neck and back, leading directly up to his tail. At the tail, these threads split apart into a messy mop of hair. Physique: Tall and gaunt, not very healthy looking Residence: Primarily lives in the Everfree Forest, though there have been sightings around Equestria. Spooky places, pretty much. Occupation: Is kidnapping an occupation? Cutie Mark: A white chess king, symbolizing his talent for tactics and leadership (Later modified to black so only the outline and highlights are still white, thus expressing the corruption of his talent into deception and misleading ponies) Unique Traits: He specializes in illusory magic, to an extent where the only other magic he knows is the basic levitation that all adult unicorns can perform. This magic allows him to project his voice and ghostly image, manipulate light and shadow, and most powerfully warp the environment to make ponies lose their way. This includes stretching or compressing an area, causing a space to loop indefinitely, or rearranging the land so places don’t connect the way they’re supposed to. History: Drop Shadow is the son of a stoic royal guard in Canterlot. In his youth, he revered his father greatly and dreamed of one day being a royal guard captain, leading his own team of brave ponies in defense of Equestria. To this end, he studied chess and quickly became a master of the game. Eventually, his classmates weren’t even good enough for practice and he had to seek adult ponies to play against. The secret, he often said, was to treat the game like a real combat scenario. The king and queen were like the two princesses, and it was the duty of the other pieces to protect them. One day, Drop Shadow found his favorite table at the park taken by another pair of unicorns having a chess match. Irritated but morbidly curious, he trotted up next to one of them. Up close, it was quickly apparent that the pony across from him was much older and smarter than the colt next to him, and the board state quickly made it apparent that the colt had little hope of winning. Disgusted, Drop Shadow raised his voice and said ”Your B file is completely open. Seize it quickly or it’s checkmate.” ”Hey!” the other pony loudly objected, ”This isn’t your game, kid! Go home!” Unfazed, Drop Shadow taunted the stallion with a sneer. ”What’s wrong? You were handling one colt so well, two should be fillies’ play.” With wide eyes, the colt played the move Drop had suggested, his opponent seething with silent rage. For the rest of that game, Drop slowly guided his game partner to a decisive victory and earned his cutie mark and first friend in the process. The colt later introduced himself as Fair Trade and became Drop’s apprentice in chess until they went their separate ways as adults. As a young stallion, Drop Shadow did indeed enlist in the royal guard. Among the other recruits, he was often admired for his dedication, strength and wits. Though the recruits knew no real combat, they could still feel Drop’s imposing presence even during training. Not one to ignore the envious looks of his comrades when he dominated their exercises, Drop quickly became known for boasting. He would insist that if they ever saw real combat, he would be the most heroic unicorn in the kingdom (an especially arrogant claim considering his lack of affinity for magic). It would be many moons yet, but his chance would come eventually. Drop Shadow was standing stalwart in a line of three guards in the reception area for the wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. His mind was clouded with unwanted resentment. Why should he stand reserve while the defense of the city was left in the magic of a younger unicorn? And with the stress of his wedding already upon him, how could they trust him to come through? The rational part of Drop knew that it was because Shining Armor’s spell was the only defense they had that could keep the Changelings out and avoid all-out combat. He knew that his affinity for magic was far too weak to erect such a barrier, and yet still the resentment stood. He wanted them to be proven wrong. He wanted the shield to break, for him to get his chance to be a hero for once. Sure enough, the barrier did break. Changelings pouring in, Drop quickly snapped corralled his panicking comrades. He instructed them to head to Shining Armor’s side while he would head into the city to lead the evacuation effort. With a battle-hungry grin, Drop charged into battle, any changeling who crossed his path meeting a mighty headbutt from his helmet or a quick buck into next week. It wasn’t long before he encountered Fair Trade. He questioned why the stallion had run toward the castle, and he surprised Drop by saying it was to see if he was safe. Their reunion was short-lived, however, as a troop of changelings divebombed them. Wanting to separate the two, a pair of them crashed down in front of Drop Shadow while another abducted Fair Trade in front of him. Drop backed up in surprise, but moments later huffed with blind anger. He charged forward, but there was a blinding flash of light and he soon found himself charging at a pile of black ash. He stopped in disbelief and looked around to see his father. ”You... what did you...” His father shook his head and glared at him. ”This is the reality of battle, Drop Shadow. I believed you smarter than this.” Drop gazed toward his father, then toward the chaos in the sky. In a flurry of mixed emotions, he suddenly took off running. He galloped far, far away from Canterlot, swatting away any who tried to stop him. Days later, Drop had still not returned or been seen by anypony. He was declared a deserter and a disgrace by the royal guard. In truth, he had galloped all the way to Ponyville and fled when he saw other ponies, eventually getting himself lost in the Everfree Forest. Becoming lost in the forest gave him time to reflect, at least until the dangerous creatures caught on to his presence there. He began to consider the “reality of battle” and what that could mean. With his training as a guard, he fought off the plants and animals of the forest but this only made him weary and seemed to get him nowhere. Was this the reality of battle? Wearing yourself thin just to survive? If that was reality, he decided it was not to be accepted. Reality was too harsh to him, so he had to detach himself from it. Over time, his mind eroded until he couldn’t see the predators as threats on his life anymore. They were only opponents in his way of winning, and win he would... as soon as he found the exit from this forest. Eventually, he would miraculously trot out of the forest, but not without a price. He was a shadow of the pony that had trotted in, and now didn’t give the ponies that greeted him in Ponyville any acknowledgement at all. The thing that made him weak, that stopped him from being a hero... he identified it as magic. He found his new resolve in studying magic, though this time for a new game. The princesses were no longer the king and queen of his chessboard; he now stood as the sole king. He learned illusion and trickery and though it took many sleepless nights, through determination he would master it. He started back into the forest to test his newfound powers. Drop would harass terrified animals, leading them around in circles that all lead back to his sadistic grin before suddenly changing the path right into the maw of a carnivorous plant. He would project his image before a fearsome timberwolf only for it to disappear as the wolf attacked, his real body wiping its muddy paws on the creature’s stunned form. For the first time in moons, Drop felt glee, though of a twisted and perverse sort. Over time, he made the forest his home, the creatures unable to touch him as his illusions kept them at bay. To reflect this new lifestyle, he started a fire and branded the white out of his cutie mark, hardly feeling the pain. His once-muscular body atrophied with age and inactivity, but this didn’t bother him. He was a puppet master now, and physical exertion was beneath him. The first time a filly wandered into the forest, he knew it was time. The table was set; it was time to start capturing pieces. ((Ending left intentionally vague in case him actually being successful in kidnapping fillies in the Everfree Forest is too dark. It’s fine if I have to make it so everypony he’s tormented has ultimately escaped.)) Character Personality: Sinister, sadistic and egotistical, Drop Shadow’s version of “making friends” is to trap and enslave ponies until they get Stockholm syndrome so bad they worship him. Always one step ahead, if anything, his biggest weakness is getting so caught up in creating fear that he fails to account for what ponies can do when they’re not afraid of him. He understands the feelings of other ponies, but rather than giving him any form of empathy this just gives him the means to get into their heads. If there is any good left in him, it has been buried under many moons of following nopony’s ideals but his own. Character Summary: Drop Shadow is a vile creature who once had the potential to be a great leader, but was too weak-willed and eventually turned to evil as a form of escapism. Something inside of him snapped, and he has now made it his life’s work to trap and torment other ponies and ultimately brainwash them into being okay with it.
  25. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Rosedust Diamond. Sex: Female. Age: Mare. Species: Unicorn. Eye colour: Mint green. Coat: A dark, dusty pink. Mane/Tail: A very pale pink, almost white in colour. Long with a slight curl. Physique: Rosedust is tall, lithe and graceful. Somewhat delicate, she is outwardly soft and genteel in mannerisms. Residence: Canterlot. Occupation: Jeweller. Cutie Mark: A heart shaped diamond which shimmers green and pink. Rosedust earned her cutie mark when she was somewhat older than most, almost a filly. A bridesmaid in her sister's wedding, Rosedust was looking forward to the ceremony and was informed in no short order by all of her family members that she was to spend her time beforehand resting up to avoid being ill during the event itself. Rosedust complied, but two days before the nuptials disaster struck when Moonstone Star's jewellery and accessories were stolen on route to the family home. In secret Rosedust created an entirely new custom designed set for her, using her own savings to buy the materials she would need and surprising her the next day at the cost of her own health. This sacrifice was what earned her her cutie mark and even though Rosedust could not attend the party, she was happiest knowing that her sister was the most beautiful bride in all of Canterlot. Despite Moonstone gently chewing her out for it of course. Unique Traits: Like all unicorns, Rosedust Diamond has magic to her. Even though being physically active tires her out, magic never seems to. Perhaps she has a higher tolerance for it than most unicorns? She's never really looked into it. History Rosedust Diamond grew up the youngest child of a unicorn father, Mystic Haze, and an earth pony mother, Sugar Candy. Her elder brother, Bolt Storm, and her elder sister, Moonstone Star, were very close in age and Rosedust arrived when they were already a colt and filly respectively making her the baby of the family. In her early years however Rosedust was a sickly foal. She struggled with her studies, always afflicted with some kind of vague malaise, and grew shy and timid as a result. Her brother and sister were her closest companions, always there for her, and her mother schooled her at home as much as possible. To give herself something to do Rosedust Diamond took up making jewellery as a hobby. Starting out by string cubes and beads along brightly coloured strings, she progressed into making her own designs and when she was too anguished to leave her bed she could be found using her magic to make accessories for her family members. After years of treatment through some form or another, Rosedust aged into a filly and grew healthier thanks to her father's medicines and magics. Although she no longer felt ill though, she was still somewhat fragile; a cold would always linger too long, a bruise would always bloom under the slightest bump. Not only this but Rosedust had large gaps in her own knowledge and was always underperforming academically despite her best intentions and hard work. With this in mind, and given her talent for jewelcrafting, Rosedust's family collaborated on collecting the funds required for Rosedust to open her own shop and surprised her on her twenty first birthday with the down payment to start her own business. Now, years later, Rosedust Diamond is a happy mare who works out of the 'Grace of Hearts Gemstone Emporium' on the edge of Canterlot city. It is a small shop (but neat and tidy) with an aesthetic that matches its owner. She has one employee, an earth pony mare named Strawberry Bell, whom takes care of customers when she is not able to do so (or is babysitting her large supply of nieces and nephews). Happy to sit and bring her creative dreams to reality for the ponies of Equestria, Rosedust hopes to one day be one of the most in-demand designers in the world, making tiaras, earrings, necklaces and more for society's most adored. Though of course, to Rosedust Diamond, that simply means the ones who are closest to her own heart. Character Personality Rosedust Diamond is a polite, well-brought-up, and quietly confident mare who values the ones she loves more than anything else. Protective and lawful, even though she is physically weak, she'd do anything for a friend. Even though words aren't exactly her speciality she thinks that actions speaker louder anyway. She has a low tolerance for cruelty of any kind and thinks that compassion and kindness are the truest, clearest gems of personality. That said, in her quest to bring a little light into the life of all she meets, Rosedust can be naive and overly trusting which has led others to take advantage of her. More than anything though she tries her hardest to be the best pony she can be and would be very happy knowing that she has inspired others to do the same. Ponies make mistakes, but often it's nothing that a heartfelt apology, a cup of tea and a slice of cake can't fix as far as she is concerned. Character Summary: Rosedust Diamond is a determined, hard working jeweller who aims to shine in kindness as much as her creations do.
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