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  1. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Spring Thaw Gender: Mare Age: Adult Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Teal Coat: Ford Chalk Pink Mane/Tail: Slate Black with a few stripes of gray. Her mane is kept up in a bun with a pencile holding it in place. Physique: Spring Thaw is a typical Unicorn mare in height and weight. Her eyes do have bags under them from her age and stress. She sometimes has a pare of reading glasses that rests on her head. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Instructor at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Cutie Mark: A rectangular chalkboard with a chalk drawing of a sun. History: Character Personality: Character Summary: Spring is a very dedicated teacher and will go the extra mile for those in her classes.
  2. Name: Morgan Greymane (Knight of the righteous sun) Sex: Male Age: Adult Species:Earth pony Eye Color: A goldish hue, likened to molten orbs of gold. Character Color: A grayish color,seemingly representing his supposed age but is in actuality more of a family trait Mane/Tail: His mane is of an average size,mostly due to Morgans attempts to keep the mane that way. His tail however has completely been removed(a battlefield injury and a rather embarrassing one that he covers up with his cloak). His mane is of the same color as the rest of his body,though of a lighter shade. Physique: A rather muscular and well built earth pony. His height rivals that of the equestrian princess’s, giving him the nickname “The Giant”. He always keeps his beard neatly trimmed,but enough for people to know it as a beard rather than some hair on his chin. He prides himself on his beard and will go to great lengths to take care of it. Residence: Does not have an established home,though frequents local taverns and inns A LOT Occupation: Wandering knight/adventurer, ale enthusiast. Cutie Mark: A sword wreathed in lightning,as if the sword was channeling it, earned from fighting at a young age and wrestling a bug bear into submission. Unique Traits: Magic: A surprising thing to see in an earth pony,his isolation has given him strength from the power of storm and sun. He can manipulate lightning,thunder and light energy within his body and hooves,giving him an advantage against creatures of the dark. He may manipulate it in ways that unicorns may find “unique” (shaping the lightning into Spear like projectiles and throwing them,enchanting his blade with holy light,tending to wounds with it,etc). This lightning aspect,however powerful,has its drawbacks. It's power can cause the user to become listless and tired,occasionally backfiring to almost lethal levels (has caused heart attacks in the most extreme cases). One must be very careful with this power, as it has been soaked into his body. Unshakable champion: A champion of trotland,his strength is still a mighty ally. This strength allows him to carry heavy burdens as well as hit hard in physical combat. It also extends to his mind,seeming to give him an almost fanatical focus within serious tasks. Mustard knight:Like most eccentric warriors,this one wields some unique weapons:a full set of heavy plate mail that seems to cover most of his body (with a great helm to go along with it) as well as a yellowish patterned fur cloak. This armor has saved Morgan's life on a few occasions,though it's weight severely hampers his speed. His only weapon is a rather large sword,capable of being wielded effectively through either pure brute strength or magical assistance. The heavy blade has been called the “shield breaker” due to its weight of shattering shields and the like. History: Borne to a Family in a region known as trotland, Greymane was always one of a fighting spirit. While all the others had gotten into sheepherding and mining, Morgan yearned for battle and adventure at an early age. His fighting spirit would get him in quite the trouble with the lands fell beasts as well as others of his people. His cutie mark would be earned through his many altercations with vicious beasts,his fighting spirit and courage only matched by his wrath when pushed. That fighting spirit however would evolve when his land and Equestria was in danger from the evils of the north, it’s dark crystals looming over the land. The wars of Equestria would give morgan a chance to prove himself not here eyes of Equestria. Through his time in the north as well in many altercations, he would earn himself a high position within Canterlot. While being a knight of canterlot,Morgan had long admired the sun and the princess who controlled it from afar. He had been a normal earth pony with a history of battle on his shoulders. Battle would find him again as many conflicts took the land once more. These past conflicts that the elements had won made him question his own place as a protector of the realm. He decided to take a walkabout,a sort of reflective journey throughout the realm. With nothing left but his armor and his sword,he would venture to a secluded grove. He would spend years in relative isolation,focusing his own heart and soul on what he wanted most:the power to be a force of change and good in service to his princess. After years of doing so,he would get his wish...as the grove he rested within would start to change him biologically and magically,a pool of shimmering light making him become a wielder of that which seemed only available to some magic users:light magic. However,the turmoil of his past experiences in battle would weigh on his soul as well,bringing about a tempestuous power to the light...and granting him the power to shake the earth with stormy intent. His time in the grove having rejuvenated not only his strength but his mind and soul,he would search for those likened to his cause...and to serve the sun once more. This power however was not of the pool...but of a broken amulet,shattered in the past and left to seep into the pool he went in,affecting his body internally. Personality: Driven by a desire to Smite evil and do good in the realm of equestria however he can, he is a virtuous pony but all the same fallible. He likes his mead and ale,tending to overdrink on the occasion. He is rather kind around strangers and has a rather long standing tradition of always going to the local tavern whenever he reaches a new town. However,he has many thoughts weighed upon his heart...past experiences in ye olden days of equestria as well as the loneliness he felt while isolated by himself have affected him, usually fearing being alone in a dark room without any light. He however will not tolerate bullies and tyrants,always doing his best to defend the weak and the defenseless. When in a romantic situation,he actually is one of the easier targets. Summary: An unshakable adventurer of light and storm,seeking to do goodwill amongst the people once more.
  3. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Blizzard Blitz Sex: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Unicorn Eye color: Winter Sky Gray Coat: White coat with very faint blue tint. Mane/Tail: Ice Blue Mane and Tail that is worn with a part to the right. It has grown out from years alone in the frozen north. A few streaks of a darker shade of blue are present. Physique: Average build for a stallion, though a tad on the thinner side. His horn is longer then the average unicorn. Residence: The Frozen North Occupation: Villain, Wizard of the Frozen Wasteland. Cutie Mark: An Iceberg. Calm on the surface, Jagged and unknown lurking under the surface. Unique Traits: Blizzard Blitz's mane, tail, goatee, and coat are covered with snow and ice. His heart rate and body temperature are much lower then the average pony. History: ‘Twas the coldest night in nearly a century when Blizzard Blitz came into the world as snow swirled around around Canterlot. Blizzard would be the first foal born to his mother and father. Growing up, he would live a fairly normal foalhood, though he would show magical promise at a very young age. Being the son of at teacher at Princess Celestia’s school, as well as having his father in the Royal Guard, had its advantages growing up . When he was old enough he was quickly enrolled into Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. The young colt would excel in his classes, particularly those involving elemental magic. On his second day of class, Blizzard would earn his cutie mark when a bolt of magic froze the chalkboard solid, encasing it in a layer of ice. Needless to say, his instructor was impressed by the act of magic and noted the strength of the ice. Blizzard would spend much of his free time in the libraries of Canterlot. His mother had made it clear that he needed to work hard to get ahead. As the young colt grew older, he discovered the advantages of his mother's job, often using her credentials to gain access to restricted sections of the library. "Mom needs a book for a lesson plan," was his go to line. One of his favorite to check out under her name, 'Magics of Winter.' One day with the knowledge he learned Blitz would summon a small snow squall in the courtyard of the school as finals approached. To say his instructors where unpleased was an understatement. The colt was made to apologize to all his classmates for extending the semester while he was made to clean up his mess as he was lectured on Couldsdale's role in Equestrian weather. As the colt aged and continued his schooling at the School for Gifted Unicorns, Blizzard would begin to question himself and his abilities. He began to feel like a B-Class student as he had yet to receive even one class for the school's namesake, even when all his friends have. He became obsessed with proving himself and dedicated every fiber of his being to being noticed. Using his 'access' to the advanced and even restricted sections of the library, he would continue to advance his magical knowledge and abilities. With each semester that would pass, he would become more and more frustrated. As graduation neared, the young stallion would be called into the guidance counselor's office as all graduating students are to discuses internships and career opportunities. Blizzard was elated as his mind began to race. All of his hard work was soon going to pay of. Perhaps he would help with a more efficient winter? Perhaps he himself would be offered a job at the school and follow in his mothers hoofsteps. So many scenarios ran through his head. that when the counselor did mention his career options, he was heartbroken. Open an Ice cream parlor? Maintaining ice rinks? His heartbreak would soon turn into anger as he glared across the desk. His breathing turned heavy as reality set in. With his head down, he would leave the office, slamming the door behind him as the window began to frost over. A few days later, Blizzard would be given another option. They Royal Guard where looking for a pony to act as a guide into the Frozen North with the ability to manipulate snow. He would perk up and sign on for the opportunity. It seemed that he would finally be able to show off his abilities and true power. Upon graduation he would report for a quick crash course with the squad he would be guiding. From early on it was clear that they felt his presence was not needed. Blizzard once again felt dejected though would push on, having to prove himself to others once more. When they arrived in the Frozen North, a massive blizzard hit as the team struggled to make camp. The unicorn would watch the team of Royal Guards struggle with a small smirk as they battled the storm. After a short while, Blizzard would use a spell shaping the nearby snow into an a large igloo to protect them from the elements. The storm outside would rage on for days as the team grew restless. With no end to the storm in site, Blizzard figured this was the time to test his true power. Stepping outside the igloo on his own he would take a few deep breaths to calm himself before his horn began to glow. The swirling storm of snow and wind began to calm to a flurry. When the commander of the expedition attributed the break in the weather to nature, Blizzard Blitz would begin to loose control as anger coursed through him and the storm would resume its intensity. After months in the Frozen North and Blizzard doing his job, the call was made to return to Canterlot. Blizzard would make the decision to remain in the Frozen North to hone his magical skills. Years would pass as the stallion would make only rare supply runs to Yakyakistan every so often. Back in Canterlot, Blizzard's disappearance was written off as merely a casualty of the failed expedition to relocate the Crystal Empire. Now ten years later, Blizzard Blitz has returned to Equestria, looking to prove himself and his abilities....by any means necessary if needed.... Character Personality: Once a caring and kind, though a bit braggish, Blizzard’s isolation in the Frozen North has taken its toll on him both mentally and physically. Blizzard now only seeks validation of his abilities by any means necessary. Though cool headed, he has a hefty temper, though with a long fuse. He can be manipulative and lash out at those closest to him. After almost ten years alone in the Frozen North, he has developed a tendency to talk to himself under stress. Character Summary: A literal coldhearted pony, Blizzard Blitz was once one of the most promising students at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. He is exceptionally skilled in magic of ice and snow. Throughout his schooling, Blizzard felt that his skills where not properly recognized or appreciated. He would use his mother's credentials (an instructor at the school) to gain access to advanced spellbooks from the library, often without her knowledge. Though a gifted unicorn, Blizzard would start to resent his fellow classmates as he himself began to feel like a B-Class student. Graduating the school with a talent in Snow and Ice did not his career options as it was clearly hammered to him that Cloudsdale handled the winter in Equestria. When his career options where listed as ether an Ice Cream Shop or maintaining ice rinks, he would be dejected and angry, feeling that he was given a raw deal. It wasn't until he was offered the job of guiding an expedition into the Frozen North to try to locate the Crystal Empire as signs began to appear. Upon joining the team, Blizzard was made to feel that his prescience was not needed. Once in the Frozen North, a powerful snowstorm would hit as the team tried to make camp. Using his manipulation of snow, the stallion would create a large igloo to shield the expedition. Upon completion of the mission, Blizzard would chose to remain in the Frozen North to hone his skills. Now years later, he has returned to Equestria from his icy self exile. Spells and Abilities: Ice and Snow -The ability to make manipulate local weather, summing snow, ice, freezing rain, and sleet at will. -Directional beam of ice energy that freezes its target and encases it in ice. the longer the spell is held, the thicker the ice. -Summoning a wall of ice from the ground that can be used to contain or deter foes. -A modified version of the temporary wings spell that uses ice to grant Blizzard flight...and just look cool. General Magic -Short range teleportation. -General energy beam. -Walk on clouds.
  4. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Draco Silvanus Sex: male Age: Older stallion Species: Hippogriffian Eye colour: Blue Coat: Light blue / dark green Mane/Tail: black / mint green Physique: Draco’s most striking physical characteristic is his split fur color reminiscent of the fur patterns seen on griffins. His physique is overall tall, lean and strong built thanks to his time working on his ship where he sees plenty of exercise every day, but the food is sometimes lacking. His body is covered in scars head to hoof/claws thanks to his taste for danger and leading from the front. He carries them all with pride and passes judgement on others that are ‘clean of hardships’. Residence: ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ a three mast Sloop of War class ship armed with ten 6-pounder cannons and eight 32-pounder carronades. The guns are split with half along her port and the other half down her starboard. Giving her five 6-pounder cannons and four 32-pounder carronades per side giving her a respectful 158 pound bordside. She has a crew of 90, undersized for a ship of her class rated for 120, what limits him to full staff one line of guns well leaving his opposing gun line with an understaffed crew. Occupation: ‘Rogue Privateer’ or as most call it, pirate, and is the captain of ‘The Vicious Disgrace’. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: The blood of the Silvanus family runs in Draco, a family with a very long history that they claim started with a slave that took his freedom at the end of a sword and a stolen ship from his master. However the Silvanus family took root they have been a blood line of gifted sailers, captains and even admirals. And like all true borns of the Silvanus name Draco is no less gifted with his talents. A master of sail and navigating few captains can hope to keep pace, nor sail head long into a storm without blinking an eye like he can. History: Draco Silvanusm third son of Barak Silvanusm, an admiral of the Mount Aris navy, in a clutch of four was born as all true blooded sons of the Silvanusm famly. At sea. He was greeted with the song of sail, the light breeze in his face, the taste of the salty air on his tongue, the rocking of the ship to call him home and kissed by the sea. Such was the birth all born of Silvanusm blood share. Growing up he was trained in ship life, calling his father's ship home, playing along its deck and flying about its sails. Yet he was never the most obenet of sons. He hated following orders and despised how his father planned out his life with no care to his own feelings. He was to join the navy and at the very least be a captain, less than that and he was a failure. And so he was forced to join the very day he was old enough to join, something he hated deeply. The navy did its level best to break him in but Draco found himself spending more time in brigs than on the deck. To call his time in the navy bitter may be an understatement as he despised the chain of command. Wishing for nothing more than freedom he found his breaking point when his own father ordered him to wash every deck of the fleet flagship. Alone. Disgusted with how his father treated him and tired of the navy life Draco broke into his father's own captains quarters. After taking all the gold he found he slipped away at dusk to seek his own life and fortune without his family breathing down his neck. It was seven years later that Draco saw one of his family members again. In that time he traveled much of the world. moving from ship crew to ship crew before settling in with the crew of the Blood Rose, a privateer ship, working for a rich merchant family in Aquellia. Acting as first mate Draco was well respected and given a large amount of freedom by the ship's captain, a unicorn mare that went by the name of her ship, do there rather close relationship. In all respects Draco was happy with his life at that time and felt as if he found his place in the world. That was until the reunion happen. His brother Marca Silvanusm was a captain of Mount Aris navy with an axe to grid. Untested and not seeing combat he wanted an easy win to prove his worth to the family. And after watching the Blood Rose open fire on a ‘Mount Aris merchant ship’ he got his opening. Unaware that Draco was on the ship until his larger warship was boarding it. The meeting was not one of love as Marca saw this happy meeting as the golden cherry on top of his cake. He found himself a traitor to the crown! And so Draco found himself in chains, along with most of the ship's crew for piracy as Marca ripped up their papers and patted himself on the pack. Taking them back to Mount Aris to face trial Draco was moments away from facing his court trial when the world came crashing down around him. Mount Aris was under attack. In the confusion he broke free, trying to find his ship mates and most of all Blood Rose. The city was in a panic and Draco found himself swept up in the running masses. Try as he did to move downstream he found it hopeless. Following the masses he was taken deep in to the caves where fate played one more game on him… A full decade passed. Stuck living in the underwater caves Draco was haunted by his failure to save his ship mates and Rose. He never knew her fate and hoped she somehow got away like he did. For the first few years he did his best to lay low, fearing his brother or some other part of his family was down there with him. Yet he never found one. It took three years for him to learn, he was the last known living Silvanusm and noone knew that his brother was going to put him on trial for treason. He was by all accounts a free bird… or fish. By the time the decade ended he had wormed his way in to inheriting every last thing he can from his family name. Sadly it was not a lot with much of its worth lost top side. But he still owned the deeds to the family owned land and docks. Something he planned to make use of. The first year away from the caves was nothing short of a blur. Selling off all the family land for whatever it was worth he got the coin to buy a Aquellia ship. Sailing all the way to Aquellia he looked far and wide for even a hint of news about his old crew to no avail. Yet he did not give up. Broken hearted and with much of his crew leaving soon as his coin dried up he found himself backed in to a corner. With nothing but his name and old ship he went back to Mount Aris a lost soul. And yet he found himself wanted soon as he hit the cost. As the last living Silvanusm and with a working ship Queen Novo had an offer. She needed ships and needed them badly. Draco made it very clear he had no wish to be her navy… But he was willing to work for her. For a price. Soon after he was a privateer for the queen, his ship was prepared, upgunned and given a steady paycheck. Arimed with coin and a seaworthy ship he took back to sea with a fresh crew. His time with Blood Rose trained him well for the life as a privateer. He learned much underneath her and passed on her way of running a ship. Trust, care and family made a ship. Everything on that ship must be on it out of wanting to be there and wanting to work for you. And so he won his crews hearts. Working alongside them, sleeping in a hamic like they did and eating the same meals alongside them. With a new family he found his place again. The pain and loss of what was faded away in time. Mostly hunting down other privateers and pirates that prayed on the slowly rebuilding navy and merchant fleet of Mount Aris Draco got skilled at ship combat and often took part in the bordering of other ships. And in one such boarding of a pirate ship he came face to face with the mare he once loved. She like him was much older scared and shaped from the years apart. But no matter the scars and time both knew one another the moment they met each other's eyes. Draco was as shocked as she was, the battle dying down as both crews saw there captains staring down one other in tears. Draco was faced with the unthinkable, he found the mare he respected with all his heart and one time even loved, and here she was a pirate. All the crew saw her attacking the merchant ship. Worse yet they were backed up with a navy ship that joined the battle. He had no choice but to take her in. Her ship was full of gold, more than he’d ever seen before. No more going by the name Rose she known as as Black Mane, a feared and wanted pirate the sea over. She made her crew stand down and offered her hooves up to him for chains without a word. She never spoke one word to him well they sailed back. Her ship pulled along behind them. Every last coin was to be given to the queen. He, his crew will not see one drop of it. Such was the will of the queen. Watching Black Mane walked away in chains and heaps of gold pulled out to be tossed into the queens bank dug a growing pit of despair in his heart. Made all the worse as Black Mane finly spoke to him as she was taken away. “Is this the freedom you wanted?” and not a word more. Her words hunted him for days. Was it? Was he free? Not really. He was just a pawn for the queen. She took all his hard work and paid him a small wage for his crew. The ship was hers. The guns hers. She can seize it whenever she wanted. He was just a hired thug and the mare he searched for so long was going to rot in jail or hang by his claws. As the navy grew the need for his work was going away. The day will soon come that the queen will not want him. Than what? What freedom did he have? Black Mane, Rose, she had it all. She talked about being a pirate even back when he dated her. The two joking about it side by side. To be free from all, be there own king and queen. What did he love most? The open sea. No flags, no crowns. It's why he left his family. It's why he found Rose to begin with. Why he had a new family in the crew he held close. He dreamed of retiring at sea, free to do as he wanted. Why not do it now? He was not getting younger and the world was changing. Airships were taking the skies, ships of steel were rumored to possible and steam was replacing sail. Was this the freedom he wanted? He knew what he had to do. He had to take the leap. Calling for all his crew to meet him at the ship he told them the truth. What he was going to do. Long ago he was almost sent to jail a traitor. Today he was going to be a traitor. Their pay was going down, the queen was ending her contracts with others like them. These days were numbered and they all knew it. And so he offered them the power to leave or to stay. He’d not force them to leap off the deep end with him. But with a smug grin he saw not one want to leave. They are family, they were in this together. And so as dusk took the sky he greeted a shocked Rose, spinning the jail keys on a claw with his smug grin on his face. “This is the freedom we both wanted.” Was all he had to say as the sound of exploding gunpowder rocked the jail cells. The following battle for freedom was hectic as he battled side by side with her to the docks. Sails opened, anchors ripped from the sea as his ship took to the sea. Meeting with Rose and what crew they saved he and her had a tearful reunion in full. She explained that she can't’ stay on his ship. She had to get her ship back and save the rest of her crew. He did not want her to go, he just risked it all for her but she promised to meet him again. There may yet be hope for what was between them. But he had to find himself first. Gifting her and her crew what Pearl shards he can spare her the two parted ways at the first port they reached. Looking to his ship, all flags cut down he knew deep down this is what he wanted. No flags. No crowns. Freedome. In joke he called himself a vicious disgrace to the family and found it so fitting he put the name to his ship. He and his crew were a vicious disgrace and he’d not have it any other way. And so he took to the sea, carving a new name for himself as his posters sat side by side with Black Manes. Character Personality: Stubborn, heartless, greedy, backstabbing two-timing cat are all ways one can describe his personality yet such remarks are made by the ones that only know him at the other end of a cannon. His smug grin is infamous and featured on many a wanted poster. But to his crew he his shockingly caring and generous as he views them more akin to a family. As such he often leads from the front, works alongside them and will not give them a task he’d not do his self, and often has. This has lead to him being hurt countless times but time and time again he will be the first to rush in to battle cheering his crew onward to riches. But this is not to say he is gentle or soft. He will not blink an eye at sinking a ship to get what he wants. His love and outgoing charm is only for the few that have won a place as family in his eyes. Just never betray that trust he placed, for his wrath to being betrayed has no room for Mercy. Character Summary: Draco Silvanus is a pirate hailing from Mount Aris. With a long and sorted past he has seen much of the world and underwent many hardships in his life. Yet the act becoming a pirate was not forced on him, buy the path he took with his own claws. With a need for freedom and the power to do as he wanted he hates flags, crowns and other such things. Believing in a world without them where one's own worth is made only by there self. He is well loved by his crew and feared by others he follows his dreams with a love few can match. He has no dreams of getting rich and settling down some big home. He dreams of one thing alone, living free to his last breath. No laws shall bind him. No crown shall comaned him. The sea is home to the free and the free alone.
  5. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Distant Thunder Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Horse Eye colour: Storm Grey Coat: Brown Turmeric, black underbelly, gold speckling. Mane/Tail: Crimson Physique: Lithe Thunder has a lithe, body rather thin, built for aerial feats. Her larger than usual wings hang at her sides, providing her with balance when she trots about. On her muzzle she wears bifocal, which hang from a chain that is pierced into her ears. Her eyes became damaged after a scuffle at a young age, which never healed properly. She has a long, flowing mane, the crest of it kept in a fauxhawk style, while much of the rest of her mane remains braided. She has a black underbelly with a bit of gold speckling toward his back thighs which resemble the gold speckling of her wings. Her fetlock are rather fluffy and a patch of feathers at the shoulder of her wings tend to puff up when she is angry. Her wings are deep turmeric at the arms, draining into a deep gold that is soaked in fiery orange. The undersides of her wings are orange with gold speckling of down feathers, much resembling a fire. Residence: Saddle Arabia Occupation: Scholar of Architectural Anthropology Architectural Anthropology is the study of the relationship between ponies and their environments . She had become interested in other cultures when she became sick. Learning of the world she could not experience filled a void within her. With her brother away from her side she looks to take her studies across the globe. Cutie Mark: Grey Cloud, Three Descending Bolts departing at the center, the end points of the left and right bolt facing in outward from the center bolt. Unique Traits: Large Wings: Large wings aide in the mare's ability to generate thunder from her clouds without stomping on them with his hooves. They allow long distant flight, spending much of her time gliding, but due to their size she is limited in the aerial acrobatics he can partake in. Namesake: Distant Thunder is capable of stirring up thunderstorms from a distance rather than needing to be on her cloud to do so. Her larger than usual wings clap strongly, allowing this feat. History: On a dark and stormy night twin foals were born to a mare by the name of Night Wind and a stallion known as Torrential Storm. It was a difficult birth for Night Wind. To her were born a rambunctious pair of foals that were the pride of their tribe. With manes as red as fire and wings that glittered with clay, sand, and sun... they were seen as oddities with such large, tri-colored wings. The twins were born to the Storm Family, a respected bloodline from Saddle Arabia. Their tribe had many generations of artists and entertainers. They were once a nomadic tribe which eventually settled amongst the growing cities around Saddle Arabia’s culture of knowledge and philosophy. Because of their position as artists and entertainers, the family was able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. They often times saw to the weather management that was vital to the survival of the desert horses, but never strayed far from their duties on the stage and in theater. While some were raised as government officials, others were given permission to participate in academic studies and even fewer: the military. The family was very strict. Thunder and Lightning were raised to be entertainers, in part due to the tri-colored wings. They were seen as the perfect subjects for the stage and aerial dancing, or even serving as court jesters. They would not be allowed to decide their roles in life. They were larger than most of their kind, but not by much, though it was still enough to make them a little awkward and targets of bullying amongst younger peers. The Twins were very close, as twins were wont to do. Separating them was a fight. They were often set apart as it became so problematic that it was better just leaving them together. Thunder was the older sister. She was born first, but had been the last the cry. Lightning was the younger brother, born last and always the first to tears. They were raised with strict, binding rules, as were the generations before them. Colts did not cry, and fillies did not spit. The twins were stubborn and would often corrected or disciplined. Thunder was weak, many feeling her blustering was due to her weaker body. Though, in truth, it was something more sinister than that. Their grandfather, who was the current head of house, felt the current punishment techniques were unsuitable to train the young ones. Thunder was the ringleader to the pair and her actions always did to sent the young colt into mutiny against the elders' attempt at discipline. Thunder was often sent outside on the cold desert nights to separate her from Lightning for extra training. The pair would remain close even if all that disbarred them was a thin sheet of glass, making the attempt at separation pointless, though it did keep them quiet. Thunder eventually developed pneumonia from a cold that would normally be easily be healed from and ended up hospitalized. Thereafter she was often hospitalized and was unable to continue her training as an entertainer. Lightning was devastated. He was an asocial colt, only ever participating in activities Thunder did. He never understood why the adults didn't help Thunder. She and the colt never slept alone so, throughout her sickness they were forced to sleep apart, but Lightning crept into the room she was quarantined in or ran away to the hospital when she was too ill for the busy family to tend to. The made became increasingly outgoing, despite her illness and would oft escape the manor under the light of the moon as Lightning was their caution and she their confidence. With naught but anger after they had taken away her brother she was driven to a reckless attitude and behavior, trying to continue training despite her weakness. Afraid what others might say, or think of her failing to uphold the standards held by their family’s traditions: Thunder was sent to study Architecture at the institute where she would eventually develop a superiority complex and weaken herself if it meant outperforming others. Lightning had always been the one to act with due caution to discourage her more rowdy behavior so she could better respond to others. Bullying her peers by way of mocking insults eventually led to her removal from the school under the pretense of a wing disorder. Her larger wings were said to make it difficult for her to balance resulting in often falling down. Eventually Thunder came to believe this. She was soon able to go tutoring. Her grandfather secured a fine tutor for her through his connections. She studied, becoming interested in the architectural structures of ancient pony cultures around the world. When Lightning would visit her and tell her of all the different ponies in the world, she would be thankful knowing she could never meet them, being much too sick to travel. At her encouragement, and her own selfish desires to see the world through his brilliant eyes, she asked him to travel. In doing so she would lose her brother. The relations between Equestria and Saddle Arabia had allowed the nation to open their borders to those allied to the Alicorn sisters. Because of this he would have a much easier time in his travels. Since then she had become anxious, unwaveringly tense. She wanted to travel a while, meet faces and study the different cultures. Travel, study… to see everything Lightning did... Character Personality: Thunder is ill mannered, impolite. Her arrogance comes from ancient family traditions and a rich history that gives her a sense of privilege. Her weakened body is disregarded by her association with her noble house, allowing her to enter places others may usually be unable. Sometimes this pride is used to mock and act pretentious so she may get her way, but the fear of rejection fuels her to overblow her experiences and act self-centered. She is a cunning, seemingly uncaring pony but is a bit of a flirt with much anypony that passes her way. She can be a bit of an adventurous individual, obsessively driving toward knowledge, especially of other and unique cultures, which often time leads her into troublesome situations and deep, dank caves that nopony should be. She can become ecstatic over certain subjects and fly off chattering about them without notice of social cues indicating he should stop. Character Summary: A scholar that loves to learn and travel, she is a bit reckless and tends to disregard her responsibility to her family. Driven by a desire to see the world her brother loves the pegasus often goes above the sense of self preservation to try and show off or take. She is easily done in by challenges, her pride difficult to shake. Even still she can be caring when the situation calls for it, capable of using her body when not driven to fear how her sickness consumes her strength.
  6. Is it okay to have an Areion who's a dj? I know the tech level allowed on the site is limited thanks to how... scitzo it is on the show, so... btw, this is for a WoE char.
  7. Roleplay Type: World of EquestriaName: Ruby BloodworthSex: FemaleAge: Older Filly, almost a MareSpecies: AreionEye colour: PurpleCoat: CeriseMane/Tail: Royal Air Force Blue (colored to explain), cut short and in a feathered style so as not to get in the way when flying, or when using her headphones.Physique: sleek and streamlined, built for acrobatics and dancing.Residence: CanterlotOccupation: wishes to be a dj, but can't get gigsCutie Mark: A gramophone needle on a record, with movement marks around it. Ruby is a little embarrassed by how she came to get her cutie mark, as she discovered her love for mixing music and scratching tracks from bumping into a record player, which set her on the path to deciding to become a dj. So even though she got her cutie mark afterwards, she considers this to be the defining event.Unique Traits: highly flexible wings, and somewhat of a natural ear for music. History: Born and raised in Canterlot, Ruby's family wasn't the nicest. They were almost like the stuffy upper nobility, the ones who believed in keeping the bloodlines pure and all that drek. Ruby was always interested in the other ponies, the ones who stayed mostly in the light, but her parents refused to allow her to spend time playing with them. She became embittered towards her parents as such, especially since they wanted her to ignore her talent and skill with the tables, and instead try to be a guard pony... boring! Ruby decided to leave home, got one of the few unicorn friends she had to help her make a special mix table, one that stored some records as well as used old fashioned needles, like the gramophone she knocked over that fateful day, and made her way... nowhere fast. She is brash, and unproven, so she has trouble getting jobs, and is sleeping either in friends houses, or up in a tree every now and then... Character Personality: She's fun loving, and likes to get to know everyone she can, as well as having a curious mind. Her true passions come out in song and dance, where she sometimes let's the music take her over. Character Summary: A cerise colored Areion, Ruby spends her time exploring her home in Canterlot, looking for odd jobs to do to keep herself fed while trying to get gigs. Her short shock of Royal Air Force Blue mane can be seen over her mix table, specially made for her. She doesn't really have any personal connections to her own kind, having decided due to how stuffy her parents were to leave the group and make her own way. She loves to hop in to parties, and has been known to set up her table on the edge of roads and parks, trying to get others lost in the music, though usually it's just her... (Fun fact, the random name generator I used to get her name generated 15 names at once, and 3 of them included Faust.)
  8. Roleplay Type: WoEName: ColtsonSex: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: UnicornEye colour: Sapphire blueCoat: Light Grey Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail have the same dark brown colour, kept trimmed moderately short, though it is up for debate whether his mane is just receding or not, his tail is definitely trimmed short however.Physique: Coltson is moderately tall for a stallion, although nowhere near the height of a Saddle Arabian, he is noticeably taller and slightly more muscular than the average stallion.Residence: PonyvilleOccupation: Agent of S.M.I.L.E. Totally just a book seller.Cutie Mark: A full looking file. Coltson got this cutie mark at a very young age, where he was finding the school experience highly difficult, unable to remember all the things he needed to remember for exams the normal way as he was a very slow reader. After having to commit all his time solely to trying to study he was finding himself getting very tired one night, and in a half deluded state of boredom and inspiration, levitated a book with his magic, as he read he started to try and translate those words with the feelings of his magic and slowly but surely, his magic started to scan through the words, the process getting faster the more he practiced it until one day he finally managed to ace an exam, a feat more impressive because of the fact he studied through all the material in the minutes before the exam took place.Unique Traits: Reflection Deflection: A S.M.I.L.E. classic, a spell that erases one's memory of encounters with an agent, although use of the spell is extremely limited, even more so for extended removal of memory, so most agents live in the hope it will only be used to get rid of quick minute encounters. Case closed: Coltson has an ability to quickly sift through information in books around him via magical scanning of texts, allowing him to get through paperwork quickly and back to action. Beam Team: Coltson has a major magical specialization on beam spells, able to shoot powerful beams of magic from his horn that can have a range of affects based on the spell used. History: Coltson was born in Ponyville, his parents nothing really special, his mother a housewife for the father, who owned a very lucrative antique store on the outskirts of Ponyville, monopolizing off of the reputation of the town, while his wife tended to their home and child, and sometimes went along to help lend her eye for detail to some of the rarer items her husband would get in for the shop, working together to figure out just the right price to sell it at. Their son, who seemed very unremarkable in all ways seemed to struggle at school with the academic side of things, being very socially able and an expert on making connections, but who only ever seemed to remember anything when it was written in a comic book, making them both somewhat worried for his future, as even though his father wanted him to take over the shop; he also knew that his son would not be able to, as he was far too attached to antiques to just sell them on. It came as a welcome surprise to them both when he showed his talent for magic based reading, as it opened up a whole new world to him; a world of literature. He would spend many moments in a day just scanning through whatever books he could find to read, being one of the most widely knowledgeable ponies of his age group, and seeming quite content with his knowledge. A few years later he would find an employment opportunity, when the secret anti monster agency S.M.I.L.E. was recruiting for new agents to join them with a more cheery outlook to get better connections with possible witnesses and be able to negotiate information out without blowing their cover, and it was with this criteria that Coltson would attend his recruitment interview, acing the exams and personality test he quickly earned his suit and sunglasses, being a valuable agent for many operations, getting to the point where he was tasked with rebuilding a Ponyville base of operations, allowing him to return to his home town after being out on an 'extended business venture' returning with enough bits to buy a decent sized building, and stock it with all the ancient books he could get his hoofs on, many from his father's store, rare and expensive books lining the shelves he then went about adding a slightly musty atmosphere to the place, with dark woods and ladders to reach shelves, the way into the secret base being hidden in the back rooms, underneath a rug with hoof recognition, the panel made to look like the door for a floor safe, leading down into the S.M.I.L.E situation room, an area of the building unknown to the public, just knowing the pony as a book seller with a fashion sense, who seemed to never really part with many of the really special books, mostly selling ones where he had multiple, but allowing others to read the ones in store. Character Personality: Coltson seems like a pretty open book to the public, as a rather typical book collector and seller, being very inquisitive, and curious about the details of anything that is going on, with a strange knowledge of everything that is going on around him, even if it is a secret, he comes across as nosy sometimes, being a bit too keen on the lives of others, something explained away by most as the book collector's relatively dull existence surrounded by dusty tomes of times long passed. He is a pony who seems to know everything about anything, no matter how trivial or useless the information may seem, and regardless of its place in the past or present, most likely due to the fact that he has read every book in his store at one point or another, leaving others to wonder how long he spends locked up in his home. Unknown to most is that this pony is actually a daring secret agent of a anti monster agency, set with the task of setting up a new base in the town of Ponyville, now deemed to be a hotspot of activity regarding their agency, as such he can retain quite a bossy tone if a fellow agent tries to directly go against his orders or thought out plans. He is incredibly talented with his magic beams, however the direct nature of the beams means he is usually up close to his target to make sure he does not miss, or at a long distance up high, both meaning he is incredibly patient, but also quick thinking, a feature that can lead him to think about too many situations at once and overthink a scenario, needing others with him to keep him on the right path when that happens. Character Summary: A charming secret agent with a deep cover of a slightly doting book seller, with a skill for beam magics, and mind erasing spells.
  9. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Distant Lightning Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Horse Eye colour: Storm Grey Coat: Brown Turmeric, black underbelly, gold speckling. Mane/Tail: Crimson Physique: Lithe Lightning is lithe, body rather thin, built for aerial feats. His larger than usual wings hang at his sides, providing him with balance when he trots about. On his left eye he wears a monocle, which hangs from a chain that is pierced into his ear. His left eye became damaged after a scuffle at a young age, which never healed properly. He has a long, flowing mane, the crest of it kept in a fauxhawk style, while his bangs hang over his right side. He has a black underbelly with a bit of gold speckling toward his back thighs which resemble the gold speckling of his wings. His fetlock are rather fluffy and a patch of feathers at the shoulder of his wings tend to puff up when he is angry. His wings are deep turmeric at the arms, draining into a deep gold that is soaked in fiery orange. The undersides of his wings are orange with gold speckling of down feathers, much resembling a fire. Residence: Saddle Arabia, Ponyville Born in Saddle Arabia his family home is here. He has procured a home in Ponyville with his special somepony, but is a registered member of the Storm family in Saddle Arabia. Occupation: Scholar of Cultural Anthropology Cultural Anthropology is the study of other cultures. He had become interested in other cultures when his sister became sick. Learning of other ponies and beings that existed in the world intrigued him. With his sister's encouragement he took to traveling to deepen his studies. Cutie Mark: Grey Cloud, Three Descending Bolts meeting at the center, the end points of the left and right bolt facing in towards the center bolt. Unique Traits: Large Wings: Large wings aide in the stallion's ability to generate lightning from his clouds without stomping on them with his hooves. They allow long distant flight, spending much of his time gliding, but due to their size he is limited in the aerial acrobatics he can partake in. Namesake: Distant Lightning is capable of stirring up thunderstorms from a distance rather than needing to be on his cloud to do so. His larger than usual wings clap strongly, allowing this feat. History: On a dark and stormy night twin foals were born to a mare by the name of Night Wind and a stallion known as Torrential Storm. It was a difficult birth for Night Wind. To her were born a rambunctious pair of foals that were the pride of their tribe. With manes as red as fire and wings that glittered with clay, sand, and sun... they were seen as oddities with such large, tri-colored wings. The twins were born to the Storm Family, a respected bloodline from Saddle Arabia. Their tribe had many generations of artists and entertainers. They were once a nomadic tribe which eventually settled amongst the growing cities around Saddle Arabia’s culture of knowledge and philosophy. Because of their position as artists and entertainers, the family was able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. They often times saw to the weather management that was vital to the survival of the desert horses, but never strayed far from their duties on the stage and in theater. While some were raised as government officials, others were given permission to participate in academic studies and even fewer: the military. The family was very strict. Thunder and Lightning were raised to be entertainers, in part due to the tri-colored wings. They were seen as the perfect subjects for the stage and aerial dancing, or even serving as court jesters. They would not be allowed to decide their roles in life. They were larger than most of their kind, but not by much, though it was still enough to make them a little awkward and targets of bullying amongst younger peers. The Twins were very close, as twins were wont to do. Separating them was a fight. They were often set apart as it became so problematic that it was better just leaving them together. Thunder was the older sister. She was born first, but had been the last the cry. Lightning was the younger brother, born last and always the first to tears. They were raised with strict, binding rules, as were the generations before them. Colts did not cry, and fillies did not spit. The twins were stubborn and would often corrected or disciplined. Thunder was weak, many feeling her blustering was due to her weaker body. Though, in truth, it was something more sinister than that. Their grandfather, who was the current head of house, felt the current punishment techniques were unsuitable to train the young ones. Thunder was the ringleader to the pair and her actions always did to sent the young colt into mutiny against the elders' attempt at discipline. Thunder was often sent outside on the cold desert nights to separate her from Lightning for extra training. The pair would remain close even if all that disbarred them was a thin sheet of glass, making the attempt at separation pointless, though it did keep them quiet. Thunder eventually developed pneumonia from a cold that would normally be easily be healed from and ended up hospitalized. Thereafter she was often hospitalized and was unable to continue her training as an entertainer. Lightning was devastated. He was an asocial colt, only ever participating in activities Thunder did. He never understood why the adults didn't help Thunder. She and the colt never slept alone so, throughout her sickness they were forced to sleep apart, but Lightning crept into the room she was quarantined in or ran away to the hospital when she was too ill for the busy family to tend to. The colt became increasingly withdrawn. He secluded himself as Thunder was their confidence and he their caution. With naught but despair after his sister's constant state if sickness, he lost the desire to continue his training. Afraid of what others may say or think of their bloodline and failing to continue the family’s traditions: Lightning was sent to study acrobatics at Theater School. The colt developed post traumatic stress disorder and would often lock up when encouraged to perform. Thunder had always been the one to encourage him to participate with others do being forced to act before crowds would shock him. Bullying from his peers through way of mocking insults led to his removal from school under the pretense of a wing disorder. His larger wings were said to make it difficult for him to practice complex routines. Eventually even Lightning came to believe this. He was eventually able to go to University. His grandfather secured a position for him through his connections. There he studied, becoming interested in the different cultures of ponies around the world. He wrote many theories and wrote up research on how the various cultures developed. He would visit Thunder to tell her of all the different ponies in the world, that she could never meet as she was too sick to travel. At Thunder's encouragement, and her own desire to see the world through his eyes, she asked him to travel. In doing so he would travel to Equestria, as relations seemed to be fostering between Saddle Arabia and the nation of the Alicorn sisters, he would had a much easier time receiving a grant to do so. There he would come across a gang of ruffians who hassled a young pegasus mare. The group traveled for a while, eventually parting ways, but he would follow the mare, having falling in love with her. He afforded a home with her in Ponyville and continues his studies, frequently traveling back to Saddle Arabia to show Thunder all that he has learned. Character Personality: Lightning is well mannered, polite. His arrogance comes from ancient family traditions and a rich history that gives him a sense of privilege. His weakened self-esteem is bolstered by his association with his noble house, allowing him to show pride. Sometimes this pride seems to mock and appear pretentious, but the fear of rejection fuels him to overblow his experiences and appear self-centered. He is a warm, caring pony but is a bit of a flirt with much anypony that passes his way. While his eyes are only for his special somepony he cannot help but talk his way into a pony's trust. He can be a bit of a bookpony, obsessively driving toward knowledge, especially of other and unique cultures, which often time leads him, and his partner, into troublesome situations and deep, dank caves that nopony should be. He can become ecstatic over certain subjects and fly off chattering about them without notice of social cues indicating he should stop. Character Summary: A scholar that loves to learn and travel, he is a bit of a coward and easily spooked by responsibility. Driven by a desire to share the world with his sister and make happy his life partner, the pegasus often went above and beyond duty to try and show off or give. He is easily done in by compliments, his self-esteem in the pooper. Even still he can be brave when the situation calls for it, capable of using his weather magic when he is not scared stiff by duty.
  10. RP Type: WoE (Medieval Times) Name: Tiny Hoof Nickname: Tiny Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eyes: Bright Yellow Coat: Faded Red Mane/Tail: Medium Brown with Faded Orange Streaks in a short, choppy style. Physique: Tiny but slightly thick Unique Traits: Very small but very strong Residence: Princess Bluebelle's kingdom Occupation: Mercenary Cutie Mark: A sword crossed over a round wooden shield. Sword met sword in an epic battle between Tiny and her sister Thicket, as the two of them competed to see who was the better fighter. Or at least, that's how the pair of fillies were imagining their stick battle looked. They were practicing to one day be knights, just like their father had been. They admired the chivalry and daring that he had told them about, and they dreamed of joining the ranks of the Royal Guards. But for now, their little twigs sufficed. Until that fateful day that bandits came to their village. Tiny and her mother her hid, while Thicket ran to call upon the knights for help before the bandits could reach their little farm. But when Thicket came back, she came alone. The knights had refused to help, saying they had better things to do than save one small farming village. As Thicket ran to bring back the news, hoping to save her family, three of the bandits fell on her, and captured her. Tiny witnessed this, and grabbed her father's sword and shield off the mantle. Before her mother could stop her, the unicorn rushed out of hiding. She rammed her shield into one bandit, then slashed at another. Before the third could even react, Thicket broke free of his hold and kicked him square in the face. Tiny held them off while Thicket grabbed their mother and little siblings, then the family fled into the woods. As they ran, Tiny's cutie mark appeared on her flank, reflecting her bravery. History: Tiny's mother was a low-ranking Lady unicorn named Bright Rose, who was meant to marry above her status to improve her father's standings. But when she met her knight, she knew she could never do it. In the end, her father disowned her, and she left to live with her soon-to-be-husband Sword Play and his parents on their farm. They had two fillies before both of his parents died, Thicket and then Tiny. Together, they all worked the farm while their father did his knightly duties. He would always return after his quests, and they would be happy together until the next one. Three more babies were born over the first seven years of Thicket's life (the first six for Tiny), Bramble Thorn, Witch Hazel, and Cranberry Bright. A year after Cranberry was born, Sword Play left for another quest. But this time, he didn't come back. Bright Rose was lost without him, but she did her best for her children, all of whom missed and idolized their father and his bravery, though none so much as Tiny. The little unicorn wanted nothing more than to follow his footsteps, and she practiced with her sister daily. When she was 14, the bandits came and destroyed their farm and village. They were forced to move to the palace town, were trade was hard to come by. All of them had to find work somewhere except for Hazel and Cranberry, who were simply too small. But all of the odd jobs in town weren't suitable for Tiny either. She couldn't sew like her mother, and no one wanted her to be a bar maid like Thicket, and Bramble was working in a stallion-only guild. But she was determined to help her family. Finally, Tiny discovered the bounty board. She knew she could fight well enough, and she was willing. So she took up her father's sword and shield once more, and started tracking down small bounties. With each job done, she gained experience and reputation. It wasn't too long before the Fighter's Guild caught wind of her and stole her away to join their ranks. There, they gave her formal training with a sword, shield, hooves, and all manner of weaponry. By the time she was 23, she was one of the top-ranking guild members, and known by name as such. Unfortunately, she never got any bigger, which leads to many a misunderstanding as to who she really is, and ponies not believing her when she tells them. Personality: Tiny Hoof is a quick-witted, short-tempered, feisty, passionate little unicorn. She seems too small to contain all of the emotions that she has, and so all of them burst out of her at once. She is usually very scowlly, and holds a grudge toward any knight she meets until he or she proves themselves to be worthy of being a knight. It's hard to make her laugh, although she will smile often enough, and she is very blunt to the point of almost seeming rude. Any offense made against her, her friends, or her family is met with a drawn sword and a lot of shouting. She is fiercely loyal, and would lay down her life for those she cares for. She may come across as abrasive at first, but if she likes you, then you will find a loving, caring pony underneath.
  11. Roleplay Type: WoE preferred, but I'd love to get into FFA as well!Name: PloometteSex: FemaleAge: MareSpecies: PegasusEye colour: Teal, somewhat turquoise. It's somewhere in there.Coat: Perky pink. Her wings are massive, with teal, yellow, and purple feathers akin to that of a peacock's. Mane/Tail: Teal, orange, light purple, and magenta. Her mane is kept short, with her teal and orange bangs dangling to the side. Purple 'lovelocks' reach down to her cheeks, and the back of her hair is pink and razor-cut. On the other hand, her tail is one big drill-coiled ringlet. A pair of peacock quills dangle out of the base of her tail, which are likely just part of her.Physique: While not noteworthy at first, Ploomette has a strong back and somewhat muscular lower-leg strength. Her wings are massive compared to the average pegasus pony's.Residence: Canterlot is her proper residence, but Ploomette is almost always out of town. She IS a "freelance adventurer", after all.Occupation: Freelance Adventurer and traveling "mad alchemist". She's the sort that busts the baddies and slays the sinister, wherever she may be. It's in part because 'it's fun', but also her main source of income. If a mercenary was less morally ambiguous, that would likely be what she calls a "freelance adventurer". Her years of extensive magical studies across the globe have added to a magical catalogue that she uses to concoct new potionry to anyone who needs it---though she usually wolfs it down anyways. Beware, some of her potions have a few glitches; some are kinda permanent!Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: One might immediately notice her powerful, peacock-like wings of a multitude of colors. Naturally, they are the direct (and permanent) result of her special talent. Ploomette has an extensive knowledge of different magic types, innate magic, and of course, potion-making. Naturally, only the last portion is something she can physically utilize, seeing as pegasi lack an inherent ability to use the large variety of magic that unicorns and (rumored) crystal ponies can. She claims that some of her magical prowess comes from her mom's side---all unicorns. But in reality, a lot of it comes from the number of potions she's downed in her lifetime, in addition to her magically-charmed wings. History: Born in Canterlot, Ploomette was the child of a brilliant royal sorceress ("royal" being her affiliation with working for the princesses' own court of wizards) unicorn and a brave and noble royal guard pegasus, valiantly guarding the royal family since his youth. Taking after her father, Ploomette was a pegasus with an athletic streak. However, as she grew older, she desired more and more to delve into her mother's hoofsteps. She began following her father on scouting missions, and later trailing her mother on important travels regarding magical diplomacy. Despite not having even earned her cutie mark yet, the filly had her mind set on becoming a famous adventurer and traveling wizard---of some kind. Ploomette became obsessed with her studies, leaving her only interactions with other ponies to be study sessions and friendly spars (which were hard to find; not a lot of unicorns liked getting into useless fights). One day, Ploomette was taken along on a journey that involved both the royal guard and the royal sorcerers to help out with a bit of dragon trouble a griffin settlement was dealing with. Since she couldn't fight, Ploomette spent her time gathering fancy ingredients for one of her many potions. Dragon scales, dragon claws, griffin fur and feathers, pegasus feathers, unicorn horn shavings....all common items that went into a brew that changed her life forever, once she brought it back to Canterlot with her. The bright pink potion was downed in secrecy, but the results were impossible to hide! Suddenly, magical energies flowed through her veins like mad, even if she didn't have a horn to use it with. Her wings grew in size exponentially, the feathers' color and texture becoming vivid and soft. The glistening quills emerging from her wings and tail were no doubt the signs of a successful potion. It would be the perfect display for the final exams----but how was she going to reverse it?! The next day came about, and a lot of nervous looks were given to Ploomette by her teachers and the visiting royal sorcerers here to judge the young ponies' magical feats. She was hiding....something under a blanket on her back, and she refused to let anyone take a sample of her potion. Had she horrifically mutated herself? Was she covered in festering boils? Had her wings permanently molted, or fell off altogether? When sternly asked to remove her blanket, she did so with reluctance. Failure? Expulsion? Neither. The visiting sorcerers only gazed in awe at Ploomette's handy work, admiring that her wings had ultimately transformed for the better. They wouldn't burn off in the sun like so many other fake wing enhancements, nor did they inhibit her flight. Though the knowledge of Ploomette's potion remained archived (as nobody wanted to risk finding out what the potion would do to anyone older or not already winged), Ploomette was invited to take her place among the royal sorcerers as an apprentice once she finished up her grade school studies. Upon accepting the invitation, her cutie mark manifested as a symbol of her humble, yet pragmatically noble magic skills and ranks among the court of sorcerers. While still a member of the royal sorcerers, Ploomette left Canterlot as a grown mare to put her unique magic and years of sparring to good use as a "Freelance Adventurer" to solve whatever problems ailed anypony (for a price) and supply any helpful potions to other travelers and adventurers (for a steeper price). Character Personality: Despite being the type to punch first and ask questions later, Ploomette is highly inquisitive, and a happy-go-lucky, perky individual. She adores learning about new magic and cataloging it in her book, and is thrilled about the idea of still having much more to learn about all the magical feats the world around her has to offer. Make no mistake, Ploomette will gladly throw down her potions and saddlebags to beat evil-doers into submission. Character Summary: Ploomette is an "OC" interpretation of a toy-exclusive pony with glimmer wings. Despite her wings, she is just a pegasus and not any sort of "flutterpony" or unlisted species. Her magic is only powerful in the ways of a pegasus and the potency/whimsical effects of her potions. She isn't capable of casting spells like a unicorn. Despite her quest for knowledge, she's no bookworm, but a noble adventurer seeking to rid the world of evil, one super-speed-and-fire-breath potion at a time.
  12. Qirai Name: Qirai Hibana [Hibana Qirai] Sex: Female Age: Young-Mare - Around early university age. Species: Ryuma [Longma - Neighpon Descent] Eye-Color: Light green going from (#b3ffb3) to (#e6ffe6) Coat: Silver (#d9d9d9) with pale-green scales and hooves (#b3ffb3) Mane/Tail: Cerulean-Sky Blue (#66a3ff) for the mane, with brown (#604020) horns native of her species on her head. Her tail is the same cerulean as her mane until the tip where it's the same light green as her eyes and scales. Physique: Bulky, yet aerodynamic. Her tail is extremely long and slender, which makes it easy for her to wrap around her torso when flying under the maglev rails. Residence: Lives in a small home underneath the maglev rails in Polohama, Neighpon, for easy repairs. Occupation: Maglev Repair mare in-training/Student Cutie Mark: Maglev Front-car, streaks behind it. Unique Traits: Breath Magic: As a Ryuma, she is born with an innate draconic-style breath magic. As a member of the Hibana clan, her breath focuses on the chidori-style (aka Lightning breath), though she can do basic flame breath (hono-style) for simple maglev repairs. Maglev Repair: The Maglev trains are one of the greatest inventions after made in the world, let alone in the great city of Polohama. Well, at least that's what one young repair-mare would say if asked about them. She still attends the prestigous Polohama Institute of Maglev Advances, focusing on the repair of the rails. In fact, the repairs can make use of either the heat of the flame breath along with the magnetic properties of the lightning breath. History: Qirai was born as the next head of the family to the prestigous Hibana clan, born in the heart of one of Ryushima's oldest villages. Her parents were ready to move into one of the neighboring larger cities when she was rather young, given that Ryushima probably didn't have the best education around, along with the safety problems of being out in the middle of nowhere. The choice was second-guessed on their trip, set on hoof, down to the bustling city of Polohama. It was only intended to be a short stop before continuing to move on towards Kyoma, but the young filly Qirai was fascinated by the Maglev trains roaring past above her. She did however notice that one of the support beams had a sizable crack in it, so it basically was second nature for her to try and help. After taking in a deep breath, and before her parents could stop her, she blew the hottest flame breath she could. That not only resulted in the beam's crack getting temporarily repaired, it also caused her to emit sparks from her mouth as the breath died down. She was exhausted from that, collapsing in her parent's hooves. Waking up in a first aid station of one of the nearby maglev stops, they were...curious at the very least on how she did that for such a young ryuma. Now, she couldn't really...talk very well for a good 2 to 3 hours after such a heated breath, but if she could've made noise, she would've screamed for joy when she pulled the covers off, to reveal her shiny new cutie mark. It didn't take long after that for the Hibana family to decide to settle down in Polohama (...mainly due to Qirai's little stunt making the rail company want to keep a close eye on her) and, ignoring those beginning years, her pre-adult life was rather...boring. She graduated primary school early, so she started attending PIMA early, and she still attends classes to this day, working part-time as a repair-mare to not only earn an income, but to also hone her skills for when she can finally obtain a repair station of her own. Character Summary: Quick to react and even quicker to action, Qirai is one Ryuma you do not want to cross. She lives in Polohama and still attends classes when not working as an apprentice repair-mare in one of Polohama's various repair stations.
  13. (Please sign up for the thread at in the OOC thread <Link> before posting. I will send a message when you are cleared to post simply because there is a limited number of slots in the RP) Lunar Relic arrived in Canterlot for the "Equestrian Scholar Summit" a rather new convention that was put together for the great minds in Equestria. He was excited as he was not only attending but he was invited by the Canterlot Library as a "Historian and Magic Expert" Though more of the historian part. After all he had spend his whole life learning and researching the history of Equestria. The magic thing was only his secondary study but he had to admit for what little time he put into magic he was pretty talented. He arrived at the building in which it was being held. He was in awe by the sheer size of it. Ponies from all walks of life observing the works of great ponies. He was honored to be there. He walked down and eventually saw a booth with his name on it. The sign was rather fancy. He unpacked his gear and other items. On his table he put some of the more interesting things that he had dug up over the years. On the center was a small paragraph paper in a frame that told a bit more about him. Lunar happy with the set on the right moved to the left and put some more bland items. They were for the demonstration of a spell he had planned to show. While it was not ready for pony testing he hoped it would put on a good show. Finally done with that he took out a small stack of books and put them on the table. Some of his best work, a book about ancient pony civilizations of Equestria he had planned to give out at no cost. Finally done with his set up he looks at the schedule for the events. "Let's see... At 1:00 I have my spell demonstration then at 5:00 there is a gathering for some of the ponies to submit finds. Good I am in that meeting." Lunar said to himself softly. The convention lasted until 5:00 so he wondered what other events there were also who all would show up. Secretly, while unlikely, he hoped that Princess Twilight might be attracted to the summit since this was the kind of stuff that tended to be up her alley. That was if she could find time away from her duties as princess. Either way he was ready for a good hard two days which had the same schedule to avoid confusion for the ponies that were viewing. What other ponies might he meet here?
  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: MoonDancer Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour:Purple, framed by thick hornrimmed glasses Coat: Cream Mane/Tail: When her mane is not up in a little stump of a pony tail, it hangs down to her shoulders, and her bangs hang in her eyes slightly, her tail is long and straight, both mane and tail are a light red, with highlights of light and dark purple streaking through them Physique: A little on the plump side, with muscular legs from walking to and fro throughout Canterlot. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Student and part time Librarian and Book store employee Cutie Mark: A deep purple crescent moon with 3 light purple, 3 pointed stars nearby Unique Traits: Moondancer has amazing studying and magic skills, adapting and learning new spells with ease, and capable of accumulating tons of knowledge, this is aided by the fact she is blessed (or cursed in some reguards) with a photographic memory, that lets her recall books, events, and other such things in crystal clear detail. History: Growing up, Moondancer was a bit of a introvert, she liked to read, be quiet, and play by herself, and despite this, she managed to get a small group of friends, Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Lyra HeartStrings, and Twilight Sparkle. Now the first four always felt like they were closer to each other, and the only pony Moondancer really connected with was Twilight, they were both bookish, absorbed in their work, and had a passion for magic, ofcourse there were some differences, as Twilight seemed to be destined for some great purpose, eventually getting her cutie mark and becoming Celestia's personal student... It was with these friends that Moondancer got her cutie mark, it was a group project, and Twilight was actually out sick that day, and the other girls were pretty convinced they'd probably fail without Twilights organizing skills, but Moondancer rallied them together to study, and helped them remember with visual cues, flashcards, and a few sparkly magic tricks,and they powered through it! The next day after their presentation was over, Moondancer was really proud, it was only an A- but they'd worked hard for that, and in her studying she realized she wanted to learn more, to study, to explore all that this magical world could offer! And that's when she heard one of her friends squeal, and point at her flank, her cutie mark appeared, showing her love of magic, and her inner need to reach far beyond the stars, to learn about the arcane. Life after that seemed to be going well, she wasn't super social still, and it seemed like she didn't really click with her friends anymore, so she tried even harder to connect with Twilight, who seemed more absorbed in her books than anything else, but she really was the only pony that Moondancer felt she had any connection with... Taking a page from a book "How to show your friends you care!" Volume 2 she decided to throw a party, not a birthday party, but a party to show her friends how much she appreciated them! Things were all ready to go, her glasses were clean, the cake was good, the food looked even better, and there were her friends!...almost all of them...where was Twilight? She inquired about Twilight's whereabouts, but all of her friends merely shrugged and said she must have gotten busy, and it got brushed off with "You know how she is" Moondancer tried to be understanding, but it was hard, the other girls seemed to enjoy the party, talking among themselves, occasionally trying to talk about what interested them, to try and include Moondancer, but she didn't fit, she could feel it, and though it was her own party, halfway through she just..slipped off to be alone. Later she went to Twilight's library, but she wasn't there either, the place looked abandoned... and Moondancer had a sinking feeling in her gut, she went back every day that week, and still nothing, no notice, the only pony she felt she really could connect with...was just gone. After that Moondancer just kept to herself, moving further away from the palace, and old friends to just focus on what really mattered, her studies! Her self worth was damaged, her ego was bruised, and she started to care less and less about more sociable aspects, her mane got put up in a messy, and dorky style, her tail went unbrushed, she wore a black and ratty sweater everywhere, focusing souly on the pursuit of education with a loss of purpose as to why she was even studying. This went on for about a year or so, when suddenly, out of the blue all her "Friends" showed up again, they were acting like nothing had happened, nothing had changed, and Moondancer wasn't having it, Twilight was there, now an ALICORN, she never decided to write about that? Just tell them? Ugh Moondancer dismissed their apologies, Twilights constant barganing, and bribing for forgiveness only twisting the knife, where was all of this apologies earlier when she NEEDED IT!? It came to a head when they tried to throw a make up party, and finally all the truth came out (after a poor piniata got pulverized), all the pain, all the hurt, all the sadness she kept inside flooded out in a wave, and when Twilight spoke of her own growth as a friend, and her urging to not let one incident marr her for life, and ruin her relationships with others...she couldn't be angry anymore. That was the end of the beginning, and now Moondancer is much happier! She still studies, still loves to read and be alone, but now she's more open to her friends, up to listening to them, to play with them, to not be alone, and she looks forward to Twilights next visit, she promised to teach her some spells didn't she? In the meantime between studies at the academy, she also started working at the library and the bookstore, it's wonderfully fulfilling and she gets to be around sooo many books. Character Summary: Despite a rather crusty exterior, Moondancer is a very sensitive pony, and tends to hold on to pain, this is in part by her photographic memory that lets her relive events in extreme detail, and it takes a while for her to get over being slighted, however this also means she never forgets a kindness and really can be a wonderful friend, the friend that never forgets your favorite color, book, or sport! The one that will always be there for your games! A total bookworm, nerd, and secret lover of Daring Do, Moondancer is always seeking out more knowledge on the arcane, strange, and powerful, and is equally enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge with all she knows, not quite wanting to be a teacher, but maybe one day she could be a professor? Or maybe even a PRINCIPLE! The possibilities are endless for her and she can't wait to explore them! Ps do not be fooled by this "Moon Dancer" or "Mooony" as she is called, she is naught more but an IMPOSTER I SAY (Bellosh ilu)
  15. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Starlight Glimmer Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: International klein blue that graduates into cornflower-columbia blue Coat: Plum Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail colour scheme revolves around three shades: light orchid, periwinkle-dark purple, and celeste-aqua. Her mane is long, and is generally kept in a ponytail. Short blunt cut bangs drape over her forehead, her mane poufs up with a bit of volume before dangling to her left side. Both her mane and tail are straight, but curl inwards at the ends. Her tail is long, and hangs down her hind limbs. Physique: She is average, neither particularly muscular nor wimpy. Her height is also average compared to most ponies, her bone structure and general proportions average as well. This serves as a bit of ironic reminder with her previous goal of equality (everypony is average) in mind. Residence: Now Ponyville, formerly Our Town Occupation: Now student to Princess Twilight Sparkle, formerly Leader of Our Town Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark consists of two parts: a two-toned ribbon features, and a four-pointed star similar to a compass rose. The ribbon feature portrays a color scheme of tame teal and blue waltz-waterfall. It features two ribbons, one larger and above the other. Both ribbons curl at the ends; the larger one curling counter-clockwise, and the smaller one curling clockwise. The larger one is rotated 90 degrees; while the smaller one is kept at its vertical state. The curl of the smaller one fits lock-and-key with the invert of the curl for the larger one. The second part of her cutie mark, the compass rose, has a colour scheme of white and medium purple-medium orchid. The compass has four main purple points, the image rotated to point to the closest curl of the large ribbon. Four white points extend from the main compass rose, envisioning some form of white star layered behind a purple one. Each ponies’ cutie mark is a vital part of their identity and uniqueness, something Starlight learned the hard way around. Their cutie mark story is a milestone; a beauty for themselves to tell, a harshwhinny for others to listen to. Especially with Starlight’s sensitive past on cutie marks, hers is definitely an important part of her existence. and role in Equestria. It is a powerful story, one that altered her forever. It is a story she is not yet ready to share...maybe someday, but not today. History: Very little is known about Starlight, especially with her conservative and secretive nature. As a filly, she had a best friend by the name of Sunburst. They were very close, and often practiced magic with one another. They were playing one of such games (this one involving removing a book at the bottom of a tall stack without the pile falling), when Sunburst discovered his destiny and achieved his cutie mark. The two of them drifted apart, a painful tear to her heart as he left for Canterlot. She grew afraid, unwilling to make friends with the fear that they would someday leave her too. She studied magic, mastering spells that could challenge even the greatest and brightest unicorns of the day. Eventually, she came upon a small village-where she became the leader. This village was very special and near-to-heart with her, as it counterattacked the loss of friends from gaining cutie marks. This village became her home, the ponies there were all happy and pleased with their lives. Each and everyone of them excelled in their own arts-but no more than the other: for that was the catch to her utopia, the giving up of one’s cutie mark. She worked hard for her village, as a good leader and management system. She was proud of her “Little Corner of Equestria”, very proud indeed. It was during one fateful week that the Bearers of Harmony came across her town. She convinced them to stay for a few days, hoping to assimilate them into her happy world of equality. She managed to perform her infamous “cutie mark removal spell” on them, allowing everyone to truly be equal in her village. It was all in avail, to her utmost horror, when Fluttershy revealed her true cutie mark to her beloved citizens. She tried to reason with them, explaining how hard she had worked for this utopia to come true. At last, she was chased off, once again shunned and hurt by the world-seemingly destined to hide from all that she feared. She began to track and stalk Twilight and her friends, keeping track of their movements and everyday enjoyments. As she saw them revel in their ridiculous cutie mark uniqueness, the bubbling anger within her began to spill. Her chance to take revenge came the day she found Starswirl the Bearded’s old Time Spell. With a little bit of modification and a lot of perseverance, she finally got it right. It was with this spell that she sent Twilight back in time. It was with this spell that she would stop the Rainboom. It would be with this spell that everypony would finally understand the true meaning of equality. It was also with this spell that she realized how important cutie marks were to the history of Equestria. It was with this spell that she renounced her old ways, willing to give friendship a try again, at last. This spell could have ended the world-but it didn’t. Instead, it gave her a new chance at life. Now, she resides in Ponyville with her seven new friends-one of them her mentor and a Princess. To be exact-the Princess of Friendship. She is to learn and understand magic in a more healthy environment under her new mentor, to further develop her spells. She hopes to lose all remnants of her “cutie mark fear”, to stand up tall and make friends-through it all! Character Summary: Starlight has a very interesting personality, varying greatly from scene to scene. Her actions do not always match her words, and her words do not often carry out the thoughts she truly intended to deliver. She has a hard ponysona to swallow, hot and cold in different flashes. On one hoof, she is a hypocrite, a leader, and the “Evil Pony” stereotype. On the other hoof, she is vulnerable, weak, and laid to waste by her own choices. As an “evil” pony, she is a scheming monster. She is very harsh and cold, often cynical in her actions. As well as being a hypocrite, she is very stubborn and ignorant. She refuses to believe what is best for herself, based on the facts that it was not her original plan nor intention nor goal. She takes pleasure in counting on the equality of others to bring herself up-after all, how much higher could you rise as the only one with a unique cutie mark amongst dozens with identical ones? She is a disciplinarian, careful to make sure not a thing is out of place under her watch. She is ill-tempered and ugly, unwilling to act in cooperation under the assumption that she has the ultimate power in “her village”. She is firm to her beliefs, as a way of coping with the uncertainty towards her own true intentions. As a “good” pony, or reformed, she is willing to acknowledge her vulnerabilities and weaknesses. She understands that one sitaution shouldn’t ruin her entire life completely, and that being afraid of the past will never be good for the future. She allows herself to come to the realization that friends and cutie marks can go together, hoof-in-hoof. She changes her bitter personality to adopt a friendlier side-a sincerely sorry and remorseful side of herself. She finally understands that she has been upset for too long, and that she was never truly upset at Sunburst, Twilight, or her friends. She was upset at herself for never being able to get past her one fault. For not taking change of every opportunity to make friends, but rather shy away in fear that they would someday, as well, leave her. Now, she faces each rising day with a brave face and a friendly smile. She wants to make the most out of every situation, and will be the best she can be with the help of her new friends. Prompt Response: Starlight Glimmer The doors to Sugar Cube Corner were warm and welcoming, their design sweet and colourfully pink-like the Bearer of Harmony that worked there. The succulent smells of warm dough and baked cookies drifted to her nose, and she smiled in pleasure at the delicacies inside. But-in order to satisfy her sensory-she had to enter the shop; that was the real challenge. ... Starlight Glimmer walked along the simple paved roads. The building didn’t tower around her like the ones in Canterlot, and they didn’t stand cold and hostile like the ones in Our Town. The scent of Ponyville was very unique, with a whiff of magic and cunning bonds between each unique citizen. The sky was bright blue and cloudless, too happy for time’s sake. It definitely wasn’t the first time she had been to Ponyville-but it might as well have been. All the times before-her purpose was to snatch back her weak thread of revenge and vengeance. All those times before-her sole purpose was to spy on the so-called Mane Six. All those times before-she had been blinded by her past and failures. The ponies around her her of diverse natures: Zebras, Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasi, Dragons, Dracqueness, teachers, spies, musiciens, masters of Chaos. Ponyville had populated a bit since her last visit, ponies going hither and fro. She spotted a few of the more abstract ones: the cross-eyed mailmare, the two best friends-one with a lyra cutie mark and the other with two candies dotting her flank, the pony that loved punch, the two musicians whose music were so loud she could hear them from miles away, the nicknamed “Doctor”, the carrot mare, and the dentist mare. She passed them as she trotted around, some smiling as a friendly stranger, others barely giving a passing glance in their midst of daily activities. She knew much about each of them-her old studies and spy techniques proving her a cautious member of the Ponyvillian society. She walked by Rarity’s boutique, the carnival-reminiscent design hinting to her own memories of her recent Canterlot visit. The shop was ever-welcoming, but it’s doors were closed and windows shut. Not that welcoming. She wanted to charge into the store, to beg her newest friend for comfort form the guilt and turmoil that treaded inside of her. She wanted to cry, to laugh, to scream as loud as she could-but she could not; she was afraid. She was afraid that she would be judged, afraid that, somewhere inside that most generous pony, there was a part that despised her, hated her. She walked, slowly into the path that led into the store. She stopped. Fear. She closed her eyes and turned to her left: the rising summit of Princess Sparkle’s castle. She turned to her right: flyaway specks of Sweet Apple Acres. She turned around-and walked on. The castle had been her refuge, but the Princess had sent her travel in Ponyville and to learn more about the cozy little town. The crystal walls sparkled against the sunlight, and she fliched as it blinded her. The farmpony was one of the first to accept her as a friend, but there was something very haunting about the very large farm. Perhaps it was too neat and orderly, the apples planted row by row. Perhaps it was too formal, the true country heart of Ponyville. Perhaps it reminded her too much of Our Town, and all the things she had become as a result of it. She continued until she reach a familiar intersection-the stop where Sugar Cube Corner lay. The road was smooth, the sky blue. Everything seemed to be at rest. Ponies walked along the streets, she grimaced at their every welcome. This was not something the old her would have agreed to. It was too warm, too soft, to...perfect. She sighed...was that not the entire goal of her town? To make things perfect? Yet-though with all her hard work and all the unique-ness in this town, it was still more perfect than hers ever was. … She looked into the store from outside-the nauseating feeling of fear and guilt piercing through her once more. She decided to be brave. Better yet-act brave. Her eyes sparked with a newfound glory, the same one that brought about Our Town; the one that showed her variations in Starswirl’s spell; the same one now-to reach out and maybe...make a step. "Pinkie Pie-are you there?" she knocked, "It's me-" Starlight Glimmer...
  16. Hello Canterlot staff, I was wondering if I could make up a certain group in a region like Manehatten for my upcoming character Plasma. I was just wondering. For example he would be part of the Manehatter elite astronomer association. I don't really know if that's ok. Thanks, Dashie
  17. Alright exciting news every pony! Since the fall of Lovinity when it came to power (in one of the role plays and from Canterlot's residence inspection), I've thought that I'd have to terminate (kill) Lovinity off for good since she's been rejected in not just here but other places on the internet. That changed. Canterlot here offered a personal trainer for Lovinity, giving her the opportunity to lose the OP, become a realistic character, and not be rejected anymore from places. Only Canterlot offered to do such thing, and so we are grateful. Shoot the coach even gave Lovinity a last name as part of her re-birth. She is now known as "Lovinity Hearts". She is now in World of Equestria since her coaching. However she hasn't role played in there just yet. She's been busy her own, setting up a role play series in Crossovers "My OC Pony: Friendships Untold". The first episode was "attempted" in Free-for-all, but got way too out-of-hand with over-powering spells and such. So that episode fell down... and we're now trying to make a second take of the episode in Crossovers... with much more strict RP rules. In fact, the same rules of World of Equestria will now apply in this Role Play, with the exception that OCs do not need an approved application to join (but to play a cast character you do need one). That is the latest and so we must head off for now. We will talk soon again.
  18. Poll closed I've decided to host the series in the Crossovers section. That way, we can have the freedom of Free-for-all, but the structure of World of Equestria. We'll see you there!
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