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  1. This was such an exhaustive trip. Good will mission or no, traveling back to equestria was not the royal chef's idea of a nice time. Granted, she did have quite a filling meal in her last visit here what with that Iron pony tournament so long ago. However that same event had proven much more stressful than she anticipated. Having her cover potentially blown in front of a crowd and having to hide away until her friend's found her... well, that wasn't going to make her stay at all comfortable. All the same, Empress Yue had said that in the name of good diplomacy she needed her chef to cook and train some fresh faced culinarians in the castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle. Normally, Yanhua wouldn't make a fuss or complain but the yokai couldn't help but feel like something was very off. It wasn't just the smell of the air in these lands and its unfamiliar foliage, nor was it the odd looks of the locals when she passed by. It was something deeper. At first she'd entertained the possibility of a voyage to clear her head but still this odd haze of uncertainty hung over the chef as she made her way through the streets of Canterlot and to the entrance of the castle. That, and an annoying cough. One truly concerning thing, was that according to the empress, the princess had asked for Yanhua by name. As far as she could recall she'd never formally met the new ruler of Equestria. How on earth did she know her name? Rumors the chef had heard spoke of Twilight Sparkle as being a skilled weaver of spellcraft among her kind. That was indeed quite an achievement. Especially for beings with such a tangential connection to magic. Whatever the ulterior motives for her requested visit... the royal chef was confident she could outfox any trickery that could be thrown her way. After one deep breath she brought her hoof to the door of the castle and knocked. Waiting for someone to open and invite her in.
  2. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    This one was a doozy. Nosk is an important figure in Ochiru's life, which is why I wanted to try drawing him. Plus, I wanted to challenge myself with both a spider, and a different species of yokai. Unfortunately, there really isn't a lot of unique features given to spider monsters in general, other than looking like spiders, so I was challenged to try and think of ways to make him look more unique and different from just an enormous spider. Very pleased with how it ended up turning out! May have fudged the grey colors into mostly dark greys and black, but otherwise I like how it turned out. Definitely was a challenge - I've never drank anything remotely like this before, but I'm happy with the result! Nosk (c) DerpRavener
  3. From the album: OC Art

    Dat preview picture tho... Newest OC, an Okami Yokai by the name of Kamikakushi no Shinrin (who will probably start going by a nickname of some sort once he meets some ponies, but until then, Kamikakushi no Shinrin it is). Ever since the extended canon species thing started, I had the vague notion of apping a Kitsune. The idea died down quick enough, but randomly resurfaced with a vengeance the other day, and had morphed into an idea for an Okami. I like foxes, but wolves even more so, which is how I began a sketch that eventually morphed into this. I also wanted to give him a look that wasn't completely wolf, since Yokai are not really animals, so I ended up drawing some inspiration from the Pokemon Suicune and Okami (the video game) for his design. Also kinda realized late that Kamikakushi no Shinrin's tail colors are eerily reminiscent of Yin's, at least the highlighted sections...BUT by the time I realized, it was too late. Ah well, still happy with the way he turned out!
  4. From the album: OC Art

    Normally I put the character log artwork of my characters into compilation posts every so often, rather than posting them all separately. But I decided to upload Kakushi's log/post banner by itself, because I really love how this one turned out. I even like it a lot better than the original art I drew of him - there's something about it that just looks both more wolfish and more ethereal/mystical to me.
  5. From the album: OC Art

    Or, as she's called nowadays, Ochiru. I honestly wasn't expecting to app another character when I started designing this. I got in a discussion with someone the other day about Wolf Yokai designs, and I started wondering to myself how I might design another Okami - how I might use one or two elements from my first design, but change it up to make it look unique in and of itself, so that Kakushi's design didn't look like straight template/basis for a new design. I ended up liking it enough to app a whole new character. I probably like it more than Kakushi's design, because the mask on this one gives it a more uneasy feeling, like something's not quite right about her (at least in my own opinion). Hopefully I'll get a chance to start RPing her soon - should be fun!
  6. Zeig

    Baby Ochi

    From the album: OC Art

    Just kinda felt like drawing something cute and simple, so here's a baby Ochiru, how she might have looked right after her cherry blossom grove first bloomed. Featuring special summer edition! I like to think the mask that serves as her face was able to mimic facial expressions so that her feelings could be conveyed like a normal pony/Yokai, but it became blank and still after her grove was destroyed. So now she has a perpetually empty expression on her face. Maybe if she ever gets some of her power back though, her mask will be able to smile like this again.
  7. Kaito Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Kaito (介杜) Gender: Female Age: Ancient (definitely pre-Equestrian) Species: Kitsune Yokai Eye colour: Green Coat: White with green accents Mane/Tail: she has 9 tails but usually hides most of them. choosing instead to show only four. Physique: Kaito has three forms that she takes. Her most common form is that of a typical arctic fox. After that is her yokai form (pictured) which much like true form, except much smaller and more friendly looking with only 4 tails and lastly, her true form. Towering over most other intelligent creatures, and generally extremely intimidating in many ways. The tips of her tails burn in an illusory translucent green flame. Residence: Neighpon outer islands Occupation: N/A Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Kaito is pretty huge. Although she doesn't like to look too imposing, so she normally appears about the size of a typical arctic fox. Which she is also most commonly seen disguised as. Although she's pretty quick to show her more friendly Yokai form to those who wish to see it, she's less likely show her true size and all her tails. Her true form is just too intimidating. She has a necklace with a small ball which adorns her neck (not pictured because i didn't know about that bit when I drew her lol). Although she specializes in illusions, she's also quite adept at airwalking. History: Although, she doesn't remember much of her early life, her earliest memories date before recorded Equestrian history. She had begun her life in Neighpon, like most Yokai. Tho she wasn't content sitting around in the homeland. one day, she'd decided to make her way across the ocean. She honestly couldn't tell you how she got there, she doesn't remember very well. She seems to remember something about turtles, or something, tho. When she got to the land that would become equidista, she began to fall in love with a certain race of creatures she met there. Ponies. Although, they seemed divided by some really rather minor differences. Mostly keeping to their own kind. She had decided to stay with the most magically adept kind, the unicorns. She realized, rather quickly, that these creatures were not accustomed to seeing Yokai. They were scared of her in natural form. So she started disguising herself as a normal arctic fox. That did the trick, and many of her unicorn friends began to trust her. For a time, she was treated like a village pet. She didn't mind, really. It was better than being feared. One day, she met a Unicorn who took a liking to her. She gave her the name Kit. She seemed pretty lonely, so Kaito decided she'd talk to her She and her friend were very close. About as close as two creatures can be. She even began to show her her true form. Until one day, Kaito expressed to her friend that she was worried about her limited lifespan. And she offered to give Kaito the gift of a progeny to watch over. Kaito, of course, was all too happy to accept this gift. And so began her lineage. Kaito watched each generation of her lineage grow. The ones directly down the maternal line seemed to have a higher sensitivity to magic. One day one was born blind and a crazy thing happened. They developed the ability to see magic. It was crude at best, but spectacular nonetheless. Then, something terrible happened. Grogar. Grogar was terrifying. Kaito is ashamed to say that she abandoned her lineage out of fear. When Grogar was defeated, she couldn't face her progeny for her cowardice. She decided to return to her homeland in Neighpon, which she honestly had been away from for so long it didn't really feel like home, but she didn't feel like she belonged in her progeny's land, any longer. Since then, she's spent the majority of her days in hibernation. Asleep for hundreds of years at a time. She's gotten pretty used to Neighponese language and culture, but she hasn't interacted with anypony. Not nearly to the extent she used to. This past while, she's been asleep for her longest yet. she's not sure, but it must've been at least a thousand years, this time. Something felt off. Something familiar. Character Personality: Kaito is kind and inquisitive, but also a bit of a trickster at times. She prefers to stay anonymous as much as she can, but once she gets to know somecreature, she opens up a bit. Character Summary: Kaito's been around for longer than most. She used to be more outgoing, but she's since become more reserved and cautious. Although she'll enjoy a good prank now and then, she's mostly a kind soul with an inquisitive mind. She's been asleep for a while and she's ready to get herself back into the real world. Relations: Mythic Vision is a distant descendant. Kumo is a very old acquaintance (which Kaito only barely remembers)
  8. Name: Loca Gender: Female, usually. Age: Adult Species: Hebi (Usually looks like a changeling mixed with a draconequus) Eye color: Emerald green, and the whites are a pale green Character Color: Black, with a green shell part along the middle part of the back. The front two legs start like typical changeling legs, transitioning into lion-like paws with tawny fur. Mane/Tail: A big, long, poofy mess, her mane is essentially left alone, not really styled at all. It, and the puff on the end of the tail, are both a solid blue-green. Physique: A long, lithe body, fairly similar to the Long dragons of the east. She has two large fangs and a snake-like tongue, as well as two horns of differing colors sweeping back. One is a sky blue, and the other is a pale tan-ish color. Residence: Las Pegasus based, but travels around for shows and such. Occupation: Part of a musical duo, usually doing singing and dancing. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Magic; They are very good at transforming themselves, as well as the intangibility known to the Hebi, and short-range teleportation. History: Her early history is rather uneventful, leading a safe, boring childhood with only her family as company. The island they lived on was largely avoided due to rumors of being haunted, even if the “ghosts” were actually her family flying around. It probably didn’t help that she would play pranks on the few visitors they would get, but she couldn’t help herself, she was bored out of her mind. Eventually, she left home, leaving to explore the world. She first few disguises were various pony types as she tried to figure out what she liked best, eventually settling on one that would allow her to keep flying and using magic, a changeling. She didn’t really know they weren’t a type of pony, they were the right general shape. She continued like that for years, basically just ignoring the ones that didn’t like her look, and eventually altering it when she caught sight of Discord around Equestria. The long body, the limbs mismatched from the body, the horns. All in all, it looked perfect to her, so she incorporated parts into herself and ended up with her current look. It wasn’t long after that she met her musical partner, a pegasus dj, and they set out together to bring fun to all. Personality: She is pretty friendly overall, bouncing all over the place at times. While she can be teasing or on the verge of mean at times, she tends to like making friends more than enemies. It’s more fun to tease others when they are willing to play along and/or less likely to get mad. She’s very outgoing, having no qualms about injecting herself into conversations if she wants to. Overall, she is just looking for a good time, which she often finds performing at clubs or parties.
  9. From the album: SymphonicFire's Doodles

    My first art back after (insert number) years! I just wanted to come back with something simple like Arata transformed into a human. I actually moved a couple years ago and dug up my old sketch book with my old sketches in them, and they kinda inspired me to draw something. I promise if I don't suddenly disappear again I'll do more pony art.
  10. Roleplay Type: WoE Real Name: Shiratsuyu, 白露, ”White Dew” Glamour Name: Róngyù Rènwù, 荣誉任务, Honor Quest Sex: female Age: Adult Species: Yokai Hebi Glamour Species: Qilin Residence: Huangjing Occupation: Soldier of the Imperial army of Long Guo. Real Physique: Shiratsuyu’s real body is that of a large Hebi. With a head almost as large as a pony's entire body her true form is large and intimidating to be around. With the overall body shape of a snake her head is distinctly pony in shape and even has pony-like ears and muzzle. Yet her eyes are serpent like and her pony muzzle is full of sharp teeth and two large fangs. Eye colour: Blue. Scales: Her underbelly is a creamy white while the rest of her body is gray in color with darker spots spread over it in a random pattern. The end of her tail is yellow along with patches around her eyes the same color. Mane: She sports a long black colored mane on her head that is messy and unbrushed, sometimes bound up in a bun with the help of rowboat oars. Glamour Physique: Based on the hero of a comic book ‘Róngyù Rènwù’ is very tall, standing a full two heads over most other qilin with little trouble. She has a fit and athletic looking physique overall and looks the part of a soldier or epic hero. Eye colour: Blue. Coat/Scales: Her fur is a dark green with scales and hooves that look almost golden in color. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are black, she keeps her mane done up in a bun, but when let down it reaches her hooves. The fur on the end of her tail is kept short. Cutie Mark: A sword piercing a star. History: Shiratsuyu was born the youngest of a dozen siblings and was stuck in their shadows for most of her life. Viewed as the weakest in both magic and strength she seemed to be overlooked every time and pushed aside for her own safety. This lasted for many years as Shiratsuyu grew ever more annoyed with her lot in life. She wanted more… Everything! She wanted to see more of the world and prove to her family and herself she had what it takes to be so much more. She wanted to be a hero, famous and well known! Her brothers mocked and joked about such a thing, saying she’d perish if she tried to go at it alone. Yet she saw that as a bet she was willing to make, she’d come back a hero famed and known for her strength, bravery and magic! Taking the bet her brothers armed her with a huge and unwieldy sword, claiming it’s how they will know she did the acts to become a champion well she was disguised. Accepting the challenge and dragging the huge sword behind her, Shiratsuyu left her safe and secluded home behind. Traveling Poninawa her brothers followed along, tricking and hampering her journey in the hopes of winning the bet and getting their sister back home soon. Yet this backfired as Shiratsuyu grew tired of their games and tricks and fired back with a trick of her own. All it took was them losing her for one day, by the time they learned she tricked them it was too late. Shiratsuyu was watching her homeland disappear into the horizon. She used up what few coins she had for a one way trip to lands unknown. She had no clue where she was even going. But it didn't matter to her. She was going to show her brothers she can do this, she will be a hero… Things didn't go well at first. Learning how to keep up a good glamour was a steep learning curve, most of all when you work hard! More than a few times she had to run out of town after mucking it up or forgetting about it altogether. Then came work, she was a no pony. Just a passing face trying to do something but no clue how. Odd jobs came and passed as she tried to piece together how to become a hero. Farming rice, chopping wood and pulling carts was not going to make it happen. Yet she found her inspiration from a comic stand, a story called Honor Quest followed a mare seaking the same thing she was. So inspired from this story Shiratsuyu changed her glamour to look just like that of the comics hero and took on the fake name Róngyù Rènwù to match. And just like that comic’s hero she’d start her journey by beating some bandits! Once again her hopes did not match up with the outcome. Sitting in a small wooden cage she had to face a glaring fact… she sucked at combat. Most of her magic was used up on the glamour and she had no skill with that huge hunk of iron called a sword she was stuck using. The bandits wiped the floor with her. And so she was stuck in a fog of self-doubt and depression. Getting away from the bandits was foal's play, she could easily just walk out of the cage when she wanted to. Yet she didn't. Why? Time and time again she failed to do something even vaguely hero-like. She truly did wonder if she needed to just give in and admit defeat to her brothers back home. And just when she felt she had nothing left the soldiers came. She watched in awe as they swept the bandits aside and set her free. They did it so easily, so swiftly she couldn't believe her eyes. And her shock only grew when they told her they were no champions of the land, just soldiers doing their job keeping her safe. She begged them to train her and was crushed to hear they couldn't do that. But her hope rushed back when they told her to head to Huangjing and look for the Imperial army’s recruiter. They are always happy to take in new recruits and train them. And so she did just that, traveling to Huangjing and joining the army. It took some talking to keep her sword, but they relented when she told them she must use it as some family honor demands so. And so she began her training… And all of this was several years ago. The training was hard at first she found her place in it. Piece by piece the soft mare learned how to hold her own, be stronger and swifter! And most of all learn how to use the monster of a blade she was stuck with. Nicknamed Bullbreaker by her army friends, she gained a reputation for being eager, hot headed and too barve for her own good. Yet she stuck to it and started to climb the ranks, no matter what it took or what was asked of her Róngyù Rènwù did her duty with pride. From patrolling roads and coastlines she moved up from being part of the patrols to leading them. Then being tasked with looking after several such units, year by year she moved up the chain of command. Now she rests as a captain in charge of keeping several smaller towns around Huangjing safe and overseeing the forces in the region. Yet her goal still feels out of reach. She’s well known but no hero yet. Something she now feels fit to fix as her eyes locked on to her next target. She needed to be more than just some soldier guarding roads and towns. No, her eyes fixed back on Huangjing itself and what lies within. For so long it felt so out of reach but now she sat with the skills, credibility and references from other captains and commanders to make a real shot at it. And like everything else in her life she was ready to battle for that shot with hoof, fang and grit to reach new heights. Character Personality: Shiratsuyu lived much of her life in the shadow of older brothers and was seen as someone that needed to be kept safe. This made her despirt to prove herself no matter the cost and has grown into a pathologic desire to be seen as heroic, powerful and most of all the one others look up to. She almost never accepts help and will rush headlong into the maw of danger with little regard for her own safety. In her eyes all of this has been one big game, she’s never worried much on the ramifications if her real self was uncovered. Unique Traits: A yokai in hiding, Shiratsuyu is a hebi yokai disguised as a qilin. As such she has all the traits that come with being one, but her lackluster magic is almost fully used up keeping her glamour up. If she’s worn out bad enough she has a real risk of it failing. Bullbreaker, her sword was never made to be used by ponies or most mortal races. Forged in an age long forgotten by other yokai, it's a monster of a weapon at six and a half fleet in length and weighing over 200 pounds. Even Shiratsuyu struggles using it and her only saving grace is the blade's magic that helps her swing it. For all non Yokai using this blade is almost impossible. Character Summary: Shiratsuyu wants to be a hero and is willing to give everything she has to prove her brothers wrong about her. Nothing seems to come easy for her yet she has pulled herself up words and overcome many hardships and obstacles. Yet she still feels far from her dream, for all she’s done she’s no hero yet. And so she pushes on relentlessly in her quest to stand atop the peaks of fame and glory as a true hero of the land.
  11. The palace in ponyville was truly a marvel to behold. He'd seen pictures of it in Newspaper's in Canterlot, but being so close and in person now lended a certain presence to the structure that couldn't be replicated in an image. Before him were the mysterious crystalline arches and a soothing faint hum in the air. To his senses he could also smell the comforting scent of the force that so deeply filled this place. It was a scent that brought up a feeling of contentment and safety. Probably something like scented candles were supposed to. It was still hard to believe he'd been able to get in here legitimately. He had been passing by the Canterlot Magic School and heard some announcer telling a large group of students and faculty about Princess Twilight's difficulty in analyzing some mysterious relic. Hogo-sha had been curious about ancient relics for a very long time. Most of the ones he were familiar with were more, eastern in nature than many of the ones in Equestria, but the announcer's description of the object made his ears perk: A glowing green Ovoid jewel, perfectly smooth and prone to giving soothing whispers to the one who held it. He'd heard of such an object before! The Chintamaney stone. With some help a letter of his managed to reach the princess. So here he was. In the castle of a newly established princess in a foreign land, head full of knowledge he was happy to share. If he could add this to his memoirs one day it will surely make his legend all the sweeter! He knew he would have to be on his best behavior. So once he arrived at a large door in the castle he spoke kindly to the guard. "Excuse me, Sir. I am Hogo-sha and I believe I have been scheduled to meet with Princess Twilight about a peculiar relic in her care."
  12. Hello everyone! I've been thinking of making a Kitsune OC for WoE, but I feel like I should ask a few questions before I make their form. I'm planning to give them horns, but the expanded lore for them says that they're a extremely rare trait. I'm also planning to make them have a prosthetic front leg due to an incident involving Yokai Hunters, which will be able to change depending on their form. Am I allowed to give them these traits, or would both of them be fit for the Free For All RP instead?
  13. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Hogo-sha no Arashi Doro Nickname: Hogo-Sha, Sha, Stormy Weather Sex: Male Age: Young Adult (By yokai standards) Species: Yokai (Okami) Eye color: Pale Yellow Coat: Black with small arcs of yellow lightning flowing through it. Mane/Tail: Long and wispy, glows in the dark. Physique: Diamond Dog Okami Residence: Wanders around Occupation: Adventurer, Bodyguard, Do-gooder, occasional singer Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Supernatural Sense of Smell: Like others in his family, Hogosha posesses an incredibly acute sense of smell. Is capable of sniffing out anything and anyone provided he’s caught their scent once before… and the weather is good and his allergies aren’t acting up. Magic Condition: As a Yokai, Magic is an inherent part of his being. This often manifests as the glow and bolts of ethereal lightning that shoot across his fur, but also is shown through great shows of speed strength and healing. Storm Magic: Can conjure storm clouds at will and can even walk on them and use them for quick transportation. Can also temporarily turn his body into stormclouds for short periods of time. Windy Breath and Lung Capacity: Is able to hold his breath for long periods of time without need to inhale again. Can produce howling gales of wind by blowing or just by holwing. Spell Beads: Six Beads that hover around Hogo-sha’s neck. If he bites down on one it grants him a magical boon with different benefits and drawbacks. Wall Walking: A passive magical aura that lets Hogo-sha run and walk on almost any solid surface as if gravity had been altered. Sturdiness: Increases his endurance and lets him redirect potent forces away from himself. Stormcloud: Makes himself intangible for a short time and can turn himself into a stormcloud in the same shape and size of his default form. Lightning generation: enhances his electrical magics, can make his fur shocking to the touch, and can bark lightning strikes at a maximum of six times. Alter Sword: Can alter the properties of his weapon, typically leaving it as a Bokken in most situations. When needed he will turn it to normal (if incredibly sturdy) sword. Can only change and reshape his custom sword made by a family friend. Bigger and Badder: Sacrifice his storm and illusion magics to increase his size, strength and speed. Disliked using it as it locks him into the form for hours in exchange for the massive change. Only makes him larger than a carriage but smaller than a medium sized building. Shapeshifting: Capable of switching between his two forms easily in most circumstances. Currently, stays in a diamond dog guise most of the time but is working on a pony one. Well Read: Is a big bookworm. The dwelling he had back in the mountain was essentially a small library that took up most of the space. Has deep knowledge of both eastern and equestrian poetry and literature. Not to the same degree as a professional scholar, but still very informed. Musical knowledge: Has been taught how to play bass guitar by his twin brother, tends to listen to a lot of jazz or occasionall jazz fusion. History: Hogo-Sha Was born to litter in a forest in Neighpon to pair of proud parents and several siblings (one of whom was lost). His Mother was Nijurkuya, a former delinquent Yokai and skilled mage from the city who seemed to adore seeking out trouble. The pup’s father was a well known Okami of Legend who had been born before Neighpon had even been formed. Not long after he was born, Hogo-sha earned his name when he proved to be an oddly fussy and protective pup when it came to his family. Even when at his smallest he would nip and growl when an unfamiliar scent approached him or his family. At the age when his eyes were barely opened his bark proved worse than his bite. Like the rest of his siblings, Hogo-sha was raised on the mysterious Green Mist Mountains: A secluded Mountain peak in Northeastern Neighpon. Despite being the most competitive among his siblings he was also the most protective of them. When one of them came back home late he would continuously badger his parents to let him help scent them out. Even when they told him no he would still go out to search on his own. When he was out exploring the mountains one day, Hogo-sha went exploring by the river. Having seen his parents catch fish when they visited down here, he decided to attempt to catch some himself. He stepped further and further into the stream until he went too deep and was snatched up by the current. Lucky for the pup, one of his brothers was present and managed to save him from drowning. Since then he gained an intense fear of water… and thanks to growing closer to the sibling who saved him: a deep appreciation of music. Around his late teens, Hogo-sha began to travel outside with his mother and father on visits to the countryside and cities. On most of their visits, he would often spend long periods of time in libraries or bookstores. Mostly he would buy stories of folktales, mythology, history, samurai hoofbooks and… more than a few poetry collections. On the rides home, he would quietly read and absorb the information. One day he noticed that His Father was in a few of these, with many stories to his name. Stories of a disagreement with a trio of Katakirauwa, A great battle against an ancient Bear Yokai, Even leading a small army of yokai against caribou invaders in the not too distant past. These stories instilled in the young wolf the desire to forge stories of his own… hopefully not so many as silly as his fathers but more of the thrilling kind. He often would badger his father to tell him first paw accounts of the stories, asking him how those adventures ever got him excited. The answer was almost always something along the lines of making him exhausted just thinking about them. On one visit he caught a glimpse of an old newspaper he discovered that Taira had gone on a short rampage across the countryside near Polohama… back when he and his siblings were born. When he confronted him about this, the old wolf confessed that one of the pups had been captured by poachers not long after being born and had been taken to a Pony city. Taira tried to track down the pup but thanks to the skill of the poachers they managed to hide her scent and disappear into the urban jungle. Hogo-sha was shocked and disheartened. He promised not to share the story with his brothers and sisters, but the knowledge left him with a feeling of betrayal and broke the pedestal he put his father on. Once he was old enough he departed the mountain range and promised both his parents he’d only return occasionally until he’d made a legend for himself and became powerful enough to protect all the pack on his own. As an adult, he ended up traveling across the land and beyond in order to hone his skills in any way he could. He had focused so much on his other types of magic that his shapeshifting wasn’t yet as reliable. To make up for that skill deficiency he took on the form of a creature that wasn’t too different from his normal form: A diamond dog. In this shape, he would travel across Neighpon challenging various dojos to test his skill and even finding a master to teach him other forms of martial arts and swordsmareship. In time he did manage to make a reputation for himself, a rumor of a diamond dog who would come into dojo’s across the east and battle various masters. He won many times and lost just as much, but still, he constantly strives to better himself through the conflicts. After a while, some even began seeking him out to teach them what he knew as he grew. Was Recently seen fighting in the Sarvaarberg Arena as a Diamond Dog. Character Personality: Hogo-sha is at his heart a well meaning but overly enthusiastic Yokai. Deeply concerned with protecting the things he loves, he often buries himself in absurd challenges and tasks to make himself stronger. In pursuit of this goal he has already managed to travel across the lands of Neighpon, Long Guo, and has recently began to test himself in the savage lands of Whitescar. Comparing Hogo-sha to your typical strong, silent warrior type may seem accurate at first. However, he often shows a more relaxed if occasionally awkward side to himself once befriended. While he prefers to keep things simple, he isn’t the type to turn down a chance at merriment or a good meal. He almost always carries a book with him on his person, typically it will be some sort of mystery fiction or romance novel he has found himself engrossed in. When he has some form of down he can be found visiting Jazz clubs or in the company of his brother when he runs into him. Hogo-sha may act brave in most situations, but he actually has a couple notable fears. His most prominent being a fear of deep waters. When traveling on boats, he has been known to stay in his cabin and refuse to come out until they meet the land. If in the presence of spiders he tends to do one of two things: Freeze up or panic. Sometimes he may one after the other! The more personal fear he has is letting others down. Character Summary: A somewhat dorky traveling swordswolf who wants to protect what matters to him and hopes to find more things that matter on the path he goes!
  14. The North Market of Canterlot was an ancient holdover of a time before the elites of the city had fully appropriated the haute couture of Prance. Before the streets were lined with boutiques and cafes, the commerce of Equestria's capital had primarily taken place in places like this, a covered bazaar where stalls could be set up, rain or shine, for the ponies to conduct the trade that was the lifeblood of civic existence. Such activity had long since migrated outward and away from the great markets, the old edifices of brick and stone eventually being sold off for hotels or taxi hubs. The North Market, or the building that had once housed it, had recently come back under to crown's control, after a defunct hotelier had defaulted on his taxes. Blueblood, on hearing of this, made the suggestion of restoring the market's original function. It would fill a gap in the urban planning; serving as a venue for entrepreneurial merchants who were facing a huge real estate price barrier to setting up shop in Canterlot. It would be a vibrant fusion of the glorious past and exciting future... with the enormous crest of House Platinum on the front doors. Couldn't let posterity be ignorant of who had salvaged their inheritance, now, could he? And now was the grand opening. The ceremony had been relatively short, with most ponies wanting to get in and take a look. The floor hadn't been filled out fully, with most of the space being taken up by food vendors. Some very good food vendors, in fact; the wafting aromas of deliciousness had factored in quite heavily to the decision to shorten the ceremony. And now ponies, mostly non-aristocratic ponies, were browsing wares and munching treats that they could actually afford, in an environment where the cheapness did not imply vulgarity. The Prince honestly felt it as one of his triumphs, as he strolled like a potentate through the indoor bazaar. Here and there, one could spot a high-class visitor, the curious or historically minded. And maybe a few foreigners as well...
  15. Name: Ra’nu Senshi Sex: Male Age: Ancient Species: Okami (Typically disguised as a kirin) Eye Color: Red, glowing in his true form. Character Color: His true form is black in color, though there are white parts. Most notably, most of the fur on his head is white, giving the impression of a lion-like mane of white hair surrounding his face. His pony form is green in color, with sky blue horns, scales, and hooves. Mane/Tail: His pony form boasts a mane and beard combo that obtains much the same effect as the white parts of his fur in his wolf form. Somewhat wild and long, the mane almost seems to flow into the beard to encircle his face. His tail is fairly short in comparison, mostly just a tuft of hair. Both are a pure white in color. Physique: Just as physically imposing as his pack leader Taira, if not more. He is stocky and muscular, also sporting an impressive height. Also like his leader, he sports bits of cloud flowing off his limbs around the ankles. He also has an ethereal scarf floating near him that is red in color. Residence: Green Mist Mountains Occupation: Guardian. Currently wandering in search of his son. Cutie Mark: His pony form has a cutie mark of three gray gears interlocked and turning. Unique Traits: Keen Senses: Being an okami allows him to utilize a better sense of smell and hearing than most others. Magic: His magic mostly consists of shield spells as well as levitation and the occasional offensive blast. Equipment: He tends to carry around a pair of katanas that are rather unremarkable. Scarf: While it is always present in his true form, he has learned to hide it in his pony form, making it invisible while he is disguised. History: While his childhood was good and fun, and this tended to transfer into his adult life as a guardian for the tribe, there were some ups and downs. He met his wife, Nise, when she stumbled upon the mountain pack and he was part of the group that greeted her. He knew from his first look at her that she was the one, and they led a happy life together, even birthing and raising a son. That happiness was was not to last though, as one day while he was out performing his duties, his son was stolen from him. Enraged, Ra’nu was about to go on a rampage to get him back. His wife managed to calm him down though, sending him off on a rescue mission with a calmer and more focused mind. She even went with him to provide support. Though he has yet to find his son, he will not stop until his family is reunited once more. Personality: He is a rather serious individual when it comes to protecting others, but he can be a real sweetheart to those he cares about. He is friendly, all in all, and willing to take any number of hits if it means keeping those he cares about safe. He will give his all to save everyone, but he also knows that can be impossible at times.
  16. From the album: Request/trades/gift art

    5th chibi is done! This one was oddly nostalgic since I used to draw nothing but wolves back in the day. Nensho belongs to PyroBlaze
  17. From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    While not old enough to be a legend, This yokai has been become something of a rumor around some of the more rural villages of Neighpon. A Goofy, playful and occasionally flirtatious spirit of music who carries a shamisen at his side at all time. He comes on Rain or Shine to play cheerful tunes, usually disguised as a kirin with similar colors. Some say he's been appearing even in Long guo and Whitescar... you never know where he'll pop up!
  18. Roleplay Type: World of EquestriaName: Hake no Sakkaku (ハケの錯覚, lit. "an illusion of brush"); goes by "Cerulean Canvas" in pony formSex: FemaleAge: Very oldSpecies: 6-tailed Kitsune (Yokai)Eye colour: Light greenCoat: The dominant color of Cerulean's fur is white. In her kitsune form, she has blue markings along the tips of her tails, along her sides, on her front legs, part of her back leg, above her eyes, below her eyes, and at the tips of her ears. On her pony form, these markings are only around her eyes. Her hooves are also furred.Mane/Tail: Cerulean has flaring bangs outward and a ponytail at the back. Her tail is evenly and well-combed, and even her bangs are well controlled. Physique: In her kitsune form, Cerulean is rather large, about the size of your average adolescent dragon. She stands on all fours, and she's largest at her chest area and her body recedes toward her hindquarters. In her pony form, she's slightly larger than the average earth pony but otherwise does not stand out physique-wise.Residence: Ponyville, though she does wander from place to place.Occupation: Freelance artistCutie Mark: A paintbrush with blue paint the same color as her mane. Cerulean will claim to you that she earned this cutie mark when she tried out painting for the first time and it seemed as though it "literally came to life", and that she'd done so when she was living in a home situation where she was getting kicked out by her parents, telling her she needed to support herself, and she couldn't find any skills applicable to self-support. She specializes in painting optical illusions and paintings that seem so real. In reality, her magic is something she's developed and honed over the many, many years she's been alive, and indeed her paintings are done with magic, not with actual skill. Unique Traits: Does being a kitsune count? Her pony form's unique trait lies in the bauble she wears around her neck, which is the gemstone that contains all of her magical power. Its power is far more obvious when she is in her kitsune form as the ribbon around it flows around her neck rather than being directly tied to it. It sometimes glows in her pony form when she's transmuting magic into her artistry or creating illusions. As should be guessed, Cerulean is an expert at illusion magic. Her pony form itself is an illusion, a shapeshift in order to deceive ponies. History: Given how old Cerulean is, it would take a very long time to go into her history - and she wouldn't tell you about it if you asked, anyway. A summation is that she was born into a group of yokai much like herself, outreached in the fringes of Equestria. Her story with her parents isn't entirely fabricated, as they believed in tough love and criticized her harshly for her magical ability as it was developing as she grew older. Thankfully for Cerulean, she was a hard worker and once she gained her second tail, she had confidence that she could support herself without the aid of her parents, who decided a two-tailed kitsune was old enough to take care of herself. Much of what she was taught revolved around deceiving other species in order to swindle support from them. When asked about other animals outside of that, she never had her questions answered; this led to her turn-around once she grew that second tail to become a traveler and immerse herself in the cultures of other species in order to grow to better understand them. Cerulean was there to witness the growing of the two alicorn sisters, and she was there to witness Luna's banishment to the moon. She changed her form many times over these years in order to ensure no one uncovered her identity. Cerulean's natural craftiness allowed her to keep on the down low for a long time, especially since she switched up her personality every so often to make the connection even harder to make. The easiest way to tell her forms from each other came from her coloration, the one thing about her appearance that she never changed, but even then she varied it up enough that she could play it off as if she was a descendant of the previous creature. It also helped that she species-hopped often, going from dragons to alligators to sirens and everything in between. It wasn't until recently that she settled on being an earth pony, and she's begun to covet the simple life of the ponies in Ponyville, such that she's beginning to consider settling into this form and settle down as a permanent residence. It's a good thing for her, too, because being in that tribe as well as being on the run was beginning to become boring and tumultuous for her. She's tired and old and she'd rather immerse herself in a culture and forget entirely about the fact she is a yokai, even if she may enjoy some aspects of it. Character Personality: The personality that Cerulean has settled on for this pony form is closest to her original personality. She has, in years, shifted between being a shy recluse, to an outgoing stage performer, to a rough and tumble dragon; but now that she's embracing a permanent life, she doesn't want to play a face anymore. As a result, aside from some secrets she keeps close to the chest, her pony self is pretty close to who she was. Cerulean is an artist by nature and has all the eccentricities that come with that. She loves to create, she loves to see her creations come to life, and she seeks validation from others on how great her creations are. She also appears to often be in her own world, thinking of ideas of the next big show she can create or the next big mural she can paint. This ditziness only appears when she is in the zone, thinking about what she wants to do next, and it's not so much airheadedness as a space she goes in her head where everything around her seems to disappear. She won't communicate how she's feeling in this mode, and hell, she may not even communicate at all when someone is attempting to talk to her, at least until her project is finished. She has an intense amount of focus that doesn't compare even to other artists, to the point that it can be eerie how little she seems to perceive once she's "in the zone". She also has a tendency to drop whatever she is doing whenever she reaches this state, making it a potential frustration to those communicating with her. When she isn't in this zone or when she's just creating for fun, though, Cerulean is very sociable - perhaps too much, in a very forward way. Cerulean should be known as a very flirtatious pony, regardless of the recipient's gender, and quite the teaser. She appears to enjoy getting under the skin of other ponies, making them squirm, and with all of her years of studying animal behavior, she also seems to have an intuitive instinct for what will get under their skin, too. She pokes and prods at buttons until she either perturbs the pony too much or advances actually happen and the pony appears to think she's interested, in which case she will make it clear she isn't. That isn't to say she's not up for a flirtatious foray, necessarily, but she avoids commitments and relationships like the plague. Part of the reason is due to the fact that Cerulean will outlive any particular partner, and as a result despite her friendliness, overly friendliness, she is also fairly detached from other ponies. In a way, this is a good thing, because her wealth of knowledge and her age means that she can give good advice. When she's seen it all before, she has an idea of how to handle it now, and she has no troubles telling other ponies information they may need to know. That being said, she is still slightly a tricky one by nature, like most kitsune, and may pull a joke or a prank. In fact, Cerulean has a penchant for pranks and may deceive another pony for a laugh. This can lead to her earning the reputation of someone who is callous rather than helpful, but really it is more based on her whim and how attached she is to the pony in particular (of course, it's not often she's that attached, but a secret need to have someone close to her may bring her to be so in the future). When she does give good advice and means it, it's solid advice because she doesn't become too emotionally invested in any other pony's situation. And when she tricks somepony, it's going to be a good prank. She knows what works and what doesn't, after all. Being a kitsune, a yokai, who has been without yokai for so long, who wouldn't understand what it's like, has left Cerulean being deeply lonely deep inside. That detachment can betray that in her, for those of the keener eye. But Cerulean puts up a playful, flirtatious front, and it works fine for her. It also makes it especially harsh and contrasting when Cerulean breaks that front, either with a show of emotion (which she rarely ever does; vulnerability is something she's gotten very good at hiding, along with her true form) or with a kind of deep wisdom or harshness that drastically conflicts with those personality traits. Cerulean, in fact, can be very chilling whenever she does get serious, and she can even come off as cold and heartless with the way she may address certain issues. She doesn't sugarcoat the truth if she is going to give advice to you, so be warned. Character Summary: Hake no Sakkaku, or "Cerulean Canvas", is a kitsune living disguised as an earth pony. She's flirtatious and wise, and yet there is that impression she has a deep secret that she is hiding. She's card-carrying and cunning, sly as the fox she is, but not unfriendly toward those she speaks to. She doesn't like to commit, and she does like to prank. She's old and tired... And she just needs someone who understands.
  19. Hello everybody! Friendly neighborhood Dubstep here with another lore article! Now as you know most all of these are written in character to give you a general idea of what a race if like. This one however is going to be a bit different. What I’ve written here is information on the mysterious Yokai race! In Character, they’re meant to be more of a mystery, not seen super often, and so I left details on their looks vague for the most part. But this has brought up many questions for people as to the limitations for their looks, size, colouration, and other odds and ends about our mischievous spirit friends. So here I’ll be doing my best to answer some of those burning questions and give you a BIT more Out of Character insight into the workings of the Yokai! As more Yokai species come to be acknowledged, this list will be updated to the best of my ability. General Yokai Information: This information applies across all Yokai! Be sure to give this a looksee first. Magic: All yokai are capable of magic. The vast majority of Yokai are of average or above power with their magic, but some (especially elders or those who dedicate themselves, or sometimes those who are just really lucky) can expect to be quite a deal more powerful than their brethren. That being said, please be responsible just as you would with Unicorns or Qilin/Longma, don’t go Alicorn Black Stallion overboard! Colouration: When making your yokai, you may feel inclined to stick with the natural colours based on the type of animal the yokai is. I want to let you all know right now that there is No Limitation on colours that a yokai can have. If you want a Jorōgumo with the colouration of the Fruit Stripes Zebra, go for it! Markings: Just like with colouration, you’re not limited on the kinds of markings your yokai can have. They can be plain and solid coloured, or they can have many swirls or polka dots or whatever you might think of. A good inspiration for markings on yokai could come from the Okami series! Hitodama: Hitodama are magical balls of fire that yokai can summon with enough power or effort. Hitodama can, among other things, drain the energy of those close to them, mesmerize those who stare into them, change colour at a whim or by mood, and can be used to hide the Yokai’s presence for a time. Passively they don’t require much effort to keep around, but actively using their magical properties take energy proportional to the magic used. Kitsune have their own unique variant known as Kitsune-bi, which they can call upon much more easily. Natural Affinity: It’s not uncommon for Yokai’s appearances to be affected by the places that they live. Some show this off in the form of flowers growing out of places, or even their steps sometimes leaving patches of short-lived blossoms. Those that live in warmer climates can sometimes shimmer like a mirage, or those in coastal or aquatic regions can appear to be damp even when completely dry. Just as some examples. Pact Magic: Yokai can form magical pacts with mortals, bestowing the mortal a portion of their power while also increasing their own. These pacts however come with a vow or a promise of some sort that the Yokai and other part of the pact agrees to, should one break this vow, an agreed upon detriment befalls the one who broke it. Such as temporary loss of magic until reparations are made, some sort of transformation, or any number of things. Even ‘bloodline’ curses that could affect generations down the road. Vows: Vows are similar to the Pact Magic that yokai can invoke, but only require the yokai making a promise to itself. So long as they keep this promise, such as protecting an area for example, they are blessed with more power or the power to keep the promise in general. In most cases there are strict stipulations that must be kept to uphold a Vow. Should they break this vow however, they’re struck with setbacks much like they would if they broke a Pact, sometimes worse as their magic turns against them. Bakeneko/Nekomata: As mentioned in the main article, Bakeneko and Nekomata take the shape of large house cats of sorts, such as Scottish Folds, Munchkins, Tabbies, etc. How large is likely to be a question however. Without going into super full detail, the average adult size is that of a large dog, with some growing larger. But still not QUITE as large as say, a lion or a tiger. The difference between a Bakeneko and a Nekomata is small, but important. A Bakeneko is a young Nekomata, due to the difference in their power and magic levels, they’re considered to be ‘semi-separate’ despite being the same race. When a Bakeneko matures, its tail splits into two indicating it’s now a Nekomata. Most Nekomata tails glow with a ghostly sort of wisp around the tips, but not always. Both Bakeneko and Nekomata can have glowing eyes or flowing bits of fur across their bodies, but not all do. Unlike some other yokai, Bakeneko nor Nekomata develop antlers or horns. Some Bakeneko/Nekomata walk on their hindlegs, but most prefer all four. Hebi: Hebi are ghostly looking snakes. As I mentioned in the article they look as though they’re made out of mist and can shift between corporeal and incorporeal at will. Just like real life snakes they have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Cobras, pythons, anacondas, what have you. Hebi can sometimes be seen with horns or antlers, and rarely with small feathery wings that are more for hovering or gliding than actual flight. Inugami: The Inugami are floating doggos, despite not having wings, they can fly just fine! Their head appears corporeal and can resemble that of any dog breed you can think of. Their body however is different and appears almost ghostly and stretches quite a distance. This length varies based on the Inugami of course. An Inugami based on a Whippet will be a lot longer than one based on a Corgi, but both of them will be quite longer than their mundane counterparts. Head colours and body colours don’t often match. They are capable of having horns and are often seen with glowing eyes. The most common for head colour is black and eye glow/head marking is red, but this is not always the case. Feel free to go with a different choice, especially if you feel red and black is edgy! Ha-Inu: The other half of the flying doggo brothers. Ha-Inu much more closely resemble their mundane counterparts, albeit twice their size on average, larger ‘breeds’ sometimes matching ponies in size. They sport, as mentioned, large fluffy wings that allow them flight. And while white is the most common colouration, it’s perfectly normal for them to be other colours or multiple colours as well. It’s rather uncommon for Ha-Inu to have either horns or glowing eyes, but fluffy flowy bits are fairly commonplace. Kamaitachi: The mustelid yokai covers a lot of different species (save for Badgers, we’ll get to that) such as ferrets, weasels, otters, stoats, etc. They don’t sport wings or horns, nor do they have glowing eyes. But are, like all yokai, larger in size than their counterparts. Though being so small on average already, it wouldn’t be a surprise that they could be mistaken for just large mustelids. The interesting thing with Kamaitachi is that they are always born as triplets. Though not always identical. The trio almost always sticks together, and most apps will be Three-In-One, but if you feel it’s too difficult to have a Three-In-One app (as it would require some extra effort and description) you are more than welcome to app a single Kamaitachi and possibly seek out others to play the other two. Kamaitachi walk on their hind legs just fine, but are also capable of dropping to run on all fours. Kitsune: Now most of this is likely self explanatory due to the prevalence of Kitsune in various media, but for posterity's sake, I’ll write stuff down anyway. Kitsune can resemble any sort of fox. They can have any number of tails from one to nine on average, as mentioned some especially old or especially powerful Kitsune can sometimes have ten or more. It’s not super common though, so be sure to have a good reason for it if you have more than nine! Kitsune can summon Fox-Fire Will-o-Wisps, or Kitsune-bi, at will and these magical fires can be of any colours. Other yokai are able to summon something similar, called Hitodama, but not as easily as a Kitsune can. Kitsune also have a little ball they wear around a collar on their neck. No these do not actually contain the Kitsune’s Life Force nor does it magically control them against their will. It does however have a magical tie to them, containing a watered down portion of the magic they can do and can affect them aversely the longer they are away from it, but over time a Kitsune can get through this ‘withdrawal’ and be fine without it. Though some Kitsune will still do whatever they can to get it back. Kitsune can have glowing eyes and flowing bits, but horns are extremely rare. Mujina: Mujina are great shapeshifters, much like Changelings are. They could be you or me, or Frank from accounting! But as for how they look when not disguised, Mujina resemble badgers. More often than not they walk on two legs rather than four. More often still they remain disguised. Mujina are, as with other yokai, bigger than their mundane counterparts. But in their case it’s only slightly so. Mujina don’t have wings or horns, and are rarely ever seen with glowing eyes. Mujina are also often chubby. Ōkami: The majestic Ōkami resemble wolves of course! Any kind of wolf you can think of. Nearly all Ōkami’s fur is luxurious and clean, you’d be hard pressed to find an Ōkami with a dirty or messy coat. This fur is quite often blessed by wispy or billowy portions, as are their tails or the gorgeous manes they can possess. Ōkami can possess horns, antlers, or glowing eyes, but not wings. Tanuki: Tanuki, as mentioned in the main article, are chubby raccoon or raccoon-dog like yokai! Most carry around straw hats or leaves upon their forehead. These leaves aren’t actual leaves, but rather a magical construct of sorts made by the Tanuki as a conduit for much of their magics. Tanuki very rarely have glowing eyes, but aren’t seen with horns or wings, nor do they have much billow fur. Some however are seen with two tails. Jorōgumo: The spider Yokai, as one would come to expect, can look like any sort of spider. These arachnid-like yokai range in size from ‘small dog’ to ‘average pony’ with some variation. Some have almost feline like faces, while others more closely resemble that of ponies or other races. What the faces do have in common is that they have eight eyes. Occasionally Jorōgumo will also possess mandibles in addition to any other teeth they may have. Glowing eyes are sometimes seen in Jorōgumo, but not horns/antlers or wings. Flowing bits of fur happen occasionally. Some Jorōgumo also have a more ‘taur’ like appearance, having an upper body somewhat like that of a pony or griffon attached the the body of a spider. Yosuzumi: One of the possible Yokai not listed in the main article are the Yosuzumi. Yosuzumi are bird like Yokai that can resemble a number of flight-capable birds, like crows, robins, pigeons, hawks, and many many others. These Yokai are often quite larger than their mundane counterparts, but it’s rare to see any bigger than an average pony. Glowing eyes aren’t seen in Yosuzumi, but occasionally antlers or horns are. Flowing fur is...kinda out since they have feathers, but shimmery or glowing feathers are not unheard of. Sarugami: Another unlisted Yokai are the primate-like Sarugami. Most Sarugami have a monkey-like appearance, but can have the form of other primates such as apes, orangutans, or lemurs! These Yokai are fairly tall; an adult Sarugami standing up straight can match height with that of a teenage dragon on average. Glowing eyes are possible but not super common. Their fur is usually more fluffy than flowy, but again certainly possible. Wings aren’t seen, but horns and antlers show up now and again. Smugness and challenging the Serpent Council is optional. Onikuma: The Onikuma are large bear Yokai. They’re not really bigger than their mundane counterparts, as most bears are already large enough as is. Of course, they can resemble any type of bear! Onikuma are hefty and strong despite being fairly chubby looking. It’s not a good idea to pick a fight with an Onikuma. The Onikuma also possess a magical stone from birth. These stones start of as small pebble sized rocks and grow as the Onikuma ages, as it gets bigger and the Onikuma becomes more capable with their magic, they're able to resize and reshape this stone as they see fit. Onikuma can have horns, glowing eyes, and billowing fur. Wings are exceedingly rare but not impossible. However they are not proportional to the Onikuma’s size, small enough that they cannot fly, only hover at best. Sorry, no dropbears. Katakirauwa: Katakirauwa are Pig Yokai. More specifically they resemble piglets and are about the size of such. Katakirauwa sport only one ear and leave no shadows. They’re quiet but sneaky little Yokai, often stealing things of (mostly) no consequence, then returning them the next day in odd places. Katakirauwa have little in the way of fur (fuzz at best) so no billowing coats for them, alas. Glowing eyes are common, though horns and wings are not. Some Katakirauwa keep balls (or in some cases large cherry bombs they’ve found or made) to roll around on from one place to another. Bakenezumi: Rodent like Yokai, Bakenezumi cover a wide range between tiny mice to the large capybara. The smallest Bakenezumi is still a bit bigger than an average mouse, and one based off of a capybara can sometimes get as big as a pony itself. Bakenezumi are much stronger than their (usually) small appearance lets on. Even the smallest amongst them is capable of lifting swords at least three to four times their size. Bakenezumi can have glowing eyes, billowing fur, and even horns or antlers! Gyokuto: Probably among the cuddliest looking Yokai are the Gyokuto, the rabbit Yokai! These Yokai cover the Lagomorph family, rabbits, pikas, hares, etc. Their often long ears are tufted with wispy softly glowing fur. Some Gyokuto have antlers or horns, leading them to be mistaken for Jackalopes. Other parts of their fur can be wispy and have a soft glow to them, but it’s uncommon (Not impossible) for their eyes to glow. Most Gyokuto have a soft spot for Mochi and carry around large wooden mortar and pestle to make some for themselves or travelers. Nomuyagi: Nomuyagi cover sheep and goats, as such they can cover the variety of those! From the large Suffolk Sheep to the tiny Pygmy Goat! Horns and antlers are very common among Nomuyagi. Billowing fleece isn’t quite as common but can happen, as can glowing eyes. Nomuyagi often get along quite well with Tanuki as they both share a common love of the drink. So don’t be too surprised if you see a sheep carrying a keg around on its back during a visit to the outer regions of Neighpon. Koma-Inu/Shīsā: Koma-Inu and Shīsā are two separate, regional names for the same kind of Yokai. While in real life these represent the Lion Dog guardians of temples, for our purposes these cover Large Cats as well, such as tigers, lions, and panthers. Billowing fur, especially manes, is common among them. Antlers and horns are rare but not unheard of, and glowing eyes are common. Usually Koma-Inu are born as a set of twins, one male and one female, but single births aren’t impossible. Gyūki: Gyūki are bovine Yokai, covering cows and oxen and such. Just like their mundane cousins, Gyūki are hefty and strong. Horns and antlers are commonplace amongst them. Wispy fur is not particularly common, but can happen. More often than not their tails have wispy glowing fur on the tip. Eye glow is common as well. Wings are also possible. Yokai Funfact: Yokai can't say 'Moshi moshi'! A little known fact outside of Polohomo, but a 'sure fire' way to tell if someone's more than they appear is to greet them with "Moshi moshi"! If they reply back with only "Moshi" they could very well be a Yokai in disguise.
  20. Name: Furem Sanguinem (uses Takai Maō as his go to disguise name.) Sex: Male Age: fairly old Species: Nekomata (tends to disguise as a unicorn) Eye Color: Bright green in both forms, though they glow in his true form. Character Color: His true form has a coat of a dark green color that borders on being black while his disguise has a coat of a maroonish pink color. Mane/Tail: In his true form, his tail is as one would expect from his kind, while his hair is a bit spiky in the front and consistent with his coat color. His disguise has a rather curly set of mane and tail, clearly lots of work goes into getting them to curl and rest as they do. The mane mostly goes to the right side, curling in on itself more as it reaches the end about halfway down the eye. The tail is a collection of large curls reaching all the way down to the floor. Both are mainly pink in color, with light blue streaks giving the combination a cotton candy feel. He also wears a black top hat with a pink band around it. Physique: Neither form is all that impressive physically, as his true form is only slightly larger than the average housecat and his disguise is actually noticeably smaller than most stallions. It’s rather effeminate to tell the truth. Residence: Travels with the show, though his home base is in Las Pegasus’ ground districts. Occupation: Owner and ringmaster to his circus. Cutie Mark: A design that looks like any other gray key at first glance, though upon closer inspection would turn out to be a key with a skull design on one end. Unique Traits: Necromancy: Over many years, he trained in and taught himself the magic of necromancy, though he avoided messing with souls. Illusions: Once he was happy with his skill in Necromancy, he moved on to illusion magic so he could bring them with him if need be without raising suspicion. He can even mask smells. Magic: Aside from his two specializations, he knows simple spells such as levitation and how to summon hitodama. He is currently working on teleportation magic. History: Being what he is, he has been around a long time. Early on, he was just like all the other kids, though as time passed and they grew up, he didn’t. At least not at their speed. Over the lifetimes, he saw many friends come and go, and he started looking into necromancy to fill the voids. It wasn’t until he raised his first thrall, a mouse, that he truly got into the school of magic though. By the time his tail split, signaling his advancement, he had mastered necromancy and decided to move on to illusions. Many unremarkable years later, he saw a circus coming through the area and decided to watch the show. That was when the idea truly hit, and his necromancy evolved. Almost overnight, there was a new circus in existance. It wasn’t much to talk about at first, but over time it grew more popular and after “handing it down” multiple times, it ended up traveling around the world with the main base being situated in Las Pegasus. Personality: He is generally a bit of a smooth-talker, though that was to be expected when his job was to run a circus that secretly held almost no actual life in it. To top it off, he is rather nice and friendly, willing to help out in most situations. He has a long memory, and he always repays his debts, wether that mean returning a favor or getting revenge. Summary: Outwardly, a friendly fast-talker of a ringmaster, but on the inside a lonely necromancer quite literally making friends to replace those he lost.
  21. From the album: Character Corner (Sketches!)

    A yokai commonly glimpsed in an abandoned temple. In the past this being is said to hhave gotten a sect of followers of the harmonious path drunk and then stole several artifacts from their head monk then ruined their temple. Still is in posession of an ancient staff of which some of the followers might like reclaimed.
  22. From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    A yokai who predates the shogunate supposedly living in a mist covered mountain range north of MT. Kaminichi. Stories about his ancient exploits have faded in folklore among the short lived ponies. Legend has it he and and a great army of various yokai united to battle a dangerous and powerful Onikuma who stole his pack's land, defeated the great bear with the help of a pony. SOme folklore makes mentions fo various strange exploits he had gotten into all across the countryside and about fifty year ago he was seen seemingly rampaging through the countryside near Polohama in search of something before departing. I figured I should show off his Okami form for a bit since I'm rather proud of how I'm drawing other animals lately... also His mistcape is magnificent if I do say so myself. Among ponies and other races he is most commonly known as "Ookami no Taisho"
  23. From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    Wow this took some time, I haven't drawn a wolf in years. Anyhoo, This is my yokai character with her shapeshifting/glamour off. She has a more G rated form that she's gotten by in but I'll link that another time.
  24. From the album: SymphonicFire's Doodles

    I almost exploded when yokai were added to WoE. I read through (more accurately ran through) the lore and exploded again. I couldn't wait to design some yokai! I initially didn't want to do a kitsune, but the idea came very easily so I decided to go with it. This is just a rough idea for Arata, I wanted to play with the colours (which still look dull to me) and try drawing kitsune-bi, which is why there is simple shading. The kitsune-bi was a pain for me, vectoring shapes like that is tiring. Still, it doesn't look too bad for my first animal. The ball...er...hoshi no tama was a mystery to me. I did a little research to see how it was depicted in art, which is why it just looks like a very light teal ball. I didn't really know how to make a collar that would look "natural" for a spirit, so it's just floating there for now. ...kinda looks like a wolf instead of a fox...his ears are so big though...
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